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.SaICRDaT. t I SOT. C. 1886.
InUmatitBi pp oat from the prcts
nl else here fiom time to time tht
tttOTemmlie ouiely Bo'mg on that
inll produce mrmeiitouartBult?. That
ia ike converaion of tbe
labor unions inlo political center?,
the policy to ke to irjore moat of the
qntstions about TfLlth the present
twopaitiesdifftr, and to make tbe
lstercets cf labor and the elevation of
the rocr the olject of every effort, a
thiid party, baaed upon claaa Interest,
ia a thief to be deplored. Class m ar
rlrg npon alar-s could bring only mis
fcrune. It ia said that the s'rong op
ptaiiioa made to their stiike?, the
mnrdeioos ava of the police at8L
Lcuis, and tbe provocationa labor ia
continually receiving from capital are
the moviag impulse that la driving
the working people to make the ballot
tbe avenger of their wrongs. That
thera is oppression and wrong that re
quires remtdylng is but loo evident
That legislation should be so directed
u to cmrfct those wrongs
ia indisputable, but muBt the
working people as a mass, drawing all
the merchants and mcderately well off
pecple with them, form a. data party,
have one section of society stiuggUng
against another as the only means of
redress? H we have any genuine
tateimen they will see that inch a re
sult mutt be prevented at the ccst of
any fair eonce'siooa. Ideas of a possi
ble new raity have been cast out at
time, yet eicited no special attention,
but it is i xpected that the large vote
' given to Mr. George in New York will
lnclire the working people almost
everywhere to try what labor candi
dates may be made to do to subserve
the interests of labor. It is possible
that the New York Msyoralty e!ectloa
may bs looked upon as an era from
which time a new departure was
htne'f with Roaa'a, the most despotic
rountiy ia the world, and at tbia very
time tyrancia'ng over and crashing free
Bu'gnria. Batata's principal opponent
is England, which country befriends
Bulgaria, and at this contingency,
when ary alliacca witn a country that
ia making active war upon liberty is
inconsistent with republicanism, the
tyract should meet wiik no aid in h s
evil schemes from a republican peop e.
But France takes this very conjuncture
to relieve Russia from England's pos
sible active proceedings, by calling
upon it just now, in connection with
Russia, to vacate Eujpt. Tbia is
a poor way of recommending r pub-
licanism to Europe. Happily tbe
monarcba show more sympathy for
Balgir'a tban republican France, and
none of thorn but Bus ia w 11 Joio
France in its call upon England. They
know that Egypt is in no atate to be
left to lis own resources. 80 France
ttands a'one, her policy not only a re
proach but a failure. The mortiuca-
tion to French vanity la great ; may it
bave tbe effect of induing France to
approach real republicanitm. A lie-
public that la not a friend to liberty Is
aham, and caocot endure unliss re
The Tennearee Goal and Iron Com
pany ia giving such s'gns of coming
prosperity as to have brought it
hatei into most favorable notice In
Wall street These shares sold at 38 a
while ago; they now quote over 70,
and the Wall street Indicator speaks in
the meat flattering manner of tbe as
sured prospect of still higher figures.
The Birmingham (Ala.) papers state
'that at ones 400 coke ovens will bs
erected at South Pittsburg, and ths
Immenss coal field lying on the west
ef the Sequatchie Valley, above Vic
toria, will ba developed by building 1
third blast furnace at South Flttsburg,
The Tennessee division includes 170,-
000 acre a of mineral lands, three blast
f arnaces In operation, 050 coke ovens
the .Inraan ore mlnee, ths Sewance
coal mlne, anu other property. The
Pratt company property, recently ac
quired in the Blcmlngbim district,
will bs improved by the building
of four of the largeat furnaces in the
South. 1090 coke ovens, and a basic
steel plant. A hesi cf kboiera will
require the construction - of several
hundred tenement houses, aud other
mlut s will bo opened. Tbe new town
will be named Knaley, a ter the preBi
dent ol the Tennessee Coal and Iron
Company, recent'y ths president ol
the Memphis Gas Company. How
wonderful It looks today that, for so
many generations, there natural
riches cr.uld bo suffered to He so long
neglected, and a land bloseed by it
creator with treasures so great should
bs trilling iti time aud wasting its
energies over what could bo scratched
from the surface of the ground by the
negto and his mule.
