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(lacaeesar to
If In receipt of a larger,
aid OTEftCOATIXGS, (all
tieni,) tnaa was aver shown
tack camprliei tho choicest
aad stoat d arable goods la gentlemen's wear.
t& Saaaples and Prices
who have left measures.
FI if 11 Iff
aiU 11 MM W yJ
lew Stock Open
WE would resreotfuHy announce to the publie that we have opened an Auction House,
and will conduct the General Auction Bunnell, at our old stand. Io. 194 WhIu
fSlreet, in the Webster Block. Having aeoured tte services of Maj. J. K. MnDON ALD, the
well known Auction Salesman, who has a long experience in the auction business, we are
prepared to make sale at RKSiDENOKS or KlOKfc. HOUSES, and will pay particular atten
tion to the sale of Hol E.tnte and inlicit a liberal patronage, as our motto is QUICK BALES
and PROMPT BKTrLKMENTd We will make special rates with Attorneys, Adminis
trators, Assignees, Sheriffs, Commissioners and Uuardlans. bales at our balesrootus daily
at 10 o'clock a.m. and at 7 o'olock p m., and Trade Kales once a week, the day lo bo an
nounced hereafter. Consignments oi Merchandise of every kind solicited.
H. lHOM'liOl r A CO., Liceused Auctioneer.
J. R. MrTONALT. Salesman.
Open Daily from 1 until 10:30 p.m.; Satur
days ana Holiday trom 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 11
p.m. for tho accommodation of the tublic.
WEEK ATTRACTION, offering a grand
tla week to the public.
every department, both MUSEUM AND
10 ADMlHr-ION TO ALL 100
Reserved Seats, 10s Extra.
Royal Museum of Anatomy
How Opeu at 07 Haiti Mtreet, lor
a short time.
The finest and most complete collection of
Anatomical Models that has ever been planed
before the public
Wax reproductions of the most noted his
torical oharacters of the world.
A moral, entertaining and instructing ex
hibition, prererving the distinctive charac
ter of a great public instructor.
OPEN DAILY From 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. for
Genu. FK1LMY, trom 1 to 6 p.m., for La
die". Admission, 25 cent".
QrMEN To do station work on the
JL.JJ Memphis, Birmiughura and At an no
R.R.. near Abrd-en, Mi. Apjuy on work.
GARVEY at LEE, Uontr otors.
IDDLE mud whito woman to cook ; por-
martent home, good wage, 44 Pontotue.
HITE WOMAN To do aeneral house
work. Applyat 2"'2 Washington st.
TO RE.VT A rood houso, containingO to 8
rooms, on Shelby, Adams or Vance Its.
Address CASK. Afpoil 'Aire.
"OOOMS Furnished front rooms, with use
LX of bath-room, l:r two gentlemen Ad
dress A , 272 Second street.
rpHREE MEN To do light work.
J. Apply at loU Ihird street.
TWO BOYS Roferenoos ra.uired,
At 31b Mb in street.
HITECOOK -Swede or German woman.
Mrs. Oberie, hel'ea House, Chelsea.
SITUATION In any lino, by a man of
good business qualification end experi
ence; sober and honest. P.. this office.
ALE NURSES-Two good ones wanted
nt City Hnsiiltal.
LADIES and Gentlemen, In cityorooun
try, to take litht work at their homes.
$1.00 to 83 00a day easily made; work sent
by mail; no onnvassing. We have a good de
mand for our work, and furnish stead em
ployment. Address, with stamp, CKOWN
M'F'G CO., 2i Vine St.. Cincinnati. Ohio.
JJVJ Memphis Branch Iron Mountain
Railroad. Wages. 11.75 per dny. Apply on
the work, eight miles west of Marion.
At No. 519 Shelby street.
ROOM AND BOARD By gentleman and
wifd in private family; preferred whete
no other boarders. Address 8, Appca1 office.
TO correspond wi1 h young ladies. In ten
tions honorable. Address X Q, Postoffice.
"i nrri Ton d Iron, Rags and Bones,
J-UUvJ Feathers and Hides. Send for
price list- Address SAM GABAY, Agent
and Commission M' rchant, Memphis.
EVERYONE to know that Woodruff &
Oliver have removed their repository
to Nos. 378 and 380 Front street, adjoining
the Qayoso Hotel.
and chambermaid. References required.
282 Third street.
LAT Or part ot a residence (three or
four rooms), in stood neighborhood, for
light housekeeping. on reasonable terms : ref
erences exchanged. Ad. C. U. T..thia office
FOSll'lON By a praotical farmer ofeve
ral years' experience In farming and
management ot labor, as Manager on cotton
plantation; satisfactory referenoes given.
Address M.,57 Linden street.
TW0 8 ALKSMKN-Tosell our line of Em
broideries to first-class trade in Tennes
see and Arkansas on commission. Can be
oarriedas a side line. Address, with refer
600, 602 and 801 Washington Ave., St. Louis.
OilA TEAMS AtM per day; lot) Drivers
ZiJJ at II. SO rer day. Pay every Satur
day night. 200 Station Men ; will pay from
12 to 17 oents per yaid. Best work on the
levee; no roots; no grubbing; all new work
infields. Goed camps. Ie quire of
F. A. JONES A CO., 61 Monroe street,
or on works of Forrest A Co.. Austin, Miss.
SALESMEN In every State in the (n ion
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
flrsoULTiaa that are popular and easy sell
ing. Can be bandied alone or in connection
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
A . unambers House.
00D Colored Chambermaid, '
At Ti Madison street.
lOOK-Good first-claai oook at 2i Seo-
ond street, rp-stairs.
KOUMS Two or three unfurnished rooms
by two persons. Apply at Schilling's
Boardinghonse, Adams street
0EN'i'S-In every town to sell Pianos
and Organs. HOUCK A CO., Memphis.
