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i :
if at of the It? gxons That Treed
Him to Join tbe riose
cut on of
1UE "UIiSER?Efl."
Tfhflt Re VSm and Was Sot Responsi
Ma for Tliat appeared in
the Appeal.
We wipy from the Louifville Courier
Journal, ol Tuefday last, tbe fallowing
ttatemerji, maae Dy me Kev. Dr.
Jjaiitel, of thin city, in the erne of tbe
the Priatiterian Cbarch vs CaDverae
A Coorene, in regard to which we
acblieh dtily report, as furnished by
or special teiegiapniCCOfteiDonent:
Dr. Daniel took the aland aod tetti'
Bed ai follows:
Firtt I am the rcn of a PreebT'
trr an minister, born in Alabama in
1840; reared in Southern MisisMppi
l(x k my library courae at Oakland
Colleen; my thoolouVal at Columbia,
. B. C. ; sradnaied in 1871 ; preached in
Gaui(lfn, Ark., until June 1,1875;
have h-n pastor c f tho Fire lveehy.
.terian Ohnrcti of Mi-mnliin, Term,
., from 1S76 to tliia (!'; passed tlrough
two f p tern cs in that t ny.
SeW I lava al'ght ix-noral ac
jnaintiTie j w.th the d- ferdants in th a
cansn. 1 have taken their punar, tnd
raid f'r it, t.b iut tm enr3. iS'iiti-m
or JO, lh85, tlify published iu said
paper ihat th. ra existed a plan for
rnptnrag the M nitherr! Treabyfrr'an
Chnrcb. In that article tiny used my
name and that of Dr. Martin and D,
fiotisa in aa.ifi a way a to wake the
imprvi.n artfully that we knew of
am:h artiemp, approved it, and that one
of ns dirvc ly, and all of usfmlircttly,
were ri'f pohoible for it. That state
ment was fa!e aad slanderous. Ni
smh plnn of rupture ex atd. Then
new Wr8 any founda'tnn for publish
iPfr tu.it cn.iriie. am charge waa
hiiili y injurious to Preabyteriana iu
Mimpha. The Obtrrvit circulated
m' Bi! the niembera of the ehnrcbei
of which tbehe prcnecutora wera pis
tors. As pastors we felt cmpnlled to
defend oaralvt!?r;jm so RiievGwaj ac
tuation circulated among tho3o whoso
oi ftijenee we must ream if we would
do 1 hem pond. We f"li that whbtever
aotion we took, mtibt betaken rrorapt
)y. 1 announced to Dr. Bi'Klia tliat my
own mind waa clear as to the conrse to
beparaaeaj; and that, whatever others
aiight do, I should defend myself be
fore my own people and the commun
ity by making kuown the Oi.wrtw'i
bad reputation a to vencity. I did
: not chanse the Obtcrver at my mediam
ol eeiamnnicatiug with the public for
; obvioua reaaona. I did not choote
any other papur of ourchnich bccnua
socneof them is generally rr ad in
any enrgresation. I did tot cbooae
any pnlpit, becauie I hold it axcred
from things of that sort. I chose the
Memphis ArnkL hecanre ii came
nearer to reaching the class amongst
wliem ths a'ander had been cficnlated
.haa any other medium of comma ni
Jitlon i f which I have knowledge. In
doing this I did not intend to indorse
either tbe religion or the the
levy of the Aipkal. I
do not understand that I indorse
verj thing about a paper, or any
other eiiiuin of public communica
tion or I'ansportation, a mply because
luieit. I published (together with
Dn. Bogita Hud Martin) a cwd in the
AMiiLd October 12, 1RH5, making
known the fact tiiat the Chiutxan 04
jnaar had been pronounend
t ,, atainoiius cr tuuth
byv r j tumjl iu our churcb, a-id
thai severAl uf our olmroli courtr, in
cluding the Gpneral A'nrnbl", had
been called upon to prouour.ee ita
i taleaienta i liunt fouudntioii; that,
in view of tint fac', we won'd dtc ins
" to take any further nntiro of the
Chruiian OUsrvtr of S iplnruber 3d,
1886. Hi fore publishing tb!a Crd 1
had it dii tiiK'tly undi nitood wi h D.-e
BoRgi and Maitin tnat we would e
aame all the legid reHponBib.litiea that
might be Involved in said publieUion,
aud eapfeisllv, thnt we would give to
the editors of tbe Observer all ju-t op
portanity of self dufense scroraing to
the pilrcipbs of lr,w und retaon. . 1
distinctly mei.tior.ed to thoae gentle
inen thwu that if the Converses de
manded a trial tbev ought to have it.
and that if I publithed the card I
should feel myself under oblinatirn to
put the matter before Louisville Proa
fcytery In Itgal form if the Mcasra.
Converse a'ked me to do it.
The reply of the Metais. Converso
to this card (Memphis Apfial, Ot-to-bur
20, 1886) was a denial of the fct
aliened and a challenge to produce
proof, b'aid ply is in evidence.
Upon demand, I published tbe proof
required in the Meniphie A phial of
Woveraber 1, 1886. tfaid prnofa con
aia(d of tatiors from c'ippinga of
the papers of our church, which clip
pinga I now put in evidence. I ob
tiiued thtm from Dr. Wood row. Dr.
