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1 Repetition of Yerterdaj's Pro
gramme, bon More Eiithosiam
Actlug Llfjilijed.
Marqcbttb, Mich., November 18.
A hesvy n iitbets'. gle sprang np on
the like Tin a ly night, which cUycl
opfdii t'i tie (ever Bt storm known
here in tix yt-ars. The enow had beso
falling all day. The sea grew higher
evertoorer, washirgovtr the break
water and tt:rrnti!i pp-ay f ity ires ia
the air. At 2 o'clock thU afternoon the
waves dtstroyed the babor l;ghthonst,
throwing it over inti the harbor. All
the docks in the city rot especially
protected wra fevsrely damaged
durira tie afternoon. The tchooutr
El Gtrlech, laden witb coal, suc
C9tde:i in com ng saMy into the har
bor. The tcojner Florida was not si
fortunate. She wai driven in about 4
o'clock and dropped anchor outside
the harbor. The tog Gillet went out
to rescue the men and succeeded in
felting them all off safely, except An
drew Peterson, the mate, who ia
jumping into the tup; was caught be
tween toe tog and schooner as they
came togcthi r and was so badly hurt
that he died last evening.
The storm abated a little during the
night, bnt t3dy was raging with re
newed fury. The ba-ge Wallace, with
her coneort,areat tbe Chocolay beacb,
fonr miles ea t of hfie. Both brats
will be a total Iras. A crew ot tailors
have been at work all day making ef
foita to save the crews, but without
avail. The sea is running so high
that nothing can live. A rescuing
crew were nearly drowned before tbe
Sort to save the men was abandoned.
Tbe barge was lyirg ow in tbe water
and set med to be giving way. Every
wave goes over her dtck. Ttere is a
rumor that seveial boats are ashore at
Pietqns Iole, four miles rorthot here,
but it has not yet been learned what
they are. Many livis are being lost
on acconct of the scarcity of life sav
ing apparatus. Tbe schooner Florida
lit a on tbe beach ofl this city a total
Hawing! Birds of Ibe) Lake.'
Chicago, III, November 18. The
storm on tbe lake continues with con
sideiable fury, strong winds prevail
ing from the southwest, witb the air
filled with snow. A number of lum
ber lnyqers reached pott this morning,
having lest some of their canvass and
sustaiuog ttber damage, but no seri
ous dispstPM have been reported be
yond those a'ready noted in last night's
dispatches. The railway travel in the
weet and noitbweet is greatlv delayed
and a cumber of roads in Wisconsin
have trains s'alltd in the drifts.
The f torm induced one of tbe quiet
estdays of the s-aeon a'ong thedocks.
The only arrivals were a couple of
steam lumber carriers, covered with
snow and looking the effects of the
weather. Their crdage was iced op
and the furled sails bellied out with
tbe weight of the snow they bed
caught. From tbe "lockciu" at the
life saving s'ation it was imprssible to
see tbe north pier because of the
blinding snow. Tbe stom struck the
State about midnight and increased in
aeveiity until 10 o'clock this morning.
It was blowing a gale with a velocity
of from twenty-five to thirty miles an
hour from the smith west.
, Reports f i om all Iowa points indi
cate that snow is still failing and is
drifting badly, owing to tbe strong
winds prevailing.
Conlanea With lacreaaest Severity
Dbs Moines, Ia , November 18. The
storm continues with increased sever
ity today. The railroads in the north
ern part of the State are blockaded.
The Chicago ur d Rock Inland passen
ger train No. 2, ws snow bcund west
of here at midnight. All tbe Cbicagn
trains are snow bound cn the west
While the snow plow on tbe Fond a
narrow gauge road, of tbe Wabash sys
tem, was pushing through a drift rem
Panora yesterdav, three trackmen, Mr.
Farrow and bin us. and Joseph Da
vis were s'rnck and so badly injured
that Furrow and bis son died last even
ing. Davis had both logs broken and
was otherwise severely hurt. The
storm was no b'irdicg that the men
could net bs seen by the engineer.
A Ht'j Mouiiitaater.
East Tawas, Mich., November 18.
A heavy soathearter prevail?, drifting
to the southwest, with enow. The tug
Ella Smith is l r with tbe barges C,
H. Davif, 8. McDungali, 8. B Buck-
out, (i. lclen Harvest, B. M. Baker and
Btar of tbe North. The Davis is safely
ancnorea cu tonr oi tbe other live
barges were driven on the beach above
Emerys. The Htar of the North was
unk. About 11 o'clock the schoon?r
Lyman Cssey parted her anchor chains
and went on the beacb.
IMrarraph Llan Crippled.
MiLWAcaaa, Wis., November 18.
ine wind is strong from the westward
today and tbe air is cold. There was
a weeterly gale last night, ace jmpanied
by flurries of enow. No freeh disas
ters have been reported today, as tele-
grapn lines are crippled. Tbe pre
vailing wind will calm the water on
the we.'t shore and shift the scene of
the marine troubles to the Michigan
DUtreaa on ibe Lakes.
