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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, November 17, 1886, Image 7

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ryj rrjf riii.SjL
-Vri -
mm m cobece.
Cotton Firm Middling, 8 9-1 Ge
Sales leMerdaj, 4200
Money continues in good demand at
8 per cent Local securities firm and
steady. The cotton market wb
firm; middling, 8 9-16c. Bales, 4200
bales. At New York spots steady;
middling, 9 31Gc. Futures tasy,
and 8 to 9 points lower; Novem
ber, 9 029.04c
A leading New Yoik cotton circular
fcaja of the Bptculatlve markets: "Al
though undergoing some moderate
fluctuations, the general turn of the
market was downward, the close
showini a mt decline of 9 points
against list evening, and the fatling
At New Orleans spots were firm;
middling, SJc. Futures iteady and
10 to 11 points lower; November nom
inal. At Liverpool spots weie quiet;
middling, 6J. Futures steady and
1 point low-r; November-December,
5 3-64J.
The general
lower feeling.
, IMF0BT3.
Eight hnudrfd and tbittv-s;x bil
apples. 4(15 ska bran, 2 brls beans atd
pees, 125 pfcgs butter, 738 ris tog
ging, 85 pkps bacon, 42 pkgs boots
and shoes, 273 bu corn, 115 pkgs
cheese, 20 cam cotton seed, 6365 sks
cotton seed, 3330 bdls cotton ties,
144 pkgs dry good, 23 pkn eggp,
1304 br s flour, 728 bales hay, 2 hd
horses and mnles, 89 pkgs lard, 18.C00
ft lumber, 84 pkgs liquors, 276 br s mO
265 scire nails. 3000 fksoats,
101 br's ODione, 051 br s potatoes, 7
cars pork sides, 3 bhds and 440 br.a
sugar, 235 pkgs tobacco aud 10 brls
TLe following stows the amount of
nToin Tortlvffl. withdrawn and In
store by regular e'ev-itors, as reported
to the Mercuantrv ,cnange jeaier
Hnv Wheat.in store. 1045 bu. : corr,
withdraw n, 207 bu ; in store, 8896
bo.: Oils, recti ved, 20.2E2 bu.;
withdiawc, 4:33 bus.; in tt:re,2J7,
938 bu.
vDnlly Qnlllonor Cottoa
Oil TrtiNla and Sew Torn lis
change (Mocha are open to those
tBtercNtfd, at my office.
8 Madboa St., Memphis, Tenn.
rnartvc htcame s-rong trrongont ;
N'W England and L uinvl le and Naeh-
ville were the sretial features, Thtn
he movemeiit ot Reading beaan and
57,0(0 tha-fii of thi slock changed
hand in an tour m ha net advance
of Ijpercfnf. In the last hnnr the
inarktt cecarre feve'i-h and i miliar
and doted. Sales 4G7.000 share.
K a'l ng (''rnii-'itd 12s,4f0. St laul
27,290, New Ei gl.nd 23 580,
Onon Triircmtinea!al 24,530.
Almott everything is biglnr
U.ii evening, Pt.i ailelnhla Gas
being up 3j, Ktatiing 2J, Wett P.vnt
J, Louisvule and Aastaville 1J, rurkel
Fiats preferred II, and others frtc-
tiocs. Kai lo-il Irnds were Um act
ive; eelos, 2,104,000 West Shore 4s
furnished $.'31,000, and Kansas and
Texas 6a tl44,C00. Prices were &en-
resliy etiong in the mnrnice lioura,
and tome losses occurred in the after
noon, final figures showing irrtgalar
cbangee, though tbey are oltener
higbtr than loner. Tbe mining mar-k(-t
showed strength and ac ivity.
Union 250, Caltdom'a 115, bilver
Kirg 650, Nevada 325, Hale and
Ncrtrosn 325, Bodie 245, Plymouth
1625. The trading this af ernoon was
unutually large, Sotro Tunnel burg
In heavv demand at higher pikes.
Dead wood sold up to 265, and the en-
tnehet showtd a rtmarkably strong
The total sties of sio'-ks today were
406,802 Bhans, including Ddawa'e,
Lackawanna end Wts.ern, 16,400;
Erie, 10,945; l ake Shor, 4228; LcuiB-
ville and Nashville. 12,815: Aorth-
esiern, 17,605; Jirspy Central, BJIU;
Ohio end Misssipni. 6976; ' Heading,
128,40: St. Paul, 27,290; bt. Paul and
Omaha. 10 9L0: Ui.inn FiciQc. 12,255 :
U fBtern union. Y4(u; nor neru xa-
c.fij prtfnrred, 8130: Oieuon Trans.
nooii-ei.tal, Z1.43U. ti03iig quotu-
TT Q Q. lrtnl i. .nnn.
4ii,'ooup, 111. Pacific 0i ol la.l'J.
L'ent. rao. isu,iii uen. a tv . iu,u,i
1) 4R.O.W letH.M Kno 2ir, m
M K 4T.Gn.6j,llHSIurth Pio.
cloeed ttaadv ; middling, 9 3-16o. kl.v,
740 bales. Quotaiiors we7t as follows':
Yesterday. Monday.
Ordinary 6 7-16 . 6 7 16
Good ordinary-... 110 ia-io
Low m'ddling 811-16 8J1-16
Middling... 3 10 3-.o
Good middling 9 7 10 9 7-16
Middling fair 10 H8 10 1-10
Fair -10 11-16 10 11-16
New York fu'u'es opennd esy and
clcaed eisy and 8 to 9 points lower
than yesterday. SaWe, 104,100 baips.
Tbe closing quotutioas were an fol
leader dav.
November- 9 03'. 904
December. 9.00 9.07
Jknuary-... 9.15 9 16
February... a. jaiaj v;m
March 9.35 9.36
April 9 4X 9 46
May 9.55 9.E6
June 9 65(aj 9.66
July 9.74'1 9.75
AugUBt 9.14 9 82
The NewOrleane snot market opend
firm, and closed firm; middling, 8 go.
Hales, 5C00 bales. Quotations were as
l esterdav.
Ordinary 6
Good Ordinary 7
Low Middling - 8
Middling 8
Good Middling 8
The New Orleans future
911 9.12
.14 9.15
9 24
9.34 9 35
9 44 9 4
9.54 9.55
9 64 9 6i
9.74 9 75
9 83 9 84
9.90 9.91
orened steady, and c'osed stfadv and
10 to 11 points lower, bales, 4.4W
bales. Quotations were as follows:
November. Nominal.
December. 8.66 8 67
January ..
February .
June .......
August ....
