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Prince K'erolap, Russia's Favorite
for thi' Throne cf liiilgarid. la
dursed by the Towers.
London, November 10. -Judgment
was rtndcri today iu the action
brought by Mrs. Aithnr Sebright lo
have her marriage i:h Mr. Sebritht
declared vdd tn the ground tbt ehe
was loioed into it tl:rr.u(ih far. The
znariitfH va"j dcc!aed annulled.
The JulKf, ia rendering hi9 deci
eion, connitii!td upe n the fact that
the evijmce given by the plaintifl
had cot b n denied I y the defendant.
No man, be octinurd, with a particle
of eeif mpi ct, it Me to deny, would
have a lowed inch lettimrny to jo
uncontradicted. The pluiatiff bad
been rerlu ed to a canoition of mind
by the d-fendant wbee she was no
longer able to resit the ptefeura of
his lmportur.itiee to marry him, and
although at ltst the ceremoby bad
been gone through with, she bad not
given the content which the law re
quires. Mr. Sebright was today ad
judged a bankrupt.
"ZZTT BdltiB Arm to Ireland. J
Z London, November 16. A French
man baa been engfgnd in shipping
arma to County Keny, Ireland, where
he Bold tbern to moonlighters. A
London firm suspected the business
' he was carry irg on and informed the
police, who Bt-iitd the parcels which
the Frenchrrau had ordered to be
shipped to Ii eland, and op-n d them,
when tbey were found to contain
BrltUta Ar(!hll nnonncloa- (he
4. tilt-ago Vecfsluxts.
London, November 16. A meeting
of Bri ish anaichis s has been culled
to assemble in Cleveland Hall,
London, on the 23d inst., to protect
against the act'Oi of the Ctiicngo
court, which tried and sentenced
Spies and his collf agues. The cir
cular calling the meeiing denounces
the jury tbat convicted the Chicago
anarchists as a bribed aod packed
body, and condf mns Judge Gary for
refusing the piiaoners a new trial. The
Hon. Auburn Herbert, brother of
the Earl of Currarvon, will prob
ably preside overthe meeting.
Sebright Vela Ills Deserts.
London, Novmber 16. In the pro
ceedings intttnttd agaiDEt Sebright
by biscieditors, application was made
for a warrant for his arraet for debt.
It was shown that his deb s amounted
to $80,000, while he has no assets at
all. The Rtgftiar has granttd Se
bright a forttight in h ch to appear
ana show cause why he thould uot be
imprisoned as a debtor.
Women Politicians.
London, November 16. The Na
tional Liberal Club at a meeting today,
resolved to e etabiMi a Natior ai Liber
al T a Mat.' Tiionn tn r-rnntprsct the 1)0
liticat work doue in the interest of the
Tory party by the women of the Prim
rcse League.
13 I
A. Dealer In ConntersVIt Bill Doped.
Kinoston, Ont., November 16. A
citizen of this place went to New York
last week and purchased $1000 in
counterfeit bil s for f8c He was un
der the impresn'ou that he bad got
what be had bargained for, but on
opening his valise for inspection at
Cape Vincent the customs officers
found the supposed package of money
to be merely a roll of sawdust and
A Testimonial to the Prlace f
Winnipeg, Man , November 16. A
movement has been started here to
pref ent the Prince of Wales with a
testimonial for bis services in connec
tion with the Colonial Exhibition.
The Hlailo rarllnment to Be Dis
solved. Toronto, Ont, November 16. The
distortion of the Ontrrio Parliament
has been officially unnonnced. New
elections for the Provir cs of Ontario
will take place Xti ber 29.h.
The finaar Production.
Et. Pbtrrfbcrg, November 16 The
Russian State Comrjjitsion on the
sugar industry have by a vote tf 12 to
4 agreed to recommend to the govern
ment a compuhoiy leduction of the
sugar production of the Empire in
order to improve the trade in it. It is
believed, however, that the Czir will
decide in favor of ti e minority of the
commission, who oppose restriction in
any way.
The New Petroleum Engine.
Bbbltn, November 16. An Austrian
electrician named Marcus is supplying
the German navy with a newly in
vented petroleum engine for torpedo
boats. The engine is set in motion by
electro magnetism, and is more power
ful than a steam engine of the same
size. It is not liable to explosion.
jrrfilebolas Russia's Favorite.
i London, November 16 Russia has
designated Prince Nicholas, of Min
grelia, as her candidate for the throne
of Bulgaria. The other powers have
unanimously approved of him as the
successor of Prince Alexander, and
bave invited Russia to now propose a
satisfactory solution of the conflict
with the Bulgarian Regency.