Milwaukee, Wis., November 18.
The bargfg Bissell and Tillie May, of
the Justice Fields tow, successfully
weathered tbe gale in the breakers at
Kewaunee. BLd are all right today, al
though leaking somewhat. Two bodies,
supposed to be those of Uapt. Uor
ham and one of tbe crew of tbe
wrecked barge Emera:d, were washed
ahoie this morning. Tbe schooner
Heine Kedington, of Cleveland, which
was in dietress at Two Kivers less night,
is reported all right today, fcibe
dragged in very rinse to the beach, but
her anchois finally struck good hold
ing grounu ana soe weathered tbe
storm. In drifting by the piers her
main boom and stern struck tbe light
house, damaging that structure and
tbe trestle bridge tbat leads to it con
eideraWy. Tba vessel lost her rud Jor,
and is leaking. An unknown three-nd-after
was driven ashore about five
miles north of Two Rivers early tbis
morning, iter crew escaped witn
difficulty to steam barge which is
anchored near by. The came of the
unfortunate veFsel cannot be learned,
owing to the blinding enows'orm
wbioh prevails. 1 he schooner Cnya
. hooa and (cows Nellie Church and
Tallahassee are ashore in North bay.
The vessels are not much injured.
Crews safe.
The Cyclone at WllkMbarre.
Wilkisbarrb, Pa., November 18.
A brief bnt destructive cyclone, r'
companied by a rainstorm, prevailed
here and in ibe Wvomiog Valley this
morning, causing iutensj excrement
while it Issted. Tbe roofs of bouses
an vanoui parts oi tbe city weie torn at
off, tett'grapk and te t phone wires t
all pa'tt a era greatly damped an
tre-t we e anxpped in twain. At
KinistoD, a mild from here, tbe ne
Catho ic Cbtvch vas ioU!!v wrecked
At Pa'scns. th'ee miles frtm this city,
Kibe't joorgin, a carpenter, was
stt nek bv n fl ing plank ai d tnetunt'
kill, d The tte-plf of the MthodB
Cborcn, one i f ihn hihptt in tb
section, wfs eomnlitlv demolished
Tlie D. las-are and Hu 'am col ientsat
Pa soi s and Mill Cieek we rs forced to
eupend work becaaen of damag) to
ineir sna l OH'MldcS
The em's of houses were bown in,
bans leveled with tke ground, reboot
nonsKS tiptet, trees t rn. cut by to
ro-teard fence carried away. Much
IVar and exc trmmt prevailed, and tbe
uvesoi mary at various times were 1
imminent dange'. Up to this time c
loss cf life ba t e n repor ed.
At Aew Haven, CI.
Nbw Havkn, Ct., N ivembor 18
One of tbe heaviest wind storms, ac
companied by ram, ever expenscc
here swept over the city this forenoon
Tbe velocity cf the wind was from
twenty-eight to foity miles per honr,
Between 12 o clock and 1 o'clock two
leches of rain fell. Early tbis morn
irg the tug Kirg left here with twelve
barges in tow. Oa each barge there
were at least two persons. It is re
ported that the barges sank off Mil
ford, but the report cannot be verified
sa there is no telegraphic communica
tion between tbat puce and here.
Destroyed by a Cjreloae.
Trot, N. Y., November 18. The
vitriol woiks of the John L. Thomp
son Chemical Company, near West
Troy, were demolished by a cyclone
this morning. Six men were badly
burned by vitriol and cut, but none
fatally. The loss is 140,000. A canal
boat captain was blown into the canal
and drowned.
Tralaa Jalaekadad.
Kansas Citt, Mo., November 18.
lbere were no tbiongh trains from
tbe West today, but all are exnected
to arrive tonight, so say the cffluala.
Wsy trains came in during tbe day
from tbe points of blockade, ar d since
tbe abatement of tbe storm tbe block'
ade baa been raised. The cattle men
interviewed here do not anticipate any
serious losses by the s orm, as ranch
men, tbey say, bad generally prepared
lor wiLter.
The Sterna Saadealy Dlaappears,
Sionx City, Ia , November 18. The
great storm leit ss snddenlvas it cams.
The n"W stopped falling about 8
o clock last evening. The wind con
tinued blowing during the Bight but
was not very bard. 1 be hioux City
and Pacifis pascenger train from tbe
south is the firot to arrive, coming in
at 2 o'clock p.m. All the other roads
will be opened as soon as plows can
remove tbe dn'ts
Weather Moderating-.
St. Paul, Minn., November 18.
The weather is moderating. Snow
has c a'ed falling and the wind hES
ceased blowing. The tbermrrme'er
was 15 btlow zho this morning. Thn
total snowfall was thiiteen and a half
incbes. Trains are greatly delayed
today, but tho officials of the various
rnsds think they ill be running all
risht tomorrow. So far no casualties
from the bhzurd are reported.
