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llucaiu to
Is In receipt of a larper,
no U.tKCUATlJUS, (aU
Uobi,) fans was ever shown In this market. The.
ItecK comprises the choicest
ad moit durable roods In gentlemen's wear.
Sample! and Prices
wko have left measures.
1 1 WFIfllrlPfl
Joi.Hoii ) il ill WELD
Stock Open for Inspection
TT7 E would rcsrectfully announce to the public that we have orened an Auotinn House,
m.Z .1d will eonduet the (ieneral Auction Business, at our old stand. Io. 19 Mala
i if a Webster Block. Uaving sesured the services of Maj. J. R. MoDON ALD, the
well known Auction bale'nian, who has a long experiencx in the auction business, we are
prepared to make sa'eaat RUSiUKN'i.KS or SIOKKIIOUSES, and will pay particular atten
tion to the sale of Hell h-tate and solicit a liberal patronage, an our motto is UIIICK MAI.KS
aid FKUMrT bET TLKM KNTS We will
tratore. Assignees, bheriffs. Couimissioneri
" v .., u' i u uiuu t in., auu iraue ouies once a week, tne day to be an
Bounced hereafter. Consignments of Merchandise of every kind solicited.
. J. K. MnT)ONAT,T. nln.mn.
Five Nidhts and Saturday Matinee Com
penoing MO ', SioV. 1.
"The Idol of thk Fi Lovino Public,'
and her Famous Company of Comedians in
on. a sersr jpatoh :
Brilliant Mns'ol Ludicrous Situations I
IHJ"Scatat Muliord's si
in n K, US A CO. .
Eugene Bobinsow's Museum.
Open Daily from 1 until 10:30 p.m.
Open Siturdy Imir 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Everything- New in both Halls; Admiral
M'lle ARLINE, Human Match Wm. PEN
JilCK, Ilaman Balloon; 3 CAVALIERS 3,
Albieos: and a host nf other onders and
GRESS OF NOVELTIES in an entire new
programme in ihe Theater.
Reeerved Sean in the Then t-r. Ill - Extra.
LEATHER BOX Containing dray re
ceipts. Leave at this office and fa re
DR. J. D. WHITE-24: Main, or. Jeffor
son st. Office tele"hnne ml ; residence 68.
CIISTERNS-Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor nf ihe Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and briok
lavor, TwlThonnH. TIIOS CUBKINK.
SPANIEL Liver oolored spaniel bitch,
whit strip under throat; has on L ather
-collar with ring. A pply County Trustee offioe.
CALF One red heifer calf. Owner oin
have same by proving property and pay
in .or this advortiieroent.
V. H. SMITH. W El'lott st.
COWS One large white m alley oow, with
red specks; one white cow, with red
specks; one creamy white cowi and one
black, side and white baok, branded B on
side. Return to
i. j. x AttBnyuuH, moseley avenue.
TULES On the night of Oot. 3d, Smiles
-j. east ot teiiierriue, z Olaok mare mules j
one about four rears old. in nnri ftr nd
trimmed up, with little white spot under
jaw; the other, ten or twelve years old,
rousn, ana not so well trimmed. Reward
for information, or return of mules to J. W.
xoung, Memphis, or
w.T. rttlUK. CniHerviHa, Tentj
A T si PI Pill A 1 n
-TX BofcrdiDfhoage In Helena, Ark. ( owner
Inquire at BHUNER'S, in Helena. Ark.
TIOROTIHHLT asasoned and finished
Black Walnut Blabs, auUabia for interior
work in panning. Arid, u. Letter Carrier 10,
Tj ITZFBLD a Oil, FluW and Gaa 8'ores,
XJL for light ho
r i f h . i , ,M
FKW Heitinf Storp, oecood-liacd, food
pouseaeeping, TM K9foal St.
m rjreaw. lynsjtvn. n I r.m n. 1 . 1 1 . v.tA Naitn n
Address W., this office.
LOI-Choiee Fort Piokering lot; no oity
, '"ea. DR. HINSON. 279 Main St.
TjRAMB Cottage, on oor. Kavburn av. aTd
X' Ueorgia st. lot 86x170, with a houso of t
"rooms, In good order. This is a oboioe pieoe
of property, and oan be purohased ou easy
monthly payment by aaylna part cash. Ap-
yiy minur raraor or i . tnarttn, ata Main,
ORGAN-altable for family or 8unday
school. Apply atM Qaslee street.
PLANTATION-On the Arkansas Rivar,
Linooln Coontr 600 acres in high state
of cultivation ; 1610 seres in traot: well im-
f roved; steam gin, 2 large barns, 21 good cab
ns and handsome dwelling, 7 rooms, with 20
acres lawn in front. Liberal terms. Apply to
mai. lory. rawfurd a co.,
' ' 372 aid 374 Front street, Memphis,
or j. MAxnai 1, earassa. Ark.
HITZPLU'SOII, Vapor and Gas Stoves
for liaht housekeeping. H Ceoood 8t.
HOUSE AND LT-1 he J. A. Hayes, ir.
residencs. No. 3T1 Vance street. Appl
w . vr. i r.-., r,,T national Dan
DORSALS (JUEaP-No. Washington
Hanoi Press, for nine-eolimn paper;
" " new. nquire at wo. 31 union st.
AT F. A. Jones k Co.'s., one moo gentle
, baggy MAHK that any lady can drive
' or. ride perfectly sate
T3 ESIDENCE-Nos. 86 .nd 88 Market st
JLU in f coa repair ; lot ft7,xl48S- Apply to
m.V. KKHN KDY. 47K Mosby st.
rEDt66M FtRS'ltURR-
JD Sideboards, Lounges. to. '
No MS Miin street'.
little used, and in good condition. Ap-
r I 'lire ieaie and
and fixtures of the St. El
-L Uotoli Me'idian,
Miss. TwantT-lva
-eommodions rooms.
