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OntrafM and Bubs Lad A Young
Harried Woman jmraerta
Fearful Tragrfillrs,
N York. November 22. A ruffian
MtBrdav moriiins burst open the
itnnr tt the co'tane of Mrs. M. 8
Robinson. th authored, who lives at
Harrison. N. Y. 1 he poor lady heina
alooe in tha houss, attempted to ea-
biih hv iiiinnirnr throuau a winuo
Althnujjti severely cut by the glasa,
she at once a'srtrd across the fields to
aneighbor'a farm home, bat when
only a few humlied yards from the
bouse she was ovei taken by the
scoundrel who, after outranina bit
victim, carried her back to the house
and locked her in a closet. Us then
tnhhad tha honse and made his ea
cape. Parties are scouring the woods
in search of him, and should be be
caught be will undoubtedly be shipped
bv the cable road to the next world.
Hilled by Mora Thieve.
Daiivaa, Col .November 22. A spe
U1 tn tha Newt from Albuquerque,
U. M., Bays that bloody tragedy oo
nnrrurl there about midnieht Mar
shal McQuire and Officer Henry at
tempted to arrest two horse thieves,
Charles Rosi and "Kid" Johnson,
when the former pulled a revolver and
.hnt Hanrv thronah the heart and
JJcUuire through the left lung. The
horse thieves Immediately mounted
borers and escaped to the joountalns.
A Sheriff's pose is now in pursuit.
McGuire is dying.
ALBCQDiaqna, N. M , November 21.
Cbarles K , one of the horse
thieves who killed Officer Henry end
mortally wounded Marshal McGuire
laet night, wa captured In a Mexican
dance ball this morning with a bullet
hole through the shoulder. When it
became known that Ross had been ar
retted, aeveral hundred excited men
assembled and wantel to take the pris
oner and lynch him. With great diffi
culty Ross was placed In jail, where
be ia now guarded by a SberiflTs posse
and a company of militia. It Is ru
mored that viicilantea are organis'ng
and tmnb e is antic ptted before morn
ing. Kid Johnson, K.ws's accomplice,
has not yet been heard from.
A sievaitlaa t rim.
Chicago, III, November 21. A
revolting double tragedy occurred in
a tenement house on Njrtti Arhland
avanne this alterooon. Mrs. Emma
Smith, IS years old and only recently
married, was shot dead by Charles
Gregor, a dissipated bartender, whoss
advances she related. Gregor com
mitted soicids a moment after hia
victim b:ea:htd her last. The woman
bore a good character. For mora
than an hour afterward the scene in
the room was a fearful one. The
aged mother and father of tbe dead
girl had rushed iu, and becoming al
most ciu.ii, tefu ed to be led out of
the fatal apa't merit.
A Drral Prise right.
, PaoBU, III.. November 22 A
prise fight was fought in an icehouse
near tJtiia city at a very tarty boar yes
terday morning between Charles Mc
Coy, cousin of tbe well known pogili t,
Pete McCoy, and Prof. Woods, a
fighter of sima experience who bas
Uvea in Loalu and Decatur. The
match was lor (250 a aide, ami a select
crowd came from Decatur by rail and
went out to the icehouse in hacks.
At the ontaet tbe men were cautious.
In the fifth rouud McCoy got first
blood, knocking hit man down three
times and being knocked on hia knees
once himielL In tbe aixta round
McCoy want at Woods himmer and
tons, hitting hard and fait on hia op
ponent's face snd inflicting severe
punishment. Ia one sad a half min
utes he succeeded in knocking Woods
out by a heavy blow nnder tbe ear.
McCoy got out of town early yesterday
morning. Woods was brougbt to
town lnsensibls and is in hiding. It
ia said he h. broken rib.
The Horrible Itaaib ai Highway.
naaa. '
Foot Kbooh, Momt , November 21.
Last Turs lay the remains of Jim
Hwan, alias Jack BaepparJ, the prince
vi uriuwesiera iiwh warmer), were
found among the Big J lorn mountains.
He eecaped from the Hierltl some
time ago whi'e ham-'cuffed, and was
never caught af erward. lie died
from starvation, as liU n.aiucle l con
dition prevented him fn-ra nrocarina
lood. A knife and rerolvi-r, with toe
ciiHmuers empty, were fimod btside
111 in.
A llolU Habberjr.
8an Artonia, Tex., X,vemer 21.
A bold robbery occurred here betwteo
the honra of 2 and 4 o'clock thia morn
ing. The la rue gr cerv store of Jaioo
Dulling waenirr.-i,aud toe stfe bur
glariaedof $2000 in cash aid about
1 1000 worth of prmuiaiory notes.