AY BOARDERS Or without rooms.
At ra R.asi uoun street.
i order In best styles at .,
AlAI o aru n-iuai.
OOMS Well turnished rooms, No.
Linden stref
MAN An Intellipent, earnest man to rep
resent, in his own locality, a large re
sponsible houae. A remunerative aalary to
Tight party. Steady poaition. Referenoes
exchanged. American Mauufaoturing House,
16 Barclay St., N. Y.
TJ'VERYr.ODY To KNllW-That I wil
Beit thirty days fur 11 60.
'Wi Main areet.
LD GOLD A SILV kit For cash orei
ohange. MULFOKD, Jewe , 4Maia
more varied and better gr
this aeasoa'i lianorta-
la thlg market. Too
designs, fintst textures
oa application to those
for Inspection
ULE-Ownerean have same by proving
property ana paving ennraea.
WM KPRf.l. MAN. (Hd Madison a.
W. I LUMPKIN, 9 Madison at
PONY Sorrel pony, with white spot on
forehead. Finder will be rewarded by
returning him to S. Jaoobs, ito Monroeatreet.
ATULES On the nialit of Oct. 3d, 3 miles
xvj. east ot loiiiervuie.ZDiaot: mare mules;
one about four years old, in good fix ana
trimmed up, with little white spot under
jaw; the other, ten or twelve yeara old,
rough, and not so well trimmed. Reward
for information, or return of mules to J. W.
Koung, Meinptiis, or
W. T. PKICE, Collierville, Tenn.
COW On Thursday, near neon, two cows;
one a black, with crop and hole in one
ear and alit and hole in the other; the
other, red and white spotted, with a swallow
fork in right ear; teats have black marks,
A suitable reward for their return to me,
near corner ol Lane avenue and Ayres street,
Tjl U CITY PROPERTY Farm of 236 acres,
JD in 'i'lpton countv, 2 nnlea rroin Atoka,
on C, O. and S. W. h. R. ; 100 acres of
fine timber; dwelHnghouse of 8 rooms, in
good condition; 8Il.'0u burn, and necessary
outhouses. Mathodi.t JUttt Onnlarone
High Hch'ol within halt mile. Suitab'e for
grasing or ootton. For terms, e'o., apply to
H. B. CHLLKN, 4 M idisf n st.
Ji06MsTsirB()ARl)! '
bonrd, at No. 60 Adams sfroet.
TABLE BOARD The best the market af
fords, At 87 CPU KT STREET.
NEWLY furnished front room, with ele
gant board, lor single gentlemen; 87
Court stroet.
X At 117 Linden street.
T. JAMES liOUSK-T'8 Adams stroet.
Rooms, with or without board.
ij OOMS Desirable rooms, with board,
V At 49 Market street.
FURNISHED R'OnMS-With or without
board ; tuble boarders wanted ; 12! Court.
ESIRABLE RUOMS-With board, at
ROOMS Pleasant furnished rooms, with
board, for ladies orgentienen. Terms
very reason able. .TO Court Extended.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, single or en
suite, furnished or nnfurnlshed, with or
without hoard ; other rooms. iM-ififi flourt at.
FURNISHED room, with or without board,
suitable for gentleman and wile, or two
gentlemen, at 239 Union street.
f)7K POPLAR STREET -Two story
a I O house; eight roooms and bath
room; finished entirely new throughout.
Apply to Sam May, my. Main street.
LARGE HOUSE-Suitable for first-class
boardinghnuse; good lonatlon; will sell
furniture complete eheap, for cash. Apply
at once. , J. M.B.,care Letter Carrior No. i.
OOM A furnished front room,
at 104 Hernando street.
FURNISHED R00M-6uttable for lour
gentlemen, at 56 Monroe.
nue, directly opposite my present resi
dence, on Hernaode and Klmwood street oar
line, two miles southeast trom Court Square,
containing fifteen acres, ten aores of whioh
oan be cultivated. The entire plaoe in per
fect repair. Nine rooms, with all necessary
outhouses: three cisterns, five acres with
beautiful forest trees in yard and grass lots.
It is the moat beautiful in the auburbs of
Momphis. Will be leased for one, two or
tbree years. Possession 1st of January or
immediately if desired. Apply at 36 Union
street or at my residence. JOS. LEN'iW.
ROOMS Two nnfurnlshed rooms.
. 133 ADAMS ST.
avenue and Jackson street; two-story
frame, about 24 acres land, fruits of all kind,
fine fruit and vegetable garden. Will rent
tor a series of years. Alio, another place,
some six acres, near Outon's; fine vines
and fruit.with residence.
L. B. McFARLAND. VI Madison St.
OUSE With six rooms. Apply at No.
mui perry street. uh. ruuii.
Nos. (, 9 and 10 In Cotton Exchange
Building, on second floor, fronting on Seoond
s reet, formerly occupied by M. B, and A.
R. R. Apply at 31 Madison street.
COTTAGE Seven rooms, on Walker ave
nue, on Elmwood street ear line. Apply
at 36 Union st; JOB - LKN0W.
LAR0"K6TORE-First loor and cellar,
with side and rear entrances, Nos. 301
and 303 Main street.
OFFICES No. 282 Seoond street.
ROOMS For light housekeeping. No. S7
Poplar street, over drugsto e.
D WKLL1NGB Noa. 301 Main street; 130
Court street and V Qulmby street.
38 Madison street.
ROOMS Pleasant rooms, furnished II
desired, with references, at 219 Madison,
FJfiCE First Boor-
At 32 Madison street.
4 ELEGANT ROOMS At69 Market street;
single or en suite, furnished or untur
nlshed, aood water, and near business.
tviOHKUOUsE-Fonr story and basement
3 storehouse. No. 254 Front street.
