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Tea Dujg ol MiMrj, Without Food
or V'er, and surrounded by
Ice Heavy Storms.
New York, November 18. A ip
cialiiomtst. Jolin, N. F., aaye: Ibe
Peter lit ad wbeler I'B'htrn-, Cit.
Benge, left pott on Mirch 18 b on a
whale and sea1 fishing vnyage in Davis
Slraits and CumbilEnd Oulf. The
ship's corrparjy numbered twenty-five.
The western voyig to Oepe Farewell
was a auccefaion of terrific galea with
mountainous teat. Tbo abip labored
much and attained heavily. The
months of Ju t and Aogust were
passed in vainly endeavorim to reach
the oil fielils on September 30, h. Toe
captain had to bech her, as the ship
wa making waltr lapidly and hat
settling dxwn. Scarcely was the
whaler beached when she swung over
on a serrated reef which pierced her
bottom and aider, converging her into
a complete wreck. The boats mere
immediately loweied and provisions,
nautical instruments' and clothing
tianeferred, and with sails set and
oars manned, the shipwrecked crew
set out in the hope of crossing tbe
path (of some Durdee or Neafonnd
fand whaler. D.iriag t-n weary days
and nights, with meager focd, to
water, nothing but ice. the Peterhead
whalers went through a terrible ordeal
from exposure to a climate almost
within tbe Arctic circle. Camped
in thtir boats and iiuufli
cientlv clothed, they sai'ed and
rowed from New Gonwile, where the
Catherine was beaihtd, a distance of
200 mi lee, til) they r ached Black
head Island. Here there is a ttation
house, kept by a Russian named
Frederick. It's owned by Williams
A Co., of London. A German and an
Italian were Frederick's assistants.
The shipwrockvcT crew were treated
with the grea'e-t inhumanity. They
were not allowed the thelter of the
station fcr themsalve, or clothicg.
The Italian cook a'ealthily conveyed
to them an occasional biscuit and a
cup of coflee, acd they were forced to
quarter themsf Ives on the hospitable
Esquimaux, who shared with them
their miserable toopeks, or wigwams,
their camp fires ard their Beat wa'rus
flesh. Fortunately, on the 16th of Oc
tober, tbe steamer Eagle, dpt. Jack
mar, hove in Bight, when sigoals were
mcde from the island. Toe E..(tle
rapidly bre down from tbe north,
took the Peterhead whalers on board,
and arrived safely with thm at St.
Johns Wedmsd-y. The Eag'e was
the last of the whalicg fleet S3 fur
north, and had she unfortunately
passed in the l ight or in a dense fi g
the whole little colony on Blacklead
Island, now numbering some fifty
souls, including the E qnimaux, muat
have perished, miserably, frnm starva
tion, there b ieg less than two
months' provisions on bund.
Tbe Wallace' Crew.
Mabqckttb, Mich., November 19.
Tbe crew cf the steam barge Bobe't
Wallace end the schooner David
Wallace were rescued this morning by
the Portage luke canal life saving
crew. They came into town at 9:30
o'clock. Every man rn the boats was
saved. Tbe Robert Wallace is a total
wreck. Tbe David Wallace is still
SrMl apprela.B.lea About a Crew.
Chicago, III , November 19 Fears
are entertained that tbe schooner
William Jones has been lost in the
storm prevailing Wednesday night
and continuing all of yestei day. Capt.
David Dall, the we l known vesM
owner, was aboard. His son. John H.
was commanding. The vessel ieft this
port Tuesday moroing for Grand
Haven, and ousLt to have reached
that place the same evening. Nothing
has btea beard of her up to 11 o'clock
this morning. A tnligram received
this morning from G aud Havn says
that no intelligence ot tne wiinam
Jones has been received there, and
that she wasleatug badly when last
in that port. The dispatch a so says
that the schooners Hunter, Baviuge
and David Mictr. which cleared frum
Chicago Wednesday, have not arrived
as yet. Mnch anxiety is felt for their
Latar. Private advices were re
eeived teniubt that the Jones ran
ashore last 'event g near Big Point
Bauble, ten milts north of .Lexington
Mich. The schooner was driven
high upon the bat k, and all hands
stepped ashorn nnhnrnv n.
A Bonnier riois-l Hazed to Ibe
U round.
Middletown. N. Y November 19.
The galo of yesterday completely
destroyed a cummer bo'el in process
of construction on Walnut Mountain,
one mi e from Libartr. eullivan coun
tv. The whole stroc ure was lifted
from tbe foundation and carried twelve
feet, falling into a mass, and is a total
wreck. Eighteen men were engaged
in the builoir.g at the time putting up
partitions and chimneys, ana alt ml'
racnlously escaped uninjured with the
exception of one named Ueebe, wno
was seriously hart The building was
Intended to accommodate 200 guests.
