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iiw oiiit.tit Kr.iitniH.
For Icne.loiLv years couor, la n al ave
been irarle of the heavy ch&rgea '.o
. which B.e'cLn'. d s!i corsined to ot
aiiipprrd fiora New Orleans wb eub
jected. Afar tho war, when a change
fron, ai tiqua'ed cntdonn 1 eta me si
gfDtwal thrctvliout ' the f'ent h, thst
city re amtd its old rxort'ont?. At
Jft, bowtver, Ni:W OrUaca las Le
ccn.e aroused. Tbe coal lu been
Int on tbe terrapin' bik,and tbe
creature mover. Io o.ber wordp,
high ebargea have mda Eucb inioidj
upon its commerce that that city at
lesgfh recognise tbe recur eity of
change. Tbe New Orleans Timet de
clares thai tbe ej'iiit of reform bea
Jonnd entrance, and that tbe healthy
growth of othtr cities has aiousei! tbe
people to vigorous action. "We see
Memphis," Says tbe Timet, "which
bae scffuied every iLfliction thai Naw
Orleans bas met with, almost doubling
key pornlation in tbe luit fevr yeara
and operiiog a new career of prosperity
for be: If; and toot Naebville, Atl
anta, Pal're ar.d sec re of others."
Tbe Ttavi fine a c:n ta say: "This
city ba not advanced relatively aa
rapidly as most of btr nighborr, be
ranee ehe hrs clung to old ido 8, to old
method and eyftetnfi nt t m ted to tbe
Hints; bctaiifo she bet nnver shown a
pri per ep;rit in n foruiing abuses and
oirectiog evils, bnt bus a lowed them
to grow to powerful as i rintrol and
drminate hir." Other citits, con
tinnts enr ron temporary, Lavo ra
dioed rott and wharf charges, while
oars bare been kept at the highest
Igaie; we have peisiittntly and
blindly maintained tbe old charges for
hat dllng cotton until e bave diiven
the staple away, but tcday the error
is rei n and tbe remedy will bo ap
plied. They muet be carried through
thoroughly anJ tiltc'.nally, no half
way me sauna, but a rooting out of
every abnse. The whole work
annst be done now. The Slatrt
jofas tbe Timti In the cll
for ' relorm; now the Commer
cial preea bas made a large reduction
for compreesing, other reductions are
Jifcnised and will be effected. N6w
"oae main pillar of the old edifice line
fallen, the whole antiquated edifice
moat follow." If more (bun a fuir
profit tipun capital is exacted through
extortion or monopoly, trade is driven
'sew hire, or more liberal and en
lightened ' rivals oruih out nnwire
grarplrjg and extortion. "It was re
Marked to m," taja the Statei, "that
every flxtd charge that exists here is
greater than it ought to be." Those
frank acknowledgments of error aio a
favorakle portent, and every friend of
the eld descent Oily will rejoice at it,
as a sign of roturu to that commercial
araerierliy that made New Orleans the
Metropolis of tbe South,
It fa doubtful whi ther evora groatt-r
omniercial ruititake woe made than
Uint cf the dairymen's war upou oleo
margarine. The discussion In Con
gress put that tr;ic tt ou a far liigliur
pionacle tlmu it bad piivljubly au
tallied. Th testimony of experts
showed the ma'eilal t be a whole
some ioou, ana i lie prejudice against
it wis iu a great uinaeure done avtay.
Hold ai but er It is a fraud, bnt it is
obtaining a statidiug that makes eucb
tricks do lorgirneoeBnary. SraJslrett'i
slates that Wtshlugton acccuntd ex
press the expectation that tbe tax
port it will reach from $1,003,100 to
$1,(100,000 annual revenue, and adds:
"The very enaolment ot the bill wa,
indeed, bat a recognition of tbe fact
that the new food product had come
to stay." Already the Boiton papeia
are publishing mark reports giving
the comparative prices of oleomarga
rine and batter. Ia these reports tbe
price of tbe best batter is quoted at
24 to 25 cents, wbile tbe best oleo can
be had for 17 rents. The li ng and tbe
sho.t of the matter is, that the people
are discovering that good oleomarga
rine ia better (ban bad butter, and tbe
.. agitation agalcst it last year extended
that conviction, and now the lately
desp'eed oleomargarine has become a
respectable article of commerce.
The high tcrifl jingoes are in a
quandary. Tbe high taxation they
have iLit tuted ia rising up like the
kind cf demon that, when raited, the
encl enter cannot lay again. A crisis
is ar'eirg that tbey cannot meet, and
only tariff reformers can tell bow it
sbonld be met. At the beginning of
tbe year $104,OC0,000 of 3 per ce.nl
were drawing Interest, now only $71,
COO.OCO, end by Juno next every bond
of them will bave been called in.
