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Tan Ilirpeib' part were in Klox
villa yisterday aud today will be in
Chsttanonja, alier it ia likely they
will rcmaio until Friday. They nill
then mo-t 1 kly vialt Anniiton and
next Bi niingl Bm, on their way to
MoLtg3ine-y, Mobile and New Or
leane. TLty Lave already visittd
Richmord, Lyt thburg, DariTille, A'
lanta, Augus f , Charleston and Ash
Tille. At hit c. thf se p aces they have
' been handsomely entertained and
sent away delitibtrd.
Gn. Bmalhost, of the Be'gian
Rimy, a noted inWVrj anihority, in
the course of an interview lays (bat
. in the present state of Europe force
reigns supreme, treaties ars violated
without strop'e ar.d the small nations
of Western Earope will be short'y
threatened like Bulgaria in the Eset.
Belgium, among others, having to fear
a German invasion on the Mease.
His conclusion is that Belgium shall
immediattly stiengthen its military
defenses, which at best wonld be but
a vain effort, as Belg'um would be bat
mouthful to the German Empire.
Am amendment to the 6tte con
stitution just adopted by the peo
ple of Illinois prohibits the letting
or leasing of convict labor. From
the Chicago Ken we get the par
ticu'ars of the vote as follows:
Outside of Cock county the to
tal vjtewas 477,239; for the amend
ment, 217,057; again et it, 166,693. The
proposition was short 21,613 votes of a
majority of all votes cast. Cook county
gave 89,504 votes for the amendment
out of a total of 03,763 a majority of
41,122. Tbis gives the amendment a
majority of 19,509 in the Slate. The
total .vote in theSta'e is 674,102; f jr
the amendment, 306,561; against it,
Bbfohb the Lou'sville Presbytery
much stress has been laid upon the
editorial statement of the Appeal that
a schism in the Presbyterian Church
might be fore d if what we believed to
be the persecution of Dr. Woodrow
was continued. We made that state
ment feeling qiite jus ified in doing
so by the bitterness manifested toward
a devout minitt?r and pure Ch ietian,
merely because be had to his own sat
isfaction justified evolution as cot
inconsistent with the Westminster
Catechism and the other standards of
the Presbyterian faith. Schism has
almost invariably been forced by per
secution, ai in Luther's esse.
, Gbh, J amis R. Cbalmebs does not
believe in the decision obtained at the
ballot bczes of the Second Congres
sional Diet-let cf Mississippi on Tues
day, the 4th instant, and be hat de
termined to contest the right of Judge
J. B. Morgan to a seat in the House of
Representatives of the Fiftieth Con
gress from that district. The grounds
f that contest the General in an in
terview clearly stts forth in another
folumn, staling them to be intimld
tic n, ballot-box s rjffirg snd the race
question. Of ccutsa he has no idra
that a Democratic majority will pa
tiently yield to bis clamor, hut he will
have the satisfaction, always dear to
the "out," to make it lively for the
"in." Oen. Morgan is the legally
elected. R prHeniaiive of the Second
District, aod will take his seat as his
own successor wi'hout fear of being
disturbed by at y hing his late oppo
nent msys-ynrf'o
THidesth of the Rav. Dr. Ltnd
rum, announcement of which is made
elsewhere, will recall the record of
one of the-bravest heroes of the epi
demic of 1878, a man who, by his
daily life daring that most awful of vis
itations, exemplified the highest of the
Christian virluts and proved hi mat If
worthy to be called his Master's son.
Moved by a profound sympathy for
the stiicken multitude he made no
choice of those to whom he should
minister, but went about doing good,
thus liteially fulfilling the Scriptural
injunction. Strong in his convictions,
resolute in their propagation, he was
as gentle as a woman and as tender
amidst the harvest of death. His
whole life was devoted to the ministry,
and he was beloved by the Baptists of
the South sb one of the foremost of
their pulpit orators and most devoted
of their pastors. Here in Memphis
his memory will ever be held in re
verend respect as that of a true Christ
ian and honored citism.
Thi testimony given by the Rev,
Dr, Daniel, of this city, before the
Louisville Presbytery in the case of
the Presbyterian Church vs. Converse
A Converse, will be found on another
page. It is a fair, frank and manly
statement of the reasocs that induced
him to join Drs. Martin and Bcggs,
also of this city, In prosecuting this
case. Dr. Daniel vindicates himself
morougniy ss a laithful pasior, an
honest and outspoken defender of
Presbyterian dectrine and a fearlessly
truthful man, all of which we have
known him to be ever since bis advent
in the pnlpitof the First Presbyterian
Church. This statement of his puts
the Converse case fairly before the
country, and ws direct special atten
tion to it As to what the Doctor says
about ths A rr sal's theology he is
quite right He could not afford to
indorse it The Appial, as St. Paul
was all thisgi to a'l men, is all things
to all religions. That is, its columns
reflect the theological vlsws of
all men, and thus is a faithful
mirror as to religion of the commu
nity for which it speaks. It has no
theological opinions of its own, but it
baspolit cal princ'ples to defend, and
with that work and tbe other great
one of uphold, rg religion genera ly as
an aid to morahtr and civil sitioo, it
contents itself, Uavirg dogma to tboe
to whom btir-eptitiiug on mattiii of
iaitb ia most dear.
