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Kgt Orer Tot A Conference Which
MajLead to Something Between
Knights and Packers.
Chicago, Iil., November 13 A. A.
CurletoD, up'Bentirg the General
Executive Board of the Knights of
Labor in connection with the u'ov.k
yards i'rikf, will meet a representa
tive of the packers this forenoon. On
being interviewed, Mr. Carleton
would net commit hlnself on the
question of the probable result tf that
meeting. He raid, however, tl.at
while the Btnke was a local affair only,
he waa here to look after the gooc. of
the entire body, and the terms of i s
settlement would need to have mure
than a merely local significance. He
did not think there was nay proba
biliiy of a boycott being ordered. The
packers haviog rescinded their order
to employ non-union men only, the
strikers were disarmed so far aa a boy
cott was concerned, and the question
at leave was aimply that of hours. The
call wis made on several of the pack
era' offices down town, and nearly all of
thean aaid they were Ignorant ol any
oaateanp'ated -conference ai indicated
in the interview with Mr. Carleton. A
further hunt was instituted, and at
last a gentleman c cely associated
with one of tne members ol toe rack
rs' Eiecutive Committee was found.
He said tbs statement was true. That
the conferenca wou!d take place with
tn a few boors and wonld be attended
bv Mr. Carlftton. Mr. liatelT and Con
areseman Frank Lawler. who would
art as meciitors. Later this Important
piece of Inlormatlon was confirmed by
no less a person than Mr. Hately him
self. He was found alone in his office
and promptly acknowledged that he
wai waiting for Congressman Liwler
and Mr. 'Carleton. Mr. Hately de
clared he did not know how Congress
man Lawler cams to Interest himself
in the matter. "All I know about it,"
he said, "is that I received a m nr suits
from Mr. Lawler, asking If I wonld be
willing to meet nimaelf and Mr,
Carleton at my office this morn
ing. I said I most certainly would.
and I am now waiting for them to
some. Wbat the outcome of the con
ference will be I, of course, cannot
say." This is the flrat intimation re
ceived that Cocgieasaan Lawler has
taken any Internal In the stock yards
trouble. Mr. Hately called the atten
tion of Mfsars.Lawler and Car'eton to
a echeda'e showing the rate of wages
paid at Chlrairo and other places. He
claimed that the rate la Chicago, tak
ing into consideration the ten hour
day, wai 26 nr c si.t higher than any
place else. The enfsrance lasted
until high n on, whtm Mr C,l tin
and Gong-f a inn Lawler were bowed
out by Mr. Hately, who was evidently
in a very happy statr of mind. Hone
of the trio would give any informs ion
about the ta k, except to say tbat it
was of an unofficial and purely private
nature. Mr. Lawler appeared very
anxious to have the fact of hlspns
encs kept from the pubiio, fearing, as
he aaid, that a knowledge that he was
interesting .himself iu the matter
would lead the strikers to
think that the negotiations had
assumed a political complexlou,
and lengthen the deplorable oontest
Mr. Carleton said he had nothing to
say beyond the fact tbat he had a
very full and pleaaant discussion of
the sanation with Mr. Hately, who is
a member of the Executive Committee
of the Packers' Association and was in
hopes that an amioable solution of the
knotty problem would be reached at
an earl v day.
Mr. Hately waa in a non-committal
frame of mind. Hewas willing to say
that Mr. Carleton was the most conser
vative and reasonable of ths many men
he hid talked with, but beyond tbis
he was not willing t go. All was
qaietand orderly at ths yards today.
A Tfwllwr
Kalabl la
Worried to
Chicaoo.Tll., November 13. About
4:30 o'olock this afternoon a crowd of
nearly ZtKO strikers gathered about
the dwelling of the Armour's employe
who was attacked yoeterday while
attempting to move his honseho'd
goods to anothor neighborhood. Tue
iieot the sir. kors spa ns', this man is
owing to the fact that he is a Kuight
of Labor and refused lo gooutwlih
the others. -Ha aetata hid lis goods
apon wag ins ina m erno m when net
npon by tie mob. Compsny K, of
the First H g mnnt, arrived belore
much daniSKe wah done and ouered
the mob, which fell luck. Company
then divided inti detuchmeot),
wmcb were action-d at the s'rent
corners In the vicinity, a pa'rol wagon
load of l'inlie'ton's men being left to
prawt tins udk(iu1 r employe. An
other crowd wa quickly orgauigjd
snd hid nearly overpower-id the
Pmkerlon gud, when Ocimpjny 0,
vi ma cwojnu regimnnt, arrived on a
doable aaick and charired thrombi
the mob, arr.ataJ six men and put
uinsrs 10 rout, in o casualties are re
Inm AfctMilt and llvr UrUriaaji
litnpaa; A ftplenelld
wr.ea wpura.