iniibaiEvrY opprenvinu tii
The subject of convict labor is be
coming so often discDesed, and ths
whole system so generally condemned
that the monopolists, who are the
usual employers of that kind of labor,
have tiken the alarm and are claim
ing that no branch of free labor is in
Jured by convict labor, nor any work
man's trsgas decreased by its coot'
petition .When disagreeable truths
come )() ' (Ight audacious denial
usually resorted to, and recouree to
obviously fa'ae denials Is a pretty cer
tain prdof that thera is wrong to ba
bidden. : The-Illinois Slate Board of
Statistics, in i s recent report, shows
conclusively that convict labor is ruin
ous to fair industry, and destructive
to wages.' ' As aa instance, it is shown
that coopersgs has suffered most seri-
ously from the convict labor that cjs's
a mere nothing. Out of a total
el 1,000,700 packages of cooperage
consumed In Chicigj lat year,
7 per cent waa manufactured
in prieons. Contract bnsineBi in
ecoperone has increased in Illi
nois 3(H) per cent in ten yeara, while
the increase of private establishments
outside has only been 31 per cett. In
the same time tbe average annual
earnings of coopers outside his de
creased mcrrs than one-fourtb, and tbe
price of their product mors than one
third.. Bach facts carl be supplied in
abundance, and it ia aeked bow aStats
can do a greater wrong to its cit'sens
ban tbns to damage their business,
and thus run down tbe too moderate
Income of tbe working men. Convict
labor must go to the roada where it
will do good. . To make tbe die honest
a means of injuring the honeet is sim
ply UendieK
France is a Republic She has been
a Eopubl.c two or three times bef iru,
but always lall-d &t the business.
Will she eieceed this time? A repub
lican government is a free government,
and a friend tp freedom iveiywhera.
But France eegsgea in Inva ians npon
na!iom 1 !ndpmdeuce inTmquin and
Madagcsciir, add she indices to elly
Tbe Profits of Ufa Itineracy In Cin
cinnati Sank la a Hoop Ladle
The Knit Compromised.
Long yeata ago it was claimed that
valuable minerals awaited tbe miner's
pick among tbe hills of Aikaosas.
Many a prospector wandered among
the summits, r-purs and clefts of the
bills, and now and then came tidings
f impoj taut discoveries that were to
make the searchers rich. But no rush
of treasure hunters s t In to the Ar-
acnas land cf promise and the mono
tonous votes of stamping mills re
frained from awaking the echoes with
their restless c'antor. Tbere was
enough encouragement to -arouse the
hopes of the miner, but not sufficient
realization to induce iovejtments by
tie capitalist ' At length, however,
tbe long anticipations are becoming
actual fact?, and the mining industry
is finding a settlement in Arkansas.
Tbe Hot Springs papera are boast
ing of important diacoveiies at
tbe mining camps of Bear
mountain and other points
wett of the Spring', and it Is expected
that Mon'gomery County will soon be
a busy hive. Precious ores in paying
quantities are reported. Stamp mills
and ether machinery for the reduction
of ores, are in course of erection. Col.
Moffet, the great lead) produoer of
Joplin, Mo., ia patting up smelting
fuinaoea at Crystal Springs, to utilize
tbe rich "black mud" .found near
tbere, and which contains a heavy
percentage of galena.rand silver with
some gold. Tbe mining industry of
Arkanaas is tnus inak.tr g a lair sun,
and experienced miners and mine
manaseta are lookiog for a very pros
perous Isfue. Arkansas has orept out
of her old ahell wonderfully ol late
veare. and now seems to bs in a fair
way ol aeutngttie ytem 01 many mines
to her other treasure.
Kill. Two Brothdia, Oni flnrrl firing
Ills Lira in Nnve III lf
Mute Klmtmnn.
Cincinnati, O , November 5. Tha
Timrt-hlar of yetterday s.ys that Sam
Small laid for tits gold watcb, dia
monds and silverware that he pur
chased from Ate Hteinao, the joweler.
The trial cf tbe anit whicb S.einxu en
ured against him before Justice
Blojm was to have taken place at 0
o'clock, but it dii not take place at
all and never will.
Mr. Steinau'a attorney, the Hon.
Howard Pouglars, and Mr. Small's at
torney, Messrs. Paxton and Wariing
too, effected a oinpromlse by the pay
ment of the full amount sued for and
tbe coeti Mr. fctilnau incurred in
biing'ng the suit.
At 0 o'clock this morning Juetlce
Bloom and several reporters waited
anxiously for Mr. Small, Mr. Steinan,
tbe lawyers and the witnesaea to show
up, but ttey did not show. An entire
hour was consumed in waiting, and
when the clock's hands pointed to tbe
figure 10, Justice Btoom declared tbat
tbe last minute of grace bad passed,
and it was evident there would be no
Tnen th lawyers' ofllcfs were vis
ited. At Paxton A Wanicg'on'a Mr,
Small bad been, but he had jnst gone
"nn to tbe trial," aa tbe clerk said.
Tbia was known to ba aa invention,
and Both Tvnrt-Htar r.mtlid up to
Howard Donalds s office. Mr. Doug
lass aud Mr. Abe Steinau were f jucd
"Mr. Faxfon was here, was stated
bv Mr. S'einan. and he and Mr. Don
class had a consultation. Mr. Small is
to pay ms the full amount of my bill
nil the cwts ana toe sun wui De
withdrawn. Mr. Paxton wrote a letter
addretswl to Mr. email, which I am to
sitrn. and Mr. Small ties written a let
ter to me. The wno'e matter rs neen
amicably adjufted. Mr. Small declares
tbat I am a portent gentleman ana
declare that Mr. Small is a perfect
SLtleman. and tbere is 10 card Uel
lug now on either s'de. I (waa a sim
ple case 01 mieunuercianuirig.
