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YcEiDAT, I 1 SOV. 23, 18tt.
There ie nocneqnietnJe in business
preceding the Christmas rush which
m-ill soon he felt, but the genorcl toue
c:n inum t3 b9 eucmreginR. Monty
retains l'e imrrovtd ratj, ith a good
ca'l (or it. The banki 're get . ing into
i tr jrgor condition, but thy chow
jire.'oreuc9 for time loans over "on
!'." The West is in fair Bupply of
funds and calls run the interior have
decreased. The New York Chronicle
reporti: "With the continued arrival
of gold from abroad and Borne oulfljw
of fnndflfrom the Treasury through
interest payments and the issue of sil
ver certificate, it is cot a matter fjr
surprise that ourjbaoks should for the
time being at least be a little better
supplied with funds." The Birong
tone at the Stock Exchange indicate
a stesdy 'coming demand for
money, but when Congresi meets
. some atUntion to financial busi
ness must necessarily be given,
and that may possibly make
ome change in the pretent espect
of things. The supply of currency ia
sat slac'.ory. 8j fur the contraction
lroni withdrawal of national bank
notes is ouimportant. Tbe Ajw of
g ld ti New York from EuroLO con
tinuts. There was an arrival on Mon
day afternoon of $1,297,200 in franc,
and on Tuesday of f .'45,001) in EngliBh
gold, btaidos which abont $300,000 in
old came in on Saturday, mnking a
total of $1,902,2CO, and 1 100,000 is
heard of beside. It is noticabla that
the Bank of France, which wae already
paving a premium for gold, has ad'
vanced the rate to one-half and 1 per
cent. As France is a silver standaid
country this circumstance Is not with
out its pot sible significance. Silver
has continued to advance without any
firm reason for the change. It ia sur
miBei that the Eoglleh Bilver Commis
sion may result in the establishment
of bimetallism, and the',VHi Stales
is expected to continue obliging Eu
rope by holding $2,000,000 a month if
the meial from their nurkeU. Silver
" in London baa rison during
the week from 40 11-10 to 40
penre an ounce, at which rate
the iilver in our dollar is worth
79.475 cents. The cleuinga table on
anoiher page again shows a decrease,
8.8 per cent, on the total as compared
with last year. This la owing to less
activity in Wall street than existed a
year ago. Outside of New York there
ia an increase of 4.2 per cent., show
ing that we are advancing beyond the1
improvement that was devoloping at
this time last year. Eight places show
a decrease in clearings as compared
with the corresponding week last
year. New York decreased 13 00 par
cent., New Orleans 16.7, Galveston
18.8, and New Haven 20.3 per cent,
the others wure under 10 per cent.
The New York Indicator save: "Chat
tanooga konjis crawllug for par at i
lively rata, llju i l to sell .there be
fore Christmas. You can put your
profits intj holiday purchasos. The
"fltroot" is beginning to bull Tennes
see Coal and Irjn now, and gjssip
credits it with the probability of cros
sing par this wei k. The stock hai
climbed a good many points since we
took hold of it, and will go a rood
many more whothor Wall street gisaip
backs it or nut. But 1 10 "Street" gets
Its oyes opened r-oaner or Inter, and
now thntit !s taking up Tennessee
Goal and Iron there is no qiiaslion
that it will boom it." The overflow
ing capital of Europe is seeking vent,
and a sharp speculative movement
with many kites in tbe air, la predicted
and has partly begun.
4tleugh New UiietMls thoroughly
aroused to the danger of losirin roct
of its cotton market, on account of ex
tortionate charges. The compr es rate
has been lowered from 70 cents to 60
cents a bale, and cotton buyers, cotton
factors, ecrewmen, weighers, cotton
claasera, cotton yard men and
others concerned, are all dis
cussing what ought to be done
to tare the trade. All see that
the reduction of the press charges
most be followed by other reductions
and the New Orleans Timet says:
"Unless the total of reductions is suf
ficient to make the shipment via this
city as cheap as via Norfolk, or over
land through Memphis, the point
a'med at in this present reform move
ment to prevent our trade being frit
tered away ard raptured bycompoti
tira will net be accomplished." The
Siatib ri poits that "lo compress 1000
bales of coiton there, under present
charges, coits $100; at Memphis, Pa
vannah, Little Rock and other points,
$20. While at Baltimore the charge
ou a vessel loading with 5000 bales of
cotton are but $.1K05, those on
a similar vecsel loading at New
Orleans amount to $0455, or
$2500 more than at Baltimore."
These and similar extortions the
Statet says, are abuses that threaten
, New Orle act with commercial paraly
sis. The Timet declares that all mnst
) -in, until the sum of the various re
ductions makta it cheaper to ship
tbrotiRb New Orleans than through
any other port, and it must be found
out what it costs to take a ba.e of cot
ton from any given point in the inte
rior eay Memphis or Montgomery
through New Orleans fo Liverpool or
Fall River. Aleo what it costs to ship
via Charleeton.Norfolk snd Ne-v York,
and if it is less at those ports than at
New Orleans, that city niuet reduce to
the charges ehewbeie or lose its busi
ness. The reductions, the Timet fears,
"will be very giOHt, for this city is bur
dened wi h hrrvy chhrge all along
the line." The whaif dues are very
heavy, end tre city I as luseed the
wharf pilvilfcK" without kbdihlibo. the
du 's or (!vm fixing their maximum
arnoant. All this sbows ttat n is no
trifi ngUsk that New Orleans ia con
templating Whether she can accom
plish it remains to be seen; if she do
n it, all hopi of a restoration of her
eld time prosperity unlet be aban
After Lone Illnaaa-Blnaraplilcal
Nklta PoInU la m lee fill
Boston. Ma.. November 22. The
Hon. Oharlei Francis Adams, sr., died
at 3:30 o'clock a.m. veatrrday, at his
residence in this city, tie bad euu'reu
for some five years with train trouble,
arltdng fiom overtaxing his brain in
the literary work upon nhich he was
engage!. Tbe funeral will take place
on Tnesday afternoon, fnm tne Uon
gregational Church at Quiauy.
