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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, November 14, 1886, Image 9

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Cotton Strong-Middling, 8 1-2,:
Sales ienterdaj, 4600
Money continues in gocd demand a.
& pet cent. Local securities firm and
advancing. The cotton market web
strong; middling, 8 Jo. Sales, 4000
bales. At New York spots firm;
middling, 9 3 16c Futures firm,
and 4 to 5 points higher; Novem
ber, 9.C9 9.06c.
A leading .New Yoik cotton circular
sayacf the speculative market : The
market wg active and more exci'.ed.
Early in the day there appeared to be
a little hesitation, with a fiaciion lest
on some month, bnt a renewal of the
coveting dtmaud, accompanied by
come new buying order", infused re
newed s'renghf nd added 5 to 6 points
further to cast, though point was
lost just before the clcse.
At New Orleans spots were strong;
middling, 8 9-16c. Futures steady
and 5 ti 6 points higher; November
At Liverpool spoti were good busi
ness, hardening; middling, '5 3-163.
Futures steady and 3 61d higher; November-December,
5 3-643.
The general market prewnts a
rmar feelirg. .....
Oce hundred and fitly brls apples.
128 pkgs. butter, 821 rls bagg'np, 18
pkgs bacon, 5 pkge boots and shoes,
1090 bu com, 549 pbgscheeee, 300 ska
coffee, 23 care cotton seed, 15,203 ska
cotton seed, 105 pkgs dry good?, 57
Fkgs eggs, 246 brls flour, 19 pkgs bats,
16 hd hogs, 106 hd cuttle, 12 hd horsea
and run es, 3i0 pkgs lad, 60,000 ft
lumber. 25 pkgs liquors, 173 br!s mo
lasees, 000 bu oate, 150 br'B potatoes,
14 cars ptrk sides, 425 brls sugar and
157 pkgs tobacco.
The following shows the amouot ot
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by recu'ar elevators, as reported to the
Merchants' Exchange; yesterday:
Wheat ;n storo, 1045 bu. Cprn
withdrawn, 219 bn; in store, 10,270
bu. Oats-r-ieceived, 3320 bu; with
drawn, 2914 bu ; in store, 201,926 bu.
j Mrltnlljr Qnfttatlona er Cottoa
011 Trutf and New York Em
chance Mtocka are open lo tbeao
,?. Interested, at mr office.
i 9 Madison St, Memphis, Teun.
Money In active demand at 8 per
-cent TheCleating House report is
as follows:
Saturday, November 13th, $310,
S54 29; total this wek, $ ',704 544 62;
total last week, $2,493 884 41; err
responding time in 3885, $2,008
808 25; corresponding time in 1884,
$1,761, 17 i 67.
Saturdry, November 13'h, $79,
692 99; total this week, 1563,49c 34;
total last week, $134,418 80; corre
sponding time in 1885, $529,124 77;
corief poudiiig time in 1884, $331,
633 10.
New Yoik sight on all paints,
dbcoutt buying, par selling; New Eng
land demand, dieconnt buying; New
England sight, discount; New Or
leans, i discount buying, par selling.
Bank ot Commerce146 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
Rate National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planters-ISO bid, 153 aked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid,137J asked
Bluff City-
...100 bid. ... asked
Hernando .....
Memphis City.
Factors ....
100 bid, ... asked
.76 bid, 80 asked
....1021 bid, 105 asked
.......80 bid, 83 asked
98 bid, 100 asked
107 bid, ... BBked
25 bid, 26 asked
35 bid, ... asked
20 aeked
Shelby Co. warrants. ..97 bid, 98 a?kid
M. A O. R. R. sbares.,.38 oid, ... aeked
M. A T. R. R. shares. ..45 bid, 50 asked
M. A O. consols, 7a '..119 bid, ... asked
M.4L.R, let m. 6s.l05 bid, ... asked
Mise.AT.R R.cs. A. ..Ill bid, 113 asked
Miss. AT. R.R. cs.B101i bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J.83 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 aeked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6a 971 bid, 98 aeked
Tax. Diet 6s 104 bid,1051 asked
Mem. G s bonds KM bid, ... aeked
Mem. Water bonds... .97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid; 65 aeked
Am. Cot. Oil trnsts F4 bid, 55 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 asked
Menu Stor. Com. Go..l20 bid, 125 asked
Mem. Has stock 75 bid, 80 asked
New Yobk, November 13. Money
on call quiet at 47 per cent Prime
Mercantile paper 4 (a 5c. Sterling
Exchange quiet, but steady and un
changed. -
Bonds Government bonds we e
dull and ateady. State bonds were
dnll and firm.
Stocks The stock market was again
extremely irregular, though prices in
the morning snowed gains, which, in
many cases were lost in the afternoon.
The prominent advanwa.j-aa nsnal,
were in the vpernal stocks while New
York and New England and Manhat
tan were specially wet k. The reports
of rate 001,11117 in the west seemed to
have little effect upon piices, as did
also the unusually favorable bauk
statement There waa more activity
in the grangers and Omaha was es
pecially strong. Lackawanna was run
np on the afternoon, bat most of its
gain was lost in the last hour. Almost
all the low priced stocks except Lake
Kiie and Western were firm to strong.
The .'opening wts iirega'ar but de
clines from hat evening's final prices
were in the majority. Lackawanna
however, was np . A ba'f d'isn of
stocks monrpol r-d the interest in the
early trading, the general lift being
dull. Prices ahowed tooio week') ess
in the first few minutes, but the mar
ket scon rallied and advanced steadily
with a few exceptions until altar 10
o'clock. In tl.e lest roui beavy real
ising c&irled pr cea back, and the mar
ke. clcsed iaihtr heavy. Sales, 310,-
990 ahsree; Wet Poiot 31,83d and
Lark a wanna 17,840 The final cba-(:e
are irregular, bnt in a irtaj r:ty of
cases for lower figures. Manl-attun
lost 2lni New Eng'aud 1. Ch.ttti
hoogajiinp 2 and Cameron Coal lj
O hr changts are f ir Tactions, f-'ales
lor ib w-tk 1,90 ,09" atare s. ae4net
1,711,058 frrtbe prt-vious we ek. Ft cea
atiow irregular changes which ae gt n
eial y for f actional amoucta oi.ly, ex
c pting the epec a t ts. Ruirnnd
bo'ids were mne active. Bale", $2,
117 000; Housing Valley 5s furnished
$440,( 00, Kansas and Texas tii $280,
000, the 5 $236,0C0, F, rt Worth at d
Denver fiitU $109,999, and the East
Tdnneesee 5a $154,(JC0. Prices were
firm to strong throughout the day and
final changes are almost invariably in
favor of higher piicee. Denver and
Rio Grande Western firsts roe 2J to
82; the ascented boodi 4J to 78. bales
for the week, $12,622,000, against $3,
253,000 for the pievious wee.k.