The announc ment that Emma Ab
bott is cotnint for a week'a -engagement
at toe New Memphis Theater,
commencing Monday, Novrmbir 21M,
will be builfd wHU pleasurasle de
liRht by her Wgion of admirers in
Memphis. "Honest Emma" baa al
ways bean supported by excellent
companies, Dut ti n ataaon she is re
ported as hariug tbs largest and
Strongest compsny she ever hd, and
as printing her operas with the
grandest encpumbie fvir hfard In Ea.
filth epe-a. Thus far the Abbott s a
son has b'en phxiiomenally auoceea
ful, both financially and aitUticallr,
and b'.th the prws and pojU hive
crowned tbem with Wrll desirved
praife. Among the leallng ani-ta
aoppirting Emma Abbott, whose
swtt voire and magnetic pie f nee
"time cannot wlthtr nor tustom
a'alo," are Luin Anraodile, whose
lavoriie c inirtit) wins tier lrih
laurels sacn season Nina B.rtinl.io-
prano; renor mictieuia, tie turd
some Saaniab tenor, who han mm
pletely ma'trrd the EaliRh language
MutniKiin us opi raam nat tongue;
Agistino Mootpgnfl.i, tie i.opu'ar
dramaiic tennr; Uubrt Feumont, an
qnii's light teror; Win. Pruet-e,
uo iix or lua g en ca Hone
Santlyj Vf in. Fr.xinrick, whoss m gni
flofnt bao has no up'rior; Waiter
AI ea, the elegant comedian, who is a
spec. men of toot rare vis, a genuine
Singing camediin; Woi.e Monim r
and Mrie Hindis ui u i sjpr4iio, and
Frank D-ino bBo. Tue cm rns and
orcliertra are en,.eib, aud newly and
expsndvuJy roatumxrl. A splendid
eeries of operas will le g veo du iog
ths Al.lii'.t er.g'gnnjen' opening wii'i
the JapanisH 14, The ilikaii I;
will also t the firt-we.i purl .1 in men
on St'nM'y nfrh', snd Kuim Alibott
AS'T.-n-Vuin' Mipp.ntdd bj hsr tn- ,
tire company, will give the beet pre
sentation yet seen of this opera. Tu'S
day Doniseiti'a famous and historic
opera, Lucrttia Borgia, will be given ;
Wednesday the bt-antiiul tnimu or
JXormandy, wliD tue "ijUliaDy nong
from the New York succer-s. rmt'ri;
Thursdsv a spei ial Thinksgi ving mall-
nes 01 jiuhemuin utn win ub k'ou,
and at night Faud; Friday a bnll'ant
comic oners. Critvino; The Cobbler and
(he Fairy, and at the batorday matinv s
Martha will be sung. The sale of Ye
served stats for this engigement will
csmmeccs Thursday morning, No
vember 18 h, at the box office of the.
Kate ronf-tai lSlr)lle."
Mies Mats Forajth, who is a native
of rbilndeluhia. made some f her
eailieet etepa on tbe stage as a mem
ber of the stock company of Albany,
N. Y., ef which Miss Ada Kefaan was
sIsd a member, and it Is a fact worth
noting that two actresses ho today
enjoy such distinguished positions
should nave worked side by side in
tbe same theater at the very begin
ning of their career. AftT leaving
Albany, which Mits Forsyth did to
ansa me the charming part of "Princea
Katberine"to Mr. George Rignold's
"Henry V.," she appeared in tbe sup-
Jort of several other stars, notably Mr.
obn McCallongb, John Baymond,
Messrs. Robson ic Crane, eto. At the
Cincinnati Dramatio Festival she
won an enthuaiistic success as
"Helen" in the Hunchback. Miss
Mary Anderson being tbs "Jai
ls," Mr. John McOullouah the
Master Walter and Mr. Nat Goodwin
the Modus. Miss Forsyth's brilliant
comedy acting in the courtship icenee,
ably supported by Mr. Goodwin, took
the house by storm, securing recall
after recall from lis vast assemblage.
Miss Forsyth will appear at tbe
New Memphis Theater t em or row
night in her successful comedy
drama. MaretUt,, in which she will
be ably supported by a superior
company, including Frank Loise.
Hairy Holland, 3. H. Filspatrirk and
Burr W. Mclotrsb, Virginia Thorn,
Ethel Graybrooke, Bijou Fernandee,
eto. Miss Forsyth will display tome
beautiful drecses in her play of Afar
eelU, ber wardrobe having been re
plenished by Worth and otner famous
Paris authorities on costumes.
Boblnioa'a Huicnro.
Tartarns, the S.berian wild man,
will appear at Robinson's Museum this
we. k. He was captured by a party of
explorers in the forests of Hibe;ia.
afier a terrific confl ct, and the lo:s of
several lives nf their party, snd was
taken belore the Government of Sibe
ria, where he was placsd in a pit or
cavern, remaining ia raptivity for sev
eral years. Finally the Government
ol Siberia being oflured a special in
ducement, he was exhibited through
out Europe, creating the greatest ex
citement everywhere. Mas er Barney
Nelson, the armless wonder, 8ig. Gio
vanni and his troupe of rducated ca
nary birds, aad Nature's greatest won
der, Emily Landry, the bearded and
hairy girl who is covered from bead to
foot with a growth of hair. Rolls, the
living half lady, the greatest illation
nf theprerent age, and a grand donhle
bill of attractions in the beautiful
theater, presenting an entire new com
pany, and all for tue sum of one dime.
Tns Bureau of Statistics reports that
005.718 bales of cotton were exported
during October, against 607,098 ia Oc
tober, 1885.
Tns last was blus ribbon week at
ths Memphis Clearing Uoue, and
showed ths largtst clearings far any
week on record. -
Visitors on 'Change yesterday: E.
F. Wilbanke, New Orleans; Miss Nan
nie Perkina, Nashville; Mias Klla Per
kins, Nashville; Miss Kallia Brown,
Memphis; P. T. Jones, Tchnls, Miss.;
F. H. Whitney, Atlantic, Is,; 8. R.
Dunn, Greenville, Mies.