' Obltaarw.
Charles Francis Adams, third son of
President John Qtilocy A lams, was
born in Boston on the 18th of August,
1807, and died In his 82J year. He
giadna'ed from Harvard College in
1825. and ar er spending two yoarj in
Wa-htnaton with tils lattjer.wno was
than lie8ii:oLt ol the United Mate',
returned to ttteiaihu'etts auds'ndieii
law tinder Daniel Webster. He was
admttted to the bar, but wac never
actively engaged in practice. .Uewri
married to Mies liMoke, of J won, i
fister of Mrs. Edward Everett. l)eclic
irg a no nil l a' ion to the Leglsiatore of
Maaraohusetti in 1839, he ac:eptod
the next year, to p!ea e bla f.ithc r.end
was elected for threa succcrsive terms,
serviriK two years afterward in the
State Henate. lie ran for Vice Preai
dont ou the Free Hoi) txket with ex
President Van Buren in 1848, and in
1853 was elected ti Congress, serving
two term". Iu 1800, wUh Mr. Hsward
Mr. Adams male an active canvass of
t.hH Northwest in advocacy of Sir
Lincoln. In 1801 Prstidont Lincon
writ him Lo Enuland as the American
Minister, and he held that responsible
met a 1 1 irouuU tne civil war. nil
Immt ' nsiinnni aevlce WBS Si
arbitrator oniler the treaty of
WashtnutOfi f r the settlement ol
the c alms of England and America
UDon each other lor losses growing
out of the war. In 1870 he ran on tbe
Democrats ticket for Governor ol
Massachusetts, but was defeated. Mr.
Adams edi'ed the collated writings
of his grandfather, John Adam0, and
editel a dally paper in jjjsiod irom
1845 to 1H4H. lie also coniriDutea
fiequently to literary publication?.
Mr. Adamva wite anu live cnunren
gurv.ve htm. tits eons are me uun.
John Qiilncy Adamr, the Hon.
Charles Franc's Adann, Henry
Adams and Kruoi s Adams, and bis
daughter is Mrs. Dr. Quincy Dedham,
A Veivrau ...
of the Tt Cause, a private in Com
pany U, I'lliy-uurin AiHUttiiiH, uear
Ing honorable tear', tdds his testi
mony to that ol uiousanusoi oiuers:
BiiTi.aa, CiiDDTiw Co., Ar.t.,1
January 90, t
Tli is is to ceitify that by the use of
the Extract of Acid Iron Earth I was
effectually cured of an obstinate cass
of sore eyes from which I bad Buff ered
over lour moninn, miring wnicn time
medical aid afforded no relief what
ever. The acute inlhmmstion of the
eyelids with a copious diseharge of
matter rendered me nearly blind and
ilef pairing of relief. By the advice
of my irlentls, Dr. Heckling and
other, I u-ed tbe Extract of Acid
Iron Earth dilute! with an equal part
of water. The act'on ol this remedy
7 us immcdlMu upoa its first applicu
tlon, working the caiiiilttted nint'er
out of the eves, which I could open
the next morning without pain. After
the third day, t) my sreit relief, the
Inlltimmatioii had totally Biibsided,
and on the llf'eenth diy efltr the UrBi
application I found inyce'f complelfly
cured. I inon i! those who knaw the
above facts I reapei tfully rofer to W.
V. Glover, attorney at law ; O. W.
Knight, drungtot; Chnrlfs Sptngon
burg, ntq.. and many other prominent
cltlaen. ol Uilll-r and viuinity. I also
reiipectfully refer to th'i followlcir cit-
xens of Mobile: Col. 8. T. Prince, of
Toulrnin, Taylor A I'mc j K. Moore
of K.. Moore & Co. ; aud B. F, Fitr.pat
rick, of It F. Filspatrick & (lo.
Jewlah Vonlnrenee,
New York, November 22 A con
ference o the Jewish ministers was
commenced at the taberoaole on Lex
'ngton avenne today. About fc'T
rabkiU were present, repreBentlnrCon-.
gregatio.. from all parts of the United
States. Theu.v, Dr tiustavuthhell
presided. The ivorta ol the presi
dent and recratary were Jtlbmittad.
The conference will be in session to
day and tomorrow.
Arenad Hon Tali Hi me,
Fitthwrci, Novembsr 22. The
steamer J. M. Bowell n aground at
Horse Tail 1M1M just Islow Davis It
land dam this uioroin(- U had a tow
of three boats and tiro barges. One
boat and one barge were sunk. Tbe
boat belonged to Hu'grave, and the
barge was the property of O'Nell A Co.
Toe losi ia souinhlng over $3000;
$2000 on the uoai and $1000 on the
Gold I'ena at Wulford'a.
A4aa ICarw C.mpii.; Ilnod bjr
"Jim Caamlaat."
St. Lovie, No., November 22. O. D.
Coleman, of Topeka. Ka., has sued
in tbe Uucirit Court for $V),000 dam
aires from tie Adam Express Com-
Eany, because their detectives placed
im nnder arrest In Topeka and
searched his room while he was sick
with fever, on suaniolon that be was
"Jim Oumtainis," the express robber.
