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Which Feeing to TIndicate Poor
Fothcrlngban Another Mexican
Outrage Other IlappenlnfS.
St. Lor in, Mo., N.wember 9. The
Globe-Democrat this morning prints a
letter dht d t St. Joff pb. Mo., ujto
berSlst, ' d a gned Jim Cutrjmirg,
which pnrprrta to give fall history
ol the rotery f f the Adarxs Express
car on the S.in Fianusco road ou the
igbt of Octoher 25' h, when between
$80,000 and JlOO Ol 0 in currency waa
taken. The li-tt-r wai received by the
tditor of the Glebe Democrat last Tues
day. It im loeed two express moni.y
envelope?, from one of which $30,000
had been attracted, and from the
other $12,000; aUo, the memorandnm
f the cashier of tbe Continental Bunk
notifying tbe American National Bank,
of Kansas City, that $30,000 waa in
closed. 1 he enval'p a and memoran
dum have been fully identified aa
thoB9 taken in the robbery. The
writer of the letter gives as hia reaaan
for writirg it that he wants to clear
Fotheringiiam, the express mee senger,
from the suspicion which now at
taches ti him. Tbe letter trives fall
details of the robbt ry and aeeerts that
Kothnringbam was taken completely
by eorprire, and bad no pavticipation
in it except ea tbe unwilling victim.
The wri er tells of a previous
attempt to rob the car at Cuba
Junction, ncd de'ails the manner
in which he and an accomplice se
cured letter beads, cards, etc , and se
cured B'goMurfs of tbe express
officials to enable tbem to forge the
order permit. ing tbe robber to
ride in tha car with the messen
ger. Tbe le ter stated that the
robbers had a beat, which, together
with a camping on i fir, two guns and a
box of provision?, tier bad secreted
near the bridge at St. Charles, Ma,
aid alsia package containing a revol
ver, whkh bed been left at tbe check
stand at tbe Union Depot in this city
on the dty of the robbery. Tbe letter
is written in a round backhand, evi
dently riieenised, is fairly constructed '
and well spelled, errors where they oc
cur evidently 'being intentional, as in
the case of .tbe mieanotation, "HolI
(ait qui halv pense, with which it
concludes, and the messenger's rame,
which appears m every instance as
"Farlhiniriiam." Following the di
rections viven in the letter, tbe skiff,
guns hi i provisions were readi y
lonmi by tre detectives, as wai
the package containing the revolver at
tbe Union Di pot id check stand. Other
. corrobcrati itiH ol tbe letter wie nu
. niernna. Fotberingbam in his first
statement tam tbe robber bad re
marked when be took from the mes
senger's pr.cket the forged letter by
which Le tiad gained access t3 the ex
press car, that be would write a letter
to tbe u obe-Democrat vindicating tbe
messenger. Tbe le. ter is In the same
handwriting aa that recentlv sent with
tome of the stolen unHgsed money to
Frank James. Notwithstanding all
this, the detectives rr gard tbe letter as
a clear "blind," and do not in tbe
least abate their vigilant guard of
Messerger fothetmgbam. lndeed,it
is stated on pretty good authority,
that the grand jury in seseion in this
city yestrrday found indictments
against Fotheringham, "Jim Cam
mings" and two others, whosa names
are not given, for complicity in the
robbery. The detective think tbat tbe
robbers, when preparing for the afla;r,
took into consideration the extraordi
nary pressure which would be brought
to bear on tbe express messen
ger, and that they laid their plans ac
cordingly. That the guns, boat and
provisions were left where found be
fore the robbery there is no doubt, for
people residmg in the vicinity remem
ber bavins: seen mysterious ttrangeiB
in tne locality, and me guns were pur
chased near tit. Charles several days
before the robbery. Tbe package at
tne depot cnecx stand was also Jet:
there on the date claimed in tbe letter,
tne day ol tne robbery; but tbe de
tf c ivcb c airn toat tne letter was
neither written on the day claimed
nor was it wnttenin St. JoEeph. How
ever, they say the letter has given
them Fome very strong clews, and that
tbe whole truth regarding the affair
will soon be known.
than be lad given out in Lis various I
stitemea'B t tbe newspaper men and
oeien ve; inat be bad been sbame-
iu jy neatm a I along aid was now
about to b rral'piouslv presented.
Aaaoihrr ylrxleatat latrac.
Pt. L'tjis, November 9. A special
from San Antonio, Tex., says: Hewlett
unter, one if the rtnoe-t extensive
r nchmen in weetern Texas, was kill
ed lust nght at Lis V. c, Mnino,
juftarro s the river from Del Ri,
Tex Griner lived with his family
at Uv,ld'', and had gone over iLto
Mexico wi-h several employts to see
about the condition of his stock on
ranch he owns there. SDine time ego
ne iifd ditliciiitv with 'otne Men.
cans livings' joining h's ha'iem'a, and
me ratives a: that time threatened to
kill him if be again appeared in their
midst. Yemeruay the Americans
were attacked by the Mexicans and a
pitcned battle ensued. Gricer'sbdy
was riddled w.th bullets, and one of
his men, Jihn Weaver, was also kill
ed. B. P. McCahon. wbo was of the
Griner par y, succeeded in killing one
oi roe Mexicans, and tne surviving
Americans mad their eccane to this
side of the Rio Grande ni d r a vollev
of bu leta from tbe Wircheslers of tbe
Mexicans. Tbe Americans alona. tbe
border are greatly incensed at this lat
est outrage, atd declare they will
have vengeance.
