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Oar mail booka ara kapt by poatoSoaa, and
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M. C. OAl.i,WiT, 1 811 Hoond mreet,
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M.nieh'., TVnn.
WEDNEDkV, t : AOV. . 188
ltradtlrrrt't gives marly L ur of Its
calumns thia week to an attempt to
nnvoll the Cotton Oil Trust Company,
but it finds much in its doings that
is impenetrable. Two yeas ago the
Trufct began to acquire (he control of
the oilmilis by methods leeembliug
tin so n sot tod to by the notorious
Standard Oil Company. A patent pro
cess for stripping the sued if lint Rave
the b-sis .for the formal ion of the
Trast, I's cwners arranged their
plans, paid heavy inducements to gain
control of the mills of highest stand
ing, and through tbom probably
seventy out of one hundred of the best
milis. The plan of the Standard Oil
Oorcpany wai adopted of continuing
the mills that hd bectme the prop
erty of the Trust under the superin
tendence of the former m imager a, thus
often hiding the change from the pub
lic. It bas issued certificates to the
amcunt of $35,0OO,CO0, while the cen
sus of 1880 showod the amount of cap
ital then in cotton oilmills to be about
4,000,000. Water is reported not to
mli with oil, but it looks as if the
"Tiu4" bad found a mnans of making
it or st least watered stock, do so.
How many mil's are In the Trust is
one of the Trust's mysteries. One im
portant fact Iiradnlrtet'i points out is
that the Trust contro's all the cotton
refineries and several of the soap
woiks that use up the inferior ol', and
of the fertilising, uianufacloties that
use the damaged oil cako. The divi
dends amount to not less than 10 per
cent., and the Trust stands well in
Wallstieet. The at)ok,20 per cenUof
par a year ego, has since toacbed 68,
stands now at 55, and is expected
soon to touch 75 per cent. Our con
temporary dots not fail to state how
the totu n growors of the South regard
the Tiuil as a bitter enemy to their
ii.tercsta, and that their remedy lies in
neing the sred ss a fertiliser, as the
addition thus made tt the cotton crop
will poy better than the pittance the
Ti net ays the farmer fur his seed.
Like a drama the Bulgarian compli
cation goes on, icbdp by scene and act
by aot. Russia bribes, threatens and
intrigncs, but the Bulgarians proceed
on tbeir wey utder the most hsraas
Ing provocations, calm and peaceful,
witb a manful determination that
baffles all the srs Russia can resort to.
On the one band is overheating, inso
lent tyranny, on the other quiet but
persevering resistance. The right on
one tide and the wrong on the other
stand out plain and clear. In the face
of the peaceful altitude of the Bulga
rian people, they are nnblushingly
charged with ill treating Russians, and
are spoken of as If they were in con
tinual tumaJk Tbj juler of the
country waa captured and carried
out of it; "the people' called for
juaticS upon" tha.. psrpstraloti of
the cowardly ,dt4t! the R11M'n repif
Is to have them ail .set at liberty.
Now Russia is trying to suppress the
Bobrsnjs, the Bulgarian Parliament,
and. the iafamoua tool Kanlbars threat
ens that gunboats Ru-aU has sent to
Varpa, "wijl vigorously affirm their
inipoiticcs if necer-saryt" The people
desire to appeal to the Ciu, but be
refaeee iy ' heir representativee.
The PobrarijS la about to meet, and
Its rroceedinti are sure fo lead to
fresh complleat'ons. Russia, how
ever, delays putting-tioops into the
country to overawe the people, ior to
do so wculd be an invasion and an oc
cupation of the JVovince that would
arenas sct;on on the part of the Eu
ropean powers. RnfBia once in poe
sersion of the cjuntry would never
give it up. It would be a grind prise
to thm. Its shore is rpposite the
Rustiao tbore of the Ultek sea, and
armies ctnld be pcuied by Russia
into the territory at will andt tbe
adjoining States seisfd, Austria en
dangerert, Greece , dominated and
OocttaLtinople . marched against.
Ine Liar ttert fore testates to
subdue by l is army, md tries the
mttbods Kau'bira la employing. Eng
land, tt oiiRh net In a osition to take
the flint Wp iu sotive resistance to
Rues a, ij fjankly opposed to her.
The Cxir t j led to cripple the Eoglbh
byar.ayirg Turkey against her, hot
unr xr.euitd y that power summons
te fourige to refuse what Rursia
in whirl; it r, e.nly iiled by France
r quir.s. Th e is firalifyitg, as it
uill fhuw Kns ;r thd feilicg of the
Kuropcan pvies, for only by their
t n; oaraut int. i un d Tuikfy Iikvb
declii-ed to oh y Rt:ss'a. Ko st.-.nds
tlie untter, m.d Low the 'n.iteia'rile
i.iLir is to t)i. d 10 one can yet prtdiit.
ll'anllaDrd from II rat Pna'-l
' 4'vflf t iinnl;. . "
arxriAi. to ths appcaL.
TaLLAH MA, Tesk, November 2.
Nearly all ti e d stric'u in (Ji U'i:e co:;n
tv liavs bten beard from, which thow
Repnlilic-tn gairs. All Taylor's ma
jor. I.y over ti at f.;r Tt-id for Governor
in 18H4 will exct-ed 150 in the county.
The D,'m'ral8 failei to turn cut, thus
reducitig the Democratic nraj nity.