"Oar Baby's rirat Tear,"
by Marion Harland, with other valua
ble information; fnrty-elght page book.
Bent tree on receipt of 2 cent stamp.
Address Reed A Carnriok, Mercantile
Exchange Building, New York City.
Xnlford, Jeweler, 294 Mala street,
solicits orders fromUe country.
! fjhlra,
Olbvklihd, O., November 22. A
special reports that hog cholera pre
vails near Urbana, O. One farmer has
lost eighty hogs out of a herd of 200
from the disease.
InJUavlKluaTat WnTford'a.
aVesilavllla CsaiMl.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ings subject to overflow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement. It Is
the standard.
:s iigiaoVK!) nr tuk una or uhomn'S,
And It rtlmnlHtes and promote tbe
growth if ttiMhnir.
Burneit'e FUvrtrmg KviTnlare the
MouofcrHin Iluuglcs), Mul ford.
Unf iplalned Mtahfcsippl Supreme
Court A Tonng Hoy Kllltd
Eastern Hell Trials
Tuo Unfortunate Mr. Woolen's Jour-
tcy lo the AKylum News From
Neighboring States.
laraoiiL to ths arraiL.I
Jackson. Tbnn.. November 22.
The poor deranged man, J. P. Woolen,
of this city, was taken to Nashville
last Saturdav by Sheriff B. A. Person
and Special Deputy J. v. uuiiKen ana
placed in the aeyiom there. Mesw.
Person and Gilliken returned home
veaierdav. and stated to yuur corre
spondent that a most desperate fight
ensued between them aud tbe mad
man- while on the train. Tbey left
here with him handcuffed and feet
chained. In a short time after they
had boarded ttie train Woolen began
pitifully begging for the release of bis
feet, and Drum Bed that he would go
on without any trouble. The ehackifs
were removwd and lie roue on tor lew
mlh s quietly, when he ka's'.ed the
L-iiffs thould he taken off his hands.
and upou being reluted be declared he
wo Id kill the Sheriff. Jutt before
the cars arrived at Martin the Sheriff
went to the end of the ear to get a
drink of water, when Woolen seized
his oppnrtun ty snd sprang at the
Sheriff and B'ruck him a powerful
blow on the held wilh a piece of iron,
which nif.de the blood How freely
Then Ihe SheriS and Mr. Gilliken
both clinched him and a des
rata B'.rueele ensued. By the es
sis'ance of other persons on the
train be wn overpowered and tied to
his s?at and wri taken safely to the
asylum at Nashville. This ends a ead
chapter of a man who was a few
months ago a happy cit'zm in our
midst. The canseol his deiarg'inent
is already well known to tbe public.
The Circuit Court is in Btssion here,
Jodite Woods presiding.
The Evening Neva is the name of the
daily paper sUrted here (ait Saturday.
J. H. Bard, of th s city, is editor and
proprietor. .
C. If. Nerl Hu Rot Tel atada a NIMe-
mral Abont Ilia Itank'a Failure
The SSksoub. ,
LiiTUt Rock, Arc, November 2?.
The recent failure of the First Na
tional Bank of Pine Bluff, of which
Co . C. M. Neel was htad an 1 front, is
stiil the all absoibinir topic in this
community, notwithstand.ng the sus
pension occurred a week ago. Col.
Logan II. KootB, President of the Mer
chants National Bank of this city, re
turned from Pine Bluff today, having
fone down there soin? days ago at the
cstigation of Eritern friend?, who
are interested in the collapsed initita
tisn. Your correspondent inter
viewed him at leng:h, and, among
other things, he stated that
assertions concerning the final
outcome of Col. Neel'a afl-ura
was merely speculation, ar.d that
rediscounts made by the tied up itiB'i
tntion wore of auch intrinsic value
that the bunk's a:lcl would not be
impaired in making good its Indorse
ments thereon, creditors ruluiit reason
ably expect liquidation of their claims,
bu, remarked Col. Hoots, these rodls
counts are so numerous that some
davs will el nose bnfore the bank's re
spopsibility can bs learned. He say
Mr. Neel's failure works dire diatrces
upon a laige number of email p'anters
of Jefferson county, who have always
denauded on him lor meai.s
wiih which to nieo their crope
and who will find thmiB lves Btrait
pned to secure new ar angements
whereby netded money can be had,
Mr. Neel is sick and mentally pros
(rated and has made no et .temeiit
yet for public, and no one know the
actual amount of ntgotlable Piper
he has out iu diflert par. ol tne
conotrv. It Is thought, however, his
iudfhteduocs runs up into the thou
The city is rapidly filling up with
member oi ine masonic iraiornuy
which aagust body convenes herein
rfffn.'ar annual seaMon Wednesday,
Mcb important business of interest
to Masonry ia to come before the
meeting. The coajipa wi)l laat three
a ay i.
nprame C'oart Diloai Hra.
t'harlaa Aadxrsaa IttMHl A le-
lilarabia Acaldeait.
laraoiAL to raa afpbal.
Jackson, Miss., November 22. The
Sooreme Court today rendered de
ciKions in the following cases: By
Arnold, Justice: J. U. Leavenworth
vs. O. B. Crittenden, from the Wash
ington Circuit Court; affirmed.
Hanover National Bank vs. E. B.
Klein et al., from the Warren Oban,
eery Court; affirmed.