Vienna Without Water,
Vienna, November 16. This city is
suffering from a long continued
drought. It has not rained for several
weeks. The conduits supplying hy
draulic powers and baths have been
cut of! far a week throughout the
town and the authorities are about to
curtail the drinking supply.
The Orients! longreaa Postponed.
Vicnna, November 16 The meet
ing of The Oriental Congress has ben
postponed antil 1890. The Executive
Commit'ee is preparing a memorial,
which will be signed by the Archduke
Renier, t the t.uoteesof the British
Museum and the British Secretary cf
State for Home Aflairs. praying taat a
bill be introduced into Parliament em
powering the museum to lend tbeO i
ental rhanrjgerips in its possession to
foreign tavants. The British Museum
is the only one cf the European Insti
tutions having a great library which
still refutes to loan its manuscripts.
The most audaci ..us swindling oper
ation of the jenr, of which Francis
Franck, the director of the Monde
Financier, -s tt t? htro, rarses a pn c
awoi e ite pfnoiia whoae pri-perty is
ci-rrjili1'! to the h utile) of trustees.
Franik rccrp:ed applerdid apartnect
in the Puede la Pa x, with hi wife and
daughter. lie gave delightful dinner
partita andematenr theatrical enter
tainments, and wis cf:en seen in the
Bois behind a dusbins enrol OrloS
trotters. Ha was gentlemanly and
dipn tied in Brpearauie drerB'd in the
latest laimon. but without ostenta
tion. II s prii c pil victim ia a Rus
sian li nil owner, who had blind com
deme in Frantk's integrity. Franck
eprke to the Russian wi n entbusi
attic elconence abc ut Tunis and per
suaded nim to buy lar.d there, to
build a chateau and start vast farms
for the produce cf iue and grain, at d
papjrus. to muko cbeap psper
with. Franck started for Tunis
with a power cf attorney fiom
the Russ'an in h s locket end bought
lanes riet and left, but in his own
name. Ha then sold them and in
vested the nroceedi in French and
American securities. Ha continued
to fend the RuM-ian. who resided in
Paris, photcg apbs of the chateau and
farms that be borgh', and suddenly
made a daih for Rua ia, where bis
c ient owned a gold mine, and by
mean of a power of attorney obtained
larae sums of ready money. tie
coolly took poestssion of a large
amount of family plate, pictures and
statuary belonging to the Russian,
sold tbem and pocketed the money,
all except the p'ate, which he kept,
merely substituting bis own family
crest instead i f the Ru s;an's. Franck
acted with such extraordinary rapidi'y
that t'ne Russian, who had gone part
ridge shooting in the Black Foiest,
knew nothing about it until ne un
expectedly returned to Paris and foucd
Frumck startirg for America with all
the plunder. The Rusa an was thuoder-
struck with amiizement,and notified the
police. Franck was arrested, and
while being taken to the Mtzjs Prison
in a rab by two policemen under the
command tf Corporal eUnterra he sud
denly complained of a frightful .colic.
Ha persuaded the police to let him
enter a restaurant in the Rue Rivoli.
Franck manaaed to e:cape bv the back
door, leaving the police to stand sentry
in the restaurant, franck proceeded
with lightening speed to ttie Credit
Lyonna s, where he cashed a check for
150,000f , and the entire polics of Paris
bave n"t yet been able to get scent of
him The amount oi money be em
bezzled from bis Russit n client alone
exceeds 3 OOO.COOf. Frarck, upon the
recnmmendaiion of the Papal Nuucio
at Paris, was created a few years aizo a
Count by Pope Lo XIII.
Londin, November 16. The Queen
has donated X50 to the fund iot the
benefit: of the fishermen of Aiklow,
Ii eland.
Pabis, November 16 Ten workmen
were instantly killtd today end fix
others icjured by the collapEe of a
building in process of erection at
London, November 16 The colliers
of Wales have voluntarily submitted
to a 5 per cent, reduction in their
wages in order to prevent a stoppage
of work at the mines.
Bbbnb, November 16. The village
of Frimstein, in the Canton of Burns,
Switzerland, has been dest.oyed by
fire. A number of the inhabiting
perished in the flames. ... .
Dublin, November 16. All the ten
ants on the extensive eetates of Mr.
Wilson, in Listowel, County Kerry,
bave had their rents voluntarily re
duced by him 40 per cent, below the
judical rents.
Alixandria, November 16. The
mail packets service between Brindisi
and Itdia, by way of Alexandria,
which was stopped Inst April because
of the exis'ence of cholera, will be re
sumed next Friday.