A Seducer Captured.
Hew Tone, November 9. Frank
Dubein,an Italian saloon keeper, of
Han fiancsco, was arres'ed bere yes
terday, charged with abduction by
Alired Goytette, a blacksmith of tbe
same city. Duhain formed a clan
destine arquaintnnce with Guytette's
daughter. 41, rceiles, 14 years ol gp,
and had induced her end a girl named
Minnie Merry, of Of klsnd, Cal., ta
elope with htrn, the latter peeing on
the Isthmus etetmer as Daba:r.'s
wife, at d MarcellaB as ber sister. The
trio arnved yesterday aftortooa from
Aspinsa'l, and tbe father reached
bere an hour later by rail. Dubain
was loiked up, and the girls were
placed tn cbarg o a matron.
Bbol bj Poacher.
Macbias, Mains. November 0.
Lymn A. Hill, of Ewt Machine, end
Charles Niles, of Weeley, were shot
dead yesteiday afternoon near the
Fletcher Bior.k House. Hemenway
towi ship, oa the Machias river, by
parties unkrown. Poncherg hd
been doggintr a deer and Deputies Hill
and Nibs were about to capture their
dojis wren one of tbe two men wrh a
double barrelled shot gun, shot Niles
and then IL1). The latter ia a one
armed soldier. The ruffians were in
a wa on wo I loaded with camp out
fit. Tbe officers are in pursuit with a
man who thinks be can identify the
criminals. U be excitement is intense.
Of the Department ssd Those of tbe
Katlosal Lxchange Correspond
ence oa the hubjtct.
New OrWg Stalrt: Oa September
jy, isso, j. k. Uodrt, s atis iciau i.
the United St, tie D.-prtmat of Agri
culture, w o'e to C. II. I'aiker. but
tary tf lie N tional Uution Kxobsnge
ol America, rs lollops:
"I notice tbt our averages of con
Q'lion oi cotton are lower this yiar
ana ubi tn-n thoss ol lbs Watson
bxriiange. I si same there must be i
difference in the basin or unit of cou
dition. Uo h rr.e hrda compare by
peicentaue with U0, a unit which is
used for v-rii us purposes f r the area
ot tan year, the standard of perf.ct
qaali y, tie expectation of a full or
perfect crop, and has also buen used to
indicate) tba promise of an averege
crop, n net wuiu 1UJ represent, as
you make comparisons with it, in con-
uuiou oi cotton r
U Oar reports lreued in August save
percen'age 97, poin'ing to 7,700,000
DaifSjOfpieinu r gave percentage 91,
pointing to 7.200 WO baes; October
gave percentage 871, pointing to 0,.
yju.irou. in ciovetnoer we nave no
percentages, but stated that only in
certain crates named bad Uctober ex
pectations neen real ced, and put tbe
crop at G,(50,000 bales, an estimate
which can bd soowu to be lemaikablv
cUss to the actual production. A
eiuailiir favoialile showing cn ba ma.ie
lor the previous y.-ar. and we tiu t
ourwuikof tl is teaton will not dis
appoint ue.
Alter noting some variations in the
percentages e.ven bv the Department
and tbe Exchange, Mr. J. A. K-n-stiaw,
cliai'nian ot tbB Central Com
mit'ee on Information nd Ktatbtics,
asked tlikt Mr. Dodge give him bis
views fu ly on the subject
Mr. Reaubaw replied that they had
coiiidtho depaitment's n;ilanu(ioii
of the deiimal svetem as pa'ilirhed a
few yeirs back; that in bith 100
meant a full crop, hut tlie r undm-
staidirg was the full producing ca
pacity ot tbe foil in each State. Bu-,
working cn that tn sib, J00 th b reason
would mean a yield ot 7.9.r0.000 bilof.
The percentages are made monthly
and, be raid, relative to lutyear. The
leply of October 21, 1886, was statis
tical matte-. The etntementof actual
product was n.ada as fjllowa:
Faiberlnabam Haying at Ilaid
,. Time.
St. Loch, Mo., November 9. When
the Circuit Court convened this morn
ing the habsaB corpus case of D. S.
Fotheringham, the Adaris Express
mefS'.nger wno was robbed in bis car
twoweaksago; of $100,000, was called
rothenngham claimed in his petition
wnicn whs pre;emed to the court yes
terday that he was unlawfully atd
against his will deprived of his liberty
by force by the Adams Express Com
pany atd tlieir agents. The writ was
lstued re urnable this morning, when
tbe case waa called, Manager Damsel,
oi toe express uompany, li's attor
ney, Mr. McDonald, and Dalective
Finkerton were on hand, but Mr.
rorthenogham was not to ba eeen.
