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VOL. XL VI NO. 207
A call his been iseued for a' con
Yention of the women j nrna'iets of
the Boa h, to lie hi Id at Greensboro,
N. C. Ifa'ltf the fair eex who are
practically engaged in this profession
attend there wi.l ' be in the neighbo
hoed cf 200 or more present, and the
press cf r.ecr'y erery Southern city
will ba repreoented. It will In any
ctae be a b'illiant ca'h'r'ng. .
Th Baltimore and Ohio railroad
coming d jwa63uth through Western
North Carolina very f.et and will tap
thia State at Bristol, Knoxville
Onttanooea, it fa not yet fettled
which. The latter place will make
bid for the connection, which won'
shorten the time from Memphis to
New York, yia Washington, Baltimore
and Philadelphia by several hoars.
Th Bradatreet Agency reports that
daring the pitt week there has been
decline of twenty-one failures as com
pared with the second week of No
vember last j ear 06 agaioet 227
showing 816 fewer failures this year
than last to daie. The decrease thia
yetr ta compared with 1881 is 614
against 1883 the increase this year is
295, acd, compared with 1882, 2611
A dispatch from Little Rick yeeter-
terday announces that the First Na
tional Bink of Pine Bluff, Ark., closed
its doors yesterjay morning. CM. Neel
the principal owner, has been a heavy
operator in real estate and cottan, and
owns the Swan Lake railroad. He ex
plains that the suspension was caused
by drafts on eotton and commission
'merchants not being honored. He is
nnderstood to pos.ess large means, but
nothing is a yet known as ta the ex
tent cf his liabilities.
Tb Knoxville Tribune is early in
the field iu the ma.terof the United
States Senate. It seem to fear some
Democrats, i; dcea not indicate or eug'
gest who, and prrpasee a caucus of the
Democratic members of the Legisla
ture to select a candidate for tba
high poEition ae well as for Comp
troller and Treasurer. We should
like to hear what the several candi
datts have to say cn tbie head, and
with that view open the co'umns cf
the Appeal to them.
Hawthorne, of the New York World,
declares he is not a newspaper man,
but a mere "literary fellow," and that
the protection ought not to be held
respocsible for the interview with Ex-
Min'eter Lowtll, which that dis
tinguished gentlemrn repudiated,
"Did not," arts "Ex-Jonrnalitt" sig
nificantly, "Julian Hawthorne equally
take advantage cf hia father's private
diaries to sell their secret notes con
cerning Margaret Fuller and others
before he had ever been connected
with the daily pbh?"
Thb St. Louis Globe-Democrat, one of
the bitterest Republican papers in the
country, and especially eo where the
ttoutn is concerned, is very anxious
that the Demoerats should nominate a
Southern man for President. This
would no doubt make the way of
Biaine plain and smooth, bat the
South will not consent to the suicide
of the party after that fashion. It will
be content to test the good sense of
the country with a candidate for Vice
President, and would lejoice greatly
if Lamar, Gor Ion or some other good
man should tbus be honored.
In vitw of the inexiutable delay by
Sheriffs in forwarding election returns
the Knoxville Journal eaugests that
the judges and clerks of election
should be paid for their services. "The
State ought not to expect such serv
ices free of charge, and the services of
efficient men cannot always he se
cured without compensation. If the
Lfg's'ature should pass a law requir
ing the counties to pay the officers
who hold elections a fair compensa
tion efficient man could always be
had, and then the offlcMS of wards
and voting precincts could be required
to get np their returns in proper
shape and to forward them promptly.
It would be more satisfactory to ev
erybody and the burdan of taxation
wonld not be increased to any appre
ciable extent. Every one who has
ever had anything to do with tbe de
tails of holding elections knows how
difficult it sometimes is to get men to
serve as judges and clerks of elections.
If some compensation were provided
all this wonld be obviated, tbe elec
tions wonld be more satisfactory," and
the returns more prompt.