Do I love you? Tes and no
Jinny mine, 'tit hard to ray.
For y ur charms, dear, oome and go,
Intha molt cerplexmf nay I
'While I wsrblo at your feet,
"Jane, my Jans, my prettv Jane I"
Noiryou ar inrparains rwet,
Ihen, anon, tupremely plain t
Jf nny, this is ad and atrange
Jenny, why, 0 tell me why,
Comos there tuch a (trievuui cbnnge
O'or your lip ai d in your eye?
Cheeks that had a r each like bloom,
L'& a kitchen maid'n, are red;
Featuies so n fined assume
Quite an aspect orer fed.
- Ye' at other times you seem
Form'd to oonqner and ensnare
All ttut Lore, ynura; l.ove oaa dream,
O' the magically fair I
Then I wonder if some elf,
To Titania's lord akin,
Can present your i ther self,
- As a baser kind ot twin I
Bni it may he that my eyes,
Darkrn d bv distemuor'i dew,
Bee a vision that belies
All the chnrins that ma le me woo.
St H I love you? Yes and no
- With 'he fickleness of men,
While those charms, dear, come and go,
1 will love you now and then I
IrmpU Bar.
Tbe Bapliets In Convention.
Baltimokb.Md., November 16. The
fifth annual metting of the Baptist
convention of the United States be
gan in this city today, the Rev. W. E.
Hather, of Richmond, Va., in the
chair, and the Rev. Mr. Scott, of New
York, secretary. The Rev. Dr. G. D.
Pepper, of Waterville, Me., read a
paper on the ' Inspiration of the
Scripture." wh'ch was discussed by
tbe Rev. O. P. Eicbus,of New Jersey.
A paper on "Faith Cure," ssnt by the
Rev. W. H. Whitsitt, of the Southern
Baptist Theological Seminarv in Louis
ville, was discursed by the Rev. F. H.
Kerfoot, of Kentucky. The Rsv.
Phillip H. Moxon presented a paper
on the "Labor Question," which was
discussed by the Hon. James Bu
chansn, of Trenton, N. J., and the
Rev. G. F. Dowling, of Cleveland, O.
The convention is very fairly attended
and will remain in session until Thurs
day. Tbe Free Press-Evenlns; Hews Ball.
Detroit, Mich , November 16 Jai.
E. Scripps yeeterday brought suit
for $50,000 damages against the iFree
Pkbi Printing Company. The suit is
brought iu retaliation for a suit by the
Free Preu against the Evening Neva, of
which latter paper Mr. Scripps is pro
prietor. The Free Press Printing
Company is a separate corporation
from the newspaper, although the
same men are interested in bote con
cerns. The suit is baed on a cam
paign poster printed by the Free Press
Printing Company, which Mr. Scripps
considers libelous.
Army Leave Privileges.
Washington, November 16. A gen
eral order has been issued from the
War Department, to go into effect
January 1st next, providing tbat when
an officer is granted a leave of ab
sence it shall be charged to the year
or years in which it first accrued in
order of priority of date and any
balance of accrued leave remaining
sball stand to his credit for future
leaves. No credit for leave, however,
shall stand longer than four years.
This order, it is stated, is intended to
give army officers tbe luU benefit of
the cumulative leave privilege, in
which they bave been restricted lor
ten year past. . JaiM
mm of mt mm
To Exchange Opiuion. as t B :i
Methods of Tarlnsr for These
Valuable Auiuiala.
Cleveland, O ; November 16 Tbe
Kennard Hou-e ia fi led with trot'ing
horse luvere, breeders and track own
eis and operators, vbo are bera &
delegates to the adjjurced meeting of
the E eventh Ccngreesc.f ih National
Trotting Ass cUtion, hich begins at
2 o'clock th s afternoon. The report
oftheVa l Investigating Committee,
appointed at its !at meeting, at Chi
c igo, February 15th, will be consid
end. For months before the Con
gress met cbargf s Lad been made that
tne deaiings of Stcretary Vail, of the
National Trotting Association, with
member of the aesojiation had been
carele.es and full of a neglect that
seemed stud ed and that moneys in hia
bands and doe members could not be
obtained. 1c was also charged that
acknowledgements ot general corre
spondence, and especially relating to
moneya due, could not bs obtained.
In addition, it. was insinuated, rather
than eba-ged, that tbe financial nfiM'8
of the cilice were in a bad way. The
committee investigated and made
iti report, which bas been print
ed. It is this report that today's
congress is to receive and accept or
reject. IU acceptance will be a vir
tual vote cf "guilty ," and will herald
Secretary Vail's official decipitntion.
