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fimce m comerce
CottoH Lower Middling, 8 7-lCc
Sales Yesterday, 5200
Money rales in strong demand at
per cent. Lo.al eecaritiea continue
Tbe loeal cotton market yesterday
was steady and 116c lower; middling,
17-18?. Pales, 6200 bales.
At New York spots closid doll
middling, 9 316. Fatures qeiat and
4 to 6 points lower than Monday
Kovember 8 858.S6.
A leading New York cotton circular
says of co'toa futures : "Business
was of moderate volume, with tone of
matket generally weak."
At New Orleans spots were steady
and 1-lCo lower; middling, 8 J. 5. Fut
area steady and 5 to 7 points lower
thanTaesdny; NoTember, S.418.42e,
At Liverpool spot were s eady with
fair demand; middling, S 1. Futures
barely steady ; November, 4 62-64.
In tbe general market there are no
noticeable features.
Three bandred and ninety nine brig
apples, 85 brls brars and peas, 207
pkgs butter, 354 brls bgg:ng, 71 pkgs
btcon, 432 pkgs boots and shoes,
1000 bn corn, 362 pkgs cheese, 200
Bks coffee, 3i cars cotton seed, 9434
Bks cotton seed, 80 brls cotton seed
oil, 1G0O bills cotton t'es, 133 pkgs
dry goods, 6S pkp.8 eggs, 895 brls
flour, 744 bales hay, 23 pkgs hats,
25 hd caHle, 25 hd borees and
mule?, 140 pkgi lard, 42,000 ft
lumber, 2;0 pkgs liquors, 125 brls
meal, 979 kegs nails, 19,000 ba oats,
20 brls onions, 539 brls potatoe?, 1U
cars pork sides, 134 brls cugir, 48
pkes tobacco, 1000 bu wheat a ad 10
brls rice.
The following shows the e mount oi
grain leceived, withdrawn and in store
by regu'ar elavstors, as reported to tbe
Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
Wheat none leceivedor withdrawn;
in store, 1045 bu. Corn received,
none; withdrawn, 233 bu; in store,
euou on. uats received, 1701 bu:
withdrawn, 1291 bu ; in store, 186,863
aorBaHy 4atatloaa of olton
Oil Truli and Hew Yark Ik
change stoafca are opn to Inane
Interested, at mj flier.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money in active demand at 8 per
ODt The Clearing House report is
te ioiiow8 :
' Wednesday, November 3J, $400,-
115 22; thus lar this week, 91,1 05,
721 85; same time last week, $1,421..
071 96; corresponding time iu J885,
9.'Z,4U4 zv; corresponding time In
1884, $1,104,593 24.
Wedneedsy, November 2d, $70,
95989; thus far tbis week, $203,917 92;
same time last week, $241,853 08;
corresponding lima in 1885, $177,
863 87; corresponding time in 1881,
$158,926 63.
New York eight on all points, J
discount boyinc, nar sailing; New Eng
land demand, J d if conn t buying; New
England eight, discount; New Or
leans, i discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce..l46 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Banks 195 bid, 200 asked
Hate National ..145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere.,150 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid,137J asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando ...... 100 bid, ... asked
Home ., 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102bid. 105a?ked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
i-iiuamx 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked'
Vanderbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 35 bid. ... aBked
Factors 20 asked
M. O. R. R. shares. ..36 oid, ... asked
M. & T. B. E. shares...45 bid, 50 asked
M. & O. consols, 7s-...119 bid, ... asked
M. & L. B, 1st m. 8S..105 bid, ... aeked
Miss. & T.B.K.CS.A...111 bid, 113 asked
Miss. &T.R.R.CS.B..101 J bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wm. ser. a, to J83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 aeked
Tax. JJist. 4, 0s 974 bid, 984 asked
Tax. Dist.6s 104 bid, 105 asked
Mem. Us bonds ..104 bid, ... at ked
Mem. Water binds 97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust'. 53 bid, 54 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.8tor.Com.Co..llO,bid, 115 aeked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 asked
New York, November 8. Money
on call active at b0u5 per cent.,
closing at 6 aeked. Prime mercantile
paper,4(a6 per cent. Sterling exchange
uuu out strong at 4S0J lor sixty days
ana vt lor uewuna.
Bonds Governments were dull and
steady, btate bond were dull and
The stock market wis more active
and higher than on Monday. There
was some hesitancy, especially among
the foreiga houses, who were' waiting
to see the effect tbe election bad upon
tbe market. They soon because reas
sored, however, and bought freely,
especially in Erie and Heading, while
in the early trading there was tome
Belling for foreign account of St. Paul
and Lake r-hore. The market ad
vanced steadiiy, wita special move
ments in consolidated Georg'ai 6s,
Paciflo Mail, Cleveland, Colum
bus, Cincinnati and Indianap
olis, and certain of the special
ties. Rumors were in circula
tion that the olTn:i ill had taken ad
vantage of the piesnceo( M. de Les
seps to djat the differences between
the Paeiflc Mail and the Panama Com
pany; though it was afttrwaro stated
tbatsuch wasMhe intention only, and
that a tubcemmittpe bad beu ap
pointed to that end. Kurt lv, 'gland
was helped by a story that an
arraisein-nt bad bepn eined with
the New York City nnd Northern.
Extensive realiz tuna in the after
coan, coupled with the manipulation
of money op to 15 per cent., earned a
material reaction throaghju the en
tire list. The fea'ure of the late trad
ing was the artivlty and strength of
Ro.k Island. New Jersey Un'ral and
Louisville and Nashville t ere the only
prominent a;nve b:oiks mowing any
weakness, ine market wis strong
and scave si lae opening, urst prices
showing advances rargin from j to .
New Ergland and Missouri Pacific
were each up 1 per cent There was
an act.ve trading, and prices were
somewhat feverish bnt generally
heavy, though Pacific Miil and Frt
Worth and Denver were conspicuncs
)y strong and were later j unid by New
Eogland and Manhattan. 1 he general
market became strong before noon.
ana Denver ana ttto unnae, uieve
land, Co umbos and IndiansDolis and
Consolidated Gas afteiward made ma
terial advances. Toward 2 o'clock p.
m. a reaction sst in, but the market
became steady before 3 o cl.ck and so
closed. Sale, 363,507 shares Erie
furn: shed 36,4(10; Reading, New Eng
land, l,:ks snore, uregon and Tr.ins-
contiaectal sad tit. Paul over 20.C00
shares each, aod th-re weie four
other stocks in .which the sales
exce dud 10,000 shares each. Al-
most everything oi tbe active
l'st is higher, the im dtc'ines
being for intigt.inc-tnt fractions. Pa
cific Mail is up 21 per cent.. Consoli
dated Gas 2, Manhattan If, liichmond
and West port lj, New England 1J,
MichigaR Central 1 J, and otneis frac
tion". Ku rrad bondm fa r demand.
