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V n.fliumi,) Beoond street.
J M. Kaavmn f
Mcini'hls. Tenn.
TUCR-IAY t l NOV. 4, 1880.
..tiaiii. RltHUIirl LAW
Congress hs shown extreme indif
In matters affctina trade, and
cjmequen.ly after all tbat baa bam
la a ill without a
national baokiupt law. But the needs
f mmmHTMi nil evilntl require
the Eoirl'sh not
UUOa fouw . ' -
lftnn a it A want, ml new bankruptcy
law, it ia ot interest to know how the
inamania lr,troduced ara
imB4 "
working, that the experience gathered
there my help us to cnoosa wuai, in
good and avoid what would encouinge
injustice. The annual repoit of the
English bankruptcy inspector gen
eral f ji 1885, which has just appealed,
furnishes valuable topics for cons'dsra
, tdon. Judged by the decline of bank
ruptdea the system is a succets, as the
figures abow. Number of bankrupt
cies in 1881, 9700; 1862, 0010; 1883,
8500; 1884,4203; 1885, 4300. Liablli
41.. in IBM stmniintedtO 17.070,300;
in 1885 to 0,037,800. rercentsge oi
assets to liabilities' in 1881, 27.0; in
1885, 34 2. There is, however, a consid
erable ofliet ti thesi lijiures-the
number of insolvencies privately ar
ranged has increased. The bank
ruptcy aet is regarded as deflcisntfor
not providing that such arrangement
hall be registered and made public, as
Other cases are. Without these there
ia no clew to tha real standing of ap
plicants for credit, no sf pirating the
solvent from the Insolvent. Besides
bankruptcy statistics, designed to be
guide to legislation, become of little
.in mhun each orlvate IdboI vent lee
remain alment from the tabular fljurea
n failures. If Memphis lud public
library a copy of this English roport
could be obtained lor it, out as wo
prefor to ba without sueh a library,
that and many other disadvantages
i.a in he borne, tj the loss of busl
nsismenand the encoutaxojaent of
that happy-go-lucky ignoranue that en
tails so many blunders.
good in ways that arfj much needed.
The Humane Ajar elation mee's at
Cincinnati, aid t!oe Priaon Reform
Association at Atlanta. The former
carta for anirr.ala and thildien, and
we have proofs of its praitical excei
lencsin tb-j results of the valuable la
bors, in this tity, of Mr. Lane. Uu
monthl f reports, which are regularly
nubl'jhed in the Appal, show tow
ma jj of the perpetrators of cruelty to
a aitnala ara arrested and punished by
! Dmiwr court, and bow oftf.n de
fama and tirotection are accorded ti
helDleea. friendless ana in weaie
children. The results are greater
and more valuable, .lowever,
than these reports show, for
th dread cf comina under Mr. Lsne'a
supervieion prevents large amount
of cruelty by the wholesome fear bis
proceedings inspire. The Appial, on
several occasions, baS exp'aioed the
cruelty to animals when cune are
conveyed by railways. This is a sub
ject the association will consider in
dbla!l at its convention; nyaropnouia
milla!eobe investigated, ana among
thepapera to be read the preeerva-
tion of birds and care Icr unioriunaia
children will have a prominent p'acs.
Trison reform is a subject that is ob
taining a large shared attention, lor
wrongs exist that strike ouisueiue
prison walls, and involve the well
being of our toiling population, whoe
wsges are reduced ty con vim ia nor
competition. The whole broad ques
tion of prison management requ'res
the earnest consideration of thestates
oVwell as of the philanthropist.
How so to spply prison discipline rs to
eecure the ends of vindicating broken
law by chaetitement, yet win the pris
oner to better dispositions and hinher
apirationa la a master social question.
Ths question is one of urgency-popu
lation increases, cl les increase mir
ei,e and numbers, and the tendency to
crime, unless antidotes are lounu, win
l. toward increase also. The lonvicts
require a sympa'hetic attention. Many
of them have become euch by tem
porary Inducements or provocations,
.n,t have every capacity for being
led to a good life when they
enter socety again, and suph
should have help in their soli-
4 ml a and mid crieon society that
is worse than solitude. The aim of the
nrlann ref irmer is te have the convict
leave the jail a better man than when
he entered it. Neglect to attain mis
end too etten results at present in the
comparatively good man, ouuue nis
ri ma. orrvina from it. when bis term
ia up, more of the demon than of the
image of the creator who maue mm.
To fslilft for Derself KeTolutlons la
India and ranaina Sexton G'alas
Ills Se John Bright Talks.
n ....i.-a Pallrorc About EmbnnitMl
8t. FaTassiiuBO, November 3. The
r-..) Am .VI Prtrrnhnurn Rava the
atatementln yeitarday's OficmJ Mtt-
. nraininn (4.tn Katiihara'a re-
. v.a ltn'rvarfan rinvflrnmnnt that
piy w v. ' " j ' " ft1-' " . ,
i -1,1 r.n.e Riilirurm (f another
ne wuum h"'" - ---
Russian was molested, indicates the
limit of Kussia'a patience. The Jour
nal continues: The moderation thus
far shown by Bnsia, because of the
reeponsible for their rulers misdeeds,
inspired the K-tenta with hopes for
continuance. They must be made to
understand, however, they cannot
persevere in their present couse.
Gen. Kaulbrs'a counsels may perhaps
induce the Regents to understand the
ti Luation and to act in the interests
their country EE-us
pi,iNtT or jiom:t.