At Lockbaveu.
Lockhavin, Pa., November 18. A
severe wind ttorm swept over this city
this morning. At the Pennsylvania
Paper Mill Company's works two
large iron smoke stacks 75 feet high
were blown down. One of them tell
on tbe evaporating building com
pletely demolishing it and injaring
tour men who were buri'd in the
ruins. Tbe other stack fell acrcss the
boiler honse and crushed it. The fire.
man, H. Nnnnett, was badly injured,
Many buildings in tbe city are dam
aged, neports irom tbe country are
to the effect that tbe farmers have suf
fered severely by the damages to
fences, fiu'.t trees and out buildings.
At ChaMiberubnrs'.
Chambersburq, Pa , November IS.
Yesterday a rain storm set in and con
tinued all day. Tbe rain descended
in torrents and lest eight the wiod
commenced blowing in gales. Tbis
norniog about 7 o'clcck regular tor
nado struck the town. Tbe clouds
were of a pnrple color. Housst were
rocked to and fro and several were
lifted from their foundations It is
impossible now to tell the extent of
tbe damage, which was greater in the
ruiai diEUtcts.
A Horrible Form
Of malarial disease ii dumb ague. Constant
drowsiness, tleap interrupted bj a chill, suc
ceeded by a ooniuming beat, and that by an
ibatisting tweat. A sensation as of numb'
nera Irom cold, bat no shaking attends it.
Hostetter a Stomach Bitten invariably trad
icates it, though it ia tb most obstinate form
of aiatma-born diaeose. To oonquer it with
quinine ia aa imivoatibla ai to battle down
Gibraltar wl'h a howitier. Malarial diier-
dera of evtrr klni are attended with de
ranrement of tb liver, a fact evinced hj the
affron tint which the akin aaaamea in such
diseaiea. For thU ymptom,aj well aa for
its oauae, the Bitter is a certain remedy
Constipation, dvtnepiia, Theumat sm, and
inactivity of the kidneys and bladder, are
mmv reiieveu uj iuii uuv alterative.
Hwllehmea Htrlk.
Louisvillk, Ky., November 18. A
Timet special from New Albany, Ind.,
says the switchmen and yardmen
on the Louisville, New Albany and
Chicago road, struck this morning for
an advance in pay, and that work baa
come to a standstill. The men atk for
12 a day. It is likely that the trouble
will be adjured by night.
Bcotfa Cmalalon.
Of pure Cod Liver Oil, with Hyps
phosphides, is a most valuable remedy
for consumption, scrofula, wasting dis
eases of children, colds and chronic
coughs, and in all conditions where
there is a loss of flesh, a lack of nerve
power and a general debility iof the
Haaonle Belief Aaioelatloa.
St. Lo0is, Mo., November 18. Tbe
Mssnnic Re.ief Association of the
United States and Canada held only a
morning session today. . The only
business of importance which was
transacted was tbe election of officers,
which lesulled as follows: President,
Martin Collins, of St. Louis; first vioe
rtrcsiftane Inhn 1? Pun. J H V-l .
i , ui nun ivik,
second vice president, J. R. Robinson,
of Toronto, Canada: treasurer, Wm.
Dslanto, of New York; advisory
board M. J. Higginp. of Milwaukee.
and L. C. Wtlliamton and H. E.
Mitchell, of Toronto, Canada. To
ronto was chosen as the nlane of the
next meeting.
Thb Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Belts and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailwd free. Write them
All That Remains o'Thetn Are the
Charred Bo esof Their Bodies
Other (,'asualtit Haud t rliut's.
Makiom, Ind., November 18 A
flrt with teriibtetnd fat.l resilts, is
repoitfd ttit morning fruin tie vil
leg cf Laarisvill:', in tae uor:he :s:em
pa t of this ct un y, twelve miles from
Marion. James Jolimon, a prosper
ous farmer, and bis family resided a
quarter of a mile from the village.
This morning the sou of Mr. Join. son
arose end built a fi e, but fludii g it
wai only 3 o'c'ock b lemruei to bed.
A half hour la er the hr.use wts in
flumes. JohtitOQ and bis wifo and
their two sons (ecaped :n their night
clothes. Tbe two d ujhters i f John
sin, Ella aud Minnie, aged reepect
iveiy 18 and 20 er, awi ks in their
upstairs apartoaent to fli.d tbemselvts
surrour.dtd by fl mis aud half- suf
focated with smoke. Tney attempted
to reach the grrund.hut escape was
shut off. One fell in the s' airway and
perished there, and the other ran
back to her bedroom, fell across the
bed and was suffocated. The horror
stricken spectators were unable to
render any assitstancs. The builuing
was completely destroyed Among
the cindets tbis morning all that could
be found of tbe remains of the nnfor
tuna'e young ladies wete a few bits of
charred bones. Tbe elder of the
young ladiea was a teacher in the
Landsville public schools. In the
family of Johnson, employed aa a
hired man, was a young man by the
name of Turner, who, in making bis
escape, wa so severely burned that be
will probably die.