Its rejection will menn that he will be
re-elected. Among the bes-t known
D'en present are: Judee James G.
Grant. Davenport, I.; David Bonner,
New York, aid E. 8. Elwards, New
er, N. J , members of the Investigat
ing Oommit.ee; C. A. Wilkin on,
Newark, N. J.; Daniel Campeau, De
troit: T. 0. Kung. Hartford : 0. M.
Smith, Earivillo, II).; J. Yaldeo, of
New York, the expert, who was em
ployed to examine Mr. Vail'a books;
J. H. Pane, Philadelphia.sacfi! ry i
the four tracks in tbat city ;G. rgf
of Philadelphia, and P. P. Jot J'on, .
Lexington, Kv., members of ice
Board t f Review, and Hamilton Eus
by, of the Turf Field and Farm.
The meet serious thing likely to
grow out of the congress is a new as
sociation. Several of the anti Vail fac
tion compared notes and held a eortof
meeting last night and took a list of
ninety-eight members who will With
draw from the National Afsociation
should they b worsted tnriay.
Cattle Growers' Convention.
Chicago, III., November 16. A
meeting of cattle growers was held in
the call board ionm of the Baard of
Trade today, and a consolidation of
the S-. L- uis National Atsocia'ion
with the Chicago National Abeociation
nnder one hed or the Na ional Ca'tle
Giowera' A sociation, was efh-cled and
temporary offirers elected. Mr. D. W.
Smisb, of Bnes, 111., was e'ect?d pres
ident; John Clay jr., of Chicago,
treasurer ; and A. H. band -w, Cliicaao,
and 8. P. Cunningham, Fort Worth,
Tex., secretaries. A;:er passing a res
olution of tbe old Conference Com
mittee, recommending the adoption
of a constitution, the meeting ad
journed, subject to the call of the
president and secretaries.
The Veterinarian Convention.
Chicaoo, III., November 16. Tbe
Veterinarian Convention this morning
listened to aud briefly discussed tbe re
port of a committee appointed to in
vestigate the cattle diseases of this city.
Tbat report was tbat the diseases now
prevalent in tbe distillery stables and
elsewhere in the city of Chicago and
vicinity is contagious pleuro pneumo
nia. Tbe commi'tee, composed of V.
T. Atchison, D. E. Salmon, James D.
Hopkins, J. W. Gadsden and P. Pau
qnin, recommended tbat all diseased
cittle be slaughtered.
Dr. Hopkins offered the f allowing,
which was n f rred to the Committee
on Resolu ion:
Whebkas, The contagions pleuro
pneumonia of ca'tle exiB s in ceita'n
restricted localities of the United
Sta es; and, whereas, inoculation
is being pi attic -d in certain
States . as a preventive meas
ure, and is being advocated
for geneial adoption ; and, where
as, the experience of other
nations has shown tbat this contagion
is prevalent in lrcahties where inocu
la'ion is practiced, and that iuoculrtt
edcat:leaie dangerous ty othir ani
mnla with which they efterward co
habit; and, whe eap, the ve'.erinnry
prolestion of Europe condemns irocu
la'ion except in locjlities that are
thoroughly infected, and where no
effort is being made to extirpate the
plague ; theretor, he it
Retolvtd. By this convention of veter
aria1 s and State Sanitary Boards that,
considering the limited territory in
fected ia this country, every effort
thcu'd he directed to tbe thorough
emdication of this disease from Amer
ica; and be it further
Ee olved, That we consider inocula
tion to be an extremely dangerous and
objectionable practice in the present
condition of affai s in this country,
and one which should bs disoa gsd
by tbe veterinary profession 1 be
prohibited by law as long as then is a
pcsiibility of stamping out tht dis
ease. An effort was made to suppreei this
resolution, and it will meet with much
opposition when brought to passage.
At a meeting of the American
Shropshire Sheep Registry Association
here today tbe officers who held place
last veur were re-elected, including
the president, 8. H. Todd, of Wake
man, O. It was resolved to ask all
fair associations to give Shropshire
sheep a separate cla'S in exhibits.
For Harder Kesnlted la Verdict of
looaiisroxDiKca or res apfbal. I
Rosedalb, Mi's., November 14.
In toe Circuit Court now in session
tbe case of tbe Slate vs. John Saivers,
for murder, which was one ot unusual
interest, tbe jury returned a verdict of
not sulltv. Toe defendant was arrest
ed on bis own confe sion, made to
several witnesses, who were exam
ined. They fouBd the body of a dead
human being, but could not sty
whether it was of a man or womai i. It
was surrounded with chunks of w aod.
indicating tbat a fire was made the
purpo e of destroying the body. One
leg was missing and one arm; tbe
other leg anc arm were oaaiy oarneu.
