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VOL. XL VI NO. 250
Bob Covers Himself All Offr WltU
Glory and Is Enthuslaatlcallj Re
ceived by an Immense Crowd.
Bristol, Tbnn., November 1. The
speakiue at Blounts-ille today called
out the "largfst crowd that baa been
there since Andy Johnson and Ephe
Foater epoke there, numbering about
7000. Alf went oter from Briatol aDd
had a precession of 155 by count, esti
mated Radically at 603. Bob reached
the Union depot last night and bad a
procefsion from there this afternoon
of 10C0, increasing! at various points
enjrouta till they neared Blountsville,
when by actual count there were 3000
in line in vehicles and horseback, all
in fine order and overflowing with
Democratic enthusiasm. Bob wai in
carriage drawn by ten while
korsea, and all aloug the line
men, w omen and children were wild
shouticg lot Bob Taylor (e passed
only one house where they shouted
for Alf, and that was very faint.) A
large naunber of the colored people
shouted loud far Bab and the Democ
racy. It was the grandest ovation
Bob baa ever before received in But
Tennesete, and it silenced the bat
teries of Republicanism, for they were
ao asionishtd at Bob's demonstration,
they wpre overwhelmed. And then
the good order of thia large and en
thusiastic Democratic crowd showed
such a marked contrast with Jonrs
boro and other Republican points,
that they hung their heads in
otter shame at the disorders
raueed by their brethren elsewhere,
for hundreda were remark ng upon
the dilf rences. Alf spoke first and
made an average speech. Bob felt
thai he w;s at home among his friends,
.the Democracy of old Sullivan and
adjoining caunties, and he spread
himself enthusing them it it were
possible to greater enthusiasm.
They gathered and crowded closer
from the beginning to the closing of
his speech, cheering him throughout
and showing by every posuble means
how jna'.lv proud they are of their
mountain boy as their Btandard bearer.
Alf was presented with flowers and
responded happily, but it was reaerved
fcr Bob to get a coronet of the most
exquisite white roees placed on his
head on bebalf cf the ladies by Judge
St. John in a he-nt f ul speech, calling
forth one of Bob'a happiest reeponee.
Tta s clo ed the last appointment of
the campaign, oce of the most beauti
ful days cf the season, presaging a
glorious victory for Boo and the
Democracy of Tennessee. Bob and
eome invited gnesta were hospitably
entertained this evening after the
speaking clcaed, and then came to
Bristol, where Bob and Alf made half
hour speeches to about 2000 people.
wildly excited to see and hear the cele
brated l ay lor brothers. They spoke at
the la gs warehouse. Everybody to
day was cbarmed witn the excellent
good order preserved by the crowd,
and Alf eaid in bis speech that the
order and attention today were mag
nificent. It has been a red-letter day
for old Sullivan and the un terrified
Democracy of thia section, and she
will swell her vote tomorrow sure.
Derisions af tbe Supreme Conrt
Death of Mri. Barksdale Other
Jackson, Miss., November 1. The
Supreme Uoart today made tbe loliow
in decisions: By Arnold, J. Vicks-
burs and Meridian Railroad Company
vs. toe state, irom me rsewton uircutt
Coart. Thia was an indictment for
obati acting the highway, which the
road demurred, and the demurer was
overruled by tbe court below. The
decision was reversed and indictment
Andy Ha'ris vp. tire Slate, indicted
in the Biukin Circuit Court fcr the
larceny of a cow. Reversed and re
mended and new trial awarded.
W. R. Brsccy vs. the S ate, indicted
by the Circuit Court of Noxubee, for
issuing as Circuit Clerk of said county
a fraudulent cert floats for a witness
fee and collecting from the county,
and appropriating tame to his own
nee. Affirmed.
By Cooper, Circuit Judge J. W.
Travis vj. The State, indicted for rob
bery in Hinds First District Circuit
Ccurt. Affirmed.