8 75 8 76
8( A 8 87
9.P8 8.99
9 09,i 9.10
9.20 9.21
9.41 .42
9.45 9.46
8.70 8.77
8 8'
8 97irt 8 98
9 OS 9.09
9.20(.i) 9 21
9 31 9.32
9.41 9.42
9.52fo 9.63
9 67 9.58
N.WAHtMrn Ann. 1119.
Bt.li.S.' len.M.,113;i
St.P.C.P lstii,ll;4.
T.P.R.U.cx oou.iU.
Went Bhore.112.
North. Fac. Iil l((!;-i.
N.west aeo.ss.ius.
bt.Paal cod, 1 12.
T.P. land grunU,55.
U. r. lata, HB.
Tenn.6i, Bet'mt,104.
loun. M,tt wl,77.
Adami Kxireis, 139. Mnrris.tE., off'd, 143.
Alloaheny Cent'l, . Nashville 4 0 .hi,'.
Altoo 4 T. 11 3t'Vt. N.J. Central. 5..
A IT II. , ,1,1 HI Nnr A W.ntd.6IVi.
B. U. K. AW, OS. jjmrinern rao piu. dt,h
Canada Po., 7(1 C.iM.w.,ia).
Canad Pou.'. 64 . C.4 N.W .td. .!.
jN,r .uencrHi,ii.-.
N.v n.si.i,..i,w.
N.Y C.i bt L.ild,29!i
Ohio Central, .
Ohio 4 Miss. ,3m.
Il l Mian tif.i. Kl
Ontario 4 West,. 19S.
Oregon Nav.,l(W'4.
OieKun Xrana..
Oregon imp., o.
Central Pacific 47.
Cheaptake AO.,10.
C. 4 0. l-tild,V.i.
C. 4 O. 2d uld.12.
Chicago 4 A.. 142.
C. 4 A. Bid, 100.
C..B. 4(1 ,13tf!4.
C, Kt L. 4 N.O.,
C.Kt. Li P.pfd,33.
C. S. 4 0.. 44.
O. 4C..72H.
O. 4 H. VaiW. WA
Del. 4 Hud , 106H.
I)el.,L. 4 W.,14tr!4.
Deo. 4 Rio O , 83J4.
Kn. Si').
Krie pld, 7.
Mobile ....
Norfolk ...
Mew York
Philad'a ..
St. Louie
Auiriicta ..
hue. I Prices
5802 8
11225 81
1410 8,
8ii0.'l 6 1
8007 815-16
910,9 1-16
412 9 3-16
105 9 5-16
3335 8S
13548 7-16
239 3C3
62 345
Keceiuta at Done. Ibm day. 1886-44,037
Keceipts at poits, this day, 1885-40,355
Paoifio MHil,64,a.
Punnina, U8.
Peoria 0.4E., W.
1'itmburg, 14H.
Pullman P.0..143X.
Reading, 3SJHi.
Rock Island. 126.
bt.li. A S.i'.,3l).
New East Tenn., 13.St.jL. 4 B.K rid. 7 l-A.
R'ts U. 6
p'rts 4 dap
Ex. Gr. Ui
R'taSept. 1
or'gn i!,x,
40 120
140 938
2,027,734 2,031,941
New is. lean. pUi
, 144.
4 ht. P..
Hannibal 4 8t. Jo.-. j. M.4 Bt.P,, p. 121.
Fort Wayne,
0. M.
St. P., M. 4 M..11HK.
Money in active demand at 8 per
cent The Clearing House report is
ee follows: ,
Tiiesdav. November 16th, $457,-
998 05 ; thus far tb:8 week, $914 223 87
Bam timet last week: $912,113 81
ofirrFsnnndine time in 1885, $699,
070 75: corresponding time in 1884,
f.763,454 76.
Tuesdny, November 16lb, $54,
690 66; thus far this week, $178,828.78;
same time last wetk, $211,478 81;
oorreaponding time in 1885, $H6,
738 67: corm ponding time in 1684,
$119,881 91,
New Yo-k fight on all pMntn,
diecount buying, our selling; Now Enc
lacd demand, J difconnt buying; New
England sight, i discount; New Or
leans, J dif connt buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce..l46 bid, 149 asked
First Natior a! 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 aeked
Hate National 145 bid, 1P0 naked
Union and Piantere-lSO bid, 153 a tyd
Mercantile Bank 135 bid,137J aeked
Blufl City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis Ciiy 102J bid, 105 aked
Peoples i....80 bid, 83 asked
Fncjonix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vandtrbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... asked
Factors - 20 atked
f-helby Co. warrante...97 bid, 98 asked
M.4 0.R.R. shares...36 Sid, ... aeked
M.4T.E.K. shares...45 bid, 50 asked
M. A O. consols, 7e-...119 bid, ... aBked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 88..105 bid, ... aeked
Mise. & T.R.B.C8. A...111 bid, 113 asked
Miss. AT. R.R.rs.B101i bid, 103 asked
Tnn ntn bpt. T).. 90 bid. 93 aeked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J.83 b'd, 85 asked
Bhelby Co. 6s 108 bid, uu atitea
t hint. 4. 971 bid. 98i aeked
Tax. Diet. 6s 104J bid,IC6j asked
Mam O-h rionda -104 bid. ... atked
Mam. Water bonds 97 bid, ... asked
Honunor Oil Worka bid. 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 64 bid, 55 asked
Nw Yoik, November 16. Money
on call active at 510per cent.,clcsing
at A Tier cent raked. Prime juercan
tileparer 4(5 5c. Sterling Exchange
doll, but eteady at 480J for sixty
4nv hilla and 4841 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds and
State bonds we. e dull and steady to-
Stocks The stock market presented
a more solid appearance than for
. mint weeks. Tbe special les showed
comparatively lesB activity, and their
movements attracted leas attention,
while the usually active list again be
came prominent. The market in the
morning tioura presented no particular
feature, although prices throughout
vara firm, hut in the afternoon Read
ing sudden y jumped in ex'raordinary
activity and strenath upon an an-
' nnnncAmnnt that the reorsanizition
trustees had at last formed a plan
acceptable t o all interests. Buvlt g of
Jersey .Central was stimulated later
and the other coal stocks alto felt the
inflnnnr.e. The ffranaers were an ac
tive and moderately strong, most of
the buying coming from Chicago; and
TranscoLtinental with Oregon
Navigation were active and higher
toward tbe e'ese upon the statement
that the Oregon lease naa Deen con
ummated. Burners In regard to
Nirkfil Plate were plent'ful and the
forrari ntrck was remarkably strong
Afta. Rnadinir. Pbl!ad lpb'8 Gas
:aa hn feature of tbe day, be.
ing active and ecoring an advance of
nenr y 4 per cent. Among tbe other
anoriulma Ttnlin Steel Company and
44iBpn r were noticeable. Tbe
merket opened somewhat irregu'ar,
Dut Bi-nerullv urotig, auvnuioa u
last evening's fital finures rengtog
hnm I tn S. th latrar Lonivilltl and
N.tuhsi lf Tr.fi no1 ual active and
tome slijibt henviuees in the early
dealinrs soon ditanneated and tbe
II M, tit .In . t.f.l. .
liar ern, 215. M.raui urnana, o.r4
Houston 4 T., St.Paul 4 0. Pld, lloji
Illinois Central, l;)3H.Tenn.Coal4 lron.W),
Ind., B. 4 W., Texas Paoifi. 21.
