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IppreliPBhlie Cllixfim Make the Dij
a UnentbnHlastIc One The
Doors of Shops are Barred.
lonD.it, November 9. Lord My
rr'g Day opem d gloomy and dark.
There are few aigre in the city to in
riica'e ihat this in (he day (or the Lord
Mtyoi'a show. The display of bunt
irg and tbe decoration of building
aerially made oa this occasion is al
most entirely omitted, and the author
ities and pnpnlnce aeem to be imbued
irith mnse of oppression. This con
dition is doe to anxiety for the result
of the threatened gathering of social
ists today. The po ice have made all
the possible arrangements f jr reeUt
iDg any attempts at disorder. At an
early hour ehua's of roughs began to
merge from the slams and make
their way toward the section where
tbe iociaiiste hive arranged to assem
ble. Battalions of police proceeding
to different points received hearty
rheers from the people. The streets
of the city and the Weft
End prteent a remarkable ap
pearance. All the (butlers of the
shops are diawn sud barricaded, sr.d
the iron ra linos are boarded wl h
atont timbers. Bunks and other build
ings aiebeirg sucured in a similar
manner. These precautions are not
corilin' d to tiie buildings on the route
of tue L-ird Mayor's procession, but
extend to streets (ar removed. The
suburban po ice and the reierves have
been putttd at prominent points, and
la'ge military force is in readiness,
If their assistance is needed. At ll
o'clock a force of police occupied the
ncr.h side of Tralalgar tenure. Tiie
shops in the vicinity wsre closed and
tbe doors of the jewelry establish
ments are heavily barricaded. Hun
dreds of students, srmed with stick,
have gathered about the cqnare. A
crowd of loafers arrived and were al
lowed to proceed to the entrance to the
square. Ihere they were mot bv a
double line rf polit e and turned into
the Htrand Mounted police cleared the
roadway. Tbe throng at Trafalgar
8iuare is increasing to vast propor
tions. The police are in admirable
order, 8 r Charles Warren, Commis
sioner of the Metropolitan Tolke, v s
Ited th square this ni-rnlng and indi
cated the positions to widen the po
licemen should be assigned. A trilling
encounter occurred in Trafalgt r Square
at about noon. A mob about 800
strong and marching in a body, were
ballad by the police end separated.
The po'ice then cleared thesqnnreand
pushtd the crowd toward the Thames
embankment. There the mob halted
and hoi-ted and groaned at the of liters.
Three hundred medical students,
marching live abreast and armed with
heavy bludgeons, proccoded along the
fltrand to aid tbe police. The Life
Gna da were drawn onandfurmed a
cordou across White Chape, shutting
out the East End torfallsls. Tho Life
Guards in passing through Victoria
strict were saluted with groans by
mall body of roughs, but the majority
of the collected crowds watched their
progress in ailence. Two socialists
called upon tir Charles War
ren today and requested an answer
to their lct'er of yesterday,
inquiring why the proposed sooialist
demonstration had been prohibited.
Sir Charles referred them to his proc
lamation, which, he said, would give
them tho reasons. Tlio procfssion
Started nt the usual hour and pro
ceeded over the a'Bno.l route with
out anything bappuning beyond the
usual horse play Incident to the oc
casion, lhe police disponed the
medical students and relusud to allow
them to occupy Trafulgnr tiijuuo. One
thousand policemen wo e pottttl at
the Btjuitre. The Pcotts Guards were
mustered in Kt. Uo 'rue's barracks be
hint) the National Gallery. The
crowd about Traialtiar Hqunre at 1
o'clock had grown cokxmil, the tough
elomont predominating. Accessions
were constantly srr.viug. Fulice
lined the streets converging n tho
square. They iilso snriouuded the
square and n-fused to permit anyone
to enter. Ellorls were made to keep
the crowd moving e.e far S3 it was
1 :H0 P M At this hour it is ex
pected that the Biclsiifts will attempt
to hold a meetiriKat 3 o'clock. II tliey
d'i, it ia now certain that tiie polu o
will be ordered to prevent the mot t-
ing at any cost. It is rumorul tliat
wludow smashing has occurred in
CI ancery Lane.
When the proctsuou parsed Trafal
gar Square, it met with no demonstra
tion on the part of tho crowds exept
some unoriianizad cheering end hoot
ing, the latter being especially di
rected at the Lord Mayor. After the
show hud gone by, the raub at once
surged over into the square and soon
formed a dense throng about the Nel
son monument. A number of men
mouottd the . psdestal at different
points. Some of these waved red
flags. Tbe square soon became a
scene of excitement.