Advic b now point to the election of
Richardson, fir OonRrs, by a major
ity of over 4000. J. W. (Sparks made
a splendid run for State Senator, ruu
ning ahead of his ticket in many dis
tricts. A large and excittd crowd
have besieged the telt graph office to
night anxious to get the latwt news
from the Legislative race. J. O. Wil
lis, antl-submlssionist, is elected by
from 100 to 150 majority. Tolley, tbe
Democratic nominee for State
Hnnator, from Bedford, Frank
lin and Moore, was dtfeated by Tay
lor, independent snhmhsionist. Dem
ocratic Tallahoma gives tbe fallowing
vot: Governor, R. L. Taylor 2312, A.
A.Taylor 204 j Oonxtoss, J. D. Rich
ard wn 210, S. D. Mather 192; Srnator,
J. W. Sparks 225, F. II. Baker 193;
Rspresor.tttive, Lewis Morgan 672, J.
U. Willis 114, P. D. Bashaw 11, Turn
ble (colored Republican) 98.
Mancmkhtik, Tenn., November 2.
Nine ilirxtrirts of sixteen in this ennnly
give U. L. Taylor 7ii9 and A. A. Taylor
4il. This is a D-mocratic loss of
over 250 and a K 'piihlican gain of )'-T,
The lightest vote ever cast in Cnfl'ee
cuunlywHup lie ! today. Richardson
and I'firks for Oongrens and Slate
Senate run np wiih the head ti the
ticket J. G. Willis, anti-subinia-sionlHl,
wrs elected tthe Leftislaluro
by aemall majority. Thirteen districts
give for Representative, Willis 591),
Morgan 478, Baibaw 312.
JadBsiN, Miss., November 2. The
political campaign in this State was
remarkably quiet, there being no oppo
sition to the Democratic candidates
for Oorgreas, except in the Second and
Third Districts. In the former Gen.
J. It Chalniets, R'p., 's opposing J B.
Morgan, Dam. Comidtrahle Demo
cratic dimension was mariifented two
weeks ego against Mr. Morgan, and
Sena'or Walthall made an active can
vass in b's heh tlf. In tbe Third Dis
trict Judge Kiward Simrall, Rep., is
opposing T. O. Catching, Dera. In
this, the Shoestring District, the blsck
vole overwhelmingly exceeds the
white, but the Democrats are very
active. The United States Supervisor
gsve notice tome tjins axo to his
subordinates that any form of ballot
could be used in voting for Congress
men. The law of Mississippi pro
vides that a certain form shall be" used
in all electiens. TLis, of course, will
have no efloct, except in tbe Second
and Third Districts, where there are
opposing candidates.
rirat niat.lrl.
Jaokhok, Miss., November 2. There
was cometking over three-foutths of
the usual Democratic vole polled here
today fi r the lion. Ctiar'et K. Hooker
for Oorgrfss. . Tbe vote thiouithont
the distrio , as fr as heard from, , is
small, as there is no opposition.
News from the Second District,
where the only very srrlous contest is
tnaclo, Is favorable to Morgan.
No news whatever from Catchings's
dibttic'. '
Neoal Vllriel.
IIoi.lv Si'itiNciM, Ms .November 2.
The election passed off quietly. It was
the llghttsl vr.te ever cast in this coun
ty. Tne total vote of liolly Sprinas
box is 307, Morgan's majority ;s 45.
In 1884 the vots wes 020. From all
boxes heard from the vote shows very
little ititer. et was taken in the election
in Hi county. Morgan his small ma
jorities at Lamar and Weterford. Chal
mers has 46 niajoiily at Mount Pleas
ant and 47 at Byhalis. Thera was no
election at Red Baoks or Wall Hill.
The Ronton county vote was less than
1000, with a probable majotiiy of 100
for Morgan.
Hknatobia, Miss., November 2.
Henatohia gives J. B. Morgan a major
ity of 63, wbicb is a Democratic gain
of 61 over the vote of 1884. A solid
white and many negroes voted for
Morgan. Cold water girts Morgan a
majority of 191, a Demccratio gain of
107 over 1884. Henatohia goes to Cold
valor tomorrow evening en masse to
preseat the flag to her as the banner
Democratic box of Tate county.
(araouL to ths appeal.)
UiatiANDo. Miss.. November 2.
Theresohof the election at the two
Hernando boxes has just been official
ly announced. The vots stands as
follows: J. B. Morsan 176. James R.
Chalmers 64. Morgan's majority is
140, and a considerable increase for
Morgan over bis majority la 1884. We
learn that on account of the farmers
being very buoy and because tbe ne
groes have failed to participate tbe
vote polled in thia county will bs
light, but that Morgan's majority will
be comparatively much greater tban
in 1884. Hbouta of victory are now
ascending in honor of the great Mor
gan, while not even a tear ol pity falls
lor the slaughtered Catallne.
Latir.k telegram was just received
from Olive Branch announcing a tre
mendous majirity at that box for
Moagan. Also Senatobla 83, Cold
water 19, Biteavllle 65, Oxford 327.
Taylors gives two to one majority for
La ii a, Miss., November 2. The
eleotion today parsed off very quietly.
The vote was the lightest ever polled
here, tbe negroes generally staying
avay from tbe polls. Morgan has 43,
Oli aimers 16. The usual vo'e is 200
to K0, with a Republican majority of
1C0. Michigan C ty goes for Cha'mers
bra reduced majority. It is impost
sible to hear from other precincts to
night. Israel t. to thi arpSAL.)
BATsaviMJt, Miss, November 2
Morgan's msjority is 65, and this is
Chalmers's stronghold.
