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.VOL. XL VI NO. 274
Tb Hon. Howell E. Jackson,
Judgs cf tbe Ucited States Circuit
Court, ii in the city, and opened
oourt yesterday fur the trial ol im
portant causae. A former dittin
gnhhed and leading member of th
Memphis bar, he will be d tiring his
stay the oljet cf special atten
tions by '.h's brethren and many of
our leading tit'ianB, who ate proud
of the eminence be haa attained to ts
ajariat, His cireerrefleote credit upon
himself and honor upon the 8tat be
represented so fuLhfully In the United
States Sena's.
Thi Hon. Jefferson Davis is in the
city, a guett at the Gayow Hotel. If
the venerable and beloved statesman
is specially at home anywhere in the
States whose chief he was daring the
war it la here in Memphis, where
be spent ' many of the most
pleas in t years of his life. 01 coarse
be will receive the attentions of oar
citizens, who will eagerly avail them
selves of the oppoitanity to pay their
respects to tbe ex-President of that
Confederacy, one of the foremost fig
ures of onr era and one of the most
noted men of onr time. ' '.'
Thi Republicans are becoming
alarmed lest the Democrat shall unite
on a plan of tariff revision and so In
sure the country all that is possible of
reform in that direction for the pres
ent. This la a consummation meat
devoutly to be wished, and we believe
that Mr. "Sunset" Cox, of New York,
ifljust tbe man to initiate the move
ment. Both the extremes of protec
tion and free trade can afford to yield
something to him so that he can
formulate a plan that will insure sub
stantial relief for tbe masses without
violence to any of the manufacturing
interests of the country. Such a plan
would, we fitl sure, have the aid and
sympathy of the President and the
bearty indorsement of the people.
Thi Yicaaburg Commercial Is agitat
ing a change in the form of tbe
municipal government of that city,
and refers to tbe experience Memphis
bad under the old system of Mayor
and Aldermen. , Yes, it was a great
cone to as, but not until we had lost
millions by it and had been brought
almost to death's door did we attempt
to change it. Tbe result of that
change may be eeen in tbe greatly
improved, better built and well paved
streets, in our model sanitary system,
and our pay-as you go policy and plan
of budget, which prevents us from
making even one dollar of debt This,
added to the fact that our credit la
Al, ia in striking; contrast with the
fact that in 1879 VA had no credit,
were burdened with a debt of $8,300,
000 with taxable values of only $12,
600,000 to pay it, tells tbe whole story
of the value of our municipal change.
Tub death of Mr. Hoxie, general
manager of tbe Gould Southwestern
system, which is announced elsewhere
by telegraph, is due, we have no
doubt, primarily to tbe terrible strain
be endured during tbe strikes of last
summer. He then represented one
side of a controvery on the other and
adverse side of which there were sev
eral thousand clamorous men eager
and earnest in their parpoaa for an
increase of waxes, which mearit to
them better living for themselves and
families. A strain so loaded with ter
rible anxieties was too much even for
a man of Mr. Hoxie's mind and pby
fliqne and he brcke down under it be
yond the potsibiiity of recovery. He
was an able and quick executant,
man thoroughly and well equipped
for railroad management, faithful le
bis employer's interests tnd brava and
fearless in their administration. The
death of such a man is a loss to the!
country and one not easily made up,
because it takes years of experience
and special qualities of mind to make
such a leader among men.
It is the habit just now with cer
tain Southern newspapers to keep up
a cry of Northern capital, as if all our
present prosperity was due to it and
to the labors alone of enterprising
and far seeing Northern men. While
it will not deny, as it cannot, the aid
and encouragement of such men as
Mr. CP. Huntington, who has done
mora for the Booth, this part especial
ly, than all other Northern men put
together, and haa done his work
judiciously and well, the Appsal wilj
insist, with the lessons in this State,
and in Alabama, and in Virginia be
fore tbe public, that the vast bulk of
our prosperity since 1865 is due to
men amongst us, whose sagacity and
enterprise male secure, sure and
safe places for Northern capital. The
lamented Maj. Peters, J. G. Neely,
Col. Ensley, Napoleon Hill, H. M.
