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llnmitf t
Ii In reeelpt of larg-er, more varied and setter e-
aid 0TEBC0AT15GS, (all
tloai,) tbaa wai ever ihown
lock eanpriies the choicest
aad aiost d arable goedg In gentlemen's wear.
10 Samples and Prices on application ta those
Wo lave left measures.
llliajiWJmWL,.JMy ,.J).a.-may
1 if Pi
n 111 11 lu i
Nov Stock Open for Inspection
WE would respectfully announce to the pnblie that we have opened an Auotloi Mouse,
and will coad'iet the (ienerat Anotion Business, at our old stand. Mo. 1 9.1 Nolu
tree!, in the Webster Blook. Uaving secured the services of Muj. J. H. MnDON ALD, the
well known Ayetion Saleman, who has a Ions; experieece in the auotion business, we are
prepare to make sale at KEdiDENOES or 8'lOKtUoUSES, and will par particular atten
tion to the sale ef Heal Etate and solicit a liberal patronage, asour motto is QUICK KALKd
and PROMPT tittTTLKMENTd We will make special rales with Attorneys, Adminis
trators, Assignees, t-theriffs. Commissioners and Guardians, bales at our balerooms daily
at 10 o'clock a.ra and at 7 o'clock p.m., and Trade Sa'es once a week, the day to be an
nounced hereafter. Consignments of Merchandise of every kind solicited.
N. HCSTliOtl' fc CO., LiveuMVtl Auctioucera.
J. K. M(tTONAI,T. Knln-mnn.
ROOMS AND BOARD First olass board
and well furnished rooms; day bosrders
accommodated, at 7a Adams street.
WRNISHKD ROOVS-With or without
boar: table boarders wanted ; 13! Court.
DESIRABLE ROOMS-With board, at
TABLB BOARD The best the market af
furds, At 87 COUKT STREET.
"ptEHIRABLB KOOMS-Newly furnished
j-r rooms ana ooara, at tv Market street,
ELIGIBLE R00M8-With superior board,
two blocks Irom H ayoso Motel. 453 Shelby
TAMES WASHINGTON, formerly cook at
tne uayoeo. nas been em ploy d as oa
terer tor 453 and 455 Shelby s'reet, 2 squares
below Sayoso, where superb meals, with
prompt attention, will be served for 120 per
ROOMS Famished, with board,
At ffll Shelby street.
ROOMS-Pleasant furnished rooms, with
board, for ladies or genflen en. Terms
Terr reasonable.
392 Court Extended.
T. JAMES. HOUSE 6 Adams afreet
Board and lodging, fS; day bourd, S3 50.
"DEAUTIFUL front rooms. alnel or an
XJ suite, furnished or unfurnished, with or
wirnnnt onirrl : nfcrrooms. int-li; nnnrt at
VJ bTOtiK IJN Hum Locat don a cor
Ser; transient and country trade. Doing a
nice oash business. Business elrewhtre
claiming my attonlion. A bargain fur some
entorpriaing man, young or old. Address
A. P. J..
Appeal ctfico.
jf ninaow en t, etc., iut received.
Special bargains this week Mbo'e'aleand
retail. AAIac, BKATllr; & CO..
3'J Main strent
HOUSE Two story fr-me, eight rooms,
stables and O'lthousesi lot 47Kxltii:
title warranted ; in first class ordor; can be
bought at hn't its vulue it cub. is paid down
Address S. T. R.. Carrier No, 5.
-A good navinir Oarman
Boardinirhnuse in Helena. Artt.. owner
wishing to retre. tor further particulars,
inquire at BHUNER'S, in Helen, Ark.
HITZFELD'S (HI, Fluid and Gas S'oves,
for light bou'eki'eiii' g, ?S:i eronrl st.
A FKW HeRtingStnvas. second hand, good
A-as new, uneap. mi,, t e.Ll),ai beoond
Address W., tbis office.
"1 OT-Choioe Fnrt Pickering lot: no city
j taxes. vti. lUftBUW, a7 Mam st.
U'RAMKCottnge.on oor.
Raybnrn av. and
X Georgia St.; lot 55x170,1
I. with a house of A
rooms, in good order. This is a choice piece
of property, and onn be purohased on easy
mommy payment oy pavn part cash. ,Ap
ply Minter ParkerorA. J. Martin, 289 Main.
PLANTATION On the Arkansas River,
Lincoln County 600 acres in hinh state
of cultivation ; 1640 sores in tract: well inv
.Droved: steam gin. 2 larce barns. 21 good cab
ins and handsome dwelling, 7 rooms, wiih 20
acres lawn in Iront. Lihor.il terms. Apply to
S72 and 374 Front street, Memphis,
or J. GAKKKir. Barassa, Ark.
Vator and Gas Stoves
XI for light housekeeping
Hecond St.
H0C8B AND LOT Tha J. A. Hayes, Jr.,
residenoe. No. S62 Vance street. Apply
uj u, ni i wn national Hang
FOR SALE CHEaP-No. 6 Washington
Hand Prase, for nine-onlumn paper;
good as new. nquire at No. 37 Union st.
AIM. Jones k Co.'s., one nice gentle
J.JL. ouggy ma pa mat any lady can drive
or ride perfectly safe.
RESIDENCE Nos. 80 and 88 Market st.f
In g-od repair: lot 57' x14e). Apply to
M.C. KENNEDY. 47H Mosby st.
Sideboards, Lounges, etc.
No 363 Main street.
J little nsed, and in good condition. Ad-
'Ply at
THE leace and fixtures of the St. EI no
Hotel, Meridian, Mies, Twenty-five
commodious rooms, within tttroe minutes
wafk of the Union Depot; large sample
wra on the streot next door; now doing a
Jood business and popular. Can be had at a
urgain if applied (or within the neat thirty
l"y?.-., APt'i 10 Charles Elmire, proprietor,
Weridiaa, Miss.
