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for Governmental Aslistance In
Farming a Confederation for
, Protection and Respect.
Washington, November 13. The
. Interior Department today revived a
copy of tb fourth annual mjcsjjre of
the Hon. D. W. Bugbyl-nad, Price-pal
Chitfol theCboroke Nation, Indian
Territory, ti tlie National CiuDCll,
, Bitting at Tahltquah, November 2,
... ,.t
' lie M, among other thing. 1
dtwm it my duty to invita yonr atten
tion to the subject of a proposed con
federation of the nations and tribes of
the Ttrritory. with the hope that yon
will take tome action rf a definite
.character, looking to the formation ol
an international government, clothed
with each f-inctioos and powers aa it
may deem proper to confer upon it
The importance, not to say necessity,
"for such action is BtigKMted by tbefact
that there are bills btfore Ccngrtss
providing for tbe -erection tf a tarri
tory 1 the Unittd States ont of the so
culled 'no man's land' with pnrtions
of the Indian Territory as may
be ice'uded by the consent of
the tribes r.siding thereon. Thus
an Insidious s-hema for invd
ing " ami diHmemb?ring the Ter
riinry is Bounht to bs carried ont,
nhich, in toy opinion, oiild d
f rated ia advance by tl.e union ol trie
trib-a in a or fjoeratl in, through
. i.i..h t,i w wnn'ilHi!t toe'.ht r on all
ja. stiiiss invjlving the intenetgof
all. 8och an oigauizttion would not
only con:ervo ihe interests ot the
wholuTerritory.bnt it wou'd command
the respect of the peoplo and the
Government of the Uni(fd States. The
danger and the power of the white
man lies chielly in his combination of
forces. It bohoDves us to profit by the
eninp'e. The Indian Territory, oc
cupied by thir y tribrs, each, as in
olden days, distinct from the others,
inrite invaaion of their riirlils from
the telfish and unocrupnlous. The
Indian Teriilory, with her thirtj
tribes bund tORether by eonetitu
tional compact into one federal body
poli ie would, in my opinion, be able,
by virtne of the moral force such a
union would exert, and by the com
bined and nnited action of all to re
sist all schemes for the dismember
ment of our country and invasion of
our political aid ether rights."
Btrtklaa PnaaagM Id aha Indian
Comniluloiirr'a Hfpart.
Wabhikotoh, November 13. One
of the most striking pssi-ages in the
annnal report of CamruifBioner J. D.
C. Atkins, which has just been
priiitsd, shows the workings of an In
dian landed aristocracy under the
present tribal system of holdirg reser
vations. It appears that the chief
cultivation ( the tribal lands is done
by a few rich and enterprising rad
men, who pocket all the proceeds and
Say no rent to the tribe as a whole,
f ceiuse their plea is that if any oth
er members of the tribe choose to till
their lands they are at liberty to do
so; bat it appears that in the Indian
Territory, where some very large ag
gregate crops are grown on lands held
in cimmon by partly civilised tribes,
the wealthier and more Influential
Indiana have monopolised the beet
lande, and much more than would be
their share under an equal division In
severalty. C unmleiiionur Atkins ac
cordingly paints out the presnnt ays
tern ot land tenure among the red
men aa working very badly, and that
the government ought to intervene
and divide the lands held in the Indian
Terrildiy into lots of lOOaurei for each
bead of a family, and half as much fur
each minor child. The general im
prfsi n derived from Oommisfioner
Atkins's report is that the present sys
tem of Ind an lud lwlaiug Is very
iropei ft ct ard unwise, abd that Con
gress should promitly substitute one
which would be better both for the
red auen and the white.
100,000 far
tlie Tmo
Dlta IHa
Washington, November 13 The
War Department today, approved the
allotment by the M'PHl-slppI River
Commission of $103 000 for the- levees
cf the Yfino-Miselsslppl Delta Dis
trict. This appropriation will be ex
pended on tl.e line of that levee, be
tween Memphis and the n"rth line cf
Bolivar county, Mins. This, with the
work now beii g done in the district
below, will complete a continuous
line of levee from Memphis to Vicks
burg, a distance ot about 320 miles.
