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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, November 13, 1886, Image 7

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Cottorj Hlgher-MIddluJir, 8 1-2 j
Sales Yesterday, 11,600
- Bales.
Money continues in good de mand at
8 per cent. Lrcal securities firm and
advancing. The cotton market was
active nd higher; middling, 8s.
Bales, 11,600 bales. At New York spots
quiet and steady and l-16c higher;
middling, 9 3 16c Futures eteady,
and 11 to 13 points higher; Novem
ber, 9.029.033.
At New Orleans spots were firm
and M6j higher; middling, 8 9-16c.
Futures steady and 7 ta 10 points
higher; November, 8 59 8 61c.
At Liverpool epot were firm, good
demand; middling, 5d. Futures quiet
and l-32d higher; Novembtr-Dacem-er,
4 63-64d.
The general market rtrefnU no
features of interest.
Eighty-two brie apples, 3C0 tks bran,
10 brls heaoe and p?a 141 pkgs but
ter, 1075 rls btgg.ng, 139 pkgs Bacon,
J06 pkgs bAots and shoes, 500 bu
corn, 10 pkgs cheese, 325 ska coff e, 21
cars cotton seed, 8933 eks cotton seed,
189 pkgs drv good?, 23 pkus eggs, 879
br's flour, 658 bales hay, 42 pkgs bats,
132 hd hops, 46 bd theep, 121 hd cattle,
46 hd homes aid uin en, 822 pkgs lard,
132,000 ft lumber, 58 pkgs liquo-s, 425
brls meil. 28 br's mol8?es, 1095 kgs
nails, 11.00J bu oats, 726 brls potatoes
3 cars pork sides, 205 brls eug,ir, 342
pkgs tobacco and 500 bu wheat
The following shows the smonnt of
grain received, withdrawn Knd in store
by regular elevstors, as reported to the
Merchants' Exchange ye-terday:
Wheat leceived, 583 bu; withdrawn,
583 bu; in store, 1045 bu. Corn re
ceived, 3588 bui withdrawn, 918 bu;
In store, 10,439 bu. Oats received,
2944 bu; withdrawn, 2222 bu; inst .re,
201.5:0 bu.
v-Bnlly Quotations r Cottoa
Oil Truata and New York Ii-rhan-e
Btoefce are opn to Ikoae '
latcreotcd, at mj sfflce.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money In ac'ive demand at 8 per
sent The Clearing Housa report is
ta follows:
Friday, November 12tb. $152,813 69 ;
thus far this week, $ .',394 190 33 ;
came time last week, $2,031,702 1 ;
corresponding time in 1885, $1,707,
600 98; corresponding time in 1884,
$1,473,992 87.
Friday, November 12 b, $94,338 59;
thus far this week, $483,803 Si; famn
time last wet k, $355 648 19; same time
in 1885, $367,450 45 ; tame time in
1884, $275,105 17.
New York sight on all points, J
discount bovine, osrs-jilitir; New Eng
land demand, J di count buying; New
England sight, g discount; New Or
leans, 1 discount buying, par selling.
bank stocks.
Bank of Commerce..l46 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bunk 19,' bid, 200 asked
Hate National 145 bid, 160 asked
Union and Plnutere..l50 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid, 137J asked
Bluff City- 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... oaked
Home 75 b:d, 80 asked
Memphis City 102Jbid, 105 adr.ed
Peoples , 80 bid, 83 ssied
Fnusriix 98 bid, 100 s:ed
Planter 107 bid, ... asked
Vandfrbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington ..35 bid, ... asked
Factors - 20 atked
f-helby Co. warrantt...97 hid, 98 a kid
M. A t). R. R. sbares...36 aid, ... fiked
M. & T. R. R. elmres...45 bid, 50 asked
M. A O.cou80ie,7t' 119 bnl, ... a?ked
M. A L. R. 1st m. 88..106 bid. ... seked
Mis8.AT.R.R.cs.A...lllbidI 113 asked
M ibs. AT. R.R. CS.B..101 1 bid. 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wis. scr. E to J..83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 Mked
Tut. flint. 4. (is 97i bid. 984 e-keH
Tax. Diet. 6s 104Jbid,106j asked
Mem. G s bonds 104 bid. ... at ked
Mem. Water bonds. ....97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works b d tw asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust" f 4 bid, 55 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 ssked
Mem,8tor.Com.Co.-120bid. 125 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 aiked
Nsw Yohk, Novembpr 12. Money
on ca'l quiet at 56 per c-itt.
Bondt Government bond we e
dull nnd steady. State bondj weie
dull and firm.
S'ocbs S ocks were much quieter,
and the fluctuations in the go'jersl list
were confined nitUiu a very n-rrow
rang. Ths news wns elmr.st entire y
of a favorable cliancter snd me m -.r
ker aenln lenmed the nnward move
ment. Foreign bousesbinigMligitly,
their favorites being Like Shore, St
Paul, Louisville and Nashville and
Jne, witn a little .Northern rac.nc.
Jersy Central, owinir to the closing o!
the books today, loaned as huh as 1-61
for use. Arnong the usually sctive
stocks i; ws the only one attract ng
any attention, but it" fl uctuations w re
unimportant. At ths opening the
cbangps from last evening ranged
from 4 below to 1 above. Some weak
ness was developed immediately alter
the opening, but the market -soon
rallied and became dull. Later there
was another small dec ite, bat toward
tbe ecd of the day , there
was a decided rise, in which
Cameron Coal and Wabash preferred
were corsnicuons. The market c!oed
steady to firm, gpuerally a ehale lower
than ttie bis: prices reacted. Bans,
289,865 sharps. Of thie, Richmond
and West Feint f irnisoed 29,420, Jer
sey Cet.t'al 25,250, ard Lickawanna
atai rne aaive lint, wiirout ex
csction, shows fracti .nal sdvanc's
Crnttanocg ia no H, West Point 2
(aiieron Coul IS, and Norfolk an.
Wes'.em emmou lj. Thp pa es of
' rji'roal b -ndsamcnut d to $2,1M2,00.
Ho k'uc Valley Ea fund-died $315,000
end Sin Francipco general (is $173,0(10.
The Ioniser was the special ft ature dn
the morning hours, and both were
notably strong. Cher Loads prc-mi-
cer.t in the traling were Fort Worth
nd Uf nver n-s'.' Uichmnnd and Al
legheny rert fi iates, aud Kr sav and
TexiS ceneral 6t Pri(ei ruled firm to
strong unt.l just previoos t) the close,
when tney yielded sl-gVtly.
rj.8.S, 4., conp, 127TH.
coup, 111. Pacific M ol IMS, 12SS
tmiiB. 4, 82. Minonrl , 1(2.
Cent. Pkc. li-tujlfi ben. A R.O. UU.11Q.