Kansas 4 T., 3l. Union Pacifio, 61.
a bW.VAi. II. 8. KxD.ess. 60
Lake bhore, WA- V., S. L 4 P., 21.
Loa. 4 Nash., r2
Lou. 4 N. A., 67.
M.4 0. 1st ild.-.
M. 4 0. reconds, ,
Mem. 4 Char . 63.
Mich. Cen., V5.
Min. k bt. L . 'it.
W..S.L. 4 P.
W .4 F. Ex..
W. U.Tel.,78H.
Colorado Coal, 36'.
Uoiiae (Stake. 17.
Iron bilver, 215.
Ontario, 24.
Uuicksilver, u;.
MisfOUf Paoific lliia. Uuicksilvor pld., 2tH.
Mobilo 4 Ohio, iOU. coutn f aciuo, .
M. L. B 4 W., M. 6utro,2D.
London. November 10. ConeolB,
mi 15 16 lor money aud 102 for the
pMnrit. Unitort btatOB UonOS
1311: d 4Js, 1123. Atlanfc and
Great Western fitft-. 52; ; Canadian
P, c fic, 72J ; Erie, 37J ; Erie eec itds,
102j; liliu. is Ccntril, 1381; ftlexioau
O din-ry, 471 ! St. Paul common, 98J ;
k (Jtntral. 1171: Pennsyl-
vatdt, 69S; Eead;nir, 19J. The Bank
f Eog aud gained tuouu oa oaiaEce
Paris November 16 Three per cent.
rentes, 82f 874c fr the account,
New Orleans. La., November 10.
CUarines of the banks, J2.460.724.
Baltimokb. Md.. November 16.
Bank tlearinos, today, $2,200,50 i ; Dai
ances, $77,768,
Nkw York. November 16. Bank
clearings tt dav were $125,08 j,125; bal
ances, $5,504,7 a.
Philadelphia, Pa., November 16
Baik clearinss today, $10,914,807;
balancts, $1,459,257.
St. Locis. Mo., November 16. Bank
nlemlnss today were $3,069,180; bal-
J370.713. Exrhanae on JNew ioik
steady at 50M75e discount.
Boston. Mass., November 16. Bank
p narinira today Were $10.138 .OH oai-
ances, $2,0(0 917, Kate for money 66
percent. Exchange oa New York,
17(o)ZOC aiBCouni per ,iuuu.
Decrease in reteipU ttiis year 4,206
At noon: Liverpool epoti were
irocd busioes". Salts, 12,000 bales, of
whirh Amerii an 9100 bales. Recaipte,
63,000 baits, of wtiich American b0,100.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4Jd; gond ordinary, 4jd;
low middliug, 4 id-jou; gooa nnu-
dline. 61d ; middlinr uplandB, 5 310d ;
middling Urleane, o jd.
The prices are given inprnctand 64(ia,
itua: 4 63 meant 4 03-64d; and 6 01
niMns 5 1-64(11
At noon: Liverpool futures were
Varely ett ady ; November. 5 0S5 07d ;
Uovember-Utceuiticr. o u.najo uu ; ue-
cember-Jannaiy, 5 03; January Feb
ruary. 5 035 02d; Etbruary-March,
6 045 03d; March-April. 6 054; April
My, 6 07d; Mav-June, 5 lOd; June
July. 5 13fe5 12d.
At 2 p.m.: Jj'verpooi lutnres wore
easy; November, 5 C6d, valne; Novom-bei-Decembtr,
5 ( 3d, buyers; Dicem-
ber-January, 5 Old, buytrs; January
Febiuarv, 6 Old, buyers; Fjbruary-
Man-b. 5 02d, buyers; Jwarcn-Apin,
5 04d, sellirj; April-May, 5 061 value;
Mav-June, 5 tad, eeiiera; june-juiy,
5 lid, buvers.
At 5pm.: Liverpool futurrs were
quint; November, 6 (i5d, bnyeis; No
vember December, 5 03d, sellers; De-cembei-Jannary,
5d, sellers; January-
Fbruary, 5J, buyers; otruary-
Ma'cb, 6 Ola, Dujers; jMarcn-Aprn,
5 03d, buyers; April-May, 5 08d, sell
e's; Mey June, 5 08d, selleis; June
July, 5 lOd, buytra.
The lecal cotton market opened
firm, and cloeed firm: middling,
8 9-16o. Sales, 4200 bales, including
1710 last evening; 2700 to exporters
and 1500 to tptnners.
7 15 16
Good Ordinary
Low Middling 8 5-16
Good Middling,
Middling fair..
7 15-16
8 516
8 916
8 13-16
9 3-16
8 9-16
9 3-16
MiMFBia, November 16, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1,1886-... 4,009
RcpnivAri tnriav Hiu
Received previonsiy..2ba,830 zJ,iau
Shipped today 5,187
Shipped preyiously134,411
Home consumption to
date 321
btock rnnntng account
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. and O. B. B
M. 4 T. R. K
L. and N. B. R
M.& L. R.R.R.
C, O.A8. W.R.R
L., N.O.&T.R.B-
K. 0 , 8. & M. R. R
M., 8 AB. R.B.
Steamers -
Wagons and other sources.,
Thus far this week
Thus far latt week.,
Since September lbt
M. & O. R. R
M., & T. R. R.
L, A N. R. R
0., O. AS. W.R. R
. 26.564
,. 30,030
,.. 753
... 428
... 760
.. 1.621
... 957
... 113
. 268
... 60S
.. 6,351
..130 98
... 1218
... 1.320
... 1,78:1
New York spots opened eteady, and
Cornmbal-Standard, $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
Hay Choice, from store, 75c; car
load from levee or depot, $14 ; prime,
from store, 70e. car load from levee
or dspot, $12 5013; prairie, from
store, 45c.; car load from levee or
depot, $8 60. 3
(John from 6tore,wniie,Dic;inu(Bu,
49c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, tio; mixeu, in
bulk, 42c; In sacks, 44 Jc.
Oats rom store, wmte, aye ; mixea,
37c; from levee or depot, white, in
balk, 32 Jc; in sacks, 35c; mixed, in
bulk, sic; in sacEs, 6ao.