Jmprovemenia la rrlntlaa; Nllver
Wamiinciton, November 13. In
view of the fact that many of the new
$1 silver certillcitea were if sued be
fore they were perfectly dry and have
since become bluired by use, the
Treasury Depaitment hss adopted a
new drying syrtem whloh it is thought
wir! correct this defect in all future
issues. The deeigo for the back of tbe
sew $5 certificates has just been
adopt -d. It will be printed in a light
shade of green and will represent five
standard silver dollars tronped so aa
to overlap etch other. The $2 certifi
cates wi.l bs ready for iesuo iu a few
(ioiernmnl and Knllroait DICTer-
rare lo lie Net I led.
WasnisoTON.N vomber 13. Charles
.Frauds Adams. Jr., President of the
I'nion Fae tic Railroad Company, had
interviews yesltrduyand today with
Secretary Lamar lelntlng to the ail j ait-
men oi (tiuerencs Detween tue gov.
ercment and .the railroad company
en cm rent a, counts. A settlement
en'ifly satislac-ory ti both parties is
u. a l.ir WKV (.1 beirg rraihed and the
a'l.oont de'eimineJ (in will be Imme
diate, y 1 qnidalod by the company and
tlie arcounu c one it.
Tronhle inil( HMwea Im
lrira aua ( u.lin vnteera.
Washington, November 13. Judge
McCne, Solicitor cf the Treasu-y, in
his annual repo't ti the At'orney
(.ienerai, again calls attention to the
great numW of suits pnulng in the
Circuit Court for the Bouthorn District
ot New Y"rk between importers and
nilnm n O". ii.ro wKlaK mil. .
create in effe t fl mting or nnliquidatod
debt auainst the Tro'sury, the magnl-
'.m'.H of which is beyond tbe scope of
'ronieeture, and which is running on
interest at ins rate oi u per cent, per
AuirJui. Many of these suits have
tieen pet ding for over twenty-five
ytur: At the beginning of this ad
ministration the number of eld sal s
ot le-ene in that dutrict was about
2300, involving millions of d ill.-irs, and
siree then 1444 new suits have been
comnn'n"ec'. Within that period Ices
tliun IM) of tli- ckis luvo been triod.
L'-tii-i atinu is therefore tired to pro
ii!' f jr an additional Circuit Jufg
in the "i o jd court for the exclusive
tr al fo'thibca s of ces s. Th s wou'd
1. 'u t!i dir-c:ion of e'conomv, he
n m If oa:ti: loirai eirjnian wuu;u
b dr
lets thiiri tho intete-st tho gcv-
irr mco
e would becumnuiled to ray
aa the penalty of the delay. To show
that this ia a question deserving con
sideration, he refer to the claim in
te've onsolldnted ewes of Detka-d
a--d Srbell, which recen-ly came up
for refnnd, where the principal if the
debt was $14,001 and the intent)'. $33,-
Ilerraa Slatlatlra an BreatlttuffW.
Washinotok, November 13. The
Kureaa of 8tatiiirg prfsant the f l
lowing expot fi-urea: P.rtads'.ufTd:
Oc'ober, m, S11,(M6,208; O.torer,
1881), $10 232 205; ten months ended
Ojtob.r 31, 18-.0, $I22,477,'.W; fame
time last year, $1 12,425 083. Cattle
and hogs: October, 1888, $701,473 ; Oc
tober 1835, 80O,074; four months
ended October 31, 1880, 17,Glt),6(i7 :
asms time in 188 18,5 1 7,550. Be-f
and pork products: October, 1880,
$5,741,104; October, 188. $5,702,400;
year ended October 31, 1880, 174,814,
096 ; year ended Octobr 31, 18H6, $06,
926,109. Dairy products: October,
18M0, $l,CC'J,e53; October, 1885, oV
043 931 ;slx months ended October 31,
1N86, $0,829,427; same period of 1885,
If Ike Klrrtlea Devalvea Cpan (he
If ea.e. -
Baltimore Gun: There are now thirty-eight
S.Btei", and the Indications
are that neither ptrty, w II have in the
Fif.leth Congr as the twenty 8a es
necessary to elect a Prrsident by that
body. Counting Colorado, which fiom
bust advices saewa to have tone Daui
ratic, that party has a lnxjtriiy in the
CongroHiional delegations in ithten
Kiatoe, as f illows: Alabama, Arka-w-a1,
C jlorailo.Donnecticut, Delaware, F.or
ida, Georgia, Kentucky, L'Uisiana,
Maryland, Alinwsota, M iat iari ppl,
Missouri, Nottn Oirolin, 8ojth Caro
lina, Tennessee. Texa3, West Virginia.
