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Uottos Firm-Mlddlluk-, 8 9-16t-
Sales lettterday, 4250
The demacd f r money is pre'ty Re'
live at 3 per cent Finances era some
what tightened bv tbe inability o(
transpcrtetion lines to nova cot: on
away in sufficient quantities. Lccal se
curities firm and ntsady. Tbe cotton
market was firm; middling, 8 916c.
Sales, 4250 bales. At New York spots
steady; middling, 0 316c. Futures
quiet and 2 ti S points higher ; No
Tember, 9.02g9.03?.
A leading New Yoik cotton circular
lays of the epfcalative market: "It
was a quiet market, and to a certain
extent nominal. Some 5 to 6 points
gain was made early, and af'erward
nearly all lost, with the clcee s'ow at
2 to 3 points above last evening."
At New Orleans spots were firm;
middling, 8c. Futures tteady end
J to 4 points higher; November nom
At Liverpool spots were dull in buy
ers' favor; middling, 5 316d. Futares
strong; November-December, 5 l-64d.
The general market presents a better
Five linodred e.nd sfcventr-lhree br's
apples, 100 i r'H beats and peas, 25
pkgs bot'er, ti7 rlfl bsgg ng, 89 pkas
bacon, 118 nkga borts and shoes, 2095
bu coin, 831 ska coffee, 22 cars cotton
seed 103 ikgs drv (ped-, 103 pkgs eggs,
815 br's flour, 580 half a hay, 14 -pkgs
hats, 121 d hope, 10 hd pat 'Jo, 547 pkps
laid, 6.C00 it lnmbr, 30S pkgs liquoia,
202 brls meal, 78 br's mol'sees, 4
keg naile, 1000 bu oats, 108 brs
onion, 5 cars pnrk sides, 495 brls
sugar, 359 pkgs tobacco ana 600 bu
The followirg sl ows tbe amount of
grain leceivtd, withdrawn aLd in
store by regular e'ev-itora, as reported
to the Meichantb' Exchange yester
day: Wheat,in store, 1045 bu. Corn,
received, 6i8 hn; withdrawn, 3412
bu ; in ttoie. 6063 ba. OsH, received,
4069 bn; withdrawn, 2704 bu; in
store, 22",698 ba.
2 '0; West Pujn 28 .'61, and Lak
core, 24,480. J liet r-ftelle up 64
Me-mptus and Charleston. .31; V.r-
gnua Mida-d, 1; O-b and .Mieifl,
p;pp,L't II ki g Vallev, H; N.
fcngiani, J; Omaha, 1. Ri-ilroad
tends were L.Hy a-tivp. fa'es, $:
OiU.UKi. A bni- Hid P.uifi". income
co;:tr bn eJ $82,0( 0, closing at SO, with
n aa v.ic of J. Indiaoo, B'ooming.
win nn v terern E.sern 6j lost 2i. a
j; iriLisvin,., j, R At ny act! Chi
igo cn so!s Zf, at 6. Miniug shores
ere a' tive; liae and Norc.rt.es, 350
biatidurd, 130; Horn Hlvnr. 185
o.orado dntrn), 265; B die, 380
BuUer, 190; Ca iLirnia and Virginia
18:5; Sier-a N. v.tds, 385: Bret tnd
neither, 625; Siaadatd, 125; Mino,
-jo; union, ai'O.
The total s ilea of s'orks today were
378 571 shares, including Canada
Southern, 15,455, D-laaaie. Lack
wscna and Wes'ern. 8940: Erie. SO.'
200; Kns-s ard Trias, 10,6X0; Lake
Shor-, 35,453; Michigan Central, 5145;
Louisville and Nashville, 7495; Mm
phia and Charleston, 9600; Northwest
ern, oro: unio and Mississippi, 14.-
oou; neauirg, o.y.'ou; fct. rui, ouou;
ft. raul ano Urriatis, 5571 ; Tens ana
Pacific, 7860; TJ. u n Pacitic. 7260;
Western Un on. 63.'0; Oieuou Trans
continental, 4U O. Clo.iir g quotations :
U.S. 3s. 10M4. . rnnn. 127V.
coup, llu'-i. Paoifio 6 of 1US, 12SW
L. itoniKa. 4. 81. Mitiourl 6 . 1(3.
Cent. Pttc. Ut,l. Den. 4 R O. lsU.118
II ilt.l. vv.lFta.hU. brill All, IK!,.
North. Pa,
N.West deb.5.10()J,,
rt raul can, l-i.
T.P.land grHnU,50,
U. P. lata, 116.
louo. 3a,aat'mt,77.
M K r.0.n.6,imTiNorth.Pe.UU,11fi.
2la MC-i. N. Western ood.
nt.ii.H.r Hen iij..iu,"4
Bt.f.C'.!" lbl., l'J.
Weat Sh.,re,UL'?a.
,'iUD.6,bet'uii, 66.
atW-Dally t nelalluna of Collua
Oil Trnaia and Mew York tx.
rbaK Mtocka are open 10 llioae
In ttrrtel, at my office.
JOlli X.. XOllTOi
9 MndSsou St., Memphis, Tenn.
Adtml Ezpreas,
Allesben; Cent ,
Alton X T. 11,, i-Vi,
A. A T. II., t'td., 5.
American Kx., luj.
B. 0. R. AN, 55
Canida Pro., In'i. '
Canada Hou , thy.
Central Pacific 47!4.
Chefflptakai 0..10.
C. k 0. 1 tpfd.iax.
C. k U. 2d l.td.12.
Chicago A A. ,142.
C.k A.pld.lGO.
C..B. i Q.,J3i
C, ht L. a N.O..
C. St.L AP..144.
C.St. LA P.rfd, S5.
C. S. AC. 44.
C. A C, 735-4.
O. A H. Vailey. 4i
Del. A Ilud , lOfAii.
Iel.,h. A W., 14 1 Ji.
Den. A Rio G ,-JB&
Erie, 3(i?i;.
Erie nfd. 77T4.
New Enst Tenn.. 13'i.St.li A S.K
NcwK.Tcnn. pfii,754- ht.U.AS.F
Fort Wayne
. ptd
, 144
141. MorTtflAB.,ord.l41X,
Ivu-ibville A C , 6V.
N.J. Central 5.1 'i.
Nor. A W.pid,51Mi.
Nortliem T?c..2JlA.
Norfiern Pan ptd, (AH
w ,,ZU'.
N.Y O.ASt L.pid.ii.
Ohio Central,-.
Ctiio A MiJ.,3tH.
O.A Misa.ptd, 8Ji
Ontario A Wen'., mi
Oregon NaT ,10774.
Oioi n Trana.. 37.
Orrgon Imp., 3fi.
Panirma, 98.
Peoria D A R , 3;,.
Pittsburg, 148.
Pullman f.'!.,H3K.
ina, 1 1 vk .
C. M. A M. P.,
Hannibal A Bt. Jo . M.A St.P,. p, VMV,
P., M A M., WW,.