Oxford, Mum., November 2. The
vote here was very light. The negrors
took but little Interest. Morgan's
majority at tbe Oxford boxes is 327.
Hu.kna, Ark , Novembers. There
wns no opposiiion to the regular
Dotuccratic nominee for Congress
from this, the Fiist Cot gress onal
District Of Arkanr.Bg, tbs Hon. Poln
ilenter Dunn being elected. No
interest whatever was taken in the
election. i
'hhfcial to thi appial.)
Pihk bi crF, Aiik , November 2. In
th rVcoi d C'ontt sicnul I) strict, re
time Tom tb.s (Vanttne) township,
ail in, g;vd Brak.UiiilBe, Dem., t!S ;
La:h, Ren., 242; Curl Le, Labor,
156. Unoflic al returns from other
townships indicate a very light rote.
The falling off in the Republican vote
is very msrked. Tie Republican
mnjerity in this (Jefferaou) ron"ty
wilt not exceed 7C0, as egriust 2737 in
the State election. I'roininer.t RepuV
licans concede Breck;nrHgVg eltction
by 200 plurality in tLe d strict.
srtciAt. to Tin Ai'i-r.AL.1
Litti.8 R ck, Anit., November 2.
Arkatsas (lazdle specia's from evfry
portion rf tho State tip to 12 o'clock
toniubt indica'e me of the liglitwt
votes ever known in Arkansas since
thedsysof recons'ruction. Contrjry
to g T.eral hi lief before tbe election,
the ReDuhlicans abitained f om
voting almost exclusively in all the
counties, while the Wheelers as a
political nrgauizition generally voted
for tbe Demooratic nominees. Tbe
assurance "that all was light engir
dured great apathy among the Demo
crate, and it is said that, unless told, a
person would pars tbe p dliug places
in every county, aot knowing sa elec
tion was going or, . The estimate
made tome time ago that Ar
kansas - would retnrn her
five Congressmen to Wahington
by majorities of 5000, will hold good.
Tbia (Pulaski) county goes fur Ltngley,
the labor candidate, by about 300 ma
jority, Tbe county has a Repub lean
maj oritv of 15,000. McRse, of the
Third District, is running like a race
hor?e, and it is nnw thought his ma
j rity will go ovr80C0.
MorroiMKRY, Ala., November 2
The election in Alabama is only for
Cnngreesman. In Montgomery tbe
people took n" interest in it, as ILr
ben, D.-U1 , had no opposition. Five
hundred and seven votes w. re polled
out of a total of over 4000. Tbe same
conditions are indicated everywhere
except in tbe Fourth, Sixth and
Eighth Districts, where the Demc
c ats have opposition.
Birmingham, Ala., November 2
Partial return from ih-iC ingretHional
districts indicate tbe election of Bank
head, Dera., by a reduced mnjoiity.
AtiorsTA, Ga., Novamber 2. The
weather was fair and a small vote w s
polled. There was no opposition to
George T Barnes, Dem , for Congress
in the Tenth District.
CoLUJinua, Ga., November 2. T. W.
Grimes, Dem., is elected to Cor gress
trom tbe rburm Dutrict.
Macon, Ga., November 2. J. II,
B ount was re elecW as Congressman
from the Sixth District, making bis
seventh wra.
Atlanta, Ga.. November 2. fipe
cials to the G'oiuilu'uttton from all of tbe
Georgia districts show the election of
the entire Democratic Uougroseional
New York, November 2. The elec
tion in New Y'ork tc-day is for a Judge
of the uourt of Appeals, lor members
of tbe Legislature, and for thirty-four
(Jongressnien. J be nominees lor tbe
jiulgthip are Jndgn Charles Daniels of
Buffalo, Rep., Rufns W. Peck bam of
Albany, Dem, and William J. Grno,
Probib. The contest is between the
two tt rat named, almost nothing having
been beard ol tbe rrobibiilomet can
dida'e. Tbeiehas been little camra'gn
work done for either Daniels or Peck-
bam. Bath sre recognized as rmi
rently worthy of the position, but it
is believed that Judge Daniels, who
has long been prominent on the
Supreme Court bench, will attract
many Democratic totes. The
World has practically supported
him, mainly because it coneidets
Peck ham sn anti-Hill nomination.
The vote for Judge will ba compared
with the GubematoralfcVote of last
year. The Stati will vote a'to noon
tho qu'stion whether a convention
f ir revising the conr-t tution shall be
held. A majority of all the votes cast
at the laet election is required for an
affirmative decision. It is believed
that this will be obtained, as both par
tits favor a convention. Much more
ititertst centers in tbe election of the
123 members of the Assembly, as the
next Legislature will elect a successor
to United States Senator Warner
Miller. Both parties are making spe
cial effort to carry tbe day. Tbe Re
publicans have a decided advantage.
Tbe Senate of 32 members, wbich
holds over, has a Republican majority
of 8. The Democrats, therefore, mnat
elect 09 Assemblymen to control the
United State t Sen at or ship ; the Repub
licans need only 61. Tbe last Legis
lature consisted of 78 Republicans and
50 Democrats. Senator Miller, who
desires re-election, baa taken sn aotve
part In the Assembly campaign. In the
Uongresiional elections, it is believed
that the patties will about bold their
own, though the result in several dis
tricts is considered doubtful. Eich
party now bas seventeen Representa
tives. Worthy of note is the nomina
tion by the Democrats of Wm. Bonrke
Oockraa ia the Twelfth District and
of Gen. B. F. Spino'a in the Tenth.