And tbe Wind Blew.
Buffalo, N. Y., November 19. The
wind blew here at an average velocity
of fifty-two miles per hour all night,
but had decreased to forty mileaat
10 :30 o'clock today. No damage is re
Tbe Crewa or ibe Mobert and David
Wallace Reeened.
MABQorrrx, Mich., November 19.
The officers of the steam barge Robert
Wallace, and her consort, tbe schoon
er David Wallace, which went ashore
on the Chocolsy beach in the storm of
November 18, h, were rescued this
morning by the crew from the life
saving station at Houghton, which
came with boats and apparatus on a
special tra'n. iSoth the oincers ana
men were in -excellent condition, save
that the orew of the barge were weak
from tbe prolonged fitt. In an inter
view with an Associated Prets re
porter 0pt, Brown, of the steamer.
said: "We were loaded with wheat
consigned from Duluth to J. D. 8aw
yer. of Buffalo, the Robeit Wallace
carrying 49,000 ba bels and tbe David
Wallace 65,100 bushels. Tbe crew of
the steam barge numbered fifteen
men and that of her consort nine. We
had not been out many h cutis before
the storm of the 17th sttuck us. The
driving enow and elntt made it impos
sible to see a rod ahead. Every pre
aatioa was taken for the eafety ol the
Vessels, but owing to the tremendous
sea soundings were impossible, and
we had absolutely no means of ascer
taining oar position until the vessel
struck at ebout 10 o'clock a.m. on
thel8;h. We had no idea that we
were near land, so far out of
our reckoning were we. I supposed
we were off Michipocoten point, some
eight miles dig ant. As soon as we
struck tbe seas began rolling over us
with tremondoua force, the Robert
Wallsos offering the most from their
violence. In about fonr hous se
was bent so badly as to be practi a y
broken and the aeas swept her from
at-rn to stern. I had taken lefuge
with tbe crew in tha Captain's cat in
in the forward part of the ship, which,
being bight r cut of wa'er, wu
expes-d to tie fti'y of the wavs.
Apart from the fu"t tbht a lilt e
pa-ched wheat was all we bad la the
wnytf provisions, we were uot feri-
ouslv nncomf jr'ab'e end at no tune
did I have the le st doubt but wht
we should be rearmi d. for if the vessel
bad b en liable to ei to ci cs the
wood have d ne so mra before dav
litftit Thnifday mo nine. If I could
( ave tof word to the cruwd on aoi
I si ou d hbVd toll them I was in no
danger, and preferred remainirg on
the vessel to risking my life in a yawl
with men a sea tunning. Owiigi
thtir having ace ss to provision", lb
crew of ths David Wallace suffered
to great hordahip?."
Capt. Brown leporte that the cargo
is a total loss, but believes both vea
se's can be aaved.
Fonrleea Bailor. Drowned.
Fbakkpcbt, Mich , November 19.
Toe barges Mmnekannee and Marl'
ne'te, in tow of the steam barge Mao
istiane. laden with lumber at O coda
for Chicago, broke bote yes'erday
niorrJug twenty miles off Manitou
Island. They waterlrgied and went
ashore fonr miles loutli of this p'ace,
Bjth barges are total wrecks. The two
crews, numbeiiog trteen men in ait
were lof-t. except one. named C. W
Annie. One body has come ashore
at Herring Creek. The pipers fnnn
on the body show it to be that of Wm
Another Schooner Lost.
Dktkoit, Mich., November 19. m
special telegram reports the wrecking
of the scnonner Uoam'Ia. of JJetroit,
valued at $15,000. at McGu phin Point,
Straits of Mackinaw, today. The boat
was insured for $10,000. The crew ere
The Helen of Chicago Wrecked.
Muskegon, Mich., November 19
The ho 11 of a schooner supposed to b
the Helen, of Chicago, is fl rating
about half a mile out on Lake JMicui'
gan abreast of the harbor. Wieck'ge
has been coming ashore eince yester
day. Among other things is a yawl
boat witn tbe name Helen, ot Vai
cago, upon it. The crew s tupposed
to be icsi.
Knlgh a of Labor Amona; Planta
ion aianua.
New Orleans, La., November 18.
A new factor has been intri duced into
the labor problem in Louisiana. It
has long been known that the Knights
of Labur were engaged among the
field bands organizing lodges, but tbe
first effect of their work bas jaat been
manifested. About 100 hands rn the
Fairvit'W plantation, one mile above
Berwick, owned by Capt. Pharr, have
been on a strike since Monday. Cut
ting and hauling and grinding cane
bas entirely ceased. The hands are
all Knights cf Labor, and the strike
WfB instituted by order of tbe local
lodge at Berwick. The men demanded
an advance of 50 per cent, in wng"S.
