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Thi poli:Lian, Having assumed that I
Mr. C.eTd!and is to bs a candidate for
re-election, have brgnn tbelr work of
painmtling Li in. Bat the blows are
delivered in words, and hence are
comparatiTpIv barm pfs-
MS. mm, OF ililE
Jcdqi W. C. Fowi km, of the Sa
preme Court, who is at home for a
rest, repaib tha docket cleared for the
firat time tines th war, a compltte
verification of the old adage tbat a new
broom (weeps e'ean. The members of
the court thus folly justify their selec
tion by the ixwp'e. ,
And Accuses tbe Democratic Party of
Adopting tbe British uj.tera
in Tariff.
Tbb Merchants' Eicbangs has dons
well in taking steps looking tj the
entertainment of tbe Harpers' party
now making a tour of the South,
and who will be hers toward the end
of the month. The whole city will
gladly tec and and indorse anything
in that direction that the merchants
may determine upon.
Ir Frano Paul was not a candidate
the Appsal wonld, with great pleas
ure, soppnrt Mr. 8. A. Cunningham
for the efflce of Clerk of the Senate.
His labors as a jonrnalist and working
D. mocrat entitle him to some recogni
tion by the party in the State, and we
CDmmend him to the care and atten
tion of tbe members of the Legislature.
Niw YjSK Citt, following the good
example of London, is tbout to con
fer representation in its School Board
onworren, .Mayor Grace, in defer
ence to a very general request to that
effect by the women of New York,
has promised to appoint two of their
number as mrmbsra of the board be
fore be lays down the reins of office.
Tbb Ntw York Slar saya there is a
report in tbat city that Mr. Henry
Watterson, long the distinguished ed
itor of the Louisville Courier Journal,
is to go cn the staff of the New York
Herald. We doubt this. Mr. Watter
son is too res. lees a spirit to become
secondary to any man, as he won'd
have to do if employed by James Gor
don Bennett. It wonld be death to
Watterson to lo-e or merge his identity.
Thb merchants and manufacturers
of Chattauorga have made prepara
tions on a generous scale for the en
tertainment of tha Harpers' party,
who are doing Georgia and South
Carolina very thoroughly, and have
been detained longer in- those States
than they anticipated. An embassy
loaded with go d will and full of good
purpose, this delegation of artists and
writers is worthy of all public honor
and attention.
Thb success of a few of our more
enterprisirg capitalists and business
men in the iron and coal trade in
Alabama has induced the formation
of another company here, the charter
for which ws received yesterday.
It is to be knoirn as the Tennessee
Valley Iron end Railroad Company,
and has already purchased large tracts
of coal and iron lands in Wayne
county, in this. State, on which to be
gin operation. The re's millions in it.
SomsoI the opponents of President
Cleveland are nuking themselves ri
diculous. Angry at what they charge
is his mugwump civil service policy,
they propose asking him to dismiss
certain members of h:s Cabinet be
cause thfy have made political
speeches especially in bis defease.
Of course the President will not pay
any attention to this proposition, if
made. Cabinet officers have rigbts
tbat even the great public cannot
trench upm. '
Mamt of the Democratic papers of
Middle Tennessee ate very earnestly
outspoken in favor of C. J. Moody, of
Bedford, ,fjr Speaker of the House
of Representatives. They speak of
him as a parliamentarian of experi
ence and ability and a man of address.
Thus indorsed the Appeal would
cheerfully support him but tbat Shel
by county has a candidate for that dis
tinguished office in the person of Mr.
Lucas Clapp, who possesses all the
abilities and virtues necessary to fill it
moat acceptably. A man of tbe peo
ple, he understands them and is pre
pared to serve them with fidelity and
Augcbta, Mb., November 16. The
follonioK letter will be published here
tomorrow :
Acousfi, Hi., Novembir 16, ISM.
To th Editor of th Kannsbeo Journal :
I thank you for calling my atten
Hon to a circular issued by tbe so
called Independent Committee, dur
iog the recent canva'a in Matsacha-
seite, touching my position on the
question of civil service rtf jrm. Ab
sencs from home for several weeks
hrs prevented my seeing it sooner.