"V riat is me lener inac you are 10
ndtoMr. Small?"
' Here it ia.'-
Tbe Utter read ss follows:
But. Dr. Small:
nun Fir In ltitl,- to von I dciira In iY
thiit at no tln.e d d I Tr oiroulata tbe ro-
Eurt j ou bad r.tuMd to par tba claim. I
old a.almt nu for merchant!!., and that
on were Mtln to defraud roe out ol tbe
.am, tbe information 0 immunicat 0 to
ou anil upon which you predicated your
letter to me waa not furni.hr d by me. Our
relation, prior to the receipt of the letter
bad alwaya bem plea.ant and agreeable,
and II 1 had not been nil.repre.ented to
on 1 am lure we would bar bad no eon-
rover.T. All matter, pending belwetn aa
hare been honorably adju.ted and luliy
paid, very trmy yonis.
Aftf r having written this lettr, Mr,
Paxton left Mr. Douglass's offlue at
:30 0 clock, stying tbat he would re
turn in three-quarters of an hour with
Mr. Small's letter, to which Mr.
ttinau's le'ter, written by Mr. Pax
too, was to be aa answer. What was
more important, he would also bring
tbe nrcMeary iXit) witn him. Jlut in
three-quarters ol an hour Mr. Paxton
dtd not appear, nor did ce appear
until a quarter to 1 o'clock. .
Mr. Hielnau w ited not patiently but
very irnpa'ientiy I r him all tne time,
and towai d the lost it began to look as
though Mr, Small could cot ra'ee tbn
mocev cr had crauged ills mind aud
intended to let he trial proceed. How
ever, at tbe lima sta'ed Mr. i'xtin
entered with tbe money, and the f ol
lowing letter from Mr. Small, both of
which wt-ra bandfd to Mr. bteinau.
The 1- tter rpad thus:
Stelnnu, Jr
Emporia Republican of tern rrow will
rot'tun aa interview with Unit el
State? Sei a or Plumb, in whi'th that
gentlerrao referring to 1 ho pubiira'lcn
I rtc nt air pa cuhb 10 the enen iuai
New York and Colorado and catea
had been formed for the pnrpece of
Lurchaeing from the Chcrokte lad'
an th tract of land embracing about
6,1 00 000 acres on tbe noth l;ne of
the Indian Territory known as the
Cherokee sir p, saya the Chrokee
bave net tbe oiuinal nM to make
uch aile, tbat the eovernment baa
in oDtion to purchase, which it will
not wave to permit tbe purchase by
puvata parties, ana mat n) ebib wui
ha per mi 1 ted br Coneresi except ti
the government, and that lor tbe only
and sola purpose of raaale to actual
eettlera iu one hundred and sixty acre
incuL to tbs trraii,.
IfcHMiNCiiiAM. Ai.a , Nnveinbor 5.
Two moo were killed this afternoon in
a collision of a hand car and seveal
ild cars loaded wi'h atone out on the
Pratt railrcad. They wme brothera
John Par jo tie, section boss, and Nat,
a bond, and Ihe former sair tlced him
self tryiog to tve ths latter, wbo wos
a Oral mute. The stone cars were
btnnilirg about three-quarters of a
tutlo down the grade from a coal
train, at one of tbe slopes whera
soveral of the rial caia wi ra cut lores
by mis'ake and they rushed against
the atone cirs and uta'tnl uim down
with a great momentum. There were
eleven men on - the handcar. All
jumped in time except tbe deaf niut
and John, turning back to get bim
out ol the way. was run over wi
him. The bodies' were terribly man
A negro named Stave Cotton waa
watching two negro women lighting
in tbe railrcad yard at the Piatt
Mines, this afternoon; when a switch
eng'.ne rsn over bim fend out off-his
Papera were filed today promising
Birmingham a second electrlo light
plant. Tha Edison - Kltatrio illnml
natiog Company, of Bi rto Inarhata, pro
pose building it, with 175.00U capital
stock. 1 1
Tbe Bliaxk Canvcd tour, to AUarai
Chari.kston. S. C, November 5.-
Specials f om'Walterboro.GrtHtnwood
Chesterfield. Laurens. Abbeville and
ether point in the SUtej Indicate the
shocks at those places were more se
vere than atCharle8ton;at Walterboro
so eevere as to make the people run
into the ttreeta and canse the Circu
Court to adjourn without ceremony,
Tonight all is quiet In Charleston.
Cold m in , 6. C November 5. At
10:2:1 o'clock this afternoon the
rovoreat abock since AniniBt 31st oc
curred. It lasted forty seconds,
Buildings rocked violently.
Chableston, . S. C, November 5.
Tbere waa the aeverest shock yet fait
at Sumter at 12:25 o'ciock today
and a severe and continued shorfc at
jrenwood, ti. C, at 12:33 o'clock,
perhaps the second severest yt fait
Chablshton, 8. O., November 5.
All tbe sotiools were in araslon at tbe
time of the shock. One pupil in
colored achool waa crashed ia tne
panic, and several pupils tn another
were injured by falling plastering.