Boggs told me that Dr. Wondrow had
them, and I wrote to Dr. Woodrow lor
them. He did not volunteer to aend
them, oor did he directly or indirectly
advise their publication. As far as I
now remember, ha sent them to me
without ncte or comment or writing of
any kind.
Among the clipping received by
me waa one which, in type and gen
eral style, bwe to my miod evidence
ol coming from tho Southwitern 7Vi
eylM'an. I was moially otrtsin that it
waa a c'lppii g frr-m that paper. Yet,
as the taniH rf the paper wis not
o;on it, I published it and credited it
to "A Presby:erin Papr r." I sect it
aubseqnently ti Dr. Hml'h, and he. in
an ediu riHl, publiclv avowed it as bis,
and dtfndd every allegation in it.
fcaid editorial is her. with tubmitted.
Dr Smith never returned the clipping
to me.
Hot has Dr. Woodrow anything to
do with initiating this proeerution.
After, or dnring the coneppondence
In the Art1 sal I met him at the Synod
- of Alabama, aud ep ike to him as to
the possible prr secutlon. In tbe pres
ence rf Dr. 0. A. Stillman, Dr. Wood
row discouraged me from the under
taking, not hecaiue he did not think
bnt bwauae he thought that nnder all
the lireomBtances nt excitement in
tl e (hnrth, it would be bard to con
. yict them, end becaure they ought to
pioseente me if my publications were
mot true, aud net : wait for - me to
pr.'BfCuio thtm. Jmt before publish
kig thextiactawe published a sec
ond crrl (ArriL, Oct hir), pnnotinc
ing tat we won d publish extracts
riiurttii g w!:tt twe bud s.ud in the
former crd, and expio sing our will.
iBKiieis to meet all our l :'. t sponBi
hilniiii vp-n ofcli from the Messia
Crnver-f. This fUMird cird I now
file as part ol t eV'Heiice.
'I he pub i. ation 1 1 . x;ia;ti was
nnSACied by thn M p rs. C)i vene in
the ArriAL of NovttHbir 21), 1885. To
th's we made re I ifnder In the A rPSALof
xHuveaiDer ZSHii, eliowlnn that in ear
rfidr tbev t ad ut'ered or inaiina'e
eev'l falsehoods to ana'ain falsehood
prvvioua'y nt ered. In th e article we
iinrrxed them I h nt we knew that
ih inhertjf their Piesbjtery inrended
Ii call tho et'ertion ol this boay t
tbe mtitter under diicmson. We
tin n received froai your Moderator, as
we mppoped, a ropy of th call for the
miction of tbe Lmieviilo Piesytery
a inoetiiig calhd at the requett of
the V(S:T4. Coovereo, f r a full iuveati
potion, snd invitiog ai d vir.uallvcha!
lancing us by nma to come and pre
sent our acouatiir.e in the furui of
legal chargf s; wa came upon their in
vt a' ion and tun e'ed them.
M y published writings as to the sad
troubles now aaitating oar church era
comparatively few. X have thought
so Utile of what I have published that
I nave liaen no special care oi any.
tbirg. All that I have published
hereby ollerrd in evidence if it can be
produced. I rsmember a biief oi
letter to Dr. Woodrow. published in
the fall of 1884: alto a let er publithed
in anawer to Dr. Girardeau; also an
article in the Southern Pmbvttnan He
rvw lor July, lHtso. in this article
bad no int'Dtion
; to niaouBS ivoiotion,
and do cot think I did 8". I did In
tend to diecufs the leettl aspects id Dr.
Wriodrow'a caoe aud vindicate his
rifcht ta a trtal before hie Preebjter
was deeltous Is it ss many peop
as possible should read tbat ariicle, for
uoiisvaa, and a ill believe, mat it
contains the troth. I wps espec ally
anxions that the peoplo in Memphis
ariould read it. 1 know Ihat very lew
e ples ol Uis litvew were taken in
Memphis. Dri. Bo; eg and Mania
kindly esflisted me, and we. by paying
nntofonrowa pockets to the edi or
(Dr. Wendrow) half the price of fifty
coptes ol tbe liewe. succtoued in pat
ting them on tale in Memphis at 50
rants a copy half the retular rate,
Dr. Woodrow's relation to us in tbe
matter wts simply one of business.
ile did net suggest or advise, no far ai
I remember, the circulation of the ar
tide. I presented a copy of tbe He
ivv to W. M. Doak, the editor of tbe
Avultuiche. a member of my congress'
tmn and my parsmal fiieud, with my
mpiimenti. lie, ot ctiown mo lon.
very kindly reviewed it. A copy a as
vtven by trie, l tnink, also to Uol,
Keating, who alo publieued aa
editorial ruvlew. If I ever asked Ool.
K. to review that article I
do not remember tbe fact.
I w. uli not have liesicated to dn
so, however, If 1 had wanted to. I
testify tbat I did not know what he
wns gung to write, and I did not then,
and do not now, hold rayeelf in any
wy respomlbte for tbe utterances of
editors of secular newspapers. What
ever part of t'ol. Keating's article do
fended Dr. Woodrow'a rght to trial
bbfora conviction I did thun, and do
cow, heartily iadurse. Whatever part
of it reflected upon the Presbyterian
Ohurch or any of ber doctrines I did
ri.it then indorse and do not cow.