Money in pretty active demand at 8
per ceDt. Ttie Cleaiing House report
is as follows:
ThaTsdpy, November 18th, $428,
635 94; thus far th s week. $l,f94 0Q7
46; tame time lastweek, $1,941,846 74;
ccrrrspiiiding time in 1885, $1,490,
901 65: ro-responding lime in 1884,
$l,te4,r301 20.
Thnrsdny, November 18 h, f66,
751 47 ; thus f r this week, $313,961 69 ,
same tine last wetk, $;!89.465 26;
corresponding time in 1885, $3lt,
451 56; corittpouditg time in 1884,
New York richt on all rointi.
discount bov:ni;, our Bo!liDi7: New
land demard, J dit-count buying; New
ling land e'ght, f discount; New Or
leans, i di- count buying, par selling,
Bank of Commerce..l46 bid. 149 asked
Firht Natior a' 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bnk 195 bid, 200 anked
Mate Naiirnai 145 bid, 150 asktd
Union and Planters.lnO bin. 15a a ked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid,137i asked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando .... 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105aked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
i-nunLX 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbtlt 25 bid, 26 asked
ArliDBtoa 35 bid. ... asked
Factors 20 atked
f helby Co. warrant. ..97 bid, 98 a k(d
M. & O. R R. shares. ..36 aid, ... asked
M.4T.E.K. shares. ..45 bid, 50 asked
M. & G. consols, 7a... ..119 bid, ... asked
M.4L.R 1st m. 8s..l05 bid, ... afked
Miss. &T.R.R.ca.A... Ill bid, 113 asked
Miss.T. R.R. C8.B..101 4 bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid,93asked
Tenn. wtg. ser. E to J83 b'd, 85 asked
nneiDV jo.os.. 108 bid, 110 atked
Tax. Dint. 4, 6s 97 bid, 98 J aeked
Tax. Dist. 6s 104 j bid,106 asked
mem. U'S Donua..w..iu4 Did, ... attend
Mem. Water binds... -97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusts 54 bid, 55 asked
rioneer uoiton mius...Z' bid, 30 nsked
Mem.Stor.Com. Co..125bid, ... asked
Mem. Oae stock 75 bid, 80 asked
Naw Yobk, November 18. Money
nn call qmn ai 4t!D, cusinc at o(a(l.
i'rime mercantile paper, (o. Ktt r
ling exrhengd quiet but ettady and
Bonds Government bonds and
state be ndi were dull and steady.
stocks The volume of business in
stocks was seriously affected by the
interruption of telegraphic commusl
cation, etpeclally with Chicago, the
grangers sbowing a marked falling off.
un account oi tne lavorabie negotia'
nations now in prognsi loosing to a
lettlement of the existing disputes
ana also tne recommendation ot an
advance in freight rates, more atten
tion wti directed toward tbe truck
line shafts arid they were teach mo-
active and stiongtr, especia'iy Erie,
Lake Shore and Canada Southern.
The Coal stocks were much quieter.
The bituminous coal stocks were again
strong. Hocking Valley wa' the prin
cipal feature. Atlantic and Paciflj be
came very active for that stock and
strong upon the ecalirg of interest on
the first mortpags bond". London
principal dealings were in Ohio and
Migaitairpi and Cincinnati, Washing
ton ar.d Baltimore. Other special tus
conepicuoua for the advances made
were Joliet SWl, Memphia and
Cliarles'en, Virginia Midland urd
Erie prtferred. The opeDirtg was ac
tive, but generally - at decline of
i to J. There were siwe fuitlier
slight losei in the early dea'int:-, but
soon rail ed and became ttrong. It
then qniftfd down, but remained
firm wi.h teverol alight raHionsnn ii
the clos. Sales 378671 share;
Reading furnithed 66,250; Etie, 30,-
11 A St Jo .Did..
Harlem, 215.
Houston AX., 36.
Illinois Central. 133.
Ind , B. A W., IT1 a.
Kanaan A T., 3V,i.
Lake E. A W , lb.
Lake Shore, 97V
Lou. A Nash.. r2.
Lou. A N. A., 70.
M. AO. letpfd. .
M. A 0. aeeonds. .
Mem. A Char , M'i.
Mich. Cen.,.
Min. A fit. L , Z36
H Paul A Omaha, ftt'i.
Baul AO. ptd, mVt
lenn. coals iron w.
Texaa Paoifio, 2V!H.
Union Pacific, 02.
V. a. Exp-eio, Ml
W.,8. h AP.,20T.
W.,(.L. A P. I... 38Ji,
W. A F. Ex.. 127.
W. U.Tol.,78M.
Colorado Coal,
Homo Stake, 17.
Iron Silver, 215.
untano, Z4,
Min. A St. L. pd. ..Quicksilver,
Misouri. Paoifio ll'i. Quickfdver ptd., 2l!-.
Mobile A Ohio, ltt'4. South Paoifio, .
M.L. S. 1W,WJ, butro.21.
ML.S.A W.i ld.U,.
London, November 18. Contois,
102 for money and 102 1-10 for the
recount. TJni(ed Statos tondu, 4s,
130J ; 4 J, 112t; Atlantic aud Great
Western t'm.l), 53; Atlatilic tnd
Great, We-turo secorids, 15; Canadian
Pacific, 721; Erie, 37; Erie seconds,
102J; IHint is Cental, 13HJ; Mexican
O dinry, 40; St. Paul common, 97 .
New Yotk Central, 116J; I'ennsylva
ria, 50J; Beading,, 20. Bar silver,
46 15 ldd per onnce. The Bank cf
Eog'and gained 59,000 on bul.u ce to
rtay. The bal icn in thn Bank cf
Eugland incrdtsed 02,000 durh'g
the week. Ttie pronoriinn of the Bank
of E'iRlimd reserve to liability ij nuw
42 7 10 ptjrCciLt.
Ikklin, November 18. Tiio stUe
ment of the Imperial B.uik of Ger
many show.4 an incicaso in r-pecie of
6,460,000 ranrks.
Paris November 18. Threepercer.t.
reiite!, 82f 80c for the account. The
weekly Btattmsct of the Ba-k o(
France fIiows a e'ecrease of l,650.C0ii(
gold aud an increase cf 4,575,0001 bl!
bank clearings.
Chicago, III., November 18. Bank
cloannRu totUy wt-re $8,896 00.
St. Locis, Mo., November 18 Bank
clearing today were $2,622,248; bal
ance, tsz ',uuz.
Baltimore, Md., November 18.
Bank rlesrimrs, today, $2,309,980 ; bal
gnces, $iua,bs.
Nbw York, November 18. Bank
clearings tod v were $131,307,197; bal
aucea, j4,4UJ,out
Boston, Mass., November 18. Bank
cleanngt today were $13,727,699; bal
ances, $1,519,688. Money, 6 per cent.
Philadelphia, Pa., November 18
iiat.k clearings today, $11,512,244,
Daianccs, $i,ulu,4so.
c'osd stead v ; middling, 9 3-16c. Pales,
259 bales. QuoUnors were aa follows:
Ytsterday. Wtdnerdjy.