Among the spetkers who addressed
the group was Williams, the socialist
loader, lie spoke from the foot of the
Kelson monument lis declared that
the popnlace would show they could
bold an orderly meeting to let the
public know tbe amount of dislrets
which at present eiis's among
the woiklngmen of England. An
other speaker said: "Ilie power of
the country was invoked to prevent us
from asiembling in Trafalgar Square.
Our reply to all this is (hat we are
here. 1 do not desire to use rmh lan-
?:oge, but mean kit I say. We want
03d, work and dwelling placs for
all will have them. The socialists
pledge 1 the unemployed of London
that they would make this demon
stration to contract before the world
theex'reme poverty of London's uu
employed with the x roma wealth
and plenty of tbe city's upper clause),
and the socialists have kpt their
word. We have given this answer to
bit Charles Warreu. Resolutions of a
proper kind will be adopted and they
will be sent to the Marquis of Halis
biry snd to Lord Randolph Churchill,
and they will be compelled to listen to
them. The socialists will continue
their work until every veatige of
tyranny shall be swept away. Our
organKttion is tbe only one which
dates to take the proper position on
behalf of the poor and oppressed. We
are not here to break the peace. We
are hers to agitate in a peaceful man
ner for work for all and overwork for
Resolutions asking the govsrnment
to provide work for the unemployed
and to reduce to eight the number of
hours constituting a day's work, wore
carried fcn&id loud cheerii'g, and the
group which adop'ed thrui and which
tiad by this time absorbed nearly a t
the multitude remaining lu the rqnore
dif-ptraod, cheering for tie piotuiuod
sociitl revolution.
Wosrt ' f tho pecp'e who had com
posed this audience at ccce went
away. Othe.-- loitered about and
joined various throng etlMcted to the
scene. A number of an i-soclabs's
sttempted to bold a cur.ter demon
stration in Tra'algar Fqiare. Tnoy
were at'acked and roughly hand ed
ov their ODn rjetita and driven from
the scene. The p 1 cs snd Life Guards
interfered and cleared the square. Tbe
work was not difla-ult, and but one
arrest was made. A lection, of the
crowd went from Tra'a'gtr Square to
the residence of tbe Matquii of f-a'is-bury
and tried to make a demonstra
tion there. They wov, bnwever, dis
persed easily by the police. For a
long time after the close of the pro
ceedings in Trafalgar Fqnare, la'iio
crowds of men sauntered throuuh the
streets. Several ugly rushes occurred
between them and the police, but
notkiagof a serious na'ure happened
and but little booting was done, 'ihe
mounted police were everywhere
hooted and grcaned at by the moving
Sallsbaarj Bay a iw IblDga at the
London, November 9 Sa'isbury,
speaking at the Lord Mayor's ban
quet in the Guild Hall to-night, snid
tne Conservatives occupied a position
on Irish affairs wbick it was impossi
ble to misinterpret. Their business
was to legislate in favor of the Integ
rity of the empire and to enforce laws
which had long bum non-treated and
trodden under foot. He believed the
CnrtHorva'ives could claim that public
confidence was somewhat restored
snd (bat the relations between land
1 rd and tenant w ra btttir than
formerly. Foreign affairs, he eontiu
ued, were a present of high impor
tanco, Iheiffaini of Egypt being of
special interest. The slay ol the
Engliah in Egypt had lieun upheld by
fioliiiciaus of all parlies as one of
imited duration, lh .t limit was not
a limit hat a limit of work which
England we bound to accomplish by
pledges so distinct and so of en re
peated that she could not re ract.
The English could1 not leave Egypt
until that cour.try was secure from
foreign oppression and nmil ouler
bad oeen restored in domestla affairs.
The governmobt was encouraged in
this task by growing proof, of advanc
ing prosperity in Egypt. Her finances
were more piomising than they had
ever been, although they bsd not
reached a point that would enable the
government to declare its task fill
lled. Further, England could not
leave Egypt until the letter's inda-
fisndence of foreign interference had
teen secured. K ferring to Bulgaria
Lore Silishury said the sympathies of
the English people wers aroused by
the spectacle of tier struggle for inde
pendence, and that the language of
diplomatic menace need toward Bul
garia by a European had ctuted the
deepest regret. A midnight conspira
cy, led by men debauched by foreign
gold, had hunted Prince Alexander
from the throne of Bulgaria and out
raged the con .cience and sentiment of
Lord Oblef Jnailr Nnaiests Hniilc
IH Holorm.