Conceding Rlode Island, where one
Knntil!csn has b?on chosen and there
la a vacancy in the other district, to
that party, the Republicans have a
niajjrity of Congressmen in nine
teen Hta'e, as fol'oas: Cali
fornia, Illinois, Indlara, Iowa,
K annas, Maine, MaseachuFntt,
Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada,' New
Jersey, Now York, Ohio, Oregon,
Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Vermont,
Virginia, Wisconsin, la Now Hamp
shire there Is a divided delegation,
each party having elected a Repres
entative. Hs New Hampshire would
not vote, leaving Ihe Republicans one
short of the requisite vote of twenty
Hlates, or fl majority of all thethiity
eight Htatra. There would, therefore,
be a deadlock in the House, and the
4th of Miirob and the beginning of
the new Presidential term would ar
rive without thote having bean any
President (elected. Ia ruch case the
Coostitution provides that the Vice
Prenident shall act as Prea dent The
Senate, in the event ot no candidate
for the Tico Presidency having re
ceived the vote of a majority of all the
electors appointed, selects fointhe
two persons having the greatest nnm
ber of votes a Vies President. In
this election the Benatois vote
in their accustomed mannor.
Supposing that the Labor
candidate or the Prohibition candi
date shou'd in 1888 receive a sufficient
number of electoral vote to prevent
either the Republican or the Demo
cratic nominee from obtaining a ma
jority of all the electoral votes, the
election of the President would be
thrown into the Home, which, as we
have J net seen, wonld be unable to
make any choice. The duty of select
ing a Vice Presidont would devolve
upon the Senato. and in case Mr. Rid-
dleberger vo'ed with the Republic-ins
the Republican Candida' e for Vice
President would be chosen, and by the
terms of the constitution wonld on
the 4th of Min h sjeceed to. all the
rigbls of the Presidency.
huuolT)T, tes.v,
Ladaaa ! Ibo War I Being rgna.
IseaoiAii to Tai ArpstL.)
Iltiatri.DT, TaN.. November 13.
Tha eirona of J. B. Doris, adverlleed
to exhibit hers tody, came up from
ltr.iwnavilla last niabt and found the
weather po bad.audlhecrovdin town
to atteud bo small, tlat no tenia were
stretched except a lew side shows,
which txaibiteii to small audiences.
A In ran number of l,:dos of the
Wheal crdar have been oiganiiid iu
this county, and tr.de bouses estab
lished in several towns. O. 0. bharp,
dry goods merchant of this place, has
entered into a contract with several
lodges, or Wheals, to fiirsi-h them
merchandise at a roductd price in re
turn for their tiade to the exclusion of
all other merchants. The movement
seems to bs very popular with the
farmers, and it protnlsts to sweep tbe
country. Tbe movement ia said to
have originated in Arkansas, and waa
first introduced in Weakly county,
this Btate.
Judge 8wiggai t holds the Liw Court
at this place next week, at which time
seveial important esses will be tried,
Orl-aal I.eller ay Rraexlle Araald,
viauicaiiaa mm, i-aunu.
RoNttooT, N. Y., November 13. The
original letter written by Benedict
Arnold to tbe American people in Tin.
dication of his character afier the at
tempted betrayal ot his country Into
tbe hands of tbe Uriimb, Is now in tne
fosseesion ol tha Kingston freman
t was found in an old loit thia after
noon In KiogRton by C. P. Carter.
The letter Is writ ton in a free flowing
Ta Krr la Hamaa, '
But It U aoaltivolr lntioubUtodrolalitr
or Uka aaroutloa or patent datives to r-
iatransullity of ihe nerval, tha aullj
diiooToraola eaaia of which U aimplf Indi
(ition. ltmUlter'i Blumach BltUrs ii tha
ramedr iadioatod when tha narvoua aratam
U weak, and comeqaently aapor-ientltivo
and aa'ranaall. Braoad and aaloted by this
uperlatlvo loaia, tha lyitom obulai need
ful rapoao at oltht, dni-eptifl aaalma oeaie
to dijturb tho atomaeh, and manUl Inaula
tads dtiapptara. Thahahttof body baoomei
regular, tha livor and kldneya ara health'
fully itlmulnttd, and bodily or mental ei
srtlos oeaaea to baa wearlioma aad dlffloul!
task, Moumlal rheuaaUim and malarial
dUordera, and kidnay tronblaa, are entirely
radioatod by thia matohleea invlsorant
and raawlaUr. -
rat ateM-k Kabiblllaa.