John W. Flood vs. The State, con
victed by the Mayor of Vicksburg for
assault and battery, appealed to Mayor
and Board of Aldermen, thence to
Circuit Court of Warren, thence to
this court. Affirmed as to conviction,
but reversed as to form, with proper
judgment to be entered here.
(i. A. Wilton vs. J. D. Willace,
from Ilolmea Circuit Court. Af
firmed. A. M. Harlow vs. E. C. Mister, from
Yazoo Chancery Court. Revened and
remanded with leave to amend the
Fred Crum vs. Tbe Slate, convicted
of manslaughter in Second Dis
trict Hinds Circuit Court. Affirmed.
Samuel L. Wooldridge vs. J. II. D.
Bowmaa, from Warren Chancery
Court. Reversed and decree here.
Western Aemracce Company of
Toronto vs. Theodore Mayer & Co.,
irom Warren Circuit Court. Reversed
and remanded.
By Campbie, Judge W. H. Collins
vs. A. L. Harrier etal, from Yaz:o Cir
cuit Court. Affirmed.
W. 8. Ferris vs. M. J. Wellborne,
from Kncxville Chancery Court. Af
firmed. J. S. L, Hambrick et al. vs. Mrs. M.
C. Jones, executrix, etc., from Noxu
bee Chancery Court. Reversed and
vacated so fir. Decree below vacated
the conveyance of personalty to Mrs.
Hambrick and affirmed as to decree,
.against the land.
Mrs. Lilla May Barksdale, wife of
Mr. Edwin Barksdale and daaghter-in-law
of the Hon. E hel Barksdale,
member of Congress from thia dis
tiict, and daughter of the la'.e O. P.
Wright, died here this morning, after
aome eight days of illness. Hbe wai
lovely and beautiful, both in charac
ter and person, and, bang taken off at
the full tide of a useful life, her death
is not only deeply mourned by ber
many immediate friends, but tbe
whole community is bowed in sor
row. The funeral will take place
from the Methodist church at 11
o'clock tomorrow.
This being "All Saints Day," the
same was duly observed by the Epis
copal and Roman Catholic congrega
tionf." Services were held in their re
spective churrhes, where flowers were
brought by all, which after the ser
vices were carried to tbe cemetery ard
placed upon the graves of the de
parted loved ones.
iThe Hon. Charles E. Hooker clostd
his canvas for Congress by a brilliant
speech at the Representatives Hail
he-e tonight.
This is the diy for,the opening of
the f ill s-s ion of the Federal Court,
but Jndga Hilt will not arrive before
tomorrow af em-ion.
Jacob Kceae) Speak Kaeauraainglr
of the New Bawle Steel PlaDt.
liricuL to Taa .rriAL.I
Bibminoham, Ala., Nov. 1. Mr.
Jacob Reese, of P.t'sburg, tbe basic
steel man, who has been here several
days, left last night. He spoke very
hopefully about the big concern that
northern capitalists, with whom he is
negotiating, think of planting here, to
make wire of basic steel. They pro
pose to reduce 120 tons of iron a day.
Mr. Reese also said his process ought
to be in operation here in eight months
Now about tbe most important
thing he did here was to close a
contract with Slosa Furnace Co., by
which that concern ie authorized to
use bis pa'enta in this connty, for
for which only the Pratt company has
secured them before. The 8 loss com
pany already had them for the ad
joining counties of Blount and St.
Judgment! Against the L. and H.
The K. of II.
leenaar-oKDixcr. or tbi irrs-L.I
Brunswick, Tnn , November 1.
Jusiice Hughes was busy all day yes
terday rendering judgments against
the Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Company for stock killed. Justice J.
N. Harrison, E N. Stewart and W. B.
Beaty conducted the plaintiff' caus,
Col. Sweeny, claim agent, for the de
fendant. From the evidence it was
concluded that the railroad company
was guilty of gr. as carelefsness. Tbey
killed five bead of horses at one fell
Late yesterday afternoon the little
son of A. M. Bledsoe, living two miles
north of Brunswick, as severely
crushed by a cotton bale press. Up to
this morning be was unconscious, but
Dr. Heme reports that be ia better.