M K T.Qn.-M,lni. North P.c.l.U, 116.
North. Po. 2Ji.lU.3i. N.Watrn son. US).
N.West.deb.5j.l074. 6t.b.8.K Oen.M.,lllH
St Paul con, l.d. rSt.P.C.iP.Uu, lltf.
T.P. land cranU,,V. T.P.R G.x cou.TU.
H. P. lt, 116. We,t 8hor,101-,i.
Tann.6,it'iut,ir5. Isnn.5a,iat'mt,102.
Tann. 3,aat'mt,T7K.
Adami Expreas. 140. Morrlf AE., ofTd, 141H
Allegheny Cent I,. Nashville AC . 2i.
Alton k T. 11,, 37. N.J. Central. 52.
A. A T.H.,i)fd., 85. No-.A W.pfd,50W.
American Ex., 1U7. Northern Pac.,2U.
B. C. K. A N.55. Northern I'm itd, 6i
Canada Pac.M'S- C.A N. W.,118?j
Canada Sou.. 64'J. CAN.W prd..I41S.
Central Pacifle,4,S. N,Y.Central,ll:ili.
Cheiapeaka A 0..1U. N.Y.C.A St.). ..Hi.
C. A 0. 1-t pfd.l'J. N.Y.C.A 6t L.ptd.27S
C. A O. 2d I'ld.li. Ohio Central, .
Chicairo A A..145. Ohio A Mis.,7a.
C.A A.pld,160. 0.4 Mi8.pfd, 81
C, B. A U , 13tf,S. Oatario A Went,, W.
C.,St L. A N.O., Oregon Nav ,W'i.
C. 6t.L A P.. 14. Oteii.n Irani.. 3tV,.
C8t.LAP.pfd, 33!. Orrgon Imp., 39. .
C. S. A 0.. 44. VaoiBo Mull, W.
C. A C, TIM. Panama, t)8.
0. A II. Valley. 0. Peoria D A E.,32.'i.
Del. A Hud , m. Pittsburg, 148.
Del., L. A W., m'i. Pullmun 143.
Den. A Rio U , S3. Beadinir, SrT8.
Krie, Hock Island, 127.
Kriertd, "0. St.L. A S.F.,34.
NewK(itTenn..l3.Bt.h.AS.K fid. 70.
NewK.Tenn. pfd,74"4. St.L. A S.F. lt p,
Fort Wayne, 144. C. M. A St. P.. KH.
Hannibal A St. Jo -. . M.A gt.P,. p, 12ti.
II A St. Jo., pfd, -. Bt. P.. M A M., 1184.
Harlem, 220. Bt. PaulA Omaha, 52V
Houston A T., 35 St. Paul AO. pld, 113H
lllioiiia Central, 133. Tenn.CoalA Iron. 88.
Ind., B. A W., 7V. Teias Paeifli, 22.
Kansas A T., 3ti. Union Pacifio,
Lake K. A W . W''f U. B. Express, 61-
1. kebhore.9C!4. W., 8. L A P., 21.
Lou. A Nash.. S. W..S.L. A P. n..
Lou. A N. A., 67. W.A h. Ex.. 127.
M. A i'. 1st pld, . M'. U. Tel., 1W.
M. A O. seconds, . Colorado Coal, 36'.
Mem. A Char , 51K. Home Stake. 17.
Mich. Cen., i5M. Iron Silver, 210.
Min. A St. L , 217g Ontario, 24.
Min. A St. L. ptd,48na Quicksilver. fV.
Missouri Pacino.llH. Quicksilver pld., 23.
Mobile A Ohio, 21. South Paoitic, .
M. h. S. A W., 57!i. Sutro, 16.
The local cotton market opened
fi m, and closed scive; middling,
BJu. fralts, li.uuu Diies; who r,o ex
rorttrs i.nu 53D0lospinnrs Bales for
ihe week, 44,700 bales; 2-J.800 to ex
porters anil lo vm to npinnere.
Yesterday. Thursday.
Ordinary Mom. Nom.
Good Ordinary.... 71 7
LowMiddhng 8 3-iu
Middling 8 8 716
Good Middling.... 8J 811-16
Middling Fair uj t
Fair Nom. Noja.
Mxupbis, November 12, 188G.
Stock Sept. 1, 188C... 4,000
Received tody f
Received previously. 233,840 240,626
Shipped today 5,972
Shiuped proviously..114,803
UomN consumption 10
data oil lzi.uuo
btock rencinz account
. 50,159
. 50 273
,242 617
Thus far this week
Thus far la t week
Since bip.ember 1st
M. and C. R. R
M. & T. R. R -
L. and N. R. R
M.& L. R.R.K
C, O. & S. W. R. R
L , N.U. & 1. K. K
K. O.S &M. R. R
M., S & B. R. R
Wakens ;ijd odier sources.,
.. 8,777
... 29 924
.... 25,8110
Thus far this wfek
Thus fr !;itt week.
Sinoe 8 ptsmber lot
M. & O. R. R
M., & T. R. R
L. A N. R. R
C, O. AS. W. R. R -
Total 5,972
Week cud
in Nov.
1 i, 18S8.
Since Sep
tember 1st.
This I Last
Year Year
This Last
Year Year
M & T R it,
38 9
J 555!
L & N R R.
M & L R R R
Miss, river ...
White river.
St.Fran river
Ark'sas river
Wagons, etc
M4TK R...
L & N R R.
Steam s n rtli
Steam's s'uth
Total 1299 'rf 3192l120775lll8S5
jNhw York pp its opi ned firm, aud
closed quiet and teady ; raiddlinp,
9 3-10c. Arties, 337 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday. Thursday.
Ordinary 6 7 16 6J
Good ordinary 7 13-16 73
Liw middling...- 8 11-16 88
Middling- 9 3-16 9J
Good iniddlinK .. 9 7-16 j
Middling fair 10 1-16 10
Fair 10 11-10 10J
New Yerk fu'urea opened firm, nod
closed strong end 11 to 13 points
higher than Thursday. Sak-s, 142,100
bides. Tbe closing quotations were as
Yesferdav. Thursday.
November.. 9 02(') 9.03 8 89(5) 8 90
Decamber- H.tBffl) 8.94 8.95
January-... 9 13 0) 9 14 9.02 9 03
Febraary..- 9 23j 9 24 9.12 0.13
March- 9 33 9.34 9.2-'(5) 9.23
April 9.43 9.44 ' 9 32() 9 33
May 9 53 9i4 9.42(5) 9.43
June Q.eS'o) 9.64 ' 9.52'2) 9 53
July 9.72(5) 9.01(5) 9 62
AugUBt 9.799 9-80 9.69 9 70
New York cntl.ra statement for the
week ending Friday, November 12,
Net receipts at all United Talcs.