London. November 0. At the re
ception by Lord Chief Justir-e 0 de
ridge of tbe Lord Mayor, Sir Ksglmld
Hanson, at the Court of Exchequer,
his Lordship advised the oorporatitin
of London to forestall others, snd
themselves nndortake an inquiry into
the municipal reforms whicti are
bound sooner or later to De matte.
He said: "The residents of the greater
part of London are anxious to ob'ain
a share in that civil and municipal
lite whicti distinguishes the city
proper." .
Archer' Biiitrldv.
London. November 9. At the in-
3 nest in tbe case of Fred Archer to
ay, it was proved that Archer had
sustained no Iobhos in betting, and
that Ihe cause of bis derar g'-ment
was typhoid fever, Aggravated by
weakness due to the lestrioied regi
men which he had adopted in order
to reduce li is weight. A verdict of
suicide while insane was tendered. It
Is reported that Atelier leaves
rr 'oniuit'iil.
London, November 0. Tho tSYaiufurrf
considers that Nova Scotia's tb niaud
tn secj(le is inopportune. It says:
Free trade, not a partition, is the true
remedy for Njv Hcotistn ille. We
Dope ine poopie anti politicians oi me
colony i.i press their tinuvaiire in its
real torm.
The newspapers all put.li.ih nrticles
deploring tho nrit inely eml of Arch' r.
The Times says: His pitiful death
will came a shock of pain even to the
meet callous among tho multitude In
whom it is to he feared tlio gambling
passion has almost extinguished feel
ing. aborting lAfe sys: Words fail to ex
press our deoo legret at the death of
the world famous jockey, Archer.
We are certnin that this feeling will
find an echo in the hear s ( f myriads
of men, not only in this country but
a'so in others, where his usnie is a
honsshold word wherever the English
tungas is spoken. Archer isa familiar
souud. The Prince of Wales bos sent
a telegram of condolence to. the dead
jockey's si d tot.
Am lrWh DUpotr.
Duui.iN, November ll. The Irish
Government has iuod a circular
from Dublin Caille denying that Gen.
Sirliedvers Buller personally exam
ines the cases ol dispute between land'
lord and tenant belore granting po'ice
protection when asked for it. Tbe
ciicular says he may listen to both
sides in serartan disputes lor the pur
poe ol obtaining private information,
but declares that this is never clono by
him witti a view to either granting or
withholding police protects n. Kerry
is dofcribed as being in the quittuat
possible condition.
t'oatrlbajlloua to !! lrlli National
Puiu.iN. November U. At the recu
lar fortnightly meeting of the Execu
tive Council ol the Irian Tvationul
Ieagus, hold here today, it was an
nounced that during the past two
weeks $35(10 had lOcn received in do
natioiiH to the Parliamentary Fond,
tbe various Ir eh branchi'S of ihe
league contributing flHW of the
amount. Thomas beitun, in a speech
at Bliffi today, announced that he had
elected to sit as a Parnollita in the
present House of Commons f r West
Belfast, the seat which has been
awarded him in his contest for it with
J. II. Haslett, Conservative, and that
Wrn. O'Brien, editor of L'nilrd Ireland,
who In the recent election was do
foated ss the Home Role candidate in
South Tvrone. bv T. W. Russell. Con
servative, would succeed him ai mem
ber for ttjnthSligo, in which Mr. Sex
ton was returned unopposed. Mr.
Sexton t'e'erihed the present position
oi the Irish party as mobt cheering
ana bopiai.
Emprror I'rnurm Junrih' Uprrvtt.
St. PsTKBsiuiito, November 9 The
Journal de HI, I'rUrtbnrg, cr.nnretiting
on lhe speech ol the Eiiit iui' I'.BiKis
Joseph, eavs: The Empt ror i f Aus
tria's pHcilic speech on the liuUarian
situation is nassuring. 1; tcrrtspotids
with Rus-.ii's noderate action and
manes tbe prup-r panics responsible.
Lis the best reply to the pretext of
corn" tntional legality behind wb'cb
the Bulgarian dictators have Uken
shelter. There is reason to hope f'at
the co-opeiuti n cf the powers which
the Emperor Francis Joseph alludes
to will be exert d in support of Rus
sia's patient and reso'ute efJorti to re
move the reToltitiona'y elements
which have been oppoinit the restor
ation of legal order in Bulgaria.