Th oreat scclal fact tat lies at the
bottom ol the struggle that is going on
tn vnr1 ronntriis between capital
and labor is the accumulation of large
matses of capital in few bands. The
laws have been made under trie mun
ences that exiated wbun deminant
claaiCB shaped them in thoir own fa
vor. The Militates of hard neceeBity
and the more ialBlligont viowstbat
obtain today demand that theso laws
shall be so modified as to favor the
dibtributlcn ol wealth rather than its
accumu'ation. This explains the rie
ings againtt the present order of thioRB
that we tall "stilkea." A peculiar in
stance of the immensity of property
accumulation was seen lBt week,
when Dublin, Ireland, company,
Guinoss 4 Oo.'s porter brewery, ad
vertised lor a loan of 6,000.000. In
reply they received c tiers to the
' amount of 127,000.000, or M35.0C0,
000. "The trnth ie," the New
York CaroniVIe remarks, "the amount
of Idle capital in the world
n!aviaalmcat without parallel." If
by means cf belter wages those idls
millions were dstlbuted into the
hands of the working people, would
it lie Idle T The tollers tirculate their
monev. Had they twice their pres
ent income they would Lave no more
than would place tbem in com I ort,
and the acquisition of these comforts,
xcstt their mode:ae saving", wouia
kesn theee auillions cliculaticg. It is
not the pesscseion of money, but the
circn'aticn of money, that makes
active trade. When $1 passes
from band to hand ten times in a
dav it baa moved $10 worth cf prop
ettv of some kind or ether. When
$10 lies in the capitalist's bank all
dav it moves nothing, bas contiibuted
no' hit a toward trade activity. Thote
wonld be no cffeilcg 127,000,000 alien
0X00.000 weie applied for itdhtnbu
instead of accumulation, was
law. Each decent tarn
would be well fed. well
clothed, well lodged, and their chil
dren well educated. To obtain these
objects the millions, owned Individu
ally in mcdest sums, would be actively
passing from hand to band. Until law
and custom are so changed ss to se
cure this distribution of the wealth of
a country by meana of the toilers re
ceiving a f jir share of the wealth they
produce, labor st inee.poiiucai uiecon-
and the nerperation ol anarcn-
Cittlru'. The whole problem
lies there.
if h.tilm were Bold as puppies
are. for which cf them would there be
the greateat number cf buyers, snd
how much gretter would me numoer
bet The Arkaneas Mcuor supplies an
appropriate answer in the following:
"Tenneesee pays $9 000,000 to support
its drgs and 13,000,000 to educate iis
rhlldren. Three dollars for doga and
.nasi for the childrsn of the Stste.
We suppose it la in about the same
ratio in ArkansB; and may be a lit
tle more bo." The Vrngrmive Famxer,
refeniig to tlra paregrapb, says:
"These are not the only States that
pay three time! a much to support
thoir dogs 'as to educnto their chil-
dran." The Starkvllto Stock journal
adds its test'mony, and says : "There
is cot a living man who would us
ab'e to couut the iIors in Missis
sippi. From the number we see
horesbouts, we would say that the
dogs ot Misiifsippl outnumlier tne
human family in the Mate." TUB
journal declares that tho people ol
MicB'asippl are slaves of the dogs and
sre toiling thomsolvts to death to feed
them. The dogi live on the fat of the
land, have plenty ol chickens, ducks,
turkeys, epgs, youug piss an above
all, fat Bhoep, for their diet; "tney w
not, neither do tbey spin," put in
many a house the dig will bb miwsr
snd more robust than either lattier,
mother or baby. Ixgislalo:s are in
dulgent in not taxing them, the farm
ers keep eheeptolds whore the dog can
... . . a.
Aur And a toast, and tlie liusranu inai
is always sour with his wile haa plenty
of sweetness for his dog, ana "love mo
love my dog" Is his favorite motto.
Between puppies and babies, were
both on salo. we may very well judge
where the choice would lie. When we
think of the sacrifices the men in some
of thote 8outhorn Elates make "Da be-
half nf dnan. we fuel the llstice Of the
- -o- ----- .
old assertion that men In general con
stat of so-so folks and fooli, mostly
foole. ,
Will Attend tbe Nobranje.
Fom, Novembw 4. All foreign
Viie Consuls leit here for Tirnova
where the Hobrsnja is sitting.
tt nvnenda Uirna Knrono.
Rt. I'itsr ddbo, November 3 The
NowhU sava: "Oeitain Western pow-
.,. in,i(,l t.n mnko the resenta of
rill LUIHUUU. , ,
t..i..i. ,l,u fVio thtmlanf Ku,H a
l)Ui);tuin vjv.i ..... -
to take energetic action. It depends
E-...nnn sliathnr TtiinHiA Rf.ieees
UUUU liuiuu
the rubicon." The JVovo Vremya says
that after Gen. Kaulbars departs from
Bulgaria piaotical measures will be
w.. . ormhla tlm RiiH-ian men-of-
war to execute their miseion, not only
at Varna but in the Bulgarian porU
u.nih.n will Leave BnlarnrU
Vienna, November 3. The report
that Kussian saiturs landed at Varna
i- t nnH.moil TlinlnTnata liprH be-
in uui - i ---- - - -
lieve that Gen. Kaulbars haa decided
t3 loave Bulgaria.
Rrlzniid i'aulured
Tibnova, JNovember 3. Three of
v i..i,.a,.iu mhn altjickflil and robbed
Count BU'a'nskt, the Kueaian Consul
at tsofla, while on a journey here, have
. i
Deen capmreu.
i.h nviirlil an Huaaloand Kualaoid
London, November 3. Jnhn Bright
bas writien a letter on um wimK"
alMrs of ICngland, in which he de
rides English fears and jealousy of
KtHsIa, and says: "Eagland seizss
Burmah, yet she menaces Kuesia If
ehe approachea AfuhanUtan. Eng
land has denied Russia the right to
enter the Mediterranean from tbe
B ack sea, and bas treated her always
ai an enemy. It is not unnatural,
then, tbat Russia should retaliate.