Ithin three minutes
aaik of the Union
Depot; Urge sample
room on the street next door ; now doing a
gooa Daftness and noou ar. tan oe nan at a
bargaia if applied for within the next thirty
4 V.-. Apply to Charles Klmire, proprietor.
meridian. Miss.
OLD MATERIA L In the storehouses and
Senate Building, occupied by B. Low
enstein m Bros.'; must be removed at onoe.
APPjy to JQH N RE1D, Builder.
TsJKAT COTTAGE Of six rooms, and lot
u- 200x44, M Dean avenue. Inquire on
C-UlEAP-tino second hand H'iCKAWAY,
J nearly as goodisji e w , at Kit linl'n st
C'JfiDAll KNCING PUSTS-Forsale by
W.R.LAH KIN Laminsvillc. Ala.
J 00DL A WN STtlCKli ARM- In thestnif
Jty " 'horouslihred Runnipg Horse; fee
120. One Trottinir Horse; fee, Jit). One Jer
y Bull : fee, 12.50 Kna rai.s-30 Horses,
Z Mileh Co, ir hesd Butcher Crttle, Pea
oooks anil Newfoundland Puin. Horses on
Sastnre, j.i per month : Texas Wcs, ltic per
ay. Tclot'hone JoSEfU UURKEV, 862.
more Trled aud better a.
this season's Imnarta.
des mm. flneat t.rt.,..
on application to those
make special rates with Attornevs. Adminis-
and Guardians, bales at our balearooms daily
V Red cow, wlt'i white spot In faoe, white
spot on aarh flask. Will pay a liberal re
ward on her return to corner of tventh
"lOW On'Thuriday. near neon, two cows
W one a black, with cnp nd bole in one
ear and slit and bole in the other; the
oiner. rea ana wnite spotted, with a swallow
lorn in tignt ear; teati have black marks,
A suitable reward for their return to me
near corner of Lane avenue an d Ayre street,
Ull a K 1,1 H I Wi KAKIiKY
DESIRABLE ROOMS-With board, at
ROOM-Newly furnishsd. with board, for
single gentleman, at 87 Court street.
rpABLK BOARD The best the mnrket af-
I DESIRABLE ROOMS-Nealy (urnished
j- rooms anu noara, at is Market street.
InLIOIBLR ROOM8-With superior hoard,
li twobl )ckslrom tfayosn Hotel. 463 Shelby
TAMES WASHINGTON, formerly cook at
u tne uayoso, nas been employed as ca
terer lor 453 and 465 Shelby street, 2 squares
below Oayoso, where superb meals, with
prompt attention, will he served lor t0 per
ROOMS-Furnished, with board,
AtKHl Shelby street.
ROOMS-Pleasant furnished rooms, with
board, for ladies or gentlen en. Terms
very reason ablo.
.392 Court Extended.
OT. JAMES IIOUSE-S8 Adams street
U Board and loding,i5; day bord. J3 50.
UAAU lit UIj front rooms, sinsla or an
JlJ suite, furnished or nnfurnithed, with or
wunotlt notrn ; otacr rooms, lm illti "nort St.
kj unveri; work lor two men all winter.
Applyon the work, In Indian Natiou, twenty
utims norm oi raris, lexas
Fkchc-Bauiirick CoSSTRUCTlOg Co.,
- Contractor" 'Ifrisco R.R.
LADY Instruction in
t Book-keenin
ng at borne in the evening.
a. a., in wasntniton st
GOOD Colored Chambermaid,
At 72Madi(
At 72 Madisen street.
TO RENT HOUSB-With 6 or T rooms, in
desirable looality. A dd ress
e a d .ui. . m
And board, hv a simrla man
in a
ewisn lamny. as. i,. a
PqsrriON-A young single man would
like position as general assistant in of
fice, store or manufactory, bill clerk, oolleo-
mr, win werx cneap. j. I-., this othce,
yOtSU MEN-For shoe and clothing
, eairsmen ; only sucn as nave experience
in business and good reference. Call at 77
Beale street. P. FRIKDLAKDBR.
LADY CANVASSER For General Lee'i
Memoirs! one well acquainted in the
city, eppiy at Agency, 19 West Ooart St.
WOMAN-To do housework, wash and
iron, at 298 Vance street.
ClOOK-Good first-class 000k at 2W4 See-
Ond street np-stairs.
STORY," left in manusoript at hie
death, and now published in interest of his
widow. A masterly aooount of his great
campaign. Inside h'story of the eonduoi of
the war by the authorities at Washington.
The most brllllaat and deeply Interesting
oooa relating to tne war whiou nas yet ap
peared. A bonania for agents. For terms
and territory address C. B. BRACIi, No. 126
rrasoington street, umcago, ill.
lfJ on levee at Austin, Miss. Will paj U
per day, or hire by the oubio yard, luu good
hands also wanted; will pay $1.50 per day.
Apply at F. A. Jones k Co.'s stable, 61 Mon
roe street, or on the work, at Austin, Miss.
OOM8-Two or three unfurnished rooms
by two persons. Apply at Sohilling'i
Boardlnghousa, Adams street.
A GENIb-ln evary town
vary town to sell Pianos
HOUCK k CO., Memphis.
J..L- ana ursans.
OiiU ATION-As porter or honee boy; oan
Swr give currererenoes,
PORTER. Appeal.
V OUKG MAN-Bxperlenoed in Job Print--l
tnr. No. 10 Wast Court Street.
SALESMEN la every State in the lit ion
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
SraoiALTiag that are popular and easy sell'
Ing. Can be handled alone or in connection
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
pHAMBERMAID-With good reference,
KJ at 138 Ma4ison street.
TVAY BOARDERS Or without rooms.
- At 9 East Court street.
order In best styles at
POQMS-Well furnished rooms, No.
a-v J
Linden street.