Mr. McDonald, who is also Assistant
Circuit Attorney, stated tbat Mr. Fcth-
erinKbam had been bv mistake
taken to the Four Courts instead of the
Circuit Court room and aeked
lor time to rectify the mistake and
produce him in court. The Court then
continued the casi until 2 o'clock this
atternoon. The alleged mistake which
necessitated Mr. lotbermgham's ab
seace from court is believed to have
been a pircs of sharp practice by the
Assistant Circuit A ttornny, the Adams
express company's attorney, by which
the messenger was spirited away to
rive the company time to secure a
bench warrant for the tatter's arrest.
so that be might be jailed before be
secured his liberty on the writ of
habeas corpus.
About iu o c oca this morning one
ot finkeiton a detectives Placed loth
eringhem in carriage at the Southern
riotel and told him tbat he was about
to be taken to the circuit court, where
his habeas corpus case was to be tried.
Tbe detective wa3 evidently under in
structions to ooiiFume as much time as
pcs-ioie in conveying the mes-enger
thither, for the cc acumen drove his
horse at s walk and tn a roundabout
route, consuming about three-quarters
oi an nonr in doing so, at teaet enough
time to enable a bench warrant to be
secured lor fotheringham s arrest.
When the earrings arrived at the
circuit court, Deputy Sheriff Hart
served the warrant and the prisoner
was men taxen to tne f our Courts
where be was locked up. A short
time afterwards the grand jury who
had been investigating the robbery
returned an Indictment against him
charging him with grand larceny and
with receiving stolen property. Two
other indictments were returned, one
gainst "Jim Cummings" and the
other agait st Richard Iioe, concerning
the identity of whom nothing is as
yet known.
Mr. Fotheringham waa seen at the
jail by tbe reporter and stoutly Jus
setted tbat he was innocent ct the
robbery and knew no more about it
An Artful ltodaer Caught.
Boston, Mass., November 9. Geo,
W. Burgpss, of the firm of Burgess k
00., ot tnis city, cealers in oil stoves
and other small household goods, was
arraigned yesterday, charged with
conspiracy to defraud creditor. He
pleaded not guilty. It is charged that
Burgess and bis partner, whoee name
is unknown at present, obtained large
quantities 01 goods on credit and then
disposed of 1 he in to other dealers for
cash, the firm fa ling at the limit of
their credit. Letters have been die
covered which reveal the fact tbat the
failure was prearranged between the
partner and a'so Implicate Burgess's
wue. mess letters untold a'liiean
extensive scheme to swindle the Bos
ton cred tors of the firm. Their plan
was to stock a stora in Kansas City,
obtain ciedit at a bank on the strength
of the stock on hand, and then get
away with the cesn. The police are
looking lor ills. Burgess and the
Bearch Abandoned.
Pittsburg. Pa.. Novembi r 9. Tbe
United titaies uottal authorities have
about abandoned the search for the
reg'stered mail pouch that was t-tolen
last summer between New York, Pitts
burg and Iodinnup jlia. Several clews
have been followed for weeks, but
none of them resulted in the appre
hension of the thieves or the recovery
of tbe stolen property. All of the
parties who had packnges in the p ,uch
bave not been heard from vet. but It
is said thus tar the value of the known
contents eggregated over $100,000.
Then. T. fearuer Orad.
Chicago. Ill . November 9 Theo
dore T. Gurney, ex-Comptroller of tbe
city of Chicag 1, died here this morn
ing. Mr. Gurney was born in Oldens-
burg, N. Y.
A Moddla in Kitradlllon.
New York. November 9. A Mon
treal special says Sheriff Hi 'chcoclr, of
T Til . . ... .. '
reoria, in., arrived irom Washington
this morning with the President's
warrant tor tne extradition of the em
bezzler Hokes. Proceedings were
commenced today, when Assistant
Cashier Ely was examined, und tesii-
fled that Hokes had filled in and nego
tiated blank drafts signed bj him and
the cashier. Hnkes's lawyer says he
will arie t tbe detective who arres'nd
the deftultar, alleging that they had
no authority from the bank officials
for their action, but moral v did so as a
speculation, which is an illegal act
under Uanariian law.
sheriff Hitchcock arrived here to
day from Washington with the Presi
dent's wairant for John F. Hoke's ex
tradition. In case of any possible de
fect in tbe original warrant for Hoke's
arrest, a second warrant has been is
sued and s rved at tbe instance of As
sistant Cashier Ely, of the Merchants'
a ationai JtthMr. ol reoria.
Toronto. November 9. Extradition
proceedings were commenced this
monies- against John F. Hoke.
charged with forging and uttering
bills of exchange on the Merchants'
National Bank, of Peoria, 111.