A piece of tbe skull was fuund with a
hole in the back of it. A motion was
made to exclude the testimony from
the jary on the ground that the
eorpus delicti was not sufficiently
established to admit tbe confessions.
This was overruled and the whole
case, confessioni and all. went to the
jury. Tbe case was ably argued by
D s lict Attorney W. S. Fari.h for tie
SUte and by Mr.T. M. Harris, of this
county, and Judge Oreille Yerger, of
Memphis, for the defense. It was a
ens? of sinaillar iutrevt ami esc. ted
n nch co.ninit t. Judi.e Verger's d
feii.ee was : I . conv; ic:rg and
cr.aracteria'it i Imiuh t florts. As
a Hticoeasful i d' il a'trn y h his
gdt.ed au . in !e rei't ition here
and eltewHti
i si f W lit
'oinlng of
On Tuesvlny. Oc'cber 12, 18S0, the
l!)7ih Grand 'M.intb'y dmt) ilmt oa of
the Louisiana btate Lottery ctuieotT
with its nc nst med legnlanty. Toe
Bum of $l!ij5,500 went far and near,
and this wa-i th reenl' : Ko 26,' 42
drfw the Firs' t ap tl of $75,-
OlO; it wa sold i-i fifths bt H each;
on taChails J Heriman, a young
shingle maker with the L-v,ii L. Aruia
Shingle and Lumber Co. ,'.! Muskegon,
Micb., p.id lo him in P'Bin; one to
Wm. H. Turner. No. 2:to Rundolpb
s'reet, Cbicig', It'., through r-'ou'hern
Eipress Co mi NwOrens: one to
J. N. L iw, with the N. Dak. El-va'or
Co., Jamesiown, Dak , through Lloyds,
bankers, of Jamestown; one to the
Lordcn, Pris and American Bank,
limited, of San Francisco, Cal. ; one
paid through Adams Exprpts Cim-
Sanv to a party in Naw York city,
o. 61,968 diew second capital of $25,
(M O, .also sold in il'thsa;$l: one t
Mrs. Mary Logue, throunh Bank of
Ridont, Smith A Co., ol Orvi 1, Cal. ;
one to Co lin Kitchen, No. 319 South
Cherry street, a watchman with the
Richmond and Danvil'e rail
road, Riohmord, Va. ; one to
R. M. Whit-side, Cisco, Tex.,
paid Wells, F.rgo & C.i.'s Ex
press; one to John M. Manning, No.
1106 Ninth street, N. VV Wasbiagton
City, D. C. (a young law student
there); one tJ Arthur H. Barnaby,
No. 87 North street, Boston, Ma
No. 1759 drew third capital prizi of
$10,000, alsn sold in fifrhs at $1 exch;
one toE. T. Babbitt, D-nisun, Tex,
through Merchant' and Plamers' Na
tional Bank of Sherman, Tex ; one to
G. W. Jacksop, of Brownsville, Tenn.,
through Southern Express Compiny;
one to Dow & Boyett, Mojve, Cai.,
through Welle, Fargo A Co 's Ex
prees; one to Farmers' and Drovers'
Bank of Louicville, Ky. Tickets Nos.
20,104 and 73,392 rlrw each fourth
capital priis f -8000 sod in New
York City. C'ft o, Sn Francisco,
Carthage, N. O.. nu Maooutab, 111.
So the wheol of fortune luins. The
next drawing (the 199 h grand month
ly and an extraordinary quarterly
ore) will take place December 14th,
wh-n the grand capital priz of $160,
f00 "ill be given to some one. M. A.
Dauphin, New Orleans, La., will give
all information on apidica ion. Re
member the approEch ol cold weather
encourages exertion, and try it on.
Tbe Converse Trial.
LouifiViLi.n, Ky., November 16.
The Rev. Dr. Eugene Daniel, the chief
witcess and prosecutor of the Con
verse Br.is.V, publishers rf the Chris
tian Observer, charged with violating
the ninth commandment, gave his
evidence ia the tiial today. Among
other things he stated that the repu
tation of the psper and its editors
were bad, and charged them with fal
sifying the rec rds of the Synod of
MisBix-inpi in 1875. Th length of the
t'ial seems Indefinite.
A Common Cold
U often the beginning ot serious sffoo
tlons of tho Throat, Bronchial Tubes,
and Lung". Therefore, the importance of
early aud effective treatment cannot be
overestimated. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
may always be relied upon for tbe speedy
cure of a Cold or Cough.