What la Said About His Chances for
Re-election and Who Is to
Be Uls Opponent.
Nkw York, November 17. Charles
II. Taylor, editor of ibe Boston Globe,
has sent to a nu Lbr of gentlemen
prominent in the Democratic pirty
letters in wntcb be a-ks the follow!
question: "What should President
Cleveland ao during the next two
years in order that Democratic success
may be assured in loss;"
Mr. Joseph Pulitzer replies in an
editorial in the World, as follows
"The shoiteet answer would be that
the Pietident should abandon bis
negative, peisocal policy and adopt
positive party policy; tuat he should
institute snd ca ry out tbe reforms
which be was elected to enforce; that
be should, in a word, pay more atten'
tion to ideas and less to officers
take in ths whole won of reform in
stead of confining his attention to a
mere fragment of it which is con
tained in the civil service law. But
the President can and should do more
than this. He ahou d, by his appoint
ments, bis recommendations, and by
persistent wart are upon grasping mo
nopolies, plundering and eonupting
corporations, railroad rings and the
money power, aho tbe working
men that the Democratic p;ty is, ia
actual perlormance, what it has al
ways bsen by virtue of its member
ship and its principles, tbe f lend of
the toor. The area est danner for
1888 lies in the medless defection of
the labor vote. What is the President
doing to prevent it?"
O'Daaohne and Civil SJervlce.
New Yobk, November 17. The in
terview with Joseph J. O'Donohue, in
which the Tammany Sachem critic sed
the policy of tbe adinmhtraljon, has
giveu risa to a vat amount oi com-
rueiit in the press throughout the
country as well as among the poli
ticians. Mr. 0'Dor.ohue said yester
day to a World reporter that be re
gretted that his remarks should have
giveu risa to tuth misconception of
his feelings toward Jfieodttnt V eve-
laud a indicattd bv the comments ol
certain papers. The personal rel
tons between the Piesidect and
msnf are perfectly cardial and
fiirndiy," eaid M-. O D.inohue
"but I do not approve certa n parts of
his policy. I can Dot see bow my
friendship for bim ss a man should
debar me from expressing my opinion
Dolitically- l. in common with other
mn, the President included, ur ques
tionably hive tbe privilege oi saying
whether or net a pa ticular line of
policy is in accord wabtue psity re
auiiementsas I understand them, and
no mere personal consideration should
influence my opinion. 1 don't think
Mr. Cleveland's administration of the
civ.l service law is in accord with the
wishes of a great many Democrat!
also think trat the dissatisfaction
growing out of this policy has weak
ened Mr. Cleveland with the
party. This, however, is an opin
ion supported in a measure,
is true, by subsequent events,
but it is still an optnion. though it may
not be the correct one. Mr. Cleveland
tbii k otherwise, and be may be right
He cites in support of his opinion the
atiection in Indiana ana Virginia,
where they ceitainijr bad no good rea
son to complain of his appointments
or a ick oi them.
"What I have said was prompted
exclusively by any unbiased convic
tion, and not from my pe soaal diffdr-
eoce with the President, to ward whom
personally, as l cave sail, 1 enter
tained only the most fii?ndly senil-
metits. 1 have never asked him for
any effica titter for myself or anybodf
elso, nor is there one in bis gilt which
I would accrt.
Henry Watlrsoa as In Cleveland'
Lcuibvillb, Kv , Novftrnber 17 In
a con vei s ii ion with a TirntM reporter
Mr. Wattersnn said he thought the
Georgi movement or.e of extreme im
portance. "Of tbe votes cast for
Gtorge," snid be, "shoot 85.0C0 were
tonsH who votrd lor is aine in 1S34
It Grrs e csn bold his party t gether
till 1888, snd poll a simitar vote, it wi 1
almost tertiinly give New York to the
Democratic candidate.
"Is there ay cbac.ee for any body
cut uieveiana two years lroin now ;
' I do not see any. Asbetwen him
atd Hill, there would not be tbe
slightest question as to how the New
York delegation would gi. The latter
has it sure. But Hill could cot cany
a State in the West. It is apparently
certain that the nominee must ba
Cleveland or a Weetera man. But
tbeie is an absolute dearth of material
when tbe lat'er contingency comes to
oe considered, so i presume the rresi
dent will again be chosen."
Stove Klklas Think It will Be
uitTeianu ar Kaadall.