Ciiicaoo, Ii.u, November 13. The
Fat Btock F.xbihitlon, now in progress
here, is so tar the moet successful yet
held. Tha exhibits are nnoauall
fine and the attendance unusually
large. There was quite flutter
among stock men this afternoon when
it became known that tbe grand
sweepstakes had been tken by a thor
oughbred two year old Her lord, No
aniinul as young is that ha4 heretofore
taken sweepstakes, and oi ly once be
fore han it ben tnkon bv a thorough
bred. The Hoiford men now feel that
their claims for tint breed ara viu
(Hen tod.
aihk i: to mother.
Was. Vi'ihki.ow Hcm'Thiko pvaop ahould
iw.n ka umiU lir i-hiMrm leelbina
uotnna tbe cliiM. aulieim the a:n. iilni
all pin, curnn wiuj . unit ii Ihe le
reaeuy loruitrrnea; io bottle.
And Jeopardize tbe Lives of Sea
weu and '1 beir Craft Rail
ways blockaded.
Oswkqo, N. Y Novfmbfr 13. A
bl nard struck Ooweyo tt 3:30 o'clock
B". n'ght and it Is still blowing and
sniwiug hard. Trains are delayed
nd tt.e street ra.Ir.oad is blocked for
the first time tinea ita oprratioo. A
fleet of ten light vestels left h re for
Canada about dark lust nigt t, and
grave fears are fait for their safety. Up
to this time bnt one, tho Baow Bird,
bad been beard from and abe was
hore at Charlotte. Tbe crew are
safe. Tho wind blow forty miles an
hour on tho lake, and the anow is
blinding. It is feired the damage to
shipping has been great.
A Sew Tark.
New York, November 13. The ae-
veie anow storm which preva-iEd
throughout this State and New Eng
land yesterday afternoon rear bed here
this afternoon. The wind Is blowing
half a gale, and tbe white flakes are
now falling in blinding masses, but
only to melt aa aeon is they reich the
ground. Incoming trains from the
North aid West are somewhat de
layed, but as yet not seriously. Ad-
ices irom hii secttocs oi tne route
show no abatement in the ttorm, and
should it continue throuwh the night
sr!ous blockade of trllic will occur.
erious flo.dd are feared in many
parts ol trie tnte enouid tne anow
moll rjjo'dly.
At BalTato.
Bi'wal, N. Y . November 13. Snow
to the depth of eight inches and a
half fell here last night. The highest
velocity of the wkd was thirty-fix
mile per hour. No disasters were re
ported at tbis end of the lake, but tbe
water is tne lowest in sevaiat years,
and a number of vessels are aground
in the harbor. Railroad tratlic was
somewhat impided this morning by
the enuwiaii.
at Uaetaa.
Boston. Maps.. November 13. Dis-
patchea from various portions of New
Hampshire ani Vermont indicate a
heavy fall of Bnoar last night and this
morning. Several wrecks are reported
long tbe south ahore. It is still
snowing and blowing at 2:20 o'clock
p.m. Nothing further has been beard
from the fleet that left here hut night.
At Oiwtgo.
Oawioo, November 13. Tho lug
1'rortor left nere lor Chariot ,e last
night with the banes Bolivia and
Buel in tow. She got lost in tbe
anow storm and her barges broke
away. The tug, badly iced up, finally
got into Charlotte, but nothing has
been heaid Irom tne bargis. There
were six n en on each barge. Tney
are probably lot.
At Waterlowa, H. T.
Watibtown, N. Y., November 13,
10 a m. There was a heavy snowfall
last night and snow ia still falling. It
is now over eighteen inches deep.
The trains are mora than an hour late
on all roada leading to the city.
