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CottOB Active-Middling-, 8 7-lGe
Sales Yesterday, 3700
Money continues in good demand at
8 per cent. Lccal securities firm and
(dvancing. The cotton market was
quiet and steady at unchanged qnota-
tions; middlinj?, 8 716c. Sales, 3700
bales. At 5ew York spots closed firm
middling, 9c. Futures eteady, and
to 6 points higher; November, 8.89
A leading New York cotton circular
Bays of the speculative market: Mt
has been a very irregular market, and
an advance of 6(5)6 points at the open
iog afterward disappeared, and then
fully returning again, nith the closs
steady a: about the behest figures of
the day."
At New Oleans spots were firm;
middling, 8Jc. Futures eteady and 4
to 5 points higher; November, 8 52
At Liverpool a gocd business was
repo:ied m spots, and prices harden
ing; middling, i jd. Futures easy and
l-01d higher; November-December,
4 61-64d.
The general market presents no
featuies of ir..tere3t.
Two hundred and twelve brls ap
ples, 107 pkgs butter, 450 rls bagg'ng,
46 pkjis bacon, 34 pkgs boots and
shoes, 1000 bu corn, 387 pkgs cheese,
26 cars cotton seed, 1442 sks cotton
seed, 31 pkus dry good, 37 pkgs ecss,
810 brls flour, 258 boles hay, 24 hd
hogs, 30 hd cattle, 919 pkgs lard, 12,
C00 ft lumber, 85 jjkjis liquors, 84 bris
molasses, 5000 bu osts, 22 brls onions,
800 br s potatoe, 6 cars pork sides,
185 brls eognr, 128 pkgs tobacco and 11
brls rice.
The following shows the amount ot
pain received, withdrawn and in store
by rejm'ar elevetnrs, as reported to the
Merchants' Eicbange ye-terday:
Wheat none received or withdrawn ;
in store. 1045 bu. Corn received.
1127 bu; withdrawn. 688 bu: in tore.
bu. Cits leceived, 11.231 bu:
withdrawn, 3265
,:m bu.
bu; in store, 2C0,-
oerDally laiallona of Cottoa
OU Trams ana New York Ex.
Chans- Slacks arc open to those
Interested, at mj oOicr.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Ten a.
Money in active demand at 8 per
cent The Clearing House report is
cs follows:
ft Thursday, November lltb, $438,
798 f5; thus far this wtek, $1,941,
346 74; same time last veek, $1,573,
391 04; cc-mspndina: time in 1885,
$1,404,629 37'; corresponding time in
1884, $1,215,651 29.
Thursday, November lit h, $92,
84 13; thus far this week,$3S9 405 26;
same time last wee k, $254 775 78;samt
time in 1885, $276,713 47; tame time
in 1884, $218,37918.
New York eight on all points, J
discount bnytne, oar sailing; New Eng
land demand, J d if count buying; New
England s;ght, 4 discount; New Or
leans, J discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Cmmerep..l4G bid, 149 a?ked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
State National 145 bid, 160 asktd
Union and Planters..l50 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135bid,137Jatked
Blufl City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 J bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Founts 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt -25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... aeked
Factors - , 20 aeked
fchelby Co. warrants.,.97 bid, 98 a-ked
M. A O. R. R. shares. ..36 Sid, ... aeked
M. & T. It R. shares. ..45 bid, 50 asked
M. & Cconsols, 7s 119 bid, ... aBked
M. A. L. R. 1st m. 8s..l05 bid, ... aeked
Miss. & T.R.R.CS.A...111 bid, 113 asked
Miss. &T. R.R. CS.B..101 J bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J.. 83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 aeked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6s 97 bid, 98 aeked
Tax. Diet. 6s 104 bid,106 asked
Mem. G a bonds 104 bid, ... aeked
Mem. Water binds. ....97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid. 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust" f 4 bid, 55 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 asked
Mem. Stor.Com. Co.120 bid, 125 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 asked
New Yoke, November 11. Money
on call quiet at 56 per cent, closing
at 5 per cent. aBked. Prime mercan
tile paper. 4(S5 per cent. Sterling ex
change dud and unsettled; actual
rates 480 for 60 day bills and 484 for
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and steady today. State bonds
were quiet and firm.
Stocks The news of the day was
not generally of a character to affect
values on the Stock Exchange, and
the usually active shares presented
little feature of importance throughout
the day. The extraordinary interest
developed in the low priced Southern
and Southwestern shares, however,
suffered no diminution and tbey were
again active and strong, monopolizing
most of the interest taken in the
speculation. The msiket was active
and feverish in the fatly part cf the
day, over one-tbird cf the entire day's
business being transacted in the first
hour. Prices were weak throughout
the entire day, heavy realizations
by the morn contributing most
to this effect. Among the usu
ally active stocks, Jersey Central,
Omaha and Louisville and Nashville
were given most attention, and among
the Bprc'alt:cs Richmond and West
Point, Norfolk and Western and
Colorado Coal were mutt traded in.
The former was particukrly active and
strong upon the bull stcries pit out of
late, thorn; h the abortion thataeet'le
meet had been arrived at witu tLe
Ditnvii'e company probably had n o t
effect. lhe N ckel Plate stress again
cenin intj prominence and show a
hacdsoms advance this evening. The
conspicuous weak s ock, however, was
Maatiatao Elevated, which declined
S per cent, although there wis no
paica'ar reason given for the wtak
ies disp'ayed. The opening ai
strong, first piices showing advancts
ovtnoeuriRi uuros.ci lf8t eveiiinnf
mm i to per cent genernilv. The
tridirg n veiy flitve, but ptices
eie ieversu and generally eak, and
twa'd toon the nipilo.r tuwinw. .in-i
flirtualior.s be ; g cunOoed within a
vry narrow range and the tiansic
. ; - j ....... 1 n i
uvub CTiuicitu, ine e was a reac
tion alter noon and slight activity, but
u.h im is nouis saw the dtcl.ne
iCBumid, and the maiket became
weaker ai well as more active as
tie clcse of businees app oached and
u.e noai niiures are seneia v thn lnw.
est of the day. Sales, 389,247 shares;
jxuumona ana west roint. 23.7fiS:
Readies;. 23.1C0: St. Paul. Q28'.-
Jersey Central. 20,100. Final change
in the active list alrcost invariahlv
show declines, the most impoitant of
which are Manhattan 3, Lukawanna
2, Jerfev Central U. Miatnnrl Pnrtifin
ana wear .boir and eah 11. Readino
11, Western Union and Pacific M.il
each, and others fractions. Railroad
bonds were more f.ctive: sales. $!