Holiday PrraMita, Mnlfortra.
A RorlMlUtle Ualhtrlne;.
Chh'aoo, November 6. Kirery foot
01 timairg 100m in Wtst Twelltb
atieetluruer Hall wai crowded to-
rivht when William Llebknecht, the
Cicrriian aocaliHt, rtepoed npon the
p ntf irra to expcunl his ideca. Tli
1111 li. me r uiiibertd fully 3,'HX), and
liuodreds had brrn turnad away. Dr.
in d Mre. Av-ling. ot Loud.'n, rccn-
pud t-ea'sm tha platform Unlik
previous iiHtliei-injs wider auia'i tc
B'top iei io til's cHy there was no d e
pley ol 1 liinson bannere, Litbknei lit'e
i'd n' did not tiiffer niaierially fr m
tbote dt'hveied by Lim iu other ciiies.
a Policeman Ha Will Be Kept
There A Ho t I Poo! Agreement.
With 69,000 Volera Behlod Illm la
Hew Tork He la to Be m Ureal
factorial Amnlcai Polities.
I)arSib In rsipon.eto y"ur eomrouni
CHtion ol tbia dal. 1 ua.ira to .ay that mi
Tiirnntn letter to you waa bared unon in fur
uiation thit you wer. makins 4,.ever" nnil
unwarra- trd tbreai. aKNin.t ma aion th
.trett. of Cincinnati. At that dUtunr-. anil
uhdctr thoa cir'-uin'tanofl. idv lDdiirnntiun
took tbn axpre.rion. n.t d a. roprr. tlpon
your rspra entuiiou. mat you had made io
.uoh remark. I am free 10 withdraw th
letter .n 1 it. ofl'on.ive term. A. you .uy.
irtor Io IhlM nii.under.tandmir our bu.ineii.
ran.aatioo. wer pleasant and .utl-factory.
Your., very true, BAM W. SMALL.
While weitinu fir Mr. Paxton to
bring ia the letter and ihe money. Mr.
Stcinsn .poke of the cae. r-'aidhe:
"Tills in all tbe result cf tale bear
ing. I would never bave brought th s
ami if Mr. Pma 1, whom I have alweys
lout a io ds a parifct gentleman, bad
not been giving mlen-pr, sentaiions.
Tiio story is just this: When Mr.
Bsra'l's noteb cime long overdue, I
wanna to wnie io mm about It, and
mettlng Will Stevens, I ssked bim
where Mr. Small was at tbat time. He
told me and akid why, I wished
to know. I told him -all the cer
cumsUnco', when he said that if Dr.
Joyce knew shout it he would corre
spond with Mr. timll and sen tbat the
note was paid, lis told Dr. Joyce,
then I got tbat blackguarding letter
from Mr. Small. I blame Dr. Joyce
for the whole matter. There never
was anytroable between Mr. Pmall
and myself until Dr. Joyce interfered.
Tbe pnrchsss of silverware wss made
to complete a partial aet alreidypnr
cbaatd for about $250, and the Items
are as follows:
..112 50
... 4 75
.. 75
.. 2 75
,.. 4 75
2 85
. 18 CO
,.. 8 00
... 8 00
... 7 50
... 8 51)
... 7 00
... 2 76
... 2 tO
... 12 00
... 3 40
... 18 00
... 18 00
30 00
Biuo ladle.
Gravy ladle
Barry spoon
Cream spoon
Preeerve spoon
Jelly spoon
Ice cream spoons (12)
8alad spcou
Sal.d fork....
Fish fork
Fish knfe
Pie knife
Buttt-r knife
Pickle fork
Ice err am sliccr
Ingraving above
Icscrtamdifh (plated)...
Ire cream pla'ca (plateJ).
D.amond loikt
sroiiTiyo hews.
Tbe Barra Yeaterday.
Washikciton, November &.Fir4
AVc Mile and one sixteenth. Peri
ceswon; Ten Ballke second, Nellie
Yanthlrri. Tim-l:4!)l.
Smmd Racf. Seven fuilorara. Fran
kle 1). won ; 'A imnra second, Lancaster
third. Time itzu.
Third Ran Handicap, three year
olda, on mile and a quarter. Boss
won; Irish Pat second, Gonfalon
thiid. lime 2:0i)j.
fourA Jiaet Mi e. PcnHco won
Liu a Dwyer second, Ferg Kyle third.
Time 1 :-'.
Ftftk Jiace.--Handicap tteeplechare,
lull coins. ntiamiTclt won : Jennet
ae second, Abiabam third Time
'Th atirewnburi 'P.
London, Njtctn'ipr 5. The Shrews
buiy enp, (two inilts), was won by
tiu JJiifce ol It-'Hiifo t'a i ln co jejr old
Illiy, rviii'" c,-ip- v.
