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As WItmi by Alderman Fullitiair
Bemoroe Caused Him to Tell
tbe Truth.
Of tb Irne Hearted Squires In
Ti millions and Excited
Kiw Tore, November 19. The trial
ol ex-Alilerman Arlbnr J. Mclj iado,
the indicted "boodler," was continunl
tbistmorning before a crowded court
loom. Tbe Using of testimony was
reenmed at 11:20 o'clock a.m. Mr.
Nicoll continual the examination.
Ex-Alderman Charles B. Waite re
Burned tbe witness chair. lleacknowl
diced several visit to tbe office of Ibe
Broadway Suiface Hallway Company,
and to aw in Moloney there. Witness
came to New York several times in An
inuV 1884, be being In New London,
Conn., in bnsinew at the Pequot
Howe at ttat time. vu
Angnst 29tb, of that year'
be ml summoned toNewlork by
telegraph. Gen. Tacy here objected
to the reading of tbe telegram. Wit
ness continned, saying that he went
to the Brevooit House and met James
Richmond. Afterward he came down
town, and In paasirg tbronRh the
couithonae to the O.ty ball, again
nit t Richmond. Bright wai with Rich
mond. One of them gave him a pa
per. The puner was produced in court
and idfnt.flnd by witness. ThiB oc
curred Augnat 30th. Witness then
went np to tbe Alder manic cham
ber. Witnees raid the telegram
was to nt.tfy him of the
meeting. He prouded at the mee ing
of tbe board. The Mayoi's veto mes
sage on tbe franchise was read, and
tbe bill pasted over tbe veto. Tbe
meeting was held with closed doors.
Except the members of tbe board, no
one was present but J. Francis Kir
nan, a newspaper men. Witness did
not know whether Mttjiiide was pres
ent or nut, or who drafted the refla
tion to pass the bill over tho veo.
Cross examination eliciUd tbe fact
that tbe resolutions were in type
writing, according to the result of a
previous couculta'ion of Aldermen.
The report of the Railroad Committee
was prepared in tbe c fllcet f Huribner
Jk Hriuht. as wbh also the teso u'ion in
type writing. Kx-Aldermsn FullgrRfT
was next culled as a witnees. lie
flirmnd. Wi nf sj has resided In New
York and Brooklyn thirty-eight years
and been in btiHtmss twenty-six yeais.
H. In hiir headed man. with a mons-
Ucbe nil a tuft ol chin whiskers. Ho
sat with h a eyes on the lawyers and
bis hands clasped In his lop.
Witness ra d an informal meeting
was held In May, 1884, afttr tho bmrd
had adjourned. K ght f.r nine mem
bers were present, of whom McQuade
was one. Ti e subject discussed was
tbe lact that It was necessary to have
thirteen votes to pins a bill, it was
airreed to inert at the office of tbe wit
nest within a week afterward. This
was done, and the meeting held at
- Frill r aff's fuel or v after burlnees hours.
Tkli was beforo tbe bill was pasted.
Thirteen Aldermen were present. Mo
Cade was one. Mr. Nicoll asked who
else were present. Witness named,
from memory, Kinney, Bayles, Wa'te,
MoUabe, Dully and Jaobne. Mc
Laughlin was inalrman. Delacoywes
present. It was agreed that the thir
teen members present would hold to
gether on any ouesttm that cme be
fore the board, Nothing was tald
about the Broadway railroad. It was
agreed to meet again one week later
at MoL'UKhlln'e house. Witnesi at
tended the latter meoting. McLaugh
lin was mailt chairman again, on Duf
fy'i metlon. The first business was the
?uestion ff the B oadwsy franchise,
t was said that o her companies, a ca
ble toad and otliers,wanted a franchise.
Jaehne, D.lacey and others spoke
saying that the B oadway Cable Kuad
Company had offend $750,000 for
franchise one-ha'l rash and one-half
bond Witno did not know who
the money and s'ock was to go to. It
was said Hint the surface road had
offered J 600 000 In cash. Witneis said
that tho i ll r of tbe cable road was
considered iinrHlieblo. and tbe other
was coneldond the heft. It wns de
cided to accept the off. r of tbe Broad
way surfa e road by a unanimous
vote. Witmss vo ed for it. The next
qui stion discus ed was who ehould bo
. intrusted with the moiny. Hometblng
was raid about tbe am omit. Taen y
two thousand dollars was to go to
each uiembi-r. One men.bnr though
tbe amount ehou'd be $'J5,tl00 eucli.
