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FRIDAY, t I SOV. 19,
Soeconaa it ws diucon-red that
Ptce'dent Cleveland cou'd neither be
ccaxtd tor babied kto a ehamtful
violation of ti e pledges on which he
was elected Pnsidintof the United
Ba'ty, the Deruccratic apiU men who
Wanted the loaves ard fiihiB, becama
thoroughly disgusted with him.
Theee Democrats concuirel with Mr.
Clevelatd in the opinion that "pub
lic office is a public trutf," but in
sisted that tbia "pub'ic tiuat" should
be exercised cbh fly in rewarding pro
fessional politicians, and like the
blind beggar, Belearius, they s'ood at
the dcor of the White House, asking
the PretideLt to Rive an obolas to
every bnngry Democrat that wanted
oflice. Thete epoilsmen have
been warring on the President since
his inaosnratlon. The more he
shows himself a sitxere reformer, the
mere be is abuBod by tboje who care
More for (roils than administrative
reform. These disgruntled Demo
crat have bterme regular croakers.
Thcj ee in the rtc nt elections the
icevitshle. defeat of the Democratic
party in 1888, if Cleveland urionid 1 e
tho Candida e. Grover Cleveland is
far (longer with the people
than is the Demccratic paity,
aiid ceitainly the Democratic
majoiity in the Houce. He iii eo much
(trong.ir than the paity that uomibat
d him and the men who rafuna to
nominate him that the next Nationul
Democra ic Convention wlil not coin
mil saiiide by njt'ctirg him to satisfy
the spoil men. Now that the Demo
crats opposed to tho administration
re orgiin'sintt to prevent the renomi
nation ef Mr. Cleveland, the friends of
the President, and bis wIeb policy,
muetsimbinein defense of one of the
purest Presidents that has yet occupied
the high poci.iuii of Chief Magistrate
of the nation. There is nothing in
the recent elections that condemns
the administration of Mr. Cleveland.
A good woikiDg Democratic majority
bau been returned to the next House
of Representatives ; an unusual re
sult, an exception to the general rule,
for the general rule tor the last thirty
Ive years has been the defeat of the
administration at the Congres
sional elections next succeed
ing the Presidential election. Ia
an interview published two
weeks before the election Ben
Bailer argued that the Democrats
would be defeated and a majority of
Republicans elected to the next House,
because iu thirty years there had been
nly three exceptions to that rale, and
two of those occurred during the war,
and inimeuitttely thereafter, when
there were exceptional reasons for
supporting tho administration. Now,
that another exception has occurred
In favor of Mr. Cleveland'! adminis
tration, are we to accept that as an in
dieation rf his want of strength
among the peoplti T Such seems to be
the idea of "the mor.t experienced
politicians of the country." Taking
the vote of the States ss est on the
9d instant, Cleveland would have been
elected Piesident, as 203 Democrats
were elected to Congress and only 108
Republicans. Jnseph Pulitcr, of the
New York World, who is hostile to
the Prisiilent bhjs: "The shortest an
swer would be Hint tho President
should abandon his negative, personal
policy and adopt a positive party pol
icy ; tbat he should institute and carry
ont the reforms which he wes elected
to enforce." Mr. Cleveland has no
"personal policy," aud all the opposi
tion to him originates in the fact that
he boa been true to the "positive party
policy," on which be was elected, tbat
of administrative reform. The Demo
cratio party cannot be bent fl ed by
violating the civil service law, nnder
which subordinates are protected in
the Federal employ, are protected in
their tenuis. It is true that many of
these emplryesare Republicans, but
they obUined their jlacei by patslng
the examination fixed and provided
by the law, sa the law directs a law
introduced by a- Democratic United
Statu Senator and parsed by a Demo
cratic House of Representatives.
President Cleveland hrs in
no single instance . violated
the platfoim of bis party; he has
been true to his pledges. Under bia
administration the country has pros
pered, business has revived and sec
tions! hatreds have dicarpeared. Ev
ery utte ranee of tho Pre sident on flnan
c'al or buaineea subject?, whether by
message to Congresi or otherwise, has
been made with the purpose of indar-
ing business cntfliler.ee and has bad
that efloct. Ouly nineteen months of
Democra ic administration of national
affairs have pasted, and lostead of de
pieii n and bankruptcy in business
ciicles,the re-enslavemei.tof the negro,
the payment of the rebel debt and the
pensioning of Confederate soldiers,
the veiy opposite condition exists to
day. Grovor Cieve and will bs nomi
nated and elected President in lS88by
the Demooatic party. ,
. - Recently the State Comptroller of
Tenncnee found hiiuielf compelled to
report tbat the State Treasury was
about empty, and to nrge tbat tax
e-.'lledions should be prompt'y made
to prevent embariassment A fact in
connection with this etatement and
appeal is f ipnificnT't. Calculated as
they were, cn the Duif :c, to lead to
an initr-sniun urifavt nblo to the
crtd.t of the Hia'e, ti e Suite's focuri
.. tics q'i tat ioni underwent no decline
in eouu que. to o! the Comptroller's
e'rcu'ar, a fact wl ic!i is a favorable
tsttlrr.on al as to tlm yoml s'anding of
tho S;a-e in the catenation of flnon
cia'i.ts. Thi re is a le ton in tbe ap
peal u.atlti ta the B:ate by its financial
olllcer that should not be dinegurded
at the next meetir g of tbe State Leg
iel.iture. Tbe lesnon is, that the in
cone from the State from taxation
abonld be ample to meet its expenses.
