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Cottoi ActlTe-Mlddllne, 8 7-lGe-
Salea Yesterday, 10,000
Money continues in good demand at
S per cent. Local securities steady
and advancing. Compress stock was
again the subject of lively trading
yesterday and advanced rapidly to
120, at which figure 150 shares were
sold by a prominent broker. The
cotton market ws active at on
changed quotations: middling, 8 7-16c
Sa'ts. 10.C00 bales. At Saw York
spots c'oeed quiet and steady; mid
dliug, DJc. Faturf a quiet and steady,
and 4 t3 6 points lower; November,
A leading New York cotton circular
says of the speculative market: ' De
mand from all quarters was moderate,
and ucloadirg wtakeced values 50
point), with the tone tame. The bulk
of the trading was in the form of
snapping months."
At New Cleans' spots were steady
and unchanged; middling, 8Jo. Fut
ures quiot aiid steady and 3 to 4 points
lower; November, 8 418 43.
At Liverpool a moderate business
was reported in spots; middling, IJd.
Futures qni s and steady and l-32d
higher ; November; 4 62-64d.
One handred and fifty-six brls ap-
lOi pk(ss Dc n, ICS pkss boots and
shoes, 27 pkgs cheese, 284 ska coffee,
12 ears cotton seed, 6600 eks cotton
seed, 24 pkgs dry good?, 10 pkga. epgs,
400 It s flour, 1585 bales hay, 20 pki-s
kats. 10 hd hoes, 43 hd sheep, 18 hd
cattle, 2 hd IvTaea and mu es, 333
pkg-i lard, 32,100 it lumber. 95 pkps
liquors, 03 oris molasr-es, VtUU bu oats,
8 tr's onions, 102 brls potatoes, 4
cars pork aides, 28 brls iug.tr, 159
pigs tobacco ana lid brls rice.
Tbe following shows the amount ci
grain leceived, withdrawn and in store
by regn'ar elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Eacbanga yesterday:
Whf at none received or withdrawn ;
in store, 1045 bo. Uorn received.
603 tin; withdrawn, 1228 bu; in store,
5851 bu. Osts received, 3281 bu;
withdrawn, 4472 bu; in store, 190,943
arDallj Qnetatlona f Cotton
Oil Travis and JSew Tork Ex.
bang) Htoaka are open la tkaaa
lutcrcated, at mjr filer.
9 MadlHon St., Memphis, Teiin.
Money in . active demand at 8 per
cent Tbe Clearing House report is
as follows:
Tuesday, November 9tb, $350,367 03;
thui far tais week, $912,113 89; eame
time last wek, $705,100 58; sxme
time in 1885, $761,470 75; same lime
in 1884, $042,431 03.
Tuemlsy. Novembr 9'b. $97,895 54:
thus fdr t.id week, $21 1.478 81 ; fame
time last week, $133,258 03; same
time in 1885, $154,61)5 38; came time
in 1884, $98,888 97.
New York eight on all points. 1
discount buyinir, par sailing ; New Eng
land demand, J discount buying; New
England Bight, discount; New Or
leans, i discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce..l46 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
State Naiioral 145 bid, 150 askf d
Union and Planters..l50 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135bid,137Ja?kod
Bluff City-
100 bid, ... asked
100 bill, ... nsked
75 bid, 80 asked
80 bid, 83 asked
98 bid, 100 asked
107 bid, ... asked
25 bid, 20 asked
35 bid, ... asked
Memphis City
Shelby Co. warrants. ..97 bid, 98 a'ked
M. & U. R. R. shares. ..36 old, ... aeked
M. A T. R. R. shares. ..45 bid, 50 asked
M. & O. consols, 7 119 bid, ... asked
M.4L.K. 1st m. 8S..105 bid, ... aeked
Miss.kT.R.R.ca.A...lllbid, 113 asked
Miss.AT.R.R.cs.B..101 j bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wta. ser. E to J..83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Dint. 4, 6s 97J bid, 98 aeked
Tax. Diet. 6s 104 jbid,106J asked
Mem. Q'B bonds 104 bid, ... ar-ked
Mem. Water binds 97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust H bid, 55 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 tsked
Mem.8tor.Oom.Co.118bid, 120aaked
Mem. Ga stock 75 bid. 80 aiked
New Yobk, November 9. Money
en call qniot at 3 t-) 6 per cmt,
tlosing at 4 askrjtl. 'Prime mercantile,
paper, 4(n,5 per cenu Sttirlir.g exchange
qiret but steady, and unchanged.
Bnnds Governments were dull,
8tUo bond-t were .dull and firm. .
Stocks While somewhat lees ac
tive, presented the same general fea
tures that it has for same days past.
The labor troubles in Chicago and
London were the important topic of
conversation and their effect was
principally to restrict transactions.
The foreign interests sold a little stock,
out not enough to materially attect
prices, fluctuations were narrow.
especially in the usually active list,nd
jereey uentrai, bt. Paul and Union
rac ne were the only slocks coming
under the head displaying life. A
few of the inactive stocks were
advanced aharplv. chief among
which were Memphis and
Jhsrlestnn, Virginia Midland, and
)rfgon Improvement. Mobile and
Jhio ako became Erominnnt in th
ifternoon wiih the stocks of the bitu-
muorjs coal companies. The onenina
as tame end inclioed to heaviness
oe uHui;aei irorn ins nosing tigured
if lurt evening rantin? from J to i per
ent., wlilo a larga proportion of the
c'ive 1 st rcmainul nncnanged. There
vas amodern'e businfjs m tho firet
sour, and in the early dpslingi prices
vore firm, Richmond and Wist Point
emg i.ota'iiy strong. Tiio ear.y
aits wtre generally lost by neon,
after which tbe market became very
du 1 but firm. The specialties coming
into prominence, toward the close the
market apin lead led, but remained
without ita'ure and c'osed dull but
s'eddy. close ti opn'ng finreg. galea,
223,978 share Reading, 16 5;0: Rich
mood and Wfft Poii t, 16,401; St.
Paul, 15,641; Union Pacific. 15,360,
and Hocking Valley, 11,381. The
final chenges for the day are for
small fiact.ons only am ng the active
list, w.th the exception of Rich
mond and West Point, which gained
11 Memphis and Charleston, how
ever, is up 4, Virginia Midland 5, and
O egin Improvement 1J. Railroad
bonds were without special feature;
sales, $1,143 000, of which $216,000
weie Weft Shore. The Wabash, In
diana, Bloomington, Western and St.
Paul iBGUtS also attracted considerable
attention. Prices were firm to strong
throughout the day, and declines are
Vfry few. The Shenandoah Valley
fi'Sts are 5 per cent, higher, nt 92;
the geuerul sixes 2, at 43 ; Wabash
seveni y-ninpa 2, at 84; Detroit, Mack
inac and Maiqi.ftte fi'Sts 2, at 35;
Evausville and Terra Haute, Mount
Vernon sixes 21, at 112); KarrsasCity
and Southwestern fi;sis 21, at 1071;
Indiana, Bloomington and Weetorn
firsts 2, at 96.
