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llimuir ( MCRH-AT et RIDGXXT,)
ii In re celpt of a larger, more varied and better se
lected tteck of CASSWEEES.TTORSTEDS. SL1T156S
ud 0VEEC01TI5GS, (all this seasoa'i Importa-
Ileal,) tbaa irai twer tuown In thig market. The
tck comprises tho choicest designs, flnost textures
ud moit dnrablo goods In gentlemen's wear.
ttr Samples an si Prices on application to those
Who kave left measures.
!sw Stock Open for Inspection
WE wool (J respectfully announce to the public that we have opens' an Auction Tlonre,
and will conduct the General Auction business, at our old stand, 1 " IhIo
Blrwt, in the Webster Block. Uavinc secured trie services of Msj. J. K. MnDON ALD, the
well known Anetion Sale'tnan, who hat a long experience in the auction business, we are
prepared to make (ale1 at KESiDEN'lES or K'lORKlloUSKS, and will pay particular atten
tion to the sain of Ileal Estate and solicit a liberal patronage, aaour motto is QUICK SALES
and PROMPT BiiT I'LKMENTd We will make special rates with Attorneys, Adminis
trators, Assignees, Sheriffs. Commissioners and Guardians. Kales at our bale-rooms daily
at 10 o'clock a.m. and at 7 o'olook p m., and Trade a es once a week, the day to be an
nounced hereafter. Consignments of Merchandise of every kind solicited.
N. ISttM'UO&F V CO., LicciiBcd Auctioneer?.
J. R. McTONAT,r. Vilmnn.
the cinowru of norms
The Compress Company Preparing
to Meet 1fae I Me of liusinces
Kapidlj Comlug In.
jspnrilllt TlIKATtK.
One. Week and f-sturday Matinee
Bins- Honnar, ftvirmber lath
uiaunguisnea American Aetrera.
auesaay ana Wednesday evenings,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
By Clinton Stuart, Kse.
Superb east Contumes by Worth.
. . r.md Mair,ee Saturd'y.
Open Dally from 1 until 10:30 o.m.
Open SttnHsysfronr 10a.m. toll p.m.
Engagement Extraordinary This Week. See
And a host oi other Wonders.
8-Talented Star Artists 9.
a"" .ADMiSt ION TO ALL 10
Reserved Scats intheTliBat-r. 10- Ktr .
BEAUTIFUL HOME-Three miles from
sity, on Poplar st., cor. Treievant ave.,
r o i ot move, re-t unaor plow
Inquire ft 4iB Missifs ppi avenue
lf ULE-Owner can have same by proving
XYJ. properly and paying oharnaa.
n . it
v M s-PKl.i.MAr-
i d Madi.op si.
TABLE BOARD The best the market af
fords, At 87 COURT fiTKE E T.
NBWLY furnished front room, with ele
gant biard, lor single gentlemen: 87
Court street.
board, at 03 ADAMS ST.
i! At 117 Linden etreet.
Rooms, with or without board.
ROOMS AND BOARD Can be had at
ROOMS Desirable rooms, with board,
A 1 49 Market street.
FRONT ROOM-Furnished, with board,
can be had at 92 Court street.
J board : table boarders wanted
With or without
12! Court.
DESIRABLE ROOMS-With board, at
ROOMS-Furnished, with board.
At 81 Shalhv street.
rOW-On Tburrday near nonn. two now..
V ' one a black, with on p and bole in one
1 ear and slit and bole in the other; the
wner, rea ana wnue spotted, witu a swallow
fork in right ear: teats hnv. hl.olr m.,tr.
A suitable reward for their return to me)
'Bear corner of Lane avenue and Ayreiitreet.
lift it i.w i i k i;rti,Kr
JMALL AT 193 DE50IO STREET and have
vV an elegant ilreu made lor $5. Snort
Wraps and Cnlting and Fitting ladies'
ureases a specialty.
KATIE 11 -
Pleasowrite toyour F. M. H.
TH tl tliii, tt" "a .inrt'i . . " . 7
I in nuun. x LiAtituLiii to wntner strip
VJT your doors and windows There is solid
eomronana economy in litis. Corner beo
ond and Madison streets
I -iH.J. D
XJ son st. OlBor telenhone 831
( 118TERKS-
vy ranted.
W til 115 24.J Main, cor. JeBer.
residence be
-Built and reoaired unit war.
Tnvftntor of t Via Nanitar P..t.
anavemeni ramp. Contractor Bnd briok'
lever. Telpphor. m.. TIKIS Cll RUINS.
YJ acnool desks, solid cberry,
gooa oonaition. tall, or add-ess
sixty double
rast lrame,
A. J PTE ELK. Wl nU-n. s.
fice that cost XM. Address P. O. Bos 18,
(ROCERY STORE-Stook and flstures.
vj at tooa stana, at ing good paying busi
ness. Cheap to quick purchaser.
, II. B. COLLEN, 4 Madison St.
Address J., this offioe.
A T A BARGAIN A good paying German
"oaramgnouse tn Helena, Ark., o
wuuiug ui wm I irn rn? TtlplhA i
re'.rf: Vnr further particulars,
BKUNKR'S, in Helena. Ark.
HITZFELD'8 Oil, Fluid and Gas Stoves,
for light bnusekeenipg, 233 Second St.
A FEW Heating Stoves, second- hand, good
as new, Cheap. HlTZFttLD,2. Second.
Address W,, this office.
LOT-Choiee Fort Pickering lot! no eity
tases. DK. HINSON, 279 Main at.
FRAME Oottage, on cor. Rayburn av. and
Georgia st. i lot 86x170, with a houso of 6
rooms, in good order. This is a choioe piece
of property, and oan be purchased on easy
monthly payment by payini part cash. Ap
ply Minter Parker or A. J. Martin, 28i) Main.