Trie t-jtal silee of s'orks today were
310.990 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western, 27,840;
Denver and Rio Grande, 12,960; Erie,
3200; Kaneasaod Texas, 9515; Lake
Shore, 3i 80; Lonisville and Nashville,
18,200; Lake Erie and Western, 4855;
Manhattan c-iceolida ed, 6075; North
western, 12,200; NewJtraey Central,
8050; Ohio and Mississippi. 3745;
Readirg, 4860; St. Paul, 14,300; H.
Paul and Omnh-, 13 620: Texas and
Pi.c fie, 3200; . Western Un on, 8040;
Oieoa and Transcontinental, 4C50.
Clodicg quotatiocs: ,
U. S. S,' W4. 4a, eoap. M7X.' "
tHsooup, 111. , Pacific bsol lii)5.12,
La. atsmpa'.O, 82'4. Mimoorl ft, K2.'
Cant. Pan. let,m. len. Jt H U. 118,U8J4
I) AU.G.W.lsU.W Kris 2dn, Uny.
M K 4T.Hin.6s,l(HJaNorth.Po.lt,116V4.
Nortli.Pac.adf.llH. , M.Woatnrn con. 14) .
N.Wet.dob.5.107. Bt.L.S.K Uon.M..Hi)
bt.Paul con, m. Kt.P.O.AP.lfctslly.
T.P. land granw,53. ' T.P.R (i.x cnu.TU.
U. P. lata, 116. Shore. lul;..
Tenn.61, Mt'int.Wl. 'lcnD.51ket'uii,I0'-.
Tenn. Sa.itt'mt.T?.
Adami Fxpraaa, 140. MorrlaAK., off'd,
Allegbeny Ceut'l, Nashville iC , U't.
Altou k T. H 3,1. N.J.Centrul. 52.
A. AT.U.,Ptd.,86. or.AVV.l.ld,5'i. '
American Ex., Wl. Northern Pao.,.
D. 0. H. & N,.V. - Northern Pan ptd, W
Canada Pao , tM. ' ' D.4N.W..119.
Canada t-'ou.. 642. C.4 N.W )fd. ,141. ,
Central Pacific, 47. N.Y.Central.DS'tf. .'
Cbeiapeake A 0..1U. N.Y.C.A St.l..,147i.
C. A 0. I t pfd, WA- N.Y.C.A St Ii.pld.27W
0. A O. 2d pld.12. Ohio Central, .
Chicago A A.. US. Ohio A Mits.,30.
C.AA.pld.lOU O.A Min.pld. 81.
C, B. ill , 13994. Ontariu A West,, 194.
C, tit L. A N.O., Oregon Nav ,107M.
C St.b A P., 11'4. OteKon Trana.. Xii.
C.r3t.l.AP.pfd, XS, Oregon Imp., 38.
0. 8. A C. 44. Paoifio Mull, H'i.
C. A C, 72J4. Panama, VS.
O. A II. Valley. 90. Peoria DAE, S2.
Del. A Hud , 106. Pituburg, 148.
Del.,h. A W.,J4i)M. Pullman i'.O.l144K.
Den. A Rio U , 3i. Reading, 3o.
Krie, 36V,. Rock Island, 127.
Eriepfd,78. St.li. A S.F. , 35!.
New East Tenn., lM.St.L. A S.K pfd, 71V4.
NewK.Tenn. pfil,74J,. bt.L.A S.F.lft p, 118
Fort Wayne, 144. C. M. A !t- P.. 955tl.
Hannibal A St. Jo . '. M.A Ht.P,. p, 'M.
H A St. Jo., pfd, . St. P., M A M.,lltf.
Harlem, 220. St Paul A Omaha. M8 (J.
Houston A T., 35. Bt.Paul A O. pld, 11.
Illinois Central, 134 Tenn. CoalA Iron 90!i.
Ind.,B. A W..17V,. Texas Paoifio, 21ft.
Kansas A Ty 34. Union Paoifio.tioH.
Lake E. A W . l.VU. TJ. S. Express, 61
take Shore. 96. J., B. L A p'., 21i.
Lou. A Nash., 69J4. W..S.L. A P. p., 3g.
Lou. A N. A., 67. W.A F. Kx., 127.
M.AC. 1st pfd,-. W. U.Tel., 78W.
M. A C. seconds. Colorado Coal, 34.
Mem. A Char , 51. Home Stake, 17.
Mioh. Con., 95k. Iron Silver, 210.
Min. ASt. h.,2'i. Ontario.24.
Min. A St. L. ptd,48. Quicksilver, f.
Missouri Paoifio.lliWli- Quicksilver pfd., 23.
Mobile A Obio, 20. South Paoifio, .
M. L. 8. A W.,57. Butro, 17.
. London, November 13. Contois,
101 916 lor money and 101 for the
ecciunt United States b .liIs 4s,
1121. Bar f ilver, 48 11-16J per ounce.
The Bank if Eng'aud gained 15,000
on balacce taday.
Paris November 13. Three per cent.
routes, 82l 92c for the account.
Naw Oblbaks, La., Nnvember 13.
Ciearigsof ;ho binke,Il,447,lC0.
Baltimobb, Md., November 13.
Bank e lenriufis, $2,23,552; balances,
New York, November 13. Bauk
clearirpstrdav were $1:6,154,930; bal
ances, $4,071,130.
PniLADHUHiA, Pa., Novf mber 13
BaLk cleariniiS today, 10,661,807; for
the week, $58,631,587; balances tndav,
U,129,327; fjr the, week, $8,050,95.
Chicago, III , November 13. Bank
clearings lod.iy were $,307,118; lor
the week, $54,811,536: for the same
week last year, $53,360,081, an in
reasa for the patt wetk of 2.8 per
St. Louis, Mo., November 13. Bank
clearing, today were $2,141,585; for
the week, $16,697,410; balances, $206,
029; far the week, $2,429,965. Ex
change on Now York steady at 75
cents discount.
Boston, Mass., November 13. Bank
clearings today were $16,404 891 ; for
the week. $-9 489,208; same week latt
year, 87,166,520; balances today,
$2,341,298; lor the week, $10 955,533;
same week latt year, $11,687,515.
The local cotton marked opened
strong, and elated strong; middling,
81c Sales, 4600 hales, including 310
last evening; 2500 to exporters and
2100 to spinners.
, Yesterday. Friday.
Ordinary worn. Worn.