A Peculiar and Deadly A lira jr.
6t. Louis, Mo, November 18. A
special from Preston, III., says Gauge
and John Seal, bro te s, went to the
honse of Barlin Led better, their brother-in-law,
Tnesday night for the pur
pose of pettling a quarrel, in which
they bad engaged tbe previous even.
leg. Tbe Heal brothers were bnth in
toxicated, and informed Led better
that they had come to whip him After
a wordy wrangle between tbe three
men, tbe two brotbers bngan t) q iar-
rel over the question cf who was to
administer the chagii ement. They
came to blows, and John getting the
woret of it drew a krifa and com
menced slashing at his brother, infl at
ing two wounds in the bead and others
in the body. Ldbetter then Inter
fered and lei ed tbe enraged man to
the floor, and then attempted to
escape. Tbe would-bs aesascin was
again on ins feet, ho ever, and at
tacked the fleeing men with the knife
ana stabbed uim three times, once i
the breast and twice in the stomach,
Georgi Seal and Ldbett?r are both
tnougbt to be lataity wounded. Joan
Seal escaped.
Bnrrn Vela Six Tear a.
Chicaoo, III., November 18. The
trial cf Asa J. Burius, for tbe at
tempted murder ot two female em.
ployea of Dun's Mercantile Agency,
was concluded tbis afternoon. Burrus
was found guilty and sentenced to six
years in tbe penitentiary. Tbe de.
tense attempted to show tbat Burrus
wss insane and not responsible. Tbe
crime for which he was tried was com
mitted about one year ago.
Ctrayes Proves aa Alibi.
Clevilamd, O., November 18. The
examination of iteriamin Wbeller.
who is held on suspicion of having
murdered his wife, Jane Whelier, last
Friday night has not vet been con
cluded. In tbe Police Court .today
Patrick Graves, who was arrested at
tbe instance of Whelier and charged
with tbe crime, pioved an alibi and
was discharged from custody.
A Backet Containing BIO.OOO Slolen
Pittsburg. Pa.. November 18. A
Butler, Pa., spsciul says: Throe masked
men enected an entrance into the res
denceof Matthew' McKeever of Oak
land township last night, and after a
d .ki i.i:n i ; ' i i ..
ineuuit nu uuur, in wuicil inr.
McKeever's siaters, Margaret and Jane,
were terribly injured, euccendd in
stealing a bucket cnntaitrini? nearly
$10,000, with which they escaped. The
men ail wore ma Kb, and it is doubtful
it tboy will ever be apprehended.
James Lowln'n New Method of
TrnuHinllllna- Konnd.
Mr. James Lowth, of Chicnar-). has
discovered a new system of trunsmis
mission of sound which is something
remarKaoie, a lew evenings since
eeveial friends met et bin residence to
wilne s some of the very curUus a
interesting featu.es of his new evs:em
of transmission, by contact with the
body of the epeaker, through a solid
medium instead of through atmos
pheric impulse, as practiced in all dia
pnragra instruments, in the new
system the instrument is actuated bv
placing a but' on projecting from it
against the tide oi tbe throat, tbe op
erator speaks and the vibrations that
occur in tbe exterior surface of the
throat during the utterance of the
words are conducted by tbe button
and its stem to tbe electrodes, and
they being disturbed, in accordance
witb the vibrations tbat form tbe mus
cular word, so to speak, transmit I
perfectly articulated word. Convert a
tion is carried on with facility through
combined instruments, the tone Is
much louder and fuller than found in
any oi tbe diaphragm class, And its
timber is of a smoother and more solid
character. One of its pe
culiar and very important
qualities is tbat it is indenendent of
II accidental sounds or disturbances
which bo often inteifern with the
good service of tbe ins'ruments of the
telephone system; the speaker mav
be surrounded by any number of
people talking loudly and only his
voice win os transmitted. J be loud
ness and clearness with which sDeech
is transmitted with these instruments
is wonderful. Dunne the exhibition
of this curious new principle tbe in
ventor applied the button to the top
oi cis nead and transmitted speech in
perfectly clear voice, only not as
loud SB in the usual way of holdinz:
also to the bsck of the neck, various
parts oi ine cnest, and ail parts of tbe
Dody, all in a good, clear tone, every
word well defined and intelligible, A
test was made with a ten pound
weight of lead, and through this as in
all other cases, the tranamission was
perfect. The inventor has a line at
his houss in operation hsving a two
mile reeiEtance. lie has taken out
American and foreign patents cover
ing this new art
Beaalr la a Precloaa Gift,
And faultless teeth in a lovely mouth
is one of its greatest charms, Be
careful of your teeth, and preserve
them by usicg KOODONr, that
charming dentriflc, which is perfectly
harmless and absolutely indispensable
for the tollet.S2;iSS2 ,
A Common Cold
Is often tlio bou'iiuiins of serious afloo
tions of the Tliront, Bmucliial Tube
and I,uii,t. Therefore, tin' importance o
early and enVi-live trcatim-iit canuot
owrcstiin.ited. Aycr'a Cherry Perioral
may always bo relied upon fur the speedy
euro of a Cold or Cough.