PLANTATION-On the Arkansas River,
Lincoln County-HiOU acres in high state
of cultivation) 1640 sores in tract: well im-
f 'roved ; steam gin, 2 large barns, 21 good cab
as and handsome dwelling, 7 rooms, with 20
acres lawn in front. Liher,J terms. Apply to
. 372 and 374 Front street, Memphis,
. or J. Ii GAPRKTT.Sarassa. Ark.
HIJZFk-LD'S Oil, Vapor and Gas Stoves
for light nonsekoeping. 233 Hecond St.
HOUSE AND LOT The J. A. Hayes, Jr.,
residence. No. 3fi2 Vance street. Apply
to W. O.HAYKS, State National BanV.
LTHR tiALE CHEaP-No. 6 Washington
L Hand Press, for nine-column paper:
good as new. nqnire at No. 37 union st,
AT F. A. Junes A Co.'s., one nice gentle
bnggy MAKE that any lady can drive
or ride perfectly safe.
tTESIDKNCE-Nos. 86 and
ply a
i Markat aLt
XV in gr od repair ; lot 57iHS. Apply to
Bi.u. Miinniiui.4;i Mosbyst.
little ased, ana in gooa condition. Ap-
IflK lease and Hxturet of the St. Kino
. Hotel. Meridian- Miss. Twentv-tva
eomtnodious rooms, within three minutes
walk of the Union Depot; large sample
loom on the street neitdoor; now doing a
food business and popular. Can be had at a
bargain if applied for within the next thirty
?, Apply to Charles Elmire, proprietor,
Meridian, Miss.
OLD MATERIAL In the storehouses and
. ,S,nate Building, occupied by B. Low
enateln&ttres.'; must be removed at once.
App'JL JOHN REID, Builder.
NEAT COTTAGE Of six rooms, and lot
auxll, 64 Dean avenue. Inquire on
CtilEAP one second-hand RdCK AWAY,
J nenriy as good as new, at 103 l.'ni' n St.
J W. R. LARKIN, Larslnavllle, Ala.
Kl OoDLAWin BI-.jUK KARM-Inihestnd
VT onethorouKhriredRunnins Horse; fee
r. One Trotttnir Horse: fee, 110. One Jer
t-Pt11 f"' ?f ' FUB SLg-30 Horses,
Miloh Cows, 15 head Butcher Cattle, Pea
eocki and Newfoundland Pups. Horses on
pasture, (6 per month: loxas hores. ldc nor
Televbone JOKUPH bUKNEI.852.
ROO.MS-Pleasant furnish-d rooms, with
board, for ladies or ventlnn en. Tflrm,
very reasonable. 3'.'2 Court Estended.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, sinsle or eu
suite, furnished or unfurnished, with or
without oo ird : ot'iorroom.. I114 lot-' oti't t.
MANAGER-Kor a plsttion lor a short
t me. ApplvaN. 9 Uni n "tret.
m to nurao
encos required.
At. It Tennessee 'treet,
Ti'LAT Or part of a residence (ihree or
V four r. ouisl, in good nei.h'iorhood, lor
light houst keeping, on reasonable tcrui6 : rsf
erencssxchariged; Ad. C. H. T.,tti8 iflice
SITUATION-By a ihoroueh and energetic
bosinoss unnn, having had an expetivnee
Of Uenty yesrs in th cotton business in this
oity at d in New Or. earn. Addresa
R.. tt is office.
Apply at
oook; good wares
7 ViNCE fcT.
A Apply iq Aiattam nonsspau, at
or new.
Ten drays. second hand
IS li riu I v aixr '
SALESMEN Throe experioncd drylgeods
salesmen; no other ied applr at .
n.f-ii una. LB Bl
WHITE GIRL As Cook. Call immedi
atelv at 97 Monroe st. Mrs W.S.Bruce,
rOOM Nice room in private fatni'y, fur
V niihed or untarnished; must be near
v.ouri Dquare; reierenoes exchanged. Ad'
dress O J , t lis office.
T ESSONP In stenography, from a eompe-
j-m lent teai-ner, wuo can give lessons at
pupil's residence one or 'wo evenings of each
week. Address iUUMI LADV, this office
1 MMEDIATELY A dioin groom boy.
-L At 72 Madison st.
To know then laarn tn
cut and fit their own ii,,,,.,. h n.llin
no jxi uesoLO iLreet. htmn i. naauv
learned, cheap.
riOMPiTENT NUHKE To tuke re f a
erenoe required.
POB1 l'10N-By a praotioal Urmer of reve
ral years experimce in farming and
management of labor, as Manager on cotton
plantation; satisfactory references given.
Address M.. 57 Linden street.
TWO SALESMEN Tose I our line of Em
broiileries to firat-olass trade in Tennes
see and Arkansas on commission. Can be
carried as a side line. Address, with refer
600, 602 and 604 Washington Ave., St. Louis.
Apply at 85 Beale street.
Oan TE AM8-At4perday; It's) Driven
nJJ a, II. fO ter dav. Pa .c.r. H.tnr.
day night. 200 S'ation Men; will pay from
12 to 17 cents per yard. Beit work on the
levee: no roots; no grubbing; all new work
infields. Go d camps. I' quire of
c n. w vii I... vo.im in on roe itrnei,
or on works of Forrest A Co.. Austin, Miss.
TINNER Hood job worser: steady job;
toed wages. Wessendort k Eichberg.
sJ Ai,r.BMB,r in every btate in the In ion
p to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
SriouLTiiB that are popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handlod alone or in connection
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
-aM A; Chambers House.
OITUATION By colered
KJ porter, or any honest work
GOOD Colored Chambermaid.
At 72 Madii
man at driver,
(i.. Appeal.
ison street.
An Atpbal teportcr ran arro's C.l.