MAN Aa lntelligent.earnest man to rep
resent, In his own looality, a large re
sponsible house. A remunerative salary to
risht party. Steady position References
exchanged. Amerioan manufacturing House,
io parciay pt., n . i.
1 Orn FKAXUERS-UUheit cash
- - prtee paid bj GABAY. Memphis.
TJiVERYroDY TO KNOW-That 1 wil
M-U riliU l&Hlll with t
ITH GOLD for the
next thirty days for 11 60,
243 Main sreet.
SILVKR-Forrash or ex
' chnr. Mlil.VllH r
.law. r. -im Main
Electric Belt Free
rTH) introduce It and obtain aaents we wil
JL for the next sixty days give away, fn
ot charge, in each county in the II. S. a lini-
iica Duumeroi our uvriiiitn Llpclrn JhI.
vkiiIo SiwnrsMrT uis p.i tK-
positive and unfailing cure for Nervous De
b.l"t'Xa.,e01 JSuiinl:nt. lmP"tenry,
etc. 30.UI Rawari raid if every Belt we
maauiaotare dees aot git. -an a gsnuine
jletria carrcnt. Adlrr.a at once ELIW-
1K1U mtLX AGENCY. P. O. Box 173.
Brooklyn, II . I.
Upon the Statement of His
That ilo educ Her a
Tear Aio.
Isrli i.ii. to thx Ari'xaL.
J ac'kson, Tknn., Xuvembor 2. This
evenirt? between 3 and 4 o'clock Mr.
John B. Newmin, freight conductor
on the Illinois Central railroad, thi.t
nuu m riuub y wnunaea tne liev. U. W
II inkle, rector c Hi. Lnktt's Koiscopal
Chutch t this tity. Mr. Newman
was standirg taikicg tJ come friends
in the courthouse yard during the
eiecnon, iroen "e raised nis oead
and discovered Dr. Hinkle walkirg
abjut u enty or thirty yards from
him. Mr. Newman immediately
ruenpa toaata turn with his Uiawo
pistol, and Bome voices m the crowd
cried out: "Hinkle, Hinkle! tun,
rum vt. uinitle, turning and see.
iog Newman rusl ing toward him,
mote ana ran down the s'ri-ot
Inward the Bright House, Mr.
Newman in hot imis'iit. Dr. Hin
kle, when near the Bright House,
was Btiot at the hist time when he
turned down the allty towaids the
jsil. Newman quickly fjllowed and
hred Iwo mor bnoIs tne third tpking
euect in Dr. llinklc s light fUinulder,
protlncing a very painful but not
morirtl wound. 1'he cause ol the
trouble was Mr. Newman's wife, who
conf, B ed to htr hueband today
mai me j;ev. ur. mnkle HU
sadnced her in 18S5 while ti;ey
were both sitting up with a
tick lr end, and that ha bad mad j two
similar advanres Bince that lime. The
confession of the frail wife fell like a
thuudcrbolt upon Lor iojnrad bus
band, as he had never had cause to
suspect ber before. The awful affair
ea? created the moat profound excite
ment in the best circ.ts. Mrs. New'
man acknowledges that she was se
dnced by Dr. Hinkle. Dr. Hinkle has
always been contidered a high toned
get t oman ana lrreprcacDable mm-
Mr. Newtran and his wife Darted to
night, afttr an interview subs quent
10 tne iragpuy, anu tue ecene attend
ing the separation was sad enough to
molt the hardest heait. Tftey have
two sweet little . tide, which the
mother tonrented to surrender to the
father. Mrs. Kewman then bought a
ticket to uonntb, Mus.. and left on
ine:duo cio ic train tooigbt.
The St. IiOnia Maroona Defeated at
1.1 1 lie Hues.
Littlb Rock. Ark.. November 2.
Une ot tne most ezcitine camt s of ball
ever p ayed in th's city took place at
tne ABsiKuiion l'.rk. between the
Miroona cf Ht. Louis and Little Rotk's
brag team. Game was called at 3
o clock, and for nine innings the ball
nit tne ground but nva times three
for Little Kecks and two for the Ma
roons, lour hundred people wit-
neesed the game. Tomorrow a second
contest tbk s place. Score: Little Bock,
a; Maroons, 2.
Eaojniallely Entertained by Heortre
W. I bllde, at Pblladelpbla.
PiiiLADBi.rniA, Pa Novfmber 2.
At neon today Count de Leseers was
the Rtieat ol George W. Cnilde, at din
ner, at tne Hotel Uellevue, a large
nnmber of gentlemen being invited to
participate in tne bonoricg of the dis
tinguished French engineer. The
Count was teceived in the parlor by
Mr. unuos, ana, after the introduc
tion, was escorted to the largo dining
hall on the second florr. The
decorations of the corridors and
banquet ball were remarkably
rich, and over ihe whole was thrown
tne Hgbt of a mvnad of wax tarjera.
The table formed a complete circle, in
the canter of which stcod an autnmn
trf e, whose varied colored leaves, ex
panding as thry reached the ceiline.
canopied almost to the table. At the
base of this reasonable design was a
group of small palms and chrysanthe
mums 01 every cue. Around the
minor edge of the circnlar table was a
double row of chrysanthemums, and
between these and the plants at the
Dace 01 ttie tree was a natbwav
01 oak leaves, which were scat
tered in such careless profusion as
to mace it appear tnat they bad fallen
thus from the extended branches
above. The guests sat only at the
outer edge of the table, the inner half
being decorated by a serpentine conrss
01 smiiax intertwined with leaves and
Sevres vaies filled with la France,
American iseauty, Bennett, Catherine
Mermet and other varieties of roses,
each vase containins flowers ol one
color only, uovers were laid for flltv-
fonr. Ateachplsce wasabontonnaire
and a menu card of paicbment beating
tne rrencn ana American nags in
teitwked. Am laferaal Haeblae at Rea.