Washington-, November 17. Steve
E kms, who is generally conceded to
be one of the most acnte politicians of
the country, pas Bed through here yes
terday en route borne. He remnrked
in conversation that he thought Cleve
land wonld be a candidate for re
election. When asked who he thought
won a OS llieiy to ca nominated 11
Cleveland was Dot, Mr.Elkins replied:
"Sam Randall." Ths last election,
Mr. Elaine said, showed that ths free
trade ideas were net popular.
FnMr, f Oblo. M
Niw York, November 17. Ex- Gov.'
Foster said yesterday that tbe result
of the election in Ohio is, on the
Whole. Satisfactory to tha Ronnhliejirn.
We carried all tbe diubtful Congress
ional Di.tricts, lost two Republican
Distiics and carried two Democratic
Districts. The tariff was our big club,
but dissatisfaction with tbe Cleve
land administration probably helped
us soms. With ths exception
of Frank Hurd and Bill Hill,
none of the Democratic candi
dates advocated tree trade, and they
were both defeated. I am most sorry
for the defeat of Morrison and lurd.
It will make their sympathisers in
Cor gress mors conservative, and to
that extent reduce our campaign ma
terial. On national issues Ohio can
be counted as a safe Republican 8 a'e."
"Will Ohio support Blaine for Pres
ident, in 1888 V
"Blaine bas a strong hold in the
Western Reserve and all over the
Buckeye Ftate."
"It fs said that Blaine ou'd can-y
New York tody sgainst Cleveland?"
"Ye", he might today, but the elec
t'on tak-s p'aoe two yas from now.
Wears bound to look to th fature. I
am told that Blaine wr.uld receive
nearly every Irish vote in New Yoik
City, were he a car di, ate a aii. II-i
ia ct-r'ainly very st ong with the la
ho ing cl'SAee. Ik-w the ti uli n
standi) In 1888 will go far to d te'niioe
the R"pob icai raudidhte. Wh lewo
carried ecough Sta'es at the rcent
eei tion to have pieced a Piesicent
without New York, tbis S atn will
be the grMt battle ground
again two yeais Dei,ce. To tbe
Democrats New Yt-rk is absolutely
necessary, but the Repablicirs can
po-sibly elect their nun winirnt it I
do not regard the result in Virgioia
and other fon'bern 8U'es as clue to
Democratic disgu.-t at Cleveland ard
his policy. There has bsen a steady
growth of Kepnblicani m and protec
tion throughout the manufacturing
regions of the South Virginia, Notth
Carolina, Kentacky, Tennessee snd
Northern Alabama. I look to see ths
result repeated in Virginia and other
Southern States in 1888. It would be
better for tbe Democratic party to
have tbe solid 8 mth broken up."
Vlrajfala Deuaeratle.
The Richmond (Va ) Stale (Dem.)
emphatically says: "Several papers,
in estimating the result ef the recent
t'es ions, had it been a Presidential
year, put Virginia's twelve electoral
votes down as Republican. Tbis is
absurd. The day is far oft when those
electoral votes can be cat for any
other than a Democrat A few years
since, with three electoral tickets in
the field, this State wea true to the
Democra'ic nojuiaces, and that, too,
after a local campaign in which the
Democrats bad sustained a crushing
defeat. As bas been published, only
63 per cent, of the Democratic vote
was cast at the recent election in Vir
ginia, while the Republicans polled 90
per cent, of their vote. The Demo
crats were simply overconfident, and
by s'aying at home learned a lesson
that will hereafter be useful to
Cleveland la Maanetatt.
The Boston Globe (hem.) says that
the Democracy in Missdchusetts is in
creasing In strength every day, and
addi: "Tbe presence of President
Cleveland made au impression so fa
vorable that hundreds who were on
tbe verge of coming over, have now
fully decided upon tbis important
step, and thousands of voters who last
week cast their votes In a perfunctory
way for the Republican ticket, are
rapidly reaching tbe point where they
will cest in their lot with Democracy
and clean polities."
Cleveland Bla Own Rneeekiwr.
Washington, November 18. Every
day (t engtheus the bi-liet that Mr.
Cleveland will be the candidate of his
party in the next coi.te t There
seems to be no other man on wbcm
the party can unite, evn with tbe
nnsnimity that they could agree upon
Mr Clevelaod. Should they attempt
to take Mr. McDonald, fr instil ce,
the protection element of tbe parly
wonld not stand it. Should they at
tempt to take Randall tbe other wing
of the patty would rebel. Morrison
or Carlisle would not be more
available because of their tariff
views. On the other side the
contest seems to be probably between
Blaine and Sherman. There is no
doubt that Sherman is gainiegstrength
with his party, lhe very safe finan
cial views of this statesman make him
pops'ar with a large section of the
counry irrespective of party. This is
particularly noticeable with the class
who refused to support tbe extreme
views of the Morrison-Carlisle school.
Yet there is no man whose every
movement attracts such attention as
those of Mr. Blaine. And there is no
man whose name can create the en
thusiasm which bis name awakens.