Good Ordinary.... 71
Low Middling 8
Middling 8i
Good Middling.. 83
Middling Fair...., 9J
Fair Nom.
MiHPHia, November 13, 1886. .
Stock Sept 1, 1886.... 4,009 .
Received today 7,364
Received previously. 242,617 253,990
8hipped today 2,544
Shipped previously 120,775 .
Home consumption to
date 321 123,640
btock running account 130,350
Thus far this week 7,364
Thus far lat week 6,496
Since September 1st 249,981
M. and O. R R
M. A T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
M. & L. R. R. R...a
C, O.A 8. W.R.R
L..N.O. AT.RK.
K. 0 ,8. AM.R.R
M., S.AB..R.R.
w 140
Steamers .
Wagons and other sources..
.... 7,364
...... 2,544
Thus far this week.....
Thus far latt weok ,
Since September 1st
M. A O. R. R
M.,A T. R.R.
L. A N. R. R
C, O. A 8. W. R. R
L., N. 0.4T.R, R.
M. S.A B. R. R.
Total '2,544
New York epoU oponed firm, and
closed firm; midilioe, 9 3-16c. Kalee,
238 balaa. Qaota'iors mere as follows;
Ordinery 6 7-16
6 716
7 13-1
8 11-16
9 3-' 6
9 7 18
10 1-10
Good ordinary.... 7 13 16
Liw middlinc..- 8 11-16
Middling.. 9 316
Goo t rniddlinji .. 9 7 16
M ridling fair 10 l-i
Fair 10 11-16
New Yfrk lu'u'ea opened firm, and
cksed firm and 4 to 5 point
higher than Friday. Kalrc, 116,600
bides. The closing quotations were as
November- 9 06:."') 9 07
December. 9.09ft 9.10
January.... 9.18 919
February... 9.2Si 9.29
9 02ft 9.03
913 d 914
9 23(? 9 24
9 33:u 9 34
9.43 9.44
9 53($ 9.c4
9.63:4 9 64
9 72
9.79 9-80
March. 9.3S( 9.39
April 9 48( 9 49
May 9.5S 9.59
June 9 68 9.00
July 9.76'i 9.77
August 9.84 9 85
The NewOrleans spot market opened
firm and closed strong; middling, 8 9
16c. Hales, 5750 ba.ts. QuoUtious
were as f jj1ow:
Ordinary 6 916
Gnod Ordiuarv... 7 9 16
Low Middling.... 8 5-16
Middling - 8 916
Good Middling... 8 13-16
6 9-16
7 9-16
8 516
8 9 10
8 12-16
Th New Orleans future
opened firm, and c'nsed nd a 'y and 5 to
6 points higher. Sale, 32,500 bales.
Quotations were as follows:
November. Nominal.
December. 8.70(3) 8 71
January .... 8 79; 8 80
February... 8.90.a. 8 91
Mrch 9.01 9.02
8.59 8 01
8.61 8.65
8 73 8.74
8 84 a) 8 8 )
8.9 ' 8.96
9.06io 9.07
9.17 9.18
9.28 9.29
9 38(-$ 9.39
9 44 9.45
April.. 911c.r 9.12
9.2:'(7r) 9.24
9.34(") 9.35
9.44M 9.45
9.48 9.50
6098 8 9 16
1377V8 9-16
902 8 7-18
8232,8 9-16
9586 81
22 214
43 610
N. Orleans
Mobile .
Norfolk ...
New York
9 3-16
240 9 5-16
Philad'a ..
St. Louie.
AuirnRta .
500 8 9-10
Receipts at ports,
Receipts at porta,
thin day, 1880..47.088
this day, 1885-34,585
R'ts U. 8
p'rts 1 dav.
Ex. Gr. Br
R'ts Sept. 1
1,926 93K
For gn jx
Increase in receipt) this year 1,347
At noon: Liverpool spots werd
good business, hardening. Sales,
12,000 balee, of which American 8S00
hales. Receipts, 21, COO bales, of which
Amnrican 17,500.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordinary, 4jd;
low middling, 4 15-16d; good mid
dling. 6id; middling uplanus, 5 3-ltid;
middling Orleans, 5td.
Tht price are given in pence and 64(7ia,
thut: 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 5 01
meant 5 l-64d.l
At noon: Liverpnol futures wre
active ; November, 5 065 07 d ; No-vernber-Dicember.
5 025 03d; De-cember-Jannary.
5 01(S5 021; January-February.
5 0lfe5 02d ; February
March, 5 02()5 t'3d; Merrh-Anril,
5 Old ; April-My, 5 C65 07d; May
Jure, 5 091; June-July, 5 11(!5 13d.
At 1 p.m.: .Liverpool futures were
steady; November, 6 06d, bavera;
November-December, 5 03d, etlleis;
Dtcooaber-January, 5 Old, buyers;
January-February, 5 Old, buyers;
February-March, 5 02d, sellers;
March-April, 6 04d sellers; April
May. 5 C6d. buyers; May-Juue, 5 09d,
tellers; June-July, 5 lid, buyers.
Receipts Itiis week 191,857
8an;e week in 18A5 170,2 0
Same week in 1884 13i,39
Increase compared with 1885... 21,647
Increase compared with 1884... 59,458
Shipments this week 156,814
Same week in 1885 149,923
Same week in 1884 111,425
Increase compared with 1885... 6,921
Increase compared, with 1884... 45,410
8tock this week 317,697
Same week in 1885 279.931
Same week in 1884 198,970
Increase compared with 1885... 37,766
Increase compared with 1884... 118,727
1886 310,136
1885 254,538
1884 291,846
1886. 1885.
Net port receipts to
November 12ih 1,879,848 1,891,004
Overl'd movement
to October 31at... 125,000 161,507
Est. South, cons'n
to October 3Ut... 60.C00 60.0CO
Ara't marketed ...2,070,848 2,115,511
Add int'r stocks in
excess of Sept. ltt 209,637 264,081
Amount in sight.. 2,340,485 2,379,592
Djcrease compared with 1885, '39107
Increase compared with 1884, 63,883
4 The New York Financial Chronicle
of November 13ih gives the following
figures: Total visible supply, 2,202,742
bales, against 2,188,682 in 1885. Theao
figures indicate a decrease of cotton in
sight of 74,( 60 bales, as compared with
the same date in 1885, and a decrease
of 86,350 bales as compared with same
date in 1884.
CoRNMCAL-StaDdard, $3 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 46.
Hat Choice, from store, 75c ; car
load from levee or depot, $14; prime,
from store, 70f. car load from levee
or depot, $12 6013; prairie, from
store, 45c.; car load from levee or
depot, $8 50.