To have to overdraw accounts and
borrow temporary loans is discredit
able to 8tate doing as well ai Ten
nessee in, and it is wasteful bebides, as
money has to os pa!d for eccointnoda
tim thrt would b nnnecesjary uoder
a prudent rate of taxa'ion.
TOHT. Irelrnd is under all the excitement
of supprf s.'ed political feeling. Dis
appointed by the failure cf Glad
stone's efforts to accord tbem tbe rights
they so ardi ntly claim, the Irish peo
ple yet remain calm and peaceful a
fact most boncrable to them and pow
erful in support of tbelr claims for
self government. The Protestants of
Belfast were tumultuous, but their
Tory friends have managod to keep
them down. Intolerable provocations
caused disturbance In Kerrt. but
now entire quiet reigns there. Bow
that qulot Las been brought about is
one of the events cf I round's current
history, and it mcst interesting end
icstruc ire to Woow. Gen. Buller was
ulven urjninaT powers, and was cent
to Keiry to quell tbe distuibances
there. Or. the f ce of It the eppcict
roent looked bad for the Irish. Buller
is sn Englishman; not only that, be is
a soldier and only soldier, and sol
diets, when entrusted with civil
power, lire usually too roacy to apply
the arbitrary mo' bods of the army,
Yet this soldier in an incredible
short time bss succeeded where the
mauifitraiei and other local authorities
had signally failed, and he did it with'
oat any undue severity. How Ba
ciueeue Lad a heart to feet, auc a
coiiHcieuca tbat made him just. There
lay his wholo fee rot. He had served
io Egypt and had witnessed tbe depri
vat'ons fiu flared by the Arabs in their
waterless deserts. He had served in
South Africa and beheld the privations
endured by swage tiibts. Bat, after
ell ho had seen, when he entered on
his new and unaotintomed duties be
was shocked and touched to the point
of anguish when tbe terrible poverty
of the poor people of Kerry appeared
in all ita iqusllid want, in all its an
christian helplessness, decertion and
friendlessncHS before him. He eaw
what the fiendish measures of tbe
landloidj and their supporters and
parariites bed dene, cad he rtveised
tbem. For hearJessneFs he substi
tuted pity, for the greed that sought
to extort tbe merciless "rent" from
these anflerers, he gave the unwonted
boon of justlcs. Hvery case brought
befora him he decided on ita pure
merit, never forgetting the attribute
of mercy. When he raw that attempts
at eviction were contrary to justice he
refused to aid in csrrylng them out.
Even when the technicality of the law
was on the s'.do of the grasping land
lord, ho still refused to act when the)
eviction would indict undue distress
upon tbe unfortunate tenants. As
such distiesi almost always attends
evictions, those discredits to the man
hosd of Irish landowners have almost
ceased in the district. Does not this
fact show who are tbe authors of Irith
aiigtwsioi.B and disturbances? Bui
ler hao control of the police and mill
Ury; lis will allow them to be made
uti burthe instruments of injustice
nor cruo'ty. The result is that Keny
is peaceful. Does not this fact speak
trumpet tougued for tho oppressed
Irish poaple T But the landlords, bow
dd they taks it? They taku it SB bulls
take red digs. They are seething hot
with fury. They denounce and vilify
and threaten. They will have tbe
law on Duller. They expected him to
bs their tool and helper, acd 1l stead
of doirg so be stands up lor justice
and mircy. Spits of their wratb
their enraged countenances, flaming
eyes and outrageous tongues, Buller
holds on bis way, and, except among
tho indignant landlord?, peice reigns
in Kerry.
New York is suffering the curse of a
coal monopoly. Monopoly, monopoly,
everywhere monopoly ia eating into
our commercial prosperity, robbing
the well to do, and sinking the poor
into tho depths of destitution. Fair, up
right, manly competition is every
where more or loss strangled and slain
by the hateful gresd that seeks to be
come rich quickly by means of pools,
and syndicates, and "trust" that, like
bands of freebooter invaders, levy con
tribntlcns from citir.erswho gain their
living by honest toil. In tbe eumme
various important coal companies in
New Yoik consolidated, to as to cnt
ofl all competition. The organization
completed, the firet thing done was to
decrease tbe amount of coal mined
The next was to raise the pries on ac
count of the scarcity ; one or two other
advancos have followed, and now New
York when buying coal, bas to pay ao
mucli for the fuel, and so much to
exalt the already rich monopolists into
millionaires. The result upon the poor,
the New York Iltrald thus describee
"The Winter is at our doors.
