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Cottoa Fasr MidilHc,, 8 l-2c-
Sales lesterduj, 11,000
Money rules in atroDg demand at 8
per cent. Local eeeurities continue
Notwithstanding the progress of
Congressional and Legislative election
the cotton market was unusually ac
tive yettvrday, and the tales exceeded
any recorded in the history of Mem
phis. Fourlean thousand bales of
co;ton gold in one day will go far to
stattish the fact that Memphis is
now the cotton market of the United
Sta'es, and that the day is not far dis
tant when her superiority in this re
spect will be generally conceded. The
resu.t is cot due to any fictitious
boom, but to natural causes. Mid
dling now sells here fo 8jc, and in
New Orleans 8 9-lCc, but owing to ex
cessive and burdensome charges pre
vailing in the latter market, the ship
per will realize mere by celling here
at 8Jc .than by gttting 8 9-16c at New
Orleans. Of cruise this will inevi
tably foice all cotton this way, reisrd
within circuit of 500 miles, and it
requires no prophet to forf ee the time
when J ,000,000 bales will be told here.
It is estimated by lbs shrewdest
cotton men t'rat Memphis will this
year receive 600.000 bales. Neit year,
owing to the completion of the Iron
Mountain railroad, we will have new
territory to draw from, notably Texts,
and it would b? bard to overestimate
tbe possible results of this connection.
At any rate the fulurd is bright with
pronvse and the preeent leaves little
margin for complaint. There was no
murker, at New York yfs'erday.
At New Orleans tbe spot market
was steadier, but closed unchanged at
3 916c for middling; futures un
changed. At Liverpool spots were steady with
lair demand; middling, 5J J; futures
steady and 1 6-Jd higher; November,
4 61-64 J.
The general market was quiet and
featured es.
Thus far this week 20,371
Thus far lat week 25,975
Since Stp'.ember 1st 17l556
M. and O. R. R
M. & T. R. R
L. and N. li. H
M. A L. R. R. R
o., o.&s. W.R.R
K. C, S. & M. R. R
Pteamers o 273
Wagons td oiher sources..
Total 6,736
Thus far this week 13,396
Thus far latt week 12,540
Since September 1st 78,417
M. k O. R. R
M. A T. R. R
L. A N. R. R
C, O. A 8. W. R. R .,
crDnily Qnotnlloas or Cottoa
Oil Trnmn and Mew York Ex.
chang Moabe are open to those
Interented, at my oflicr.
JOHN la. N011T03
0 Madison St., Memphlx, Term.
Money In ac'ive demand at 8 per
cent Tbe Clearing House report is
ss follows:
Toe sdtty, Nov mbvr 2d, f 473.105 81 ,
thus far this week. $705,106 68; same
time last week, $647.1:81 29 enrre
sporiding time in 1885, J602744 07;
currrFpucuii g t me in iooi, Ui
514 86.
Tuesday. Kovercb'-r 2d. $74,450 49
thus far this week. $133,258 03; same
time last wetk, (102 219 95; corre
Bpondiug lime in 1885, $112,736 44
corresponding true in 1884,$90,V30 19
New York eight on all points.
discount bnyini?, oar sailing; New Eng
land demand, di-connt buying; New
Jinglana signt, f oiscouDt; JNew Or
leans, i ditoount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce..l46 bid, 149 aeked
First National 160 bid, 165 esked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 aeked
State National 145 bid, 150 askid
Union and Flantere.,150 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid, 1371 asked
Blnff City- 100 bid, ... asked
.Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 b d, 80 asked
Total..... 2,998
The NewOrleansspot market ODened
quiet and easy and closed steadier.
Middling. 8 9 16c. 8a'es. 5750 bales.
Quotations wee as follows:
Ycsterdav. Monday.
Ordinary 6 7-16 6 7-16
Good Ordinary 7 3 10 7 3-16
.low Middling M 8 1-16 8 1-16
Middling 8 9 16 8 9-16
Good Middling 8 1316 8 13-16
The New Orleans future market
oieied steady, and c'oeed dull but
stesdy and 1 noint h;gber than Men
d:iy. f-alet", 9.00 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterdav. Mondav.
November.. 8.47(3), 8 49 8.46 8.48
December .. 8.51(3i 8.52 8 6(K4 8 51
January.... 8(i0(.r) 8.61 8.60e ......
February... 8 71fal 8.72 8.706ft 8 71
March 8.82 8.8'S 8.81(a 8.82
April 8.93(?i) 8.92(5) 8.93
Mar 9 0403 9.05 0.03f.e 9.04
June 9 15() 9.16 9.14 9.15
July 9.2- 9.26 9 24 9.26
August 9.29(a 9.28 9.29
At noon: Liverpool Roots were
etcady With fair demand. fc'aVs, 10,000
bale, ot which American 8600 bales,
Rfcipts, 29,000 bales; American,
zo.iuu Daies.
Closing quotations were as follows'
Ordinary, 4jd ; good or.linnry, 4 9-16d ;
low middling, 5d; good middling,
oo-lOd; middling uplands, 5j .1 ; mid
dlingOrleanp, Bid.
The prices are given in pence and 64(7i,
thus: 4 63 tm-arw 4 63-64d; and 5 01
meant 5 l-64d.l
At noon: Jjiverpnol futures, wre
itta ly; November, 4 61(a!4 62d; No
vember-Drcember, 4 68(3)4 59d: De
cember-Januaiy, 4 584 59d: Jan
uary-February, 4 5$(M 59d : Febru
a'y-Manh.4 594G0i; March-April,
4 Old; April-My.5.1;May-JuDe1504d;
june-Juiy, o ioiO I'M.
At 5pm.: Liverp-iol futures wera
dull; November, 4 63d, sellers; November-December,
4 60d, sellers; December-January,
4 59J, bnyers ; Jan-uary-Ftbruary,
4 60d, sellers; February-March,
4 61d, Belters; March
April, 4 63d, sellers; April-May, 5 Old,
oellers; May June, 5 04 I, sellers; June
July 0GJ, sellers.