Last Ha'urday night, at the meeting
of the Ktiighls of Honor in their hali,
C. O. Hughes, T. P. Lemons and D. O.
RittenhouEe were called upon to die
cuss the benefits of being Knights of
Honor in a financial and social point
of view, which they did and were fre
quently applauded.
Mirses Fannie Rogera and Bettie
West brook have gone to Galloway to
spend a week with friends. hath.
Death of m Prominent 'itisen.
lanoiALTo thi trriiii.l
Columbus, Miss., November 1. Mr.
H. O. Newman, who has been quite ill
for several days, died 1 at night at 8
o'clock, and was buried this evening
at 3 o'clock from tbe Episcopal church,
of which be was a member. Mr.
Newman came here from Cincinnati
in 1879, and at once took his stand as
one of the moat energetic and thor
ough businees men in our community.
For some years he has been manager
of the gasworks and the largest coal
dealer in Columbus. Recently be
leased a coal mine in Walker county,
Ala., and has devoted much of bis
time and attention to that enterprise.
He leavea a wife and two children to
mourn hie lot.
City Improvement and Real Eatato
Trait tactions.
IsraotAL to tbi aphal.1
Chattanocoa, Tbnn., November 1.
A large load of cotton, while lying
at the wharf at Decatur, Ala., yester
day, caught fire, aud before it could
be exlioiiuished was damaged foUO.
It was the property A. G. aud P.
Henry of Marshall county.
Real estate transactions in thia city
the pae week aggregated $107,925 60,
being TOO pieces, showing a healthy
condition and the entire absence of
any balloon prices.
Fifty yards of the new granite
street paving, on Eighth and Broad
streets, have bsen laid, and the work
of paving these streets ia going vigor
ously ahead. Arnold.
Tote the parly ticket as it
tanfg. Bon'l scratch one
name off. Get all the votes
yon can.
100,000 Blase In Borkford.
Eockpord, III., November 1. A
disastrous conflagration is raging here.
The fire broke out in the large four
etory frame building occupied Toy the
Northwest Oatmeal Company. The
buildings of Rhodes, Utter A Co., Bart
lett & Co.. Agard & Co. and several
d welling houses are in flames. Later.
The fire is now extinguished with a
loss of $100,000. The build insrs de
stroyed are tbe M. Johnston oatmeal
mill ; Uartlett & (Jo. s flonr and com
mission warehouse, A. L. Bartlett's
mill and' grain warehouse, N. C.
Thompson Manufacturing Comoanv'a
warehouse and the residences of Mrs
P. Doyle and Wm. llalley. It is esti
mated the loss will reach fullv $100 -
000, with insurance amounting to
about $50,000. Tbe largest losses are
the oatmeal company's. They had a
large stock. Tbe building they occu
pied was a four story wooden honse
and burned like a tinder box. Tbe
tire department was called promptly,
dui as a strong wind was blowing
from the south the department was
nnable to govern the fire.
Neutt's Kmnlilon.
Of nnra fVirl TJvar Oil -.llfc Rvna.
phosphites, is a most valuable remedy
xur uonauinpiiuu, ocruiuia, wasting uia
eases of children, colds and chronic
coughs, and in all conditions where
there ia a loss of flesh, a lack of nerve
power and a eeneral debilitv af tbe
Vote he party ticket an It
tandM. Don't scratch one
name off. Uct all the votes
yon can.
Beecher at Rome.
New Ynnir. Nnvumlm. 1 Tho Raw.
Henry Ward Beecher was a passenger
on nioijuum, w men arrived Bunuuy.
Mr. Beecher ia in good health.
PTH. NrtvamriAv 1 TM.4 nnnr
persons have been found sleepiogin a
warm water drain in trite -itw TheT
were entirely naked, .
Frustrated by the Timely Informa
tion of a Negro Who Saw the
Ruffling at Their Work.