Tbe Pltlnbarc Trnm Admitted Into
tbe League Tbe New Rale
Chicago, Iix., November 17. Tbe
Board .of Directors of tbe National
Baseball Association held their annual
meeting today and duly awarded ibe
championship of 1836 to the Cnicago
Ulnb. R. 2. xouug was re eleo ed
secretary for the seventeenth consecn
tive t vaei. Herman Doscher, expelled
by the uetroit uiub in 1B82 for noan
cial irreguhrites, was reinstated.
Upon the unanimous leouest of the
d-nctors the charges made by the
Chicago Club fg-icst Oapt. A. A.
Irwin, of Philadelphia, were with'
drawn. The chargss we-e wi.hdrawn
on condition that rules ti prevent
recurrence of the trouble will be
adopted. The rumors that it was the
intention of the Pit tab org Base
ball Club to appy for admis
sion to tbe league were confirmed
by the unanimous admission of
the club at the meeting, which
began this afternoon. W. A. Nimirk
and A. a.. Hrandreet were admitted to
the association as representatives of
the Pittsburg team. The playing rnles
suggested by tbe Joint Committee
were read and accepted by tbe league.
It is rumored that the St. Louis club
tendered its resignation as a member
of the league, and that the res'gnation
was accep ed. The disposition of the
players has. it is said, been left to
committee of three Snaldinir. Boden
and Stearns and they have decided
that the players shall be divided be
tween the Kansas uitys and wash
ingtons. The report that St. Louis
had resigned was denied by tbe league
olhcials, who also discountenanced tbe
gossip concerning Kansas City being
denied admission. The denial in both
cases was, however, anything but em
phatic Jamca Phelan Elected iVIce-Prml-
Heat or Western Associated fres.
Dbtboit, Mich , November 17. The
annual meeting of the Western Asso
ciated Press was held hers today. The
report oi the isoara ol Directors
showed that the business was in fa' is
factory shape. The following officers
wers ehctedi Directors, Richard
Smith of the Cincinnati Commercial-
OazetU. W. HaMeriian of the Louis
ville CouritrJournal. D. M. Houser of
the St. Louis Globe Democrat, W. B.
Bickham of tha Dayton Journal. W. K.
Sullivan of the Chicago Journal H. H.
Byram of the Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph,
M. H. DeYoung of the San
Francisco Chronicle; president, I. F.
Mack of the Sandusky Regitter; vice
president James Phelan of the Mem
phis Avalanche; secretary. H. E. Baker
of Detroit.
Bsrou the days of Dr. Bull's Conch
Syrup a person troubled with a cough
i ways consuitea nis physician. JNow
it is no longer necessary.
Tba Flllbasterlas; Expedition.
WashiOTO. November 17. Ths
Attorney-GeLeral bas diree'ed the
United states Marshal, at St. Loul. tn
investigste the report that awnts ars
at work among tbe unemployed labor
ers in that city to secure recruits f jr
an alleged filibustering expedition
against Mexico,
To the Amount of $50 000-The Rub
ber Cliicr of the PiiieUlofT
Police Penned.
Pi nb But vr, Abk., ivembe' 17.
Attachment sui s aggregating $"0.000
have been levied on ihe. propeity of
O. M. IN eel, wboee liaouitixs will reach
J350.000. Late yosterd.iy a chattel
mortgpe In favor of tbe Bank of Com
merce oi el ivouie, m nieaior re
cord. Bank Examiner Campbell has
taken charge of the effects of the First
National Bank, and it is reported finds
all correct, witu 139,000 re dy money
in lhe safe. It is thought depositors
will not lose much, if au) thing.
A. E. Peterson, late Chief of Police
of Pine Bluff, was today convicted in
tbe Circuit Court of highway robbery
and awarded two years in tbe peni
tentiary. He relieved J. P. Thompson,
of Carbon dale, 111., ol (140 on tbe
r ight of November 8.
Bcantlfnl Plants and Flowers for
Women's BIWsloa Eabiblilon.
laraoiAL t tss apmil.1
CLABxaviLLi, TbsN., November 17.
The horticulturists throughout the
Stat would be stimulated to renewed
efforts could they have seen the beau
tiful sight of an entire car load of rare
and beautiful plants in full bloom that
were being shipped to Na-hville yes
terday from Evergreen Lodge Flower
Garden, tbe most extensive in tbe
Sjuth. The collection embraced beau
tiful chrysanthemums, rare orchids,
geranium, begonia loses, etc., con
tributed for exhibition by Mr. Cms
man to the flower show for tbe benefit
of a noble charity, tbe "Women's
Home Mission," which opens in Nash
ville tomorrow and continues through
the week.
A Pair Association Orasnlsed Tba
First Saow.
araoiAL to thb appsal, I
Bbownovillb, Tbnh., November 17.