. Ma. Johs Docgherty, of Mount
Union, Pa., is building a rapid transit
steamboat with which he proposes to
make the trip from Pittsburg to New
Orleans and back in seven days. The
boat is to be 33 feet wide, 165 feet
long on the water line, and 175 or 180
feet long on deck, and will be built
entirely of wood. Its weight, without
the engine, will ba about forty-five
tons, and, when it has the engine and
250 passengers on board, its draft will
be less than six inches. On etch side
of it will be two folding paddles, sink
Ing deep into tbe water The piddles
will be open when going forward, so
that they may move the largest possi
ble bedy of water, but the change to
the backward motion will, by the
agency of springs, close the piddles,
and thus reduce the resistance tm a
minimum. There will also ba order
the center of the vessel two propelling
PQles, which are intended to drive the
vessel through shoal waUrby striking
the bottom ol the river. Mr. Dougher
ty ia very sargnine, and insists that
by his patent ftfarrshlps will be ab'e
to make the trip from Southampton to
Halifax in twenty-tour hours, and
that from New York to Calcutta in
usn days.
Causing a tJIoomloesn to Pervade the
Business Atmosphere of
the City.
snout, to th irraAL.J
Pim Burrr, Abk., November 15.
The Kir-t Natural B-nk closed at 9
o'clock thia morning. Tbe teller and
one of the clerks were found. They
bad a letter from Mr. Neel, president
of the bank, telling them not to ap
pear abont (he building, as the same
Bad cloved business. Information was
gleaned to tbe effect that Neel fai ed
to get further accommodations from
R cliardsm 4 May, of New Orleans,
and coo'd not further continue busi
ness. Neel says the bank is able to
pay 60 per cert, now, bur, of course,
the affairs will have to go into the
hands cf a receiver. Neel's troubles
are supposed to be on account of ou'
tide bus ncn affairs. He owes, it is
though', on bis private sccount, about
1200,000. Tbe bank is deeply indebted
to depositors. Our city is in great
commotion and many b'ue facts are
seen, among them w djws, orpbaca
and pcor woikingmen, as well as
numbers of our merchants acd bna
ness meD. In tbe meantime neither
the president nor tbe cashier of the
bank are to be seen upon our streets.
The conclusions are varied. Some
lay it is a long projected scheme ' of
falei'v, while others maintain that all
will be righted. Tbe eff.-tt of the
heavy mortgag a on Neil's prcpeity is
by no means a guarantee that he will
be able to meet his oblijutione, no
matter how much be may detire to do
so. Our city is sorrowing, for just at
this time no greater Calamity could
have happened. Ia the meantime the
Mercbauis and Planters' Bank of thia
city telegraphed to Little R-.ck this
morning, and had a special tiain to
bring them $50,000 to aid in the con
ducting of the business office of this
city, and will at otce treble th
(mount. Jtff-rsn City and Piue Biufl
officials are also in the march.
Aaotlftr Account.
Pma Bturr, Abk., November 15.
No little excitement exiattd in com
mercial circles when it appeared at an
early hour this morning that tbe
doors of tbe First National Bank, C.
Neel, president, were Closed and its
opetationa suspended. Mr. Neel
could not be seen by tbe correspond
ent, but bis Mends eay that the cause
of it was oiig to the difficulty
of getting tot on tu market, on accouut
of imperfect railway and liver com-
municat ous. and a am red papar due
R coardeon & Mav, tvtt n fac'orp.New
Orleans. It. is further sated tbat
while Mr. Neel is personally embar
rassed the bank will be able to meet
the demands of all depositor. The
Merchants' and Planters' Brink, ontici-
pating ajrun on account of the failure
of the Firat National Bank, ware per
fectly prepared to m et any run rn it.
So far from anything of this kind oc
curring ils.depcai'ora iccreae ed ai d no
lack of cor fid snce wb thown, and re
newed confidence was felt in this old
and reliable institution.
A Dreadful Death Arretted far
Irmi foliate.
ariOIAL TO THB ArptAt.l
Chattanooga, Tnn November 15,
Arthus Uixon, a fireman of the Cin
cinntti Soutrern lailrd, met with
a horrible dva h thia evenicir. H
waaseHtdin theenirine and mat ta
tbe traia ran into tbe covered bridge at
uarwin ne tcruet hie head out ot the
window to see if all was right and th
whole top of his head wes curved off
by an npiiAht beam at the opening of
iup niiuge.
Deputy Marshal tied rliil vest?
day arris ed a boy named Tu ktr.who
came to this city ia July Itst from
Fajettevilie, Teun., on the charge of
voiir g illegal1?. Tucker ackrowiedued
to cavirg voted in the Bberifl s elec
tion in AudU-t and at the recent Con
greesicnal eleciion,sayinir that be had
been iniotnied by an Aldermau el.cr
ot tbm city, that he had a r eht to
so. lie voted the Republican ticket
Donavanl Tate's Contract,
fapaciAL to Tua irriAL.l
Savannah. Ga . November 15.