CtOTTUN eiFFICE-Apj.ly to E. M. Apper"
t son A Co., No. 364 Frontstreet.
HOUSE-220 Washington's-. : 7 rooina and
b-throom. Apply at 133 Poplar bt.
O No. 106 Main Street.
No. 2i6 Main Street.
No. 2tf Miiin fit...t
AppIyto 1 AMES 1LKE, Js., 4JladisonSt.
ELEGANT newly furnished rooms, bath
room, etc. Inquire at 116 Court street
The Big Deal lu ltlchmoud and Dan
Tllle A Bonded Warehouse
on Mb eels.
The famines of tho Mfltunhia and
Char'eitou roid forihe first wppIc rf
November were $45,547, aciiast 33 124
for a correspondit g period last jear,
an incieass ol l.',oL'3.
I.osileTllle) asid aehvllle Karstlna
The earnines of the Louisville and
Nashville Railroad Company far the
second week ot .November ere 301,
150. against $:70,310 for a correspond
Inn period last year, an increase of
The Htnaiaalnui t aller.
Mr. D. O. Lfgo, having resigned as
acting general baugrge agent of this
company, Mr. H. Or. Willis is ap
pointed general baggage agent, with
ucauijuutoia ttbiiew vrittaut.
Earnlaaa of ib Knuoaa Clly Kali.
Theesrnincs of the Kansas Citv.
FpringQeid and Memphis railioad, for
ine n st ereesot i.)vt.mbi)r, amounted
to $33,560, sxainet $26,493 for the cot-
responding penot m 1835, aa increase
Ot iji()t7.
BafTet Cara Fro m New York to
It is announced by the pifef-erger
uepariDient oi i';e i'snnyivan! rail
road, that, commencing Sunday, No
Vfnifcer 14'.h, the Bullet sleeping car
vhlnh nnv lfAVpa Nnr Vol )r ctn tp.ln
No 7,at 7 o'clock p.m.,endPhilad)lphia
at w o cioes p.m. every uay lor ioim
ville, Kv., will be extended through to
Memphis, i'enn. This will enable
passengers to ga throuah from New
York to Memphis without any change
of cirs,
A Hon 'ted Warehouse oa Wheel.
The Treasury Department has noti
tliied Collector Jonas of its approval
ol the bond, dated November Otb. ex
ecuted before the Collector of New
York, of the LiuUviHe, New Orleans
and Texas Kill way Company as a
cammon cariitr for the transportation
of unappratsed merchandise in bond
forthepoitof New Orleans. Undtr
the oidar the company is au
thorized to Iranspoit unappraised
merchandise from New Orleans
to Chicago, Port HuroD, Den
vrr, St. Loins, Newport News, Kansas
City, New Ytrk, St. Joseph, Buffalo,
tit. Paul, Boston, Milwaukee, Phila
delphia, Cincinnati, Pittiburg, Cleve
land, Baltimore, Toledo, Norfolk,
Louisville, Richmond, S in Francisco,
Rochester, b'an Diego, Atlanta,
Portland (Ore.), Detroit, Memphis and
Indianapolis, in vessels or cars owned
or controlled by the company and run
ning over bind -! linei of railroad or
water, provided when other lines are
used it is bo authorized by written
consent of the sureties on the bond.
In all cases where other cars or Vessels
are used tbey shall be distinctly
marked Louisville. New Orleans and
Texas railroad.
Rlehmond and Danville A Big; Deal.
For the past several dayt Richmond
and West Point T-rminil ha been the
most active stock cn the New York
Exchange. Toe exciieaient has been
high and all eorls of minora prevailed
in the street ss to hrtt the plans and
purposes of this company were. On
Saturday it became known that Mr.
Jaraee) B. Pnce and as ooia'es, of Rich
mond, Va , who recent v fold their in
terest, in the Mtmphis, Birmingham
and Ailantio railroad to the Kansas
City, Fort Bcoit and Gulf syndicate,
had, in connection with Gn. T. M.
Ligan, formorly vice preeidwnt of Iho
Richmond and Danville and leinunal
Companies; Mr. Rorkafelltr, of ttie
Slandnrd Oil Company, and Alfred
fully, of Austin, Curbin & Co., com
Dltttd the purchase of a controlling
interest in the Block of the K cbmoud
and Danville in the intrist of the
Terminal Company, thus eecuring to
there gentlemen the control ol over
2700 miles of railroad, extending from
Washington and Kichmond through
Virginia, North end 8 julh Cirolina,
and Oeorgia, into Alabama, Mississippi
and Tennessee.
The price paid by Pa'e and his as
sociates, comprising the Kichmond
syndicate, wai $230 per share for 25,
000 shares and the selle'S were George
8. Scott, John H. Ioman, William P.
Clyde and II. 8. Fabnestock. The
well known executive ability and
financial strength of the new pur
chasers justifies the hope that much
good will result to the South by thus
securing again the control of this very
important system, which has lor the
past few years been controlled by New
York patties. Mr. Pace is known to
be a millionaire several times over
and it is said that at the annual meet
ing to be held on the 9th of Decem
ber he will be elected president of the
Richmond and Danville, and-the cap
ital stock Increased from 15,000,000 to
Cmtna Abbott In the "Mikado."
The Ejima Abbott English Opera
Company opened a week's engage
ment last night at the New Memphis
Theater before a house that abundant
ly attests the popularity of the con
scientious little prima donna. Evory
seat was taken and the aisles were
crowded with men, standing. The
Mikado as rendered by the Abbott
Company is on the whole superior
to any version of the opfra heretofore
given here. Miss Abbott, while
not an ideal "Yum-Yum," in
beauty of figure and grace and airiness
of action, nevertheless tings the part
so tuperbly as to make up for a multi
tude of deficiencies in other respects.
All of her solos were received with
enthusiasm and heartily encored.