Montgomeiy 0:1 Aludison rttett y.s
ttr.'ayaftprnooa and qntsti tm d hitu
concerning tne plan" of the Memphis
storage and Co tin Prets Assiciati n,
of which he U pruiJt-nt, with rtfer
ence to certain nnpiovnmenta wh'.cli
were sai l to be in cintemp'ution by
the rompany Col. Mot.teoinety dtv.
clared his readiness to (tive any in
foimation on the aubject in his posses
sion. Tke Apmal would like to know,"
said the reporter, ' something d finite
and atitbori'.ative concerning the im
provements coctemplatf d by the
Memphis Storcga and Cotton Frees
'The Comprets Company, replied
Col. Montfiomery, "real zae that there
ia a probability of Memphis be
coming within the s?it five
years a market ftr the Sale
and purchase 1 1 cotton to the x'ent of
700,000 to .( OO.WO balcp. This opin
ion is based upon the fact that within
a radius of 150 miles from Meruph s
fully 1,000 000 bMfS are rsieud auuu
elly, and that just ss nuturally rs
water feeks its level mutt that cotton
come to the point whsre It caa
be most ailvantHReons'y . ramlltd,
and that voiut is Memphis.
To handle this inevitable it creai-e
in our cnt'on receipts snd to affurd ev
ery facility fcr its rapid Iranpportation
1 ha Couiprefg Company has doler
mined to enlarge its capacity and ex
tern! is facilit es f or o ovine the sta
ple to dcub.e iti present limits. It is
our purpose to so increase our capaci
ty a to be able to carry, handle and
prepare fcr shipment iO.OOt) bales st
one time. In order to accomplish
th's result we contemplate an increase
ot two powerful pr.sses in addition to
the five now in u-e. one to be locifed
in the navy jard.on the ws' Bido of
the railrcal tricks, and the other on
I the y.cant property Of the company
' in Be nth Memphis, atjoinioK the de
pot of iheKfenaas City railrad. It is
also onr intention to erect at the lat
ter point a hrge cotton ware
house, with ample bttrage tOtita
lot all the freight that may come t )
u-. The rapacity of the nav ya'd
presses will m increased from 20,000,
1 he" pre s uit fiwe, t ) 30,000 ' bales.
This will necessitate the erettion of
additional platf.irms and inclosed
sheds aong the nver front,
extending from WincbeBtsr street t j
Auction turret, wuicn will give us a
wharfage 01 liuo or lUO leet, and en
able all river ireiuU carriers tj ban
die cotton for shipment with e.re and
convenience. Tuat work hits a
ready been begun end forty
men pre now engagea on it.
This will not only bs of immense
benefit to water carriers, but to the
rai'roads, as the Chesapouke and Ohio
railroad tracks ran piiraUel with the
proposed extension cf platform."
"What will be the cwt nf the con
templated improvements?"
"Ahout $150,000."
"Will the new presses be ready for
ounnesa next la'i r
"Yee. Also the large warehonan to
be eiecteti in South Memphis. This
is intended to meet the new demands
upon our facilities likely to be oc
casioned by the completion of the
Memphis, Birmingham and Atlantic
road to Tupelo, c nnecting wi h the
Mobile and O io rod, a connection
which, it in Bft'd. w.U be cor.iiiuimated
by May 1. 1887."
"Can ihj roads now running into
Memihis, and the steamboats doing
butine s here, handle all the tot on
which von tbiuk is destined to find its
way to thij niarke' ?"
' UndouOtedlv. There era tlie barifn
lines luniung up and down the river,
enrrying cottoii in either di-
tection, the Archor Linp. tho
Memphis ond Ciuciunnti Taoket
Compariy, tre Lonisvilip, New
Orleans and Texas ia lroad, tho Mia
ei Btppi and Tennetsee (now
Illinois Central), the Memphis
and Ch"rlstn, the Louia
viile nd Nashville, (he Chesapeaka
and Ohio, and the Kansas City and
Biimicgham. Tntse outlets are suf
ficient to dispose of a million bales
wi hont impediment, and give to
Memphis superior advantages as a
cotton market. In fsct, it is no exsg
gerauou 10 say mat Memphis now
oners both to the planter and cotton
bnyer fncililif s thht are nnequaled In
the United Stales. It may not be
itenerallv known, but it la a nnld and
irrxen fact that the rate of freight on
cotton from ilrmphit to Liverpool i 30
cenu a oaie ut man from Mm UrUant to
Liverpool. This enables cotton buyen
to pay one-sixteenth of cent more
for cotton in Memphis than in any
other Sooth western market. The uner
ring inst netof the cotton exporter
has already discovered this and they
re comirg here by twos and threes,
making no great stir bnt getting in
their eff-ciive woik jut the
same. 'ihis is why Memphis
sold twice as mmch cotton as New Or
leans did last week, and this condition
of things is bnnnd to continue, only
more so. The Compress Company does
not desire to thiow any obstacle in
the way of oar city's development,
hence it is taking time by tho forelock
and making preparations to handle all
the business that may come along."
"What Is the financial condition of
your company 7"
"It. is first claa.
linad j Co'ion stcond, bafo Ban third.
Timi 1:1FJ.
Third Kace. Ta'i s'akes, al! agfs,
mile and a qnaitcr. This was the
evnt of the day, which rt suited in
the duleat of the vea' Vol-nt. A fur
a ted'ous de'ay at th po t thv got
oil itn a fa rs'sr". McCiithy's Last
led past the itanJ, To,l(( eec.iod, who
went to the f.oi t 1 1 'I e turn, lie held
tholtadt lltheel;hlh polriwasieci ed
whea he fM tn" k h,ati'ti. L i.ie
Uunhar, who had been w.t tioc, cuuie
thronssh and won t'.u race bv two
lenstha in the fi-s-t time t;f 2:08JjVo
lanie se: ond, Molhe's I.att t' iid. The
td 's aeairst Danl ar were 50 tJ 1.