No country in Europe would more
readily respond than she to offers of
friendship from Eagland." Mr.
Bright, in conclusion, expreses the
hope that no Minister will again be
able to drag England into another
.i-vtu T.nir Ward wnn Ki Ir
an f I K :J n1' " i o
Konetts tecouu, iiwu i i uinu.
Fifth Kart llanaicap nuruie, muo
endaquirter. Tennessee won ; iJurr
Oak aecond, Eaehbrook third. Time
Brllllnot Marrloa-o of Br. C. W.
Ilnmpbrleo t allaa BncK'"
Ibpmcial to thi ArrtiL.l
Columbus, Mihs., November 3. At
0 o'clock tonight, at ths Presbyterian
in v. m n w TTumnhrifB and
Mies Meggie Spiers wore married, tne
iiST. iUUAIH'U WlUllBHUg, u .
was beautifnlly decorated, and was
crowded half an hour before the ap-
Una nl h o nVlrr.k stand
ing room was at a premium. When
the bridal party were driven to the
J . l.nnV. I A on thS
congregation. The organ pealed
forth the "Wedding aiarcn, anu uu
... .. i-ortorod r.n fham Bfl thSV
anarched. rue Driae is a oeaumm
m.n anA her heane wkb never
ereattr than tonight with her pure
white BUK, long uowmg
U1nr-Hna M If nm r. Virion ! nOA
if our brightest and most talented
young buBme?s men, ana aepreuiu
t.-:v. fi.et.va f,tv thorn anil tt'lRh them
all the happiness their fond bears
have pictured
Tbe Citiiens Street I'.ailroad Tratk
Torn Up at Night-Other
Ball News.
HIltlllXtjHAM, ALA.
A Brlda Conpaar Iarorporled.
lapifniiLTO TRa Aepml .l
Ttiovrrwritt ai. At.a.. November 3
Papers were filed today incorporating
4V.a ltitmlnoham liridod CnmPany,
it.h a raoital atock of $250 000. The
v,i, lor. A U S ma. Nash
lll. W TT Ho nri' im nn. IMUU
Reamer, Oberlin, O. ; J. 1. Moore, this
city. They propose 10 mase huu wu
V.rl.lrrta i.f varinim FtrUctUreB.
TVWUCU ' " . .
Hpecialtie', bi,lts, nuts, etc. Thia is
trie loira conoern oi rno uu m
Birmingham, all the acquisition of a
UUie more into yvur.
Tbe St. Louis Maroon Defeat the
Homo Team.
Little Rock, Abk., November 3.
t. . 1 . .1 nl IvnaA-
Tne resun oi ine seuouu gamw wo
harnnon iha MornnnR of 8t
Wail k)Ct u .uw - , , ,
Louis and the atsoclation club of this
city, did not prove es annpicious as
yesterday's game, the visitors scoring
6 to 2. The home tesm say it wsb a
.nnaniiB anf finA thn Maroons, and
that tomorrow they will ssnd the
strangers to the field atd keep them
there. A good crowd witnessed the
game, and mucn entnusissm prevaiiea
Buenos Ayrea la a Bad Fix.
rrv. - A .T.e ftv., TrAflflwav Tina Wn
lug ugun w.i
renewed with a vengeance. The lateat
compltcations promne. me nvenesi
outcome. The Citizens' Street Rail
road Company, which seems deter
mined to coDweo me county who ub
. r . ( I Jl.
lines, IS now a lacior in mo uiuuuio.
Not long since a number of property
n M An Pnntnn vAnnA annHr.rihpd
$800 for the purpose of expending the
areen una irom ruuuwajr buuhi uu,
v.a llin.Aiii.hfar. a HiatanAA nf H0O
feet. In order to ranch the avenue
the company was obl'ged to lay its
track eesi on croaaway, a uibibdcb ui
120 feet from Pan avenue, snd, en-
Tufday night, fiuichlng it complete
by 2 o'clock in the morning. Yester-
day morning at o ciuuk mo iuic
man went out with his hands, pre-
. t . j .i i,,. ; l
pared lO ClOea CIUIIWJ u uum.
out Pojton avenue. To bia astonish
ment every vestige of track, rails,
. 1 J 1 1 I 1 w
moved and the ground worked over
so that no one could have gnee sad that
it n id ever oeen roucneu wku apn.
Toe foreman rubbed his eyes and
looked again. He walked np and
down, loaaeu iu iui nmn auu mo
and even saywaro, uni nowuereuju u
be discover tne leaei irace oi trie irnun.
he had laid with sj hearty a giod
will a few hr u rs before. The removal
was so complete that he was not quite
sure of himself. Making a be line
back to ths superintendent's office, he
. -.. o l.ul...l-
Dursl in upon iapi obiuiui-o mm uuig-
1 .,aa n w A Vila tvVmla frflma tl-pm-
11) c jen nuu wip ..
blinii. He heti'ated for awhile before
. . .. 1 1 i it i ..
lie won d explain, apuoemmesunuer
etocd at once, and lost no time in ga
ting to work aeain. In a few hou'she
bad the track down as it was before,
all of it in tbe city, the line splitting
Broadway ran in two. Atriuu
a,.tV innnuifa thn And nf Ponton
avenue, and at tbat moment an officer
arrivtd with an injunction suea oat
by the Kansas City road, which, itap
peirs, had taken up the track the
night before, packed it, lo:k, stock and
barrel, ia a nox car and spiritod it
away. Tne iron imouniaiu ranrunu
will petition the Council today for
riiiht of way over Broadway, and it
will be grantea. men iqb iijjuk nuitu
Is now being waged between
the city authorise', propfrty
owners, the KansBS City, Bpringnsia
ana mempnis, vuo mcmiiuio, xjnuiift
ham and Atlantic, the Memphis and
Charleston and the Union B lt Line
will be reopened with renewed viru-
Tl I'T TIVI1 AVD P U'K1(3.