Fbou the cotton circular of O. P.
Hunt A Co., is'utd Novembsr 12th.
we quote as follows: "For several
weeks past, or until yesterday'
onr market, in sympathy wiih oth
trs, has exper'enred an almost da'y
decline. Middling, although quoted
at 8 7-16c, has been sold here
freely at fjc, and giod middling
as low as 8Jo. There was really noth
ing In tbe situation to occasion these
extreme low figures rave tbe anxiety
of fitotois to realm1, snd the urgent
and uuctesng nreseure from the
country to tell. Tiade has been good,
the demand active, coneumption of
the raw inateiial larger than ever bd
f.ire known and the nuig n between
tliU and consuming polnis wi lr th in
usual. lodged th demand here has
been something terr.fl,:, aud had it sot
been so Irooly met by our factors,
must have induced a local advance ere
now. The ra'es Imre f idled up 8000,
10,000, 12,000 and 14,000 br.U s per day.
No matter how large the receipts,
there was a demand for it all, and the
daily arilvals were tbaoibad ss f.ttt as
exposed f ir sale. Wiiat the market is
lining to do we dou'i preiend to know.
We do know, however, that cotton is
cheap-that manufacturers are all
making money at the price, and a-e
under remuuerat've contracts for
months to come ' hat there is a bet
ter feeling in coal, iron, slocks, and al
most every commodity known to com
merce, and we can see no reason f r
sny lurt ber decline in our great South
sru staple
CrlralaalCewrt-DaHase, JaSse.
To he tried tomnrrow: Jerry Brown,
mpej J. B.8; e'y.pe'jury; D. I. Jones,
laneuy; Lewie Jtilerton, aasault aad
Circuit Canrl , lds.
W. H. R.binsm vs Williams & Co.,
appealed; W. A. ISmith vs M. U. O .r-
niody A Co., app aled; John f cbelhle
va o, ju uooxwooj and otneia, ep
pealed; J. 0. Franklin VS Acci
dent Insurance Company, appealed:
Schwallmeyer va Biisleo. new trial
granted; Frits vs Koblbry, appealed.
Ca!endr Li t vmorrow: No. tMl,
Ann McG.U vs Dr. 11. J. Shaw; 9017,
Amelia Johnson vs Tom Brown; BHXt,
P. J. Jllick 4 Co va Ed Stack; 777,
o. rurk and wile vs W. 11. llerron;
Otoe, William 1. hhads vs Taxing Urn
tr.ct ; C033. Toof. Puiillrs A Co. vs E.
R. lLrt; 7111, hallie P. Clendennin
vk Memphis snd Ctisrlealon lallroid;
8031. 11. E Andrews vs U. W. Smith:
8J1 1, L. B. EU.n vs Mall'da bteger
and others; 8437, New York Iron
Paint C;muany va Milburn Gin and
Machine Company.
PiRiiAPs no local disease has p 11 ailed
ard I. allied the niediral prof on
mireihn na'sl ra'ar.h. While not
iinrnedietely fatal it ia among the ni at
ri-trBfing, nau-ieons and ttirgnstmg
ills the fl-sli ia beir to, and the recnnie
show very few or no ernes of radical
cures nf chronic CnWrb by any of the
nu t' u l nf modfS ol treatment unt 1
the iutiodnc iou (if fciy's Oreani Ha m
a fow years sgo. Tbe rucc ss tf this
prerata 1 n has been most giati.'iiug
and eurpnning.
RIGHT Ui m GRisflD
P.rejceedlsgsof tbe Legislative Coon
' cll,Yegterdy Switch Engines to
Have Spark Arresters, v
A meeting of the Legislative Coun
cil wsa held yesterday afternoin at 3
o'clock. The committee appoitt'd to
report on tbe matter of the applica
tion of the Memphis and Iron Moun
tain railroad for right of way through
certain streeaof Memphis repor:ad in
favor of tbe grant, and submitted for
approval a contract embjdying tbe
fol'owing features:
Ths Cumnany to have tbe right to
enter upon Kentucky avenue (known
as Sixth atreei) at ttie junction of Iowa
avenue (known as Jackson street,
south boundsry of Taxing District)
with its lines from tbe Miatiarpi
river as now located or ai may here
after be modilied, and to lay down,
maintain and operate with locomotive
power a double track railroad on either
aide of tbe central line of said avenue,
said tracks not to exceed tbirteen fee'
from center to tenter, snd to be of
equal distance from tbe central line of
Kentucky avenna frona Iowa aveone
to the couth line of Georgia street, and
crossing all intervening streets snd
alleys in the route; thence diverging
across Georgia street either to tbe
right or lelt or direct, as may be
deemed beet, in order to enter npon
the depot grounds to the btst advan
tage; thence throanh said grounds to
and acresa Calhoun street, with s view
of connecting with the Lou sville, New
Orleans and Texas Railroad Com
pany in Tennessee. Abo an
other line aoroas (aid Calhoun
street in order to ' connect
with the Kansas City, Springfield snd
Memphis railroad rn their grounds
on the north side of Calbonn street.
A single track railroad Is slso granted
npon Broadway s'reet from Kentucky
svenue to tbe Memphis snd Charles
ton railroad at or near Gill's Sta
tion, with ths right to lay s connect
ing switch from its own main line on
Broadway to connect with the Missis
sippi snd Tennessee railroad; this
said t'aik to curve from its main lines
on Kentucky avenue, on the east side,
near Virginia avenue, and to rnn to
Broadway, crossing the tracks of the
Kansas City railroad to ths north side
of Broadway, thence along Broadway
and parallel with tbe main tracks of
said Kansas City railroad, to a con
nection with the Memphis and
Charleston railroad.
