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U, 188G.
1 SOV. 14, ISMS.
The, ppeal raai'e by our merclifuHa
to tha f-'err.vtry of War at tUeir wet t
tog on Turin day ca made cone tto
Boon. Never Las tbers bum a fiiu-r
season for carrjirg on tbe work of im
proving the Miteuairpi tban tbe long
duration of fine woather has offoied,
yet colhirg bos been djue. The Coin
BiissioceiB' pla&s were all rea.y acd
were duly presented to tbe Secretary
of War for hit approval, and there tbe
matter has rented, apparently neglect
ed. It ia time the people of the whole
valley were more strenuous in int i st
ing that the development of tbe ltiu
navfgable power of the great waterway
of the West rhould be carried on ener-
eticallv and without intentional ces
sation unt.l the whole process
improvement is completed. It is
no mere creek or p3tty seaport ,lat
in nnontlnn. bat tLe vai.t
rhannd that rona from tbe ice of the
Horth to the warm waves of the
i.,,-.n CiulL Interested railroads
and Kaatern citioe, out ef envy and
jealousy, oppose the work, but this
should fit'mu'ate oar people to a re
io've that uth oppoaitton shall not
sucoeid. Congress itaelf has not acted
MtierMidv. but when it has made a
n '
fficial experience eminently fi a him
for the high position to which he now
asr ires, and the trot t and confidence
reposed in Lira by bis neighbors ana
theso who kuow him bes', isaeufll
cifnt guarantee of bis integrity and
worth. We fel sure that if elected to
th'a office he will dipebsrg tbe dulifB
faithfully and ffiicieutly, un-J th.t this
houor, which Weet Tenne si-e c a;mr,
could not to awarded to a woittwr
roan, or com to more deserving hands,
than ti Mr. Sloan.
Their Addrcs to Uitlr Fellow La
borers Throngliout the Union
Callinif for Organisation.
Now ruber 13 The
II. K.ucntfd Today. ! Will
.Deliver Dwbm ml the Onlral
Melbe.llat Cbnrrti.
Mr. Ram Hmail. the noted evanireliit
will arrive in the city this morning and
preach at theOentralMetbodiet Church
at 11 O C'OCI a.m., or mill ovBijina.o.-
vice at 8 o'cloik.or possibly etboth ser
v cm. Tha caietr of this gsmtle
man la na ttranea ai llct On
and hie cjnvtraion as remarkable
a. anv rernitlud in history, lie is a
native of Nw Orleans, and ahortlv
(tor ilia nit nntarnil the bovs' billh
school of thtci y, where he graduated
with diBtinc loc. Lionel Ai'axif, ttie
Diatrii-t Attornev of Nw Or
leans, whose skillful management of
the prosecution in the famous Fjrd
l.im an almost na'ional
rountaiion. was a member of Small's
c1aii. Two others of his class'
Campaign EierutiveCjn.miltee of the
Cm'ral Labor Union, of tbia city, hai
just usued an address to "orini7.eu
laDor tnrcuiinoui me uuitu oimj?.
Aftsr referrin ti tue great moral vic
tory" achieved in securing 68,000 votes
for Henry uearge lor mayor, ana n-
prewing the beliei mat aucceeaiui
national movement may be organized,
i.haarfdrasa ava: "Tbia campaign has
shown us that in spite of all diff erences
and divisions it is pobbidib to
unite tbe political power of labor upon
a platform confined to fund meutal
principles. What we nave none in
New York haa bten accomplished in
the face of grtater obetaclea than txist
anywhere else tnrougnoui me coun
try. We see that it ia only necessary
to improve our organ ztiou hereto
carry thie city, and we believe that
general orgin aation mnsi ieauuiuui
formation oi a national lanor puny iun
will sweep the coUDtry. We call upon
organized labor throughout the coun
try to form political as ocii.tiona iu
each locality upon these principles and
having in view political action, mcai
iid oreneral. wnen tan wine iur n
V .. . 'I.
ana i mine, xi id wun:
zed labor wherever it exists snouia
talcs the initiative in Mrs inovtinenr.
But it is our opinion confirmed by re
cent experience, that ttie mott eflect-
Cinrinna'l, New Orleans and Texas
Pacific Company for tbe exclus:va ex
press bueineta over their entire sys
ttm, and that arraiKements are baing
made to extml the fe-vice
to all Soathnn cities, inclad-
itie Ailinta. Mamn and Jacksonville.
Tbe contract goes into tflect on De-
remoer 1st nex'. ic is noiiiTiwa
tbitaennrl tnflie grsemnt will
bo'tly be enteie I into, ny wh ch too
Baltimore and Ohio mad will have
through connections to iheGnlf aad
for the first t me au opening into
Southern territory. Agints of th
totnpuny are now at wo k opening
ifiices and arr.i gins f ir bu-inesa.
Account of tbe Pf cnliurlties or
tbe Ageii and Unuataral
Takes CD far Earl Dlaeaaaloo and
Ilaal lttapotliion-1 be Tarlfl, Ibe
live wad other Haeallona.
Wasbiotoii, November 12. That
tbere ia a go.d deal tnat ougm ro do
done nobody can doubt on a glance
ncr tha cUniiais. There is Mr.
