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maa m commerce.
Cottoi Firm Middling, 8 5-8p
SaJea Yesterday, 3500
The demand fcr money is pre'.ty ae
tive at 8 per cent. Finances are some
what tighteuod by the inability of
transportation lines to move cotton
away insufficient quantities. Lccal se
curities firm and steady. The cotton
market was firm; middling, 8 Jo
Sales, 3500 bales. At New York, spots
dull and easy; middling, 9 316c
Futurts a'eady and 2 to 3 points
hidbnr; November. 9.03c.
A leading New Yoik cotton circular
feajs of the speculative market: "It
was a ra'her stupid day. . There was
nothing in the advices from ar.y
source ca'culated t J carry any special
influences. After losire a fraction
the feeling recovered, and at tbe c'ose
prices were steady, 3 points above laet
At New Orleans spots were steady ;
middling, 8 11 16c. Futures dull, but
steady and 2 to 3 points higher; No
vember nominal.
At Liverpool spot were rJu'1, In
buyers' favor; middling, 6 316d.
Futures fl;m; November-December,
6 2-64d.
The general market presents a
quiet feeling.
Five hundred tmd twelve br's ap
ples, 180 sks bran, 8 brls beans and
peas, 67 nkge bacon, 67 pkgs boots and
shoes, 175 bu corn, 309 pkps cheese,
476 sks coffee, 7 cars cotton seed, 4991
ska cotton sf d, 40 pkgs dry goede,
6 pkgs eggs, 325 br'a flour, 1489 bales
hay. 10 pkgs hats. 83 bd hngs, 25 bd
cattle, 16(00 ft lumber. 25 pkgs li
quors, 75 br a molesces, 352 brls pota
toes, 8 cars pork sides, 100 brls pork,
384 brls eugxr, 115 pkgs tobacco, 600
bu wheat and 5 brls rice.
The following shows tbe amount of
grain received, withdrawn -and in
store by regular e'evators, as reported
to the Merchant' Exchange yester
day: Wheat in store, 1045 bu. Corn
withdrawn, 1G2 bu; in etoie, 6031
bu. Oats received, 6734 hn; with'
. drawn, 4423 bu ; in (tore 236,672 ha.
mr Dally (tnotatlona of Cotton
Oil Trams Bud New Tork Ix
ctaaDKO Ntoeh a are opea to those
lBtrestl, at utj oBicr.
joiin jj. NOBToa
24 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money in prettv active demand at 8
per cent Tbe Clearing House report
is as loirowe:
Tuwday, NovembPr . 23d, $487,'
628 78; thus frr tbis week, $938,'
406 62; fame time last week, $914,
223 87; corresponding time in 1885,
1787,0-9 fj4; corresponding time in
1884, S7SK,22U 61.
Tuesday, November 231, $71.-
596 91; thus far this week, $116,-
QVZ 15; same time JaBt week, 178,
828 78; corresponding time in 1885,
$76,439 61: corusponding time in
1884, $132,210 83
New York sight on all points, J
discount buyiDB, tmr selling ; New Eng
lnrid demand, discount buying; New
England sigbt, discount; New Or
leans, i diecount buying, par selling.
Bank of Comn-:erce146 bid, 149 ssled
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
Rate JN'aHoral 145 bid, 150 aeked
Union and Plantere150 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Btnk 135 bid, 137 J asked
Bluff City- 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 a ked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Fnuunix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Yanderbilt -25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... aeked
Factors - 30 bid
fhelby Co. warraots...97 bid, 98 a1: ked
M. A O. R R. shares... CO aid, ... asked
M. & T. R. R. shares. ..45 bid, 50 asked
M. 4 C. consols, 7a ..119 bid, ... asked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 88..105 bid, ... aeked
Miss. &T.R.R.C8.A... Ill bid, 113 asked
Miss.&T. R.R.cs.B101 J bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J-83 b'd, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6a- 108 bid, 110 aeked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6a 974 bid, 98) asked
Tax. Diet, 6s 104J bid.lOBJ asKoJ
Mem. Gs bonds -104 bid, ... aeked
Mem. Water bonds.. ...97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusta...64J bid, CO asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills... 25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.6tor.Oom. Co..131 bid, ... asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid. 80 asked
Naw York, November 23 Money
on call active at 410 per cent., closed
at 4 per cent, aeked. Piime mercantile
paper 4(3 5. Sterling Exchange dull
and steady at 481 for 60 day bills, and
484J for demand. .
Bonds Government bonds and
State bonds were dull and steady.
Stocks Slocks were very active, fev
erish and irregular, with a general
tendency to lower figures early in tbe
day, owinur to sales of long holdings.
A break of 10 per cent was made in
Memphis and Cbarleeton, and the
heaviness spread to the Southern spe
cialties. Reading was the great feat
ure of the day, and under good de
mand it succeeded in reaching higher
figures tban before attained, transac
tions at tbe- hisheit p'ices of the day
toward the cloee being extremely
heavy. Reassuring advices from Bal
timore created a renewed demand for
Jersey Central, and in point of strength
it soon became tbe banner stock of
the usually active stocks. New Eng
land wai very active and strong.
Most of tbe specialties yielded. Tbe
opening was irregular but generally
lower, declines ranging from i to
. West Point was 12 higher.
Prices were irregular bat generally
-heavy in the early dealings and noon
pricea were fractions below the open
ing figures. Tbe strong stocks of the
morning were Jersey Central, New
England and Texas Pacific, while tbe
specialties generally were weak. There
were material recoveries in tbe after
noon, but toward the close tbe market
again became weak, closing about
steady at fractions below opening fig
ures. Snlee, 543,619 shares. Reading
furnished 136,9i0, Jhjbrv Central, 37,
750, New E. gland 33,877, West Point
29,880, and Leckaaanra 22,830. Al
most everything on the active litt is
fractionally lower this evening. South
Carolina n up j, Mobile and Ohio 2
per cent., Jeney Central 1 J, and Con
solidated Gas 1. Railroad bonds
wrr moderately active. Sales of
$2 874 000. West Sh. re 4s furnished
$257,000, T.x.K Pacific Ro trost
ncepis $242,0G0. and At'an-c
and Pacific ioromes $79,000.
Price", tot ugh irregular, were gc
e'ally fi-m, end Rck I-land 6s a op
J, tit 39: Mint eapolifs end S . Iuis
firs? 3, it 35. Lou sville, Nup Albary
etjd Chic go 'o; 1, at 79; Oh o Sooth
ern income! 2, at 44. Min'iigehares
Deadword, 301: 11.11 and Norc:ofS,
325; Standard, J 30.