At Uraeva,
Gbnxva. N. Y.. November 13. Tha
heaviest mow stonn ever experienced
this early in tbe searon is now pre.
vailing here. Tha snow is twenty
Incbea deep on a level and in drills
from three to six feet. Trains on all
the toada centering here are two houra
late. i
At Myrarn.a.
Syracuse, N. Y,, November 13.
low to tbe depth of fifteen inches
has fallen here. Northern trains are
snowd in and weetern trains are de
layed several hours.
At Albany.
Albany. N. Y.. November 13.
There ia a foot of saow on the ground
here, and it is ftill mowing.
At Paaaskkerpalo.
Pougukexi'sik, N. Y., November 13.
It has ben laining, mowing and
blowing for the past twenty-four houra.
Conniderable snow baa fallen, but it
melted very rapidly. Last night the
wind tore down fences and stripped
trots. The Hud -ion is nnumally high.
It is growing colder. Ail the Western
trains are delayed.
At Lockparl, H. T.
LocxroRT, N. Y., November 13. It
began anowirg furiously bere last
night at 10 o'clock, and finally ceased
at 11 o'clock today . The snowfall baa
been from eight to ten inches deep,
and is now thawing alowly.
llABitifBrna, Va November 13.
Part e coming in from West Virginia
today report eight inches ot anow on
l'endieton mountain in the ai-
legheniea and still falling. The
mercury stands at Si", and it baa been
snowing all day.
Of Tae la tha ladlaaa Leglalalare.
Turn 1 w 1 ... Tun WfVMAmV.aw 1 '1
The ten days allowed' by law for filing
notices of contest after an election ex-
plied yesterday, and the privilege has
been exercised to an unusual extent.
The L glslature electtd on Tuesday.
November id. as shown on the lice ol
tbe returns, will stand, on joiot ballot,
seventy six Democrats and seventy
four H-putiiicans, givtrg tne itema-
crata two mj it ty. TIim Rpnhllcins
will have control - the tl use and
the Democrats of tho Senate. The
co uing coolest hinges on the election
nl a United States Senator to succeed
Oen. Harilton, and both psrties will
"make, a stubborn fight I r the prize.
the Democrat have filed notices of
contest against four Republican mem-
bers-elexst of tha House, and against
ax of tho nine Senators elected by the
Republicans. Tbe charges on which
thaea contests are based Include in
elislbllilT on constitutional grounds,
bribery, corruption, etc. The Repub
licans pVopcss to coolest tks seats of
three Democratic members ot the
Houssandone Senator. The Legis
lature will assemble on Thursday,
January 6th, and an exciting session la
considered certain.
Maalhara ladnalrlal Activity.
Mobile f Ala.) RraiHtr. November
5th: There ia no danger of an over
growth of industrial business at the
South. If the iron Slats ot the South
were to manufacture one-tonth of the
iron goods consumed here at home,
there would be room for ten times the
nrjsnnt number of forges and factories.
if the rope, cord and twine sold by
f.iiiia morohouta . were all manu
factured here in Mobile, theio would
bs i-oncdaut occupation (or several
large factories. And so, if wo were to
aiftiiiilac'ure all the cotton goods,
print, jtuma and hestory told by our
wholesale dry goods I jbW. a dozen
first class factnr ta won d b needed.
and 10,001) population be added to the
Cty. 'If all the agricultural imple
ments foia by tne nadwaremHrcuants
of this city wer made hers at borne a
dozen factories would find cons ant
employment.' There is no poaeib lity
that in tbe next twenty years, even
should tbe preeent rate of progress
c'iritiru?, there wi 1 he too many in
dus'iial enterprises at the 8 uih. It
must bs btrne in mind that the houth
ia at present the pensioner of the
Noitb. and West. A 1 roads from tbe
South lead to New York, '.o carry
cotton and borrow money, or to Chi
cago, to carrv nothing and buy meat
and corn. The 'few steps now b.irg
made toward self tnpport at the South
by tbe erection of industr al woilts are
nothing in view of our need for
such works.
Taaaeaaaa Rpeaela Mora Moaey Thaa
Mba Collect Tnrunab. All Iler
Tax Keciltera.
Nasbviixb, Tinn., Novsmber 12.
There has been some ii qniry in reft r
tnce to the State's li mntiil condition,
snd a reporter of the Uhivn called on
Comptroller Pitkard la-.t evening to
get some information for the public.