Morrifon's tariff reform bill that U
utitl avtaitlmj ac tion. The II0U88 re
fueed on a cauple of occasions to take
it up last Bummer when they bad
nlnt. of tirna. Will they do it now
when their et.ti.e ' Btsslon, Sun
days and holulaya rrailtea, com
prises hut feventyiive woikiog
djB? The nitural answer would
bs in the native, but when
It is proper tht organ- vou consider t':.t it ia Mr. Morrison a
last cnance, ti ai ' uow ur u
with him, it is probable that he wi'l
make a mere desperate eflort ttian
befoie. Of coiirte be wm coae dick
Cleveland, O, November 13. A
veiy mys'tn ins murdjr in occupying
tna miudsrt uuveland people today.
Beujamin Whuller and his wife Jane,
the former 80 ytara old and the lltea
85, lived on Eagle street near the cen
ter of the city. He was originally a
blacksmith. Heine very economical,
he managed to save little, and in a
few yean he married a widow named
Mra.Fudue. Shs bad about $5000. A
certain patent bucket appearing about
thin time took the blacksmith's fancy,
and dealing in it he realized largely.
Several succees'ul (tea's in real estate
then augmented bis fortune, and in
tbe panic of 1873 both he and his wile
made large amounts of money. Their
combined fortunes are by many placed
a $200,000. The life of the couple wts
a peculiar ss tbe individnals them
selves. Though living under tbe tame
r:oi, the Wceliers were as separate
in the majority of matter
as different families ccenpying
a double house. Mrs. Whl er
coLdcc ed her own bus nets affaire,
and Wbeller knew nothing about
them beyond what she chosa to tell
him at the nightly chats before the
kitchen fire when they ate their sup
per and drank tbir beer. He was
eonnlly silent tbout his own money
affairs, and always addteeeed his wife
ss "'Mrs. Wbeller" instead of
grant it is ajja.nst justice anu gi.-u m(ltc.B arH Dow residents of this city, jVe organizUions lor poiifcai action in even worse tmuior iuu ueuw, uu "jane." Jt Jare did anything ta
nnlirv to allow the maaeuvets of in- one rising young lawyer, the other a aie to be foimed outside of labor asf o- be is never veiy g-od bturtd, and it gra i(y Wbeller, or made any improve-
. i .J,?', to do'av the application prosperoua ccttou buyer. Mr. 8mall cia'ion, thougu na far as possible iB BOt at all improb.be that re may uie,t, ja Li clothing, she charsei
termed nvas to do a ti.e appnca .on VW"Prn Bny year8 i(1n!ifled with the guima'ed and controlled by their inejt upon a hoi fight for hta fvoii e him money for it and he pid it. Did
of the gtai.tt3 its object. Dr es of Geo gia. and undtr the nom meaibeH. In this way we may measure. He brieves thoionghly Wfieller have anything in his posses-
- - de'plume (jf "Old Si" achieved a na- ayuid any cocll'ct with the rules that it 1b the prcttc ionis's who neat g'ons that his wife waoted s'ie tad to
..... u noai. NUPEitiN I EM. tinnai iwlahtitv. and reeulations that forbid political him. as it probably ie, and Day him for it. ahhouith it might bave
' -' " - ... . . r . .. I . . . ..oitinit ohnt
It has bEen the good fortune of
Tenneeste of late to Lave men and
women connected with its school
system who have cleared away many
obstacltB, and have put our echoola
fairly on the way of progreps. For
tbe advance that bsa been made, and
for further advances now becoming
possible, the State ia greatly indebted
to its State Superintendent, tbe Hon.
T. H. Payne. Gen. Eaton, the United
8,ateB Comni'siicnor of Education,
awards him, in his last report, high
credit lor his efficient management.
The State Teachers' Association, at its
meetina in August, adopted very
A pMHinn for strong iirinit, now
ever, stoou iu me way oi ma ivauto
mant tn reRnonRiblu editorial posi
tion., aud his friends, who admired
him for hin talents and seneral dis
poBition, dfsnaired ef his future. One
day, tempted by curiosity, he went to
har 8am Jones preach,
and the exude and homely e'oquence
of the Georgia ravlvaltst stirred Small
mth vurv core cf hie soul. Impelled
hr aoma inward and irresistible
force, Koiull the drunkard, tbe scoffer
and revkiees unemian annonncm
f a willina to be saved. From
that day dittos hia conversion. Jones
annn saw in him the material for an
able lieutenant, and it was cot long
before tbe reformed drunkard
nrnached tide bv side with Sam Jones.
Then they became known as the two
action on the part of as3odationa be longs to give them a uaiting shot,
;.. I-! r Haaionttf. Inf nUlH 119 nnr- .nil hu a ntOOUUlV UU BU. JUOU
ui iiii . .-j n i " " i i
di.od. msy bring mm
energetic resolutions approving of his gams, at d thir joint succesa as re
. . -1 j .1.. .v,ni -iiV, ,liifh I olvjha a has heen unnrecedented.
memoua.uu ... r "j- , ull( 'BtF.iKht and of
they are applied. His work in hold- ,oak(nR
ing teatners- inouvuiea mwu wl" thitk.black.droopingmuaucuecov
necial approbation, as tuoseinstuuies erg hiB upper up, wnue a pair
have nited the whole ton of our bright eyes gleam
school system and p-wnnd. His in
tercourse with those with whom his
duties Irirg him in contact is
such aa to have won for
biinsuH high regard and attachment.