1K80 ,
....1.:!49 ftttf
li 27(i,ci'Jl
,...17,4:W til2
5, -W,04l
6. UISP 7M
5,7ii li ft
Per Arre
. it'll
lUU.Mtt.Mi 37,000,610
This wou'd make the avaraire yield.
for a period of seven years, nearly S7
100 of a bate. The aveiaua October
condition of those eeven years was
nearly seven! y-eirbt ; em ideal crop
(1 0) wou'd, therefor?, sliirhtly exceed
47-100 of a bale. Applit d to the pres
ent Bcresiie, )98,fi2rt,755 acres, 100
would indicate fully 8,500,000 bales,
and 79 ter cent, of that would be 0.-
7)5,000 balsa. The differences in
Tex is percentages ia noted as follows:
Jtllv. Auff. etAnf. flnt
Uerartment 87 88 76 74
Exchange 8 U8 U0 W
Mr. Dodge attcounted f ir tho:e dm
crepancies thus: Fust, the dopatt
ment s oasis 01 companion is on an
ideal undrimaged ciop, otc. ; and the
exchaute s ba-ia is comparison of ec
tual yields with averages of condi
tion ; and. sei ond. f'ore was evident v
too ncsty a g neranzition, tne decuue
to 90 being tio m irked. A great deal
more carrespondtuca ai'd etatistical
matter parsed between the two gen
tlemen, and Mr. Dodge cot cluded Lis
letter of Novembtr 3l as follows:
Finally, the differences antieir to be
tlie;e: Our teporters, etanding in the
cotton fields, make the capacity of
their lands, with usual culture and no
drawbacks, th'sbusis of comparison;
yours, looking from dia'ances that
lend enchantment to tha view, try to
forecast what the actual crops will be.
drawbacks included. The view, a lit
tle rose colored, aives a result above
the average, though far below the por
tabilities of an unimpaired crop. It
would be well if both reports could be
made on tbe same haiia.
Carlisle's Opponent will Contest the
Election. ,
CiNciNNATi,0.,November 8. George
Thohe, Republican candidtta agaiivt
Speaker Carlisle for Congress in tha
Sixth Kentucky Di-,trcr, announces
his intention tr contest the election of
Mr. Carlisle. He claims that alter the
contest beoamo very clore tho returns
in the bsck counties wore "doctored,"
a'so that his representatives, sent to
watch the official coutit, were given
no consideration whatever, and in one
iriHtunce were threstoaed with bodily
TM a,r6 Cnw in K inlnn.tM rtnnifitinn.
nd I am M well and itronn u avr. Mm.
Sore Eyes
The eyes are always in sympathy
with the body, and afft.rJ an excel
lent index ol its condition. When
the eyes becomo weak, and tho lids
inflamed and sore, it i.4 an evidence
that the system lias become disordered
by Scrofula, (or which Aycr's Sar
saparilla is the Lest known rcuiody.
Fe'ofuU, which proJucod a painful in
flammation in my ao, ctiuited m much
uUerinK lor a rum tier yetr: Ily the an
tm ol a iihjtKiHu, I couimtnodd tin
Ayer't Sara)Till. Alter uin Ibu meUl
oiu aahort liffie 1 wan eo npletely
inn 4 am wen ana tuonir
William Ua, Loncord. N. 0
For a eumbar ot jenri I wai troubled with
a Duiuur iu ivy eyo, ana wan unab a to ob
men any ro mi un.n i commenced uimc
njer a cai parma. inn niedmine baa t
i'.eted aeomplete oure, and 1 believe it to be
the bet .f blood iiuriflcre.-C. K. Utton,
Kaihna. N. 11.
From chlld'inod, and until within a few
mont,l nyye !. mX otrd with VVeakand
Bore Kree. I havered tor tbee emiinU,
with benf flcUl reuit. Ayer'e Sriiarilla,
ant eonnider ita ffreat blood nuriAi,r- M rm
C. Phillips. Olover. vt.
I luVered for yr-ar wih inflammatloa tn
mi lett eye. iliree ulceri formed on 'he
ball, deprmnc me of Mirht, and oauing
5reat pain. At.er tryint manyoiher reuie
iei,ti nopnrpone, 1 ai finally induotd to
ue Ayer'l baraaiarilla, and,
By Taking
'hrea hottlel of thin m-,llin. K..n
entirel yenred. .My riarht h" been reaiored,
aud there ia no ngn ot inflmuiaion, lore,
or ulcer in Br ere.-Kend..i T. lloweu,
My dunchtor, ten yenra old. in m;ni,t
wun rcrmuioua onre ktih. iiur n. Hi
iwoyea-a sue iinor e m light of any Kind
rniimuni oi tne uieiioat atur.dir.u exerte
uieiraaiu, uui imui nil ptrmanent luciofn.
ud tne rooeinu,.niit'iitn ,,i irmnrf .
ebamd a bntt.ool Aier'a Sarfaimriila. whio
uit aaugnier '.'muienceil taHirx. Hrtoro
aao nnu uea i le tin d imm h- .ht
'ectored, andiheo.u now look t-iiitily at i
brilliant liht witl nul pain, llur cure ii
COIUO en. V r. .-uttierliltid. Kvnnunli.
ouoioy tity, tv j .
Ayers Sarsanarilla,
Prepared f Vr.J. !. Ayer A To , Lowell
iimsa. roia oy n urusiiiau. Trice fl.10
i puttier, eo tw..
to S Is ffiWm?
III- OwiJgli
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton Factors,
3So, SOO Front Street. : MemphU. Team
FOUNDRY; MACHINE DKPT, lttOto 17 Adums St, Memphi,
JodieTeanee laTroable.