. The right to oloe Clay and Webster
stroets between Tennessee street on
the east and Sixth street on the west,
and all the alleys be ween said last
mentioned streets and between Cal
houn street on the north and Georgia
street on ths couth. . - -
The railroad company agrees to
grade and pave with rubble s one or
gravel at the option of the District,
tbe entire road way, from curb to curb
of Kentucky avenue, aUo to furnish
and maintain a stone curbing of twenty-four
inches depth and s!x inches
tnickner-s on both sides nf Kentucky
avenue; also, to pave all intersecting
streets lor a distance of fifty feet east
and west on the streets, and ten feet
east and west on tbe alleys ; also, to
build a stone culvert six feet epan
acro s the ravine on Kentucky ave
nue; also, to build a freight depot of
brick or stone between Calboun and
Georgia streets, within five years.
Alter the contract had been read it
waa approved snd signed by all tbe
members of ths Coanuil pre ent, Pre
sident Hadden withbo'dmg his aig na
ture for the present until be has nude
a mors careful examination of the
terms of ths contract,' assisted by the
advice of Oily Attorney Walker.
It was ordered that tbs switch
engines of railroads rannlng through
Memphis be required to be provided
with spark arreslers, snd to ba in
spected once a year by the Boiler In
spector and Chief of the Fire Depart
ment. Toe following order bs pissed,
condemning certain locomotives:
Ksm'.v.d, That locomotives Nos. 3
and 11, In use by tbe Memphis snd
Charleston Riilroad Comcany, being
in an unsafe condition, be and (he
same are hereby toudemned.
A petition of the Barbers' Associa
tion praying far the passage of aa or
dinance requiring barber shops ti
cIofo on Bund ly was rend and n ed.
Ou account of the absenoe of the
necessary quoiuin for the considera
tion of prot.oals for street lighting, no
action waa taken on that subject, aud
ths Council adj turned. ;
1. w.
X. Brewno, N. BOS Second
tunes. , r
The already large and constantly
increasing dtmiudior thorough snd
saultary plumbing has nec atsitated
the carrj ing of large stocks 1 ot
supp'lea in the latest and most ap
proved styles of bith tubs, waeb
stands) water cloeits, traps, cock,
valves, etc., ss well as the employ
ment ot a large fores of the meet
skilled and reliable woikmen, in order
to execute promptly the orders tor this
work, and "Browne, the number,? 11
prepared to fuily supp'y tae wants ol
tbe city and surrounding country. ; It
is n.)t necetsary, or even profitable, to
?;o elsewhere fur plumbing work, 01
or the lines in which Biowne is en
gpged tbat is the furnishing of gas
and Bteam pipes, cock", valvea, inspi
rators, stasia pumps, a .tings and an
gina trimmings for ths country and
city trade which is curried in large
quantities and all sixes, from six inch
pipe aud fittings down to ths
smallest a'aes, and in order to
fill tbe ordeis of ths jobbing trade
as well as nit .In and factories promptly
and in the b Bt manner, Mr. Browne
has recently added steam power in
his establishment with capicily for
cutting and threading pipes from the
smallest lias np to and Including
eight inches in diameter, which is
equal to the capaoity of any honaa in
the Weator South.
In the gas fixture line the largest
stock and most varied selection of
neweet dea'gns are to be fc and here,
aud at prices as low as in the Enstern
markets. 1 may be proper to Ray
her that tbis house is now the oldest
snd med successful in this lins in the
city of Memphis, and it will prove to
tbe interest of ali to place their orders
with J. W. X. Browne, 54 Stcond
street. ,
8. O. Rigers and wife to G. L.
Thompson, 100 acres nf land knjwn
as the O ark tract, for $500.
G. L. Thompn to I. A. Heard, jr.,
In trust to aeenre S600, 100 acres ol
land known rs the Clark tract.'.
T. B. and Lena Turley to Annie
Bertschr. fjr Stf.iO. lot 12. the weet
2d feet if lot 13, Allen atd Looney'a
Misa CiSRia M. Kkatino. Dlaniat.
may be found at the GayoaO Hole1,
Prldaty llnnne, '
(Formerly fommercial Hotel.)
Cor. Front and JrflVr-iiti tin . Meinphli,Tenn
J, Jl. P.idut, Prop'r, 1 f Richmond, Va.
iraotieoi raieg, i :aj 10 94 insr u7.
WR A.ikini. Ohio
W Muilitii. T'no
T J Mil th, VM
3 (1 Turner, Tf na
.1 V B ad. Tenn
i' O Will, m,,)
A J Wi.li.au, Ark
LDraun, Ark
K it KutUnd, Ohio
G M Bnldwin, Ark
A West, Mir-
L V Lew i, Km
T Hh.aliu, Ark
N I) CKion, 1ml
W II Moriran, Mias
1, N'V.r, Arc
W L Mi, Tenn
S V I'ilkei. L
f! A Stociley. Tepa
jt 11 Drown, i .