Neely, Col. Rocker, Noland Fontaine,
"Jim" Smith, S. H. Brooks and their
associates are among the Southern
men to whom Birmingham, Ala., is
largely indebted for its rapid growth.
A.S. Colyar, of Nashville, and O. M.
McGhee, of Knoxviile, and their as
sociates, have done wonders in build
ing up great enterprises in Middle and
East Tenses, ee, and Mr. Paoe of Rich
mond, Va , is a leading spirit, as was
Gen. Mahone some yean ago, in that
section of the South. Then there is
Mr. Plant, pres ident of the Southern
Express Comp any, who has been inti
mately identifl ed with the South for
thirty or more year. To him Florida
and Southwest Georgia are under last
ing obligations for tbe rapid constrict
iion of a railr cad system, nearly 1200
miles in extern t, that has induced and
aided a marv elously rapid develop
ment of the " Flewery Land." These
are a few amo ng the men tbe South
must rememb er as among tbe moat
enterprising of her own citizens and
as largely infla encing her greateatand
most proniaDie enterprises.
ANaghTille Merchant Attached The
Kate or the Will S. Hays Dis
chargedIke Harper Party.
Hioh Pojmt, N. C, November 23.
The day opened warm and cloudy. At
noon tbe clouds broke away, and the
temperature was uncomfortably warm.
The work done was as a whole below
tbe averag. Seven braces were run
in tbe derby today. The first brace
was Memphis and A vent kennel's Nat
Goodwin against B. F. Wilson's Fred
W. The heat was one of tbe best of
the day; the dogs were equal in style
but Fred W. was the wider ranger.
Nt Goodwin made tbe most points on
birds bat lost the heat by a chase.
They were down one hour and six
minutes. Rapid and Hari Karl was
the next brace run. The heat was a
very slow and tiresome one, very little
work being done; Hari Kari won.
Hector and Hasting Hannah were
run next. This heat was much better
than the last. Tbe setter Hustling
Hannah outranged the pointer and
won. Swatara and Dan Noble was
the next braca. Tbe heat was a very
good one but did not rate first class.
Seataia outranged Dan Noble, but in
speed tbey rated about equal. Swa
tara did the better work on birda and
won. The next braca was Kej
stone and Oassio. Cassio was fully
equal in speed to Keystone and a bet
ter ranger. Keystone did more work
on birds and won. Bride and Rue II
were the next pair. Bride did some
good work, and bad the heat in hand
troin the start and won. Mauis and
Roi B. were tbe next to start. This
waa a very long heat, lasting very
nearly three hours, and a close one,
but Mania did some bad work at one
lime which destroyed her cbaocea to
win. Thia waa the uilch that was
bicked for $250 to beat anything in
the derby, and wjs accepted by tbe
Memphis and Avent Kennel. Tbe
next heat was between Dalnn and Allie
James. This heat was unfinished.
The Memphis dogs in tbe Derby are
as follows:
Nat Uoodwin, Jean Valjean, Cas'io,
Obance and Allie James; owner? ,
Memphis and Avent Kennel ; handled
by J. M. Aveot.
Goldetone, Keystone: owners, P.
H. and D. Bryson ; handled by H. M.
Roi B., Talleyrand; owner, W. T.
Bowdre ; handled by H. M. Short.
Ben Hnr; owner, C. P. Stewart;
handled by H. M. Short.
Hu8tlinfHanneh; owner, Whyte
Bedford; bandied by H. M. Short.
Tbe Btr or H. Lowratnal At
tached LlabMlllca, S14,0US.
iriCUL TO TBB ArriiL.l
Nabhviixb. Tbmn., November 23.