Memphis Ciiy
Factors ....
102 bid, 105aed
, 80 bid, 83 asked
98 bid, 100 asked
107 bid, ... asked
25 bid, 26 aeked
35 bid, ... asked
; 20 aeked
M. A O. R R. shares... 36 Did, ... aeked
M. A T, R. R. shares... 45 bid, 50 asked
M. A O. consols, 7u 119 bid, ... asked
M. A L. R. 1st m. 8s..l05 bid, ... aeked
Miss. A T.R R.C8.A...111 bid, 113 asked
Miss. AT. B.R. rs.B..10l 1 bid. 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wt. sfr. E to J..83 b d, 85 asked
wneiDy uo.bs 1U8 bin, no aeked
rax. uir. , s 7) bid, 98 aeked
Tax Diet. 6s 104 bid,105 asked
Mem. U s bonds 104 bid, ... at ked
Mem. Water tnnde 97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust '3 bid, 64 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 esked
Mem. Stor.Com. Oo...U0.bid, US asked
Hem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 asked
London, November 2. Consols
100 1-16 for b ,tb money and the ac
count; United States bonds, 4s, 132$;
do. 4s, 114. Bir silver 45 15-16d per
Boston, Mass., November 2. Bank
clearings today, $17,881,928; balances,
Philadelphia, Pa., November 2.
uarK cieirines today. $12,403,609;
ouances t'uay, ji,i$4,HiJ7.
The local cotton market opened
easy, and closed easy; middling, 8c.
Sales, 14 COO bales; 9000 to exporters
and 000 to spinners.
Good Ordinary...
Low Middling
Good Middling...
Middling Fair
8 1
MiMi'His, November 2, ISStf.
Stock Sfpt. 1, 1886-... 4,009
Ksceired todiy. 6,736
Receivu previou6ly..l64,820
Shipped today 2,998
Shipped previously 75,419
Honix conflumpnou to
dato 205
S.ock running account
78. 0C2
96 943
CoRNMEAL-Standerd, $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
Hay Choice, from store, 75c; -car
load from levee or depot, $11 5012;
prime, from Store, 6570. ; car load
from levee or depot, $10 5011 ; prai
rie, from store, 50c.; car load from
levee or rlppot, $7.
Corn From ftore.white.SOs ;mixed,
48c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 43 Jo; in sacks, 46c; mixed, in
ouiK, 41 jc; m sac He, 4rc.
Oats From store, white,37c; mixed,
QK. I - 1 J t
uuu. iiuiu icvce ui uenut, wnim, in
bulk, 82c; in sacks, 34 Jc; mixed, in
bulk, 30i;; in tacks. 321c.
Bran Frdm store, 70c ; from levee
or nepot, guzioiiz 00.
Flour From store, No. 3, $33 25
family, $3 503 75; choi.e. S3 76(764
fancy, 4(5)4 25 ; extra fancy, 4 25
4 50; patents, $55 50.
Beans Navy, $2; medium, $1 50
1 to; common, i zo; uerman millet,
fi omi 411.
Rice Louisiana, 451o; Carolina
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
irom store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 5c: extra.7c: Grinsersnans.
extra, 66c; asserted iumblts,9llc.
iirackbd w HEAT la nalt-Dairels,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and GaiM-From store.
90 lOfl)H 20. ,
Apples Arplea, $1 602 50; dried
apples, "tyj-lo pnr pound from store,
Urid pHB( be, L'jw.ijj from store.
V eoetahlks Onions, $3 from
s'ore. Cabbee. $250: per head. RRiWc
$1 75 from liveo or depot pfir crate!
Kravtt, hrls, $W5 75; hi.lf brlf,$2 75
a. uarnc, wyjouc per 10J. XurnipSi
50 per bnohel.
Feuit Oranges, per box, $5 50; per
barrel, 9 50(o,10 Inn ns, J5 5Wa;6 per
nox. cinanap, ji otwu) t,o per b ircti
Cocoaont?, 15 pjr 100. Pe.inu'a Vir
ginia, 7c; Tennessae, farmer's stock
34c; roasted, 2o higher; shelled
10c. Almonds, 1820.
Rai'ins London layers, $3 40 ; lav-
ern, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 50C4.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75 :sallons.$3 75:
loose, barrels, $6 507; half-barrels,
$3 754; mixed, barrels. $10 50 ; mixed,
half-barrels, $6.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 2fi5 75 ; No. 2.$4 755 ; No. 3,f 4 25
10; iu-10 eh, jno. i,oc; Ko.2, 75o
151b, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
Walnuts French, 12c ; Naplee,15o ;
urruouies, aoc. fuoerts, U'c.
Game Game fish, ll12c.
Eggs 18u.
Potatoes New, $1 251 60; North,
em ttcck, $1 752.
Cider New York, $6 507 per bar
reland $3 7E4 per half-barrel.
Vinegar 1015o per gallon.
x ecans lex at, 8i0c for fmall to
medium, 1014u for large; Aikanfas,
In cer load lots: Pnme cnidn
cotton seed oil, new, 27128c: ofl
crude cotton seed oil, old, 24
.'oc; prime summer yellow cot
ion eeea 011, i)4 a)3tc; ott summer
yellow cotton eoed oil, 3234o; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3335c; primo eummer white r.oiton
seed oil, 35c; chur.e cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 35c; prime cotton
SWU meal, $14 715: offcortcm eeed
meal, none. G tt.n sred delivered tt
dept t or levee, S9 pt r t ;n ; from wagon
at milis, J9 per ton.
Bagging Jute. 2 lbi. 8ic: 1J lbs.
7Jn; 1 J lhs, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 9i.;.
Ties $1 051 10.
Clear tub washed, 3136c; grea?e
wool, 2326c; burry wool, 1318c.
Philadelphia, Pa., Nove'nber 2.
Woil quiet, pric s steadv; New York,
Michign, Indiana and Western medi
um, 380390;- tubwached, choice, 43
44c; medinm uuwashed, combing and
delaine, 31 32c.