Tbe Fall River Cation Operatives,
Nxw York, November 19. A Fall
K:ver, Aias, special eays: A strike,
in which 20,000 cotton operatives will
take part, will be inaugurated here
within a month, unless the manu
facturers grant an increase in tbe
wages of their emp'oyes. The demand
made by the spinners about two weeks
ago, to have wages restored to the
rates paid in 1884, was so unfavorably
received by tbe mill owners, and sucb
disinterestedness was dieplayed in
their neglect to notice it, that tbe
operatives of all grades became thor
oughly exasperated, and there is now
a itrong feeling in favor of a strike.
A Horrible Form
Of malarial diaeu i dumb ague. ConiUnt
drowatnssi, deep interrupted bj chill, iuo-
eeeded by a eoniomiDg heat, and that bj an
exhaastinc aweat. A aenaation aa of numb
neaa from oold.but no abakint attenda it.
Eoa.tetter'i Stomach Bittera invariably trad
ioatea it, though it ia the moat obatinate form
of iLiaema-borndiaeaae. To conquer it with
quinine ia aa impoarlble aa to battle down
Gibraltar wi h a howltior. Malarial dijsr
dera of evcrj kind are attended with de
rangement of the liver, a faetericced by the
aalTron tint whloh the akin aaaumca in euch
diaeaaea. For this aymptom, aa well aa for
it oauae, tbe Bittera it a certain remedy.
Conat'Dation. dvaneDfiia. rheuniat'am. aid
inaetivty of the kidneya and bladder, are
a.ao relieved py tan nne alterative.
Steel Worhera Strike.
Cleveland, O, November 19. All
the em ploy s of the Bolton steel v, orks
at&inton, O., struck today becute
the raaorgsr , discharged a heater for
refu ing to put twenty-five billets, in-
s'ead f fifteen, into his furnace at an
expedient. I? is thought the strike
will be adjusted.
Hcotl'a EmnlMlon,
Of pure Cod Liver Oil, with Hypo-
pnosonites. is a most valnahln remadv
for consumption, scrofula, wasting dis
eases of children, colds and chronic
coughs, and in all conditions where
there is a loss of flesh, a lack of nerve
power and a general debility iof the
Manonle Belief Aaioclatlon.
8x. Lodis, Mo., November 19. The
Masonic Relief Association of the
United States and Canada held its
final session today. The reports of the
various committees were presented
The most lmpjrtant of those adopted
wee that which recommended the for
mation of a uniform system for the
dispensation of charity. The system
requires the same observance of tbe
same conditions before help shall be
given, tons mating tbe reports ol dis
pensation on norm.
Thb Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bklts and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at once.
The state Troops Will Leave.
Chicago, III., November 19. An
additional number of workmen were
engaged in tbe packing houses at the
Union Stock Yards this morning. Tbe
trcop of cavalry was ordered to be re
lieved from duty t?dav. The last of
the State troops will probably depart
from the yardi tomorrow.
" Anthracite In Illinois.
St. Lome, Mo.. November 19. A
special from Mount Vernon (III.) rays:
A vein of coal five and one-half leet
thick was struck here this morning.
The coal is pronounced to be of tbe
finest quality, very like anthracite.
Reaaty Is a Preclony VUt,
And faultless teeth in a lovely mouth
is one of its greatest charms. Be
careful of yonr teeth, and preserve
tbem by uMng fcO-DDONT, that
charming dentrific, which is per.Vtly
narm.'eBs ana aDSOiutelv lndisnensaL'-e
for the toilet.
Waylaid and Beaten to the Death
Killed by an rxplolou
Itasluess Failures.
Cincinnati, O., November 19. Late
lavt Litilit Piter Encelbardt, whi lies
been living apait from his wife for
some time, entored her epartments,
and goirg to a room wh raiheirS
year old sun wa lying fired two thnts
at the ct il J. Mrs Kugeluardt flew to
the child's rescue and her husband
fred at her, the ball striking in the
left side of tbe face and producing a
da gerons wound Tbe child was un
hurr. Engelhardt eecupfid and made
his was to the uprer end of the city
to ay, where be jnmred into the river,
apparently with ihe purpose of drown
ing. He was rescued after parsing
under three barge?, and taken to tbe
h"soiUl. He admi's that he tried to
kill his wife, and save be died the last
shot at hi) own bead.
Waylaid and Beaten to Death
Milwacsei, Wis., November 19.
A spec.al to the Evening H'uconrtn
from Janesville tays Maitin John
son, cf that place, while returning to
his boons in an intoxicated condition
wai set upon and so badly beaten bv
an unknown man that he died at
o'clock this morning. Robbery was
not the motive, as money was found
on the body of the victim.
Charged Wlh Obtaining Rfonfjr l'n
tr raise a-reiensee.
Chicago, III., November 19. Chas.