Tbe store of H. Lowenthal, clothier,
was closed by tbe Sheriff this morn
ing on attachment. Tbe creditors are
New York and Nashville parties, the
heaviest being the Naahvnle Savings
Bank, $4500; Herman Lusty, Nash
ville, $3960; J. Z. Levy, Nashville,
$2000. Tbe total liabilities are $14,
698. Injunctions against tbe collec
tion of accounts were granted. The
bills charge that the defendant waa
fraudulently disposing of bis stock of
floods, concealing, and illegally remov
ng them for tbe purpose of defraud
ing complainant'. . ".
RTne lawyers of the city have offered
the lawyer 'a stake of $1000, to be run
for at the spring meeting of the Nash
ville Blood Horse Association. The
race ia for three year olds, and the dis
tance is one mile and one sixteenth.
The first time the stake is run for will
be on the new race course.
Tb Male on Ike Will H liny,, Who
. Hilled lae MnnKaboui, lla
, charged A Harder.
' Hclina, Aek., November 23. The
mate of the steamer Will S. Hays,who
killed tbe roustabout at this place last
Thursday, was arra!gned before the
Phillips County Circuit Court today
and discharged, the evidence going to
ehow that it was a justifiable homi
cide. It was further developed today
that the man killed was a de'parate
mgro.goiog under a number of aliases,
his right name not known, who was
wanted in Nashville, Tenn., charged
with the murder of James J. Duun,
on tbe ltith of Angnet, 1886. Uapt.
8, las Lit gg, Chief of Police of Helena,
will forward the remains to tbe au
thorities at Nashville, as there is a re
ward for his apprehension deal or
Last night about 6 o'clock- a negro,
who was a stranger in this place, by
the name of John Robinson, shot a
colored woman namod Louisia Gray,
the ball taking effect in tbe groin and
paeBing clear tbrough her, from which
she died tbis evening at 2 o'clock. Her
murderer has been apprehended.
Tbe Harper Parly la the Tattle
tsracur, to thi imbu..
Birtif ingham, Ala., November 23.
The Harper party saw something of
Birmirgham a resonrces today under
the disadvantage of an intermittent
rainfall. They arrived from Nashville
thia morning. The forenoon was spent
In visiting tbe furnaces. Nearly tbe
whole afternoon was taken up by
a trip to tha Morris Iron oven at Read
ing. Tbe ci'usns prevailed on Mr.
Charles Dudley Warner, who has
charge of the expedition, to remain
here another day, instead of going ta
Montgomery tonight, as he nad ex
pected. GRENADA, MISS.
A Worthy Toaac Haa'a Death.
Obihada, Miss., November 23.
John McHenry, aged 18 years, and
for a number of years news agent for
the Appkal and Avlanche at this
place, died at 6 p.m. today. He waa
greatly beloved by the entire com
A Death aad Two arrlaaea.
fariaui. to tbb Arrsii.,1
Bbownbvillb, Tbnk., November 23.
Mr. Algie Oldham, an old asd well
known resident of Lauderdale county,
died last night at the residence of Mr.
John H. Owen, at this place, of cancer,
and was bnried today in the family
burial ground at Eylan.
Mks Pat Taylor, cf Haywood coun
y. and Mr. Berry Edwards, of Gaines
ville, Tex . were married at the resi
dence oftnebride at 12 o'clock today,
and took tbe tr.iin this afternoon f r
Texas. Tbe Rev. John Williams per
formed the ceremony,
Miss Scrap Dav'a and Mr. Yourg
Taylor were married tidav at Ziou
Church, near tonn, by the Rev. W. A.
Bjaaoalo Uraad Lodge la Hewaloa
M order.
Littlb Rock, A be., November 23.
The Masonic Grand L de of the State
of Arkaneas was called to order by the
Most Worahipful Grand Maater, ;T.
O. Humphrey, in Hugh DePayne's
Hall, at the corner of Fourth and
Main streets, this city, at 10 o'clock
thia morning, there being between 400
and (00 delegates in attendance.