Bottbb Bntterine, 13(
creamery, 30fa32c: dairv. I81
country butter, 18c.
Hoa rRODDCTS Mess nork. $10
sugar cured hams, 10J10jc ; breakfast
oacon, oiajwc; ciear riD sides Dacon,
7jc; bacon shoulders. 77cj bulk
porx ciear siaes. ojc: clear rib aides.
6o; shoulders, 61 52c: Ions clear.6?c.
X.ABD x lercee, 04c ; ball-barrels and
kees, 6c; choice kettle, 77jc.
Fbesh Meats No. 1 beet. 7e: mut
ton, ec ; nina quarters ot beel. 8c ;
lambs, 10c
roOLTBY lhickens. snrinir. $1 75(S
2 50; old hens,$2 502 75. Turkeys, $8
13". ureese, wis vuck. fi.
Uheexe Prime flala. 8ifl,i: New
Yoik factory, 9c; full cream, 12c;
x uung Amenra. uc.
Pigs Feet. Barrels. Ja Knfaia - half.
barrels, $4 7616; kegn,$i 75.
SrjQAB Pnre white. 61foWili: off
Wblte, OfaMiiG: vellow clanflsd. fira
6n; open ke tle, none: refined A.
n 1 s n 1 1 i 1 .. .
oiiAWto; granuiatea, 01(o)6Jc.
Copfkb C(mmon, 10J(ailc: ordi
nary,1212c: prime R;o. 13(ai31n:
choice to faucy, 1415c; old govern
ment, ziioj-oo.
boap 3ftc per pound.
Candiss 8dcks. all siiae. In boxes.
pails and barrels, 79c.
8ALT-$1 20 Per barrel? aooVn Ann.
tl 361 45 ; coaree, $1 10l 16 ; pock
eta, bleached, 2J7c; car-loads from
evee or depot, oc cbeaper.
Canned Goods. rn Prinaa
dosen: Pineapples. $1 251 50;
peaches, 2-!b, standard, $1 151 25 ; sec
onds, $11 10; tomatoes, 2-lb stand
ard, 90 $1; 3-lb,$li 15; Btrawber-
iee, i imaji 20; raspberries, $1 10
zb ; b'ackberries, $li 10 green
gages, $1 6vl 75; pears. $2
25; plums. $1 601 70: wmnri.miii.
$2 604 ; iireen corn, 11 35 ; green
peas, $1 551 65; cove oysters, full
weiirht. 1-lb. 8595c:
full weight, 2-lb, $l 6P1 80; cove
oysters, light weig' t, Mb, 60c; cove
oyeters, light weight, 2-lb, $1 ; con
denMed milk Crown, $5 fio5 75;
EsK!e, 17 607 75; Daisy, $4 75.
UiiLAS'KS L,0lluai:a. rnmmnn to
fair, 1826c; prime to choice, new, 50
(i55c; evrup. 2('40c: nnmmnn in
fair, 2025u; prime to r-hoice, 3035c ;
centr'faaal, fancy, 3233c.
Toucco C"mmoo, li-inch, 27
28g; r.ther arm'.ea and tri., 9 r, :.
Hnnff NarreUs, $10 85 pr res'1;
Ralph's, $10 25 per raw- & R ty 25
10; GailAAxSs,$8 75.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots', 11c per gal on.
Clkvkland, O., Nivember 2. Petro
leum steady; s. w , HO1, 7Jc.
Whisky Stiaiaht Kentnrkv Tinnr.
bon, $1605; redistilled goods from
85c to $1 60, according to proof ; rvo.
$1756. ' ' '
Hides Drv flint. 12JQ!fi! Hr
salt, 1012c; green salt, 718c; green
56c; deert4cins, 1618c. Beeswax
firm at 20c; tallow, 33jc.
1.IVG NMlt'K.
Receipt) of cattle the
have been moderate: prices were firm
at la.t quotations. Today there re only
a light turiply of the common grades
on sale. Toe market is abont bare of
best burners ; prices firm as quoted
Market bare of beira todv:
f ir liljbt weiehtS Ollilo onrd : nricoa
fl.. t'l "i . t
uiui. ciierp iu juii euppiy at com1
uru, uui no eooa eradus on nnla
prices firm. No lambs onenln? Hp.
uiana very gooa; prices nrui
qui te.
vtBahs Cattlb Choice. 3131c
eood, 2j31c; fair to medium, 2ig
BuanawHgs, i(aic.
lioGs-Ohoiee, 4c; good, 44c
uuiuiiioii, owaf e.
8heep Choice, 3J4c; medium,
ijc; common, 11 60. Choice
lames, per pound, 45c.
Chicago, Iil., November 2. The
urwert journal reports: Cattle re
reu.ta, .iuou bead; shipments, 1000
neaa; market clow find steady; ship.
ping eteers, 950 to 1500 lbs, $3 30
ojo; s ocaers and feeders, $1 9(l3 80
cows, hulls and mixed, $1 262 70
bulk, $22 40; through Texas steers.
4 oitajj; western rangers dull; na
tivei and half breeds, $33 65 : win
tered lexans, $2 758 20. Hogs
o cipi.r, if.uu neaa ; enipments, 10.
uuo bead; market dull, closing I60
lower; rougn and mixed, $3 453 85
packing and shipping, $3 804 10
Ugbt, $3 404; skips, $2 163 40.
ouet-p receipts, uuu bead; stiip
ments, 1000 head; market very dull
am lotajMC lower; natives, $23 7S
Westein, $35 3 60; Texans, $28
tamos, j 00(1 iia.
this day.
Fritn Point. .......JMt.'' Lea, S p.m.
ttw Urlcani C T r jw 1 kiuns, 10 .uj
Concordia GaTosh, 5 p.m.
White Hirer Cuifn-, 5 p.m.
0ceola..... ..OoiB"m, f, p.m.
Arkanrai City Will S. 11. ts, 5 p.m.
