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Ii fa receipt of a larger,
tun,) tbaa was aver shown ia tbis market. Tho
rock ctasprlsei tba choicest
14 raoit da rattle goods In gentlemen's wear.
W Sample and Price
who Vi.it left measure.
w Stock Open for Inspection
WE wool J rcfontfnUy announce toth public that wo have oported an Aootinn Honre,
and will conduetthe (leneral Auction Business, at oar ola stand, its lHin
- -Mtretet, in the Welitt-r B.uck. Hitvina secured t.io eervioet of M,.j. J. R. McDON ALD, the
well known Auelion Salomon, who baa a long expert' e In the auotion hnsiocas, we aro
prepared to make sa'e at HKSiDBN' K8 or h I OlttliOUSES, aud will pay particular atten
tion to the sale of Knl Estate and solicit a liberal patronage, as our motto I QUICK 8A LKd
and PROM FT SET TLKM KNTd Wo will make special rates with Attornon, Adminia
tratora, Assignees, Sheriffs. Commitsloners and Outrdians. ISalea at our Salesrooms daily
at lOo'elook a.m and at 7 o'elook p tn., and Trade Saes onoa a woek. the day to be an
nonnoed hereafter. Consignment! ot Merchandise of every kind so'icited.
N. ItOTUUI-F V tO., LiieuMed Auctioneer.
J. R. McDONALD. elamn.
una ween ana eela'dav ntatinee Keinn.
ning Monday, A vstsnber lOtn The
Distinguished American Aotre s,
Tuesday aud Wednesday evenings,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings,
, By Clinton Stuart, Ksq.
Superb cast Costumes by Worth.
Ortid Mmlree Saturday.
Monday, Nit. 22-BMMA AiiBuTT GRAND
OPERA 0 l.
Open Daily (rem 1 antil 10:30 n.m.
Open S iturdaya iron- 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Engagement Extraordinary Thit Week. See
And a boat ol other Wonders.
Talonted Star Artiats-.
l(is ADM. S ION TO ALL lOe
Referred Seata in the Theatrr, 10j Extra.
Royal Museum of Anatomy
Will open TOMORROW, at 07 Main
fttrfet. inr a. .hnt-t tin.
The finest and motcoinplete collection of
Aoaiomicw iitnaeis mat baa ever been plaoed
oetore me punuo
Wn reproductions of the mod noted his
torical characters of he world.
A moral, entertaining and instructing ex-
moitton, proiemng me distinctive euarac
ter nf a gret puhlio ln-t'uotor.
OPEN DAILY From 8a m. tolOn.ra. fnr
(ients. FnIDY, from 1 to 8 p.m.. for La-
lieB. Anmi-ainn, cent
KATIE HDSKLI.-Pleaewrit to yrur
on KKNK M. H.. Wemiliis. Tenn.
(lAlL AT 193 DEHOlO hTHEKT and hava
an clngant drets male to' 85. Hhort
raps and totting and fitting Ladies'
Dresses a speHaMy-
r e r uo
K A uaUIULL to w-ather su
VJ your doors and windows There is tnlii
aomtortand economy in this,
ond and Madison str'as
Corner Seo
HR J. D. VV lill K 24;; Main, cor,
is son st.
(IfBup tolonhone Bill; residence 68
Luisir.KWB euut and repaired and war
' ranted. Inventor nf the Sanitary Port-
ianu uemenc rump, tionrrartiir and briok
lavfr. Tlonbonm8. THOS OUBRINS.
BEAUTIFUL HOME-Thret miles from
t oity, on Poplar at., cor. Trexevnnt avo.,
33t aeroe, 8 aero grove, re t under plow.
Inquire at 478 Xn.in pp avenue
' Km35 Ml'sips'ppi avetfne.
Ixty donh'ej
J school deeki, r-olld cherry,
raat lramcs,
good eondition. Call, or add-eas
A. J. PTKELE, 2l Orleans st.
ce that post fm. Address P. 0. Box 18.
GROCERY STORE-Stook and fixtures,
at i oad stand, dning good raying busi
ness. Cheap to qaiek ptirchaer.
H. B. CULLES, 4 Madison it.
ATA BA RO A IK A good paying German
Boardinghouse In Helena, Ark., owner
Wiihing to retire. For further particulars,
Inquireat BHUNER'S. in Helena. Ark.
ITZFELD'S Oil, Fluid and Oas Stoves,
ior ngnt ponseaeeping, rsi woeond t.
FEW HeatlogStovea. second hand, good
as new, iheap. UlTZFii,LD,2J3 Seoond.
Addrcaa W.t this office.
LOT Ohoio Fort Pickering lot; no oity
taxes. DR. H1N8QN, 279 Main et.
FRAME Cottage, on cor. Rayburn av. and
Georgia st. ; lot 65x170, with a hnuso of 6
rooms, in good order. Thit ia a ohoice pieoa
of property, and ean be purchased on easy
monthly payment by payinir part cash. Ap
ply Minter Parker or A.J. Martin, 2HH Main.
PLANTATION-On the Arkansas River,
Linoala County 300 acret in high state
Mif eultivat'en; liMOacreain tract; well im-
?roTed ; steam gin, 2 lane barns. 21 good oab
nl and bandorae dwelling, 7 roorxs, wiib 20
oral lawn in front. Liberal terms. Apply to
872 and X74 Front street, Memphis,
r 3. G UAPRKTT. Sarasia, Ark.
HITZFaLD'8 Oil, Vapor and Gat Stores
for light honaekeeping. 2iW Second 8t.
6 Washington
J.' Uand xTesa. fnr
nine-enlumn oaueri
..good as new.
nquire at No. 37 Union st.
. A. Jones A Co. 'a., nnt nic ventla
kaggy MAKE that ana tadv can driva
yr riae periaoiiysare.
EESlDBNCB-Not. 86 and 88 Market St.;
in good repair t lot f7y,iHi. Apply to
11. 0. KENN BDV. 47H Mosby St.
J little ased, and in good condition. Ap.
THE leasa and flxturet of the St. El no
Hotel, Meridian, Mist, Twenty-Ova
TjommodloQS rooms, within threa minutes
walk at the Union Depot; large sample
room oa tba street next door i now doing a
good batinast and popular. Can be bad at a
bargain if applied for within the next thirty
tays. Apply to Charles Elmire, proprietor,
ieridlan, Mies.