Mits Acnandale's "Kttieba" is a fine
performance, and leaves nothing to be
desired. Her fine contralto voice was
never heard to better advantage.and her
acting was discriminating and effective.
Mr. Walter Allen's "Koko" was a
disappointment, possibly because his
performance fails so short of the unc
tuous humor that characterized Mr.
Den ham's acting in the sime part
here. The other male performers, es
pecially Montegriffo, fell short of what
was expected of them. The chorus was
admirablv trained and tang with fine
vigor ana precision. Ia these respects
the Abbott Company so far surpasses
all the others that have attempted the
Mikado here that comparison seems
absurd. The costnmes were rich and
gorgecus and au unceasing featt to
tbe eye. Tonight Emma Abbott and
entire company will appear in Lucre
lia Borgia, one cf the most biautiful
and melodious operss ev r heard here.
The catt includes all o! the artists and
the performance is one of
the best the company gives.
Miss Abbott bas costumed the opera
very expn seive'y, and her own
drew es, all from Par's, are uniqne and
costly. Oa Wednesday night The
Chimtt uf XoriMiMiy wdl lie given, and
on Tl'Urtday a'. tie matinee Emma
Ahbott wi l sing "Yum-Yum" in The
Mikado, and "Miusneri'e in Faut at
tiiglit. In fact Misi Abbott w 11 dur
ing th!s week's- engagement s rig at
every performance.
Urowln Ant of fnrrbnss of
tot ion ! Mill.
John V. L?wis, ' f O.n '.icnati, O.,
K. UqUiwr ol l-'Hle Hock, Atk
members f the Aituicsn t'ot'rn Oi
Company, snd the Pa' o a H mid
Fertilizur Company I Muipt U have
brought suk in the CI anenry Ci urt
on a bond for f 25,0i i', in which E. M.
Durham and J. D. Jlu't.gh sre prii.
cipals and E L. McGowan, W. M
Soeed, A. D. Gwyi'na and M. S. Buck
ingham sureties. Tie tnit grew cat
ol a tram action mas dv the Amert
can Cotton Oil Comptny, by means of
which this grasping monopoly secured
control of the f anon uu and Ferttl
iacrCompary. Fron. the allegations
of the bill fib d in the rase it appears
that on the 25th of April, 1885, the
complainant, Jewts ana urqubatt,
purchased cf Durham and Murt.gh
750 Bhaies of the Panola O 1 and Fer
tilizer Company for $ 5,000, of which
amount S25.0UU waa i ud to defend
anta in caeh and $50,(' 0 in American
O 1 trust caitiucatei at tpu valuation.
The defenda:,teour. n to bond in
the etim f $25,000, binding them-
salves and their & rttirs to the
payment of nil the i Uebtednes I of
the Panola Oil ard I 'ertilia-r Com
pany. After Durham k J Murt gh h-d
received the it75 0i(i n money and
trntt ce'tilioats mi wis brought
against the Panola t and Fertilizer
Compauy uu two notti Jus Dr. Hebr
Jones, a.iu utiting to iiSOO. To thin,
thoogh tht y had no i -, Durham and
Murtagh made nodeicire, MiJ judg
ment wai rendered t; tinst the com
pany for $2075, whicl c::ninlainan s
had to pay; 1 once ie suit on the
bond to recover the a:. omit of $'.'075
paid by coinplairaols, J indebtedness
which thf y c a'tn sU dd have been
paid by Durham and V rUgh,
A National Conventlai Called lo Ar
rassao for Tbreo U.-and Vele
bratlon A national conventiouof Governo s,
Mayors, ofli.ers of Bm-ds of Trade
and others, comprising the Board of
Promotion of tbe pronn i permanent
Exposition of the Thi-a Americas.
has been cal nd ti mrn at Waohing
ton on Tuesday, Deoet bsr 17 h, to
cmsidor a d perfect a . an for prop
erly celebrating the luOt anniversary
of the Constitution of the United
States, the 40jth annivrgary of the
diecovery of America, si 1 to ran mi
for a permanent expoui'.ia ot r i rt..
t quities, ats and indtx ries of the
three Americas; also, tj confe- wi li
the committees cf Con rev and f r
eign Ministers, and cl npoi. the
President. Mr. Aid u.d r I Ai.t'er-
son, secretary of te B i 1 of Promo
tion, has addrecseJ a oil. ,1a- letter to
the oilicials of thedillMiu ttsta esand
citif-s, and many lfctt ra o acceptance
r ave aireaoy D;en n ctn (
Toe prci ct is both rial . ml n d in-
ternatiot al in scope, anl will he es
pecially bntfic al to the States and
Territories in permanent y exhibiting
at the Na'ional Capital tUir rt source,
products, atts and indist its. Ttw
Governor of Tennessee, th Piesidont
and S'crstary of the Jemohis Mer
chants' Excnange, and nauy- others
Dave aireaay accep'ea tteir appoint
ments and will be in attendance. The
other officials of Md'Uiiiln , who have,
also bean notified cf tlioir appoint
ments, will no doubt respond im
mediately, as evury menber of the
board it is earnestly hepsd will bo
at. the convention iu perion,-if po.t
Bible; if not. by a dcsgi tted rot-re-Bt
nraiive. Thiobjecs atued af. by
the bwrd are btet cxp'airiv-d by Btc
rtt'rv nrlaraor.R fmlow !
"J'irsf A cousiiTtitum.; cei ttnnial
celebration on the 4th of ilarcti, 1889,
by thesix'een American lpuhlicsin
Lor or of the one hundreirli auuivtr
sary of the constitution o the parent
Republic, toe Uuited Status.
Second. A. world's expt-ition from
the 1st of Miy, 1892, ti thi end of Oc
tober, in honor of the tn hundredth
anniversary of the dinco;iy of Amer
ica by Christopher Columns.