Last January I was attacked with a
severe Cold, which, by neglect and fre
quent exposures, became worse, finally
settling on my lunn. A terrible cough
soon followed, accompanied by pains In
the cheat, from which I suffered iuU'nse.ly.
After trying various remedies, without
obtaining relief, I commenced taking
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, aud was
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied that this remedy saved my
life Juo. Webster, Pawtucket, U. I.
I contracted a sevcro cold, which stid
ilcnly developed Into Pneumonia, present
ing dangerous and obstinate symptoms.
Jly ptiynlciiin st once ordered the use of
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. His Instruetionr
wcro followed, and the result wan a rapid
and permanent cure. 11. K. rjiuipsou,
Rogers Prairie, Texas.
Two vcnrs ago I suffered from a severe
Cold which settled on my Lungs. I con
sulted various physicians, mid took tlin
medicines they prescribed, but received
only temporary relief. A friend Induced
me to try Ayer's C'herrv pectoral. After
taking two bottles of tills medicine I was
cured. Since then I lmvc given tho Puo
torul to my children, and coiibidcr it
The Best Remedy
for Colds, Coughs, and nil Ttiront and
I.ung diseases, ever used in my family.
Robert Vaudcrpool, Mcadville, Pa.
Pome time ago I took a slight Cold,
which, being neglected, grew worse, and
settled on my lungs. 1 hud a hacking
cough, and was very weak. Those who
knew mo best considered my lifo to be
In grcnt danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using AVer's Cherry
Pectoral. I.css than one bottle of this val
uable medicine cured me, and 1 feel that
I owe the preservation of my life to its
curative powers. Mrs. Ann Lockwood,
Akron, ew York.
Ayer's Cherry Poctoral Is considered,
here, the one great remedy for all diseases
of the throat 1)1 I'angs. anil Is more
In demand than II y ther med nlne of its
class. J. F. Id kl.'ta, Muguolil, Ark.
Ayer's Okuri y Pectoral,
trapara! tiT Dr. J. O.AjlTkCo., tll. Hhi
told by brugylsu. Pit 1; it UiUm,
Question li sngarlns oar urlcnltara eom
munity. Messrs. R. Q. CRAIQ k CO., Not.
87 and S9 Union street, Memphis, Tsna.,
are dailr In reoeist of
sports on growth in diversified eropplng
oorn, oats, wheat, rye, barley, esrsali, and
orchard, herds, olover, tall meadow oat
gran and timothy grass
All ear wornost red; Iinds :say be re
jlalmed by lowing lyei ad clover on them la
fall or spring, w g eow-pt u tn May,
June or July, tha jrs trnder, al4 '
Improve the land.
1(. G. CICAIG A OO.,
Agrionltaral Tmplsmsits and Seed Dealers,
I ' I dil? tlUna Artier ot Mara
M, iV.AVER ftON. ur suMiBrtse anat
W. A. GAGE & O
Cotton Faotora,
No. 8QO Front gitrot. I leraphU Tew a
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEP'T.lGOto 171 Adams SL, Memphlf
aw-Mllls, 4' - titTt.
erlat- Hllls't
front .
Work, Wiii
K pairs. 2imMnruj
IRON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEPT. 226 and 228 Second St.
tSnneesson In this iepartmentto JOHN MAN0QUB.)
stsrwrtte ss rnr mrnrmfltion on a rv r i n
."'V:-. n-J
ii sajirHiTffTTTffi'
.1 i. I -
m&KBW BTKWAKT, Hew Orlaevna. I ANDRBW D.OWTKMi Ma sak
33G Second Street, Jlempliln.
Matsrials? Pamrrti. TrtT W.H., Irna. Lead and ton. Pii. Oa. Ftturw. flloUs. Kf
. T. I AXtAJOa. . 0. MI. A. PAIU. B.InWUMI
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
Set Front Street, Memphlt, Ten do
OeMea eeaslgBS te aa will bave r sarsrnl attentloa. W. earrr at all Nasi a Mtv
slseud iteek ot
Staple L Fancy Groceries, Winas, Llquors,Tobacts& Clirt
4 9tg wm ait mm low mm l.nwfl,
And Commission Merchants,
200 ami 22 Front HU, Iff mpliln. Teim.
Ao Y ACO -
i J. T. LaPrade k Co.
No. 304 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
-Having retired from tbe Baddler sad HaraeM
Undsd a. la the old Has. we trust lo merit sad receive s 'aVh"!