The circular embodies a singular per
Version of what I Quoted in a SDeech
on the 19th of October at Huntingdon,
. How tbe error oi misrepresenta
tion originated it is not for me to say,
My speechis in Pennsylvania were ac
curately reported for the Philadelphia
Preu by skilled stenographers, and I
personally taw the report in no other
paper. 1 send you nerewitn tbe
speech nf Oc ober 19th as it appeared
in the Pret, and Mprctfully ask yon
to re; ublieh it in your eo'umns side
by side itb tbe circular issued by the
MtS acbusetts Independent Commit'
I thank you farther fnr submitting
to me a puolic letter ot Uctober Ztitb,
from Mr. Martin Brimmer, of Boston,
in which I am aciosed of "repudiat
ing tbe reform of the civil service with
a sneer." remaps Air. Brimmer in
cons'deritely bes-d bis remarks upon
the ciicular of the Independent Cum-
mittee and has thus been led into pub-
usnirg a statement wcicu does me
great injustice. If my supposition be
correct, Mr. Brimmer will, us a gentle
man, withdraw bis language. ' It is
scarcely necessary to tay that I have
never repudiated reform in the civil
service nor abated my interest there
in, nor have I ever regaded the sneer
as a forcible mode of argument. Were
I tempted to resort to it, I should di
rect it not aeainst the reform of the
civil service but against tbe hypocrisy
ot tbo3e who wish conditions of that
service to be enforced egainst their
political oppenen's, bnt not agiicst
tbeir prli ical irieadr. Tbe point
which I sought to establish in my
ppte:h at Huatinedon'.was entirely
confused and obscured in the
iudependnnt circlar. Ia cflict, I said
tbat the E. g'ish civil service, which
was held np us a model for our gov
ernment by thoss wbo lef c tha Bepub
lican party two years ago, is now un
der investigation and apparent con
demnation by the English themselves;
that the British Miomtry have insti
tn'eda eommisiion to examine into
tbe alUgedbus ness.and that Mr. Geo.
W. Smaller, apparent y agreeing hith
erto with the American admirers of
tbe English service, now declares the
beliel in Eastland to be that the sivil
service ia worse in all the deparments
of the government than it was forty
years ago. Mr. Sma ley gives a some-
w nut detailed recital oi tbe defects
and abuses alleged to exist in the En
glish service, defects and abUBfi which
were never attributed to onr own civil
eervice, even by its mercilees censor.
My argument implied, and was in
tended to imply, tbat the Republican
party had been wise in not adopting
the E' glirh syttem with its life lenars
and its large pension list and all the
attendant evils, which at last have
demanded invesimtion bv a min
isterial commission, nor would jus ice
end fair courtesy have been none to
my speech, even if my remarks on
civil service, torn from their log!cal
connection, had been correct'.y quoted
by the Independent Committee Those
remarag were out part ot au argu
ment in which I endeav red to il
lustrate how truly American in its
best BenFe were the whole Doiicv and
m. ... ... .
nis orj oi toe KepuDUrari paity, and
how, under tha lead of the eo called
Ind pendent, the Democratic party
both in its revenue system and its
civil service rules, was to bs con
formed to Brit ieh policies ju t at the
very time wtien tne liniieh them
selves are finding a fatal weakness in
thesa pelicirs.
In short, though I did not eay it in
words, I meant to convey my belief
that tbe very worst leaders and guides
for a continent! Republ c are thosn
woo pereut in seeing tne perfection of
human government in en ini-ular
monarchy, whose conditions a-e iu all
respects radically different from tboEe
oi onr own broad land. Tbe Massa
chusetts Independents should ltarn
that American inspiration ends whirs
imitation of England begins. Very
respecuuuy, james o. blainb
President Salomon cnmp'.tttd his first
term of seven years. Trie occ-tsioa was
cimmerrjoratea oy popular teas
throughout the R-poblic, and Vten
dent Salomon issued "To the people
and to tbe army an acur s in wbich
be exprerees las appreciation of th
confidence and etttem shown by bis
re-election lor a f econd term oi se Vi n
years to dtte from May, 18S7, and
britfly reraoitu'ates roam of the re
sults attained during his first term.
Pay hy th Boar A Shower of
HSS M InpUjM Takes
Ir the dispatch from Scranton, Pa.,
which we publish in another column
is true, Mr. Garland is about to re
sign or he is to be removed by tbe
President. We cannot credit the1 lat
ter, as during the attacks upon the
Attorney General because of his con
nection with the Pan-Electric Com
pany Mr. Cleveland resisted the pres
sure then brought to bear upon bim
inandontof i he part v. We believe
that it is probaile Mr. Garland is
going to resign. If so Mr. Buckalew,
wbo is an able lawrer, will adeqm'ely
fill the p'ace and satisfy both President
and people.