Third. A permanent ex sition,un
der governmental control o the an
tiquities, native raced, liietoiy, arts
and industries of tbe three Arm-leas,
this to be the outgrowth of the
world's expocition in 1892."
Memphis cotton is firm ; middling,
Amsrican Oil Trust) yesterday
ranged 66 to 67J.
St. Louis floor qnint and unchanged.
Corn meal quiet, $1 05.
Spots ae easy at New York and
steady at New OrleaiV
RacBtPTS of hogs at CI cago Satur
day, 48,281 heal; yesUrday'a esti
mated receipts, 44,000 be . 1.
St. Lotus cash mtss ork scare",
$9 87)10. Cash lard so.rce, $5 85
6 87. Clearribs easy, $5 06 00.
Cash No. 2 mfxsd co at Kansas
City, S2ic bid; cash No. " white corn,
31c bid, 31(o aeked. Cas i No. 2 oats,
24 jo bid.
Cotton futures easy and 7 to 9 points
lower at New York; verv stead v and
6 to 8 points lower at Niw Orleans,
and barely steady at l ive pool.
Chicago cash corn o higher, 3ijc;
December, 36 jc bid ; May 4 I.e. Cash
wheat jo lower, 744c ; Dec mber, 74Jo;
May, 81 Jf. Cash ca's Jc .igher, 26jc ;
May, 303c.
Vihtom on 'Charge yesterday:
R. M. Doswell, Galvest. , Tex.; W.
B. Me'cer, New Yorl ; J H. Grubbs,
New York; R. P. Bo(.ell, Somerville,
Tenn. ; E F. Hicks, Bells Tenn.
Chicago cash and Deitrnrer mess
5ork nominally uncharged, $9 47;
anuary, $10 10. Cash at a December
Lard nnchanged, $5 9(; January,
$5 85 bid. Cash clearribs nominal ;
January $5 15.
St. Louis cash corn unchanged,
34c; May, Jo higher. Cash wheat
nnchanged, 767t!c; Tecmberand
May c lower, Decembsr 76c, May
84ic asked. Cash and December oats,
26fobid; May,80c.
Mimphis spot cotton iilee yesterday,
2400 bales; receipts, 14,442 bales, the
firms receiving tbe largest being Hill,
Fontaine A Co., 15'4 bales; Dillard A
Coffin, 858 bales: S.ewart, Qwynne
& Co., 603 ba'es ; Porter A Macrae, 660
bales; J. T. Fargas n A Co., 649 bales,
and W. A. Gage A Co., 456 bales.
Solid Sliver at Mnlford'a,
Catawba Grape.
75 cent per 10 pound basket.
We have just received 400 baskets of
choice, sound catawba grapes. This
will be about the lai-t shipment for
this season. i.yti.k a shields.
Iloltdaj Preneut-i, Muirord'e).
By lite Redpmiitorist.tho Tiry Rev
ereud Father Enrl lit Sermons
aad Ioslritctlons.
As announced in Sunday morning's
Appal a Jubi'eo Mission was in-
aiigurated at. jast mass, nt Kt. Uriui
Chtirc.h by the Rerlenip'oriit, the Kv.
Father Eoright, C Kt. R. Although
a violent rain storm prevailed duiitig
he day the church was ctowdej with
worshipper.', i ot only at the morning
mi ai iuu evening anu niylit servii-f e.
The h'gh dibbs wis sung by the Rev.
doctor father Wali-h. Tim altars
were eleitantly and tastefully dec
orated with numerous vases filled
with natural ihwers and oil lamps
that shed a subdued light around the
eacred place. The choir was com
posed oi rhildren from St Brigia'i
school and one ol the little misssa
presided at the organ. The rendering
.li ? ... n
ui u;o v.inoDs pares ot the nuss was
quite cieditablo to the lit.le folks.
Alter mass the Very Rv. FVher
anrigtit tlelivered an address to tho
congregat on. lie is an r h'orly
Ki-u.i.'iuau, uavri-g a uright and ex
ji i uum vo vounietiance, ana made a
reep nnprKst-ion upon his hearers.
He Iihb had large experience aa a
mtt-stonnry, was on battle fields and
in mil t r hospitals during the late
war between the States, and for thirty
vears pnt hi s been traveling in the
Duited S atiw, Canada, Cuba and
South Atiii-iica. His stylo t f prtach
ing is forcible, earnest and slinplo,
and making no attempt at oratory, lie
explains and reasons from examples
taken from every diy Wio of sin mid
itsLaiful conscqueuces. On bunday
he preached three times at the owun
iug mission to the children at.- 3
o'clock, snd at night lo grown people.
Ytsterdav the services commencd
at 5 o'clock a.m. and were continued at
8 o'c'ock a.m , at 3 o'clojk p.m. and at
7 :30 at night. At 2 o'clock ou yester
day an interesting procession took
place, the children boirc In nharir r f
the liaters of Charity aud the Rev.
Father Wabh.
It was an edifying Biclit. and It wu
delightful to hoar their little voices
commingling in prayer. When they
returned at 3 o'clock the missionary
entertained them with interesting and
familiar instruction at tbe church.
Confessions were heard until 5 o'clock,
and at 7 o'clock lat night all the seats
were lined. Ihe Kosarv was fltst ro.
cited, and in this prayer all united.
The Rosary consists of a recita'ion ol
"OnrFatbtr," the "Hail Maty" RTj
the "Glniia." Catholi'S Drz.tl
llonary as otie of the grandest t'o.a-
Hons of the vencrab'e old churiL.
During the recital ol this praver'ihe
faithful are lauot ii incdliai'e upon
the gnat mytteiies and truth of Chris-
tiiiniti , These ate divided into fifteen
parte, covering the annnucialion, the
nativity, the chlldho'd, life, death
and p Saion, r jNunoohon and asct n-
non of ttie divine Kedotmer and
of ihe BKSiimption and crowning
f H 8 V.rgin Mt therr. Thus the
Rosary is a synobAis of the ricripluro
and tbe New Testament snd of the
early traditlo'4 ot the infant church.