The Clinrohf Irnrial'itnaol Be Hold
Emi'ji ia, Kan., Njvijmbsr 5. Tho
Of Henry Georg, the nun wbo has
concentrated in New Yoik city the
vote of 09,000 woikingmen, one wbo
knowa bim writes that rob id v from
tb Pcifle slope ever eneaks of "Hen-
rv ueoiB", or -jar." ueorif. it ia
always "Harry" Geome. His bios-
laptiy is prety well known, bnt just
now it may be donbly interestiog to
know something of this real earnest
little thinker with a red head and a
(itikt blue eve that Li never at rest,
Uairv ueorgo a Ma in bin francieco
wa", like thousand) of other newepa
per men's lives in leri) cities, un
eventful. He waa a piiuter at
flrBt in Sicramonto, but a very
differant kind of a printer
from tome. On tbe feVramento
porter they needed a wan to "lake"
--pnnv express leiegrams. lueapur
ot this woik, ths dreaulul need of its
results and the boms Door Oeorge bad
to give it. led him into a train of
t bought, and when tbe n st teiegrapn
wire came to the coast be bad his plan
perteoted. Then, as now, certain
newsDaoers witn - li niienco ana
wealth had secured the rigni oi
news, and inose papers enioyea
a sublet franchise from the Chicago
nrw papers. When tbe Atlantic and
Pau tic telegraph was started, tbat
being an indeoendent enterprise,
George slatted Est, located in New
York and Washinaton, scd devised
so perfect a cipher system that tbe
larger papers of Sin Faocisco, er joy
ing the franchise, promi tly male
torma with the Inventor The Bulletin,
the lesdios paper then in nan t rancis-
co(18(i!) invited Mr. George ti an edito
rial chair, at a salary of $1000 gnld.
Wh leon tbe San Francleco Bulletin
be begin to deve'op h land theories.
At tbat time tho Bulletin waa friendly
to the Central Pacific Failay Com
pany, and Stanford and Urocker com
plained. Tbe Bull tin pioprietora were
cowards In those days, like a good
many other coast papers wbo weie
seeking tbe favor of ihe great new
power that had been built up in
their midst. Tbe Bulletin notified Mr.
George that bis work waa no longer
satisfactory. They dijmifsed him
on a Saturday 'night, without a mo
ment'e warning. Monday evening
there app ared on the etrects ''The
Evening Pott, price one cent, Henry
Geome aiid llonrf Wenrte 1 Thom
son, editors " Nubdy knew where
the money came from there pribab'y
was nonetoBprak of. Chicago wei.
remembirs Henry Wendell Taomion,
lata Asuietant S atn'd Att ri ey, wbo
but recently died. uorg and loom
son started tbe Pott It was nit
much cf a start. There wra no
pinnies on tbe comt then, but
G aorgo, with his ever prerent
id-ia cf leveling everything, said
they must im port some. Between th m
they raided $300 and got ont 30,00
peunieaby expra-s ctiarges alone flu,
Then tht-y started out io levMuticnize
the town. 1 ho result wss the news
boys sot most cf the pennies. Tt ey
w uld buy them lor change, ine
minii'g opera or would say, 'Gimme
Post." and hand out a dime. The boy
would band ever a nicale charge end
proceed to couiitout p nnies. "Whai'a
tbat? Oil, no by; no frje lunch to
kens for me. Keep 'em lor youraell."
The Urent I.ttniler of tlio Irlab People
u ateary uiomt,
rVichael Dayit'i who is just now in
Chicago, ei pressed great pleasure over
the result cf tne New i ork election
Henry Gecrge, te said, is much
stronger now than 11 lie bad been
elected Mayor of New Yoik. "I only
leatel be would ds elected, ne
add-d, "and then . that wruld have
killed bim politically, tie would
never bave been beard of after
that, for ha cou'd nut have ac
complished what be desired in regard
to purifying the city, and be wouid
bave matte numerous enemies in the
attempt. Ha ia now a live man and
repiesents a principle, i nave mat
telegiaped Mr. Georpe to the clleot
tbat 1 consratulated him on eecaping
'penal rervitnde' in tbe city ball of
New York. Mr. George is an impor
tant factor in tba conatry tod.y, end
be Is a greater man in Europe tban
here. His name is a common term
with ns in England and I eland, and
his book is on nearly every
shelf. He is a mao of bialn
and ' von will hear from bim
In the future." Mr. bavitt said the
DiDera of the day bad misrepresented
him, in that thty said he bad pro
claimed aga'nst George, and there
atopped. "1 d.d say that, bat I said
mar that the papers d d not see fit to
ni.ks plain. I added why I did not
df aiie to see bim elected, ss it would
destroy bim for future nie. I was re
ouefjted to come out publicly for
(ieorire. but I refr.inod, aa Iimio
hers to sss'st in poliiii s, but am here
f.ir the caiiBwcf Irelsnil, aud it would
bave been indelicate d r me to have
done anything In that lire tion."
Fine Watches at in n I lord's.