Kales, $1,787,000 kansES and Texas
sixes, $192,000; Erie Blonds, $155,000;
Duo K-utbern incomes, 1140.000.
Prices followed the coutstcf the shire
maiket very closely. Closing prices
generally snow advances, t iouch im
portant changes are few. Milwaukee,
Lt.ko Kbore and Western, Uicriigan
diviriion, rose 2 per ent., to 115; Ohio
Southern incomes 21, to 49, and Alton
and Terre Haute dividends 41. to 491.
Louisville, New Albany and Chicaao
consols Irs! A, tt 97.
The total sales of B'oks todav were
363,607 shnres, including Canada
Southern, 9025;' 1) da ware, Lacka
wanna and Western, 4100; Danver and
RioGmude, 3800; E ie. 6.400: Kan-
eas and Texas, 3975 ; Lake Shore, 22,
935; Louisville ami Nsshvdlo, 7210;
Micnigan v ntrai, 38J&; JUiFsonrl ra-
c lie, 5750; Notthwe-ttro, 5900; New
J raey Central, 11,602; Ohio and Mis-
sifsippi, 6175; Pacific Mail, 19,325;
reona, Dtcatur and H.tanbviile. 10,-
980: Reading, 27,650; St. Paul, 20,650;
St. 1 fiul and Omaba, iijoU; luas and
Western Union, 11,160; Oregon and
Tianacomineiital, 21,875. Closing quo
tations :
IT A ! Kin ! nun.
i3, nour, UVi. Vaeifio of lm, 126.
La. ilnmM. 4i. 79. Mimoori 6p. 1C1.
Cent. I'ao. ltti.US. Dn. A R.G. lit, 120.
DnriR.ll.W.UU.TTViKrid 2da. 1U17..
M K 4T.Gtn.6a,l()lv North.Pio.ini, 116'.
North. Pao. 2da,(tt. N.Westorn oon. KM,
JN.Weataeb.OBiirv. Bt.ii.B.r.en.iH.,iiu.
St. Paul oon, 132. 6t.?.0.AP.lt, 1M.
l.!1. lna granu,3. x.r.n u.az cou.ax,.
II. p. lata. lib. nil enore.iui'4.
Tenn.6n, iet'uit,lr5. 'Ienn.&a,iot'nit,102,
lann. Se,iet'mt,76X.
Adaroa Expreii. Ul Morrti k K.,ofl"J, 110
Allosueny ueiu i, . nasoTiue iu , is.
Northern Pac..l.
Northern Hao.pfd. Wi
C.4 N.W .ld ,141V,.
i;enirai raomo, tir,. i .vem,rai,ti.v-M.
rh...ni.li. AO.-lllV. N.Y.D.A St.L..lAU.
C. A 0. 1-t pfd.ltfH. N.Y.0.4 8t L.pld.2T,
uniouanirai, .
0.4 MisJ.l.fa. Su.
Ontario 4 Went,. 1!
Oregon NaT , lOi
Orexon Trans.. 'Xyt.
Oregon Imp., .12.
PaoiBo Mail.Sti. '
Pnma, 98.
Peoria D A E., W-i.
PittAburi. 151.
Pullman CO., 144.
Thus far this week........
Thus far latt week ,
Since September 1st.... ,
M. AO, R, R
M. 4 T. R. R
L. A N. R. R
C, O. 4 8. W. R. R .
Steamers north
, 18,663
, 15,732
. 83.6S4
Total ... 5,267
New York spots opined quint,
and clos?d dull; middling, 9 3-16c.
Kales, 302 bales. Quotations were as
Ordinary 6 7 18
Good ordinary-... 7 13-16
Low middling.... 8 11-16
Middling 9 3-16
Good middling ... 9 716
Middling fair 10 1-16
Fair -10 11-16
New York futures opened steady,
and closed quiet ard 4 to 6 points
lower than Monday. Salps, 70,200
bales. Toe closing quotations were
as loitows:
November- 8.S5($ 8.86
December- 8.89($ 8.90
January 8.97( 8.98
February..- 9.00(S 9.07
March 9.10fo
April 9.25 9:?C
May 9 34ff 9.3
June 9.44 9 45
July 9.63 9 54
August 9.U0(g 9.61
The NewOrleanospot market opened
quiet, aud closed steady and l-llid
lower. Middling, frje. Saes, 7250
bales. Quotations were ss follow:
Yesterday. Tutsday
6 7-16
7 13-16
9 3 16
9 716
10 1-10
10 11 16
8 89(a) 8 90
0.03(i 9.04
9.11 9.12
9.21 a 9.22
9.40,a) 9.41
9.49; 9.50
9 61 ...
Good Ordinarv
Low Middling -
Middling -
Good Middling
The New Orleans future market
opened dull, and closed steady, aud
o to points lower than TUMdav.
Paine, 26,800 bales. Quotations were
as lollows:
November.. 8.41 8 42
December - 8.45 8.46
January .... 8.54 8.55
February... 8 6ot)
March .
Ma 7
August ...
875 8.78
8.87 8.88
8 98 8.99
9 09 9.10
9.19 9.20
9.24 9.26
8.47 8.49
8.51 8 52
8.6D 8.61
8.71 8 72
8.82M 8.83
9.9.1 ...
9.04 9.05
9 15 9.16
9.25 9.26
9 29
ly Cent
Alton k T. 11..
A. AT.H..pfd..H2.
Amerioan Kx., loo.
1). C. K.AN.55.
Canada Fao.,
Canada Boa.. UH.
Central Paciflo, iiV,.
C. k O. 2d vld.12,
Chicaito k A. .144.
C A.pld,160.
C.tSt b. & N.O..
O.. St.L.A P.. 14V4.
a. x v.. K).
kC..:vA. "
C. A II. Valley. 3f'i
iei. a una . iu.
N. Orleans
Norfolk ...
New York
Philad'a ..
St. Louis..
A . -
q'A sty
Koc. Prices
8 9-16
8 916
8 7-16
1776 8 9-10
5808 81
762 8 15 19
324 9 316
88 99
Receipts at ports, this day, 18S9..37.187
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885-38,998
1886. 1885. 1884.