Lmillnaa store is witmn half a block
ui p'nuo ubbuiiii triers, ineourgiara
ontieu a note in tbe sa'e door, and,
alter rifling the ate,ilolitwtate:y made
their exit via tha front entrance.
Fort Worth, Tax., November 21.
The general merchandiie stjrua of
Comar, Farrls A Dial, whoss main
store is at Rist, with branches at
Jacksonville, Wells, Troupe and Alto,
were attiohed Saturday. Llabilitiei
between 1100,000 and $150,000: aa
aeta, t-iO.OWV
Tha Eallre S'rew Vot.
Dbtboit, Mica , November 22. A
apoclalfrom Montajtue cava: Persons
driving on tbe beach yt sterday dis
covert the wreck of the schooner L.
J Conway, of Muekegoa, at the
month of Flour creek, .bout seven
miles north of ihe town. The veeeU
is a total wreck, a:.d the entire crew ia
believed to bn l nt.
Cara.alera lilll.rt h, . rallla, nmt.
Dbtboit, Mien , Noverbbfr 22. This
morning a little afier 10 o'clock in the
Cyclorama Building, on Larned street,
about twenty feet of the srafToldinc
gave way, preclpilating lour cirpeu
teia to the gnund fifty feet below.
Uwo others saved themselves by catch
ingthe broken ecaflolding. Michael
Geeglerwai killed instanily; J. Aui
tm a head "truck a pines of the scaf
folding, crushing in his face, ao that
he died while on the way to the hoe
pitalt Wm. Reader had a leg broken
and was injured interna ly, so that his
recovery ia doubtful ; George Puillipa
attained internal iniuries.begides hav
ing a broken leg and a smashed arm,
but it U thought he will recover. The
accident was caused by tha men
ciowding in on epo'.
A Steamer la a Dreadful Coudlilou.
6t. Jouks, N. F . November 21
The fteaaier Birromon-, Capt. Hone
man, hag just arrived here. She left
Baltimore on tbe 15th instant, cotton
laden fo' Liver oool. The cargo took
&re on Fridny last and the explain
thinks it will be totally destroyed, but
he believes that the bull of the ship ia
not materially damseeil. 8 team bas
been started on tne main bold for tha
past f jrty-e':ght hours, but no steps
have yet been taken to an. s. the fire,
as the captain in apprehensive ot dan'
ger in taking off tun batches, an ex
ploeion or contiaerat'oti being loured
The Barromore ia of tbe Juhnsf n line
of Liverpool, and hue a c .pac.tv of
4O0O tone. There are 300 head of cat
Two 'iiovlcl Kaeape.
Naw Orlbans, La., November 21.
E. 8. Bjhcbo. formfrlv chief of aids.
in this city, under sentence of
seventeen yean' impriaonment for
lorjery. and John Siniat. of Landry
fiarieh, under a li'e sentence, ercaped
rom the penitentiary at liaton Riuge
last night by breaking through the
wall of the hospital into the cotton
factory, and thence making tbtir way
throouh a large gate. They were un
doubtedly as itttd bv some one out
tide, as the hinges on tbe aatta bad
been wrenched from the brick of the
wall from tbe outside.
HUlaa hf a Birael Car.
Clbvsmhd, O., November 21. John
Richards, a moldar, residing in this
city, was tun down and killed by a
street car, at Yonngstown, 0., last
night, .
Claw a Aeeewat af Diphtheria.
Isbpemuio, Mich., November 21.
On sceonnt of tha diphtheria epidem
ic all dances and public meetings have
been prahiUted. Tbe schools have
been closed and no aervicea were held
in the churches today by order of the
Board of Heijih.
leanajhip a a ala.
Milwacxbe, Via, November 22.
A heavy aoathfaWrlv aale. accomoa-
nied by rain, LW been raitiog all
morning. A largeVnmbor of versels
ut into the haruar since daylight,
he schooner Belle Yallbridire. laden
with lumber, went are at Buebov-
gan this morning. lit crew escaped
on the government piek The a'eam
barge Carter arrived cflVhis port at
noon, having in tow tbe Veam haroa
Colin Campbell, which li became
duabled In machinery. TVs Carter
came Inside, and tug wera. out and
towed the Campbell in. TbeUjeabled
bare r Had out her mainmaA while
wallowing about in the bay,
alavjr aiarma medleled,
Chicaod. III.. November 22. Tha
Signal- tfervice Bartau states that
another great storm is brewing and
predict that by the middle of the
week gale of wind, of rain and
snows, accompanied by perhaps a
aero fall in temperature will arrive
from 11 Weet and crosi the lake with
terrible venge aace. doing great dam
age to vessels oat of port. The stirm
ia raging in Central Nebraska today
aud traveling eiatward at railtoaJ
epecd. "It will be npon ns in all ita
fury bv Wednt-slay'aaid the Chief
cf the Cbicato Bureau.