Ma. Blainb's letter, to be found in
another column, will take its place
among the silliest of all tbe emana
tions of that shameless schemer for
the Presidency. The country has
long passed the period when the word
"Br'tish" had any tenors for the peo
ple. Besides, no one knows better
than Mr. Blaine that it is not the
British system of civil service that
Mr. Cleve'and is enforcing, but one
the rules for which were enacted by a
Aepaoiicao uongrecs and indorsed by
a Republican President. Mr. Blaine
is a catchpenny politician, and his
iaenes of ihe ''bloody shirt" and a
"British civil service and tariff" are
the cheapest ha has yet devised.
Organise National Congress for
Mnlaal Protect taw Tbe Societies
ARCregate OSO.eoO Members.
Washington, November 16. Dele
gates representing seventeen fraternal
societies, with a membership of 630-
000, met at the Riggs House, in this
city, today and organised the National
Congress of Fraternal Beneficiary So
cieties. Permanent organic tion was
effected by the election of the follow
ing officers: Lerey Andrews, of New
Yrk, preident j W. H. Birnes, pres
ident of the Paciflc Coast Press Asso
ciation, first vice president; J.
H. Butler, of Massachusetts, second
vice president; R C. Hill.editor of the
Bofftlo Sunday Truth, recording secre
tary; O. M. Snedd, of New York, cor
responding secretary, and Kalvor Nel
son, of Washirgtin, treasurer. A
constitution was adopted, of which
the principal provisiou is that none
but legitimate fraternal beneficiary so
cieties, working nnder a ritnal and
lodge system, shall be eligible to mem
bership in the national congress, fhe
main object of tbe congress is to or
gan'ze among the various beneficial
orders a system of mutual in
formation, benefit and protection.
It is said that a number of
business and speculative companies
are organized under titles which
would lead many persons to believe
them fraternal beneficial societies.
Protection is desired sgainst these
companies. Among the fra'ernitios
represented by delegates are the An
cient Older of United Workman, with
172,000 members ; Knights of Honor,
with 130.000 mornbers; Royal Arca
neum, with 70,000; Order of United
American Mechanics, with 40 000
members, and the Order of Odd Fel
lows. Tbe flajrtlea Bepablle.
Nbw Yoek, November 16. Tbe fol
lowing intelligence has been received
by the Haytien Representative in tbe
United States, .On the 23d ultimo
Chicago. III.. November 16 Lirra
cruwua or men assembled at tbe rorty
third street via iuct and at the railroad
tracks on Root street in the stock
yards this morning to apply for their
old positions. There was no disorder
ot any kind. About twice as maoy
men as were encaged vesterdav were
selected from the crowd this morning
and ordeied to report to the various
pacaing Douses ior duty. Tbe tnilttia
have all been withdrawn from the 0 Jt-
posts and are now in tbe barracks
Gen. Fi summons bas recommended
that tbe soldie.s bs withdrawn tomor
row, as, in his opinion, the tivil au
thorities will be all that is needed.
Tbe butchers formnrly employed by
Nelson Morris notified him this morn
ing that tbey were not quite readv to
gu io won. iuej caia mac they did
not like tbe pian proposed ncder
which they are rqaeettd to work,
which is to pay tbem so much per
hour. Some of Swift's men also re
fused to go back, and reti ed Li con
At 10:30 o'clock this morning a sin
gular accident occurred. A drove of
begs were being driven across a bridge
leading to AUertnn's packing house
at the moment ra-senger train
was being drawn along nnder the
bridge. The s.ructure broke with the
weight of the hogs, and the whole
drove was precipitated on to the roof
of one of the cars. Some of tbe ani
mals broke ttro 'gh the roof, and a
number of others fell on the tracks
and wera run over and killed. None
of tbe passengers in tbe car suffered
injury, thouga the sudden onslaught
til me ncga occa- lunea a great commo
Tbe programme of veiterdav was
reported at the St. ck yards today, Tue
superintendents representing the va
rious packers met tueassembltd work
men at tbe po nts designated in the
Sheriffs order and selected such as
they w shed to resume wo k today.