Both men are uncompromising in their
hostility to civil service reform and to
President Cleveland. In tbe E ghth
District T. F. Grady, who bitteriy op
posed Cleveland at the Chicago Con
vention and afterward espoused the
Butler came, is running as an Inde
pendent Democrat against Tim Camp
bell, who has the regular Democratic
nomination and has been indotsed by
the Republicans. S. 8. Cox will be
elected in the Ninth District. In the
Thirtieth District (Rochester) tbe
Democrats have nominated Theodore
F. Baron, who waa a Republican until
1884 It is claimed that there will be
a close contest between him and C. 8.
Baker, present Republican member.
The Prohibitionists bave made nomi
nations in nearly ewery Congressional
District, but is not believed any man
on tbeir ticket will be elected. In
New York City the interest in the
Mayoralty contest overshadows all
others. Tbe registration la larger than
ever before In an off year, being
witbin 6000 of that of 1884. Tbe labor
organisiiiooa were first in tbe field,
and nominated Henry George.the well
known writer and lecturer on social
and economical problems. His nomi
nation was indorsed by the Irving
Hall Democrats and many social re
formers, preachers and enthueiaste
fl.cked to his standard. Tber were
joined by all tbe socialists, commun
ists and anarcbists in the city, who
bailed George's candidacy aa a great
step forward in tbe leveling propa
ganda. The George movement
seemed to be making great headway
wuHii iu iub surprise oi ins enure
community the Tammany Democrats
nominated the Hon. A. S. Hewitt,
wbo has represented the lentb Dis
trict In Congress for many ye ars. This
notciualion was seconded bv tbe
county Democracy and an sggreesive
campaign wsg ai ores initugutaieel.
Finally the Republicans made their
nomination, their choice falling upon
Theodore R tneevolt, a wea thy young
lnau who (littiiiBuinlinl bimself in his
three yera' rorvice iu the Stale Legis
lature by ac'ive efforts and great euc
ces in reioruiiug tbe long standing
p bones in the government of N?w
York city.
Nkw Ycbk, November 2. Rsturr s
from all except ore election rtitt'lct
givee Roseve t 50,39.', Hewitt &0,2!fl,
Uforge 67,6:y. Want well 574. The
united Democrats ticket was.elscttd
in this c';ty by 20 COO majority.
Brooklyn, N. Y.. November 2. The
Third Cn -reesioial Dir-lric, com
plete, gives I'.eh, D.m., 12,564; White,
R p , 12,707; Ko-ibir si 811.
Bbooklyn, X. Y., N jvembsr 2. Ti e
vote in the Fifth Congressional Dis
trict gives Miss, Dem., 11,318; Wa
ters, Rep., 11,030.
Naw Yokk, November 2. Ia the
Twelfth Concessional District Cock
ran, Dem., is elected.
Data vi a, X. Y., November 2.
Sawyer, Rep,, for Congress, is elected.
PouoHKKirsis, N. Y., November 2.
Ketch am, Rep., is elected to Con
grats. Rochaistbb, N. Y., November 2
Wilbur, Rep , in the Twenty-fourth
Congressional District, defeats Smith
by about 16C0.
Naw York, November 2 In the
Seventh Congressional District Bryce,
Dem., is eleet'd over Lawson, Rep.
Id the Ninth Congressional District 8.
S. Cox, Dem , is elected over Weg
ener, Rep., by a majority of 5365. Tne
returns indicate ihat Stahlnc.cker,
Dem., is elec ed in the Fourteenth
Congressional Distiict.
Utica, N. Y , November 2. James
S. Sherman, Kep, ia re elected to
Congress from tlm Twenty-third Dis
trict, defeating J. T. Springs, Dem., by
10CO majority.
Naw York. N ivrmber 2. In the
Eighth Cmg'i'9 ional District Camp
bell, Dem., was elected over Grady,
Ind. Dem.
Naw York, November 2. Tha Con
gressional delegation will stand, Re
publicans 20, V mi ctats 14, a lor s of 3
to the D 'm iciiite. Among the e'ected
are 8. 8. Cox, F. B. Spenola and
Rourke Coc;.r.n.
Philadelphia, Pa , November 2.
The election in Penteylvania is for a
Governor, Lit u'enaot Governor, Au
ditor, Seere'nry of Internal AOa rs
and taenty-eixiit Congressmen. One
of the latter is to be selected by tbe
vote of ths S ale at l .rge and tbe
other twenty-seven by district'.
Twenty five members of tbe State
Senate, one-half nf that body, and all'
tbe members of the lower hcuaeof
tbe Legislature, 201 in number, are to
be elected. Tlie ntw Legis'ature will
elect a United States Senator to suc
ceed Senator John I. Mitchell, wboe
term will expire Match 4, 1887. The
Republicans liava a mf joii'y of 93 on
joint ballot in tbe present Legislature.
The Prohibitionists, with a complete
ticket in tbe tide!, have made an active
canvass, and the balief on the part of
the Democrats that tbe grcato num
ber of rotors for tha Prohib
tion ticket will be drawn from (he Re
publican party las made them hope
ful that the number of voters thus
drawn from Ih regular Republican
ticket will be sufficiently great to g ve
Black, the Democratic candidate for
Governor, a plurality over Beaver.