Ordinary 6 7 16 6 7-16
Good ordii ary.... 7 13-16 7 13 16
Low middling .. 8 11-16 8 11-16
Middling.- 9 3-'6 9 3 lti
Good uiiddlit g 9 7 16 9 7 16
Middling lair 10 1-16 30 Mil
iair i0 11-16 1011-16
New Yrrk fn ure oprd anit and
firm and cli Bed quii-t and 2 to 3 poirt
higher than ytsierday. Salis, 40,000
bales. The closing quotations vera
as lollows:
YfH'ordav. Wedne?dav,
November- 9Q'2 9 03 9.0l'(t 9.0'
December- 9.0S(S 9.06 .02() 9 03
January-... 9.14 9)5 9 1 2. 9.13
february.- 9.24i i 9.25 9 ..
Match- 9.35( 9.36 9 33ft 0 84
April 9 4 (S 9 46 9.43ft 9.44
May 9.5.r' 9.58 9 53ft 9.b4
June B.)f8 60 9 63ft 9 64
July 9.74ft 9.75 9.72ft 9 73
August 9.82ft 9 83 9.79ft 9.80
The NewOrhans spot market opened
quier, ann closed Brm; middling. 8 Jc,
hales, 3750 bales. Quotations were as
i a, lows:
Yestordav. Wednesday.
Ordinary 68 6
Good Ordinary. 7 J 7
Low Middling. 8
Middlinar 84 8
Good Middling 8, 8 J
The New Or'eons futnre market
opened steady, and closed 8t?adv and
2 to 4 points hitiher. Sa!m. 31.8U0
balee. Quotations were as follows:
Yes'erdav. Wednrsdav
November- Nominal. Nomina'.
December-8.H!n) 8 70 8.67ft 8.6 H
January .... 8 79ft 8 80 8 7i ft 8 77
February... 8.lft 8.92 8 88;( 8 81)
March 9 03') 8 9 tft 8 98
April.- H.H(,i) y.io 9J0(u) 9 11
May 9.25i 9.26 9 21ft 9.22
June 9.3tift 9.3l(g 9.3 J
July 9.4(i'4 9.41ft 9 42
Augnst 9.51 9 45 9.46
N. Orleacs
Mobile ,
Norfolk ...
Baltimf r"
New York
St. Louie.
AugnMa -
qu et
qu e .
l'n eta
6363 8
ft '03 8
1840 8
2!'02 8 1
12r8 8j
3975: 8J
H'23 9 M6
218 9 3-18
328 9 6-16
122 9
2499 8
240 244
140 191
76 416
8 828
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886..3l",OC5
receipts ai poits, tLis cay, 1885-37,193
consolidated statbmbnt,
E'ts TJ. S.
p'rts 6 davf
Ex. Gr. Br
R'tsHept 1
For'gn Ex.
217,735 2?3 097
73 720 61,422
833,151 781,489
2,097 683 2.115,001
l,108,780'1.150,224ll,217 075
The lccal cotton market oprned
arm. and clotetl firm: middline.
8 0-10c. Sales, 4250 bales, including
450 lft eveiiing; 600 to exuoriers
aua joou 10 r-pinmrs.
Yeeterdav. Wednesdav.
Ordinary Worn. Noru.
Good Ordinary. ... 7 1516 715-16
Low Middling 8 6-16 8 5 16
Middlintr 8 9-1 A fi 01 fl
Good Middling.... 8 13 16 8 1316
Middling Fair....- 9 3-16 9 8-16
fair- - Nom. Nom.
Mimphib, November 18, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1, 1886-... 4,009
Received today 6.0S1
Received previouBly.,274,817 283,907
8hipped today 6,f77
Shipped previously 144,072
uome consumption 10
date 321
btock running account
Thus far this week ,
Thns far lat week ,
Since September 1st
M. and O. B. B
M. 4 T. B. B
L. and N. B. B
M. A L. R. R R. M
C, 0.4 8. W.B.R
L..N.O. 4T.B.B-
K. 0 , 8. 4 M. B. R
M..8 4B. R.R.
Wagons and other sources....,
Thus far this week
Thus far latt week
Since September Lit 150,619
,. 37.281
,. 41,382
, 279,89 j
, 29,874
23,9 2
M. 4 O. R. B ,
M., 4T.B.R
A N. R. R
C, O. 4 8. W, R. R .
8 4 B. B. K
Steamers ncrih
New York spota opined steady, and
Decrease in reteipts this year 17,418
At noon: Liverpool rpots were dull.
in buyers' favor, r-'a'es, 8000 balep, of
wb'ch Amenran 6900 hale?. Rtcuts.
24,000 ba es, of which American 19,900.
Closing qnotutions were as tollowx:
Ordinery, 4Jd: eocd ordirery, 4Jd;
low middlirg, 5d; good middling, 6 5
16d; middling uolaiids. 5 3 lOd; mid-
ciingurieani, bid.
The prim are given in pence and S4lht,
thus: 4 63 meant 4 63-04d; ond 6 01
meant 5 1 C4A1
At noon: Liverpool fuhires wfre
dull ; November, 5 03d ; November
Dtcember, 5 015d ; December-Janu
ary. 4 62d; January Febrna y 4 63ft
62(1; bruaty Mnr( h, 5d: Marrh-
April. 5 025 Old ; April-M-y, 5 C4d ;
Mv-Jui.e, 6 Otid; Juue July, 6 OiKft
5 08d.
At 2 p.m.: L'verponl futures wr re
stead v ; Novt ruber, 6 04d S' lh rs; No
vember-December, 5 (Id, fellers; Y-cetuber-Januarv,
4 63 J, buyrg; JaD-
uryeD-nary,4i)3l, buyt rs; P.-brnarv,
MKrch,5d, btnera; Match-April, 6 ( 2d
vdue; April-May, 5 Old buvers
Mav-June, 6 07d, teller; June-July
0 una. buyers.
AtDpm,: .Liverpool luturfs wpre
strong ; November, 6 C5d, bnyets; No
vrmner-Derember, 0 Old, buyers : Dc
ceu OHr-junnarv, &d, buyets; Jann
a'y-Februajy, 5 r, buyers; February
Ma'ch, 5 Old, buyers; Mnrch-Aptil
6(i3d, fellers; April-May, 5 t!5d, buy
esj MnyJare, 6 08J, seders; June
July, 510 ', buyera.
bu; nrn 3.',0tKibti; rm-e 19,000 bu;
ryo, 201 0 lu : ta-. v. 13.000 tin. Shin.
men s Flour. 11,0. 0 bne; wliei, 2000
uu; ittrp, eo,uifr nu; r.tSi OOO bn
iy. KHiO hu; titrlcj, J0t0.