Whatever part of it ws fptrulatli n
upi n evolution came from his brain
and pen and not mino,either by sugges
tion nr inJornemant. Whatever part
of it furnished a weapon for a brother
to use sgunet Dr. Maitio, or Dr.
Bogga, nr myself, I, of course, deeply
doplored, not as a thing for which we
were responsible, but for somirthing
for which it was possible fur
la represent as responsible. I did not
rreetany part of the editorial of Mr.
Kiatli.r for these reaiors: First. I do
not deem it wise, rrdinarily, to run a
tilt against the ed tor of a secular
newspaper, especially about such mat
ters ai evolution and predestination.
JL nan given nobody octagon to thiuk
that I believed In evolution. I bad
given all tbo worUJUo kcowWor fteu
years thai I am a sworn believer in
predestination. I did not expect t' at
Ool. Keallng'a statement as to e tlu r
of those thioifi would be regarded ai
Ojuelneive. I'ariinnlary fexceptat the
hands of tbe most malicious), I could
not hava ihcught, and did not think,
tVnt Ms edi'oriai wcnld be, in whole
or in pa t, tnndi tbe basla of a widely
circulated Blunder to the t fleet that I
was cognisi&t of, or in sympathy with,
a tcuem to spin iub ctiuroh, which
now tenlily I have a' ways been loyal
t in thorght, in felirg. in word, in
doud. Moreover, I to tify to the fact
mat tne ludgment ol the most sober
and iufliiHctial citlte'js of Mem phi.
and their advice to their pastors has
ever t een tbat mlniateis of the cosnel
should controvert lecular editors in the
oolumns of their own papers as little as
poesiniei ana ibis, especially, when
the doctrines of theology are to be
discussed, whole volumes being re
qnired for each ditcustlon. Col. Keat
ing is frank, and for years bis editor!
als have shown that be is 10 Prtsbv
teiian. The prosecutors In this cause
are naiiy outspoken, and for years,
everywhere, have preached ths doc
trines of their ohmch. Wa supposed
that it waa impossible for him to bs
responsible for at, or us lot him. Cer
tainly wv did not dream tbat any of
our uretnren ta unrtst, without con
sulting u, would publi.ih as as achls
matics beoaneelof what Ool. KeaHnar
had said. I testify that my only rea
son, so far as I remember, tor consult
ing Dr. Martin as to the advisab'eoeas
ol correcting anything in Mr. Keit
Ing'a article, was my fear that a disin
genuous opponent, such as I know tbe
vourver to ds, might, ai I said to him
' make capital out of iu" . ..
. un tne so called evolution contro
versy, my portion is this: Ood wrote
the book of Nature. The same God
wrote the book of Revelation, Uod
will not contradict Himself.; Aicer
tained truth in nature will never con
tradict ascertained truth in revelation.
dm man, as interpreter of these two
bocks, is fallible, and makes many
miaiikes. There hava been many
false interpretttions of nature ard
many of tbe Iiib e. But truth in one
never contradicts truth In the other
never ran. I believe that there are
many d flerent theories aa to evolu
tion. Krery one of those forms which
contradicts the Script area la false.
Everything nrcesiitaiina atheism ia
certainly falsa. Everything .denying
God aa universal Creator la falae.
Everything denying God's revealed
mode of creation is false, as well aa
everything denying the fact of Ilia
creation. I can conceive that there
may be a theory of evolution which
i not atheistic or.fto ore Dr. A. A:
Hodge's WOrda. Whirk la Ihnlntln. art
tne, between this and tl.e theologian,;
ma jsi, uuuici ': "xners BQ0U1CI ce
only the toott friendly relttlons." I
nave not, however,. personally ac
cepted ai my own even any theory cf
that kind, lor tbe plain reason that
the matter balongs to ths domain of
physical sotanas and I have never in
v.stigatedit. I do not know ol one
Preacher out of a tboos'nd who l as.
I am not ceruirj that I undertUud
,,tlr''ctJr ,tl8 lleo'y o' evouiKn
whiob Dr. Woodio v has propoun led
js 'probab'. v true." I do not adopt
I', be-suse I hava not stillUcntly in
v et' gated the pofs upon which it
proteases ta rest. But, frrm wba'
I can antlurrland rf Its mtrire, I do
not know, and do nut lie'ieve , thtt it
is atbei-tic, or c?ntrdirrv of t-e
8 irip urcs, or of the star dards of oor
c hurch. The 8c ri pin res a id oor
f-taodardr, io far as I comprehend
tuem, aeclarn that God made man
mads h m bo I? and sool; male 'he
horty uiH'crial, the soul spir:t'ii-l. The
fact of tbUcrta'iorjis cleir,i dispu a
b e. The mode o' at letst the ma
terial pa t or it is, t my mind, not so
clea-ly revet'ed. I fi id tbat God cer
tbinltr a.ade man's bod , and ma le it
ol dus' of tbe grouric), all of wl.ich I
ve i ybiievi'. Hut wr.e'hrrhe m-da
it ' m diatelv," or"imujediati lv." "id-
stao aneius y," or by a proi el do
not flud revialed. Am), inasmuch as
on this point tbe Bible ia, to my ra nd,
silent: and ioesmuch s tbt lher
bo kGon hs wrl ten (Na'ure) is not
Sblti ltn ly understood I y m as yet to
venture upon any asturtu luturprcta
tion tbereof, I a mply wait fir ligb',
and am ready to take truift tiom
either book ta G id may g ve it. I
know tbat truth will alwaja be true to
itself. And iLamncb aa tie Bible, so
far cs I now understand i', do s not
reveal the mode or procers in tbe ere.