The total siIcb of Btorks today were
223,978 abnrps, including Canada
Southern, 3300; Dnlawaie, Lacka
wanna and Western, 7400 - Kansai and
Tex9P, 4200; Lake Shor?, 7250; Louis
ville and Nashville, 3140; Memphis
and Charleston, 8000; Northwestern,
3270; New J' raey Central, 8811; Read
ing, 10,550; St. Paul, 15,611; ft Paul
anu Oruahp, 410; Union Pacific, 15,
300; Texas Pacfi;, 5100; Western
Union, 5930; Northern Paciflo pre
ferred, 4853; O.-eon Ttanscontinen
tat, 6.30. Closing qaota'.ions:
U.S. is, lOO'i. 4i, coup, 128'.
coup, 111M. Pacific u ot 16U5, 12ui.
La. itnmM,4s, 81. Missouri 6i, 101.
Cent. Pro. Mel 16. Den. A RM. UU.118.
D R.O.W.lst8,74. Erin 2d, 101H.
M K AT.Oen.Oe.lOlViNurtlj.Puo.lhU.llfr-i.
North. Po.2ii. 103. N. Western oon. 139.
N. West. deb.5s. 107.
St Paul eon, I'si.
U. P. lsts. 116.
Tenn. (is. aet'mt.ir5.
Bt.L.H.F Uen.M.,10:-J
T.P.R.U.ax COU.71K.
West Shure.lOl!,.
lena.a,Eet nit.ioo.
Adams Fxpress, U2. MorrisiE.. off'd, 141H
i ll.nk.n. Inn I I V..I,Vil.
Allegheny Ccut'i. .
Alton & T. ll37Vi.
American Ex., 1074.
1). O. K.iK.B
Canada Pae., Wi.
Canada Hou . 64; M.
Central Paaific,45.
Chempcake A 0.,1U.
C. 4 0. 1-t pfd,li!.
C. A U. 2d iild.12.
Chiongoi A.. 144.
C.4 A.pld.100
C..B. iii
C.,bt L. k N.O.,
C. St.L.AP..14!.
C.St.LA P.pfd, 33.
C. S. & C. 44.
N.J. Central. WW.
Nor.& W.pld,4S,'
Northern Pac.,i.ik.
Northern Pao pld, 64.
C.4N.W Pfd.,141.
N.Y.O.ft St L.pfd.23M
Ohio Central,.
Ohio Miss., '."Ci.
O.AMis.pfd. .
Ontario West,. 19!.
Oregon Nay ,0)".
Orexon Trans.. :n'r'u.
Oregon Imp., 37J4.
Paolflo Mail,&.
O. ft C, 73
Manama, 90.
O. All. Valley. 40. Peoria DA E., 33!,.
net. a tiua , iwe.
Del.,L. A Vf.,M
Den. A Rio ii , Kt
Erie. Xy:..
Pittsburg:. 150.
Pullman P.C.,140.
Reading, 37'4.
Rock Island. 127.
Erie pfd, 76
New Eat Tenn., Wi.St.l,. A8.K pfd, 7('.
NewK.Tenn. old.
fd,73. ht.b. A H.i . let p, lli
Fort Wayne. 144 C. M. A Kt P.. W'-i,
Hannibal A St. Jo. -.'. M.A St.P,, p, VM.
It A St. Jo., pld,
Harlem. 225.
fit. P.. M A M..119.
St PaulA Omaha, 50.
St Paul AO. pld, Ui
Tenn. CoalA Iron, S4.
Texas PaciBe, 2iJi.
Union Paciflo,
U. B. Express, .61
W..B. L A P., 1975.
W.,8.L.AP.p 30.
W.A F. Ex.. 127.
W.U. Tel., 78.
Colorado Coal, M.
Home Stake, 17V4.
Iron Silver, 200.
OntRrio. 24.
Houston A T., 34
Illionis Central, 134.
Ind..B. A W.,17.
Kansas A T., 36.
Lake E. A W..20V..
Lake Shore, 95.
Lou. A Nash.. bVi.
Lou. A N. A., 01.
M. A 0. 1st pfd,-.
M. A 0. seconds..
Mem. A Char ,
Aiion. Vea..voyi.
Mm. A St. L , 21.
Min. A St. L. pld,46!4 Quicksilver, BK.
Missouri PaeiQo.lli!4. Quicksilvor pfd., 23.
Mobile A Ohio, 21. bouth Paolflo, .
M. L. S A 56!. Butro, 13.
M.L.S.AW.pfd.B'JK. .
London. November 9. Consols.
101 1-16 for money and 1011 for the
account United Statin biuda 4j,
1311; 4k 1143. Bar pilver, 461d per
ount!. The Bank of England gained
JE8C00 on balance today.
Paris, November 9. Three per cent.
routes, 82f 62jja for the account.
Berlin, Novembr-r 9. Tho state
ment of tbe Imjierial B. nk cf Ger
many pIiowb an increase in specirt cf
l,9l.O,G00 merks during tbe pa.t week.
bans: clearings.
Chicago, III-, November 9. Bank
clearinua todi-y were only $9,278,000.
NawYoRK.NovsmberO. Bank clear
ings tcdv were $124,238,714 ; balances.
$1 876,513.
BALTiiior.it, MD.,NJvember9. B.mk
clearines tiday were $2,204,0?6; bal
ances, $310,905.
Boston, Mass., November 9. Bank
clearijign today were $14,344,320; bel
ancsp, $1,784,857.
Philadelphia, Pa., November 9
Bat k clearings today were 19,741,883;
balances, 41,291,727.
The local cotton market opened
steadv, and closed steady; middling,
8 7-16u. Salee, 10,000 bales; 7400 to
exporters and 2600 to spinners.
Yesterday, Monday.
Ordinary Nona. Worn.
Good Ordinary.... 7 7
1W Middling 8 3-16 8 316
Middling 8 7-10 8 7-16
Good Middling.... 811-16 811-16
Middling f air....- Vi 91
Fair Nom. Nom.
Memphis, November 9, 1886.
Btock Sept 1, 1886-.. . 4,009
Received todiy 5,052
Received previously. 217,436 226,497
Shipped today 2,328
Shipped previously102,353
Home consumption to
date 321 105,002
btock running account 121.495
Thus far this woek 30,030
Thus far )at woek 29 371
Since September 1st 222,488
M. and C. R. R 445
M. & T. R. R 662
L. and N. R. R 298
M.&L.R.R.R 1,232
C..O.&S. W.R.R 492
li., IN. U. & 1, K. K 534
K. O , S. 4 M. R, R 35
Steamers 554
Wagons and other sources - 800
Total..'... 5,052
Thus far this week 13,830
Thus far latt week 13,390
Since September 1st 104,681
M. & O. R. R 603
M., & T. R. R. 607
L. & N. R. R 1.118
Total 2,328
Now York spot ope ned t toad v.
and closed quiet ; middling, 9J Sales,
3M uaiee. yuomnors were asioiiows:
Yesterday. . Monday.