Last .T.inuarv I svna nttmfceil with
Severe Cold, which, by lii-in t and fre-
oiient exposures, became worse, lln:ll
settlinir on my lunn. A terrible cmi
aoon followed, neeoinranieil by niiins i
he cheat, from which 1 HitVereii intensely,
After ti'vuiir various remedies, without
obtaining rolief, I commenced taking
Aycr'a Cherry 1'ectorai, auu w as
Speedily Cured.
I am satisfied that this remedy saved niy
lilc J no. cosier, raw 'u, uci, ii. i.
I contracted n severe cold, which snd
deiily developed Into Pneumonia, present-
In uanc;crou ami Olvuim"" xyinptoimi.
flly physician at unco orucivci me use
Aver a Cherry reel oral. '' instruction
were followed, and the reviilt was a rupk
and permanent cure. ' r.. Minpkuii
liogcra l'l'Hine, lcn.
Two vrnrs ago I Buffered from a aevere
Cold whieli settled on my l.uns. I con
suited various physicians, and took the
medicine they prescribed, Init received
only temporary relief. A friend ludiic
me to try Aver'a Cherry 1'cctoral. After
tuking two bottle of this medicine I was
cured. Since then I have given the Pec
torul to my children, and consider it
The Best Remedy
for fold. Courln. and all Throat and
j.nnpr diseases, ever used in niy faiuily.
Kobert uuuerpooi, jticuu me, i a.
Boms time ago I took a slljrlit Cold,
Which, being neirleeted, grew worse, and
settled on my lungs. I hail a hacking
cough, and was very weak. Tliosa who
knew me best considered niy life to be
in great danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using A ver's Cherry
Pectoral. Lesa than one bottle of this val
uable medicine cured me, ami 1 feel that
I owe the preservation of my life to it
curative powers. Mrs. Ann Lock wood
Akron, New York.
Aver'l Cherry Pectoral Is considered.
here, the one great remedy for all disease
of the throat 111 I'jupt, au,1 is mora
In demand than liyt Uier med iaiie of it
Class. J. r . IV it.ts, slokuoiu, Ark.
Ayer's Cliiirty Pectoral,
Prepared Ivy lr. J.0. Aji rfcCo.,I.uirrlltMaM.
told by lruggUu. l'rka S1; u WtUes, $k
1'ruistee'a Hale.
Li'AibiiPii navina been maae in tae pay-
x Dieni oi ine iDdeouanepi sreursa In I
trust ilecd loide by O. M. Padntt and i'e,
KHte I'li'Juett, on tb tdsta ot Huron, imi
snd recorded in bsok I'M, pure 4ns, of tb
Keglsier otrloe ot hhelbi county, Tennet
see, In rmrsaano ot tb power tberein eoa
lerre a. 1 will, on
MaianlHy, November 90, lHf,
between 12 o clock in and 1 o o'oek p.m., at
tn voutbwest eornerer Main and Madison
tracts, in the oity of IHeuiiihls. lenn., sell
u ine nivDesi Dinner, lor nn, inn loilnwin
trnols of lanii. Ijinf anil beina "n President
Inland, in bhelbr county, lenneiiae, an
beuailed aa tollowsl
ltaainning at tbe lontbwsst corner of a MO
acre tr ior in the name ot W. rernuni thene
norta 17 ehRini and u links to a stsk witb
box elder, pawpaw and hi'k'.rj pointers i
inenna wtsi cnains to an nn a inumi wit
twohiTRe eottohwood pointers; ta nu soutb
U chains to a stake in the mouth of s ravine
on tho bank ol I ho cbute, wi h willow, Cot
tonwood and sreauore pointers; th.noeup
th chute with its meandarinrs 'ii chains to
tbe bcvtnnlna, oon ainfns 40 acres. Also,
one ethrr treat on suid island, bounded a
follows; Bcemnint at a box elder marked V
en the east bank of the main branch ol the
Missitaippi river; thence riown raid riverftf
chains to th extreme point ol said island ;
thence north 6u eat up the east chute 12
enains to inr eastern line oi said tract, indt
eteid br cedar posts; tbn-e du north 48
chains te a stake in the southwest oorner ol
a im acre trait in tbe nsnieol Moticriuuni'
mins ; f-enoe due west to the bealnnine. eon
tainimtO aores said two tracts eontainini
eu seres.