The Clevelaatal Mardxra.
Cuvrlaxd. Oat. Njvembar 22.
Alter several postponements, attended
with keen coolie di-uiDDOiotmanL Al
fred Smith's trial for murder was be
gan in the Criminal Couit thia morn
ing. Smith is on trial for bntcberirg
bis wife, who waa a clairvoyant, and a
woman named Wiisoa. Tbe murders
were committed last winter. On the
night ol tha murders, ae far aa ia
known, there wtre but three persons
in tbe f-tmith rooms. They ware Al
fred Smith, Mm. Smith and Mrs. Wil
aon. Tbe former occupied the bed In
tbe (rout rcota and tha latter two
alept in the little dark room In the
rear. Early in be evening Smith had
been ordered from the bouas by hia
wife. Ha took hia fate b el and went,
bat returned, and daring the night
beat the women to death with a ham
mer and then attempted to commit
suicide by catling his throat. He
waa arresud, and alter a long time ha
recovered. It ia claimed that jea'otisy
was the caoee of the crime. It Uaiei
aaid that Bmith'e attorney will eaUr
the plea of sell tUfesse.
Tne case oi old matt Wheeler, who
is charged with a rangliag hia w.fa.
Jane Wheeler, to dea'h, was reopaoad
thia morning, and wul not be decided
for a day or two.
This aftarncon tbe trial wai post
poned UDtil the Januiry term of
court on account of an irregoJar.ty in
the jury venire.
A Btohaaaer Leaf.
Chicio?, III., November 22. The
schooner Bell Wa b ilge, owned by
C N. Charn'ey, ol r.n city, while
b mcd from Worgeoa bay to dhlc.go,
with a load ol ln-xb-r, w 'ut down on
the ier at S.ieboyj? in. She ia a total
laee. The crew escaped.
Twa Ballalaga Ixlrarrd.
PiiiLAtxi rmt, Pa , Norember 22
A bra at Marys viile, Pa , tb a mirn ng
dtrneJ aeven bu Idiota, in.l3d.0g
aeUble, a hotel, fir dwelling! and
twoatcrea. Ia, f .) Q.
Tha 'Hoadle- Trial.
Naw Yoaa, November ti At the
trial oi Kx Alderman Mc lade uday
tnrre wars lew pram wno were not
actively encaged ia t he trial. Saortly
alter II o'clock Mr. N;e,U resamej
ihscrots eiarninatio uf Alderman
John O'Neill. At the concloaion of
the sxamication of the witness Mr.
Newcombe introduced them inn tea of
tbe Board of Aldermen for lm, to
prove that Mtied bai twice vote!
against raMrea 1 bills in tha Jereey
Otty and Brooklyn and toe Thirty
fourth alrent road. Ex-A'dermaa
Lewis Wendell and Ex Alderman
Charles Rtilly were examined. It
wai finally decidn fi ram np witboal
the evid nce of Kx-A Iderman Clrary,
who Is sick, snd Mr. Newcombe began
his sddrrns to the jury. Mr. Newcombe
is still speaking.
Pretty Jraale Maataa's TraaWlea.
Bcai.iHorow, Vr , Norembar 22.
The forgery caee si;a nit Jennie haa
ton wai returned tolar. Tba crosa
examination nf John L Maaon waa
continued. Tbs witneea had receive,!
not nioie ttian ten liters frjrn Jeonle,
uu wi mat namner Hires wers for
wardel to h m wbiie be waa out Wet
in April and Mav W If a !a,l ,s.
s rijej au but turw nf har lsttrr.
Its received the flrrt ltur ten wtars
ago; that asked for miner, and ba
aeetroytd it. Ling argument, ensued
cm tba admission of ths lettira, bnt
lu7 were nutxi oat by ttie JaOga.
. 1
A altMT a-IHtstai, OtWH
Thb Voltaic Bslt Co., Maraball,
Mich., offer to aend ther OelebraUd
Voi-taio Bslt and Eletirio Appll-
ances on Uiirty days' trial to any man
afllicted with Nervoua Debility, Loas of
ViUlity, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in waled envelop with lull
particulars, mailed true. Writ them
at once.
Dlagaaled llaarballleta.