J II tiarrin, Tnn
J Anile"on,Ttnn
It I. I'riddy. Tenn
J Whit Aw, Mm
. J'li llauirhertr, Ark
. I M Fancy. Ohio
H Itoweii, Obio ;
I. UU.vii, Ala 1
lll.arkin.Mo ,
II linbert, Aik
. Mr. Uendley. Ark
,V TriiUDoa, Ala
.1 Mib. Ho
J Cure. Tens 1 '
l,'urne. Miss r
. -KB'iyd, Krv k
M 11i!ton'Tt Kh.ro. Us
KTbofB.Ark ' - "t D V llotbotu, Ark
K 0 Wilaan-. Mini
N K .tronff. Mitfl
ti J Vluceni, Miss
It P II enn, Ark
K D Kodaeri. MiiS
II CCikhi r. Ark -II
0 Jonet, Tens
J G JeBkins, Mo
Ja) Meivio. Kf ,
i Watioo, Mm
II II Nnlun. T.nn
j I' CunoiuKham, Tex
Y Y 11 ibcock, 111
Y M Kioipn.n, Milt
C L C'Utlicr, Ark
H Peter!, Tenn ,
11 Northip, Mo
T B Davie kt. Mill
D V Kyan, Tenn.
. BaS'iIare.taaHelel,
Gornor of Adftmi anil Main itraeta. Rooma.
ftlie, TlSe and II par day; American Plan,
ti per day. Firat olui ReeUorant in tb
UoUl . H. DUFFY (10 yean with Pea.
Hotel), rroprtetor.
B Stereo", Tens K J Lewii, Tens
WOWalten.Mo -i K J Millar, N X
D Carral, Tenn C W Pool, Fla
J 0 Nolan. Tean ' T M Andrewi, Ind
W RemhardtrTasn II M 8milb, La
W H Hood, Tonn KL llarrey, Mill
HFlIill. Tena WCTCope, Oa
JLnka.Trnn 1 3 Merrer, Mo ,;
H Piokatt, Ten-. K I) Turner. Tel
B P Roblnion, Tenn KBJobnion, Ma
T B Htobbi, Miia . W M Btewart, Tax ;
RJWilion, Tex ' J Jor Ian. Stiis
L R Ooa d, Tnn ' A J Ward, Tenn
PMMomi, Tenn J W Spara km. Tens
W 0 Elliott, Tex Mn Baker Aa, Miia
H G Dutoher, ta'-J - J Walker Aw, T.nn
W M Ball. Tai
a nai,.r..,i,iil
T A Wria-ht. Tenn
R J Benner, Ohio
CO Wildman.NY.
8W Jon.i, Tenn
PJonei. Tann
J Cox. Tena
W M Feel ay. Ark
J R Miller, Tena
A BIlerrli.T.x '
H Narbeni, Tex
PH 1 on aura, lad
RTCullen, Ey "
H S Lewia, Tena
O B Arthur, III
W Moorina, Miaa ,
B Hawkins Tenn 1
W II Cannon, Tena
I) O Fersu.on, Tenn
J Conner, jr. Tenn
H W Hol, Tena
J II MoLemore, Tex
D Vankroklen, Tann
RJ Er.aon, Kt.
TW Blaok, Ark
W M Cooper, Qa
A J,Bur on, Tena
U Robinion, Mo
H L Mini", MiK
W L Koaere, Mo
RT llsmmnnd, Mo
TWFienoh, Me
K Swift, lenn
W A Kimi, Tena
B F Brown, Tenn
T O'Connor, Tena
A Ward, Tenn
J U Cook, Tenn
J L Malona,'Ark -K
B Border, Mo ,
K M Garden Aw, Ark
I MoConnell, Mo.
Cliuiloa'i Hotel. ... '
W. a. BINQUAM....- Misior.a.
European plan. Enlarged and refarnlahsd.
Prion aooordinf to ilie and loca
tion of rooma.
J M"ieland. Min W P Went, Ark
II O lied, wo. Tax Mil) A Williaua, Ark
B K W Heeler. Km J 0 Anderaon, Mill
J F Keranion, Tann V Brrndea, Ky
I 0 Parker, Me JAAtkini, Va
W A Hill, wAI, Tenn C 0 Hinaia.M C
WO Brown, T.nn T K Hill. Tenn
OHCulleni. Mini RC William, Mill
Mi l K A Jonei.Tenn 1 II Hiuiih, Koi
Mn C Anderaon, Ala W HnddleiUin, Ala
L P Burna. Mo
j P Warren, Tnn
BKWatkins. Tenn
J 11 Alley, Tenn
J J Hwift. Tenn
11 o. rt in, tuy
Mra Wilnon, Ark '
Manter Waik-nn.Tenn
W B Hosktna, Ark
Mra Harrison Aa, Ark
U A W . I . .
T J Vliuimn.T.nn M A Sienel. 1 a
J M Harria, Tenn W F Wiiliama, Ark
A W Herenaood. A.k M Pletchur Aw, Tenn
Miaa M Ury.n, Tenn J U uonser. lex
I U II...I.I.I a.k- n l llnop.,1 v
C P Howard. Va
I W Little, Ky
(i W Johnion, Tenn
J Kinman.Ark.
Mra Lym.n, Ind
Mra T O B nd Ao, lie
rt W R Corlia, III
EOTollinier. Pa
B B Beeoher.Tenn
W F llauiaer, Tenn
0 Nieaamp, Vo J K Renr, Va , .
J K Murphy, Tenn.
rriibudy Hotel.