There are no other bonds that can be
called in for tome years, and the pre
mium npon these is too high to make
it p islb'e to bay them in the open
market.' The revenne that has been
paying off bonds will therefore roll ia
millions to tbe Treasury, where there
is do power to expend it. Tbe Secre
tary of the Treasury's last report
bowed that, tt the end of last ear,
tbe dibi bad ia ten months
bn reduced $364,347,917; at that
ratp next year will bring a inrplusof
$107,000,000, for which there are no
appropriations and without them the
jiioney cannot be expended. To keep
c cenmu atii g cucli a surplus is impos
sible; to stop tbe accumulation the
tariff must be reduced, and there is
where the Ugh tar If ji-goes are at
their wlU' e-nH. To allow the money
to lie id'e won'd hi a tor traction of
JlO.tCO.OCO a nr uth instead of Ihj ex
pansion ot JlO.Ot 0,000 a niontli from
tbo bond calls. Cxu ti e busiws of
tie com.trj, only just leocvering from
depiction, ler inch a e raiut Con
greiis wouid nit provido for what iu
ciroirg at Hi last t saion, and the N-w
York Post e,a;s if it fail to do sr In Its
approaching short sesiion, "the Prei
dent will be obliged to call as extra
e talon, before niidsumuier." There is
no eacepiuj the dilemma, and puzi'ed
politicians ere trjing 'o eee a wy out
of the cuf ik tac. It appcari j robi
be that O.o high tariff peo
ple, condemned to lefRcn the
auicuut of tua'.ion somewhere, will
make the long petted sugnr interest
the eoiipfgiat. They would like to
iucludo loVacco aud whisky, but tbo
people will not agree to bih prices for
clothes aid b'ankets aid low cne.s for
tobaico and whisky. The people's
pa'k-nee Is great, but there is a point
beyocd it. But to f ee eucur would
remove only half the difficulty. Will
tbe duty on oranges, rics, hemp,
lumber, coal, codfish and salt have to
be abrogated aleo? If such, or some
thing like it, should have lo be tbe
case, then the reform cf our out
rageous tariff will bave begun,
uovatr csht'.Monr pieti.
In all minds, even the must hard
ened, there is a feeling of tacreduees,
even when the feeling is reluctantly
entertained, that is shocked when tbe
solemriittim of religion are degraded
into rue accexorics to human pomp
and display of gorgeous niaguific nee,
or by presumptuous violerca attached
as a showy appendix to relations of
detd or rxpresftloES of eenliment
that aio at war wilh tbe gentle and
benign influences accompanying a
reverence) for wl at is mod held in
reverence. Wfcen the Emperor of Ger
many.in bisbnlletinsiosuod during the
French war, tfler indulging in tbe
triumphant expressions of a con
qriercr, finished by thanking Al
mighty Qod for making bis side the
winner, what thoughtful soul could
holp feeling the gro.-s iccongrnltyf
Monarcbs bave been and are the great
violators ot religion and propriety by
making a pompon churCb cervlco a
part of their brilliant display of
grandeur mid pomp. Next June Eng
land is to bold a jublleo on tbe fif
tieth anniversary of Q ioen Victoria's
boginning to reign. Beside procesf ions
an J Qiewoiks there is to be "divine ser
vice," respecting wh'ch an account
iu Loudon Trutii says: "This service
will be a function cf much stato, and
it ia to be attended by the Queen, the
royal family, the Ambassadors and
special representatives of foreign
courts, the members of both Houses
of Parliament, membera of Convoca
tion, Privy Councillor and other per
sonsgos of light and leading. The
service is to partake of tbe nature
of a cuurt ceremony, and all the
arrangements will be made by tbe
Lord Chamberlain and the great off!
cors of the household. The order
of (he eoivire bin not yet been
decided upon, but it will probably
include a couple of Uandel's grand
anthems, and a short sermon by tbe
Anbblnbop of Canterbury." This
survice will be "a function cf much
sia'e," and "partake of tbe nature of
a itute ceremony" presented to bis
Mali or by "man that is a worm and
the sun of man that in a worm 1" This
is the state spectacle he presents to
Ilim wliOHS divine messenger cow
mauded: "Whan thou prayebt enter
into thine inner el. amber, and, baring
shut thy dor.r, pray ta the Father who
is in sucrot." After such a specimen
of re igiou ai itia today, are we certain
that Bob Iugeipo'l Is the greatest of
livleg blflsph mers?
WmImi NhII Aaorlallou.
TiTrinnna, Pa., November 17. The
nail manufacturers ot the West held
a meeting at ths Monongahela liouse
this morning, in reepons to the call
sent oui oy me wes ern wall AseocJa
tion for a general satherinir of the nail
men of th West. There was a fair
representation at the meeting, dele
gates being present from Wheeling,
W. Va.; Chicago, eteubenville, O.;
Belleville, III.; LelUlre, O.; Ashland,
Ky.; Ironton, O , and all the Pitta
burg factories. A general review of
the market was made, in which it was
shown that large advances in tbe
price of pig iron and steel, which are
used in the manufacture of nails, bave
been recently made. It was then de
cided to advancs nails to a $2 26 card,
which is aa advance of 6 cents per
keg on the old card. . The meeting
then adjourned.