Ordinary 63 ti 3
(iood ordinary- 75 7
Low middling .- 83 ft?
Muldhng. HI 91
(ioot middlii g ..- 9j 9J
Middling lair 10 10
Fair 106 ICS
New York futures opened s'.eady,
and clrsed qniet and steady, and 4 to 5
points lower tnan Monday, balee, 71,.
400 bales. Tbe closing quotations
were as 101:0 wa:
Yesterday. Mnndav
November- 8 81(o) 8 82 8.80) 8.8ti
December-8.87t) 8.88 8 91 8.92
January-... 8.94 8 95 8.69 9 OG
February..- 9.04(a) 9.05 9.09 9.10
March- 9.14 8.15 8.18U 9.19
April 9.24 9 25 9.?S 9.29
May 9.34 9.35 9 38 9.39
June 9.44(a) 9 45 9.4S 9 49
July 9.5L 9.53 9.66 9.57
August 9.60 9.61 9.64 9.05
The NewOrleans spot market opened
aniet and closed steady, middling. 8 Jc.
bales, 7500 bales. Quotations were as
follows :
Ordinary 6j
Good Ordinary 7
Low Middling - 8
Middling - 8
Good Middling 8 8
The New Orleans future market
opened etrariy, and closed quiet and
steady and 3 to 4 points lower. Palps,
17,100 balea. Quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterday. Mondav.
November- 8.41 8.43 8.44 8 45
December.. 8.44 8 45 8.47 8.4S
January .... 8 53 8 5 8 fifi 8.r7
February... 8.64 8 65 8 67(a8 08
March 8 7.i a76 8.7 8.79
April .- 8.88' 8 87 8.90
May 8.97 8.98 9 00 9.0l
Jnne 9.08 9.09 9 11 9.12
July 9.18 9.19 9.22
August 9.23 9.25 9.27 9.28
Toue. heu. iPuctiB biock.
steady 33:08 65,793
qniet. 10706 84 178,9,"9
quiet. 2714 bf 25,919
eafy. 9777 8J 145,871
firm. 2610 8 7-10 78,402
Arm. 1251 8J 25,011
steady 6148 811-16 51,193
nom 8J 6,231
quiet. 647 9J 126,746
quist. 103 9J -
dull. 1 91 7,776
easy. 3479 81 38,614
steady 1353 8j
N. Orleans
Mobile ....
Norfolk ...
New York
Phiiad'a ..
St. Louis
Augusta -
Receipts at porta, this day, 18SK..4 7,233
Recoipts at porta, this day, 1885-39,654
R'ts U. S.
p'rte 4 dave
Ex. Gr. Br
R'ts Sept . 1
For'gn Ex.
92I.9201 950,ti97
Decrease in receipts this year... .19,383
At noon : Liverpool reporte.i moder
ate business in spots. Salps, 8000 balep,
of which American 6700 balea. R
CKipta, 33,000 bales; American, 28,900
Closing quotations were aa follows:
Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordinary, 4d;
low middling, 4 15-lGd; good mid
dling. 6Jd; middling nplauds, 5J1;
middling Orleans, 5 5-lGd.
Manchester reported dothn steady,
somewhat inactive. Yarns firm, fair
The price are given in pence and 64(n,
thm: 4 63 meant 4 63-64f; and 5 01
meant 5 l-64dl
At noon: Liyerpnol futures were
steady ; November,4 614 62d ; Novem-ber-December,4
5S4 59d j.December
Jannary, 4 58J; January-February,
4 58d ; February-Man h, 4 594 OOd ;
MBrch-April, 4 Old ; April-Msy, 5 OOJ ;
May-June, 6 02J; Juae-July, 5 01
5 05d.
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
firm; November, 4 63d, sellirs;
November-December, 4 89d, buy
ers; Dfcember-January, 4 59d, sell
ers; Jaiiuary-Febtuary, 4 59d, sellers;
February-March, 4 OOd, selhrs;
March-Apiil, 4 62d, sailers; April
May, 5d, buyers; Mav-June, 6 03J,
buyers; June-July, 5 C5d, buyere.
At 5pm.: Liverpool futures were
qniet and steady ; November, 4 021,
tellers; November-December, 4 59 J,
eelloi8;Decettibr-Janiiary, 4 68.1, buy
ers; January-Fi binary, 4 68d, buy
ers; February-March, 4 59,1, buy
ers; March-Apiil, 4 6 id, buyers;
April-May, 5J, sailers: May-Jane,
602d, value; June-Ju'y. 5 043, buyers.
Cornmbal Standwrd, $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 25,3 35; roller, $2 45.
Hay Choicn, from Btore, 75c; car
load from levee or depot, $14; prime,
from store, 70j. car load from lvee
or depot, $12 5013; prairio, from
store, 45c. ; car load from levee or
depot, $3 60.
Corn From etore,white,51c;mixed,
49i', from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, ia
bulk, 42c; in eacke, 44Jo.
Oats From 8tore,white,39c; mixed,
37c; from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 32 Jc; in sack, 35c; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in sacks, 31c.
Bran From store, 70c ; from levee
or dopot, $13 50.
Flour From store, No. 3, $33 25 ;
family, $3 503 75 ; choke, $3 754 ;
fancy, $44 25; extra fancy, $4 25
4 50 ; patents, f 55 50.
Brans Navy, $2 ; medium, $1 60
1 75; common, ii 25; German millet,
$1 201 40.
Rica Louisiana, 44Jc; Carolina,
56ie. '
Oatmkal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4Jc; soda,
treble extra, 6c; extrn,7c; ginger snane,
extra, fi6c; asserted jumbles, 9llc.
Crackkd Wmiat-In half-barrela,
$4 25 from storo.
Hominy and Grits -From store,
$3 15(.')3 25.
Kansas Citt, Mo., November 9
Wheat tteady; No. 2 red, can", (ilo
bid; December, Olju bid; Mpy. 70ijc.
Corn steady; No. 2, mb, 29j30c;
December, 30Jebid: May, 35JU bid.