Tbe total sties of s'ocks todav were
543,619 sherts, including Canada
Siutbern, 4215; Chicago, St. Louis and
Pi tsburg preferred, 4025; Dolawa'e,
Lackawanna and Wesem, 22 830;
Erif, 10,100; Knss and Ttxae, 6310;
Lake Shon, 7485; Louievtlle and
Nashville, 6700; Mempbin and Charles
ton, 12,1(0; Northwestern, 3060; New
Jersey Centra', 37,750; Ohio and Mis
eisaippi, 10,125; Reading, 136,950;
St, Paul, 15.848; St Panl and
Omaha, 6410; Texas and Pacific, 29,
750; Western Un-on. 16 515; Oregon
Transcontinental, 8240. Closing quota
tions: London, November 23. Consols,
102 1-16 for money and 1021 far the ao
onnt The amount of bullion with
drawn from the Bank l England on
ba'aoce today is 244,000.
Paris, Novunber 23 Three per cent
rentes, 83f 22 Jc for the account '
Nkw Orleans, La., November 23.
Clearings of the bunas, J2 2U8.U5.
Havana. November 23 Spanish
gold, 22i230. Exchange steady.
St. Locis, Mo., November 23. Eank
clearinvs today,' $2,486,102; balances,
$354,827. '
Boston, Mass., November 23. Bank
clearing today, $16,475,813; balancer,
New York, November 23. Bank
clearings today, $141,375,105; balances,
Chicago, III , November 23. The
Aeeoc ated Bank clearings today were
$8,500,000. "
Baltimore, Md., November 23.
Bank clearings today, $2,062,141 ; bal
ances, $262,482.
' Philadelphia, Pa., November 23
Bat-k ctearines today, $12,619,247;
balances, $1,340,933.
U.S. 3a, lH. 4, eonp, IBM.
ooup, HIS. Paoifio 6s of MS, V2i.
La. gtama,4s, 82. MiHonrl 6, If 4.
Cent. Pko. lmi.ll.iW. Den. R.U. Hti,118S
D AR.U.W.lsts.M) Erie 2da, lW'n.
M K aT.Otn.6a,l(U!4North.Ps.lhU,llVj.
North. Pucdi.KiS-i. Western con. :.
N.West deb.fti.107H. St.L.B.F Gen. M., 113
St. Paul con, l:U. Bt.P.C.AP.lati,
T.P. land grnU,56. T.P.R.U.ex cou,73!Ji.
U. P. lata. H6V4. West Shore, 104.
Tenn.6a, aet'mt.KS. 'Xenn.5a,set'mt, 102.
lenn. 3s,aet'mt,77.
Adams Expreaa, 137. MorrlsAB.. off'd.HI.
Allegheny Cent'l, . Nashville AC , 87.
Alton A T. H 37H. N.J. Central fif'4.
A. A T.H.,pfd., 85. Nor. A W.MdWi.
Amerioan Ex., 107. Northern Pac.,JK.
B. C. R. A N. 55 Northern Pao i.fd. 63
Canada Pao., 654. C.A N.W.,119
Canada Sou.. C.A N.W pfd ,141.
Central Paoifio, 4M4. N,Y.Central,U;.
Chenntake kO.,9. N.Y.C.A St.1,.,14.
C. A 0. 1-t pfd, H. N.Y.C.A St L.pld,28J4
0. A 0. 2d pfd. 12. Ohio Central, -.
Chicago A A.. 113. Ohio A Misa.,34.
C.AA.pid.160 O.AMiBS.pid.50
C..B. AQ ,138. Ontario A Watt,. 21.
0., St L. A N.O., Oregon Nav ,l(i:U
C. St.L A P., WK. Oregon Trana., .
C.St.LA P.pfd, 41 Oregon Imp., 41.
C. S.AC.. 46. Pacific Mail, &4.
C. A C, 73. Panama, W.
C.AH. Valley. 43. Peoria DA 15., 33.
Del. A Bud , 106. Pittaburg. 148.
Del.,L. A W., 14fl. Pullman P.O., 143.
Den. A Rio 8 , 82. Reading, 42.
Krie, 37. Rock Island, 127.
Erie pfd, 78. St.L. A S.F.,34.
New Enat Tenn.. 14.St.L. A 8.K pfd. 71.
NewK.Tenn. pfd.77. St.L. A 8.P. 1ft p, 116
Fort Wayne, 144 0. M. A St. P., B3.
Hannibal A St. Jo.. M.A St.P,. n, lai
II A St.Jn . nf.l. ,
t. V.. M 4 M.,117'i.
iianeui, w. , pi r auidt uaiana, o-itt.
Houston A T., 39. St Paul A Q. pld, 114
Illinois Central, 132. Tenn.Cnallt Irnn,9J.
Ind .B. A W.,17. Texaa Paoifln, 24.
Kansas A T., 3)i. Union Pacific, 61. '
Lake E. A W , 15, U. S. Express, 61.
Lake Shore, 85. W., 6. LA P., 20
Lou. A Nash.. 61. W..H.L. A P. p.. 37,
Lou. A N. A., 67. W.A F. Ex.. 128.
M. A n. let pfd. -. W. U. Tel., 78.
M. A C. aeoonds, . Colorado Coal,
Mem. A Char , 63. Home Stake. 17.
Mich. Cen., 5. Iron Silver. 225.
Min. A Kt. L , 22 Ontario. 21.
Min. A St. L. pfd. 40. Quicksilver, 6.
Missouri Pacino.115. Quicksilver pfd, 2.1.
Mobile A Ohio, 20. South Pacific, .
M. L. 8 A W.. 62. Sutro, lt.
The lccal cotton market opened fit m,
and cloFed firm ; middling;, 8c, SaleB,
3:00 bales, including 500 lat evening;
1400 to exporters and 2100 to epin
Ordinary Noin.
Good Ordinary.... 8
Low Middling.,
Good Middling.,
Middling Fair...
Miuphib, November 23, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1, 1886.... 4,009
Received today 3,380
Received previously. 307,444 314,833
Shipped today 4,310
Shipped previously165,315
Home consumption to
date 321 169,946
Mock running account
Thus far this week
Tt us far last week
Sin.:e September 1st
. 24,68
. 26,564
. 310,824
X and O. R. R
M. A T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
O., O.A8. W.R.R
L., N.O.&T.R. R
K. O., 8. A M. R. R
Steamers ,
Wagons and other sources.,
- 161
Thus far this week.