After the rtoltal of the rosary last
night, the, Rsv. Father again
explained the ol ject of the Jubilee
Mission and of the conditions neces
sary Ir order to giin ite ii du'geuce
ana lleesicg two dy' fust and
lira-or, two vitits to St. Brigid's, Kt.
Miry'a and Sr. Peter's Otiurchfs, the
gr:ng of dluiri, confession and com
unnnion and regular attendance at tho
Jubilee exercises in tho church. At
the c'.fss of these explanations, the
Rsv. Father Enrght preached the
regular sermon, during which he gave
numerous examples of suddun (loathe
of sinners. "Beware," said he, "Jest
tt you may be applied the words:
'You shall seek Me, but vou shall not
ilnd Me.'"
Fortuity the order of exercises is as
follows: Masses 4 5 and 8:30 o'clock
in the morning, ooufofsiuns from 10 lo
12 o'clock, from 3 to 5 o'clock and at 7
o'clock io the evenitg. Sermons and
instructions at ouch mass and alter the
rosary at 7:30 p.m. Pxieons desiring
seats ahonld arrive early as the pews
are free to all. The mission will close
next Thursday.
P. M. Stanlrt, funeral director and
embalmer, 55 Madison street. '
Miss Cabbib M, KtATiNa, pianist,
may be fonnd at the Gayoso Hotel.
Lovbly orange blossoms Tor brides'
cresses at tbe Women's Exchange.
. W. Mili-kr A Co , Patent Asbestos
Fir Proof. Roofers. For durability,
equaled by none. Used on wood, tin,
iron, folt and gravel roofs. No. 65
Madison street.
Why do ii pay $25 or $30 for
ready made aula, when you can go to
L. Rosenstein A Bros., 288 Main street
and 18 Jefferson street,, and have a
suit made to order. A fit guaran
teed. I will have at my stable, on Mon
roe street, today (foioneday only) a
I t of high grade and registered Jeisey
heifers and cows htVy with calf.
Also, a lot of combined saddle and
harness stock just fron Middle Ten
nessee. F. A.JOHES A CO.
Tub question of a proper food for
infants interests all mohera; espe
cially those unable to nurse their off
spring. Mellin's Food poursses all
the requisites as a lubsOtate for
mothers' milk, and is highly com
mended by the medical faculty ol both
Europe and America.
"Jambs," he said, as he lookel over
at hit boo, "what does the papei say
about our exports and impute?
Which is tbe biggest?" "I can't see
anything here about them." "Aiy
thing about Jay Gould?" "Not a
word." "Well, then, James, Igueta
you can go down to Sweet's tomorrow
and order you pair of them $2 boots
for yourself and three dozen package!
of Ko-Ko Tula for sister Sal ; I guess
the country will remain level for a
couple of weeks to come."
What is a cold in the head? Medi
cal authorities say it is due to atmos
pheric germs, uneven clothing of the
body, rapid cooling when in perspira
tion, etc. The important point is, that
a cold in tbe head is a genuine rAtniftt,
an inflammat'on ef toe lining mem
brane of the note, which, when un
checked, is certain to produce a catar
rhal condition for catarrh is essen
tially a "cold" which nature is no
longer able to "resolve" or throw off.
Ely's Cream Balm has proved Its su
periority, and sufferers from cold in
tbe bead should resort to it before that
common ailment becomes tested and
ends in obstinate catarrh.
Djelug aud Cleuulus;.
Ladies aud gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed iu any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Louis Reigel, 58 Jeii'ereon street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Gotvla received by express.
Tailor and Importer.
uJihh TOrlK a new complete. The largest, Chateeat and
ltroaUel by the I.ea-1lng JniporUre of Rngl.nd Itnaei ana aJil
many. I wit to
use publlo to
oall ana luseeot my
Cor. Sieond and jgfftrion
Aaher A Co., Whnlreale Draggle!,
AIISMthrd by itw, ftherl IT-Liabilities
Late Saturday night attachments
were sued out by the German National
Bank and Mechanics' ratings Bank
against Asher A Co., wholesale drug
gists, No. 358 Main street, and deliv
ered to the Sherifl, who immediately
levied on the stock of gooth in the
above mentioned store. 'Ih amount
due tbe German National Buck is
lOU, snd to the Mechsnite' t'avinga
Bank, $1750 In addiiloh to these
amounts the firm owe aifont. 60i0 to
merchants in New Y.rkl'hi;atinlphi
and St. Louis. The arts consist of
the stock of goods In the wore, valood
at about $S000, aud accotnt due the
(Inn to an equal nniotitit 'Ihe firm of
Asher A Co. have bicn established
here hot a few moths, havir g re
moved ta this city irom Viitkaoiirg,
MiBS., whre the psticipal member of
tne iirm was lor isuy years engng'd
lu the wholesale 'Vug hiuines.
Chancer- 'irt tllef, Chancellor.
Declbions -Plutnmer vs Galloway,
report cou.rmed; Kawlinas vs Rawl-
inga, doer agiinit defendant for
$5t0; Ps ion vs Dix, bill dismissed;
State v .'Oiler, tloireo will not bo dis
turbed Dec'oea. Slate vs Moore, dis. lot
15; r.;te viSte n. dir. lot 14. block 17:
StM vs Bigelnw, (lis. south half rf lot
ri; ata vaMcIlvaiie, dis. lota 27. 28.
21),. .) 30; Sta'e vs Allen, dis. lots 2
arid . ; State vs Allen, rile, one acre;
Tats vs CutnhoiUnd University, pay
fee; Mat vs Chato, ray taxes.