Cork From store, white,51imixed,
49c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c; in sacks, 44 Jo.
Oats From store,white,39o; mixed,
37c:-from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 324c; in sacks, 36c; mixed, in
bulk, 31o; in sacks, 31c.
Bran From etore, 70c; from levee
or depot, $13 50.
F loch From store. No. 3, $33 25 ;
family, $3 503 75; choLe, $3 764;
fancy, 44 25; extra fancy, $4 25
4 50; patent, $5(55 50.
Beans Navy, $2; medium, $1 50
1 75; common, $ 25; German millet,
i yorsu 4D.
Kick Louisiana, 44Jc; Carolina,
BJC'Ji. ' ' '
Oatmkal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
CBACMBa Eoda, extra, 4Jcj soda,
treble rxtra, 6c; extrs,7c: ginirers"arw,
extra, 6(6c; aesrrtwd jnwb!s.Pllc.
Crackkd Whhat Iu hulf-barrele,
$4 25 from s'ore.
11 min y and Grits From store,
$3 15(..;3 25. , .
Kansas Citt, M.i , Novcmbr 13
Wheat wealtir; No. 2 le 1, cas, 1 9J !
hid; D'Ciut-er, 61 J:' -id: lny. 601c
bid. Ojin we.ker; N . 2, cat-ii, '.'9j
bid; Pm-embtt, SKJ hsd; May, 34 jo
bid. Oata nominal; HJc a: kid.
I-'t. Louis.Mo., Niv-mber 13. F'u nr
qnietand etty, XXX, ?2 3'(T2 45;'
family, $2 552 70. . hoice, 3 05
3 1ft; latcv, $3 403 .V ; nua fani v,
13 55 3 80; pa'.ei.-H, jj3 95(4 35
Wheat was e.i a u li.wttr umil the
noon call, when prices strergthened,
but closed ljc low. r thn jesier
dav; No. 2 rtd, cash, 74f'n; November,
74 jo bid: DeoHmber, 75j($75c, clos
ing at 75Jc; January, 77Ji7ic, clos
ing at 77 j 3 ; May, 83i a84c, clcaing
at 8184jo. Corn ruled dull and
easier, but closed steady and is lower
than yesterday, except Januarv op
tione.which clcsed a h'gher'; No. 2
mixtd, cash, 33Jci December,. 33, e
bid; Januerr, Sijc; May, 38J38j.',
c oslug at 38,8. Oate 'ull and easy;
No. 2, cusb, 2612ic; Decembr,
20jc; May, 301(g,30iv Rye steady;
50c bid. Barley nomVirFryunohangtid.
Hay steady and sirrg; prairie, $8 60
11; timothy, r.$ll13 Flaxseed
numinal at 90.V B an firm at. 6b.
Cornmeal etaady at $195. Kecbipts
Flour. 3000 brls; .wLnt, 18,000 bu;
ci rn, 35,000 bu; ota, 2i,000 bu ; rye,
4000 bu;. barley, 19,000 bn. Ship
ments Flour, 4000 brie; wheat,
3000 bu; corn, 300i) bu; oata, 2u00
bu; rye, none; barley, 10M bu.
"Chicago, III.,-November 13. The
marktti today were quiet a 'id the gen
eral feelin was one uf weakners.
Lvgs receipts, big stocks, and cleai-,
cool weather tad k A preB'lng et!t;f:.
on valus from Ui'S'ait The clnelng
Fiices of wheat worel jcunder these
of yesterday, .Com oMiid Jc li'W.yr.
Specu'atieu on 'Cbargn waa confiiitd
(rincipaby to wheat.- The trade, how
ever, wis wholly Iced, and no h'aiui
of importance aas developi'd. 'Ihern
was also come f peculation in hog
products. Flour, .fairly attive a. d
steady. Cash qnntaiions w'rs hh
fnllowe: What-Nd. 2 Bpiir g, 73
73Jc; No. 3 eprirrg,1 .63J("),li;""No.
2 led, 73J74b. Corn, No. a, 35Jo.
Oats No. 2, arl26o, Ry-No. 2,
52c. Barley N 2, 51 jV. Flax
seed No. - 1,' 'tSKaOlJu. Prime
timothy, $1 65l 79. The leading
futures tanged as fo.llijws: Wheat
November opened at 73Je.. highest
73ic,loweBt73Jc,losing 7ili73Jo; De
coinberOieuud at 741c hivlinat 74Jc,
lowest 73Jc, closinir 7474,c; Jan
uary opened at 75", huheet .75c,
lowest 74 Jc, closing Vtfo; May opined
at 81 J.-, tiigtieot 81(i8ijo, lowest 80n:
closing 8('l . Corn November opened
at 351c, highest 35 Jo, lovteet 35c, clos
ing 85 jc; December opened at 36c,
hitihesi 36c, lowest 35, closing 35 Jo;
January opened at St! J', highest 36, c,
lowe:-t 36c, closing 36c; Mav opened
at 41o, hi'tibest 41c, lowest 40 Jc, clos
ing 40 j p. Oats November Opened at
256c, highest 23 Jc, lowntt 2''(jc, closing
25ju; Dtcember opened at 2tijc, high
est 26c, lowest 26jc, clpBing 2tijc;
January opened at 26Jc, highest, 2(1)0,
lowet-t 26c, cloning ilijc ; May opened
at 301c, highest 301c. lowest 30) clos
ing 3i)Jc. Rwreip's Flonr, 12,000 brls;
wheat, 90,000 bu';"crtrn, 101,000 bu;
c&U, 82,000 bo ; rye, 3000 bu; barley,
47,000 bu. Shipments Flour, 7000
bris; wheat, 64,Ot.O bn ; corn, 109 000
bu; oats 119,000 bu; rye, 400J bu;
barley, 37,000 bn.
Bbttbb Butterlno, 13J(5V14c;
creamery, 30(i35nj. dairy, 18a)22cj
country butter, 1618c. .
Hoo Products Mess pork, $10;
suii'ir cured hams, 10J(3UClJc; breakfast
bacon, 8J(a)9Jc; clear rib mum bacon,
7Jc; bacon ehoulders, 77Jc; bulk
pork clear Bides, 6Jt'8o; clear rib
Bides, 6j(JT.0Jc; , siiouldors, ' fcjc;
long clear, 61(o 6 Jc' '
Lari TiHrcee, 6jc ; half-barrels in d
keiM, 6 Jc ; choice kettle, 7J(x',7Jc.
Fbkhii A1eats-No. 1 beet, 7u; rpnt
tan, 8c; hind quarters of betff, 8jc;
lambs, 10c.