ArrimU Chesapeake, Tipt nville
joe i cier, Araaneairivir; t;a ts:er,
Bcanluns Landing
Departure!. Ed Fcater, upper bends
Cnerapeake, Tiptonvrle; Rene Mac
ready, Tipton villi; Joe Ptte-s. Arkan
sas river; j. wacom viikshuri:,
j, . ... rt . , - . . .
xuai m fori xki AUaujs.
Boats Due Down. Coahoma, Wyo-
ujidh iuii v.it ui iirw vriear.s.
Boats Due Up. James L?e. Chirka
saw aod liayeso.
Hacelpia Tlerly.
Ed Foster 81 ba'es cjtton. 28 ham
I . 1 . It-'1 1 .
can coiion ana iuoo fKa seed.
Joe Meters 359 bales cotton ar.d
IOH sks seed.
Ubesapjaka 3JB la es cotton. 48
bags setd cotton, 1431 tks sed, 29 sks
corn and 9 pkg aunilriee.
The Wyoming, (apt. Henrv W
rr-i , . 1 , .
rveiin, is aue uowu inis morning,
uuuuu mr VK'KsonrK ana tlie bends.
I he Cliickasaw. Uaiit. Kd. C. P.wLil.
is the packet this evening a' 5 o'. lnrk
for VVhi'e river. Cliailea M, Pistil is
in nerotiice.
Tu Coahoma, Capt. II nrv Conner.
is the packet tins evening at 6
o c OCR tor Ulieoa and the nnnor
hends William Smitlier lms ctiflrrM nt
her tdlice.
The James Lse, Capt. Thoa. Clag-
gctt, is the packet this oveiiino at
5 o'clock lor Helena. Knurs Point and
all way landings. AVill Ashford is in
her cilice.
TflEGayoso. Capt. A. L Cummins.
s the packet this eveninir at 5 nVlnrk
for Helena, Oonrordia and all way
landings. Lsw Price and GuhCu u
nims are her clerks.
The Anchor Line eUamer C. it.v nt
New Orleans, Capt. A. J. Carter, will
pais down this morning at 10
o'cloek for New Orlenna and all inter
mediate landing. Aichie Woods in
her clerk.
The Will S. Hays. Cunt. Mark
Che k, in place of the Kate Adams, is
the United S.ates mail packet tomor
row evening at 6 o'cloc k for Helena,
Arkausis City and all way laudings.
W . O. mauler Las cLatge t f her office.
"Londin" Trouser Stretcher
' K7 "tented la Knrose and TJnl
tfLUiy ItedStatei. Nale AKnte !
'" roreelebratei)
joon Hamilton A uo. Htrateh
r. Takai baaiclua- out M
reatorei pantalooni tc
ont mai anape. Only patented
sireiooer oombinlnaiorew roc
in oombinaiien with elampi,
All other infrineemontj
Original and onj alrrili.i
I It w rBiimAn. naa I) .
fixpreu aeourelr packed. Prioe 12 60. WriM
lor flirfiulam. ArenU wantjitl In wr lf
W. NiMNOWN A .. H.mlon.MiuM.
No. 6431. K. Thanoery Court of Shatbr
DWUUV7. uwwm IBUIjBEKP, eio., Tl. TY in
liuileT et al.
Tji virtue of an intorlcutory decree for
-i laie enierea in me anove aadu nn fh
18th day ot May, lo. M. li. b'l, pave 607,
I will aell at lmblio auotion. tn th hh.
eat oiuuer 10 ironi 01 toe uiers ana Mae
ter'i office, onurthoune ol Ubelby eounty,
Memphii, Tenneaaee, on
Sntarday, ftormbr 13, 18SA.
within legal hou-i, the following- deioribed
property, aituated in Shelby oonnty. Ten.
nesaee, to wit:
Lot 14. Keel nibdivliiton country lot M3,
fronting 14HKfflAt nn thn tut aiH nf M.t
treet and U fi-et on the nouth tide of Baf
laram atreet, and tunning baok to line ol
country lot 632,
Terma of Bale On a credit of aiz monthai
note with aecurity reauiredi lien mtitinMii .
redemption bird. Thia October 18, 1HH6.
t. 1. mouuw e,iL, viert and Maater.
P? T. B. Coldwell. Deputy 0. andM.
F. H. k C. W. Heiakell, bolioitori.
octl9-2fl noy3-13
A Valuable Patent.
I)ic'a (Horse) aiorn aad Pa Plata.
HAVING perfected my Invention, I wiah
. ro flHoe it before the pubiio. eanecially
mnntactnrera. Aa a Corn Planter, it la a
perlect nacoeaa opena tbe drill, distributed
the aeod accurately, aninfured, and coyerd
the same, tbemoy one man performing the
work of three. Tbot have bto used ia
thiaaecitiou for oyer a dnann yeara nitli por
toot aatiafantion. van aire reanoT ii:.le tn. .l-
nioniala. -!dr
n. sciiott,
GRADUATE of the Watohmakora' Acad
emy ot 8i'.xurland,
Practical rtatclimnkr ami Jeweler.
pr Fine Work a Sre-lalty.-so
Ho. TU ii-Kle fclroel, MeuihU, Tenn
Businh's fair.
Wbathik c!oir and pli a?ant.
Tbe Joe Peters rieonrlnd !nafoin.
icK for Arkansai river wdo a fiiir trin.
1 he river here ttands 4 ftet on tbe
gauge, a rice of 2 teDths in the last 24
Eeckipts by rivrr yrsterday: 770
altH of cotton. 76 bats of seed cotton
L 1 4201 sacks of seed.
Tub Koveinmer.t steamer Minne
tonka is due today from Chester, with
seven barges of lock fr this port.
The United S a as sua beat J. If.
Macomb Htarled south yesterday. She
will work as far down ai Vickaburij;
end clean up on her v. ay back.