Clreaalt 'onrits, Jndao.
Jutv calendar for todav : Nea. 1)010.
Waiter Davis vs Ihe Memphis, Arkan
sas snd Viokahurg Parket Company;
9052, J. W. Kno t, jr. va O. W aimer;
1)05:1, i'. M. Tatter o.. A Oo, va 11. A.
Kat nor; 0058, M. E. Rohertaon vs N.
P. Drenuhelier; Oilril, A. Ujaly vj
Louis Atkins; 1)06.', G. O. Hurman vs
J. A. Fnrrent et al ; 00n3, T-rry CBlla
ban va J. A. Forreet ft al ; 91)61, .1. B.
lleitkellet J-.vt) ttie Louisville, New
Orleans and Tex: i U.Hroad Company;
11067, Dr. A. B atty vg i oule Aikmr. ;
11079, M. K. Conaway vs George P,
Munch; 9080, R. J. JVcek ex tr. vs
Ed Stiote.
In the case of II. B. Wiun vs S. P,
Itsirl, jndHniant in favor of ((cfendant
was, rendered yesterday.
Criminal Court-la Boar, Jndae.
Calendar for today; Oliver Bowden,
Wm. Vlck, Alex Jones, Charles Will
iamo, Geons.W. Reedy, Andrew Hall
alius Hopkins.
Andrew Hall pleaded guilty yester
day to stealing a laptobe, the property
of Dr. Kennedy Jouou.
M. G. Andersou and Pat Walsh,
convicted of petty oflsneefl some time
ago, wote ro eased from the Work
Iioiibo yesterday by order of Judge
Dull me.
Ituitnl Nlnloe Conrt Jolgee Jack.
aosi anu aaamsnouil.
The Uniied States Court met at 10
o'clock yesterday morning and ad
j muted out of respect to Ilia memory
of ex-Pretident Arthur, who was
buried ysaterday. The court will
meet ejiuin today nt 10 o'clrck a.m.
Thrre are oiglitf-nina rases on the
docket, among which are the follow
ing, involving local parties:
Sarah O. Hall va M. A V. R. R. Co.
J.G. (iitiBon, et al. vs M. A 0. U.R.Co.
Taxing District of Shelby county va
A T. Wininerly.
Jjeeph I.ei'er" VS Momphis aud Ar
kansas Citv Packet Co.
Martin Ktely vs K. C. K. R Co.
Mike Galvin vs K. C. R. R. Co.
Isaac H. Cary va Planters Ins. Co.
New York Iron and Paint Co. vs
Milburn Machine and Gin Co.
D. F. Larkin, et al. vs Planters
Ins. Co.
James A. Loudon vs. .Taxing Dis
trict of Shelby county.
A. C. Porter va Milburn Gin and
Machine Co.
Michael Oarrigan et al vs Kansas
City R. R. C.
Belle G. Hollowell et al vs Kansas
City R. R. Co.
Annie E. Wlggin vs Supreme Lodge
K. of P.
Sarah II. Echervane va Kansas City
R. R. Co.
Dewing A Sons vs People's Ins. Co,
Michael O'Neil et al vs Kansas City
R. R. Co.
Robert Calhoun vs Kansas City R,
R. Co.
Wm. Earl v vi Kansas City R. R Co.
Sarah A. Echervane vs Kansas City
R. R. Co.
R. Moore A Co. vs Hill, Fontaine A
T. P. Miller vs Arlington Ins. Co.
T. P. Miller vs Factors' Ins. Co.
Kansas City R. R. Co. vs Francis
Goodliar A Co. vs Western Union
Telegraph Co. -
A. P. Merriam, administrator, vs
Loultville and Nashville R. R. Co.
Gampl A Co. vs Froelich A Co.
Meicnants' National Bank vs C. C.
The Pan-Electrlo Telephone Co. vs
the American Bell Telephone Co.
Memphis City ii. R. Co. vs Taxing
District. '
Citizens Street R. K. Co. vs Mem
phis City R. R. Co.
Intjpect Wplford u atoek.
Boaaty la a rroetooui Sift,
And faultless teeth In a lovely month
is ont of Us greatest charms, Be
careful of yonr teeth, ahd preserve
them by aeing SOZODONT, that
charming dentrlflce, which la -perfectly
harm lew and absolutely Indispensable
for the toilst.
Diamond at Mulfitord'an
A Hlalalerlal C rials.
Lima. November 22.--A ministerial
crisis was brought ab ,)'at Haturdav by
tbe resignation of th j President of tbe
Councii of Miniate ,). Dr. Jose Aram
bar. Nothing is et known as to the
formation ol a ne w Cibiuet.
Nkw Yor-jK, Novemlier 22.The
market w.s very qniet in demand and
new business, but through deliveries
on previous engagements the move1
ment wus well preserved.
Li.X"" a,
fiB.rTIN to my euetoioere and
nAAMIFlCliN' Sloci at tSJ
$!., . Mimphli, Tina.
Kedrpllosr Ulvrn by Mr. W It
The hospirshln residence of Mr W
. Brown, at No. 377 rTnim.
pressnted a tinl iant srn list night
the occasion brtng the rsc pii in given
bv Mr. and Mrs. Brown er.d Miseslallie
Brown in honor of their f dr guests.
Missis Nannie, and El'a P.rkine, ol
Nashville. Notwrit-standir g the pour
ing rain, many cf the prominent so
ciety be h s and b iunx did honor to
the O' c sion and were entertained la
royal style. Amoru the ledit-a nrra.
' ent were:
M'aa Mnt'e Stratton, M J Montnmery,
Jlisa Louise Hnred, Alias M Voaa. Mobile.