0. B. OALL0WAV CO ...Pnor-arsToaa.
Ratei U oU and 13 per day. accordmx to
Ilia and location of room Boeoial
P T Jonea, Mill
J W Keiler, Ky
D 0 Kelly. Tenn
J L Driver, Ark
0 Fitagarald, Tina
H Hrevluj.N Y
J Nai.h, Tenn
R U Tbornton, Va
U WVatera, NT
F Perch, Tex
F P Gray. Ark "
M fchwab, Mo ,
J R Cowan, Tenn
H lleiakell, Tina
JFWilbank, La
B Curry, P
W M Katlena, Ohio
F J Boeaae, N
J P Edmond'on.Tsnn E Moaby, teon
ODWeeka, Ky
r u jonoa. tens
H W.inhard, N Y
J B 00k. Ohio
A 11 Webber, ill
W F Hurok, Mo
UT Wright. Ka
JLIiloway, Ohio
C B Burgeai. N Y
J Dornette, Ohio
U H Veit, N Y
J O Nerin, N Y:
E H Ward, Fla
A Stuart. NY
U Kreimer, Ohl
J K UHininond, N Y
T II Ktn
art, mo
K L r-priaa, Ohio
L F Ilalbers Aw, MlaaA R Hutton, Tend
U w llowen, lean
J J Bakrow, Ky
A Q Oman. KV
W B Jonea. MiM
C A Birnie, Maaa
CKCNrkeAw, Ky,
I W T '
H (1 Harm
, Mill
D M Woodbury. Mo
W E Ruaell, N Y
TPhnriell NY
J Eokert, Mo
Jee Swoepa, Ohio
C M Kahn, Ohio
(1 V 'latum, Ky
P T Jnn. Mi, I
U r HoberU. Mo
W II Hihlebrand, BI
A D GiOin, Mo .
J McDonald. Ms
II 11 Matlaok. Ky
J II ynne. Ark
A B Troadw.ll. Tenn T Simma, Teon
W P Wilion, Tena J M Wi.aoo, l enn
0 II Johnion, N X 8J.ckoo.NY,
B ( handler, Ala M Mitchell, Ala
B J Heiulof. N Y J Blnnd, N Y
8 M Mury. Ia W J Miller, la
BCnllum.la W SanHofi, Ia -CBJoneo.Ala
' W Mitchel', Ale,
CBJauiea, Ala 1. R J.i. e, (la , 1
T K r-hnrp, Va K R Tranurd, Fla
F Morrill, Dot H K (Iravea, fa
O lloiipe. NY J l Mur-ay, Va
Mra J V Pitta. Pa HA MnHatr, Pa
V ' Olarka, V JMBr.an. Md
0 II Kyoa, NY 0 K Howard, N
AVYounir, NY J N I Ipacomb, 8 C
J Allen. Mo AEConrd, SC -1
K Karraa, Md W II irriut.) Fla
J H McFarlaud.Maia W it lUificld. M V
JOlirer. N Y , J A D..u .Ury, Mioh
0 Prald, fc.ng-.and. , 1
The Mew ttnyoao.
PnofHitroga t
Ohab. O.Roth Manager. :
Ratal ti 50 to4 per . ay, according td leoa-
tlrajof rjomi.
Dr 8 R Dunn, Min W II Wollard, N Y
lir E A liibrel. Mill J K B ake, M jai
II M Stone, Tenn Jm Kielly, Mo .
T L Reynold , tenn R V Munro, N Y
JnoW Fitch, Ky LJiSlren, NY
J B Portwooii, hio K It Miicholl, Tlun
J . W bile, lenn 8 Newwahl, Pa
C Conrad. Mo . 6U M.rabail, Mo
J A liloklnaon Jr.Ark A Wittema,N Y
1 P Bone, Tenn Miaa lwarr B.ma, Tann
T L Koaa, Mini I S Uunromb, Miaa
Mra Williama.Mia A ' McKinnny. lenn
11 It Wa-hburn, My
B L Blaokbarn. Ind
F H Anderaon, Ky
K J Ballard, Miaa
U U Neldon, Ark
80 1 Moyaea, III
T H Dowoe, Mail
0 M Burnei, Ala
Chae llainaa, Mill
J R Miller, Ark
K M King, Tann
II R Hodgei, lena
J M Bimnoer, NY
Mira Hutctiini, N I
N M Aui-tin. Ark '
K 11 Wilhera, Mill
P 0 Brao, Mo 1
RSGr fflth, Ala '
II (1 Kendall Aw. Mo
J 1 Bboock. Mioh
B M Adaim, Mo ,
M J Thomaa. Ind
C G N.Iron, Ohio
0 8 t ruai, Pa
O 8 Murray. Mill
B I, Wright, Ark,
B B Calhoun. Ark
H M Green, Ala ,
II M bonnelh,
J K 8imp on, Ky
O W Birber, .Viiaa
M J Keynolila. Ark
F Sherwood, Tenn
n 11 Ahbitt, Mo
E B UcUhte. Iqd
8 E Hoeae. Ky
M LTowuiand, Mlai
11 Robinion, Mo
Mini vloyrei. III
M B Morriaon, Ala
U II White, Mill
J B Helme, N X ;
J 8 Smith, Ark
b M Atwood, linn
E I liutoblni Aw,N Y
CK J.ii.ei, Ark
W B Ladd, Ark
C A Turner, laa
J B Martin, Mo .
CT bill. La . 1
K B aundera. Tenn
K 8 Stowe, Mo
BL F.okier. NJ.