215,000. The consnii u-uphIv arrive
lBBoea were ncciicg valley flveB, in
which the sa'e were $216,000: Kan-
ass and Texas fixes, $184,000 and Fort
Worih and Denver tirtJ, $149,000.
Prices were generally strorg through
out the day, though weakening a
little toward the close. Chicago and
ft. Loirs fir.it, 6 to 101 ; Denver and
Rio Grande Western firsts. 2 to 19:
Indianapolis. Decatur and Springfield
fits's, 3 to 106; Liu svilie and Nash
ville (8-. Lcuis divi-ion) firsts. 3 to
113; New Orleans and Pae-fic, coupon
eff, 41 to 9: Texas Pacific consols.
coupon off, 2 to 98; Shenandcah Val-
ey fiitts, 2 to 97 ; Cental Iowa firsts.
coupon off, lest 3, at 100.
The total Biles of sio.ks todav were
389,2i9 shares, including t'anada
Southern, 3550; D-laware, Lacka
wanna and Western, 10.446; Erie. 17.-
995; take Shorf, 13 700; Louisville
and Nashville, 15,70(1: Mumphis
and Charleston. 8800: North
western, 12,344; New Jrraey Ceii
ral, 20,100: Oliio and .Vis.issiDni.
6500; Reading, 23,100; St. Paul, 22,-
2; ft. rum and Umahx, 18 210;
xexaa nc n. lu.&'U: Uaion Pa
no, 3550: WesthraUnion. 18.650:
Northern Pacific preferred, 3580: Ore-
gon ltan'conuiieuiai, ooou. Uloaicg
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. A O. R. R
M., A T. R. R.
L. A N. R. R
C, O. A 8. W. 11. It
yecterd y ;
cli sinu at
', c csiog at
Total 6,234
New ork soots oocned tteadv
and closad firm; middling, Vie. Kales,
o.u uaiua. v(uuwiiiurj nere as loiioivs
Yesterday. WeJnesday
Ordinary (ij (ij
ooa ordinary. 7 7
Low middling 8j 8
Middling.. 9J 9
Good middling 9 9
Middling fair 10 10
Fair 1C 10 1
New York futures opened firm, and
closed eteady and 3 to 5 points higher
man weantsoav. tsaies. iuu s o h m.
xne closing quotations were as follows
Yesterdav. Wednoaitav
JNovember. 8 89(4 8 90 8.85 8.86
secern ier s.vvdi h.hs
January.... 9.02 9 03
February... 9.12 9.13
March 9.22(3) 9.23
April 9 32(S 9 33
May 9.42a 9.43
June.. 9 52(4 9 53
July 9.61ij 9
August 9.69 9.70
The NewOrleann snot market ODened
firm and closed firm: middling. 8ic.
Hales, 4500 bales. Quotations were as
Ordinary (il
Good Ordinary 7
Low Middling 8J
Middling 8i
Good Middling 8j
The New Orleans future market
opened steady, stid closed firm and 4 to
points nigbei. bale. 39.900 balee.
Quot.itiona were rs follows:
Yesterday. Widnesdav.
November. 8.52 8 ?5 8.40 8 49
December. 8 64 8.55 8.4S 8.49
S.tWi) 8 6i
U.S. S. . nnn'n. 19TI!;
coup, 111. Pacific 6a ol 195,125M.
a. alumni. 4. SI'.'.. Miaannri Rn. Kil Vi
Cent. Pao. 1st, till. Ken. IRU. hit, 120.
D AR.lJ.W 1st, 79. Eri 2d, 10IJ',.
M K 4T.On.6,l(M North.Pac.ln, 11B'4.
North. Pac.2d, llll. N. Western con. 139.
N.Wet deb.5s.lU7S.:8t.L.8.F . Hen. M., 110.
bt Paul con, 132. Bt.P.C.AP.ht, 119l-i.
T.P. land granU,55. T.P.R (J. ex cou.ci.
U. P. UU, 116. West Shure.101.
Tenn.liK, aet'mt,1fS. lenn.5,iet'mi,101.
Adama Eznreaa. 141. Morris.lK.. n(Ti. 111V
Alton x 1. il, on, JM.J.Uentral
. Mi,
A. A T.Il.,nfd., 85. Nor.i W.ntd,4.
1 :
B. C. R. & N. 55
Canada Pao., 7l)'4.
Canada Sou . M7.
Central Pacifio, 4(1
Che'ajifake A0..1U.
C. AO. l-tpl'd,l
C. k O. 2d Bfd.l2!.
Chicago & A..m;i.
O.A A.pld.lOO
C.i B. A Q ,139'4.
o.,st l.Vn.o ,-
C. St. L 4. p., y..
C.S.AC.. 44.' "
C.AC., 72,.
V. A 11. Valley
Del. & Hud
1U6X. Northern Pac..29.,
jMorinern fan pld. oj'A
iC.A N.W.,11,
N.y.C.A6t L.pfd.27
Ohio Central, -.
O.AMina.pfd, 81
Ontario & West,. 19.
Oregon Nav , KniH.
Oregon Trana..
Owion Imp., 39.
Pacific Mail, MS-,.
1 ua
? i0'i- oriaD'.AE.,3S.
P-n P.O., 11314.
Del., L. A W., 139
Den. A Uio O . SK..
Krie, 3bVa. Rock llan6,ivTV
Krie pld, 7. 6t.li. A B.K.,3ji'
New Kaat Tenn., lS.Pt.L AS. t.fd
Fort Wayne.
fd.74. (St.L.AS.F.Up.v
V. M. A M. P.. 91'
Uannibat A St Jo,. ('. M.A St.P,, p. 120.
Bt. p., M at il., 119.
II A St. Jo . nfd.
Harlem, 220.
llouaton A T., !M
lilionia Central, 134.
Ind ,B. AW..17H.
Knaa A T.,
Lake E. A W , Wi.
Lake bhnro, 96.
Lou. A Nash., m'4.
Lou. A N. A., 66.
M. A C. 1st pfd, .
M. A C. seconds, .
Me-n. A Char , 51J4.
Mich. Ccn.,94S.
Min. A St. L . 22
Min. A Ht. L. pld.47H.
miaaoun raciho 11
Ht PaulAOmaba.52.
St Paul AO. pld, 113
Tenn.CoalA Iron.bti.
Texaa Paoifin, 2I34.
Union Pnoiflc,(i()!8.
U. 8. Kxpreaa, 61
W.,8. L A P., 20.
W..1.L. A P. p., 3Ja.
W.A F. Ex.. 127.
W. U.Tel.,78.
Colorado Coal, 35!.
Home Stake, 17.
Iron Silver, ..
Ontario, 24.