The Ed Foster arrived yesterday
moruir gfrom Scanlaas landinirwith
81 bales of co ton, 28 bags of seed cot
ton, 10(13 sacks of seed, and cleared
yesterday afternoon for the upper
Tub Chf suppake arrived thia morn
iuc from Tiptonvillo, with 330 bales
cot'on, 48 bags teed rotton, 1431 tacks
gaed, sacks corn, lot sundmi an
returned last evening with a goo
1 rip.
Tni Vickebur(rConirtfTCia-r'a(f of
'laesday rays: The Helena passed
down at 11 o clock a.m. yetterday
without landing. Her guards were
touching the water, with eigtit tiers of
c.;tton. jonn Kmyth, Louisiana ctate
engineer, was in the city yesterday
having completed the work of etakim
out the nw levee to be built at Reids,
in the lower portion of Madison
parish, and under cmtract to Geo,
Arnold Co., of Memphis, Tenn
The levee will be 8000 feet long with
an average height of twelve feet, con
taining 180,000 cubic yards of earth
A Cairo special to the St. Louis
Globe Democrat says it is several years
since shippers and travelers by river
have experienced such a dearth of
steamboats as now reigns in all trades
The low water has closed out nearly
all the packets above here on tbe
Ohio, tbe (ius fowler, the invincible,
Demg tne last to succumb to the in
evitable. The Anchor Line does not
find it profitable to drag their fine
Vickbburg packets over the shoal
water, and have bqgj) sending but one
boat per week latslv. at last going to
the bank completely and chartering
lighter packets to take care of the
trade. Une Anchor bait ner wenk
for New Orleans, leaving St. Louis
every Satmrday, is now the programme,
and it is not improbable iiitht oateide
tern-wheel boats will have to be pro-
tnrea instead 11 tbe water tails much
more. As long as tbe Anchor Line
weie not obliged to tow barges below
Cairo they were able ti run their
boats with regularity, but tbe low
stages between here and Memphis,
itBs reany man to Nt. Louis, nas com
pelled them to take barges to Helena,
entailing an expense wtiich tbe are
vailing rates do not iuatify. The spec
tacle 01 an oars which nave been
improved by tbe River Commission
developing more water than is found
on other bars will probably have the
effect of strangling tbe croakers who
nave been in the habit of crying down
the River OommisB on, and result in a
more gene al system of improvement
tvan nas been the case bereiofore,
Said a well known engineer today : "If
tbe bars between St. Louis and Cairo,
which are now to troublesome and en
tail such great expense upon steam
boat owners, had received tbe same
attention from the government that
Horse Tail, Bulletin and Lake Provi
dence have received, boats would now
be plying between St. Louis and
Vicksbarg. drawing not less than 7
feet and towing no barge!." In spite.
however, of the condition of the river,
there has been no delar of freight
here. The Miseinsinui Valley Barge
Company have done yeoman service
in keeping the New Orleans business
cleared op, while the steamboat have
been able to keep tbe way shippers
I ,a . JIIS "ul 8lationary. Buaiueas
uuii. n vainer clear and pleasant.
Caibo, III., November 2. Noon
itiyer teat 4 incbes ou the gange and
Hemic. T.rnvutr ciear and cool. Ar
rivod: Arkansas Citv. Vinkahnro- rr,i.l.
night. Departed: City of New Orleans,
vrieiiu", i a.m.
OKriCl SlUNAt eahVlCK, U. 8. A.,
MlmI'hi. November !?. 1 n m
Tho following obrervatinnn ftrA tfllrnn
ai a i s anous uamtd at 75 meridian
tune, which is one hour fiir .tin
ftU'inp'ns tune
Wtiter. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOths lOiha
Cairo 4 5
Chattanooga.... 1 0 1
Cincinnati 3 3
Davenport 3 5 1
Dubuque 5 1 1
Fort bmith 1 4 1
Helena 3 5 1
Keokuk 3 7 3
La Crosse. 4 6
Leavenworth... 5 1 a
Little Rock 1 2 1
I-ouisvil'e.. 2 6 M
Memphis 4 2 ........
NaBhville 6 1
New Orleans.... 2 14 17.7.'.'.'
Oneha 6 2
Pittsburg 6 2 3 1
St. Louis 7 6 ... '.'..'.'!"
St. Paul 2 7 !
Shrevepoit 7 4 3 ...7..1
Viekaluira 4 1
308 Front St.
Question t enKaainir onr agricultural eom
annuity. Mcfara. II. O. CH.MU k CO., Noa.
7 and S Union street, Memphis, Tenn.!
daily in rcK-cipt (if
roporU on rrowth in diversified croppin
eorn, oata. wtioat, rye, barley, cereala, and
orchard, herds, clover, tall meadow oat-
irul and timothy Krau
e-OwlDc tolow water the Stenmer KATR
AIIAM will hereafter pualiivrly l.-uy
KiSpm bhiopera are reqieatea to send
down their froighta by 4:T p.m.
K WAI.U'OHTH. A tent.
Nt1 I IX AOIK l . "
arOwint to unavoidable detention, the
Steamer il'OSO wi 1 leave for CONCOR
DIA aid all way lnndinia on WEDNB3
UAY, November 3d, atSp.ro,
K. V IiWOKTII. Auent.
aii oar wornoui wage unda may be re-
olaimed by aowint rye and elover on thtra In
fail or iprlm , or aowint eew-eeai In May.
job or July, then torn aider, and
improve the land.
AiTioultura Implements and Seed Dealera,
-ro AflMtMllinTllif
yoU uuiidumr live
ARKCR'8 TpNIO YtUiiMit dTLf.Tl hiu mrn
tany of Him woi,T nut autd in lh In -nt mmtMljr for
The ft-,.
n iuid nuil
rm tmiHire Mioit tuttprutt4tioi).
trturtrlltitf sHntiiiHt diMvusn, nl n lowly diifl4n t tl
5mT,lfii iiiiMioAfMtnniirtr1JMMr hffUtwi by Uiettm:
M of 1'a.hk kh's Totttu, Imt drlny tuOwitrvTou. Tak
I u". ninw wihmi All ttitw rail. Ulvra imw II fu
rwHW " u iufwu amain" no. f 1 ia priaifta.