OLD MATERIA L In the storehonsesand
Senate Building, occupied by B. Low-
eoetein A Bros.' ; must be removed at one.
Apply to JOHN REID, Buildor.
NEAT COTTAGE Of six rooms, and lot
tfMx44, 54 Dean avenue. Inquire on
CHEAP One second-hand ROCK AWAY,
noarly as good ss new, at 103 Unir n st.
W. R. LA R KIN, LarSlnsvllle, Ala.
one tboroaslhbred Running Horse; fee
20. One Trotting Horsef fee.tio. One Jer
sey Bull: fee, r2.W Fog 8LS0 Horses,
Milch Co we, IS bead Butoher Csttle, Pea
cocks aad Newfoundland Pups. Horses oa
(pasture, tr per month ; Texas horses, lllc per
4" Tel.hn- .HIWRPH ni'MNKT. .
LJ ORSK-On Sunday night, from llole
iJ. more aver.ue, a large lay horse, with
heavy mane and tail, Jorge and heavy foot
and W left h'nd leg ,Hhtly swollen at
lock. Aln, an English sal,ile aud a bagiv
bridle, wuh yoliow cotton lines. A libothl
reward for the recovery of the property asd
evidenej leading to the nprh,nsi,.n stvj
jonviotiyi ol thetji-ef. D ,vi. lnCAlwES.
G0W O.n'Thursdey, near nerm,"twoTcVr'
one aWsek. wish cr p i,c hole in one
ear and slK and bole in the other- the
other, red, in,.' while spnttoi, with a swallw
fork In right .ear; tent; have blank marks
A suitable rexunl f.T Ibeir return to me"
pear corner of Ls; e venue nrid Ayro s reot'
tbis season's Import.
la tbii Market. Tlio
designs, finest textures
Superlatively Whimsloal Musical Absurdity,
WE, US & CO.
New music, new songs, new dances, new
costumes, eto.
Thurs., Fri. and'fiat., Nov. 11-12-13-Mist
Mon., Nor. 15-Miss KATE FORSYTHE.
Open Dally from 1 until 10:30 p.m.
Open Saturdays Imp 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
DERS. Engagement This Week of the
Creole Wonder. EMILY LANDRY, the
Bearded and HniryGirl. Signor GIOVAN
NI, and his flock ot educated Canary Birds.
A Hundred other Curiosities, and u Grand
Entertainment In the Bijou Theatre
le ....ADM 8 ION TO ALL Mo
Reserved Seats in the Theat, r, 10 1 Extra.
GET HOOK & L.AGRILL to weather strip
your doors and windows There is solid
comfort and economy in this. Cornor Seo
ond and Madison streets
Fan Nava. tie colohniteil Giisv Clair.
voyant, is still residing nt 177 I hird St., near
Poplar. Everybody shi.uld not fail ro visit her
TR. J. D. WIIITR-243 Main. eorL JetTer.
U son st Office telenhc no Ml ; residence 68.
("MSTFRNS-Builtand repaired and war.
V runted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port,
land Cemont Pump. Contrnetur and brick
Inv. r Telephor. s. TIIOS CUHHTNS.
, with white spot on
X forehead.
returning hitn to S. Jacobs, M Monroe stroet
er will oe rewarded in
MULES On the night of Oct. 3d, 3 miles
east of Collierville, 2hlok maro mules:
one about lour yours old, in good lix and
trimmed up, with little white spot under
jaw; the other, ten or twelve years old.
rough, and n-.t so well trimmed. Howard
for information, or return of mules to J. W.
loung, meuiphis, or
W. T VHP". firlHervllle, Tern.
OLD IRON A quantity of stove and ma
ohinerr ser,tp ir n. old enr wheels.
Nl'KSB GI rlL A ge not les than 14 j ears.
Annly at 121 V aahington s'reot.
TINNRR Hood Job worker: steady Job
tood wages. Wessendon i Eichberg.
YOUNG GERMAN Wants a olorlcal po
sition in store; speaks and writes Eng
lish fluently. A'dre's G. B.. thisofflce.
TXTHITE COOK-For family of two; good
, v auiue auu wages. Auuress
M.. care Let'er Carr'er No. 4,
SALESMEN In everyState In the ti ion
ro represent a t-Atn r m aj uiTACTuK
NG ESTABLISH MENT having several
jrsciiLTits that are popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in oonneotien
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
AT CLOVER HILL, MISS.-Serenty miles
south of Memphis, on L,, N. O. and T.
R. R.,3 good Carpenters, 10 men to gather
corn, app y on me premises, or to
J. T. FARGASON. 3fi9 Front st
WANTED By a wholesale clothing house
in Cincinnati, O., tor the State of Ar
kansas a first class traveling salesman who
has an established trade and can give good
recommendations. Communications strictly
ter Carrier No. 81, Cincinnati. O.
At Chambers House.
"lOOK A No. 1 oolored cook; must eome
vy well lecoiumended. Apply at 3u9
j-onroioc sireei.
at Mrs. 1
rood, experienced cook. Apply
larry Cohn's, 1110 Adams st.
To manage a Dalrv: voung man
1VX preferred.
Addres UAlttY, Appeal.
SITUATION By oolered man as driver,'
porter, or any honest work . G , A ppeal.
il 00D Colored Chambermaid.
VT At 72 Mudison street.
P0SITI0N-A young single man would
like position aa general aasiatant in ,f
nee, store er manufactory, bill clerk, eollec-
wri ew.; win werg cneap. rf. r., mis o dice.
ClOOK-Good first- clnss cook at 299 gee
ond street, up-stairs.
UU on levee at Austin, Miss. Will pal U
per day, or hire by the cubic yard. 1(10 good
hands also wanted; will pay 11.50 per day.