71'i'. Quicksilver,
y. wu
i.l..lroilvA .f.t 11
mo one & unio, my,, e-ouia raoiuo, .
M. Li. S A W., 85. Sutro, .
London, November 11. Contois,
101 3-16 for money and 101 5-16for the
fccunt. United States binds 4,
131,; 4 js, Bar pilver, 4hil per
ouueo. The bullion in (he Bauk of
Eoitland iccrees'd 207,000 during
the past week. The proportion of the
Bank of Kng'and reserve to liability
is now 40 5-10 per cent. The amount
of bullion gone into the Bank of
England on balance today is 14,C00.
PARis.Noypmberll. Three per cent,
rentes, 82f 57jc f r the account. The
weekly statement of the Bank of
France shows a decrease of 11,425 OOOf
gold and 2,20O,COOf silver:
Chicago, III , November 11. Bank
clearings today were $3,861,000.
Nkw York, November 11. Bank
clearings today were $103,208,434 ; bal
ances, $5,406,275.
Boston, Mass., November 11. Bank
clearings today were $14,040 914 : bal
ances, $1,409,715.
Baltimore, Md., November 11.
Bank clearings t iday were $2,172,619;
balances, $217,216.
Philadelphia, Pa., November 11
Bark clearings today were 19,447,239;
balances, 1,319,117.
The local cotton market opened
sciive, and clored qu'et and eteady ;
middling, 8 7-10c. eals, 3700 bales;
2500 to exporters snd 12(H) to spinners.
Yesterday. AVedneedny.
Ordinary Norn. Norn.
Good Ordinary.... 7i 71
Low Middling 8 3-16 8 3 16
Middling....'. 8 7 16 8 7-16
Good Middling.... 811-16 811-16
Middling Fair...., 0J 91
Fair - Norn. Norn,
Hiarais, November II, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1, 1886.... 4,009
Received today 5,252
Received previously. 228,588
Shipped today 5,234
6hipped previously-109,569
Home consumption to
date 321
block running account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. and O. R. R
M. A T. R. R
L. and N. K. R
M. & L. R. R. R
C, O.&S. W.R. R
L .N.O. AT. R. R.
K. O , 8 & M. R. R
M.,8 &B. R.R.
Sti ameis
Wagons aLd other sources...
... 41,382
... 43 070
January ,
February... 8 74(3 8.75
Marcb .
April .
June ...
8.85ia 8.86
8.96 8.97
9.07($ 9.08
9.:8i4 919
9.290$ 9.30
9.34 9 35
N. Orleans
Mobile ...
Norfolk ...
New York
Philad'a .
St. Louis.
Augnxta ..firm.
Keel Prices
1016 8
10391 '8
5528 813-10
161 9
1286 9j
11H1:8 5-161
firm, but lo lower than
,..23 932 No. 2 mixed, cash, K4-;
22,455 33!(?34 cUina at 34 :
,..114,803 3ljc:; Jauufrv, S4j(?:?4iic
34j34ii; May, 3M&-38.
oiio. yjtiB wean ami j'n jc oaer;
No. 2 niix d, csh, 27(.i27n; De
CtmbiT, 2tiu; Mav, 3oj ,r Rye
eteady at 60i'. Barley iii'et and nti
cliangud. llav f irly tivp and firm ;
prair e, $8(a 10 60; tim.t iy, $11(.
13 2S. Flaxseed wenk ai d lower at
87c hid. B.an firm at bl. C.irnn e-il
steady at $1 9" Kece'-pts- F.our 5()0()
tins; wheat. 31.000 b: era. 24 lil
ou; oats, 14,000 bu; ryp, mO bu;
90C0 brls; wheat. 1000 bu: corn. 74.
000 bu ; oats, 37.0C0 bn ; rye, 1010 bu ;
uaney, UUDU.
Attrrnoon Board. Wheat i.tm.l in,!
jc higher. Corn a shade easivr. ' Oa'a
Chicago, III., November 11. It is
getting to be a general saying that
woen no suaiiy decline is shown in
wheat that things are iniiirovinir. Mr
tbis me: hod of reasoning there was a
better fee ing in today' market. At
times piices were a ht.le lower thnn
they opened, but the nnrket at co
time was quo'ably heavy. The open
ing was na leact.ve by scalp r buy
irgasa net cal s. Puts, on the nth,r
baud were a decided factor in holding
the maiket. Corn was aaln slow,
heavy, snd tended downward with'
narruw limit'. Flour quiet and un
hanged. Cas'i quotations were ns
'Hows: No. 2 spring wheat, 731(T)
31c: No. 3 sdmoh wheat. Klidiistii
No. 2 red, 73i,'c. No. 2 corn, 35 Jc. No.
oat-, 2tic. NO. 2 ivf. 51(!.
Ni. 2 brley. 51 le. Fiaxaoeil.
9!lc. Prime timothv. Jl tiftf.iil us.
j. ne if aa'ng luuues :angeu as lullowa
best Novemtier opened at 73jo,
niKntei jje, lowest iAt?., closing 71' j j;
Doeember opened at, 74Jc, hiiihcet 74 jc,
ijwtei 04c, cioHiug Hi:.; Jn-
uiry opcied at 75i-, biKliett 75Jc,
lowest 74J''i74gc, clofiui; 't,c.
No. 2 corn Noveiubsropeiud at 358"
ighest 355", lowest $oi. closinir
35jc; Duomber oponed at 3(i(;,
luhest 363, lowest 3(ilc. dofiiiic
36Jc; May oj-ened at 4ljj, highest
lie lowest 41c. clOfiim 4 1 ift4 1 a.--
No. 2 oatu November opened at 25jc,
h'ghest 25Jc, low-it 2c ,o. clos.ng'JSJu;
Dicembir epened at 2, biglust
26jjj, lowest I'tijci, closing 2i,jc: Jaou
ary opened at highest, litijo, low
est 2(igc, closing 2(iJo Receip s Flour,
24.000 brls; whest, 112,000 bu; corn,
179,0(10 tiu;cati, 87,000 bu; rye, 6000
bu; barley, 65 000 bu. Shipments
FJour, 29,000 brls; wheat, 1:1,010 bu;
corn, 136,000 bu;oaN, 96,000 bu; rye,
1C0J bu; barley, 45,000 bu.
8 91 (A 8.9:
8 am 9 00
9.09(a) 9 10
9.19 9.20
9.'J9 9.30
9 3i(.t) 9.40
9.49M 9 50
9 68C 9.59
9.650') 9.66
8.5 8.F9
8 68it) 8 69
8.K0 8.81
8.91W 8 92
9 O'-'OY) 9.03
9.24(a) 9.25
9 290 9.3 J
app'es, l (Sytlc rer p iund (rom store.