stion of Adam's body, I do notiee
bow any soientiflu theory as tn that
mode can contradict the Bib e. What
the fact Is clearly contrsdic ory of
Ssriptnrcs and thruld be instantly
condemned. Wbeiievee we nod that
an interpretation of the Word cf God
contrkdtots a cerunn'y known tact cl
nature, we must abandon that nter
pritati n. And wheueverwutiod that
an hypo'hesia of science contrail icts
certainly known faot ol fie Bible, we
shon a ananaon ana condemn ti.at Hy
pothec, is. iiut tne txpeiimce t"tn ol
reipntteta and ol cborchmsn ehi uld
moke then very sure ol thmr ftcts be
fore delivering their co ideriitaiion
for both havs made great blunders. I
have never tried to lores the church
to tolera'e evolution as a reorgn z d
dectrino." I never have advota'rd
my opinions ai t? Dr. Woidrow s
rights in sny fao ious way, and never
expect to do so. I am a luwabit ing
Preubyterian, and c xpect to cla m tbe
Southirn Prwbjter aa Church as my
mothor aa leng as aire will recognize
me as her son. I signed the d.-dara-
tion and test.mont, and still iodorss
it. Io doing so Iut robed a privilege
befrnging to all tiue Pres'iytt rius
ana emorscea oy many oi mem, ai
hibtiiy will fhow. Cur ainly, in s ea
ingit, I hd no' thought of schism.
The idea of the "teceaeiju " of the fol
lowers of Dr. Woodrow 1 regard as
alieu d. Oul. Keatiog, to my cer
tain k'lowledge, spoke of only a "pns
Bible secesrion in bis editonai.
and of tbat p s4Mlity, even, only as
an miorenceoi his own nuud. I nave
never heard cf any "plan" or
"scheme" to "disnipi" tbe church; I
am in no euch comp any of sohmn-jrs,
and I regard all such jntimation of
tha', kind as malicious nonsanee.
mirg from a paper th t claims tbe
protection of the Presbyterian Church,
and assumes to represent her. it is
slander in ita relation to me, and, to
tne test of my knowledge snd be ief,
misrpr6Eentative of the church,
which never authouzjd said paper to
puonati saia cnarge.
as to Iheg'nsral rennUtion of these
aetenaants, 1 t.stity: i( 1 know
the general reputxtion of any
man is to veracity, l know theirs.
Truth upon oth compels me to lay
tnat it ia Dad. l will explain mv a ate.
ment and the sourt cn give it own
value to nif te stimony.' , In the fi st
pace, I understand byamansrepu
tation that which mxkes or unmakes
bis gord naa.o. In the tccond place,
anen l say mei a mun i general repu
tation ' is bad, I mean that his good
name i, a a picture m ght be. so
blurred end marred tnat no mind sen
utive tn t ;iith aud honor, and know
ing the facts, cnu'd say th it it is good
uo not mean tbat over the reputation
nere may not bs mtuy epots ft
leaanfsi and brlghtiiens, nor do I
mean that tboso may not in extent of
suriace exceed tne oi oi coven d with
ur.i, but tbat, taking the r putation
i a whole, including: fairnS3 and
blackneee, it Is substantially a Tuiutd
reputation. I hnve no hesitation to
declarvt thai, in that seuee, the r puts
tion of thise de'oniie us ia bad, as to
veracitv. For vea s I linve heard the
Btra ghtforwardatss snd truthfulness
ol onenrtLe other, cr both cf ihm,
cil ed in queetioa. I have eeneraliv
heurd them asiociated, and Bpoken cf
ss ' tne uonversea. ' 1 nave heard thia
talk, as to their repu'ation for truth,
from Virginia, North Carolina, Sou'h
(Jnrolina, Georgia, flonda, Alabama,
MisMstppi, Louisiana. Ti x as. Arkan
(as, Kentucky and Tennessee, and am
ready to give names, if demsnded. I
have beard talk of tbat kind from pri
vate members of our churcb, from
elders, from mtnittere, fiorn their lei
low citissns, aod from their fellow
Presbyters. Names are ready if called
tor. un tne otner s ae, 1 nave heard
very many speak favorably of them.
and say tbev never heard aught sgainet
their truthfulness. I have found tbat
a large number of these people do not
know them personally; hava read reg
ularly no papers but theirs, snd are not
acqua'nted witn their arauamtances.
With this explanation I am compelled
to say that to the best of my knowl
edge and belief, their general repata
tation as to veracity ia bad, asa blurred
picture wouia be.