. T Err Is Hamaa,
But It is poiitlralj In.xoanablttoadmtniiter
or Uk narootltu or potent lodattvoi to re
ILto lntr.nqutlity of tha aorvoi, th oullr
dlicov.rabU oui of which is limply tndl
nitlon. Iloatett.r'a Btomaoh Bltt.n tt th
romtdf In JlcnUd whn tha narvoni ijitam
li woak, and oonitqntntly supar-iomttlv
and unlrunqull. Briuiod and qolatod bj this
uparlatlT tonio, tha ijlUm obcalni nd
fulropoiaat night, draptptlo qaalmiooai
to diitarb tho itomtoh, and montal Inqui.
tad. dliappoari. The habit of body beoomai
recular, tbo liver and kidney aro health
Inllr ttmuliittd, end bodily or nientnl ex
rtloa ( to be t veariioin and difficult
Uk. heurelflt, rheumattim and melarUI
drtordert, and kidney troubles, are entirely
eradioeied ay thU atchleM lnvlornt
and retulator.
WasBiNftTOR, November 17. The
President today made the following
appointments: To bs Consuls of the
Doited States: Charles Jonas, of Win
con sin, at Prague; O. T. Urellet, of
California, at A'g era; Edmund John
son, of New Jersey, at Kehl; Alexan
dan O. Jenes, of West Virginia, at
Chin Kalns. Pay Director! James
Falton, U. 8. N to be Chief of the
Bureau of provisions and clothing,
and Paymaster General U. 8. N.
Cattle Waat Btoak Tarel.
Dbmvkk, Col., November 17. Prom
inent cattle men here and elsewhere
in Colorado, also in New Mexico, are
srgaina; petition to tbe railroad com
panies . centering in Ht. Louis, aeking
them to give their influence toward
the establishment of cattle men's stock
yards atjhe wewUlde of St Louis.
Tha Co a. ajrodlcata.
Pitthhcso, November 17. The Coke
St itdirntA diu cot meet today to can-
S'dlr the dcmituln of llmrnka nun.
t.vea. A conference of the operntois
auu woiaerswiil he held on ruiay,
wtieu llie la tr r will receive their an
swer. 1 1 in ,tu'lil tl.ot Ika mo r, I,,..
are willing to (irant eome of the dc-
iiikiiuh, imi win not concede every
thii.g. 1 -e- i
iHauioiid U Htohers Mulford'e
mrtmem mum
LOADS. TruluH lull .f I'dssengers Suuw
bftunJ in Diff, re nt Pi ices
Trains Abandoned.
Dknvxr, Col, November 17. Tie
l tht snow W'licti f o 1 in Colwialo
Monday and Tne-dy proven t be
much heavier in Western Knnfa and
Nebra ka. The weet bouud Kam-fcg
Pscifis mail ban been snow bound at
Brcokvi is siocs Monday. The east
bound train w ai delayed at Hugo, but
expects to get through tomorrow. No
Burlington train bas arrived since yes-,
terday morninir, but expect to get'
through tonight. Santa Fe trains have
been out since vea'erday. It is
impossible to say when tbey will get
through. All the Colorado toads are
running on time. Xbe thermometer
here is 4s below other portions of
ttreSta'e, which varied from this to
20 beow for newly forty-eight
hours and showsnosiguof abatement.
Street cars have not been runnttg in
either St. Paul or Minneapolis today,
aud tralLS on all railroads are
from three to six hours late. While
the stirm seems to be general
throughout the Northwest it is mist
vio'ent in Southern Dakota. A r-ionx
Falls epecial tays: More snow bas al
ready rallen than during i lie entire
Beaeun lart winter. Tbe wind ia blow
ing a heavy gale from the Nurth end
drifting tbe saow verybedly. Trains
on nil the roads are abandoned.
The temperature is at uro
and fa'ling. There is alsi
a s'rocg electrical ditturbance. At
Canton, Logan and other points in the
State, i be tt jrm is no lets severe there.
A Canton, Da-rota, epncinl says the
Milwaukee road is lined wilh dead en
gluts, end a passenger train w.th one
hundred paaeengttrs on board is
snowed in near Worthington, its oc
cupants being fiid from that village.
From Da Hvlumi.
Diis Moimes, la., November 17. Be
ports from all pans of the State show
that today's sterol is one of great se
verity. All iho t arrow gauge roads
entering the city have been abandon
ed and no trains bave come through
on them rluce nurning. The North
wet tarn has abandoned trains on its
main line west of J tf won, and the
Bock Is'and has .laid off its freight
Passengnr trains from (he wett are
four hours behind time. But Jittle
snow his fallen here during the day,
but high winds have prevailed, With
cold aud blizzard like weather.
From Chicago.