Thus far laet week,
Since September let....
,. 3,380
, 14 928
. 18,823
.. 1,184
.. 186
.. 1,360
.. 1.6S0
M. A O. R. R
M.,A T. R.R.
L. A N. R. R
0., O. A S. W. R. R .
Total 4,310
New Tork spots opened steady, and
closed dnll and easy ; middling, 9 3-lGc
Sales, 369 bales. Quotations were as
Yesterday. Monday.
Ordinary ;. 6 7-16 6 7-16
Good ordinary.... 7 13-16 7 13-16
Low middling ... 8 11-16 8 11-18
Middling. 9 3-10 9 3-16
Good middling 9 7-16 9 716
Middling fair 10 1-16 10 1-16
Fair 10 11-16 10 11-16
New York futures opened bav
and clcsed 2 to 3 point higher than
yesterday. Sales, 54,200 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows :
Yesterday. Monday.
November. 9 03'a) 9.01(3) 9.02
December . 9 06 9 07 9.04 9 05
January 9.17(a) 9.18 9 15vA
February... 9.28 9 29 9.25 9.26
March. 9.39 9.40 9.3i'r4 9.37
April 9.4SI 9.50 9.46 9.48
Mav 9.59 9.60 9.56 9 57
Juoe 9 69 9.70 9 66 9.67
July 9.78 9 76 9.76
August H.HO 9.87 9.83 9.84
The NewQrleana spot market opened
et adv, and closed steady; middling,
8 11-16& bales, 4750 baits. Quota
tions were as f ulows:
Yes'erdav. Mondsr.
Ordinary 611-16 611-16
Good Ordinary.... 711-16 711-16
Low Middling 8 7 16 8 7-16
Middline 811-16 8 11-16
Good Middling 8 ln-l 8 15-16
The New Orleans future market
orened steady, and clotted doll but
steady and 2 In 3 points higher. a!ep,
baluB. Quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterday. Monday.
November. Nominal. Nominal'
December 8 69 8 70 8 67 8 68
January .... 8.80 8 81 8.78't) 8 79
February ... 8 92 8 93 8 90 8 9 1
March 9.04 9.05 9 01(a) 9 02
April- 9.16 9.17 9.13
May 9.27 9.28 9 24 9.25
June 9 38 9 39 9.35 9.36
Jnly 9.49 9 50 9.46 9 47
August 9.54 9.55 9 50 9.62
Tone.l hec. iFricea I Mock.
16,C5 81116
Norfolk .
Boeton ...
St. Loui
AnitnMa.. quiet.
qu e .
3,144 8 916
8,223 81
150 911-16
73 9
2,904 8
1 247 8
14 806
Receipts at pone, tbis day, 18S6..50 853
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.50,9c0
R'ta TJ. S
p'rte 4 dave
Ex. Gr. Br
For'en Ex.
60 16.rv
142 9fi4
1,286 822
898 846
Decrease in receipts this year 3,';24
At noon: Liverpool spots were dull,
fn buyers' favor. Salfs, 8000 bales,
of which American 6500 bales. Re
ceipts, 47,000 bales, of wbich American
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4d; good ordinary, 4d;
low middling, 5d; good middling, 6 5
16d; middling uplands, 5 3 10d; mid
dling Orleans, 68d.
The prices are given in pence and 64(n,
Oius: 4 63 meant 4 63-64f; and 5 01
meant 5 1-64(2.1
At noon: Liverpool futures wre
dnll, at decline. November, 5 05d;
November-December, 5 025 Old ; l)e-cember-Jannary,
5d; Jauuary-Febm-ary,
5d; February-March, 6 Old;
March-April. 5 03d; April-Mey, 5 05d;
Mav-June, 5 085)5 07d; June-July,
5 lOd.
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
flt; November, 6 04d, buyers;
November-December, 6 Old, buyers;
December-January, 6d, tellers; January-February,
5d, Eellera; Ftihruary
March, 5d, bnyers ; March-i. pill, 5 02d,
buyers; April-May ,5 05d,se')ers; May
Juno, 6 07d, value; June-July, 5 09d,
buyers. ,
At 5pm.: Liverpool futures wre
firm; November, 6 05d, buyers; November-December,
5 02d, buyers; December-January.
5 Old, sellers: January-February,
5 Old, sellers ; February
March, 5 02d, sellers; March-April,
5 03d, buyers; April-May, 5 COd, tell-e-s;
May-Jure, 6 08d, buyers; June
July, 5 lid, tellers.
CoBMMBAL-SUndnrd, $2 202 25;
peerl, 3 253 35; roller, t2 45.
Hay Choice, from store, 75c ; car
'oad irora ieveo or depot, $14; prime,
from store, 70c. cur load from levee
or depot, fl2 6013; prairie, from
etore, 45c: car load from levee or
depot, $8 50.
Corn From etore,whife,51c;mixed,
49c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c; in eacka, 4-1 Jo.
Oats From ertoro, white, 39c ; mixed,
37c; from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 32Jc; in sack, 35c; mixed, in
Nilk, 31c; in eacke, 33c.
Bran From etore, 70c ; from levee
or depot, $13 50.
Floor From store, No. 3, $33 25 ;
family, $3 603 75; choke, $3 764;
fancy, $44 25 ; extra fancy, $4 25
4 60; patents, $55 50.
Bkanb Navy, $2; medium, $1 50
1 75; common, $i 25; German millet,
$1 201 41).
Rick Louisiana, 44c; Carolina,
Oatmbal In half-bnrrela, $33 25
from store.
Cbackkbs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 5c; extra,7c; ginger snaps,
extra, 66c: assorted jumbles, 9llc.
Cracked Whkat In half-barrels,
$4 25 from store.
Hom;ix i.KD From store,
$33 xo.
Kansas Citt, Mo., November 23.
Wheat strong; No. 2 red, casb, 62Jo
bid; December, 63d bid; May, 72c.
Corn firmer; No. 2, casb, 3H31c;
Decembe-. 31131c; May, 35Jc. Oata
nominal, 25c bid for cash.
St. Louis, Mo., Novembr 23.
Flour active and steady; XXX, $2 35
2 45; family, $2 452 70; choice,
$3 05(5:3 15; fancy, $3 603 60; extra
fancy, 3 603 85; patents, $44 35.
Wheat active, but easier and lower.