States ports for thq wetk... 272,l;9
Totiil receipts to date 1,881 52 I
Exports for the week 14 1,553
Total exports to date 1,011,917
Stock at U. S. ports 749,019
Stock at 16 interior towns... 182,877
Suck at, Liverpool 311,000
Stock of American afloat fur
Oreat Britain 203.COO
The NowOrlrans spot market op nnd
firm snd closed firm and l-16c bight r;
midjling,89-16c. Sa ea, 10,000 bales.
Quotations were as f lows:
Yesterday. Thursdav.
Ordinary: 6 9-10 i
Good Ordinary... 7 9 16 7J
Low Middling...- 8 5-16 8(
Middlinrz - 8 9-16 8
Good Middling... 8 13-16 8
The New Orleans future market
ore Jed firm, and closed steady and 6 to
10 points higher. Sales, 49,000 bales.
Quotations were as follows:
Yestprday. Thiirfdav.
November- 8.69(.i 8 61 8.52(3) 8 f 5
December - 8.64(H) 8.65 8 54(5) 8 55
January .... 8 73(a) 8.74 8.63f) 8 65
February ... 8 84:n 8 85 8 74(5) 8.75
March 8.9- 8.96 8.85(a) 8.88
April - 9 06(.i) 9 07 8.96(5) 8.97
May 9.17(5) 9.18 9.07(a) 9.08
June 9.28(5) 9.29 9.!8( 9 19
July 9.38(,5) 9 39 9.29(5) 9 30
AuRUSt 9 44 9.45 9.34 9 35
Totie.l Kec. iPrics I Stock
Galveston firm
151838 7-16
043 8 9 16
1852 9 3-16
22 590
Mobile ....
Norfolk ...
fi m.
New Yorklqidet.
Bof ton-
St. Louis -Augusta
Receipts at ports, thin day, 18S(i53.877
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885-42,936
R'tS U. S
p'r 7 days
Ex. Gr. Bi
1,879 84S
R'ts Hept 1
1,891 ,(104!1,948.925
986,6841 1, 020,7u7
For'gn Ex.
1,010 91
Decreuee in rer:eipti this vtar ...11,160
At noon: Liverpool soota were
firm; good demand. Sales, 10,000
bales, of which Ameiiiau 8500 bales.
Rfoipts, tone.
UlosinK qiotaliocs were as follows:
Ordinejy, 4jd; good ordiuury, 4Jd;
low middliuB. 4 15-16d; good mid-
dline, 6d; middling upiaaits, 6J1:
middling Orleans, 6 o-ibd.
Mnncbester reported cl ths steady;
fair demand. Yarns firm and BtilLin
ing a little.
f The vricet are given in penreand 64(7u,
thm: 4 63 trwarii 4 63-0-lri; and 5 01
meant 5 l-64d1
At noon: Liverpool fuuree wrre
quiet and s'eady ; November, 5 02.1 j
Novernber-Dicetnber, 4 62d; December-January,
4 61d; January Febru
ary, 4 61d; February-Mrob, 4 621;
March-April, 5d; AprJ-Mey, 5 02d;
May-June, 6 051; June-July, 5 07d.
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
steady; November, 6 03d, sellers;
November-December, 4 63d, va'ue;
December-January, 4 62d, selhrs;
Jaxuirv-February, 4 62d, sellers;
February-March, 4 63d, sellers;
March-April, 5 Old sellers, April
May, 5 03d, sellers; May-June, 6 C6d,
sellers; June-July, 6 08d, buyers.
At 5pm.: Liverpool futures wnre
quiet; November, 5 03d, bnyeis;
November-December, 4 63d, buyers;
December-January, 4 62d, buyirj;
Jauuary-Frbrumy, 4 62d, buyers;
Febroary-March, 4 63J, buyers;
March-April, 5 Old, buyers; April
May. 5 04d, tellers; Msy-Ju-e,
5 06il, value; June-July, 5 19-,
Liverpool weekly s'a'ement fjr tbe
week ended November 12, 1883:
1886. I88
Wefkly sales 0 ',000 54 000
Of which American 47,000 43,000
Iaclu,1inK for export 4,000 4 .100
Incl'K for spt c'iation . 1,600 3.S00
Forw'df'MthipHdo 15,900 18,400
Total Block..., 341,000 394,000
Of which Amfrkan. 175,000 EM) 000
Week's teci ipti 69,000 82,1 0:)
Of which Amoritan. 63,000 7300
Tot'lrec.Mtic9 8'i..l. 478,000 385 1(0
Of which Ameiiean. 354,800 316,70D
Aetna', weik'sexp't. 3,800 6 300
Stick afloa-, 327,000 199,000
Of wh eh Amer cjo. 308,000 103,000
CoKNMKAt-SUndrrd, $2 02 25;
Ha'y Choxe, from Btore, 75c; car
load lroru levee or uepoi, n; prime,
from store, 70:. car load from levee
or depot, 12 5013; prairie, (mm
store, 45c. : car load from levee or
depot, $8 50.
Cdkn From ftore,white,51c ;mixed,
49c, ffm levee or diP'.it; white, In
bulk, 44c; iu encks, 47c; mixed, iu
bulk, 42c; !n satks, 44Jc.
Oats From store,hite,39c; mixed,
37c; from levee or depot, whi'e, in
bulk, 32 Jc; ia sack 35c; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in sacas, aic.
Bban From store, 70c; from levee
or depot, f 1 3 50.
Floor From store, No. 3, $33 25 ;
family, $3 503 75; choi e, f3 764;
fancy, 44 25; extr fncy, $4 25
4 50; patents, $55 50.
Bbans Navy, $2 ; medium, fl 50
1 75; common, $2 25; German miller,
$1 201 ii.
Rick Louisiana, 44Jc; Carolina,
Oatmeal in nau-Dtirrem, to
from store.
Cbackkbs -Soda, extr, 4jc; soilo,
treble extra, 5s; extro,7c; ginger snaps,
extra, 56c; asserted jumbl s,9llc.
Cracked "Wheat la half-bairolB,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and Gurrs-From store,
$3 153 25.
Kakbas City, Mn , Novembur 12
Whfftdul); No. 2 ieH, cas-, 6()Jj
bid; D.'Cciui er.Olri'oid; Moy, 702b d.
Corn quie'S N 2,cib, 29o bd; Da
cembtr, 191-1 bid; Mty, 3w bid. Oa!s
nominHl; i4o mhA.
S"t. Locw.Mo., November 12. Flour
quiet; XXX, f2 352 45; family,
$i 552 70; choice, J3 053 15;
larcv, $3 403 60: exfra fancy, $3 55
3 80; pa'ents, 83 954 35 Wbetit
opened firm and l(5lc higher, but de
clinedard clo ed io lower tlian jcr
torday; No. 2, cash, 74J75u; D
cember, 7676c. closing at 76c bid ;
January, 773V8ic,cloing at 77Jc bi'l ;
May, 84C'843c, closing at 8llC)84 gr?.