Oats nominal; 23Jc bid, ca'ih.
ft. Louis, Mo., November 9. Flour
Mxrket more active atstetdy prices;
XXX,$2 352 45; family, $2 652 70;
choice, $3 053 15; fancy, $3 40
3 50; extra fany. $3 553 80;
pa'ents, $3 954 35 Wheat fairly
active and ttetdy; tbe market
opened Jo better on reports of
siorxy weatner and firmer cables, but
the demand fell oil and prices de
clined lJc; later there was a slight
alvance, and the clore was firm at
figures Jlo higher than yesterdav;
No 2 red, cash, 758 e; November, 76 jc
bd; December, 76377j, closing at
795s; January, 78i78ic, closing at
78Jc; May, 84J(a85lc, closing at 85a
bid. Corn very dull but firm- and
higher, closing Jc over yesterday;
No. 2 mixed, cari, 3434Jc; Novem
ber. 044c hid: December, 34o bid:
Januarv, 3rir35e. closing t 35Jc
bid; May, 34C 1)93". cosing at
Odts very dull but firm, and c high
er; No.2 mix?d, cish, 27c; December,
22p ; May, 3(3. Itye steady, 60c bu).
liarli-y nominaly Drchanpcd. ffay
ao'ive' am' firm; prairie, $7 50 10;
tiructhy, $10 50(a;12 50. Flaxseed
weak, (lie bid (or pue. B:an steady,
55rr. Criuue-.l at-ady, $1 F.e-ceipta-F.our,
2H0i) brla; wheat, 14,
000 bu; corn, 43,000 bu; oats, 17,000
hn; rye, 2000 bu; barley, 11,000 bu.
Shipments Flour, 3000 bu; wheat,
2000 bu; corn, 12.00J bu; oats, 1000
bn ; rye, 3000 bn ; barley, none.
Afternoon Board. Wheat fi'merand
i(SJ) higher. Corn easy and Jc lower.
Oats eaiy and a eLa le lower.
Chicago, III, November 9. In
point cf activity, interest and valume
of bnaines9, the day on 'Cbnnge was
about on a par with yebttrJay. ery
little was done in a speculative way,
for nobody culd see anything to bae
a trade on. Tne whole rani e of the
whett market was bounded by k lim
it, the came as ytsierday. Towards
the close December was shade under
75c, rather than up to that point, but
the market coald net be caiieu either
weak or strong. It was simply steady
and very slow. Corn opened strong
on the weather and ljc higher, but
as tbe session advnniwd " ueranie
more depietsnlard May ania quite
freely at 41 Jc. In this as in everything
else, trade was 01 a ve.y spwuu as and
desultory kind. Floor was quiet and
unchanged. Cash quotations were
as follows: No. 2 spring wh.at,
73j74c ; No.3 pring wheat, 4 J(f 67c ;
Wo. 2 red, 744c wo. z corn, .;)eiaic,
No. 2 oat, 25j'J0c. No. 2 rye, 61
51 Jo. o. 2 bnrley, 6M. Po. 1 tl.x
seed,93Jc. Piimetimothy.fl (:!! 64.
1 he had ng futuies jarged as luiiowp
wneat aovemoer opvnea at ;';c,
higUe6l74ic. lowest 7Hie. rlosmi; i tl
December opened at 7oo, higln'ht 75Je,
low-est 74 ;c, closing 75jo: January
opeLed at 753i hinhett 75ic, lowest
75Jc,cloting J5ic; May opened et 8.V,
highest 82J.', lowe t Sljc, closing 81 jc.
Corn Novemberonenrd at 354". high
est 36J.', lowest 35 , cloning 35 Jc; l)e-
ctmljt r opened at yojc, nignest 3,
lowest 3tii', closing 36gc; January
opened st 37e, hightat 371c, lowest
361c, ulrsing 37c; May oi.ened at 42?.
hikhest 421 , lowest 41 Sc, cloe ins 4 ! I n.
Oats November opened at 25jo, high
est 20c, ioweet z.ijc. nlos ng 20c; Du-
cembircpened ai 2bge, Mgntet i;b?,
lowest 2Sic, closing 20 Jc; January
opened at 26jo, higoest, Ltijc,
lowert 2bjc, doping 2(ic; May opened
at 30 J 1. highest 30Jn, lowest 30e, c'na
ing 3n3o. Ret e'p's Flour, 22.000 bils;
wheat. 214.(K10 buicorn. 174,0(0 bu:
rat). 122,000 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barley,
78 000 l)U. Bhlpmenttt lour, 18,001)
brls; wheat, 10,01 Obu; corn, 165,000
bu;oat 128,000 bu; rve, none; b.nr-
lay, 06,000 hu.
Bdttbr Butterine, 13J14c;
creamery, 30(n.aort; dairy, Ja22c;
cnuntry buttor, lti18o.
Hoc Proddcts Moss pork, $10;
sugur cmed hums, 10J10ic ; breakfast
bacon, 8j9je : clear rib sides bacon,
7jc; hucon slicultlers, 77Jc; bulk
pork clear sides, 6J66c; clear rib
aii'es, flj0 Jfi ; shoulders, 6S5jc;
long clear, 61 ic 0c.
Lard llerce.6lc: hall-barrels and
kege, 6jc; choiie kettle, 717c.
I-besu Mkats-ino. 1 beet. 7c; mut
ton, 8c ; hind quarters of beef, 8Jc ;
lambs, 10c.
I'oultky Chickens, spring, $1 SCCo)
2 2i; old hens,$2 252 50. Turkeys, $8
12. Geese, $34. Ducks, $3.
Gami (juitilM, per di n.. 1140. pquir-
rpls, $1. Ducks, wild, $1 602 50.
Venison, whole, 5 j0Jc ; saddles, 9
Chkk Prime flats, 89s; New
York factory, 9c; full cream, 12 jc;
Youag America, 13c.
Picis Fset. Barrels, $8 25; half bar-
barrels, $4 25 ; keg?, $1 25.
St. Louis. MoNoVi'mbor 9 I'rovl-
eions mnre active and cenerally firm
er. Pork. 9 75. Lard higher at 5 85
5 87J. Bulk meats firm; lno?e Irts,
1 ng clear and ehort ribs, $5 705 80;
shuri clear, $5 !I56 0"; boxed lute,
long clear, $5 62j; short ribs, $o 76 ;
sliM't e'ear, $6. Bacon firmer; long
cb.'ar,$7; thort rib?, $7 10; nhirt cler,
$7 124 Hams st adyat S9 501150.
liiitter quiet but eteady; creamery, 23
(fi 2iic; dairy, 1223c. Eggi s rtig
H, 170.
Cuicaoo.Tll., November 9. M uket
drill and spintlees. tlah quotn ioi a
follows: Mess po-k, $9 25; laid,
io 0 tnon rm sides, imw,
$5 355 50; dry salt'd shoulder.),
boxed, .15 It 5 20; ehort cloirenle),
boxed, $") 75(a.5 8:). Ths leading fu
tnrcs ranged as lollowb: Mess I'oik
November opened at $9 20, highest
$9 25, lowett $9 20, clrsing t9 20,
Dv ember opemd a. $9 20, biglieit
S9 20, lowee.t $9 20, cluing at S'liO;
Jai iiiry opened et $10 10, htgheHt
$ 0 10, lowei-t $10 05, clcsingat$IO07j.