New Yobk, November 2. The
schooner Elsie A. Bavin, of Port Jef
ferson, Capt. Bay II s, from Tamnico,
September 20th, which arrived here
todav, reports : October 15th, latitude
23 4 longitude 6V 17 made an ob
ject to the windward that looked like
a can Duoy turned down end no. with
a red flag with a white cross in it,
tacked ship and stocd for it to see
what it was. when nearlv ti it it
started ahead about tbree or four
knots, lxaving a big wake behind It.
We chased it with a light breez) for
about fifteen minutes, and came to the
conclusion teat tt was a torpedo boat
or some internal rnaenme wltn steam
n it. We hauled on the wind aeain.
. i , i , , , .
rrnoever or wnaievrr it was it evi
dently did not want to be spoken, for
after we hauled on the wind its'aoked
its speed.
Lone Han,"
r Prasr
Lake rata,
Galgabby. N. W. T.. November 2
superintendent Unesbeck, in com
maod of the mounted nolice at Ed.
monton, has succeeded in caolnrlnfir
"Lone Man," who is suoDoeed to hava
Deen impucatea in tbe massae'e at
Fiog Lake last year. "Lone Man,"
reiving, npon the lapse of time since
the rebellion, came into the post wi h
a complaint about a stolen bone. He
was immediately recognizsd and ar
rested. Jeroene Park Base.
Jxromi Park, November 2. Firnl
Race tot polo ponies, half a milf
Wild Tom won by tbre leng hs;
Bncssbot recond, Epriuter thiri'.
Time 0:8.
Stcondliace Hurdle handicap, mile
and a half. Fam Brown won by a
length and a baf; Mentmor second,
V luiiarcf iiinu. iimc 2:681.
Third Rare. For three year oliis
ard upward, three-quartets of a mile.
Yourg Duke won by a head; Craftie
gecntl, Adonis thitd. T me 1:20J.
Fuwlh Race. Har.ditap. Ariel won
by twelve lengths; Ryal Arch second
nave o' ieni inmi. lime 2:0t j,
itfth Ano?. i lie P. eclion: e'aes,
Steeplechase, full coime. Will Davie
won by two Icngihs; Jr-ck recond
Wellington thir.t. Time 4:301.
Sixth Race. Hunter's 8 eeplechnse
snort cour. t;o pouse won by
length; Pawt ee ei-cnd, Coloitua
third. Tinie-:;;i:,j.
BIKlllVi.lim, ALA.
t'apltnl Nlocu r n oal and t'okei
t'ouipanj I ti rrnartt tuhcr
Ktl rprlaea.
ISriCIAL TO Tin APrklL.)
BlBMlNGHAM, An,. Novemhor 2 .
The st ckholdniB of the 0. alhurg
iaiii aua iiitB v o:nntnv. at a niAttino'
held toJay, orderea the proiwed in-
crvssH in 11 e iTi'i'nai nock iron) f iUO,
COO to $700,COO for the election of a
Hu ton iron luriuce at North Bir.
mingham. t'everal of the new stuck
holders from a diatacce were nnt intn
tne new aireciory. it 11 now consti
tuted as follows: J.hn W. Johnson,
Biroiingbam : J. B. Pace, Joseph
Bryan, S. 8. Buford, E. D. Christian,
Virginia; W. G. Oatman, New York.
'ite iNortn isirmmgham Iand Com
pany, in which practiially the same
Interests predonmmto, wae aleo or
ganized, making the Virginians di
rectors. Maj. Johnson, woo is the
prefect of the UeorgU 1'aciQa rail
road, .wes made president of both
The SlOcklloliVrs of tan Pratt Coal
and Iron Company yestMrday formally
ratified its cO:imlidaiien with the
Tennessee Coal, I oa and Bailroad
Fin Wattltos at SIiillorri.
The Parkers Will Sot Acqnlt-acr.
Chicago. Ill . Xuv,mlnr q. T)ism
is a prospect that the trouble of ten
days ago at the s'ock yards will b
renewed. This inon.iug the Patkeis'
Association held a motinir at which
the following resolution was unani
monelv adopted :
AYwiW. That the niPtllhorn nf Mm
Packers' Association will control their
own business; lhat they will protect
tneir properly at aoy and all cost, and
that they will run their houses on the
len hour basil. It is furthtr resolved
that the Executive Committee be con
tinued in office with authority to em
ploy any protection deemed neefs-
tary. it is claimed that the strikers
alrtady out are urgirg all the men to
go out again lor eigiu hours.
Monogram IIaiiKlisi, 91 u I ford.
Boiled to Denlb by Steam.
Charleston. S. C Xnvmlpr 1
Boilers numbers 5 and 6 at the Charles
ton cotton f.c'.ory, exploded at 6:25
tnis morning, wr-ckimr the ho r
nonse and killing William Oakea. col
ored, fireman, and seriously injuring
Arctioo Richardson, colored, cjal
roller. Oakea was liter.llv hoiled t.n
oeam Dy me steam.' li e damages to
the muthlnery iscnered by insurance
in tne tiHrttorti a nit r insurance Com
paay. Over oOll'hands are thrown out
ol employment temporarily, although
the suspension il rot exnrrtpil tn ha
ot long duration. The disai-ter wan
caused by the bursting of the ronnd
arum connecting tne two boilers.
Anarcblsl Frttalrale tbe Polios."
VlKNNA. NovembHr 2 Th nnlloa
oi iniBCUVSO far Lave been ha I
m tbelr efforts to penetrate ti the
center of the anarchist plotters. Their
laiiuie is due to the fact that tbe con
rp rators divided into groups of four
each, who do not know members of
tbe other groups. The source of the
anarchi t pampblt-ta and printed mat
terhasbe'n tracrd to Paris, and of
arms and dynamite ti lxindon. In
conEequence ol the threatened at
tack ou the Chief of Police station, all
entrances to tbe underground rooms
ui mat uuuuing are tnrriuny guarded,
Atleniple to Plant the PurNiiin Hog.
arcn t rull lea.