Dunavant & Tate have contracted for
linnets and all otber work of the
Creoraia Central railroad between
Birmingham acd Good water.
A Lot of Mnpretn Court Declalona
in oiuolnl Tote.
Jackson. Mips.. November 15. The
Supreme Court delivered opinions
loaay aa ioi kiws:
iJy Arnold. J.: Be l Gates vb. The
Stare, convicted ot asaan't with intent
to kill, In tbe bharkey Circuit Coort
James Dalk vs. The State, convicted
n tbe Kemper Circuit Cnrt of Brand
1 . . o
larceny; amisaea.
Mayor and Aldermen of Vlcksbnrfl
vs. R. L. Record, from Warren Circuit
Court; amrmed.
R. Vandenberor vs. Bftifn Dnnninir-
ham et al, from Warren Crcuit Couit:
judgment reveised, the last verdict set
aside and hret verdict restored, ond
uogmnnt thereon entered here,
By Coopsr. C. J. : F. G. Henderson
et ai. vs. Mary A Gibson and 8. S Gib
son, from Warren Chancery Coart;
Louleville. New Orleans and Tens
Kailroad Cjmpany vs. John M. Regan
etal., from Warren Chancery Cjurt;
Ndtchei, Jackson and Clumbus
Railroad Company vb. M. 0. Stack-
house, from Second Diatiict, Hinda
urcoit uonrt: amrmea.
By Campbell, J.: Horn Anderson
vb. R. F. Bick, from Warren Crcuit
Court. Tois was an action for dam
ages against Beck, the Sheriff of War
ren County, for damages for false im
prisonment, la which tbe court below
snetained a demurrer to plaintiff's
ameuaea answer. Tbe Court here
reverses said aetion, overrules said de
murrer and remands the case for a
new trial.
Msry H. Pein Vs. K. A. T.nwia. ad-
ministratrx; from Warren Circuit
Court; amrmed.
Vickaburir and Morilisn Riilrnad
Company yg. W. Ha'Uck Phillips, ex
ecu or, etc. : from Warrnn Chanaerv
Court; affirmed.
Goodall. Fite ami Jampa vm. J. L.
Piinmonf": from Lamlnr-rlala Cimnit
Court; atfirmed.
Tbe State vs. W. D. Knnv. ft at.
In tbls case Kenney bad heretofore
been convicted in Wumn Cirjn t
Court of em beta e-nont and appealed
to this court, coiit ay to la. The
crurt below took a bund f om defend
ant for bis appearance before this
court after his cor.v ctiori f a felcny
raid nond uii not appear i n tna rec
ord heie, and tbe court snpp sir g de-
leuaani wai in curixxiy, as he should
have been, reud-red a juds
ment of affirmance, whereupon,
deieudant etewprd. By rirection of
this curt the bond from ihe court
be ow was brought he re, and a for
feiture nni taken rgtitst defendant
and his sureties, ar.d a siira facias fa-
sued to the parties to appear here and
show causs why j'ldument fiaal shall
not be entered. The tureties on tbe
bond answer that as this court re
versed their decision while tbe de
fendant was at )arg, ttey are cot
responsible for bis escape and thculd
not have judgment fiaal enteiel
against them. The At orney Oeueral
demurred to me answer as lnsutnoien
la this tbe demurrer was sustained
and the answer diemitsed and judg
ment final rendeied on the appeal
Tbe Louisville, New Orleans and
Texas Railroad Company vs. Pompey
H ggin. lo totai cate there was
recovery by Hipgins of J500 in War
ren V icuit Ujurt against tbe compa
ny for carrying him three-quarters t f
a mile beyond tbe point where he had
a right to be s'opped, tnat is, tbe usual
stopping place lor ptseengeri. Af
firmed. Tbe official returns from the Second
Congrewi onal District foot up as fol
low: J. B Morgan received 3543
vi tes, Jaa. B. Morgan 29 ID, Joho B,
Mnraaa 1020, Morgan 345.