More of the old woikmen were tekan
tban on yesterday. Perhaps 43 ter
cant, of tbe employes engaged in the
strike are now baik within tie pack-
og houses. The soldies were usd
this morning as before, to clear the
yards and disperse tbe large crowds at
the entrances who were not wanted.
Thera was no resi tance and very little
bad feeling. Very many of toe old
butchers taken back are stnbbornlv
fighting tbe ironclad agreement of
the packers. Many have refused to
sign it. and quite a force in Swift's
waited out when tbe binding of a
contract was prerented to them.
At the house of Nelson Morris an
other disagreement has arisen. The
packer proposes to pay by the hour,
and to pay only for time actually
worsen, nertioiore it the men re
ported for the dy, and had but two
three bours wo.k, they got full
time, ihe men who went to work fo
morris yeeteroav accented tbe new
deal and are at work todav. but tho
eeiectea toaav sent a committee
Mr. Morris this morning to 8 -y that
they would not enter tbe house unless
paid for lull time, and they did not go
u worn.
To Us CoBnldered-1'ostniaxtcr Har
ris's lane Appropriations Sub
mitted Arctic explorers.
Tbe Whlsbj Pool Thwarted.
Fbobia. III.. November 18 Ed
Spellmen has b ingot eix acres of lend
Delcw 1'eoria ai.d eet np en old still
near the line. Ic is called Regit tered
Distillery No. 14, and it nrevanta the
whiaky pool from pu ting a rectifying
house within 600 leet. kpallmsn has
wo.ay put pats ior a 4U00 bu&hb
home into ti.e hands of the builders,
A scheme whereby tbe pool was to
move a tempo a y rectifying houBe
and shut out Bush k Brown, is
thwarted by tbe tmely rtnewal of
treir license Dy the U'm in auction
A meeting of the whttky pool is bung
hi iu ioiey, ana aietuiers are present
irum an ciarig or in" coun'ry.
Washington, Kovember 10. The
question of liahtirg tbe B-rhodi
TO Melue ot . XJberty was otlicialiy
broUjiht to the attention of the Presi
dent today for the first time by the
Secretary of the Treasury. Tne Presi
dent and Secretary examined the laws
bearing on tbe case, and as a renlt
the President directed that the matter
be placed in tbe bands of tse L'g'it-
noue Eosiu. with a view oi determin
ing the utility of the statue as a bea
con. Mr. Golf, preeident of tbe Ameri
can system of eltc'iio ligtiiinr. subse
quently waited on tbe 'ccretary of the
Lighthouse Board, and made a propo
sition to light ihe statue fie of ex
pense to the government. He wa
told to put his offer in writing and it
wonld he considered. A member of
tbe boerd, in speaking of tbe lubject
this afternoon, said the main question
to be determined wt whether an elec
tric light was an aid or a detriment to
navigation. There were many persons
who held tbe latter view, and it is a
fact, he raid, that the electric light at
Hell Gate was to be discontinued after
tbe let proximo bcaoss it wis le-
ta-ded as dangerous to navigation.
f Interest to Bosd Holders.
TTT . .....r.mw ' V.n.Ril... IS fPI
First Comptroller of the Ireasnrr ren
dered a derision today which will bs
of interest to holders of government
bonds. There has just been present
ed for redemption a $60 5 per cent.
bond, Issued uader tbe act of March
3, 1864, which provides mat bonds of
tbat ibsui shall be payable lor forty
years alter date, with an op ion to the
govtrtment of redemption at any
time alter tbeexplra'ion ot two years.
Tbe bond in question was embraced
in a call made in 1879. and has just
been presented with all the coupons
detached. The Comptroller decides
that as the nominal value of the un
matured detached coupons is greater
than tbe face value of the bond itself,
the bond cannot be redeemed until
such coupons shall have been pre
Appropriations Hubmllted.
Washington. November 16 The
estimatt-s already submitted to the Ap-
propnafona Committee by the Treas
ury Dt-par ment include eftnnt'S for
public works (rivers and hurbore), for
pub ic priunug, for tbe Uureau ot fc-n-
graving and Printing, for the revenue
marine service, for tbe S'gnal service,
lor tbe life saving service, for the
coast survey and lor the public lands
service. These estiuut'B are all In
ha form tf printed proof slips. Tbe
regular book nf estimates will be
rer.dy f r dis'ribution about the 6th of
December. It is understood that Ihe
naval estimates are $10,000,000 lees in
amount tban tbe estimates lor last
year. . ,
FMtmaaler Hariity's Case.