Poci.tkv Chickens, spring, $1 5"(
2 2 ; old hens,$2 252 50 Tui kt-ya, $3
(12. Gtese, $3$4.. Duck, $3.
Gami Quails, perdi a., $1 10 Squir
rels, $1. Ducks, wild, $1 50ffi2 60.
Veiiaon, whole, 6J0Jo; saddros, 9
Cbkkii Prime flats, 8J9o; New
Ymk factory, 9o; full cream, 12jc;
Young America, 13o.
Puis Fket. Barrels, $8 25; half har
barrels, $1 25; keg, $125.
St. Louis, Mo., November 13. Pro
veions firm and fairly active. Pork
steidv, 9 871- Lard firm, 3 5 85C4
6 90. Bulk meats steady; boxed lots
long clear, $5 60; short ribs, $5 70;
short clear, $5 87J; ,luo?e lots lnng
clear, $5 6f5 65; short ribs. $5 70(4
6 75; short clear, $5 90(5 95.
Baron ecarce and fiimrr; long lear,
$6 767) fhert ribr, $7; short clear,
$7 371(37 50. llama steady at 9K4
11 J c. Batter Bit ve at steady prices;
creamery, 23(5k27c: dairy, 1424c.
Kgga firm at 18J19o.
Ouicago, III., November 13 Pro
visions were unsettled. Cash quo
tations were as follows: Mess pork,
$9 509 60;. lard, $5 95; abort rib
sides, loose, $5 505 75; dry salted
ehoulders, boxed. J5 105 20; short
clear sides, boxed, $5 85(u5 90. The
leading futures ranged as follows:
Mesa Pork November opened at
$9 571, highest $9 571, lowest $9 45,
cloning at $9 45; December opened at
$9 60, highest $9 0Q, lowest $9 45,
clneing a' $9 45; January opened at
$10 021, highest $10 15, lowest $10,
clcaing at $10 02). Lard November
opened at $5 90, highest f 6 92 1, lowest
$5 90, chains at $5 9:; December
opened at $5 90, behest $5 92ft. loweft
$3 90, clcs nil at $5 90 : Jannary opened
at 15 95, highest $5 95, lowest $5 95,
closlrg at $ i 95. Short ribs January
opened at 15 171, highest 15 20, low
est $5 17), closing at $5 17.
On the' Produce Exchange today
butter was s'eady with a (air demand;
good to extra creamery, 2027u; dairy
choice to fine, 1820c; packing
extra, 8llo. Eggs, 1819c
SuoAB-Pure white, 6j6ln; off
white, 66lc yellow clarified, 6
61o; open kettle, none; refined A,
6(&61c; granulated, 686Jo.
CoFFia-Onmmon, lll12c; ordi
nary, 12113c; prime Rio, 13J14c;
choice to fancy, 1415c; old govern
ment, 2425c.
Soap 35)o per pound.
Candiis Slicks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7J9Jo.
8ai,t-$I 20 per barrel; sucks, fine,
$1 3!l 45; coaree, $1 10(S1 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2(o7e; car-loads from
'evee or ilepot, 6c cheaper.
Canxkd Goods. Etc. Price per
doar-n: Piiieapplts. $1 25(311 50;
peaches, 2-b, standard, $1 lSWl 25;see
onds, $lCml 10; tomatoes, 2-lb stand
ard, 90 ("$1; 3-lr,$l(o)i 15; strawber
ries, $1 lOfvtl Zt; raai,bernn, l HK
1 25: b ackbrrioH, l0u 10; green-
gages, $1 bwl 75; riea'S, $2(3)
2 25; plnma, $L 60(;1 70, eeparague,
2 florid: cronn corn. Irnd 35: Rieen
peas, $1 65(3)1 65; oove oysters, lull
K0VEM1SEI? H, 1886.
weight, l-4b, 85(Vfi9,5c; cove oysters,
foil weight, 2-!b, $i 6V(31 W; cove
eytters, liulij we'gfct, 1-lb, Bt'te; cove
oyrWre, light wefght, 2-lh, $1; con
densed milk Crown. $5 fiOOf-l 75;
Eaele, $7 507 75; Daiey, $t 75.
M.)I.A8'es Loaieana, common fo
fa'r, 182"ic; prime to choiie.'new, 50
(65r: evrnp, 2t'C10c; common t
fidr, 2?,25p; prln.e to choke, 30035c;
cenir fatal, fancy, 32(Jk3f.
ToBacxxj Common, 11-inch, 271(a)
2f)c; other gradoa and etvW ZjOiSbc.
Snnff Carre'ts,. $10 35 ptr tna;
Ralph's, $10 25 per cane; R. R., $9 25
(4)10; Gail & Ax's, $S 75.
New York, November 13 Coffee
spot fair Rio firm, 12je : options higher
ana aeuve; saies, m.ouu hairs: Novem
rnt, 11.10c; December, U.OuCaUl.lOc;
Jannary, llll.10c; Feb' nary, lift
1I.10 : March, 11(3)110.; April,
ll.05tl.10o; Mav, ll.05ll.10c;
Jane, Il.j(3vll.l0c; July, ll.aV3)
1110c. Sugar cfiiet and steady; C,
414,o; extra C, 4,C3yjc; yelloar, 4(?
4,c Mo!a;ses dull. R ce steady.
Niw Orleans, La., November 13
Coffoe firm bnt not q notably higher;
Rio cargoes common to prime, 10 j (3)
13J Rice fl'raer; ordinary to prime,
3(j4c. Sngar opon kettle steady;
prime, 4 5-ltl(a 4jc; crntiifuala active
and a slmde higher; plants' irn grann
la'ed, 68(35c; choice white, J(3
5 3J6c; choice yellow c'arified, 4 15-16
(3 6c; prime yellow clarified, 4 Jo;
anconde, SJv345c Kojafgfg open ket
tle dull, weak and lower; (trictly
plme, 40(it)41c; oentrifugale steady;
st(ic:ly prime, 24te2tlc: 'Louisiana
sirup, 25(.t;35i
hoi'neiiolu svrruis.
Aprnca Anples, $2 26(3)3 25; dried
applew, l'l(3Wio ner pound Irom store.
Drid peaches, 2i(3Ktlu from store, -
Vegetables Onions, $3 from
sorn. Cabb-go,$260;per head, 810c;
$1 75 Irom lvee or depot per crate..
Kraut, hri, $4 7536; half brie, $2 75.
Garlic, 403)00c por 100. Turnips, 50o
per bushel.
Fruit Oranges, per box, $4 506.
Lemons, $4 75(it,6 per box. Bananas,
$1 50(3tf 60 : per bunch. Cocoa
note, 5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 71c; Tennessee, farmer's stock
3(a)4o; roasted, 2 Jo higher; shelled
10c. Almonds, 1H201-.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lay
er, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 5004.