Drid peat he', 2J(33 from store.
VaorrABUts Onions, $3 from
s'ore. Cabbage, $2 50; per head, 8&10c ;
$1 75 from Wee or depot per crate.
Kraut, brl,$4 75(a5; half brls, $2 75.
Garlic, 4iMOc por 100. Turnips, 50c
per builiel.
Frdit Oranges, per box, J4 506. '
iiii in, 11 oi;t,o per oox. liunatias.
3 1 Krud r ,1 1 '
" uwvi- w per o;incti. Uocoa
nnts, 5 per 100. PeannlaVir.
ginia. itc: Tennessee, farmnr'a -
rfOw; roasted, 2jc higher: shelled
iik Alinonas, J8(j20:.
Raimns Ixndon layers, f.l 40: lay.
er, ri 1 5 ; California, ; Imperial,
Picklis In jsrs, pin's, 95c; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75 ;gallons,$3 75;
loose, barrels, $6 60(7; half-barrels,
$3 75(4 25; rxixed. barrels, $10 60;
m lieu, uHii-ijwireig, 70.
Fish Markerl hall-haml. ' 1
$5 2fi5 75; No. 2.$4750ft5; No.'3,f4'25
v?eo; iiwo sic, no. 1, wc; Wo.2, 75o
15-lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fain,
ily, 25c per box.
Waikuts French, 12c; Naples,15c :
vireuuuies, joc. ruoerts, lc.
Oams Game finh, lll2c.
j-ms jirm ; xw&slo.
Arkanwj City Win 8. 11. ts, S i.m.
Friar Toint Jatta Ls,5 p.m.
Vicksbura; CiTTor ViciKHfnu, lOa.m
0eol .- K. Vf. C01.1, 5 p.m.
Tiiitiinville C'HRiAriAKi, !S p.m.
V, bite River CmriASjw, 5 p.m.
Conconlla t vnno, 5 p.m.
Helena Rn MifmtT, 5 p.m.
White River Ai.birta No. 3. 4 p.m.
St. Louii Ahianhas City, i p.m.
Arrival!. City of Providence, Si
DrfHirium City of Providence,
v II DUUIj(i
Bool! tn Port R, L. Cobb, Ed Fos
ter ana v;oirKfsaw.
Boatt Due Down. E. W. Cole. Ches
apeake, City ol bt. Louia and (iiv of
tfi-L-l.. " '
BoaU But Kb. Will fi. llav J.m
Iee, Rene Macredy, Gayoso. Wyo
ming, Cily of Vicks mrgaud Helena.
Hocrlpla 1nrmj
City of l'rnviilenrA Kli.0 K.l.. i
PoTATOKS-lorthern stock. $1 9O0ii top' 121 l"'8 eeld fotton,4033 sks seod
ie ' 7 I anil 1 T, ''! L-momI,...!;..
Chickasaw 1613 bales cotton and
265 sks seed.
78 2 .1
Receipts at ports, this day, 18S6..34 955
Receipts at ports, tbis day, 1885.. 35, 361
1886. 1885. 1884.
R'ti U. S
p'rtsOdavs 218,246 188,315 217,367
Ex. Gr. Bi 71,924 69,: 59 89,3 6
Stnck 732,425 734,577 779,592
R'tsSept. 1 1,826,971 1,848,068 1,808,420
For'gn Ex. 981,488 909,731 087 651
Decrease iu receipts this year.. ..22,097
At noon: Livemool renoried cood
huiiness inspotD; hardening, ta'ps,
14,(100 bales, of which American 12,000
bale?. Receipts, 8010 bales; American,
7600 bales.
Closing qnotatiocs were as follows:
4ja; Rond orainnr.v, 41d;
Bottkb Butteritie, 13J(a14c;
creamery, aVS'SSc; dairy, l0)'-2c;
country butter, 1618c.
Hoa Products Me -s pork, flO;
BUgnrcmed hams, 101G10Jc; breakfast
bacou, 8j9Jc; clear rib aids bason,
7jc; bucou shoulders, 77c; bulk
poik clear sides, 6Jrijo; clour rib
Bides, 68(S0li:; shoulderj, 5Jc;
long clear, (ij'u 6jo.
Lard -'fierce, tile; hslf-baiTels and
ketrs, 6jc; choice kettle, 71(ai71c
Frksu Meats -No. 1 beet, 7c; mnt
ton, 8c; hind quarters of boef, 8Jc;
lambs, 10c.
i.i I uillMOUD, ruling, 411 U. 'IJ I 1 n a
2 2): old hens $L 25r;ii2 5(1 Tnrkevs iX I Ky Urtu l u-
2 15.
ClDKR New York. t6 50fa7 nut bar.
rei, ami j n(.i)-i per nali-harrel.
inkoar l(M15c nero-allon.
Pkcans Texas, 80&10c for small to
medium, iU()Ho lor large; Aikantas,
In cir load lota: Prime crnde i-ntnn
seetl oil.now, 2i J28c ; otf crude cotton
seed oil, old, ; prime summer vellow
cotton seed oil, 33Ci34c; off summer
yellow cotton seed oil,; min-
en Slimmer yellow cottnn peed oil,
320?33f; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 3530c; choice cookirg yel
low couon seed 011, alio; prime colton
seid meal, $14 50; off cotton seed
meal, none. C tt ;n seed delivered at
uhp t or levee, J9 per ton ; from wagqn
hi mills, ju per ion.
Baooino Jute. 2 lbs, 8Jc: IJ
7Jo;4J It b, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 9Jb.
Ties $1 0.V3U 10.
T1 1 1
viearniD wssneu, siw.itic; grease
wool, 2J0j).6c; hurry wool, 130)18c.
St. Ixipis, Mo.,November 11. Wool
stfady and fairly active: medium cloth
ing, 220i26Jc; combini?, 25(5f251c; low
Bnd coaipe, 14(i22c; fine light, 20
oc; ncavy, uyiicjniacK, 170j)'J4c.
rKTKtl,l.l MAKKET.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
loin, 11c per ganon.
Cleveland, O., November 11. Pe
troleum steady s. w , 110, 7Je.
PiTTsnoRO, Ta, Novomber 11.
Petroleum firmer: Na'ional Transit
certilkatts opened at(:fijc, and clrsrd
at LO:; higher, tiOjc; lowest, 65
Whiskv Straiuht Kentucky Bour-
hon, $1 60055; redistilled eoods from
85c tn $1 60, according to proof; rye,
Cuicaoo, III., November 1 1. Whis
kv, ft 18.