Jackson, Tknm., Kovember 1. This
morning, about 10:30 o'clcck, an infa
mous attempt was made to wreck tbe
norihbound paesenger train on tbe
Illinois Central railroad about half a
mile from this city. A negro man who
is in the employ of the Illinois Cen
tral railroad was fishing. He heard a
knocking on the hiirh railroad bridge
which crosses the Foiked Deer river.
He slipped np near enough to discern
three white men taking ont the bolts
and tearing up tbe crossties. Tbe
would be murderers diacovered the
negro and ra? off in the bottom The
noi;ro reported it immediately to the
cflic'als of tbe road. Tbe rails were
replaced jnst in time to save a moat
horrible wreck. In ten minutes after
the rail was replaced, the northbound
passenger, wic was behind time,
name along at the rapid speed of forty
five miles an hoar. Tbe object of the
li'nds wis to throw the train into the
Forked Deer river, which would have
been done bad not the negro man
discovered the heilish scheme and re
ported it. The Sheriff land a posae of
men have been scouring the woods all
this evening looking for the dastardly
villains, but up to this writing they
have not bten successful. If they
should be caught they will pull some
In Ana wer to The Knox ville " Amer
lean" and the B. box vllle "Trib
une," and Ia Very Senna,
lariouL to thi ArriAt..l
QKnoxville, Tbnn , November 1.
Gen. R. N. Hood will publish a letter
in tomorrow's Journil which will create
a Eensation in this section. It was
shown to your cotrwp ndent tco late
to transmit it in full. It is an answer
to reiterated statements published in
tbe Nashville American and Knoxville
Tribune that an attempt wai made to
wreck a train on which Bob Taylor
wes coming from Maryville to Kaox
ville last Monday night, and in answer
to charges of a personal nature made
against the General by the fame sheets.
The following is an extract from the
Tbe American of the SOib ultimo
says that my den'al of an attempt to
wreck the train is not to be believed,
becanse, forsooth, I am sorry. Robe it
N. Hood, who is tecretty ana treach
erously an ally of tbe Republican
patty, and who in August last came as
a delegate to tbe Democratic Ju
dicial Convention, aided in the se
lection of its nominees, and
then secretly and treacherously
had printed and distributed a spurious
Democratic ticket, which bore upon it
the name of bis Republican railroad
master, Wm. M. Baxter, who was a
Republican nominee for the Supreme
Bench. Think of it. Duno Cooper
charges me with having "bottled"
part of the Democratic ticket.
I plead guilty to having done
so and to having had tick
ets printed with Mr. Baxter's
name on them, but Mr. Baxter is not
my master, never was and I hardly
think he will ever be. Tickets were
not secretly or treacherously circu
lated. It was well known by the local
Democratic papers here before tbe
election. Does Duno Cooper, the al
leged editor of tbe American, ever re
member to have "bottled" the nomi
nee of a Democratic convention?
Did be not "bolt" in 1882
and "secretly and treacherous
ly" have printed and circulated
ticke's that did not have the names of
the Democratic nominees on them?
that he Hueis'od in the nomination as
a delegate, the gentleman whose name
I once "scratched," who is referred to
as this mine Duoc Cooper. Cooper
or.Ci "boiled" the nomination
of a Democratic, convention, when
he, as a delegate, aided in
the selection of its nominees.
He refused to support John
V. Wnght for Governor in 1880.
If such "heavy weights" and illustri
oas men as Dune Cooper and tbe
gentleman he refers to can refuse to
support the nominees of a Democratic
Convention, why may not an hum
ble individual like myself do like
wise? Now, as to tbe alleged outrage, the
American asserts that the coaductor
who removod the obstruction declared
at the time, and in the presence of a
number of witnesses, that it was a
crostie that was on the track. Duno
Cooper and you and your informant
are able and statesmanlike fals fiers,
who put these false words in your
moutb are both wilful, malicious and
deliberate falsifiers, to uss no stronger
In the first place the conductor did
not remove the obstruction. He
never taw it In tbe second place
the conductor made no such state
ment and neither you or your in
formant, or any other person ever
heard him Bay so, and you knew this
was false when you penned and print
ed it.