J. R. Chalmers rt-c-ived 1201 votes,
Jcs R Chalmers 32U, Chalmers 283
It will be reen that J. B. Morgan
beats both J. K. ami Jas. R. Chalmers,
and Moriian Deats orialmers, but Jas,
Ri Cba'meis bea's Jas. B. and John
B. Morgan. The restraiaing Older
prajed for by Chalmers to prevent tbe
ieauauce of fr.'ogii's certificate of
election mil not he granted br Judses
Pardee and Hill, of tne Federal Court,
from wnrm it was asked, Toey will
not entertain the petition.
Judge Hill has recovered sufficiently
to enable him to r eucne the bench to
A Bad and Plflfnl Mory of Once
Plflfnl Mory
Unppr BlaB.i
Jaoksin, Tknn., November 15. Mr
J. P. Wooten, ot tua city, tbe man
wto.e wife wes poisi ned laet August
by tbe black "e he devil," Elis Woods,
created coDsiderab e exc.tement here
yes'erday by biH appearance upon tbe
fetreets a raving maniac. He h"s been
abseLt from the citv several weeks,
and it wns reported that he WtS dead,
hut he h . returned here hopeleenly
ineane. He ttlks about hia bttaut ful
curly baired yocng wifa acd sweet
Utile babe, who be says are iu heaven,
and swears thtt he is au horined
by Almighty God to k II some
fiend in Older to save tbe
na'ion. His condition was such
that it was deemed proper by the
city atithoiitisa to confine him. He is
a very Urge and powerlul man, and it
took more then one policeman to ar
rest him. He was put in jail, where
he will remain until he can be carried
to tbe asylum at Nashville. A few
months ago he waa one of oar bent
cltitnr, huppy aad contented in tbe
love of his young wife aad babe, but
in an evil hour he employed this negro
woman, Elizi Woods, as took. She
was thfre but a short while when she
poisoned Mrs. Wooten with "Rugu
on Rats." The readers of the Appkal
will remember tbat she was taken
from tbe jail and lynched in tte court
house yaid in this city.
The new fnruiturefor the new post
c flic e and Federal O urt building has
ariived and ii being plared in order.
The nos office will be moved into the
new building next week, then Jackson
will have os fine a posUflica as thare
is in the Sta'.e.
The cotton crop in this county is
turning one well, much better tnun
last year. Up t datd there have been
between 9( 00and 10,000 bales shipped
from this place.
A Man Attempt Nnill by Inn.
nine into a Train Heal Ettate
Birmingham. Am., Novembsr 15.
This alier.K.o " aa tne nortb b'-und
mixed train No. 10 waa pu'ling in'o
Hartsville, AU.. a man named a. 1',
Wood ill ran out of hia house by aside
road aginct the enaOoe. He was
knocked down, but not seriously in
jured, bavins no bonis broken. The
conductor rays it was evidently his
purprse to suicide.
On the strength of the heavy trad
ing of tbe last few days real estate
Dromispg an early boom. Dr. Cald
well, president of the E'yton Land
Company, announces be will ma-k all
tbe company's real ettate up 33 J per
cent, tomorrow.
Arroated for ll'raal Valine Tbe
Holoriana II laa Carroll Acqnltted.
Chattanooga. Tbnn.. November 15.
8. L. Tucker, the man arrested a few
days since by a United States Marshal
charged with illegal voting, was tried
today before C immtsaioner Barton
Tucker conferred that ha bad voted
illegally, having only lived in tbe
county a few days before voting, but
stated that he had been informed by
Alderman elect Howard, tbat he was
entitled to a vote. It was said that
the Alderman would be arreated to
day on a warrant for having procured
fraudulent vote. The auair has
created a sensation. It is said a num
ber of other arrests for illegal voting
win be msde tomorrow.
Miss Jeeeie Carroll, who is known
to yonr resders as having been ar
rested as an accomplice of Frauk
Jones, of tbe Champion Reaper
Works, of HpringUeld. O.. in bts em
bezzlement of the company's funds,
was tried at Springfield and the jury
failed to agree, eleven of the jurors be
ing for acquittal. Miss Carroll Is a
well known character on the Cincin
nati Southern roid.
A sneak th'ef last night stole a dia
mond collar button and handsome
bracelet set wit diamonds from Mrs.
Payne, of Lonisville, who is visiting
the family of u. V. Stapp in this cit
be stones were very valuable,
clew yet the thief.