Tirnova, November 5 The Rus
sian ctptain, Nobakcff, leader of the
1- V4 - In... .. Mrl.
coup u eia ia .o, b uiiuu.gui, i
Wednesday led a band of Montene-
mcs, which att tcked the prefecture at
UiU'gts and .seised tbe prefect and
other rtlieers who proclaimed Russian
rule. Tne aovernment hts sent troopi
to quell the revolt. An efflcer, who
efcaped from Bourgis, sits the popu
lace is awaiting the coming of troops
to ss-ist th-m in the a't.t k npon tbe
Rosiians, The Nibosou t hand started I
from the Eus-iaa CorBU ate. Five
ZaokoQ ea are among the revolution
ists. A Kusaian war tliip u at Boar-
gas. m .
Dinmoiid WmK'Ih'h, Mill ford's
The policpmaa pat on eaird over
tbe car and '.rack of lbs Cit'zenn' Rail
road Con. par, y on Broadway ancet has
not yet b-n removed, th lugh a sort
of threat wat thrown out by vl r. New
man Hjtti yesterday la tne shape o( tne
following 'ormal communication to
Preaidett Hidden:
Hiarnis, Tkrr., Norember 4, 188C.
Hon. D.P, Uaddeo, Pre.ideot Taxiat Pia-
irict, eto. : .
Dcab Sib Callinn attention to the
inclosed copy of a c mmnmcation
from us of ibis date to Mr. N-tp ilean
Hill, preeident of iha Citis ra' Street
Rail toad Company, we detire to say
tbat a detail oi your policemen, after
being informed tbat the flat bad been
issued and an injunction ordered, as
contained in tbe communication re
ferred to, they conttnu.d to aid and
abutted tbn employes of the C tizeae'
Kailroal tjompany, in tba violauon
i her of, and, tbey claim, by your
direction and authority.
Tbe policemen are now on tbe light
ol way ol the railrrad companies, re-
sis icg ti e removal cf the unauthor
ized obstruction therelrom and tbe
free n-e and poFsersion thereof in
direct violation of tha it jur ction re-
terred to, as well as tbe ltiunctioa
heretofore iesued at tbe sui s of theee
compani s against tbe Taxing District.
We assume ht no intentional d are-
gird of tbe Court's fiat and it junc ion
wai or Id low contmplut. d end wa
respect'u lv cill your atteotioa to the
fact and reqiest that tbe policeman bs
withdrawn, to the end that nnaa nor-
re t obstructions may bi rem ved.
Ia this connection we are requested
to say toat while the raitr ad com
panies may txaet a proper reward for
their properly right, they will not
trespass on tbe tights, equitable or
legal, and you ned emertiio no fears
tbat they will do anything in disre
gard cf tbe lawful runts ol tbe pub
lic or individuals, very respectfully,
AHornera for Kan. aa City, Springfield and
aaempnia nauroaa uempany.
President Hadden drinies Ihe allegat
ion and defl-s tbe alligator. Hesays
be la simp'y protecting tbe property
of a resident corporation within tbe
limits of tbe c ty nothing more.
A ISadel Aireemeal.
New Yobk, November 5 The Tivie
Table will print tomorrow the confi
dential agreement between the line!
of the Southwestern A sociation,
which wia to take eff ct November
1st. Ir accompanies Ihe publication
with the fol owing comments: The
agreement signed by the lines com
posing tbe Southwestern Passenger
a es relation October 23d, to take effect
Novemh r 1st, is a caatrion document,
Which It Is SsppcSid will keep the
aureeirg lines from rate catting and
from all ol tbe numerous eharn prac
tices which have bsen irduLed in and
are being followed ncder other pool
log arrangements. The friction be-
tw ea 1 lies in the Bontbwestern Abso
cist on bas always been sraat. as the
territory covered by totm is tbe most
active and progressive put of the
country. Agreements without nam
ber bave been signed, and ia f a h
cass broken by come of ths many
bright rren connected with those
lines. It has been a byword
among railway men that pools
were an runt, put there were
ways and means for getting business.
Like tbe Spartan yonih, they were ex
prC'od to be sharp enouwh tD prtveut
iietection when guiltr ct any inl, ac
tion of pool ia'e, but they wers ex
P'cwd to gat the bosinefs. The how
aitre-me.-it, which we have print'd
elsewhere, is expected to pievent even
the sharp-st cutler from breaking the
rules without cet'.ing catiitht. "Great
crery has hen ubsvrved in the
ituinga id publishing cf tho agree-
men', tbe vanoni oiul-ihIj bemg
etrictly enj I tied from ta k ng about
the provisio: s to the nniui iatd, and
specixl s'ress was laid on the irjurc-
t'on, 'ibou sualt not allow a news
paper man to see it, neither shall he
know whiit it contains.' Tt-e t'me
tab'e prin's It vi rba'itn, and holds it
tip as a model of workmanship and an
example of what o-her poal agree
men's should he li5. under tnis
agreement peice is a' most sure to pre
vail ia the tionthwe't '
The Biggest, Greatest and in All Things the Best Show
That Ever Exhibited in This State I
The Only Big Railroad Circus and Monster Menagerie Coming
This Year, and Will Positively Exhibit
pms iinif
Great Inter-Ocean Circus !