OLD MATERIAL In tba storehouses and
Senate Building, occupied by B. Lnw-
anstein k Dre
must be removed at onoa.
Apply to
JOHN HKIU, Builder.
NEAT COTTAGE Of six rooms, and lot
20(1x44, 64 Dean avenue. Inquire on
pre a.es
"UEAP one seoond-haad RuCKaWAY,
.i noariy as good aa new, at 101 Unii n St.
ClfiDAK I-ENV:tN P0.Vf8-For sale by
W. R. LAHKIN. Laralnsvllle. Ala.
one thorouhbred Running Uore: foe
ta. Ono Trotlina Ilcrei feo, J10. One Jer
sey BulltfM, K.fiO Fog Sati-30 Humes,
3 Milch Cows, 11 bead Butcher Csttle, I'oa
oocVs and Newfou-dland Puna. Horses on
PMtnra, 16 per month ; Texas hordes, loc per
.'it. 'f:atbona JUBEPU LUKiiKi', 862.
wore varied and better se
tills leasoa'i lai porta.
designs, Dntst textured
oa application to those
rpABLE BOARD Tho bcJttho market af-
J- lords, At Hi CPU Hi ril KKEr.
XTHWLY furnisbed front room, with aIa.
i-i gant bjard, tor tingle gentlemen: 87
Crurt street.
XI hoard, at b.I AUAMS 1ST.
X1 At 117 Linden street
O Rooms, with or withoot board
ROOMS Desirable rooms, with board,
AU9 Market street
TyURNISHED RO MS-Wth or without
i. board ; table boarders warted ; 12! Court
DESIRABLE ROOMS-With baard, at
OOOMS-Furnished, with board,
J-i At ftHl Shelby ttreet.
ROOMS-Pleasant fnrnUhd rooms, with
board, for ladios or ircntlen en. Terms
very reasonable.
."V.12 Court Extended.
OEAU1IFUL front rooms, ainirla or an
JL) suito, furnirhed or unfurnished, with or
without oo.Tn ; orerroorn. n4 im"ouTtr.
TV If ULE e n nicht of Nov. nth. one mule
-ivi. saddle and bridle. Owner can have
tame by proving property and pay id
ohargos. E. KKCK,
at P taMe on Second street.
Vf ULE - Owner can have same by proving
--a- proporiy nnfi pnvtng cnarfc-es
. MPKI,I MAN '! Vtnfur.r, .f
TXTAOuN A snnd second-band two-horsa
v wagon. Apn'vat
ERMAN GIRT-ForgsnrTal housework.
Apu'y at :H5 Pi p'ar street.
farm by an eipenut ci'd and trustworthy
man ; win tune lutercxt in cron icr pay Ad
d'e-a JOSKPH. this nflico.
A GFNTS-To travel and el! flrst-riass
Machinery. Ad 'ro-t 01 A'shima st.
To put on Goto Lutohes.
Inquire at IftO Third street.
-1- and chambr-roiaid Keforonce roriuirod.
22 Thi-d rtroe'.
GOOD BOO K -K REPE R-To go to the coun
try; a aryl"i. Mutt he borear, capa
lie and sober. Young unmarried man pre
(erred. Apply, wi u references, at thit
omce, H. It
O (. P , 'bi office.
LPLAT Or part of a residence (three or
L' four rooms), in good neishborbood. for
erences exchanged. Ad. C. 11. T..tbis effice
SITU ATION-By a thorough and energetio
business man, ravinr had an experienca
or cweoty years in the eotton business in this
oity ai.d in New Or.aant. Addres
R.. tri is office.
SALESMEN Three experienced dry.'gaoda
talesmen; no other lead apply at
WHITE GIRIj 4g Cook. Call Immedi
atelv at iff Monroe St. Mrs. W. 8. Bruce.
IMMEDIATELY A diningroom boy,
At 72 Madison t.
THE IADTF8 To know they can learn to
cut and flr their own rlresio), by oallinr
at No 191 Desoto ttrtet. simple, easily
learned, cheap
COMPETENT NURSK-To tube aire f a
babt. A pnly at 200 Adams street. Ael
erence reqnired.
POSfTION-By a fractical farmer of seve
ral years' experi. nca in farming and
management ot labor, at Manager ou eotton
plantation; satisfactory references given.
Address M., 57 Linden street.
TWOSALESMEN-Tose 1 our lino of Em
broideries to first-class trade in Tennes
see and Arkansas on commission. Can bo
oarried aa a tide line. AddreBs, with refer
6110, 602 and 604 Washington Ave., St. Lonil.
-sv Apply at 85 Beale straot
Onfi TEAMS At $4 per rta; 100 Drivert
fi KJyJ at 810 i er day. py every Satur
day night. 200 S'ation Moo; will pay from
12 to 17 cents per yard. Beit work on the
levee; no root"; no grabbing; all naw work
infields. Ho'dampa. I'q'ilreof
F. A.JONES A CO.. 61 Monroe ttreet,
or on works of Forrest A Co.. Austin, Mirs.
fJALEBMKN In every Stat in the (i ion
D torenrosent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
SrtouLTiaa that are popular and easy sell
ing. Can ba handled alona or in connection
with other roods. Address THE WM. B.
A ; Chambers Housa.
GOOD Colored Chambermaid,
At 72 Madii
son ttreet.
C100K Good first-nlatt oook at Seo-
ond ttreet. np-stairs.
EOOMS Two or three unfurnished roomt
by two persons. Apply at Schilling'l
i,oruingnonBg, nuimg atreet.
In every town to tell Pianot
Xi and Oraant
nuuun A CO.. MempB't.
T"IAY BOARDERS Or w.hn,,t.ma.
J At VI Fast Court street.
kj oraer in Dell styles at
ROOMS-Well tarnished roomi," No.
Linden etrer.