The present convocation is to
be one of unusual interest, so
far as the fraternity ia concerned,
and among the representatives
present are many of the best men of
the S ate. Today's proceedings con
sisted in appointments and hearing of
reports of different committees, and
the election tonight of the following
officers fur the enduing term : Grand
Maater, W. H. Gee, of Dardinelle;
Deputy Grand Maater. R. H. Taylor,
of Hot Sprints; Grand Lecturer, Clem
McOolloch, of Charleston; Grand Ora
tor, W. M. Mellette, of Fort Smith;
Grand Senior Warden, J. W. Sorrels,
Boone ville; Grand Junior Warden
Calvin Mobley, Giange; Grand
Treasurer, G.-orge H. Meade, Little
Rock ; Grand Secretary, Fay Hemp
stead, Little Rock. Tomorrow tbe re
tiring Grand Master will deliver his
address, and in the evening the local
ledges will entertain tbe Grand Lodge
at b grand ball and banquet.
N. B. Hilger, a prominent and
wealthy planter in White eounty,
daring a quarrel yeotnrday with an
employe named Hatkins, stiu.khim
in tbe head with a shovel, and killed
him almost instantly. Hilger fled,
and haa not yet been captured.
DlHatlnfaellna Over the Election of
Certala t'Hy Officer.
Chattanooga, Tkkn., November 23.
Very great dissatisfaction over the
election of certain city officers by the
Republican Aldermen last night de
veloped today, especially in regard to
O.R Evans, City Aitorney. Many of
the Republican leaders are thoroughly
Deputy MerBbjil Hi'l tody captured
George Foster, the pension swindler,
in Birmingham. He was brought to
this city and lodged in jail. Five of
Foster's accomplices were sent to the
penitentiary at the last term of tbe
United States Court.
A corps of engineers undtr Col. P
P. Hnrlbut today begun tbe final sur
vey for tbe extension of the Memphis
and Charleston ra lroad from Steven
son to this city. Tbe work of build
ing tbe road will begin at once.
Tha BabblB'OeBlereaee.
Nxw Yobx, November 23. The
semi-annual conference of the Jewish
Rabbis today discussed tbe report of
the Committee on Home Prayer Book.
Tbe argument was very heated be
tween the Orthodox and Reform Min
isters, but the question was finally
settled by accepting the manuscript
of the committee, which excludes all
ritualistic prayers and empowering
tbe committee to amend and revise
it and make arrangements for its pub
lication under the title of Aid to De
votion. Then the matter of a unifica
tion of the marriage laws of tbe United
States came up. After a lengthy dis
cussion a special committee was ap
pointed to draw up a petition to be
presented to tbe Fiftieth Coogreea
urging upon that body the necseity of
establishing a national marriage law.
&aow Caaalaa Trouble Oa tbe Ball
road. St. Paul, Mink., November 23.
The roads lunning through tbe north
ern part of the State and in Dako'a
are having some trouble today. In
the northern pait of the State, along
the Manitoba line, there is not much
snow, but the bieh wind, which has
attained the velocity of a gale, has
interfered come witn tbe running ol
trains. The Northern Pacifij rnad is
experiencing some trouble with the
snow, hich is drifting badly and de
laying trains. Throughout Ihe Red
river valley the mercury is down in
the neighborhood of Biro. It haa
been snowing nearly all day along the
line of the St. Paul and Pacifio road,
but the fall has not ' been heavy
enough to interfere with travel. The
Milwaukee, Omaba and other roads
running throughout tbe southern part
of the Htate have bad light flurries of
snow all along their lines, but no de
lay haa been experienced In running
trains. Tbe mercury on those lines
ranges from 10 to 20 above zero.
Ha Harder a Tonal Cllrl,
Detroit, Mich., November 23. Dr.
David H. Weir, of Oscoda, was arrest
ed at London, Out., today for the mur
der of a yoang woman in that place
and will be held for extradition. Dr.