By Cooper, Chief Justice: Fred
Oium vs the State, convicted in the
First District, Hinds Ciicuit, of man
slaughter and heretofore affirmed,
Motion to correct the judgmont is to
ween tne term ol sentence began was
Wm. Glover vs. the State, convicted
ofmuider in the Washington Circuit
Couit; attlrmed. The death sentence
was commuted by the Governor to
imprisonment in the penitentiary for
ilia Deiure tins amrmance.
Ex paite II. O. Brunson, on habeas
corpus appealed from an order of
Chancellor R W. Williamson; af
Handy Conemodoreet al. vs. A. J.
Phelps and wife, from Sharky Circuit
Court; reveised on the crocs appeal
and remanded ur trial.
By Campbell, J. : J. 8. L. Hambrick
vs. Mrs M. C. Jones, executrix, from
Noxubee Chanoery Court, which was
affirmed two weeks ago and suggestion
of error In the judgment made by
counsel; suggestion ol error over
F. A. Boone et al. vs. Joseph E
Davis, et al., from Second District
Hinds Chancery Court ; affirmed.
Steven W. Day et al. vs. Ira E.
Davis et a)., from Second District
Hinds Chancery Court; affirmed, so
far as the decree dismisses the bill as
to Mrs. Ignatia L. Robinson, but re
versed and decree as to tne other com
plaints in the bill, if desired by coun
sel, otheiwise to be remanded, with
the direction to tbe cooit to enter
decree iu their favor.
Adjourned until Saturday next.
Gov. Lowry today appointed
Maicellus Gieen, of the law firm of
Uaiiioun Green, ol this city, dele
sate to reuierent the Sta'e of Miesis
sippl at Philadelphia on the 2d of De
cember next In the nennanent orirmi
liation for a national celebration of the
fianungaud promulgation of the con
stituiion of the United States. Mr,
Green is one of ti e leading members
of the br of Mii-s'ssipoi and will re
flect credit on the biate in any as;em-
moroinit nnt.l tomorrow in ir spect to
the merr ory of ex-Prcn dert A thur.
At 3 o'c ock tliis afternoon them was
a bar me-tinu hell in the releral
Court courtfo itu tr lnk notion io
honor ol theli.ti'CX'l'risidtnt. Judge
K. A. Hill n led to thecnoir, end
James M. McKec, as appointed
pecretary. Ti.e Hon. Cba'les E.
Hocker, UCil. VV. 1. rniioai ar.a rrai.a
Johm-ton, wir.? nppo;nted as a
committee to prepare tnlifttile resolu
tions and to r. port to an adjourned
meeting to be held Wfdne'oy cigtr.
Another sad and deplorable death
oscuired here laot night. Mrs. Chas.
O. Atderson, a love'y joung marr.ed
lady, daughter of Mr. O. Culbertson,
a prominent planter living near here,
naa oeen senousiy in ior uui nu
weeks and was thought to be recov
ering, but some four days ago she re
lapsed and1 died at 11 o'clock last
night. Her husband is a young man
who was raised here and is a general
At 12 :30 b'c'ock yesterday our com
munity wa sbocked at a most deplor
able accident, resulting in the death
of Walter Fyer.y, a bright and intelli
gent boy 11 yta s old, eon cf our es
teemed feiow-citir-en. Capt. C. A. Py
erly. He was tiding horseback on the
streets and drop1 ed a basket which be
wes carrying. He dismounted to pick
op the baeki-t, an') in attempting t J re
mount, having put bis foot in the stii
rup leather, the saddle turned
and the I here became f iuhteoed
and ran, drawing the child. The horse
ran nn ths i avo.uent and struck the
child's bend Busiest an awning poet
and a treej fartner, and an iron lamp
post at the oorrer of Capital street, op
posite the Claim r.flice,when the sad
dle girth broke and the siddle came
of, ibis releaein,? hiui frim the horae,
but, alas, tjo late. He only lived
between two and three boms ana
was never conscious af'er be
ing picked np, his skull bing
badly fmcturml. The funeral took
Elaca at 4 o'clcix mis aiiernocn rrnm
is fathei's residenoj, the Rev. Wm.
Short, reitor f St. Acdrew a (Jaurcb,
officiating. Tbe funeral was very
largely afterded The flural offerings
were pnf use. four utini ooys, wuo
were hislconstiat companions, walked
next to the henree with baskets of
fliwers, (which they strewed in tne
grave before tbe coffin was lowered.
At the grave, ai er me cominiim anu
the reading ol the sentences, tne
scholsraof bM Sunday ecaool and of
the dny school which he attended,
sung "Sweet Bye and By" in a most
imprersive manner.
An KBtlalaallc M eel Inn cirrillaena
Who WUh in Abollan me autitroira
CoLtiMBi'B. Mits. November 22.
Our city seems at leant to realize that
"a honee divided against itself cannot
stand," and have determined to lay
aside all taction prejudice ana siaou
together for the benefit of Colum
bus. Tonight there was a large and
enthusiastic meeting at the city hall,
and the following resolutions were
unanimously adopted:
Rnoltuti, That we regard tbe Rail
road Commission bb an institution
costly in i'l mnintenance and inade
quate 1n lis resul B. Ttfut we heartily
plai:6 otmelvea on record as being in
favor of i s ppeediest poesib'e aboli-
Kemlved, That we hereb request the
Major and City Council to rant the
right o way tti rough the streetsof our
C'ty tp the Illiaon Cantral Railroad
Company. ,
A coramltUr composed of Dr. B.
A. Vaughn, ne Hon. James T. Har
ripo. Wiliiam M. Snell and T. B.