Chicago. III., Njvcmber 17. The
Inter Ocean's Manitownc Special says:
Tne schooner Nellie ltedlngton is re
ported to be going to pieues at Twi
Kivers. She tud been at ahchor off
tbe north pier all day. She shipped
one of her anchors at 6 o'clock p.m.
and drilled against the north pier, and
if tbe sea koe ps on will go to pieces
before morning. Three of her crew
have reached the harbor pier all
right, bae there are seven more on
board whose lives are in danger. The
life saving craw can do nothing to
help them on account of the qob, which
is very large,
Organised nad Ofllorre Eleeted.
PiTwntma, Pa, November 17. A
National Encampment of tha Union
Veteran Lonion wse. organized today
in Grand Army Hall in this city, ami
the following officers were elected:
Naticnal Commander, Geo. B Chal
mers, Piltaburg; Senior Vice National
Commander, Jno.Fox. Oouucil Blufls,
la. j Junior Vice Natioual Com
mander, C. B. Zimmerman, YouniiH-
town. .O.l OrmrrArmflamr O. nurnt
Frank L.Blair, Pittsburg; Chplain
in Chief, the Be v. John A. Danks,
Pittsburg; Surgeon General, Dr. J. L.
Crawford, Greeneburg, Pa.'; Adjutant
Genera', John H. Snorr, Allegheny
Oitv, Pa, There are twelve encamp
ments in four States, with a
membership of 3000 veterans, repre
sentor! at the convention. Euoourair
ing lepirtj were read of the intended
formation of encampments in Iowa,
Ohio, Mnatachusetts, Tennessee, No
biaeka, Texas aud Delaware. The le
gion is composed of soldiers, sailors
and marines of the Union Army,
Navy and Marine Corps during tbe
war of the rebellion who volunteered
for a term of thre years previous to
July, 1803, and were honorably dis
charged after a service of at least two
continuous years, or were at any time
discharged by reason of wounds re
ceived during service.
Beanllfnl aad Aeeamallebed Girl
In t-rleoa for Forgery.
Boblikgtoh, Vt., November 17.
Tbe trial of Miss Jennie Sexton, who
was arrested for forging orders on tbe
Burlington Savings Bank in the name
of Millionaire John L. Mason, was
postponed today to allow ber counsel
time to prepare his case. In default
of ball she was committed to jail.
Mr. Mason and tbe prisoner bad an
interview today, in which she SBked
him to stand by her, but be refused to
do so. Miss Sexton now charges that
she was betrayed by Mason when
she wis only 13 years of age; that she
bas continued to meet him by ap
pointment up to the present time;
that the has h t'ers from him making
appointments and showing tbeir rela
tions to each other. Mson insists that
it is a cue of blackmail. Mason is a
director of the Central Vermont rail
road, a stockholder in the Burlington
Bank, and is one of the most promi
nent men in the countv. Mies Sexton
is accomplished and beau ilul.
Ill Oa Train.
PrmarjBQ, Pa., November 17.
Peter Munch, a well known resident
of New York, diod on the train last
night while en route to his home.
Mr. Munch had been afflicted with
consumption, snd several mentbs ago
went to Colorado for bis health. He
did not imnrnvA. hnn.., mnA am
Sunday started for heme alone. He
graauany grew weaker and when the
train retched Fort Wayne it was
fonnd that ha mam Aa.A Tk .
j m 4. . UII IV
mains were taken in charge by tbe
rauroaa people ana will be sent to
New York ton!ght
Hnlford. Jeweler. 994 MU itrul
elicits orders from the eoaatry.
llbrt C. Breed Drod.
LoniBVII 1.1L Kt Ifni.mW 17
Gilbert O. Rr,l f, ti al vtllVMrtaelriat
agent of the Louisville and Nashville
rnad, and prominently associated with
other roads, died here today.
Initial llliix at Slnlford,H.
An) Iavettralln of the Rappoaed
I'll uru-l'nraiiiuuia.
Ikuianapolis. Ind.. November 17.
Gov. Gr.y save iu au interview In re
lation ta iIih diucose among cat le in
Clinton county, and other loca itie s in
ths S ate, supposed tube pleuio pneu
monia, thai the dieeose has been fully
inve-tmat d by Vr. E Slrron, chief
ol tne tsuresu ot Animal Industry,
Waebing on, D. C, and aleo by ibe
Hate Boa'd of lln In and ether ve'e-
rtnnrlans. Dr. Samon, at r ce'ul
post mo.-tem enannnaritn. eats te
diamond is n"t pleur '-pm umonia, but
a aissa calieri ' bui-h ' cr ho'se, a
pameitic br ncbitis Th t the disease
H cot corrt'gious. hut cirt e vtm ure 1
in low lan-ts are liable to bs i 111 ct d
with it. Th dis. i ee is cumed bv ini
t'ii n in the wn dpipes, bronchial
tnb-8 nnd lur.cn b? a uaraiiti named
scient rlcjily stranljs, hut that there
is to'.iii'jg c areguus about Uie ci
On Every Side by Ibe Kepnblleaaa.