Jack Fost has already made
a flying visit,' and aoo
be will write his name on the window
panes. Unless there is coal in the
grate the children in 10,000 lowly
homes will freest and young men will
seek the warmth of the saloon. The
waut rf fuel for four months in th
year will diive women to dospair and
men to crime. By the spring there
will be a good many funerals because
waees are low and coal Is dear, luat
the whole s'ory, aud an infamous
story it is." This is the lource that
produces eoria'iits, communists an
anarcuiat. Tbese nioropo ies rob the
people. The man who steals a loaf the
law pucinhes w.th the penitentiary
tint in nidi a case as this in Hew xor
the law has no puu sbmouU Thii
and s inilar things give ii to the
popular spying tt-at under the laws
aud ciwt)iua of t'.io da? "tho rich
grow richer and the poor poorer."
Tiie Premier Will Keceive the Uncm-
plojed Wo'kmea-Ir sli
Attain. .
London, November 18 In the libl
suit of Ctiaibs Ad-ims xaauiHt us
ther-in-'aw. Lord Ct h f Ju,tic to -
eridg-, Stephen Colerde, 8 n of tbe
def -ndar-t, test fled tcday in juBt fira
tlou of the s'a'ementa be made against
the plaintiff to a reporter of a Cleve
land. O.. taper, which were, witness
said, correctly publish ed. He sdd,
however, tbat tre alleged interviews
with him, publUhed baNtwYrk
and a Philadelphia paper, were false.
Hesxp'aioed that be cadi or mu tel
bimte f to be Interviewed while ia the
Uuited States in order to defend bu
father's name, and said be helitved he
bad been quite iucceesful and had
wiitten to his father's enlicl'or, "I
found fa'hor's fae a) black s ink in
America, but I have lelt it wfit'e."
A statement by cars. Oiildrrd Adams,
nee Co erldge, was read. In it the
lady denied ber father's allegat on
that tbe plaintiff bed compromised
ber by mee ing ber in a darkened
room in ordur to compel her to mrry
him. She says Mr. Arams rover met
her in a darkened room. Mr. Adams
then produced a number or rtocu-
mintn to sus'aia his charge that Lord
Coltridgs pereiHtently a!med t abift
the bu den of his daughter's main
tenance to the shouldt-rs ef others, io
order to use- the nvney b longing
rightfully to her in supporting his
peerage. At this point tuti rearing
was adjourned.
The Preutler Hill Mrct I be ITneni.
ployed Workmen.
London. November 18 Tbe PuK
2MI Gazette publishes a report tbat
the Marquis ol Balisrmry Das decided
to remain in London next Sunday and
receive the deputation of uoemplnyed
workman, for whom an audience hai
been asked by tbe Social Domocra'ic
A Land Bill for Ireland.
London, Nov. 18. A commit'ee of
the Cabinet, composed of L"rH Ran
do ph Churchill, Sir Michael Ilicus-
Heacu. Linrd Asnbouine and toe lit
Hon. William Henry Smith, is pre
paring a land dui ior ireiano. ine
Hist dri ft i) based upon an extension
of the Ashbcnrne act. It limits ten
ants'purchase of land to holdings
under sixty aires, li the commission
sacctions the transfer the impeiial
treasury will advance the amount, the
commission paying four fifths to the
landlord and letaining tbe other fifth
until the tenant's annual installments
smoaut to one-fifth cf the stipulated
sum. me tenant's n payments sna l
extend over thirty-nine years, with
interest at 4 per cs-nt per annum, ai in
tbe ABhbuurue act. me total necea
sarv to be guaranteed by the treasury
is estimated at 35,000,000. The sales
under tbe Ashbourne act Having al
ready exhausted tho paramentary
grant of 1,000,000, it is reported the
government, trusting to Parliament's
retrospective sanction, nas ordered
the treatury to cont nue to make ad'
vaaees. If the report hi true, this
action exposes the government to a
critical attack for a breach of the con
Bailiff alone Up bjr a Hob.
Dublin, November 18. A number
badiil'j, protected by a strong police
force, attempted to carry out. na evie
tion procfps today at Ballyhnnnion,
County Kerry. They were atticked
by a mob numbering 501) person?, and
aftor a eevere balle the mob reecued
the ratt e which had been aeiz-d by
the ( tlker'. In tbe encounter a num
ber of men were severely wounded.
Countable Will Not Be Proafcnlril.
Dublin. November 18. Tin gnv
ernment tiai decided not to prosecute
the constables charged with mur.ier
in shoot ng people during the Belfast
note. Thev are nine in number, lue
government came to this decision,
notwithstanding the (Jouoner s inry
had rendered a verdict of murder
sgnitut them. Gen. Sir Redvers Bui
ler has determined to abtndon the
practice of en clng police huts and lo
cating police therein for the protection
ol boycotted farmerain County Kerry
me Brief Items From Ireland.
Dublin, November 18. Extensive
preparations are being mads among
the Fenians of Dublin to observe the
anniversary of the execution of tbe
"Manchester martyrs."
The overtures made by the tenants
on Lord Clanrlcatdes's estates with a
view of effecting a settlement of the
rent question have been rejected.