Weir kept a drua store and private
hospital. Mies Mabel Clark, aged 20,
was a patient in tbe hospital for some
time, but on November 4th she man
aged to inform her f rienda that she had
been subjected to the grossest indig
nities. Intenee excitement wss caused
by tbe story, and Weir left town. Two
or three days later the girl died, and
Wain was held to be responsible for
her death. A reward of $2000 had
been offered for ha arrest.
A Hallway ColUUen,
Eaot Saginaw, Mich, November
23. The through passenger train for
Grand Rapids on the Detroit, Lansing
and Northern, leaving here at 6:15
p.m., collided with the train coming
tbis way at St. Louis, Mich., this even
ing. Tbe trains were switching to
pass each other when tbe collision
occurred, two cars being partially
smashed and several passengers in
jured. The telegraph office there
closes at 8 o'clock and only meager
particulars can be obtained. The
names of tbe injured people have not
yet been ascertained.
No HoeflBM am can afford to be with
out it. We have used Salvation Oil
In our stables and can say it's the
brst and cheapest liniment we have
ever need, beibert Sc. McDonnell,
Paea at., Baltimore.
The mm of Koaaaar 111.
New Yobx, November 23. Siater
Mary Frances Clare, better known as
the Nun of Ken mare, is lying seri
ously, and probably fatally, ill at
Roosevelt Hospital, where she has
been for the past three months, suffer
ing from a complication of diseases.
Millions uss Dr. Bull's Cough
Syrup. 25 cents.
A Supersedeas Prayed for by the
Conasel for tbe Dynamite
Bomb Sllngera.
Chicago. Im... ' November 23 A
Bloomington (III.) rpeiial says: Ap
plication lor a superstar as m lQe case
of Cpies, Parsons and their convicted
fel'ow anarchists was made to Justice
Scott, of the Illinois Supreme Court,
this afternoon, by Lonard Swett and
Capt. B ack. Their brief of 150 pages
and their bulky record of the trial,
consisting of 8.00 type written pages,
were submitted without oral argu
ment It waa the intention of Messrs.
Solomon and Zeieler to accompany
Mr. Swett and Capt Black here, bnt
as there waa little or nothing to do
but make the application and submit
tbe record, it waa considered not at all
necessary for them to come. Justice
Scott waa In bis room and apparently
not greatly surprised to receive the
call. Tbe Justice is a white haired,
tall, sttalght and venerable gen
tleman, net greatly unlike in ap
pearance to Henry Clay aa his p r
traits represent him. He is quite
nervous on occasions of more thin
ordinary importance, and showed that
characteristic thia afternoon while tbe
counsel were applying for the super
sedeas. Upon entering the room Mr.
Swett greeted J as tics Scutt, as did
also Capt. Black, and both were in
vited to take seats. Mr. Swett then
annoanced the object of h: i call, and
Justice Scott replied that he supposed
tbey were free to make ti e applica
tion to any one of the Snpr me Court
Justices. Counsel for the unarchista
paid Justice Scott tbe oom( liment of
aaying that tbey had dec. led to ap
ply to blm, being quite certnin that he
would look carefully into Ine record
of the case and give tbe vsknment of
errors their juBt and proper weight in
law as he was so folly coc petentto
do. lhey not only hope i, but be
lieved that an examlnatiia ot tbe
record would convince hi n that a
supersedeas should be grant d, to the
end tbat the defendants might
have the question of having
a new trial pawed unon
by - the Supreme Con t af.er
doe presentation of the errors assigned
bad been made. Tbey t aid the record
was at the hotel, and thsy had pre
pared a brief to bt eubmliteo with it.
Both would be laid before him at any
time ha might designate. Justice
Scott asked Mr. Swe.t how long be
and Capt. Black intended to remain
in town, and he replied tbat be would
await his pleasure. Justice Scott then
(aid he would receive tbe brief and
give them an immediate examination.
Thereupon Capt. Black and Mr. Swett
returned to tbe hotel, and a few min
utes later went again to Justice Scott's
room, followed by two porters carrying
between them the trunk containing
the 8000 page record. After unpack
ing it in Jos' ice Scott'l presence Capt.