Ob! love, what is it in this world
ofoura that makes people srffer to
with neura'g'a?" "Can't tell, my pet,
n'ess tbe averpge cit zsn hasn't got
seme enough U buy a bottle of Salva
tion Oil.
Indobskd by all,
Dr. Ball's Cough
hvruo. 25 ct't
New Mpb, aad Mutt Net Leave Work
Without Some Notlco or
Their Quit Kg.
Chicago, III., November 15. At an
early bour this moruinir, the late etri
it g err p'oyei of the packing houtes
aa enabled at the respective head
auar rrs indicated in the Htcriff
der iecutd yesterday, aiid app ied for
mph ymei.t. ine ciowa was orderly
and perfect y autor. The Liremea
the different houses selected such men
as they required at oi ce. and the re
mainder departsd, evidently s-ttiefied
(hit they wtuld be taken back as
toon as the houses were in full rnn
Ding shape again. The unmber ol old
men re employed this irornlng Is be
tween 1210 and 1500. Advices iust re
ceived lrom the yards indie .te that no
difficulty is anticipated bi-taeen the
old and new employes. Tbe question
as to wnat extent tne old employe
shall be riven precedence over tbe
new is lioerally discus el. At th
packers' meeting yeoterday the sitna
tion was dlecuased in the liaht of tr
Ktrike beirg d.c'ared ofl. All took
Mr. Powdery 'a order calmly, bat were
plainly gratifi d by it All, however.
we e unanimous id the declaration
that no new men shou d be d scbirre
to make room for tne o'd ones. Ti
determination was aUo expie sed
tbat only those should he taken back
wbe weie desired by the employers.
"Ihere is not loom now for all tbe old
men," said Mr. Hate'y, after tbe meet
ing. "I havo some new men who are
ab.nit equal to the eld, and besides
there are not enough a .imals to start
up with a full force. It will take me
a. veral das to get ready for complete
work, uther prcaera express lik
opinions, and will, tbey also said, take
beck all of Ihe old men tbey could
ue, noueol ihem believing that many
ot ttiern wonld te lmmedia ely wanted.
au tne strikers taKea back re om
jielled to a'g'i a pa ier in which they
agree not to leave their work without
giving their employer! two weeks' no
tice. On tbe otber h ad the packers
aree not to discharge any of tbelr
men without i-iving them a two weeks
no'ice. To still further bitd tbe men
to the agreement, each one is requiied
to deposit $50 with hia employer, this
sum to be taken gradually out of their
A Call for Traelea laiun t'onven
Pittsudbg, Ta , November 14. The
next btue ot the Labor Tribune will
contain a call for a conveut.on of all
the trede? unions In the United
Hiatus and Canada, to begin at Colum
bus, 0.,on Wednesday. December 8ib
The object of this me, ting, as tet forth
n tbe oucular. la the eslab isbment of
a tr ties eo eg roes tbat stall have for
its ol l -ct:
1. Tbe formation of trades unions
and the encouragement of tbat trades
union movtment in America.
2. ihe O'caa s.tion of traJesBBaem-
blies.tradia coancl 8, or central labor
unions in every city in America, and
the further encOuifTement of such
3. The foundins of S'ate trades as
semblies, or Stale labor c ngreeee.", to
influence a ate leglsla ijn in tbe inter
est of tbe working mass.
4. Ihe establishment of national
and international trides auions, based
upon the strict rc ignition of the
autonomy of each trade, and the pro
motion ana advancement 01 such
5. An American federation or a'li
ance of all national and internal ijnal
trades unions to aid and assist eaih
other, and, funhermnre, to cecure na
tional lejiblatioa in the intereat of tbe
working people, and influence public
opinion by peaceful audle&al methods
in favor of organized labor.
6. To aid and encourage the labor
press of America and to disseminate
tracts atid literature on ihe labor
movement. At thia c nveution the
bas s of representation will be, from
nmlonalt) internatiinal unions lees
than 4C00 member", one de'ega e;
00 or more, two doltya'oa; 80tK) or
mote, three doleai-tcH; 10,000 or
mere, four delegates ; 32,000 or more,
five delegates, itnd si on. From each
1 cil trades union not having a na
liooal or inlernationa: u iiou, one del
egate. Bat no trades union shall be
ei. titled to repns-nla ion tbat baa
not boen organ eel tinea months
prior to the aeesion of this conven
McGuire, of the Brotherhood of
Carpenter, m secretary, signs the cir
cular, with Pr s dent Weioe, of the
Amalgamated Aeaociation; P. S. Fi a
patrick, of tbe Iron Monldera' Union ;
A. Btrauster. of the Cigar Makers'
Union, and Chi is. Evans, of the Min
ers' Association. It is expected ibat
the gatheiiog will be productive ef
great result lor lbor organ izatioos.