Through diirei s'ons fu the Republi
can ranks in 1882 the Democratic
party elected Pattison Governor, the
total vote being: Pattisin (Dsmocra')
355,791, Beaver (Republican) 315,589,
Hi wart (Independent Republican)
43,743. The Stat-, however, in 1884,
give Blaine a plurality over Cleveland
of 8LU9, and in 1885 elected Q ;ay
(Repub ican)S ate Treasurer by a plu
rality of 43,610. The comparisons iu
tbe returns for Governor will be made
with ihe'Vote f ir Governor in 1882.
The present Cergrpssional delega'ion
is composed rf 8 Democrats and 20
Republicans, including Brumm, Re
publican Greenb'.cker.
Philadelphia, Pa., November 2.
The figures on the State ticket come
in slowly, bat show an invariable plu
rality for Beaver, Rep., for Goven or.
His plurality in this city will not fall
below 25,000. Tie other candidates
on the State ticket are well up with
the head. Bingham, Rep , is eleo ed
to Congress in tbe Firet District;
O'Neill. Rep., in the Second; Randall,
Dem., in the Third; Kelly, Rep., in
the Fourth; Harmer, Rjp, in the
Fifth; Ermentrout, Dem., in tbe
Eighth ; Ilaistand, Rep., in the Ninth ;
Sowdsn, Dem., in the Tenth ; Bucks
lew, Dem., in the Eleventh ; Bound,
Rep ,in the Fourteenth; Maieh, Dem.,
in the Nineteenth ; Dalzell, Rep., in
the Twenty-second, and Bayne, Rep.,
in the Twenty -third.
Omaha, Nib., November 2. The
weather today was clesr and warm,
bot nererthelees a comparatively light
vote waa cast throughout the State.
This waa particularly the case In
Omaha, where not over 9000 roles
were polled. Tbe Republican Slate
ticket, headed by Gen. John M. Thay
er, bas been elected by over 25,000
majority. Jas. Laird, ths pressnt
member of Congress from' tbe Second
Distiict, and G. W. E. Dorsey, Con-
&refsman from the Tbird District,
oth Republicans, hare been re-elected.
Their majorities hare not been
ascertained. In this district, tbe
First, the result on Congressman ia
still In doubt. John A. Mc8bsne,
Dem., receives, accoiding to the best
estimates at this hour, a msjority of
between 3JC0 and 3500 in this, Doug
lass county. In Lincastsr county,
bowsrer, Church Howe, Rep., made
a strorg run. No definite reports
bars ret been received from other
counties of this district. Tbe race be
tween Howe and McSbane is eo doss
that it will be several days before tbe
result can be denailely known. This
district is usually Republican by
about 2500 majority. Tbe people gen
erally throughout ths State voted tbeir
preference for Uul'ed States Senator,
wbich wss for VanWyck, there being
no opposing candidate. At this hour
tbe indications are that the Legislatire
delegation from this county ate Van
Wyck men, and it ia beilieved that
VanWyck has a msjority of tbe
members of the Legislature through
out tbe State.
Omaha, Nib., Norember 2 Tbe
Republican Stats ticket was elected by
over Z5,lK.li majority. viongnBsmBn
James Laird, Second District, and G.
M. E. Dortey, Xnlid District, are re
Sr. JoaapH. Mo.. November 2. In
this (Fourth) district J. N. Burnea is
returned to Congress by a rote of sev
eral hundred, in excess of the usal
patty majority.
Danville, Va November 2. Re
turns from the district sre meager,
but it is conceded that. Brown (Indep.
R'p.) is elected over George C. Cabell,
who has repTPsentel the d 8 r ct for
fix terms. This ia a large Djuiocratto
Richmond, Va., November 2. In
tbe Filth D strict, Btown, Rep., for
C ngrns, has probably carried Henry
coumy by 10C0 and Patrick county by
abmt 3'0. If to, the Repub lean
gain lib out 1700. If this is maintained
in the dietiict a Republicm will be
elected. This d strict elected a Demo
crat fn 1834 by a majority of 488,
Naw Orleans, November 2 The
e'ection throughout th SUte as far
t-a heaid friui pt.ssed off quietly.
Wilkinson, Dem.. has almost a walk
over in the Fust Dis'.r C, but fw Re
publican vots being crat: The vote
in thn city has been lU-ht. In tbe
country parieb.08 of tbe Seccnd Die
trh t, Hero, Rep , ia repotted to have
polled the full vof, except a email
vote diverted by SimmonainStJames.
In the Third Dis ritt merger repor s
received indicate a fair vote polled.
Throughout the balance of tbe State,
there beiog no opposition t) the Dem
ocrats, ouly a very light vote waa
polled, electing the following to Con
grats: Fourth District, N. C. Biancb
ard ; Fifth District, Cherubneco New
ton ;"Sixth District, E. W. R3beris:n.
Charleston, S. O, November 2.
Politicians are hard at work. The
elections today promise ti bs quiet
throughout tbe State. There ia no
opposiiion to the regular Democratic
candidates except in the Seventh Con-g-csiional
Dis rict acd in Berkley
Reportt frrm ail pjrts of the SUte
show a quiet election and a very light
vet. There is no opposition to the
Democatic SUte ticket or to the Dem
ocratic candidates for Congress, exc;(;t
lathe Seventh District. Tde vote in
Ch rlcston is ri icu'.ouslv email.