Black and Mr. Swett banded him the
brief and made I few explanations aa
to the points of error olaimed, and
bow lhey could ba most erpeditioualy
examined. No oral argument was
made. It is understood another inter
view will be held with him tonight.
Nothing will be done tonight in the
matter of considering tha application
by Judge Scott. He will begin work
tomorrow upon the 'consideration of
the testimony, and will work upon it
steadily and rapidlv as possible until
the end. It is understood tbat there
will' be no oral argument. It seems
apparent tbat no cons'ssioa will be
reached for a number ef days.
To laid tbo Aaarcbln.
Chicago, November 13. The Am
nesty Association, a sooiely recently
farmed to assist -the movement ia
favor of the cendemned anarchUta,
held a meeting tonight, at which the
principal speakers were SUt't Rpre
pentatives elect Cbas. O. Dixon, M. H.
Dwyer, George Rorback and Senator
R. M. Burke, eech of whom wai a
succeaeful candidate on ti e Labor
ticket in tbe recent electior. While
disclaiming being anarchists or com
munislB, as tbey undertUod thoee
terms, the speakers vehen entiy de
nounced the verdict in tue anarchist
trial, and demanded a coir mutation
of the sentence. The btlicf was as
serted that if the condemned men
were sent to the penitentiary now,they
would in tha near futui be fully
pardoned. All the rneakera declured
that tbe 25,000 votes caa- for the
United Labor ticket were Mil as a pro.
test against the verdict. It was de
cided by the meeting that die entire
delegation elected by Ihe I nited La
bor party would present a petition to
Gov. Oglesby asking executive clem
ency. A committee was appointed to
arrange a mass meeting to protest
against the verdect in case a super
sedeas is not granted by some one of
the Supreme Court Judges. About
100 peisons were present at tonight's
Froaa tbo Cell of aa Imaadeal
Thief la Cab.
Philadelphia, Pa , November 23.
The Record will tomorrow Dttbllah an
article exposing ,a well laid plan of
Unban sharpers to swlnaie gouiDie
Philadelpbians. It Is supposed they
have reaped a rich harvest. Ihe plan
of procedure adopted by the swindler
waa to write to his intended victim
representing himself aaa prisoner in
the Roval orison. Havana, and
offering to reveal to him ' the
pot where $415,000 was buried
in a glass jar on tbe out
skirts of New Orleans. He obtained
th's money, be said, opon drafts on
a New Orleans bank, and hearing that
he would be arrested, be buried it.
He offered to dUclcse the place of
burial and allow tha nars n addnwsed
one-quarter of the amount, $ 103,000. if
be would endeavor to obtain tbe
writer's liberty. After iscelvlng a
reply from his victim.be would again
write, enclosing what purported to be
an official codv of an order of
tbe Court refusing hie permission to
nave "is Digeags nnlars ne aeposueu
with the Court tisrvi as security for
the safe return of trie same. As the
ba?aage contained the plan of tbe
location of the h d ten money, and as
be bad not tbe $1500 to deposit aa se
curity, be thus gave in opportunity
for his victim to volunteer to
end that amount ol money to Ha'
vans. Tbe Record averts tbat a nam
ber of persons have been victlm'zed.
It is uncertaia wheite-or not any
thing can be done toward securing
the arrest of the iwindlers. The
Spanish authorities have, however,
been notinac, ana an investigation in
to the mngement of the Riyal
prsnn ar navana wui pe m: ue.
A flirxil r cfl.r waa made to a well
k own cit Bn of Vit kburg, but the
snm Btited v. as $3,100,000. Eo.
Appeal J
A Rich Old lady Treabllae; tbe
Dbtboit, Mich., November 23.
Charles Richardson, of Alpena, died
abont a year ago, leavirgawM be
queathing to bis widow property val
ued at $9U0,0o0. Ihe will was cor.,
ifs'ed by his brothers and siater,
Tbe wife employed R. J. Kelly, J. D.