PiriKLxa In Jars, pints, 05o; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 75;
loore, barrels, $6 54X3)7 ; half-barrels,
$3 75f4 25; nixed, barrels, $10 50;
mixed, half-barrels, $6.
Walnuts French, 12c ; Naples,15o J
Grenoble i, 15o. Filberts, 2o.
Fish Mackerel, hnlf-barrels, No. 1,
$5 25(3)5 75; No. 2,$4 75(7i6; No. 3,t4 25
(3)475: 10-lb kit, No. l;90c; No. 2, 76c
15 lb, No. 3, 65a. Dry herringB, fam
ily, 25o per box.
Game Game fish, ll12c.
Eous Firm; 21c
Potatoes Northern btock, $1 00
2 15.
Cider New York, $6 n07 per bar
rel, and $3 75(3)4 per half-barrel.
Vinegar 10(3)15r per gallon.
Pecans Texas, 8(3)10o for small to
medium, 1014c for large; Arkansas,
(ottom skid rKoocers.
In car load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oll.new, 271(328c; off crude cotton
seed oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 33i34o; off summer
yellow cotton seed oil,; min
em' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
32333; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 35(3)30c; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, 30o; prime cotton
seed meal, $14 50; off cotton seed
ranal, none. Cotton seed dolivered at
dep t or levee, 19 per ton ; from wagon
nt mills, 19 per ton.
wo oi.
Clear tub waahed, 313(ln; grease
wool, 23(3200 ; hurry wool, 1318o. .
St. Louis, Mo.,November 13 Wool
(Mill and easier; medium clotbinor.
2U(320c: cmbinfJRSJc; low and
roarfe, 14(322c; tine bght, 1924c;
heavy, 1620c; black, 17C3)23c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, Ho per gallon.
Clbveland. O.. Nnvember 13. Po-
troleum s. w , 110", 7Jo.
PiTTsiiUBG. Pa, November 13.
Petroleum active, excited and higher;
Na'ionalTranstt certiQcsus opened at
711c, and closed at 74 Jo; highest, 74c;
lowest, 7llc.
Whiset Stralaht Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 60(3)5 ; redistilled goods from
85oto$160, According to proof; rye,
$1 766.
Chicago, III., November 13. Whis
ky. $1 18.
St. Louis, Mo.,November 13. Whis
ky $1 13.
Cincinnati, O., November 13.
Whisky quiet; sales, 581 barrels of fin
ished goods on a basis of tl 13.
Nails Iron, $2 25(3)2 30 ; ateel, $2 40
2 45. .
1,1 VB BI04JK.
Grass Oattlsj Choice, 813n;
good, 2 1(3)31 c; fotr to medium, 23
2c; scallawags, 1(3)1 Jo.
Hogs Choice, 41c j good, 4(3)41c;
common, 3(3)3 lc
Sheep Choice, 31(u)4c; medium, 3
(3)31c; common, $1(3)1 50. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4)5c.
Kansas City, Mo , November 13.
The Live Stock Indicator reports : Cattle
receipts, 1368 bead; rhlpments,
none; good active and 510c higher;
good to cholco, $4 10(3)4 00; com
mon to medium, $3 30(3)4; stock
ers,' $2 25(2 76; feeding steers', $2 80
(3)3 60; csns, $1 60(3)2 76: grata range
I'eers. $2 25(3)3 20. Hogs reoeiots,
4743 head; shipments, none; market
excited and 10c higher; good to
choice, $3 85(3)3 95; common to me
dinm, 13 70(oj3 80. Sheep rei el pui,
153 head; shipments, none; market
steady; good to choice, $2 60(3)3 10;
common to medium, $1 102 30.
Chicago, III., November 13. The
Drovert Journal reports: Cattle re
creirts, 1000 head ; shipments, 6000
head; market ateady and dull;
shipping steers, 960 to 1600 pounds,
$3 30(3)6 10; s'ockers ' and feed
ers merely nominal, $2 10(3)3; cows,
bulls and mixed, $1 80(3)3; bulk,
$1 76(3)2 20;' through Texas steers,
$2 40(d3i Western rangers, dnll :
natives end half-breeds, $2 80(3)
3 50;' wintered Texans, $2 60
03. ' Hogs rweipts, 11,000 head ;
shipments, 15,000 head; market strong
for food; rough and mixed, $3 30(1)
3 60; picking and shipping, $3 60(3)
S 85; light, $3 30(3)3 80; skips, $.(3.
Sheep receipts, 3000 - head; ship
ments, 600 head; common, 15a lower;
pood, steady; natives, $2(33 00;
Western, 13 a 3 60; Texans, $1 80(3)3;
lambs, $3 26(3)4 80.
New York, November 13. The ilia
tibu ion of rei eipta In execntion of or
ders returned a lare to al ol s.ile', but
the new demand was unimportant, as
neUil to Sittnrdey. Aden's aim unce
th price nf Now Ycrk Mills Cjnikt
jeanu aa 14c.
mm mmmm
sirtntai ikavis
VL-taburic ..llrcwa, 10 a.m.
Friara Point.. Juris Unit, 5 p.m.
Arkanrw City Will 8. II tk, I p.m.
OHOaola...... t. W. Ooi.s, 6 r m.
TilitunvHI Ounirajnit, J p,m,
Concordia (Iatoso. 5 p.m.
. llnln Rraa MCkiuv, S r m.
I Arkansas Rst... Jm Pktirh, 5 p.m.
Arrivals. Wyeminif, V.ekkbur; Ar-
kRaraa Uity, TiukBbti'g; Uny cf Batcn
K .ge and barges, ew Orleana; Al-
nmi o. wnne river; Uayosi,
Concordia ; F. W. Colo. Uactola ; Cheea
pnale, Tiptouviile; Bene Macready,
Dipmrtum. Wyoming, St. Louis;
ArkamasCtty, St. Lonia; City of Baton
Kiuge, 8t. Lonls ; t. W. Cole, Osceola ;
Helena, NewOrleans; Rene Macready,
Helena; Chickasaw, White river; Al
berta No. 3, White river; K. L. Cobb,
Arkansas river.
Boat in iVrJ. Chesapeake and H.
G. Wr ght.
BoaliDueDmcn. Hudson and E. W.
.floota Due Up. James Lea, Will S.
Have, Belle Mrmptii and Kene Ma
cready. Korrlpls Inniaj,
City of Baton Rouge- 10C0 pkgs
Wyoming 107 bn'escot'ou andlOOO
sks seed.