The market opened easy and fell off Jc,
rnled steady fjr a time and then
strengthened and recovered, closing
firm and only 2c lower tban yester
day; No. 2 red, cash, 76c ; November,
76c; December, 76170jo, closing at
76 c, bid; January, 7878jc, eloping
at 78c bid; May, 84j:ot85c, closing
at 84 1 c bid. Corn active and eteady,
doting ic higher tban yesterday.
No. 2 mixed, cash, 34 Jc; November,
34jc; Ceceuibtr, S4J34je, closing at
3133 bid; Janusry, S6c; May, 38Jra
383c, closing at 38Jc bid. . Oata dnll
but steady; No. 2, mixed, cash, 26Jc;
December, 26Jc bid: May, 30c bid.
Rye steady at 51 Jc. Barley neglected.
Hay slow and nncbanged. Flax
seed nominal at 93c. Bran firm at
5758c. Corn meal steady at $1 95.
Receipts Flour, 3000 brls; wheat,
17,000 bu; corn, 43,000 bu; oa's,
5000 bn; rye, 2000 bu; barley, 9000
bu. Shipments Flour, 5000 brls;
wheat, none; corn, 13,000 bn; oats,
2000 bu ; rye, 1000 bu ; barley, 1000 bn.
Afternoon Board Wheat firm and
lis higher. Corn steady and 1c
Higher. Oats a shade higher,
Chicago, III., November 23 There
was good trading in wheat early in the
sts-ioo, but from this time the mar
ket afterward ruled slow. The tone
was weaker. At tbe opening, in
fluenced by tbe etrong tenrr of pnbiic
foreign advices, which quoted prices
as tending up for American wheat,
there was gocd speculative buying,
though at tbe same time it wa
noiked that some operators trading
for Eistern boosfs were Billing very
freely, and this had the effect ol creat
ing a weaker ftelirg here. The re
ceipts in the Northwest continue
librral. PrictS declined Jc, fluctu
ated slightly and cloeed about s loner
tban yes erday. Only a sl'ghi specu
lative business was transacted in com,
and the market ruled 'q:iiet n jh the
except on of a sbmt spxil t,t fie open
ing. Tne opening iai ttadv, afbr
wLich pricts shudad ofl , but
nrary c oea at yes'ercaj's tiuurts.
Oati r lib d s eadv and firm at j es er
day'a figures. Flanr wan quiet and
uncbanited. Ca-li qiot.riontt were ai
Mloa: No 2ep inn wl ra 74jf5 74jc;
No. 3strirg wtieat, t7 H ; N i 2
red, 74Jc No. 2cirn,3lii a 36Jc. N .
2o,ts, 26,(0.26 No. a rve, 53 '.
No. i ba ly, 53c N . 1 tlHxae ,
92Jc. Hay Prime t mcthy, l 70.
Ttie leading tutu ej targed aa fjlowa:
Wheat November op-ned at 748',
behest 74o, ljwe-t "41c, c os ug 74jo;
Dtcembt-r opend at 74 J h gluBt 74c,
lowest 74J', cl'bi g 74ji: January
opened at 5j", highest 7. Jc, lowtst
75c,closing7 Jc; May oporjfd atblje,
highest 82c, lowtst 81 Jc, dosing
81 Jc. i Corn November opened at
3tijc, h'ghest 36c, lowest 36gc. clojing
36Jc; December opened at 3lis, high
est 36j', lowest 36 jc, c'osing 36c;
January opened at 37 Jc, hiabest 37c,
loweet SOic, c'oting 37c; May opened
at 41 J c, highest 42c, lowest 41:,
closing at 41 Jc. Oats November
opened at 26 J e, highest 2i.Jc, lowest
2eJ f, clo.ing 26jc; December opened
at 2tijc, higbfat 26jc, lowest 26Jc,
cloeing 26c; January ftpetied at 2f ,
highest 26c, lowest 26gc, cloeiag 126 jc;
May opened at 30j highest 30b low
est 3f'Jc, clcB'ng3(ic. Keceip s Flour,
15,000 bi Is; wheat, ,92.O0tJbu; corn,
64,000 bu : rati, 69,000 bu ; rye, none;
barley 47,000 bu. rjtppmeDts
Flour, 9000 brls; wheat, 14,1100 bu;
corn, 227,000 bu; oat, 110,000 bu;
rye, 500J bo; hrlv. 28,0"0 bu.
Bdttbb Butturine, 1314c;
cruamery, 30(3 35o; dairy, I822c;
country butter, 1525c. .
IHoo Products Mes pork, $10;
BUKitr cured hams, 10i10ic; breakfast
bacon, 8J9Jc ; clear rib S'dng bacon,
7Jc; bacon shoulders, -7 " Jc; bulk
pork clear sides, 6Jc; clear rih sitle,
6c; 20 days meat, Gc ; shoulders, 6
5Jc; long clear, 5JCa(k).
Lard Tiercpe, 6j6lc; hilf-barrKls
and kegs, 6J(a,6Jc; choue kettle, 7J(
Frkaii MiATS-Beef, f'r quarters,
45c; mntton, 46.i; hind quarters
of beef, 46c; hoge, 67c.
Poultry OhtckeuS dull; epring,
$12 50; old hens, $2 50 Turkeys,
$812. Geese, $3u4 Dttcke, $3;
d reared cbiekcufl, $2 50 per dig-in;
dressed turkeys, 1012a per pouLd.
Gamb Qunils, perd ., $1 25. Squir
rels, 1. Ducks, wild,$ I 26(2. Veiji
son, whole, 56c; aadiilen, 8M10c.
(Jhkkhk Prima fla's, 8Ji):; New
Yoik factory, 7j8c;full cream, 12Jc;
Young America. 13c.
Tigs Fkbt. Barrels. $8 25; half bar
barrels, $4 25; keg--, $1 25.
St. Louis, Mo., November 23 Pro
veioos very dull, hut prices rulfd gn-
erally s'eadier. Poik firm at j "If? J
10. Lard steady at $5 855 90. Bulk
meats firmer: lice lots long elenr.
$5 3a5 40; short riVs, $5 4i5 45;
shori cltar, ib 6t'C",5 65; boxed luta
long clear, $5 35 5 40 ; short ribs, J 5 60
fo6 56; shcrt clear, $5 656 70. liucon
firm; lon clear, $6 62J6 75; thort
rib", $6 756 87 J; shut clejr, $7
7 15. Hams steady at OJffill Ji But'er
very dull; creamery, 2427c; dairy,
15 25c. Eggsiteadyat 18119j.