Franklin waa appointed by the Chair
to drift a circular letter and have the
camH eigi.ed by our merchants and
other buMnres men, pledging to tbe
Illinois Central rai,ioi,l their snppnrt
and ais'sunce if tbey '.would huihi
their contomplitud biancti to this
The meetirg wns the best and most
thoroughly UoanimoHs one on any
public ques'i .u hold in thi3 city f ir
many yens, and was adjourned until
Wednesday oitlit to give tbe commit
tees and City hoard time lo act.
The Easier n I'lelit Irlala Poatponed
Ainiiial nf Kaln They frum
le ta lie it Ureat Haareaa.
Hioh Point, N. 0., November 22.
The Eastern Field Trials, which were
to have commenced today, but post
poned on account of the rain, promise
to bs an immense success To vary
the monotony of the day, a private
match was male between Mr. O. W.
Bird's Chowchow tetter bitch Bella,
winner of the Darby hers last year,
and Bob Gates for $50. The judges
were Waters, Hendricks and McMur
do. Bib won bands down. Bella is
owned in the East, and Bob Gates is a
Memphis dog, owoed by Mr. Whyte
Bedford. The starters in the different
stakes are the largest ever known.
The most prominent sportsmen from
all sections are here, a partial list of
which is is follows: B. F. Wileon,
J. W. Orth, J. R. Hendricks, J. O.
Denny, Pitisburp, Pa.;, A. J. Cravatt,
Brunswick, Ga.; Edward Dex er, Bos
ton, Mass .; U. E. Hamilton, J Otto
Donner, J. L. Breezse, H. K. Hitch
cock, D. L. Greggory, New York;
Luke and John White, Bridgeport, Ct. ;
H. H. Briggs, San Francisco, Cal. ; J.
M. Avent, Charles Tucker, II. M.
Short and B. M. Stephenson. The
last four named have toe finest string
of entries that ever came from the
South and will doubtless take home a
good eli are of prizes.
The extra stake for pointers offered
by this club will be interesting beyond
meaannre to the admirers of that noble
breed In this stake all the noted
blood I of this couairr and quite a
numbtr of imported stock will com
pete. The Members stake, in which only
members of the Eastern Field Trials
Club aould compete, was finished yes
terday and won by Mr. Edward Bax
ter's Gloster.
Below is the Derby drawing, show
ing the order of running, names and
descriptions of the contestants and by
whom owned.
Will send detailed accounts of each
heat, incidents, eta, as they occur,
making the report as fall aa possible.
' Tbe Berfcy Order of !.
Nat Goodwin and Avent kennels,
Memphis, Tenn. Black, white and
tan dog, June 1, Roderigo Bo-Peep.
Against Frfd W., Sanborn kennels,
Piiiihnri. Pa. Black .white and tan
dog, February 18 Count Ncfcls
8P. .
Rapid B Bayard Thayer, Boston,
Mas. l.mon and white dog, May
22, B,in Bang Hue (pointer). Against
Hari Kari. Eiwari Dexter, Boston,
Mas. Blue belton dog, June 11, Don
NiHson Tchnla.
Hector, F. R. Hitchcock, New lork
B ack and tau white dog, Juuu 20,
Priam Hops (pointer). Against
Hustling Hannah, Whyte Bedford,
NOVEMBER 23, 186.
Horn Lake, Miss. Blark and white
bitch, February 2, Ben Hill Zie.
Saatara, T. W. Staler atd G. W.
Porter, Pittsburg, Pa. Black, white
and ten dig, May 9, Count Noble
Fato G'alrtono. Agnini't Dan Noble,
I'itttburj keucl", P.IU U'g, Pa.
Lemiui i elton d g, Jane lo, Count
No'ile L-wi-'e No iy.
Key i'o :p, P. H & D B-yson, Mem
phis, linn. fciack, wtiite and tan
do,-, Jure 27th, GLdtone Sue.
Agiii st Cawio, Memphis and Avent
kwmrls, Memphis, Tenn. Blixk,
white end tao Ho, April i8 h, C .unt
No le L'r.ia Hopkits.
Biid, John Hunt-r, N. Y. B'ack
and white bith, Ang. Sam- B ick.
Aga'nst Kua II, Bayard Thayer,
Boston, Vu'-b. Lemon eud white
bitch, May 22d, Biug Baug Rue.
Mavis, J. S. Clark, New Brunswick,
N. J Black, white and tan bitcb,
Mar.h 1st, Gladstone Lavallette.
Against Rji B W. T. Bowdre, Mem
phi, Tenn. Black, white and tan dog,
June 1st, Paul Gladstone Lady Rake
Dolon, John S. Wise, Richmond,
Vs. Liver end whitu deg, Mav 17tb,
Meteor Beulab. (Pointer.) Against
Allie James, Memphis and Avent
kenuels, Memphie, Tenn. Back,
white and tan bitch, March 17th,
Mingo Twin Maud.
Goldeton. P. H. &D. Bryson,
Memphis Tenn. Black, white and
tau dog, June 27th, G'adstnne Sue.
Against Bob. II., Dr. R. I. Hamoton,
Georgia. B'ack ar.d white dog, March
3l8t, O. uht Noble Be'le Boyd.
Gay G'adstonH, T. M. Bruneby, "Ma
rietta, Ga. Black, white and tn dog,
Jutv I2d. Gladstone ts uuuon,
A.aint't Coneolation, C. H. Odell,
New York. Lemon and white doi,
J muary 29tb, Ban Bang Giace III
6orinboV. Cant. C. E. Murdo, Char
lotteeville, Va. Livar and white dog,
June 10th. MainepriiiB t:uifew.