Fourth Riice. Tan , f ir tltree year
olds,mile aud one-ijh:h. Valido led
all the way until tUe atr-tch whs
reached, when Monte Cr'nti went to
the front and won hy a lergtb ; Quern,
the favnritf, secoid, Cltve.uLil third.
Time 1 :58.
The Bnrate-leinpey FUttt.
San Franckcj, November
Mayor Bartlett gr ntd license to Par
ssn Davie?, of Chicago, at present in
this city, for a glove coniett to lake
place between Jack Binke, of Chicago,
and Jack Dempsey, of San Francisco.
The match will take p'ace at
tho Pavilion Monday, the 221
instant. They will fiRht ten
rounds with strtll glovee, Mar
quis CI liueenepur; juies, winner
taking 70 and loser 80 per cent, o! the
gate inon-y. Buike will fjht at 1G3
pounds, Dimprey at 157. Opioi iiis
are divided as to the merits of the two
men. Bettirg is heavy on both heie;
at Los Angehs it is about even.
A ltrattch ltond to JacUrionpor', Ark.
The rennsjivunia Uoud H113 ing
the orfdlU ami Western.
Tbe Jury raulioued Not to Waale
Tblr Prrrlona sliuei on
Felly Oireudire,
Judge J. J. DuBose, of the Crim nal
Court, called the gratd jury befjre
him yesterday and a ldresttd ihem is
f jllows:
again invite tour Hitnction ti such
Violations of the lawajisnf rred to in
tne general charge deliveied to you at
the opar.irgot the present termot this
court. It is a duty you have under
taken ; tbe law and your oath as grand
jurors demand that you shall indict all
violators of the Jaw given you in
charg wtlhontfear, favor or affection,
l'errnit CO i fluot C, without or wi'h
io, to perauhde JfMl to stop ehort of the
fu'l measure of youv dt-tv. Kamember
to yon in a vry ,?i J .-. 'e is in
tiusted the safety ot ,ifo pfiil -rope'ty
and thegood order o' ;-r.ci.iij j?i eally.
Do not busy yourueivi s too kt atlv in
fi rret'ng out the rft'y " nd while
tbe larger ones nr ie in'; ted to
escape. The law d' es nut iiiecrini-
ifj ate, and for the wan', of t. me you
ate compelled to do so; then indict
and bring to the bar for tiial stub
offenders as do real hurt to society,
and let Inn ethers stand over to a more
convenient season. I say this only for
the reason it is c'aimed there is not
sufficient time for the grand jury to iu
vesttgate all the matters submitted f jr
its inquiry.
These and other reasons not net-ra
sa ry ti mention are s imetimes urged
by persons from interested motives or
lor irar the grand jury may consider
it a duty to look into some of their
misdeeds and indict tbem fcr (lie
same, rermit none (0 etsumo to in
struct yon as tn whom you should or
should not ind ct, but govern your
selves by the law as gwen you in
chnrge by the esurt, and the evidence
at? it shall be made known by witnesses
brought, be ore you. It may b.so far
ai the gfnerHl puhlic is concerned,
I epsek in enigma, bnt to you, or some
of you, I apprehend I am well undtr.
The company is
entirely out of debt, and fully able to
make the contemplated cut ay."
With this PB'urance the reporter
left. Col. Montgomery to the pleasant
rt flections indnced by the receipt of a
lo ter from a prominent tnrf maenate.
comp'imenting him upon the superior
advantages offered by Memphis as a
winter resort for horses.
Mulfcrd'a, 391 Main.
100K Good first-class eook at 299 6eo-
onii aireot. np-Btiirg.
ROOMS Two or three unfurnished rooms
by two persons. Apply ,t Schilling's
Hoardinghonse, Adams street.
A GEN let
XI-and Organs
In every town to sell Pianos
tiuuiift, CO., MempUts.
DAK BOARDERS Or without rooms,
At M Fast Court stre.
oruor m oeil styles at
Linden strer.
furnished rooms, No. 81
MAN An intelligent.earnest man to rep
resent, in bis own locality, a large re
sponsible house. A remunerative salary to
rlsht party, bteady position References
exchanged. Amrrieau Manufacturing lljuse.
io parcmy t-t., 11 . I
1 ( U WI FATHERS Hit hest ch
LVJ iJ pr.ee paid by HARAY. Memphis.
jm.Hl'.UHY TO KNdW-Thtit 1 wil
Lt FILL TFKTII WITH uni.n f. .1..
next thirty days for II 60.
243 Main sreet.
( )LJ
LU UIJLD A SI LV Kit For asn or e
.if n' l.ir'iH'l. ,lw v. V. D
Fine Watch Impairing, Jluirord'".'
Llaale Daatbatr RalN It 1st 8:08 1-S
tosua riaie apart.
Sis Frahcisco, Cal., November 10
The second day of the Blood Horse
Association meeting brought ont a
large attendance. The track and
weather were fine. Betting was very
heavy on all event.
Firil Race. Purse, mile, all ages.
Six starters. Eatrella was a big
favorite. They were sent ofl to a strag
Ring stait, with Esrella and Echo
in tha lead. These two maintained
tbe had till tbe bead;tretch was
reached, where tbey were all nearly
even. Aftrran eic ting flush Ade
line won by a Irng h ; E trella second,
A'gos thiid Time l:4oj.
kecond Race. Equity stakes, two
year o'ds, tbiee q'latti rs of a mile.
Tbey all g .t a good stait, except Ade
line Colton, wnj was tnree leogihs
behind. At the lait quaitor they wi re
nearly on ven terms. A desperate
fin sh on the down stretch resihed in
Mies Ford, the favoiite, winning by a
Kate roraytb.