Cora opt-ned firm and ia higutr, but
eaed off and closed Jc lower than
yesterday; No. 2, cash, 33J3SJ;
Decerobtr, 34a b'd; Janum-, 3tJ
34jc, clcsinaat 34as;May, 38,38J ;
c osing at38ic. 0ts cull hut steady;
No. 2 mix-d,- cjsh, 26J271c; De
c.'mbsr, 26jo bid; May, 30l'5;30Jc
bid. Rye steady; 50c hid. Barley
quiet snd nominally unchanged. Hay
active aod firm ; prairie, $8(10 50;
tirnr.ttiy, $U13 2i. Fiaxfeed nrnii
cal at 87c Bran firm at 56j. C irn
n est stnd7 n' $1 95. Ib-ceipta-F.our,
4'i00 brla;' viheat, 17,000 bu ; cm.
4000!lbu; OS's. 13,000 bn; rye, 2000
tiu; tarley, l ,uuu nu. ouiprnen'B
Flour, 60::0 brls; whet, 4000 bu;
corn, 6000 ba; o.ds, 6'. 00 bu; ?y',
1000 hn; barley, nore.
A tternoon Board W 1 1 oat 0 h ! (i h r.
Corn fUady and unchanged. Oas
urchanged. ,
Cukaoo, Iu.., Novtmber 12. A
general lack of speculation, together
with teavy rece'pts in the Northwest,
reused wheat to be wek acd dull on
'Cbargt tdav. Corn weakened in
sympathy ith wheat. Tbe only
feitu-n of the day was a pressure to
eeli wheat shortly f er noon, notice
able ou tbe part of houses having oV
l gUions. Tnere was a war trade in
corn, but that market tai otherwise
featureless. Flour dull and un
changed. Cas'a quoUiiors were as
fl'os: Whtat-No. 2 spring, 73J
73 Jc; No. 3 rp'lng, 64-7c; No. 2
red, 74c. Core No. 2, 35Jc Oati
No. 2, 26c. Ky No. 2, 62c. Barley,
51c. Fnxseed-No- 1, 91(5,91 je.
Prims timothy, $1 67. The leading
fmue iscged as follows: Wheat
November opened at 73gc, highest
74c, lowest 73,a, dosim? 73Jo; De
ceuiber orened at 74 jc, hiheot 74 jc,
lowrst 74jc, closing 74Jc; Jin
uiry opened at 75je, hiuhert 75Jc,
lowest 74Jc, closing ?6c; May
opened a 81 highes-t 81 Jc, lowest
81c, closing 81 ta; Corn November
opened at 35J'-, Highest 3FJ.-, lowest
3!) Jc, closing 36Jc; December opsned
at 36jc, higbfHC 36is, lowest 36 j,
closiug 36o; January opened at 36i ,
highest 36 i n, loe t 3PJ , closiiiK3tiji;;
Mv oi ened at 41lc, hiKhest 411", low
est 41c, doting 410. Oats Novem-
brr opened at Z&jc, ingocst zdjc, low
er t 2:1c, c'os.rg 25jc; Dti-einbtr
cpeneil at 26Jr1, tight st 2('3, lowtst
2()jc, closing 2()jc; January opened
&, 2(e, higiieet, 26o, lowest 261c,
closing 20ji:; May npentd at 31' s,
highf st Ul'ic. lowest 30J , clrsing 3ji:.
R-oe'p s Fl; ur, 14.000 bils; wheat,
79,000 bu; Oin, 93,000 Im; oat. 103,-
000 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barl-y, 47,000
bn. Shipments Fiour, 9.000 brls;
wheat, 13.1K0 bu; corn, 73,000 bu;
oat-, 86,000 bu; rye, 200J bu;b:trley,
60,000 bu.
Bcttkb Bntterine, 13J14c;
cn-snn-ry, 30ft35,!; dairy, 1822c;
conr.try butter, 1618c.
Hog . Products Mess pork. flO;
BUg.rcu'ed h-ivnB, 10JHlJi:; breakfast
ba.-on, 8J9Jn; olenr rib sides baion,
7jc; bacon shoulders, 77Jc; bulk
pork clear s'ttts, 6Jr; S ; dear rib
side), 6J(5 6 Jc; ehoul-Vrs, 5Jc;
long clear, 6J Ojc.
Lard Tierces, CJc; hslf-barrels and
keir, 6jc; chohe kettle, 71(!,7Jc.
Frksh Meats-No. 1 ben, 7c; mnt
tan, r-'c ; hind quarters of btef, 8Jc ;
lambs, 10c.
Poultry Chickens, rpring, $1 5"
2 2 ;old hens,$2 252 50. Turkeys, $8
(5il2. G ese, $3(54 Ducks, 13.
GAMB-tJiuile, per d s., tHO. Pqnlr-r-ls,
1. Ducks, wild, $1 602 50.
Vei ison, whole, 6J6Jc; saddles, 9
Ohks?k Prime flats, 8J93; New
Yoik fsctrry, 9o; full cream, 12Jc;
Young America, 13c.
Pigs Fbkt. Barrels, f8 25; half bar
barrels, $4 25;keg,$l 25.
St.Louis, Mo., November 12 Pro
vions gi nerahy higher. Pork etmni?,
9 87JCW10. I-ard firm, 35 80(o)5 85.
Bulk mea's ab ,ut steady; loose It to,
leng rler, 5 655 70; short ribs,
J5 70,5 75 ; shori i-lear, $5 9(1 ; boxed
1 ts long cloar, $5 50; short ribs,
$5 70; short clear, $5 87J. Baron
scarce and fitmer; long clear, $0 75(5)
6 87J; fchcrtrib?, $7 12J; short clear,
$7 50. Hams stesdy at 9JllJr.
B itter quiet and firm; creamery, 23(5)
20c : dairy, 1220c. Eggi timber at
Chicago, III., November 12. Mess
po: k,$940950; laid, $5 95; short rib
sides, Ioobh, $5 506 75; dry stilbd
shi lilder,, boxed, 8 105 20; ehort
cler side.i, boxed, $3 855 91). Ths
pdin futures tanirad a-t follows:
AIcsi Toik November cpi-nod t
i9 32J, highest $9 35. lowest $9 32J,
nlrsing at 9 35; Deoemher opened at
$9 32, highest 1J9 40, low.-et $9 32J,
difirg at, $9 35; Javmry openi'd Ht
J9 07J, highest $10 10, iowe t 19 97J,
cl sing et $10 05. Lard November
.-pe,)( d at, it'? 90, h'g'ier-t 15 92j, lowest
16 90, cl iErn at $5 92J; December
oimni'd at $5 fiO, hiitlinj $" 9:) lowei-t
$i 90, closing at $5 90: January opened
ut 15 95, highest $5 95, lowei-t $5 95,
closing at $ 95. Short r; hs-Jnriuaiy
opened at i5 15, highest '5 15, low
est $5 l ', clo8;ng at $515: Eel ruary
opi n'd at $i 20, h gl'est J5 22J, low
est $5 17J, closing at $") 17J.