NW YoaC. NilVl.rnl.or ) Tl.a
ritiladnlpbia llaseliall Club r'urnd
from liavarja on the sUstiier Cientne
80s, which arrived today, quits dis
gusted with their Cuban trip.
Dexolibh Ihe City, to Destroy
the Water Works and Net
Fire to the Town.
Chica'jo. III.. November 21. A
local German paper aesertsin its is-ue
t )day, tbbt tbe anarchists of this city
have renewed their sg tation snd that
thecal for meetings of the groups
are circulated openly. "Monday
evening," the article esy, "in the
ball on Clybourn avenue, a mreting
of the Worth Bide group 01 tne inter
national Working People's Aaro ia
tion waa be'd, at which various 'plans
were diecneeed.' Borne of the people
present thought that on a stormy
night, with a few pounds of dynamite,
the water works canld be blown up
and fires started at some dotjn differ
ent Dlace. The water works de
atroyed, the fire department conld
have no water; half tbe the ci'y
would go up in a blue, and in the
confusion thus caused, tbe reorganized
grouos snd companies of the Lebr
Und Wehr Verein could easily cap
tnra the citv."
Police Captain Schaack aiys he has
no fear of anything happening at
preseut and his men are keeping a
close watch on tbe "groupa." He
conld not tell what be waa going to do
in thii nart cular case, not Having any
authentic information yet, and il he
had he did not think it best to make
hia intentions public in advaoce,
HalRhla af Lahar la the (learcla
Atlanta. Ga.. November 22. In
the recent State election tbe Kufghta
of Libor succeeded in electing several
of their number to the Legislature,
the most prominent of tbem being
Mr. Schofield. of Bibb county. Mr.
Schofleld has introduced and will
presi to passage in the Legislature 1
bill to regulate labor, which derive.
importance from the fact that it is tbe
demand 01 tbe Knights 01 tne state
Tbe bill has thrte things in view.
The most important is to fix the hours
of labor which shall be exacted of
emolovea in manufactories. The word
"manufic'orira" dies not relate to rail-
roidi and similar corporations. It is
proposed that the houis ot labor shall
be restricted to ten. Tbe second
thing tbe bill has In view ia the pre
vention of black listing employes. Tbe
manufactories have a system of black-
hating which prevents discharged em
ployes from obtaining employment.
The bill proposes, in the event that
an emp'oye is prevented from
obtaining employment af er being
dircharp1, except on the grounds
of incompetency or bad conduct,
to make the employer liable for dam
aga. Tbe third thing relates to
notices to qnit. At present emp'oyei
are reqiirtd to give notice to employ
ers of tleir intention to quit. Em
ployers a'e not required to give ausb
notice. Tbe bill proposes to place
employer and employe in the matter
on the lame legal foo'ing. That Is, it
proposes to renaire notice from either
or hnth. Mr. Schoflild says a bill
will be introduced to create a bureau,
of labor Ha'.itt cs. The laboring men
wantiu:h a bureau, and they believe
they will get it, as the cost of main
taining it will be but little. Mr.
Schofieid aays that the laboring men
are determined that the convict labor
system mist go.
Tha Haw raehlaa; rarjaaaey.
Sr. Locis, Mo , November 21. The
project for bnldinr an extensive
stoc yards in the western part cf the
city, which waa first broached by tbe
International Rang 9 Associat'oa, snd
haa baen vigorously pushed by mem
bers ot that organixition in conjunc
tion with capita! lets oft -is city and
tbs East, has ao fa' progrdesad thst the
fl at iLBiallment on the land designed
tortbeyaidi haa beea paid, and tbe
enterprise w,U be carried to as qu:ck
completion as money and energy can
accomptieh. Toe Tar's will embrace
h-nt 200 acres at laud weet of the
city, tying be'wen the tracks cf tbe
Missouri Pacific and the 8:. L'uis and
f?ti Frairiaco railroad, and contains
a 1 the el meats necessary I t tbe pur
P'se Tte improvements will be of
tfce b t clrss in every respect, acd thn
facili ia for handling stock of a'l
ki.-.diand for ihe transa'.thn of bnsi
ne s wi.l bs srnple to meet all the re-
?a 1
a r?n)-Lt tf tha presec.t and thi
are. A charter will be procured
wit-nn ten dsra and a comDanv
former! aad r filters elct'd, bat wboj
uie omcrrs win b or tbe anoant ct
caitiiaaxk has rot yet tanpired.
A Pallileal Have, Ma Daabt.