Physician and Psychologist.
DR. VANCE haa perfected hinsall in pay
oholoiy, and ia prepared to treat dii
entirely new
ed prln-
eaafa 01 neryoua onvin bi
methoda. Ilia theraneuiioa ia aililriaaai
0 pally tn the hitihor hrain Centura of spirit
ualnatlrity, whoae influenreon lower tuno
tiona, neryoua and bodily, ia paramount. Aa
nmiwoi me luwa aovcrDini psyoho-phyai-oal
phenomena, ha ia confident that reaulta
win meet ma mutt annguine expaoiationi
onUo-27.1 1-3 Main Mree
Of Choice Helcvttta Icuparled
Holstein Cattle,
At ration Nlnrk Vanla, Mruiiiblia,
Tiuu., uii
Wednesday, Nov. 17, 1886.
(Salo Dogina Promptly at III 0'oUck.)
rpUIS Importninn of Holatein Cattle haa
" tv. vn m1 b3. us under the auKpioea of
uv ..... nuiriintu llUI.IUin IlfTtl UOOR
Aaaociatuin," aa Inundation atook for fine
herda in the South eateren SUitea, and em
hraoea only aui-h animale aa have for thoir
airea and dunia the moat auporior milk and
butter rernrda tn ha ftuiml In Mnitli ll..llu...l
The entire iinpo'tmiun ha keen reaiatored
In the " North Holland Herd Book of llnl-
inu. ana win aisa tie reiatored in " Th
North American lli-r.l H..nW ..f '
euihriirim 65 ileilera in Calf by Hne.it llol-
land iiulls. Alao, a general aaaortmont of
. n . f roaiiy lor aorvli-e, lioifer
anu nun vaivea ol Hiring el lHi, anil grown
CtlWa from 4 tO fi Vnara Oil). A AnmnLm na.
f ue, f now. ln P'oairg giving full peilltrea
mi uiim anu euuer recorna oonneoleil with
eaoh animal. Dice oattle have teen ahliiped
direet from Holland to the Union Stock
Jarda, and will arrive between the lat and
7th of November, where purchajora can in-
Bpect uie aame. no animal will lie iliapoaed
el at private aale, but partiea who attend tbe
aale may rely upon en oh animal being put
ui .mi .iiiu a. auveriuea. flreot enra now
ron to within thrae bloc ka of Htock Vatda.
oF','r.f.l(!f,.',0".rrinl,"'ma,ion ddre"a
a. V. RAMDAlTr, Preaiilent Union Htook
Yarda and Kertillter Company.
ail l.oai.1 nii.l elrlrnnia Arrhor
"-I'-N MHtl-iOK NKW OKliKAUfS.
City ol New Orleans tfPEr,
A. J. Carter, mauler, tJo
yV'i th 1i,,l"f WKDN IsUa i . Not.
it 'i ii mo r treigntor uw apply
tor lleleu ataacl 81. Fa-Mela Klvor.
btr. Rene Macready
O. K.Jnnlln '
lIHIKSIUYat S p.m. Uar.a tor Helena
apdbt. Iranoia river KVKUY 8ATUKOAT
at o p.m.
The oaptaln raaervaa the right to ua ail
landing hodeeuia uniafe.
JAS. LKB, Ju., dip't,
Offloe, No. 4 Mmil.oe .trent.
For Oaceola, Jlalea Point, Caratherayille.
Uayoao and Tiptonyllle-The new aidel
wheel pa.fienrer ateati-cr
w. p. iuii m.i i.i n Tarrrrs"r."'
Will leave a above, and a'll x'mIi.i.
p.m. rorlriilrlit or pi.n?e apnlyon hoard.
Md'iV'ilt.t'rlari PmIki mai.a ntiirtiiliie
Mini ainiTC I iri. . t at..
?ir Helena. UKndlo, i'riara lotnt avd al
lameM Ij4c, rv'-w,
And Iron Roolln :
Of Interest to Ladies
TT will he money aaved to any lady oon
X temnlatlna the nurnhaiie of a RirwIiiff.M,..
ohine in the neit ninety daya to call and get
priocaoi mo L,iKiit-Kuuning nki iiiiiii
and aee their Intent Improvement, the Auto
niatlc Dubbin Winder, wlrioh placea the
rr tt li it ti r. aeveral yeara ahead of any
uincuino now in tue muraet. -
New Home Stwlns:-.Machine Co ,
. 48 Worm Court Nlrl.
Cincinnati. O.. Nnvember 2. Norm
River 3 feet 4 inches on the Bailee and
stationary, Weatber clear aod warm.
PlTTSBuno, Pa.. November 2. Noon
River 5 feet 6 Inche-i on the eonee
ml stationary. WiatLer clfar and
Wukhijno.IV. Va.. NoyemVier 2.
5o )n liivtr 1 foot 4 inches cn tbe
gini'e ana Btationarr. Weather clear
ana pionesm.
Ix)tiiDTiix,KY.,Novcmber 2 Noon
River 3 feel In the canal and 10 incht a
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and (Stationerp,
a 18 Mala Nt., SlemphlK, Tenii
Hang, Ammunition, FiBhlnff Tackle
ana nportmenB' nnplleB.
WHOLKHALB and kktail.
M4 Mala Ntrm. Hnnuhla, Taraaaai
Mannfaetorlng and Repairing n Aung a
ppeoiany. i.argeatBtoeK. Beataaaortroenfa
Boiler Works.
rillEA A McCABTIIT, Propr'g,
140, 143, 144 Front, Memphis.
ln the Soath. and the enl er,arnliit
kroner ana onrei-iron vroraa in tne eity.
aaanafaelnreraor Heavy Plate Iron.
worn oi every aatie)riailew. Bpeelsl
anennoa given to plantation work.
Pennyroyal Fills.
The Orlrltiel ! Oatly deenlaie.