Me. are. Dillon and O'Biien spoke
today at Portuma, in County Galway,
where Lord Clanricarde's estates are
situated. There was much excite
The Ifation gives the details of the
operations which it says will be car
ried out in the event of a Bussion war,
it Knssta unould resort to arms, says
ths Aotwn, an Austrian army will In
vade Seivla, the fleets of England
Austria and Italy will occupy the
Kuxioe sea, Germany will watch
Poland, and, if Francs should ally
herself with Ratsla, the Italians will
occupy the Alps.
Srek Government Dlaaolved.
Atiikns, November 18. The Greek
government has dissolved tbe Lgit"la
live Aesemhly. The elections for the
assembly will take placa in January
' Hnnlbara Will Leave BoJaarla,
Sofia, November 18. The Caar has
instructed Uen. Kanlbars to leave Bui
garia at once with all the Russian
Consuls if his note to the Regency
demanding the dismissal from rthssof
Gen. Mntkurcfi, the commandant at
Phllipoppnlie, for his conduct in arrest
Ing a Ruwitn cavatse, is not omplled
with, la the event of departure, Gen,
Ktulkara baa been ordered to place al
Russians in Bulgaria and Eastern Ron-
melia under the ctre of the German
agent at Sofia. Gen. Kanlbars is ex
pected to leave Bulgaria on Saturday
. lianlhara'a MovomenU.
Soru, November 18 The Regents
nave asaeu uen. Kauibars to give
them time to reply to bis ultimatum
Thev wish until the end of the week
when a 1 the Ministers will he in tbe
city. It is believed that Gen. Kaul
bars bas been inetructtd t ) find a pre
text to end his mission in Bulgaria by
some coup d'etat which would make
his departure a pilitical necocs.tv,
Suspicion prevails that he is attempt
ing to work, up a care out ol the inci
dent of tbe nrrtst of the Russian ca
vaseeat l hilipoppolie.
Prlnee NlvholM'n t'nndldaey.
ViiNNt, November 18. The stat?
nient that all the powers bad snnc'
ttiintd tbe raniliiloi'7 of Princn Kirlin.
ls of Mingre-lia, lor tbe Bulvaribn
throne, is .aumi-ntti "ally (leclarnci 1 1
be nntroe. Count Kalnoky bas net
replied to Russia's "ronosata.
Tbe Ba'a-trltu Qnenllon.
Pabh. November I M. John
Lem inns wr t-e in the Matin tha the
revival of tt e E.ste n gu.tirn which
is producing ench c:ii(U-io.ri iu Eu
roi", is flue to B'i iHli tntiigurs ''The
Prino ol Bu gsri. Btya M. Le-
moiune, 'mutt tc m y tbe ros t on of
Russian pre'e ;t. P.ince Aluan lr rof
But enburi?. howtivtr. orelerred to bs
a British sub) prefect. H boa paid tte
pena ty ol Lis fo'ly. All i irope, ex
cept Lagland, ia n animoui in tho
opinion t'iat a I'nni e protected by
Russia must rule buiuara. This ac
cords with the spirit if it doss not ac
cord witn toe let cr n tne tsirun
treaty." Continuing. M Lemnlnne
speaks angrily of tie Marquis nf Sali-
ba'y s speech, at the Lord Mayor's
biLqui-t, on ihs Bn'earian question.
tie excaees Uount Kilnony a speech
frr being muuh in the tame strain ai
the B'ttish Piioie Miris ers on the
ground that the Austrian Minister
had to quiet the B ilgati'-ns. "If the
provoca. ons b reuewed, m.
moinne siys, "it Isunpoa-ibls to ca'cu
la'e wbat the result will be cn the
sensitive mind of the irresponsible
He Fired Ilia flxtol.
Paris, November 18. A wirkman
ramml Litoux ciea ed a sensa'ion to
day by firing a ri-vo V'r five times at
the entrance to th Ciambir cf Depu
ties. When arrent'd be enid bii ob
fct in thus a .ting wns to draw atten
tion Io his fcrie va eej in a kw suit
now pandiug.
tiermnr Pcliilcs,
Berlin. November 18. Tie rod
(s'tm-oilliially) s ys tbat tbe dr ft of
a hill fixing the in ace effective focting
of iho army for septe-nate hi gin
ning in January, 18-9, wa eeat to the
Buudei-rath today, and that the in
c.ers' d demands nt the bill do not ex
ceed ths limits h'o'nlntely neco Siry
for the fatety of tho haiptre. li e an
noui cement has c-used a eousatlnn
It is reported thi t Princo Bi niarctt,
du'irg bis rccet.t visit, ob a ned as
surance that the (euter party wonld
Lin tha Conservatives and National
ibtra s in vo ing 'r the eeptenate.
Plonae Withdraw tha Military.
London. Novemter 18 A deputa
tion of ScoUh crofters oiled today
uDon the KL Hon A. J. lis t nr, Keo
retary of State for Sotland, aud asked
that the government withdraw the
military from Skyeand limit tbe bail
of the crolter under arrest within
sums procurable by the priinnrs. Mr.
Bailout; said ha rrgrettea mat it na i
been found neceoi.iry to ad pt rigor
ons moasurtS to maii.ta n law and or
der in Skye, and dtclared that he must
refuse to inierfee.
sppiiTiyq news.