Gen. Hood then devotes considera
ble space to other false statements
published in the American, to the
effect that several people were injured
by e ton "8 being thrown into the Demo
cratic procession at Maryville on the
same occasion.
Vote tbe party ticket as It
stands. Don't scratch one
name off. Get all the votes
you can
The Prralrtent Will Attend tbe Two
Hundred and fiftieth Anniveranrr
of Harvard College.
Boston, Mass., November 1. Presi
dent Cleveland baa accepted au invi
tation to attend the 250th anniversary
of the founding of Harvard College.
He will arrive here next Monday
morning and attend the exercises at
the college. If possible, a grand re
ception will be tendered him ia
Faneuil Hall Monday evening. It is
expected he will be escorted to the
ball by 1000 atudenta with torches.
He will leave Boston again Monday
Lcnoboro'8 perfume, Eden is
Lundborg'a perfume, Marchal Nils
Boa, t
Jodie . W. Carroll Appointed to
State Chanrellor-Itr. John II.
Dye Kleeled Rnnrrlnlend
nt of tlio Blind In
stitute. tRFiaiAl TO TBI irriiL.l
Littlc Rock, Ai k., November 1.
The appointment by tbe Governor of
Judge D. W. Carro'l to the position of
Hate Chancellor wan tody ma le pub
lic here. Until 1SS5 the oilite was
filled by thechoiiaof the people et
tbe poll's, but tbe Ltginlature of that
year so changed the Chancellor die
tiicts of the State as to consolida'e
them all into one, and make the Exec
utive responsible for the official who
ehould occupy the Chancel'or
ehip. Judge Carroll had, pre
vious to his appointment, filled
tbe poeition four consecutive
terms of two years each, and his ap
pointment gives him a lien on the
office for eight years longer, that be
ing fixed as tbe new term. He was
Circuit Judge of the Jefferson County
Circuit four years before his election
as Chancellor. His place of residence
ia Pine Bluff. No man in publio Ufa
in the State today is better known or
occupies a higher position in the esti
mation of the people than does Judgo
Tbe trustees of the Blind Icstitnte
this afternoon elected Ii-v. Dr. John
H. Dye, jr., editor of the Arkansas
Methoditt, of this city, as superintend
ent of that institution. Dr. Dye was
the chaplain of tbe Htato Senate dur
ing the session of 1SS4, and is one of
the best known Methodist divines in
Arkansas. His election will give gen
eral satisfaction to all denominations.
MWBERN, tenjt.
Tielory Awaits the Democracy of
Dyer Today,
Israelii, to tbi ArriAL.1
NawnsaN, Tbnn., November 1.
The independents may be seen in
groups on the street corners this
morning in clore consultation over
the situation, and it may be inferred
that their faith is weakening. Tbe
position taken by tbe Apiial
has been highly commended
by the people here aud else
where in the county and district.
I hope aad believe that a glorious
victory awai't ua on tomorrow. II.
Parks, candidate for Floater, spoke
here Saturday evening to a crowd of
eome 3000 people, aud showed up
things in their true light. M. M.
Marshall, chairman of the County
Executive Committee, followed in a
routing speech, folly showing that the
Independents bad bolted the men
and not tbe platform. Somothing en
tirely tew and unheard of in the
history of politics. All bolts hereto
fore had bean on tbe account of some
objection to tbe pUtform, but in this
case the Objection was not to the
platform, bn&, as one paper puts it,
"they are trying to boss the party
bera an ara determined to rule or
ruin; and wa tie glad to say Marshall
and Parka made many votes for the
straight ticket.
Whlahy Caaaea Patrick Gallagher to
Foully Harder William Owen.
Nashville, Tnn., November 1. A
foul murder, the mtult of whiBky, oc
curred thia evening at the Democratic
meeting in the Seventh ward. Tne
meeting was held In the tear of Win
frey's grocery, a notorious dive and
barrel house, attended by t'aghs and
sluggers. After the speaking, the
crowd adjourned Mo the grocery,
where drinks wore partaken
of freely. Among the crowd
were one William McGee, Patrick
Gallagher and William Owen. Some
one in a joking mood pinned a placard
on McGee'a coat tail. This McGee re
sented. A quarrel ensued between
him end Gallagher, and after bandy
ing vile epithets for a moment Galla
gher drew a pistol and tried to shoot
McUbp. The latter ran and escaped.