. -1 now cone to testily as to tbe pa
per s reputation lor veracity. Apply.
ing the rams rule cf determination. I
must aver that it Is not good. Here,
again, i eiaim tne privilege of explan
atioa. 1 do not mean tbat amongst
ths people who take tbe paper exclu
sively (no other being taken it ia not
icguded as reliable. I do not mr an
that tnora may be some wbo take it,
and other papeia, who, als , ontider
it trostwoithy. alibou&h I know ol
very few. 1 do rot mean that in re
porting matteiB of general inUreet.
concerning which t e editor! have no
controveiaial interests to subserve,
aaid reports are not apeedily obtained
anu accurately puniisned, and gener
ally accepted aa trustworthy. I do
mean that where the editors have
written editorially especially where
they hava had personal - controversial
interact to eubaervt their reputation
for Idallty , to, truth ia- again a idly
blurred. I know this to be a faot from
tbe tf stimony of many, whose names
I will give if, called for, end front the
editorials of other papers . of bur
churcbJ whloh I. will' prod ace if de-
mauqea. ,
M Xr,Woodrow's course, considered
as matter . of regular procedure, has
ndt altogether met mr snnroval. Thia
fact he Inowa. I , thought, and ao told
mm, inai at tnaincipiency uf this eon
trovercy he should have a kd tha
Boauiof DirfdO'S to auipaod him as
proiewor "until ma ea e could ba fully
tried ;" that then, nnder a nueputition
ui ma uwu bf sing, oesnouiu nave ap
plied to his Preb)tery for trial, ap
pealed to tne eynod and to tbe assem
bly, and so let the mat er be settled
byieitul r judicial progre a tbrongh
tl.e conetitu ional chaune , he remain
ing nnder volnctary suspension nutil
the whole thing was
I do not believe tbat tne directors
cf the mina-y bav any jadcial
power. I think that if the con-titn-tii
n of the B'minnry confers tw.h
posers up in th d rec'o s, the cor s'.i
tntinn itrolf was unconatitotlonal and
erntry to tno ler.ins cf rrntbr-
te ianism. II the aynodsand the pro
Its .crs entered int j a c m act under
eiich a coi s irn' on, tl'B cori'tact ws
inheren'ly unlaw ul end cmld n "t b'
nc g'l in l t.y t o ehn'Cii at larire. I
ttaud this as n y view, and do not
now argue it. Dr. WoVrow as lo' g
ego inrnraied tlit 1 bold it In hold
ing it IdiS.r, so f rs I know, wita
all on my oan s do, witl possibly one
exception, 'ibe s nod', 1 a'so held,
bad no r"ght tJ try D-. Woodrow.
They Bbould have epponttd a com
mittee to prrs cute bm before h s
Presbytery. And tbs should have
been done tbe moment t'.ey touched
l iss undoes in te faith. The dis
tinction between tbe orthodoxy of
Woodrow, tho pro'essor, and the
orthodoxy of Wondrow, the mlnis'er,
is, I be'ieve. fa'lacious. and one f the
aouices of the prolongation of all tii
SPKClyiCATIOM no. 29.
As to snerification 29. 1 had nothing
to do with the fending cf tbat rpecial
tn'egram frim Lou sville to Memphis.
I drat saw tbat telig'sm while on tbn
train goirg hi m . When I read it, I
felt sire tLaf, ths Cooverees bad in
spired it. My reason fur so thinking
was tne fact th-t tt e telegram trapha-
e nd tbe ideacf a probable split iu the
church, wbich a motly the prcmi
nent id a io the Obierver of Septt mber
30 the anlcle w..ich etarted all the
trouble But, although I ru: de th s
inf. rene, I did not t uhluhirny insin
uatioi s of it as a charge. I w uld
have regarded myte f ns a slanderer '
Pad I none si. iu' VMirver iiu pub-
llrh ia-t such an insinuation aa to us.
The publica ion as elnndiroua.
My re ationst'ward fe defendants
p evious ti t:iii trml nave always
rWen, on my pa-t s'ndiouily guarded,
but forbearing y bind. '
as in mv pre ent leaitngj toward
them, Ilovetnein with tbe love of
benevohme. I do not love them with
an eneet'cn sprmgtrg from cirapla
cenry in their i lia aour ai a whole.
I brought this nult in ctelense of my
ministerial honor; for the protection
of the good i ems of my family; to
conserve th -purity, and eo the m ace,
of the chnrcb, sidthe glory of Chris';
to arrest the delmdante io wbat I am
Hue is a CM1-B4 ol sin, thus doing
them g-od, a: d not harm, and to give
them the very be t poesih e opportuni
ty to vindicate their good name.
' IHennfd Ctll. ZZZ
Cbioaoo. Ill, November 17. Dr.