NW YOBK. November 9 William
D. Holmes has secured a ladirment
against the Our Continent Publishing
Company in the Supreme Court, be
fore Judge Andrews. The cases in
volved tbe alleged overissue of stock
by ex-J ndge Tourgee as publisher of
tbe Our Continent Magazine. The
amount claimed ia monev or.id for
such overissue. In affidavit of George
W. Walker, a witness, he states that
Judge Tourgee had acknowledged the
over issue in conversation. Judgment
will be for $13,470. with two yeari in
"Boodle" JH quade'a Trial Fixed.
New Yobk, November 9. The case
of "boodlb" Alderman McQuaJe was
called in the Court of General Ses
sions today, before Recordur Hmytb.
The defendant was in court with his
counsel, Richard 8. Newcombe and
Qen. B. F. Tracv. also hia b mdsmen.
District Attorney Martine moved to
nave nxea a oav for trial. Counsel
for the defense asked for lima to pre
pare their case. The day for the trial
was fixed for Monday next.
W tl flM V n. mil
Nsw York, November 9. A .police
man came from Chicago today to take
back Emma Jennings, alias Dillon.
alias Rt. Clair, who wa arrested on
dicnatch sent from flhimo-rv fiha ia
said to be a dangerous thief, and was
anestea lor stealing VMH) in cntcaato.
UenriHed, PnrKlnl and ftvnnflflod
by lb CtiUcara Kvmcdlea. .
It affords ma plcaaure to dive you thla re
port of the oure ol our little grandchild by
yourCn-rinoRA ItiiytDiits. When ix mon'ha
old hia lolt hand began toawell and haderery
appearance of a lane boil. We poultioed it,
but all to no purpoae. About five montha
after it became a running ore. t-'oon other
orei formed. Tie ihen had two of them on
each hand, and aa his blood booame more and
more impure It took lias titno for them to
broak rut. A lore came on the ehin. be
neath the under lip, which was yery offen
sive. Ills head was one solid scab, discharg
ing a great deal. This was his condition at
twenty-two inonmoia, wben 1 undertook
the care of him, his mother haying died
wben he was little mora tban a year old, oi
consumption (scrofula oi oourse). lleoouli
walk a little, but could not mat nn If k tl!
down, and oou'd not move when in l ed, hay-
I i L. : l I. ti i -i
iuiuduiqui an o,uui, jl in meuiniejy com
menced with theCuTiocii Kauanigs, using
theCiTinuRA and Citicira Soap freely, and
when he had taken one bottle of the Cirri
cura KianLVRNT, his hed wns eompletely
cured, and he was improred in every way.
We were very much encouraged, and con
tinued the use of tbe Kemedlns for a year
and a half. Una sore after another healed, a
bony matter forming in each one of these five
deep ones just be In re healing, which would
finally grow loose and were taken cut; then
they would heal rapidly. One of there ugly
bone formations I preserved. After taking
a doten and a half bottles he was completely
cored, and is now, at the ace ol six years,
a strrng and hrulthy child, 'the scars on his
hands mutt always remain: his hands are
strong, though we once Icared he wouid
never be able to use them. All that iihyai
cians did for him did hi no good. Ail who
aw the oh Id before using the CrjTicnaA
Kriiidikb and see the chll 1 now, consider it
a wonderful cure. If the above facts are of
any u e to you, too are at liberty to use
them. MKS. E, h. DKItlUS,
612 East Clay Street,
My9, m Bloorainglon, III.
The child wag in a really worse conditlen
than he, appeared to his grsn linothtr, whe,
being with him every day, her-sne accus
tomed to the disease. MAUtilB lloPl'lNtt
CrmcrtHA RRUgnits are sold everywhere
Price iCcticura, the great Cure Skin, 5Ucts
CtJTicoRA.SiiAP, an emuiaite Skin Beautifier,
2.Vta. ; C'DTlct'BA Hfsrii.VKNT, the nan Illood
Purifier, fl.00. Prepared by the Pottrr
Drub and Chiuioal Co., Boston, Mass.
Bend fur "How to Core Nkln Dlaeanra."
ITHH3' 8cal?' Pimply and Oily Skin
I s wis beautified by Cctioura 8(iAr.
Pain, Inflammation and Weak-
TV .. 1 lnf Moneys, liipana Biaes,
r""t' an aane inlumo ny tne
S'nilcarst AuiI.Pbim Flaalxr.
New and infallible. At lirn.rlnta.
'2: IB. Fottar r.r,, ! 'h.,l,l
Co., rluat rn, Mmi.
Ji not aliijuid, muff or povUr. AppUei
inionMrwtiquciayaotYri(t, Jlnleatuti
thehead. AUayiinJUtmmation. llealethi
tort. HetorettM teneei oftaite ami unrll
wrmni I'mqjieu; oy man, reiMf araa, eu raaiia.
ELY BROTHEBS. Druggists, O-ego, . I
A Valuable Patent.