Will Look After Her Poor.
Brussbu, November 9. The session
of tue Be'gian Cl aonbe s was opened
today. King Leopold, in his speech
rpmiing tbe session, said that Bel
gium's foreign relations were excel
lent. The Antwerp Exhibition had
shown that industry in the country
bad progressed. The extension if
commerce was nrged. Tbe riots at
Lifgs and Oharleroi were sllnded to
wita legret. It was announced that
the governmert would suhmiit to the
Chambers for approval bills favoring
tbe ftee bodies to establish between
the heads ol manufacturing firms and
workmen a fresh bond of union in the
f irm of arbitration and conciliating
council; to remunerate labor per
formed by women and children ; to re
prtsstbe bues connected with the
payment of wages; to facilitate the
ions ruct;on cf dwellings for working
men; to dvlnp sick and pnvideut
institutions; pensions and lifjas-ur-arcjs;
to combat tbe ravages of in
ebriety and immorality and check
the adu teration of f jd. The
spacch also held out tue prom
ise of extensive amnenty for
tbe persons convicted of participating
in the riots i.f l t spring, and ex
pressed a trust ttitt there would be a
patriotic accord among all B.-lgian
political parties to solve the recruiiiog
qaosti'in in the manner which inter
ests nf ths bight st order demanded.
The fiaandal condition cf the country
was desctibed ss prosperous and tbe
introduction of a bill for the promo
tion of hither eJucution was promired.
One thousand women dressed in black
arrived hers today in a body, from
Charleioi, to petition for amnesty to
the men convicted of participation in
the labor riots of last March. The
women ha.l arranged to walk in pro
cession from the railway station to ths
legislative charabars. The Burgo
master, however, refuted to permit
this, but allowed the delegation to
present their petition at the City
Hall. Tha women were greeted at
the railway station by a great crowd,
who theereJ them heartily.
Poilcn Steal ftlOOO.
Winnipso, November 9. Five men
of the mounted police at Regina have
deserted, carrying off with them the'
entire pay of one troop, amouning
to f 2000.
Cattle Quarantine.
Oitawa Out . Niivmhftr Q Tn fle-
cordance with repreeentxtions made
ny its inspectors, ins uepanmem oi
Auricnltnrn fa now makinc arramre-
ments for a more strict enforcement of
the cattle quarantine regulations.
Tbe Purity of KrencU Peiunle
Pabis, Novembtr 9. The principal
Englibh and American clergymen
here, and many well known French
Piotestant itivjnes, cave signea a pro
test denying the trutli'of tbe state
ments slleged to have barn published
in America regarding the manner cf
conducting young ladies' schools
here. They declare that 1 tie state
ments era a scandalous libel, and af
firm that these schools ere as pure and
hotil by In tone as any in i'ng'ar d or
America, and.ibat their own daughters
are educated in them.
PrelennloiiH of Hie Church to
Temporal Puwvr.
Rome, November !). The Vatioah
in collecting evidence concerning the
details of ti e meeting at Meutaua lait
Sunday, at which it was reported
speeches were made attacking, in the
presence of government oflicers, the
alleged pr. tetit-ionu of the church to
temporal power.
Liberated HnlHH Attempt A Riot.
SoriA, November 1) Hussion parti
sans at Sitvna, heade i by recently
liDera'ed cflltere, mitde an nttcniiit to
iticl'e a r's ng todny. The authorities,
who had boon previously warned,
tuppris ed the attempt and arrested
ths plotters.
Dt'iu.is, November 9. The magie
tratee of Ballvmen, County Antrim,
have convicied two women cf boycott
ing a slier ill's stile. O.ie was sen
tenced to psy a fine of 70 shillings or be
imptisoned two months, and the other
tn piy ldehillicgs or eerve a week in
Buchabkst, November 9. It is al
leged in Russian quarters that move
ments similar to the one at Rnurga.
where a force under CapU Nabokofl
seized the authorities of the town and
proclaimed Russian rule, have taken
place in other towns in Roumelia.
Iltllool The moonlight teemed lout aeroai
Ihe volts I
The atari beitrrwed the mire like an armor'i
nattered pcitl. :
Ths airt of oisht were quiet ni the breath of
silken uiii.
And all rour word were aweoter than the
notei of nlglitinmilcit.
Tltileo Lsimrd I In the minion there alone.