Mr. Faine'i term expires with the
year, and great anxiety prevails among
all clauses connected with the schools
lor his reappointment. To lose mm
while tbe improvements he baa intro
duced are yet imina'ure would be a
iericaa deprivation to tbe school and
the State. Sound policy as well as a
just recognition of the services of a
faithful officer make the reappoint,
ment of Mr. Fayue most desirable.
He ia aoundly developing the educa
tional facilities of Tenner-see, and to
remove him when bis energy and in
teliigeiit lutthod. are bt ginning to re
veal their grtat va ue would be inju
dicious and contrary to the convictions
of the maes of tbe teachers and friends
of onr Tennrti see ecbools.
behind hiB sold
rimmed enecUules. His voice is sweet
and rich, bis manner polished, and
his matter finished aud eloquent,
combining the force of tbe pulpit ora
tor with tbe graceful style of the fiu
lnhril lit orateur.
It will doubtleis be a literary treat
to hear him that many will eagerly
amlirara. who will not ait under his
nnlDit with a view of finding salva
tion. He will be the guert while in
the city of tbe Rev. S tmuel O.Watson.
BnlMfie In tbe Trenanr , bat Van.
tlnnml Pnblle Support Needta
taw tbe f ntare.
Mr. George lost bis election as
Mayor of Now York, but the heavy
vote he received on that occasion and
the ability he showed in the conduct
of it have won for him a lrgh degree
of public regard. His sayings aud
opinions are quoted with lespoct. As
" an instance the New York Times, a
' paper opposed . to hia candidacy,
; quotes approvingly what it calls an
extremely practical suggestion made
by him, and which, indeed, is worthy
of wide attention.. The suggestion Ib
' the adoption of the Australian ballot,
a system that tbe English adopted in
tbe ballot act of 1872. By this system
the btmea oi all candidates for any
office, being reg'stered, are printed at
public expense on one ballot, and the
voter indicates hia choke by a mark
opposite the name of the candidate.
Two advantages are thus secured. The
great expente of preparing ballota is
voided and the risk of error or will
ful change In the counticg is reduced
to the lowest point. By a system such
m this, tbe ballot would command
more confidence, and would pre
vent thi accusations of unfairnera now
to citen hesrd, and decrease tbe num
ber of disputed e'ections. With this
v ejstem shou'd also bs adopted means
, for absolute stciecy aa to tbe contents
- of the papeia voted, so as to check
. bribery aud prevent employers and
others dictating the votes of others.
' ;, ' , The ballot is essential to tbe preserva
tion oi our liberties, and nothing
abonld be neglected which will con-
w-s i.duce to each vote teing a free and In
. dependent expression of tbe voter's
" wishes and intentions.
V-.;. ,;, . SLOAN TOR COHP-
; . ' TROLLER.
( Among tha several candidates men
fioned ior State Comptroller, there are
-Boneore deserving than Mr. John
R. Bloan, Coanceiy Court Olerk, at
Covington. Mr. Sloan is pre-eminently
a "aelf made man," He went from
this to Tipton ccunty in rarly man
hood, With no fortune but hiB energy
and ambition, no friend but his pluck
and indomitable perseverance, and haa
ancceeilt d, and it ia but fair to pre
nnme thi.t tho.e qualities which have
won 1 r him tncctsi iu tbe paat, will
lead to an appropriate reward in the
i ut a re. 11-t hat filled tbe tiriuos of
Circait aiid Chanceiy Court CK-rk for
hia conn y, by eltction and appoint
luant, for ten jiaie, aud hia long
Atsmeotiug of the ladlea compos
ing the Woman's KxohscK. held
Friday, November l?tr, the tollowina
ofliceiR were elected for the ensuing
Chairman, Mrs J. N. Falls: vice
president, Mrs. Thomas H. Allen;
corresponding Bwrttiry, Mrs. Jennie
Baxter; recotding secretary, Mrs.
Fred Anderson; treasurer, Mrs. Rob
ert McLoan.
The report of tha retiring treasurer,
Mrs. B. F. Haller, .was read, and
showed collections from October 14,
1885, to November 11, 1880, amounting
to $1701 62 and diabuneinentB amount
ing to $1680 28, leaving a balance in
the treasury of $17614. The Ex
change ban now been in successful
operation for over a year and haa
abundantly demonstrated its utility,
not only aa an institution for
asaisiing def erving women in obtain
ing employment, but aa a medium for
tbe sale of artlclea at remunerative
nricea. mads bv women who are them
selves unable to dispose of their handi
work to advantage. That inch a need
axiated ia oroven bv tbe number oi
ooneignors entered on the books of the
Exchange, ana tbe increasing aemanaa
In its facilities for disposing of goods.