B A Jonea, Mo
A J Hunt, Ind
J W l,,na d-oo, Pa
W W Long, Miai
K J .lamiaop, Taaa
GJ Bell, Ark , ,
J 0 Careg. Ala ' ' ,
J M Tomy, Ohio
J L Freeman, Ky '
L li Morton, Miai
A I Ward, liri
J M Erickann, Mall
1 J I'noe, Tenn
n r u .
II J V.,..n. Tann
j F Taylor, Mlia.
J U Mng, xeno .,
The Nine Demandeof Llberallam.
Naw York, Novmbpr 13. The
American tcular Ui.i in Congress
elected tbe foilwiaz officers at ita
session todiy: Pr'deut, Ooitoey
Palmer; trea urrr, Eugene McDonald;
tecr. ttry, H-imuei P. Putnam; vire-
F residents, Charles Watt', Kobert G.
nirerenll, J hn E. Kemsberry, T B.
Wnktmon, Maltie P. Krekel, James
Panon, Horace Mpav r, Wili am Ai(rie,
K b.rt V. Adam, Titus L. B"wn,
Hrlen H. Uanlnrr; p a rman ol Ea-c-utive
Coinm't:ee. O.iarlrs E.k'.ard;
and chairman cf Finance Commi t e,
Ens ns McD )i a d. Kes iluHons were
aciop'ed rtcommt-3di: ir tbat tbe soci
ety tue ita bt en.iHav.ira to cairy nt
tt e nine demand of lib-ralia ja. CI.
Kobert U. Iugersoll redded.
NOVEMBER 14 1886.
A Common Cold
ti often the beginning of sorious affec
tions of tlia Throat, Bronchial Tulies,
and Lung. Therefore, the imiiortaiire of
enrly and effective treatment cannot be
ovcrcstiraalctl. Ayer'a Cht-rry Tectoral
may ahvaya be relied upon for the ppceily
cure of a Cold or Cough.
Last January I wna attacked with a
severe Cow, wiucn, ty neglect aim irw
quent expoiurea, became worse, finally
ctlllns on my luna. A terrible vouh
soon followed, aceoinpank-d by pains in
'he cheat, from which 1 luiTereil intensely.
Aftar trying various remedies, without
obtiilnliiK relief, I commenced taking
Ayer CUcny l'ectoral, and was
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied that this remedy saved my
inc. duo. w cosier, rawiuekct, u. i.
I contracted a severe cold, which sud
denly developed into Pneumonia, present
ItiK daiiKi'roua and obatimite symptoms.
My pliyHlciun at once ordered the use of
Ayers unerry rectorai. uta iiiHirucuonr
were followed, aud tbe recult win a rapid
and permanent cure. II. E. Sliupaou,
uogers 1 laiile, rexus.
Two years ago I suffered from a severe
Cold which settled on my Lunci. I con
sulted various physicians, and took the
medicinal they prescribed, but received
only temporary relief. A friend Induced
me to try Aycr's Cherrv rectors). After
taking two bottles of this medicine I waa
cured. Slnce'thenl have given the Pec
toral to my children, and consider it
The Best Remedy
for Colds, Cough, and all Throat aud
Lung diseases, ever used In my family.-!-Itobcrt
Vanderpool, Alcadvillc, Ta.
Some time ago I took a slight Cold,
which, being neglected, crew worie, and
settled on my lungs. 1 had a hacking
cough, and was very weak. Those who
knew me best considered my life to be
lu great danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using Ayer's Cherry
1'ectornl. Less than one bottle of this val
uable medicine cured me, and I feel that
I owe the preservation of my life to ita
curative powers. Mrs. Ann' Lockwood,
Akron, New York.
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral Is considered,
here, the one great remedy for all diseases
of tbe throat and lungs, and is mure
in demand than any other medicine of ita
class. J. F. ltoberts, Magnolia, Ark.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer k Co., Low.ll, Vim.
old by Jjruggiiu. l'rlce $1; elx boiUe., SA
Physician and Psychologist.
DR. VANCE has perfeeted hlmaelt in pay
oholoir, and ia prepared to treat dii
oaiei of nervoul origin bj entl.elr new
methods. Ilia therepeuiloi ia addreaaed prin
cipally to tho hither brain oenteri of ipirit
nal activity, whole influence on lower func
tion!, nervoul and bodilr, il piramnnot. Al
matter of the lawi aoverning payoho phrai
cal phenomena, be ia oonfldmt that renultl
will meet nil oiott aanguine axptotittioni.
fIlo 87 1-3 Drain Street.
For ."V-. And
Tho oialr prrffiet anballmta for
Mmner'a Mlia. InvaHihlein bolerat
rHn.nra ! aeeiiiuiK, a pre al
iened food for IyP pilea. Coninmp.
Uvea, t'oavalMteols. A peneot nutri
ent tn all Mnalinc IImmm. Kequiraa no
oookina. Our Book. The euro ana feetf-
IBK ef InloailM, mailed free.
Beaton. Mass
"To the VICTOR the LAUREL"
Pr-minnt in very highar quality, the
HANAN SHOE hat bacom th racogm;d randatd
lor fma waar among diKriminating gtrntlamtn.
A Man with Brain and onaolrnoe
will drop petty predjudirrs curekmly picked up
when truth knurl: nt i lie door. Such urr invited
to try one pair of ' Hannn's" shnfii. W'e know
trie result : every mnn who wwrttn the ben and
finest article in the murk el will become a perpet
ual " lianan" nun.
1 oung
Man .
Or jrour da are numbered.