London. November 2. The
Persian Monarch, from New York for
Liverpool, ashore r Port and Road.
is leaking bad'y. She is much canted
and ber stern is very low. All at
tempts to fl. at her have failed. The
steamer Lydian Monarch and several
tugs were nulling for an hour last
evening at fall speed and broke sev
eral towlines. The landing of cattle
and cargo continues, soldiers and
tailors assisting.
The 'Rasr Baby's" Agent Balcldee.
Olkan. N. Y.. November 2. John
Hoolev. advance sirent for the Ran
Baby Company, committed suicide by
cutting his throat in his room at a
hotel here this afternoon. It is ha.
lieved be was insane. Deceased was
about 25 yeais of age.
A Bepnklleast 4 halraaaa Vm for
Habtkobd. Conn.. November 2.
Patrick McGovern. chairman of the
Republican Town Committee, was ar
rested this afternoon on a charge of
bribery at the nol a. lie was released
on bail.
I a i
A Bepakllsjaa Kills a Denaociat.
LooisviLit. Ky. November 2. F.
M. Jones, a Democrat, was atahhed
and instantly killed at the votlntr
p'ace in Mablenberg county by J. K.
Randolph, a Rennblicin. The milling;
is laid to have been unprovoked.
Randolph was drnok.
Klip Dr. Bnll'a Conch Svrun at
bome. Physicians presciloe it. Thou
sands take it. Pi Ice 25 cents.
F. Parrlaalna rails Tbroagb aa
Ditboit. Mich . November 2. B F.
Farringrn, of the firm of B F. Far
rinaton 4 Co.. wholisale srocers. fell
down an elevator from tbe second
s ory today and frartared his skull.
He will probably die. Mr. Far ring
ton is wall known throughout the
Ma Hinby Mtxakoeb. a well known
tailor of Haltimora. writes: "I do not
hesitate to pronounce Salvation Oil a
most excellent liniment."
Holiday Prrfttnta, Mnlford'gj.
A S0.OO Blaaa la 8haaatray.
ErrixoHAM. III. November 2. A
large flour mill belonging! to Henry
Beinbard, at rJhnmwav. III., was to
tally destroyed by fire yesterday, to-
?;ether with two dwelling hou-os, a
arge quantity of grain, a warehouse,
a a to re and a barrel factory. Less.
130,000; insorarc. t'-'OOOO.
Dlamoud WalbeH.9Iuirord'
Ix)umV;LLB.KY. November 2. Nipht
River 6taiionarv, with 3leet9 inches
in the rxnal and 7 inches on the falls.
dull. Weather clear and nleosant.
Caibo, III.. November 2. Nlirht
River 4 (-hi 6 inch son the eangn and
nt-ing. Wenther cloudy and cool. No
arriva's or dtpnrlures of regular pack
The RepnMican Suowed Under by
a Jlnjority i r Over Three
The Election (Jalet, Fair and Square,
ManyCarkies I)t sorting Their
Old Bosaea.
The election yesterday was a re
markable conclusion of a remarkable
campaign. The vote was very light
everywhere in the county. Up lo
their eyes in work, tne morensnts
were not able tottkea vety lively
tereet in the contest. The negroes
were indifferent in the extreme. They
went abont their duties as usual,
hundreds of them failing to vote and
very few remaining about the to! It.
There were more negroes about tbe
Filth than about all the other pollin
places in the city put together, a
ihat was the only ward carried by the
Republicans. Allot the others went
!arirt Iv Democratic. The saloons wero
kept closed, as far as outward appear
ances went, and there was little drunk
enness and no rowdyism. At the
Tenth Waid two workingmen had a
Unlit about a private matter, but no
blrod was spilled. Dennis Carney, an
od crauk, g t into trou'ile rs ti ual,
and one catiHi'lues arrest wa made for
llegal voting, at tbe instance of Gen.
W. J. Smith. There was verv li'tle
scratching done. A fow Kirtt YYaiders
need their peneiie, but tne rnie was
straight tickets everywhere. A groat
many darkies, declaring themselves
(lifguH'.ed with their old brsses, the
Republicans, voted with the Demo
cracy, and nowhere was mere any
bulldoking or any attempt maue oy
either s'de to inlluence voters one
way or the other. The importance i f
the election had been strongly ur.ed
r weeks, both eules presenting- a
full ticket. 1 he Democrats presot ttd
for G ivoinor, Robert L. Taylor; for
Congress, James PI' elan; for KUte
Sena'e, Lynn ard Montedonico; (or
the House of Representatives, liar.
mil. Davis, Allen, Clspp and Odium
The R-publ;cati8 oiesented for Gov'
ernor, A. A. Taylor; lor Congress,
7. ich Taylor; for 8:ate Senate, Hamil
ton and Smith ; f ir the House of Rp-
resentaives, Hpeaks, r lelds (noiored),
Pickering. Rideout (colortd), and
The total city vote was as follows: '
(ot'rtw. Kobt. L. Taylor- 4871, 4.
A. Tavlor 1403.
Congre Jimcs Phelan 4804, Zich
Tavlor 13.IH.
Slate SenaU. Lynn 4030, Montcdnn
ico 4830. Hamilton 1338, Smith 1314.
Hoim of ReprttnUativet. Harrell
4801), Davis 4834. Allon 480(1, Clapp
41)12, Odium 4G28, Sprsks 1370, Fields
1301. Pickering 13o8, itiaeout 131,
Ttie total vote for Governor a
ehown bv the above was (1274.
Two vears ago the total vote for
Governor was 8817. or 2E 13 great
than it was yesterday. Thevoto then
was divided as follows:
(.'orvnior. Bate 45!8. Reed 421!).