The Exchange haa recently moved
into new quarters at No. 306 Second
afreet, aud the additional expente in
volved bv tbe chance may necessitate
a drain upon the resources which it
will ba unable to bear unless the
hands oi cbaritab y dlsposf d people
are extended to them in aid and co
operation. The following appeal from
tha ladies in charge of tbe Exchange
expreesea the tltuation so eloquently
that it is chterfully inserted here:
"Hrteakina after tbe manner of men,
our Exchange can be bleeslng only
aa wci. who ara nrovidontiaUr lifted
above want, choose to make it so. It
needithe helping hand of every one
of laat year'a subscribers for the new
year just opening, sad it needa the
generous patronage oi the shop
Diocr Dublic. We begin the new
vaar enriched bv the expert
ence ofthepiat twelve months, In poe
aeasion of a house well located and
suited (o our numose in charge of
practical and experienced superin
tendent. Our pottibilitim are great;
the opportunity ia a noble one. What
the outcome of this new year ia to be
depends on the practical co operation
of those who have never been known
to fail In snch matters the; generous
women of Memphis. '
Honoftraui Uangles, Mnlfbrd
lnumntftariea Attentat. Mnrder
: Curr Milan. Q November 13. A
dispatch from Akron tells of tha
burninc of a house keift by a woman
named Mrs. roster, at s late nour last
night. Mrs. Foster and two girls, one
named Littie Williams and the other
unknown, escaped from the burning
building by jumping from an upper
window. An examination showed
that tbe house had been fired at three
places by incendiaries. bunpicion
rointAd to three voting men. wh
called at the housu Friday, anu made
a fuloniniu numiilt oiinn the woman'i
gr a. 0iar Stilea, o ie of the two, was
nrr- stmt today and at&tencel to sixty
days iinpriFonment fnr assault.
Holldit) l'rvtteutUt, HHilford'M
our ranks a
large cla.s now outaids of labor as
scsiations, but whose sympathies are
thoroughly with us, and may sacure
that organization by election districts
WblCU IB UtCUBSary IJiiutirui punviuat
work. This la the course we have re
solved to adopt in this city, and we
csmmund a similar course l our
brethren throughout tbe land, it
ia nit our desire to interfere in
any way with existing labor organ-
izitiocs, or 13 aivert any energy irom
tluir tx enslon ,hut we believe the
time baa come for the accompiitrnment
of its purprses Labor must step into
the political arena, and rallying all the
forces trial are upon us ems, mane au
open fight for the assertion of
iboie equal rights whxh tbe great
charter of American liberty guaran
tees to ub ail, but which both the great
political parties have neretoiore ig
nored. The difficulty which every-
wheae confront! us in our enorts to
raise wages and secure leisure is tbe
existence oi an impoverished mass
forced by th.ir necessities to accept
work on any terms. Until we can
lessen the intensity of that struggle
for existence, which makes so many
men and women ready to do anything
to provide the mere necessities of life,
the woik of our labor organizations
mutt be conducted under tremendous
diead van' ages. Men who cannot find
employment are evfry where the force
which thoee wfco oppcae us
ntilzt to retiat our juit demands.
It is then fore necessary that
we should make war upon tbe great
wiong which causes poverty the pri
macy in just cs which makes tbe land
on which and from which we mint a 1
live the exclusive property ot lnaivm
uals, and denies to the rent of us the
rigut -to live anu in worn uuiooh i
pay blackmail for tbe privilege, we
iberelore ask jou to everywhere form
political associations oased upon
the prrnciples set forth in
our platform, and through tho Cen
tral Committee, wbtcti una been ap
pointed for that purpose, to put your
selves in communication with otter
similar as ociations throughout the
land. The work which we ask you to
undertake is, in i s preliminary stages,
mainly sectional. We wish to spe
formed all over tbe country open uarO
clations or clubs, which, by means of re
union?, lectures, debate, tbe dissemi
nation of literature and the comparison
of opinions shall prepaie the way for
such a political union as will result in
tbe formation of a national party
powerful enouffh to rewrite the laws
and carry into execution the popular
By order of the Executive Commit
A boom with a piano in it and a
room without one diner nearly aa
much aa a room with windows and a
room without tbem. Musical instru
ments are avenues of escape to tbe
soul, leading it to other scenes and
other spheres, as it were, tnrougn tbe
frame of an exauislte picture, wbere
the fancy far a moment may revel, re-
tresbed and delighted, uecxer Bros.'
pianos are consolers of loneliness;
Haines Bros.' are a sweet flattery to
tbe soul : the Baldwin pianos are a re
lief to the jaded mind ; tbe Hamilton
organa are windows to the imprisoned
thought: theShoninger organs, with
their chines of bellt, are books; the
Estey organs are histories and ser
mons which we can read without
turning over the leavea, and make up
for the want of the various enjoy
mcnta ta those whote life is moetiy
passed amidst the smoke and din, the
Dusile and noise oi an oveicrowaea
city. '.All ot these makes may be
fnund.at lower prices and smaller pay
ments ttian ever o tiered in mis city, ai
25HScond Btrtat, Memphis.
A Bapuud Phyilelan Kllla Man
While Brnnk.
rr.t...n v n wn,k.. ii n
T. 6. Poweil, a physician of high social
and professional standing, shot and
killed Wm. Sharp, son oi State Repre
sentative Col. John Sharp, in bar
room in Rocky Mount laat evening.
Tbe shooting wasdona in a delirium oi
drink. Dr. Powell was given into the
bands ot a deputy to be committed to
tha Tarboro jail. When half way be
tween Rocky Mount and Tarboro, at
11 o'clock p.m., fiveofPoweU's frinds
met and took his prisoner away from
the deputy.