Apply at F. A. Jones A Co 's stable, 61 Mon
roe street, or on the work, at Austin, Miss.
HOOMS Two or three unfurnished rooms
by two persons. Apply at Sehilling'i
Boardinghonse. Adams street.
r. a. uri r.g t o
AGENTS-In every town to sell Pianos
and Organs. HOUCK A CO., Me mphis.
DAK iiUARDEKS Or without rooms,
At 92 Fast Court street.
order in best styles at
ROOMS--ell furnished rooms, No7 81
Linden strer.
MAN An intelligent, earnest man to reD'
resont. in his own loe,il,. la. V
iponstble house. A remuneraiive salary to
riht party. Steady position Reference
exchanged. A menean Manufacturing U.oji.
16 Brclny St., N. Y. 1 , 1
Ln IV pr.ee paid by GABA?, Meropti,.
tjH' h ft Vrun.V TO KMnv-That FTtT
aoxt thirty days for t W.
243 MhIti rt.
( Li) GOLL)
SI L licit.
J ci.angn
.ui irunu, jowe er, Swiia: n
w WW
Opportunities Famished bj the Rail
roads TV hlch Slioult lie Im
proved Rail Notes.
"I can eee no re aeon why Memphis
should not be a great manufactnrirg
centtr," eaid Gen. R. F. Patterson, be
tween the puff" o( a fr. grant Ilavana,
is he sat in the Cctton Ezchtrge yes
terday. "Tbe railrcad to Bumine
ham, when built, ouht to ee ttle the
question. Then we can get coal cheap,
and the iron ore from Alabama,
mixed with that from the mires
about Pilot Knob, can ba manufact
ured by tho Bassica procers itta a
high giaiie of 8 eel. I hope the rumor
the Appkal published in regard to
the removal ot the Indianapolis toll
ing mill is trne, and I can ete no rea
son why that should not come there.
The advantages tbis point has for
tracsporiation cannot be excelled
anywhsre in tho couutrv, and it is a
wonder lo me that more hes not baeu
dne in a manufacturing way.
If we can mica get a goud
ata-t we will be all right.
Memphis thou.d have a furniture
factory by all means. Certainly if
Union City can support two we ooght
to have ha.f a dcz?n; and I am told,
toa, that they get mrst of their lumber
from points within forty or fifty miks
of Memphis, reehipping it at R'ven.
The greatest drawoack," Gen. Patler
son admitttd, "is the habit of Luge
stockholders in mannfactories of put
ting relatives in charge. Manufactur
ing must be done on a very small
margin, and in order that it may be
success'ul men of experience mutt
have charge of affairs. The common
est business sense ought to teach a
man that be cannot put the manage
ment of a rolling mill, for instance,
into the bands of a rot ion clerk, or a
furniture factory in charge of a dry
goods salesman. Something morn
than mere contannuinily is required.
Yes, sir, we ought to be improving
our opportunities the opportunities
the railroads give us."
"Then you don't believe the build
ing of union d-pots and trunk lines
injure a place ?"
No, sir. All that la the talk of a
century ago. It is not in accord with
the progressive spirit of the axe. Give
us a union depot and all the railrcad
lines, big and little, that we can gut."
Texas) TrMftio.
There is a great deal of interest felt
among the met chants in the coming
of the Iron Mountain railroad, and
all that affects it is closely scanned.
Rumors ate current among traffic men
that the Texas Traffic Association will
soon be diesol ve i. The reawnB assigned
are the widening of the Bt. Louis,
Arkansas and Tex S gauge and the
coming of the A'cbison, Tope It a and
Santa Fe road into the State. Beyond
a doubt great reductions of freight will
ensue. The two named roads will de
mand aarger percentage of the earn
ings than the other members of the
Texaa pool will allow. This will
probably result in a dissolution, as
claimed, and a general war of rates.
It is well understood among
freight men in Texas that the
St. Louie, Arkansas and Texas people
are slushing rates on the quiet, even
at the present time, judging from the
immeuse amount of business they are
hauling in the State from Enetern
points and considering their lirai ed
HMlitits lor Dandling tins tiusiatss.
Their competition will especially
aflbet the Gould sjs em on tus mgj
c ming from bt. Louis end Ciiicag).
The management cf tbis lotd is
known to be b Id and a.grepsive, and
the otlurs now composing the lYxai
pool are eft-aid tlat this''jounggUi.t"
will demand more blood money tlmn
i as PHt'etieil them in the past. Again,
tto, the AtchiHon, Topela and Sant t
Fe will ep?n thn.ugh lo Texas in a
fawweeka, end it is exjetted tbey
will ahn tut retes on g'ain, which ii
the principal basinefa from Krfmns to
ti Texis p ,inis. It is calculated tht
ihio will o cation a reduction of grain
rat s of at least 50 per cent., causing a
boom for T,-xaa ra's.rs and milling
men. This buisimes has heretofore
batn hucdled exclusively by the
Gould f-yntem. It is a well known
fact that the po ie?of the Atchison,
Tor eta srd Santa Fe has alw.iys bi-en
aitagonistic to pools, rate, and similar
orgaulzatione. They were the princi
pal menns of btertking up the cele
brated trne-continental pool, one of
fhe sirorjgeet in the country in its
time, hence the f.a'fl of the Texas
lines. Taking the oituntion on the
who'e, the prospects are decidedly in
teresting to railrcaders generally in
the Southwest. ,
Improvesncsst Iss FacllltlM.