Dfspite the rain s orni of last night
auothtr large audience wai drawn to
the New Memphis Tbenter and heartily
spp'auded Mies Forrytti and the ex
cellent company Buppoitng her in
Marcelle, The p. ay mill bo repeated
tonight, and will give way tomorrow
night to Faith fid Html.
"Fnllbrul Heart"."
The sale of teats for Faithful ITiarlt
begins this morning, and as much in
terest is manifested in the production
of tbe new play theie will doobt'ess
be a rush tor choice seats. Jfihenlav
sucots folly pisses the ordeal of a
Memphis audience,, it is safe to say
that it will be everywhere accepted as
possrss'ng genuine merit, and the
reputation of the anthor warrants the
expectation that his play will prove
immeasureably superior to that
nnder which Miss Forsyth's com
pany is gallantly struggling. It
is-to be hoped that this expectation
will not be disappointed. The love
etory that runs through it supplies a
theme diversified by badinage and
high comedy." The dialogue has
been carefully written and even re
written by the author, no speech or
incident having been sliuhted. Miss
Forsyth will ilay the lrghly sympa
thetic part of a woman whom the
world condemns, but whose self sacri
fice and noble traits of character are
gradually unfolded in a story of "con
temporaneous human interest."
Tho charier of tho Tennesson Val
ley Ir.in acd R til road Coutpiny was
received yts'.erdnt, snd a meeting f
the ifccorpoia'irs will be held next
Friday for the purpose tf ellWting a
pntmsnent orgeniztinn. Tho incur
pora'ora named in the cha t r are
Messrs. J. C. Neely, John Oveiton,
jr., J. T. FurgSBnn, J. R. Godwin, W.
It. Moore atd H. Welter, and the pur
prses of the o'gtnit ition will proba
bly bs circumstantially deve'oped at
the coming meeting. Their charter
confers upon them lather extensive
privileges, including the building of
railroads, the development of mines,
the erection of furnaces, and, in short,
the doing of anything and everything
they may deem neceisary to fuitber
their own interests. Theie is evi
dently tha promise of a bonanza
in the company, as it wai freey
given ont tm 'Change yostetday that
a l the capital stock oi the CTcany
bad been subscribed for, and that the
surscriplinns were a'ready at a pre
mium of GO per cent. Mr. J. C. Neely,
who is one of the piiticipal promoters
of the enterprise, was interviewed by
an Ari'KAi, reporter yesterday, but
was disinclined to give anything ont
for publication until tho company had
elected it ctlicets. He admitted, how
ever, when prefsjd upon tho auhject,
that tha company had Eecured a large
and valuable t act of land in IIiIh
State end would probably trct works
and go ex ensively into the manufac
ture of iron. Thia was a'l that Mr.
Neely would any, but it was hinted
on (he ttieet that the company might
find it expi dient to build a road enn
necting with tbe proprsid extension
cf the Nnshville and Chattanooga road
to Florence. Whatever Ihe plans of
tbe company may be, however, one
thing is ceitdn, that there is a strong
impression abroad that it will turn
out a good thing and investors seem
anxious 'or a chance ti be "let in on
the gronr d lior," as Jim Blaine ex
presses it.
Tbe Ealcsvlll and llrlaklry Ball-
toad Coiupnoy,
The ccnipktion of the Bitesville
ana Brlukly railroad lo Jackfonport,
Aik, fnir nii'es north of Newpoit,
again places Memphis in nearer cou
nt ctiou with tho rich and fertile
country tiihu'aty to White river, and
adds another obstacle to successful
stearub:atiog on thnt stream. From
Jacksonport to Batesville is but thirty
miles and that gap will doubtless be
filled in the course of a few montbs,
in time for the rpring tratie, enabling
our nmchanls to scour the rich coun
ty of Independence for orders and to
extend their trade into the rich tier
of counties noith and west of In
dependence. Jt begins to look as if
Memphis will coon be the hub to
ward which fifty railroads will con
verge like spikes in a wheel.
Tailor and Importer.
uI!7rTJf TOCK Vw oomDl,'- The I-argesv Chaleest ana
ILtHJ rrwat variety, all of tbe LATEST DKSlun,
Introduced by the leading Importers of Kngland, Fraaoe an Oer-
aari;,M".-.:Mn:".r: - ? ?.7oj
sTs.s5 a-rVtEaT""" -a-a-fiasrsvata-a- IVCta.
at say
Cor. Sioond and Jiffirton Sts.,
Mimphlti Tinn.
To nialrlbnta Money Alloilrd ror
Ktver Isnprovenioat Ueleiratea
Frain tMber tttatea.
Ksssaaa Abbott Mext Week-Bale or
Tbe sale of reserved seats for the Ab
bot Opera engagement begins tomor
row morning and a general inah is ex
pected. Emma Abbitt has won a
large measure of popular appreciation.
Each year she adds to ber laurels by
raising tbe standard of her company
and presenting all her operas with a
facility and finish seen in so other
company, and this season has eclipsed
all former ones in tbe beauty and
grandeur of tbe general ensemble.
The costumes are all new and appro
priate while the prima donna herself
fairly revels in tome gorgeous new
robes, particularly the court robes
worn in Lucretia Boraia. Tbe operas
cannot fail to please tbe moat fastidi
ous, opening on Monday night with
tne ifiiado, which will be elaborately
presented with Abbott as "Yam Yum '
and will be given on Saturday night as
wen. waiter Allen is said to be tbe
matt irreeistable "Ko-Ko" yet seen.
Lucretia Boraia. Chimet of Nornandv
acd the InliBbv sorir, from Erminie.
tbe Bohemian Oirl, f owl, Critpina the
Cobbler and the Fairy, and AforiXa com
pilers list of ooeras intensely inter
esting and will prove delightful.
luy the Heat.