On the Pnduce Exthango t dsy
bu!ter whs Ann, witu good demand
and modernte rifljrings; gx ,d to extra
!THniery, 242Sj; pond to lina tUiry,
1418o; p8Cliiug slnck, 89. ligjjf,
Sugar Pnra wlrite, 6JCJs ctT
white, 66jn; yellow clar.fied, 6
(Jji; Ojen kettle, non: refilled A,
6l6ja; r;r-inu!st''d, 68(5:(ijc.
CoKKru-Cr.mmon, llj(.r,l2c: ordi
nary, 12J13c; prime Rio, 13j14c;
cioicto fancy, 1415c; old jjovern
ment, 2425c.
Soap 3'kJe per ponnd.
Candiks Slicks, all slaw, in boxes,
noila oiul hnrri ls. 7)(5.91r.
8alt-$I 20 per barrel; sucks, fine,
&1 QKv1 AT . i,nauA !tl !Or:,l IK tirirk.
ets, bleached, 2j!7c; car-loads from
'evee or aepoi, oc cueiper.
Cannkd Goods, Etc. Prices per
dozen: Pineapples. : $1 251 60;
peaches, 2-!b, standard, $1 151 25 ; sec
onds, $1061 10; tomstoes, 2-ib stand
ard, 90 $1; 3-lb,$ll 15; strawber
ries, $1 101 25; raspberries, $110
1 25; b'ackbwrriea, $1(0,1 10; gresn
gages, $1 bi(5)l 75; pears, $2
2 25; plums, $1 601 70; esparcgus,
$2 604 ; Kreen corn, ll 35 ; green
peas, $156165; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lh, 8595c; cove oyeters,
full wsiirlit, 2-lt. $t 6P1 80; cove
oysters, light welgbt, 1-lb, 60c; cove
oyrters, light weight, 2-lb, $1 ; con
rlenved milk Ornwn, $5 605 75;
E.g'e, 17 507 75; Duisy, $1 75.
1Lf,,t ia.ira T.ntiiaflna fniiillinn to
fair, 182 rc; prime to choice, now, 50
(tooc; svruji, tyitic; ciniiuuu
fair, 2025r: prime to rhoic", 3035c ;
centnfuval, fancy, 3233e.
Tobacco Ccnimon. 11-inch, 27J
OQn. ,tl,ni nr n'fkm nl a(-T,T.,.v .1 6i , 8Ti!.
Snnff (arre'fs, $10 85 p-r enss;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 25
2 iA. A, 4'a a nr.
Applks Apples, t2 25(5)3 25; dried
applet, i,3Jc per pound Irom store.
Drid peaches, 2l3Jo from store.
Vxgxtablks Onions, W 'rom
.,. (lulihion r2rV).nai.hnjrl.Rr5tl0c:
$1 75 from lveo or depot per crate.
Kraut, brls, $4 75(3)5 ; half brls, $2 75.
Uftriic, nxmouc ptr iw. lurnipn, wc
r, 1. V 1,11 ,iV,ol -
FHriT OrAnrres. htx. J4 505.
Imr.ns, $4 755 per box. Bananas,
$1 602 60 per biincti. Cnooa
nuts, 5 pr 100. Peinu's Vir
ginia, 7 Jc ; Tennessee, faru.er's i-tock
3(5)4c; roistMl, 2Jr: higlier; shelled
l()c. Alimrdt, 1820-.
Kai'ins-London layers, $3 40; lv-er-,
$2 75; Cai'orriln, ; Imperiul,
Pk ki.ks In Jurs, pin's, 95c; qna'ts,
$150; ha f-g-.ll .n1$2 75;ll-ns,?3 75;
loo.-", bnirls, $0 607; lm f-barrMs,
3 75'- 4 2'r: n ixed, barro.s, $10 60;
mixed, half brre:e, $6,
Walnuti French, 12c; Nr.ple?,15c;
(4r"noble, 15c. Fili)e,rts, 12c.
Kipit Mrcksrel, hslf-darrels, No. 1,
$5 2?,r 76; No. 2,$1755; No. 3,f4 25
475; 10-ib kit, No. l,Wc; No. 2, 75c-
15 lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
Gams Game fish, ll12c.
Eggs Fiim; 21c.
Potatois Northern ttock, $1 90
2 15.
Cinia-New York, $6 507 per bar
rel, and $3. 75 4 per half-barrel.
Vim boar 10(5,1 5c per gallon.
Prcans Texas, 810c for small to
medium, 1014o for large; Arkanras,
In csr load to's: Prims crude cot'on
ird oil, new, 27J28c; off crude cotton
st 'ad oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3334c; off summer
yellow cotton seed oil,; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3233o; prime rummer while co'.tou
seed oil, 3536c; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, 36c; prime cotton
setd meal, $14 50; off cotton seed
meal, none. C ttn seed delivered at
d'ipi t or lvee,19 per t-n; from wagon
at mills, 19 per ton.
Bagging Jute, 2 lbs, 8 jo: 1J 11,
71t; 11 lt-B, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 91
Tiks-$1 051 10.
Cloar tub washed, 3136i; grease
wool, 2326c; hurry wool, 1318c.
Sr. Louis, Mo.,Novemher 11. Wool
('till and taiier; medium clothing,
21 J20Jc ; c imbine, 2525Jc ; low and
coatte, 14 5 22c; fine I ght, 19g24c;
heavy, 1620c; black, 1723c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lob, 11c per gallon.
Clxveland, O., November 21. Pe
troleum s. w , 110, 7Jc.
Titdbvills, Pa., November 12.
Nrttioual Transit cert ficates opened at
68Jc: highost,72jc; lowtst,68,c;clcBed
Bradford, Pa., November 12. Na
tioiml Tram-It ce'tificctes opened at
681c; closed at 71jo; liitihost, 72c;
lowest, 68 Jc. Clearances, 11,354,000.
PiTTSBURd, Pa , Novsmber 12.
Petroleum active, excited and higher;
National Transit certificates opened at
68jc, and nlosfd at 7I J.'; bighet,72ac;
lowest, 68o.
Oil City, Pa., N .vemher 12. Na
tional Transit ceitificatos opened at
8Jo;; highest, 72Ja; lowest, 684-1 ;
dosed a', 71e. Sales, 4,118,030 br s;
c'eiirnncps, 6,190,000 brls; charters,
66,222 br s; shipments, 93,910 brls.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1605; redistilled gooda from
85c ti $1 60, according to proof ; rye,
$1 756.