In few departments of railway work
has greater progress been made in the
last few years than in providing for
the tafe and sreedy transportation ot
fruits, vegetables and other perish
able articles from one partof the coun
try to the other. Only a few years ago
the carrying of California fruits to
Chicago and Eastern marktts was
done by placing special freight vt fruit
cars in regular passenger trains, which
necessitated the incurring of very
heavy expense. Now, however, this
is done without the neceesity of in
cunirg so great an expense as wss in
volved in attaching fruit cars to pas
senger trains. There is no question
thit further progress will be made in
this direction from . year to year
until grapes and pears from Cal
ifornia, early vegHtabes from Mis is
sippi aud other Southern Stato, and
banan a and oranges from Florida and
the trnpii e will be handled and trans
ported from one extreme poriion of
the country to another without the
possibility of lo s or inconvenience
either from cold, from heat or from
other natural causes. In this connec
tion the Tiffany Company is entit'ed
to very great credit for it? persistent
determination ti overcome all obsta
cles, and to furnish the public with a
perfect means for the transportation of
peiiahab.e goods.
. "Niavocs ( hiljjrmi." by Dr Charles
L. Dina, is orle of the lea iiug subjects
in Babyhood for November. Not lees
important are article by woll known
physicians on "The Fever Thermom
eter in the Nursery," "Popular Falla
cies Ab;ut Teething," "Cautions Re
garding Children's Eye'," and "Con-
Btipatioe." Marion IJarland writes
cn "Othfr People's B.bifs," and the
ovne-al departiueniB of the nisuaziriH
abonr d in more than the uaml turn.
ber of luntp end he!ps in the cam ti
i"frtr.t. tF,ftpr-n cpnts a number,
Jl 50 a yea'. No, 5 Bjokmin etrjel,
New York.
Tub p'ipul'fri'y of rtaodir.g laTing
has p' rint'toi The Dionator and Fur
nUlitr to give them a fu l pae of orig
fnal dea:gni in its Novemb r numbor,
frgether with a dercr ptive article.
Pa'ior furniture in ail i.a la e:t ttvls
ii well written up, and there are sev
eral designs for rarlor cabine's, over
mantels, etc. "Indoor Gardening"
for the winter couvcya many useful
bints t oladie., and a review of the
novelties in upholstering is equally
valubble. Something new in wall
paper is shown, a pape of s'encils,
tiaiced g'ass and a practical paper on
graining are all worth stndvmg, ai
well in thi'ir odvicj as in their illus
trations. Iron w:rlr, church decora
t on, furnishing of city housee, with a
handsome full page illustiaiion, a
varitty of borders and panels for
artists or carver.', are among 1 lie ether
a'traotione, togt-ther with an enlire
republication of the "Materiaux tt
Docuraenta d'Aichitecture," by Ra
guenet, a work invaluable to archi
ll eta and designers, and which ie to be
given berosfter each month rs a part
of The Decorator and lurnulttr, Ni g.
30 and 32 Ea-t Fourteenth etrcet, New
York City.
Tui third volume cf Aldeu's CVcfo
pctfta of Vnixtrml Literature, nnw ready
(cloth binding tiO cent', half Morocco
75 cents), contsins 406 pages, and rep
resents eighty-six of the most famous
authors of the vtorld, of all nations
and languages, including, among
ther.', Bowu.t, Boswell, Kronte,
Brougham, Browning, Brjant, Buff in,
Buckle, Burke, Burn, Burroughs,
clreing witlt Byron. There a'e n-ary
300 choice literary selections rt pre
senting tfjese anthots at'u'y won
derful umnunt of enttr'aitiing lithra
tare for a littler money. The lollowirg
are representative opinions of this
work by competent literary critic-:
"The third volume strengthens the good
opinion formed by its predecessors. The
articles, though brief, are remarkably com
prehensive, presenting in a few pithy para
graphs the very facts which the reader most
wishes to know, while the extracts from tho
writings of the authors describtd are se
lected with discriminating taste. We are
much pleased with the work. It bids fair ti
be, when completed, the btst cyclopedia of
literature in the language." Thr nrr.W,
t hifngo.
"Mr. Aldon's idea and entrrprlso in the
exscutlon ot it should be encouraged gener
ously. He places within the reach of all
who read, a g, od knowledge of the world's
literature and of those who have made it,
and lit I pi them to form a good literary taste,
and to desire literary culture. To know what
it is lor him to read, is the first dilliculty of
the self instructor. This cyclopedia tells
him, with illustrative quotations. To all it
1 . a complete and reliable giide to the best
reading." Commercial Advertittr, U'trvit,
"The articles are remarkably comprehen
sive, presenting in a lew pithy paragraphs
the very fact which the reader most wishes
to know, while the extracts from the writ
ings of the authors described are selected
with discriminating taste. Wa are much
pleaned with the work." Standard of ike
Croat, Olevrland, (Mio.
The work is designed to be com
pleted In fifteen volumes. The pub
lisher offers a sample volume, por-t
paid, for the nominal price ot 35
cents, on condition that within thrpe
days after receipt you will either re
mit the lemaindor of the price or re
turn the book, in which case your
mocey will be refunded half Morocco
binding, 60 cents, cn the same condi
tions. Descriptive catalogue of the
publisher's vety large list of standard
books sent free. John B. AMen, pub
lisher, 3t)3 Pearl street, New York.
HeetlneoriheTrl-IHakt Radical As
sociation Today.
The Tri-State Medical Association,
crmposed of physicians from Tennes
see, Migsitsippi and Arkansas, will
hold its annual meeting at the Uaycso
Hotel today and tomorrow. The of
ficers of the Association are: Presi
dent, W. II. M Curgt, M. D , Collinr
vi le; secretary, W. B Rogers, M D,
Memphis; treasurer, T. J. CrcfiorJ, M.
D, Memphis.
The Committee of Arrangements for
the present meeting are: Die. W. B.
Rogers, D D. SitindeiM, J. A. Lips
comb and II. L Williford. The pro
gramme of the fitut ee.sion is a fol
low s:
Call to order.
Prayer, by the Rev. R. A. Vemihle.
Adtlr-.si of welci me, by Maj. L P.
Reading rf minute.
Report of Couitnutee of A rnngt
mente, ete.