Salmon, cf the Buieau of Animal In
cludry, referr n to tbe cat le dise.ife
in 0 iulon cciuuty,Ind skid that a lot
of dairy calves wi're brought in'o the
conntv.trom western JNetr Xorr
Tbry were sold to the farmers.' Some
ol tuem bad symptoms ot aeu'e lung
di'ea e and the native cat le running
with them bccnie affected. At the
request of tbe S ate Board of Ileulth
Dr. Salmon invejiigitd. and the sick
cattle h ft out of these that were not
killed and burned, wero found to be
afflicted with lung worms. This dis
ease was commoa to cattle. It was
not anvant.igeoui to ki 1 them. They
stinuid be a-pt bv themselves, and
wi'h care and uirdical treatment, the v
Witu'd recover. In ti nca?9 he advised
the State Board cf Health to quiran
tine them and fullow out the above
Tbe Wlae-Lumb Cimrnlly.
Richmond, Va., November 17. The
rase agaitst the Hon. (ieo. D. Wite,
arrested yesterilay on a charge of
being about to engage in a duel, wa?
riiiraltsxd today ty Police Justice
Richxrdson. It appears tbat Mr.
Wish's arr. st was premature, M war
raftn wire iB d b.th aeairiBt Mr.
Wish and Col. L'inb, tn apprehension
of a hoB i!e niectmg, and it wai not
intended that tley slionld be served
nnles Mr. I.nnib should comu to
Richmond. From present indications
tbera are no proxies of the matter
being carried any fuither.
Tbe Maeoulo Hellcf Association
8t. Lou ib. Mo., Njvembur 17. elri-
patei from all the Relief Boards in
the .Vlairmic Older in the United
Hla'es to the M sii.ic Relief Aaeooia.
tion, met tuia morning a- the South
ern Hotnl. to ctir-uB8 plans for inare
effectual work. Tbe object of the as
sociation Ib to prevent the commission
of fraudB upon cuboid nate lodges by
those wbo are not worthy of rebel.
Corner Ntuae JLald.
C T nttin 17 Tina r.nr.
ner s one of the Odd Fellowa's Tern
pie. now being erected at . the corner
of Ninth and Olive streets, was laid
thic afternoon with tbe usual impress
ive ceremonies attending such events.
Tbe building is to bs a massive and
costly st mot ure of modern style and
will be oi tne nueat in tne city.
BeoM'a Eanalalon.
pare uoa uver un, witn nypo-
phosphites, is a most valuable remedy
for consumpttOD, scrofula, wasting dis-
tares ol couaren, colds and enronio
coughs, and in all conditions where
there is a loss of flush, a lack of nerva
power and a general debility of the
system. , ,
J. itHteM. n nr I I w I. l'nHMllAii
Circinnati, 0., November 17. The
American Humane Association, com-
poied of delegates from varioui State
humane sociejiw, or aocietits for the
pieventioo oi cruelty to animals and
children, met at the Grand Hotel, in
annual convention, with Mr. G. E.
Goidon in the chair. ' About flf y
delegates are present, a song the rm tu
ber Mra. Hendricks, widow of Vice
President Hendticke. After formal
ad lref sos of welcome by the Mayer
and others, the Asioeiation listened to
the rei diugof reports of work accom
plished during tbe p.et year.
Tm Voltaic Bblt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Baurs and Eloctrio, Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Lose of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in aeaieu envelope wim inn
particulars, mailed free. Write them
atonoe. '
. Ill' atat .nrv. I im I iiii
II I Kb eat Award nf Nrnlalata fcarop
i'lai. aaaniai
tne'neateit, aulokait, itUi an
row. rial rmdy kuown lor Khtumatte n,
t'l.arity, Neuralgia, UtbtrDi Bw-kafllie.
Weakncaa, Co da In the Ohe.t and all arhea
ana imtna, Indorarct by SCUM Hoytloi.na and
liruiinl-u of the hiuheai reute. llenann'a
Plutere promptly r.liere and our. where
other planter! anil iirnany aaivea, linimcnU
and lutliin. aro aluoiutel uetea. lteware
ot tmitatinna under aim ilar eound n namea,
oh aa " Oapaieum," "l apucio," 'Capat
eine," ae they utti rly wor hlea and In
tended to deceive. Ant roa Banaa'a ajrn
va aooTHnaa- All drugt ate. bKAUUHX
ajOUNtiON.froprietora, New Xora.
Child Birth Easy!
The time baa come whon t)) ter
rible aconv ol (bin eritioul Poriod in
wiima'i't Ii ran b ao r-i. A d -tmauiihed
nhyiioian, wbo apent i
raira in Chit bmnfta uf pmctitt, left
to child btarinf womiin tbia lecac;,
Taa MoTHRa'a Faiaico. and to ay
tbeia ar thonaandi c woman who,
hariDt mod thia nweiy brfore oon
6 mount, ria dp and call bla nam
bleiaed. W ean prove all we claim
b living witce-iea.and anyone Inter
eattd ean call, or hare their buahanda
do ,. and h the o ixinal letiera,
which we eanaot pabliih.
H drufgtaia fell lu For particulars ad-
uusriuii ttloOLlToa io.,
Atlanta, Oa.
Vetermarj Specifics
nioroes. Cattle, Sheep
In nse for over 20 rears bv Fnrmers.
Used by U.S. Covoinmont.