Washington. November 16. It is
probable that the Civil Service Com
missioners will proceed to Philadel
phia Monday next to brain an inves
tigation into the charges mads against
fostmanter llarrlty by tt renuiiTl-
vsnia Civil Service Reform Associa
tion. Comnuiesioner EJgerton was
averse to ordering the investigation,
and it is donbtful if be will attend tbe
hearing la Philadelphia. Ia addition
o tbe formal charges gainntthe post-
mFter, presented by the Civil Service
Kef'iim Association, other commnnl-
ca ions chsrging political d srrimina-
tion and viout on oi tbe civil service
rules have been received by tbe Com-
Cabinet Meeting.
Washington, November 16. The
President's message and the annual
reports of the heads of departments
w- re the principal topics under con-
nidma ion at ted y's Cabinet meeting.
There was a lull attendance and the
seeBion was somewhat luugor thin
when it b-cuiie apparent thst bis
physical condition ur.fi UA him fi
examination. It will be n t ced by th
fntlnirinfr rnnmianpA anti. P. M if
of New York, tbat Mr. Hoxie is not in
a condition to re examined, a-.d that
it is jus to that genii man to siy that
it baa been his physical rond tion
aunng tne er.tue summer. It is not
pot sib e now thft we ran obtain his
evidence before the meeting of Con
gress, and even then the qu-s ion will
ne euDmrred to ihe com
mitt e whether it is no
better to mtke a report on the
evidenre already taken than delay nn
ti . in the judgment o Dr. Mtcilf
Mr Hoxie s evidence could be taken r
There bas been no delay which could
have been avoided, and I am quite
nre I represeiit tbe wishes of everv
gentleman of the committee that ths
report should have been made at tbe
opening of the section of Convmas.
and it, will be made is soon as the
bo e subie t ran be submitted for
tbe deliberations of ai tbe members.
To Be Coocreastaaa Bnekalew. ml
Scbamton, Pa., November 16. It
was publicly announced here today
that the Hon. Charles R. Buckalew,
member of Congrees elect from ts I
Eleventh District, bad been tendered
the office of Attorney General by
President Cleveland. A reporter In
tsrviewed several of Mr Buck ale 's
personal friends, one of them a mem
ber of the Congressional Conference
that nominated him, acd all confirmed
the rumor. The member of the con
ference referred to statid tbat Mr,
Buckalew himself bad expee'ed that
tbe. cfuee would be tendered him be
fore the recent el ction.
Tho Statement Dented.
Washington, November 16. The
prese ltm fiom Scranton, Pa., stating
mat it was puoticiv announced in tbat
rliy today I hut tha office ot A' torney
General bad been tendered to the
Hon. Coarles R. Bucalew. of Penn
sylvania, was show a to Col. Lamont,
the resident's private secretary, by an
Associated Press repotter tonight. In
re'ereuce to it Cel. Lamout sad:
"There is nothing at all in that. There
is no vacancy in tbat cilice." And be
added, with a smile: ' I don't ihink
there is likely to be one. There is no
basis for any such story whatever."
A Stage. Bolls lwn 1IO0 Feet-foar
si Hierms.
Tbe Mnlr fatvat Halt.
Minnbapilis, Minn , November 18.
The Northwatern Miller has a cable
from London annoui c ng that the mo
tion for a new trial was denied in the
case of Thomas Muir sg-dnet an En-
g ish milling firm for infringement on
a patent tor rem-mog tbe germ in
making flour. When the caee was
ttied Mulr testified tbat he had u;ed
the process for months before be took
out a patent. The rase was dismissed
without bearing furtherfevidence. Now
a new trial is refused. Tbe case is of
great importance to American millers,
as parties in this country intended to
brirg similar suits if Muir succeeded
in England.
Released oa Bead.
Cleveland, 0 , November 16. Ben
jamin W heller, tbe old man who was
arrested on suspicion of having had
something todowi h tbe murder of
bis wife last Fridav night, was released
today on $25,000 bail. Patrick Graves,
who was charged with the crime by
Wbeller, is still held in default of
$10,000 bail. The preliminary hear
ing of the prisioners was begun in tbe
Police Conrt Way, but was not con
cluded. The Coroner has not yet ren
dered bis verdict. Tbe police are still
at work on the case, but have made
no further arrests.