Ket eption of mr rubers by iavitntit.i).
E'ectton ot permit: ent memw rs.
Reading of letters from absentee".
Addre:S by the pits (lent, W. H.
MoCnrgo, M.D., (Jollierville.Tern.
Rjci pt;on of repcf a fiom special
committers, voluntary contributions,
and t'.eir refertronce to approprible
Appointment, by the Tannic Men's
t'lirltrtlnn Anxocl'ition.
The week ef prayer appointed by
the international committee of New
York, which has been held yrarly for
the past twenty-one ytars, will b?gin
on November 14th to 20ih and will bo
obperved in all parts nf the world.
The following are the topics and ap
pointments: Sunday morning, November 14
"The Teacher and tbe Teaching that
Convince Men,'- John, xvi, 7-15. By
tbe pastors of churches,
Sunday evening, November 14
"From Condemnation to Jtit-t fii:a
tiou," Romans, iii, 19-20. R. G. Craig.
Monday night, November 15
"From Self Willed Exile to Home,"
Luke, xv, 11 24. F. T. Edmondson.
Tneaday, November 16 "From
Darkness to Light," Mark x, 41) 62;
Eph. v, 8. L. II. Estea.
Wednesday, November 17 ' From
Persecution to Prayer," Acts ix, 1-12;
J. H.'Jhompson.
Thursday, Novembsr 18 "From
Loss to Gain," Mark x, 28 30. John
R. Pepper.
Friday. November 19 "From In
quiry to Knowledge," Acts viii, 2ii 3'J.
James Harris.
Satti'dav, November 20 "A Mer
chandise Ttiat is Better Tban Silver,"
Prov. iii, 13-20; Matt xlii, 44,40. Jas.
Le, jr.
Toe above named meetings will ba
held at the nail, 207 Min street The
pastors and members of the different
churches are invited to assUt. The
meetings will bs held especially lor
young men.
Gold Perm at MnlfordV.
Don't Lone Tlil Opport nnl.y.
If yon are troubled with tape worm
don't lose this opportunity, Dr. M.
Ney Smith, at No. 72 Madison street,
can furnish the beet of references
frem persons tr.ated in Memphis
since he came. here. Remember, he
guarantees every cate. He requires
no f-e in advance. No Lsting or
starving, no detentioa from bns nesn,
no bad effects follow treatment; med
icine plehta t ti taka. Then the time
oi ly from f rriy ti ninety minute .
Conhl jou ajk for a he'tfr chance?
Will your prj, id ct deterynu? Just
the thought' of a living pain liss tlfty
or eeveYitvfiye fret lonsr eiirtinsin
voi if your tea ft wss not at Bt.tkt
sli n Id t o tuMiuiint r.HFon fir jot to
mak i:n t fl -rt to ue' rel e'. On-ulta-ti
in free. IK S nith will only re
main t ii wee!'.
I.inniicr mill Hiirneil.
MrsKKtioN, Mic r., x vem! r 9.
The mill rf th-t Kas' Sh ire I.iim' rr
Company burned la it nl.l.t. The
ciiist of the firei if n knojyo. Lots,
$25,000; in ur.'iice, $18,100,
T lews of President Clarke in Regard
to a Uniform Set of
"The racetratk looks like a litt'e
city," said a lover of the turf y titer
day, "A number of stahlea uo l.era
at the fall meeting have arrived in the
last few days, and it looks as if tliu
club would be put to its utmost ca
pacity to fnrnisu stable room. The
foundation has been laid for the
biggest spring meeting ever held in
the South, and there will be more
crack two year olds tban I ever saw
on a course anywhere in thecountry."
Speaking of the racing interest at
Louisville the other day, President
Clarke had something to tay about
a uniform code of rules, lie said :
"Let it ba understood by all partic.i
that one rode of rules ie the object of
the meetii g, and, surely, Ea-t ami
Wts', Noith and Souih are q'ia,ly
interested in this. If the East doe
not deeire to thitrge their weighle.atid
the South and West refuse it go no
on the scale, then much good will
have been accompliahed, even if only
the one cede of rules for America hna
been adopted by all the clubs. A in
ference of the clubs might result fa
vorably in the mere endeavor to ar
range date, hut the congress would
and csuld have no right to dispose of
tti id. lu America we have Baltimore,
Washington, Jerome Park. Coney
Island, Long Branch, Brooklyn and
Saratoga as the Kit tern circuit, and
New Orleans, Memphis, Ntsuville,
Lexington, Louisville, L tonia, St.
Louis actl Chicago as the Southern
and Western circuit. A conference
of all these clubs can be productive
only of good and ought to be held
The above is the only moans I ran
perceive by which clashing of rnlts
can be avoided. In regard to pieven
tion and punishment of frnud, the
way is very blmple, although the la k
is a dilllcn't t ne, fur on ite prevention
and qu ck punishment when detected
thn future of the turf depends. Here
is my plan already devi ed: Our ra
tional interesis once cjmbi' ed'on tho
old Kenttnky plat: 'Uaiic-d we
s and, divided we fall' let us choose
from among the beet informed raring
men in tbis country four judges. Tbey
mutt not bi owners, trainers, jockeys,
or in ary way interested in a race,
except that it be run hontatly. The-o
four judges mutt choo e a fif:h,
like outo themselves, and the five
shall constitute what in England
is called a Board of Stewards.
1 hey must be paid good salaries, fcr
they will be buay throughout the rac
ing ceason, with little tune for other
duties. Two members of this board
shall act as judges at eveiy racetrack
represented in the congres, the club
having the power to elect a third mnn
to ait with them by way of compli
ment. He may not know anything
about racing, bo they may let him
p'ace the third hoise. Tbeee judges,
honest men ell, shall enforce the rac
ing rules most rigidly, so that every
owner, trainer and jockey may know
the penalty for infringement. I think
I could put men in the judges' stand
who would sjon find out why a horse
goes a sile to-day in 1 :40, when yes
terday he ran it in 1 :4(i With meh
men as judges yon let a jockey do any
of this funny business and see the r,--B'llr.