187,70fl 198,?f0 177,738
92,589 28,926 67,0! 6
626,360 679,88!) 712,056
1,524,094 1,584,261 1,002,536
830,4ci6 765 832 762,892
Del., Ii. k W.,m.
Den. k Rio U , 3;W.
Erie. .
Krio pfd, 7
lleadinir. WXA.
Rock Island. lSVi.
ht. L. &n.if.,my,.
Now Kuat Tenn.. HS.St.L 4 8.K rid,
NewK.Tenn. lifd.74'-i. bt.L.4 S.F.I. t d. lhi.
rort, uayno, 144. . Li. m. a 1. r.. .'4.
Hannibal 4 St. Jo. .C. M.A St.P p, 121.
II 4 St. Jo . pfd, -. St. P..M 4M..USS.
Harlem, 220. St Pauli Omaha, (rtr.
Hnuiton 4 T., 34. Kt.Paul 4 O. pld, 11:!.
Ihunis Central, M)i. Tenn. UoalA Iron. IHy,
na .u. a w.,zi'4. lexu raciun, zi,
. l'.Vu.
Union Paoilio. filVi.
U.S. Expiesi, 59', t
w.. ts. l 4 r.. ivy.
W..S.IJ. 4 P. p.. 35H.
W. U.Tel., WK.
Colorado Coal, h.
Home Stake, 17.
Iron Silver, 210.
Untario, Zo.
Uuioksilver nld.. 22.
touts PaclUo,
butro, 14.
Kaniaa 4 T..
Lake K. AW. 21.
Lake Shore, 96.
Lou. 4 Nash.. n7!i.
Lou. 4 N. A., 67V,.
M. A P. lit pld,-.
M. A C. necondi. .
Hem. A Char., 44.
Min. A St. L.. 217-.
Min. A St. L.ld.4rV. Quicksilver
iMgiiouri facino. in.
Mobile A Ohio, l'.i'a.
M. L. S. A W.. 57V4.
M L S.4W. pfd ,90)4.
t Lx dividend.
London. November 3. Bar silver.
40 j per cunce,
Paris. November 3. Three per cent.
rentee, vzi. e icr toe account.
Nsw Oi.bans, La.-, November 3
C, Barings of lha bankj, $1,315 543.
St. Louis, Mo., November 3. Bank
clearings, 13,772,847; balances, $207,'
Chicago, III., November 3. Asso
ciated bank clearings today were $16,-
New Yobk. November 3. Bank clear
ings today, $183,259,980 j balances, $2,.
Boston, Mass., November 3. Bank
clearing today, $13,118,014; balances,
Baltimore, Md., November 3. Bank
clearings tuday, $4,134,780; balances,
Philadelphia, Pa., November 3
isack clearings today, S13 555,950; bal
ances today, $1,179,032.
R'ts V. 8
p'rts4 davs
Ex. Gr. Bi
R'ts 8ept 1
For'gn Kx.
bucruaue in ruceiptj tbis vtar ...HO.i57
At noon: Liverpool snot 3 were
ttfady with fair demnd. Sai'B, 10,000
bales, 01 wnfch American OCOO l)aloi.
Kiciipta, 200 bales: American. 6200
Closing anotattons were asfollown:
Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordinary, 4 9 16d;
low middling, 6d; good middling.
6 5-16dj middling uplands, 6Jd; mid
dling Orleans, SJu.
I i lie pnees are mven m venceand 04(m.
i7it: 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 6 01
mearu 5 l-64dl
At noon: Liverpool futures wre
quiet andttfady; November,64 63d;
JNovember-uccember, 4 00d; December-January,
4 60d; January-Febru
ary, 4tUd; lrbruary-Marrh, 4 Old;
March-April, 4 63d; Apnl-Msv.5 Old:
May-June, ; June-July, 5 07d.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull; November 4 63d sellers;
November-December. 4 60d. sallcra:
December-January, 4 59d, buyers;
Ja.iuary-Febiuary, 4 69d, bo vers;
February-March, 4 61d, tellers ;
March-Apnl, 4 63d, sellers: Aoril-
May, 6 Old, selleis; May-June, 5 03d,
buyers; June-July, 0 I'tkl, sellers.
Atopm.: Liverpool tntnrs were
nare'y sieariv; November. 4 62d, value
November- December,459 j.biiveis : De
cember-January, 4 ova, sellers; Jan
uary-Kbruary, 4 59d, fellers: Febrn
ary-March, 4 fcOd, sellers; March
April, 4 432d, sellers; April-Ma v. 5d
sellers ; May-June, 6 02d, buyers ; June
July, 5 05d, rollers.
Si Jc, closing at 85 Jc. Corn qniet, bat
tenerally firm; January cosed it
lower, bnt other options i(j?Jo higher
man Monday; o. z mixm, casb, 34 j
(53.; November, 34Jf334;c, closing
at 34jc; Decomber, 35c; January, 35 J
35Jc, closing at 35jc : My, 39 J
oDjc, clrsing et SOJc. 0ls dull ai d
ensy and JJfjc lower; lo.2 mixed,
cash, 25j26Jc; November, 25 Jc; De
cember, 26 Jo bid; May, 31c. Rye
ta?y, 4PJc bid. Barley very dull;
prices ranged fr-ra 69 to 65c, accord
ing to quai tv. Flaxseed steady, 94c.
B at) firm,6051a. llv active: prairie,
$7 6010; tim. thy, $S12 50. Oorn
treal r-te-ady, $1 90 Receipts-Flour,
7000 brls; wheat, 39,000 bu ; corn, 75,
000 bu ; oatB. 38,000 bu; rye, :i000 bu ;
hartey, 31,000 bn. Shipments Floor,
11,000 brls; wheat, 9000 bu; corn. 53.-
000 bn; oste, 9C00 bu,; ryi', 40CO bu;
bsrley, 1000 bu.
Afternoon Board. Wheat weak aud
KSjclowtr. Corn is lower. Oats
Jc loner.
Chicago, III., November 3. The
wheat market opened dull, with a
tendency toward lower prices. For
eign sdvices DO'cd weik m-rkets, and
early ew lurk reports we e not par
tiiularly encouraging. The quantity
on ocean paseape showed an increase
of 960,000 bu. Under these ii tl lenres
prices broke off jc, tallied ntrain on
repTts of good expoit puicha-eg, but
sitk back, and idosid in the latert
trading at iteid figures, and closed jj
lower thpn cn Monday. Thooponicg
in corn was a trifle etieier, but under a
good speculative demand and light re
ceipt', ad vanctd SJ;, bur fell hack
toward the cliBf, and finished Jc
higher than on yesierday. There was
little doing in ots, but prices ruled
steady. Flour was B'ejdy. Cash
quotations were as follows: ho. 2
spring wheat, 731(ft73Jc; No. Septing
wheat, f3(S0tin: No. 2 red, 74Jc; No.