A Preaeher Cat la Twain With aa Ax
LomsviLLB, Kr., November 16. A
special says: Frank Kissick, a preach
er, became involved in a quarrel with
John Cundiff, a sawmill hand, near
Grange City, Ky., yeterday, and made
at Cundiff for a fight. Cundiff grabbed
a broadax and cut Kiseick's body
nearly in twain, killing him instantly.
Jilrbael Davltt.
DxrBOiT, Mich., November 16.
Michael Cavitt arrived here this
afternoon, and was accompanied to
his hotel by a reception committee.
This evening local military and civic
organizations escorted bim to
Beecher's Hall, where be delivered an
address to a large crowd.
Chauncey M. Depew, of Now York,
who is in the city on a tour of inspec
tion of the Vanderbllt lines, made a
s'rong speech in tbe interests of the
Salvatiom Oil once tried, always
used. Twenty-five cents.
Claims of Arctic Explorers A Mowed,
Washington, November 16. Sec
ond Controller Maynaid has decided
to allow the claims of A'lun Mc-
Donuld and Frederick J. Hurstell,
civilian members ot the Trotctis
Arctic Seaica expedition, nnder
Lient. Uarlington, United States
army, for r-imburs-ment for clothing
lost in isiriiih r-ound in Julv, ls3.
This dee'eioo overru es tbe action of
Ihe Tbird Auditt r. who dis-tllowed
the c'aims fir want of jurirdiction, on
the ground that the claimants were
not bllictM, or enlisted ra n of the
army. Tbe Ktcond Comptrller holds
mat tne claimants ars entitled to pay
ment, as Ihe clothing waa last through
no uu.t of tli el s
Gov. Florae, of Bahota.
Washington, November 16. Gjv.
Pierce, of Dakota, had a long inter
view with the President today and
ill leave for Bismarck tomorrow. He
again expressed bis readiness to re
linquish theduties of hisr ffice, which,
he said, was at the disrvmal of the
iweeiciam at any time. It is under
stood that Col. Pierce bas made ar
rangements to re enter the profession
oi journalism
Dbnvib.Col. November 16. Late
this evening a stage, c ntain ng nine
pkssengers that left Leadviiie this
morning for Aspen, was caught in a
r-now slide on top of the mountain.
fifteen miles east of Aspen, and the
fat ire outfit carried over a preclp'ce
200 feet high. A relief party from the
Home Sage Staiion en weeded in dig
ging the parsengers and driver out of
the avalanche. Four were unhurt,
but Robert Dwyer. Chris. Conn. Dan
can O. Robertson, I. A. Birdwell, and
Lillie McPberson ate expected to die.
As the telegraph wlree lo Atpen are
down, on account of the severe it rm
last night, bo further particulars can
be bad.
A SIVBBB "ur.nto. .
Siodx Oitt. Ia.. November 16. A
severe bliasird prevails in this locali
ty, the snow being driven in driving
aneets o? a nerce wind. a pas
senger train on the Illinois Cen
tral due here at 9:10 Dm. la
stuck in a drift near Storm Lake,
It Is tbe worst storm for the
year, hperiil to the Journal from
Southern Dakota report the worst
storm for a decade. Unsheltered
stock will suffer ceverely.
Fob a severe and aggravated cough.
accomcanied by a sore chest, 1 have
used Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup with the
moet satis actory r-sults, obtaining, as
I did, sp'S'ly relief
JVUli ULOVKK, Portsmouth, Va.
Hilled His Brollier-la-Law.
PmvBUHO, Pa. November 10 This
evening l.ouis Hammers, a book
binder, s ahbed to tbe heart and in-
stentlv killed his brother-in-law. Wil
liam Heath, a saloon keeper. Hoath
married a sister of t he murderer eleven
months aro against the wishes I the
lat er. Hi d he I ai had a erudite aireinst
him -ver "inp. Hammnrn waned.
Herald rolitj-Holdera In 1885, $S.fl0.000, and Not a Dollar of
Contested (lulmi-t
sarBuol in record It rsalr remarkable in Ha sxMhlt of snsrsetlit and skillful ..um
!h.Bk.w ' .".Tas1! 'kV.0! l'"-holdo-. Th. prweot .ut.ui.nt l. plain , u"bCf
rtJiiixY HimiAL, ajid HEXi; isrici: at cost.