Why, half the judges in this
country knows nt thing of racing rules,
and 1 eon tell ynu that the jockeys very
s on find out the manner of men under
w hone eyes they are riding. Once sure
that woll informed,' courageous men
are in the judg's' stantl,they are 'out
tor the nio.iey.' It is astonishing how
many hornes there are in Ani' rita to
day which cau patk weight to mu :h
bettor than they can money. With a
big lond of the inibl.c funds) on their
bucks they seem utterly unable to
run. My Board of Judges would put
an end to all this. A majority of
ownes demand some such action, as
it h ueele a for the Turf Corgrtss to
meet encli November and reviett rules,
unless three laws shall he st-ictly en
f rced and bnt one construction
of them given."
I'hnncrry 4'onrl t.llcll. Judge.
Decrees ye?terJay Planters' Mill
vs Newell, motion overruled; Godwin
vs rood, until ; lioggiano vs rodos a,
decree on report; Air up vs C'o'e, die
English petition : Owen vs Smith,
cancel note; Doyle vs Fitzgerald, con
tinuance; Amonett vn Beard, dis
missal; Sihoollield vs Williams, con
tinuance; McDcrmott vs Water Com
pany, death of complainant stated;
Mahley vs Mabloy, cnnttnnancsr Nlles
vs Greenlaw, appeal ; tStnto va Butler,
correction; 1MI vs Hill, on trial, and
wnen conciuaod call ol calendar will
be preceeded with.
Solid Stiver at Miilford'sj.
Convention nfthsi Ancient Order of
Pittsuuho, Fa., November 0. A
State Convention of the faction of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians, which
follow the lead of the Board of Erin,
met at 10 o'clock this morning in
u Lonneirs inn on second avenue.
The proceeding' were secret, but it
was learned that tne purpose ol lire
convention was to adopt aome means
to beal tbe breech between them
and the American branch of tbe order.
Aa tbe latter are n quired to pay al
legiance to the Board of Erin it is
thonght that a reconciliation will not
bs effected unless the Board of Erin
faction abolish that ebj c'iomtb'e
c ause and agree to be governed; by
the coiietitution and laws nf the
American body. About 100 delegates,
claiming to represent 20,000 members
of the order, are present.
Fine Wittcliea at Mulford'n
Kail rand Offlrsn Elects f.
Saw Antomio, Tix., November 9.
At a meeting of the directors of tbe
Arkansas Pats railway today U. Lott
was eiecieu president and general
manager; S. P. Swanson, of New
York, vice president, B. F. Yoakum
secretary, treasurer and traffic mana
ger. Tbe Baltimore Aaalinment.
New York, November 9. The
schedules in the bs gnment of Ear re
more & Or., dealers in hops wero fi ed
to-day. The liahili isj are $235,402,
nominal asetB tl 18,670, actual assets
$11,000 The cause of the difference
in the assets is that a large quantity of
hot s have bum attached by creditors
and are to b i eel 1 a Sheriff's sale.
A Pawdrr Worha I Hulodcs),
MonmsrAWN, N. J., November 9,
Au explosion ocnireO nt tlm Forcite
powder wnrki a' I.ukn Hopa'cong
a'lorlly before So'clcck thiri a'ttrnoon.
Ons man wss kille l and five othere
seriously injured.
I)ln snoiitl MHtcbCH, 9InlArirrJ
Tailor and Importer.
HT FA 1.1, ITOeK I g,ew
Most VaHed 1 ha
i na ever an
var DOered
PAfrTALOOtaa in greas variety, all of the LATRaT DKSIUNS,
latroduceHl by the leading Importer of Knglgnd, rriaoe and Uar-
araur, a win it, bus a-Bhvsa s.
ta puDito to can ana
lnspaot any
Cor. Sicond tnd Jtfftrton
Force HI Father In Law to
4..IVC I p 111 Wile and
Ijtte yesteiday evening app'itstUm
was made to Judge Dull ue by A. I',
Hunter for a writ of hnheati corpus for
James A. Maydtvell to bring into court,
his daughter, Mia. A. K Hunter, and
her infant child, Vivian. Unnier
states that he wss mttrried to Mies
Vfi'it 11 Mnydwell In June, 18.S3, tak
ing her to his homet Monnt Pieasiiiit,
Miss. After several montuu residuute
there they csme to Mom; bis, where
they resided ahout a year. At the ex
piration of that time they returned to
Mount Pleseant. 1. M spring he left
home and went to Texito iu eearch of
more lucrative employment. Sliertlv
after his departure h'swih' tame ba- k
to Memphis with their in'nnt and hai
elnce lived with her father. The pair
were married withcut the consent of
the young lady's pi rente, the Rev. Dr.
Mop re, ol the Linden Mreet Lhurcli,
perlorming the ceremony.
Hunter gees on to say that he ar
rived from Texas Monday night ai d
at ence went nut to the residence of
his father-in-law, on Adams street,
and demanded hie wife and chid.
His demand was refusal, nnd the re
fusal backed up with a tect ou of a i
arsenal. Finding it impoisib e to ef
fect an entrance to the hone, and de
nied even an interview with his wife,
bv persuasion and the assertion
of his conjugal right, no
appeals t the law to euforoe his
claims. The case will be hesul be
fore Judge UuBose at 9:30 o'clock this
"Wc, Usj 'o."