2 corn, 3tl J'oi3tlc; No. 2 oat-, 26
26Jb; No. 2 rye, 61; K 2 bar
ley, 53c; No. (1 fljxseed, 9tljrft
9(i.i; iirime timothy, $1 (it(oH 08.
The lead;ng fu'ures rangfid as foliows:
Wheat November opened at 7?je,
higheet 7Sic, lowest 73 Jc, o'oBinK 7H j;
December one tied at 7cj!c, higheBt
75ac, lowest 75c, closing 75n; Jr.nunry
opened at 76c, hiwhett 76 Jc, lowest
7-jJc, clo ins! 75Jc; May opened nt82Jc,
highest 82 lowest 81 Jo, closing 82c.
Corn Novembt-r opened at 3tijc,
highest 36 J, lowest 35n, clotting 3(ijc,
December opened al 37jc. highest iR:,
lowest 37Jit, closing 37Jc; January
opened at 37 highest 38c, lowest
3"c, closing 37 Jc; Mav opened at 426",
hivhest 432c lowest 425c, clo'inu 421c.
Oars November; opened at 2tic,
hlgbest 20 Jc, Jowett26c, closing 2CJc;
Drcemb.-r opened at 271c, Dil'h8t
271s, lowest 27c, closing 27c; May
opened at SI Jo, highest S1J:, low
est 301c, closing 30 Jo. Keceip'B
Fkur, 64.000 bils; wheat, 284,('fl0 bu;
earn, 497.0U0 bu; eat, 291,000 bu;
rye, 4000 bu ; barley, 150,000 bu. Ship
ments Flour, 28,000 brls; wheat. 53.-
aO bu ; corn, 247,000 bu ; oat", 187,000
bu; rye, 3C00 bu; barley, 139,000 bu.
Butter Bntterine,
crenmery, 30(ir.35c ; dairy,
country butter, 1(1180.
lloo rRODDCTs Mees pork. 110:
smrur cured hams, lOJfiilOjc ; breakfast
bfti-oQ, 8 jtlc ; clear rib sidna bacon,
7Jc: bacon shoulders, 77Jc; bulk
pork clear sides. 6ic: clear nb sides.
8c; shouldew, 5j5Jc; long clear,
Lard Tierces, 61 c : half-barrels and
keen, 6Jc; choice kettle, 7J(7Jo.
kesii Dkat8-Mo. 1 beet, 7c; mut
ton. 8c; hind Quarters of beef. 84c:
lamls, 10c.
rotiLTBY Chickens, spring, $1 5' Ci)
2 2 ;old hens,$2 252 50. Turkeys, $8
($12. Gt ese, $3(i,4 Duck, 13.
(tame ljUAils, perd. b.,$I4() Hqmr-
reis, 11. Ducks, wihi, $1 50(j2 50.
Vei.ison, whole, 5J(W;61c; etdilles, 0
Cheese Prime fla'.s. 8ffii)r. New
Yoik hictry, 9c; full-creuin, 12Jc;
ioung America. 13c.
Puis i ket. Barrels, $8 75: half br-
barrelp, $4 60; ktgs, $1 25.
St. Locis, Mo., November 3 Pro
visions active and generally hrmrr.
Pork strong, J9 624. Lard 5c lrgher.
$5 855 90. Bnlk moats BteHdy;
lonsj lots tona cler and sliott ribe.
0 20; short c 'ear, $ 6 50: boxed lo'e
long clear, 10M)0 20; shoit ribs,
$6 l.'6 25; khoit clear, $6 40(.6 60.
trensed milk Crown. $5 B(V5i6
Eae'e, 17 607 75; Daisy, $4 75.
Vlol.AH'ES Lonisana. rnmmnn
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, new, 50
(S55c; svrup, 2t'40c; common to
lair, iUCiSs : prime to choice, 30035c ;
criuruuKHi, lanry, oiivmC.
Tobacco Common. 11-fnch, 174.(3)
-oc; Diner jrraueo ana Btviee, 3:(i8.c.
Pnuff 4arrett'B. $10 85
Ralph's, $10 25 per ca; R. R., $j 25
Havara, November 2. Buear weak :
. , fx J A. ... I
i-fiuiruuKai, vi degrees, -
HNw Orleans, La., November 3.
Coffee strong and higher; Rio, 0i(
ijjc. H'ce qaiet put ready. KDg
dail and lower; open kettle, fully
air, lien; cenirnuiais, ct.oice
white, 65; off white. 6 3-16(.?rj5 16
choice yellow clarified, 5 116(.o6J;
seconds. 4(;4Jc. Mola'ses ouie' hut
Bteady; open kettle, choice, 45(44flc;
centrifugsls, fair to prime, 20(:25c;
Louisiana sjrup, 38c
New York. November 3 CnfTnr
Ppot fir Rio firm, 12Jc; options high
er and fairly active; sales, 64,250 bans;
novemner, ntr)ii.uee; December.
10 90U(; January, 10 85(ailc: Feb-
tuary, 10 SSjytO.WOc; Mareb, 10.WK4
11c; April, 10.9J(iU0 95c: At a v. 10.95
ll.CSo; June, llll.05c; July,
11.10c. Sugar qniet; refined dull;
etandard A, 5 6-16c; cut loaf and
crushed, 6 5-16($6i:; powdered, 6(1
6J; grann'a'ed, 6jc; cubes, 5,c.
Mola'ses dull. R ce firm,
Apples Apples, 23; dried ap
ples, i'.'!Jc ppr pound from store.
Driod peacho', 2J3j3 from store.
Veoktables Onions, $3 from
B'ore. Cabh go, $2 50; nor bead, 810c ;
$1 75 from levee or depot per crate.
Kraut, hrla,$55 25; half brlp,$2 75.
Garlic, 4060o per 100. Turnips, 60c
per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, per box, $4 605.
Lemma, $4 75C't6 yer box. Bananas,
$1; 50(Vi2 60 per buncb. Cocoa
nuts, 5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, "Jc; Tennessee, farmer's stock
34c; roasted, 2c higher; shelled
10c. Almond", 1820l
Rai-ins Iindon layers, $3 40; lay
er.', $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 50rt!4.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quarts,
$1 50 ; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 75 ;
iooe, tarei8, wiw; lialf-barrels,
bCn4 2i: iklxed. barrels, $10 50
iniioii, iian tiaire:n, ti. 1
Fish Mackerel, bull-barrels. No.