Wabhikotos, November 17. The
Republicans are evidently going to
nnt anytnmg acd everything in tbe
lawn uoe itit tne nouse may nnder
take this session. Kent tor Morriil,
chairman of tbe Senate Finance Com
mittee, talk log nf tbe matter recently.
said : "It is evident from tbe utter
ances of Speaker Carlisle, Mr. Mor
mon other managers of free trade
measures, that those gentlemen are
determined to tska advantage of tbeir
control of the House for the rest of
this Congress, and make an attempt to
hi cure s ma tort of legisla'ion in
the direction if lower duties.. In
tte rext (tongreis, uo dou'it the fr.e
traders will rem w tbeir efforts, as I
und-Mr,d thai ihey cluim tbat.while
tnn i)i!m(;crhtic mat inty in the low-r
branch of Congress will bo Its?, the
numerical strentli ol tno so c tiled
tariff rf formers will he greater, and
tnereiore a combination similar to
that mad io t e present C rrc'css.
which defeated Mr. Mmrison'g project,
cannot du rent a e . ui our e lo rev
enne measures cm originate in the
henete, bnt if a bill should be cent
from the Ilonse we will take care that
tbe industrial interests and the labor
of the country ere not injured."
In Private lo lie Watched by the
Puller, Propueed by tbe Cblef
, of Hi IHnlrlel. .
Washington, Noember 17. The
(rial ot Lieut 'r ant Arnold for divn'g
Ing the propon d order nf Chit f of Po
lice Walker to wa'ch the private do
ings of Congressmen, was concluded
yebterday af lernuon snd the case taken
under advisErmr-nt. Tbe statement in
these dispatches eome days no that
fa' ts wculd be at veinped which wonld
reflect npon the Dibtrict Cuinmi
sinters have been amply verified.
While it has bijen conclusively p-oven
thr.t tbe Ubiel oi.ro ice tad re
neated converaotiocs upon the sub-
lect w'th the Commissioners.
iheiaanressiori genarally prevails that
Itiore otbers neroaps niaber in author
ity end intereet "7 ho had knowledge
ol the propo:ed plan, and were con
suited before ttie subject had been
men'ioned to Mj. Walker. The Com-
mlesioners naturally and themselves
in an era barrens ng situa ion, though
tbey will do ail lu taeir power to pro
tect Maj. Wa'ker and retain h'm in
tbe service. If they don't do this they
fear he may corns cut with tbe wholu
truth of the matter. Thrro seems to
be but little d ubt that Congrees will
bs oompelled to institute an investi
gation. Lieut. Arnold, though op
pored by almost tho entire D s
trict Government, was able to
make a Blror-p t'e'enre to the
charges rgitin'thim. In his testimony
ns stated positively that WaUer tad
given uim lns'rnct ons n watcn (Jon
urea men for tbe purpnee of ii fluenc
inn lenislation. lie corrob-ratHd ibe
testimony of Liunt. Kelly, clearlv
proving the truth r-f bis oi iinal Btrrte-
mont. Arnold will be dismissed to
protect Wa'kor. This, however, may
be the most untortunnte step the LMm
niisrione a cou'd pmsibly take. Gen-
oi-hI iodignatii n has so ri.ien agiinst
Walker and tlu Commiesloners, that
the d sniinfil of Arnold would cail for
a deniiud upon the President
for the rumova' of theCommis-iocers.
An effort w.ll also be m-ida to Implicate
other Dietrictoflicials, though how that
can be done does not nccm clear. It is
alitgcd tt bl th y, with the C'ominia
sioLeis, were inier-sted in bringing
about ihe oropir District leg'slation.
Proaident Cleveland has eaid that he
want) a tlior ni.n inves lgation of the
case. The r floctioLs being caft on the
Commie loners he believes likewise
r Q cts upou himself, ss he is respon
sible for their appointment. Ue bos
intimated that it anything in conneo
tiou with tbe aSair can bs traced to
the Commissioners, their heads will
go cfi at once. The President feels
the ecand tl very keenly. There is no
telling what toe investigation may
lead to.
Holiday Freernts, Mnlford'e.
Bandall and Carlisle.
Washington, November 17. There
is a rnmor that, with Morrison out of
the way, Mr, Kindall and Mr. Carlisle
may be able to agree on a tariff bill in
tbe Fiftieth Congreja. Of coarse this
looks a little absurd, but, alter all, it
is not improbable. Carlisle and Ran
dall are both men of ability, who are
able to rise above mere personal
views, and yield more or less of their
own desires for the sake Of party har
mony and party eucees Randall is
not willing to yield bis vital principles
of adjustment of the necessary tariff
so as to protect the industries that
most need protection, but Carlisle
is quite willing to take whatever can
be had by way of compromii-e, es-
Sedaily since he has looked over the
eld and seen the renewed evidence
of growth of protection ideas in the
Monogram Mangles, Mulford.
strikers (Join to Worn-A Pinker
ton Baa Arrested,
Chicago, III., November 17. In
the packing houses today many addi
tional strikers secured p'aces and a
large percentage of them, contrary to
the advice of tbeir leaders, signed the
required agreement, allowing the
packers to retain ten days' wages. It
is claimed, however, that none of tbe
beef butchers went back and that
they will not go back wbile the agree
ment ia forced upon them. Samuel
J. Collins, a Pinkerton officer, acting
as deputy sheriff, was arrested today,
charged with having clubbed to death
a man named Whitman, who refused
to "move on."