Laid November rpened at 15 Oil,
highest S590, lowest 15 87, rloH;ji7iit
$5 DO; Derember opened at $o 90,
tiiiilu s' $5 90 lower t $") 87), cine ng at
$5 80 : January opened at H5 97 j, high
est $5 971, lowett $5 95, closing at
$1 97 j. Short ribs January onened
at i5 12, higheet s5 12J, lowest $') 12).
clos'iig at $5 12 ; February op"n"d
at $i 15, h'glieat $5 15, lowest $" '5,
clos!ng at $i J5. On tbe Produce Ex
chnngo but cr wa fi'mer; creamery,
1626.i; diry, ie20c. Eggs best,
Sugar Pure white, 66Jv, off
white, 66Jc; yellow clarified, 6
6?; open kettle, none; refined A,
6i6c; granulated, 636c.
Cokpek Common, ll12c; ordi
nary, 1213c; prime Rio, 4314c;
choice to fancy, 1415c ; old govern
ment, 2425c.
Soap 35c per pound.
Candies Sticks, all sires, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 79c.
Salt $1 20 per barrel ; sacks, fine,
$1 351 45; coaree, $1 10 1 15; pock
ets, bleached, 27c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 5c cheorr.
Canned Goods. Etc. Frlces per
dozn: Pineapples, tl 251 60;
peaches, 2-!b, at imda'i., $1 15(3)1 25 ; sec
onds, $11 10; tou.itoes, 2-lb siand
ard.OO (f $l; 8-1 b, $ll 15; strawber
ries, $1 101 25 ; raspberries, $110
125; biackborrioa, $11 10; green-
giiirs, buc)l 75; pears, $2
2 25; plums, $1 601 '0; apparegus,
$2 60 I; sreen corn, ll 35; green
peas, $165165; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; cove oyeterp,
full weight, 2-lb, $t 601 80; cove
oytters, light weight, 1-lb, 60c ; cove
oysters, light weight, 2-lb, $1; con
densed milk Crow.i, $5 60 5 75;
Esgle, J7 507 75; Daiaj, $4 75.
Moi.as'ks Louieana, commou to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, new, 50
55c; syrup, 2C40c; common to
fair, 2025c; prime to choice. 3035c ;
centrifugal, fancy, 3233r.
Iobacco Common, 11-inch. 271
28c ; other grades and styles, 3385c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R,, $'J 25
10; Gail Axe 75.
Havana. November 9. Spanish
gold. 23"J231. Exchange It"iily.
Kugir Weak. Yeet-rday 7590 hhda
m;lasf esuar, 80 to 89 Idegreta polari-
K.non, ivt tifu wii 01,
Nnw Oblans, La, November 9
ColTou-quiet nd weik; Uio cargoes
0 n,m n to prime, 10313Jc. Rico
quiet hut steady; far to good, 31
'Sr.. Srpar open kettle, quiet; piime-,
4 5-16fa 4jc; rj ntrifu :ala active; choice
whit',"5e.; off win e, 515 3 Hi ; i.S
yello-v vlaiifi'd to clitica ell"W
c'arifi-d, 4j f4Zc; eeconde, 4 , -1 3 rr.
Molars open ktttle, ft'ictly p:iuie,
30c; LoniMara arrP. 2638s.
Naw York, Novpmber 8. Coffee
spot fair Rio quiet, 12:; op'ions
shade higher and ta'rly aetiv;sh a,
64,500 bags; November, 10 76
10 80ft; December, 10.70c; January
and February, 10.A0I065c; Marrh
and April, 10 6510 70c; May, 10.66
10.75c; July, 10.76c; September,
10 85c. Bugtr (tjndy and in moder
ate demund; rerlnnd, qniet; pow
dered, 5 15166Jrf; g-anuUted,
6 11-16c. Mola see dull. Kice firm.
ApPLxa App'ee, $2 253 25; dried
apples, 23c per pound from Btore.
Dried peatdie, 23c from store.
Ykgbtablks Onions, $3 from
s'ore. Cabbnge,$250;nerhead,810c;
$1 75 from lvee or depot per crati
Kraut, brla, $4 755 ; half brls, $2 75.
Garlic, 4060c per 100. Turnips, 60o
per bushel.
Fbpit Oranges, per box, $4 506.
Lemrns, $t 75 5 per box. Bananas,
$1 502 60 per bunch. Cocoa
nnts, 5 per 10a Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7c; Tenneeaee, farmer's stock
34c; roasted, 2n higher; shelled
luc. Almonds, 1820c.
Rapins London layers, $3 40; lay
eri, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
Picklm In lara. pints. 95c: anarte.
$1 60 ; halt-g.dlons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 75 ;
looee, Dai rets, 5l 00( H7; Hall-barrels,
$3 755 4 25: mixed, barrels, $10 50;
mixed, naii-barreis, V-
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels. No. 1.
$5 2r-5 75; No. 2,$4 755; No. 3,14 25
4 7a; 10-lb kit, M), i,oc; Ho.'i, 75c
15-lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fain'
ily, 25c per box.
Walnut French. 12c: Nanlos.lSc :
urennbies, lac. Gilberts, lc.
Gamr Game flih, ll12c.
EoGS-Fiim; 2021c.
Potatoks Northern Btock. $1 90
z 10.
Cidbr New York. $6 507 per bar
rel, and 7Q4 per ball-parrel.
Vinegar 1015c per gallon.
Pecans Texas, 810c for pmall to
medium, 1014a lor large; Arkaneas.
In car load lota: Prime crude cotton
seed oil, new, 2728c ; off crude cotton
seed oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 33 34c; off summer
yellow cotton seed oil,; min
ers' summi-r yellow cotton seed oil,
3,23.'1b; prime pummer white cotton
seed oil, 3"36c; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, atic; prime cotton
sei d meal, $14 50; oil cotton seed
meal, none. Crtt in seed dolivered at
dep' t or levee, $9 per ton ; from wagon
at millH, $9 per ton.
Baogino Jute, 2 lbs, 8c: li lbs.
7jo; 1 Its, 7c. Flax, 8 lba, OJc.
Ties $1 0&1 10.
Clenrtnb washed. 3136c: crreaae
wool, 2326c; burry wool, 1318c.
St. Ixruis. Mo., November 9.
Wool quixt and steady; medium cloth
ing. 2226c; combimr, 2425c; low
and coarse, 14(c622o; flue light, 20
25c; heavy, 1621c; black, 17c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
loto, 11c per gallon.
PirrsBURO, Pa , November 9. Pe
troleum dnll, nothing doing; National
Transit certiflcat s opened at 65 Jc, and
closed at (JOs; highest, 66c; lowest,
65 Jo.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bonr-
bon, $1 605; rod i stilled goods from
85c t $150, according to proof; rye,
$1 756.
Chicago, III., November 9. Wilis
7, $1 18.
St. Lorm, Mo November 9. Whis
ky firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, u., .November u. vvnis-
kys'eady: pales of 916 harro's of fin
isned goods on a basin of $1 13.
N A I I.N.
Nails Iron, $2 252 3C ; steel, $2 40
2 45.