St. Louis, Mo.,Noverober 11. Whis-
" mi.ldliug, 4 15-16d; good mid-
nil ih.6,J: niilWinlt uplands, 6M;
nild'llu-Orlr:anp,6 5-16d.
tx P7 ire aiven in umrt and Rillm
t'4 .i . --r . .
4 63-64d; and 5 01
mm: 4
meant 5 l-64il
At noon: Livery , , re
firm: November, 5f01j. uoVem.
ber-Dt cember. 4 H24 63a .i)ecRiher
Januaiy, 4 604 61.1 ; Januwv.Fev.
ay. 4 Cl4 Bid; FtbruarjMj
4 614 62.1; Mrfrch-April, 4 OlrJSi.'
April-MHy. 5 02d; May-June, 5 R.51
June-July, 5 0705 08d.
At2p.tn.: Liverpool futures were
hrm; November, , sellers
November-December, 4 63d, sellers
December-January, 4 62d, sellers
January-February, 4 6L'd,
February-March, 4 63d,
March-Apiil. Ed. buyera:
May, 5 03d, snlleis; May-June) 6 06d,
sellers; Juue-Julv, 6 08d, buvers.
At 5 p m. : Liverpool futures were
esy; JNovemoer. 4 om, buyers
ivovemher-uecember, 4 Old, reiles
December-January, 4 60d, sellers
January-February, 4 60d, sellerB
February-March, 4 61d, tellers
Msrcb-April, 4 63d, sellers; April
May, 5 Old, value; May -June
5 04d, sellers; June-July, 5 06 j,
Cornmeal Standard, $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 233 35; roller, $2 45.
IIay Choice, from store, 75c; car
loaa iron; levee or depot, f 14; prime,
fiom stoe, 70c- car load from levee
or depot $12 60(3)13; prairie, from
store, 45t. : car load from levee or
demit. $850.
Corn F rom store,whi('e,51c ;mlxed,
49n, Iron, levee or depot; white, in
duik, no; ia sscrs, 4c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c; ln?arks, 441c
Oats Fioastore,white,39c; mixed,
37c; from leve or depot, while, in
bulk, 321c; in Backs, 35c; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in ra ks, 31c.
Bra From tore, 70c; from levee
or depot, $13 50.
Floor From Snre, No. 3, $3(33 25 ;
family, $3 503 76 cboi. e, $3 76(S)4;
fancy, $4(3)4 25; tttra fancy, $4 25
4 50; patents, $55 o.
Beans Navy, $2; uedium, $1 5003
1 76; common, $1 25; German millet.
$1 201 40.
Rick Louisiana, 4(&lc Carolina.
Oatmeal In half-barr-lg, $33 25
from store.
Oracmbs Soda, extra, cj soda,
treble extra, 5c; extra,7c; giniersiaps,
extra, 66c; assorted jumblf t9(atic
Cracked Wheat In half-)arre8,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and Grits-From store,
$3 lms o- '
Kansas City, Mo., Novembei 11
Whest weaker; No. 2 red, cas oojo
bid; Janusry, 62 c bid; May,69cid.
Com steady; No. 2,-casb, 291c; a
cember, 29J; May, 35c. Oats noi.
inal; 24 jc atksd, cash.
St. Locis.Mo.. N-ivember 11. Flour
quiet but s'endy; XXX, $2 35(5)245;
family, $2 550fi2 70; choice, $3 05
3 15; far,cv, $3 4O0j;3 50; extra fancy,
S3 653 80; paints, $3 954 35.
Wbent dull aud eisy; the market
opened weak atd fell ffl' ljc, but
la er advanced ard clo:ed firm, al
though 1071c lower than yesteulav;
No 2, cunb, 748n; December, 75$r3
70ic,tln8in at 76ji; January, 77i(o)
,7Jc, cing st 77Ji; May, biki
84c. c!( sine at 8430i;84le. Corn fair
ly ait ve but easy ; the market closed j
()12. Gteso, $3(a;4 Ducke. J3.
Gams Quaile, perd:s.,tl40. Squi
rels, 11. Ducks, wild. $1 500512 o0.
Vecison, wLolo, 6161c; saddler, 9
Chekir Prime fiatB. MChfi; New
Yoik factiry, 9c; full cr'tm, 12jc;
luting America, lclc
Pins Fkkt. Barrel. $8 25 ; half bar-
fcarrele, $1 25; keifS 1 ;
St. Looia, M'-iNovembor 1 1 . Provl
Mors fair y x tive, but irregu'nr. Pork
fi-tn, 59 Lard steady, J5 90f4
5 95. B'k meats easier; lnow le ts 5is
lower; i'ne i-lnar, $5 65-r70; short
ribs, 5 70(r,5 75; short char, J5 90;
boi'd lola 100i121i lower: long clear,
(a 6O0')5 00; short ribs, $5 7l'(y 75;
short clear, $5 87 J. Bacon weak nnd
lower; long dear, $6 87i(a7; shmt
r.b", $0j)7 12; ehiit cleir, $7 25.
Hums firm, $9 6002,11 50. Butter act
ive and rteady: creamery, 23(20c;
dairy, 1223c. Eggi strong, 18c.
Chicago, III., November 11, Mess
po:k, $9 409 50; laid, $5 95; eliort
rib Bill bp, loose, 15 50: drv sait'd
houlders, boxed. U5 lt'5 20; short
ci-ar s'de', boxed, $5 855 90. The
ieaiing tutnros ranged as follows:
ii . November opened at
i ia. Di-he-t $9 30, lowest $9 124,
S enile .) 30; Dei-ember opened at
$ 171, h'kest jj so, lowest $9 17,
i''n'l''S.at 3: January opened at
$9 90, higbe, $10 02J ,owe'ht j(J85
clt sing st $9 5. Lard November
ST 8i h,KhMt 16 80, lowest
u ui, wui"uics. Xij.lll. 11,,,-omhor
2?d, at 5 ,hlhfst$5 90, lowett
V?0VcJ? .n? 8t "0; January opened
st 15 96, highest 05, lowest $5 a,.
cloaiiig at $ 95. t,ort ribe-Januaiy
opened at $5 12, b,t,est (6 12, low
est $5 12, closing at5 12 February
opend at $j 15, higl,Bt $5 17, low
est $5 12, closing at $15.
Sooar Pure white, ivsifii- nff
white, 6(a)64o; yellow cln-',nil. (Ca
file; open keitle, none; wffned A,
Ojtaoic; granulated, 6J0?j6Jc.
Coffee Common. 1110il2n- nrdi-
nary, 12(5il3c; prime Rio. i:iai4n!
choice to fancy, 1416c; old govern
ment, 2425c.
Hoap 3(a)5c per pound.
Candihs Sticks, all size. In hoxea.
pails and barrels, 79c.
Salt-$1 20 per barrel : inekn. fine.