Ilraih. I.uaao or far-
IjnUo'your llnl l,.w.
rn threaten yon. raua In
voiiroonna of aeoret aliu.
and excen. Pauieandiee
In the
Craigio Rectal Pearls
A leeuni; cure 01 wm your " ninwii i.raian,
Karlr Decay and Fu'ure Miiery. M f
II Am reator.d to perfext mnfUaoel.
I' d laatini Pwr. Our aplendid Medical
Work lent free (naiad). Iodoraed bf
London lloctin. t
C'ralclx Hrdlenl rileiie(Aan. Braaeb),
35 Naaaao atreet. New York. 1
M.t or llw diMvua hioh ..! m inland n uiifiin
ailjoaiuiHlliy .uiMorUereilooiidjtlonol Ui. LIV tR,
Vur all eoraiiliuma ot Hit. kiud, wal ae 'lu-VKliljt ul
the Unr. UilKiuiuiiMa, Narvmi. Lrl"PU. lnilie
Una. Irruljinur ol the b. Com. ipu. t iua
ioy, KraoUtiou. end burning ol u. .w'oimu
IMm.'lunn. ciimi uoaniiurD,, zniua.,
BI1 Flux, Dliill. uid K.v.r. Brktne r.er,
kmluiution tnlore or after Vetera, Unroolp Ihu-
rlMBa. Ua ol AppetiUL lleadaotie. ool Brauo,
imHrniariHa bkiimoui wu r-m-., "- -.
F.ina. rVuk.uOK ae., a. STADICSK'li
AUR AN ill w InvaluablA, n t
nvaluablei. It not o
f.ar au aiwa-a,but will CURI
chAQM tti cHNiipJtixva txvtn a wjl. jrvilow Un,
Vf aWIVftn oTQMACH ao
In av niilil v haAlt :. . . ai aaiumv
Sltaumjr nHrit. ii ia ocU ol Uf AUralir
aarvi 'nrv.f of tk tiitmU, mmd M pawaaV. tomie.
For aal by all Uronrieta, Prtoe ai.00 per botUa,
C. F. STADICE-R, Proprietor,
l0 BO. FRONT ST.. Phlladolph B, Paw
at year own home, I
num. and a new
d euoenea'ul .''alls
by ont who waa deal
twent.-eji-ht . Tre.ud b moat of
the noted neialiau without benefit. Crtao
aiaiiLr in tliree month., anH alnce then
bun1re.li of ot era. i'uli p'rllcu ari lent
ea application. T. 8. PA K.
oo. il ireit Slit itraat.fiew Hora uny.
vsaptL'xjyiaaaK. '
t- , a i wa
oots and Shoes
arT in Riyira we are nreoared to til order! lor ipooial liiai at 0 hXJ KA. CObl, tha
waWtof al "bJfu S SllTn without baing oompollai to buy .ood. not neodad.,
a.n.T,nsTP arun rATAr.nat.w ant Purrie f.tot Man.ain wfkst.
1 DEAN A LILLY ... dia.olr.d on Nor.mber 9. U38. JOHN LILLY
M.,n,,hi.. Tenn..Noemlir 11. Wo. . ivna laabi,
WM DEAN, Pria't I JAMES BEILLT, Vloe-Proi't. I JOHN LILLY. Baa'y and Trow.
Coifeo Roasters, Spice Grinders.
Importer and Wholesale Daalcrala
Too,s, CoffeeSpSpioes
205 Main Street, Lee Block, Memphis.
Wm noaw Inh. Ullr. . Wavlw. Jamra Ralllw. ' W H !.,,.
T.B.aIHS,Prei't, GEO. AKHOLD, .-Proa'a. W. H. KEHHED AT, See'w
citizens Insurance go,
teConntry Stores, Dwellings and' Qlnhonsea a Specialty..
I&-Leases Adj na ted Promptly, and Paid at Memphis.
Window Shades, Picture Bail Mouldings and Jlixed raints.
yo. 885 SECOSD STREET. .... MI MPniS, TER
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors,
Hw m Main Street, Oayi
Speer's Cotton Gin
Haling from Mulberry
t&" Insurance and Sacks free.
I-The Largest and only Complete Gin In the city.
Best Yield. Best Sample. .
Quarter or a Century in
Nos. 322 and 324 MAIN
Yholesale Grocers
mmi. kB .Ul'vaa.
T7hlesle Grocers, Cotton XTactors
And Conftilsslsn Hsrchints,
232 filial 234 Front SI, Ucmpliis, Tczi
Birwm aVaaun
lb. X. S. UDn aTUa ate wole Urn la
TVo. S3 1 Front Ntreet, Tor.
M, m. nar, w. m. aiejaTrvai, . w. ..
Taa af J. B. tu A SaaJ Lata of MaaaaaH k Hartom. Lata of Ballay . Oaytiatffli
BaaMrrtUa. J
860.383 Tront Street Memphis Tenn.
JN0 S. I00F. X. L. MoQOWAN.
oo Iciowan S Co.
Yholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
"k'And Dealer) In iTefee'anil Jta'lroad ;Sypplle.' TTTTZ
tia.Hiit Front ' Stt eet""' -"". Tennessee
W 1,11 A j
to St. Martin Streets
the Hardware Business.
& Cotton Factors,
Taw. ClarM. al. J. 31aufc.
amb ivnuw
Ua walk alaa aal aala of all Oattafj aal
Union, Bfemphl, Tenn.
W. fl. PATTKS0H.

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