-Tha continued briek iale, in all dopart
menU, hat broken tbe assortment of Colon,
Textures and Bile". In so many nlaiiet ol
;"Jtbt we find it ABSOLUTELY neoei
arr to CLKAK oar anelves aad counters
of theso
The earneit eorrectnesi of the use ofjba
-111 HI! & VDU Will 1D.UUHI.UI.
when yoa eximine
Great BROKEN LINE of Dress Goods, all
wool, eietrnni hhiji,"v - - -.
double-width, embracing aoods at 60 d JS
and asc retat ariej ol Coloro
anu teiiurra.
Great Broken Line Dre3S Goods
Finest grades, greatest Values,
in Ktint ner yard.
embracing 7So. H.OO and 1 .25 goods-twenty
or thirty different kinds.
- . . . . . . H AL-
French and Eigiun laiionngs noooy,
New and Durable,
All New Prices Monday,
Combtnations-Eleirant Swell-All reduoed,
i i. r j..;aV.i1itwr Or. in nara toil
renarai8B oi Uoiiwi"(.
I MS 24-inch wide Colored Bilk Veiyet
. , .L!. . s Unwfnina sarin KlV
So. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established In 1860.1
DR. JOHNSON Is acknowledKed bj all par
ties interested as by fur the most suc
cessful physioian in the treatmentef private
er seorel diseases. Quick, permanent oures
guaranteed in every case, male or female.
Recent easel of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
cured in a few days without the use of mer
cury, Onange OI met ui uiuumucv iruiai
business. Secondary Syphilis, the last ves
tige eradicated witboitthe use of mercury.
time. Sufferers from impotenoy or loss ol
sexual powers restor e to free vigor in a few
weeas. vicuui. ui .an . .
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea na
loss of physical and mental nower, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten ¬
tion paid to tne viFennoa ui ..vmoM,
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
wimoui me use 01 onu.no "i r","M.-,i
eonsultationi striotly oonfldential. Medi
cines sent by eipreas to all parU of tha
""oi-Wrkingmen enre(i Bt half the nsa
rates. Office hours from 8 o j p'nek . m. to
o'clookp.m. D. S. JOHNSON. M.D.
Tho Kail Which Vasno Naa'r Wreck
Ins; BobTajlor-a Tralss Hi-hlbltrtt.
Baaalan and Bnlaarlan Relations.
ConsTAaTiNoi'M, Novembfr 3. The
Pone has acceded to the request of
M. CI recoil to endeavor to improve the
relations botween Bulgaria and Knsaia
ttirou h the intsrvsntton ot the Otto
man Einbifsy at St. Petersburg.
a Hnwnliiilnn Headed by Alfnro.
n. ...... ri,.u.l.i- 9r TntfilH rmirn
lAflAIHI) ionium -
was received yosterdiiy by a steamer
oi a revo'ulionary niovi'ment in Es
meralda, Ecuador, headed by Elory
Allaro, whose riBme is inunmiuiy
-i. .;il, vav.-ilntinnn in the HRDUb-
tTlUtCU 111" '"--- - -
lie. He imniitonfd the government
soldiers and policemen and estab
lished a government of his own, which
..,.., tn li. nnrn'nr. (IpBrftllPB T1R-
41, a .taima, vara tflkflll
away, and thersn'ain informed that
the government oi rreeiueni airaunu
had been overthrown. Aiiaro lsrecog-
1 ... . l..n.l.. .f Via I.lharal nnrt.v.
Ill.HU 1 H'nuni ui i-'w -..- -i.
oppoeed to the church. It is believed
the revolutionary moveiuen wiu id-
ceive aid tfom n ra
Prepaiillona Aatnlnat an Outbreak
Hkimatti.a. November 3. More
.i.ii. a rann.fnl at .Tnmet and
B I I 1 1 l-O Miu - ,
ik. in.nl ami li milltarv authorities
of those towns aio adcp'.ing precau
tions agaiDHt omurtJu&F.
Freaets Farmsrs Anklniffor a Daly
D... Aa.nla.iia of MeleBCOB.
n . VhwiniliDV t Prantiliinf RnV
I AftlD, WUTDluuci ... -
A P.a.niu. A Pravntnnt VAOtalven
VJ SUU w"i- ' ' " J " '
.1 .u.ilnn nf f.rmnra hn rsms to
urgA tbe neceeBity ol a duly of 6 (ranca
on imported corn. President Urefy
...a.l an 4tavnca.fr. HutirA ti AtlllBt
Vst)i frrirnllnrft to hold it" OWU
against fore'K competition, M. de
V 1 ma.ll sb ulmllap roitinnHA.
r ivy v.. uu .-.r
dnlies to be imposed on foreign Rooda
tmpOTtea miO AOUquin, uut tun. inv
The Acaaemy oi sciences prupuies
(ntsarnal (ina mnlHtAnnil T1HXL
U 1JW v' .
pprinff, and to make arrangementa for
r v . knA,anr.la man nf thai
ti.miiltanuriiial v al tVHlVA Bta-
lions in dilTerent quartera of the globe.