$5 2o1 75; No. 2 $1 75(S); No. 3,t4 25
(J40: lO-lb Bit, No. 1,90c; No. 2, 76c
15 H, No 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
iiy, 25c por box.
Walnuts French, 12o; Naples, 15c
Grenoble15c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game fish, ll12c.
Fxigs I80.
PoTATors Northern ttock, $1 90
z 10.
Cider New York, $6 507 per bar
rel, and 3 76(i4 per half-barrel.
Vinbhar lOfillSc Dor irallon.
Pecans Texas, 8l0c for small to
memum, ll(a)I4c lor large; Arkansas,
torroiv skid phodi itth.
In car load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oil.new, 27 J28c j off crude cotton
seed oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
col ton seed oil, 3436c; off summer
yellow cotton' seed oil,; min
er' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3335c; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 36c; choire cooking yellow
cotton seea on, 300: prime cotton
seed meal, $14 75(3)15; off cotton Beed
meal, none. Urtt n seed dulm-reu at
dep t or levee, J9 per t)n ; from wagon
aj uiiiid, 4i7 iei LVJil.
Bagoinq Jute. 2 lbs. 81c: H
7jc; 1 It s, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 9 jo.
Ties $1 05(31 10.
Tbe local cotton market opened
easy, and closed stesdy and l-16c
lower; middling, 8 7-1 6c. bales, 5200
bales; 4100 to exporters and 2100 to
Ordinary Nom.
UOOd Urdinary.... 7
Ixiw Middling 8 3-16
Middling 8 716
Good Middling.... 811-16
Middling Fair....- 9r
Fair . Nom.
Hmraia, If oreinber 3, 1S86.
Stock Sept, 1, 1880-... 4,009
Received today 4,867
Received previously. .171,656
Shipped todav 5,267
Shipped previously. 78,417
uome consumption to
oate zoo
Btock mnDlna account
Thus far this week
Thus far la-t week
Since Utp'.ember 1st
M. and O. R. R
M. & T. It. R
L. and N. R. R
M. fc L. R. R. R
C, O.rtS. W. R.R
K. C , S. A M. R. R
M., S. & B. R. R
Wagons at d other sources.. .,
CoRNMBAL-Stnndard. $2 2002 25:
pearl, g3 zd($1S 35; roller, fi 45.
Hat Choice, irom store, oc; car
load from levee or depot, $11 60(3 12;
prime, from store, 6570r. ; car load
from levee or depot, $10 60(2)11 ; prai
rie, from store. bOc; car load from
levee or depot, $7.
Corn cram store,wntte,50c;mlxed,
48c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 434c; in sacks, 46 jc; mixed, in
bulk, 41 4c; in sacks, 4c.
Uats irom store, wbite,37c; mixed.
35c; Irom levee or depot, white, in
bn'k, 32o; in sack, 34Jc; mixvd, in
hulk, 30Jo; in sacke, 324c. .
iiHAN trotn more 0i:; Irom levee
or depot, $12 2,32 50.
Floor i 10m --re, No. 3, $:h3 25
family, $3 60a3 75; ttoi e, 3 75(34:
fancy, 4(3i4 25; extra fancy, 4 5(3)
4 50; patents, 00.
Beans Navy, 2; medium, l 50(3)
1 70; common, li zoi German millet.
$1 201 41).
Rick Louisiana, 4(,44c; Carolina,
Uatmkal in nail-barrels, tcf( 3 25
from Btoro.
Cbaceers Soda, extra, 44c; soda.
treble extra, 5c: extra, 7c; ringer snaps.
extra, 66c; assorted iunibh s,9llc.
Cracked Wheat la Aall-barrela,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and GRrcB-From store,
$3 15(J3 25.
Kansas Citt, Mo.. November 3
Wheat qniet; No. 2 red, caeh, 62o;
December, 61 jc bid; May, 71c bid.
Corn stronger; No. 2, caih, 2Jjj
bid; Janawy 32c; May, 36c bid.
Oats no quotations.
Pt. Loms, Mo., November 3. Flrnr
dull and steady; XXX, $2 35(3)2 45;
tamilv. $2 650.12 71); 1 boice, $3 05()
3 15; f-miiy,$3 403 50; exira fancy,
J3 55(5)3 80; patents, $4f3j4 35. Wheat
dull and iircgnlnr. November ruled
strong and clos-d J3 higher than
Monday. Oilier delivetie cloeid eaHV
end Jc lowr than Monday; No 2
red. cash. 752c : November. 74jrai75c.
cloeingat 7b'i; December, 76,(3)76,c,
rlnain at 763c bid; January. 7Ht(a
4,867 It'ie, cloeing at 78Jc bid ; May, 85'n
. 34,238
. 32,261
.. 495
.. 286
.. 462
. 1,415
... 674
.. lt!0
.. 119
.. 192
Baron stead: long clear. $7: s'mr
ribs, $7 15; short, clear, $7 40(3)7 50.
Hams nrni, i:j(iii4c. JBulter steady
crtanurv, 2425c; dairy, 181i)20c,
Kggs. Hjyjlc.
Chicago, III., November 3 Pro
vi'-ions were active and Btronuer. Tbe
nneettled feeling among the packing
hous-employes tends to the impres
sion that the production of the rtiecu-
lalive aiticles may ba curtailed. This,
taken in connestion with a good ship
ping demand, caueed a lather
sharp advance of 25(3;30cin mess pork,
wbica was moderately well supported
Lard advanced 2J(S)5o aid closed
Bteady. Short ibs advanced 12J15c
and closed rm. Ca h quotntions were
as follows: Pork, $9 26; lard, $5 95;
short rib sides, loose, $6: dry salted
shou'dere, boxed, $5 45$5 50; short
clear suits, Doxed, to 40(36 45. Fut
ures ranged as follows: Poik No
vember opened st $9 07j, highest
u 4.'l, lowest ii uj, olosinii at 111 25;
December opened af. $9 17, highest
$9 46, lowest $9 12, closing at tJ 27;
January opened at $10 10, liinhent
io 34, lowett io, closing at $10 27.
Lard November opened at $5 i0,
highest 5 f5, lowest $5 90, closing at
r w; Jecember opened at $5 95,
highest $6 lowest $i 95. clrs nir at $6 :
Jannary opened e.t $6 02, highest
o uo, lowest O, closing at $6 02.