A fair association bas been orgau
izd by some strorgmt n in ur county,
fertile pu-pose of purchasing ponnd
at B ownsville and holding annual
cttle shows here. A considerable
amount has alrsady bsen subscribed
for the capital stock. Such an associ
ation is badly needed here, and tbe
movement will very likely be success
ful. Tbe first snow of the Feson fell
here today but melted in falling.
Federal Cnnrt Deelslaa Hay. Low.
rj' Proclamation Huaae Kara
Jackboh, Miss , Novembir 17 In
tbecaee of Liu s Levin vs. the New
Orlesns Insurance Company, tiled in
the Federal Court here today, there
was a verdict tor tbe plaintiff for
tl687 80.
Judge Hill rendered the final de
crees in tbe cases of the Memphis and
Tennessee Railroad Onmiiaav and the
Mobile and Ohio Rt)rond Onsnpaar I
vs. tbe Mississippi tfailroaa uommis
sion in favor of the railroad. He held
that the supervision of the act of 1884,
wherein it provides for regulating in
terstate commerce from points within
to points without the Htate and vice
versa, and interstate bills of lading
over connecting lines is unconstitu
tional and void. T re commission is
perpetually erjoincd from exercieing
any such poweis in r street to these
railroads. Tbe decree f ii ons tbe late
rlecsion by the Kup'eme Court of the
United S'a'es. Judge Wiley P. Harris
represented the Memphis and Ten
nessee roid and Merer. Ru-sell and
Frank Johnston tbe Mobi e and Ohio.
Attorney Genetal Miller represented
the comrais ion. r
Gjv, Lowry today is ued a procla
mation fixing the 25th instant as a
d 'V of puiliv thanksgiving.
The old wave st.nck this place
teiiay, after a perfect deluge of rain
lent night
The houses of Mr. Wm. Watson,
Dr. R. J. Miller and Mrs. James She!
ti n were burglarized las' night. Toe
principal loser was Mr. Watson, who
lost $100 and other articles of value.
Projeeteel Mallrosrl I awndea
tonuly Mill ftmad By It.
Isriout. to nt ArraAL.I
Columbus, Misj.J NovemVier 17.
Tbis evening Col, W. D. Crane was
met by a delegation of our most influ
ential men, and submitted to them his
request that this (Lowndes) county
votes f 250,000 in aid of the N. J. 4 0.
railroad, accompanied by the contract
and plans of the company. Many
points that have not been generally
understood by our people, were ex
plained by CoL CrJe, and the im
preesion left was most flatter
ing. Ever, since Gen. Mar
tin spoke here, a short time
ago, tbe feeling iq favor of the road
bas been steadily, growing, aod will
continue to increase nntft after tbe
election, when it will be found that
Lowndes ia not behind ber sister
counties in enterprise and public
spirit. The mealing adjourned at
daik this evening until tomorrow,
when it is thought that everything
will be arranged to ths satisfaction ol
all concerned.
That Jnatlee or the Peaaa In In
WASHiaaioff. November 17. Sen
ator McDonald, of Indiana, or rather
Ex-Ssnator McDonald, who hopes to
be Senator again, says tbe talk about
one of the Indiana members of the
Legislature being disqualified because
he is a Justice of the Peace, is nothing
of importance. I have never ' ex
pressed the opinion that the election
of this particular citit;n to tbis par
ticular place disoualifled him for a
seat in the Legislature. Oo the con
trary, I sm of thef nsioion that he is
not disqualified. "You see, hs la not
et an active t Justice ot the
eace. He ia alerted, aud per
haps may have qualified, Dut
tbe term of his predecessor has
not yet expired, and he has not en
tered upon ths duties of the office.
Therefore be is not disqualified. Sup
pose, lor lnr-tsno?. tbat tne power
a-nicn created that office should wioe
it out of extstnce. Nobody would
then say that lhe man who chanced
to bave been elected to it was dirqual-
lnra ior tne L,esslature ny reason ol
that fact." I( he should resign, for
instance?" "Weil, I am not ditcuesing
that. Of cinre I expect that he will
resign, but I am leaving that out of
the question. I hold that until ho
actually enttn upon the du ies rf
Justice of the IVice hn ia nrt disquali
fi d to bicome a member rf the Leg
is'a'ure. He hes not ertmd upon
such rut'is, end I presume will tot,
fnrse I eaid a moment ago, I presume
he win ris iin,
Became Tbelr Deliberations and
11 l-n Important qaesllena.
Chicago, III., November 17. The
Consolidated Cattle Gr rwers As-ocia-tlon
of the United States, today re
sumed the deliberations of their an
nual conversion The session wss
rpeued by Dr. Sa'mnn, of tbe National
Bureau ot Animal Iudnstry, who read
a paper on plenro pneumonia. The
paper on "Legislation on Oonttg'ous
Diseases" read by Elmer Washburn
yesterday, was discussed In ten minute
speeches by ths delegates. A lengtby
report from ths Resolutions Committee
on the action which 'Congress Lad
taken on tbe subject under discussion,
was pre sen tsd by Dr. Gadsden, and it
was supplemented by speeches from
the Hon. James Wilson, n( lows, ths
Hon. George B. Lorinr, United States
Commissioner of Agriculture; D-. K.