Bban f rom store, vuc; iromievee
or depot, $13 50.
J lour f rom store, mo. a, Jt2o so ;
family. $3 50(ai3 75: choite. $3 75(34;
fancy, $4(3)4. 25; extra fancy, $4 25
4 50 ; patents, $55 50.
Bkans wavy, z; meaium, i omg
1 75 ; common, i 25 ; German millet,
$1 201 40.
Rice Louisiana, 44Jc; Carolina,
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Oracbebs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 5c; extro,7c; ginger snaps,
extra, 66c: assorted iumbUs,9llc.
Cracked Wheat in half-barrels,
4 25 from store.
Homimt and Gams-From store,
$3(2)3 25.
Kansas City, Mo., November 18
Wheat quiet; No. 2 red, cash, 60 Jo
bid; December, 61Jc bid; May,70Jc
hid. Corn stroDer; No. 2,casb,29o
bid; December, 30Jo bid; May, 35 Jc
St. Louis,Mo., November 16. Flour
more active: XXX, $2 352 45;
family, $2 552 70; choice, 3 05
3 15; Jaccv, $3 403 50: extra fancy.
J3 55(313 80. Wheat fairly active and
higher; the market opened steidy
and advanced j Jo, ruled firm during
a moat the entire session, and ciosea
Jo higher than yesterdav; No. 2 red,
cash, 75ic: December, 75J761c, clos
in at 761(5)761 c: January, 77 J'8c,
clos nil at 77roi771c; May. 83i,u84ic,
cloHitiir at 84lo. Corn dull but firm
and h'gher, closing Jo over yetter
day; No. 2 mix- d, ca-ib, 343lc; De
cemb'r. 34Jcb d; Janury,35c; May,
3Sj a 38i", clotirg at 38Jc. Oits dead
dnll'and Lominal; No. '1, ru'x 'd, csh,
20 jc; December, 26o bid; May, 30Jo
bid. Rye easier; BOJc bid. Barley viy
dnll: tvio cats I iwa so d It 60c. Ilav
quiet; prairie. $9fell ; tiin thy, $1150
ta)ia t iBiseeu i imiiB',yu(...wi". nan
firm. 55ft 563. Onrun edl, $195. Ke
ce i ta-F.onr. 6(00 brls; y.h-at, 8000
bu: crrn. 41,000 bu; oats. 21,000 bu
rye, 3000 bu; barley, 25,000 bu. Ship
niems FlrMtT, 5OG0 brls; whe, 7tHX)
bu; corn, 2,000 bu; oats, UOO bu;
rye, 21K.0 no ; Deriey, none
Afternoon Hoard Wheat firm ard
jc higher. Corn, 'i Jc higher. Oats
firm, h'gber.
CnicAGO, III , NoTetElte' 16 There
waaafirmir f-eliiiK en CbangH to
day, though the improvement in t e
e mount of basil es trui taived wa?
sl'ght. Wr-est clos d a lit le nndi-r
tbu lngliest niures u ire day, ami tne
rlcsing finrfa were J : b.ttfT than
those ctirient at xes'eulay's close.
Xtitra wis a mode-fit l ading on local
specula'ion and New York account.
Light offerii g of c rn i llierc-d
higher p ice, l:ew:bO en urgent di'
mand from stoit', al of whirh
brought about an ad vai ca of 5Jc in
nricee. which was well maintaiced.
Oats were qniet, but tbe atiergth cf
corn and wheat intluenctd Lijihor
firicea. Cash qnotattors were as fol
owb: Wbtat No. 2 spring, Ti(S)
73Jc; No. 3 spring, 64(97c; No.
red, 741(2)74 80. vorr iso. z, 30it)
36J& Oat-. No. 2, 2tic. Rye No.
2, 63e. Barley No. X, 52c. Fnx
seed No. 1. 93J. Prime tim
othy, $1 67J1 80. The lead
ing futures rangtd as follows:
Wbeat November opaned at 73c
bigheet 7ic, lowest 7:ijc, closing 7ti(?
73 jc: December opened at 74 Jc, hiKh
est 74S74jc, lowest 7i741o, clos
ing 74j((H4i;; J anuiry opened ai4)r,
hii.heet 751(r)759c, lowest 74 Jc, cloning
551fo75ac: Hay opened at hie. Mgti-
eft 81 gc, lowest closing a. i
Corn November opened at 35JP, bigri
est 30, loweet 3i)J", (losing 3tjc;
December opened at 3(U highest 3t jjs,
lowest 36c, closing 3t;jc; January
opened at 30i", highest 3c, lowe t
3tJ , closing 37Jo; May o .ened at
40JD, hichest 41 loweH 40jc, cloe ing
4 Jc. Oats Novembi r opened at 26s,
highest 26c, loweet 26c, olos.ng i6u;
Dtcembt-r opened at 26 J c, bigh-Bt
263 j, lowtst 26 Jc, clueing 2tijc;
Jauuary opened at 2GJ-, Irghest 2li t.
loweft2GJc, fl('Bii'20je; May opemd
at 30J, highest 3Dtc, lowest 30J-,
closing at 31'8 Re eipts Fl. nr, 22,
000 bils; wueat,' 15,i'ti0 bu; corn,
131,000 bu; cats 90,000 bu; rye,
6000 bn; barley, 70 000 bu. Shfp
meets f lour, 24,000 brie; wbent, 5'KO
bu;corn, 288,000 bu; oa'-, 70,000 bu;
rye, 8000 bu; barley. 79 OdO bu.
Butter Butterine, )3014c;
creamery, 30ta-35n; dairy, 18C)22c;
country butter, 1618c.
lioo Pboducts Wens pork, $10;
sug.ir cured hams, lOJSftlOJc ; breakfast
bacon, 8J9Jc; clear rib sulns bacon,
7Jc; bacon shou'ders, 77Jc; bulk
potk clear sides, Ojs; rlear rib Bid 63,
6Jc; 20 dajs meat, tii: ; nhoulders, 6Jc;
Ion a r.lnar. 6c.
Lard tierce, Cl ')01 , half-barrels
and kega, 6J6jc; ibj,. kettle, 7
Fbksh Mbatb-No. lbeel, 7c; mut
ton, 8c ; hind quarters of beef, 8Jc ;
lamhn. lOo.
Poultry Obicket s, rpring, $1 o?($
2 2 i ; old bens,$2 252 50 Turkeys, $8
(al2. ueese, imeKc, j.
Game Quiils, perd' a., $140. tfqnir
rels, $1. Ducke, wild, $1 502 50.
Venison, whole, 6j6jc; oaddlea, 0
Chkerk rrime flats, 819j; New
Yot k factory, 7 J(? 8c ; full cream, 12 jc ;
Young Amerifa 13c.