It was s.iid that the lawyers had con
cluded to pay only $'22,000, and that
amount v. a decided upou unani
mouslr. Multitude voted are. Annth
er meeting wax held at Mol.anuhlin's
bouse, bnt twelve out of the thirteen
were uretent. Tbe onciti )n discuseed
was to select a meniber to hold tbe
mosey. Wltco'S thought that Mo
Cabe said Moloney niiiibt be trusted
with so large an amount. Duffy sng
ceiled Kteoan. and he was select
ed. Delacor then said he wished to
have tbe members present go to Kee
ran and aware him it was all r ght,
Witneei ani l the possibility of a veto
was cone'd-rcd, and in that case it
waa decided to leave tbe work of get
ting a tarn-thirds vote to Moloney.
Afior the vt another meeting waa
beld at McLaughlin's houss to diacuss
it. As more vol were necersary, it
wai deoidtd unanimously to cut down
each man's Bhare to $20,000. Wltneia
said he raw Moloney at his bouse
AoRUbt 21li,u, and the latter brouitht
witness a paper to sign. There were
several oher names on the paper,
Witness then idet t tied a paper as the
oae signed. It waa the call lor tbe
memorable morning meeting of Autus
30td. Witness ailenried the seoiet
meeting of Angust 30th. MiQuade
and the witness weie both prtaentat
another meeting in McLattghlin's
house Octb- r 13 h. There had been
no money paid yet, and this was the
abject of dimusion. Witness re
ceived a par; $ MHO, before election
that was doe. The tlnal vote gran'lrg
the IiaBChiBAwai taken December Dili
Up to and after that date tbe witnees
bad received $1S (X0. Keei anpidi
Witnees aeked MiUnade after Decern
ber 5th if be bad got his money. Mo
Qtiade rep'ied thai it was ''all r'ght
This ended the direct exam nat on.
consultaiion of the lawyers followed
The sudience, who bad liBteiud with
deep intere-t, ui-ing their hands as a
truraDtts. ai t led back In llinlr neat
to diacutH th astounding tt-Htimon
of the witn"s. The witness looktd
likeabnv ho t ad biea canuht in
melon pa th. Ilin ft-ca was flushed
and bis eves had been est down
wkile aiviuir Lis evidence. His voice
at times hkd b en almost it audiblo.
Oa cross txauiinatiou wit owe
be had beennxged in in an u 'act or
jog paper boxes Bume years, and waa
ma-ried thirty-two years ago. When
asked why be affirmed, Fullgraff
th- ught ha was asked why he turned
8 ate's evidence. He raised his fight
rand above his bead as he replied":
"I have done it because of remore e
remor e of a man to one." Thftit
neB'face had boene all the marks ol
mental agony and h s T-iice had hewn
bn ky and Irmu'ous. . As he reached
thispdni hebr ksdown.andBtiokira;
bis band over hi beird he saiil in a
half whisper, made audible by the
perfect niience of the moment: I
don't know." Aftira short pause the
one tif n was explained by tbe Oturt.
Witnfss lUUd that he alwaya
bad affirmed, am' that Mr. Newcomr.e
waa nut taken in Baying that he
affirmed befoie the Her.ate Investiga
ting Commiifce. He would not ted a
l e cn affirmation to harm any man.
Mr. Nt-wecmbe read extracts from tbe
examination of Fullgreff as a wi nces
befure the Benate committee, wlnoh
....a .nrail;itnr In tila tirflsent tosti-
mony. In one piece Fullg'aff had
.iiiMl that be bad net conversed
with other Aldermen on the subject
nf the Broidwav franchise Lil1.
Other contradictions were noted by
Mr. Nawmmbe. who asked ibe wit-
neca if hia former evidence on those
was troe or fa'ee. Tb witness replied
"lalae." Mr. Newcombe then asked
tbe witness if be bad committed per
In. hnfnvA tha HAnAtA rrimmilte.
7 nrnm nr." reolied Ful'graff.
" mercileaslT cantinued the
lawyer, "yoo committed perjury to
a vnnrMlf from rjonisbmeot for
bribary on that occasion did you
DThA wltnnaa cast bis bead down.
His previous answers had been feeble,
but now the confetsed bribe receiver
and perjurer answered not at all. As
more questions were given, showing
up his character in a bad light, the
witness assumed something of the
air of one placed in a position where
fight was neceseary, ana nis ibcu uu
. innk- nfri.flanre. His voice grew
stronger and be replied to succeeding
nnnailnna ationt Ills previous lmu
t..timnnv In a wav to be heard easily
hrnntf hi, nt the courtroom. At 1 :W
o'clock p.m. a recess was taken.