With your fiirura carved of lervor l the
l'lj-oht carved ot'itone,
There seme to me no murmur of th fount-
ain't undertone
So miitiotiUr, tuusioallj mellow as your
You whitotrea low, Illllco lolow the leaven
were mute.
And the ochoea faltered hrontbleM'j in your
roiro'a Tain pursuit,
And there died the distant dalliance of tbe
cretiador'l lute.
And 1 held you In my boom as the hu.ik
may ho d the fruit.
Tlltleo, I listen t I believe ynu I In my blisa
What were ail the worlds above me, aince 1
found you thua in this?
Let them, reeling, reach to win me even
heaven 1 would itiita
Uratr'rir earthward 1 would cling bore,
though I oluag by jtial a kl 1
And I aaU tho stars ahotttd alacken In their
1aeea through the Tut ;
iliKiotna ahoutd grow odorloss and llliel
all aghaat,
Kre yet my loyalty ihould tall enduring to
the last -
Be vowed I. It Is written. It Is changeleas
aa tiie past.
lllileo begardl In the yhade your palaoe
Like the eowl about the ainger at your gilded
A moan goea with the music that may vol
the hih rar-osej
Of a heart that lades and erumblol aa the
crituauu of a roe.
Jitmn M'liitsomb MUy.
Knloejfthe lorlllnnl Eelnte.
Naw York, November!) The sale
of ti e estate cf the lst j (.ieo-go L.
Lori'.lanl at tho real rsta'e exchange
to d.y d:ef tosetbKr a loroo number
of teal eetate men, capiiuli. ts and
fv rulators. Bidd rig wui spirited,
tli' amount r.nlii d by tho sile being
Which Will Be Watch d by tbe Pub
lic as an Establlsher of a
Nsw York, November 9. An ap
pearance wa entered yei-te'day by Car
ter & Ledyard, lawiert for rb execu
tor. i under the Tilden will, and the
fiis'. etep was tken in what will prob
ably be a Ions conteet as to its pro
vision". Mr. Di-lus McCu dy has the
rate of the contestant j inchatg. The
question that wou d bs submitted to
tbe courts, he said, was one entirely
of a legal cba-acter. Tnere was do
contention on the part of any of tbe
coute'tints that Mr. Tilden, when he
drew his will, was of unbound mind or
indisposed in any legal way of making
a disposition of his p-opcty. Tue
will h d been admitted to probata
with all the nece Bary legd concur
rence cf all the legatees. Mrs. Whit
tlesey, tbe Wisconsin heir, had not
put in an appearance to cbjeot or to
concur in the probate, but that
was of no legal consequence, as
the executors Lai complied with
the law ia that respect by the publi
cation ol their intention ti present
ti e will to probate in a'l the news
paper that were neccsinry to give
M'H. Wliittlojey the necdfil notice
and comply with the l gil require
ment', it was desired by the lega
le cs under th s will tha'. the ciurts
should construe that part of it which
lequea'.hed an immense f ir'uoo to
ihe executors to be known as the Til
den trus The al'eva'.ion on the part
of tbe contes'ants was that this ple
nary provis on could be srt aide on
the g onnd epetklngin general terms
that while a legator rutty maks ep:
ciflc bequosts in any diiection that
may suii him, he cannot vest in ex
ecutor! such discretionary powers as
can bo exercised properly only by
himself. That, Mr. McCurdy said,
would be fouud to be the ground for
th coming contest.
Should tbe contestants he sustained,.
then the money bequeathed in the
manner described could not be used
by the trustees and mu the awnrJod
tothehei'fl. It was aecerained by
tho reporter from other sources that
the amount involved in this contest
had been very much uoder-tsted, and
that inbtead of b-lng 15 009,000 it is
more likely to be $15,100,000. Public
interest in this contest will be greatly
excited, iuafmuch as it will, in all
probability, very serions y street the
disposition of large properties under
the Lenox and Stewart wills, because
it will establish a precedent for a con
test by the heirs should the court take
tho view tha, the Tilden legatee have
The way our most important officials live,
the time, strength and energy thoy de
vote to their duties, the little attention
they give to the ocean of body nnd brainB
is a constant peril to their liven and their
muutul condition. It is time to call a
It is bad enough to occept lite ordinary
chances of ill licnlth and disease, from
action of the climate, food or accident.