Chicago, III., November 12. Whis
ky, $1 18.
St. Louis, Mo.,Noverober 12. Whis
ky firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, O., November 12.
Whisky firm; sales, 811 barro's of fin
ished gooda on a basis of $1 13.
NAUS-Iron, $2 252 30 ; steal, $2 40
2 45. '
Grass Cattls Choici, 33Jc;
good, 213ic; fair to medium, 21
2Jc; scallawags, lljt.
Hoos Choice, 4jc; good, 44Jc;
common, 33c,
Snstp Choice, 3J4c; medinm, 3
3Jc; common. $11 50. Choice
lambs, per ponnd, 4J5c.
Kansas City, Mo , November 12.
The Live Stock Indicator reports: Cattle
lecelnts. 1890 hfad; shipmeuts.
nne; giod rirm: cnmnion weak an,;
slow; good to choice, $1 1()4 60;
common to medium, $3 304; stock
ers, $2 252 7-v, f-.)ding stters, $2 80
3 60; cows, $t 5l'2 60; grata r.inge
stte-s, $2 253 20. Hogs receiois,
2(oti head; blnpmeius, none; marKec
active and 10o higher; good to
choice, $3 76(3)3 8i ; common to me
dium, tj 3 60(5; 3 70. Sh ep le'.elpts.
loo-iln bi1 jBiiipinei t, ia Head ; mm m t
Arm; rood tr choice, $2 503; com
mon lo medium, $1 602 25.
Chicago, III., November 12. Tlio
Droveri' Journal reports: Cattle re
reiito, 70(H) head; shipments, 3000
head; marke', dull and 10c to 20j
lower; shipping steers, 9CiO to 1500
pound", $3 305; g'ockers end feed
em, $2(5-3 40; through Toxss cattle,
10c tj 15c loer, $23; Western
ranners, 15c to 25n I iwer; imlivm end
half-breed-, $2 953'60; wintered
T xaiip, $2 553. lings receipts,
18,(:00 lipid; ibii ments, 15,000 huad;
msrket slow, doling weak; rough
and mixed, $3 30ft3 65; packing snd
shipping $3 60W3 85; light, $3 30
3 76; skips, $2 25(5)3, 8lieep receipts,
3000 lit nil; shipments, 1000 brad;
m irket steady ; natives, $2(n-4; West
ern, 13 3 40;Teians,$;:2 90; lambs,
$3(5)4 40. ,
JlisNisBlpiil & TonnesHee U.U. Co.
ADnnnl MrelliiK of Nloekholtlora.
TllE annual maatlnc of tVi itookhcililori
In iha Miniiiii and larinaiinsa Rail
road Com pan r will b bold at MUMl'Illd,
TENN, on
Wednesday, Novembpr 24, 1SH0,
at which time a Directory will ba aleoted for
tha eniuing your. Htoakholtlara will bt
psiped over tbo road bf applylns to tha
8. II. IAMB, Pei?retry.
J. F. 1L0LST ft, mO.
Funeral directors,
A yilLU and oomplat atock of Wood and
XjL V.etallto Juii aud (Mkati, 01oth-Uo-erad
Cankata and tnrlal Robei alwaraon
hand. aarOrdcri bv talearavh pmroptly
Non-Kesldent Notice.
No. 112-In tha Chanoarr Ooart of Hhll
rnunty, Tonn. J. 11. Btuart Ti. Mattia
It appearing from bill which li iwnrn to In
(hii HUe thai tha defendant, Mattie Ktuart,
In a non-reaidont of tha ritiiti ol TenneMfo,
and that aha ii a roiident of the 'lerrlu.ry ol
It in therafors ordered, That ihe make
her appenranro herein, at theoourt hoKe in
Me id I'll in, hhdly oounty, Tenn., on or before
the firm Monday in December, 1HJ, and
plitail.aniwernr (lemur to nomplalnant'f bill,
or tha mime will bu uken for con fended an to
her an l r-nt f r hcuring rs nnrte; a'id that
copy of till order be iulllhod onre e wo-k
tor four iiic-nMivo wtn-k, in tlie Mririph
Apponl. Tim Till di... "I October, lrW.
A coi-y Mirnt :
8 I MnlMVKM.. TUrk and Maa'af.
UyT B. Caldwell, iVi-uty II andM.
Ito i, B. Pfttmri, hid. iorf"nu t'nt pw.
I)IV(lfi( i S
LKdAI.LY and (luioMy (Ihtalned in a low
woekr,, without publicity, lor non-up
port, dee tlon, rruelty nnd ather caiiorf.
All crr.,niuninnti',n eonMilttn-litl. Advire
free. WILLIAM KOAIjL W, rom 17, r-outh-riifit
o rner Fifth and Main itrootr, KAN
tA8 cm , H,.
Concordia Oarano, 5 p.m.
Helena Htt MiPkiAnr, 5 p m.
r-t Louie ......Akan8 Citt, 5 p.m.
Whita Rirer Ai.aaan No. S, bf.m.
Tiptonville CHrtairsAii, i p.m.
ArkaniuRiTtr....R. L. Coin, ip.ra.
Oiotela. E. W. Cm a, 5 p.m.
Yicktburg Uvnsos. 10 a.m.
Friar, Point Jjaaa Lit.5 p.m.
ArknraClty Will 8. II. vs, 5 p.m.
Otoe o la. .. 8. W. Ciili. 5 p.m.
Arrival!. Jam's Lee, Kiia-s Point;
WillS. Have, Arkaneas Ci'v ; ("ity of
fit. LcuiB, St Louis; City ot Vicksburg,
8t. Louis; Htleni, Now Orleans.
Departure. City of 8i. Louis, New
Orleans; City ol Vicksburu, Yicks
bnrg; Will 8. Hays, Arkans-s City;
Jarues Lee, Fria s Point; Cbiikaaw,
White River.
Pont! in Port K. U Cobb, Helena.
Hoa'i Due Dotnt. K W.Cole.
Boat! Due l;. tiayceo, Arkansas
Ci:y, Alberta No. 3.
Ktfrlpln VmttfMlar,
City ol VicksVnrn 1400 fks seed
and 125 tons n rehaod'so.
City ol St. Louis 130 br's Hour.
Will 8. 11 yt- 055 hales otton, 1(1
bags set d cot:oa, 1637 eks seed and 30
pkits sundries.
James Lee 407 bsles rcttn, t!9
hags tesd ction, 480 eks seed, 3 hd
stork and 00 pkgs sunilrie.