Xnlford, Jeweler, 294 Mala street
solicits order fram the couatry. ,
One H4r4 and Ta Years Old.
Damvbrs, Mam . November 13.
Mrs. Miriam Putnam, whose husband
was a son ot uen. rutnam, oi revolu
tionary fame, will observe her 102d
birthday tomorrow, tin. Putnam is
the mother of twelve children, six
bovs and aix atria, five of whom are
low living. Her memery goes back
to tbe death of Washington.
B. A O. Kspivaa Voinlna; Nonlh.
Baltimore, Md., November 13. It
is ctiicially stated that tbe Baltimore
and Ouio Railroad Company baa made
a contract for a term of years with the
Ik... ia tha K air D 11. Oil. VT HUM
haa Kaon a mn-it ardent ch ate pi on of
He retires with the
laASUW JW.a- a v. , j
close of the present s-s.ioa and wants
to have a fair chance on tha educa
tional questijn before be goes. The
elections, he minks, have evinced the
j.i, nf ihannnnle for this bill to be-
come a law, and he is determined to
have it thoroughly tebted be!o;e be
. rt nf thH nublic service. The
friends of tbe Hennepin CbubI are
.loLruiinait to fight to the
death this time. If this Congress
does not accept the ufler of the btate
of llliuohJ, by which the Illinois atd
Michigan canal was transferred to the
mBarnment if h Will bUIld 116 T8-
Lmit.ml tha nroDOSed line, the tf
fori.nn.fl. Beside that Mr. Murphy,
of Iowa, one ol the most ardent advo
ratpa of tha canal scheme, goeB out af
ter this aoesioa. He is as anxiom to
m.u a Innirandlatt fiebt for the canal
ss Moirlsou is to figbt lor hfs bill or ss
Willis is to mate a heroic effort
fr,r tha ndncational measures. So
iiiora is the foundation for
another hard fibt. The silver ques
tion acd the national bank question,
now Bt closely related, will attract a
onnrl deal of attention. Tbere are
statesmen who think tney ought to be
hearJ on this very important topic
hfnr thev cloee their eyes to the
light of Congressional balls Tbere is
Mr. warner. oi vuiu: no uuuuis
whether silvr would have jingled if
ha had notb eaboin; be will insist
that he must, yes, must, have his
aav before his sun gees down
with tbe expiration of tbe
l resent term of Cot. grees. The Treas
ury Department Las taken the hint
nnnveved in Morrison's Burpli s reeo-
lution laBt eepsion, aud is calling the
3 ner cei t. bonds so Uet tbat it is
mikina the heads of the Na'ional
bankers swim, and they are clamorh g
for some metbed by which tney may
save their circulation alter their bonds
now on ds-poB.t iu the Trcamiy are
calltd. Tbiru seems to be a real
cenutne deumiid lor legislation upon
tuis subject, and there will be
au efluri to combine it witk
tome Bort of silver legl-ilatlon. Tbere
is a vigorous demand fcr coast de
fenses, and I r more new navy. Then
tbe oleouiaraiine law must be
amended, the friends of tbe bank
ruptcy bill insist tbat tuey must bave
a show, the proposed international ex
position Is demanding attention, sev
eral Ten itoriea are knocking for ad
mission, the friends of the public
building- bills on tbe calendar are de
manding to be heaid, the cattle inter
ests all over the country are demand
ing protection from the spreading
p'euro pneumonia, the pension bills
are piled mountain high awaiting
action, and tbe private calendar groaos
beneath its burden of neglected bills
which await attention. Then there
re tbe fomteen appropriation bills
that must be prepared and discussed
and passed wnetber anything else is
done or not. And only seventy-five
days to do it In.
been a triukes of scarcely any value.
Many stories float about tbe
neighborhood concerning tbe bnsi
nets deals the Whellers had wi h
each other. Although rich, they
d'efsed in the poorest style and the
old man wears a coat tbat a rag tucker
would bcsitate to bargain for. inlay
night, about 9 o'clock, accotding to
W heller a story, the old couple were
silting in tbe office of their rrsidenc,
as usual, reading a newspaper, when
the door was thrown open and Pa' rick
Uiaves came in. U raves struck Wbel
ler with some heavy instrument, fell
ing the old man to the floor. Wbeller
savs tbat after this he was muflUd
and his bands were tied, and then te
remembers little tba, occurred alter.
exept that he mur aged to crawl along
tbe floor to a front ruom, and taw his
wile at tba oihee door, struggling
with Grave. The oM man finally
reached and got into his bed where be
lay lor an unknown time, and by re
peated efforts finally succeeded in
freeing bis hands from the cords tbat
bound them, tie tben gave tbe alarm,
After tbe old man had lelt tbe room,
it is presumed Mrs. W heller was
attacked bv Graves, and despite her
struggles was throttled acd laid on tbe
floor. Alter ibis tbe muraerer es
caped. Such is tha story told by
Wbeller. tinsoicioa was directed to
him and he was arrested along with
Graves, who claims tbat he can prove
an alihi. The bouse was ransacked
and the claim is put forward that the
robbery was the motive of tbe mur
derer, whoever he was.
Marahal I. J. Ivlna Renew
Bond Offlclnl Relornx.