Tbe eqaity of redemption, homestead and
dower extiras'ly waived ana title believed to
be food, but I sell a trustee on'y.
rM. a. uullihh. irnstee
Foa 4 And
TnK OM.V irftM'l ul.-tltulf iur .M01lfFR9
tiik itiTiiittti' in i'iHH,t-.H a i v r A N 1 V w(
1.M-th1..fr IM AltUlhkAMKlAll iliiwMoiof chililr-n
aV p rs-tl I c" tvA f'ufMt tor If japrnl It, Ooniiimp
vnt UK-swill avfta I'Crit-ri. Ilinrni in nu
vTHHtm ( ih-i utk-B.
li(iuirB no cutiktiiir. ktscnii
ft II HIniiilt-is.
M i'Trywrior. Our book "Tl
of InUnfji." MAII KD aV'KKF.
UUKB, .KMALK 4t t.P liMUfl. Must.
" at vonr own hot
Its oansrs. and a new
and surcnss'ul t'CKK
ome. bv oie who was daat
twnntr-etuht vears. Trnntd hvmostol
the noted specialists without benefit. Cdbsd
HniBKi.r in three months. anH sine then
hundreds of ot ers. Jiuli p-irtlcu'ara aent
on appiiennon. . T. ts. f A'tK,
No. 41 West 31st street, Kcw York City
jk jnnr lob-tlrrfor ( j Criminal 83 Shoe.
KoneGonnlno uuleaa butiriiiir thlaStamp,
Made uiliutton. ton pToasiirif) It. llrst Cnlf
in ii ii w? i ii in uu na
UUytC'iifort audAptKan
ancti. A !' Lnlcartlsi'Dt to
1)4 wilt Di'.lif; y vii ifiitiruu-
ougr Htf lo or Territory.
41 jJnoom nu.
TM anoe etanita hltrber tn the estimation ol
IFearers uien any oilier lu tno wornu inw
sands who wuur It WIU teU jou Uiu reason It oa
Electric Belt Free
MHO Introduce it and nbtsin uent we wtl
A for th neit sixty days five away, fr
oi onarae, in eaon eonaty in tne u. o. a nm
ibed nainberot ourUerinsa k.leetr Wall
yanie aaapeianarjr Bella. Price o; a
positive and unfsillnr eura for Nervous De
bility, Variooe!, Cmjuioni. Iapotenoy,
te. ayji.tw newari paid if trary Men w
maautaotar doas sot tsnsrate a aynuln
aieotrio carreai. aairess at oso tLto
TRIO DKLf AflBHCY. P.:0. Boi .tW.
roklTn. N y.
"To the VICTOR the LAUREL."
Pr-minnf In ttvarw fc.fft.tif auilltv, 1h
HANAN SHOE hat bcom th rieognuad ittndard
lor fin wit wnonf ditcnmtna'ing grttlmcn.
A nan with Ilral
ill drop petty nrrdiiiHtV mrrlrfulv Dicked uo
when tnih knock at ttie dx-r. Such arr invitrd
to try one pair of " Hanan s ' "hor. We know
the rrnult : rvrrv man -i.,, annit the het and
6nt article in the market will become a perpei-
iianan ntmn.
ftfftlfc A MoN h mill Honrtfl forlliT
V. iJi "in in iTnimiiiri1
tf. P. W. ZIKUtKH k VO., Pbilselphm.
W. A. GA&B & CO.
Cotton Paotoro,
No. SOO Front Street, t 33euiphls, Teaiav
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEPT.lGOto 174 Adams St, Meiuphii
Ira a aaal
"" ". .'
aeaxtral t,,.t; - -
tSueeeasor la thi
aarWrtte es tor Information on A
tSueeeasori la thi lepart.ment to JOHN MANOfilVK.)
r . . , ,..'.'- a, - , , ayi a.
Ajrnnsw erswAxi, trw OrUsama.
WholesaleGrocers, Cot Facton
33G Second, Street, Memplilse
. Materials. Pamns, l)rle Wells, Iron. fd and Htone Pipe, as Klstures, fllohes. Ktc
J..rAJ.tAfO. f. 0.IIIJI.
UMesale Grocers
Stt Front Street, Zlemphla, Tenia.
0Ma ailf led ta u will kar ar sarefal atteatloa. W carry al all Suae a asatV
seleeud tek oi
Stipl L Fancy Grsearies, Wines, Llquorsjckitei & C!ira
1 ftl will ta
And Commission Herchants,
SftO and 202 Front
A. VACC.&B & Co
in t . nti i tw
LaU J. T. LaPrad A Co.
No. 304 Front street : Memphis, Tenn.
Baying retired from th Saddler and Harness business and opened an office aa above.
w ar pleased to announce to our Ir lends and tn publio generuiiy huh wears now prupunu
to aerr them In our new capacity. Returning thanks for the very liberal patronage -tended
oa In th old lis, w trust to mrlt and rolv a ,b "pr a n "mMIA ill ' 00 W '
Cotton Factors, UMesalo Grccors,
IT. 11 TTain gtr3t.
at. 0. PXAKOB.