J. Lnvei y wai brought here this
morning from Kansas City on
requisi ion, chrrged nith obtaining
money under alse preleeses from the
National limit M Illinois. Kuti. JNa
than & Fbher, clothing manufacturers,
and otbeiB. ixmpy, a man named
blesscock. and his brother James
came here six mnrtbs ago and, repre
senting that the nrin ot .Loveny et, Uo,
owrjed a laig" amount of property in
Kansas and Missmri, obtained credit
at the bank for Jl 6,000 and got 18000
from the clothing lirm.
M inula v.
Cincinnati. O., November 19. John
M. Pollcck, representative of the
Vacuum Oil .Company, Rochester, N
Y., has been missing since Monday
and his bcoks are under examination
A Hteamablp Collision.
Naw Yokk, November 19. The
steamer Baaconsfield, with a cargo of
79,000 biisbels of wheat, outward
bound to Aberdeen, came into collie
ion off the Ba'Wy this morning with
the steamship Britannia, bound in from
tbe Mediterranesn ports. 'Ibe liea
consQeld was struck near the coal
breakers and tue water poured in. e
ticguishing her fires, the woe assisted
by tuga to Hubnken. Tbe Britannia
came to anchor with her bow badly
damaged aoove the water unn.
Later. la tbe collision tbis morn
ing between the steamers Britannic
and Beaconsfleld, the former struck
the latter on the port side about amid'
ships, making a hole from three to fonr
feet long in tbe water line. Be vera l
tugs took the Bearonsfield in t)w, and
when near the Erie elevator, Jersey
City, where it is supposed she was
bound, she sank in thirty' five or forty
feel of watsr. he was 118 tons regis
ter, and hp.d on board 7030 bushels of
grain. The damage to the Britannic
was apparently above the water line,
and was quite extensive.
Killed by an Eaploslou.
Syracuse, N. Y., November 19.
Charles A. Brown, of this city, and P.
L. Hurgett, of Newark, N. Y., were
killed here this morning by tbe ex
plosion of a filter in a pan in the ex
perimental salt works. George Den
ton was badly scalded and otherwise
injured. The building was badly
A Ball Cauata n Woman'a Death.
Pittsburg, Pa., November 19.
About daylight t'.iis morning, jnet
alter tbe close ol s ball given by tbe
Italian isrotberbocu, Policeman Unas,
Jones shot and inbtant'y killed his
wifo. Junes was intnxica'ed, and tried
to pick a quarrel wilh several petsons
who bad attonded the ball. Ilia w la
interfered, for the purpose of getting
him home, when he drew his revolver
and shot her through the head. Tbe
murderer waj arretted Imrnediatnly
and is now in tbe Central Station. He
has always burnt d a good reputation
and was coneidered one of the best
ofliceis on the force.
850.000 Eire.
Jkpsky City, N. J., November 19.
Freitag's embroidery factory, on North
Btteet, wasdes'royeu by Ure this morn
ing. .Log', fiMi.Oil). Tbe insurance
wnl luliy cover tbe loss.
Plnherton Men Ilichared.
Chicago, III., November 19. The
grand jury ignored the bill against the
-,nkerton men charged by the coro
ner's jury with complicity in the
death of Terrenes Begley. near the
Union Stock Yards after the close of
the former strike. The Pinkerton
men have all been discharged.
Natchez, Mies. November 19.'
Jones hpry, colored, the murderer nf
Ada Coleman, was hanged in the jail
yard here today.
Chance to Hake a ft lee Livelihood.
St. Louis, Mo., November 19. The
Rev. J. Milton Turner, the well
known colored politician, in an inter
view, says be has become convinced
that the time has come for the colored
people to seek some other means than
politics for the betterment of their
condition. He believes that the ne
groes must be redutnbuted through
out the country, and has a plan for
the k rmation of a colony in Missouri,
in Butler county. In that county,
Charles P. Chouteau Las set aside 35.-
010 acres of fertile, heavily timbered
lands. Located In tbe vicinity are
sawmills renresenticg investments of
$100,000. Purchasers of homes will
be paid 65 cents per 1000 for cutting
logs on their own lands, 11 cents per
foot for cutting and peeling pi'e', and
10 cents each for making railroad ties.
The lands are to be sold for from
13 to $3 per acre; all timber except
what is to be used for fences and
buildings is reserved; one-tbird
the purchase money to be
paid in raih, wbe.u a deed will be
given, and tbe purchaser to give notes
bearing o per cent, interest for tbe
balance. .Where the purchaser can
not pay onerthird down he may pay
what he likes and immediately occu
py the land, but no deed will be given
until the third is paid. Carpenters
will at once begin the erection nf ten
fifteen boutea, but alter settlers
begin to arrive in numbers they will
build their Own. Already there are
several actual eel tier, and Mr. Turner
is confident the scheme will prove a
great blessing to the colored race.