$1 351 45; coaire, $1 lOCI 15; pock
ets, bleached. 21foj7c: car-loads from
levee or depot, 5c cheaper, t
Canned Goods. Etc. ItImhi ner
dozpn: Pineapples, $1 25fil 60;
peaches, 2-lb, standard. $1 ISffll 25:sec-
ondp, $lfil 10; tomatoes, -lb stand
ard, 90, S)$1 ; 3-lb,$ll 15; strawber
ries, $1 101 25 ; rasnberriei, $1 10
125; blackberries, $11 10; green-
fages, 51 bO(rt)l 75; pears, $2
25; Plums. $1 60a)l 70- ipnnrAOUH.
$2 604 ; green corn, lt 35 ; green
peas, i ox)i 00; cove oysters, full
weight, Mb. 850695c: c.nvn nvntera.
full weight, 2-lb, $1 601 80; cove
oysters, light weieht 1-lh. Ann : cove
oysters, light weight, 2-lb, $1; con
densed milk Crown, $5 6005 75;
Eag'e, $7 607 75; Daisy, $4 75.
Molasks Lonieana, common to
fair, 18(a)26c: prime to ch oinA. new. 50
(5)55c; syrup, 2040c; common to
fair, 2025c: prime to choice, 3035c;
-ciiiiiiuiuii, mncy, ozii)iiiie.
ToBACCo-Oommon. 11-inch, 270
ix. other gTiRo .nJ .t.i o;ft,s
80 par case;
rinnc narreu .. jq
New Yoke, November , rr.iro
t fair Rio.tesdy, 12e: oj. - .
Bpoi lair jiipieiiuy, Ai5c; ni, j
Cincinnati. O.. November 11-
Whisky firm ; sales, 000 barrels of fin-
iHiieu goous on a nasis 01 $1 13.
N A I I.N.
Nails -Iron, $2 252 30; steel, $2 40
til- 40.
Grahs Cattle Choice. SlOaitlc:
?ood, 2jr)31c; fair to medium, 21$
-ji-; scaiiawags, lmiic.
llous-Choice, 4c; good, 4(a)41c;
cuuuiiuii, oia,ir7.
hiiKKF Choice, 3(o)4c; medium, 3
3r; common, HiU 60. Choice
lambs, per ponnd, 410i!5c.
Kansas Citv. Mo . November 11.
The Liit Stork Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts, 4035 hi ad; shipments. 1020
head ; good strong; common wenk and
ow; good to choice. $4 100i4 60:
common to medium, $3 3()(34 ; ftoek
ets, $2 252 7-i; feeding steers. $2 80
3 00; caws, $1 502 60; grata range
Mieeru, $2 25(a)3 20. II, g8 receiola,
8511 head; phipments, norie; market
active and 5(A10o higher; good to
cnoice, j t)0').i ir; common to me
dium, $3 603 09. Sheep reteipte,
1349 head ; shipment?, none; market
steady; eood to choice, $2 503; com
mon 10 medium, $1 600J2 25.
Cuicaoo, III., November 11. The
Drot'eri' Journal reports: Cattle re
reipte, 9000 head; shipments, 3000
head; market strong for extras, but
lower for common ; shipping steers,
950 lo 1500 pound, $3 305 45 ; Block
ers and feeders, $20i)3 30 ; cows, hulls
and mixed, 125(o)3; through Texas
cattle bio w hut steady; steer, $2 5904
8 10 ; Western rangers alow ; natlT'
sna k,lf.hroed, $33 70; w-'8r8d
Texanp, t'i ooia3i'0. Ilog -refeipts,
22,000 hed ; shipment, 17,000 head;
market slow, clorlng 5010c lower;
rough and mixed, $3 36(3 75; pick
ing and shipping, 13 70(i)3 85: light,
$3 353 76; skips, $i 253 10.
Sheep rcsipts, &U0 head ; shipments,
1000 head; mtrkei alow but steady;
nstivea, $2(a3 85; Western, $2 90
(i3 60; Texans, $:'3; lambs, $3(?)
4 40.
New York, November 11. There
was the u-ual tood movement of all
classes of.'goods in the execution of or
ders, but the new rnqneBt la very
mild in cha'acter. Wide sheetings
show feverhhness and some prices
The bis Helena is dna tn,ln fmm
New Orleans.
The Anchor Lino stesmer Citv nf
St Louis, is due down for Nnai 11-.
The Albert No. 3. Cant. A n
Smith, is the Saturday packet for
Yi lute river.
The Rene Macreadv. Cant. O K
Joplin, U the packet tomonow even
ing for lleloua.
The Chickasaw. Cant. E. C. Tostal.
is the packet this evening at 5 o'e'eck
for White river. C. M. Postal is iu
her cilice.
The E. W. Cole, dpt. John E. llig-
gins, is the liio Line packet this even
ing at 5 o'clock for O. ceola and the
upper bends. Wm. Hmiiher is in hor
The Gayoso. Cant. A. L. Cummina.
Is the packet tomoriov evening for
Concordia and all way landings. Lew
Price and Uus Cummins are her
The City of Vicksburo'. Cant. Dan
Able, is the Anchor Line packet this
morning at 10 o'clock for VicksbuiB
and the bends. George Walton is her
The James Lee, Cant. Thomas Clng-
gott, is the pBcket this evening at 3
o'clock for Helena. Fiiars Point and
all way landings. Will Ashlord is in
or oihce.
The Arkansns Cltr. Caot. H. W.
Brolaeki, is the Anchor Line packet
tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock for
Cairo and KU Lo jis. W. 11. Piitchart
is her clerk.
The Chesapeake, Cant. W. P. Hall,
is the packet this evening at 6 o'clock
for Hales Point, Tiptonville and all
way landings. Col. J. D. Fuller has
charge of her cilice.
The Will 8. Have. Cant. Mark R.
Cheek, having been unavoidably de
tained on account of bad weather and
fog. will leave this evening at 3 o'clock
fur Helens, Aikanras City and all way
lauding. W. 0. Blanker lia? charee
of hor ollice, assisted bv Amos Dav
and Morris Han-.
nvea: uity 01 i. ksburg, St Lonis, t
a.nx ; City of Cairo, Vickubnrg, 8 a.m.
Departed: City of Vicksburg, Vickj
bnrg, 7 a.m.
Cincinnati, O .November 10 Noon
R;vi-r 3 feet 9 inches on the gang
and stat'onaiy. Weather cloudy ; ther
mometf r 46.
L0U1.V1U.S, Ky., November 11
Nooc River sta-iouary, with 3 feet 1
inch in ihe ciinal and 11 inches on
tV' (VJ. BusincRs dull. Weather
AlKMPiii.,Noyerii!ier 11, 1 p.m.