Bfi.O..PE AROB & Co
otton Factors & Commission Herch'ts,
I Caliac Warolaoae Waa
Bar Iraai
X-Vf --.V- .' , Bollarlraa
:, - " - ,
DEPT, 226 and 238 Sewnd Sf,
N TH1N( In either line.
Maoalaotarer'a Areola for
Daniel Pratt Cottou Glna,
Mannfaeturan of
Fralt Ketlnwi Hailer Jlae, Pees)
m and Win Meiaalrera,
m to 104 I'oplar St., Homphls
ta-Pratt RarolTlns-Head Olna one
qualed, Stock now complete. Prtoes
reduced. CorresiionJene ana oroarr
elicited. Old tlina Repaired In First
la surd . All work guaranteed.
i ahdebw d. atTirsi,
t, mm & co
. T: WITT.
& Cotton Factory
ffvsw nm tftt InwMl.
Mt.. Imii1iIm, Teun.
LaU with J. T. LaPrad. A Co
x : Uem It. t T'jlti
BS mmd a Palasa atraatl"
No, 17 Jcfibrsoa Street,
(Between Main and Frnnt.) MKMPlito.
lEstublished ia Iff.!
1 H. JOHNSON isacknowledt'cd by all par
ficj" incereste l as by far the most sao
cess'ul physinisn in the trestmentof priysU
or ferret tl'spses. Wuiek, per.'nanent eoroa
(usr inte-J in every case, male or fbmsl.
tecrnt cii-cs of (Inpurrhen and Fypbilia
cure ) In n f w days without the us of mor
cury, change ol diet or hindrance Irom
business, twondnry byi hilis, tbe last Te
tu'eerndieated witho-ittbe use ofmeronry.
Involunsnry loss ot semen stopped in short
time. Kunnrert irom impotency or loss of
aosual pewers restore to tree visor in a few
weeks. Victims of sell-shnso nnrf exoeasira
Tenery, eu8oriti- IVoin tpernnitorrbea Del
loss of physical and mental newer, sisMsllly
and permanently cured. Particular attea
tion paid to (he Diseases of Women, and
oores auarantrod. Piles and old soros cured
without the use of caustic or the knife. AU
eonsultatumi strictly eonfidential. Medi
cines sent by express to all part ot that
aa-Worklnsmen enred at half the asa
rates. Otlio hours Irom 8 o'clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. I), a. JOHNSON. M.I.
.It, a'---,, 111
W00D-WORKNQMy ( ft
llttUHIN WbALTH.-Dl. I. 0.
M W but' . Nssts isti liBAia liiirwiit.
a anarsnioji speoiSo for Hysteria. Diisi
ness, OonTulsientis, Fits, Nereout Neural
ai, tloadache, Nerve- Prostration, eassed
by the use of alooliol or tobaocoi Wake
fulness, Mental Poprosilnn, Ha'tenins ot th
Brain, rosalting lu iasaoily and len Ins to
misery, decay and death I Premature "i
Aae, Viarrenness, Loss oi Fewer in either
InroluntArr Losses and 8nermAt.ir.
rhea, csuM t by" or-eertion o( tno brain,
anlf-abus or ov, riodulenoe. Kaeh boaooa
tnins tin uion:ti r treatment, tl a bnt, o
sii boxes for ITi, sent bf mail prepaid, oa
receipt oi i.r'oe. Nto suarant 'e Uix boles
to our any ease, w itb each order reoelyed
by ns'orsia boms, aneoiunadied wif. II,
wo will send the unrrhuaar enr written
aosrartfi to refund the money it tae. (eat
ri 'i'lt does ot i,fi-cl a cure. Oaavableo
' -ly b H. RiJ'JKl-Br a".'.. Urat-
' " iphls. Teen.
uTi-ltrHlOi ut Nottct".
No. (Hr7'2-In the Chnncery Court el Sbolby
county, Venn. State of Tennessee, for
use. elc, vs. W. M. Sneed et ill.
It appearing from bill is hi on is sworn to iu
this osu-e thnt the deiemUnts, Dray Bonn,
Mrs, Smith and husli mil, 8. tt Smith i
are resident' of the State ol Teias and Boo
residents of the Stale of Tonnesaee:
It is therolore ordered. That they make
tholr siM'eiirsnce horuio, at the courtous
of Shelby county, in !i!einphlr, Tenn..oa
or batore the first Monday in December,
1HK6, ami plead, . answer or demur te eom
plninaiit's blll'and amended blfa, or th
it mo will be tnann for con leased aa t them
and set for hearing- oi parte ; and that a dopy
ol this order be published onco a week, tor
four successive weeks, in the Memphis Ap
peal. Tbis lHth day ol October, lWo.
A copy attest ;
8 1. MoiHiVYELt., Clerk and Master.
ByT. B. Caldwell, Deputy 0. and M.