Go to Livigne. in Odd Fellows
building, for the best and pret'iest
hats Boa bonnets, which are tflered
very low.
Fl ne Watt best at MiiUord'w.
- Djelug and t leaning.
Ltdies and gouts' clothes e'enned
ordydin any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich f athers snd lace curtains by
Loirs Reigel, 58 JeU'own street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Qjods received by express.
The Penney Ivaala llnylnsr the Nor,
lolls, and Wealera.
The Baltimore American publishes
a lengthy article commenting upon
tbe many rumors of proj, cted con
soliduiione, purchasing fur control,
proposed leaseie, etc., of ra lroads in
the Southern States, which article con
cludes rs follows: Iu regard to the
activity in Norfolk nud Wotern pre
ferred stock, it ia stated iu New York
that tho Pennsylvania RiilroadCom
pany is buyirg the stcck aho "for
control intending to add to it the
Southern system. Such a theory, or
slim ar purchases by any other groat
road, won Id explain the activity in
Shenandoali Valley bonds, for Ihis let
ter rosd is controlled hy the Nmf.ilk
and Wrstem, which during 1883 and
1884 at quired .1(1,571 shares cut of
3(J,0(J2 slmns of the Shenandoah Val
ley etouk, which was received in cav
ment. for subscription to 40,571 shares
rf Norfolk and Western common.
The Snecandoah Valley, which has a
trsllic arrangement with the West
ern Maryland Italtoad Company,
runs frtin lliigeratown to Roa
noke, va, whera it joins the
Norfolk and Western, which
runs to Bristol, Tenn., and
there connection is made with the
List Tennessee, Virginia and Ueorcia.
which also has a traflio arrangement
with tbe Norfolk and Western, and
which extends to Meridian. Miss., and
by tbe Memphis and Charleston (con
trolled by the East Tennessee, Vir
ginia and Georgia) to Memphis, Tenn.
The Mobile and Ohio roads run
through Meridian to Mobile. It will
be noticed, by reference to the lis's,
that the securities of each one of tbe
roads named have been active, strong,
or even excited at one time or another
recently, and, meanwhile, it has boen
reported that the Baltimore and Ohio
has secured a connection with New
Orleans, and the Pennsylvania is ex
tending its southern connrctions. The
Baltimore and Ohio was first said to
be extending its Virginia Valley road,
intending to reach, by lease or control
nf other roads, Birmingham, Ala , and
Tensacola Fla. Then the Southern pa
pers published rumors that tbe Balti
more and Ohio was endeavoring to se
cure tl.e Virginia Midland again, and
tbe East Tennessee, Virginia and
Georgia, and mors recently that
it proposed to reach New Orleans
from Cinolnnati via the Queen and
Crescent route. The questions now
being arked are which one of the
etoiies, if any, is true? may not the
I'ensacola and the Cincinnati Biorits
be blinds to divert attention from the
intermediate route ? or, if either one
be correct, is not tbe Pennsylvania
endeavoring to block the way, or at
least to secure for itself a similar
ronte to tbe month of tbe Mississippi,
wbich will enable it to fully compete
with the Bait more and Ohio. The.
railroad officials are entirely non
committal, though it was a week ago
announced semi-officially that the
Baltimore and Ohio was about to
open business aa far as New Or eans,
and it may be that part of what has
been aaid in New York and in tbe
South and West fa mere conjecture;
but, faking everything into considera
tion, it looks very much as if a big
railroad deal was on hand.
Tne I)le' JUllemma.
The impecunious dnda takes his
sweetheart into a restaurant.
"Why, George, here's phetsant I
should so like to eat pheasant. Let
us have tome pheasant."
Pheasant being $1 60, George imme
diately finds some polite and touching
reason why she should not ett pheas
ant, or tells her it's only on tbe bill of
fare. It isn't even in there iu this
country, but that doeeu't make any
diff-rei: cs to this etory. The hoodlum
and his girl got into the restaurant.
She wahls pheasant.
"Pheasant!" r j tcalates the young
"Tray, dmtchew knaw woi tbpm iT
They's b'gitern ahottite. You couldn't
eat thi in in a week. Tsay, givtt m
some colTee an' pie and Ko Ko Tulul"
A meeting nf army engineers,
Lou'eiHr a Stnto Engineers and others
wss held yesterday afternoon nt the
rfliceof Capt. Leech, Unitfd S!atn
Engineer in chitrue tf the river and
hatbor improvements at this point, f rr
the purpose of distributing a ceriitin
balance left for river imptovemente.
The comni ttre or biard who hns
charge of distributing tho balance left
over is composed of the following gHn
(lemon: Mj. O. W. ftivmoud, Capt.
W. P. Raymond, Citpt. W. P. Roscile
and Capt. S. 8, L?nJi. Of the apro
i nation; f,.r improvti g the MinsiHeippi
Ktver, AUgUjt 0, IMMi. $100,01)0 a.s
allotted to It veer, and tne Miesis ippi
River Commission assigned of thii,
$100,000 to Point PUasnnt R-ach,
$100,000 to tbe Upper Yazoo Leveo
District, email amounts to other local
iiits and lefta balauco nf fl'JO.OCO to
be assigned by the board. The b?ard
held a session yesterday alternoon nud
will probably have ti meet again to
day when the matter will be discussed
by those interested and tbe awards or
assignments made.
Among the gentlotnen in atluc dame
frcm other Stalls who are here for the
purpose ol securing au allotment of
money for their r.-epcc!lve d etricts,
are Maj. Wm. Stirling, of tbe Green
ville (allts) Lives District; Maj. 11.
B. Richard on aud 11 B. Thompson,
of the Louisiana Boaid of Statu En
gineers; Judge O. C. Cordell, of the
Fifth Louisiana Levee District; Maj.