Ciiicaqo, III , November 23 Pro
visions wero a little more active and
a ttitie strorgor, c'osing a stade
higher in the latest trading. Cah
quotations ware as follows: Mess
poik, $9 659 60; la'd, $5 00; ehort
rib sidee, looBe, $5 25W5 50; dry
pelted Bhourderd, boxed, 45 11 5 20 ;
ehort clear sides, boxed, $5 6',)(a5 65.
Tbn leading futures rargel as follows:
Pork November opened at J9 47i,
bighe't i9 47J, lowest $9 47 J, nlrsinK
at $9 47J; Derember opened at $9 47J,
bighet $9 47J, lowest $9 47J, cb eing
at $9 47J; Jai.uiry opened at $1010,
highest $10 15. loweet $10.10, closing
at $10 12J ; Fcbrnpry opened at $10 20,
highe-tJSiO ;2J, lowest $10 20, (b eing
at$!0 22J. 1 ard-Nov-mbir opened
at $5 90, hiihcet$,5 02J,l.iwefit$9l),
rloeing at $j 92J ; December opened
at $5 V0, highest $5 9.'i . loweft $5 90,
uofiiig at So 12J : Jannaiy opened
at 15 95, highest 5 97, lowest $5 95,
closing at $ i 97 ; F'tiruary opn ed at
$6 0J, hiuheet $6 05, lowest J6 02,
closing at $6 05. Short ribs Junnary
opened at $5 171, highest H5 17J, low
eat $5 17 J, closing at $5 17: Kebiuary
ODened at $5 15, bivhest $5 22J, iowoft
$5 15, dt sing at $5 22J ; March opened
at $5 27J, Hgboet $5 30, lowest J5 27,
clcsing $5 30. Oa the 1'iod ure Ex
change butter was firm and higher;
good to gilt edge creamery, 2I28c;
good to choica dairy, 1825c; picking
stock, 11 12 Jc Eggs. Irtsb, Wi2ije.
Sugab Pure wnite, 63C;.; off
white, 65io; yellow clarified, 5J
6e; open kettle, none; refined A,
66c; granulated, 66c.
Coffeb Common, llj12c; ordi
nary, 1213c; prime Rio, 13J14c;
choice to fancy, 14 15c; old govern
ment, 2425c.
Soap 35c per pound.
Candiks Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 79c.
Salt $1 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 351 45; coaree, $1 101 15; pock
ets, bleached, 27c; car-loads from
tevee or depot, 5c cheaper.
Cammed Goods. Etc. rrices per
dozen: Pineapples. $1 25(511 50;
peaches, 2-ib, standard, $1 161 25 ; sec
onds, $11 10; tomatoes, 2-lb stand
ard, 00.$1; S-lb,$lU5; strawber
ries, $1 10 1 25; raepberries, $1 10
125; biackbrriee, $11 10; green
gaces, $1 601 75; pears, $2
2 25 ; plums, $1 60l 70 ; asparagus,
$2 604; green corn, 1 35; green
peas, $1 551 65; cove oysters, lull
weight, 1-lb, 8595c ; cove oysters,
full weight, 2-lb, $1 601 80; cove
oysters, light weight, 1-Ib, 60c; cove
oyeters, light weight, 2-lb, $1; con
densed milk Crown, $5 605 75;
Eagle, $7 507 75; Daisy, $4 76.
Molarpes Louieana, common to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, new, 40
45c; syrup, 2040c; common to
fair, 2025c ; prime to choice, 2830c ;
centrifugal, fancy, 3035o.
Tobacco Common. 11-incb, 27
28c; other grades and styles, 3585c.
Snuff Barrett's, $10 85 per tuse;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. K., $9 25
10; Gail & Ax's, $8 75.
Havaba, November 23. Sugar
weak ; sales, centrifugal, 95J, $2 41.
Nbw York, November 32 Coffee
fair Rio firm at 13o; options lower
and fairly active; sales, 62,250 bags;
November, 11.40e; December, 11.40c;
January, 11.40ll 45c; February,
11.401145c; Msrch, 11.45c; Apnl,
11.45c: May, 114511.50c; July.
11.5011.65. Sugar quiet; refined
qniet. Molasees dull. Klce firm.
New Orleans, La., November 23.
Coffee aniet but eteady. Hn;ar active;
open kettle, strictly prime, 41-163;
centrifUL'fl's, plantation granulated,
5 Jc; choice white, 5 2 16c; choice yel
low clarified, 4 15-166c; prime yel
low c'atiiied, 4Jc; feconde, 3,4ji.
Molasses Oren kettle, clu ic, 40i
41c; centriiugale, strictly prime, 24
20o. ,
, Applbr Apples, $2 25 3 25; dried
apples, 2:(o per pound from store.
Dried peaehe, 2J3o from store.
VBOBTABua Onions, $3 from
e'o. Cahb'ge, $2 50; per head, 810c ;
$1 75 from or depot pr crat.
Krsut, bri,$4 755: half brls, $2 75.
Garlic, 4060o per 100. Turpips, 50c
per busbel.
Fbuit OranpPB, rer box, J3 504;
per barrel, $7 50. 1ennrns, $4(5.5 per
hox. Banauaa, $1 602 50 ner bunch.
Kuts C'coaunts 15 606 per 100.
Peanu'B Virginia, 67c; IVnnese'e,
fartn-ersetock 34c; roasted, 2Jo high
fr; ehelled, loc. Almonds, 1820.!.
Wa!nns Englteh, 18j: Filberts, 11
12c Pecans Texas, 810c for email
to medium, 1014o for large; Atkan
t aa, 35c.
Raimns London lavers, $3: lay
ero, $2 75; California, $22 10; Impe
rial, .
Picklks In jars, pints, 95c; quart,
$1 60 ; half-gallons, $2 76 ; galloPS,$3 75 ;
loose, barrels, $0 607 ; half-barrels,
$3 76 4 25; mixed, barrels, $10 60;
mixed, half-barrels, $6.
$5 2fi5 75; No. 2$475(;i; No.'s,ft2f
475: 10-lb kit, No. 1,90c; No. 2, 75c
is-in, ao. s, Ode vtj herrings, fam
ily, 25e per box.
Game Game fish, 56c.
Eogs Firm. IO21o.
Potatoes Northern etock. $1 90
2 15.
Cidbb New York. $6 507 ner bar
rel, end $3 754 per half-barrel.
VlNBGAH KK(0l5f! per gnllOtl.