V. II. and U. W. Uelskell, Solicitors for
And Iron Roofln
fire. Wind, Water and I.iarhtnla
proof. HulUlile for ail kinds of buildinca.
For prices and estimates a factory rates
Sail on or address
CIS A 440 Main at., and Jl A 23 Mulbarry St.,
Headquarters for Iron Fences and Ore tint.
Ualvnised Iron Cornice. Tin Hoofs A Htore.
TriiMtce'H Snloe
TjtAIIiDRR havlna been mad la the pay
I" incut of the indebtedness sesared In a
trust deed made by tl. At. Padni.lt and wife,
Kate Padaott. on the 2(th day of March, IHiU,
and recur led in book 142, iiaee ofi9, Keaister'i
otlloe ol Shelby couniy. Tennesse-, in pur
suance of the powtr therein sonlerred, w
will, on
"Nalnnlav, "fovrmher HO, lttHo).
bstwotin the honrs of Vi o'c'ock m. and 1
o'clock p.m., at the south sste et Court
Square, in Memphis, Tenn,. sell to the hish
est biddnr, for cash, the rolliwing real e'te,
lyin incur tbe south line ol the city ot Mom
r.atl. Shelby county, Tennesre, ricscrlb-d af
fvllows : One tract ol land in Fort Pickeries.
and lieinx block 45 of the Is ' ,1s conveyed by
Willouahbv Williams to John 0. Mol.amora
al., on the 28th day of December, 1M7, a
appears from plat of same in plat book No.
pages o and b, ol Kevtster s omea, wbioa
uok fronts 1:10 lest on Vita Iluren and Cof
fee atroela aud ltti teet on Armstrene and
Front streets.
Equity of redemption, dower and liome-
tesd eaprcssly waivsd Title believed to be
(oud, but we sell as trustees only.
WM. fll. BVI1T1I,
Non-Kesldeiit 'ollco.
No. 2S51, R.D. ClrcultCourtof Hlislbyooan
ty, Tennessee. Kansasi'ity, Memphis and
Iliriuinalmm Kailroad Company rs. Mary
Ann Loyd at al.
Itapucaring from the petition, which is
sworn to in this cause, that th. defendant,
Marsaret Melrose Kuthurlord, ii a non-res-ltleut
of the Mtste ol Tennrssce:
It is therefore ordered. That she make
her appearance heroin, ar the courthouse, ia
in tloi city of Memphis, Toon., on or betore
the second Monday in lleoeinberneat, lHHrt,
and plead, answer or demur to plaintiff's
petition of oondstDniition, or the same will
be taken lor coufvsuod as to her and set tor
bearing ex pnrtei and that a copy ol this
order be published once a week, for toor
successive wu.ss, in tbe Mumphis Appea'.
A copj attest!
Hy J. T Tomllnson, Hrpu'y Clerk.
Aitcrncy (or Plain tiff, jlowmanrb. thi
'on-HPHldent Notlvs.
No. fl:t;2 In the 'hsncery Oonrt of Shelby
countr. Tenn. J. b. Toof et al. vs. Mis
souri Wilson et al.
It appearing troio bill which Is sworn te ia
this cnuse Unit the dofontln'its, Mi'soari Wil
son, lora liuvles, Hoes ilavies, Kva Davies
and Pearl Wilson, are residents of the titata
of Arkansas and all noo-remlenU of th
btatsot Tennessosi
It is tlierelore ordered. That they mak
their appouranoe herein, at the oonrthous
of hlielby oounty. in Meinph'S, Tenn , on or
before til. first Monday in December, HUM.
and plead, answer or demur to complainants
bill, or the same w II be tsken for confessed
as to tbeiu ar d set lor hesring ex parte: and
that a ropy ol this order bo published onoea
woek. lor tour suscessive weeas. in tne aiciu
pbis Appeiil. Tbis lHih day of Octobsr. liA.
A copy utiesi:
8. 1. MoUdll ELL, Clerk and Mwr.
It 7 T. II. Uuldwell, Deoutv 0. and ,X.
Uantt A Patterson, Pols, for conud'at.
rTv x Tbis BKLT or R.
-i-ljv gener-torismadeea-
:":c "-i pressly l
C'irVtRi-lol d.sen
pressiv rvr .u ui
ssenera.io or
generative or-
V T..W.k riiw.ii; giio. Ubare ta ne
'- FOR'V ' mistake abou thiMB-
'.y .strument di con
I.X'i - tl" .tinnous stream ol
R I r X"s' ' 3 ill V KLtLTRICIT i per-Ikl-rMv
'"V yfli'J I B'eatin. throagh th
IiIlN V'r.''UllLl parU must restore
thorn to hoalthv action. Do hat eontouBd
this with hleotHo Belts aiirartised lo ear
all Ills from head to toe. It Is for th ON B
specific purpose. For circulars .ivlng full
n for mat lion, addreas Choever Electric Bolt
Co., lo) Washington street, Chloag '. 01.

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