Then Owen, who was a friend ol Gal
lagher, ran in end tried to
quiet him. Without a word Gallagher
placed the pistol at Oaon's abdomen
and li-e I, the ball going clear through
the body and cauamg ilea'h within a
few moments. Gallugher was arrested
at once. This unfortunate aflrvr will
be certain to Lave. an important bear
ing on the county i-lection. Thos. J.
Slowly, the candidnte on the Demo
cratic ticket, is bitterly opposed by all
tt.o clmrjli membora aud suba'antial
busineea men of the city. He
ia engaged in the keeping
of just such a diva, worso, if postuble,
than that where tonight's murder oc
curred. The affair, even by H'oahy's
friendr, is conceded to he a strong ar
gument kRalnBt bis election. Tim
murderer and the slain man were n d
hot supporters of Slowey, which
makes it all the worse for him. Gal
lagher, in an interview tonight, de
clared that the ehooting whs acci
dental. DEMOf K IT,
Vote the party ticket as it
stands. Don't scratch one
name off. Uct all the votes
you can.
Powderly Speak la ravor or Henry
Naw York, November 1. T. V.
Powderly, Grand Master Workman of
tbe Knighta of Labor, addressed a
large maaa meeting here tonight in
favor of tho candidacy of lienry
George for Mayor ef New York.
Silver Diacovered In Kanaaa.
Calpwii.l, Kas., November 1. The
d:scovcry of silver in this vicinity has
caused mach excitement. Samples of
the ore were sent to the SUte Assayer
at Denver, Onl., and the Ansayer of
the Mint at Philadelphia. The former
reports an aeaay of 342 ounces of sil
ver to the ton, the iBtter 310 ounces,
each with a trace of gold. The ore
crops out in many localities. Cald
well now pref enla the appearance o! a
mining town.
Vote the party ticket as It
stands. Don't scrnteh one
name ofl. Clet all the voles
yon can.
Jobn E. Brioia, atad 51 jeara. Dua nvtict
COUPONS of tha O.yono Hotel Company
Bondf, maturing Norember lit, will ba
paid on pratentation at th Manhattan Har
lan Bunk, Manphli. or at tbe offloe of L.
JjT7 4 Co., Now York.
W. M. JAlUlINGTON, Pr.ildont.
trwi i ,. n
Why tho "Royal" is the Best.
Royal is the beet baking powder Wanso it is fttmoktely
pure and wholesome, of the highest strength, find maintains
its full leavening power until used.
' There is no other pure baking powder offered to the
public; all others contain cither limo or alum, delete
rioug Bubstaneos, sometimes both. Limo presence results
from impure cream of tartar; alum is added to give
strength ; the object of tho manufacturers iu both cases
is to produce a cheap powder.- r
The lioyal Baking Powder is exclusively mado from
cream of tartar specially refined and prepared for its
use by patent processes by which tho tartrato of limo
and all other impurities are totally removed. - Its
absolute purity is guaranteed by its '.manufacturers
and certified by all prominent chemists nnd scientists
who have made it the subject of investigation.
. The cream of tartar of tho market x from which
other baking powders are made has been tested by
Trofi. Chandler aud Lovo, for tho New York State
Board of Health, and found to contain impurities firm
three to ninety-three per cent of its weight. It is, there
fore, absolutely impossible that thoso powders should
be pure, while it is equally as impossible for the Royal,
being made as it is from chemically pure materials,
to be otherwise than absolutely pure.