Cotton Factors, Ubolesalo Grocors,
JJ: 11 Vnimn Street, t t MemphU. Tenn,
M. 0. P1AB0K.
Cotton Factors & Commission Hgrcli'ls,
'dottos. Warehnasee-ltM
Bar lrou
Boiler I roa
Sbl Imx
iMTiu1ISSil .
Ibtllway -flc,
i in sirnftr rm.
Maaataoturer's Agents for
DAiiiel Pratt Cottoii Glim,
Mannlaetarsrt of
Pratt Knllpae Hnller ls, reert
era aad Win Hepatrers,
98 to 104 Poplar HU, Memphis
arPratt ReTolvlng-Ilead Olns ana
qaaled. tttook now ooiuplete. Prloei
reduced. Cnrreppondenoe ana orderi
lolioited. Old litns lteiialr.il In First
la s (rd All work guaranteed
tt. K. WITT.
BO z Co
jnna VndRATH.
Lato with 1. 1. LaPrads k Oo
BU aiwl X) Pal Wtsreet.
r.t win. n Kmrnmrnmrniwi. w
CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,000.
11 Vf do Atreby Certify that tM tuvrU$ As
tirr(inatmtut$ for nil the Monthly and Quar
terly brmotno' of the Lttuuinna tbi'Ue Latter
( nmvnnv. ami in prmon ti nape and Control
tht (tniwififj themmelv, and t tint the HMdrt
eoHti'ttTiVrf with honeity, fnirrw$t and h go 4
faith UntHird nil tmrtwi, nnd tee. aidthortM tkm
I -(imji.iHi Certiorate, with fne-exmilm
ot our iynature$ attached, in it Wfiif
mentt.11 l'nniK.lna.
We, tht MwirrrijnM, Unnlu nnd Banlurt,
mil jiny all I'rwt drntna is Th Louinmn
Ntat Lotltritt which may U prucntl at oar
I. ll.Otil.KNBT.Pres. l a. Karl Rnnk.
J. W.KILHKKTIf .Prra.Nlate Nnt'l Ik
A. BALDWIN, Pre.. M. U. Nat. IHx.
Over Haifa Million Distributed.
Louisiana Stirio Lottery Co.
Incorporated in 186 for twenty-flve t,ari
br tb. Legislalure for Kdaeational .til
Cnaritable iiarpo.es with a capital of J!,
OdO.um to whioh a reserve fund ot OTsrlMO,
(XSlhas tinoshen aditod.
Br an orerwlirv)ir.int ponnlir vo'.r Ite
frnohi. wm msdnapart of tn, proven t State
CnnstitutloDi adopted Deusmber W, A.l.
Its rnd Rlnirle Slnmlwr Orasr
Inas will take place monthly. A
tcalM or postpone. Look at toe following
Distribution :
KD Till
Exiriuirdlnnry (iiHricrlr Drawing
lath. AoadeiuT ol Musln, New Orleans,
Inmulwjr, Ueeiiia-r 14, IHHH,
Under tbe personal supervision and man
agement of
Oen.n.T. Rpnnrpiiard.of T.onisiana, t&i
Weu. JnbHl A. Knrljr,of Virginia.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
evarNOTlCE-Tiekets ar. Ten Dollars
only. Halves, lt. Filths, M.
Tenths. !.
1 Capital Vriie of ll.Stt.WW IIVJ.OOO
1 Dmiid Priie of. MMH) 5H,(J
1 (irand I'ri.e of. a,i 2H,(
2 l.arn. l'rinea or ln.i'n) 'Jll.UtIO
4 I.nrKe Prinos of r,0H0 31,
20 l'riies of. - l.W") '.;
fill Pritos of. - 5tl. f'.t5J
lll Prises ol ' .
21 Prises of - l,."0
Prise, of. - iM '.
1000 Prise, of .WM
rr-RimATioN rnm.
100 Approximation Prisns of t!(IO... 2H,(KH
1iM Approxi-nation I'riios of 11)-. lO.Ois)
100 Approxiuintlun l'ritos of 7V., 7.10
2279 Prlies, sinounting to sAaisJ
Aiu'licn'oti tor ruioi to mubi .honia be
made only to the office of ths Company at
Now Orlenns. . ...
Kor further Information virlto stonrlf.
glvinj lull address. FNl'Al,lTiiU,Kx.
press Vonet Orders, or New York Kxihum
in oni'inary leitor. Ourreuor by Kr.preni
our axpuniti), addressed
M A. Iftl'FJIlHi,
nw Orlwiua, 1 a
Wnnlilnir'on. It. '.,
ol at l " eat t oiir Hi ., IB t-iiiitila. True.