-D.va.wk lDiM "MrvvftmhAr 1 The
DUtnUS at Baw3 wvv wv-
T.uit TTaMinimv in at ttrasent
AhDUUllV VI a iff,aj r
paBina tbrooirh a political crisis. ,11
. a . T a. T" 1 Jfc D.ntna 11
is reponea iDai jrresiueuii omwt id
I..Unin,1 ViAAsma thn MinUtpr re-
ii iiiawu ucvfBu - -
signed on account of bifl refuBin to
iKn a stringent iaw rhuuihi mo f-io-o.
TVia Taci;r1irtf nasi r flftrpd till! Minis
lUgilOOlUDUII -s - - -
try, with tbe exception of tbe ui-
urtment ol war, 10 me oppoaiuuu.
i. PomiMv Bortf. a. mptnoraridnm tO
J 1 Akaa uj iuu duuis
the President, in which he requests
the uissoiuuon oi ws
lrabiili.nl'a rumarnATinn. lOLriaa Cl
LllO .-p, ,
lectm Maicior laier. ce iturtiiun:w
ai.A iirADM.nt uftfii Via haa reaitftied.
,UD1 icdi'ku.) i"l. r. .
to go to Europe and have a ptovisionat
government 10 ruia iuo couuni.
These D!anB are received wiih great
Flue Jewelry at MnIforrs.
Fort j Traia osi a Wrrrked Frnlab.1
Vmifannon Mibs.. NnvrnibprS
tl ....... u ViAnrl ti-aln nn thn Tiii;a-
ville, New Orleans and Tens railroad
.. nrrcokml sir mil ps ahova here.
Thirionn rara were ditched. There
were forty tramps on the triin. One
was kil'ed and eleven wounded. The
wonndpd were brought here and Bent
to the hospital.
Solid Stiver at MiilTwnl'g.
The Wornesa Will Prhao Vote.
XlnHTIiIt.l mi. Vt.. November 3.
The Houre of Represaulatives today
parsed a bill grantinx sulTrsge to
women by 135 to 82.
MiiJftfrd's, 210 Main.
Ths Ueorcla Central.
o . . . n Cl i W.ivamhar S The
QtlAaaau! ua.p . . . ,
rj 1 ..ll.nn 1 nl flanraia Vina Tin T-
VUUirm lawiua-i vi " r. - r -
chased a controlling interest in the
Boston ana Bivannan eieamsnip uoui
...nnlno lifinnf stuaiiierj bB-
twsen Savannah snd Boston. The
road ia to be run in connection wun
the ocean steamenip company s aues.
r..n S'lmrkiTllla South.
TV... annla nf fllarkaville. Tenn..
feel sure of the extension of the In
diana, Alabama and Texas railroad
south to Dickson bv the Louisville and
Nashville railroad, whicn recently
purrhased the line mentioned, and if
not that, then of tbe consolidated line
from Underscn toBneme a. inepeo
.i. f m-rbovillu onrt i.f all that sec
tion of country, teel very kindly to
ward lien, uor on, ana ere ver hua-
ious for nim to iaaa a ubqu iu vuo
In iha near Old Iava.
iir AM1 In aorAAfl and nnliticfL but
1 1 a uiuui " i -
.11 . 1 . iUa .In.
we are a nnn an iuo Dmo uu wo u
..i.Wnnci nf a Ann hpml of hair. If
you mourn the loss ol this blessing
- . . l . ' a,A nf
and ornameni, a w m
Parker's llair Balsam will make yon
look as you did in the dear old day.
It is worth trying. The only standard
50 cents article ior uu ir.
Initial UluKS at MiiUbrd'n.
Troyal b.wjsj j J
is ta will
Isrioui. TO TUX iTt'Sll.
Kkoxviixs, Tkn.. November 3.
The pitci cf rail which wat found on
the tratk of the Knoxville and An-
i. --:i J ....w In nf Itnh
txlnr'a ni.rial train lunt Mondav a
week an", waa exhibited on Oay
Btrett today and at racted larga
It ia ahnilt fnlir frtnt. lnnff AUd
. , W V. ' .u " - - " mm
m Unl.,.. I r iliamnt.tr A nlMPO Ol
1SU livura i. - ' ;
paper attached to it core me ioiiowiuk
f " I. MTI.U la Iha arnacfia that
irfCtlu . ..ilia in ...w
cost the D!mocrati0 parly 300 volea in
Itionni roiuii v.
Mn j. i. 11. Wairner will take charge
Ol the Tension uuice vuniurrow.
Fine Watch Impairing, MnlfordV
Malooas Keepers Will Take a atoeeaa.
Nswark, N. J , November 3. lue
ftiinrumn (Yinrt todaV dfciiled the ex-
Nn 77 and 78. untie which
lf.OO s y n licenses buve bten granted
la il.ia ntlw t n fall alt 1 1 II 1 1 n I. a 1 'Mill TO
11 tjSisa? vl. f iiuv'"1'""" '.. -
snlt is no saloon keener lias a right to
BHIl nfjn'ir unui i'iw j-Kiniai.uia
and euacisa new is.
two conn NIIABLE tOXVlN
annual tonvtnliocs nieit this
that are ol uriU'uai ii.ieieht,
fJoldPeuMtti Mull'ord'si.
Ma aii I Will Kirmrr.
Nn inihur S Kiirvnvor
. ..... !l . I I I . I. ki 1.
lll'BH'B pBf U H H'B ll'MUIJ, llll'O""
I . . . . . .... t i ti:-..l..,.