Ki.Alderman uuay was at me urn
trict Attoroey'a office all the morning,
ready to testify and corroborate Full
g'aU'a aiBBiticnB. Fnllgraff was taken
ont to Innch at receFB in charne of a
detective. It is eald that ex Alderman
CharleB P. Miller has CDnsented to
become a Slate witness and tell his
nf the distribution of the
knn.tta "
After rece:s Fu lgraff went on tbe
atand attain. He said that Aaite had
told him the reason for the call of a
Bnecial meeting was thf.t Lawyer
Liddv. who had got out an injunction
rettra'nlDg the board from issuing a
franchise to anyone fir a road on
Bread way, had cons 'nted to raise tbe
Ir.iunction for $12,500. Ttiey feared
that L ddy would get out antlier in
junction to bleed the railway com
pany more. This was the reason wit-
nHa aisned the Cill. FallgraU ao-
knnwldiecl that he had riven a con
tradictory statement before the Senate
Thethowlng np of the difcrenan-
einn was continued at length, hall
oiatt acknowledaed every material
point of his testimony before the 8en
a'e Committee to be false. He test!
fled that be never knew that $l,0O01-
000 had been ofJerad tbe city for a
1 I - I . ! , ,1 A T? n ,1 n
irancniBS lur ihiiiubu uu viununnri
nor of any offer at all. A portion of
tbe testimony before the Senate Com
miltee, which included a statement
that F'cratr knew nothing more
about the noodle thaa they did at. Al
bany and Washington, Wis read. Full
graff explained his evasive answer as
meaning that Mr. Niles, the examiner,
who bad been a member of the Legis
lature at a time when "boodle" was
flying - there, according to rumor,
knew what "bondle" meant well
nough. Laugh:er.j
Witnersdoflned "boodle" aa "money
dishonestly araulred." Agsin erd
attain Lawyer Newcombe read Full
crafl's sworn denials of any kaowl
euga 01 me dooqio . iraueaciiuna,
asking if they were trae or false.
1 he witnefB each time acknowledged
that he swore falsely before tbe Bena'e
Corhinit ee. There was no bravi-do
in the manner of the witne s. lie
was downcist, but when n reintm
l.nre.1 ralllnir on Alminhjy U id to
witne'S that bo wjs truthful, he re
i.linl. nnait velv: "No. 1 do not re
mxiTihpr. It never happened." A
stnt'inent in his testimony onore tne
committee was that he was sorry mat
lmlii.l lipeti a member ri tne ooai
ol 1 88 1. only betaie of tbe etoiies
Hlarted by tbe newspapers; that he
would st ck t J the membeis pi tne
board as long as he lived, but that he
couBldeied there were honest and pnra
moo in the board as ever sat on uod a
footstool, was rand by Mr. Newoomho,
... tl I U. In L'..ll..-Jll
lean say uuw, uiuao m u'ii"i
"that 1 am sotry I was a memuer oi
that boaid."
"Did you ri'fci to your own purity
then?" "Yes, elr; I was then Bnd am
nnw butlor that one act." wuneB
sslil he bad never given away tbe
"hoodie" until bis arrest lo- lus a:
leijed connection with tbe granting ol
a franchise to the ininy-ioartn b reot
road in 1881. He was then induced to
make a general statement regarding
Mm Broadway franchise by a promise
of protection from prosecution for his
own transactions in conneouou wnu
the craniina of a franco, ea to that
road. Later the inducement of pro
tection from any of hia acts aa a mem
her of the board of 1884 was ma ie at
luspector Byrnra'a office. Witness
waa nnred ti make an en ire statement
at Mr. NlcoU s houa, and ne maaetae
atatement with Mr. Marline's aid.
W tn ess at flret refused the prapoai
tion at Inspector Byrnes'a office. He
wanted to cocsult with his family. Ha
was allowed to go home, tie consult
ed with his family and his son-in-law,
and concluded to make the statement.
turned hi
with remoiB?
II Ond lets nil
perali-ted the lawyer. Witnesi ac
knowledired that he had not. 11 con
fuseed that he bad received $1000 for
bis vi e in anoher railroad matter,
and had not retumed it elthir, but
1. clan d that he would when he could.