The Comptroller was asked: "I Bee
from the papers that you have sent
out a circular addressed to the Trus
tees of the teveiul coun-La asking
them t3 make an eitraoulinary efl rt
in the collection of revenus for 1880
during tbe montl s of Novembe, and
December, tta ting that if eorae etrcnu
ous effort is not ma !e in that direction
the otate will be plmed in an embar
rassing attitude January 1, 187. Now,
1 detire lo auk whit has been done
with the tnodey in the Treasury and
what ia tbe cuse of this condition of
affairs?" "In the first place, from all
sources of revenue we receive
annually $1,300,0(0. The current
expenses of tbe Sta'e In round num
bers are, say, $500,0110, and the in'er
est on the public deht as funded and
the rchool fund is j50i',000, niaking
$1,000,000 ta the totel regular dhburse
ment. Now, in addition to these heme,
we have taken op dining the pat
three yeais ibout liiOJ.OCIO of tax cer
tificates for the ledttnplion of the
Bank of Tennessee money, aud we
have pa d about $200,0dO, or near tint
amouut, in etect.ng an insane aiylum
in E.b', lenneesee und about 130,000
for the asylum iu West Tennessee,
about $30,000 in taking up the Min
eral Home radroad bonds, $10,OC0 ap
propriated to the Nw Orleans Expo
sition, and about $:i0,000 for codes to
Ihe magistrates. Besides this we have
paid back interest on all the bonds
funded in the past two yearj to the
amount cf $2:0,00i), and there have
been some extraordinary appiopria
tlons. This accounts for the btate
being in tho condition today finan
cially that she is. I hardly see how
we have got along as well as we have,
bnt it is true, tnat we have paid and
are paying everything as it falls due.
We have not borrowed any money
yet, notwithstanding Ihe fact that
the Legislature ot l.Vi5 authorized us
to borrow money if neceenary, seeing
then that perhaps the State would
probably be pressed in Ihe payment
of the interest on tie bonds if tbe
holders continued to fund, which
they have done, until cow about
$-.'2,000,C0l) of th old bonds have
been taken up. Ia fact, if wa had
net made come splendid collections
of bat k taxes, ai.d watched the dis
bursements very cloeely, we would be
considerably behind now, for in three
years the surplus tl revenus over the
tegu'ar current and interest account
would be $900X00, and these extraor
dinary appropriations beiog $1,150,-
000 in the three yeare, shows th t we
l ave managed to go' up about $250,000
from there old matte is."
Heavy Kalna and lolloa lMrklnaj.
Lei an d (Mies ) iff wd: The heavy
rnios this week hav.- proven very dis
attroua to the cotton crop. In a great
mauy ii eUnoi s Uih oofon that was
not picked over wai tha heaviest
growth and had fall-n down to a very
damaging extent. The rains that have
lallen will cause a great loes, un ess
fair wea tiler sets in at an early day.
Cotton pickers have been coming In
by hundreds, and go to work at once.
Piaoters have used every exertion to
gather their crops before the b?-i
weather begun, ana nave cone wen,
bnt wa ber some fay that they are
scarcely one-third done. If thia be
true, crops are ctavier tnan some
$i mm
11 VI asa,
fcL XiW' a
lMM-ml wtthiitrlrt lTffri tornr!tT.Strinirrh and
KS , VuUla. Uo". Mc, Btp dellclotuly.
PRVt BAKINO POVOn CO. Oifeaga aaf St laaB
Lean a and Piaoonnta $1,437.M4 OS
Ck'o.houao and offlo. tituo. M.M 00
a-k l.tfta JtH.K.7 36
KiraniHM Mil tx sravys-'a"' 7,100 43
t2.U29.M4 TV
Capital Paid up.
llndlritlod rro6
eno.oco 00
121..HT7 m
81.SU W
Kiohante and Intoroat
12,0,944 T9
WM. A. WILUAMdON- Vtee-Proiden
6. P. HEAD..
A. Vaeenro. Wm. A. Wltliamaon
Joneph Urooe, Japnlo liill,
K. Dudley ("rayaer, K- nr.
JulmK. l eppar. Jua. 11. McDavltt,
1M N. Soowdea,
A Giganuc imposition
Perpetrated, for unworthy pur
poses in the
Attempt tosubstitute imitations
and destroy tho established
reputation of a valuable
cure of all diseases
of the Stomach,
Liver and
Brown's Iron Bitters
has been well und favorably
known aa s. perfect and sure
cure for these diseases for years.