Inspect Mnlford utocte.
Killed by Beaslne ExplodlaaV
' PittsbtjrO, Pa., November 17. Jrs.
8'rohlcr was ingUntly killid and Peter
Sbafer, it is thought, fatally burned
by an explosion ol a barrel of benzine
at the Globe VarniBh Works, Alle
gheny City, this afternoon, Tbe men
were boiling varnish, wen it boiled
over and ignited the benzine.
Solid SIlTor at, Miilford'au
'Oar Baby'a First Tear,"
by Marion Harland, with other valua
ble information; f.-rty-eiuht page book.
Sent free on receipt of 2 cent stamp.
Address Reed A Carnrick, Mercantile
Exchange Building, New York City.
He Grows Enthohhrstic Over tbe
Girls the f nun- wives and Their
Ci'oLing, ai.d the Trade.
fcoBHKsroKDsxci or ih irpni. I
Holly Kpma8, Misi., November 17.
Your 'Tiaietei" bas been loitering
around this linle city for enme t me
f..r butinesj and observations. This
town is on a tig bnem f jr a small
burh. I kok out on tbe Square
tho pits i new (Saturday), and it bas
tbe appearance of a "fair" day,
wagons, caits, horses, muJes and even
one donkey loaded with all sorts of
pioduce to sell beef, pork, chickens,
ducks, geese, guineas, fish, goobers,
pctituea, crrn, hay, fodder, cotton
seed and cotton, some tf which his
been banled fifty or a hundred miles.
1 here goes, right now, a large drove
of the Uniejt, finest mnle a vour ror-
respondent bos ever seen, another
smaller drove just before, with two ol
the largest, prettiest homes, t'omn
persots contend a big horse is never
si preuy as a meiium one. Tbls will
do for a general rule, but there are
exceptions and many ; some- say also
thut a large woman is sever so pretty
aa a medium er petite one, but I sow
a ce .U'ltui lady par-s Ju-t tow snd ebc
weiuhed probabiy 100 cr 175 nounda.
I 8He abntthe pl.-zi also marts and
coirs, cows and calves and lr ves ol
beef cattle. Some of the beeves are
very tat; had beeftt?ek thin morning
lor DreaKtaur, lrom .Evans s maiket,
equal ti tne Km bis Uity meat
art usi-d at your G.ycso or Peaboby
Hotels 1 thought, belter prepared;
it wb broiltd just doje, j net
tbe first remove from hn rare; ju-t
tin ujh bu ter, ta't aid black pepper.
Why, my dear fribnd, it was good
enough for an editor or a king. Ah I
this was a splendid breakfaut. The
bist of egg bnad, b'sr uit, batter cakee,
frteh, yellow butter not o'eomarga
rlneor butterioe. Such ceffVe, with
such a fiagrauce that ye ' Traveler"
ai-ked the lady at tbe head of the
tab e if she dd not uss tbe mocha.
She said no. the rio; cmclusive proof
to ye humble rervent that u is iu the
makinv and preparing. We watched
the ladv wiea she fixed our second
cup and noticed that she 'Bl put the
sugar in tbe cap and p rureil iu a good
ly chance cf thick, ropy, yellow, sweet
cream; sirred the twu well together,
then poured the clear, strong, steam
ing coffee on it, stirring it the while.
This coflee wai too g -od even for an
editor or a king; it was good enough
for a god. Id Lot it strikes your cor
responded that this was tbe way tbey
made the nfctir for thofe ancient
worthies, and it was no doubt mixed
by the deft band of a lady, just as tbi-a
eoffeewas. Not brouuht to them ia a
cap, and the tbin ttuff cvk-d milk
and a dish of sugar ela.rped down by
tho tide of his highness, f fix as be
pleased, as it is at fashionable hnltii
low. We remarked, we guess you
me Jersey cream? No,e-ir;we kep
rurowncow; commonst ckjwellf d.
We bave teen but one dull day trere
recently, and ibot was election da v.
The stores were clts.-d, and every one
expected tbe town to be Iu l cf voters.
Every one was on thi qui vive to catch
his man and induce bim, by persua
sion or othtr means, to Vjta his way;
but lot and beho d, the voters did not
cyetdliiza in the town worth a rent.