4 AN Aa intelligent.earnest man to rep-
resent, tn his own loc&lit. . Inrae re
sponsible house. A remunerative salary to
riaht party. Steady position References
excnanirsd. American Menu fact
16 Darclay St., N. Y
1(W1 LUS. FKATUERS Hit best caU
IV) 'J prme inid by HA BAY, Memphis.
liAVf.RYr.UUY TO KNow-Tbat 1 wil
JLli FILL TEETH WITH noi.il for the
next thirty dtyt for It W.
243 Mail sreet.
A SlLVitK-
-For ' aiin or ex
w. . . o4 v n n
f ahtTI fra
viti.vimn. t,
Uold reus at MuIford'H.
h 1 .
' f TH"
Which Ik Adjourned Oat or Renpect
to His Prcienco Are We In
Texas or Tennessee f
Jtit'es Hadtlen, Prefidcnt of tbo Tux
ins Dia rxt, will be cuiltd upon todar
to dtc d a qaef tion that will prob-
ably at Mia ce; vo k8 it bas never been
tnted befme. No one ho knowa ti e
e'ear beaded euticratcl tbe Taxing
Dihtrict questions for a moment hie
teraonal coivaiTH or tbe ttiict 89uee o
jrs'ice w.th which be proriJea over
toe rouce uourt. Today, however, ba
Will ba ennf omed with a state cf facta
new to him. He wi l have before him
a terror, a man of admitted deeperaie
character, and one who ia aaid to have
killed lua man on several occaaions.
Tbe officers of the law bave a wbole
eeme regard for him, and do cot care
to handle Lira singly. lie gen
erally carries a "gnn, and when
uod.tr the it.il it-Doe of liq-ir
ia not aveiee to us'nn: it. He
is known as b'qnire Cili, and la said to
reside a f w in lee from town on the
Horn Luke load. He is the hero of
maoy a desperate ore mater, and was
two ytars or mere ruo on trial for c ir
ryiuii concealed weapons, but nuthitig
came oi it. tie bas uetied the law fro.
qtientlv, it appears, a'.d lucceeefully,
too. It remains to be seen whe'her
thertt ia justice eoouuh in thh
District to pnniih hia latest
(soapade aa it d-sarves. Ariout
two mottha ego, it rpp'arn, that
two Vila' k 8''Oun(lrhU Lante.l Jack and
Wm. Butler, reppec'ivtly father and
snn, weie arrte'td on thecmipl.inf
ol Peter Hooper, a tfRnncUble and
law abidirg Grruian citizen, charging
them witn the la'teny of a hog, as
sault and battery and attempr. ti cini'
mit murder. I' Brnis that Jack But
ler etole Hiopirs hog, and when the
latter went to liutler's honse ts nearch
for it, William, Die father, drew a
shotgun on h m and persuaded him to
ab'upily termina'e hn researches. A
warrant was sworn rut September 0th
for tbe arrest of the But'er.', but owing
to the iuterftrrnce of "Sq lira CjIo" it
wan never seiveu until yesterday.
YoMerday, before Justice Fleming,
the tiial began. Squire Cole and bis
two proteuee, tbe e dtr and younger
Bulk ra, were pres-nr, as was Peter
H'oper, the pro ec a tor.
Mr. A. K. ilatcock, an attorcey at
low, eeainet wocm equire Uoin is
kown to bave an old e nduo, conduct
ed the proeecuiirrn. Mi. Hancr.ck,
when interviewed by an Appbal re
porter last night, ea'd:"I was engrged
m tbe cse to prosecuta toe Js itit-rs.
1'om Cole tame into court, appaieutlv
under the ir lluence rf liquor. He
conttactly inteirapted the proceedings
and drew hia phtol, which dropped
from bis bands on the floor. When
remonstrated with by the Court be
made use of each expressions as "You
can't an est me," "lio on with your
rat killing," etc., and be kept on in
tbis way until I raw that be was in
timidating the witnfSHFS and every
body elae, ao I moved tbe court to ad
jonrn, which wbn done accotdirgly.
Afterward soTiebody telephoned for
the police and Cpt. Hackelt and three
do; icemen came and took Squire Cole
into custody."
8o it appears that the place of all
ethers where life and libarty are con
sider, d safest was invadtd by a des
perado and tbe administration of just
ice ptpor.e l until it pleased Mr
Cole to allow the me jpety of the law
to Bfsert, itself. Tnete are the plain
fr c's. Makirg every nllowancti for ex
aggerated etatements, there ia pii
doubt tiiat Cole appealed in a place
over which the majeoty of the lsw ex
tends i'n protecting arms, that Le
came tbe e armed and dra croud tho
tsmple of Justice by Lis lawlet's con
duct. There can ba no dispute about
the flic's A d z'ii wi'no e a will
swear ti them. It remait s to be teen
whethor (hot soitof thing enn be df ne
with imnnnitv In the cliv of Memuh a
simply because the perpetrator is a
bid man and a desperado. Tbe pub
lic will await tho iesne with anxiety,
but with confidence that justice will
ba done without regard to cons dota
tions of personal safety.
Since tbe above was written it bas
ben brought to light that C.de ia
a depu y sheriff. This only adds o
the enormity of his offense. He
should ba stripped of his commission,
as we 1 as sent to j di.
t'iret Prortnctlon T Cllttloti Via.
I s -rallbful llcana."
A very good houce laat night greeted
with (spatial warmth the fi st pro
duction of Clinton Stnar 'a new so
ciety drama, Failliful Htartt. Every
sctno was applauded, many of tba
situations with especial emphasis, the
players being called before the curtain
at the clote of every act. Judged,
therefore, by the public verdict the
play is a marked success. Tbe follow
ing is tbe cast:
Andre Lefevre - Mr. Frank Lose
Joan Badel........... Mr. Henry Holland
David Cnaruet Mr. J. H. Fits Patriok
MonsMondan Burr W. Mcintosh
Gorome Chat. W. Allison
Monsieur Noel ...Joseph Conyert
Servant Geo. W. BUoart
Lucille Charaet - Mist Lilla Vune
Pauleite Auxpoix Mist Ethel Greybreoko
Ernestine .....Mrs. E. L. Fernandas
Madame Duluo Miss Virginia Th"rre
laithfulHeartt in a play of many and
decided merits. Its dialogue is spark
ling, crisp, apposite and quickening.