ArkunfasCity 50 baits cotton and
800 ks seed.
ltne MarrPndy 230 bales cotton,
39 bag seed ctt m and 16 16 sks seed.
Chesapeake 167 baltsco'ton, 4 bai's
seed cotton, 2441 ska tesd, 30 ski c:ro,
23 hd cattle and 70 pkgs tnndrhs.
(h.yoso 2 bah s cuttnn, 30 bag) stod
cotton and 372 f ks sred.
Alherta No. 3 436 balos cotton, 250
sks sted and 7 parkames merchandise.
E. W. Cole 208 ha'es cotton, 37
bKB teed cotton and 1857 sks seed. ''
The Joe Peters, Capt E. B. Snith,
is the Tuesday packet for Arkansas
Tns Ri'ne Macready, C.tpt. O. K.
Joplin, goes out Tutsday eveuing for
The Gayoe.0, Cnpt A. L, Cummins,
Is the packet Tuecdny evening for Con
cordia and all way poluts.
The Hudson, Cap I. Frunk E'lison.
is the Anchor Line packet which will
pass down this morning at 10 o'clock
tor Vicksburg and the bands.
The E. W. Cole, Capt John E. Hig
gler, is the packet Monday eveuing at
6 o'clock for Oiqeola and the upper
bends. William Nmttheis is in her
Tub James Lee, Capt Thomas Clag
gett, is the packet Monday evening at
6 o'clock for Helena. Friars Point and
all way landings. Will Ashford is in
ker office.
Tub Cheeapenke, Capt. W. P. Ha l,
is the packet Monday evening at 6
o'clock for Hales Point, Tiptonvllla
and all way landings. Col. J. D. Fill er
has charge of her cilice.
Tub Will 8. Hays, Capt. Mark It.
Cheek, is the United States mail
packet Monday evening at 5 o'clock
for Helena, Aikaneas City and all way
landings. W. V. Blanker baa charge
ol her otll 'e, asaiatud by Alios Day
and Morris Gana.
Bumnkss brisk.
Weather clear and warmer.
Six fot and a ha'f water is reporiod
beloar by la' eat arrivals.
The liver here Is on a stand, with 3
feet 0 tenths on the gauge.
The Lee Line packets were in aud
out yesterday with good trips. '
The Chickasaw got away yesterday
afternoon for Whits Kiver with a good
The It. L. Cobb departed last even
ing for Aikaneas River with a fair
RacKirw by river yesterday: 1200
bales cut lun, 110 bags seedcoiton and
8975 saik teed.
J. F. Wildanks, of the New Orleans
Cotton t-'ofd Aisociation, ws iu the
city yesterday.
Thb Wyoming passed np early yes
terday morning lor Ht. Louis. Hue dis
charged 117 halts of cotton 1600 sacks
of teed.
Tub City of Baton Ronge, towing
barges, passed np last night for He
Louie, tihe disuha'gsd 1900 packages
of freight
Tub Arkansas City parsed np yester
day s'tnrnoon for 8t. Ixrafs. ehe dis
charged 60 bales of cotton and 800
eacks ot seed.
Billy Hobbs, of the Bt. Louis Pott
Ditpatch't wet column, baa been elected
Recorder of Deeds ior Bt. Louis.
Newspaper men generally make good
public officers.
Thb Gajoso arrived yesterday morn
ing from Concordia with 2 bales ol
cotton, 30 bags ol seed cotton and 372
sacks of seed, and returned again last
evening with a fair trip.
Thb big Helena cleared last night
for New Orleans with 12,000 empty
ootton seed tacks, tihe has engage
ments below here for all the cotton
and cotton seed she can cany on the
A loo is repoited in the channel at
the Head Cow Inland. The City of
Baton Rouge got on it her last trip
down, and yostetday morning the City
oi Vli ksburg was detained ons hour
by got ing on it.
Taa Alberta No. 3 arrived yesterday
morning from White River with 436
bales of cotton, 259 sacks of seed and
a lot oi I snndrios. She rt shipped at
Terrene 66 halts for New Oihans and
cleared again la t evening.
Tbb Chesapeake ariived Friday
night from Tiptonvillo with 167 bah s
ol cotton, 4 bags of setd cot on, 2441
sacks of send, 30 sarks of corn, 23 head
of stock and 76 packages of anndries,
and returns tomorrow evening.
Tas St. Louis Tirpblicn of Friday
says: Capt. Thos. U. White, one ol
the oldest and moat faitblnl and popu
lar clerks of the Anchor Line, died
hers Wedneiday morning and will bs
buried from No. 4047 Ball avenue at
1:30 o'clock p.m. today, The aovern
went lighthouse tander Jooph Henry,
slier a moat osefal trip to the Upper
Misssaippl, returned hers lets
Wednesday and will in a few days
start ont on a professional visit to tns
Lower MWe'sBUipi. Capt Frai k Elli
son tl the Hudson and Ed Ans;bu a,
her 'chief clerk, made Hunter Ben
Jenklnaa handsome present yester
day, iu recoKnitb n of Lis faithful and
va liable servio. s ts their agent du'ing
Hi e past ftaFon. Oimno lore W. F.
Kouuta aud Capt. Van Hook wei t
1 .wo as pieai ugera on the Htauier
Hudton laat nit lit to look aft rand
dig out the wrjtk of the E. O. f .i'.i.ard.
The fo'l.wb'g ia th 'iat ol aras (le
st oved hy Uni'ed Bti tes Siianhoat U.
U. Wiiitht, Capt. J. E, Uutcu, under
the gnpervi-ion t.f Mr. A, M. Mil
Itr'a Corps el Engineers, Si, Louis,
Mn., betseen Giir-, 111 , and Ma
phis, Tenn., from a ihor 29th to No
vember 12tti, 18S6. Wi 1 return to
morrow miming and work back to
( airo: Five a' Bi'd's Poinr. 1 at Fill,
mite, 2 at Wicklid, 1 at Ph Hip Land
ing, 5 at Prnntiy, 8 at Ln-as Brtnd, 1 at
W!l Inlard, 18 at KtrketV P. iat, 3 at
Marshal s. 1 at Frei ch's, I at L'S'er's,
3 at Phillip-, 1 bt Batury F.el.,2 at Kd
ward's, 1 nt More s m's, 1 at New Mad
rid, t :.t Dirnell'd Point, 4 at Luelle
Lan Jinc, 3 at Tipt mv ll.-, 0 at R ley's,
4 at Kjiid Lir.dng, 13 at E:kles
Bnd,3 at Reflfout, 2 at La D ikes
Lintiin?, 1 at Gayo o, 6 a' Little Prai
r e Be. d, 2 at Linwood Field, 3 at
Mitchel's Tjwhead. 2 at Cot'onwood
I'oint, 6 at J.tntldle, 1 st Bro'a-ki
Landing, 0 at Obion Brnd, 5 at Baifleld
Kend, 1 at. Island 26. 6 at O'D.innell
Bend, 4 at Johnaon Firld, 7 at Cr .lg
hiad Point, 4 at Golden Lake, 4 at
Send of i, 10 at Tnomaa's Bend, 1 at
Centennial Cor, 3 at Outleta, 1 at
Island 39, 4 at Delia St. Lou s Batch,
5 at Island 40, II at Redmond's, 25 at
Island 40, chute at the foot. To al
Omri Siowal 8ibtics, TJ. 8. A.,
Memphis, November 13, 1 p.m.