Rhort ribs January opened at 15 15,
highest lt5 39, lowest $5 15. closing
at l 10; February opend at $i 20.
h'ghest $5 32, lowest $5 20. closing at
$5 30. On tbe Produce Exchange
hotter continues to ruin quiet; good
to fine creamerv. 1 8(5124 4n: fair to
good c.eamery, 15($l7c; choice to fine
dairy, 1418-!; packing stok, 610c.
Eggs, 17i18e.
Puqar Pure white, 6Jff6Jv, off
hite, 6(5)61c: yollow clunflad. 6r3
6 Jo; open kettle, none; refined A,
6j(oi(lc; grunuleted, 6if56Jc.
Coffee Common, 10(3dlc: ordi
nary, 12Cftl2c; prime Rio. 13(2il3in;
choice to fancy, 14(3)l5c ; old govern
ment, Z4(r)ZOC.
Koap 3(r3c per pound.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes.
pails and barrels, 7)9c.
Salt-$1 20 per barrel : narks, fine.
$1 35(3)1 45 ; coarre, $1 10(al 15; pock-
ets, DieacDoo, zx'oyc; car-loads Irom
evee or depot, oc cheaper.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per
doz?n: Pineapples, $1 25(31 50;
peaches, 2-lb, standard, $1 16(3)1 25; sec
ond", $1(3U 10; tomatoes, 2-lb stand
ard. 90 (3i$l: 3-lh,$l(Al 15: strawber
ries, $1 10("31 25; rusoberrics, 11 10(3)
125; h'ackberriep, $1(3)1 10; green-
gaues, II to; pen'fl, $2()
25: plum, i W(j)l 70; eeparngu,
$2 (jOfJnl; creen corn, 1(3)1 35; gieen
peai, $1 65(1 05: cove oysters, lull
weight, 1-11), 8595c; cove oysters,
full weiiht, 2-lb. $i.60f7il 80; cov-j
oyKt;e, l'giit weight, 1-lb, 60c ; cove
oytters, light we'ght, 2-lb, $1; con-
uienriuo wsebed, 3l(;i)30c; grease
wool, Z3(22llc; burry wool, 13(3)18c.
Sr. Ixiuis, Mo., November 3.
Wool firm; medium clothing, 22(3)
itijc; combing, 25(25c; low and
c;arae, 14'22o; fine light, 2025c;
ueavy, io.ic; biacx, l(i)4c.
Coal Oil rrime white, wholesale
loi.i, tic per gaiton.
Pittsbiiro, Pa., November 3. Pe
troleum dull; Na ional Transit cert in
cat's opened at 66c, and closid at 66c:
L! . I ... .. 1 . . '
niguet, 00c; ioweM, bono.
Whiskv Straight Kentuckv Bonr.
bon,$l 50(3)5; redistilled goods from
85 t $1 60, according to proof; rye,
$1 766.
Chicago, III., November 3. Whie-
y,i is.
St. Loom, Mo., November 3. Whie-
y, $1 13.
Cincinnati, 0., November 3. Whls
ky firm: sales of 663 barrels of fin
ished goods on a basts of $1 13.
KAas-Iron, $2 252 30; Bteel,$2 40
(52 45.
Powder Kegs, $4; half kegs, $2 26;
quarter kegs, $1 25.
IIiDBs Dry flint, 12jiec; dry
Bait, 10(3)12c ; green Bait, 78Jc ; green
66c; deerskins, 16(3)1 8c. Beeswax
firm at 20c; tallow, 8(33o.
G bass Cattli Choice. 31fa3e:
good, 23Jc; fair to medium, 2 g
2c; BcallawafS, 1(3)1 jo.
Iloas-Uhoice. 44c: good. 4fa41c:
common, 3r3)3o.
Hueep Choice, 34(3)4c : med nm. 3
(3)3c; common, 1()1 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 45c.
Kansas City. Mo,. November 3
The Live Stock Indicator reports : Cattle
receipts, 4f 38 bead : shlnmnntH.
1293; market dull aod weak: rood tn
choice, $4 ltV3;4 00; common to me
dium, $3 3( 4: etookers, $2 25(32 75;
feedirg bteers, $2 80(3)3 60; ciwbV$ 50
(3)2 60, grata range steets, $2 253 20.
Hogs receiots,r82 he8d;ihipmnfB,94
head; market strong and 5j biirhnr:
good ti choice, $3 84; common
to medinm, i3 65(3)3 80. Sheen re
ceipts, 569 head; shipment-, 400;
market Bteady ; kood to choice. J2 5(V31
Chicago. III.. November 3. Tim
Drovert' Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 7,000 head; shipmoEtl, 2000
head ; market steady and unchanged :
shipping steers. 950 to 1500 lbs.
$3 25(3)4 90; s ockers and feeder-,
$1 76(.i)3 35; cowe, bnlle and mixed,
Jl WWi 70: bnlk. I2f5)2 35: thrnnirh
Texas, slow, steers, $2 60(5)3 05; West
ern raneers unchanged. Ilogs re
ceipt, S0.C00 head; shipments, none;
maiket steady and more active;
rough and mixed, $3 40(3)3 80; pack
ing and shipping, $3 75(3)4: lizbt.
$3 40(3)3 95 ; skips, $2 i53 25. Blieep
receipts. 6IK1O head; shipments,
1000 head; mirket dull and 16(3)25c
lower; natives, $1 753 76; Western,
I3fi3 25; Teians, $1 753; lambs,
$2 75(,4 50.
Arkaniu City Will 8. lUva, 5 p.m.
Friart Point.... Jams Lai, 1 p.m.
llehni Uim !Hciut, Sam.
Virksburt Billi MiMram. 10 a.m.
S- Loui I. R. Powhl, 12 b.
Ofreula E. V. Cols, 6 p.m.
TielPlTlll. CHRSa pgAKI, 5 p.m.
Arrivals Coahoir.a. O.c o a ; Chic k-a-aw,
White liver; Uayoeo, Concor
dia ; Wyoming, St. l,o nid.
Dfitartum. Gjyosj, tVncordia;
""hickasaw, White river; Wyoming,
lloatt in Port Coahoma.
Boatt Due Voim. C.ty tf New Or.
leans and Chesapeake.
Boatt Due Up. Will 8. Haves,
James Lee and Rene Macrtady. '
Coahoma 260 bales cotton. (10 linira
seed cotton and 1920 eks seed.