Bale and alway Reliable. Beware ot worth.
liapeaaable to I.AOI KM.
latter Jlalbietr
!-. Imitatlona. India
yoar DroaaTli
Kna-ll- .."and take na nihar. er (Train.. a
(aUmpa) to aa lor partloulart i Lima by
relura mall. .. Vipgu. UMi.
raiMtcrathemlrel Ce., -
aaiS Mmlleoa Nqenrer, Phlloda., P,
aTKAim mpplied by UltO. 0. flOODWlS
T. ,
WholraalrAaeet narat eHaae .
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer la
eons, FUnlnai Taekle aad S porta.
mea'aSappllee. tMT- Special atUntlos
l-Wen to MA5DIAQTUEIN8 and B
4ia Matin WtM irvuiDhlH. Tnn
edy rree. A victim
of youthful Impru
dence, eantlng Premature Decay, Ifervoat
Debility, Lost Manhood, eta. having tried
n vain every gnown remedy, baa discovered
L almDlB aeil.care. which ha IH.nH VHRK
of kia lellow anfferera, Addreaa
Poat OBoe Bog 8179. New York filty.
.Fir;, Wind Water neat lightning
proof. Suitable for all kinda of buildlnga.
For prlcee and eatimatea at faotory ratal
eall en or addreaa
438 A 440 Main at., and 21 A 2.1 Mulberry at.,
Ilaadiinartera for Iron Fenora and Creating,
OaJveniMd IronCornioe.'rin Jteta Astovea.
VI ay
ior Uandolrh, Jnltou, -Jiceola au
i k
J. ii. rnnpir-R Oir'....
Llv"...P:v'.., MONDAY, WKDNabDAr
and VHIDAT at 6 p.m. Theboat. ot thi
line reserve the right to paaa all lanciingi
the oiptain may deem unmle. OUice, No. a
Medium at. .IAMKSI.KK. Jr., bip't.
Mcmplilg nut Vlchslitinr PnckrtCotre
pnny U.S. M ill l.in.
For Ilelona, Concordia, Terrene and Arkan
eaa I'Hv The elegant i.naaengor atcaii er
M. R.Choelt...uiaatr I W. 0. Bliikir...alerk
..... L"Vo Mnutphla
For Conoordia and all waylandiagt.
The Kteainor
A. L. Cnmmlna, Miiat'r I Lw Price O.erk
Leave! TH K.-IJAY and SATURDAY at 5 r.m
For gonoral lolormatiou apply at
No. 4 Mauiaon alroot.
K. ivjtr.wnnrn
TOIIN OARR, ln..'r Aaent. tetni.hone
Memilil8& WliitoIIiver Tkt.Co
for t'liirriKliiii, llevalla II I nil,, lice
Arc, Augnata, hearcy, Nowpr rt, JaokaoB
port, Uatc.ville and all Way LandiDga,
Silt. CIUCKAMAW. ...ir
K. 0. Poatal mt,r, S33B
Will leave UVURY WEDNESDAY atl p.m.
Str. ALKEItTA NO. 3,
Albert 11. Smith mailer.
Will leave KVKRY HA III KD AY at 5 p.m.
Throuirh ratea liven tn all nnlata. Irrainht
cnnalKned to the Meu iihll and White River
Packet On., at Memphia or Terrene, wlU be
forwarded promptly. For general informa
tion apply at omce, No. JUallaon at., orl
all Telephone f.8. H. 0. I.IIW W, Ag't.
Funeral Directors.
A FULL and somplete atook of Wood aid
Metallie Jaaaa lad Cubou. ninikv
ereu vaaieta ana iiuriel tlobel alway a OB
hand. aarOrdera by teleerauh promptly
ft Ir
Importer a anl dealera ra Una, laima.
allien and fiahlaa Taaeale, Halldere'
Hardware. Kleelrta Bella aad Am-
Buaniatore lor Hotel! tfii Realdeaoea,4S
Main atreet, Mfimphaa, Team. Eleotric
aopplleaalwaya on head. RepalHiM aaatly
' -OF-
No. 6106, R. D. -Chancery Oonrt of Skalhy
oounty-Krneat Mo. Andrewa tt al. va.John
11. Andrewa etal.
BY virtue ef aa Interlocutory dearee for
ale, entered In the above eaoae on the
4M. I will aell. at
AaM Iron Karth.
aJMa JUag.
Trade Wiirlt.
18th day ol Ootober. I8M. M. II. tl,
4M, I will aell. at nubile aaelion. to th.
eat bidder, lo front ol the Clerk and Maater'a
office, oourthouae ol bhelby eounty, Mem-
puie, l.nn.j tin
nataraay, aoiemaar ia, laM,
within legal hoora, the following d
aaribed property, aitvaled in the Taaing Dia-
irimoi oneioy oonnty, lenneaaae, le-wlti
Beginning at a rolnt on the north tde el
uarroll avenue lift leet weat ot a lerked iam
corner; theaoo Bonk 40 weat with aaid ave
nne l.il leet loaatakai thenee north 9n"aut
252 feet to a a take thenee aeuth AIM" eaat
116 feet to a ttakei thenee aoalh weat
SHO feet lo the beginning, being part ef lott
16 and la of cenntrv lot A04 ana nart of the
John D. Unburn aukdivivion, ae tally de
tcribed in the deed ef John R. Ilobbt to Ju
lia A. Andrewa, then Julie A. Qraee, la the
Regiater'a omce ol Bhelby oonnty, In book
i, paaet".
Terma of Sate Oae-thlreeaahi balance la
iqual Inatalmanta at and lireomhi; note
iltb aecurity r quired l Ilea retained. Thia
Ootober 1, 1K0
tj. 1. moduty Bub, Ularg and Maater.
y T. B. Caldwell. Deputy 0. and M.
raier A Beyle. Bola. tor eompl'nt.