There being no inert matter in the ingredients of tho
Royal Baking Powder, higher strength is, of course,
attained; and, the exact value of the materials being
ascertainable to an atom, a compound is possible that will
maintain its full strength until used, leave no residuum in
the bread, aud which all chemical tests and practical ex
perience have proved to be tho perfection of leavening
agencies. This combination in the " Royal " makes it
the best, and the only perfect baking powder attainable
Prof. Mott, late Government Chemist, says: "Because
of the facilities that company have for ofajuiug po
fectly pure cream of tartar, and for other reasons de
pendent upon the constituents used in its. manufacture,
the proper proportion of the Bame; and the method oi
its preparation, the Royal Baking Powder i undoubtedly
the purest and mout reliable baking powder offered to
tho public. 1L A. MOTT. PitDJ' cUl
tor Paid rollci-HoMcrg In 18HS, $H OOO.OOO, and Not a Dollar of
tout ont eel tluliul'toi
a Such a record li roally rnmarkahlo in If aihlhlt of anonrattn and aklllfal manat
inonf and IIHeral trnatmont of polioy-holiloTH. Tho iirownt ntatoinont ia llalnlf lha bai
tha New York l.lfo hut avnr tntda and that tl laying all that naad ba laid. Da
Commercial Mutitiin, tebntnry 12, lftntl.
Koom 1, Cotton Exchange Uuildlnp.
Iry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Ifo. 333 ftvad 338 Mala St. Memphij,:Teu.
mm vn mrtm fai.i, wiitteb ona is vkuomn n wri
?3l??,'kTVJ,AN BL,R dr priaa will oaapara vita taaa af aaj naO
ha Ua 1lla4 Htalaj. Wa ara if .mi for
rauettM ManifecUrlay Col Plaids, Drills Hheettar, Shlrtlmf, ti
' ' I ' F II..
Capital, $200,000..
J. B. 690 WO, Pratt J. H. GOUUBAIt, Vlee-IWU C. H..aImK, Caakla
oaurd or Dlrolorn,
J. M. flrOODBA.
B. T? JBttlT,
. q. BR
H BL80S.
ft. T. OOOPKR.
MT A anaalawry r in Irlata r Tnnnma. Tn
Bailam ml Htm aoIal AMnaaton
And Commission Merchants,
ITe 84 and 83 JEIadlaon Street, iXci-sp-hM
. .'iiMaaj
a. i. oorriJl.
Tha continued brlak talaa, la all depart
menti, haa broken the aaiortuMtnt of Culorf.
Teiturea and Kiiea. in many olaifea at
(unit that, we And it ABS0LUTRLY neoei
ry t. C'LKAR our ihelrel aad ooantar
ol tneiie
The aarneit enmotneai of tba aia of tha
word SACHIVICK you will aoknowladia
when you e.imine
Qraat BROKEN LINK of Drati Gooda.all
wool, eleaant uualiiy. OO tma r yartl,
double-width, eatbracinff irooda at CO aod7
and We Urcalaial Vatrlalr ml Colors
nd Ta.lura.
Great H t oken Line Dress Good
Fineat gradea, ireateit Talue?(
75 .'-. te pr.r 7 ana,
ambraoina 74, 11.00 and II. 36 rooda tweotj
or thirty different kindt.
Franoh and Enll-h Talloringi Nobby,
Mew and Durable,
All New Prices Monday,
Combination! Eleant Swell All reduosd,
reanrdleia of deiirabillty. Compare thia
week'i and Inat week'a prioet.
I ait 24 Inch wide Colored Milk Velvet
Kememb.r, Ihia rne ina Kartainl, and Bar
laina at KKKMKK'B ME A Mi
Oooi Goods at Cheap Trices
That Miit lift Pold lliU ttook.
KREMER'S WRAPS ara tlx handaomeat
aver abown here.
$9 78 A8T11A0HAN JACKETS. '
A great many odd Wrapa, one of a kind, to
be aold at oiie-lmlf prle -come and get one.
We have iiiii.ly the moat iinmenae aaaorU
ment tbitt one oould d.aire to aeleot from.
LIOll l' WK1HIIT WHAI'r, lare and fringe
trimmed, et f.r Ml, V M end ts M.