But to subject men, who have been
selected from among their fellows for
special ability to conduct und control
tlio affairs of Government, to additional
dangers from over-work, to over-drafts
on tlieirtiine, their ability, llicirstrcngth,
their very life, ia indeed a great wrong.
nt the record of a year and cc the ability
lost to the nation from over-tttxing body
and bruin of men in high phiccK. Tiie
record is nppalling. And e fear the
end is not yet. Unless sonic :iist:incc is
rendered danger threatens till others,
anil reflect. Head what we have to say.
Kxaniine join- own condition nnd feel
ings, and see if you do not need advice.
Are you subject to headneln ? Are you
troubled with constipation? lo you
suller from dyspepsia? Arc you tortured
with indigestion V Then enrich and
strengthen your blood, tone and regulate
your stomach by using Biiown's Iron
BiTTMta. I'rooiiro a bottle and be re
lieved before it is too
Beforo your liver becomes sluttish nnd
inactive, and refuses to do iis work ; be
foro weaknesa litis attacked your ki.lueya,
beforo your nerves are prostrated, and
you sutler from general dehility. It ia
wiser to prevent now than to wait to cure.
But if you have waited until yon are
stillering from these troubles you can still
find a sure and speedy
in Bun-mi's Ihov Birrats. We call
your attention to these tnmhlcs. They
nuiy sccin to you too triviul to be called
perilous. But ncglect of them has caused
paralysis anil aooplexy in come of your
associates, and It may result the same in
vour caso. Buown's Iiion BiTtf.ih
stands alono nt tho head of nil new dis
coveries in its special rtctimi upon im
purities of tlio blood. Composed of the
best vegetable alteratives ami tonics skil
fully blended with
without the life of whiskey or .loletciious
and dangerous acids, it not only pari lie
anil cleanses, but enriches ami strength
ens the blood. It act directly upon the
stomach, liver and kidneys through th
Mood. Uemeiuber ono special feature
of lbiowN's. Iuos Brrri-as is that it will
ncilher injure or discolor the teeth, this
is true of no oilier iron preparation. It
is the great Anti-Malana. A sure cure
lor chills nnd fever, Spring fever nnd all
malarial fevers. It leaves no unpleasant
rtfter cll'ects. Quinine frequently leaves
tlio patient snflcring with congestion and
neuralgia, sometimes with deatness. lWt
use it any more. But use- Bnow s's lnos
ift in lliU action. Pc euro nnd get tho
mime. Imitations are mane. 101111
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tmot he ioiitalcd. Tbe genuine has
le mark and crossed rcu lines on Hie
wrapper. Sold everywhere. Price only
neilollarn holtle. icnnmc ti.ane cin
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IKdAl.T.Y and Qulrtlf Obmlna in a tew
J weskj, without miblieitr, tir non-ap
I-ort, dcpe rin, ormliy n "ther ration.
All ce " tun n i ti it cenfi'lpn thl. Avro
P.. W tl.l I t U I'l1 1 t.l.A W . r.'.un 17 antith-
iftiUiTiiir KHth and .Main atrect!, KAN-
NOVEMBER 10, 1886.
'it Jtim.
CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,(100.
" Wl do kereby Certify thai ue tupervtM ll
arranptmmtt for all the Monthly and Quar
terly Itrawingi of the tonitiana StnU Lottery
Lomtmny, and in p'rm manage and Control
the IJraieinon thtmtelvet and that the tame are
conducted with honeety, fairneee, and in good
faith toicard all partite, and 100 authorise the
Company to une tnie certificate, with fuc-timilee
of our tianaturee attached, in it advertiee
menu." Commlaajloaiei a.
We, th undereiffned. Bank and Bankere,
teilt pay all Pritee dravn in The Louieiana
State Lotteriee uhiek tnety be pramlao at our
I. H.OG LESBY,Prea. Ijk. Rnt'I Bank.
A. BALDWIN, Pre. . O. Bat. Bk.
Over II alf a Million Distributed.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Inojrporatad la 186s for twsntj-flve yea
br the Lao-iatature for Eduoational and
Ciiaritabla uurpoasi with a oapital of II,
(XiO.WiU to whiob a raaarva fund ol over 155(1,
U0U haa alnce boon added.