Afurnoon Boaid Wheat fl m ard
Jc it gher. Coru u shade eaeu r. Ots
uticlii nted.
t-HHAGO, ill, Aovenber 38
IrjUing -a as Flow .n wheat t uley, mid
nu ui'w ie.'.iur-i iri (lfVi"i Hd, f or
eign advices quot d s!t;dv ari l flrn
uiarketH. The r.c iiH iu "t'le Nori h
west we-re rma'ler w nu to the snow
Mo m. wliettei xport c eariuo f'om
Nhw Yori. were la-ce. The nia.ket
operu d eUady, improved j'SJc, Hiif-ttiati-d
wittiin a eti.a 1 t,u,ptj au c osed
lc higher than ou yesttrt ay. T.ie-e
as moderate trading ia corn. The
market cpsned s eaoy, adva ,ced J
Jff, but needed auaiti and ilosed at
yt sterday'a figurec The receipts wtra
fair and a good shaping demind
existed for the lower grades. Tbe
market c ojed steady. There was vny
little Interest mar.ifo ted in the trad
ing lnoa's,and prices ruled a shade
ea-ior. Cash quotatiots were as fol
lows: Wheat No 2 spring, 73Jft
73Jc; No. 3ppiing,(tii68c; No. 2 red,
74tc. Corn No. a, S5J(n'361o,
Outi No. 2, 62bi.c. No. 2,
Rye, 63o. Barley N t. n. 521c. Flax-
seed-No. l,9393Jo. Piims timothy,
$1 67. Futures tatgfd as fjrs:
Wheat November opened at 7.Ssc,
h'ghet-t 73Jc, lowf?t7;!c, c'osinir 73jtf ;
December opened at 7oc, hithfet
74Jc, lowest 7- Jc, closing 74jn; Jnuu
ry opened at 74 , hihntt 74 Jc, low
est 4jc, closing' Mt.v op nod a'
80ji', highest 8ljc, mfHt 80J , cloning
81 Corn Noveml) r opeu-d a: 3(1;-,
highest 36J, iownt eloNitig36i:,
December opened : t Jic h gh -n 36,
lowest 3(:t, cloeit c aiijc; Janunrv
opened at 3firt, biijhest 37c, low-e't
36J-, closing 3(iij;Mavopenad at 411,
hiiihes 418 , lowet41, clii"e 4 Jit.
Oa's Novunbe roieiinl tt 25J.:, higt
est 2.r)Jc, lowett 2o, i(.iiiu 25 j:
IVcember tpened a L'tilp. lieti.fct
20ie, lowest 20ic, c'i r-'n-; Sojc: Jjnu
aiy opened ai 204 ', h gi etat 261 1: low-
f st 26J i, cloeirp 2i8c; Mjiv opened at
30J-!, htghst 3"Jc, ovt-bl 3(ij-t, clrsing
at 30Jc. Receipts Flmr, 20,000 bils;
wheat. 84,0(10 bu; cun. 124.0U0 hu:
rati. 103,000 bu ; rye, 41)00 bu ; barlev,
61 000 bu. Sb'pmotitt Flour, 38,(KX)
brls; wheot, 19,0(0 bu; corn, 60 000
bu; oaS 92,000 bu; rje, 300 J bu; bar
ey, 4000 bu.
Corkhral-Standard, $2 202 25
pearl, S3 25ft3 35: roller. $2 45.
11a y Choice, from store, 75c; car
load Irora levee or depot, $14 ; prime,
fiom store, 70:.' car load from levee
or dapot, $12 5013; prairie, from
store, 45c. : car load from levee or
depot, S3 50.
Cobn From store,white.51c;mixed
49c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
Dum, 4'zc; in sacks, 44 jc.
Oats From store.white.39o: mixed.
37c. from levee or depot, white, in
bnlk, 32 Jc; in sacks, 36c; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in eacke, 33c.
Uban fYom store. 70c ; from levee
or depot, f 13 60.
Dlocr Krotn scre, No.3.S3ft3 25:
family, $3 503 76; choiie. 13 76ft4;
fancy, 4ft4 25; extra fancy. 14 25ft
4 su; patents, lotair, ou.
Bbaks Navy, $2; medium, $1 50
1 75 ; common, 25 ; German millet.
fl zii2)i in.
Kick .Louisiana, 4ft4ic: Carolina.
Oatmeal In half-bf.rrele. $3ft3 25
irom store.
Cbackrbs Soda, er.tro. 41o: soda.
treble extra, 5c ; extra,7c ; ginger snaps,
extra, 66c; asserted jumbles, 9ftllc.
Cracked Whbat la haif-burrels.
fl zi irom store.
Homint and Obits From store.
$3(i)3 25.
Kansas Citt. Mo.. November 18
Wheat doll: No. 2 red. cash. 601s
bid; December, 6OJ3 hid; May, 70c
bd. Corn steady; No. 2, cattb, 30a
bid; January, 3u4c bid; May, 3jJc
6t. Louix Mo.. November 18.
Flour quiet; XXX, $2 36ft2 45;
family, $2 652 70; choice. 3 05
3 15: far cv, S3 40ft 3 50: extra fanc v.
S3 653 80; patents, S3 05ft 4 36.
Wheat fairly active and abont st adv
the market opniied weak, ra'lied, sub
sequently became unsettled bntclosed
firm and JJc higher than yesterdav;
No 2 red, cash, 75Jcj December, 76J
701c, rlneing at 763 bd; Jan
uary, 7TJft 71o, closing at 77jj;
May, 8:i84Jc, c'rsing st 84t-.
Coru dull but firm acda"hadehlKhr;
Nn. 2 mix d, rab, 3J;; Decemb r,
34c; Janu-r 35ft,36jc eloping at 3 c
hid.M-iy, 3fJ a 38 j ., c'oiirg at 3!.
Oi's dull but fi 111; No. 2. m x d.
sh, 2-rj; l)ectmbfr, 26 : bid; Mav.
30jc dim; Rfestrmg n 61 e. Barley
ml at 67iftboc, acorrd!nii tianaitv.
Hay qtvet; prair e. 11 76.t,,n tov.
fllft;13 60. F'Fxseed nonitca"y
Hthttr nt 9-'Gt93c. Btan. fi,-ift5,;.
Onrnrrenl B' dy at SI 95 Re
ceipts Flour, 3100 brls; whAt, 17,000
20 1-9 Bottkb Bntterine. 'lSJftHc:
45 5t9 creHmerv. 30(7 35: dairv. 18fa22c:
country buttur, 15(a)25c.
lioa fitourcTS metis pork. $10:
Hun.ir cu 1 ed hairs, lOji MC'o; breakfast
oa'.'OII, oo(a9jc; 1iO rr. H vies baoor.
7jc; baccu sU ' e 7' A'lc; bulk
pork clear 1 ! -wh - b sides.
6Jc; 20 da.18 urea , lie; - .on! i-s, 5Jc;
Innoi plpflr rtn
207,115 Lard Tierc 61'. Cli:, it ! -barrel
310,08 and kega, (Ij'ii 6o; ch . v kittle, 7Jft
762,640 7!n.
2,if6,v36 Fresh Meats - Bdol, f. r.quartwts.
4ft5c; mnt'on, 46t; hind quarters
of beef. 46c; boe, 6(,X7c.
1 oultry Uhtcketis dull; epring.
$1 50 ; old hens,$2 60ft2 75. Turkeys.
$8iail2. Gf ese, $3(4 Dnckp, J3.
Gams Qmils. perdcc.Sl 50. i-'onir-
reli, 41 25. Ducks, wdd, Si 50(Sfa 60.