A LIN K UK NKW.MAKlUilV1,orfln,uaN
ity, tS(vOnd lt Ml.
rUiLDUKN'rJ CLOAKS In ill aleea. ,
ti 35, II AVELOCKH for aohool wear.
tra thin trimmed.
600 Fine Birda' end Fa"or Feethen, worth
12 60 to 60.
7n f'ema-Coreetat tha beat In thaSoath.
UU t fl-Onraetaof many klnda, that ara
worth double and tbrioa.
Of tie be.t aWaa that ara eat at to ranta.
100 Fine Trimmed Data. Felt flats. Loll of
new ahaiei oomlng In daily.
BALL TRIM VINOS, .13 cent.. '
FUR TRIMMlNO.SIn Lyn, Beaver. Miiak,
ilndaon Bay Sakle..
Milk Pongee Handkerehleft at t eem V
Ilandkerohiefa at 18 oonti, In all klldaof
K R RMKR'S Suaraataed Ulovea attl W.
MOdSUUKTAlRlv, extra qualitv, at II .
01)1)8 AND ef Glovoa at 1U0, worth
ml Ml. V
SO ruia-Olilldren': and Mtiaaa' Jeriey
Buyaan iinmenae line of Ke.v RlWrtil.
every wid'h and atyle, worth twiea and
-DUla7 of Hnnilaotn Wrnpa,
FlncKvfnlngNllka nna Braeaulea,
Klrinnt VtlvrM and BUke, Heir
nillluery, MO-DAY, at
308 Front St.
U. S. fsiiiNaaa'a OKrrci,
No. .1 tl. Kaiuiiarl street,
New Orlenn., La., October ill, 1W,.
rKil.Kll Pknl'iiHA LS. IN TK1PLICAT
n -m k. r.l.iil ( ih la uffloa antli 12 noon
on November 15, IHMti, for furauhing and de
livering bruin, rcquireii lor improvement 01
harbor at New Orlaana, Loalalaca, aeoording
to apeeiflcationa.
lliddera are reqneeted to aiamlna form of
eontraot before bidding.
For blank for mi, aiecluoationi, or further
Information, ai.ly at thieoAoe.
JTbe right ts reaerved to reio-l any or an
proposals. CUAS. W. RAYMOND.
aiajor ur riogineers.
Mississlpiil &, Tennessee K.H. Co.
Annnnl Merlins of Mlockholdcra.
THE aannal meeting of the stockholders
ia Ihe MiaHiHainpl and Teaneaaee Kall
rnad Company will he hold at MliMPUld.
TBNN, on
WednesdiiT, Nortmber 24,
at which time a Direotory will ba elected for
tha ensuing year. Stoekholdera will be
iweed over the road by applying to the .,
seor.Wry. . ',
Pe . AJfl-a-Ue trti'i'"W'
Dll. It. Ij. LA8KI,
rhjfalcl-n, Sarsreoa aul Aoncher,
813 Main Ntret, Neitr l olon.
Telonhooe No.
Planta'inn of A. AO". on Island 3-1
. .. , , r. .k.l
lor aivtaion o ao "w.,. l,uwuo
MW ares of rich butUni land; about SM
acres in euuivamt.. ; ..vi. m uuuu.uu v.v
above any oversow. Can be made ont
of tha Snett atoet lartna, S'.maletely sur
rounded by water, which prevents the es
eapa 01 eiooe, nnukHuum iw tie.u w. .
which are in f ne4eu I liou, inoiudiag aeve-
ral bhort-korn Durhaia bulls, Cows and
earlings. A"ures
A. LKA k CO . Fnltoa, Te-B..
or W. A. DAUB AGO..
No. iQ Front street. Meaiphls. Tena.
ffjf AKTTB'H HO.vlM.I'.Kl-IAI.
I.BlhlK. Ki.tk Ht. W.ihm.tnn. D.
0. Prorides praotioally aieful baaineseada
eatlon. No tera.s tor vacatioas. tjtodenti
enter at any tiae.. fermai Life eohelarshie,
ltd. Twelve weeU" Cae, llJI)rd, eta;, f.
teal tor oirealar.

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