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lm 1
It is genra j b'lierad that Go.
Abbttt, of New June J, will ba elected
United Su'ei Sen i tor. Ha will Ret
the (all vote of tie Democratic side
of both hon es, and the two labor
delegate in the Uoujs. n a will take
theplaceot Siwell, whose 1 trai' ax
plies on the 4 h of March next'
Fiur steps will be I alt en tomorrow
or on Bitot day t jward the construe-
tion of a jrreat railroad br dge acrras
the Mieslrg ppt from Fort Pickering ti
Vest Memphis, Ark. Tbns the long
agitation 'and dis passion that led up
to the formation of a bridge company
will be closed in practical work. The
completion of thii stractnre will mark
the beginning of another era in the
history of Memph's, and will fix. for all
time her place among the great com'
mercial cities of the country.
Ma. JiPFsasoH Datis was tbe recip
ient yesterday of the attentions of a
great number of the people of Mem
phis, by whom he is held in, the high
est respect. The number of lady call
ers was especially large. The gallant
statesman, notwithstanding his sbt-enty-nlne
years, was equal to the
strain, and met every visitor with bis
old time courtesy and grace of man
ner. He bears hia weight of ; years
well and enters readily into the en
joyments of social life.
Prwdent Clivklikd is stubbornly
inflexible in the enforcement of bis
civil aerv ce order and he is right. He
ie the Chief Executive of the nation and
every executive officer , under him is
responsible to him ai be is responsible
to the, people. Every Federal office
holder ought to understand this, and
understanding it should be prepared
either to conform to the President's
order or resign his office. The corre
spondence published in another col
umn is instructive on this head.
Tna Indiana Republicans, as will be
seen from what we publish on another
page, are making preparations to take
possession of tbe Legislature with a
purpose to re-elect Senator Harrison.
In this they will, however, bs frus
trated. They will not be permitted
to do as their brethren did in Ohio.
As the Chairman of the Democratic
Committee sajs, the Hoosier Democ
racy cannot be frightened. They have
a majority in the Legislature and they
are going to re-elect "Old Joe" Mc
Donald to the seat which he occupied
with so much credit for several years.
Ths Knights of Labor have initiated
a scheme for the division of working
men into clawes, that, if persisted in,
will break np the order. It is the or
ganisation of perfectly equipped work
men into groups or societies, to the
exclusion of the poorly equipped or
half skilled workmen. This will
place ths latter beyond the pale of the
union. They will thus be a menace to
these organiaa' ions, and will always be
ready to work under the scale of
prices in cases of str ks. The Knights
have evidently gone to the woods for
a stick to break their own back.
MgQdadb, the New York bood'e
Alderman, has another chsncs for his
liberty. The jury in his case disa
greed yesterday, and a new trial has
been ordered. Everyone in and ont
of New York who had followed
the trial clowly was of tbe
opinion that FtillgrafTa c infesaion was
sufficient of itself to inture conviction,
bnt the-jury did not see it in that
light, because it Is assume! hs ad
mitted he had perjured himself on his
first examination. Some of. them.
perhaps, belisred that- a man who
would perjure hiinsilf once to screen
or cover hii villainy wjuld do
sgain to insure his personal safety,
Both Gen. Neeley, cf Bolivar, and
Gen. West, of Holly Springs, yester
day withdrew from the Board of Dl
rectors of the Mississippi and Tennes
see railroad but Col. Frank White,
who is tbe father of that very useful
road, which is to Memphis as one of
her own streets continued into Missis
sippi, remains a director, a position
he has filled for many years with credi t
to himself and decided benefit to Mem
phis and Mississippi. Col. White is)
one of the men to whom Memphis
owes a great deal, lor it is largely to
his sagacity and energy that the exist
ence of tbe Mississippi and Tennessee
railroad is due, and it is to him we owe
its quick revival immediately after the
civil war. A modest gentieman, be
has been content to let his work speak
for him, and it does. He and the Ten
nessee road are as one.
Tna names of General Neeley and
General West recall those of their
contemporaries in railroad construc
tion, Sam Tate, sr., J. T. Tresevant
and the late Robertson Top p. Thesa
names will always be associated with
tbe railroad history of West Tennes
see and 'North Missisfippi with the
building of the Memphis and Charles
ton, the Memphis and Ohio (Mem
phis branch cf the Louisville and
Nashville), the Mobile snd Ohio
and the Mississippi Central rail
roads. It is many years since
these great enterprises were set afoot,
but the sagacity that Initiated them is
more than justified by their success
and the vast bow fits in wealth and
population that have come to tbe
country through them. Neither
Memphis, nor Tennessee, nor Mi s s
nippl tun afford to forget these gentle
men, the foremost pioneers in rail
road aojutrnxtion in the Southwest.
- 1 m 1
for Acqulttal-1 he -Field Trlals-
Tne Harper I'artr News From
Neighboring Mater.
rsrioiAi. TO Til ArHAL.
Louisville. Kv , November 24 In
ibe OoiVrse tii.l today Dr. B.)ftgs be-
tan speaking at iu o'clock: and con
cluded at l o clock. His speech was
pronourced by all who heard it a
magnificent presentation of the rae
in its leng'h and breadth. Col.
Bullitt bean rpeakiog at 4
o'clock and conclnaed to ischt. He
harped on evolution. Dr. Daniel will
follow him, closing the argomeot in a
speech ot three horns. Alter this the
members of the court in secret session
will express themeelves, and the
vote, which promises to be
cose, will bs taken. C.l. Bullitt
doe id a vehement speech, filled with
rather broad humor ana rough person
alities, at 11 o'clock p m., when tbe
Presbytery adjourned till 9:30 o'clock
on Wednesday. The closing of the
argument at 1 :30 o'clock today br Dr.