mere is not a uun word in it. The
lines th at "Lefevre"peake'for laborers
deep with s mpatby, ai.d those by the
poet, "Bidei," of spring, with iti loveli
ness of awakening nature, are fnll of
tender and pathetic sentiment. They
were quick y taken by tbe aud enco.
and the re;u t was a promptly hearty
response. The four acts are toe nicely
ariaoged sequence oi the story of two
faithful hearts. In the first we are in
troduced to "Madeleine's" home at
Fontainebleau, where the plot of the
p'ay is developed with much of dra
matic skill. Here we learn that
"Madeleine" his been married to
brute who takFa ber to England and
there, after a time, has it given out
that be bai committed suicide. Be
lieving tbis to be so, and flndir g her
self free, she accepts the attentions of
Leievie. an loven'or and compatriot,
whom she eventnally marries in ac
cordance with Eieiiuh law. A few
years of hsppinessate permitted ber by
fate wben ihe dead comas to life,claims
her as his own, but ia willing to re
lea'e her for a prico, which is paid,
atid he goes ont of her lib, but loaves
a memory behind to haunt her and
provj at last the cup of 1 ittertesa
"Lefevre" ia his absorption by an in
vention ge's very cl;sa to bankruptcy,
end B-ta no way t3 escape it
lie is in dtspair when "Obaruet"
mukesan appointment to meet him
at "Madeleine's," which he snppo-es
to be a bache or hnrne. To this ap
pointment the binker alaobriogs his
daugl .ter "Lneille," whom he proposes
to marry to "Lftvie" and thus cancel
the lat'er's bond of debt and help to
u lo.ne political
' who believes her-
advaucH bimsHlf
schemes. "Lucille,''
self to be in loveVftt.
; Let vre," s
ends her fa'her'a on
- uuu,. i. .-u awakened
third act she ih "U.r'Bl"
from i his deem .-ly " "MMdV
who fa ih get-en ua friend" m . ,'
leine." She th-n b. cows tt
aid of th pret iu h e o kof im.
'L-fovre" and "AlHd 1 ine" ,'r
aft'-r a brief and egan ,iag sepirafa j
and in the f M'tti net g v.s prict.Vk
proof ihat the is r al y :igiod atgl-Jhy
exoendi"g sirue ol n -r own f rtuietrt
eavirg "Lefovre," to whom she
Btirtetidets all claim, and takes
"Ba lnl", for buobai d, thus making
for "Ma leleinb" the i pp t.tu-.i'y rthe
has prayed for of Sua: reconciliation
wiih the man she bas lov d s devott il
ly and for whom eh had m -da si
rmny generous eacrifices la this
b'ief recital of the plot there is but a
bare idea conveyed of tbe nice and
intereeting involvement out of which
ao delightful a denouemrnt is reached.
For a satisfying real zition of It we
must refer our readers lo the stair-.
There last nigbtit was .an folded with
charming and delightful effec a
by a company who;e s'rength
it makes demands upon that aro veiy
happily met Miss Forsyth cever ap
peared to better aivautave on this
stage than aa "Maddleine." It is a
charae'er admirably adapted to her
qualities es an so'iesa. and proves her
power adt qua'ely touep'et deep fed
iog, tandttr love aud ab-nrbiog aud slf-
denying dsvotion. - ' Li t 'vre" wis ad
mirably portrayed by Mr l.osee.
though now and t -en he w inid
ontruoe a too . met tir ini manner
that br,;ke a liltla ra-ri-ty nimn ih
tone and color of the dt.irni, w icli
are of subdued Inteneti y. Mr. Hol
land a 1 Ba 'el was qui'e t' e c m
plement cf Miss Van-'a "Lucille,"
which was aftlttus, fall i f tenderness
dashed witlr coquetry an I overlaid by
the generosity ;f a m b!o tia'ure.
Nothing could be moro r n isliit tnnn
her scenes witl "Bade, in the 'Mid
act, in which he gives a nnch of his
poetic power and she uncivers the
strength of a hi'srt thht is easily
moveu oy sunning ami la respon
sive to every opportuni y and In
centive for chantab'e deedi. Her
figure, ber face, her ai tiers gtace, and
her soft, sweet voice, ell couByired to
renceal an - art es simple as nature
itself. Holland's 1 Badel" was in many
respecta tbe b'eit drawn of all the
characters. His manrer end spirit
were very persaaBive, and his wit and
repartee a tl: e fleet to the eirtulitv
anil treed r.i. tt o grasping, old cur-
muigeon, "Una utt. it was as
light to darkutes. Mr. Holland, in
this character, Lvs fill play
for the ext'etru' f mood
which he knows a .-'l bow
to portray, Intervri-vea wi h i caitty
and inaoucience tht r was a 'h nad of
serious manlint", rnd hm p ,ii.; tem
perament wes not w'tliour, a ie wen of
tho practical, aa when h "'i;g-iedtlie
foundation cf ''Charu tV futuno in
the systematic robbery of Lis father,
wbosa bookkeeper he had been. And
in the third act. wben he begins his de
nunciation ol tho old binkor with the
word "scoundrel" it is pitched in a kev
so dramatic as to startle the audience,
U9t as his d"l very ot tbe linos on
spring melt it almon to teaiB. It is
not an ii jtiati'H to 't o nthrr piavorn
i say liiat. Miss forsyth excepted.