Pigs Fket. Barrels, $8 25; half bar
barrels, $1 25; keg', $1 25.
St. Louis, Mo., November 16 Pro
Vfiions veiy quiet and pricet not ma
terially rhangtd. Pork fi-ra, $9 87
10. Lard eaey, 15 t-5. Bulk
meats about ettady; bore lots lung
dear, $5 60; short ribs, $-5 70; Bhon
rlear. 30; boxed lute lorig clear,
$5 62 J; short ribs, $5 70; short clear,
$5 90. Baton steady; long clear, $0 75
(3 $7; flit rt r.b, $7; ehort clear, $7 25.
Hams steady at OjOiUlJe. On the
Pruduee Exiil angi tue batter market
w!ie firm. Oieaoiery, f-tir ti extra, 16
(Ji)28c; dairy, choice to fine, 18(3)25n;
packing Btotk, 1012e. Kggt 15JG!)
18 J
, Chicago, III., November 16 Pro
visions vrm qmet and without im
poitant chanje. Tbe trade was mainly
of a scalping nature. K our wsb quiet
and unchanged ; local jobbers bought
eparing'y. MspoJk,S'J500?960; 'aul,
$5 90 ; thort rib Bides, loose, ir 50(5 00 ;
dry Baltd shoulder, boxed, 5 lr
5 20; i-hort clear side', boxed, $5 75W
6 80. Tbe leading fulur. 8 ranged as
follows: November opened titv ,
highett $9 45, lowest $9 45, closing at
$9 45; Derember opened at $9 45,
highest J9 45, lowest $9 45,
cl eing at $9 45; Januiry opened at
m02A. hiuheBt $10 10. lowest $10 024,
cb-sir at $10 05 ; February cperedrt
$10 17J, highest $10 171, lowet 1U l J,
dinner! at 1U 10. Laro movemuci
opened at $5 90, highect i5 HO, lowest
J5 90, closing at $5 90; December
opened at $5 90, highest $5 90, lowest
$5 90, clos ng at $5 90 ; January opened
at 95 05. biehest $5 95. lowest $5 921,
closing at $ Vox tebruary openeu ni
in ( 91 hlirhest SB 021. lowest SO UZ4,
closir g at $6 02 j. Short ribs-January
opened at 10 14, nignesi o ii, iw
t . s 15. eloslnor at $5 15: February
ooened at $5 20, highest $5 20, loweet
$5 17, closing at $5 17J.
and tt ongt-r; s t'ea, 130,750 ba?s; No
vember, 11.2511.10c; December,
11 25ll.45; January, 1J W..&U 60c;
Febimry, ll.25Il.45r. ; Maech, 11.26
(3)lU0c; April, ll.30U fOr; May,
11.30ll.fi0r; June, U.3-in.60c;
July, 11.45c. Siigir stwdv; refiaed
q iiet; C. 4Jc; ex(ra O, 4 JWJe; yel
low, 4J4j; roi f c!iot e:a' A, 58;
standard A, 51e; powdered, 6,(i8Ji5.
Moll ses dull. 11 ee quiet bat firm.
Apn.Kfi Anp'es, $2 2.yS3 25; dried
appSej, i'l(':4,J ",'r Pnnd Irom store.
Drid pa he 2(?'.34a from store.
Vegetables OuionB, $3 from
s'ore. Cabbge, $2 50: per head, 810c ;
$1 75 irom levee or depot per crate.
Kraut, brla, $4 75(3)5; half brls, $2 75.
Garlic, 4060c per 100. Turnips, 60o
per bmbel.
Fruit Oranges, por box, $3 50(3)4 60.
Iernms, $4)5 per box. Bananas,
$1 50(3)2 50 per bunch.
Ncth Cccoanuta J5 per 100. Pea
nuts Virginia 6(a)7c ; Tennessee.farm
er'setock 34c; roasted, 21c higher;
Bhelled 10c. Almonda, 18(3)20c. Wal
nutsFrench. 12c; Naples, 15c; Gre
nobles,H5c. Filberts, 12c. Pecans
Texas, 810c for email to medium, 10
14c for large; Aikanfas, 3(t.rc.
Rapins London layers, $3: lay
era, $2 75; California, $2(3)2 25; Impe
rial, .
Pickles In jars, pints, 95c; quarts,
$1 60 ; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 75 ;
looee, barrels, $6 60(.T.7; half-barrels,
$3 75(3 4 25; it.ixod. barrels, $10 bO;
mixed, hail-narreie,
Fish Mackerel, imit-narreis, no. i,
$5 2f5 75; No. 2 $4 755; No. 3.T4 25
(nl475; 10-10 kit, no. i,yuc; iio.a, roc
15 lb, No. 3, 65c Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c Ter box.
tlAME t-iatne nan, ua)wc.
Ktms Firm; 21c.
Potatoes Northern" etcck, $1 90
2 15.
Cider Now York, !6 507 per bar
rel, and $3 76(3)4 per half-barrel.
Vinkoar UV315n pnr gallon.
OTTOS ar.tl) rKODirVTRJ.
In car load lota: Prime crude cotton
seed oil.new, 27 J28c ; off crude cotton
seed oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3334c; off summer
yellow cotton eeed oil,; min
ers' snmmr-r yellow cotton seed oil,
32(5)33c; nrimo summer white cotton
seed oil, 35(iV30c; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, 36c; prime cotton
nerd meal. $14 50: off cotton seed
meal, none. Ortton seed delivered at
dep' t or levee, f 9 per ton ; from wagou
at mills, $9 per ton.
Burry grease wool, nnwashed, 13
18c; clear grease woii, iM(.)-ttc ; Durry
washed, 2330c; tub washed, 83()37c.
St. Louis, Mo., November U Wool
quiet; medium clothing, 2126c;
comhing, 2.(3j25c; low and coaree,
14(3 22c; fine light, 19(3)24c; heavy,
1620c; black, 17fei)2ac.
Hides-Dry flint, No 1, 16c; No. 2,
21b: dry salted. 10i(3)124o; K'een
ealied, No. 1, 8Jc; No. 2, 71c Sheep
ekins, 15l'$1. Beeswax, 20c. Tallow,
Dfinrtkinfi.l8n: bear. $17; mink,
15fit)40c; coon, hunter handled, 10(a)
50n: canntiv hand'ed. l.VdSOo; other,
$l(3i0; btaver,$.ri0e(3$7; ytild cat, 15
25c; fox, (;t7ie; mnsa rat, iu;
on-sRum, 10c; wolf, 50e(S$2; skunk,
15(3)75c; panthers, o(icti.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 9110c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., November 10. le
troleum firm; b. w , 110 , 7gc.