The following obeer7Btinna are takes
at a' I stations named at 75" meridian
time, which la one hour tauter thaa
Memphis time:
ilb've Lu
K b I Fall
lOtbe lOths
Feot. lOthi
Clinttiinuoca ...
. 3
Furt bmith
La Croese,
Little Rock
New Orleans...
Ht. Louis
K'. Paul
V ickHhurg
Etankvillc, Isn., Novomhir 14.
Noon River rising elowly, with 1 fojt
8 Inches ou the giugo.
Cincinnati, O .November 13 Noon
River 4 feet 3 Inches on the gauge
and itatlonary. Weather clear; ther
mometer 38.
Cairo, Iu.., November 13.Noon
Rivtr 3 ft 9 luebvaon the gauee and
rising. Weather clear and cold. Ar
rived: T. F. Ei kert, Bt. Louis, fl a.m.
Departed: T. F. Eukort, Memphis', 8
.a.m. .
For Helena, Terrene. Arkansas Oily, Srtea
Tills and Vlckihurt bUaauar
J. Frank Klll'on maiter,asrsaarKA
Will leav tna hlavator tiUMUAk. MoT.
14th. at 10 a.m. For fralaht or naasaaa anniv
I), b. Ham.. Pass. Ae-'t. AD M'uRM, Aa't,
raw lltilxna itud Ht. rranela Ktvmr,
Str. Rene Macreadv rPv
O. K. Jnttn irtr.
Leaves for Helena EVBHY TUIHDAT and
TIIUHHUAY at S p.m. I.eiTel Inr Helena
anaet. Francis rtrar ttVKUX HAIUEUAX
at ft p.m.
The oaptnln reiervaa the rlfkttopaaa all
laudlDi Uedeeuif oniale
J.ti. I.KB, Ja.. Pup't,
Oflloe, No. 4 Mailf.oai street.
Vor Oioeula, Dales Point, Carutherstllla,
uayoao and iutonviii lue aew slaa-
wheel fassenver iteatrer
W. P. Hall mailer. I J. D. Paller...ile
Will leave as above, and all way polnta.
kvmi aiuimuai and iiitnuiUAX al
BI(.inilil,Krlira HoIbi Si ami
nun wseii iraHSa t ouaastuj.
For Uricnat Olenilalo, friars Polnl and al
Way Landinfi ttUetner
Will leave aiab.,veon KVKRY MUNDAT.
naunagvAi ana stiiitAi aiao oieoa.
Vor Randolph, Fulton, Psceola aa War
Laaatass BKamer
is. w. ol.k, rm
J. H. COOPKR Mailer.
and VHIDAi
r at i
6 p.m. The boats el thf
Una reserve lbs right to pass all landinfi
the oeptatn may deem uneate, Ufflee, No, t
Wa(llonst. JAMKH I.KW,JS..ailft..
Hempliii and Vickabargl'scketCoae
pan u.s. man Liae.
For Delena, t 'onoordla, Terrene and Arkaa
aa uur lne eiesant pasasnisr ataamsr
M. H. 0bak..masUr I W. 0. Blanker ...olsrk
Leaves Memphis
For Conoordla and all war landings.
The Hleamef
A. L. Cammlns. Mast'r I Lew Prios..
LsavsaTUKhDAY and BAIUHDAY at 6 p.
For general intnruiation apply at
No. 4 Madison street.
JOHN flARR. Pess'r ArM. telei.hnns M.
Memphis & White If Ivor I'kt.Co
ror ;inradin, Dcfitlle BlnM,, !
Are, Amtuta. bearer, Newpnrt, Jaoksoa
port, llalesvllle and all Way Landings,
K. J. rosiai niawier, -
Will leave KVKHY WKDMUDAYat5p.au
Sir. ALBERTA NO. 8,ff.IQ
Albert B. P Ith master.
Will leave KVKHY BAIUHDAY at 5 p.aa.
Thronah rates liven to all points. Fralaht
eonsta-ned to the Me.iphls and Whit River
Packet lo., at Weuiphia or terrene, will a
forwarded promjiUr. For ion era! Informa
tion apply at office, No. U Madison at., qrl
(!all Yelrphone M. H. O.hOWH. Aa'l.
Koch's Pat.Store
Nil ELVIlfH lsadJosUble to meet any need
or business. It Is oneaper Iran old style, uaa
be pat up by any one. ' ftssr
'stasiry aaiu seea enei, i, Aanrasi
SletmnH M rlw. 4' . m ,nMU.
A I LURK Wins been mad la the pay-
mint of the Indeb'adness seeurad in a
trust deed, made by . M. Padgett and wife.
Kate PadgeU, on the Jttn dav or naron, liuu.
and recorded in book 142. paga Mt. KaglsUr'a
oftoa of bheilby onnnty, Tennesse , in pur
suance of the power therein eonlerred, wo
will, oa
Hatmrttnv, Hoismker SO, INNS,
bttweea tbo hoars of 12 o i ook m. and 1
o'clock i.e., at he south aete at tour
Hquoje, la Memphis, Tsna.,aell to the hlga
est bidder, for cash, the olloetng real estata.
lrlng near the .outs tine oi ine our
pbia, Shelbr coua'y, 1 tsnei n, ilMcnbrd as
followaiOnatraotollaadiu Fori Pukerirg,
and being blin k 45 ol tl.e 1 ds conveyed by
WillouUb Will Bins to Jho O MoLemora
et al , on the th daf or Ueoember, 1W7, aa
appears Irom plat ol iro- in plat took Ho.
1, pages h and rt, of R-ats ter's olBee, whioh
filooa tronts 1; e't'U Vaa Daren and Lof
teo siree's and Vii leet on Alu.llreng and
Vrort eireels, , , .
uuity ot tedemlili"a. nt.wer and homa
sts id tlnMilv waived Title believed to b
...4.b.t.itllM .r...trJ . nrh
WM. A, CUl"Lll!R

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