1U liinv " "'"'i wr, iioinmawiisi irii.su, jji3'v
.. . . . :,.1N. ( .1.. I..-.: 1... ...II .,.,..
tjCir ol'Jl'Cl JS ui"'j l" mi ciuiiica n ni" H..VH1,
i-hnlrra stnlbreak.
T..a Vn.amlinr 51 Phnlnra has
broken out among the soldiers at tbe
barracks ai muau.
Non-Kesident Notice.
No. 6.1U-IB tha ChaarerT Court ol Bbl)
oounty, i.nn. xv. k t.
g.Hough.t.l. .,..., .
this causa that tha dafaridsnis, John Htook-
ton uougn ano o. . a. ..., T
nsidanis oi ino o .
non-ras a.nw oi . v-
th.lr apiwaranoa haryln. at the nourthousa !
1. tlaaiuhll. Tann.. an OT
bofora Iha firs't Monday in Daoembar, 1SH6,
and iiluad, answer or a; i.iaii .. -bill,
or tha same will ha Ukso for aonfessed
as to them, and set for heanas ex partat and
that a ooiiy of this order he imblished onoa
a week, lor lour sw"; ' "Tn'-K
Memphis Appeal. juw i" wi vow...,
.IW, Clerk and MnUt.
Remember, this mens HargainBi na Uar-
fftlDI At KKJDiiXLXsA 0 ai.na.ixu
Good Goods at Cheap Trices
Tht Mnt lie Sold lhls Week.
KREMKR'S WRAPS are tha handsomest
ever snuwu u..
. r.mn . rt.T XT T 1 nlTTQ
A areat many odd Wraps, one of a kind, to
. . I ir -.1 a.iuma anH oat ana.
be 101(1 ai one-nii pt'
We have limply the moat immense assort-
alt. Anaa MAIlIll dftHirtl tO SalfiOt iTOm
mvui vuoi. vmw ... I
LIGHT WEIGHT WRAP?, lae and Irinse
tr mined, ai nw, ?o w m .
A LINK 1 OF NRWMARKErti.of finequal-
rHDRV H in all elaes.
tracnan tnmmcu.
500 Tina Birds' nd Facy Feathars, worth
0U 10 - ou.
. n ... 11.. 1 .1 in Ilia Kntllh.
7.1 t-oissa LOrseis, 1110 I .C-.
99 cenl" Corset "f many kinds, that ar
worth aouoie ana iuru.-o.
I iatl.M liAat linn All that are out at 65 cent.
I VI tUQ tltat- v r .
100 Fine Trimmed Ilats, Felt Hats i-oib oi
new BoapcB
UAIjIj J" J" :;iiillivil PA itnnla.
rr.Ainr.iv iivi.ii.hi.i'"i .""T
FUR TRIMMlNUiin Lynx, Beaver, Musk,
llUaou laj o-iuiat
Pilk Pongee ""ndkorchiefs stt5 oents.
llandkercliiets ai 10 couu, iu .
fancy DoruorF.
KRKMKR'P Guaranteed Gloves at tl 00.
KHD KNM of G.oVo. ai tin, worth
80 niB-Chlldron's and Misses' Jersey
ort ofijwtS
. it I Cn. ntUnrtn tt
Buy. an immens- ...j. y.
every wiu-u ' -
oX-Dlaalar of Ilatnlaoino Wrapa,
fine Kveiiio aim kdu
F.lra-nnt Velvet anrt Silas, Mew
Millinery, MOSDAT, at
To Dlatolve Copartnerahlp.
OnT entire stock has to be sold by Jana
nary l, i'i to dissolve vBpaimai.uir-
our company retiring, .
w. Sr anr immense stock Regard-
Iraa ot Coat.
Good Felt Hats.... VCaToi."
r-i. V.w Rhina .worth 81.25. 7DO .
Genaina Be.ver Z
Beautiful Roies, all Colors S tor m
Ostrich Pompons......... :-,V''7.".l in
Children'. Trimmed Hats, worth J2. tor II l .
Boy. a Clotn, veivei anu ni"
LadTe? Trimmed Ha7s,Vorth 'ft 0
Long flumes irom,.. -
Ostrich Tips.3 in Bunch, from....50o nP
nitda Winn. Fancy Feathers, ieatner
Bao atc..atltlltguiouly 1.0 ar ltlo
-Don't Lose Your Chance. TJemember
thi. a.-, to January 1. 1887.
atr Bridal and Monralag OotBta.
ata-The finest assortment of DOLLS in ths
aarHaU Reshaped, Feather. Claanad.Dy.d '
rolden Hair Waah by the Small or Largs 1
William Dm
John Lilly.
Coffee Roasters,
205 Main St. (Lee Block)
tfw Tele phone 081.
Absolutely Pure. !( R E F1 E R' S
aw.. j ... ,.! A mtirTAl Ol
Ail IS FOWUOr UBTSI waoa.v.. a- -T,
purity, .trength and wholasomenas.. More
ioonomloal than the ordinary kind., ano
aannot be sold in competition with the mul
titude of low test, short weight alum or
nhnaiihata powders. Bold om.T is oass.
ilia Wall street. New York. .
A Valuable Patent.
Daaey's (Horae) t ern ana -.
HAVING perfeoted my Invention. I wtih
topUee it before the public, especially
munnfaiturers. A. Rorn planter, it 1.,
perfetsucoe..-opan. the drill, JJ"bjted
the wed accurately, nniniureii, and eo verd
tha same, thereby one man performing tha
work of three. Thev have been used i a
this section for over a do.ee year, witb per
Jeot satisfaction. Van give responible leitl-
Pennyroyal Pills.