Ver.ison, wcolo, 6J(ti6jc; saddles, 9ft
Chkkb rrime fla's. 8Jft9i3: New
Yoik factiry, 78c; full croHm, 12jc;
loung America. 13c.
Pigs Fkkt. Barrels, 8 25 ; half bbr
barrelH, $4 25; keg, $1 25.
St.Lodis, Mo., November 18 Pro
vior,s qu et end genera'ly aloady.
Potk s eady, J9 S'(t,10. Lard eaeier,
16 805 85. Bulk mea'B cay and
reglei ted ; loo.-e lots lng clear, J5 50
5 60; r-hortrihs, S5 611(5 70; short
clear, 35 t06; t:oxt-d lots long
clear, $5 50; BLiort ribs, i5 62j ; short
clear, 15 87$. Bmon httadv; long
clear, $0 87i7; ilr rt rb', J7: elmrt
clear, $7 25. Hams firm at 9jftllji-.
Ltitier fl m and fuitly eclive ; cretin
ery, 2327c; daily, 14A25c. Egs
sttonger at 19j.
Cmicaoo, III , November 13. Pro
visii us were linbtly trrded w, but the
niaiket rultd fltm and l(i(")12Jc higher
for Dots po'k and 2jc hi ier for lard.
Ciif-b quotatinns wert at lol'owa: Mess
po k,$9609 65; la d, 35 0Uft5 95;
thort nhsidep, loose, 35 : 55 61); dry
pHitd f ti.iuiueri, boxed, jo 11 d') 20
ehort. clear sides, boxoil, S3 75'ou5 80,
The leading fulnrts ranted as follows
November opened st 9 f5, highet
$9 65, lowett S9 55. clrsing at $9 f 5
Dei ember opened at $! 624, highettt
9 674, lowpfet f9 52i, t l eii'g a S9 55
Januv opened at, $10 10, highest
f 10 174. lowest 110 (24, clrsing st
$10 15; February cnened at $10 124
highest f!0 174,loe't$1017J,cloeiog
at S1U 17). Lard December opened
at $3 92, highest $5 92 lowett $3 92 j
clos ng at S5 924; the year opened at
$5 924, higheet 5 924. lowest $5 924
closing at $5 92; January opened
at 15 97, highest $6, lowerit $5 97,
closing at $ 97; February opened at
o ( 0, mgnet Id 05. lowest 10 UO.
closlrg at $6 05. 8hort ribs January
opened at 15 224. biaheat so low
est $5 2 4, closing at $5 22 ; February
opened at S3 20. hivhrst S5 25. lowett
3 M, closing at 15 25. Onthe i'roduce
Lxuhunge batter ruled firm ; cream
ery, 2028c; dairy,1420j. Ejgtt, 19
anplei, tft:ioper rvmnd Iroen store.
DrPd peat hes 2i5?3o from store.
V lorrABLM Onions, $3 from
s ore. Cabb ge $2 50: per held, 810" ;
$1 75 from li'veei er depot per cat".
Krut, br ,f4 75ft5; hlf brl,S2 75.
Gorlic, 4060o per 100. Turniiw, otlu
par bn-diel.
Fruit Oranpr fl rer hpX, $3 rP(?.4 f)0.
Lem.ns, Il(t5 1 or box. Brinauae,
tl 60ft2 50 per bucch.
incth Uoooa:'nts J5 per 100. Tev
nn's v irgit.ia (Knc; Tenness!e.farm
ersttock J(i4c; rolled. 2o Ligir
elielled 10c. Almi.id-, 18ft20. Wal
nuts mnt;h, 12c; Nanlee, 15o; Gr-'
nobles, 15c. Filberte. 12c. Perana-
Texap, 8(1i)10i! for unall to modiutn, 10
jnttioior large; a 1 kan as, 3(t 5c.
Kaiins Ix)ndon lavers. 3: lav
er, $2 75; California, $22 25; Impe.,
riel, .
Pickles In iars. nints. 95c: nnartjt.
$1 50; half-gllon,S275;galIons,$3 76;
loo?e, barrels, $0 6XA7; half-barrels,
j 0 zo; rxixeu. barrels, $10 50
mixed, half-barrels, SO.
FtQU Monbural li.ll.lun!. 1
$5 2R5 75; No. 2$4 75ft5; No.'3,f4'26
(J4a: 10-lb kit, Ho. l,90c; No. 2, 75c
ii ir, o. a, esc. Dry berrings. lam
ily, 25c per box.
oKi-Harao fih, 503.
A'VIVIO a ti an . tall,
Potatoku Northern ctock. $1 90ft
4 10. '
Cider New York, 8 507 per bar
rel, and $3 75ft4 per lialf-barrel.
Vinegar 10ftl5n per gallon.
Tn ear load lo'a: Pi ime crude cotton
s"i.d oll.new, 2728c ; ofl emtio cotton
snd cii), old, ; prime summer yel'ow
colt vi seed oil, 33ft34c; od' suuimor
yellow cotton seed oil,; nun,
en'" summer yellow colttu seed oil,
3233c; jninio fummer white cotton
seed oil, 3'(ii)3(lc; chrice cooking yel
low cotton soi d oil, 36c; prime cotton
seed meal, $14 50: off cotton teed
meal, none, G tt n sied delivered at
dep, t or levee, $9 per ton ; from wagon
at mills, $9 per ton.
Burry grease wool, unwashed, 13ft
18c; clear grease wool, 23ft26c; burry
washed, 233Uc;tnb washed, 33(ii)37c.
St. Locis, Mo., November 18 Wool
quiet; medium clothing, 21)ft26c;
cumbinir, 25(it)25c; low and coaree,
14'(t22c; fine light, 1924c; heavy,
1620c; black, 1723c.
Hides-Dry flint. No. 1, 10c; No. 2,
12c; dry salttd, ldi12jc; grean
nHhed. No. 1, 8c; No. 2, "i. Sheep
fkine, 15c(a$l. Beeswax, 20c. Tallow,
Sooar Pure white, 5Jft6(!; off
bite, 6Sft5Ic: vellow clarified, 61ft)
01? open ae'tie. none rennoa a.
Oftdic; granulated, 61ft lf!.
CorFEB Common. 111ftl2c: ordl
nary. 12(ai3c: Drime Rio. 131ftl4c:
choice to fancy, 1415c; old govern
ment, 24tvi)'jao.
Soap 3ft)5jc per pound.
Candies Sticks, all sixes, in boxes,
pails and Kan-nig, 7(a)9c.
Salt-$I 20 ner barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 35ft 1 45; coarre, $1 lOftl 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2ft7c; car-loads from
evee or depot,, 60 cbeiper.
Cankbd Goods. Etc. Prices per
dozen: Pineapples, $1 25ftl 50;
peaches, 2-'b, standard, $1 15ftl 25 ; sec
onds, Slftl 10; tomatoes. 2-lb stand
ard, 90 $1; 8-lb.$ll 15; strawber
ries, $1 lOftl 25;. rasuberriea. $1 10ft
125; blackberries, $1(2)1 10; green-
ages, $1 bO(H 75; pears, S2(a
25: plums. II fiOfiil 70: asparagus.