Menagerie, Museum, Great Racing CarniTal and World's
Expositicn of Novelties !
The Same Performers. Precisely the Same Hn;e Tento, Precisely the Same
Mammoth Builroad and Lit hquipraents.
The one an only .how
rsoo.ni.td aa a laatioe
Added to Immen.aly
and .born nf nothin.
It will exhibit preiLe.
ly aa it did tbia Bum
mer in th
Htm York,
and other
Metropolitan Citiea.
institution which paya
yearly viaite
The ' only .how for
whioh Houuhern Rnll
roada nakeexcar.ioni
for their patron I from
all poinU. . . .
The Show for which the Courts Adjourn,
Factorial ihnt down, School a are diamtated, and the Firat Famlli.a form r..hienahle Cir-
oui rartiei. a .now exoiuaire in an iia noveitiea. requiriDi a
While Coaa to hold ita multifarioua roarvela. ahowinf nl
ratronaa-e with the Southern Ezpoaitton. '
JUST ADDED, three oi the Largest, Grea.te.i and ttrande.t Elepbaata ia O'aptiT.ty,
Chief, Empress, Queen ! We Challenge Ihe World
To produce aaoh a Fearle.a, Daahiot and Valorona Kaaetrian Satshemaa ia
James Robinson!
The only man who rides who waara the Diamond Studded Champion Belt and Medala ol
franco. Bpatn ano tiu.iiaana ni. n&ur. country, Aioeuciki xh mora vi-n.w -"f
other living Eo,aetrian; who bus just completed ihe moit brilliant tnnr arenad the worla
erer acooinpli.hod, and was roooivsd everywhere with an unbounded onthuelaem and
m irked distinotion nevor befoto a'co ded another Artist in tho profes.l n. .
A troupe of genuine brawny Turks, French troupe Uicycle Rider., troupe ol Siberian
Roller Hkat.r.. . . ... ...
The Wreat and wranaest BxDlWtion ever ortannea ny u. vvais, hi uuuuuui-
dly the most matnifloent ever concoived.
Will take place at 10 o'clook a.m. Don't mist it. Exenrslona on all Railreada. Two Jer-
lormaT'ees ia"v. .
Aiijnis10JI-7rj Centi. Children under 10 yeara, SO Cente. A few reierred Opera
CnniTS. 1W Cfnt. et-.
WlLLIiM Dill.
JaiiK Lii.lt.
Pool 1 Ine PitaarBKrr BnlrK.
Chicago, III.. November 5. The
bcntliern paaeHiiser and Ohio river
dooI linos THBseDff-r auenta had a con-
ference today in urder to agree npon
mttroJg lor retaining tliBir wiuier
toutlg'. t avel. Low rates to Florida
Wka tbe course proposed, but m quar
rel over tha pavmeot ol commUaiona
and divifi m of lates prevented any
agreemeut beirg arrived at. Another
conference will be held tomorrow.
G old Pengat Wiilford'a.
Loal Her Voire.
BaauN. November 5. Reports in
the Anatr an prers aaying tbat Mme.
(Jers'er since the birtb ot ner dangn-
ter had lost her voice; that her hns-
bend deeeitsd her. and tha' she be
come insane, eiiri'ed tbe telegram
from Mme. Gerater declaring tbe story
a libelous untruth, and tbat ahe is liv
ing bappiiy witti hr luahand.
Moil oern m Itniiglew. Hf nlfovd.
Coffee Roasters,
205 Slain St. (Lee Block)
HW-Telf phone g.
denoe, eaualnt Pr.matore Deoy, Nerroua
Debility, Lost Manhood, ate. having tried
in vain every known remedy, baa discovered
a simple selr.oure, whioh he wlllaend FttbB
of hi. lellow anfferera. Addraaa
Po.t OWoe Boi SO, Van York Olty.
. Jion-Besideat Hotlce.
No 6334 In the Chancery Court of Shelby
county, ienn. n. u. jiow ano oiuor. t.
Irene Qoelet et ml.
It anoearing from affidavit in this cause
that the defendant., Irene Uoelet and Henry
Bonner, her eu.ruiun, ana uarry . myi
at r.idenU ol the State of North Cer
olina; and that Joieph M. Bell i. a resident
ol the state oi araanaa., ana ait nuu-re.i
It 1. therefore ordered, That they make
thlr .nni.aranoe herein, at the courthouseof
Shelby courty, in Memphi., Tonnef.ee, on or
befora tne nrsi monafty in ytromiwr, ,oo.
and plead, an. wer or demur to complainant
bill, or tho aame will be t.ken for confessed
aa to them and ot for bearing ex parte; and
that a oorv of this order be published ono. a
week, tor lour luoros.ive week., in the Hem
phi. Appeal. TbU2ithday of Ootober, 18.
Six McDOWEU, Clerk and Master.
T- n IT l?nli.man. rinnnlv O. and M.
(4litn A Weakley, Bols. for oompl'nt frl
. ej. Too
Norlnllat Mrotlna: frohlblted.