Helena 62 bales of cotton, lO.iHK)
rks ol seed, 257 brls sugar, 110 brls
ol molasses, 52 coils ol rop, 21
of tundrits. 1
Tut Lob Line patktts Monday
rvenina are the Jimies Lee, for Friars
Point, atd the fc. W. Cole, lor Osceola.
Tiik Alberta No. 3, dipt. A. 1).
Pmitb, is the packt ti is ovenina nt 5
o'clrck for Wbite river. 11. J. Wilt on
is iu her office.
Tin Hudson, dpt. Frank Ellison,
in the Anchor Line, will ) si down
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock for
Vie.ks'inrg aud the boi.da.
-Tin K. W. Colo, 0pt. John E. Ilig
liins, is the packet this eveiing at 5
o'ckick for Osceola aud the -upper
bends. Win. Sudtbur is In her otlioo.
Tim Arkaiisns City, Capt, H. W.
llrolseki, is the Anchor Linn packet
this evening st 6 o'clock for Cairo and
St. Lo;iis. W. II. Piltehart is her
Thb Chesapt ake, Cant. W. P. Hall,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for Hales Point,' Tiptonville and all
way landings. Col. J. D. Fuller has
charge of ber ellico.
Thb R. L. Cobb. Capt. EJ. Nor
land, ii tbe packet this evening at 5
o'clock for ail poiuts on Arkansas
river. James ' N. iuompsou lias
charge of ber office.
Thb Givoso. Cant. A. L. Cummin,
is tbe packet this evening at 6 o'clock
for Helena. Concordia and all way
landings. Lew Price and (Jus Cum
mins are her clerks.
Tub Will H. Havs. Cspt, Mark R
Cheek, is Ibe Uoited KUtts mail packet
Monday evening at D o'clock for Helen-,
Aikanraa City and all way land
ings W. U. UUtikir lias cntirge oi
ber ollice.
Tii it bin Helena. Capt. Alt Griauim,
doubtless will be found in port this
morning and leave again tins evening
at 6 o'clock for New Orleans and all way
la'idiegi. James H. White has charge
ol her office, assisted by liunry Sea-
mon. .
l:ri.HAL stws
llu.iiNKfS brisk.
Wsatiikr cloudy, co'd, with heavy
Tub Chiika.-aw depatted last even
ing for White river with a good trip.
Tim livtr hero slanda 3 feet (i turn lis
on the g.nge, a fnll of 2 te- ths in tbo
last 24 hours.
Ru-kipts by river yebrdny woro
1062 bales of citlou, H5 bugs of seed
cotton and 3417 sacks Ol sued.
Thb City ol Vicksburg pieced down
last night for Vicksburg, Nhe dis
charged hers H O tacks of s ed and
125 tons ol sundries.
Tub City lI Hi. Louis and br.rge
pa-sed down yesterday evenlrg f r
New Orleans wiih 1600 tons ol fioight.
She difc'irriifd here i:i(l barrnis ol
flour. She add. d her 22 bides of cot
ton and 20 tons ol sundries.
Tub Hi. Louis Republican ol Thurs
day rai'i: Tbe Miiinetoiika, now
tinder charier to the River Commis
sion, got here Irom Memphis yester
day mornlnu flying light, Bnd will re
turn there tod'iy with several bu:ge;t
losded with stone.
THaJsinet Le arrived lato Thurs
day night with 4!)7 bales ol cotton, !
lugs otssed cot tor, 4H0 sucks of seed.
3 lead of stock and 01) psckges of
iindiies. rihe ( If art d again lH-tevor.-ii
g wilb a good trip, and will be b.tck
in time to leave Monday evening.
Tub Will H. Hays arrived yos'orday
morning from Arkansas City with 0')5
bsles of ci.tt n, In hags of seed cotton,
1537 sacks ol teed and 30 packages of
sundrits, and departed aaln latt
evening with a blgtiip and will b t
back in time to Itave tgin Monday
Tub big Helena, Capt. Alt. Oripsotn,
arrived last night Iiom New Orleans
with 02 bales ol cotton, 10,003 sacks ol
Bted, 252 barrels ol HOuar, 110 burn-Is
ot molas'e, 62 coils ol reps, 20 pack
ages of suiPlrine, and ri t uns ugnin
this evening at 5 o'clock for Ni-w Or
leans and all wey points.
A Cairo spi('inl to the St. Louis Re
publican ol Tlmr.:d!iy says: Capt.
Hiram Hill sotcteded yesterday In
taising lbs leny boat Uolcomln. She
will hn luiininK in a forv diiys ft)
n nal. Cupt. Hill will gi tomorrow
to Kimot to look at. the wreik ef the
H'lUtliie', sunk S' uie two weeks since.
He is noting nn.lor orders ot Capt.
Jas II. K'-s, ol Moniphis.
KiNCB local opfon Wiis irifome on
bo h sides ol the Kentucky river from
the mouth rim ,si. to Frankfort steam
boatsare kept busy currying jug ol
whisky tT the thirsty native', who
come to the boat with tboir empiy Jng
In one hand and tw ist of loig gieeu in
t'olher, saying: "Csp'n, bring this jug
hitk with the beet bckor you kin git
for mediciral purposes; here's tl 50
for the gallon. Take out the (rate,
. Tub Evan -.villo Journal rays: The
Ciro pilots sro comparing ol the
contiai tor who U ilohveriug stone to
the governirient impiovement at
Orand Chain. 1'tuy Bay he g (itiodeil
aharrfe of s'one, and, instead ol lixht
enicg it, dii'iiped t'ie wlmlo load into
tho (hnrinol, wIpm it siill b a d-n-
geroti'1 olis riKVii" wnen in.- rivr
rlso', and if it dorsn't kill tnnorthtee
teaml.'0:ttH it wilt be i wonder. Ibe
i-.itor.tion d Col. Merrill iu cared U
the ( bs rnetior..
A Caiiio special to tbo S. I.ils
(IMt-Dtmocrai ol Thnwdny fny:: Mike
Kelly reports what will hue enrpr so
t) river men thi Pxis'e-.:c- of 7 leit
w.th the lead ht Pnlllips's II', who'o
oot over 1 huvo been rcjioiud for a
long periol, This indiea.es a very
rapid cattlrg out cf the channel. Ha
also fcund tii l et with tbe lead at
Island 40, s-la a new channe'. The
snagb at Wright was passed at
C-ptennUl, and the Micomh at
lUrk eiod. All p lo s are -Pthnitie
over the splnu'.i I , ork dci e by the
snsglnnts ftom Cairii down. The
Wright located a light on the wrck af
ths Jehu J. Ki In Madrid bend, an
ohst, i.rtii n which :rs liereiofore, in
:lij dark, bi-eu a holy t; rror trt pilots.
1 be I'tr lie Uavis Metropo'is tonight
with a circus company lor Vicks urj.