$2 60ftt ; treen corn, ll 35 ; green
peas, fl b:(a)l 65; cove oysters, lull
weight, 1-lb, 85ftfl5c; cove oysters,
full weight, 2-lb. $t 60ftl 80; cove
oysters, light weight, 1-lb, 60c; cove
oyeters, light weight, 2-lb, SI; con
densed milk jOrown, $5 606 75;
Eag'e, $7 607 75; Daisy, $4 75.
Molas'ks Looipana, common to
fair, 38ft)26c; prime to choice, new, 45
(3 50c; svrup, 2C40c; common to
fair, 20ft25c: prime to choice. 28ft30o:
centnfaaal, fancy, 3035j.
Tobacco Common. 11-Inch, 27(
28c ! rther grades ana stvles, 3)85&
Pnnff ('arre't's, $10 85 pr ces;
Kalph's, SIO 25 Iter rate; K. K.. SU 25
G)10; GaiUt Ax's, $3 75.
New Yoke:, November 18 cngar
eady ar.d quiot; n il ed rteady, 7;
nt hat a d cru h-d, 6 3-lOftjGlc.
M iliiB.'ei qoiet. Rica steady and
Apples Apples, $2 253 25; dried
Deerfkinst, 18n; bear, $lft7; mink,
1540c; coon, hunter handled, 15ft
60i): cjuntty bandied, 15(a50; other,
SlftO; beaver, $:0cft $7; wild cat, 15
25c; fox, 16ftj75c; musk rat, 10a;
op ssum, 10c; wolf, 60cft$2; ekubk,
15(i)75c; punllierj, 60c('i$l.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, OJftlOc per gallon.
Cleveland, O., November 18. Pe
troleum firm ; s. w , 110, 7o.
Pittsbuho, Fa , November 18 Pe
troleum quiet but seedy; Na'ional
Tranr.it cortttici'trs oponed at 76jc, and
clnsad at 75c; bigheit, 7Jc; lowest,
74 3.
WntsKY Stra'pht Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 505; roiliiitillcd goods from
85c to $1 60, according to proof ; rye,
$1 756.
Chicago, III., November 18. Whis
ky, Si 18.
St. Locis, Mo.,Noveraber 18. Whis
ky firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, O., November 18.
Wliisty firm ; sales of 931 barrels of
finished goods on a racist f $1 13,
N A I I.N.
NAtis-Iron, $2 252 3C ; stoel, $2 40
(-' 4&.
Seeds Clover, $ jft5 25 per bushel
orchard prase, il 60ftl 60; herd's'
gracs, 50 60c; ryo, 6570c per bn
Baooino Jute, 2 lbs, 8c: II lbs,
7n; ljlts, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 9c.
Tik-$1 05ftl 10.
n Turn day.
Frir Point Jamm 5 p.m.
0eel E. W, din, f, p.m.
HTYor irmii'ia.IOa.m
viDur i). K. I'i.wki.l. lUn.m.
New Orln C. 1'. Cu stiAV.Sp.m
Concordia Utwiii. S o.m.
1,1 V IS NIUt K.
Grass Cattle Choice, 3c; good, 2
(1','Zjj; iair 10 medium, 2 a)"jc; seal
lawHgs, ii$ve.
Iloas Cuoice, 4ft4c; good, 4c
common, 3n.
Sheep Choice, 4o ; medium, 33jc
common, . unoice iambs, per
pound, 4 jc.
Kansas City. Mo. November 1 S.
The Live Slock Indicator reports: Cattle
leceipts, 1378 head; thipments
none; good to choice, $4 05(4 60;
common to medium, S3 30ft4: ptock
ers, $2 252 76; feeding steers, $2 80
(n)3 60; cows, ft u(:(a)2 t0; graes range
steers, S2 2o(a)J M. llogn receipts,
7165 bead; shipments, 104 bead; mar
ket active and 10c higher; good to
choice, $3 9(ift4 05; common to me
dium, $3 45fa3 85. Sheep ret elpts,
101 head; shipment?, none; market
steady; good to choice, $2 60ft3 20;
common to medium, SI 60(2 40.
Chicago, III., November 18. The
Drovert' Journal reports: Catile re
ceipts, 6000 head; shipments, 3(100
head; market more active and 10c
higher; one tar lead 1800 pound
steers, Si 25 ; shlp-ping steers, $3()5 ;
s'ockms and feeders, $1 90(i3 60;
cows, hulls and mixed, SI 25G)2 80;
bnlk, I2ft2 20; tbrougb Texas steers.
$2 40(g!3 30. Hogs receipt, 31,000
bead; thtrmenta, I4,uuunead; market
opened 10ft20c higher, c'osing with 5
ftlOnlost; rough and mixed, $3 00ft
4 05; packing and shipping, 13 80ft
4 20; light, $3 00ft4 10; skips, tl 40ft
3 40. Sheep receipts, 2000 head;
shipments, lOOOJaend , mat ket steady ;
natives, $2(4; Westei n, $S& 3 60 ;
lambs, 13(0)4 60.
New Yobk, November 18. The
market wa very quiet in all depart
ments sn far as iiew orders are con
cerned, but the forwardings on pre
vious engagements of former large
Mississippi & Tennessee ILK, Co.
Annual Heeling of Stockholder.
TUB annual mooting of the itookholderi
in the MiMiiaippI ind lennomoe Hll
r"J Companr will beheld at MUMPUid,
TKNN, oo
Wednesday, November 24, 1888,
it whioh time a Directory will be eleoted (or
the entuinf rear. Htookhulileri will be
paMod over the road br i,i!ying to the
o. 11. LAM u, hoorotery.
Koch's Fat. Store
(HI I KLVINU li adjnitablc to meet inr SMd
orbuoinuM. It U odea per than old tvle. Cn
bf put up ny mr one. 1 iM-quiutMi uw
f ftitirj bdu noon nncivtu. AuurMl
liUCII A. It.ro.. Mr
K4I MAI! NT., I'KOHIit. ll.l...Ar,
Hluiuioue IInrlwrello.,Ht, lioaii,Ho.
Bt.freDcii Kivcr...Il!.i( MiOPT, i p.m.
j,...... i.i niiyp, Artaotas
City; Chctnpenke, Tiptonville; Keue
jwaoreaoy, Helena; t.i toser, R.ch
aiua.iiio. '
Departnre.-V.'i 8. lUys, Arksrsas
yny, vptivsnpeaKe, llpioaville; llei.e
Macready, lleieoa.
Boalt in PorL Ed Foeter.
vJhie Vp Jmr Le, City of
.iiiouurir, vuan. r. L-IlOUleiU, J08
xcvoid, wny ui xew urieans.
Boofi Ihte Doum.E W. Cole. D. R
mwdhi vijf ui iiuicues,
Kiwelpts T(MtreliiT.
WillS Hnys-222 hales cotton, 20
imiiB oucu eoii'jn, 1.10a fits seed, 20
passunoties ana 1 bone.
rtene Aiticrexlv lift hniom mifnn
652 sks cotton sped, 52 bigs seed cot-
Chesapratte I'M baloi cotton. 48
oocfleeeu cotton, 818'pka cotton eod.