Cleansed, Perilled end ReantiHe d by
the tuticura iu medics.
FOR cleanflni the SUn and Solp nf Di
fi(ariu llu mora, r allmi'jg Itching,
Bor ininno Indnmniat on, tnr curina the
rt ,'i?t m of fsortsuna. Milk
Croi i Boaly Head, frerutuU, ud ihr in
ner! eS'oat:d uioou I'l-m-m, (.I'rincaa
tbe I raatSkinCure, aim ( iticcra Sr, n
niu inile Mini Ueant-fi' r, eitrrnaliy, not
Cotmfka HaaoLviav, 'bn new blood Pml-
Ber, inurnnlly, are lotitilililo.
I have audored all my life ith akin dia
aafea ot diriertnt ki and have never
found permanent rellel until, by the advice
ol a lad frlrnd. 1 ueea Mir va.u.i 1 to 'I
com huHnniKS I aave th' m a thxrouth
tr.al. nxiixaix bottles at tn turn Ki
bolt bnt. two b"iea of ' ctk cka, and aeven
raaee of tCTIt'OR 0e, n i the reault waa
Juat what I had been t.iia . ou d be a eom
plete f are. UKLUK W APE, Kio: niond. Va
Keternoe 1. W.-ftunir, Druagiat.Kieh
moiid. Va. -
ftAl.T RHEVM t ttHED.
T -&a troubled with Bait Kheum for & nnm
hitroi vera.aotbat the akin ent relv ctiuia
ot one of my bande iron, the finger tipa to
the wriar. 1 Ulea reuirutea and dootura
nrMiritttiona to no DUn"e until 1 Aiim.
roenoed taking Corioo UimrniKfl, and now
lam entirely eurea. i. I'AKKtH,
379 Northampton at., Boaton.
For the laat year I haye had a upeoiea of
itching, aealy and pimply humors on my
lace to wbich 1 bave applied a great man
methoda of treatment without aneoeei. an
which waa apeedily and entirely ouied by
MKtf. ISAAC PnLPS, Rarenaa.O
We hare aold yoarCrnrraa Riuaons for
the la t aix yeara, ana so mediemea on onr
ahelvea give better atttr-tioD.
0. W. ATHKHTON. Druglt.
Albany, M.T.
Art told everywhere. Price: CVTiocai.M
cental HaaoLTIKT, fl.'ti; Boap, oenta.
Prepared by Forraa Daco aid CaiMioat,
Co.. Boaton, Maaa.
Bend lor "Mow loCnrrNhlai Bl-eateea
i-DIIDC Pirnplfi, Skin Blemiahea and
U"U"W Baby llamora eured by
cim Soar.
Neuralgie, Sciatic, Sudden, Sharp
ervona ruma, btrmna and
ibab rriuved in oate
e by thet''ilcr Aaail-
Pall e-iM-ier, n.w lna rr
f rt. At druaainta. canta i fire
rtr il. w. rotter rug ana unemicei uo ,
Boston. Maa.
For Anb
Tnr.l,l porrrrl ullllulr rr MO I IIKR'S
illk. l.iTxln.f.l.' In riltll.l II A I V r A N 1 l' l.
Tool hln ( III A K II II Ui 4 Bli'l nil illuKl of chlldrvD
A prrdlg-fMlod r,Mid for lHpeptlo. I'Biiinp.
tlvoa, CwiivHlrM'entB. B, Prl'r't nutrlrnt 111
A-.tliiif tlfiAHeB. K,'qulrl no cooking. Keen la
all rllmatr. Hold i-vMrywh,re. Our book I'l
W'" mill KMiilliiir "t lllluill." MAII KI1 RKK.
WUUblt, -OOllAUt OO,
Preaident of the Great LOUISVILLE 00 U-K1H-JUUHNAL
CO.. telle wnat
ha knowi of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Orrioa or thi Coraiaa-JoranAL,
Looibvillb, Kr.
Dr. WinlmmithSirt 1 waive a rule I have
observed for many yeara, the value ef your
remedy prompting me to lay. In reply to
your requeet, wbat I know of your Chill
Cure. The private aiauranoea of iu efficacy
I bad, and the good reeulta of ita efleota 1
had obaerved on Mr.lt. W. Meredith, who,
for more than afteen yeara, had been fore
man o my office, induced me to teat it ia
my family. The reaulta have been entirely
ealiefaotory. Tbe flrat eaae waa of two
Ieara' aUnding, in whloh 1 believe every
nown remedy had been tried with tempo
rary relief the obilla returning periodically
and wilh Beamingly inore&iod aevertty.