S. Salmon snd Senator Shelby M.
Cullom. Various means of
eradicating ths caMle diseases
were proposed, and Mr, Liriog ex
pressed the belief that au appropria
tion of lloO.OOO by Corgi- s would be
sofllciet.t for tba purposes. By vote,
ths extermination of infected cattle
wss recommended and Inoculation
with the vims of infectious diseases
wss disapproved of. Legislation in
favor ot greater protection for rattle
was suggested. The following was
adopted :
RtmAved, That in tbe sense ot this
convsntion, Mr. Hatch, tbe present
Chairman of the Agricultural Com
mittee, is responsible for the lack ot
prorer legislut on competent to grap
ple with the pressing need of tbe great
cattle industry of the nation.
Thb blandest man to be met with
these days is tbe whilom rheumatic
who hss tried Stlvatiou O.l.
US, K. asdA.M.-WIII mwtln
tpaeisl communication this (Tuuaa-' JF
day) evening, Nor lKth, st 7:30 r
o'clock, for work in 'he Kotered Ap-'
prentice Detre. AU K. A.'i Iratarnally in
vited to attend.
Br order. W. T STONK, W. M.
At'eet: J. L. Siu.aria, Secretary.
V. S Exeiniu Ovriov,
TLa. ..1.1- fl Ttl 1 II 1 USJl f
fenil in. irjun.1 niTvniu"r in. jnewj.
, uMleet ro tn ueusi condition", will be
. of December
6, 188i, to be then snd tbere pablicly oiieoed,
tor levee work in tn Alir-tlmlppl-Yaioo
Delta Levee lilntrl t, to the approiimat
smoont of ttO.OUOoubie yards
atatlad inlormstion
tor oitnt lor ml and at
sdi'I stthit oSlc.
The riebt it rrrd to rtjeet sny or all
bids, and to waive defer'?.
Captain of Knslneen, U. S Artiy.
At Valon Hfaek Tarda, at 11 A H.,
Wheil SeVi 611. 1" MatlilXo-, ia
ir; JSC'belceM Hlf. In eelfl S tplen
did Ba'l Oalrat. 1 Pin Heifer Oalve. snd
other detirsbl itoek will be offered for tale
Onsibnl lvei Pasbody sad Osytto st 10
a.m. AUAMMoa a wqhaiubon, imp.
"To the VICTOR
- Pre-eminent In every hifrher qua 111 v. tt.
HANAN SHOE till beoome the i.cofin.i.d il...d..d
lor fme wm emong diMnminetirg g.ntlemrt.
A Irian with Bralus and Coiirlenre
will drop prtty prrdjudicre cerrlely picltrd lip
whtn truth knnrkial the door. Mart arr mvitrtl
lo try one pair of M Hamin'e" ahoea. We know
the rcault ; every man who want lhe belt and
oral article in the market will become a pt-ipet-Sal
" llanan" man.
Win'. Saava two Bun Tbbitim
a sasrantrj iDeolflo for IJyiUrts, Diiii-
oeee. uonvaieionvw, viuj jnarvoai Aarsi-
Els, Hdl. fiiervo"! rToetrwtion, esneed
j tb aw of aleohol or lobsoooi Wak.
frjlnwi. Mental Dsproutoa, Beftenlnaof the
Brain, rsenltlnf In Intsalty snd Uaulna to
miasry. daosy snd (Uathi J
As, Jlarrenneee,
aoi! Involnntan
nstaro lid
Involantary Lot ana 8
, um oi ro
in liber
I Htxrinalor-
rhea, sssa, 1 by ovi
r-XTUoa of tba brain.
tlf-sbuMorovorlndal(no. Kaoh boieon-
taint oa month treatnent. SI s boi,
tlx boiM for 15, (fint by mall prepaid, oa
raoetpt of ertoa. We marntos Hlz Boiol
to tor ssr an, Vita osos order rensived
by sj far lis boxsa, sooumpsaUd with II,
w will toad tb strrshaaar onr written
rearanUte to mfond th anonay II that rest
merit do -'Ot efleirt a onr. 0narntat
itraned only br A, ttHNKCUT A 00 ,JDras
tilt. Memphis. Tenn.
. Ken-Resident Hotiee. ..
Hot SOTV-In th Obssoasy Owrt of Shelhy
ooasty,, Tenn. Hiato of Tenaaeeee, for
nia. aUj., ve. W. M. Hnaed et al.