In cr load lota: Piime crude cotton
seed oil, new, 27 J28c ; off crude cotton
seed oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3334c; off summer
yenow cotton seed oil,; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
32(J3:ic; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 3r3lic; choice cooking yel
low cotton ueed oil. 36c: prime cotton
seed meal, $14 50; off cotton feed
inwal, none. Vi tt on sred delivered at
depi t or levee, 9 per ton ; from wagon
at mills, $9 per ton.
Burry grease wool, cn washed, 13
18c; cltrnr grease wool, 232ttc; burry
washed, 2330c; tub washed, 3337c.
St. Lodis.Mo., November 23 Wool
quiet; medium clothing. 21)26c:
c mbing, 2525o ; low and coaree. 14
22c; flue light, 1924c; heavy, 16
L'Uc ; black, I7aac.
Boston, Mass.. November 2X Wool
fi m; Oh'O and Pennsylvania X, 34
35c; XX, 3536: XX arid abavo,
3637c; Michigan X, 3233c; No. 1,
ao; Ublo Uoe ueiatne, 3537c.
Piuladelpria, Pa., Novomber 23.
Wool quiet, prices nominal ; New York
Mich'g-in, Indiana and Western medi
um, 3rt(5 39c ; tubwashed, choice, 4300
44c; medium unwashed, combing and
dolaiue, 313?c.
Hides-Dry flint, No 1, 16c; No. 2,
12 Jc; dry salted, 10J12jcj green
raited, No. 1, 8Jc; No. 2, 7c. Sheep
skins, 15c$l. Beeswax, 20c. Tallow,
4c. '
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 9J10c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., November 23. Pe
troleum quiet; s. w , 110, 7Jc.
PiTTSBUiio, Pa , November 23. Pe
troleum active and irregular; Na
tional Transit certificates opened at
78 Jo, and closed at 77Jc; highest, 79c;
lowest, 77Jc.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $150(5; redistilled goods from
85c ti $1 50, according to proof ; rye,
$1 756.
Chicago, III., November 23. Whis
ky, $1 18.
St. Louis, MoNoverober 23. Whis
ky firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, O., November 23.
Whisky active, firm ; sales of 1156 bar
rels of fluiabed goods on a basis of
SI 13.
DKiHis-Qu'ninp, P. A W., oz., 70c;
can-, 6ro; Now"Yoik quinine, rz,, 65c:
can-, 60 J ; B. A 8. quinine, cz., 65n:
cans,6tic; morphlre, P. &W.,Bcz.,$2 35
cz. ; 1 oz. via'p, $2 10; New York mor
phine J oz. $2 16 per i z. ; 1 oz. vials,
$1 25 ; ciin honid a, 1 oa. vi.tls, 18c oz , 5
oz. cans,13c t z ; gum opinm,per ponnil,
$3 20; iodide polrsh, $2 50 per pound,
lodinivn; RubnltiAte bismuth, $i 20
per pound, inclusive; chloroform, 45c
per p-.und ; blue maps, 43j per pound ;
calomol4 75o per p mnd ; mercury, 70c
per poui d; chloral hydrate, $1 50 per
pound; camphor, 27o per ponnd; al
cohol, barrelfl, per gallon, $2 22; cas
tor oil, barrels, psr gal on, $1 42.
Paints and Oil White lead. Col
lier's, 7c per pound; 500 pound lots,
7e per pound, Jc ofl, 15 days; South
ern white lead, 7Jn per pound; 500
fiound lots, 7c, 2jc off, 15 davs; boiled
ineeed oil, 43c pr gallon, by barrel;
raw, 40c: turpentine, 38 jo per gallon,
by barrel.
Seeds Clover, $r5 25 per bushel ;
orchard grass, $1 50 1 00; herd's
grass, 6060o; rye, 6570c per bu.
BAOGINU a NO l lt.H, CT4).
Baooinq Carload lots : Jute, 2 lbs,
8c: 1 lbs, 7Jc; 1 lbs, 7c. Flax, 8
be, u.
Tibs $1 051 10.
Grass Cattle Choice,33Jo ; good,
3j; fair to medium, 22o; scalla
wags, 1J1J
Hoos-Choice, 4Jc; good, 4c; com
mon, Sheep Ctir.lce, 4c; medium, 3Jc;
common, . Choice lamba, per
pound, 4Jc.
Kansas City, Mo , November 23.
The toe jc Indicator reports : Cattle
recelptr, 2103 head; shipments,
984 head; market steady; good to
choice, $4 10(i4 60; comman to
medium, $3 3004; etodters. i2 25
2 76: leading steers $2H"jU0;
ciws, $1 602 70; graes range steprs,
$2 253 20. Hogs receiptr, 10,164
bead; shipments, 453 beau; market
Strang, active and 5o higher; good to
otoice, $3 803 85; common to me
dium, 13 50 3 75. S beep receipts,
207 head; shipments, pone; market
firm; good to choic. $2 603 20;
common to medium, $1 502 30.
Chicago, 1:., jioverxber 23. The
Drovers' Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipt, 9000 bead; shipment, 2000
head; market about steady but weak ;
shipping steers, 950 to 1500 lbs., $3 10
5; Blockers and foeders, $2 3 40;
cows, bnlls and mixed, $1 753 15;
bnlk, $2 20 2 50; through Texas
steers, $2 503 50. Hogs rerelpta,
9000 bead ; market slow, closing 610c
lower; rough and mixed, $3 60 3 85;
packing and shipping, $3 704;
light, $3 504 ; skips, $2 203 40.
Sheep receipts, 500 head; shipments,
1000 head; market slow; good grades
steady: common lower; natives, $2 25
4; Western $3t 40; Texans, $2
3 25 ; lambs, 64 RQ.
New York, November 23. The
request for new supplies' waa very
moderate in all departments. A slow
demucd at thia ttaga of the season is
always recorded, tut aa throughout
the month the movement in ordera is
very ninth better thso at any corre
sponding dat?. the tone of the cotton,
grade market is ttronger.
Frltra Point Jahm Lh.S p.m.
0ol..... K. W.;Coi.i, 5 p.m.
New Orleani C't BTii R, vet. 5 p.m
Vickaburg llai.t.ie Mkhpbib. n.m.
ArknanaCIty Hath Abahs, 5 p.m.
81. Louia Citv or t. Lucn.5 p.m.
Xiptonvill CiitHAriin, 6 p.m.
jlmrali-Gayrso. C mcordu; Hud
son, Vii ksbnrg; It L Cobb, Arkansas
river; City cf Cairo, Vnksbnrg.