Pittsbiibo. Pa , November 16.
Petroleum ec'ive end firm; National
Transit cortifWt'B opened at 7ijc,
and o'osed at 75 js; highest, 7ic; low
est, 74 J a. 1
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 50(3)5; reoiatilled goods from
85c t ) $1 60, according to proof ; ryo,
$1 75(3)6.
Chicaoo, III., Novembor 16. Whis
ky. $1 18.
St. Lrns, Mo.,November 16. Whis
ky, $1 13.
Cincinnati. O., November 16.
Whislty, $1 13.
RnoiR Pure white. 5J(3)6c; off
hite, 55ic; yellow clarified, 5J
5Ji! ooen kettle, none: relined A,
fUAfAr.! eranulated. 6lr36lc.
Coffee Uommon, Hi(2ic; orui
nary,12i13c; prime Rio, 13J14c;
choice to lancy, I4(isc; ota govoru-
ment, 24(a)'jac.
NnAP :(aihc ner nnnna.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
nuila and barrels. 7J(al!lJc.
8alt-$1 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 351 45; coaree, $1 10(3)1 15; pock
eta, bleached, 27c; car-loads from
levee or depot, oo cneaper.
Canned Goods, lvrc. jticps per
dozen: Pineapples, $1 25(oi oo;
peaches, 2-lb, standard, $1 151 25 ; sec-
ar.i on (a)S, S.1K ftita. 15 1 Btrswber-
Ties, $1 101 25; rasiitiernes, i iut
125; blackberries, $11 10; green
cages. $1 WX3)1 75; pears, $2(?)
8 25: nlnms. SI 60T3U 70; asparagus,
to AArSii Iraki 35: green
npu. si rhr7ii nht cove oysters, mu
weioht. 1-lb. 85(3)950: cove oysters,
full weight. 2-lb. tt 60(3)1 80; cove
oysters, light weight, 1-lb, 60c; cove
oyitere, ngnt weigm, a-io,
dnnaed milk Urown. o oww i
Eagle, $7 507 76; Daisy, $4 76.
if m. mra Tininana. common
fair, 1826c ; prime to choice, new, 45
(aS&Oc; syrup, zu(4w;-comuiuu
fair, 2025o; prime to choice, 2830c
Aontrifnual fanptf ftAr.!l.r)n.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27(3)
28c; other gTades and styles, daOSoc
Hniifr f4o.rrntt.'a in 85 per case;
Ralph's. $10 25 per cnie; R. B., $9 25
(3il6; Gail A Ax's, $8 75.
Niw Orleans, La., November 16.
Coffee dull and nominal. R ce
qu.et but steady. Cotton seta
prtducth dull and nominal. Sunar
open kettle, steady; centum 'a',
active; planta iin granula1ed,5 1116c ;
choice whit, 6J;; choict jellow c'ari-fi-d,
4 6-1'Jc; piime vello- clar.fi-fd,
4jc; fconde, 8j4j.-. Molaetos
qu;et but steady.
Niw Yoke:. NovBtuber 16 Coffee
j spot fair Rio firtD, lie; optijnj active
-Iron, $2 252 3C ; steel, $2 40
Friars Point Jinn Lia.t." p.m.
Whita Kiver A LaraT No. 5 p.m.
OtrenU K. W. Coi.t, 5 p.m.
Bt. Lou'if C'r orPiiiviDiacv.il' a.m
Now Orlcan Cittoi" Natciihz, W a.m.
ArkanaaaCity .Wii.lS. I1at, 5p.m?
TiptonTilla CnKaaraAkK, & p.m.
Arrival Gayoso, iJourordia; Rene
Macready, Helena; Ki Fo.-ter, lower
Departures. Gayoso, Cmrordia;
Race Macready, llultna; Ed Fatter,
npner bende.
tioaf n fort. Alberia fto, a.
Boat Due Iknvn.K. W. Cole, City
Cairo and City of Nate lit i.
Boat Due Up. James Lee. Joe Pe
ters. City of Providence and City of
New Orleans.
Kecelpla Yesterday,
Ed Foe ter 134 bales cotton and 695
tks ietd.
Gayoso 32 bales cotton, 16 bags
seed cottOD, 164 ska seed aud 5 pkgs
Rene Macready 285 bates cotton,
1C9 baa seed cotton and 24) sks seed.
Tub City of Cairo :b due down for
The City of New O-leans is due up
today, bouud f jr Ht. Lints.
Tub Alborta No. 3. Capt. A. B
Smith, is the packet this evening at 5
o'clock for White river.
Tna City of Providence, Capt. Geo.
Curvoll, is the Anchor Line packet
this moraing at 10 o'clock Itr Cairo
and St. Louis. Frank Peikius is her
The James Lee, Capt Thomas Clag-
gott, is the packet hub evening tit
6 o'clock for Helena. Ftiara Point and
all way landings. Will Ashford Is in
her ollk'O.
The E. W. CM Capt. John K. Hig-
gins, is tna par net, una evening at
6 oclock for Oicoola and the npper
bends. VHliiam SmitheiB has charge
of her office.
Tub Chetapeake. Capt. W. T. lla'l,
is the packet tomorrow evening at 5
o'clock for Hales Point, liptonville
and all way landing". Col. J. 1). Fuller
has charge ot her cilice.
Tub Anchor Line etesmer City of
Natc hes, Capt. II. E. Blxhy, will paaa
down this morning at 10 o clock lor
New Orleans and all intermediate
points. John Lmglols is her clerk.
Tub Will S. llavs. Capt. Mark R
Cheek, is tbe United States mail
packet tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock
for Helena, ArkAneaa C.ty and all way
landings. W. O. Blankor is in her
office. .
Bupinkhs fair.
Wbatiieb cloudy, warm, with light
The Rene Macready cleared last
evening for Helena.
Maj. John D. Adams left by rail last
evening for Little Host.
The Joe Peters is the next regular
packet for Arkansas river.
The river here Is on a stand, with 3
feet 4 tenths on the gauge.
Tub Gayoso departed last evening
for Concordia with a fair trip.
Tub Port Eads and barRes passed
down yetterday morning for New Or
leans. Receipt by river yesterday: 451
bales cotton, 125,bas seed cotton and
2024 Baik ee?d.
The Chas. P. Chontena, Capt. W.H.
Thorwegen, pa'sed Vickahu-g Mon
day morning, and will be due here to
morrow. ....
Tub big llefena got away from
Hulona, Ark, Monday evening fr
NewO'leana. She added there 3500
bales of cotton.