Vongrm. Hairis 4720, Zach Taylor
4 172.
tstate Senate. Galloway 4832, Monte
tlouico 4818, Ramsey 31)24, Smith 4015,
Hunter 485, Patterson otms, uronian
4190, Kelly 4!)l)0, McKinley 4702,
Havnes 4057, Fieii?H 4010, Vernon
4007. Evans 3IKS2. Brogan 4140.
It may justly be said that the apathy
of the darky contingent of the Repub
lican party and the enthuelaem of the
friends of Mr. James Phelan saved the
ticket, and not only saved it, but gave
it a majority in the county sufficiently
Urge lo raise the oldest I habitable
out of their boots, He leavts the city
with 3460 majority over b's Republic
an opponent ana tne reports irom
outlying districts indicate that be will
leave tbe county with nearly if not
onite that majority. Many of the
rural districts wbicn cave in tne past
gone largoly Kopublican, are more
than redeemed and show the figures
on tbe otber side, to the credit of the
Democrats. The same indifference on
Ihe part of tbe Republicans is re-
roited from Tipton, Fayette and
lardeman counties. The latter gives
Phelan 000 majority, and he has car
ried TlDton bv at least 150. In Fay
ette, it is said, the ' usnal Republican
majority 01 lzuu baa been ont
down nearly one-half. Groan
ing all these facts, it may be safely
announced that Mr. Phelan's majority
ia the district will be In the neighbor
hood of 3000, and that the entire
ticket in Shelby is elected by a major
ity equally as great. Mr. Phelan has
been the life and soul of the ticket.
He alone, of all the candidates, mount
ed tbe stnmp and there he freely and
unequivocally announced bis views
on every public qusetion. Tbe wis
dom of bis nomination is shown by
the handsome majority given bim by
the people of the Tentb District.
The vote in the city was as follows:
Governor. Robeit L. Tay'er 684, A.
A. Taylor 108.
Uongrm. James rneian 008, &icn
Taylor 108.
mate firnaK.-i.ynn tm, uonitaoni
co 685, Hamilton 101, Smith 102.
IIovm of Jiepreuntativet Harrell
685, Davis 655, Allen 680, Clapp 675,
Odium 418, Speaks 108, Fie ds 101,
Pickering 100, Kideout 1U4, unmn
Governor. Robeit L. Tavlor 488, A.
A. Taylor 61.
Gmffrwi James Phelan 480, Zach
Tavlor 65.
IStateOtnau.LjanWl. Monteaonico
400, Hamilton 57, Smith 58.
llauMof Rroretenlalivei.llttteW 480.
Davis 479. Allen 489, Clapp 489. Odium
488. Speaks 00, Fields 53, Pickering
61, Rideout 58. Griffin 60.
Governor. Robett L. Taylor 777, A.
, Taylor 94.
Conarem. James Phelan 770, Zoh
Taylor 94.
State Denote -L.y nn.7 'JO, JUonteuonico
790, Hamilton 77, Smith 66.
JIoum of Repritentativet Harrell 788,
Divis 785, Alien 783. Clapp 794, Odlnm
787, Speaks 82, Fields 63, Pickering 78,
Rideout 70, Unmn 77. "
Governor. Robert L. Taylor 957, A.
A. A. Taylor 69.
Congrru. James Phelan 900, Zich
Slate Senate. Lynn OOl.Montednnico
951), Hannlt- n 53, Smith 49.
JJouiie of RipreMntatioe: Harre l 901,
Divi" 9r)5, Aiii-n m, CUpp 972, Od
ium 067, Speaks 53, Fields 48, Picker
ing 63, KlUe Utf)3, Ut flin 64.
till II WAKIS.
Cove'nnr. Robi L. Taylor 253, A, A.
Taylor 327.
Tailor and Importer.
C. no 1 Dare tTesr otTered la Mnnh i. imn.tauinsp nf swii ha
TIlVLiiia!? Ii"'"-'OaVMMAVU
rtnriLooM in-grf at variety, all of the Limvr 111 si, i
l.treauoad b, the Loading ImrirtSrs of England! and Vet
Las TANa
Cor. Sioond and Jsfftrson
C(ri(rcv. James Plmlan o(1
T.ln. urn u
State Xnaf.-Lynn 209, Montedon
ico 263, Hamilton 314, Hmith 313.
1 fount of Repretentaiivn Harrell 202
Davis 254, Aleo 202. Olsnn "til ii,n,,m
111' ftTk8 'm- K,ellt" 3lt)' dickering
w.v., .uucuitv our, vtriiua om.
Governor. Robert L. Tax Inr .171 A
A 'P , . j
a., isviur j.-e.
tonaree. Jiimea Pho'nn rt7n 'i,
r. ..1-': "
isviur j.-t.
State Smate. I.vnn 378 Atontd
ico 01 o, JtJiuiron 117. Sm t 1 117
tumee. of Jupreuiitatiivt. Harrell
375, Davis 371, ATen 377, Clnnp 377,
no, i'.rketing J20, Rideout HO,
vjiuiiii hit.
Stt l Vlil WABIS.
Gov.mor. Uobtrt L. Taylor 253, A
A. Taylor 175.
lor.yrtM Jaiuts Phelan 253, ZiAi
lavior 15.
State H-nate. Lynn 355, Monloitan
ico 250, Hamilton 174, Smith 1W).
7ouwt of Refiretrntative. Harrell
252, Duvia 2 0, Allen 251, Clapp 255,
wunini ioi, ,piaks 1.3, 1' iol.ls 172
Pickei ing 175, Rideout 174, Griffin 174
G'oivrtKir. Robert L. Tov'or, 000,
. nr. , .... ' 1
a. a. iayior, s.
ComjriM James Phelan, 004, Ztch
Tavlor, 00.