The o- ly interest in the e'ection in
vihis Sta'e is centerc.l in tbe InOepend-
tiLL MHuiiittiii ui ior u:e i I'niuiHiuru iu
Perkier coui.ty, and tbecontes' be
tween Elliott, Dem , and Small", Rsp.,
f irCorgrPssin the Seventh, or "b act"
dittrict. There ae no indications yet
ex to the result of tho local fight in
B'rkley connt.y, but all reports fiom
the Siventh, District show heavy Dem
ocratic gains over 1884, when S. nulls
was elected by 3501 niajnri'y. There
is a strong piobability ot E hott's elec
tion, owing to his strength as a candi
date, tbe unpopularity of Smalls and
tbe apithy of the colored voters.
Pan Francisco, Cal , November 2.
One peculiar feature of the present
political campaign in California is tbe
number of independent parties that
bave sprung inio txlstence. There
are five State tickets in tho fie'd
Drmociattc, Republican, Pichibitinn,
American Tarty and the Anti Coolie,
headed by Dr. O'DLnnell. In San
Fr;nchco there are co less than
twelve municipal tickets, some styling
themselves ropieseaUtives c f tbe ia
bot inteiest, ethers being the expres
sion of anti bos rule. In the south
ern part of the State tbe political figbt
has-been embittered by the refusal of
the leading Republican paper of Los
Angeles to countenance the nomina
tion mide by the Republican State
Convention of Walter AIcos for Secre
tary of State. Ia the Sun Joaquin
Valley the American party ticket bas
attracted contiderable attention. The
present estimate pieces the rote at
10,000. Tbis fact, together with tho
number of old tickets in tbe field, has
created a general feeling of uncer
tainty, the lesult of which will be the
heaviest "sciatchit g" ever known in
Louisville, Kr., November 2. The
election for (Jnrgretsmen and State
B.ard of Equalization was generally
quiet throughout the State. The
Democratic csnd dates are geneta ly
elec ed for the Boaid of Equalization.
A light vote was colled. At 10:30
o'clrck the returns point to the fol
lowing Oongrcs ioual le ult: In tbe
First District, W.J. Stone (Dem.);
Sucond District, Polk Lifoon (Dem.) ;
Th'rd Dietrct, indicating the election
of John S. Rhen (Dem); Founh Dis
trict, A. B. Montgomery (Dem.);
Fifth (Louitvill. ) District, very close
between Caruth (Dem.) and Willson
(Rp.); the majority in either case
will not be over 200. "in tbe r-ixthsnd
Seventh, John G.Carlisle (Dem.) and
W. O. P. Breckinridge (Dem.); in tbe
Eighth District, J. B. McCreary
(Dem ); Ninth District, clcse claimed
by G. 8. Wsll (Dem.): Tenth District,
W. P. Taulbee (Dem.) ; Eleventh Dis
trict is doubtful, hut iiidicating the
election of W. II Botts (Dim ). Tbe
rote of Louisville was very light,
about 13,000 out of a registered vote
of 24,000 being cast, the majority of
those who 'emained away ftom the
E oils being Democrats. Willson (Rip )
as an estimated majority of 180 in
the city, while tbe connty gives Ca
ruth (Dem.) an estimated majority of
250. It is thought tbat the returns,
which are not yet all in, will not differ
materially from thess figures. Tha
most doubt'ul districts ara the Third
and Ninth, where Godfrer Hunter
and G. M. Thomas, tbe Republican
candida'es, may defeat J. S. Rhea and
G. 8.Wall,their Democratic oppoaeota,
when tbe full returns are In, though
present Indications pcint to the elec
tion of the Democrats.
Chablxston, W. Va .Norember 2.
Tbe election for Congressmen, State
Senator and Representatives came off
today. The rote was large and the
fight strong. From the meager re
turns O. P. Snyder, D m., will defeat
Judge Browo, Fua. The vote for State
Senator will be very close, but it is be
ttered Chilton Dem.. will be elected
by a small majority in tbia district,
Tne Prohibition party polled a hfaey
rote, and will elect their candidate for
County Commisaioner, which will
mean no license in this county.
WHiauNd, W. Va Norember 2.
Meager returns at this hour, 9:50
o'clock p.m., indicate tbe re election
of Goff, Rsp., in the First District by
an increased msjority.
Boston, Mass. Norember 2. A
Worcester epecial reports John E.
Russell (Dem.) elected to Congress
In the Tenth District, orer W. W.
Rice (Rep): Patrick A. Collins
iDem.) elee'ed to Congrees in tbe
"onrth District; Lodge, (Rp )
undoubtedly elected in the Sixth D s
trict, orer Lovering. In the Ninth
District the rote for Ely (Rep.) and
Burnett (Dem ) is closs, and the re
sult is uncertain.
V3SS lln., November 2. The
5 1 '18 voie in tbis city has
P einvr
been Wiip uiad. In the Third con
gressional D strict Rusk, Dem., re
ceived 13,2S1 rotes; Bosse, Indus'ria',
indorsed by Republican., 63.6; Gles1,
Pioliib., 1704 Rusk's m jorit.r over
a'l, 11 277; over Bosre, MH71. In the
F unit District Rayucr, Dem., 14 754;
Findlay, Ind. D m., 7148; Lovering,
Prjliib, hi); Weatberby, RP, &;
S.tnke, c: lored Republican, 24 Ray
run's nisjiriiy over a I, 4277: over
Findiay, 7000. In the' Fifth District,
S.TEA3I nrnsGs and pipe,
mwm, jet m
including ths S tventeenth and parts
of tbe Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Wards,
the rote was: Otmpton, Dem., 2237;
Tack, Rep., 876; Armslrong, Probib,
85 Comnton's majority orer all, 1271 ;
ov&r Tuck, 1191.
Jackeonvills, Fla , November 2.