This amusing jumble of absurdities,
interlarded wittt bright musical sleu
tions, was again produced at the New
Memphis Theater before a larga audi
ence and received with favor. The
antics of "Dr. Milo Medicns" and
"Knox Dunlsp" (gain kept the audi
ence laughing whenever thev ap
peared, while Miea Gray's "Kuphemia
Ooppergal" omvulred thun with mer
riment in her grotesque Ira' lung cos
tume. M'BB 1 heresa Vanillin's beauty
again drew all eyea aud opera glasses
in nor direction, and it is not too much
to any that they wern rewarded by a
spectacle of loveliness not often
equaled on the et.ngo. Mite Vaughn's
voice, as nas neon lierctot.ire mmca'i o,
U a contralto nf BweetnHoei but dotlcioot
In power, but tbis does not prov int
her from singing with pleura ng
effect. Mies Urlio Crawford, the
soprano, has a voice of un
common POAor, tinder excellent
control, atnl is, w:thl, n inoft grifo-
Inl and vwcuiii lilllrt actress, who
will doubtless mnk her mark In her
chrs?n ptofis'ion. Mr. Bmnaid Dyl-
lyn, ttie maxmliccnr, tririloiie, who is
content to einotl or his greet tnlenU
under Btich imirty and vapid tun
fnolery ea forms inn hiutlen of HV, U
, Co, sg-tin repeated his BneiMa'-
tles, the "Italian" and 'Only O.ie,"
with renewed inecw, nnd was en
cored and outaied.ati hu deserved, until
ho himself gav Hie signal that Im
had enough. We hoje seme day to
see Mr. Dyllyn amid surroundings
more worlhy of his great personal g her.
His voice wan net given him lo be
wasted In variety. Mien Maud Gned
win has not herett'loie been rxentior.
ed. She is a clever little dancer and
never fails to score an encore. A
noticeable feature of the performance
is the bright rnunin that rune through
it, mnrt tit it comnrnnd and all arrang
ed by Mr. Richard Stabe, the
tilentetl musical director of thn com
pany. It may not bo generally known
that he la a composer of talent, and is
now engaged in the composition ef an
opera to he produced at an early day.
lie presides at thn baton with great
skill, aud the medley that he intro
duces between the second and third
acts is so full of sparkling melodies
that the audience never fail to encore,
a compliment rare from a Memphis
"A Klaa or Iron."
Mis' Ada Gray will appear at the
New Memphis Theatre tomorrow
night in A Ring of hon, of which a
Baltimore exchange says: Frank
Harvey's new play, A Ring of Iron,
was produced lout night at Ford's in
the presence of a full house, notwith
standing the weather. Miss Gray
captivated her audience by her mag
nificent actirg, end, in the liner
portions of the drama, in which (he
hail full scope for the display of her
talents, was warmly applauded Tbe
balancoof the cast includes George
Lsarock, A. Chipinan, W. C.
Crosble, J. F. Watson, Louie Barrett,
William Wilson, J. P. Howard, Jennie
Satterlee, Blanche Moulton, Nell e
Irving, Annie Dungluts and Carrio
Lewis. A five months old habv
caused coniidnrahle laughter aid ap
plause. Frank Harvey 'a play has un
doubtedly made a big hit.
lioblnaon'a Mnawnm,
This place of amusement, which
gives a g' ol entertainment at popular
prices, continues to draw guod cruwds
The Creole wonder, Mies Landry, the
bearded child, is a eight that never
fails to draw exclamations of wonder
from all who see her. Tbe oihr
features are Hignor Giovanni, the hird
educator; Roltan,the magician; Wm.
Pennock, tbe human balloon; ihe
Dashington Brother.! in their comedy
busineee. aud other specialties too
abundant for enu nerat on.
MnUord, Jeweler, 294 Main (.tree!,
solicits order from the country.
rreatuu' t'ondlllen.
Br'0N, Mass., November 9 A
meeting of the creditor,) of Richard
Preston, dealer in woolens and t .ilors'
trimming", was held tine afie'roo '.
His haMllt eg wen stated to sg r gate
$H0,4S4, with nominal ntHttts f lil,07S.
Louibvili.ic.Ky .November 9. Night
Kiver 3 feet 1 inch inthectmnl nnd
11 inchei on the fttUi Hiid s'at. ona y
Business dull. Woithor cloudy, with
dr zzling raio, j
Tha I ar.,., rv.i.... ..a
la Memnhls. ennsiattnr af all ia
1 ivons rrus a a a.
ovaacHt rin,.i Arn stis r
HA (, Mis' UK
miBirfi i,,!! tn
ny eustomert au
r a I oc at my
Memphis, Tann.
OKAUTIFI L IIOMK -Three miles from
1 o.ty, on l'oplar St., cor. Treiovant sve.,
5'.'.n acres, S acre gmve. re t under plow.
Inquire al 47B Mi,. pih avi-nua.
FO'.t n:-: nt.
.'. A pyiy at 12 M ulisons!ret.
T11K OTLBKKT lLACK-?omer Raybnrn
avenue and Jackson street : two-iUury
frame, about 'l uitc I ,nil, fruits of ell kind.,
fine fruir and v, gctnble cantim, Will rent
fur a series nf years. Al'o, and her flace,
snme six acror, pear laton's; fine vines
and fruit, wth n-si,lence.
L. B. MrKAHLAN t). 21 Mail'son St.
Ot'SK-Wlth six rooms. Apply al N i.
Mulberry arreet. Utt I'HOL.
IOOM-t.argo tleasint lurnished room;
I central lo,-ition. nt t'tt .Madisen street.
1 KI DKNt'K-112 Alabama street Amilv
Jl to T.M. BCllVUtH, ." Htepsd gt.
Q-BTiillY IHUISK-NIn rooms. Apply at
vl:iiS rtli street, Fort Hiokering;
.'IIHNIKIIKI) HOO.MS--ISiital,le fer genu
ana itgiit ticurtaKuepri.g, at ill' Monrne.
IV Nus. S, Band 10 In Cotton Hirheng
Ditttiling, on second llonr, frontingon b'ecend
s rent, inrmerly occupied by M. B, anil A.