Chickasaw 1254 bales eoiton. ?.',4
(ks scad and 36 pkgs sundries.
uaTOso 123 bales cotton. 7.1 i .
s?ed cotton and 1792 eks teed.
rising. Weather olondy and warm. No
arrivals or do part area of regular packets.
Kl KA M UOA'l.
Notice to Shippers
Learei Tills DAY. Nov. 4h, mi 1 p.m.
MS I.HK, J., Hnpt.
for Uirkman, Cairo, St. Lonia anil all War
LanJinir-'Ibe ec.nl ateaiuer
W. w. n.b..
Will leav. ll.
01 n, at iz in
v. Ij. it
J-'? Vs-A.J
KIsTatnr FHIIlAv
'or fteiibt or panire api It
, Pom A.'t. AH ST.iKM. Ar't.
Sit. I.OMI anil Sirw Orlean Anrhet
Belle Memphis, .fm,
fleo. Baker mater.,iff2al
Tns Anchor Line steunur Citv nf
New Orieins is due dowu lor New Or
The Rene Macreadv. Cant. O. K.
Joplin, is the packet tlus evening at
5 o'clock for Helena and all way points.
The K. AV. Cole, in place of the
Coahoma, is the picket tomorrow
evening for C'ceoia and tbe upper
Tub Anchor L'nera tomorrow morn
ing are the Belle cf Memphis for
Ylckaburg, and tbe 1). R. Powell lor
St. Louis.
Tbe James Lee, Capt. Thos. Clag
itt, Is the pneket tliio evening at
o'clock lor Helena. Knars Point and
all way landings. Will Ashford is in
irr uiuce.
Tub Chesapeake. CadL W. P. Hall.
Is the packet tomorrow evenirg at 5
o'clcck for Hales Point. Tlitinville
and all waylsndinoB. Col. J.T. Fuller
is in her cilice.
The Will a Havs. Cant. Mark R.
Cheek, in place of the Kate Adams, is
the United B ates mail packet this
evening at 6 o'clock for Helena, Ar
karsns City and all way landings. W.
C. ISlunl or has chargo cf her cQlce,
aaniited by Amos Day and Morris
Business fair.
Weatber clear and pleasant.
Tub river here ttandu 4 feet 1 tenth
on tne gange, a rite ol I tenth in the
last 24 houis.
Tbb Coahoma arrived with 260 bales
of cotton, 60 bags of seed cetton, 1920
sacaa oi secu.
RECEirTB by river yesterday: 1637
bales oi cotton, 97 bans ol seed cotton
and 3970 Backs of seed.
Piloib of the Gayoso report the
river from Friars Point to this plase 6
feet, Silver Rest 6 feet, Hbip Inland 7
The Wyoming arrived at dark las',
evening from 8i.Ixul. Hue di'charg-d
hare 1U0 tins of freight and added 35
tons, and left at a Into hour last night
for Vlckabiirg.
The G.tyoio arrived yesterday morn
ing from Concordia with 123 hairs of
cotton, 37 bays of seed cotton, 1792
Backs of seed, and returned la t even
ing with a fair trip.
Tub Chickasaw arrived yesterday
afternoon from White river with 125 1
bales tf cotton, 264 sacks of Beed and
30 packngrs of sundries. (She re-
shipped at Terrene 65 biles of cotton
for New Orleans and , returned last
night with a fair trip.
The Cincinnati Timet Star ofNo-
vembor 2d euys: Capt. J. W, Hmlth
hai secured a now steamer, which he
Is having completed at the Covington
w avs and lias ctinstened the Albert
M. Lee. Hhe will go to ViciBhurg
when finished and run In a local trade
from that point. Hho is a handsome
cratt ana will provo n credit to the
trade she Is to engage in.'
At 6:30 o'c'ock vesturdav inoruiiiu
the steamer Coahoma while on ber
way to this poit struck a hidden di
stinction in toe channel near Island
No. 40 and knocked a hole into her
hull near tho tt inch'on uort about 20
feet aft of the bow. Hhe began filling
rapidly, but by tilling the hole with
blankuia and other matter the boat
was kept s float and lauded on a bar,
where by a viiiorons ute of the alnhon
she was pumped out, and prooreded
on her jonrnev. hbo arrived here
about 11 o'clock a.m. aod landod on
the bar opposite the city, where slie
was again pumped clear of wator.
The tug W. H. Ji nes went to her as
sistance, but was unable to reach hor
on account of the low stage of the wa
ter on the bar. In the afternoon the
disabled boat successfully made her
way to this side and landed at tha fort
of Jefferson street, where she dis
charged her cargo, consisting of 3tt0
bales of cotton, 1920 Backs of cotton
seed and 60 tacks of aeed cotton. '
8he eoes from hereto tha ea af '
Mound City. Ill,, for renairn and will
bs rep seed by the E. W. Cole, liar
damages are estimated at $3500, cov
ered by insurance in Memphis companies.
OrFica Signal Sbbvicb, U. 8. A.,1
MEMPnia, November 3, 1 p.m.
The following obeervatlons are taken
at a l stations named at 75 meridian
ime, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time
will leave the K .v.in. ITKmAt v
' th, at 10 a.m. For treuht or pi.KKe apply
C. t.. II a 1. 1., H.. Arl. APSTOHM. Han't.
1 .1
For Helena and M. 1'rnnela Klver.
Str.Pe;:e Macready xsEfc
Cl. K . Jn.ltn.....,t1-tnr.
I.eivK fnr Helena KVKKY TUBD Y ao4
THURSDAY at 6 p.m. l.nivea l.r Helena
and St. Francil river tVlillY 8AIUKUAY
at i p.m.
The enptaln reaervei the right to aim ail
landintf he deema uniat'e
JAS. LICK, .la.,Bui't,
Office, No. 4 Mition utreet.
you TirroNViLi.K.
Far Ooeola, lliilul Point, ("aruthcrnvllle,
(lijino and Tiptonvillo Ihe new ilde
vlutol pnrnenaer atean-r
W. I. Hall mauler. I J. I). Fnller...!oW1c
Will leave a Hhovo, and alt war puintt.
p.m. For t rnitrht or pawnee epptyun honrd.
rm)Fiii, Vrf r I'olxt unl WlrMihi
euil Kv4wolii FaeKt-ft Vmuftnny.
For llelonn. W endnle, 1 " r i . r a Point an.i al
War Lauillnn Steauitr
Tames Lee, zHmii
K. T. CLAtKlETT M.,1.
Will leive aali..veon KVKHY MONUAY,
WKUNKbUAY und IrKlOAY at 6 s'olvqk.