It appcarlnf from bill whleh ia rwerti to la
this -oaoeo that Ibo dohsdaat, ttray Boos,
Mrs. Bmith ssd huband, 8, H. Smith ,
are reeldenti of the State of leiaa and son
rtiidenu of th But of Ttnuimi
It ia therefor erdered. That they nak
their spposnno herein, st tb eoarMsM
of Shelby eoanty, ia afamphla, Tenn., a
or befor th Arat Monday la Cefleuber,
ISM, snd plead, snawer or desiar to oosi
plalaaot'e bill, snd amended bills, or tso
tans will be tales for eeaioeetd U then
snd let for hearing et part; snd that s eopy
of thi order be pabliihed ose s week, fr
fosr lacooaiiTe weeki, la th Memphis As
peal. This ISth day oi Ootobor, tarn.
A eopy atleit i '
n B. 1, MoUOWBLT,, Clerk sad Master.
ByT. B Caldwell, iMputy 0. and M.
V. H. and C. W. MLkU, bolioitort for
eomplalnant. ton
Electric Belt Free
mo tntrodoo It snd obtain scenU wo wll
X for the neat maty day glv sway, fra
of oharn, in . oonnty in the V. H. s lim
ited naniberot onr Urrmia Klewlra Wat
van is Maaneinaary Statu. Prloa 161 a
foiitiv asd nsfaiilni oars for Nervooi Do
illty. Varieooelo, JCmimtoni, Inpotonoy,
eto. IAU0.W fUward paid If evory Bolt we
msnsisotar doss aoi ginasl s tvnnln
Sleotrio "irroat. Addroea at oao
New York Life Insurance Co.
tar-raid FoJici-Holders in 1885,
reoord Ii raullv nma,Vdit.
rn.nl ..rf lll,.rl tv.atm.nl .. k".Tj..
the Haw Trk Llla ha iw md-nd
.vspasaaairi.wa araamerti avarraMir fj Aa IOCWja
Room 1, Cotton
5 CaMoMtln N.el Nail,
S "Rr-loaU NniitT and stodn,
1 C'ur-Ioad 1mt4, llama ami 0atiNnge.
S Car-loads Ainortoau Nardlnca.
1 'ar-l"al New KalHliiN,
1 C7ar-load New Nalinon,
1 CJai-load Calirorola Canned Frull,
10 Oai-loadM Tomatoeat Petohen, Corn, Etc,
1 I'ar-loatl Aluaom'a Miiiro Meat,
3 C-ar-lNtda New York Ituckwbeat,
a Car-load) IKaTeel, Kraut and llarrel Pieklea,
8 Car-lottd Mirer Morni Cream C'lteene,
'ar-lada Vlrs;lnla I'eanuiD.
it Car-loada Fire Craekera and Flrewnrkn,
8 Car-loiMla) Nnttt and CnrranlN,
S Cnr-londaj Flue llananaa,
5 ('arloada Kel Ken Dnvia Apnlett,
(tnoioada l'h Faney Cttiitllfia,
1 Car-toad Oatmeal. Crweltod It'heal. VAo .
And a eompleto awtortuient
tor ine rapt'fiai nne oi ouiury Merviiaut.
tsariseud lor a lrtee.LlHl.-T&
Oliver, Pinnie cfe Co.
GasVorks for Sale
UNtE99 looner dlnronrd cf at iirlvale
ele. f will offer at the I'nu'lhnuae door,
In Itolljr Mprlna-a, Sliaalioiptil,
On Dei ember 1, 1MKO,
at rnblls ontory, to th hUheM bidder, for
(in, th sntire t'lant ol ths lilH.I.V
bl'KlNlid (1A3 WOKKS. cnnniatina ol Bve
aori of ground, ibout flvo n ilei of inuin
plpoandoonssotionit, brick building, holder,
tank, t'lola, portable enain .eto.
A valuable property, wliion Iheownerielli
only beauicnaaitrd in otW hn'?..i
AlrDIKI)-. :RA.,1'. Aaett.
Holly Hprinn. Mlm . NqviiiiImi 1. lmif.
ooTOBBn a&, 1000
Loana snd DliooonU 41,437.34 m
nnnkinahnua snd offloe tilur Sd.lKIO 00
Overdraft, HS,,7 SS
KxMtnei snd tsaei 7,100 U
Hi,htBlcl.ang,......lM.lCr) SO
Oaib on h tnd m,1H 73- UA.MS 0
Capital Paid np I SOn.flX) 00
Undivided ProflU..........,.u 121.877 K7
Bxobani and Inter eat 81,341 IM
l)ut other Uanti on
Uillaradiaeonntad.l JOS.fWO ffi
DepoilU.. ....1,074.U5 15- 1.717,23(1 00
K1,0!a1,M4 79
NAPOLBON DILI ....Prealden
WM. A, VVILLUMaOH Vlo-Praident
a. P. RBAD - Caahler
A. Vaenaro, Wm. A. Wllllamaon,
Joseph Ilruoe. Napoleon 11111,
H. Dudley Vrsyxr, H. aniley,
S. P. Kiad. BenJ. Bahb.
ohn R. Peppar, Ju. li. MoDavItt,
laaaa It. flnowden.