Against Tallovrand, W. T. Bowdre,
Memtihia. Tenn. B'ack, white and
tan dog, June 1st, Paul Gladstone
Ladv Hake.
Rapidan, J. M. Whaite, Newton, N.
C Liver and white dog, July 6th,
Miter Fleeda. (Pointer.) Against
Pax aun, T. W. Seiler and G. W. Por
ter, Pittsbure, Pa. Liver and tan d
May flih, Count Noble Fate Glad
stone. B3U Hnr, C. P. Stewart, Memphie,
Tein. Blck, white and (an dog,
May 25th, Paul Gladstone Lottie.
Against Chance, Memphis and Avent
kennels, Memphis, Tenn. B'ack,
white and tan dog, June 1st, Roderigo
Jean Valjean, Memphis and Avent
kernels. Memobi". Tenn. Black,
white and tan dog, March 17th, Mii go
Twin Maud. Against Fly, James P.
Swain, jr. Lemon and white bitch,
Januarv 29!h, Ruh Eria. (Pointer.)
Kid, Wm. A. DaWitt. Black and
tan dog, February 26th, Sprain -Gypspy.
A bye.
lie Pretended to Commit Suicide,
Nashvili.b, Tiinn., November 22.
Ju ius O. Hits, a carpenter, 2 years
old, who has a wife and two grown
daughters, pretended t commie sui
cide tonight with strychnine. After
scaring his family pretty badly and
being pumped out by a doctor he said
he had not swallowed the stuff, acd
it was found in tbe house unopened.
He was d'nnk at the t me.
W. D. (Pig Iron);Kelley, the Con
gressman, is here tonight. He is on a
journey through tbe South end will
visit iron counties in Tennessee and
Alabama. He wi 1 not go to Mem
phis. BlRJIIXtiliAM, ALA.
The Negro Sam Hart Caught.
Birmingham, Ala., November 22.
Tbe nei$ro Sam Hart, who is suppoted
to have had a haid ia tbe murder of
young Waldrop in Lee comty, for
which two other negroes have already
been lynched, wascaught at Coalburg,
t.jn milt b fr. m this ciiy, last night by
Mr. R. W. Tiaiumel, of Opelikd, who
had boeu on the trail several weeks.
Mr. Trammel brought him in this
morning, and left with him for Mont
gommy this afternoon. He protests
that be had nothing to do with the
A ITIat far iheThenter and the Mla
U.lpal and Tcnneaaee Hallroud.
Ssnatobia, Miss., November 22.
The country people along the line of
the Mississippi and Tenneesee railroad
who love tbe ocera would be highly
pleased if the Saturday matinee of the
Emma Abbott Company would begin
early enough to conclude by 4:30
o'clock p.m. This would enable them
to go to the matinee and get to the
Missis ippi and Tennessee depot by 5
o'clock p.m., ths leaving time of the
train on that road. Many are deterred
from attending, especially school girls,
who can only go on fcaturdays, be
cause they cannot return that day.
Knowing the Appial to be a friend of
the country people, I have taken the
liberty to write this in the belief that
you cm induce the management to
have next Saturday's matinee begin
earlv enough to come to conclusion
bv 4:30 o'clock p.m. Then if the
MisaiesiDDi and Tennessee railroad
will give reduced rates I have no
doubt but what lots of your "country
cousins" will oe up to see your charm
ing Abbott, for it is a fact that they do
love good things almost as well aa city
people. "We shall expect a favorable
resoonsa to this, and that you will
give due notice of it through the Ar-
Bit by a NegroNew City Officer
Chattanooga, Txnn., November 22,
Will Mlrtell was badly bitten in the
neck today by a negro named Alex
ander. The latter was endeavoring to
escape from an ctlicer and Mirtell at
tempted to prevent bis flight. The
negro knocked him down and bit him
The new Board of Aldermen tonight
elected the fol lowiag city otiicsrs: a.
B. Strong, treasurer; V. 8. Wniteaide,
auditor: V. K. .brans, attorney; J. i
Gaeton. nhveician: O. C. Carey, city
engineer, and W. O. Hodge, colored,
Cbalrra la the Arajeaillna Bepsblle
Lisbon, November 22. It is official
lv declared that Rosalie, in the Ar
gentine Republic, is affected with
cholera. Several points ia the coun
try along the Rio De La Pata are sus
pected to be aleo Infected.
Diamond Watches. M nlford'sj
Proaper ta for Anotber Mevere Blarna.
St. Iqhacb, Micu , November 22.
Another easterly gale, which prom
ises, if possible, to enrpass the one of
lat Thnredar, is blowing here today.
The air is lull of enow. No reports of
wrecks have reached here, but tbey
ure expected.
Fine Watch Repairing, Xulford's.
hce: ax quarters
Flttabaraj'a Withdrawal Frana the
Aaaoelallan Conaldered Kaa.
naa (ll'a Surprise Party.