Baa Franclaco Raeea Third Day.
Han Fbanoisco.Ual., November 18.
-The third dav of the Blood Horaa
ineetinn was auain favoied by bi auti-
tul wextber and a uood attendance.
First Race. Mile heats, all aces.
Tfeey were sent i ff by a b .d start,
Darby leading, Argo second. Arg.i
won the nrrt -heat easily oy two
lengths; Dai br necond, Eviho third.
Tune 1:44 J Aigi won the second
lieat as be 1'ked; Uardner second,
Echo third. Tin-e 1 :43.
Second Race.- Fmnignn's s'ake for
two year olds, one mile. Goliad led:
Yoltmuer went aheed at nrst turn ai d
led by a leng'h all tbe way till the
three-quarter pole was resetted, when
ti ey ail moved nu, eaio nan nnistung
by a h,d; Vcl ;guer second, Nana
third. Tir;e-1:44.
Third Race. Winter handicap, all
aces, mite and ttiree-oigntns. iney
got oven tortus pas ing ths stand.
jJunhar ana Monte uristo were
sbghtlv lading rounding tbe tarn,
when Dnnbjr u gir; nroK) and She
w.'s pullod up. uonta urtRto Kept
the laad till HiOyaids from ths post,
NmlDon came wiih a rush and win a
fine race by half a length; Monte
OriFto se"ond, Moonlight third.
Time 2:25.
Fourth Race. Fame stakes, for three
year olds; two nubs. There were only
two starters. Gunnn took the lead and
was never thereafter headed, winning
by three lengths. Time 3:38.
Chicago. III., November 18. The
representatives of the League and As
sociation Bar eball Clubs were in ces
sion again this morning. Amendments
to the constitution were being consid
ered, the chief fight bting the same as
last year, over tne proprsition io re
cognise Sunday games. It is not ex
netted tbat tho league will agree to
Sunday games. As to tbe question of
dropping one of tne clubs now in tbe
league it was intimated that the ques
tion would not probably be determined
at this meeting.
The meeting was not concluded un
til nearly midnight. Most of the dav
was occupied in considering amend
ments to the constitution, a numbar
which were adopted. The moBt Big
nitlcant was to make "persistence in
an unadopted ledgnatlun" on the
part of any club sutlicient cause for
expulsion, and consequent loss of its
entire contributions to the guaranty
fund. It is rumored that this is a
blow at tbe Kansas City Club,
tbe resignation of which from tbe
lffurne will be demanded, it is said.
and if refused the new amendment
will be enforced. A resolution was
adoptd providing for a committee),
conaiiticg of Messrs. Young, Spald
inir and a day to apportion in the
league tbe players of any club that
may disband or withdraw. Tbe com
mittee has power to purchase the
franchise of eny club deMring t) with
draw. The election of officers for tho
ensuing year resulted as follows:
Pre idenf, N. E. Young, Washington ;
Directors w. a. xMimica oi nu
hnrir. K E. Mengs of Kansas City. J
B. Day of New York, and A. J. Reach
of Philadelphia. By a special contract
tha VVaahioaton, Philadelphia and fet.
Loaia clubs were authorised to make
their admission charge twenty-five
cents Instead of fifty rents, tbe idea
being to permit the clubs named to
meet rxiatinff cnmpeituon. me a
r.nnU n nh wa allowed to nlv Sun
day gamss with any out ide club, bat
not with any league ciun.
Nolld Miter iu Mnlford'H.
The lanlter
to Resume
St. Iwi, Wo., November 18. The
Age of Sttel announcis that the Jupiter
furnace at South 8;, Louis, which lies
bppn idle for two vears Datt. will
bn hlnwn iu BS Boon as some im
provements row under contract are
i-mnnlnivil. This furnaen will have a
itniiv FnnftP.lt.V of over L00 tins. Its
owrers have juut made a contract for
S3 000tor,s.
Initial lllux at Mulford'i.
mm jppoiJTaEsr
A Quarter of a Million Dollars In One
Fee-An Inquisitive Cilice
Seeker Rebuked.
Washington, Novembar 18. It is
learned tt the Depi tmei.t of tate
that the reeppjibtment by the Presi
dnr.t yeatudiV cf i:hBrles Jones, of
Wieconniu, at United btites C insul at
Praaus has no b'-armg upon tbe case
of Mr. Ktiley, who had been nomi
nated as Miniet r to Aus ris, nor can
it be said to indieat a purpiss on the
part of eit er tbe Un ted States cr
Austria to recede from th position at
torned iu the cate. Although the
etatement was published at the date
of Mr. Jones's original appoint
ment last yecr that the Aus
trian Government had refused
bis exequatur on tbe ground that
he bad been cjneerned in a con
spiracy ajatns.t the life cf 'he Em
per. r, jet the charge was effectually
disproved by Mr. Jones, and no ob-jt-c
ion vi ai made to b s nppointmet.t
tiy the Austr an G ivernm nt on that
tcore. Tbe real objection as one en
tirely provincial in its rat are. Mr.