Departures. City rf Cairo, Ht. Louis;
Gaynfo, Concordia ; Hudson, St. Louis;
Ed Foster, St. Francis river ; Chicka
saw, White river.
Boats in Port Bene Micready and
R. L. Cobb.
Boats Due Ut. James Lee.
Boats Due Down.. Belle Memphis
and City of Baton Kouge.
BeelMa Ttwtwrdny,
Hudson 68 bales cotton and 2279
ska rolton seed.
City of Cairo 48 bales cotton and
260 sks cotton seed.
R. L Cobb 327 ba'es cotton, 4 bags
seed cotton and 316 eks cotton seed.
Gayoso 10 bains cotton, 20 bsgJ
seed cotton and 270 ahs cotton teed.
The Alberta is the Saturday packet
for White river.
The City of St Lotvs will be up to
morrow, on her way to 8U Lome.
The Desoto will arrive Thursday,
ana leaves rnuay evening lor Cincin
nati. The Belle Memphis ia the Anchor
Line, packet leaving lure this evening
for Vickibtirg.
Tub Kato Adams, Capt. Mark
( htek.la thlt Ilnllml Stataa mail rat,t
leaving tomorrow evening for Atkan-
BUS uiiy.
The Citv at Bntnn Uni, ira rtiif P
J. Whitledga, ia the Anchor Line
tinckut laaninn (kl. I . XT
The Chesapeake, Capt. W. P. Hall,
leavea tomorrow evening for Tipton
ville and all way landings. J. D. Ful
ler is tier clerk.
Tub James Lee, Cant. C.airgetr,
leaves this evening for Helena, Friars
Point and all bend landings. Wm.
Ashlord is chief clerk.
TheK W. Cole, Capt J. E. H g
gins, ia ttie Lee Line packet lenving
tnis evening for Osceo'a and all way
points on tlie upper coast.
Partly cloudy.
River still rising.
Business moderate.
Packets all on time..
Fouh boats leaving today.
The Mississippi is rising slowly at
St. Louis.
The rain did good sanitary work on
the levee.
FctivR atrlvala and five departures
Tub Gavoso from Concordia and re
turn had fair trips.
The little steamer L. Teal left yes
terday fur St. Francis river.
The Ohio river rose 6 feet and 1
tenth yesterday at Cincinnati.
Seven feet of water la reported be
tween this port and Vicksburg.
The Arkansas river is stationary at
Fort Smith, but rising at Little Rock.
The old, dismantled steamer, Virgie
Lee, sunk Sunday night at Augusta,
The Hollo Memphis left Cairo yes
terday at noon and will pass here
sometime today.
The Cumberland rivor ia booming.
A ri te of over 8 feet was reported lftit
night ht Nashville.
JonK Shay, well known in this city,
will have charge of tbe storercotn on
the Paris C. Brown this season.
Tub blinks b th above and below
here are high and muddy, and are giv
ing steainboht men no little trouble.
The Dcoto will be here tomorrow
and goes hick Friday evening to Cin
cinnati. Capt. C. B. Ruesell is her
age lit.
Thb I'M Foster went tj St. Francis
river yesterday in place of the Rene
Marready, the latter boat going to the
The tepairs to the Coahoma will be
cmnp'eted tomorrow, and she wi 1 re
sume her trips to Osceola Fiiday
The City of Cairo pa'sad to St.
L -hi is yesterday afternoon. She put
off some cotton and seed, bnt added
The James Lee for the lower and
the K W. Cole for the upper coast are
the Lee Line packets leaving this
Dun i no the 24 hours ending at noon
yeBterday tbe river at this point rose
5 tenths of a foot, witti 6.3 on tbe
At Pittsburg last Friday Capt. A. L.
Hudson purchased at United States
Marshal's sale tbe towboat Ben Wood
for $7500 casb.
The Goldon Rule leaves Cincinnati
today for New Orleans. She will ba
followed on Saturday by the new
Mary Houston.
Thb Chickasaw left tor White river
with a good showing of both freight
and people. Nhe will go through to
Newpoit tiiis trip, the first time in a
The towboat R. A. 8peed, in com
mand of Capt. Grant Marsh, is on her
way from Pittsburg, with a tow of
coal for this port. She pissed Wheel
ing Monday in good shape.
Tub coal fleet is coming down the
Ohio in pretty good shape. Coal la
getting very scarce at this point and a
boat with a tow of coal would be a
welcome sight to dealers here.
As the steamer Hudson was back
log out from the compress yesterday
evening she shoved a little tug called
the Collier against the bauk and
ciushed a hole in her hall above tbe
water line. The damage will bs
The City of St. Louis, en route from
New Orleans to the city after which
she is named, passed Vicksburg Mon
day n'ght, and advices received by
Capt. Ed Slorm state that ahe will ar
rive here tomorrow morning with 400
tons of sugar and molasses for this
city. The St. Louis is drawing 8 lent,
towing a barge, and is coming up the
river in fine thape.
Thb Hudson arrived from Vicks
burg yesterday morning, discharged a
lot of cotton and seed, added 614 bales
of compressed cotton and left at dark
for St. Louis. She bad aboard in all
about 1000 bales cf cotton, which will
bereahlppedatCairo. Oapt. Ellison
says tbe Hudson will probably not
come South again but will enter the
trado St. Louis to Evansville for
which she wai ba It.
The R. L. Cobb arrived yoaterday
morning from Arkansas river with a
good trip. Her rargo will all be uat
today and she will go to the bank. The
R. W. Cole will take her place in the
Arkarass liver trade, end will leave
on her fl at trip Friday next. The rise
in the Arkamaa river necessitated
this charge.
OmrE Signal Service. U. 8.
Memphis, November 23, 1 p.m.
The lol. owing observations ate taken
at a I stations named at 75 meridian
t tne, which is
Memphis timn
one hour faster than
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
R se Fall
Feet. lOths lOthe tOths
7 7 11 IZT
21 8 61
2 3 2
3 7 2
1 2 n
5 2 8
2 3 1
2 9
4 3 5
3 8 11
"s" " i ft" "'.".'.'.'I
21 S 83
2 3
ft i ZZ ' TM
7 12
5 7 2
8 8 4
- 8 3 .......
Chattanooga ...
Davenport ,
Fort Smith ,
La Crosse
Little Rock...
Nashville ....
New Orleans
Pittsburg ,
St. Louis
St. Paul
Shreveport ..
Evassvillb, Ind., November 23.