Cincibnati, O , November 22. The
American Baseball Association is hold
ini; a special meeting here today lo
take softie action upon tbe withdrawal
of the Pittihurg Club Irom tbe asso
ciation. There are present representa
tives from Louisville, Bnl'imcre, Phila
delphia, Brooklyn. New York, St. Louis
aud Cincinnati, with President Wikoff
in the chair. Messrs. E. E Merigns
and D.ivid Rowe are here from Kac
eaeCity; P.J. Wa!sh and Wm. Brom
well, from Cloveland aod Mr. Wat
kins from Detroit. From theee three
points it is expected the association
will choose a successor to trie Pitts
burg Club. The Sfssinu is with clcsfd
dooiB. Mes r. BromWell and Wal h.
of the Cleveland Club, wure admitted
to make their proposition for member
ship. Mr. Bromwell asiured tbe asso
ciation thst tha C e'elcnd Club bad
ample finamial bavking to insnrn
ro.vency, a' d that no 1 si would
accrue to the aescciatinn from iu
membership. J he application was
then taken under cmsidera'. ion. A ter
the noon recess the Kansas City Club,
tbrongh its lepreeentative.s, rather
startled everboiiy by not only tender
ing their club for membeiship, but, in
order to tileries the complaint of its
inconvenient geographical location, by
ofleiirg to pay th railroad fare of ail
clubs playing at Kunsas City from St.
Louis to Kansas City and retnrn, and,
in addition to all that, pay to the fbso
ciation $5000 for the fianchise. When
this proposition had been delivf red
and explained by the Kaneas City
representative, there was a considera
tion in executive session, but no con
clusion has yet been reached. Detroit,
up to the close of the efternoon ses
sion, had nor, made any proposition at
all. Tbe delay in taking action is
probably to g ve Detroit time to agree
upon a couree cf action.
Jefferaon I) a via Makes a Few Ap
propriate Bemarka at tbe
Lobhville, Kt., November 21.
Today at Fairview, on the line he
tweeu Cbrisiiin aud Tojd couatiae,
Ky., Miere w s dedicated a Baptist
chuicb, erected oo the e te of the
building where JtSrsoa Davis was
born. The ground Wis purchpsed
and given by a pr.rty tf geuiiem-n to
Mr. Davis, wtio ia turn gavri it for
the loration f a church. Rev. Dr.
Strickland, of tffla'ivi!!-, delivtrod the
dedication eerrnon, and Mr. Jtuerson
Davii wai Treeutand there waa an
immense crowd, m3ny of whom conld
not get ivto lha cnu'chaed ware
fon-ed to Itave, ai it wea raining hard.
After tee sermon Mr. uavla was in
vi'ed to tho pu pi', and, bent with
age tnd sappurtau to tao stand, tie
made a taw npproprata remarks,
clo-ing R8 follows: "Mav 11 who
ro es iu heave ) bless ind vidautly ami
collfciiv!y tlia wfao.e commuui'y,
and mav lis ber.edicton lest on thin
house for ever. More t :aa thn would
he improper f ir m-j tj fay." Mr.
Davie then presnt ?il the church with
a service o! to, id a.lver. Theunurch
is a bandrotne brick structure, cog ing
about $10,10,). A iicely pjliahed
s ab of violet hved Tennessee marble
set on the wall of the vestibule oppo
site the mcmoriil window has this in
scription in Knnau capitals:
Of Miuiaaiiipi, wa born June H, 1808,
On tbe aite of this church.
He made a gilt of thia lot March 10th, 18S6,
ToBotriel Baptist Church,
At a thank o tiering to (be Lord.
After the church service the crowd
adjonrned to a munificent dinner in a
big building near at band, where a l
were bountifully fed. Mr. Davis lift
for Clarkiville, Tenn., where he took
the train for home.
Kansas ( ity, Mo , November 22.
The J.ne jch Indicator reports : Cattle
recelptr, 3117 brad; shipments,
1553 head ; market elow bnt Bteady ;
go od to choice, $4 104 60; common
to medium, $3 304; etockers. 2 30
2 76: feeding -Bteers if2!:Cj00;
cows, $1 602 60; grass range tteprs,
$2 203 20. Hogs receinte, 14,S82
head; shipments, 130 heau; good to
choice, $3 753 80; common to trie-rli-
m, i3 5iX$3 70. Sheen receipts,
3,351 head; shipments, 2128 head;
market steady; goad to choic, 12 60
3 20; common to medium, $150
2 30.
OriCAGo, Iii.,' ovember 22. The
Drovert' Joumeu reports: Uattte re
ceipts, 8000 head; shipments, 2000
head; market steady; shipping Bteers,
950 to 1500 lbs., $3 104 9J; Blockers
and feeders, $2(33 40; cows, bulls
and mixed, $1 503 25; bulk. $2
2 30; through Texas steers, $2 7SCi)
3 60. Hog? receipt, 43,000 bead;
shipments, 1000 head ; market active
and 510c higher; rough and mixed,
$3 55(a3IO; picking and shipping,
13 764 ; light, $3 604 ; skips, $2 26
3 50. Soeep receipts, 4000 head:
shipments, 1000 head; good gradrs
firm at $3(M ; common 1015c lower,
$22 70; Western slow; lambs, 3 75
4 85.
The DrorW Journal' t special cable
gram from London reports supplies
large and demand weak ; beat Ameri
can steers, 11 Jc
MnlfordX 291 Main.
Tlia Booth Pltuaar Company.
Niw York, November 22. A meet
ing o' the South Pittsburg Railway
and Iron Company was held today to
complete tbe purchase of 27,000 acres
Of land in tbe nortnweetern part oi
Alabama. The company ia to isaae
etock and bonds of $1,000,000 each
and begin the erection of furnaces at
rbyslcian and Psychologist.
DR. VANCE hu perfected hlmaelt in piy
oholorr, and ii preiared to treat dn
aaei of nervoua origin bi entirely new
methoda. Hiatherapeuiica ia addreaaed prin
oipallT x the higher brain centra of apirit
ual activity, wboae ir6uonoe on lower tune
tinna. nervoui and hodilv. ia narainnuot. Aa
maeterof the lawa governing )eri'ho-phai-oal
phenomena, ha eonndnnt that reiulta
will meet nil moat aanguina expecutioni.