Miss Vane and Mr. Holland's were tba
special euccet.8s of a very fueceeeful
pe'Iormnnce. Mies tthel tireybrooke,
who ai "Pau'ette" hod little to do,
and that all crowded into a f j'v tn
ments in the third ect, was chatacter-
tid ny a sua anatdon, and "calked
horse" with something like the ease of
one who waa used to it. Her little
scene with Lucille" and "Eimatiue"
vaj a nice and well planned break id
the more eerious buaicecs of ti e
second and the culminrion of
tho third act. The otbor charac
ters were well takeu, that tf
Chaiuet" especially, which wes
played by Mr. Fits Pattich, who fliet
came hi f ire the Memphis pu'ilic sime
yeais ag ias a member ol the wynii-
hum Comedy Company, ard thtn, as
now, ei j iyed the reputation tf being
painetaaing actor. Ire s tilngi
were ail that the liiii'ttd prjper-
ies of the theater would
permit. but the diessea of
the ladies eeppcially, in tho third act
were r cn, r anttsome and eiyiish. 'JI
Fa lhlui Heartt it may t'lithfiilly he
eaid that it is a play of decidt d merit,
aud it ia eqnally safe to predict that it
Utfbiineu to win tho public ltvor
everywhere that it is presented. It is
well c instructed aa to plot, ana. as we
have said, the dialogue is infused by a
pint mat is an animating pur-
pore to the actor. The second act
though quite s rong. is perhaps t o
short, and it nerds tie continuous
urn of the machinery with an occa
sional s actato by tbe anvils to satisfy
the Imagination of the audience. The
closing scene of the Inst act is, too, a
little abrupt, considering tbe series of
painful events that lead up to it. Cut
this notwi hstandiog, Faithful Heartt
tikes iis place as one of the dramatic
successes of the teason and
one upon which we hearlily congratu
late toe autbor, Mr. Ciintnn btuart,
who fully deserved the ova ion of ap-
plaure that greeted him at the close of
tbe tbird act, when he was called for
and modestly bowed bis thanks from
tke box w hich he had occupied during
the early part o' th evening.
The Abbott Seaaots.
The Abbott seasin gives promise of
being unusually interesting and en
joyable, the repertory announced con
taining several novelties that cannot
fail to draw out crowded houses. The,
Mikado has never really had a good
representation in Memphis, and ss
Emma Abbott produces it on a really
e egant scale, with every accessory of
Japanese costume of (ilk and satin
handsomely embroidered, and stage
setting snd properties appropriate and
ctnctly Jaoacese, and aa "Yum-Yum"
la supported by all her leading arista
in tbe vaiiojiis roles, the production
on Monday and Saturday will be
largely attended and ctnnot fail to
prove intensely enjoyable. Lueretia
Boryia is tbe most beautiful of Doni
zetti s works; it abounds in grand
arias of great btilliancy, and gives tbe
prima donna a rare chance to dieplay
the phenomenal flexibility and high
qualities of her will and to exhibit all
the dramatio power ol which she is
capable. Emma Abbott will costume
tbe charac er historically accurate and
elegantly, and certainly deserves much
credit lor prerenting this grand opera
in English with such complete suc
cess. Critpino, the comic opera, is
one of the most brilliant ol its kind,
full of witty dialogue, amusing situa
tions, and charmim? music Tbe other
rperas are all intereeting and will com
plete a gala week f ir Memphis.
They Are Hot Horry.
There is one thine nobody ever re
grets that ie, the day they firet adopt
ed Parker'a Tonic as their regular fain
ily medicine. Its range is so wide
and its good effects no sure, that noth
iug elrte, except good nuraing, ar
needed in a great majority of caaei
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise l-nm na.
Fine J cwt'lrj nt Malford'a
. THE tlTl FATHEfiS.
ISW '1 HE tail EE IS,
Hoh nitliGjs aud tlcctrlclty The
Mississippi and To'inesaen Wnuts
tlll0 Brendma) Pie.
The Lagi la ive Ccuncil met at
o inora p.m. esienlHv,
ilo mi. mat ot Henry Gui-n
. upu uon a p ank s dewalk
lun rouiu wuoot tt. Paul Btreet
fron. u.lt",ns wMtKmley stref ts, waa
grant 1 rB I1BXl 'Vt-tif!.
Ti ol'owiu aplicition froa ta
MiH3iv pi aD , lonn.,ee railroad for
. K V BJnrg Broadwav nrr.
was read au d re'erred to the couimit
tes having k c.L'e. ,,ue of the
right away of Aiempnisaud Lcn
Mountain rtrlrt.
TothairnnorahlaU hi,kivf.CouelI0''
Txinu ni.rri..i t' a ao' bounty. Tenn:
Your pstit ooer, t. Misaiaeirpl ard
Tennefsee Railroad . -ompiny, would
show to your honorabL b .! tliat tLii
railroad baa been rccentl itcarpoiat d
in interot and tradid '"ngt menU
with the Itllro.s Central K inoad sya
t"m and nee-ls available c nneoiiona
with the Bild Knnb and kMerapl,is
branch cf ihe Iron Mountain h''Oid
system now about to be inangOr'tfed
to practical reality. To- accoin'tsti
tlrs connection your retitianer nev'la
right of way for a eing'o track of. t ts
r ad along a poitiou of Broadway
etrei-t. The do.-igrat d routii
iiicludea a connretion wiih
bo Met iphis and Charleston railroad,
or the East Teunessoe, Viiftiti'a end
Weorg'a system, which Is e tstnt al to
the I usiciO'B i.iter.'t (f tho ra lway
system towl ich your petitiouer be
longs. ISaid right nf way, route to
curve from the main tiack of petition
er's railroad or any of its side tracks,
n the west aids ef the prosont depot
grounds, crnssiegCaroliua and K ghth
Btreet (cow called Texas avenu) and
crossing the tracks of. the LnnsvilU,
New O. leans aud Tcxhb railrt ad into
Broadway Btreet and tht noe weetward
a'ong Broaiway lo a connection with
said branch of tho Iron Alouutnin
rai road, and another track from its
main linn eastwardly into at d a'ong
Broadway, crossing Main, Carolina and
Ninth parallel to Ihe granted right
of way of the raid Iron Mountain
branctt railroad to a connection with
the Memphis and Charleston railroad
at crt etr Mclioe'a S'ation, with right
to cross intervening strems and alleys.
Said right of way to b do-tignated and
located by the Chief E igu eer of the
Taxing Ditttict. Ynnr petitioner bo
lievts tha' the Ill'nols Central system
is equally important ti the commer
cial mteres's of your city aa sny other
railroad system centering in tbe sam,
and that taclities lor commercial in
terccurse with the country tributary
to said system is all important to its
commercial prosperity.