Returns show Democratic gains in tbe
Firet and Second Congressional Dis
tricts Present Congressmen, David
son and Dougherty, will he re elected
by majoiitiei of 1200 to 35C0.
Jacksonville, Fla., November 2
R. II. M. Davidson, in tbe Fiist Dis
trict, and Charles Dougherty, in the
Second District, Dems., are to-elected.
The new conet. tution is carried by a
heavy nifjority.
Chicago, III., November 2. Ttere
was less scratching of the regular Re
publican and Democratic tickets than
had been expected. There are two
labor tickets in tbe field the United
La'icr and tbe Labor Lesgue., Ti e
f rmer is opposed to represent largely
tho srcia'iets and, with the exception
of the candidates far Judges of tbe
coun'y courts, hes independent nomi
nees for a'l the State and county ofli
C(S. The Libor League ticker con
tains the names of the Republican
State candidates, and is divided on the
county offi'.ters between tfce Repub
lican and Dirnocra'ic nominees.
Nin'ty-five precinc's give the follow
ing Iota's: Wateoo, Rep.. 7807; Mat
tocks, 6342 For Sheriff -Dvis, Rep.,
7068; Pchwersthal, 6200. Foi- Tress
urer Loom's, Rep, 7431: Pender
gset, 10.011. In tbe Second Congres
sional District G'eastin, United Labor,
Is luunin.g very s'rong tind nukes a
gi:od showing tcus far agiicst Lawler.
Lsaven worth, Kas., November 2
Estimated returns from this city give
Moonlight, Dem., for Governor, 1000
mcjority. The entire Democratic
county ticket is elected. Congress
man Merrill, Rep;, will receive a good
Toledo, O., November 2. Romeie,
Rep., for Coucreps, gains heavily on
his majority over Hnrd two years ago
in every precirct in every county so
far as beard from.
Clevkland,0., November 2. Foran,
in the Twentv-firet Congressional Dis
trict, ia undoubtedly elected, end
Cheever, Rjp., in the Twentieth Dis
trict. Tcled-", O., November 2 The Dm
crats concede the election of Romeie
over Hurd, Dem.
Cincinnati, Q., November 2
Speaker Car.hie'a majiritv for Con
gress in Km'ui:ky will prcbahly net
exceed 1500 from preeent indications.
Campbell and Kenton counties, in
ore of whi tb he l.vea and the other
which adjoin, have gone 2000 sgainet
hlro. Tlie dis'rict rsually averages
3500 to 6000 D-mrcratic.
Wilhington, Dil , Novsmber 2.
Delaware elects today a Gorfrnor,
Congressmen, Legislature (except
three hold over membe'S of the State
Senate) and county efficerr. Thete
are two complete tickets Darvrciatic
and Temperance Reform. Tbe Re
publicans are taking no part, as a
patty, bevond running an Asseeeos in
one of tbe Wilmington districts,
Concord , N. II., Norember 2. Re
turns from nearly one-third of the
towns in the Sute show a Republican
loss on the popular rote of about 200
as compared with the rots of 1884.
This does not include tbe cities and
seveial of the larger towns, in which
Republican losses were expected. The
indications sre that there is no choice
for Gorernor by tbe people; thst Mo
Kinney, Dem.. is elected for Congress'
ia the First District and Gallinger,
Rep., in the Second, and that tbe Re
publicans hare carried the Legisla
Trenton, N. J., Norember 2. The
campaign in tbis State has been prose
cu'ed with marked rigor br tbe Re
publicans and Democrats. Tbe Pro
hibitionists deroted tbeir woik main
ly to the Assembly dhtric's in the
southern portion of the State, and
they only claim they will elect aome
members cf tbe Stats House of Assem
bly there, though they baro a full
Congressional and Legislative ticket in
the field. The only State officer to be
p'ected ih's year is a Gorernor. The
Republican standard bearer is ex-Ccn-gresaman
Benjamin F. How'ey, of
Warren connty. The Democratic can
didate is ex-Judge Robert 8. Green, of
Union county, now representing tbe
Toird Congretsional Dietr ct. The
rrohibitiot.ists candidate Is Gen. Clin
ton B Fisk. When ths campaign
firat opened the Prohibition rote tor
Gorernor wis estimated at from 18,-.
000 to 25 000. Now the lead n? Re
publican and Democratic politicians
sa tbey will be surprised if it goes
beyond 15,000. The two leading par
t oa hare oeroted tbeir eflurta to ee
curing control of the next Legis'ature.
which will elect a successor to United
States Senator William J. Sewell, Re
pub lean. Laet year tbe Kate Senate
was comp-ved of thirteen Republicans
and eigtt Democrats, giving the Re
publicans a majority of teven on a
joint ballot. Nine Republican and
four Dlmocratio Senators holdover.
Althopga the contest on the Legis'a
tire ticket will be a warm one, it is
believed tbat tbe Republicans will re
ta'n control of botb branches. Tbe
Jiepubliians now have four of tbe
seven Congressmen
Galve?ton,Tkx November 2. The
electior s in Texus today were for Governor-,
Lieutenant Governor, Attorney
General, Ci mptroller, Trrtusurer, Land
Couim sioner, Supeiintnncient of Pub
It lutttrnc ion and eleven Congrers
men. The following Dmoctatic State
ticket lave been electt d by large ma
jorities: Govtrnor, Lawieiice R- Ro.'s;
Lieutenant Governor, T. B. Wheeler;
Attorney General, James S. Hogg;
Comptroller, John D. McCall ; Treas
urer, Frank R. Lubbock; Land Com
missioner, R. M. Hall; Superintend
ent of Public Instruction, Oscar II.