Noon Riv-r lising, with 10 feet 4
inches ou the gauge. Weather rain
ing. Wheeling, W. Va., November 23.
Noon KtVHr 10 feet 10 indies on the
gauge and falling. Weather raining;
rained all night.
Cincinnati, 0.,Novembor 23 Noon
River 21 fuel 1 inch on tbe gauge
and lining. Weather raining; ther
mometer 6i.
Louisvillb, Ky., November 23.
Nooi River stationary, with 7 feet 4
inches in the nanal and 5 fet 2 inches
on tin falls. Weather mining. Busi
ness dull.
Cairo, III., November 23. Noon
River 7 ret 4 inches on ttie gauge and
rising. Weather fair and cool, with
heavy rain laat night. No arrivals or
departures of regular packets.
PiTTsiiDR(1PA.,Novoinber 23. Noon
River 6 feet 9 inches on the gnu ire
and falling. Wpatbei railing. It
hm Ineu raining fortwirity-four hours
and the rivera are again rising, Tbe
coal operators are ts-uied of a g od
boating staite of water and are pre
paring f ir shipment within the next
two (Ufl of 3,500,000 huMinls.
! V. flit.1'
NT. I.oiiiw mid New OrlrsiM Anchor
Mu-I'.N Mnll-hOhlSKW 0KLKAN3.
City of Baton Rouge
11. J. Whltl..l...mHtor, UUtf3
Will loave the Kluvttiir WKDNKSUAV.Noy.
21th, at 6 p.m. Vur ireiunt ur psansa apply
(). 1.. Hai.i,, fa A't. ADHTDRM.Hiip't
For Unlet), Terrene, Pine BlnfTand all way
limilitiR-i on ArknnP'iB Hiver btatnnr
12. W. VOIjI:. BfrQ
Will leave FRIDAY. Sor. iMth, t ft p.m.
For froinht or paaage applr at No. S Mtai
aott atrent, orto II. 0. LOWfc, Agent.
dull Tilih'nw No. M.
For Cairo, Kvan'vtlle. LooliTtlle an4 01a-
oimmti in elegant ateamer
J. 8. Jonei master H. O.
will loave e JULIA 1, ftoy. ih, at r a.m.
For Ireiiiht or nuimi apnlj to 0. B. RlliJ
KKLL, I). F. A T. A., 12 Madtaoa at. Tel-
l'or llelvnat and NI. Fraurl Klvor.
Str. Re: e Macready.B
O. It. Jpntln ii"ter.
Leavcafor Helena KVtirtY TUESDAY an4
Tllll HHDAY at A p.m. l.earea lor Helena
anJBt. VranoiarlvarEVKHY HATUUUAI
at n p.m.
The captain reaerrea the right to pug all
landing hoduemi uniuie
J AS. I.KtE, JB.r Bup'l,
Oftiee, No. 4 Mmltwon atree.
For Oaoaola, llulei Point, OarathoraTllla,
Uaroao and X iptonvllle Tbt new liua-
wheel raaHonger ateaieer
W. F. Hall maater. J. 1). Fuller.....ol.rk
Will leave aa aliove, and all war polnta,
p.m. Forlreightor paawage applyon hoard
Mmphla,Frlra Point ud Hfinapnla
autl Oaolit fiMtkot Uompainy.
for Helena, ttlendale, Friari Point and al
Way Landlnaj Btaamer
TniiieN Iee, rQ
R. T. OLAOdKTT Maater.
Will leave al above on KVBHY HONDATe
WKDNKSDAY and FRIDAY at S o'olook.
For Raadblph, Tnlton, Paoeola aa
Juandlntl Htaamer
J. U. COOPER , M..i,
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. Thtboataol thf
line reserve the right to paae all landing
tne eaptain majr qeetn uniaie. ynoe, aa,
Maitlfion at.
jir;n i,h. f,, jr., i up t.
Meuiphla and Vlrkahurg Packet Con
pany U.M.Mali Line.
For Helena, Coneordia, Tarrant and Ark an
aaa Olty Tha elegant paeaennr atearrer
M. R. Obaak...maatar I W. 0. Blankar.olari
Leve Memphla
For Concordia and all way landing.
me hteainer
A. L. t'nmmlna. Maat'r I Lew Price. Oiarl
Leave! lUKhlJ AI ana eniunuai am p,
For general Intortnatlon apply at
Ko. Madiaon atraat.
JOHN CARR. Paaa'i A tent. Telephone
Mempliis& White Birer 1'kt.Ui
rnr tiHrondon, Dvilla Ulnll,, lee
Are, Aagnata, tiearoy, Newport, Jaokaoa
port, Bateavllle and all WeyLandinga,
mil. CHICKASAVV, -iC-j
K. C. Poatal maater,1" '" 111 " i
Will leave EVERY WKDNKtlDAY at 5 p.m.
str. alheiita'no. 3.r.n
Albert B. Hmlth... maater. '
Will leave KVBKY BAl'URDAY at5 p.ai.
Through ratea given to all polnta. Freight
oonalgned to the Memphla and Wblto Hivef
Packet Co., at Memphla or Terrene, will ba
forwarded promptly. For jranarml Informa
tion apidy at oflica. No. 8 Madiaon at., ort
Call Telephoned. H. O. LOWB. Aa't-
Proclamation by the Oorernor,
Tbe Stata of Tennearoe Wm. B. Bate, Gov
ernor 10 ail WBW euaii mvm wvav
Or.etlng: . , . .
WUKRKA9, It haa been made known to
me that Bam Bruce te), oharged wlta
paving comiuimju v.. uj-
Roaoh Oakley on the day of October. I.
. r . I. , I m .. .1 t w inatie
in our oouniy oi duviuj, uau i,w.
and now running at large)
Now, therefore. I, Wm. B. Bate, Governor
aa aforeaatd, by vir ue of the power and aa
thority In ma veateH, do hereby offer r
wkM of two hundred and trw dollara to any
peron or peraona who mav apprehend the
ealdrUtn Bruoelol.and deliver him to th
ahoriilor jilor ol our o.-uaty of Shelbv,
in order that Juitife in that b.ball may ba
hadand eaecuted. Thli reward ia payable,
half on delivery to ahsnfl and half on ooa-
Iu Teahnony Wbere.if, I have kereunte el
mv hand, and caused the Ureal Seal of the
State to be .111 d, at Nanhvilie. on the th
dayofNovembor. 1W. WM-BBATii
By tho Ooveraur.
John Allieon, beorotary of bUta.

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