Kerrville Hotellat Publie Sale
w ajtTVRDT. NOV.S7, I8SS. AT
II in., at KKKhVILLK, on th N.N.
and M. V. K.H , twenty in ilea from Mem-
th'i, rhilby eounty. Tenn., I will sell lo th
Ifbeat bidder, th Hotel and premtrel eon-l-tinaol
7&1) lCOaorbeloniilnttoth Knrr
vllls llotel Company, Maid Hotel ia s two.
itoiy Irani building t haa 11 room bordoi
kitcoen, pantry, lervitnti' room ttnoke
houia, itable, and other out-boHdinga, s
lane paled garden snd s ood wall at t'
door, anil ia a fin bseioeu iiand belna th
on ly hotel in th town,
TKllYlt) On half fliahl the balano In
twelve monthi, with Inter. it i bond with ap
proved ionrlty will be required, and s lion
retain 1 until th paruhaa money ia paid.
By order or tb Board.
J. H. MoDoNALD. Bortry.
QRADDAIB rrf th Watnbmitkara' Aosd
ny of Bwitterland,
Practical rVslrhtiaksr and Jeweler.
mw Fin Work s BrclaJty,
a. 7a Hralo airent.
iwbl. Tnt
mum s
try Goods, Notions, liosiory
GEimEOEirs furnishing goods,
Hon. 219 and 829 Main MeinpIila,:Tenm
aarrjt tTTSKTSI rH WHITBR 0Ba I" I.ARaRR SIB M.n -
lrUCTS TBAlf Tgn ssSRS. ssdoar rrltu wlUeonpir wlU the of say sW,i
la ss Balled Bute. f are Acenla for
jtaaftctarlag C.1
Co"1fcoinL IPwaotoirE
' t . r I l
Caah Advance) to Iferefaania and Planter.
i n fintfiinffi
j.n. buuiiti
And Commission Merchant,
Hsmu JX4 and CO IZndlsion Htreet, STexaphf-i
S OOO.OOO. and .Xot a D.illar of
In lit .vkii.t, .r ... i. j
that li laying all that noo
I aililv tha ha.t
d bo auld.
Exchange Building.
of Kfiiple and Faney Groertn
OVRHY hnn-elteepfr knowe aomethlnt
tut ttie troublvi imuiej by unokint
li .oj, nbi h aro im uia ih itreatent nui
hiii!. to be met with. Oi of tli ircpnrtant
thlnaa to br uttrndeil lo in all hinaea n tore
tl at iho (Haiti art i.t pm.orly, and that th
tin nltiivn a-o rorirptW bn lt. Sir, It.
l.l.no., u) o.o Nttt-ft ia an eiport
attbia imiinrat, and hm patentr-d louie ar
raitaetuenii tlial enabln Ihui to cone t ituoky
ohlii nova und lo git the urra'at h-t from
tha luiil. All who wast tirepln el or rhtm
oo) n r nudiod nhould apply to Mr. I.BM0N,
who-e work will aire aail-lnotlon.
LATH OF ST. LOUtH, MO., hai Inat Sited
up an eleaant olio over ly tlo A HoialaVa
aroi'ery iture, corner n Adauia and Mais,
wner ne Ii reajy to 01 all ilghta and mat
KleMe" to order. Th pahll or informed
that th Dcotor bsi no flame lor (ale other
than thoae made by bimaelf and Is oonlnrra-
ity with the nieaanrenient of ths ere. th
Dootnr haa mad that h ipenlsl atndy at J
hai all th lateit loiantiflo leaU ssd inrtr .
inellta to iniura oerteat and aaav awlii.
rnyaioiani preioripitoni ror a
.tloniforalaaaaacate Iv
IrnmUto IH and iio5
bit. li. M. I.UWIfc..
niiea. unio uoori I
Ocnllat and Oatlolsn, N. HS
luulbeaJl eprner A iswl an
Ttrt VVOKMn Kemoved Alive. In (roia
40 mlnnteatol bourn, with head oons
plate, or no ehsrg. Nofaatina- rslrd
no polt ,noai uiedinlnei. Can be takes with
eae by child or adult. Call or send for otr
oulun. 1U. M. HKY SMITH, Saoxlallit.
72Mdion itroet, Memphis
DH. 11. L. LASKI,
Pf-jslcian, Sar.TPou and Accoarher,
HVi iftulji Ntreet, Near I'utott.
Telerthnna Vo.'Sa
All; Hi till ANT TA1LOU,
SJieaulatTt Djralucea Ropalrlaaj,
No. 17 W. f!(inT Hraac.
Ooorgf H. INTlohol
And Sf ill They Como
1 OR UEttlTI.K.IlEn.
Wrlhery 11 r Warraittedei
OJJI.T sn.oo A PAIR.
40 Wain Mrol. llTeittphK
DrDls, Rheetlis;, SUrttxr. K?
1 ill

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