By F. M. Want, President.
xsius tor lighting toe ttreet were
read from the Memphis llaellght Com
any, the Thorn paon-Uoustin Electric
light Company and tho Brush Elec
tric Light and Power C mpmy. Tbe
former company rflered to furnijh
sny numher nf lighte, from 1 to ; 0, of
'JOCK) cardie power, at the rate ol $18
ptr month for tach ligtit- l or on
word of 30 lights and has than 40, $10
per mon'b. Ilin liiusti Uotnpa
made a eimllar offer, excnpl thai for
lamps in excera of 30, they would
charge $10 per month each. Ordered
that the inater of street lighting by
electricity barnferred to the President
of the Taxing Dibtiict with powtr to
rue next matter u sansafd was
lighting the streets with gas. The
bids of the Memphis tiasiight Com
pany were rood, as lollowe:
l. nor jigiiiin tue puoiic street
lamps with gas, exclusive of the furn
iehing of the tips and gears and the
service of washing and lighting, the
hurners not to exceed o liot per hour,
$1 25 per lamp pott per month.
2. For the same at rv ice aa the above,
including the furnishing of tips and
stare, end the forvice of washing and
lighting, $1 7d per lamp post per
The foregoing proportions are to be
undt rrtooil as applying only to nights
where there is no moon according to
calendar, or durirg the same hours
hereto ore observed ny the company
in lighting tbe city, and it is not con
templated by the company to furnish
glam for keeping lamps in order.
Ordered, That the mat'erof lighting
the streets with gas be referred to the
President, to agree upon and report a
contract for ratification by the Council.
Cthanocrv Conrl Bllcl, Chancellor.
The following decree waa made by
Chancellor Ellett yesterday morniox;
Parocsykvs Roceo, final; 8ute va
Breckham, dis. lot 7, O. L. 474; Stats
va txhabel, sale; State vs Kennedy,
sale; State vs Smith, sale confirmed;
J State vs Burns, die. lots 63, 64 and 65;
State vs Sim, sale confirmed ; Bedford
vs Waldran, title to Urosvenor; Bod
ford vs Waldrao, dis. ; Brown vs Lan
sing, ho re facUe; Uodnin vs Todd,
8b e; U'.igbes va lay.o', tide to Cham
bers; Morrow vs Faim, aeito taxts;
State vs Guion, correction; State va
city, correc ion; State va Butler, open
ing biddings; State vs Smith, die.
Strathom; ttate vs Hogan, dis. lots 6
and 6, 3, 4 and 20; State va Hchuler,
dis. lot 2, blk 4; fcUte vs Fleece, dia,
lot 0, blk 10; Stale vs Fierce, dis. lots
30. 31 and 32; Selby va Uollingswortb,
title to Kibh.
Clrenll C'onrt-Eatoa, Jadg-e.
The case of Lagrill vs Shaw, involv
ing damages for mnlpract ce, will be
concluded today. The following ia to
day's calendar: Ncs. 8756, U. S. Rog
enon vs O. B., B'yan et al; U017,
Amelia Johnson vs Tom B own; 8211,
L. B. Eaton vs Matilda Sledge et al ;
8630, A. 11. Kortrecht et al vs H. M.
Hcbreyer; , N. O. Nelson Manu
facturing Company vs A.LagomarsIno;
8617, Elien F. Hoist vs John D bparka
etal; 8757.Cbarlea Mavdwell vsO. B.
Bryan et al ; 8751), W. L Crowson va
John B. Hill; 8760, George Campbell
vs Taxing District: 8703, Sara Lauder
dale vs Taxing District; 8781, Bowl
ing, Jones & Co. vs J. H. Rice; 8855,
Chris Hicks vs Kansas City, Spring
field and Memphis Railroad Company ;
8862, T. C Jordan vs Memphis and
Charleston Railroad Company; 8864,
Francis Rodgsrs vs Chesapeake, Ohio
and bouthwes ern Railroad Company;
8865, Thomas Kelly vs Alston Boyd.
Criminal Court- Da Boaf , Jartce.
The case of the State va Elick and
Solomon Jones, for cotton stealing,
was given to the jury at 11 :15 o'tl ck
today, and a verdict of guilty ren
dered. They were sentenced to four
years in the penitentiary apiice.
Dlauioudsjat Slulfortl'jr.
Snbscrlbe for the Appeal."
Fine Watch Repairing, Mulford'a.
aa Bs . "
Tailor and Importer. I
Tim wtm" mm ottliVw1"M''k''1' " - 5?
VlaTiiiin.. . " "'"i VTkHM41 IN.tl AIVIS VIM r H
Cor. Siconrj md J.ffirton
rialol Hltola on Board Ihe Uj la
Just after the stoimer Will S. Hays
had backed oat from h (IV ninnrin.v nt
.1. - . t i-i . . - --.w..,fccl .
mo lO'H Ol U mrt Stroet. a itt is
o'clock yestonlay evening, four dis
tinct pistol Bhoht were hoard 1 n.r.
sons who happened to ba oa the levee
at that time. J he aho's w.no van .n-
tmetand were seeaoingly fl ed on the
ower deck of tho Hnys. Officer D tl-
las Lee, who riuis tlte riVtT hrAr. tvia
among those who hoiard tiieehots, and
he otatod loan Appeal mtvuta, i..t
night that he aw a ittaii run back on
tbe guards and f priug over the stero
railing it.to the r.vcr. He ituted
further ttiat when all thin nrrnrrf.,1
the llayi hud roituJwt arnf was head
iL'ir doau Htream. Further inquiry
fulled to p, to t nny othor iniornietion
than as stated above. tiina 2vQ laborers
took pajuuga u tho Hats yitetmd.tv
evonlng, and it mny be that a ime of
tnem got irto a (impute which wotutl
up ty tne Bluita btmg firod. Tlte oili
cur ib pcBtuve iriac lie saw a man
tpring overhnnrd, hut outside ol that
ne anew noM-.iug. What cau-eo' the
shots to be lircd canuot be told nutil
the Biutuior returns to this city.
Thk cotton iecdip:s were 5091 balor
Monkv is in autivj demacd et 8 per
No ( Uanoic la the corn market yes
terday. Whbat is Jo
and options.
higher both in cash
MiMPma cotton still firm nt 8 9 16o
for middling.
Tin cot'on sales yesterday amounted
to 4250 ba'es.
Memphis has a stock on hand of
132,937 bales.
Total receipts sines September 1ft,
270 8118 bales, aud the total shipments
lc0,640 bale.
New York spot", stoady, mid lling
8 916c, and futures quiet aud 2 to 3
points higher.