Out of a teni try of 1300 as the town
boxes, less than 400 voted, and they
all tobinoil ia a lifeless, doi't cro sirt
of a spirit. There is snd to be two
teaona for this: First, neither party
was pleased with their candidates;
second, the f. raier organizers cf the
Democratic pa ty wore not hero. Ws
are told tl at three men na.d to do the
orauiz'irg wora f r th s tswn and
ouuty I'letiher Brown, who 8 un
fjituuatoly diad; Hon'y Mie's, who
is 1 virg in tho Miessippi bot on,
and l!.a wtson, Who is one ot tne Ae-
siitai.t Attorney Con' rah of tte
Uni'i'd hiutes. Mr. Watson js at
Wasbinizton. temporarily. He eot
here the morning of the election, and
voted this is still his home. Every
ono wss glad to sea him, and re
marked that if Watson had been here
we would have had a much larger vote
cat. He is 0 id to be a good organizer
snd a tremendoui worker for his party.
It is ttrange how much one
orking man can do. It ia eaid
things were In this same ap
atheiic condition two years ago, until
one week before the election. Then
Watson beian a course of stirring up
among tbe boys. Just rolled up bis
eleeves and went to work, particularly
among the young men. He is one of
tbe young Democracy 7 The conse
quence was, a respectable vote was
E oiled. Wason is smart, energetic,
ce appearance, fine health, in tbe
vigor oi manhood, and a No. 1 lawyer.
We learn that Gen. Garland is much
pleated with bis work. He is one of
tbe beet of Democrats. Even tbe
wortl. Democrat v. is the sweetest
music to his soul. He is considered
here as the comics man of the party.
He is always willing and able to meet
any opponent on the stump.
This town has improved very mucn
in the last twelve months. Not a
great many houses, but some have
been built, ou nouses nave Deen re
painted and recovered, old fencei re
placed bv new ones, new awnings a
genera, appearance of newness aud
rejuvenation. The old men walk
faster, the boys and vonths run at
their ploy snd work with more glib
nees, and tbe girls are sprightlier and
rettier, if possible, tban heretofore,
lore cotton is coming here and mora
goods sold, but at very low prices
More housts and lots have been sold
in tbe last month than in the three
years previously. People are moving
in tor the benefit of tt e schools, and
to go into business. Tbe public rchool,
presided over by Capt. Winston, is al
most full : nnoils have corns in from
the surrounding country, besides tbe
families who have moved into town.
This is a fi st claes school. If a boy or
firl pei feet themselves in the corricu
n m of this school they need not go to
Oxford or any other place. The citi
zens here are somewhat proud that
Senator Walthall, one of tbe first men
of the nation, they think, got all of
his education in this town, at about
such a school as their present public
school. MIfs Watson, the principal of
Maury Institute, a school for girls, in
formed your "Traveler" that her
boarding department is nearly .full,
that she could accommodate but four
more girls with board. The teaching
at this school is coneidered very thor
ough by the patrons. We have not
learned the condition of the boarding
departments of the other schools. All
in all. vour "Traveler" has not seen
any town in bis peregrinations that
pleased him si well ai uony springs,
litre he finds health, refined society,
good schoo'g, an orderly town, flue
water the best drink in the world, in
he opinion of vour correspondent;
five churches, tho pulpits of each well
filled ; plenty ol lawyers, learned in
the law aa well as iu the quibbles and
technicalities of the profession;
plenty of skillful phjsic'aos,
who claim that they relieve
and cure as many of the ills of life as
sny other set of doc'ors. There is
aleo a fine dentist, Dr. Ko-s, who says
he can do, and people say it is so, ai
fine worker any city man can and at
more reasonable prices.
Weetill find here tne irrpprescib'e
and almft nhiquitons Waller Rob
erts, wi h his bus and h:cks never
m'ssea a trairr, always trying and wish
ing to accommoda'e eveiyhody,
whether in or out of his line. Woul i
that the town hid 1C00 snch not
Wes but oung men.
Lucille eay t:
"We enn live without mu!e, wo can IWs
without art;
T e can liva wituuut oouscienoe, we can live
wiLhfiut hi urt :
We can live wilh ,ut friend, we can lire
wirhout bouk',
But oivilrned tuaa cnnt live without
Had Owen Meredith lived in this
nice little city ho need not bave r-een
deprived of any of thete cood things.
Music and art ore tantrhi at Maury.
Even the lawyers and dectorp, mlrnbile
dictu, bave some conscience. Your
"Traveler" even b:s found lnmy
fronds here. There U public Circu
lating iibrary, and my b e.ikfat dem
ooftratss that thrre ara cjoks not
only corks, but tood cooks
Lady School ('ommlinlenen,
New Yobk, November 17 Amng
the School Commissioners appointed
bv Mayer Grere tcday were twohdles,
Mrs. Marv Nash Agnew and Mies
Qmc Don-, e
Bale of N.-wlK 'I t n.0 .v , N v. 18lh
Eosnfcmu.-1 ut tho Faui'ua EMMA
xe it.vxn riri'.BA o.
Abhott, iitii t:ni. ADandalc, Fr'eVe, Miche
lent', .Viwii-cxr (To, Prii t e. Ilrrnicrrck,
Ail'jr, B uiimont, Wnrd, Morti
n. - r, llimll .
Grand Chorus and Orchestra
Sloodny and Saturduj Abbot u Yum-Tum
The only Odmi-a-y in tin Uoitv States that
ever aave u mirnsi inunicul reiircienta-
tion (.! thia charuiir-K oiora.