Wonderful value" for tha prioa, 87 61,1
worth m to J15 or ftJD. Tb I soous ara id
all tbe newest and finest effecta of the i-a-
(in..mKr..in. milk anil W ool tex'urel.
Pluih Birieei and Plaidion wool, Frisee
Slria. Tint, and fiirurel. Not a yard OI
them that ii not worth double, and not a
word In them that in rut exnrll-nt uuelt'T
GRKAT BAUAIN!t-l'aille. yranoaine
Clack Silk, rich and heavy, l iii a jara,
.iv, at 7s
Velveta are the fooda for elegant
KRBMER'B nnrWaled Cara-ain Llnea.
r ant Pile silk Velvet., 8' eayurd, were
81 611; St 83. were fti 60; $1 25, -ere fi 2v
New an d Reasonable, under price. I)nd
iniha 1 '2fi a vard. Atran, 64-inch
l 60 a vii'd; S Ik Bengulinea ii 60a yard,
Fnille Silks H 50a y.ird, Oraud liruoade
SI 60 a yard. . ,
Beaded Clothi, Pearle Fron'a, Btripad
Velvets. Miignifisent Parures, Jetted
Capes, Foithur Triinuiing, o Buttons
plaid French Braids.
Klrffaut faria Clonka,
Just Received at on-hlf their import
price. Kerne m ber you can get a
At Just One-half Price,
In Jacket and Coalu,
KREMER'S Varitty is simply enormous
KKEMER'S bave no less than 250 differ
ont and distinct styles of Jackets. New
Ynrk, Paris, Beilin. have laid their
tribute at our doors, and their products
oan be lound on our counters.
CUILDKE N'S t'LOAKH in all the latest
lciirn, and in full a.-sortmonU.
KKE EU'S remarkable siiccest and
lnrirn liuinflHS in the Cloik Deuartment
enable them to supply their customers
continually with new goods, new designs,
anil riA.iiln. o-ivn theni every a-trantave of
ellini goods at enormously lower prices
tnn thei' competitors.
CLOAKS meiial for Monday. Seal
Plurh,.-ur Trimmer. 812: Seal Hiuh.Jetl
Trimmed fans uouas at
SO On Berlin Newmarkets at (7 SO;
S(K) In wool Astrachan and Boucle
Jaoketa at $3 50, ti nd 17 ; Children's
Cloaks, all sires, at II 60. These prices
hold only for Monday.
button undressed Mnntuartiire Kid
(iloves at tiUit. worth 11 6Q. In all sizes.
Our guaranteed Foster we eontinue to
sell at SI. A lint of Mouiquetaire
Gloves at OOc pair.
MagniScent Fur Display In oar trim
ming department Kremor's ibo Lynx,
Hudson Bay Sable, Red Fox, Mmk.Urp
oma Sable, Beaver in Trimmints, Muffs
and Boas. Msgoifloent Goat Hair Trim
mings. rpeoiala for Monday 2 inoh Feather
Trimming, in all colors, nt25c; 6 in"h
bandtoina Feather Trimming, worth fi,
at 8."iej Fur Trimmings atoaer yarn;
500 gross Buttius, very hand. ome, at26o
pordoaen. '
HAT SALE-Kremer'a Monday. '
Having purchased 100 eases of Fine
French Felt Uats at aa ooormom sacri
fic, we nffor y onday a Felt 11 at worth
8260for.S5c This bugiin is for Mon
day only, Tn this lot are Uuti in every
desirable shade and shape, and Bon
nets in same assortment. .
RRKMER'S On Monday - Bhow n
enormous line of the newest designs in
fancy feathers at ioc, aud in iuny
instanees will be found three and
four times the amount the price rep
resents. KREMER'S line of Evening Goods will
be found to represent the latest and
newest idea in lullei, U antes, .bro
cades and Trimmings.
OUR tiTNEi OF GOODS in every depart
ment have never been aooompleto, and
never before nave we so nearly ap
proacaed metro, olitan completeness.
ON MONDAY Every lady purchaser
must visit our store in order that they
may do justice to themselves.
91-ICUI. TO TBI ar-riAL.l
Chattanooga, Tknn., November 13
Mardbal J J. Ivins today renewed
bis bond es United rtatei Marshal
the E istera District nf Tennessee, and
it was accepted by Juclae D. M. Key,
Tbe repoit that be would resign ia to
la ly wi'h u, foundation.
Th ofTidiBl fiure3 of- this Congres
sional District, now in, give Col. Neal
a majority of 3C8
A larve Dumber cl tne striaicg
Chicagi batchers are in the city in
search of employment. Tbey say tha'
it will ba a long time boiore toe
trouble U aaliafac'.orily eettled in tbat
:ity. Elaborate arrangements are De-
iog marie for the entertainment of
Charles Dudley Warner, the Harpei's
ana tnetr start oi writers anu arums
who will visit this city the coming
Sale or heat Tliorada.y, N. v. lSlta.
Engagement of the Famous EMMA
Will Be Held Today at the Variant
ClinrchM at the Honrs Named.
Gold Pens at Hulfbrd'B.
Westerst Valsi,
List of undelivered telegrams i
...lain at the Western Union Teleira
Offioe, new voiion Axonanve duiiuius nir
ner Madison and beeond streets. Offloe
hours from to 10:30 a'olook a.m.. and from
8 tow p.m. i
K R Ilart,
C W Ooter. 3
Horrlta lioain,
o r net.