The loljowineobeervatinnai ii
at a 1 s'ations named at 75 meridian
t me, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Chattanooga ...
Davenport ,
Fort hmith
Keoknk ,
La Crosse
Little Rock
New Orloa'lis....
Oil) n lut
K. Louis
St. Paul
Ab've Low
wThe-Stoniimr Wll.l. S. 1I4TH, hrln
beon dutatneJ br ld woathor, will l,rt oa
FRIDAY, NovemborlJth, at 3 p.iu.
K. WAIiWOKT't, ktnt.
Nl. l.oMlai nnil Siew Orlcnii Anclior
c,ty ofi.V'sburo,,
fnlliAi , Hot.
ilk" A hl
Will Isnve the Klavator
C. L. Hall. Pim. At. Al) HoitM. SapS'
Bt. I.onln nmi ,.vr rieHi Anchor
l.lno-l'.M. IMntl-OAlHO Jl KT. LOUIU.
Arkansas City, -v
nrc.liMll...m.at.r. -iSiliK
Will nHTe th. KleTatnr HATUKDA V. Nor.
i. ." ' "r Ireiiibt or 1ii miulv
Airi. A I) .STH)lM,Siii't.
C. I,. II Al l., 11
llplenn nnd Ml. Frnuela Illvar.
Str. Re ire Macreadv rJO
O. K.Jnnlln mtr.
l'?,".",'.01'. ''"lo'ia KVKrty TUESD T and
TIIIIKSIlAY.t S p.m. I,. ,,r ll,ei
an.lSt. 1-ranoii rlr KVKKY UAlUKliAi
at f p.m.
Tha onptnlo rrvsa tb right ta put all
Unilini bedcoui' umnle
n.lAS. I.KK, Ja..8p't,
Offii-a. Nn. 4 MmllauB atraat.
OF '
ii estate.
No. M"l, R. Chtnaary Ooart of Shnlbj
county. tilalaol loniiaiaea, ate, ti. Wm,
Bailor at al.
BY virtue of an Intarlnentory decree for
tale entered in the above oaoae on the
18tb day ol Mar, 1S6, M. B. 2, pane 607,
I will aell at public auction, to the hiih
eat bidder, In iront of tbe Clerk and Maa
ter'i office, ooartbouie ol bhelby oouatr,
Merophii, Tenneatee, on
Nittarrinr, aiovembcr 13, 18SO,
within legal hoari, the followinc deiorlbeii
property, iltaated in Bbelby eouDty, Ten
nesaee. to-wit i
Lot U, Keel inbdlrlalon oonntry lot S33
frontina; HHfaet on theeaat aide of Main
treet and W faet on the iouth tide of Baf
farana atreel, and runnina baok to line ol
oonntry lot 612.
Termi of Hale On a credit of ill monthi I
nete with aecurlty regnired ; lien retained
redemption barred. Ihia Uotober IS, lKHrt.
b. I. MnbOWKLL, Clerk and Matter.
TIt T. B. Caldwell, Deputy O. andM.
F. H. k 0. W. Heiakell, Holloiton.
octl9-a HOT3-13
rem1'"'. 10,H5e; December, 10 wi' T""
niry, lO.HO'.'llO wc; reb'Usry, iu.c
Kuilc; March, 10.801090c; Anr?.
10vt0!)")c; Aiay, 10.90fel0.)c;
Jurp, lOtlDc. S'lur dull; refined
stry; C, 4i4j(i; exlra C, 4l(5c;
yellov, 4i5itl:. Moll see qaiet snd
nomityl. Rice tteady.
ArPLBr-App'-es, $2 253 25; dried
Mon-Resldeot Moilce.
No. o9-In the Chanotry Court of Bhelby
county. Tent. Btate of Tecneieee ti.
Thomai Bnyle et al.
It appearing from the Sheriff fa relnrn In
Ibil o-uae that the delendatita, Mary Mor
riaey, John Morriaay and Alice O'Neal, are
not to be 'ouriil in bia eount:
It it tberrfure onlerndi That they make
their appearance htr-in,at the rourthonae
nf hbeitir e untr. In Memnhia. Tenn.. nn nr
tol' re t -e liri-t Monday In Decemhari lHWi,
bd plead, ai.iwer or demur to eoiuplainant't
ai ir theaame will be taken for oonfoaatd
that bm and e for henring e parte! and
week, vy ol thia orler be l ULIifh. d onca a
Menu-hla Ji.ur lucceaaive weeai, in the
lttHu. A coP'.eal, I'll n Htn day ol October,
8. I. Mutittent:
By T. II. CaMS Ki.L, Clerk and Matter.
F. U. k 0. W. U. Depu'y O and M.
ainant. ''!! bulicitori fur onm-
Businbeb quiet.
Weather cloudy, with heavy rains.
The river here is on a stand, with
3 feet 8 tmilhs on the gwge.
1 i. Oray and Jim Smith will nilnt
the Hudfon In the Vicksbura; Irsdo.
Rkcehts by liver votterdav were
oo nines oi cotton, izl bsg ol seed
cotton aud 37tiS sucks of seed.
A dispatch fn m Cant. Alf.Qritwom.
of the biu Helens, dated at Helena
yesterday, siys the above stimmer
win arrive totisy.
A heavy f ir hu-i niirht will donht-
1(80 cause all the local packets to be
behind time this liiornino. and also
soverai outers mat are ovoroae.
The Ohlrktmiw arrived last nliht
from White river with 1013 bulls of
cotton and 2( 5 racks of teed, the
la'K'tt trip of co ton ever brouirht oat
oi tiiHt eiresm lor mis port.
The fac! thst the steamor Mascotta
was not injured by the eEp ositm, but
cauiriii ore ana was tlius destrovei .
Kivis tne owners reason to mink tney
can recover me insurance on her.
The Hudflon will remain in the Ht
Louis and Vkkubuiic trade durlne the
coniuinnnceoi low water, but as soon
asthsOhio lises snfficienlly she will
resume her regu'ar trips to Paducah.
PkTER Shinelb, the venerable father
late Cnpt. .. io,inkle, is conflned to
his home In CovIdm-- V- , . "
feeble health, being In hikWi.1; ln
The stesmer Enquirer wss told yes
terday at noon by the United Htatra
Marshal for :!05, and wsa bonuht by
J. N. Harbin, representing tbe Arkan
sas River Packet Company. The first
bid by Capt. Kd Nowland was $200,
Cnpt. Rsndall bid POO, but would not
advance farther.