LoNnoN, November 6. The f.ro
pr8?d aocia'itt meeiinj; at Trafal(r
Square on Lord Mayor', day Las ben
pioluulti tl.
Mn'f .1 l. Jewi'ler, !!4 M iln street,
Rolii'IlH oi 0 era rronitiie couutrj,
Absolutely Pure.
Thii nnwtlor nnrrf TirUi. A imrvrl oi
purity, utrentrih nntl wfiolBotcenr. Mor9
eo.momiesJ tit a the ot'l nary kin-H, na
eannot bo tM tn otmptitioa with tho mul
titudft of low tt, rhnrt weUfit alum or
UUVAli UAKIN4 I'tirtHhri C ,
I'-H V;'I a(ret. Now Yntk.
Soliit MIht at Mulr'rs
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrea Block)!
Increased facilities for doing; ill
kinds LlthPgraDhliifr.
M ew and Latest Styles Stock. Sew
Type. ew Marliliiory.
Prices as low as anywliere, North
or Eat.
Administrator' Sale
Of Ilonarliol'l A Klirhpn Fnrnllnre.
ON of November. 1S"6, at the late
reside' c of t h irlrt Hera ig, dereseli,,
No. ltin Adam, erred, 1 will proceed to a.l
at public auction, to the highest hiddr, (or
rash, all the llou-tho'd and K'tohen Furni
ture helnngmg io ion criiiie oi .uin mere,
llenog. dre- ed. Sti. at 11 o'clock a.m.
KLMA JiElUOii, Administrator.
To DUaeilve Copartnershlr.
Our entire atock ha to be Bold by Jan
uary 1, 1', to V1..01T0 voMarioietDuif.
our company retiring, .
avar We oBer our immenae ataoK
od Felt Hata..i - vr ?
vin. vlt Hat.. New Hhap .werta it.no, ton
Genuine Peaer Hata..... V
Job Lot t Hat., wr rth from II to 18......... J
Beautiful Botes, all Colore-.-.... .3 for 10
Ostrioh Poinpona........... lOe
Children's 1 rimmea naw, worm a, isr i w
Boya'a Cloth, Velvet and Plush Capi,
worth 1 1 .... .,..... DM-
Ladies' Trimmed Hata. worth W W
Long flumea from -. ....-.....-0e bp
Ostrioh Tipa, 3 in Bunch. from.-....-.60e up
Biida, Win, Fancy Feathera, Feather
Baa eto..atblillcBloiilyJMiw file
M-Don't Loie .(
irom tbia aay i
our Chanoo. nememoer
o January 1, lwi.
tsr Brldial and Konralac Aeitflta.
-Tho tneet assortment of DOLLS in tba
JrUate Reshaped, Feathera Oeaned, Dyed
and Curled.
a-Uolden llalr Wash by tbe Smell or Largo
Quantities. .
Ho. 321 (2), R. D. Chanoery Court of Shelby
county Mate of Teunossoo lor use. eto.,
t. W. E. Butler ot al.s No. 1704. R D.
Memphla City vs. M. II. Etillman et al.
BY virtue of an interlooutory deevea lor
mle, entered in the akore oauso on the
26th day of August, 18M, M. B. 14, page 546,
I will sell, at public auotion, to the highest
bidder. In front of the Clerk and Master')
office. Courthouse of Shelby county, Mem
phi., Tenneeiee, on
ftatardny, Bevembr 13, 1886,
within legal houri, the "following deserlbe4
property, situated in Shelby county, len
ne.ree, to-wit: , .
K..t pa.t of lot twenty nine (23). lying
west of and adjoining lot No. 28, in Cherry,
Caldwell A Co.'a aubdivUiou ol part of eoun-
... 1 ... RA1 kA . iha irnlll UroundB.
the aaid east part ef lot fronting X. foot.
on tbe no th aide or oourt atreei ku.
running back 1 lott, aad the east line ol
aaid lot being about feJ,AT,,t '"J
northwest eorner or uoor. vm.u. ,
aid lota owned by delendenta. W. A. JJiok
ford and Mra Maxian U. btillman.
Term, of Bale-On a ereditof .it month.;
notes with aecnrUy ; liej w'"! rodemp
tion barred. Thi. tlntober IS. IS"".
8. I. MoDOWBLL. Olotg and Maater.
BrT. B. Ca'dll. JJeratyC. andM.
Metc.lf A Walker, ana Laurence Lamb,
Sol icitora fur com pa ' t. sat
rhysician and Tsjcliologist.
DR. VANCB haa pr'eetd bimselt In psy
oholo.r, and i. prepared to treat die
ensrs of nervous origm bs entt e'y new
methods His ther.eu'ies is adiire.id pria
e pally to the hiither brain renter, ot spirit
ual act vity, whose influence on lower (unc
tions, nern us and bodilr, is paratnnunt. Aa
n str of the la8 gorernipg r.rcho-pbysi-r.,l
.)i.noniena, ho i connd nt tbat roaulta
will meet his u.ott eanguice exptotHtiona.
Oliice S. 3 1- i Mulu SI roe t.

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