Naw Oui.ban8 spotB firm, middling
8e, and futuics steady and 2 tj 4
points higher.
ViiTORs on 'Changs yeaterd v : A.
B. T grett, Newborn ; J. A. Yeatts,
Bir'ningham, Ala.
Finances ur somewhat lighter,
owiug to inability of trunuporlation
lin s to move cottnn.
Provisions are slightly higher 7,o
per birrol nn pork, 2jc on lard and 5o
higher on clear rib sides.
I.ivkiu'ool spots dull In hnvem'
favor,, middling 5 3 J (id, and futures
s rong; govern he r-Docember, 5 1 fMd.
Tiik t itul ea'es at Memphis since
Beptemner 1, IHMj, to datn are 205,075
bales; the toial sales at New Orleans
to diiti are 203,450 balne, placing
Memphis ahnad cm sa'ea by 1625 hales.
Alinira Mnaori ti S 'phia Irwin, lot
3, on Maishull avenue, tf P. F.
Fraim property, frontieg 55 feet,
totilh Fide of above avenue; confuta
tion tlOOo.
W. ii. Bolhell, t u tee, deed to Mrs.
S. K. Lov. lots 100 and 107, Clav
hro! ke euhiliviaion, knnwvi bs Madi
son Highti ; consideration f-TiOO.
W. I). B-thell. trnstoe, deid '0 Mrs.
L. M. Gooilhar, lots 104 and 1(5, Clay
brotk'H euhili vieioD, kroanaa findi
con l(ights;cnaidetation$ 500.
P. P Fieenian et ux, died to M. E
I.ove one eighth inter. st in following:
Thri lote, 18 and 10, Claybro ka's
subdivision; els'1, another l it ebotit
1 arre, mcra or less, same subdivision ;
consideration (4616 SO.
D. F. Ja"kan et ux to W. L, Loh
man, 17 x75 feet west tide Davie ave
nu ; consideration $360.
P. J. Kelly et ux to C B. C earner.
block 3, luts 20 and 30, north side
Carolina street; consideration 11050, '
Nancy Hmitli to C. W. llelskill,
37x33 foal, west side Orleans strett;
c intiideratiou. J500,
T. 1) Cia.nh.ud'et ux to Mrs. B.
Hoffman, lot 12, D. O IVa'on'H rub
divis on ; consideration, $1389 67.
G W. Mosby et ux, trust deed to
W. B G issoi , trustee, to ocore A. J.
Knspp In tbe sum of $15, lot 102,
Lane's subdivision.
A. D. Diukersnn et nx o W. B.
Glies'-u, trustee, to iwcH'o A. J. Knapp
In ton sum ol f.ro, lot 104, Lone s
R. A. H' e'd et al lo F. A. Rose. 71
acres in Eighth Civil Dietr cr, Shelby
county; consideiation. $600.
F. A. K iee to U. IS. Eouliah, tros'ee.
to secure It. A. Sncad in thn sum of
$425, 71 acies, Eighth Civil District,
htin'liy county
Absolutely Pure.
This nowiler never vartet. A mtrvei Ol
purity, strenirtb and wrioleomena. More
economical thiiti the ordinary kinds, and
cannot be sol. I in competition with tho mul
titude of low test, short weight alum or
phosphate powders, Sot.n only in 01.11.
Itu x .tli on o. 1 n ' r,i vrj v'., ,
IK1 Wall .tret. M-w YotV.
MiiiiwrU'a, x4 Alaiu,
Mimph!t, Tana.
L. mK'M . ii sj MmmwnmrrrmKmmm
( v Wn. n Thnrsday, near neon, two cows;
hi 0 i ,.l"'k.wlt,,. or' hole in one
ear and slit and ho e in th. ,ul
HOKhE-Memphl., Tenn., No. 18. lasi
una bay korae, heavy, but ratber small.
abo.it tliioo years old. ilnder will 1 b, ra
waided by r.tu ning te
. crmcr Front and .lelf. ron streets.
MtlLR-Froiu my hctue,44a haudenlula
street, on qtinrid.. U.A...
larae brown horso iuue, with twosmall sores
on irlt side or Pack. A libera! rewatdfor
bis retarn to above numbtr
. w. I. MOkRKLL.
MULK-On i Wed no-day !, h'aok nara
miika, h-Miand. biab, cal nark under
u, i. o i riuo. w II pay reaurd
on her delivery at rtoifl's grocrn , nrnr ld
'j..r!,EL ..UKIMia mi.
l ULK-Fmm luyplaceia Fort Pickerint.
X'L on tbt V h maun It one so-r horsa
mule, ten ortwolve yctvaold. vTill pay a
liberal reward fr his letuvnto W. a. Faires'
tlable, iron Jtroet, or fur iaforraatlou U. at
will load to ujs recorcrr
TONY-Horrul'ptvny, wit whit-r spot oa
. forehead. iBilnr will he rewarded by
returning hi in to S. Jacobs. I j Mnnrrtenrreet
:yi uuiva vu tne niani oi out. ihi, .i luilet
. ... u, v...ii.rvwir, .-niusa niaraaiulesi
,...,.ui iimr run ma, II good fix and
iriinmen up, witn little white spot under
, omor, nn or iwere eai-i old,
rouiih, and not so wall trimmed, lteward;
lor Information, or f rcura of luules to J. W.
loutig, .Mempiifi, or'
W. T. PHft'H. CHHervOlc. Tenn.
von r r.
I00M-A lurnlsbed ont room
at I.U llornan.(oetreiw.
FURNISHED ROOM-SuitaMe for lar
gentlemen, nt.'ai Mctfreo.
TY OLD RKSIDKNC!l-On Walkor ase-
deuce, on llerna..dft ami k i ,,. la.i.i.i
lino, two mili-s southeast Innu Coui t "ouare,
contalaing flfieru acres, ,ex acros of whicli
oan bacuiiirnted, Tha entire nhicain par
ted renair. Nina pi.n .... .oh nil -
ou.linuues: thrio oiaterns, five aorna witk
lioatit lul forant Uooa in var I and ra a loU.