Gracs Cattlk Choice, 313lc;
good, 2J31n; fair to modium, 2J
2o; scallawflgj, llc.
lioas-utioice, 4jc; good, iwtc;
common, 33o.
Nhkrp unoico, 3jic; meuium, 3
31c; common, l(ml 60, Choice
lambs, per pound, jdc.
Kansas City, Mo. November 9.
The Live Stock Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts, 1610 head; shipments, 552
bead; good corn led strong and grass
range steady; good to choice, $4 10
(S)4 00: common to medium.
$3 304; Blockers, $2 252 76; fed-
tng steers, $U 8ti3 00; cows, ?i 00
2 60; grata range steers, $2 253 20.
lfrgs receioln, 15,660 head; ship
ments, 90 bead; market weak and lOe
lower; good to cnoice, jj oo(i)3 u;
common to medium, $3 50360. Sheep
rete'tita, 118 bead ; sbipmentn, none;
market quiet; tood tochoice, $2 60
3; common to niediam, $1 602 25.
Chicago, III., November 9. The
Drovert' Journal reports: ' Cattle rr-
reiutfl. 7000 bead; shipments. 3010
bead ; market strong for good stock-
ers: snipping steers, hdo to l0O lbs,
$3 305 20; Blockers and feeders,
$23 10; cows, bulls and mixed,
$1 402 90; bulk, $1 802 30;
through Texes cattle steady, $2 10 3:
Western rangers firm: natlvoa nnd
half-breed', $33 70; wintered Tex-
ana, fa 10. iiogi refetpts,
15.C00 head; Sbtpments.i.uiHJ bead;
market strong and a shade higher;
rough and mixed, $3 26 3 70;
packing and shipping, $3 603 85;
ight, $.1 ;503 HU; Skips, i L'0ii2I.
Slieep recnipts, 2000; head; ehip-
ments, JiHio beau; unmet steady;
natives, $2(5 3 80; Western, 3 i 3 00;
Texans, $V2 50; lambs, $ t4 40.
New York, November 9 There
was a better inquiry for many styles
of cottons, also ladies' wool dress wear,
succeeded by fair selections. On ac
count of contracts deliveries were very
free, but not to the requirements of
buyers, as more rapid forwardings
wore preeeed.
No. Mil, R. Chinnerr Court t BhMby
ronrity. BtaUol lennM, tta., Tl. Wm.
Uniler et 1.
Bi Tirtua of an IntortnootorT deore for
iili entorod in tha ahora eania on the
lKth day ot May, 1HM, M. II. b2, paa 607,
I will toll at iiubllo auotion, to tha hlh
ant bidder. In lrnnt of tha Clerk and Mu
tor'i offioA, ciurthoafla ol bhelby oounty,
Alaiuiiliia, TanDemao, on
Satoi-day, Novcmbrr 13, IS8,
within legal li'inm, the fi.Ilnwin deterlhoj
proiierty. ilunicl in Bh.-lby ouunty, len
nepoQ. to-wit:
Lot 14, Kfol lubilivinion riuntry lot
frnntinii HS frot on t' tut siiJo of Miiin
i'rect ami 14n! l-t m i!m. biuilh hide of Bal
fiimnn utrrrr. and iii..niiiK back tu 11ns ol
country lot M2.
Torim of Sale On a prolit of x monthm
nolo with nc-urity reiiuirod; lion rctninul
rediiiuiit on hi-rnl. lh October H, lnmi.
. I. AlclWKlb, C'cTk and Mustor.
1v T. n. Ci'Iilwell, lo-puly O. andM.
F. II. C. W. Ilomkoll, buliciuiri.
octl9 'M Bv3-13
ConcorJia fliTOm), 10 am.
Arkanrai Rivar...Joi Pafiaa, 12 m.
Friars Point J amrm I.ar, 5 p.m.
New Orleani n.ClTV ur br. Loc. 10 a.m.
White River CinrAw, S a.m.
Oictola -K. VT. Csi.v, 6 p.m.
ArkamatClty WillP. II. vd, Ip.m.
rrttt. City of Cdiro and birgo,
Vicksburg; Gayoeo, Coacord a; It. I
U hi), Arkautat river.
Departure. Lity of ( a roand barge,
St. Louis
Boats in Port. Joe Peters, Gavoso
and K L Cobb.
Boats Due Vown.V W. Cole, City
of Providence and City cf St. Lanis.
Boats Due Up. Helena, James le,
Chickuaw, Wyoming and Rene Mac
ready. Bdrelpla TmaerURjr.
Gaycso 15 bah a cot'on, 27 bags
seed cotton and 6328 sks seed.
R. L. Cobb-276 ba es cotton, 200
ki seed and 0 pktcs snndrie).
City of Caiio 4518 eks sr ed.
rilTl'Kti MWVKMEilia.
Thi City of Providence is due down
for Yick.iburg.
Thi big Helena, Cnpt. Alt. Griffom,
ia dui tr.day from Mew Orleans, and
doub:le(s will arrive this evening.
Tai Chickasaw, Capt. K. C. 1'oMal
U the packet this eveninj; at 5 o'clcck
for White river. O. M. Postal ia in
her office.
Tiia James Lee, Capt. Thouiis C'ag-
gett, Is the packet this evening at 5
o'clcck for Helena. Friars Point and
all way landings. Will Ash ford it in
her otlico.
Tin E. W. Cole, Capt. John E. Hig
gins, is the Leo Line packet this
evening at 5 o'clock for Oiceola and
the upper bends. Wm. Biuither is in
charge of her otlico.
Thk Anchor L'ne steamer City cf
Bt. Louis, Capt. James O'Neal, will
pass down th's morning at 10 o'clock
for New Orleans and all ioturmadUte
pointe. Oaen G. Catts is her clerk.
Tin Will 8. Hoys, Capt. Murk R
Ch ek, is the United HUtes mail
racket tomorrow evening at 6 oYkck
liirlKlen, AikaneasCiiy and all nay
landing. W. C. Plnnker has charge
of her office.
The Joo Poters, CipL . It. Smith,
having been unavoidably detained ou
account of the weather, will leave to
day at 12 o'clcck for all points on the
Arkansas river. Chas. Mnrseluian has
rharge of her office, assisted by Kulua
Tin Gayoso, dpt. A. L. Oummkf .
having been unavoidably detained on
aoconntof the inclement weather and
scarcity of labor, will get away this
morning at 10 o clock fnrllelena.Oon-
eordia and all way landings. Lew
Pries and Gus Cummins are her clerks.
BujiNRss fair.
Wcathkr cloudy and cooler, with
heavy rains.
The landing is crodd with cotton
ami cotton seed.
Thk big Helena paaecd Vicksburir
Bnnday and is due here today.
Tin Chesapeake cleared last evon-
ing for Tiptonvllle with good trip.
Tua river here stands 3 feet 8 tenths
on tho gtuge, a fall of 1 tenth in the
latt 24 lioura.