Muunted oo Rollers & Book Mailed Txs9m
C;mn:'.irei'n'!tl-.'d. Co., 109 Fultoii St.. ti.T.
ff TrFrfOT G
speoifis no. &a
IU uattliJ Vent a. Ttmoulr onrcciwfll Pemiwitr fna
Kcrvous Bsbiiitv, Vital Wcaku?
Unil T'rcitrat.nn. fnfm 'vr-work or othur r
tjll pttr vial.orS rutin nd lurKO vinl penuivr, f '&
Sold l'Y UltL'ntn.vin nrr- 'iit jK)r.ijr:ict o i retr1, l
Hriit,iutufurt)rn'nviuaM.mHiV ruiua bt
Pretlilont of the Oreat LOUISVILLE COU-
luitiwuunsiAii iju., tone waat
he knowa of .
Winter-smith's Chill Cure.
Orrics or TBI Coraiaa-JoeRSAL,
Dr. WinttrtmiiXSir; 1 waive a rule I have
ODiervea tor many yearn, tne value of your
remedy prompting me to aay.ln roply
ply to
your renueerwoai i mow or your
snueat, wbat 1 know or ynur Chill
had. and the Rood reaulta of ita etToota 1
adobierredoo Mr. K. W. Meredith, who.
ine nrivata aaanrnnnA. nf It. ftmnunv
ior more man uucen years, na3 reen rore
raan of my oflloe. tndueed ma to taat it in
my family. The reaulta have beon entirely
aar.isiaer.ory. ine nr-t oaae wai of two
years standing, in which 1 believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary renet tne omni returning periodically
and with seemingly inereated severity.
Your euro broke them at once, and there has
been no recurrence of them for more than
six months. The other ease was ol a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies; but the ehilla would return at in
tervals until your medicine was used, since
which time, now several months, they have
entirely disappeared, from the opportu
nity I have had tojudsre, I do not beaitateto
ezpreaa my oenei taut your Ubiil Cure is
vaiuanie apeolhn, and pertormi all you
promise tor it. nespoctiuny,
ARTHUR PETER & UO., Agouti, Louis-
vine, ivy.
Cream IWm&FTLY'Z
Givei Ra'laf at 1 Ca??c,X' Tctm
onoe aad Cares
B 'atlrrunf'' aal 1
Hay FeTer,
Not a Liquid, Snuf
or Powder. Fret
from Injuriout
Drags and t'ffen
sire odors. '
A particli Is applied Into each nostril and
ia agreeable, l'ri.-c 5(1 oenti at U-nagists;
uf man. renii'icreii. oucents. Circulars tree.
bLlt lilttis., Druggisig. tigeno. N. Y.
4. i. i-'rft.
BsMsiW fl. 1 1
Mrart of tha rliaiiristnH wlnrh altiicL mauikind ire urtaTio-
aJtroaurMrU b a iiBtnlarftd Mnditioo ot the LIV CRa
Vor All oomuiamtsi of Xhm kind, locii m Turuidicjr uf
fthsa I.ivur KilmunnAtM NnrvwiH DvPtnAnUaw lnlu7M-
tion, irntrul"t oi Ui Uuwel, OouitiptUiAti. Vlatu
muaj, Kruottioua and burning of Ui titmaoLi
tSUUi'ttCUt CAUsMI Xlt)arU)iirnj, miasiuaa, snruatnsa,
RIa.uU ITIiK lhillsi auad fcTur finuLklMmA Fever.
ExhauuUuQ before or after Fevere, Clmniio Diar-
rbaM, Lotm of Appetites, Uedctu, Foul Brwatri,
donn i'ainH BsvckAobai, STADICER'
allRANTll ia InwnlnnHIa It M nDrt a DJUUMS
for all dioau. bnt will CURE BrlfJISAaMof
nhaiiKM th cumplttxion from a waij, yeiluw tbiffa,
in m. ruHciv hsaaithtf ivalasr. It atslt irtsiT ramOTM ItrW.
ghnnnf luirita. It la oa of tha brt Alterative
uvl fmrimmra of tA BiootL mm II MlMlAM Unc,
Fix aale b; all DnwaMs. Prioeai.OO perboUle,
C. F. STADICE-R. Proprietor,
40 PO. FRONT ST., Philadelphia, Pa.
XvDVERTI 81 N6 noe'dbcr otherwise.
- . vunui?.iuiruin)U'
rr .n- i it oonialna lists ol
aewspapars and eatluiates o1 theeoat ol ad-
Bti.u. Ti KlTMrtl.ar whniTantfl to snend
one dollar, finds in it tbe information h re
quired, while for him who Will inyest one
hundred thousand dollars in advertising, a
scheme is indicated which will meet his
ere"? reqilrtment. or can be made to do so
by I tisrbt ehansrec easily arrived at by eorre
nniiluM. una handred and titty-three
editions hava beentsautnl, ,tNnt, postpaid,
,o a aaareasior ten otaia. jt;71" "py-
' lilWk .I, I'll.. N KWSPAPr. K AU-
VBnnsiNUBUHKAII.lO SprueoaUtPn'at
n ilnum rqnar.. aew yore
Win I mt re I da o meu aMrolr to Itwp taww fnr a
ttra laoa aave tbaaa ratam aaia. I m-n
ere. I har maaHi im awiaM oi ri n. ariwr wr r
IMaCaNMaM4Itdr. 1 warraol mr rwimai- to
cr tbaj wwral ceta. Bcaae atbf bav nitad ! M
rvaeea fax aoi aew nrmi carrw. mmmw an -r -UoatlM
and rrw pl T f Irallla4a rrmadfl pt
B lprwM and Foal OftWa, II ruarta ri lMMn for atrial,
and I will cm Bi. B. q. MW, IU faert H
TpAILUKK harlnt beeq made In the pay.