W. T. Joy and Mr. He liner, f f the
Tensas Basin Lives District, of Louis
iana, and R. E. Cra!g and D. If. Rey
nolds, of the Arkansas Levfctt District.
BuntR Exuiuir.
List of rutrlee and tho Awnnla
Had) by Merchants' Escbang-ei
At noon, yetlerday, at the store of
R U. Craig A Co., on Union s'roet, the
committee appointed by the Eicbange
examined and tested a number nf but
ter samples, which they recoguiznd
only by numbers, and made the fol
lowing awards:
Hot TennetMe Joulttr itrnwrts. t.d-
munti Oigill, Bond Station; P. N,
Overton, Forrest Hilt: Mrs. J. R.
Graves, Arcailia; Mrs. Jndgn Bailey,
H. P ckering; Mrs. II. U. Collier, lair
Grounds; Mrs G. F. Farrow, White
Haven. First prera uin to Mrs. G. V.
Farrow, second premium to Mis. J. R.
North Miunnippi. Milton HWker,
Olive Brunch; Mrs. 1). C. White,
Cnmo. First premium to Mr. 1) C.
White, second prumum to Mi. ton
A'ori Alabama. Firut premium to
Mm. M'gHret Klordnn
Jlernamh (Miss.) Creamery Fir.tt
premium on I urges' a soiuy.
II. B. Collier Sptcial premium ou
po'Btoi'B and corn.
O. 8. Winston Special premium on
turnips and raditdirs.
R. M. King Special protnitm on
growing veKelubUs.
Awards by
1,01118 KHlt,
Committee from Merchants' Exchange
A NpcVtal Aaont .Arrive Hera to
laveallaaie ItH t'onepelonry.
Capt. Irwin Dogan Supervising In
spector of Steamboats, arrived in the
rtty yesterday. accompanied by Special
Agent W.Jt. Williams, 01 tne treasury
Department. Their visit is of signifi
cance, and has reference to the ap
pointment of Hull Inspector made a
few weeks ago by Cants. Dugan and
Tobin. It still be remembered that
they appointed J. W, Slansell, who
was objected to by Jndgn Hammond,
of the United States Distiict Court, on
the ground of inconjoetenoy.by reason
of Inexperience and lack of the general
knowledge required hy the United
States Btattitea. Acting upon Judge
Hammond a protest, which was for
warded to Washington, the Treasury
Department ordered Special Agent
Williams to proceed here at bis earli
est convenience and investigate and
report as to Mr. HUB sell's qualifica
tions f r the position to whion he has
been appointed. The result of the in
vestigation will be looked forwaid to
with interest ny all steamboat men,
and with anxiety by a score of as
pirants for tha position.
R. B. Cash and wife to F. T. and P.
L. t-cott, trustees, to secure $1135, one
etearu gin anl other per.-onal property
at White Station, Tenn.
Boiling Anthony Pope, jr., to Byron
Ayers. quit c'a m deed tj p.rU of lota
'2o and 1M of the Kerr tract; considera
tion, $000.
John C.Snint to Nicholas Ma'ateeta,
quit cVra deed to lets 9, 11 aud 12 of
Saint's cuhtiivieion, block 35, in Fert
N. Mi la'c.ta to M. Bur'.o, lots 11
and 12, block 35, Stint's euldm&ion;
considerstion, $1000.
W. O. Hoard to Chan. Tr glio and
wife, the north part of lot S83, at the
soiithwret comer of Third snd Win
cliesler a reef, 42xl4SJ foet; conidor
ution, $'J,r)00.
Louis Lm.g.i and wifn to Lwan El
lis. (JOxScO foot t f lnid on tha north
side t f Carroll avenue, beglunitig at
the southwest comer of the J. R.
llobbs lot ; c:nsi'le'ft ion, $25i'0.
law KEroIrFs.
( hniieery ourl-t llel, Chancellor.
The following decrees were rendered
yesterday: Sdhy vs Fttrgnron, srpply
papers; 'S.iulette vs Car Mo. line to
Taylor; E.tswiiiger vs Poweis, final ;
St to vj CVase. lit'o to Bearrl : I, ibh-
stene vs Miptis ip; i Valley Iosnrar.ce
Company, for ccmptomiee ; Cohhi os vs
Cinnon, for com.nomise; Cjbhins vs
Cimnon, final; S.wt;ilIo vs Crrlisle,
Criminal Com t- Itnlloir, JmlKf.
J'mes Steele was, sworn iu es a
Granl Juror vesterdiy morning iu
placsof M. O'N.al. Jr in o's Cox was
bworn in as c iiiB'iible to wait unnn the
grand jury, 1). I, Juno ami E I Mc
Keever were found rot guil'y of lar-lenv.
.oll I'eiiMiit Inir.riri
MULK-On Wednesday last, black uisre
mule, l.'iti hands high, 'nal marie niler
hor undir jaw. lett side. Will pa reward
on her delivery at Wooit's grocerv, near old
fair troands WM. RElNllARDt.
rate HI in wood Ceme-
iiramha, 1
red oow, with a crop and underhlt over the
riguienr and an unueroit oyer tbe lelt ear.
A liberal reward will ho patil tor her return
South (late Khnwood I'eme'ery.
nOlV-Neir south
-' iorx, i nursiiar, ixovemDer II, iH'ti, eno
ClOW-Whltonow with I lack spots; liberal
J reward. MltS. KoSTKK. 22 WrlgStave.
a. At ULE From tnvt
1YL on tbe (Mi instant.
rfROYALTiaillli XI
Absolutely Pure.
This nowdrr never varies. A inirvol oi
purttr , strenxth and who,c-omenfs. More
eoonoinioal ittau toe nru-uary atntis, anti
cannot be sold in coinpe. iliuti with the mul
titude of low left, snort weiitm atuiu or
bho'i hato powders. Hi i.o iim.y in caks.