Rkceipts by river yeeteid,iy were
'2'M bales cotton, 27 bngi feed cotton
and 0056 sackB sed.
Tin City ol Caiio and baren pnrsoil
tip at no: n yeatenlay for St. Louis.
toiia discharged hero 4518 sacks of
Owing to the incleuinnt weal her and
the scarcity of lubor tho Gayoso will
g4t away thi i unrming at 10 o'jlo. k
lor Coucordin and the Joe Puteis will
leave at noon for AiUansns river.
TiiaR. L.Cobb arrived la'itevening
from Arkansas river with 276 bales of
cotton, 2(10 Bucks o( seed, 0 DHcknites
of unnlrlea. ftho rOHhipped at Tor.
rene 62 buls of cr:ttou lor New Or.
Matkrrvim.i f)fiititir: Tlie gov
ernment works nt Wilson Point are
busily engaged in rnparing the barg a,
drivers, etc., and expect to coiumeneo
work rs soon us tliey have everything
in order.
Tun Cincinnati 'ISmes-fVur of Mou
day cays: Commcdore R. W. Wiae.
snperintendent of the Cincinnati ami
Memphis Packet Company, is busy
supervising repairs and embellish
ments to the bents of the line.
An exchange suyn the United Status
Supervisor cf , fJteuinbonta in few
York has confirmed a decision reached
by two inspectors who had revoked
the license of tug captain, after a
eollinion between bis tug and ferry
boat. Tho Boporvifling Inspector
stys: "An impression prevails among
many pilots that the blowirg of two
whistle', if given mat, entitles them
to the right of way. The fact is that
if a (teamer having the right of way
receives two whittles and answera
with two, she waives the light of way ;
but if she answers with one whistle
the ether veiBel must keep out of her
Oryici HiQNAt Hkkvici, U. B. A.,1
Memphis, Novemher 0, 1 p.m.
Tbe loflnwing observations are taken
at all stations named at 75" meridian
time, which is ono hour fatter than
Memphis tlmn;
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. I'll he lOthn lOlhfi
Cairo 4 1 1
Chattanooga.... 1 2
Cincinnati 4 2 2
Divenport 3 1 - 2
Dubuque 4 7 1
Furt Hmith 1 2
Helena 3 7 -
Keokuk 3 1 m 1
LaCrose. 4 1 2
Leavenworth... 4 H
Little Kock 16 3
Louiavill 2 9
Memphis 8 H 1
Nashville 7 1 -
New Orleans.... 2 2.3
Pittsburg 6 9
8t. IouiB 2 2
St. Paul 2 -
fihreveport 7 1 3
Vickshurn 6 1
WBsarjBO.W. Va., November 9
Nom River 2 feot on the gmire and
fabir-g. Weather cloudy and cool.
Cincinnati, O .November 9-Noc n
River 3 feet 11 inches on the gnngna:'.!
stationary. Weather damp andwa in.
f,ooiHViLLi,K v., November 9. No ui
River stationary, with 3 !i:et3 inches
la tho canal end i I iriolics on the fal'i-.
Huninosn dull. Weather cloudy and
raining this morning.
PiTTHUORfi, Ta., November 9. Noon
River 6 feet 9 incbci on the gauge,
Weather cloudy ao.4
Cairo, III., Vovomb'r 9. Nooa .
Rivir 4 fix t 1 inch on the gauqs aad
fal iiig. Weather drisTsling aad cold.
Arrive): City of St. Louis, Si. Lvi,t
p m. No docar'ures.
Pt. f.opiH, Mo., Novem'if r 9 Vigjit
RiverO f ct on the g u-Trt. Weal tier clear
and cold. Arrival: Oi'y of Ntchr,
New Orleans; D. R. Powell, Vicka
bnrK. lXpur;d: City of Vi.kjbnrg,
- Owinr to low water the aieamer al r
A !. will hereafter lvi Ml p. a...
fvalllvrly no freifht rooivel aft.r i M
p.m. on day of rleimrture.
K. W ALWORTH. Areiw.
For Helena, Terrene,
Pine UlelTand all wa
laeiitniri on A-k
It iver Sloan
F. D. Hmlth rnn'tcr, eAaiBi
Will leere THIS 1AY, Nut. lirib. at 11 neoa.
For freiaht or pa-tace aiudr at No. I Umt
ion itrei.1, or to II. u. LOW b. A too
Cull Telephone Wo. fJ. '
M l.nnM eimt New itrlenna Aetbiw
Mn-I'.N iH -tull Min ORbkAk-li.
City of St. Louis, .-as
Jn. 0'Neiil...iiiHiiler. ia5Ji
Will leave Iho lilovati.r W EUN Kl. , )j..
ltlih, nl I0a.ni. Fur irnii.-(iLir ii..tinniiaftrlV
0. I.. IIii.i,, Hii- A'irt. AhS'N'H W.nr't.
for Ilrlrnn nnl St. IrHUi'U Kwv.st,
Str.Re- c Macreadv .rC:
O. K . Jnnlln me.ter
I.eevrjfur Helena KVEiiT TTJISBAf n.i
TIlUKSIlAY t o p.m. I.eevct lor lel. o
ami St. Kranoiii river VKKI
at f ii. ui.
The cnptnln reterve tha right to ,ui aU
lanilini heUneme uiicil'e
.IAS. I.KK. Ja.. Sap't.
Offiee, No. 4 Mwdfiioa etrom .
For Opoeota, Unlet Potrt, rnruthoMTllle,
Uayoio and Tiptonvllla l'uo urn) iu
wheel jiKHpenirer eteairer 1
W. P. Hall mmter. J. 1). Kaller ..HeiiT!
Will leave nlmva, unci nil wny pMUia.
p.m. V or t reii til iir pfi-nre i;ilv no b -e. .
lU,iirajN,l''rrra Bcilit riBirl ert-tvii pl"a
Aii.cn Onac4iiit l"cr'a r'iTr-xri.t
For Ualene, WloniUla, Kr-r Poirt tn i tl
Way Luuiln tlt'-iamer
TaiiKvs Hafs
13. T. CLAOdKtr Daior.
Will lenve annbi.Teon KVKKY M0N1"AY,
WKUKKdUAY and KIUDAY at i o'oloot.
For Kandolrh, Foltnn, Oeeo!a
Laoillnr Bteamor
an Wi
K. W. lf.l:.
- Jsr.
J. II. OOlll'KK Mii.itor.
Leaver. Kvery MKNl'AY, WKDNKrtDAT
and FRIDAY al .1 p.m. Tha boata ol thi
line renerre the rlnlil In pnea all landittk
the etpialn may deem nnroile. (iflloe. N . d
Miiillmin nt, .IAMKS I. UK. .1h., oi'i-
ii T f
lUempliIs and VIchHliurir Packet Core
puny U.N, Mull LIub.