Labor Will Boa-la lt riaht In the
a v oral it Ircilon.
PiiiLADELi-aiA, Pa , November 14.
ibenrst coniurence of the working
men with a view to forming a new po
litical party in thia city was held here
touay, mere were present represen
tatives from various Knights of Labor
assemblies to the number ot about
250, and a temporary orgmlution was
formed, with James McFreeley as
Chairman. After a full discussion, it
waa decided that all tba trades unions
and labor organiaitions in tbe city
should be invited to participate in the
movement for the new party. Tbe
Mayoralty conteat in February next
will be selected as that upon which to
make tbe first tih.
etlna af the Parhnra Aaaaclatlan.
Chicago, III. November 15 At a
meeting of the Packeis' Association
this afternoon tbe question of the
length of time it would be nececsiry
to keep the deputies and militia at the
yarda was diicuseed. Nj action was
taken except to decide tbat it was ad
visable tbey should bs retained for a
time, at least after all the houses have
filled their complement of mnu. - Tne
qaoetion of requiring a guaranty, or
lorleit denoslf. was about the only
other subject brought op. Exacting
such a condition upon re-employmeiit
was generally approved by tnose pres
ent, but tbe association as a body did
not adopt it formal y. Lsgal advice
on the matter will be taken, it being
feared that a f irm of agreement has
not- yet been devised that would be
binding in law.
Bkhi no
Try Dr. Boll's
Cough Syruo.
LcNDBoaa's perluuie, Edenis
Land horn's Deriame, Marobai Nile
Londborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg'a perfume. Lily of the
ytmn i iTTTmtimi tei stxaaaBBaaaraatj
I) I Ell.
Ri OKRS-At hi- ril,lNM sear Whitea
Bt lion, Itonibfirl3, ISSo, at Do oioot a
bra-cia C. Roetaa.
Will b knrled at Klmwood CamcUrjon
VEDNK8DAY, Nomnbar 17th, at It o'clock
a.m. Friend va invitad.
WOORB-Sundaj, Novtmbw 14, 18aM, at
t:30o'lock p.U).,at No 131 Vaieartraat, a
diphtheria, tioaia Bill Mooai, itad t rain,
1 month and 18 data, oldott daaahUr oi W
11. and M actio Moor.
DAVIDSON At reildxBM near Snrlr.
daia, Tn., KoTombor 15, 1S-&, Mrt. Bjllii
A.. lTATioaua, widow ol the lata Hot. X. t
Faaeral nrvloat at reildenee thit (TTKfl-
DAT) aooralBc at 10 o'clock. latarmeBt at
Klmwnod a 12 m.
-18 A
$125 Bays Velvets
In handiome dciltm actual I; worth IX
Those Combinationi at $7 50
Are to be had TODAT.
Is addition, EI.K9ANT Ef FKCTb In
Woolens and Velveta,$10,$13 60,$15
All worth doable and treble,
JUST IN-A line of
In White, Yeltow end tlrav, attOtentt,
es ehwoMhll 60.
Of Real French Felt. Uncut ehinee,
A Line of
Rich Bit cade & Be adrd riuch Wraps
Berlin and Peril i?jr'e. at f. '4 each,
fullr worth r-0,
A Line of
Ladlf r' ond Mlaif ' i orset) at 85 Ctf,
Worth It, TODAY.
(WiittmiSiictfc Oloioieat OOc
KB El Eil'S.
d eir KniirhU'
eonrieoaiir lavitea. at oroer
,N. W. rlPRKKt), Ja, B.O.