He had bren delayed in that art by
pressing family mat'ets. Mr. New
irmbe read thenamea of the ' boo-
dlers" tald to be at tne meeting at Mo
Longhitn's, and asked if tbe witness
had not named Aldermen who ha
know tn he pother dead or out of this
inriedic'ion. cniy or In prison for
i-rlme. aside from bis fellow "sqaal-
r" Dnffr and Waite and the rliend-
ant. Witneea (aid he bad. Witnees
nave the other nams not bf rs
mentioned ai Darnpsey, Clary, Ouas.
Keilly nn O'Neill.
Wienthedr.ot exsm'natinn was
renmed FuMgrafl eaid that be waa uot
ankoil to inculnntn anyone in hB Bta'e-
ment to tho Dirtnct Attorney. He
made tbe atatement because Irs con
ecier.ee tiouhli d him, and it was the
only ris'itutioa he rould mate for
what he hd done. He said he fe t
h a ding-ace krenly, mo'e on account
ol bis family thin Ills own. lie nau
leoeived $19,000 from tbe two trai
actions, tor which he bad been in
dicted, and would reetore it to the city
as o in aa be had a chance.
This endea bis to timocy, and Full-
graft was taken back to the Distiict
Attorney s cilice by a detective.
Ex-Aldermaa Mirhad Daffy, an
other cl the "saueilinn boodlere,'' Wae
next cal ed to the chair and bejaa bis
tes iniony. lie said that after ooex
tbe meetings rf the board eight ornine
of the members, including MiQu d--,
belt a "little caacoH to bx np lor a
meeting i tFullgrtfl'a office. Witntes
went to the fac.ory abont 7 o'ch ck
p.m. and f und twelve other memhere
there iniludirg yicyuMie. -iue
mtetirg," laid Daffy, "d.rnrsed a
Bciu tan for rcaking a cmribination for
controllirg legis'a inn on lailroad and
some ether mat ere " Witnees named
Bite mt mbers who were pieseLt to in
mem-jiy, and by referring t) al stcf
the b jard gave the three other mem
here. They corresponded wit ; Full
grafl's list.
113 continued : "we lamea aooav
the combine and about having mote
mnetinira and we decided to have one
about oce week later at McLongblin's
hou-e. Tbe same tbiiteeo members
were nresent at that meeting. At
that meeting we talked about railroad
matters. X think 1 made a motion to
make McLongblin chairman, and he
waspu in tbe chair. There was a good
deal of talk abont the Broadway sur
face railroad and all other railroads.
There was notbinsT more than talk
about the combine. The combine
was on railroad bills to pass them or
not. We met one week later at
McLonghlin's. At tbe second meet
ing Aldermen Delacey and Jaebne
aig'ied anoui tne roads, mere wonid
be $500,000 in the Broadway road and
thai tbe cable road would put up
$760,000. But half of it was to be in
bonds, and it was sa d mat tnere were
too many in the cable company's, and
thev nut it to a vote on tbe ques
tion ol wnicn road tney wouiu soe
with, and voted to pass and side in the
Broadway euilace railroad. Alderman
Jaehne said that tbe flumes given,
$22,000 apitce, were too big. There
would not be ss mucn as tnat to go
around, becjuse there were some ex
penses to c me cut of the boodle.
This waa the flrat proposition, but one
of tbe Atdermen thought we ought to
have $25,000 apiece. Alderman I)e
acev (J'eary talked, and :hey thonght
there was enough to go round at J22,
000 apiece, and the caucus voted and
the proposition was carried. At tbe
third meeting, tr the second one at
McLonahlin's, a week after, the talk
was about where tbe money was going
to be put up who was to bold it. Mr,
McCabe ws oppo'ed to Moloney. He
thonsbt he cou d not be trusted with
so much money. He might wa k off
with it. I Laughter. I I proposed Mr.
Keenan and be was elected. The
vole was unanimous. 1 he defendant
voted for it. I think it was raid hoar
that each member would have to go
himself and a is Mr. Keenan or else
be would not do it. Tnere was noth
ing said about how we wonld get
tbe votes of the Aldermen and I think
we then adjonrnid. The bill was
pasned fur tbe Broadway railroad An
gust 0th. It came back vetoe 1. Tuere
was taia aoout Maioney get ing ouier
votes to pass it over tbe veto. It was
said it would est something to get
tho-ie other votes, and it was all itli to
Malonty. He wrs to look up four or
five votes and piy for them. Laugh
ter. I Ttiey talked the matter over
and satd tnere would not ce f ji:,oou
apiece around, and I believe they got
down to $20,000 apiece. Tus was
prior to August 30th.
The above is a sample of Duffy's
testimony, which fully corroborated
Fullgraff's evidence. Mr. Dnffy's Irish
wit and brozus. made him a much
more enle taloine witness than nit
colleague, and his voice was full and
eti iking. Ha described the meeting
of "the combine ' held at McLough
lin'a fust befoie election as follow?