Cooper. The election passed off quiet-,
ly here and elsewhere in the State, as
far as heard from. Accurate figures,
on ths majority of the State ticket
cannot be had before tomorrow, but
returns thus far indicate over 103,000
msjority for Gin. Ross. ,
Fobt Worth, Tax., November 2.
Everything in Forrest county has
gone Demoiiiatic. Nothing can be
t ild about the mejoritiet tonight.
Abbitt (Dem.), for Congress, in the
8 xth D strict, is elected, and Norton
(Rep.) withdrew. ZZ2
Wilmington, N. C, November 2.
Raerhmd, Dsm., is elected to Congress
from tho Sixth District by a heavy
mnjoii'y. Merger teturns from the
Second Districr, now represented by
O'Har.', col. Rep., are favorable to the
election of Simuiouf, Dem.
Providbnoe, R.I , Novefaiber 2 In
Ihe First Congressional District
Spooner, Rep., is re-elected.
Providence, R, I., Norember 2.
There is uo election in tbe Second
Congressional District. Bradley, Dem.,
received 5426; Dixon, Rett,, 4849;
Chaee, Probib., 872 ; Scott, 131.
Milwacbke, Wis., November 2.
At midbigbt, it is considered tbat the
entire State Republican ticket has been
elected by a handsome majority with
Gcv. Rusk leading. The plurality will
probably exceed 20,000. ThB Lgiela
ture is Republican with a reduced
majority ou joint' ballot. The labor
party has eleced from ten to twelve
members of the Legielature, and their
leaders claim tbey have enough to
hold the balance of power, and
thus cor.t'ol the election of a United
Sta'es Senator. The Congressional
delegation will be: First District, T.
B, Caswell, Rep.; Second, Richard
Gnenther, Rep., a Republican tain;
Third, T. M. Laffollette, Reo. ; Foortb,
Henty Smith. Labor, a Rspubl can
loss; Fi'fth, Thomas Hnld, Dem.;
Sixth, O. B. Clark, Rep.; Seventh, O.
B. Thomas, Rep.; Eighth, W.T.Prce,
Rep.; Ninth, Itaao Stepbeueon, Rep.
Dbs Moines, Ia., Norember 2.
Iowa re-eleit3 the s;me number of.
Republicans and Democrats in Con
gress as she didinl884.
Hartford, Conn., Norember 2.
There has been apparently no elec'ion
of Governor by tbe people. The
Legislature ia probably Republican by
two or three mnjotity. thus insuring
the re-election of Howley to the
Senate a' d tbe election of the State
ticket. Returcs come in slowly.
Nimty towns, including large Dmo
cratic rotes at Hartford and New
Haven, leave Cleveland, Dem. for
Governor, 3C0 short of the neceatary
New Havbn, Conn., Norember 2.
Toe Legislature stands Republicans 57,
Democrats 40. Vance, Rep , is elected
in tbe Fint Congressional District.
Virginia, Nev., Norember 2. The
weather is clear and a heary rote ia
being pol;ed. The main contest is
orer the Gorernorsbip. The Demo
crats are not united orer their can
didate; heary scratching is going on.
St. Paul, Minn , Norember 2. Not
for many years has there been as much
excitement atanjelection, and tbis ia
augmented bf the attack made on the
Republican precession at Minneapolis
last night, daring which about sixty
persona were injured, ex-Gov. Pills
bury being smong tbe number. One
or two- were gereielr hurt, and their
injuries mar prorefataL.
' iNDtAlfAPOtts, Ind., Norsmbsr 3.
At 1 eclock tbis morning Chairman
Henderson, of the Demcciatic Slat
Central Comml'tee, told sn Associated
Pres i reporter that he was confident
the State bad elected tbe Democratic
ticket by 10,000 pleurality and a Leg
islature witn a Democratic majority
on joint ballot Urge enough for ail
practical purposes. Oa the ether
hand, a member of tbe Executive
Committee expressed his belief tbat
tbe Republicau State tioket has been
elected, but that the Legislature is se
cured tne Democrats. The election
oi eight Congressmen sure is claimed.
Chattanooga sportsmen are favored
tbis fall ; the game around there is
The Columbia Herald says Colum
bia is still growing; a naw wagon
manufactory is nearly completed.
Chattanooga is rejoining that the
spite of tbe new Protestant Episcopal
Church will soon "pierce the atmos
phere" there. 1
, j. AaBRDxaN and Macon boast of
higrjly successful fairs this year, "the
stock being rery fine." How about
the cash reeult?
Th Natchex Mias.) Banmr rigor
ously denounces the credit system aa
tbe great corse that weighs down to
woe th Southern farmer.
Thb "intelligent contraband" we
heard so much of during tbe war is
dead. A successor tasarheo, be is
tbe "intelligent colored man" who
is goiog to rote righ'.
PENNtYLTANiA is troubled alout
Southern iron competing witii its own
ores. Blaine toil them tbat thn
cheapness is 80cnr.-(! by raying intuf
c'c:ei tW'g s. Ibo Chattanooga 7'imM,
good authority as Chatisnroga is an
iroomanufjc uriug tow n, states: The
averrge minet's wces in 1S80, for
I'ennesee, whs $:t7 a year; for Ala
bama, f324. In Pen tieylvaoin it was
$280 iu th- L higo r cgion and 210 in
the bituminous iuld rcurd Pittsburg.

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