Yonr oure broke them at once, and there hat
been no reenrrence of them for more than
aix mcntha. The other eaae wu ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to otber
remedies; but the ohlili would return at In
tervale until yonr medicine waa uaed, ainee
which time, now aeveral mouthi, tbey have
entirely diaapnearea. rrom tne opportu
nity I have had to Judge. I do not bealtateto
ezpresa my belief that your Chill Cure ia a
valuable apeoino, ana periormi aai yon
promise for it. Iteapectrully,
ARTHUR PETER A CO., Agenta, Looia-
vilic, Ky.
kly's catarrh
Cream Balm?,
Olvea Ra'Uf at
liny Fever.
or Powder. Fre
from Inlurloui
Drnga and Offen
sive odora.
A partiola la applied into each nostril and
la agreeable. Price centa at DruKgiatsi
By mail, renlatcred.rin cents. Circulars free.
Mil li itua., urugKiiia, uwego. a. i.
Per Drapepala,ullueraireieitU
f tbe Dlseetlre Oriani and late
ILtrer, Slain OlaeniBee. Cute, Hume,
ealde atnel Hrnlin, ACID IRSR
BABTn le a eperlllc.
Rhenmntleoa, nalarlal Die ear ,
-ere, Chronlo Dlurrhoa aad
rtlnate eaeea ol Blood Palaoalaff,
Tleld wltaaont fall M laa vy evador
tal erearaUTe poerer.
Ak It treta tmenp fctat,
I all dealer a eeat.
trea the A. I. p.. Co., neNttle, JM,
At Wholfwalft br UN TLKETet CO.
Kerrville Hotel at Public Sale
II m an.. ITvuLVII.I.H a h.
nd M. V. K.R . nfv Httlns frnm Um.
Phis, helby county. Tenn., I will sell to the
highest bidder, tbe Hotel and premises, eon-Iti-ting
ot 7 tt.00r. hnloncinn to the Kerr
ville Hotel Company, tiald Hotel ia a two
tory Irame building i haa 11 rooms besldea
kitcnen, pantry, aervanta room smoke
house, stable, and other out-buildinga, a
large paieu garden and a good wall at tie
uor, and ia a One bminesi sund being the
nly hotel in the town.
T-HMd One h.ir cmht the balanne in
twelve months, with interest: bond with ap
proved security will be required, and a lien
retainel until the runtime money is paid.
y oraer 0' the Board.
J. H. MoU"SLP. Pecretarv.
ff"lCf1 "ONTH. a
fwUai-aJAV Uf
I wnpa trmm. .
ram 1 1 in ii
AMel Iron Kartb.
".'i-UH tUna.
E322 rnx 1 m u
WU Artificial
Trade W-rh .
PQ 1 tumMO W 2
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton -Paotora,
No. SOO .Front Htret, : Memphta, Tuna
au in.
AJlAa-UIW rJIBWAJtr, daw UViaaaa. t
i mn iii iiihii
hi mum urn
WholesaleGrocers, Cot Factors
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEP'T,l0to 174 Adams St., flmnpiilf
Iraa suad
Saw-HIIla, j.
rlt- HIllrT
-.y-.. ,v ' '-T'ri v, . . rwJ
tSucceaiors la this lepartment to JOHN M AN0OUE.)
r Write na for information on ANY THINI In either line.
J. A. BAILEY & 60,,
33G Second Street. Memphis.
a r.i nth nnMPT.RT RTonir ot
A. Materials. Pumpa, Orive Wells. Iron,
o. o. xinr.
UMcsalo Grocers
Stt Front Street,
OeMea eeasigaad te ai will kare ear eareful
Staple k Fincy Gncsriet, Wines, Llquortjebicw & Zlgtn
. mtt mm ! n Low ae ti t.nwaa.
And Commission Merchants,
20 mid 202 Vront St., fTeiimlilH. Tenn.
rrt r . TkD A nn
LaU J. T. LaPrad i Co.
No. 304 Front street,
H.ria. .tlr. from the Baddle, and Bm Ji'f'S.'n,
wa &r DieafUBa to ftnnoaDo to oar irmum nu i.i ------ - - - - -
To sorv. thVm in oar new e.ity. lUtarnlni th.oki , f..j r the Jn ' Htieraf patronage or
Unded u. in the old line. . trust to merit and roeiv. a
Cotton Factors, Uholesalo Grccors,
TT-1 -I iTnlAn Street, t t flemphl, Tenn.
H. 0. PB ARCB.
M.0.1PB AROB Sl Co
Cotton Factors & Commission .lerch'ts,
Cettoa WarelMiaue-llae SS aael M Oala lree.