Caicaoo, N .vemVr 22 The w'
raw hoci.'ty of fixiaiiets met yester
day aod consilered tie projeed
ejisblisKment in this cr of a Co-op
era le 1 a kirK aod rrovieion Com
prny. Trie filliwittf waa adapted
after a tedious wrangb:
Rmictd, I hat we tobesitat'iDgly df
clare that tViii cooperation scheme ia
Impracticable ar.d It doomed to cer
tain filnre, aod s hiid ourselves
ready to prove t' tratb of this state
ment In pab'ie rjeftirg called for ths
pnrpese, and that ws urgently rrquest
all pron wk havss'frned f ir shares
in this compuy ti withhold tbe pay
ment of any UMeeament that may be
called for on.' I a cimmittee composed
of Frank A. Htanker, (J. O. Dixon, M.
J. Bulla-, Charles belb and K. C.
Osreos stall have Investigated the
truth or falsity of Information we
M. I Bntler ia tba Master Work
man cf D strict Asaemblr No. 67,
Kola Its of Labor. lis was' the social
lata' andidats for Hnetifl In tbe re
eenteleclinn. It waa br hia orders
tbatbea rikeat the stock yards was
inaORUratel recantly. Tbe other
numbers of the committee are socia'
Ul politicians.
Mm Vmrr raraaaa aa ihe Raslratn.
Pirmnpao. Pa.. NivemW ?i Mn
f Lacy Parsons, wile of the condemned
anarchist, adJreeael a miscellaneous
crowd of between 300 and 4 X) at Tur
ner Hall, A'hglieny City, this sftur-
noon. Whs s;t)ka for two houts, bnt
ths adJress did not dlfler interially
Irom thoae dedvered elsewhere.
Waa Too lw,
PiTTsnoao, Pa , November 22.
Operators report a oainh-r of mines
along tbe Monongalie.'a Valley and
also on tba railroads which are not
running full, becaaas of ths scarcity
of miner, many of tbe diggers having
become diacouraved at the low w aires
and frequent stiikea snd have left f ir
other oal fields or accepted employ
ment In m'.lla aud with tbe various
natural gas rotupanies.
Maotl'a Krttalalaa.
Of pnre Ood Liver OiL with Hype
plioephiUM, Is a r.ioat valuable remedy
for eonnumpt'on, scrofula, waiting dia
eses of children, olds and chronic
eonxha, and in all conditions where
there la a loss of tieh, a lack of nerve
power and a general debility of the
W1LMWQT05, Dia , November 22.
Six ncr-es aad tw ) allies were pub
licly whiupeti at Kewc s le Si'orJay,
reeling eith from five t) twenty
la-li a.
Ckrbho, W. Va, November 22
The Hon. C li. 11 a;d d ed hereto
day, aped b'2 year-. Dec.ta ed whs a
uietub-r of thaTiir y-fifth and Tbiity
six'h Corgrejfes from the Twenty
third D a r.ctof N"W York.
Cairo, III., N iveniber 22. Paesen
ger train N0.6, coming Doth on t e
llliroii Cfntr.l tn 8 evening, whi'e
ron idri( a eurve ! North Ca;r col
lid d wiiu a ewit'h ei gine, and both
locomotive mpUtv'.y derro
lisherl. F.r g net McMillan w. s sl;gh
ly and Brakeui n tit rr severely Lurt,
Toronto, November 22. Two Pull
man tl eping tare, tte Cimbria and
IVghorg, pa:t of fie Grand Trunk
Weeteru ex pre, wire burned to the
tracks this msriiing rear Ki.ipston
few 01 the paesenveM saved more
than their berislo li-s. Tbe loas will
rea:h f40,000.
Locisvillb, ly , November 2". A
Courier Jouma special says: Tbe tol
lowera of Evefsole and French, the
mountain metebant princes, ss they
are catierj, bit a battle at xlaztnl
Periy county, ky., Wednesday, when
a man named Nimmonda waa killed
A t. nee was held, and ieanltd in both
pait't a signing an airreement to leave
their difference to n arbitration com
mittee, whose decision ihonld bs flea
The First Sign
Of falling healt), whether In the form of
Klght Sweats id 'ervouincas, or In a
scnae of General Wearineaa and Loss ol
Appetite, shouli suggest the use of Ayert
Earaaparllla. f hla preparation ia most
effective for pfvlng tone and strengtb
to tbe enfecbljj system, promoting the
digestion and tsalmllatlon of food, restor
ing tha nervoia forces to their normal
condition, aud, for purifying, enriching,
and vitalising Iho blood.
Failig Health.
Ten years p my health began to fafl.