Jocai former'y resided in Prague aud
via memb r cf one of the two pow
erful f ictions ir t) which tbe inhabit
ants were div ded. His cs8;gnment
to tho p st of United S ates Cji sol at
tbat c'ty ws,n const quence.received
with ill favor by tha faction to which
ho bad been o;pved, acd this
fact was deemed of eufficient eitth
by the Austrian G jveriitnent to jus'ify
su objection to the appointment. Mr.
Joua retnratd from Europe before
reueb nz bis post end repaired to his
li'nis in Wisconsin. Me-.nwhile the
Au'tiuu Governmptt hd mqaireri
fur;,l,cr liiti the hia't-r. aad aftr
Sitiffyirg iteell tbat thoie were r.o
suti-tuattal t bi'dions te the recc-piion
of Me, Jonas ttu prJt, st against the
;ppoiatm.nt was withdrawn, aid ns
Mr. Jonas a as s ill urged for the post
by a Wg number of Gerinaas and
Boliemiausiu Wisconein, his appoint
ment was yesterday rerewed.
A Quarter of a MUllon for One Fee.
Washington December 18. Col.
Ward Lamon, the hiogrpier of Abra
ham Lincoln, and Marshal of th D s-
trii t during Lie coin's ndminiHtralion,
will reee.VD a fee of $i50,000la the
ru e of the Choctaw Nation aainstthe
United Sates, which was decided
Tuesday in tbe United States Puoreme
Ciurt. The smouat ol the ) ldmeut
rendered in fivor of the Choc aB
will egijregate almost $3 01)0,000. L
moo's fe was on thn contingency of
gaining the suiv II 9 has devoted a
cumber of yra-st) the case.
A Briny Letter.
Washikotow. November 11. A
Kansas gentleman who bad an ardent
desire to enter the civil service cf the
government will get a letter tomor
row whieh will probab y pu a stop to
h s ceuBelees longing, ine letter
tells its own story aud is of enough
public interest to give in full to tae
readers of the Republican. It is as
to Hows:
Unitkd STATasTivrr, Khrticr Comii'stoH, 1
WiHHiNOToa, Wuvombor is, in:u j
Sib The Commission is in receipt
of your letter ef the 8th instant, in
whiob yoa say: "When does ths Kan
sas applicant get a showing? There
were J34 applicants heioreau .ciam-
it.ing JUoa d in Xopeta in 51 ay, ism,
and not one han ever received
recognition through tbe depart
nient. Is the thing a eham? If
so, tell us. Out of 30,000 appli
cants certainly oue lud ought lobe
wanted. We would 1 ke to leera now
the thing is; let u) learn." In answer
I have to n fonu ven that Hanf-ai ap
plicants bav.i had their full share of
ertiuHttons and appo ntmenis; inai
there bavi) not been 30,100 appoint
munts tj n'aces suhimt to rules; tbat
sixteen Kansas epplicants t,avo been
appointed; and several have declined
appciatmenis wMen offared ; that jour
owu averaga, 49 95, was too lowt)
allow of ynur being certified in com
pel, tion wih others from your S;ate.
me thing is not a suam. veiyie-
tptct'u 'y.
W. 11. lltDllM, uatei tunii"r,
To It. A liny. Osage City, Ku.
Secretary Wnliney aad tbe Navy.
Washinqton. November 18. Secre
tary Whitney today s sned an order
coccen ratine in the Burean of Pro
visions and Clothing of the Navy De
partment the functions of the other
bureaus ot tne department, ai lar as
ihev el rite to the Durchaie of supplies
for the navy ard their storage. This
action is regarded as tbe initial move
ment on tin p irt of the Secretary tj-wa-ds
the accomplishment of his plan
for the rtorganisaiion of tbe Navy
Hew Snraeoa tieneral Appointed.
John Moore, of the Medical Depart
ment ot the army, was today appoint
ed Sareeon Goneral bv tbe 1'roiiaent,
to succeed Surgeon General Murray,
retired. Col. Moore, who is in San
Francisco, has been directed to report
at Washington immediately.
A City Treasurer Snort Over 110,000
Indianapolis, Ind., November 18
Tbe Journaf'tVincennos spscial reportB
that it is officially announced ia that
city that Henry B. Dusterbnig, the
cl y treasurer, la short in bis accoun'g
SlO.000 to $12,000. Dusteiburg is
ncoring tbe end of bis secood term,
and ba9 been a much respected man.
His only attempt a explanation is that
h has bean delrauded rv someooay
connected with his office, but he
makes no specific charges against any
one. His bond is able to cover the
Inspect malford stock.
Hew Fanwaarer Rervlee Between Bt,
Lent and Hew Orleans.
St. Louis, Mo., November 18. A
meeting was held here today by rep
resentatives of the Miaeouri Pacific,
the Liltle Rock and Fort Smith and
the Mifsiseippl Valley railroads for
consultation in regard to putting on a
new Daeaergar service between here
and New Orleans via the Iron Mnunt
In road to Net tie ton. thencs to Mem
pbi by the Kansas City, Fort Scstt
and Gulf, and from Memphis to New
Orleans over the Mississippi Valley
rosd. Arrangements were not com
pleted, but enougn progress wasmaae
tn nnnltivelv aaoura the early running
of solid pacssnger trains from St. Louis
to New Orleans by the route above
meniioned. This will open another
through route betwoen this city and
New Orlears which will couie in
compe ition with the Mobile and Ohio
and the Illinois Central.