Mannfacturer'a Agentl for
Daolel Pratt Cotton Glim,
Kanofacturera of
Prall Eelli Hailer Mm, Feed
era aad Mia Keaalrera,
OS to 104 Poplar Xt Mcmphf
axr Pratt Kevolving-Ilead Qlna one
qualed. titnek now complete. Pricei
reduced. Correstondcnse ana omen
lolialted. Old (line Kepaired in First
la aird . All work guaranteed.
inir 0
jy' mi UVIRM
V ILIveta,
DEl'T, 22G and S2S Noiond 8t
. I. WITT.
plijmbkrh. das and stbam FrrrKRfi
load and Htone 1'lie. Klitures. Blobea. Ktc
R. A. PAlEl.
& Colton Factory
Memphis, Tenn.
Wa aarry at all Maaea a i
eieea ei
Late with J. T. UPraJe A Co
91 X. 11 CHANTS,
Memphis, Tenn.
y e
I)K. 1). S. JOllNSOA'S
So. 17 Jefferixia Street,
(Between Vain and FrDt.) !'. KlifUu.
IKftabllshed ia lMilJ.1
DH..fUllNSON isarknowiedired bysjlaar
tie Interested a.i liy tut the m.A stio
censlul ihsi,MHri in the trrmw.nUti prirute
or secret diseases. Quick, fiermanent earea
Kuiranteed in erery case, male or feii al.
Kecent ca-ies of tionorrhei and Syi bijia
cured in a 1 w days without the as, ui uier
curv, chanite of diet r hindrance from
buaineM. S.cnnii iry Sri hilis, the lust vea
tiae eradlcatvd witho-iMne use of mercery,
lovolunmiry lore ol ,enion stnwied in short a
tinie. Huflerora troiu imnoUjru'y or less of
sniusl ponrrs retor o to true viirur in a few?
weeks. Vi''itms of cell-'ibuHe and eieessive
venery, sufloriiK troiu sieruetnrrha od
lonsof phyBir.il nd uiuntnl imwer, "comlil
anil iriuiinently cum, I. Kart rnlar attol i
tion iaui to the l)isenes nt Women, ana
ei;re auaranhed. Piles and old aorea cured
without tho uso of caustic or the knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by eires to all part ol the
aejr-Worklnrnien enred at half the an
rales. Oflioe hours Iroui 8 o'clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. D. S. JOHNSON. M.I).
817 mid 8H JST ini!!
N. Second St. f Y:
a i
aumrrACTtrnrru or aJir" '
saw mills
4T WR1TKJ rlllt rATAl.OCVH. -w.
IKal.TH IN fVKAll ll.-Da. I. O.
miA Want', MaaviAKD Haul TaaT.aaT.
a taarnn'rad speoino for Hysteria, Dinl
nosa. Convulsion's, Fits, fiervoaa KaureJ
lla, lleaduche, Kervcs l5rlratloii, oaaee4
by the use ol uloohol or toh&ecoi Wake
fulness, Mental Uopression, S.lt.aint ol the
Brain, resultinn in insanity and lea Ibx to
mirory, dnony and doalh : Prematoie 4
Aae, Jiavrenness, Loss 61 Power in either
Involnnturr Losses and oarratibir
rhea, on. j iv over-eiertlun of the hrala,
self-abuse or ovcrtDilulaenoe. liach boxooa
taina one moml.'s treatment, tl a boa,
ail boies for &S, svm l mail propjui, oa
receipt of uric,. W. eaiuHnic Bix boxee
to oure any uii, VY 1th each order racnivee
by as for six boxes, eotiompanird wti'. Sl
is will lend the purohnier oar vritta
(nar.tph-iv to refund the ruonsy it t'jo; i.at
roent doei "ot ellect a ru-e. -rtnriitna
leaned only A. KtCiUJC)vi iit-tf
' "'. Memphis, Tnin.
Axtd Iron Roofin r.
I ii . I ' vfT. cra. tw .W.W -wra
Wlad. Water anal Ilahinlaxc
proof. Suitable for .11 kinds of bntidinira.
For prices and estimates a factors nt et
sail on or addrasi
43 A m Hala it., and 31 A 23 MalWry :..'
Ileadqaarters for Iron Feneea aad Or- ns
Oalvanlaed Iron Qornioe.Tin Hoots A wve
Man-Keaident NotlM. .
Ne. Kill In th, Chanoery Court of -kWb
county, Xenn. J. 11. Stuart va. MatUa
It an ncarl nf from bill which Is iwora U In
this cause that the detendant, Mettle tlte.rt,
ia a non-resident of the Stui oi Ten eesaee,
and that she ia a resident of Ike Vernleryof
It ia therefore ordered, That she Bake
her apiearann, herein, at the overt stem, in
Meinpliis, Hhelby county, T.nn., on orLn ire
th, nrst Monday in Ireceniber, 1HM, ,ni
plead, answer or Jeniar to cvmplaineal'a bill,
or the same will be taken for eenfeseed as te
her end set for hearing ex partes aad that .
oopy of this order be published once a week,
lor four successive weeks, in the Meapk
Appeal. This 7th day of Ootober, laM.