It has CBtabliuhed its reputation
from actual cures of thousands
of sufferers who cheerfully tes
tify to ita efficary,
The unworthy action of some manu
facturers should nut be supplemented by
assistance of donlcrs in disposing of tuii
talionM of a well-known and thoroughly
effective medicine like
We have entered suits in the I'nited
States Courts against the perjictrators of
these frauds, for the protection of our
friends and ourselves; uud with eminent
legal counsel nnd means sufficient to
curry through tho suits, we shall obtain
justice, and ttccuro the perfect protection
of all sufferers who need lirmvn's Iron
Bittma, and are now in danger of having
some spurious article substituted for It in
their dire needs.
As a means of identification of the
Genuine ISrown'i Iron Jiittem, the trade
mark and crossed red lines are printed
on the wrapper of each bottle. This
medicine is the most perfect blood purify
ing compound made. It Ls composed of
the most approved veetnlile alteratives
so combined with a special preparation
of iron as to furnish tonic ami strength
ening properties, while it removes nil
impurities from the blood.
corrects all disorders of the stomach, and
by its direct action upon the secretions
promotes aigesnon, prevents constipa
tion, and cures headache. All conditions
arising from an overburdened or under
fed stomach are removed, for it supplies
force to regulate the appetite antl cause
the perfect assimilation of food. f!ovr
ttomath, heartburn, onatving ar-nariron, all
gone feeling, eyen ulcers antl sores in the
stomach, will disappear with the use of
JJrtnm t Iron JSultra.
Such diseases of the kidneys nnd liver
as result from impurities of the blood nnd
isturbances of the stomach, yield to the
influence of
Inflammation of the bladder, gravel, dia
ten, inflammation of the kidnryt, even
liriiiht't ditemc. can he cured bv the use
of Jjiown't Iron Bitten. It incites action
f tho sluggish liver, prevents the accu
mulation of 6i(V, nnd curMjaundiee. Pain)
n the bit'kand sides disappear, and health
ii boon to rich nnd poor ulil;e is the
substitute for sickness and misery that
furnished bv tho use of Broun'n Iron
Its trade-mark, "Quality, not quantity."
Its watchword, "Purity and tlmigth."
Its promise uf Health anil Ariimi'jm mi
ll true.
Truths substantiated bv years of trial
mlnr-scd bv reputable' testimony from
very eeetion-tif the country, mid f;uar
nteed by tho reputation of the pro
ctors of the only genuine Hroicu't lrH
f i t r i
77; ' Vrovn Ciicniii-ul Co., Iiiin
A Valuable Patent.
Duaey'a (Home) l orn aad Pea Flan.
a A VINO parfeetad my invention, I wfah
ro i)le it before the iiublio, eapatiiallT
nunolaotarara. Aa a Corn Plantar, it la a
porroot aaooeai opens tho drill, distributed
tho aood aacurataly, uninlured, and oorord
the famo, thereby one man perforailni tha
work of three. The have been naed in
this aection for over adosen years with per
fect satisfaction, tan civs raiponsioio au
monlala, Addreai
JU11CI Al. joAnui,uanc7Tiiio,
HaTwnn entities.
817 And 810
N. Second St
MAinrrAcnnutiia o
LOGGERS' & RAFTERL'lll'.U'.!. Jit
And Iron Roofln
rira. Wind. Water aa4 Elahtalna
proof. SulUbla for all klnda of bolldlnaa.