State S note. Lvnn, 000 Monte
donito, tl'is, Hnnii t )n,'87, Smith, 87.
llotue of Rrpritentativeii. Harrell,
flOO, DavIh, 003, Allen, Will, Clapp, OOti,
III,..,. ,11,1 u !. rn
v, , 1111111, nuru.fl, 01, riuiOH,.nr,
Pickeiiuy, 87, Rideout, 87, Giillln, 87.
Governor Roht. L. Taylor 167. A.
A. Taylor 137.
Owjrreai James PIioIbu 100, Zach
Tavlir 137.
State Smate. Lvnn 171, Montedonl
co 170, Hamilton 132, Smith 130.
Houteof RtpresciUativei. llhrreU 160,
Davis 168, Allen 170, Clffpp 108, Od
him 161), Speaks 135, Fields 128, Pick
eting 145, Rideout 131, Griffin 132.
Cotrmor. Robert L. Taylor 315, A.
A. Taylor 220.
Congre. James Phelan 314, Zach
Taylrr 227.
Stale Senate. Lynn 318, Montedo
nico 313, Hamilton 220, Smith 221.
Ilouee of Ripri tentative. Harrell 315,
Davis 314, Allen 314, Clapp 315, Od
ium 312, Speaks 227, Fields 223, Pick
ering 225, Rideout 223, Griffin 223.
fVotvrrior. Robert L. Taylor 4871, A.
A. Taylor 1403.
Congre. James rhelan 4804, Zach
Taylor 13!)8.
State Senate Lynn 41)30, Monle-
u 011 Ico 4830, Hamilton 1338, Smith
lloute of Repreirntatiwt Harrell
481)1), l)AVis 4834, Allen 481)8, Clapp
4012, Odium, 4li'J8, Speaks 1370, Fields
1:101, I'lckering 1308, Rideout 1341,
uiiinn 1J40,
Tho following are Ihe returns from
the country at far aa heard from:
rirrn Dinrtticr.
Governor. Rjbt. L. Taylor 56, A. A.
Tavlor 102.
L'onore. James Phelan 55. Zach
Tavlor 103.
Mate Semite. Lynn 01, Monttdonico
04, Hamilton 103, Bmiib Do.
Jloute of Repreientativet. Harrell 65,
Davis 64, Allen 64. Ola no 0. Odium
66, Sneaks 104, Fields 102, Plckoiing
103, Rideout 1C2. Griffin 102.
fjowrnor. Robert L. Tavlor 238. A.
A. Tavlor 187.
Conarru. Jamei Phelan 241. Zach
Tavlor 181.
State Senate, Lynn 240, Montedonloo
239, Hamilton 180, Smith 183.
Jloute of Rsireentakvet.Him 258.
Davis 241, Alien 239, Clapp 240, Odium
242, Speaia 183, Fields 182, Pickering
183, Rideout 183, Griffin 180.
Governor. Robert L. Tavlor 0. A. A.
Taylor 61.
Congreu. Jama Phelan 0. Zach Tav
lor 61.
State Senate Lyon 0. Montedonloo
0, Hamilton 61, Smith 61. '
Uouu of Jitprttntabvet.llTnl 0,
Davis 0, Allen 0, Clapp 0. Odium 0
Hpeaki 61, Fields 51, Pickering 51.
Rideout 61, Oiiffla 61. , I
rirrr.ENTu civil birtbic'E., i
Governor. Uobi. L. Taylor 91. A. A.
Taylor 62.
Congrttt. James Phelan 90. Zach.
Tavlor 63. . :
State Senate. Lynn 92. Montedooico
90; Hamilton 62, Smith 60. 1
Uouu of JUpritentahvei'lunroll 89.
Davis hO, Allen 90, Clapp 90, Odlnm
90; Speaks 67, Fields Q0, Pickering 62,
Kideont bo, Urimn bU. ,
Robert L. Taylor over A. A. Taylor,
3468. : . '
James Phelan over Jhum Taylor,
3408. . "
H. J. Lynn over H. 'A. Hamilton,
3608. ...
W, L. Clapp over Speaks, 3542.
Total vote ol city, 6274. '
The darkies are growiag wiser. ,.
Atoka gives Phelan 101 majority.
Little scratching was done yester
Hubbah for Shelby County Democ
SilxLBY performed her doty man
ful y.
Only two arrests were rude at the
polls yetidy.
Bob Taylob s majority in the State
may reach 25,100.
It is doubtful that Taylor will carry
Tipton, bis own county.
The Democrats carried every ward
in the e ty except the Filth.
It will be Ihe Hon. James Phelan.
Wa-liiiiKt 'n, D. C, hereafter.
Tub country r. turns are not likely
to cut down the Democratic majority
to ai y mat rial extent
Bahti.ett, which nasally goes Rs-
B",r"t!v'r S locak at my
Stt., . Mamphli, Tinn.
publican by about 200, gives the
Democratic ticket 60 majority.
The Republican cuperviaors did
their level best, and it will be a matter
of curiosity to know on whit excuie
they will cry frand this lime.
Tunas are seventy-thre Rspnbllc
ars and no Dnmocrals on President's
Island. Usually thry voto a eolid
Bhot. Yesterday only fifty-one voted.
Puelan carried Tipton cinntyby
150. In 1884 Coving on. which is
Zr-ch Taylor's borne, gave him 57 ma
jor ty. Yesterday it gave Phelan 65.
I.N the Sixth aud Thlr'eonth districts
no elect on was held yesterday. None
of theollicera i f election appt arac, and
the ifarkus V.I10 wore protect pro
imsed to ro home and cjII it even.
The jiropoMiion wjs acc pted.
Tub city vot for lint in 1SR-! v,ig
45t)S, and for Dnid 4211). Thp vote for
l!b Taylor yesterday was 4S7I, and
for Alf Tavor 1403. Th vnt- f,.r
James Harris in 1884 w,:s 4720, and for
Zach Taylor 4122. Yesterday James
Pho an recsived 4StH ami Zich Tay
lor 1398.