Mukn P. 0. Motif j Orrtrru iajnhje
and audi hm Kt'iftMlfrod Lrttornto
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS
lEsUbllshed In 1860.1
1 V R.JOHNSON Isaoknowledredbyallp.--J'
ti.s Interested as by far tb, most tnv
eessful physician in the treatmentof pri' -'.
or aenret disease.. Ciuiok. oermanent t rr.
gnaranteed in every ease, male or foi
Reoent ca.es of Gonorrhea and By: t
oared in a few day. without ths nse sf -curv,
change of diet or hlndranos
busin.as. Beoosdary Syphilis, the lar rt
tiseeradioated witboitthe use of m.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in r -
time. BuBereri from impotenoy or ! .
exual powers restor, to free rigor In I
weeks. Victim) of sslf-sbnn and exnaui
v.nerv, suffering from spermatorrhea t. i .
loss or physical and mental nower, .peed
and permanently cured. Particular atte .
tiun paid to the Diseases of Women, au i
cures guaranteed. Piles and old sores onrtsd
without the as, of caustic or th, knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by express to all parti of the
etarwnrklngmen enred at half thesta
rates. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to
o'clooH p.m.
am yonr tetiiitnr fro- V.i OrlrrtnaJ S3 Mae!
- liaiwimtoflnilutiona. - i
Kane Genniue buIimss bcarliic IhlsHtaaie.
xUdo In Button, wrnrriisscnn i iwiww
biltty.Ctnnl'oTtand Jiimtl
cucr. AiMwtalcanlMuiteo
UAwIll hrltt. vou Infonna
tlon howto l-i tllits Shu, 1X4
y uujr BtuloorTorrllory. 4
J. Means & Co.;
41 ijnixiin bv.
UoMoa. xum.-
SW1.,- kluh. in 1AjwtfmAt!nn off
Tn Z7l.Ua woa! It WW UJ1 ou Uu. ruou U yoe.
ak thiuu. J
Trustee's Hole.
TpAIHIRE having been mad. In the pr
V ment ot the Indebtedness secured in a
trust deed ro.do by O. M. Padgett and wife.
Kate Padgett, on the 2h of March, 1M1.
and reonrdod In beok i:, pnge of the
Heglsier's oflloe of Klielbr county, lennes
see, in pursuance of tne power therein con
forred, I will, on
Nninrtlay, Novruiber IIO, 1NK4J,
between VI o'clock m anil 1 o'olock p.m., at
the southwest corner of Mnln and Madison,
streets, in the olty of Memphis. Tenn., sell
to the his best bidder, for oash, the lollowing
tracts of land, lying and being on Presidents
Inland. In libolby county, Tennessee, and
bounded a. follows 1
lleginning at the southwnst corner of ' 640
aore tract In the name of W. Person ; thenoe
north 17 chains and 1)0 llnss to a stake with
box elder, pawpaw and hickory pointers;
thence west 211 chains to an ash sapling with
two large Cottonwood pointers ; thtnee south
4 chains to a stake In the mouth of a ravin,
on the bank ol tho chute, with willow, Cot
tonwood and sycamore pointers ; th.nc, np
th, ohule with Its ineanderings ii2 chains lo
th, businnlng, con ainlng 40 acres. Also,
one otlirr tract on .aid Island, bounded as
follows! lleginning nt a box elder marked V.
on the east bank ol lh, main branch ol the
Mississippi riven thence down said rlvcr fill
ohains to the extreme point ot said island:
thcoe north 60 eift up th" east chute 12
ohains to th eastern line of said tract. Indi
cated by cedar posts! thence due north 45
chains to a stake In the southwest corner of
a 7iW' acre tract In tbe name of Hobert Cum
mins; ttiano, due weal to tho beginning, oon
tainlng40 acres said two tracts containing
80 acres. . .
The equity of redemption . homestead and
dowerexor,sly waived and title believed to
be good, but I sell a trustee on'y.
WM. A. OObblbiR. Trustee.
And Iron Roofln
rire. Wind, Water and I lglHolu
proor Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates a factory raioi
sail on or address
138 A W0 Main St., and 21 k 23 Mulberry at,.
Ileadquarteri lor Iron t .no, and Cresting,
(taivanisedlron Oorniclm xtooi. A Movea.
If- V .: fi ViV
IA ."S 'I'm .TrW
i 1 "ai 'i i M vr a . -m
if. 'a, i. ' ri -Tr;MC -r"J-- -T. t:
V'.' AW
I ' f J I. A '

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