Mm- WgT'. Naava tan Dang TaaiTaaar,
a guaranteed aoeolllo for IlyaUrla. Diaat-
neaa, C'onvnlaionag, Fita, Nervoni Neural
gia, Headache, Nervce Proatration, oanaed
by the oae ol aleohol or lobacoot Wake
fulneaa. Mental Depreaaion, So'tonlng of the
urain, reaniung in inaantty and lea log to
mliery. decay and death) Premature i i
Age. Ilarrenneaa, Loaa of Power in either
t-; Involuntary Loaaea and Bpermator
rhea, cant. J by over-exertion ol the brain,
aolf-abnaeorovrlndulgenoe. Each boioon
tuina me rnontl,'. treatment, tl a bog, o
an boiea for 85, int bv mall prepaid, on
receipt of orlce. We guaru litre oil Uoxea
to cure any oaae. With each order resciverl
by ua for ait lioxea, accouipajind wIUi tl,
we will tend tbe pnronaaer onr written
guaranty to refund the money If the treat
ment doe ot ellect a cure. Ocarnnteea
laaued only bv A. K KNUkhX A CO., 'Drug
giata, Memphia, Tonn.
Plantation of A. La & Co. on Taland 94
for illviaioB o' an Batata. It enataina ahonl
250D aorea or rich bottom land ; abnit 32t
acrea In cultivation) aeveral hundred ecrea
above any overflow. Can be made ont
of the (neat atook terma, completely anr
ronnded by water, which preventa the ea
cape of atock. Alao, abont 160 Uead ol Oattle,
which are Inline oondilion. lneluding aeve
ral hhort-horn Durham VuUa, Oowa and
Yearlinga. Addreta
A. LEA A CO . Pulton, Tenn.,
or W. A. OA(iKACi).,
No. 311 Front atreet. Memphia. Tenn.
For Dyepepala,n.ll deranjremenia
f the Dlgeetlve targane and th
Iwer.Skln Dlaeaaea, Cute, Burma,
ateaalda and Brulaea, ACID lBtlf
ARTI1 ta a apecllle. ,
kaamatlena, Itlalarlal Dlaera
ere, Chromic Diarrhea mad ea
atlaate eaaea of Bleed Peleamlttaj,'
Tllm wlthemt tall le lie wemdetw
fml eaumaave feayeg.
A ah lee tree raaemahiet, he I
t ail dealera aw eaat.
froaa the A. I. K. Co., naahile, AJaa
At Wholesale by YAH TLEEToV 90.
UMAJa estate.
No. 9T1, R. D. Chancery Court ef Shelby
oounty Ida Stewart va. Oleorgla San Stew
BY virtue ol aa laterloeatory deeree
aale entered ln the above una. nn i
lHth day of Ocober. laee. M. 11. M.
4tH, I will aell, at public aaetlon, to ta
higheat bidder, in Iron! et tke Uerk aad
Maater'aoflloe, oourthouMof Vhelby oouaVy.
Memphia, Tenn., on
Halnrday, Moweamber IB, IMS,
within legal hoora, the following dearribed
roierty, aituated In the town of ArlingUa
formerly Withe Depot), bhelby eooaty. Tea-
ne.ee to-wit: BeglDnieg atk atake M feet
Irom the center ol the Loiiavllle aad Huh
ville R.ilroad. on the aoatk iiia of iid rail.
road and on tbe weat aide ef Ur-enlee itreett
running inenee wun aim railroad eouui
weat H abaina and 91 linka tea atake on Jaok-
aon atreet) thr ace with Jackaoa atreetconaV
eaat 8 chalna and 42 linka toe .take on Jaatfh
aon and Walker .tre-te: theoeewitk WalAew?
atreet nnrtheaat I chalna and HI linkc to a
atakeon Greenlee atreet) thenee wt'b (Ireea
lee atrert northweat S chalna an ' 41 linka te
the beginning containing I aarea, more ec
Terma of Sale One-hall each) balance la
twelve moitha) note bearing Interact, wile,
approved aeenritv. reauiredi liea Nlalnad.
Thia October 19, m.
Ot 1. MnUUWKLU, Clerk and Maale
ByT. 11 Caldw-ll, Deputy 0. andM.
Crarl A Cooper, oU. for eompl'nt.
Koch's Pat.Store
Nil F.I.VIMJ laadjuatable to meet any need
orbuaineaa. It ia cheaper lhan old atyle. Can
be put up by any one. l'ii'nRl-l fug
faiitry ami Hooa Miplvra. Addreaa
Horn v it. :., Mfr
811 MtIN NT., l-KOKU, ILL., or,
Nloiirliin. Iliir.lwareg'.,lt. l.nula.Mn
ifiatt tfM'H uvan.K I il ..
J" Lia.. Hl't Sixth Hu, VVabingt,in, I).
0. Provii a ir.totioally a.efnl hutinea.edu
catiun. fix 'oriua nor vacationa. t tuilenla
enter at any ti in. IVrma: Liieacholarahin,
tl(i. Twelve weeka' Uuurae, Hoard, etc., lb.
bend lor circular, .;
Niin-Kr.(l-iit Kotbo.
No. &12n-In the Chancery ( curt of Bhelby
County, Tenn. Barah Mack va. Bamael
It apnearing from the hill which la awera
to in thia rauaethat the d.f.mUut, Bamuel
Ataok, ia a non-roaident of the Bute of Tea
nrraee aod that bia place uf reaidenoa la
uoknown :
It ia, therefore, ordered that he make
hi apnearanre heroin, nt the Courthoaae
nf Bhelby roanty, in Me nph'a, Tonn . on
or i dure tbe tlret Muiidny in Duo-moer.
lHKti, and riie. d, anewer or de-t ttr t oota
plaiimnt '.ill, or the name will be takon lor
oonteatiUA ua tub m and ai-t for hearing eg
inirte; uml ili.il a copy ol thia order be pub
lished i ii, e a week tr four anoco"ive wcoke
In il.e Memi.hii Appeal. Thn ltiih day et
Oototi.r, im.
A coiiv Attrat :
,s. I. HolMiW ELI.. Clerk and Muster,
By T. H. (' dxtll, Deputy 0. and M.
J. B. Duval, aol. lor coiui'lainaLt.

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