I waa trouhleuwltli a diatreailug Cougn.
Night Sweats j Weakness, snd Nervous
ness. ' I tried l&rioui remedies prescribed
by different ilirsiciana, but becamo so
weak that I clild not co up 11 1 airs with
out stopping t rest. My friends recom
mended, nie'tp try Ayer'a Sarsnparilla,
which I did, aid 1 am uow as henllliv and
strong ras'cvtf.t-Jlr. E. L. Wilfiums,
Alexandria, iSnn.
I hare usetr Aver'i SaraAnarlllfl. In mv
family, for Sirofula, and know, if It (
taken failhfuUv. Hint It will tliorniiL'hlr
enwIicatctlifsfcTrlblciliseasc. I have also
prescribed it at a tonic, as well as nn alter
ative, and mutt say tint I honetly believe
It to be the best blood niedlelne ever
compounded.f-W. F. Kowler, D. D. &.
a. v., ureeufllle, Tcun.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would If? ImnoiKlble for me tn dn.
scribe what I inrftrLil from I
and Ileadueao up to the, time 1 bean
taking Aver". Snroapsrilla. I was under
the care of larlotis i)liynLolans and tried
a great niair krtids of medicines, but
never oblahafd more than ter jorary re
lief. After taking Aver'a Sarfanarilla for
short tini m;- I'.e.-dache tisiippcared,
end mv stomtch r
crfunneU 1 duties mora
twrfectlv. To-dat
my 11 on It 1 is cont
pletelv rastoaadtliary Barley, Spriug
field, Jiaaa. . f ,,
I have beek greatly benefited by the
promut Use rf Avar's SarsHiiarlllu. It
loota aod uvAarates'herystcm, regulates
tbe action of digestive and nitsiniilative
organs, and Helixes the blocul. It is.
without dou, tbe most reliable blood
ptiriflor yet dkcovereU. II. I). Johnson,
K3 Atlautlc Je., Brooklyn, N. Y.
07 Di 3. C. A rr a Co., Lowell, Uaaa,
MatCti at: aatua, 95.
ty frra. A ictim
Of Tnntkfnl fttipru
dta, g.o-ins Premiture Decay, Nerroul
in rain ererf known remedy, haa disoorered
a simple seli.cure, woicn ne wiutena rtlUtt
of his lellow sufferers. Address
Port OWce Bnt 317V. New York Hty.
HOirecPATm: TErum? specifics
or Horses, Cattle, Sheep,
"6. riugs, rouitry,
fSED ny t."aT"coYrT.
Casrt 1.11m, a.4 So.1 aal lr-
rrnr-Feers, roner.Hone. lnfli,nuntlou.
A. "Pinal mnaiiitiiia. Milk Frvrr.
B. '-"l"". Leiiirn. w llhruinailun.
t J,--!'1 "r"- iilx lwraee.
VI. II. Iloli, orUrtlhftt Uornit.
fc" . ,,',lh,.!,r,".''n,-"mnnl.
V. r.-J olli-ur f,rl'. Hpllvai-hn,
11.11. 1 rinerv and Kihtt-y lli.raeee.
r.riipiive iM.cnv., .tlnnae.
Maraira Ul I'l.r.llcii.
rrlre. Bottle (orrr K loc), . .
RtaMi t,e..with Wftr :,!, rnro pairpa wtth
'iart) In l.tti.. H i' ., bvltlool Wiull
uu sua sivuu-'.r, aH.OO
rn-nt I'reeon HiTrlpt ofrrlre.
Humphreys' Med. Co., 109 Tulton St
, . Y.
Tha nn1.- an n..r.. i t.
la uh 3U fn. The
II ' n.Ltlit.. ii. .." T7 ,or
nuiTuus uuuiuij, viiai weaKness,
ml FrMlratln lr;ra nrr ,, r nt,r in
St per eial. or a mala n.l ln ...I no.l.,r, for J.
. K..I.DRT t)0Oll"T. or, nipo,,.,,,,!, I .
priM.Hw.'Hi..(, uliiMi,t,s. It.
fllTAFNriSS '" "uirs. and a new
at your ewn bom, b one who was deal
twentr-eiaht year.. Treated by mostot
toe noted speoialisu without benelt. Cdbbd
BiuaaLf in three muaih.. Ind sine then
handreJs or ot ers, full i.artli-u'ars sent
OS application. T. H. PA IK,
N. 41 West Slat strnt.New York City.
Data re? EH
m a"- 'yiLy
j;r.r.i cue am balm
'nntaltrui,l, tnvf or potedrr. ApplMl
liuhid. Allaytinjiammation. llenltM
"r" liftiyrtftht r nv oftatttand rmtll
V)rn,t lrvClltu; 6 Bwll, rirllrJ, a) oenle.
jTBRDTHEBS. Druggists, Owego, N. I
f HA t)V A t K of theWatohmaVer.' ea4
yA ir of Beiltierland,
Practlcl nrhmakr anil JewelOT.
fine Work a Stwolaltr.-ma
Km. ?a u
nireri, aaewunta, aaasa.
tr aar jr
NOVEMBER 23. 1880.