Ioj' (Ilorax) t orn and Pea Flnn-
HAVING perfMtod my Invontlon, I wish
o place it before the uublia. eananiAllv
mniinfaoturera. As a Corn Planter, It is a
pvrieoi cttcoosa ipena xne uriu, oistrthuted
the seed aocsrattjly, unlniured, and ooverd
too sume, tuorcov one man performing the
work of three. I'lo; have beei used In
this section for over a doann years wilb per
ieot uttiafaction. Can give retrousible testi
moniate. .ddroas
JOHM U. DANCY.Danoyvtllt,
MTfr,rJ fifinntr, Ten
the tinpuLiir favorite for di-oMlaf
the luur, Kmitortiitr color whnn!
f ray, atid piaviitiiif lHindruiT.
t ctftauw Ui acaip, rtopn tb
huir f Atilnir, nnd 1m hijit to ploMtV
MK fliltl tl 00 (it llHKndwIH, '
ThennffWt, mrMtunrl bMtntire forOortm, BunlmuLA
ti)i nil jutin. En mi run com fort to tho ft. Nriiir7I
our. 16 oenu at UrtitfiruU. liUoux A Co, M. 1
"LoRdca" Trouser Stretcher
tjll I Palinred in Europe and Uni
JLLitV lled.Stntca. Kill Agrnli In
t uiivii -.iHii-a forcelebrataf
John llnmiltun A Co. Stretch
er. Takes bnuarliiar ul ol
kaitM-N rostorea nantaloons tc
originil sh:te. Only patented
Stretcher combining sorew r..o
in comMmition with olampr.
All others infriniremeiita
Orininal ond m j alrrlolim
r.. v iriiillMi,nu mum. It
PiiTom securely koil. Prioe tl Ml. Writ,
for circulnrs. Acnnts wanted in every city
U W. NI IHIHA- KnHloia.MnH
Br... : r; .
..v.--a. a Ai xn. r ji-iisi m i i i anai aawiaa
Br I re) sa
Hoop, Bum
Nlsraa Iroa
l-'roiila aft
r t. . touoceiwori in tins icnartment to JOHN MANOQUK.l
ner-Wrltenainrinformntion on ANY TIIINU tn either line
UJ I (
IManufacturer'sIAgentj for
Iaiill Iralt ( otion
Manufacturers of
Prnll Kollpa llniler Wlna, reixl
ni bbsI UIsb MrpiUrrra,
8 to 104 Poplar St., Memphis.
-Pratt Kerolvini-IIead Ulna nnc.
qunled. Stock now complete. Prices
reduced. Correspondence ana onleri
loliaited. Old llins Hepalred in First
lastird . All work guaranteed.
AJHDB3W errsWAKT, Nw Orlaani. AKDRBW D. aWTNTWi HarryM
, mm. & co
No. 17 Jeffersoi Street,
CBetween Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
IKatabliahed In 1S60.I
DR.JOHNSON ii acknowledged by all pti
ties interested aa by far tha most sua.
oeastul physician in the ir.tr,..n, iJZTZ
oraecret diseaaea. Quiok, permaneat cure
guaranteed in every case, male or female.
Kecent cases of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
eured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
buatneiM. Secondary Syrhilis, the laat ve.
tike eradicated witboitthe uae of mercury.
Involuneary loss of semen stopiwd in abort
tmio. Sufferers from impotency or loss ol
sexual ."wars restore to free vigor in a few
weeks. i.'titns of self-abuse and eioesaiva
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea ni
losaof physical and mental nower, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atteni
tion paid to the Diseaaea of Women, and
cores guaranteed. Piles and old sores cure4
without the oseofcauatioor the knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by express to all parti of tha
smtVi orkingmen enred at half tha
rates. Office hours Irom 8 o'clock a-m. to
o'clock p.m. 1). S. JOHNSON. M.D.
No. 62M, K. D. ChancarT (Vart nf RV.Ik
oounty-lda Stewart vs. Ueorgla ban Stew-
"OY virtue ol an Interlocutory deoree for
,oi 'jle otitorod in the above cause on tha
lntn dnv nt IMirth.. Iiu,l u 11 c,
m, i win ..ii it .hm'. r:cT
highest bidder, in front ot the Clerk an!
Waster s ollice, courthouse of Shelby oounty.
Memphis, Tenn., on -
Nnturilny, Novrinbor IS. IM.
within legal hours, the following described
(iroperty, situated in the town of Arlington
formerly Withe Donot), Shelby oounta. t..
nesce. to-wit: liexinning ata stake Ml feet
Ironi the oenterol lliit l.nnt.vliu M..i.
ville Kilrond, on the south side of said rail
road and on tho west side of Ursenlee street i
running thence iih said railroad aouth
west H chains and VI links loa atuka on .l.flr
on street : thi nce arllh .lcl,a.,n .(..., I..
east :t ch iiins and 12 links to a stake on Jack
son and H alkeritrets: thence with VCIIi.
street northeast a chains and VI links to a
stake on Ureenlee streets thence with Oreen
lee street northwest : chains an I 42 links to
tha bealunina FiiiiLitiniitir .1 .u
less. 1 -
lerms of Sale One hlf ),, k.lnn. l
welve months; note bearing interest, with
ruyeu aecrrny, reuuirea; lien retained.
is ticlolicr in, Is.Ho.