ISy an overwhnlmlna popular rota Its
fVfinchino waa made a part oi'tne DreaentStaU
C"ntitutioDa adopted Deoembor iid, A.D.
ttn Orand Nlnarle Haiabtr Draw
inata will take pla e monthly. It never
eaica or poofponea. Look at the followioc
Diatribntlon :
Extraordinary tiurtcrlr Drawing
lathe Academy ol Maaie, New Orleans,
'lanixlny, Dt-reiubrr 14, 1MN6,
Under the personal luperviaiop and man
agement of
Goti.O.T. Beaorcarl,of Lonlalana, and
jleai. Jubal A. Kurlj.of Virainia.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
-NOTICE Tickett are Ten Dollar
ottijr. ualvoa, BO. Hilda, 93.
Tenths, 81.
1 Capital Prite of. 81fi0,(Ki0 flSO.COO
1 Grand Priae of. 60,0(10 60,0tJ
1 Grand Prise of. 20,0110 20,000
2 Larsa Pritea of. 10,000......... ai.taW
4 Large Prima of. 6,000 20,000
20 Prir.es of. 1,000 20,000
Ml Priaea of.. - 600 .. 25,000
100 Priies of. 800 30,000
200 Priies of. 200 40,000
600 Priaei of. - 100 60.000
1000 Priies of. - 50 . 50,000
APpaoxmATioH rarzaa.
100 Approximation Priiea of f200... 2B,0r0
100 Approzi-nation Priiea of 100... 10,000
100 Approximation Priiea of 75... 7,'0U
2279 Prizes, amonntlnit to (522,(00
Application tor rates to oluba abonld be
made only ts the oflioe of th Company at
New Orleans.
For further Informalion write clearly,
,-lvinr full addreaa. PONTAI. KOTKN, Ki-
riresa Money ureters, or ixew xora iixonanae
n ordinary letter. Currency by Exureaa ta
our expenae), addressed
Nw Orleans, La.
Or if. A. DAUPHIN,
Wanliinicton. D. C,
01 at A VI eat Court (1.M Mempltla, Ten
Make P. O. Honey Orders payable
and addiess Ungrislered Letters to
Nw SSrlAMii. Ia.
Of Choice Selected Imported
Holstoin Cattle,
At TJnloa Btoek Tarda, HempbU,
Tidd., on
Wednesday, Nov. 17, 1886.
(Sale Begins Promptly at 13 0'olcck.)
THIS Importation of Holstoin Cattle has
boon made byua under the auepicea of
"The North American llolatein Herd Book
Association," aa foundation stock for fine
honls in the South, eatoren States, and em
braces onlysu 'h animals as hnve fir their
sires and dams tbe most superior milk and
butter reoords to be found in North Holland.
The entire impo'tation his Veen registered
in the ' North Holland Herd lionk of Hol
land." and will also be restored in "The
North Anierioan Herd linok of America,"
einbrnrin 55 Hellers in Ciilf by finest Hol
land Uulla. Also, a central assortment of
fine Toun Bulla, ready tor fervioe, Heifer
and Bull Calves of vpring of 1H.S6, nnd grown
Cowa froai 4 to 5 years o;d. A complete cat
aloiiue is now tn itpsk, Kivina full iediitree
and milk and but'er reeor ls connected with
each animal. These cattle have been shipped
direct from Holland to the Union Stock
Yards, and will cirrive between the 1st and
7th of November, where purchasers can in
spect tho same. No nnitnal will be disposed
of at private aide, but parties who attend the
sale ma; rely upon each animal being put
UP and sold a advertised. Street cars cow
run to within three block of Stook Yards.
ar-For ttatatoaues orinf-rmation address
n. V. KAMUAUT, President Union Stook
Y'jtrds and Fertiliser Company-
KlOKt:i). Rem-t-ljf
Vrvv- A victim
of youthful impru
dence, earning Premature Decay, Nervous
Debility, Lost Manhood, etc. having tried
in vain every known remedy, lis discovered
a simple sell. cure, which he willaend FKEK
of hn fellow sufferers. Addres
Post Office Box 3179, New York City.
ln" BELT or R
,,, j genen tor is madeex-
1 f!Q.Ct.rltVii ot deftenertttion of
Ir.Wr-Ar'irfXnn'r. Jt-h generative or-
k LJ FOR V, 7 mi.takeabi
ere is no
abou' thisin-
struuient th eon
tinuons stream ol
meatina through th
parts mast restore
B a
IU1L ait 7-vl'
them to healthy aotion. Do not eontound
tbis with Kleetrio Belts advertisea to enn
all Ilia from head to to. It ia for the ONI
peoiflo purpose. For circulars giving fnil
nformatllon, addran Cheever E I eo trio Bell
Co.. 103 Waahinaton street. Chlcaa- . III.
riantation of A. Lea & Co. on Island $4
for division of an state. It contains about
2S0O acres nf rich bottom land ; about 325
crea In onltivadoni several hundred acres
above any overflow. Can be made ona
of tbe finest stock farms, completely sur
rounded by water, which prevents the es
cape of stock. Also, about 150 Head ol Cattle,
which are in fine condition, inoiuding seve
ral Short-horn Durham Hulls, Cows and
Yearlings. Addreis
A. LKA A CO , Fnlton, Tonn.,
or W. A. tlAGK i CO.,
No. 300 Front street, Memphis. Tenn.