It ts the moat beautiful in the aiiburhj'of
MomphlS. Vt III be leaxail for on.. in
three years. Possisalnu 1st of JenuarTiot
luimodiately if do-ired. Ai .lv at .trt li nlnn
stroi I nr at iiiv resilience. JUS. I KVnW.
Q-STOhY Frnme. 8 rooms, larae yiird. S.
uuio, near y.uroiinj' UK. li A U H ttMC J,
IIOOMS Two unfurnished moms.
TARNISHED ROOMS-Suitahla for gnta
.1' and lljiht hiimkeeiln, r 113 Manrno.
Xj EW CUTTAUK-5 rocnn and kltcbea,
Xi corner Orleans and llroadwi.. mam..
iant to both street car line..
HJI L'IILI.K",4. Madlanaat.i
A furnished room,
at KU6 Union street.
THE GILBERT PLACU-Corner taybnra
avenue nnd Jui-kson tlraot: two-story
iraiiio. nooui a acro 1 nu, Irutttor all kind,
tine ttuit and v getable gaidan. Will iant
for a series of years. Alo, another place,
mine six acre-, near Uaaton s fine vluat
and Iruit, w th r'sldenoe.
L. BM cFARLAND, ii Madhjon tt.
LI OtISH-With six rooms. Apply at No.
a j muioerry t'r, ot. utt
Nos. 8,
9 nnd 10 In Cotton
Building, on second floor, Iron tin a on f eoea
s reet, formerly occupied by M. B, aud A.
iviv. Appiy at .11 .iiau son street.
CIOTTAGK Seven rooms, on Walker ave
f ntie, on h'luiwood ttroet car line. Apply
at 38 Ui.lon tt. JOS LKNOW,
LA RUB' STiTrK - First door "and cellar,
with side and roar entrances, Not. 3ol
and 'tot Mniu street.
OFr ICES No. Wl Second street.
HOU.vls-For light housekeeping, No. 878
Poplar street, over dru slo e.
DVVKLLINKS-r-oa al Main ttreet; 1
Court streVt and V CJiiimby stroet.
VACANT LOTi-Apply to
R. B, BNOWliEM or J.I.. GOoDLOB,
:i8 Mndtson ttreet.
rpwo ROO.MS-
A1203 Carroll avenue; vwo
lines of cars
ROOMS Pleaaant rooms, liiraiirhed li
d-sired, with references, atlilSl Maditonj
KOOMS-Two, tiioely lurnisbe.iy auitabla
for gentlemen 1 five miuutaa' walk aram
Court Suuara. Addro-t X. Y.
"VFFiCE-Flret floor
At 32 Madison street.
4 ELEGANT ROOMS At M Market street I
tingle or an tulto. lurnlsbed er nafur
nished, good water, and near busineae.
LJLKASANT furnished room for gentie
X u en ; HI Washtnrton 1 reference reqalred
U'lOKKI'lOUaE-Vonr story and baaemeal
KJ ttorahoose. No. 2M Front street.
1 10TTON FFICB Apply to B. MTApper-
son at vo., ao. rront street.
S0t'SK-2i) Washington S . ; 7 rooms aad
bathroom. Apply at 183 Poplar St.
No. 188 Main Street.
No. 2
No. a
Die Main Street.
2"7 Main Street.
Apply to lAMU
Kb LKk, Ja. , 4 M adlsoa Hi.
0 furnished or nnluralsnea
J-i roomt at
40 Madison street.
nctwly l'urolili4si rooms. bfttV
ILi fti-ni, ,ri 'mint-- n l'A ftr raf
Cleansed, Purified and Beautified by
tbe Uullcura itemeuice.
tPOR cleansing the Skin and Scalp or Dit
1 scaring 11 11 mors, tor aliasing Itching,
Hon Ina and Inflammation, lor curing tbe
first tytaptiim of bcseina, Psoriasis, Milk
Itui Scaly Head, torofula, and other ia
heri IffSkinand blood Uieets. CoTtcnaa,
thai reatSkln Cure, and Curiae aa So.r, an
exec Isit Skin BeautiHrr, exUnially, and
CniMPa Raaot.vaat, 'be new Blood Puri
fier, internally, are inraiuoie.
A ( OnPLfcTKlllBI. '
f hava auCTnred all my life with tkin dis
eases ot ditlertnt kl ds. and have never
found permanent relief until, by the advioa
of a ladv friend, I naed your valua' le C011
cuaa RtutDiKa. I gave them a thorough
trial, using six bottles of the Cdtioora Ka
biilvint, two boxes of CuTiceaa, and seven
cakes of t'CTicrja fnaa, nd the result wag
juat what 1 bad been bold It eon Da a com
plete cure isniiiitti vv alih., nicLmona. va.
Hefereaoe U. W. Latimer. DrueguuRich-
mond, Va.
I waa tronhlid with Salt Rheum for a num
ber ot yean, so that tbe skin entirely cam
08 one of my bandt Iron the finger tips to
the wrist. 1 tried remeaiea ana aoovors
prescriptions to no purpore until I com
menced taking Cimcv.. a BKVtoixa, and now
am entirely ooi-ea. b. 1. rfttirvcrv,
37v Northampton it., Bueton.
For the laat year I bave had a species ef
itoblng, scaly and pimply h amors on my
face t which I have applied a great many
methods of treatment without suooesa, an
which was speedily and entirely oarel by
JMK3. IOA&V rilfil.rB, MTmniv.
W.h.v. .n1,l vonr PuTICl'tA RxUtatll lot
the laat six years, and no medioinea on our
ahelvet live better '';t'srotion.
Albany, N.Y.
ccrici'RA atitoiw
Are told evervhere. Price: CrjTtcraA.M
oentei Rai)LVNT, 11." 0; Soar, tin oents.
Prepared by Ptirtaa Dauo aao Chiiugau
Cii.. Boston, Mass.
Send lor '" loCnreSklii I l .a.
PDIIDC Pimples, Skin Blemishes ana
U nU DO, Baby Humors cured by Cuti-
PT'H Ko.v .mmm
Flue Watt Ilea at Si nUoctVK
fi . .i w. "ouesiioHeo, w tn a swallow
fork in tight ,r; teats bave black marks.
A suitable rt.ard for their return to ml,
near eorner of Late avenue and Ay re. street.
I !
! rrr

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