H. Apply at St Madison street.
F USII)'N0K-At KM A.latns ifreet.
Fiir par t icn I ars Inqu i re jif 1 ir. W II lett.
CIU'ITAGK -iSoven rooms, on Va'ker ava
I nue, on KLnwood street cur line. Apply
at .1,1 Ui loti st. JU8 LKNOW.
"a'IWK 'BTdRK-'Firat floor and cellar7
1J with aide and roar entrancos, Nos. tf
slid 'tof Main street.
UKr ICKM-No. Second street.
KOUAliv-For light houiokeopiag, No, S7d
Poplar street, over drusto e.
iSWKI.LlNini-Nos .Ml Main street; LM '
Onurt street and tl tjuiinhy street.
V AOAN I' l.nTS-Apply to
It. 11. SNUWl'KM ur J. L. HOtiDLOK.
HHMudtson street.
ri VV 6 ilOOM S--A ia Carroll avenue ; "tw
X Hues of c:irs.
ONK furnished Iront rm.in. 8 souares front
1'eab dy Hotel, at 11(1 Monroe streot.
ROOMS -'--'Pleasant rooms," fn'raishej-I
drsirod , with references, atlf Mudison.
"I OtMS-Two," nicely" furnished; suitable
I V lor gentlouicn ; five luinutea' walk from
Court .Square. Addre-a X. Y.
liUnt 1SS7-A valuable ilanta"'To"n Iii th
V Mississippi river bottom; 5011 acres in
cultivation, with good houses and fences,
slentn gin, a fine orchard, etc. We alao offer
tor sale 'M) mule; corn, hay, tools, wagens,
snd house ami kttcben furniture, on credit
of twelve months, with security 'or personal
property. TllOS. 11. ALLHN A CO.
nue, live minutes' walk to street ears,'
new, cheap nnd convenient. Call at 1X0 Hay
burn for particulars. Mrs. K. L. WRIIillT.
KKiCK First fioor-
At 32 Madison street-
4KI.KW A NT KOOMH At 59 Market street i
single or en suit, furnished or unfur
nished, good water, and near business.
FLRASANT fiinilslied VooT "for genlle
n on; 111 Washlnrtnn ; relcn ace requtreal
t" ifOrtKliOUeK -Four "atory anil ta.eujauw
storehouse. No. 1!M Front street.
Cotton offiok Ainiy to k. m. app7.
J son A Co., No. mil Front street.
Oil rir5-ll Washington H'. t 7 rooms aa4
bHhro.iiii. Apply at ltd Poplar Ht.
D No. ItM Main Street.
Mo. ISA Main Hireet.
No. 207 Main .Street.
Aptly to I A M KB LKIS, Jh., 4 Madison. St.
T tOOMS-Two furnished or" unfarnishee!
I ronins at 40 Madison street.
"jl.r.G ANT newly liirnislied rooms, bath
1 1 i room, ere. In,iilre al till (loiirt street
For Dyperpaln,nll rtrrniigctuvut
Ol thn niueallvo tr:m. aud h
.lTr, akin lllssstsi. l ine, Hums,
cstld and Hriileera. At ID IUOH
EAItlll I a aperlfle.
Ihsamalliin, slnrlsil Dls
ere. Chronic ISIstrrhcsin and at
tin at easts of Blood Poisoning,
yield Ittaont fall ! It woaStn
tnl sarauiv pmmw.
A sat tor trwer yosn !, is kas I
f mil dsMtlar mt oat, pmmti
rrnsst th A. I. K. ., MoWl.
At Wholexnle by VAN VI.HKT& CO.
President of the Oreat I.OUIHVILLK C0U-KIKR-JOUKN
AL CO.. tails wnat
he knows of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure,
Orrrct or thi Coraria-JoORSAt..
LoninvtLl.s, Kt.
Dr. WinUnmiihSiri I waive a rule 1 bar
observed for many years, the value of your
remedy prompting me to say. In reply t
yonr request, what I know of your Chill
Cure. The private assuranoet of its etF-carrf
I had. and tne good reaulta of its efleot I
had observed on Mr. K. W. Meredith, whe.
for more than Ofteen years, bad keen fore
man of my tifflce, indoeed in to teat it is
my family. The resulta have beenontirely
satisfactory. Tbe flr-t case was of tw
years' standing, in which 1 believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary relief the eb ilia returning periodically
sni wlin seemingly increased ssveiity.
Your cure broke them at one, and there has
been no reenrrent of them for luor tbaa
six months. The other oas was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies ; but the ohills would return st in
tervals until your medicine was used, sibo
which tiuio. now several months, tbey bar
ntiroly disappeared. From tbe opportu
nity I have had tojudge, I do nothesiutet
exprest.niy belief that your Chill Cure is s
vaiuanin special, anu periurma an f
promise for it. Respectfully,
ART II I'll PETER k CO., Asents, Loute-
ville, Ky.
Aliiiiiiitriitir Sale
or llona.'hold A lilH lion I'nrnllnrs.
ON 'H'Ii of Noverehe' 18'S at the 'tat
re, iln' e of ( h:irlrs lleia a. da.-esell..
No. IOH Ad.rtr'1 a rw-l, 1 aill ,rooeed tu as.J
at t uhiie a irtion, t - I' e bigl'.r i.idil. r, for
eii.b . itll i lie lion lio d airi K-tchen Furni
ture iielonnina to t',e est if, aid Chares
llorti'g. i ea e,l. Wf,e at II o elock a.m.
SKl.v 4 HKHZ I,-, A lli iiris'rator.
?Ioni;rniii ItaiiKltVa, Mullurtl.
ItAA Iron ktarih.
'SieMM Masta.
ROM B S&tifnlV-Ma
Trpilo .in i J'

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