AtteitiJia 8. MAHirvv. Recorder
Dii.n r,i. leyis,
-.' . i
LATE OF BT. LOUIS, MO , hia Jut fltf.d
apaneleKBtofflceoTer Lrtle A 8hlclda'a
frooer iture, eorner n Adaac and Main,
where he ia ready to at all nlghta and raaka
elaese to order. The nuhllA are infnpmMil
that the D elor baa no alei lor aele other
than Ihoie made br hlinielf and In eonlorm
"r win me meenaiement ot tne eye. The
Kooinr nee naeae met me aneelel lmd and
hae all the Uteit c entldo l-U and intra-
Phraiclane prerorlptmnii fur a leuen caieially
mentfl ro intare Mr nt and mmmw alalit
nea. uinoe noun iron io laana a 'onu.m
lilt n. M. I nwia
Ocnl'et and Optlolan, No. 218 Main itnet.
ibihowh rorccr nraroi ana mmn.
Main Ofllce 120 II roadway. N. T.
atoiiiihi4 (jnipp, 2H5 Main St.
wHeadgnerUriforthe PROMPT C0LLEC-
11JIM or JNotei una, Acoounta.
erOar Attorney will lend Oironlari to all
no win write I t thorn.
T' Wal Kembved Alira.ln from
fu mibarettoa U"ar. with head com-
lore, or no ensrae. Ng Kutlm reuu redi
o Doll noua uiedininee. I'.n be uk,i alth
eo by child r dul. Call or lend lor on-
oaiari. va, jn. nr. I nMiTH.KiMviallit,
Ti Medieoa atreet, Wcrophli
And Still They Come
HaTEvery Pair WarrantedtM
only as.oa a raiR.
410 Main Hlre-t, femphl.
KerrvilleHotelat Public Sale
g iitoidit, aroe. t7, laaa, T
V !? ara-.alK8HhVJI.Lil, on tbe N.N.
d M. V, H.H , twenty ullef from Mem
If. r belbr eoantr. T.nn.. I will .nil la the
iuheit bidder, the Hotel and uremiaea. eon
Utinaol 7 66 lOOeorea belonelncto tbeKerr-
Tille llctel Uomnany, held llutel ia a two-
tnrr frame bnlldinet hea 11 mnma haaldee
kitonen, peatry, aervanta room, amoie
bonae. atable. aad other Aat-huildlnM. a
lame paled aerden and a eood well al tba
uoi. ana ia a one oniineu aUnd belna tne
y hnlel in the town.
KKd One heir eaahi the balanea In
twelre monlha, with intereeti bond with ap
proTed aeonritr will be required, end a Ilea
ret ei net en til the rmrohaee money ia paid.
bj oraer o ine noara.
a. MOOOWALD. BecreUry.
ClraraleJaT, Dclaa; Bepalrlaa,
No. IT W. Oosat Braaaf.
Craor m. Nlohol.
Pbr8lclan( Snrceon and Aecoacher,
313 Slain Mtreet, A ear Union.
TwfonhftTis) Nn.'W. 1
lectric Belt Free
rpOjntroduoe It and obtain eenti wewll
lor me neaieiaty day. five away, lra
oharee. in eaeh ooniit in the II. H. a lim
ited nauber of oar VarniM fclorlra
o Maoiaara Bailia. Frloe Sfti a
tTo end nnfallina care for Nerroni De
ri Verieooela, kimlaaloni, iaipoUnoy,
aVn.110 Reward cald if ererr Bait wa
maaniaotare doe not eanerala a ranulne
otjrla rarniat. A-t Jrwaa et onoe KLKC
rooklya. NT TV
lft, K.T-Wlll moot ia i titled
cons are thu (Tt) K-DA Y) efenlni, V f
Nov. IStb, at o'clock, for dlM-eicb 7J
of bualneia. Vitltlne Sir KnirhU' '