Eee't Meridian,
L RDonelson A Ce
Mrs Mollis Most.
Frlti Bros,
Mn Mattia Stow.
Da. Horton A Bailey.
btewart, Owynne ICe,
J Al uarrer, i
D LOillssple,
Alfred 0 bedell.
Wm P Chapman,
JO Roses,
K 0 Mosbr,
B Hoirhes,
KellosaPrlntlnt Oo,
J B Uoifheriy.
w kbdow,
A Hinaio AC,
7. a Ktes ft Co,
eeorire Williams,
, W f Nesbitt.
o, Pf Jones,
R Joes Co.
A J Kokely,
Mrs K A tiealfe
R Q Letting.
IliU fitannisli,
JB Frsnch A Co,
A Warner,
A Post A Co,
A M Bold A Hons,
fral n, mouaw .1 v,o
Geo B Metoalf,
Wash Coleman,
0 Leppela, '
M 11 UuntW 4 Co,
Jaa Mensoa.
J H liarani, t
RJ Woodt A Co, J
J U Williams,
Francis Smith,
uiu Matty Hidiley.
Patterson , M ull't ACo,
ti (i Williams.
A latin . Maury A Ce. D James.
idiss MaadBuraid, Geo Arnold A Co,
V M uunt.
jfrs H 0 Barrsdale,
T7nn Grant.
R J W ooda a uo, UDserver,
A r Cook. H Morris,
CtK Waleorth Paton.
John (ioisola, A C K Untherpt,
Townsend.CowieACo, Mrs 0 A Pratt,
Mr Tommy Wriiht, W H Wilkinson.
iae. omu Dim toe.
Admits jrea fa see all lb weaaers ef
tn Iflaeaeeals) Veatarjr at sseaia.
I sea's Meseeaa.
Bket Throasb lk Hear!
WiLKaflBAaaa, Pa., November 13.
William m. Hughes, oi uainiton,
well known patron of the turf and
DODular politician of Lucerne county.
gotin'oa quarrel tbie afternoon with
a man namtu uiem wene, oi iwrwica
while at work on a railroad at Oranae
ville. near Bl ioineburc. Wells knocked
lluirtiea down and wis ab mt to kic
him, wheti Hughes drow bis revolver
and fhot Wells through ttie heart, mi
ing liim instantly. Hughes (,ava him
self np.
Diitmoutl Watches, Mnlfortl'"
Abbott, Iterrtlni, Ainnndalo, Fr'eke, Micbe-
lena, Mon'egrinu, rruel o. jjroiiorma,
Alien, B.nuuiuiit, Waid, Morti
mer, Hindlr.
Grand Chorus and Orchestra
Spiritual Ball.KS Seeosd street.
. Jfory's OnfAeoVoi. Poplar street,
Tioes st 7 and U a.m. and :3V p.m.
roners'tare. Union street. The Rev.
N. M. Lon, pastor. Servises at 11 a.m.
and 7:aw p.m.
Omtrol Htlhoiut Canrc. TJnloa atrset.
Services at 11a.m. and T:30 p.m. by Mr.
bam W. Small.
OamierloaJ Pr-bvtenmn. Court street.
Fervk-e at 11a.m. and 7 :M p ra. by the Hey.
. A. J ones, pastor.
r h.,1 i l..wl Nn. 9M Third street, be
tween Jefferson and Court, bervloe sun
and 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Church of Ike Good S' epktrd. Corner Mill i
and Fourth streets. Hervices at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. by the Rer. Henry Dunlap, reotor.
irsf Baptitt. Seryiess at 11 a.m. and 7 :30
p.m.. by the Rot. R. A. Venable. pastor.
Bpeoial services at night. All seats free. All
are invited.
Oeore-us ref Afelnoduf.-Cerner of Ten
nessee and Georgia streets. , Preaohint at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m., by the Rev. D. !..
Moors, pastor.
Second PrubtiUriati Church. Corner Main
and Beale streets. SerTirtjs at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. by tne iter. Jar. rtaymona, oi
Brownsville, Tenn.
LmdtriaU Street PmbylerUin Church.
Corner Lauderdale and Beats atresia.
Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Rev. S.
C. Caldwell, pastor.
Ohleary Caere. Corner of Beoond jn
Adams streets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7 :oS
p.m., by the Rev. Davis Eessums, pastor.
No early communion.
iw-tl Prtkvlri. Corner of Third and
Poular atreeU. Sunday school at V.-39 a.m.
Owing te the absence of the paster, tnere
will be ne services toaay. , .. . .
Chtlma CumManJ. Prvbyltria pkureh.
Corner ol Fourth and Looney stfeets.jber-
vioesbytbe Hev. V. 1. naywioa.-Oi iro,
Tens., at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.. .
i n- rum mf T.tndan SBI
Mulberry atreeU. Seryieesat 10:S0 a.m. aad
7 :3S p.m., by the Rev. J.B. Briney, pastor.
Morning subjeeti "The Conditions of Par
t .--I D i.-i bmmJ afawttLuu Baals.