1 '1 7 1. ....
jo, ng iuru, ii iiu oogi anil i tia cat'
i.(i boater (2 bales cotton. " r,o
orru uui orr, jij SKBCO.lJIl ieed and 17
empiy parrels.
Tn Oayo?o, Capt. A. L, CnmininBs.
goes to Cue cord i a lomo row.
Tint Kd Foster will nrohuhlv an nn
el,- .i... ' , ' o" r
uo nyrr dk'u in s evening.
Till D. K. Powell In .r.nniinrl f,
leave here at 10 o'clock this morning
for Vicksburg.
Tug City i Vi'rksbnrir is tbe Anrb.
or Line packet leavit g at 10 o'clock
this morning f,r Cairo and St. Louis.
The E. W. Cj1, Capt. John E II ig.
ginp, is the pneket this evening at
o clock for Osceola and a I
laudinvs on tbe upper coast. William
fcSmilheis is her clerk.
111! James l.ee. in
uapu uiaggott, ia the regular pBcket
this evening at 5 o'clock for Helena,
rnars roiui ana all bind lundingp.
Will Ashford is tier clerk.
Tus great iron steamer f1harli P
Ohonten, Capt. W. II. Tborwegon,
is advert Bed to leave b re at 0 o'clock
this evening for New Orleans and all
inttrmedia e landings, dpt. George
Miltuuhetger ia her ciurk.
Bumnecs fair.
Finh weathor.
Kivbr still ri-irg,
Arkansas river is (ailing.
Tin upper Miseiesippi is falling.
Itn rior is rising at Shreveport.
Tm Ohio river is rising t PitUburg.
FotiB boats are annonnced to Wvn
Tne Missiesippi is falling ut Ht
Bad weather has thrown all lh
packets behind time.
Tub Tennesees aud fJnmlmrlun.l
rivers continue to fall.
Tin river at this point continue in
rise, with 3 feet and 8 tenths on the
Mil. Jc hi JoiiMBca, a verv polite
young gentleman, ia chief clerk of the
r. l r oster.
TiiaKene Macready liad a fair frlp
in irtmi iieuitm. one went pack last
n gtit Willi a I. ir trip.
Tin I'besapetke, from Tiptonville,
bioiii.iit a good lot of cotton, co ton
Bi-od, c ru, eta., and went back last
night well patronized.
A la ho a number ot men are busily
engHgKi i:Hirne:ing a large wil ow
niitiri'SD, which will Lo stink in n few
days at the foot cf Monroe street.
After this trip the Will 8. INys
win retire irom Ike Arkansas Ulty
trade, and tlie people's f ivorite, the
rvtiw AuauiP, win rBBmober piaca,
The Joe Peters is expected fo arrive
(hi i inoinii g from Arkeiieas river. It
la probtble that slio will not r turn lo
llmt etroain until tomonow evening,
Bad weather 1ms di tained t'ie Citv
of New Orleans, but she wai expected
to i as) here last muht on her way to
one bib an empty baige In
probably 8,000 TOO ti 10 00J.0CO bush
els wiil go out tomorrow.
Cairo, III., November 18. No
River 4 few 6 inches on the ganee and
li-dng. We ther cool cluar and. No
arrivals or depurtuiei of repu'ar pack
its. Louiuville, Ky., Novemtter 18.
Noo, - River rising, wnh 3 ieet 11 Inches
in ihu rnal and 1 foot 10 incheaon the t
fa!l. Weather clear and cold. Buai
new. Iait.
(Cincinnati, O November 18 Nooa
lliver 10 feet 4 inches on thet gangs
ami ii.i::g. Weathor tl arinir: high
windaa 1 night; ttiermome'.er30. The
Buckeye State isannourced to leave
lor Memphis fcUtur'ay.
Omca Siomal Sebvice. TJ S. K.,
Mkmphm, Novemher 18, 1 p.nu J
The following observations are lake
at a I s ations named at 75 meridiaa
t'me, which is one hour faster tbaa
iuemipniH time:
Water. ChaDge.
Feet. lOtbs lOtht lOtha
Cairo -.4 6 8 ZZI
Chattanooga..., 2 2 f
Davenport 2 rj """""I
Dubuque !!.""!" "
Fort Mnith 1 l ...".'"""i""
Helena 3 5 3
Keokuk 2 5 l""
La Crotse
Leavenworth... 6 1 i
Little Rock - ,
Louisville 3 0 ;. ...
Memphis H 8 2 ........
New OrloiiiiH.... 2 0 .'.'.'.'.'.2
Onikha 5 3 ...
Kt. Louis 5 0
S(. Paul 2 5
Wirevepott 7 4 4
VicbsVmrg.... 1 ,
For lMenm, Atlmnii Olt. Oroenvlll..
Vickiburi, l,i'on Hiiuiteknd all wr
I.miilin.i iia'i,.p
Chas. P. Chouteau, .f55v
W. II. Thorwoir-n...tii.tfr WWJfCTI;
Hbuvo Irmii
r.tlh, at o l
KloT.tor i'UlU
lur Inieht or
:iiiMne liiily Hto. 3 M.tl on .tat. Tele-
W" II e ,i i WE. Aecnt.
Ht. I.oiiIm Mud Now rlni Aurtio
.ln-l'.N. Mnll-CAIItO 6X. LOUIH.
ity of Vicksburg,
! Able mut.r. i,Ui.Vr3
Will lev. the Klov.ur FRIDAY, H..v.
lUth, nt 10 a.m. Fur Ireiaht or imaiim hiikIi
1,. 11 A 1' fltvn, Atrt. At'i"rrolMi iL'tiv'w
For llolnnn, Torrono. ArkuntM Oily, dreea"
ville .ml Vlokoburir bteamer
it. is. a ... 1 1
" " " . . j
W. W. Dakar mailer. afciSa
Will lenva iIia KIMvt.,r ITItrilAV K
lttih, at ID a.m. For freight or puKnre apply
(1. I,. Ilti i , A't. AltST.iHM. Aa'i.
for Ilolvua aud Nt. I'nturl Mir.
Str Rene KacreaiiSfc
tl. K. .Ifinlln i"nFtor
I,RTm (fir lloln KVItBV TI1IMHT..J
Tllll IttillA Y at n p.m. bxnv.n lor HoU.a
nJht. Franoi river KVKHY UATUHDAI
IS p.m.
The onotaln raierral tba rlvhtinnu. mM
landini he doom aaiale
JAM. i.KK, jr., Bur't,
OtTino, No. 4 MiiiIIpob uttt.
B: Luaie.
The Ld. Foster. Cant. John B.
McUnne, got in yesterday aftn-noon
Irom Richardson's Landinswith a fair
tiip. bheraay g) back up the river
tins evening.
These is coneldeiable cotton on the
banks awoiting transportation, bnt
owing to the bad weather duiinstha
eany part oi me wret tne packets ire
nnane to nanuie it.