J H l
t&"PA roliry.UoMer la 1885. fS.OoO.OOO. and Sot a Dnlfar f
Contetea t lalml-tj
IdHr7i7rJi.'?"?U ,n ,Swhlbit of "araetle and akllllul maaaeer
R! vILTi twjtraaatofpeliw.bolderi. Theprea.nt eutomeiit u pleiolr the baft
Room 1, Cotton
EoiiSTHirj catTlb
tarTli'Htll are on Inwe-tloii ill I tin ltaxla.-VHti
"' 0
5 Cnrloitli4 Kip lValln,
:t I'ur-loailia NunflTtintl roi,
1 Cur-luMat Liirrf, Ilani ami afaiiMnxe.
B C'ar-loadaj Aainrl(?an Nnnllut'a,
1 s'ar-l atl New UmImIiin,
1 Car-load Net Naltaoii.
1 Car-load rallfarnla C anned Ernll,
lO ii-IoimIm Toinal-oeia ici'H'H,ioru, Elr.,
1 C'ar-loiMl Almora'a IhM- MHl,
9 'arloMdi lw York llii!kwliat,
31 I'ar-load) IMicaft'eM, lira ut and Marrol M(kl
2 'a--lotdt Sllfor Mon Ciciuii l lii,
'A Car-loadM Virginia I'oiiiihim,
m t'ar-loadi Eir Crackorn and Firework,
a 'ar-ltaln renin and i nrriiiiu,
H Car-loaon Fln llaiianaM,
5 Car-load Ited Hen Diitih Ai1ch,
9 -arload Froh Fanoy (landlrH.
1 Car'oail Oa lineal.
And a couiplole aMaortinent
or rue wprnai line
wareiid lor
imam & w
Dry Goods, Notions, Mosior;
Norn. 338 and 828 Mala SL, Memphl,!TBJai.
1?1!.!T.1LTJ?N V "."" "Ulaeaip.wtU tkaa af JTZti
B m Baited State. We are AfeuU for
TteitaaM Maaafactarlar Ca.1 Plaids, Drills, Sheetlag, SklrUmf, Xti
R. nimi.RT PH4TMIR, PrMldonl.
K. J. BLACK, l a.hlrr.
board or
W. D. DKTI1KL. J. R. OOnwIN.
TodoaOenerel Bankln Hualneaa, Dlaoount Pener, etc. To liny and Hell NtncVa, Honda and
Local Seourittoi. lo Receive Depoaiu and pay INTUKKH1' thereon. To Intent In Hecuritiee
forKateUi, Minora, Treateea, and oth.ra. To act aa Trnatco, Admintatrator, Kitoutor or
Ouerdien, aeuie aa an Individual. To ant ea
Li) cuea of Trnat.
To Day end Hell
'alaeblea of all klndi eea be aafely leiit. A
i. A Ut
aSHiclal Attention Paid to Oollcotlnna.
fill i n
nn O
UlLimtU i)i
cTTaitli Advance to Merchaiitii and lMantent.
Cigars and Tobacco
275 Slain NtrecfUOpp. Court
j. ii. mm km
Acd Commission; Merc haute,
JJtu and SO Hjullaon Utreet, Steimhti
Of Interestto Ladies
"T will be money eared to any lady eon
. temuletine tbe nurcheae of a 8ewlne-Ma.
chine In the nett ninety deyi to cell end act
priceaortne Liaht-Knnnini XErV HitMat
and aee their la'eat Imurovement, the Auto
niello Bobbin Winder, wbioh pleoei the
KaW HOBS leyeral y.ari ahead of any
machine now In the markot.1
Mew Home 8ewlnrMaeblne Co ,
Berih tloart Btrat.
Exchange Building.
Crnktd Wlie. Kie,.
of Maplo and Fanoy tirocerlf
oi otiiury jnerriiaum.
a l'rlee-LlHi.'tfoa
W. a. WII.H rit!, VIiPrrellat.
B,fJ Ullll l ItiU, Txller.
H P mill w 19 wnnvnnni.
W. . TA Y I.0R. H. 11. bNUWDKM,
ueeolver for Cornorailona, LIl KMiti, end la
Aian, nere i
nn.itjir nl ih
Alan, here a title Dnnoait Vault, whereii
LlenoaiUiry nl
I'ntrnnir H
he otete t lennenaee.
"UllllT H-lnltii.-
Nqmire, IrfomplrKTi-na.
Physician and Psychologist.
DR. VANCE haa perfected hlmaclt in pay
ohclonT, and ia prepared to treat die
ttn ol nervnua orlmn b entliely new
uiethoila. Hia theraiieuiici la edilraaa.d prin
0 i-allr to the bivher brain oenlsra of apirit
oal activity, wboae Influence on low.r luna
tion.. n.rt,,ua and bodily, ia paramount. Al
nianl-r ol ihe lai loTernici payoho-pnyai-cnl
ph.noniena, he la oonfid-nt that reaulU
will meet hia u.oat laniuine exptoutloni.
Ofllce-373 1-a Main NtrMl,
aaa fm

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