L' ment of tbe Indeb'euness secured li
n. riitnd made ht ci. M. radcMt ana wi
.1. Paiintl. an the lUh da, of March. 1B82,
and reoonied in book 142, page iOD, Heiuster s
office of Bbelby enunly, Tenneaae , in pur
uanoe of the power therein eonierred, wa
will, on .! Ai A-'H : ..
I Haidrdar. e)mlXT ao, la. '
betweea, tbe boors of 12 o'n otk m. and 1
o'clock p.m.. at tbe south sate of Court
Square, fn Memphis, Toon., sell to the hlth
.r KM.liir. fop na.h. tha ollnwlna real eatila.
lrin anear the ouih line oi the oity ol Mem
This. Hhelby county, Tennes-re, deacribrd aa
Joll.iwai One tract of land in Fort Piokerlra,
and beinc block 45 of the la. ds conveyed by
Willouihbt Wili'ams to John 0- MeLemore
a at-, on thaith day of December, 1X67, as
appears from plat nt same io plat book No.
l.paicei & and 6, nf Rffilter'a office, which
block fronts l;tt) ectrn Van Burn and Cof
fne streeis and Its) teet on Aruisireng and
1'ront atreots.
Equity of redemption, nower and homa
atead eipreaslv waived Title believed to ba
sood.t ut we aellas trnfteea cn'y.
WM. M.
W " 1 i l 'I
.wa, a.
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Sets fn Great Variety.
awAaeDts for tbe celebrated UKEESWOOD TlfRIPIED CHIWA, apeeiallr
Hixl for Hll, Bworiiit nnl Nmlxl,-i;i
8AF0LI0I KILL, Fresideat.
tu . iiAa(.CaUluare
H. nmsTKiHtiif .
B. MAA&riaiiV,
Buggies, Wagons ' and ITarness, ' .
Steam Engines, Machinery of All Descriptions.
Wn. 339 RFOOWT) RT
Cotton Factors and
Front Bt., Hemphln. Tenia
Cotton Factors, Commission Merchants,
7o. 110 Son tli Slain Sit.. Bt. Infm
liberal Advances
sTSsT5 TST... K14 .... .
- iaa-sjrsja ,
h. D. MULLiys.of InteJ. R. GodwiniCo.
Cotton Factors &Commission lerchante
Nn. I Tin ward's liowr, Cnr.
Confections, Glaces, Nongat
I,- 0
Cream Bon Lons, Fine French Handmade Cream? and
Eon Hons, Chocolates, Icqs and Nougatines.
Too ean find these goods " AT RETAIL," iu any quantities, at
The Peters & Sawrie Co.'s Retail Establishment,
Ao. JclIcrMoii rlreci,OpnoHi(e Their Factory.
These are the finest Confections that the
ttsTTry Our ''Ww rream
. H. ISTE8.
B, 8.
(sccoBasoBs to
Wholesale Grocers
Nat. II 1-2 and 13 Union
' ' 1 TI'
Wholestale Hea1rai
- "'i i . Sole Arents for the followlnf
PIAXOS Kranich & Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
OBGAXS Clough & Warren, and . Smith American,
awA NBW 7-00TAVK PIANO FOR lao.-wa
Write tor Catalog, on.221 anil 823 Keeonil Street, ltfiTitl'il.
.i .: w
a I ii. 1
372 & 374 Front SCTor.
aajasi v jtmvsv atai
Lager Beer, Cider,
..' I'd
It J"'rl of ail flavors, and XXX Bniraat tslssaar 1... 1
11 ara-PCHB aPPLa VIDCK, in Barrels and Half Barrels, a seotltjr,.-ai
No. 808 Front Mreet .....i . lvfemplilw. Tewweww
1 i wnoixsALi: f
' And Commission Merchants'5! ' ' 1 ,
35rTo. 367 Front Street,
Wholesale Grocers
on Conslsnment".
. tmc s. rws
j jjm vim iiiiin, X 111 II,
JAS. YOSOE, late of J. W. Caldwell k Q
Frntit And rninn, SIprnrihf.
Caramels, French Fruit Glaces,
Memphis Publio have ever had the opportunity
l.oaf" tlelielonw.w-t
W. B. DOAJf.
cavra. ooia co.
and Cotton Factoro
Street fJamnhis. Tssa. .
Street Memphlt, Teea.
i .v.,
sanil Pnlslialierau
PintrClass Inatrumentst ,
and KNAfiE
mr 1 -
Oayoso, Memplil'e Tenn.
LORDS DIBHLU . r)':i t i
ah i iuirila Oa
Champagne Cider,
J cr - ri
: , 5f eia plils, Tenn
& Swoope,
I 1

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