Tiumbell and Ueorge 11. Sleator aa
attorneys, and then, contrary to the
advice of an tnree ol tnem. compro
mined tbe suit by paying the relatives
$120,C00. When the attorneys brought
in tiieir Dills lor services on account,
according to their own statement.
Kelly demanded $20 000, Trumbell
$10,000 and Sleator $8000, as re com-
peoae for advice wblcb, not being
taken, Mrs. Richardson considered
the charges exorbitant, and refused to
pay. Saturday she drew $162,000
from the Alpena Bank and came to
Detroit to keep It awav from the law
yers, placing $59,0C0 in the American
Exchange National Bank of this city.
However, the lawyers followed ber,
and, learning that they had taken out
a garnishment for tbe bank, she
drew ber money out, and has since
kept it about her person. It is Im
possible to tell the outcome. The
Mrs. Klmira Black, ail ot Thorn illksk,
aid 95 jri.
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Fiirtnorship Notice.
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JOBKI'H II. PULLBN k CO., for tha pur-
ro of oarrjlna-on mrl Fir an
MMi-tue auanrnnco Botla, Mr. Joa,
II. Pollen will b ImmadUU control ana
m.n.s.m.nt f H"!, VVoLMH.
J0B. li.aTjl.LJr.il.
MiaTii", TniI.,lOYemher E, JRK6.
ITTK ba?a thia dr lold and trni'rra to
W Chariot L aad Jutapn UfallaB onr
ntir Iomranoe Alienor Buikiajii, ul n
baik ir tha to ountinuanot ot th bvrt
nan tar etolora liven to oi.
ranAPK WOatMs KamoTtd Allre, In treat
M iA i i . u k. ... i .
w luiuiivf). mi m H ,Ju ; . wiin BIM VJUI-
plt, or no obaria. No futlnf rooairmti
bo poiannoaa iudlcint. Caa b taken Hh
u bf onlid or aauir.. umi or lend lor "ir
oalari. IR. M. NET SMITH, 8pciallat.
72 Mad laon itroot, Marop-. a.
Practical Piano.mjtkSXS.
ad Bopalrera of Flataoa, Oman,
And Matloal Inatramcnta Oenorallr
Mississippi &, Tennessee li.lt, Co
Aaaaal Meeting; of Mtockhaldar.
TUB! annnal maotlntr of th itockholdera
In iha Miieiaeippt and TenneHe Hall
r4 Company will b hold at MJCMFHU.
Wednesday, Jforember 24, 1886,
at which tlrn a Director? will be elected for
th amain year. (Stockholder! will b
paaead ovr th road by appljlni to th
H. H. LAMB. Secretary.
Pennyroyal Fills.
The Orlwlaal aad Oalw Oeaalne.
Bala and alwaya Reliable. Beware of worth.
I Imltatlona. Indiapenaablo to LA. IM KM.
A-w yor Oraaalat lor ! ulelir'a
Kncli-"ad Uk bo other, or Inoloa e
((tarn pe) to a for partioolara m i.rrria bi
retara mail. ain,. VAVKM. ajkl.
(theater t'aemletal Cta.,
axis MadtMH aaaara, Pnllada.e P.
Bold by Pro t I 't yerrwher. Aik for
":nleaater'a Kwajllaa" raaawraf al
wMMtm. iaaaoinr.
liiiiiifi; Pains
&-Pald PolicT-IIoldera In 1885, IJS.OOO.OOO, and Not a'.Dollar ol
Contmted t lulm I t)
'B"Sl!i' 't?"1 .ta re"7 !!na,k,b., iB '5! aBBlblt of anenretlo and ikllllul maaacar
mnt and llharaj treatment wl polloy-boldora. The i.rei.nt lUtem.nt U plainly th heat
Boom 1, Cotton Exchange Building.
U .
AT COST, FOR TIIIIITY DAYS, to make room for Nprlng
Stork. One lot Open KnKKiex. aullable for country use.
OUR OWN MANUFACTURE, and fully Riiarauteed.
Lilly Carriage Co.