I. MoliOWKLL. Clerk and Master.
II. taldw'll. Deputy C. and M.
traft A Cooper, Sols, for compl'at.
Question Is engsgingour agrloultnral coin-
unity. Messrs. H. (i. CKAltl A CO.. Noi.
7 and ail Union street, Memphis, Tenn.,
are dally tn reooipt of
tf. X. WITT.
UliG Necoud Street, Memphis.
Materials, Pimps. Drive Wella, Iron. Lead and Stone Pii.e, (laa yixlurea. Olnbes. Ktc
0. 0. III.
ft. A. PAKXIS.
Ubolesale Grocers & Cotlon Factor
BCt Front Street, BXemphla, Ten ate
OoMel eeailf led it aj will have ear earefnl attention. We aarry al all Masai vsA.
seleataj steak ol
gttpls L Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llquorsjobacet & C!ir
a n,l W ,
1KSEAI.THIN WI.Al.l'll.-Da. K. O
" - W g7'. Nhv mu ltai TagATaggr.
a gnarnntead specific for Uystorla, Dissi
neas, Uonvuloiorip, Fite, Kervoui Neurul-
Kia, lleaua.ihe, Nervr. Prostration, caused
by the nse of alcohol or tobacoo: VVase
fulness. Mental Depriwslon, So'tonlng of the
Brain, rosuUing In insanity and loa.'lnt to
inifory, aecay ana neiin : rrematnra ma
Ago, liarrenness, Leas of Power In either
n: Involuntary Losses aad Spermator
rhea, oaun .1 by cvai -exertion of the brain,
solf-abnsa orovcrlndiilgenoe. Kaoh boxoon-
tains on month treatment. II a box, o
Ix boxes for 15, sen by mail prepaid, on
receipt or Dries. We guari.ntc Bix lioxei
to oure any ease. With each order received
by na for aii bovei, accompanied with II,
we will aend the purchaser our written
guarantee to refund the money if the treat
ment doei not elect a cure. Guarantees
Issued only bv A. KKKKkKT A .'.. Drag
gists. Mcmrhls. Teen.
i i
SDbMwibsx Tor
the "Appeal."
'T-nrTTifiTiiiii liana 1
A book of 100 pages.
Ibe best book for
an advoi tlser to eon
mniaiA'tiit, do ne eiperi
1 1 lolNtx"100 c' otherwiae.
1 It eontalns lists oi
newrpapers and estimates o the cost ol ad
vertising. The advertiser who wants to spend
one dollar, finds In it the information he re
quires, while for him wbo will invest one
hundred thousand dollars in advertising, a
gcheiue is Indicated which will meet his
every requirement, or can be mado to do so
by slightohanuo: eauily arrived at by corre
ipondenoe. One hundred and fifty-three
ditiona bay b.;n issued. .Sent, postpaid,
to any address for ten oeevs. Apply to OKO.
VEHTiaiXfl WJRKAtUOKpTueoil. tPrlnt
ng House Hquare . New York.
JT Jr '' ia Vl
W l To a Uital
OMrDtMa te mV
ML.4 saaaesjartn w
UrdeeU bytbs
. Clnolnnau,KSsl
We cnMlally rarefiaien4
ymnilutliebari rancly
'e(S!e sold entmVlme.
abU. nd a twtj mm It
saaglna a tttmrtm.
A.IU. Llafc,
HudKa. N. X.
field by Druggists,
fake (.V-
Annnal Meeting of Stockholders.
Orrtog or MrgrHm ao CH4Ri,flTi)
Railboao Co.. Ill Wi.lHtbt, V
New York, Oolol.or 6, IKSfl. J
NOTICE Is hereby given that the A ibsjdsb I
MffMlnat of the rtorkholde's of the
Jtfatmptiiaj nml CliMrlraloa KnllronU
( oiupnuy will he held at the office of th
company, at Mniit'll Is. AlabinBa,on
l liurailny, (h lllta djr ejf Novem
ber , 1HH6.
The transfer booka ef the company will re
main cloaed from October 12th to November
11th, both inclusive. .
h. M. BCIIWAN, Secretary.
The agents of the several stations will fur
nish stockholders with free tioketi to and
from th meeting. .
II. f). WIT.TON. Treasorw.
And Commission Merchants,
gOO and gQ3 Front Hi., 9f eniIilN, Tenn.
LaUJ.T. LaPrad A Co.
taU with J. I. Lal'rade A Co
No. 304 Front street,
Mem plils, Tenn.