Bon of the FlratUoTernor of Ken
tucky lral.
Louisvii.lk, Ky., November 18
Isaac Siieiby. the eon of the first G jv
eruor of Ken'ueky, died today at
Danville, aged, 00 years.
Holldny Preneuts, Ittnlfora's.
JSTE43I axd hand rris,
OJTE WEEK, ( OKStltriSB HOT. 88.
Rale ef Seals Thoraday, 5a. 181b.
Eogastmact of tbe I'aiuoun EMMA
Abbott, Bnrtlni, Annrtndnle, Frcke, Miche
lenii, Mou'mrirlo, Frutt e. Bniitencli,
Allen, BcMumcnt, Ward, Mirtt
mer, Hindi.-.
Grand Chorus and Orchestra
Monday and ?"alutd7 Abhol in Tum-Yum
The only comi y in tli 1'iitf Stfi that
ever Rave " ntT'Ctn ujiii'ai rei-retciita-
tion 't till cuatini .K Jietu.
Tuesditv Nlcti' Firttiirc in Moioidra.
EMMA Hit .1''.' Li;t:U-.TlA tnltUIA,
iu DnM;uoitVa Brillinrt Opeia,
gpark I m a with ecrnn, inplutnar '"Ti Better
to La licit Uiu B1K11. nu: now ueaii
t in 1 ' "ljtLre .iii titeatLe a hitner-
tVednofduy KisU' Hcv'.vl of tbo Charming
And alio thn co!clrat!d LuIIhI.t L'ore from
tho beuuti'ul i crn nt "EKMINIE."
Emma Abbo t anrt Kntire Aobott Company.
Thiink-Klvin- ,'V!:iriiiie pri-rp, SI. 75o. 60o
Ivro funis H.iuuo una cuiiro v; ruiany id
Thursday n un i..'f luiuinrtil Opera,
FA I S I'. FA US 5'.
Frlduj tii'S'- tnun in Miijphi of too Unll-
ir.ut Until io p ra.
Trr Ci'"li'cr and the Fniry.
F.MMA All;, It a:id Emiro Cuinrany.
Saturday fiiatintc-ABBOTT'S "but Kosa
oi oummer,
The Hon. Tlmnm f. In-1I(v; Snp
Uen. fwtli lor (sli.t.iion iMmaces,
Philadelphia, Ti. Nuvniber IS.
The II in. Ti onim II. Dadley, Ex
Consul to L vfnnrl, tfday brought
BU:t ' Pfm'v'B Ui ited States t'eoator
William J. Siwell torJ25,C00 t'amages
for rema'ks rjiads by tbe latter in a
ppewch at a Republic n mpitirg at
Camrlea on the 7th if October li'St.
The lancuaap complained nt was that
part of G?n. Shell's apvecb in -which
it is Rllpp5! n sain, in rwerRnc to
Mr. Dudley's cpi.cisi t on to bim, that
tbo latter lor t'.vi lvo year represented,
or, rather, m;8r, prei"i.tod, oor rov
en ment abnd : that i. waa chirged
that be xriw rich by Rharainit illegal
fees while C uaul at Liverpojl, and
that he rntib d the sea captaina. He,
it ia fi ', ftiit ir c arg-d that Mr.
Dudley obtjiiit-d bis nf&iso by makins
a dicker at il.o Chicago Convention
which rom nated Liuioln for Presi
dent. Mr. Dad ey asset U tha'Jithese
charges aie Use.
Monogram Buuglcs, Mulford.
Arthnr'a rnnrral Will Take Plaee
Monday Inxieaal of (SHlarday.
Nbv York, November 18. In per
fecting the arranneruen's for the fu
neral of ex-President Arthur, it has
boen determined t) change the date
nf the ceremony until the morning of
November 22d, in order to allow time
for thn arrival of several memberj of
his Cabinet and others of distinction
who have telegraphed their deeire to
bo present. J ha aervicas will ba held
on Monday rnorringat 9 o'clock pre
cisely, in ilia ihurcti cf the Heavenly
RsS Fit h avenue and Forty-fifth
Dimond W alctaca.ltf nIforl,J
The niaera' Uesnanda.
Pittsburg, Pa., November 18. The
Coke Syndicate met this attmno n to
discuss Mtlement of existing differ
ences with their men. It was practi
cally decided to grant the demands
of tha miners, rave on tbe questions
i t weighing the coal on tipples instead
of wagon measurement, ia at present,
and biweekly pay inatead of monthly.
Mulford, Jeweler, 294 Main street,
solicits order from the country.
A Drugglst'ii Story.