The New Orleans rkayunc of Wed
nesdiy says: A partial examination
wss made yesterdny of the break in
the Ed Richardson's hull, but no esti
mate wsa made as to the amount of
dsmsge done. One well known and
experienced tivermnn raid the owners
of (he Kd Richardson wou'd bs doing
well to have her tepaired for $20,000.
The City of Providence arrived yes-t'-rdny
at noon from Ht. Louis. Bhe
wss detained at Inland 40 seventeen
hours, Re' ting avrnund. She report
six and a half water foot of Island 30,
and Island 40 seven feet', with the
s'ick running tbe outdid way. bhe
discharged here 50 hales cotton, 121
bans lend cotton, 37(1) racks ssed, 1523
packsges sundries, and will add
00 tons freight fur points below here
and get away at an early hour this
morning for Vicksburg.
The Kng'leh Government, in order
to provide a thesp and convenient
fuel for its steatosis and worki In In
dia and elsewhere, Is experimenting
with gas tar. Dead oils have been ex
tiacted from the tar, and (access bss
sheadv been attained in running a lo
comotive with (he fasl. It is siid tbe
coi-t of the fuel will be one-half that of
coal. As fuel is a big item of expense
in America, especially on Western
river, its assured succe.a will be re
ceived in this country with much de
Eva nsv ills, Ind., November 11.
Noon River 1 loot 0 inqhes oa the
gunge and rising Busts ara ah behind.
Wheeling, W. Va., November 11.
Noon River 2 feet on the gwge and
Etiitinnnry. Weather elondy and rainy.
Pitthbuiw.Pa., November 11. Noon
River 5 feet 8 inchei on thepui,
and slationary. Weather cloudy aud
Caiko, Ilk, November 11. Noon
River 3 feci 8inc!iann 'he rbiikb and
falling, Weather cloudy and cold. Ar-
toT Oioeola, llalet Folnt, CarntheriTllle,
(layoto and Tlptonville-The new tlde
whncl paaaenitnr atean-ar
W.'. llull mauler. I J. D. rller....oierE
Will leave aa above, and all war notnta.
p.m. Por I relttht or paaaaae apply oa board.
Menililii,llirr Puloa anil NntIiis
ami OaoMl 1'nokrl Vnnipm,y,
for Helena. (Jlendale, j"rira Point aud al
IV ay t.iinil I n taHta.m.r
lumeN I4ts
K T III. A llll VTT .1 .
Will Icivo aaalii.feon KVKttY MUNDAT.
WKUN1CSUAY and r KIUA Y at o'cleik.
For Randolph, Fulton, Oioeola an Waay
Landlnai Nteamer
, J. II. COOl'HH .TTVIaTt.
L'?vr,"...f;v"'' MONDAY, WKUNKKDAT
and HIIDAY at ft p.m. ThebnaUoi thl
ine roaorve the right to paaa all landing i
thecapialn may deem uninle. nffli-e, No. S
,M.ilnn at. .lAMKri I.KK. ... finp'i.
Memphis and Vlckshurg Packet Cob
pany-U.H. .Mall Line.
1'or Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkan
laa Ollv The eletant paaienter tteamer
M. H. Cbdk...mMtor I W. 0. BUDk.r...ol.rk
For Conoordta and all way Iaodlnn.
The Steamer
fur general information apply at
No. 4 Madlton ttreet.
K. WAT.wonTn
JOHM OAWR, P.aa'r Atent. telei.hcne SS,
MomphIs& White River PltCo
Snrt, Uateavllle and all Way Landing!,
mi u ruimi oiiteiiar.
W ill leave K VERY WKDNK.SDAT at t p.m.
1 Wayli
"M, -niciioi-
8tr.ALI.KKTA NO. 3,
Alhert II. KHiltn maater.
Will leave KVtCKY HA1URDA Y at B p.m.
Through ratei given to all polnta. freight
eoniigned to the Meii-phlt and White Hirer
l'aoket Co., at Memphil or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly, for general in for ma-
lion apply at onice, no. 9 Alailiaon ti.( on
Call Telephone 2. II. C. l.nWK, A't.
TriiHlee'M Nule.
FAILURE having been made in the aay-
inant o( the Inilehtedne l aeoured In
truat deed rrade by O. M. Padgett and wire.
Kate I'ailgett. on the 2Hlh of Marnb, lull.
and recorded In benk l.'kl, page ef tk
iteglater I oflloe ol Mielb oounty, lonnea-
aoei In pnrauanoe oi tne power inereio
ferredi 1 will, on
Nnlnrtlnjr, Havember HO, MM,
between 12 o'clock in and 1 o dock P.m., at
theioutbweat oorner of Main and Maditnm
ttreeti, In the city of Meinphli. Tenn., aell
to the hiiheat bidder, for caeli, the lollnwini
tract! of land, lying and being on Prealdentj
laland, In riheiby oounty, Tenneatee, an4
bounded ai follows I
lleglnningat the loothweat oorner of aSiO
acre tract In the name of W. Hereon tha nee
north 17 ehaini and 60 link! to a ttake with
bnl elder, pawpaw and hickory pointerat
thence welt 'Ju chain! to an aab aaplini with
two large Cottonwood pointer! : thenoe lonta
24 ohalna lo a atake in tbe month or a ravin
on the bank ol tboohote, wl k willow, eet
tonwood and lycamore pointer!; thence ns
th chute with lu meandering! n ohalnl I
th beginning, eon aining 40 aoree. Alio,
one other tract o laid laland, bounded al
y mi: lleginnlng at a box elder mariea i,
on theeaat bank of the main branch ol th
Miiiiaiippi river; tflenoenown aata river o
ehaini to the extreme point ol laid laland
l up Hie eaai onsie la
ehaini to tbe eaatern line of .aid tract, Indi-
thence north W eat
cited by redar poiti; thence due north 41
ehaini to a atake in the eouthweal oorner of
a 7H! acre tra-t In the name of Hubert Caav
mlni : thence due west to the beginning, con
taining 40 aoree laid two tract containing
SO acrea. , ...
The enulty or redemption, uoroeaieao, in
be good, but 1 aoll at truMo
dower ennrea.ly waived and title believe to
t truntoe on y.
A. COLLlr.lt- Trnitee-,
Of Interestto Ladies
IT will be money laved to any lady eon
teiupliiting the purc-h m ol a tewiiig-Ma-ohlne
in tho net nil ety dan tn; oall : indirt
pri.-eiol too l.lght-ltunning Si S. IKiJIal
and aee tlieir le-cn iiiinriii.iiu.. -m- - -malic
nmhin Winder, which placei th
N.W IIOMK aeveral ye an ahead of any
uiachlne now in the market.
NbW Home Sewlur-Machlne Co.,
46 Norlh I'oarl St tree I.

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