CompakkI) with the vota of TS84.
the fkurei furnished by yesterday's
returns s'tow some inter ifBtil'p.
The fnll-volo of tho ci tv was o A.'., lute
thnnltwai then and in eriteofthxt
Mob lavlor's voto ovir Bati'a won 273,
Phrlarrsovor llarrin'a 1 11 nr.il M.ihIa.
douico'g 18 less.
lflaniomlNat MuIloril,l
I no not lifllcvo that
Ayor's S:iiMiiui illii Inis
an pqiml ns a ri'iiK'ily
for Scrofnloiia Hit.
mors. It In lv.mmi
to Inko, gives alri'initli
aud vigor to Hie. IhkI v,
uihI iii'udiit'fa n mora
pi'riiiimi'iit, 1,-tr.t Invr. re.
suit th;in 1111 iiii'.lic Inff
I evor us I'd. K.
Dailies, No. l.lnilnle.O.
I hnve used Avcr's
SlllHIiptll lllll.llltllJ fllltl.
Ily, fur Scitiftiln, :md
kmiw, If it In taken
faithfully, It will
tlioroiiulily eratllcutd
Hi is t imi i ti lo dlHentie.
W. F. Kowler. il. D..
Oiveiivllle. T01111.
H'or forty vonra 1
liuve siiUi'ix'd wllli Kry
allieliw. I have trlet
Hll aorta of reliiediel
Canker, and
for my coniiilnliit, lint
foiind no relief mil II I
0 o 111 ni ciiced tmlng
AVer's Haranpni'llln.
After taking ten hot
tloa of tli Ih luodliliie (
am roniploUily rtired,
Mary (', Anit'shiiry,
toekort, Me.
I liuve aurTereil, fot
yenra, from C'lilarrh,
men was so Never
that It dell roved mv
appetllo and Wi iikcned
inysyslnn. After try.
iiik oiner rumeuim,
and gulling no relief, f
trognn to take Aver'S
Haraaparllla, and, In a
fow months, wasvured.
8usan L. Cook, 0011
Albany at-, Ronton
lllglilunua, Haas. '
Ayer's Sarsapnrllla
Is superior to aiiy blooet
ptirlller that I hava
ever tried. I hava
taken It for Brroiiila,
Canker, saka Salt.
Uheuni, and apoelvo4!
much beuetlt trom IU
It In good, also, for a
weak aUimach. MJllle
Jane I'elree, BotiMs
Bradford, Mass.
Can hft
cured oy
the blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer k Co, Lowall, Maes,
rrloe sit t six bottles, 5.
IjpRONT RUOM-Large and pleasant, niee
1 ly fnrnlihed, at 41 1'pntotoo atreet.
rvi ti sniua uua i aita niiBB rooms,
Xl good cistern. Ho. 77 Pontotoc. Apply at
ROOMH-riaasant roorae, furnlshad if
desired, with references, at 31V Madisea.
ROOM-Nlcely furnished, with or without
board, with private family j suitable for
two gentlemen, or gentleman and wife!
terms reasonable. At i Union street.
SOOMS Two, nicely furnished) soluble
for gentlemen; Cve minutes' walk front
rtBiiuaro. Address X. T.
to good tenant.
aTo, iot Poplar strek
L. B. EATON, 12 Madison st.
ROOM Farnlshed room,
At 105 Union street.
FOR 1887 A valuable plantation In the
Mlsalaalnnl rivar bottom: &U0 aeral in
cultivation, with good boases and lencee,
steam gin, a Dae orchard, eto, W also offer
for eale SOmulei, corn, nay, tools, wagons,
and house and kitchen furniture, on credit
of twelve months, with security tor personal
property. T UOH. U. ALLkH A CO. n
CIOTTAQK-Three rcomj, on HI m wood
Estreat earltae, near south eata Elmwoed.
Apply atM Union st. JOB LKNOW.
HOU8K-N0. 213 Lauderdale skreeti new.
with nine rooms and large yard: near
Hits liigbee a school.
287 Main street.
nue, Ive minutes' walk to street sare
aw, obeap and convenient. Call at 1x0 Ray
nrn for particulars. Mrs. K. L. WRIGHT,
rriCK-first I oor
At sa Madison street.
FURNI8UKD R00M3-Wlth board. "Ci
Islne ol peculiar axoelleaoe.'' Ill Cour
4ILEOANT R0OM8-AttMarket street!
single or en suite, tarnished er unlur
Blshed, good water, and near business.
CIOTTAOB-Heven rooms, en Walker ave
J nne, oa Blmwood itreet car line. Apply
at 36 U n len street. iOi. LKNwW.
JLKA8ANT furnlebeel room for gentle
men ; 111 WtahJartun : reference required
STORK-ROOM-On Mala etr-et, dwelling,
house oa Court itreet, ard several vacant
lots. Anolv to K. U bNOWDKN or J. L.
UOODLOE, 38 Madison street.
TORBUOUtsH-rour story and baseoaal
storehouse, o 'A riont street.
K00M8-Wtll lurnlshed
Linden itreet.
rooms, He. at
Aenlv to R. M. Auier-
ui. A Co.. Pin.
dn. ; s .4 f ront street.
H0t'SK-2W WasbloKton 8 ,;Trumsana
bthrom. Apply at I'M Polar St.
b throm.
jno. iiti Main street.
No. 2lA lnln Street.
No. 2o7 Main 8tn-sjf.
Apply to lAMfcS hVK. Ja..4 Madison 3t-
"00MS-Two furnl.hrii or unfurnished
rooms at lo .u'utson roev.
nowly lurul.hid rooms, batl.
room, etc, iii'iuire at in voura

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