Mr. Isaac O. Chapman, dmggist,
Newburg, N.Y., writes us: "I have
for the past ten years sold several
gross oi Dr. Williarn Hall's Baleara for
tha Lungs. I caa say of it what I
cannot say of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in great many cases oi wnooping
congh,-with the happiest eflecta. I
have used it in my own family for
many yors; ia fact, always have a
Ijuttlo iu the medicine closet ready for
uee." ,.
.osstaallle. Ceaaeat.
Foundat'or.s. cellar walla and build'
Ings subject ti overflow ehould be con
gttucted with Louisville Cement. It Is
the utonclard.
on flle In PhllaarlnhC.
it the Ni-wApuiMir Aavitr-
Na iVeAVKR AONeVutauutixUwdagiint.
a 7m
To Dlaaolve Copartnenblp.
9-0ur antir ttouk baa to b ild by Jan
uary 1, 1B87, to Diem lve Coi artnerthip
onr company retiring,
vWi oer our immahte itock Besard
Iraaor Cual.
Oood Fait Hate .' K
Fine Fait Hats, New Shape -, worth 11.25, Iba
Genuine Boaver Hate ......... 75
Job Lot ot lla'i, wi rth from II tet2. 25e
Ileautilul Ko'ef, all Colon J for 10a
Ostrich Pomponi -
Children's Trimmed Hat, worth 12, for tl 00
Buy' Cloth, Velvet aiid l'lu-U Caps,
worth tl " ..! "SO;
Ladles' Trimmed tlais, worth ti 12 06
Lour Munti from We p
Oeirioh Tip, 3 in Bunob, from M 50e np
Biide, Win, Kanev Fi-ther, Feather
Baa etc.,atltill'niitil low I'rlcee
SvDon't Lose Yonr Chance. Remember
irom this day to January 1, 1887.
ear Bridal and Stonmlng- OulUta.
-Tbe finest assortment ol DOLLS in tht
a-Uats Reshaped, Featheri Cleaned, Dyed
f nd Curlod.
a-Uolden Hair Wash by the Small or Largs
308 Front St.
The Christian Brothers have the pleasure
of annonnoinst the completion of EXTEN
SIVE ADDITIONS to their College, whlek
they have provided with all seltet modern
improvements and conveniences, and they
are now enabled to aecommodate an in
oreaaed number of Boarders, Half Boarders
and Day Students.
For information concerning Tirms, Board,
Tuition, etc, see CaUlogue, er apply by mall
or in person to
Of Interest to Ladies
IT will be money saved to any lady con
templating tho puroliase ol aBewmu-Ma-obine
iu tho next uir ety days to ' otl nnd get
prices o) ttie liii?ht-Runnina ! noma!
and see their la'est iimirovement, the Auto
niutin Bohhin Winder, which plaoea the
NW HO.HK several years ahead of any
machine now in the market. J ,
Now Homo Sewing-MachincXo.,
4H ajor'ti S'owrt Street.
Wholesale and Retail
78 Second Street,
McLemore avenue, near State Female
UOltege. IIS pruponj. wmi
wood, the most attractive and trowing sub-
1 LI- ...l.ia rt Awa aa it fat el M
U"0 Ol OTUlmtB VWUIBW UI uv auiw. wa
vroDnd unfurptvited for heaJthtalneBf and
ty ol forest and fruit tre-i, ornamental tree
ana gnruDDery; a iwoswrj niuouu" &
pris'nfr vcu i uuuiaj uu rcuinuM v .
with ami) to supply of oloietti also, kitoben
iervanU room, stable, oar i age hoaio, coal
and poultry nouse ana eevorai wmwi y-
,1 i i a. J atwifl ak. njaain
brick-walled well with fixtures as a deposi
tory lor milk. butUr, tresh uscaU. ate. ton-Tenit-nt
aooM to the ety h street nr- and
turnpike, withexemption from oity taxes.
1 ll ayu.XtA 17 eta tnawtl t aVHIllV
a my offloe, No. 6 Madison st , r toleijhone
No (169. J. W. CLAPP.
hTinCmioh.IlronoWIItlmia.IllIirtl)Bt Ul
IstKIff'a TONIO without Oolny. It has enve
.iue wonXSJi and Is die lt rmtr for a
fractions of the thnatt and hingil, and dliwiuK artpta
Em Impure blood and ihaatloo. The fwhlo and ilol
unrllnff aminat dlteaM, and kmj diiflinff Ut
TOVBwlll In inotoairooTrr their huMn by tuetliru
aaofPAasaa'a Tonic, but delar UdaniroriMia TiUta
k ttma, Ourwe when all el-a failR. (li.1 new Mleaa
taaiitt to the agae anAiaurat, 1 at Praggiala.
Boiler Works.
HO, H2, 144 Front, Memphis.
la the Booth, and he only eompleie.
Boiler and Sheet-Iron Works n tbe eitf.
slanahtlartrs or Heavy Plate Ir.
w... A. . & . . w deM.rl.1l0n. Bnaoial
attentioa a-lv.n tojolanjation work.
Practical Pianomakerg
and Repalrera r Plaaoa, Oraaae,
And Musinal Instrument! Generally.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
2 IS Slain Nt., SSentpkla, Touu
a sew ttuFPLT or

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