A 1 the thirteen were present and we
talked about the coming elect on and
about who was going to run aain,
and one A'derman caked where was
the money coming frjm f r them who
wanted to run, and someone
else said be was going to get
his from tbe Broadway railroad.
I didn't set any inon-y until abont
af'er the election, and then I got $10.
000. I met MiQmds on the nor h
s eps of the City Hall a few days alter,
and lis (topped a: u talkf-d. lie Paul
"Did you get y ur money from the
Broadway r a IT and Isaid l) a you
eetyousr and tie said, "l.u all
rl.iif. I got mine all riiiht." This
gn shed tne direct examination. Tne
nei-nse c iceuited, enct tueu excuse
Duffy fn m r sit ttxAm'nntion for tho
pn Rent. Duffy Btemied down noting
as fieih as wnen he heuan. Hoioh
witneHtes to show that MiQiadehKd
cons darahln nionpy about tue time cf
the "boillV transaBtion were ex
amined, and the court aojinrned.
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I ' I j r fa() I
s sras aiked II he had re- aOiiaCW
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Jmw WiIt. W. H. Sms,
M. B
Doore, Sash, Blindfs,MeldiaK8,aIl kinds of Door and Window
Frames, Brackets, Scroll-Work, Hough and Dressed
Lumber, rSklngles, Laths, Water Tanks.
AH kinds of Wood Work .Executed at Short Notice.
Nos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis. Tenn.
Window Shades, Picture Bail Mouldings and Mixed Paints.
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors,
So. m Kain Street, Gayese Block.
Speer's Cotton Gin
Huling from Mulberry to St. Martin Streets
I" Insurance and Sacks free.
"The Largest and only Complete Gin in tne city.
t-Best Yield. Best Sample.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J.K.8BW,PrWt. J.M.S00i)BAK.TIerWt. C H. H1ISE, CU
rrafirtid with (rtrtrt mrr4 tn ISirftr. Wtmgh and
aUbfulmwa, iMr. Iriiv' H ktiiir I'owiior tnitr
Ln Amintavl.lmtinirl'hotpnit. Pr. rrtt
Eiraot VaiUtUa Ltuno. eUu, ttavor drltotuiuly.
PPrCt MJUONO PCWDC CO. CMctfgo tutf 6t LM
EVKHT hna'.k.Kpur know anmathlna
about Ih. trouble! enn-.il hj unokint
fli.p'ao.t, whlri nr. .inona ih r.lot nai
pmiio. to ba m.t with. Oi.. af tlia Important
thing tibn.itnlrd to la all huuM. it t')a.
that ih. gtati ar. .it rroirly, and Ih t tha
ariUo corrfctlv bu'lt. Nr. II.
LaaN,4IM).iiairrrl in an aiport
atthla bntin.il, ant bn pat.ntil Mima ar
rangaraaaia thai nbl him i. oorr. t linoty
ehitu.'M and I. (it Ihr rii'tit h' at Iroui
Ik. lu.l. All ! nt Irani, aa O' uhlm
D.a r aiixlieil (boa'4 ial t Mr. L.KUON,
wfeoMVora fiU sit. aaUalaotfoa.
I, TBtI.
."wtlkwioit. :
immm m an'
or TClroo"aBU
m t nidfia. a . yvij.
O. B. BRiaa
A.W. allVtJMi.
i im.nl aaaaaaw
a )ailMatnM.-aM
Cotton Factors aud Commission Merchants
No. SU Kfroffh romer ot Monro Memphia. i enn.
Quarter or a Century In the Hardware Business,
Nos. 322 and 324 MAIN ST., - MJSJni'.tixo, xxn.
Wholesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
Jahai .mlllvaai.
Ikaa. Clark.
J. oianfe.
TTbAlABAl Grocers. Cotten FMton
And Can mission Usrehants.
232 and 234 Front St, IIcapMs, Tq
mwni amamm amm iimwi.
No. 834 Front Street, Cor. 17nlon, Memnhl. Tenn.
J. niT.
Iiasa f t. 8. Par a aU wwa aton.- Haifrllfr. J
Lata of HMohaaa Bart. a.
380-86S Front Btroot Monnhli Tomm.
JNO. 8.I0OF.
ooC SicioTO
a & tuo.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
And Dealer. In I etee anil Railroad SnppUea,
No. 274 rront Street- - .Mempbi-.Temiew

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