For ftelena, I'oneordia, Terrene and Arkui
can (Mtv The oloirant pite'ianaar itaii..i-
ti. R. Chtxik..,mater IW.C. Blankei'...uk u '
t.envef Metupbli
MONDAY AND Ull ltPiiAY AT a V .It.
For Oonsordla and all wiy landing. . 1
The Htenmer
A. I.. Onmmln, Muet'r I Lew Trice uleiv.
Leaven TU UMIAY and HA'tlJRDAY ai. .
For aeneral lnlnrmation atiuiv ai
IS o,4 Wadlion itreet.
.TiMIW flANR, Pnn'r Airent. Telephonn 1.
mmm I Mmmmmmmmmm. i m,
.Mcnipliis.V White Hirer FbtXi
lor 'lreiidon, Itnvnll Illnn,, kanal 1
Are, Ansuitu, Hnarey, Newpurt, JaoluM- ',
port, lliitrinvllle nnd n!l Way Lundinre.
K. 0. Poatal it niter. -
Will leavo KVK11I WEl)Ni:tjI)At at p.m.
Sir. ALIlKltTANO. 3r.,f
Albert H. Hmllh mai'ior. '
Will leave 1- Vi H V 8AMIKDA? at IS p.
TbroiDth rntee itlven to all polnla. Froik'.n
rnpfinrie'l to the Moniihla and Wbito
I'li.'kol Co., at Memphis or Torrene, will hn
forwarded pronnitly. For ttnnoral Inim'iaa.-
tlon HOidy ut olure,
('nl! Telenlinne
Plu. 3 lflihRon It., iu.i
II. i liilWH, Aa'i. i
IT will be nionoy laved to any lady ton
teroplnting; ttie inirolnie of a Hewing-ft.-ohine
in ttie next, ninety diiyi to enll and -i4
l.riroa ol ttie Lliilit-lUiunini N V. it It If r PI
und aee ttioir lu'tMt imiirovenient, the Aole
nnille Hiiibln Winder, wliloh plaeee He
Ai e.W lUINK eevornl yeara ahead l ' kup
umohico now In lite uierket.
New Hume, Hewlng-Machlnc Cu ,
48 Noritrntiri Nlr.H.i.
TriiHfcc'ai Sialo.
IjAILI'IIK having been mad In tbooav-
I1 meni of tho tniiebedniM leeored io'.a
trut ileuil iimUo by n. rtl, Pniiitett and w
Koto I'eilueit, on I tin zith r or Mareh
nd rooorieil In bona l. pn
nh'O '49, lUmii.e 'a
ollioe of hhelby eounly, Tu
amince of tho power
r. "luienea , i -
therein aonforrod, wa
win, on
Nrtf nnlny, To..iibr CO, UNrt
between the honra of IS a'ooek in. riCd 1
o'olook p n-.. at the annlk ante ol Ootiv
ISqunre. in Meraplili, Tenn., aell Ui tbe hi: Il
eal bidder, fur rapli, tho ollowina real ot 'aIa,
lyint near the aenfh line of tha eity nl 1-Qj
f hla, Hhelhy ooun'y, Tonnei'ee, dexrribed u
ollowa : One tract ol land in Furt 1'ickonnr ,
and beint hlork 45 of the landa oonveyoi b.i
Willouihbt Wllllame to John O. MoUei n a
at al., on thatfHth day of December, WV. ae
appeari from plat of name in pint heok
1, parea 6 and 6, of Heaiater'e oulee, abieai
block fronta IK) ie"t on Van Daren ana Co'
fee aireeti and WH loot on ArmaUoor ai
Front atreeta.
Kqutty of redemption, dower ana Uure
itaid eipreaaly waived Title belitvaa vo a
good, ' ut we aall aa triuteea only.
M. Ol. fi Tra 111
A.' OOLLlnK,
Trail .
TruHtcc'u Nitle.
TjAIHIRK havimhenn made In the P
J' merit ol tliej indelitednea feonrod in a
truat docd undo by C. M. FaJitott and vW.
Knit! l'udiieit, on the th of Mareh, 1NCI.
nnd recorded In henk 1M, pa iV, ol tne
KeKiier'i oflloe of Shelby county, luni
ino, in imrnuanoe ol the power therein own
lerred, I will, on
nntnrtlHy, November ao. IMMH
between 1 o'clnok m and I n'elonk ..
tho eouthwent ooruor ul Main and laadiion
treeta, in the city uf Meiui,hie. Tenn., aoll
to trio hiutioat biddor, for mh, the loll i ,t
trnoti of lend, lying and being on Fremiioa
Inluiid. in bho'by county, Taunaimee. aui
bounded aa toll'iwa :
lloainning it. the loothweat corner af "
acre trnot In the name of W. Hereon I tliene
north 17 chuini :ind Til) linne to a eteke nu
box oldor, pnwimw and hickory poinKru
thence wtat !uchain.i to an nrh lapllnii m'rX
two large oottonwuod pointer! ; thenue anuidi
IA rhuins to a I'ukc in the niontli of a rtio
on the bank ol tho ohote, wiihwilluw.e e,
tonwood and ircimora pointer! : thn,-e
thaohut with Ita nieandorinni Jt ehain ia
the hi'iinnlng, eon aining 41) aorea. Ainu,
one other tract on laid ialend, bounded a
follnwa: llorinning it a box older marked f .
on the eaet bank of tha main branoh ut th
Jrliraiinippl river; thenoa down laid rie;
chaitia to the extreme point ol aaldieUnd
theiee north MIJ eat up tbe eeat eli'ile It
ehalna to the cistern Una of aid tru't. met
cited by cedar poata; thence dae a-i'tln
ohaina to a ataka in the louthweat curnoi i
a M acre trait in the nameof HoberioiB
mini; tbenoe duo wont to the beKintiiiix. m -oluln40
n'irei laid two traoti ouulainiot
(ill norea. . .
The eiuity cf rcdotnetlon, homdiiUii.l 4
dower exnrnidy waived and title be'.ievod ia
be good, but I fH Iruatce un'y
WM A. COLLIblt. TroiU'f
E'ecldo Belt Free
TO iit-odnce 't. nnd ot t.iin metti wtjV
fur tb.i next sixtv dny iMo awT. rr
of rtiivi;, tu e.i h e-mnty iu IHe II. rl. a hiu-ltL-il
ra : bo: of tr i.'.-nnifi. 6.tn.
vitt.tr h;i (wixory ll-M'i. lTioe ; a
pir H.v 'in .1 o iii'" f"f Nervdi.i ))
h'liiy, v.. ri" ri, Xniwioo. lnpoteno.
tia. i '". i..-"..' tu.1.1 if ara-y Vili an
uiknuir.."- i ' S'.-t titi;jna a .iai.-re
,1,,....;. ; ei : at onct t-I."''-
naj i -.n '.a:.?, F. o. Bj iv.
Brooklyn, -N. Y.
and stationary,

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