Divkb Jah'ib Mookb, of this city,
hai fcunceeilod in raining the mt del
bare Joel Wall, suuk a f-w weeks
ago by the steamer City of Natcht i op
pisito Corona, abont thirty miles
abuva here Monday light, and landed
jiiHt nbove the mouth ef Wolf river,
whtre she will await instructiions
from Carroll A Powell, of St. L uis,
who represent the insurance com
Mt. I,nl Knit Nw Orlennn Aarhor
l.lno-l'. K. Mall-CAIHO 4 BT. LOUIS.
City of Providence, r
Qeo. Carvell ...nvr.
Will le ie thti EIator V K0NESDA Y. Ni.t.
17lh, at 10 a.m. Fur ireiirht nr iwane aiiply
C. L. Hai.i.. l'n. ,tt. ADST"HM,Su. ' t.
M l.onn anal Nrw Orlrnn Anchor
l.lnn-l'.M Wll-OhNK ORLKAN8.
City of Natchez, ,v
H. K. biiby mter.rrtb
Will Ioto the KixTatnr VKl)NE-flii ,1ot.
lTtli, at 1(1 a.m. 3e or Ireigru ur pHfftiaBoapply
('. T Hai--. fa A'rt. AL-STOHM.'.-n't
For Helena; anil Ht. Fraaela Blver.
Str. Rene Macready.Sfi
O. K. Jnnltn ---tr.
I.aTifor Heli EVtrtY TtJKSDAT an4
Till' RSDAY at S p.m. Uiru tor Halena
and St. Francil river KVtKY SATURDAY
at ! p.m.
Tha captain rananrea th right to mi all
landing badaemi miifi
J AO. LKK.Jn., Hnp't,
Office. No. 4 Mmtidna utreet.
For Oaeeola, Unlet Point, runjthertTilla,
()yofo and Tiptonvilla Tha naw flda-
whenl iminenfrer ttamer
W. P. Hall muter. IJ. 1). Fuller..
Will leave a above, and all way point
fcVhtti .iiu.-NUAK and Tliu KalJAi at
p.m. Knrtreight nr rafm-e aiplyon boar.
KeisiptilatVrlara Folnt arrt nranniia
mill Ik fohrt t'OTriHu.
For llelesa. tllendale, Friart Point aud al
way Lan.itnta titaauiar
Will leive aab..veon KVKRY MONDAY,
HEUSliSUAl and ttiiUAl atuooiocx.
For Randolph, Fnlton, Oiceola an 'Way
Landte t Steamer
E. W. ( OLE, jisQ
J. H. COOl'KR Mauler.
and FRIDAY at a p.m. The bnnta ot tni
line reserve the right to pan all landing
the optaln may dnem unmite. t'ffine, No. 6
Vadinet. ,1AM KS I, KB. .la , -np't.
Memphis and Vlckehnrtr Packet ton.
puny-U. S..TMI1 Line.
For Helena, toneordla. Terrene anil Arkao
ia (!itv-The elrcant paatenger ite.voet
KATE ADAftS, zt&i
M. R. Cbk...mMter I W. 0. Blaakr...ulerk
ljerea Vempbia
For Conoordla and all way landing.
The Mramer
A. I. Ciimmlna, Maat'r I Lew Prioe Oieri
LeavoaTtl KDAY aid 8AXU RDA Y atbp.a
For genoral inturuiation apply at
No. I ttiikunon (treat.
.IOIIN 0HH, Pi'r et. Tlet.tinne i.
Memphis White River 1'kt.Co
For Cliireinilitn, 1U lltiirl,, la
Aro, Augnata, bearer, Newport, jMkioa
port, llateaviile and all Way Landing,
Hlii. CHICKASAW, rir
V. 0. Poatal ...... innater,"'1'"" "a
Will leave KVKRY WUDNKtiDAY at 5 p.m.
Ktr. ALUKHTA K0.3.-1
AII...4II Muilth ...mft.ter. "
Will loave ItVKRY BAlllRDAY at R p.m.
Through ratea given to all point". Freight
nonaigned to the Men pliU and White River
Packet Co., at Memphla or Terrene, will b
forwarded promptly. For general informa
tion api'ly at oBioe, No 3 Madiaon at., ort
Onll Telephone Vj. H. O. I.'IW K, A .
L 45.
Skkds Cloyer, $ ifAS 25 ior bushel ;
orchard (jrase, 1 60fai 60; herd's
grass, 50 0c; rye, 65(li70c per bu.
Baogiko Jute. 2 lbs, 8c: If lbs,
7rt; lilbs, 7o. Flax, 8 lbs, 9c.
Ties l uocpji m.
Dpoa Oattlb Choice. 31(3tf!c:
food, 2i3tc; fair to medium,
91x aAllftwaam. l(M4c.
--:-- " J isii..
Uoob unoice, jc, guuu, iv-iji;,
common, 33to.
8hbp Onoice, ajtajto ; meaium, o
3cj common, M1 60. Oboioe
lambs, per pound, 4J5c.
Kansas City, Mo . November 10.
The Live Stock Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts, 3250 head; shipments,
1423 bead ; market Slow, except ror
feeding steers; good to choice, $4 15
(34 60; common to medium, fj jo
4 10; ttockers, $2 252 76; fading
eUers, $2 803 00; cows, $1 502 70;
grar s ranee steers, z zotoja au. iiokb
leceiwts, 12,881 head;shlpmenls, none;
market wek and 10(u)15c lower; good
to choice, J3 803 00 ; common to me
dium, 1 DUMB ro. bneep re; einw,
952 head; shipmentn, none; market
steady; food to cnoice, kowj tv;
common to medium, $1 102 30.
Cnicaao, In., November 16. The
Thmeri Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipt, 7000; head; shipments. 1000
head; martet weaa anu iuo iowi,
shipping steers, 950 to 1500 pound',
n mvSlR; a'ockera and feeders. 12 05
3 40; cows, bulls and mixed, $ I 40
f7i2 70i bulk. U 65(i12 25; througn
Texas Bteers, $2 403 40; Western
ranirers woakjnativet rnd half-breed",
$2 7003 75; wintered Ttxans, $2 76
3 25. Hosm receipts. 27.000 bead;
Bhipment,14,000 head ; market strong ;
rough and mixea,a 4iKi)3 bu; pca
lea and ahirjninir. 13 75CA4 50: light,
60ii skips, $3 253 25. Bbeep
rarRintfl. IKXH1 head: sbinments,
1000 head ; markat tteady j natives,
$2Ci4; Western, 00; lexans,
23; lambs, 34 50.
Nkw York, November 10 The
m.rWot mna vr nnift ill rrfl'iest, 88
ututl to Tuf sday, and fair business of
importance readied ihrongb foraard-
inye on prV'"na niftma-i',
OyncaBionAL 8vto, U. 8. A.,1
MaMrma, November U, 1 p.m.