Room 1, Cotton Exchange Building.
""""" - . TESMESNEE.
ItyTheCutUo Are en Inianool Ion at Ihe lhusil-.-t
5 Car-load U NalK
it far-load Nnnft'and s'od,
I Car-load I.ttrit, Ilnm and NaiiHKjre.
21 Car-load Arucrlmu NHrdlnea,
1 Car-l -ad New ItaixiiiM,
1 Car-load Sew Kaliuon,
1 Car-load ('alifornia Canned Fruit,
lO Car-loiadis TonnttooH re .ctie,('orii,l't('.,
1 far-load itmorc'M MliK'e Meat,
2 Car-load Mew York ItuckH heat, .
3 Car-load liKafeet, lirant and Itarrel l'loklea,
3 Car-lod Nllor Moon I'reiini liieee,
Car-load Virginia IVanulM,
I'ar-loadt Fire Crai'kera and Tlrewjrka,
11 Car-load IsjuIh and 4 urraulN,
3 Cr-loalM Flue HiiuanaH,
5 Car-load ICed Hen DaviH Applea,
8 Car-load Fre h Fancy CninlleM,
1 Car-load Oatinval. Cracked Hlieiit. tffe..
And a oinplete awaortiueiit of Maple and Fancy flroeerlo
ior uie npeciai ue oi onniry nerciianta.
. MTMcnd lor a IM Ico-LlHt.-toJ
Oliver, ITinmio t&s
OOTOBBH ae, iooe
EN'iLISIl-Tufdar. NorsTibsr 10. KM.
at 2 r'olonk a.m.. at hi. mldni, corner
Fourth and (litin.l atT.n.. Fart Plnlr.ln.
Tmiiua Kkoi.iiih. as.d 62 J.arn, who Is.t.i
a wits to mourn bit lom.
Will b. buri.d at Calvary O.raatsry today
(WEDNEBUAY), November 17, 186. Her
vlo.i at 81. Joieph'i Churoh at 9:30 o'olook
a m. Prlnd t tyl.
ROOERS-Tbs Irl.ndi and aequalntanoi
of the 1st Brtnoia 0. Rosaaa ars inrlud
t. attend bli Inner.l at Elmwood Csm.tary
tbli (WKDNE8DAY) morn Int. November
17th, at 11 o'olook.
Hi-. Hoxie Hal la a Position la Be
Billiponte. Fa.. November 16.
Many of tbe public Journals of tha
country have repeatedly intimated
tbeir surprise tbat the repoit of the
committee appointed by Congress to
investigate troubles in the Southwest
had not appeared and that no meeting
of the committee had been bad daring
tne recess of Uo agrees. El Uov. Uur-
tin, chairman of the committee, raid
today that he had been in New York
three times daring the rec as of Con
gress with a view f calling
the committee to take Mr. Hoxie'a
testimony, which is deeme! necessary
not only to make a fall rep rt bnt as
weii co precede tne evidence oi omer
witnetsas to bs called befuis tbe com
mittee. That he had now communi
cated with the other memt ars of tbe
committee aai apprehends it will not
be poss;ble to have a meeting m til
immediately before or noon af er
tbe meet'jg of ' Con trees. He
added: "Publlo santiuitnt , has
(emed to dmand tbe ex-
amkation of Mr. Hoxie and it
is due to the gentleman ti say as well
as lo my colleagues of tbe committee
that he has not been in Ibe bealtb or
had tbe strength since the time he ap
peared before the committee in ti'..
Louis, where be was at ones dismissed
Hi Andrew's Society.
THE number, of St. Andrew, "ootot
requsatod to moot on TUUH8DAY.
IS, IBM, at 7 o'olook n m., at tbs .tor. oi
Ifouni A Bro ,211 Main .troot. for tbs par
poio of .looting offinsri and raaklns arranao
m.nU for tho aalabratloa of Ht. Andrew'.
D.t. E. M. bUKUAM, Prs.ld.nt.
Wn kikhii, Bserotary.