JrUavIng retired from the Saddlery and Ilaraeis bnslnesa and opened an office as above,
we are pleased to announce to our friends and the public generally that we are now prepared
to serve tbem tn our new capacity. Returning tbanks for the very liberal patronage ex
tended US In the old line, w trust to merit and recelv a share of your favors in the new.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocoi,
IT. 11 Union Street. : t
porta on growth in diversified cropping
oorn, oats, wheat, ry, barley, cereals, and
orchard, hords, clover, tall meadow oat
grasi and timothy (rasa
All onr wornout sedg lands may ba re
claimed by sowing rye and olover on them la
fall or spring, or sowing cow-peas In May,
June or July, then turn under, and
Improve the land.
lt.fl.!UAIU Al t'O ,
Agricultural Implemeata and Bl Dealers.
ynnr rotnilcr for Nie Ortirltml 93 Nhsxj
H..na'of Imltatl.iiia, .,
KooeOnnliie uuii'ae bt.ariug tblertcnnayj
lUde in Uutton, UonirmM onl Iwrv fit Onty
firtn, uilAxiwuiwilli IMin
bUtty. CtnuuH and AftmM
nfiwin unnir f oa inrnrmfr
tlon Jiow to kit thin Hhod In
aujr tttuie or Territory,
J. mm & CaJ
f unjoin at
jjOlUlJIIj JfXaMaV'
Phiti ahasM tiLfi.mil hlirher In thoMtlmafcirvn n
R-swirdri Alisn MitV til hi' r lu Lt Wuriit. Thnth
w ho wear H wlU lull yuu thm nmmm It jo
A. W I V
Mem ph ImTenn.
M. 0. PEA ROB.
Cotton Factors & Commission Merch'ts,
Cottossl Warhowa- Woaf gJJljrwvt
Non KoHlili-nt NoIIcp.
No. In th t'haneery Ooart of Shelby
oouotr, lenn.-J. ti. 'loof et al. vs. Mi
souri V ilson et al.
It aol.earina troui hill whlnh Is awora tn ta
this cause that the defendants, Ml.aourl Wil
son, Dora Haviea, Iloag Uavles, Kva Pavfe
and Pearl Wilson, are residents ef the Htaa
of Arkansas and all non-iealdanta of tha
titat, ef Tennessee :
it la lliereiorn orttnreil. That thev mika
their aniicarnnce herein, at tba caurthonM
of Hhelliy oounty. in Memph s, Tenn , on or
before the flr-t Monday in Deceinksr. lxm.
and plead, answer or demur toooiuplainaats'
bill, or the same will he taken for coofessed
as to thein and set for hearing ex yartei ana
that a copy of this order be publtfhod once
week, for four succo'sive weeks, In the Mem
phis Appeal. This IStb day of Octobtr, 1HW.
A copy attest:
H. I. MollOW Kl,l Clerk and Master.
By T. II. Caldwell, lioputv 0. and M.
Hantt A Patterson , & ils. for ooai pl'nt. tu
Noii-KrjHlilcut Notice.
Ho. S072 In th Chancery Court ol Shelby
county, lenn. Mtate of Tenaeasee, far
use, etc., vs. W, M. Hneed et al.
It am.earlna from bill which la sworn to (
this oauae that the defendants, dray Rooii,
Mrs. Ktuith and husband, H. R. tiiuith i
are resident1 ol the Htate of Teaas and non
residents of the btale of Tennessee:
It is there ore ordered. Inattkey make
their Bpiiearanoe herein, at the courteua
of Hhelby county, in Memphis, Tean.,osi
belore the first Monday ia December.
IKftn. and ttlead. anawer or demar to com
nlainant's bill, aud amended bil s. or th
game will be taken for confessed aa te then
nd set for hearing ex parte i and that a oepr
f this order b published once a week, for
four suoceaaive weeks, in the Memphig As-
eal. This 1 HI h day ol Uotolier, lnx.
A copy attest:
H 1. MuHUWKLt,. Clerk and Master.
OyT. 1) Caldwall, Deputy C. and M.
F. II. and 0. W. lleiskell. Holicitors for
ooinplalnant. tuaa
No. OlOfi, K. D. -Chancery Court of Hhelby
county hrnest Xla, Andrews etal. vs. Jon
II. Andrews et al.
Y virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, enterod n the above cause on th
Klh dar ol Uctober. lHwi. M. It. 61. pair
IHri, I will sell, at public auction, to the high
est bidder, In front ol tbe Clerk and Master a
nice, courthouse of bhelbv oounty. Mam-
phis, Tenn., on
Mittardny, Novrraber IS, 1HH,
lthin legal honra. the following ds-
cribed property, situated in the Taxing Dis
trict or bneluy oounty, lennessee, to-witi
Beginning at a roint on the north t id of
Carroll avenue lib reet west el a lurked gam
corners thence north 4(J weat with said ave
nue l:il feet to a ftake: tlieooe north Vif east
2f2 feet to a stake; (hence si.utri MS at
lift feet to a stake: tlieuce soul h ItIV west
DoOfeetlo the beginning, being part of lot
111 and 18 of country lot fMI and part of th
John I. Graham subdivision, aa tu ly de
scribed In th deed of John K. Hobba to Ju
lia A. Andrews, then Julia A. Urac. in th
Register's utile ot Shelby oounty, in book
12, paae If.
Terma of Sale One-third cash) balance U
equal Instalments at and li months) not
with security rauuired) lien retained. This
Ootober ltf, J
H. 1. muuun auu, uierg ana m aster.
. IS. Call
aldwell. Deputy 0. and U.
Fraier A flnvl. Hole, tor comrl'i.

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