Tuesday Niirh' Flrttlrre tn Merai-h'ir,
io llonnijutu'n Brilliant Opera,
Bparklin with gem; inolud'rg '"Tin Better
to Lauh 1 bin High." "Ah I flow Beau
tiful' "Dare but Breathe a Whitpar."
Wednotday Kight Revival of the Charming
And lro tb relebratd Lullaby "ee ne from
the beautiful orera ol " EKMlNlK."
Emma Abboit and Entire Abbott Company.
Thankffivlnr Matlnee-Prloea, $t. 75o, 60e
Iwo frime bonne and Eatire.Cumpany in
Thundy-3ounod'i Immortal Opera,
Fridaj-Firattlme In Momphii of tbt Brlll
iaut Cooio epcra,
Th Cobbler and the Fairy.
EMMA ABUOTI and Entire Company.
Saturday Matinee-ABBOTT'S "Lut Rose
of Summer,"
Prlnea 1wr fflnnr tl 2S; CHri-le, tt and TSe
Queition ii entaglnx our agricultural ocm
munlty. Meiari. K. Q. CRAW CO., Hoi.
87 and Ualoa itreet, Memphti, Tenn
are dally in reoeiat of
eporti on rowth in dlveniled oropplni
corn, oati, wheat, rye, barley, eareeJi, and
orohard, herdi, clover, tall meadow oat
graii aad timothy (raw
All our wornott ledra landa :aay be ra
jlatmed by lowlna lyei ad olorer on them is
fall or print, iwli.t eow-pnu in Hay,
Jane or July, this urn under, at d
improve the land.
R. ii. CRAIQ et CO.,
Agricultural Implemeati and Seed Dealer!,
H . Pm wnt tl
1 11 imr'.t. t kamrt fi
eIi ilo a
si-'' vm,
SI 25 Buys Velvets
In handaome dealgnt actually worth
Those Combinations at $7 50
Are to he had TODAY. "
In addition, ELE9ANT EFTHCTb in
Woolens rmd relveti,$10,$19 60.$U
AH worth double and treble,
JUST IN-A line of '
In White, Yollow and Dray, at 40 renta,
each worth tl 60.
Of Real French Felt", (neat ahapea,
A Line of
Rich Brocade & Headed Plash Wraps
Berlin and Paria ety'ea, atM each,
fully worth VO,
A Line of -Ladies'
and Mlsofg' rrgeta st 85 Ctft
Worth II. TODAY.
0Tiu(tonSncdc GIoTcsat 60
The Christian Brother! have the pleasure
f announcing the completion of EXTEN
SIVE ADDITIONS to tholr College, which
they have provided with all aeltot modern
improvement! and conveniences, ar d they
are now enabled to aeoommoda'e an in
creaeod number of Boardora, Half Boarders
and Day Student'.
For information concerning Term, Board,
Tuition, etc, too Catalogue, or apply by mall
or in person to
Of Interest to Ladies
IT will be money aaved to any lady con
templating the purchaae of a bewing-Ma-obine
in the next nir.ety daya to oall and ret
nricea of tba Licht-Hunnine KE HI
and tee their lafet improrooient. the Auto
matic Bonbin Winder, which places tha
SW HOME several years ahead of aiy
machine now in tbe market.j
New Home.SewInf-Maclilnc'Co.,
48 lVnrth Cnnrt Ktmt.
Wholesale and Retail.
278 Secoud Street.
irl MoLeroore avenue, near State Female
College. The property, whieh is in Green
wood, the most attractive and growing sub
orb of Memphis, oonsists of Ave aores of
ground ansurpaaaed for healthtulneas and
eaaty ot looaiinn, containing a large varie
ty of forest and fruit tre-a, ornamental tree
and shrubbery! a two story reeldenee oom
prising ten rooms eonvenlentl arranged,
with ample supuly of eloseti; also, kitoben,
servants room, stable, carriage home, eoal
and poultry house and several other out
building; two good cl terns and a deep
brick-walled well with fixtures a a deposi
tory for milk, batter, iresh meats, etc. Con
venient aocers to tbe city b street ears and
turnpike, with exemption frets eity taxes.
Immediate pos'eaiion given to purchaser.
Prioe, tSOOO. Fur terms of payment apply
at my offioe, No. 6 Madison it , r telephone
No. 669. J. W. CLAPP.
Boiler Works.
- riHEA McCAKTHY,Propr8,
110, 143, IU Front, Memphlg.
in the South, and 'he only complete
Boiler and Sheet-Iron Works In the eity.
nnrttctnrrr Havy Plato Iron,
warn er awaty deaeriaailan. Saeolal
attention given to plantation work.
Praotioal Pianomakera
nel Betpatrera or rianaa, Orajana,
Aad Muatcat Instrumeats Generally.
Young & Brother.
Booknellera and Stationers,
31 Mala HU, KemphlH, Tena

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