325 Second Street.
To Planters, Merchants & dinners
Th aaaaon la approaohlni whan Cotton kaoomea Diinty, Damp and Heavy. By th uof
Tonraampl la Iraprored and Vain of Cotton Increased. Machine! for mle by
low lo 171 Atlwinw Nire(. II'iiicIiU. IViiu.
5 Car-loatU Nfeel Nalla,
3 arloada SuuiT and Nod. .
1 Car-load Lit r it, Rama and ajauHaRe.
a Car-loads American Nardlnva.
1 Car-liad New Italrdnft,
1 Car-loitd .e Nalmon,
1 Car-load California Canned Fruit,
10 Car-load Touialoet. leeheH, Corn, Elc.,
I Car-load Atmore'a Mince Meat,
8 Car-load New York llnckwkent,
S Car-load lMgarect, Krant and Itarrel Picklea,
II Car-load Nllver Moon Uream Cbeeae,
M Car-load Virginia I'eanutH.
Car-load Fire Crawkera and Firework,
Car-load Nnin and CurranU
3 Car-load Flue llanana,
5 Car-load Red lien Davl Apple,
a Car-load Freah Fancy Caudle,
1 Car-'oad Oatmeal, Cracked Wheat, Etc.,
And a complete aaaortment of Ntaple and Fancy (arocerl"
' , ler ttae pelal uao. af Couutry Merekant.
aaaraend lor m I'rloe-Llwt.-m
Olivoir, Finnie Co.
'ry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
GEirfLELEirS FDRinSMG G0032,
Nos. SSO and 328 Mala 8t MemphlalTmm.
rjarowa a-roea or rai.t, aaa wiirra oom i labsib aaa btoCT
WTl.BTI THAN TaaaBRB.a4u rrloaa wUl ooapar wtta taM0f aay aaO
laMaiaaitadtltataa. W ara AienU for
Maaafactarlaf Co.1 Flalds, Drflli, Sheetlif, Halrtiaf, t?H
XaXIMlhtOZV aaa CaV a Tia. T
.Cotton. I?-mot03rE3
Caah Advauce to Merchant and Planter.
?. f un. a TT r an A.
orDapoalta reoalred la anma ol (I and ouward, and InUroat allowed on aum Sal-
. annually.
aVBTW bay and all local IoTOftment Honda and Baonrltlaa f enerally, pay taiae, aotaf
' tnutaaa, and. In (anaral, anii any tnanoial baiineti nqrurins eei and raapoaalbl
aar 4 la'an drafta, la anal ta aalt parohaeara, on all part of Karop.
ay W have a oomaodioaa Vaolt for th dvoait ol Talnablaa, whioh la al th Mirto t
or onatomara, rraa at ajhatra.
O. P. HADDKN, President. EWD. GOLDSMITH, ?irw-Prealdrit
JAMKH HATH AN. (Tawlilnr.
fi!1- - " 1 !
J J; G0DwlN.&..0.
lnd ConiEiIijsion Merchants,
and CO Uadlaon Btreet, J
Cleaalaa.l yta Bpairlna,
No. IT K, Cooar Stubt.
Oeori; XClohol.
Fbyaiclaa, Hvrrtoa and Aeeoacber,
iiicmDiiiioi and orrioa,
tM3 Main Ntreet, Aiear Union.
riarnna io..
Memphis. Tenn.
U. 8 Esomaaa Orric, I
Msmphif, Tonn.tHoromber 15, 1886.
ubjeot lo lb usual condition., will b
mfmlv.,1 at thia oflio until 12 in. of December
6, 1H86, to be then and thr publiolf oixined,
lor lore won in in mmmipui-i aoo
Delta Lore Dlitriot, to th approximate
amonnt of M.OiUoubio yarda.
Fur blank forma and detailed Information
apply at tbli offioa.
The rieht ia re.erred to rejaot any or all
blda.and to wairtdeleora.
nmuu o. tiaAuii.
Captain of Kntcineara, TJ. S. Army.

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