' :HI Walls trf.nl. New York.
lace in Port Pickering,
ant. one lnrr.1 Imi.
mule, ten or twelve yoarsold. Will pay a
lllieral reward fur his tolurn to W. A. Faires'
stable, I ntnn s trout, or for information that
will lead to bis recovery.
HOKHK-On November Sth, from Mrs. B.
Arn il l's firm, alg miles from Mem
phis, one iron gray horse, 6 years old, about
lo'i hands hi. h, sliod all round. l.ilierU
reward If delive'oil at Robert Lockwood'g
stable, Ml Hecund street Memphis.
IJONY-Norrei" Pony, with ah te spot ea
forehead. Finder will be rewarded by
returning him to H. Jacobs, .1 lonroe street.
V I ULICS tin the night nt Out. 3d, is mile
- "i"t im v-iMiierviiir, t oiaog mare mules
one about four years old, in guod 6i ana
triiuiued up. with little white spot under
law; the other, ten or twelve years old.
roush, and not so well trimmed. Reward
for information, or teturn of mules to J. W.
inung, Mom Hi i. or
W. T PH ll'K,
"lllervllle, Tenn.
Y 0LI RKHIDKNOK On Walker are
llL nue, dirootly miposite my present resi
dence, on ilernaodeand Millwood street car
line, two miles southeast Innii 1' iu't Hu tr,
oontainlng fll'ern acres, ten acres of which
oan be culiivaied. The entire place In pir
fect repair. Nine roo ns. w 111 all nenesaary
ouihousesi three cisterns, Ave acres with
beaut lul forest troua in yard and arsis Iota.
It is the nioat bnauttlul in the suburbs of
Momphla. Will be leased for one, Irro or
i''i jenra. rnssession 1st or Jenuarr or
luiruedlately If de.lreil.
stres t or al mv residence,
Ai nly at m Union
2-STOHY Frame. 8 rooms, larre yart . Sev
..? n ?.? rJrK 1 1 SJ'i. I HLAllRK NCI.
00M8 Two unfurnished rooms.
"LT'IJ RNIBII ED R00MS-8ultahIe fer genu?
X' and light houeekeeolng, at 112 Monroe.
KW COI TAUa-6 rooms and kilchen,
li corner Orleans and Broadway, oonven
lent to both street car line..
H U CULLKN, 4 Mad "son tt.
NICKLV Furnished no, m, soulhern expo
sure and sunny, without board, In pri
vate family references given and require!.
Address A. U., this office.
ROuM A furnished room.
r at MiSUnlon street.
good oistern. No, 77 Pontotoc Apply al
TUG OlLDKRT PLACB-Corner kaybura
avenue and Jaokson street; two-story
frame, about 124 acres l md, fruitsof all kind,
fine fruit and v, actable garden. Will lent
for a stirles nf years. Also, another place,
some six acres, near Oaiton's; due vine
and fruit, with residence.
kJJJM ct'AKI.ANP,22 Madison st. m
Liuimii-iv tin six rooais. Apply at no.
Mulberry street.
11 Nos. 8.
9 and 10 In Cotton Exchang
r, irontingon feco
led by M. B. and
lluilding, on second Hoor, fronting on econ
tormerly occupl
Apply at 31 Madison street.
s reet, lormerly occu
It. H.
ClOTTAUK Beven rooms, on Walker ava
J nue, on Elmwuod street car line. Apply
at :w Union at. JOS LEN0W.
LARUB'BIORB-rirst floor and cellar,
with side and rear entrances. Noa. SOI
and HOI Main street.
OK IUKS Mo. 282 Second street.
HOOMH-For light housekeeping, No. 37
Poplar street, overdrutrsto e.
l)Wm,LINUH-Nos m Main street: Ut
Oourt street and V Qulmby street.
R. 11. HNOWiK or J. L. O00DL0R,
38 Madlsoa ttreet.
rpWO ROOMS-At 203 Carroll avenne .we
X lines of cars.
ROOMS-l'leasant rooms, furnished U
desired, with references, stall) Madison
KOOMS-fwo, nicely furnished; suitable
for gentlemen i five minutes' walk frosa
Court Bsuaro. Addre-s X. Y.
OFFiCK First floor
At 32 M d Ison street .
4KLK0 ANT ROOMS At 6t Market street
single or en suite, furnished or unluv
nleked, good water, and near business.
PLEASANT furnished room for gantle
ii en ; HI Waahtnrton ; re few ncerenuirsri
CiTOKKQOUbK Four story aud baMmeaa
O Storehouse. No. Zfit Front street.
C1OTT0N oFriCK-Apiily to E. M. Appef
) eon A Co., No. Sot Front street.
HODSK-Uao Washington S .; 7 rooms aa
bMhroom. Apply at mfoplarSt. .
No. HV Main 8treeU
no, n iiain citreet.
No. 207 Main Street.
Apply to 1AM KS LKK, Ja.,JI Madison St.
KOOMtl-Two furnished or nnfurniskel
rooms at 40 M adison street.
iLi'liANT newly lurnixheri rooms, beta
i ....
nU Mt 1 1st Cotirt street
. .. I
Mulfurd, Jeweler, 21)1 Mule strict.
solicits oi tliTd from the, country.
naHIISI'S ttlNtlt.HlItU tola
I't I. Km., :,H Sixth St., Wasuington, D.
C. ProVid'S i radically uselul husinesseda
catlon. Notoru.tnor vacations, i-tudenta
enter at any tnn. Terms: Li e scholarship,
110. TwHve weeks' Course, Hoard, etc., 1.5.
hend lor eiroulufj
l'liio Jewelry at .nulfjrd'n.

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