Boots and S
rnR RTfirtr nir nnnTa inn Gurmq
J eomple a than ever, eomnruina not
dium, durabla ana strlish roods, wbiob w
T TH K TKtDK wt offer siwcial Inducements. Carrying 1
SOLID SIZES, wo are nrenared to fill orders lor special riiei at NO
re prepared to nil orders lor special me. v aAina wax, ug
nabung Merchant
to fill in without being
As-enta.ror Ibe'Celebrnted W. V. Dons-Ins S3 Mttn'a Calf Sboea and.tUj
Uoyu' HIitMts la all mtIM
J, UBA a LiLLi was dissolred on Novemoer , 18. Jv7,,u,",' 'f V
Memphis, lenn., November 11, 1bH6. JOHN LlhLX.
WM. DEAN, Prea't. I JAMES REILLY, Vioa-Pres't. I JOHN LILLY, Sae'y anl Treat.
Coffee Roasters, Spice Grinders,
Importers staid Wholesale Dealer 1st
Ml. I
Writ least.
205 Main Street,
John Lilly. T. Wayla. Jaitiea Rellly
Doors, Sash, Blind, H oldlags,
Frames, Bracket, Scroll-Work, Bough and Dressed
Lumber, felilngles, Laths, Water Tanks.
All kluds ot Wood Work Executed at Short Notice.
Nos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis, Tcnn.
(AO -
Window Shades, Tictare Bail
Or ocers & Cotton Factors,
Ha. EM Haln Street, Gay Block.
Speer's Cotton Gin
Hilling from Mulberry
tffi" Insurance and Sacks free.
17 The Iaargest and only Complete Gin in the city.
wrjaest Yield. Best Sample.
Quarter or a Century in
Nos. 322 and 324 MAIN
E, f.'i, APPERSON & CO.
mm m a m
Jaha Mailllaasa.
TJholeaUale Grocer, Cotton Patjtora
Anl Comnlttlon Merchants,
232 cd 234 Front SL, Oemphis, Tea
urwni uui aVBTa jtrruaaa.
Mt. X. X. sUIaTTT aerates kli srVils Une t
Ns. JW I Front N(rMf. dor. ITnlon. Trfonmi!! Tfiin.
M. B. DAT.
Utaaf i.B.Par a Sea:
Lata of Maaehaaa Heriea.
380-869 Front Stroet Mamohla Tam.
JNO. S. T00F.
oo IcKoTOn & Co.
Vholcsalo Grocers
An.i;i)ealer:.u I.eTeenil Bllrod:Snpplle,
No. 1T4 rrontlStteet . "
s CO
only the beat and finest but also full lines of ne
oner at low figures
lost of our roods in
oompelled to buy foods not needed.
Lee Block, Memphis.
all kinds of Door and Window
Mouldings and Mixed Paints.
mmw aaa W
toSt. Martin Streets
the Hardware Business.
m T a. aj . . .
ww-.w-. - .w... wy
Tkea. Clark.
at. . Claufe.
ths wstsatas aW sal of all I
. . 7. mAOXV,
last ef Bailey u
and Cotton Factors
ku mwm
Ta Dlraolve Copartnership.
mw Our entire stock haa to be sold by Jan
uary 1, 1W, to Dissolve Copartnership
our company retirinx,
awWe ofier our immense stock Reitartl
leiM or Cvat.
Good Felt Hats . 50,5.
Fine Felt Hats, New Shape .worth $1.26, 75o
Job Iiotel Hats, wrrth from 11 to S2. 25e
Beautiful Ro-er, all Colors .8 for 10a
Ostrich Pompons .....' 10c
Children's Trimmed Hats, worth $2, for tl 00
Boys's Cloth, Velvet and flush Caps,
worth tl S 50o
Ladies' Trimmed Hals, worth Si a2 on
Lonr flumes from ..9Ue np
Ostrich Tips, 3 in Bunoh, from 50o up
Bitds, Wines, Fancy Feathers. Feather
Bant eto.,at Rliliculoufly a-ow frleoa
StfDon't Lose Your Chance. Remember
irom thia day to January 1, 1887.
ear Bridal and Hoarnlna; OotOls.