Iiie rVillS. Hays arrived on time
ith 2T2 bales of cotton. 20 baes of
teeu cotton, ijua sacks I cott in seed
and sundries. Bhe returned to Arkan
sas Uity in the evening with a good
BiTHB City of Natcbes was sground
iinrtfen nours at Apple creek, aoove
uairo, nut sparred over without liLt
ng. When ebe loft Cairo, which wps
xnesaay nignt, sue was drawing six
Tdi City of Vickeburs. due nn this
morning, will add here 400 bales ol
compressed cotton for rethlpmnnt
lust at talrc. nhe was to have had
600 bait a, ba It was impossible to get
it all ready for her.
Col. "Nam" Diiess still runs ths
"stennihuat end" of the elevatrr, and
attends to bustnes ith his old time
vinr. Nef 's not as vrung as he ued
to be, but he's is lively as a cricket
and gut there all ths tame.
The T. F. Eikeit Is still at work on
the sunken towbuat Hentinel at E mot,
above he, b, and she will have her up
in a day or so. The Eckert. after
raieing the Hentinel, will come here
nd remain uuring the winter. (Jam.
Joe Jobin is in charge of tbe boat.
Tits Chas. P. Chouteau, due here
yes'etdiy morning hid not arrived at
late hour last nigbt. ritie will pror
blv be found in nort this mornint
and will return to New Orleans this
evening, stopping stall prominent wr
landinvB. Liapts. Tnorwsgen and
tenherger are her ch ef ofliceta.
The City of Natchex. a little over 30
houts cut from Cairo, was expeo'ed
own last night on her war to tbe
Crest et t City. She has for this port
about 101)0 1'ackagra of miereilanuoui
reight, ai d will add here 700 empty
barrels. 2J tons of sundries and 30
head of s Oi k, dso a baud t'f gypsies.
here are about 20 in the crowd, and
1 go to the Kid river country.
WiiRKLiNd, W. Va , November 18
Noon Kiver 8 feeil 6 iuchis on the
gaogo and rfBing. Weathei c.oudyai.d
urd wind.
PiTTSBnwi.FA., November 18. Noon
River fl feet 4 inches on the gamrs
nd rising. Weatber cloudy and c H.
No ccal will be shipped today, but
For Oaceola, Ilalei Point, Caratherrrllla.
Maroao and Tiptoaville The new eiee-
Whool liftHHonirrr Itianur
W . P. HH muter. I J. D. Fuller..olirk
Will leave an almve, and all war iioiati.
p.m. rortreiglit or iawnHirn Htiplyon hoard.
CTiiiVla,Frl:)r! I'otnt :nj 1Trrviirla
niiil Ouwl,. t'nrlirl Uivrnt .
rorllaloEK. llenJ-V, Kriara Point and al
Wa LuuUinm titeaaier
Tuiikvs life, irfdSSt
Will Iniive aaab. veon KVKHY MuNDAT.
WEDNKHDA Y and rltlD .k atloolook.
For Randolph, l"nlton, (mc!a aa H'a
13. W. OJ,l, rj
J. H. CODPKH . 'iM7,ir
and FRIDAY at ft p.m. TheboaUef thl
line reserve the raht to iibm all landinra
the eptaln may deem nnsale. (iSoe, No.
"HI'ilB It. .MVIKn l,KK. .IS . Han't.
Prloo O.erk
Memphis and Vicksburg Pneket Cone
ponv U.N. Mall Line.
For Helena, Oonoordla, Terrene and Arkaa-
sa '"Ir ine eleaant paiienaor steamer
M. R. Cheek... master I W. 0. Blank
. Uve. Marapbls
For Oooeordla and all way landings.
1 no rufierner
A. Li. uurnmina. Mast'r Lew rrloe C
LeareiTU K- DA Y and HATURDAi atSp.j
For anneral Information amilv at
No. 4 Madison street.
.TOIITT OAWB. I'n.n'r Ar.nt. Teteiilinne iWj
Memphis & ' WhitoTuroiHakt.Co
For Cletrtwdern, Dstvstlle nia(l lsj
Are, Aniasta. hearoy, Newpi rt, Jaoksoa
Sort, Bate.ville and all Way LandiDce,
K. 0. Postal ...iiantor',!'-1 1 ' ''
Will leave KVKRY WKDNKtiDAT at S p.m.
Str. ALCEItTA M. 3, - ir
Alhertl), Hmlth master.
Will leave KVltKY HA I DKDAY at 5 p.m.
Throuah rates aivon to all noints. Freicht
eonslnnod to the Menrhls and White River
Packet Oo. , at Moinpnis or Terrene, will ba
forwarded promiitlr. Kor aeneral ia forma
tion apply at offiVe, No 3 Maillmn st., ort
can Tampiiona w. tl. ' i.iiwk, '!.
t way
Non Resident Notice.
No&TU-In the Chanonry Court ef 8hrb
county. I enn. A. L. liow and others vs.
Irone uoelrt et al.
It aiiDearlnir from affidavit In thin cane.
that the defendant, Irene tloeletand Ilenry
Uonner, hr auardian, and Uarrr U. Myr
over, are residents ol thr Htatr of Korth Cer
olinai and that Jo.ei h M. Bell is a resident
ol the Mtate of Arkansas, and ail non-residents
uf the Ht.te of TennesKee:
it is therefore ordered, Thst Iker mak
their anitearana. hreln. at the o.arlhouteff
Phelby eoanty, In Memphis, Tennessee, on er
befor the Sri t Mooiiny in Deoeuibrr, ldM.
and plead, answer or demur to complainant
bill, or tbe same will be tken foroonfeseed
aa to them and et for hearinr ri parte; and
tha a oopy of Ibis ordor be published onoe a
week, lor lour suoensaive weeks, in the Mem
phis Appeal. Ton 2itb day of Ootober, lr.
A copy Attest:
H. I McDOWBLL. Cl.rk and Muter.
By B. F. Coleman. Peputy 0. and M.
(Ilison A Weak'ey. hoiw. forcnmprnt- rn
1 itaa a. nklllvm e ma.lv lur tli arxivn tllwtW ; I" ,l
fltliuuumU of fl IIm w'l kirtil atid si Ism
landlpg h4ve bu mrv-i Iii Im-I, to llrefisT "r
tail h B ti ifflewv, that wiU Mi l TWO BOTlU!
rilKK, tosther with VAI.U.UII.K TKRAim It"
4l-l1tiyM0-'rvr. flit" ear' '4 f. .
V T. A. aUK'HM, 1I --t Im.
KKNI'stKKn. Krna-
A Tiotint
youthful tmpra-
dcni-e. eauins Premnture Dooiy, Nerrone
Debility, l.o.t Manhood, e to. hnvinf tried
In vain every known remedy, h di-ve red
a simple sxit.ciire. which ha wiilnend rltis
ol his lellow sufferers. AiiJreh"
t. J. iVIAStl?!,
Port Offloe Bnl S'Ttt. V. V"k litv.
KOSM l.ls.N. V. Hoard on ike Hill,
Mm. II. C. Howard. 'Ati WaehinatCD
Purk. Itimnil larifnl liirAttoB deltirhtln).
Convenlec'. to Oors to M n hiittun ltnach.
Coney Inland. Luna llea.'b and Central farki
j also to I ork placas al anusemeat.

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