Tho iol lowing observations are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian
ttme, which la one hour faster than
Menipbia time
Cairo -
ChatUnooga ....
Fort Hiuith
Keokuk -
La Crosse.
Little Kock
Nashville -
New Orleans....
Bt. Louie
Ht. Paul
fihrevoport ...
Koch's Pat. Store
c ri vivfi t. .,it...tnM In meet an v need
orbuameaa. It it cheaper than old atvle. Can
he put op by any one. IIumioIhI for
Penlri euu Bona eueivra. auui
KOHII A. It. CO.. Wfr
S4I ajlJ NT., PKOHU, 1 1.1... or.
Nln.niiin-. Mrliv.lw..-t. l.nma.Mn,
MukfrtOt3 lor tu "AiiitettlV
Ab've Low
PiTTaHnrn.PA..Novernber 16. Noon
River 0 feet on tbe gange ana ran
ing. Weatber clear and pleasant.
Wmin.iNfl. w. va.. November 10.
Noon Kiver 8 feet 3 mcnea on me
gauge and falling. Weather clear and
Cut gin it ati, 0.,Noverober 16. Night
Kiver 6 feet 6) incite on the gauge
and riarng. Weather clear ; thermom
eter 4!".
t.nrn.i.i. Kt.. November 1
Noon Bi ver rising, with 3 leet 4 Inches
in the canal and 1 foot 2 Inches on the
falls. Weatber partly cionay. ouoi-nesedull.
n.nm Tli.. November 16. Noon-
River 4 leet on the gauge and station
ary W earner iiuauv anu .
yived: tiny oi diud iwuki t"?
leans, 1 m.; tie aiem pais, viuaa
bnra 2 a.m. Departed: Belle Mem
pbis.'et. Louis, 4 a.m. ; City of Baton
Konge, Ht. Louie, 6 p.m.
308 Front St.
To DUaolvn t'oprtnrbt.
aajr Oar entire ttook Hat to De aoiu or jan-
nary i, inn, to uiea..ive vuiiar.uei.uiy
our eompany retiring,
aver We oBer our immenie atook KeaalH
gxaaol tlual.
Oood Felt nati... Vi."iVtr 5?!
Fine Felt Hate, New Bhape , worth It., Tt
Genuine P-eaver liata.... - Jj
Job hotel Hale, Wfrth from $1 to H....... JJa
Beautiful Rotea, all Colon tot
Oatrich Pomponi......... '
Children'! Trimmed llata, worth p, , lor II W
Boyt'i Cloth, Velvet and Pluih Can.
worth 11 - -
Ladiea' Trimmed Uata, worth U t W
Long Pluinea from... N
Oatrich Tliu, 3 in Bunoh. from ..(0e ap
Hilda, Wlnga. Fanov Feathery. Feather
Uaut to.,atitidlialonala4wlilea)
aarDon't Lota Yonr Chanee. Remember
Irom tbla day to January 1, 1887.
garHrldaJ and Hoprulua Ontflta.
wThe llneat aaaortment ol DOLLS in tha
MTHa't'i Reahaped, Featheri Cleaned. Dye
oarTlolden'llair Wuh by the Small or Lara
Mississippi & Tennessee ILK, Co.
Annual Hooting of Ntockhotdea-a.
mitK annual meetini of the itockholderf
1 in ihe MliBiaaliipl and Ton neaaej Rail
rnad Company will beheld at MKMPUId.
TKNN, on
Wednesday, November 24, 1886,
at whlnh time a Dlraotory will bt '
the enaulos year. Htookholdera will ba
paaaed over the road by applying to tha
.ooretary. g Bw.ury.
Mon-Rea'.tleBt Notice.
No. 6072-In the Chaneerr Court ol bheioy
oounty, xenn. m ""-
uae.eU).,vi. W. M. Hneedetal.
t. , hin ahleb ia f worn to la
thla oauae that the defendanU.Oray Beoii,
Mra Huiith and buaband, a. H. enittb I
are reaident ol the Utate of Tela and non
realdenUof thebUleof Tenneaaeei
It ia therefore ordered. That they make
their apuearanoe borein, at the ooarteuaa
of Hbelby ouaty, In Memphis, Teaa., oa
or before the firat Monday In December,
1811, and plead, anawer or demur to ooia
plainant'a bill, and amended bil a. or tha
ame will be taken for oonleaaed aa to them
and et for hearins el pane; ana mai. . vr
of thla order ba publiahed pnoe a week, fer
four aunoeaaive weekt, la tbe MempUlJ Ap
peal, rata lam uay 01 umi "
A copy enom ; . .
S 1 MoDOVTELT., Clerk and Matter.
By T. B. Caldwell, Deputy 0. and M.
V. li. and O. W Ueukell. Bol.oitore for
nn.t.lalnant. lua
Ton BKLT er R
yener- tor it made ea
r v y.rii.i: preaaiy itr m. our.
ffrHrEVLTvi' ' deaeneration ol
I i"; ' c' nr iSt lthe Kenerauve or
ta!C;BtJiana. There ia nc
W '7 FOR ' Vfi mim-keabou thialn-
: .atrumeat n eon-
v-v tj tl linuoua atream o:
Ert initu i per
uieatin. through the
i.wta mur reit'.rt
theio to healtav aotioti. ioiiure
thit with Klentrlo Blt ailveruaed to ourt
ll?,,,r k..,l to ts. It it fur the ON
:": k .,or.,oae. For otremHra aiv ini full
nforniat'ion, addreia KWiir Kleotric D
Co.. ltd Wuhinaton ajett. Chioag' , 111.
Non Keaident ISotioe.
No. 63:2-In the . 'hanoery Court of oaeipy
eoui'ty. tenn. J. d. iw
aourl Wllion et al.
It appearinf trom hill which le iwora , te ht
thit euae that the defendaeta. ';" "."J
,on, Itoraliaviea. Boaa Da.lea. Kva Davlei
and Poarl Wilann, are reaideau of the State
ot Arkanaaa and all non-rotidoaU el tea
btat.ot.teiinea.ee: .
It la tneieiore oruerou, -;,,.
their appraranoa t ;
of Shelby county, in Me.i.i.b a. fern, oa ec
bef.ire t he Ut-t Ji ! ,.: ...l
and pleat, ai .wer ortfeuiurtio;in.lainanta
bi I, or the F.m. w II be l-k.n for roat eaaei
a, to them .. d at lor , he ;;... . Pte: and
that a -M'V ot in a nrn-r u i - -
week, for four aue-aie wek. la the , Mem-
"hia Appeal. Tula lib da of Ojtob.r, ls,
A ''iMWo WKt.t-. Clork and MaaUr.
By V. II. i ldell. Iei.ut O and M.
Oantt A Pattoraon, tola, for omwl at.

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