V-Th finest assortment oi DOLLS In the.
rHata Reshaped, Feathers Cleaned, Dyad
and Curled.
aaruolden Hair Wash by the Small or Lorco
And Iron Roofin
Fire, Wind. Water and I.lenSnln
proof. Suitable for all kinds of buildings,
r or nriees and estimate a r..tAraM...
Call on or address
138 A 140 Mala Jt., and 21 ft 23 Mulberry St.;
Headquarters for Iron Fences and Cresting,
Balvaniaed Iron Cornice. Tin Roots ft Stoves.
The Christian Brothers have the rleasurs
of announcing tha completion of EXTEN
SIVE ADDITIONS to their College, which,
they have provided with all select modern
improvements and conveniences, and they
are bow enabled to aocommodate an in
creased number of Boarders, Half Boarders
and Day Students.
For Information concerning Terms, Board.
Tuition, etc, see Catalogue, or apply by mail
or in person to
CO Alia
Wholesale and Retail.
78 Second Street.
817 and 819 jfkSl fl. S
N. Second Stfx
f. .' W
M V !( I HKiRV
Inn BELT or Rs
Sanasc rn Im an aa
'Vlnv7 r vri' Pressiy ior tne cure
,-XAUrlttVt.rv !i aegenerauon oi
z F0Riy s& iistakeibou thiain-
I . J-,Tii , strument th con
. tin
auous stream
oeatint tnrougn
UIIUI parts must restora
them to healthr action. Do hot oontound
this with Kleotrio Belt aiirertised to eura
all Ills from head to toe). It ia for the ONI
speeilo purpose. For circulars living full
nformatlion. address Cheerer Kleotrio Belt
Co.. lai WMhlertnn street. OHwrn. 111.
I hTBralttTorsnily fur Hi ! laaaaaj t s.,
Ba.lhnn....la nl (.u.a nt th WODIt kind nd ' "nff
t.ndlnf hv bu cured. Ind-fd. o"lro "J
frith in 1U .ffleacy. thai I will a.nai TWO BOTT1 . W
FUKK, IOKitha)r WIUl AlMAiil.K 1 nasi I isa "
ftiivaaOrtrvr. (tin criM nd P. O, ftddral
T. A. 81KT;m, 11 Fetui &H., MW York.
EVERY hnuiekeeper knows something
ahout the troubles oauied br smokina
fireplaces, whifh are a mom the greatest nui
sances to be met with. Ooe of the important
thing, to.be attended to in all houses is to sea
that the grates are set properly, and that ths
fireplaces are corrsctlr built. Mr. 1I
LEIIilN. 41 WayoMO Mtreet. is an expert
at this business, and has patented some ar
rangements tbat enablr him to correct smoky
enlmneys and to get the gree'est Beat irom
the fuel. All whe want nreila-e or chim
ners remedied should anulr tn Mr. liEMOS.
whn.e work will aire sstiftnetion. '
B--o nnilOIIMDTIlfC
Vmi UUIlOUIIir I I la
ktv.Ton Cmirht Tlmnchltla. asthma. IruUyaatloc t S
aakiR'8 ton io ll.b"u' J'hl; J.V!? STz
Mui. of Ui. woraTfuac and to ta. brt rmna.! fur a
tfertiniaoC Uw thmlaiiil luiwk tria "" "TT1
r..,in In nnaerwnnarUiiMr hIUi br taattimS
io?l"AJiKa'.r..l(btdlUdiiirrnua Tae
I time. inraa.nniH.a " X", . .
renirui to u egTManaaBm -
i A book of 100 pages.
rTnxrrDTioiMP "!i,.b?.'!.V"ir
D oon-
enced er otherwise.
"It eontaina Usui at
aewspapers aid estltnstes o- theeostof ad
yertisina. The aJTortiitr whp want, to speaa
one dollar, finds ia it the information lie re
quires, wntie ior wj !' una
hur.dred thoesAnd dnllnrs In adrertising, a
...h.n, la indicated which will meet his
aT,ry reqoirsmentf or ean bs Bade to do aa
by I llgnt euaDr. e"ir rrirea m dj cone-soo-idenoe.
One hundred and fifty-threa
adilWns hay been Issued, Bent, postpaid.
to a w eanrossior leu oeaui. Apply w nv.
VKliriSINt) BURKAtT.lO Bprueast. (Priatr
as iionss cuuareii itw zora.
Oil IMC?

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