Okpicb SlOW L KKvicK, TJ. 8. A. )
Memphis, November 12, 1 p.m. t
Thj following o');-ervati"Ps nro tai;a
at a 1 s'atious named ut 75" n enl ia
time, which is one hour hv-ttir taa
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Clia"
R'sr-I Fail
Pent. tOll.s IOiIk Id .is
duro 3 7 -
Chattauoopa .... 1 4 -
Cincinnati 4 2
Divenport 3
IhtbuquH 4 5 i
Fort (Smith
Helena 3 3 2
Keokuk 3
La Crosse 3 0 1
L"avc'iw,rt!i... 5 3
Little Rock 1 3
Loui.ivil 3
Memphis 2
Nashville 9 2
Now Orleans.... 1 S I -
0,u:ha 5 5 ,1
Pittsburg 0 16
St. Louis 0 1
Si. Pul 2 0
Shreveport U 0 - 1
PitthuuwPa., November 12. Noon
River 5 feet 6 inclusion the gn'igr,
and lailing. Weatbet raining.
Caibo, Iia.., November 12. Noin
River 3 (eet 8 inches on the gne and
lailing. Wet.tln-r ra aing, cold.
Whkklino, W. Va., November 12
Noon liivi-r 2 leet 3 ine-hts on the
g.iuge and iif,iiiK s'owly. Rdining.
Cincinnati, O .Ni voudu r 12. Noon
River 3 font 11 inches on the g iuise
and falling. Weathni ta n and w;
r.,ined all ulglit; tbermoiuoter 40'.
Evansvili.b, Ind., November 12.
Noon Rlvr rising, mini d all night
and still mining : snow this morning;
wind north ami turning cold rapidiy.
Louibvillb, Kt., November 1?
Noou River stationary, with 3 iiet 1
inch in tbo canal ni 11 lnehs iia
th IkIIk. MttHirieas dull. Weather
cloudy and cool.
lteno Macri'ady j.;1;
UaveaTHIS HAY, atop m., for bu JTru
Kivor, tar an I'lnllipi Unyoa
J Art. I.KK. Ja , Si.it, 4 Wd:on (
I. I.Hlila nnl Nw Oelrnna Anrrnnr
lJuo-U.fc). Mnll-CAIKU ii Si. Lid lis.
Arkansas City,
Will louvatha Klovator S All! RL) A V . N ,.v .
13th, at 5 p.m. FVr Ireight or paimnne apply
Cl. b. Hall, faun. At. AD srtdtM.Sny't.
For itclona, Torrcna. Arkiniaa Oitr, llraan -villa
ii ml Virkulnirg btoauior
). Frnnk Rllinon in;iJtfr,"f?it.15iarf
Will laara (ho I. levator til' MM k, W- .
14lh, at III a.in. Fur traiiht or pamniaa apply
(!. I,, ti a i.i , Vnnf.
i . An l. A H i"niH , I .
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lunillniK on Arkunanii Klvor Maainar
It. L. COI1M. &TS
IM. Now ami mtr. MC44t
Will linivi) THIS DAY, Nov. l.Kii, at iij'.m .
Kor frolirht or pa'nauo apply at No. I M lat
um ntrnot, orlo 11. 0, LOWK, Anast.
(lull TnH.lmnw No. K.
for llluj aad 81. 1'raocia Klr.
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1111J KailAV at n p.m. I.nafl (or I'.nionn
amlKt. Kranoii rivar KVEIOT bATCRUAif
at " p.m.
Tha ciiplnln raiorva' tha rlsht to n( ill
landing lioJooine unsiile
JAS. UKK, Js., Sup't.
nmnn, No. 4 MikHhoii trot.
For Uioaola. Unlet Point, OaruthariTilla,
(layout nnd Tipton villo-Tba n li.'o
wIiohI paflHenanr tilaatnnr
W. 1. Hall rnantar. I J. 1). Kuflor.....olarli
Will laava abora, and all wiiy aointa,
p.m. Kor I ralght or pninKw wpply on hoaH.
,?trmilkU,Krlir Polm and W rup?n
nrxl al rikrkf t t)osninr
3or juaisna, Ulanilulo, Krlart Point tiu al
Way LanJInja tiUamar H M
JaiiiCN Ijcf
K. T. CLAtlll KTT ...Mauler.
Will love anaboyeon KVKKY MUNDAlf,
WKDNKaDAY and KR1DAY atSo'oloclt.
ior Kscdolph, rulton, Oiraola n Way
Laniiii ritaatntr
nnd Kit I DAY at ft p.ru. The boatu ol thl
llnarmorve the rlicht to po all lan llngi
tlnciiliiin may ilomn nnuilo. OtBi'o, No. S
(Mniliwin t. .1 A M K.-t l.KK, .In.. ''"I- t,
,tf rmj Ills and Tk'Liilmrg Packet Cew
u.iiiv U..S..1Lill Line.
jr0r lloliitia, Honnordla, Terraaeand Arlcao-
t .- I a1 ftioinni iiameuKar a.i,
iatc- a n A w Q
IV r 1 u nunwv.
14. II. ijueo niJtr I W.O. -IluuUor . die.-
If-uyei MomohU
K0HUAY AND I'iibl'.jL-AY AT 5 P.M.
For Conoordia and all mj landinn.
Tha Steiitner
A. L. Cummins Mant'r I Lew Prt. e Cl.tt
LeaveaTUKfDAY and SATURDAY at 5 l.
Hot gauoral lnlorniatioa apply at
No. i Martnon itreat.
.tntlM f"A Rlt. Pa-n'r A,-nnt. TrlnrtirrA W.
XemplilH& White ltiver Ukt.Co
tor Vlnrenilnn, Mevrtlla Blnfl,, le
Aro, Aunuiita, Hoarcy, Newpf rt, Jaokioa
port, lti.U'ville and all Way Landitm,
sni. ciiic;kanvv, r
P.O. Postal n.aat.ir.J
Will lenvo KVKRY WEDN tsDAY at p.m.
Allmrt U. Smith maU 1 .
Will loave KVKRY HA 1 1' RDAY at ft r.m.
Throuab ralon ftiven to all P Ji"tH.
eonincnod to the .Memnhii and WhlUt KWer
Piiokiit Cn., at M!iiiihl or Torrr-na, will he
forward, d promptly. Vr . aal lit t.inii
tton apuly at offl. o, N,; hidlon t.. y
SIIK.l.VIt Imtlltirtahle to meet any nd
orbu..urM. Itiflu.:..er(''n oldntvlo. ( n
he put up by '' "U
l'nntry ' ttiIv. Adurei
K4l II A. Ii. '.. Wftm.
au m sr.. i'koki i, --..;. .
Sltuutuua Uarawre4.'(?.,bt. liuu:.X.;.

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