For Handuliib, Full.-n, 0?ff o'a aa V. y
Lfciiclari tteanior
J. 11. COOl'KK IW.ii.ier.
Leavei Kverf MtlNllAY, VNyCUN KHbA Y
and FIUDAY at ft p.m. Tho'bnati ol thl
line renorve the rinht to pant all Umllnrt
theoptain may deem unmile. (itBce, No. t
MHi.,m m. J AMKS I.KK, Silp't
Meraphls and Tlcksrtnrg Packet (''
pnuy U. S.Mail Uue.
For Beleua, t'onoordia, Xerreneanil Arkaa
iOitr The alemnt lonienKer tei""'
M. K. Cheei...iaasur I W. 0. llinkor...oler.
I.Riweil Mtfiuipbll
For Coneordla and all wiylandlnai.
The Hteniner
A. h. Cummlni, Mait'r Lew Prioe Cierk
Leave 'ID hl)A Y and nA'l'UKDAY ati v.m
Fur general Information apply at
No. 4 Madiiua (treet.
ICIIV OARR. Pnm'r Ayent. Telephone JA.
McnipIilH.V White River rkt.Co
for 4'lnrnilii, Devnll Hlull,, Ilea
Are, Auxnrta, Hearoy, Newport, Jaokioa
port, Uatenvllle and all Way Landinat,
Silt. C1UUKASAW, r .rr
K. C. l'oital mater,al'
Will leave UVKHY WEDMKbDAY at p.m.
Albert II. Hmlth rnanter. 1 111 mm
Will leave aVtltY HA lUKDAY at 5 p.m.
Thniugh ratei uiven to all point. Freight
onined to the Men phli and White Kiver
Packet Co., at Memphli or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For anneral informa
tion apply at otnoe. No. 3 Mailinon tt., ort
(lull Telephona M. II. (I. l.tlWK, A'i.
Kill 1111 HUf I
Asld Sroa Karth.
Mi as.
Li -a
Trade !C.n!
New York, November 3. The
market was very quiet on new de
mand, but through dolivcries of all
claaees of (tont!ain the execution of or
ders a gcoJ bnsiuces was completed.
Ah've Low
Wafer. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths lOUie I0;hs
Cairo 4 B 1
Chattanooga .... 1 6 , 1
Cincinnati 3 6 5
Davenport 3 6 1
Dubuque 5 1
Furt Umith 1 5 1
Helena 3 7 2
Keokuk 3 7
LsCroise. 4 0
Laven worth... 6 1 M
Little Kock 16 3
I-ouisvllle 2 6
Memphis 4 11
Nashville 6
New Orleans.... 2 2 1
Omaha - ,
Pittsburg 0 2
Ht. Lonis 7 4 2
St. Paul 2 6 2
Shreveport 7 6 1
Virkshurg 3 1
For Dyppala,nll (Ivraiigrin
I tho nigjoetlvs Oriiaue und lbs
y.lvr,Skln Dlieum, nie, llurnn,
Vcalde nnd Hrulere. At'lU I ROB!
BTH In m eperlflo.
htimatlnn, irialarlnl Dliein
dam, Chroiilo Dlarrhaia and
allmatn eam of Ulood PaleemlBf,
yield wlikaeii ie.ii it, wentr
1 laiMlve ae7ei.
AatiteMrtTM pBUBntktot, i lw I
f sill dlra aw mm, aawtf
tnm the A. I. K. Ce,, nMI, AJaw
At Wholesale by YAW VLKETA CO.
Whbblin, W. Va., November 3.
Noon Kiver 1 loot 4 Inches on tho
g ingeand stationsry. Weather cloudy.
Pittsiipbo, Ta,, November 3. Noon
Kiver 6 icet 6 inchei ou Die gaiiue
and utal.ionary. WcAtbor clear und
f)Uisvu.i.,Kv.,Noveinber 3 Noon
Kiver stationiu.v, with 2 Icet 9 Inches
in tho r-niiiil anil 7 inches on th Ipi'ub.
dull. Weather ebudy and plccsant.
Cairo, III., November 3. Noon
Rivtr 4 feel 0 inches on the gauge end
on-K('Nldont Rothe.
No. M'JO-In the Chanoery Court of ShoMxr
County, Tenu. -Sarah Maek n. Saumel
It aniiearlna from the bill whleh itawera
to In this cauaethat the defendant, K a nine I
aiuoe, ii a non-rMHtent er tbe Htats of Tea
neitee and thut bia place of reii'Unon
unknown :
It Ii, therefore, ordered that he make
hit appearance heroin, at the Gourthoan
of Bliolljy oounty, in Meinphia, Tenn., a
or before the Urst Monday in Deoojoker.
lftW, and pleiid, anawer or deinnr toeoi
plainant bill, or the eume will be taken i.
conlemed a to him and net for hearina e
Parte: and that a copy ol thu order be pnk
liihed onoe a week tor four inooenive week
in the Memphil Appeal. Thu 14th day ot
October, How.
A copy Attest:
H. I. M.iKDWELL, Clerk and Ma.tor.
By T.'B. Caldwell, Deputy O. and M.
J. o. Duval, lol. tor ooaiplaiaaal.
No. MSI, R. Chanoery Court of 8blby
county. titateol Tenneuee, etc, ve. Wa.
liaileyet al.
TJ virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
J J tale entered in the above cnuse cn the
JHtb day ot Stay, 16, M. II, 5;!, ime 107,
1 will lell at publio auction, to the blah
eat bidder, in front of the Clerk and Ma
tor o fan. i. oourthouna ol bbelby oounty,
Memphil, Teenemee, on
Kalnrdajr, Aovtmber 13, lt,
within legal hu'i, the fntlonini deeribed
property, ntuated iu Shelby oounty, Ten
UeHooe. to wit:
Lol 14, Ki-nl auhdiviiion o untry lot f,1.1
froiitinii lis;tet on theeiiitt ide of Mniti
ptreut and 1 hl-t l-iit on thu uouih side of haf
fitrana ittei t, und ru'iumu buck to lino ot
Oi'initry lot Ml.
Toruij ofali1 On a credit of .lit month;
note who. pe -urity rniuired ; lien retair.ni
redemption h.nrrd. Ib'n Ui'toticr l.i, l!.
.-. I. M. I'OWKIL.CIe.k and Master.
Pv T. 11. C li'.we' 1. Deputy 0. and .U.
F. II. A C. W. lteikell, bolloitorj.
octl-i.'6 BuriM.)

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