And Iron Itoofln ;.
Fire, Wind. Waler and I ltrhtnlnsj
proof. Suiuble for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates a I factory rates
Sail on or address
i38 ft (40 Main St., and S ft 23 Mulberry St.,
Headquarters for Iron Fences and Cresting,
Halvaniaedlron Cornlce.Tin Bcola ft Stove.
Pennyroyal Pills,
The Slrlsrtn.'il nnd i.y Uennlne,
Safe and always Unliable. Bewnrcof world.
ICN-luiitatins. riui'sponMhlc to 1.A.IH K.H.
a ii yonr nrnaralNf f,.r 't boliet r"t
I tiKli "aid tal.e no other, or itie'o.e 4c
(starapt) te us lor pnriiouis ra IN- inifita bl
rrluru auntl. IV- l'.'ri.ii. . Ui.
rtratrr a Ixtnleal to.,
UH irtlfin -innr, I'Mlada , "
jlK tlil. survlied by UE0. CUOUDWXff
' ' t. .
Wbul alrAarnis Vnta'vSaM,
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Setsjin Great Yariety.
SOT Atent for tbe celebrated fiBIMWOOB TITBIFICD CHI 5 A, (ipeelnlir
almlHt for Hotels, RwsSanrante ana Wtimloii.-ji
f AFoilOI HILL. President. W. 9. W1LKESS05. Tkt4jrki4ta
v v T wv nifl.
lie f, Uiant
boea a exacRAii rata ajib marimu
8. AIA-N8F11LD. I). . MTK&S. W. P. XtTUtL. .
Ofalee--19 IlnelUon Street, JS esaphlii, Teiii
oods &
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Slam Engliies, Mat hinery of All Description.,
Wo. 33 SFnnWT) ST MTTVTPHTC! tbwv.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
Front UU, Etemphlg, Team.
Cotton Factors, Commission ierchants,
13 o. 11C Bonth Main St.. St. Inl.
Liberal Advances ou Conslgnmenlt.
266 lFVont Street, : : Memphis, Tenn,
L. D. MULL1US. of late J. R. Godwin A Co. JAS. TONOK, lata of J. W. Caldwell A O
Cotton Factors Commission ierchanis
No. 1 Howard's Row, C!nr. Front and Union, Memphis.
Confections, Glaocs, Nougat Caramel?, French Fruit Glaces,
Cream lion IJous, Fine French Handmade Creams and
Fon Bons, Chocolates, Ices and Nougatines.
Too ean find these goods " AT RETAIL," in any quantities, at
The Peters & Sawrio C.'s Retail Etablisltment,
Jfo. 13 JciTcrNon Street, Opposite Their Factory.
These are the finest Confections that the Memphis Fablio have eTcr had the oi portBEity
to p irchftpe.
Ka-Trr 'ir "Wow Creii in I .oaf"" lel ieionw."-n
8. N. BSTE8.
B. 8.
ITLolesale Grocers and Cotton Tmlnm
Hot. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Wholesale Dealers
Sol Aients for th following Flnt-Claai Instruments:
Kranich & Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
OKGAJJS Clough & Warren, and Smith American.
Write for Oataloinipx. lVo. 221 and 22.1 Sooood Wtreet. UTeinpUfw.
W. H. naVLIiORT.
And ComiulsHioii Merelinntw,
372 & 374 Front" St., Cor. (.ayoso, Memphis Tenn.
Lager Beer, Cider, Champagne Cider,
atlnrral Wntrrof all flavors, and XXX B-irat eiaccr Alk
trriHIi APP1.K CIOKK, in Barrels and Half Barrels, a spaoialty.fi
o. goa Front Street Wemphix. Tenneswa'e.
And Commission Merchants,
jtf. 367 Front Street, : lien. phi??, Tenn.
W. B. DO AN.'
and Publiwhers,

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