A oopy attest:
N. I MoDOWKLI,, Clerk aad Ma-rUf.
By T B. Caldwell, Deputy 0 aad U.
ten. B. Peters, Hoi. tor oompl'nt. sm
DPArNPQQ it causes, aad a near
tMrlltOO .,! Buoeoislul JDH
at your own home, by on, who waa deaf
twenty-elaht years. Treated by most of
the noted specialists without benefit. Ol'Rito
muHici.r in three nioaths. and sine ttioa
hundreds of otriers. Full partina'ars tent
on application. T. 8. PAK.
INo. 41 West 31st street. New York City.
aak jwrr lelnllcr for r n Oriel rial IV NhoW
liovv'of liiilluUoriH. d
KoneOenaliiD uulooa bmrliig tkUHInmeJ
fi.t'i, i'ncMnuou ui Awnv;
an'r. A atistuUrtro iw'iu co
fiHWllt in liifc joii tiinirmrVi
ti.'nln)vti:"i.tlilMHhio la
bliuu or itUTitury.
J. IiICM33 Si CO.
Uuatuo, xlast.'
at .-Msttnev m
TMa atioe auin'ta htirlicr tu tlieot'Jtlon o
I'ertrwa Uiaii ui.y ollii-r I" l!io wiri.t 'nia-
v .
Bands whu vi.U' It v.'U UU jou VUe n-unoo If yon
as Uieu.
iNon-itpHiilt'Dt Nolioe.
No. nOTJ-In the Chnncory Court ef Shelby
county, Tenn. Mute or iennessee, lor
use, etc., va. W . M. Hnced et al.
ft mn Anrinir fro,., hill which ii :wora to ia
this eauie Unit tbe defendants. 4ra.y lloou.
Mrs. riuiilli and hupunnd. ri. U. .-"utlj I
are renldenti of Ihe State oi Toiea and non
residents of the btute ol ronneicee:
It is tlierclore urilnrei, muiioer uiaa.
tholr aiiiieiiriiiice horein, al the oourtouse
of Hbnlliy county, in Memphis, Tenn.,oa
or belore the Urst Moniiay in ieoonioer,
1WW, and plead,, answer or douiur to com
plainant's hill.nnd amended bills, or tbe
suiue will be tnKn for confessed aa to thei.
and set for honriua ei parte; and that a copy
ol this order be published oncoawouK, tor
lour (uccesaivfl weoks, in tbe Slemphie Ap-
ionI. line inn uuy oi ucmnrr, ii
A copy stlBHi ;
H . MnlOWKLT , Clerk and M uit.T.
Ily T. II. Caldwell, Deputy C nnd M .
K. II. and 0. W. ileiikell, 'Jl.cit.)rJ for
comrhiiniint : .
on-Keslil(wt fiilii.
No. ftlll In the t'hunccry Court ol Mialhy
county, Tenn. 11. J. iliaot el at. va. rfon.
S. llouah et "1.
It aoi earlna from bill which Is iworn to In
tbis I'linna thnt tho d' feriiiiiiis, John Mock
ton Hough and h. J. M. llu ih, his wiro, are
resideou ol the rjtate ol Pennsylvania and
non-re.'ideiitM of the Slate of Tenn raaee :
It ia therefore ordered, That tbey make
thoir iippenranoe herein, at tiicouitunusool
Shelby county, in Meinphia. Tenn.. on or
before the first Monday in Dooember. l?Hb.
and plead, answer or drmnrto complainant
bill, or the same will be taken for conloised
as totheui, and set lor hoaringex parte : nnd
that a oopy of this order be published ono,
a week, for four successive weoks, in in.
Memphis Appeal. Tbis 7th diy ol Ootober,
lami. A copy-ariesii
h. 1. 3U UOH r.LI,, tier ana w.wr.
By T. 11. Caldwell, Uoputy V. and ai-
J. 1'. Sykes, hoi, lor compi nt
mr ft 4
r 1 1 5 s
vrk.n I t.r ran 1 do ol aiMn m"lr ;t 1
lies slid Own a. II""' " J,;.,,l!f S
Nil Nil K N UU, . Ill Kill, ...- - f
Bur. (lis wont f
..u slhnrs ttv. f.llJ Is t
- lr .i ...w rMVOInf ui rwr. on".
a:7.rVs .mi r urn-., it ru ,.. wi. r.r wa.
..ui .lUtms a.
"r-1 '
. i:.
M" "akTIM'N 0ltR IA1. '!
I.KtS. :tl3 Sixth St., Wnshinxton, D.
0 Providra praoucally uselul busineai eda
eation. Notermanor vations. MudenU
enter at any tim. Termai LllesoholikrBhm,.
ItO. Twelve weeks' Coarse, board, .,
tUnd for oixeular.'

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