Rev. A. W. Lamar, paster. Subjset at U
a m. i "A Suoreme Miracle." At. 7:3
o.m.: "Ihe Philosophy ef Thought." All
seats free.
nri ntama Cnraar Vaaes and Lauder
dale streets. The Rer. Geo. Patterson, D
V., rector. Early eommunion at 7 a.m.
morning servloe and sermon st 11 a.m.
srsning prayer ana sermon at 7:30 p.m.
Ami tB, A. M. i. Crc.-Dsaoto
fl.J. vuh iii u In -.in a.m.
and 7:3 p.m. by the Re. Geo.
pastor. Sabbath school at 1 :30 p.m. Music
by Avery Choral Union, Pruf. Geo. Dardia,
Alabama Street Protbyttrian Church. Cor
ner l Alabama street and Jones rnie.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., by Bey.
James L. Martin, pastor. After the morn
ins: services a meeting for the election ot
officers will ba hold.
IiiHpect Slnlford b stock.
Too must see the retea eolleo
lion of cariosities at Hobla'ei'e
sen at.
. . . .. rTT i r" T '
Sparkling with gems. Innlud ng "1
to Lauih ihan Sign." "Ah! Hon
tiful,'" "Dare but Brealhe a hu
Monday and Saturday Abbot aa Turn-Yam
The only company in the Unite" 6tates that
aver gave a comet musical ropraisBta- .
tion of this charming oi era. r.-i
T..iJ.. Ni.ht Viral time In Memvhls.
tn ilonnisetu a urllimui upera,
Tis Better
w Beau-
Wednosdsy Night Bevivsl of the Charming
And alio the eelebratsd Lullaby Rerne from
the beautiful opera ot "EKMIMIB."
Emma Abbott and antire aodoh v.ompaay.
Thankfgiving Matlnee-Priees, l. 75. 50c
lwo rrime uonne ano ivniire.vuuiaui m
; Thursday Qounod'a Immortal Opera,
rrldai-First Urns in Memphis of ths Brill
iant Comic Opira.
The Cobbler and Ihe Fairy.
EMMA ABBOTT and Entire Company.
Saturday Matinee ABBOTT'S "Last Rose
of Summer,"
Prleea-Lower Floor. 1 25; Circle, tl and 75e
308 Front St.
Notice of Dissolution.
Miupuir. Tuns.. November 9. 18?6.
THE copartnership heretofore existing un
der the firm name of Tomlin A Henjes
has bee -I this day dissolved by mutual con-
stnt. Mr. Ueo. W. Xomlin retiring, mr.
Wm. Benjes will oontioue the business on
his own account, assuming all liabilities and
collecting all aocounts due the old firm.
Ti ,u. u ui. j ;-
mr Referring to the above, I respectfully
announce to my friends and to the patrons
of the old firm, that I will remain with my
late partner, at the old stand, where I will
gladly serve thoao desiring anything in our
fine. GBP. W. TOMLIN. .
Wholesale and Retail.
' 1 278 Second Slreet.
v: -- FOU NALE.
MoLemore avenue, near State Female
lege. The property, which is in Green
wood, the most attractive and growing sub
urb of Memphis, consists of five aorea of
ground unsurpassed for healthiulness and
beauty ot looation. containing a large varie
ty of forest and fruit trea, ornamental trees
and shrubbery: a two story residence com
prising ten rooms conveniently arranged,
with ample supply of closets i also, kitchen.
servants1 room, stable, eamage house, coal
and poultry house and several other put
buildings; two good cisterns and a deep
brlck-walledrell with fixtures as a deposi
tory ior milk, butter, lresh meets, etc Con
venient aooass to ths city by street cart and
turnpike. ,
Immediate possession given to purchaser,
price, tSOOO. Jfr terms ef payment apply
a my oflloe, No. 6 Madison at . r telephona
So 669. , , J. W. CLAPP.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
MS Mala SU, Memphis!, Tenn
Practical Pianomakers
ad Repairers f rioaos.Oraana,
And Mustoal Instruments Qenerally.
837 MAIM Mr., MEXPHIre.
' 1). S. KsQiNssa's Orrtos, I
Memphis, Tenn., November 1ft, 1886. J
subject to tho usual conditions, will be
received t this office until 12 ni. ol November
2.S, 1886, to b) then and tere publicly opened,
for levee work tn tbe Pluin Point Reach, to
the approximate amount of 460,000 eubio
For'hlank forms and detailed information,
apply attiiaotLoe. gMrrQ g
Captain of Engineers. V. S. Army.
Mississippi Tennessee R.R, Cfe.
-.,:i ,? , ;t
j. I MJ -K
sMtl Heeftasr er Meek holders.
mHB annual meeting of the steckboldera
me aiHiBiiiivi uu
road uomp
TENN. on
Wedneedaj, NoTember 24, 1888,
at which time a Directory will be elected for
the ensuing year, titookholdere will be
passed over ths road by applying to ths
8. H. LAMB. Secretary.
in iha Miaslssinni and Tennessee Rail-
nad Compaay wUI be held st MKMrlilb.
31. HC1IOXT, .
GRADUATE of the Watchmakers' Acad
amy ot bwilaerland,
Practical Matchmaker and Jewelar.
mar Fine Work a 8peoialty.-
Ko. 7 Rrale Hre-I, Ws-mplila, Tewai
Sluiford'as 891 aialu.

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