....mi iitiiTKH'a EftGLISH."
The Original and Only e.nnjne
Safe and always nenaoie. "77 V"Jf". iIEH
ir-. Imitation. Indispensable to Jort
a-n vonr DrnKKlat lor " t.nieneair-a
Eir"'.nd fake no other, or lnoU,..4;
rheater . neniicai a-.. .,,.,,,,- v
Shis aiadiaon V'SSoiJwiil
aTKAWB.uppllod by GEO. 0. OOODWifl
W WaafarWaaa.
ByT. B. Caldwell, Deputy C. and M.
rpvkes.Jolfor eon).l nt.
tsnhikleti on Kf.
ri.....au Knvnniiiar 'X Thn 1.TTTI
Uj niii .' w v " -
1 1 nM nti a aa.il I ntABont till nt it1(
udIpsi evicted tenant ate remttated
and eviction cpaaa. 1 ne r-nn oi uun
.aniaii him lAneniH an abate-
I T r ia Kirsv '
merit of 15 to 25 per cent. Tenantry
on tae xouy bibio bv umuij u
Mitctielletown held meetings at whtsh
It was decided not to pay the renU
1 ...ntnl a ruiliintinii nt HI nar
11 ii 1 1 no a 1 . 1. v . - - 1
cent. Lord Matey offered bis tenants
?n nar cent, reuuvuon.
-n.. XnvamViiir ft TtnriflrA
iiii-raRi, . - ...... . .
this evening enro l excitemsnt, but
.a it. . . .1 n.,t Aa
me ponce prewipu muiru
tsaanans. ai Wiittlilnfrlon.
y7 . . amnu Nnuwmltnp 1 Fir id
if Ann i j v" f - -
7.rtcr. Heven-eighthB of a mile. Tillie
Doo wnn; uiHuntr Btconu, luisTivn
a m- 1 .O 1
tli'ra. iime i.- j-
o...u.Mrl .'?v. '1 hrt annflrt-ra DI a
oi""" .." -i
r.. ia vmr r.1.1 . niv wnn!
Dunbine SJtoud, i.riiane third. Tinio
l-.iej. ... ,
ti I .Xf ito uti.l a atvlAAnln
j fiiria ivit. ...... " . . . v.--- --.
B.itr. won; llerniit'go sucond, l'oullco
third, lime i ;ii.
Fourth Mac. Handit'sp, n.ile and
llestdcnt Notice.
No 3H-In tha Chancery Court of Shelby
... . f. I.Li, mnti nlh.F.
I..K. Iln.lat AI ai.
It appearing from alBdavit In this eaasa
that tne aoiennanv.. ...- .......
Bonner, har auardian. and Harry U, .Mr-
over, are resiuenw ei '""'Z ,, x " ii
.. j .i.-. I....h M K.ll la. raaiilant
o ina; n in'-":"--
ol the otaie oi A"""'
dent. f tne r-vw "r-VT-; ,fc ...
It is tnereiore "r-i...-. , A.-" "Ti .Vf
their appearance n"i'T'
Shelhy county, In Memphis, lennesrae, on or
before the nrsi monu.i yina.i. .
and plead, answer or demur to complainant
bill, or the same will be taken for confessed
aa to them and set for bearing ei parte s and
that a copy of this order be published onoe a
AW-:"". ,, r.iu ...i ......
Bv B. F. Coleman. Deputy 0. and M.
Uliston & Weakley, bo'- for eompl nt. fti
Kon-Resldent Notice.
No. s,R.D.Iraalt0ortof Shelby ooan
tr, Tenaessea.-Mary K. Hodge, v.. John
Hodges. .iui,. -Wlch 1.
jtapiearma irum ... , ";,".
.worn to in thi. , that the defendant.
John Hodges, l. a non-reain. i .
0tf'T7h"re!fore ordered. That ha .ka
his appearance herein, at the eourrhoase, in
In the city of Memphis, Tenn.. en or before
the th rd mona.y ia s r:.,m
and Plead, answer or demnr tP'ln'! !
bill lor divorce, or tha same will be J l.k.n
for conresseUj a. u,- -; .7 -r-
ei parte! ana vbi a eupj .
published onca a week, fo loar suoo.ssiv.
weaas, in tne meiupuia a,p-.
AooPy-.tt..t:ANlBL gontiOSgi CUrk
n v pm fit 1 ! It.i.nta rtsae ST .
IlTaJ. ! lOUlllUIUDi lra v.-
Arn.v for Plaintiff, John P-. Mas., .at
Found at Last fS,
And the discovery is all the
greater lor Doing so loua
.vi MPV
1' Ult iU.JJa !" W.a3a.
Hi ita use Loat Power, Lost Enei gy, Drained
Brain and Fxhausted ViUlity are quickly
Many cases ara "to jay curable, tomor
row h.ii)nlaaa.'
i..inpail bv London Isadora.
t. k.. .nfail thoumn.la abroad. Iti. e'iring
Xi. n v"'. 1.,.:.. .Vi ai.J-.. nnnt
thousands here, musiraieu iuu.... -
'ralae Medlea rilnle (Am. Branca)
S5 Naswl trea, Saw TorK.
ainn.irniil.lant WntlnA.
No. 2-In the Chanoerv Court ol Shelby
county, Tenn.-Martin OrifBa v.. John ii.
It appearing frpm Pherlff'. return In thi.
causa tnai me ua can..i. i" u"i . ai
1 . utiin m Uilliaitia aad Robert M.