Loan, and Dlioonnt. I1.4n.944 M
Banklnahouas and offloo ialurw- KO.OipO (10
Ov.rUrafU .1.... 2D.Hi7 24
Iiponiioi and tai.i 7.100 it
oi.ntnionanio i.vi.zan an
Caah on band 1X18,717 73 526,818 OH
fi,(U9,W4 TV
CapIUlPaldop I AOO.OOO 00
Undivided Pro (Us 121,877 87
Kiohanf. and Intsreat 31,341 trj
Due other link on .
Bill, redi.eonntad.l 203.0W 86 '
D.poilu I.074.12S 16- 1,277,225 00
12 029 944 79
NAPOLEON HILL , .Pr.'.ld.n
WM. A. WILLIAMSON Vioa-Pro'ident
8. P. READ Cublor
A. Vacmro, Wm. A. Wltllamaon,
jo.ph Itruoe, Napoleon Hill,
H. Dudley Fray.er, K. Knirtey,
H. P. Head, RonJ. Bahh,
John R. Pepper, Jus. II. MoDavItt,
Iraan N. Rnowden.
And Still They Come
FINE iiano-sewf:i)
WTKvtrj lilr Warranted-XW
410 Main Str?t, We inpliln.
np an sl.a.nt otBo. OT.r Lytls A Khl'
arooery .tore, oorn.r n Adam, and I1
wrier, bs 1. raly to at all uthta and
0 ars infi i -net
.luae to onlor. Th. pi
that tha Dufltor hu a. !
tban thoi. made by hlinnalr ant In oonlon
afiw. tor .ale Mi'T
lulr ani In aonhfi
It wltk Ik. t .1- . '1 . .
Doctor ha. mads tbat hi. .postal atndy ai. 1
ha. all ths lataat folentlflo toaU and Initn
rnonta to inturs p.rlsot and sa.y .Irb'.
Phr.ioinn. proiorlptioni forla.e narslully
filled. Uffio. hour. IromU to l2and 2 o lip.no.
OrullKt and Optloinn, No. 218 Main itrast,
aoutheaateornor Aiama and Mais.
Main Omce-120 Itroadway, ti. f.
Memphis Office, 285 Main Ht.
arlleadauartera for tha PROMPT CO I LEO
liuN of Notoa and Aooonnta. '
-Onr Attorney will a.nd Circular, to sit
who will writ. I r them.
raiAfli WKKilfi KetnoTad AlWe, in from
40 mlnutea to 2 bourn, with head com
plete, ur uo ohara. Mu Kit'tinf required
no noil nou ui.dioinaa. t'an be taken with
iLa by child rr adult. Cnll or .end for cir
cular!. DR. M. N KY SMITH, Hpe-irtll.t,
72 Mml Hon ttrect, Memphis
Ml. 11. L. LASKI,
rhjHlclrin, Saroon arid Acooaclier,
ia main Ntrowt, Alnr IIuIaii.
fry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Feabodj and Gajoso Hotels
At 10a m. for ths Union Btsak Tarda direct,
and will run throui host tbs dsy in
eonn.euon wnn us
Clennlns:, Dyelnar. Rxpalrlna,
No. 17 W. Cooar Sraarr.
Oeorajo 0. INX1 ohol.
A. 0. U. W.
RKHULAR meetlnof nilfkmwLod(.,
No. 40, thl. (WKDNKHDAV) sToninf,
NoT.mbar 17. 1HHH. at llnll, 2im Scond Itre.t.
All member, are requenled to atten 1.
w. J. MUKKBLL, W. M.
J. C. Cauarros, Record- r.
n. iiorrT,
GRADUATE of th. Watohtnak.ra' Aead
say of Swllxerland,
Practical Watchmaker and Jeweler.
af Pins Work a Snsolaltv.-soa
19 AtoaJs Itarwwt, iaenanliia, Tsan
Noa. 338 and S2S Main fit, Memphlt,:Teiia.
fwvm mrtm rar.i ii wiirrsR oom is i.arkr nfV .
rrLryiJP A" 'L' '. d ear rrlee. wUI eoatpars wltk tksM of aay MU
Bs SasllauUd State.. Ws srs Ataata for
StutMM MaBBfactarlaf Co.1 rialda, OrflU, Shfetlaa;, gktrtlar, KJ
' rjBMMOT saw) GKAVXsJB. '
Vanih A,dTanMa to WprolianfH antl Plaiitprai.
And Coran:ls3lon Merchants,

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