OOIety-373 1-2 Main Street.
1trHPIIlN Til EAT tB.
Every Mihl-Alu, ftatnrdajr
lbankKiYias Btailaee.
Abbott, Bertinl, Annsnilale, Frtolra, Miche
lana, MooUKritTo, Pruet e. ISroderick,
Allen, Tmtl.
Emma Abbott Mum Every Perform
aica. Tonight flmraa Abbott aiLuoretiaBoraia.
Wtdnesday Erami Abbott al Mignonette.
Thnradar SlallHreanil Nl;bt Emma
AubittMlnic Hot it lrtormaueea.
TUAKftlUVlXii MANNER. Or Heqaeit,
Kiaiua Abbott on Yum Yum.
Thuridar Einm Ahboit as Marguerite.
Friday Night Emma Abbott ai Annetta.
Also, Lullab aremtmm KRMISIS.
Baturdaj Matinee Kraina Abbott's "Last
Hon of Summer,"
Saturday Niht Emma Ab'iottr'a Farewell
Lwt Time Emma Ab ott at Kum Turn.
ill I KADI).
Also, LullaSv Soane from ERMINIB,
EMMA ABBOTT Kmira Abbott Co.
Not. 29-SALSBuki'o ikOTJBADOBES.
OCTOBBH 28. 1886
Loana and Biaconnta (1,437,244 01
UankinRhouae and offloe fixture! .S0.000 00
Overdraita 2a.es7 26
Kxpenaea and laxea 7.100 41
bight Exchange 15H.22S M
Caah on hand 3(j,717 Ti 526.943 09
(2,1.-29,914 79
Capital Paid up I 600,000 00
Undivided Profits . 121,377 W
Exchange and Interest . 31,34192
Sue other liauka on
Billarediaoouuted.1 .O- 85
Doposiu. ..-1,074.125 15- 1.277,22j 00
(2,029ifl44 79
WM. A. WILLIAMSON Vice-President
B. P. HEAD Caahier
A.Vaecaro, Win. A. Willlamaon,
Joaeph Uruce, Napoleon Hill,
R. budley Frayaer, K. Knaler,
8. P. head, Benj. Babb,
John R. Pepper, Ju. II. MoDavitt,
l.nrt N. Snowden.
f UK. i
Electric Appliance! are tent on 30 Oayi' Trial.
"TT T-HO ere auffering from Navoua Debility,
V l."T Vitality, Lacx or Nbrvb Rom a um
Vioor, WAflTlNoWK.KivKKAn,and.ll thoflfl dlMMaa
or a Fkraokal Naturb rvaulting from ABuaas end
Otiibb Cattbbs. Bpeedy reliet and complete reU
rstion of 1 1 EALTH.viooB anil Makbood Ouakakteid.
The (rrandeat discovery of the Ninetosntri Century.
BendatoooefoullluBtrBUxlPamphlotfree. Addrew
A Valuable Patent.
Baaer's (Horse) Voru sad Pea Plaai.
IAVIN3 perfected my invention, I wtak
.0 Dlaee it befora the public eapeoialiy
manafaotarera. Aa a Corn Planter, It ia a
perfect auooeaa opena ne arm, aiBjrnuw
tbe eeed accurately, uninlured, and ooverd
the earns, thereby ona man performing the
work of threa. They haya been paed la
thia lection for oyer a ooeen yean who w
fect aatiafaotion. Van give raaponiibla teaU
monUU. Addreaa m
Harwoml eoanty. T"
' W. t rm. 1 do .ol nw.. MMlr to itnr
Irm urf Ihin k.T. llwm nun utli. Inie??"?r..
tin. 1 ... niu. th. diiMM K ure, aFiLarai "r
.or. Uh wont cum; So. Mhwe b... raited
nan for Dot now ramniit a r.. S.n oooa rera
IrutlM aod W Bolll.oT aar laWIBa. rtawdyl OW
iadl will car. 70 UB. B. .'?. 1QOT. ' " ' -T-
ltfliii88ippi& Tennessee B.B. Co.
Aounal Hecllna; of Sloekholdara.
THE annual meeting of the atookholdera
in iheMiaaiaaippi and Tenneajee Rail,
roal Company wilf ba held at MbMPHld,
IliiNr, oa
Wednesday. Norembpr 24, 1886,
at which time a Directory will he elected lor
the eniulng year, ewwau .
paaeed over the road by applying to the
leoretary. g H t.amB, BecreUry.
308 Front St.
Gas Yorksfoc Sale
UNLESS aooner diapoaed of at prlyata
al., I will offer at tbe dourthouaa door.
In Holly Uprlnaja, HlaaUtlapl,
;On Derember 1, 1880,?
at public outcry, to the hitheat bidder, for
caah. the entire plant ot the UOLLY
BPKJNUa GAS W0KK0. cosaiatieg of fire
acrea of ground, ebout five n ilua of main
pipe andconnectioaa, brick baildinga, holder
tank, tuola. portable engin , etc
A valuable property, which the owner Bella
nnlv becauaoenirAicd in other busineaa.
0 Al'lHtiON CRAFl', Agent.
Holly Fprinaa. MiBa..jSnTcmbor 17.1WH6.
" ulMtai (.., N. boarion the Hill,
Mri. U. C, Howard, ' Warhingtoa
Park. Koiiint lnre, location delighlluU
8onvenlerl to era U Munhnttan Beach,
oney laland,Lic Beach and Central Parkl
alao to New York plaoee Jl amutament.
tOT a

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