Mia Hearl ccly, Misj Alaty Mallurr,
Misa P.t Ollowy, flli vs Annie Lee lolk,
Mies Misie Unll.rcuth, ll-lena, Ark.,
Jliss Marylliison, MisrrMarion UotIo,
Misa 0 tlrotvennr, Mira K Treailwe'll,
Misa 0 lIuiistioM, MissPauilneKdwarJs,
Miss Vnggie Mnerni, Uri-.iien, Ton.i.,
Miss ilunry, U arks- M'as Nona I'oieter,
ville, Miss., Misa lira Bruce,
Miss Lida Lynn, Miss Lung,
Miss Metta llumte.
Flue Jewelry itt MiilftirdX
8 F. Tnrbtville et nx to D. C.
Fieldt, lot 1, sei tiou 2, township 1,
range 9 west, conttiniitg 15 acres;
Absolutely Pure.
This i.owcW nerer varies. A marvel oi
pnrity, atronitth and wholesomennsa. More
economical thati the oriiinary kinda, and
cannitt be sold in comnetltiun with the tnul
tituile of low tost, annrt weight alum ot
lihosnhata iinwiiers. t.il.n uhli im oass.
loH Wall strxet. New Ynr.
HKAIITIPUL IIOMK-Throe miloa from
oity. on 1'oiiliir at., cor. Treaevant are..
St1', acres, H arro glove, re-t un. lor plow.
Inquire at 47Q .vttssis'iM'i ayenne
l Eli SUN A I..
M ADA VI NORMAN. Kgriili.n Fortune
Teller anil DtiHineas Olalrroyant, has
arrivo.l from St Lonis, and can be consulted
at her Parlors, No. V Coiuuierre street.
KATIB IMDSKI.L-Please write to your
own FRANK M. II., Memphis, Tenn.
( 1 KT HOOK k I,(1RILL to w-atber .trig
3I your doors and windows, 'i liere is solid
ooaiiort and ecoiioina' u inis. LornerDco
ond anil 1 rJI"j atreeta .
DR. J. D. WHITK-iM.'l Main, enr. JetTer-
son at. Oloe toloiihiine S.I1; residence W).
CIISTK.RNS-Ilullt and repaired and war
J ranted. Inventor of the Sanitarv Port
land Cement Fump. Contractor and brick-
vr. Telihnna HKH. THIIH OI'HHINS.
looatlon ; ch eap.
'ocd business t good
L. (i. B., thia office.
CKRTIFICATK of Membership In Mem
J lihls Merchants' Exchanaa. Dues naid a
Jan., '87. Add. L. L. Prince, Bt. Louis, Mo.
BV Y ERS-WUI call at 9 Madlaon etreet for
bareaina in oottares. Iota, atorea. In all
arts of city, suburban homes and farms.
W. U. LUMl'Kin.
(A.0 TO Tennessee Pomp Works, No. 227
VJ Beoond street, fur Klevator Chain and
("notion l'uinps. All work guaranteed.
Repairing a jie on short notice.
A FULL LIN S of Hrn Blankets and
Lap R-bes at Woodruff A Oliver's new
store, Nos.H78and HSOtKnt street, adjoin
ing UieUayoao Hotel.
XKCUTOH'SSALK - On Friday, Novera
J ber 2fith. at the reaidanoa ot tba IilI
Mrs. Sallle Davidson, near Bivingdaie
Church, we will sell, for cash, milch cows,
belters, mules, wagons, etc., and about 2M
bushels of sweet potatoes and other property.
I. Vt. lUOKK.
, WM. M. HMirll.
ROCKING) CIIAIRS-Immenae stock oi
Hattan and Willow Rooaing Chairs.
New designs, cheap.
AM as, iibaiiik a uu.,
No. m Main a tree t.
K., HA Mississippi avenue.
SCHOOL DKSKS-Ahoqt slaty double
sohool dealti. ifilld eherrv. east franiea.
good oonauiou. call, nr aeu-esa
A. J. HTHUliK, m Orleans St.
ATA BARGAIN A good paying German
Iloardlnahuuie In Heiesa. Ark.. owner
wishing to retire. For further particulars,
Inquireat liKUK KK'H, in Helen., Ark.
Address W.
this office.
OT Choice Fort Pickering lot! no oltr
j taies. DR. HINSdN, m Main st.
TiRAMECottage.on oor. Raybnrn av. ana
J? Ueorglast.i lot K17l. with a houso of a
rooms, in good order. This is a choice piece
of property, and can be purchased on easy
montniy payment y payiaa pr b "v
ply Minus farkerer A.J. Martin, Main.
PLANTATION-On the Arkansas River,
Lineoln County-eOU acres in tngh stale
of cultivation: ti4(i acres in tract: well tm-
1 euiuvauoni inau eoiea m
provea : steam gin, t larae earns. i gooacas
Ins ami handsome dwelling, 7 rooms, with JO
acres lawn in front. Llber.d terme. Apply t
MALLOHY, I HAWruati at w. ,
372 and 374 Front street, Memphis,
or J. O GHRKTTBarassa, ArkL
OR"IaTE CHKAPNo. 8 Washington
V Hand Presa, for nine-oolumn peperj
good aa new, .nquire at No. Wlalonat
A. baggy MAKE that any lady oan driva
T F. A. Jonea A Co.'a., one nice genua
or ride perfectly safV .
'OESIDKNClfNos. (W and 8 M"
IX in good repair; lot 7Si HK- Apply to
O Jittl. used, and in vtfjo tjge Aa.
rrtHE lease and futures of the St. Elaie
L Hotel, Me-ldian, Misa, Twenty-live
commodious rooms, within three minutes
walk of the Inion Depot; large aauiple
room on the street neat door; now doing a
good business and popular. Can be bad at a
burtain if nvi'lied lor within the next thirty
daya. Apply to Charles Klmire, proprietor,
Mxri.Han. Viss.
J lue M att lieu Ht m nllortkX
v. . i
as. i

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