For Dricea and oatimaUa a tfaotory rataa
tall oa of aaoreaa
i3SAMIIala at., aad 31 A23 Mnlbarryai
Headtiaarkora for Iron fenoea aad Crertliif
l.lTiMdIron Oornlea.Tla Roof. A Htow
an u. . u t. - n - -
atnaraatood apooUM for Uyatapla. loiaai
ik. nil&nli.. N.wva-i. ProitrioB. eaaaod
by tho aao 01 aloohol or lobnooot Vraka-
nlMia, menial vepreMion, oeiienma 01
Brain, reaoltina in Inn.ntty aad le..'lnf to
mioory, decay and death 1 Promataro ' ' d
Aae. Barr.nn.M, Lou of Power la either
en : Involuntary Loaaea and Bpermaaor.
rhea. eauw 1 by ovar-exartioa of taa brain
aolf-obaae or or Indulgence. Kaoh boxoon
t.im n mnntV. '. t...im.i,i. al a bna. 0
tv hnve. frj l.n! h i.ll DreDatd. 08
reoeipt of ortoo. t taarantoo Six Boxoa
lo oure any oaao. With oaob order reooivoo
h n a fnr if h.v.i. .i.A.,iiin&.tM with 81.
wilt Mnd the hBHiiur our written
guarantee to refund the money It tho treat
pient doe" ot ellent a cure. OnaranteM
laiuod only h. A. KKNloljkKl' A CO.. Jrar
vtt., Wf.mt.ht., T.nn
MONTH. 4-t ntHl KO
wiJIt UNONaOM.netntii
t..i v i .-- ..ojoissovab
lllfiP ( 111!
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Setsjin Great Variety.
awARentafor tha celebrated OIIISWOOD TIIKIFIED CHINA, apcolaUy
nlnnlHl for Motrin, B.anr.at ami Htiiibowt.-wa
f AFOLI03I HILL, FresIdeaU
XI. 4, Aiiaa, .vanaiato
a n
a eKHEBAi. mn
8. MANSyilLD. P. .
OIHee--19 HdIon Street, BleienpfelA, Teiiii
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Stenm EnKlncH, Macliluery or All D?8oriptlonB,
Cotton Factors and
COG-SOS Front St.. Hemphla, Temxu
mill. FONTAINE & 00.
Cotton Factors. Commission Oerchants,
Ho. 11C South HXain fit., t&t. Tnla.
Liberal Advances
260 Front Street,
L. P. WTJLLINB, of lata J. R. Sodwln ft Co.
Cotton Factors Commission Oerchants
No. 1 Howard'" Row, Cor.
Confections, Claces, Nougat
Cream Bon IJons, Fine French Handmade Creams and
Bon Bona, Chocolates, Ices and Nougatines.
Too can find these gooda " AT RETAIL," in any quantltiea, at
Tho Peters & Sawrlc Co.'s Retail Establishment,
TSo. 43 Jefferson Street,
Iheae are the finest Confeotiona that tho
10 p aronare.
May Try Or ir "IVfff rrfm l.oaf" "Dellelons."!
1. N. KSTKS.
8. 8.
7lolesale Grocers
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Unlan
Wholesale Dealers and Publishers,
8ole AaenU for the followini Firat-Claaa InatrnmonUt
PIANOS--Kranich &
OBGANS Clough & Warren, and Smith American.
a-A NEW 7-00TAVB PIANO FOR Io0.-tja
Writ for Crlr.ene. Tin: 221 and 2 Second Street. Meninfilw.
' icinirriiii.r'
; And Commission Merchants,
372 & 374 Front St.. Cor. Oayoso. Memphis Tenn.
Lager Beer, Cider, Champagne Cider.
Mineral Water of all lavora. and XXX Brlraat eiuer Al. .
ae-PCRK APrLK t IDtR, in Barrela aad Hall Barren, a ipaoUlty.ai
Vo. goa Front Street WfemyMa. Tfinrawa.
J. C. NEELY. ' ' :: B.H.BR0OK&
I A.nd CommissionrlMerohants,-
ma mJliaHMBflKOTt.
2ib. 307;Front Street,
to c.:.:euii'id,':e2ji sia ...
W. K. WIUrjaLS05,TIrmllBfc ,
a N II
A marirk bubireim.
KTKBS. W. 9. StIMftXL.
Wholesale Grocers
on ConHlgnmentc
: : Mempliis, Tenn,
JAB. YONOE, lata of i. W. OaldwaU A O
Front and Union, TBpTBpnfai
Caramels, French Fruit Glaces,
Oppoftlte Their Factory.
Memphia Publio have ever had tha opportunity
W. B. DO AS.
and Cotton Factors
Street, Hemphlt, Tesx
Bach, Gabler, ana wneeiocK.
I T aV
tv uuiiCiasjiu
Jlcmpliis, Ten n

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