Williams, are not to be found In his oountvt
Nan- Resident Notice.
No. 6112-In the Chaacery Conrt of Bherby
rr- f 11 S 1 11 . r . U . 1 1 . .
county, ienu.
?". . ki. l a. I.
It appearing ire i" r
this cauae tha Itke difas . Hat UaaHaart,
)s a non res.d.a tel tje Jiiaeaea
I thai .ha is a tiifii i W Twrlti ry at
Montana; , , .
It is therplore oriiem-ii inai ana ai...
her appearnnca herein, at the court h-nse io
Metnphls.ribi l"y OOUIUJ. irna.,.in or .i.m.
the nrt Monday in December, lvd;, and
ploail. answer or ueuiui .v....u ........... .
or the same will bo taken lor confessed as to
her ana set f. r hearing parte i and that a
copy of this order be published once a wek,
. Ir ... .uUi. In iha M.miilll
A lpeni. i nip i in my vi tuai ( w.
H i Mrlu!VKI.U Clerk and Maotor.
By T li. Cali.wUa Depwiy C and id.
their appearance herein, at the CourHouae
ni nna riT nt) 11 it i iu iraas k,oi -.
beloratht wcond Monday in NoTember,
and plead. an-we. erdeaiar to wlaiuH
bill, or me .am-w... --- -7 ""3
as to mem uv .r , -7-
that a copy of this order be published onoe a
week for lour successive ".. in .u.
phis Apnel 1 n,, " 01 wown .
BS . I. McDOWKLL, Clerk aad Master.
By T. B. Caldwell, D. 0. and M.
ft.!., .t Warinnar. finis, fill Oompl nt.
lis' -VJT Aain 'Ni
TF"W aaafHaw. taM.-fr- J
rnd Yeethlna:. A pr..d,g.M,dTood for Oya-
I. . f.-a
Tkuauia una vuieuy uiiua .aa - -.
. 1. - Uii..;. tnr nrin-iun
. . .1 . - a U aa aaii fsi.
A 1 eo 'I mn If" limn buiiihisum-i. " .v i
(,,,. WILLIAM KCAI.LaW,rooml7,south"
east e-rnar Kifth and Maia streets, kAJl
pA8 CITY, M'.
KtaOVEO AI IVK, In om 40 to 90
minutes, complete, with head, or no
chnrire. Medii-ina pleasant and harmless.
NU KAST1MI. Can be administered with
safety to child of ndult. Call on
iik. n. ni:y nvhth.
At M. Becktel's house, crner Thiid and
Madison sts, Cossi liatios i'aaa.
and TSSiriinsi k'-.bwov. "
nantloaa Con.umptlvtia, Convaleaeenta
parfMt Butrlant in all Waatlna DlaeBiaea.
RMalrea no oookitig. Our llouK, The ware
and Feeding ol Infanta, maiiea n-a-.
noUBBB, OuODaXa a CO.. Boa ton. Mi
KF.NT at ;s. nra
a.i i'ra A viptim
of youthful impru
dence, osnsing Prematura Decay, Nervous
Debility, Loat Manhood, eto. having tried
in vain every known remedy, "discovered
a simple seu.curo, wmco no w ni.cuu .
Of hiS lellOW ailU.l.ia. nilUlorn
Post Office Box 3'M. New V"rk City.
mf at yoor own ho
rhysiclan and Psychologist.
DR. VANCE ha. perfected nimse , m
ehclogy, and is prepared to treat dis
ease, of nervoo. origin o a".... ---method..
"p."?'? "'WXll "1? owlr'fun
.rni vV.rndbod,.V. j. paramount S
maaSir of th. law. governing WJft
will meet nia ami
aamo-g7a 1.2 Main Street.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayre. Block)!
Increased facilities for doing all
kinds LlthOsTaulilug.
Ji ew und Latest Styles 8tock. New
Type, New Machinery.
Prices as low as anywhere, North
or East.
TjJ 7 - .. R..ia Tal.TVlirr.
..t.."." for Hysteria.. DiHil
nas Convul.ions., Fits, Neivoui eur.l-
nesS. vonauia" Pwiatratlon. ftana.d
Us oausrs. and a new
A ....aalul .'I' HI.
lomn. bv one who was deaf
. : I. , ...... 'T' I . U. n.n.t nf
iwann'."'!""-. ' -; '
the noted specialists wi'hout hens fit. Ct'Rn
niasai.' in three montha, and since then
hun Ireii. of ot ers. tull partlru'ars sent
Un annliciitlon. T. S. PA N.
No. tl W.st 31st street, ew York City.
v 'ihS nS 0 a'cohol or tobaoooi Wake
Juln.s.. until Depression. Ba'tenlng of the
luiuooai " ... i-aavnttv aTirt lending tt
Bt,"rr'u.'cy and "alai Prea.ture " d
xi. arienn7ess, Los. of Power in either
. . .' Involuntary Losses and tlpermalor
rhea. oo ' b over-eiertion ol the brain,
..if aVinseoro'-'tindnlgence. Each bncon
U n To" nontb's treatment. II a box, o
aii boics for t. sent b mail rrepaid, on
..lalntof ur'.ca. Vi e uarnit.a bn fcoi-.
to7uM . any case. V'th each order received
h nsforsia holes, acotiuipaaied witii II,
a will send the porchaaer our written
.oaranta to refund the money If th. treat
ment doe' -ot etTcci a cure. Onarsntee.
E.ued only bv A. HSKKRT CO.. .Drug
gists, Moinpms, i.-jd.

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