Daniel concluded a memorable speech,
and the case went to the jury. The
bouse was filled with attentive hear
ers. The Dorter quietly drew out all
the bones from Col. Ballitt's argument,
vindicated the proeecut'ton. and gave
Dr. Mack an unenviable place as the
Iico of the church. The court's ver
dict resulted in nineteen a giinst sns
tainirg the charges and eleven for it.
The eleven who voted for it were all
ministerr, and the others were lay
members and ministers. It is not
known what the on come will be ot
tbe trial. Ten days will be clven foi
decision as to whether tbe case will be
appealed to the Synod.
Bteond f She
field Trial.
Isriciai. TO TBS AFraAL.I
High Point, N. 0 , November 24.
It ra nod in the morning, but toward
nojn the weather cleared tap for a
short time. The afternoon was
cloudy, with occasional showers. Oa
tbe whol, it was a very poor day for
at'i'l. Toe birds would not lie well
for the dogs tj point, and were very
wild at times. There were several
very goid bra's rnti, notwithstanding
the bad weather. The first brace down
was Dft.an snd Allie James to com
plete the ui.fi iihed heat of yesterday.
AHie Jam-s had the greater speed and
a little advantage ia style. Djlan did
the better work on pudi, and won.
Gi 1 Jetone and Bob H. then ran. The
latter did mmh tbe better work on
birds and in style and speed was tbe
equal of uoidatone and had the wider
la ise, ana won.
Gy Gladstone and Consolation ran
next. It was a very close heat. In
range, speed and style there was not
much to choose between them, at-
tb.ouith.Gay bad the advantage in the
latter. Tbe work oo birds was nearly
equal, but Gay chaeed a crippled bird,
wuiuu wu bmiu to cjqqi mc&ioH n m.
ana no ion.
Springbok and Tallvrand next com
peted. The former had a decided ad
vantage in ranga and speed. He also
ou'worked Tallyrand, snd won.
napiaau ana rax ana next enm
pe td. Paxlang excelled Bapidan iu
every pjrt'cu ar and won, with some-
tmng in spars.
Bea Hur and Chance were a good-
brace. fJhance ranged wide and fast,
anu excenen very mucn in these re-
tpecte, besjdes having a Lttle advant
age in ttyle. Hs also did the belter
work on birds and wnn.
Jean Va'j fan and Fly, tbe last brace
ot trie nrst aeries, toen were out down.
J an had much the best style, had the
advantage in speed and cotrp'ete y
outwo'ked Fly ou birds. Tbis heat
corclodedtbe runnicg in tbe fi.at
eeiles and Bushed the day s work.
1200 Damnum Awarded William
Littli Rccx. Abk., November 24
Tbe cate of Wm. Allison, which has
been oi trial before the C rcuiit Court
since Mor diy lor loOOC damans, on
ate UDtif ir juries received by hs
little son, F.eddie, while j imping
iruui a stretf car on ire incline just
sbove the union depot last fall, was
given to the jury lute last night, end
a verd ct rendered this moniiig in
favor of tbe pUiniiff for $1200. This
is tbe second trial of tbe saif, the fi st
iuib uHinagen dbidk assed at SloUU.
It will now g- to tbe Supreme Court
The Harar parly On Pratt Klnca
rig iroa ullrx.
lsriCtALTO TBS ArriAL.l
Bibmimobam, Ala., November 24.
ine uarper party put in part of today
at tbe Piatt mines, doing several of
me mines pretty thoroughly. They
leave by tonight's train for Mont-
gomery. Maj. Lane today received a
lelfgram saving that W. D. Kelley
would be here from Chattanooga
Annrsuav i) spend to at day and tbe
next He will be urgently invited to
opes on we lariu.
Prof. Lowry, the progressive and
well known colored educator from
Huotsville, Ala, has succeeded in
placing 10,OCO of stock for his silk
enterprise here, and a declaration was
nied today Icr its incorporation.
Dr. Caldwell, president of tha V.W.
ton Land Company, and Mr. Will am
Barney, president of the Berney Na
tional Bank, are among tha
l,aaria OI BIJCI. II 11 proposed tO
start an extensive farm near the city
w raise sua worms ana make Bilk.
Tm Ballraad Coaaailttaa tlmmmrt
sriotiL to tbi ArraAL.l
UOUTBBIJS. Miss. Novemhnr 94.
Ibe meetiog tonight to hear the re
port of the committee appointed last
Monday night was mora lanl at-
iquudu man me previous meetiog,
and. if noesible. more nnthn.ootin
ins re pott was very exhaustive, giv-
iuk Bii stirs ana so iortb, and was
moat favorable to tbe railroad. It was
unanimously adopted.
Harrla tr Mlaa Roth praa (a jfr.
a. m. not., oi aiiatlaalppl.
Humboldt. Tbnb.. Novam haF 24.
Lnrcutt uourt is in serai ,n here this
week, Judge bw geart nrmiHins. t-
erai criminal cases oi importance are
up iur inai, among omeis Ihe W'tson
arson case and the celebrate MrEnu
murder rae.
ood mca.ee, a larmer, wbo was on
tbe po-'nttf emiaatirg ti Texts, was
arrtta last wtexrororjianirgmoni
under false pr t ds s, a i his c
was set for tii-il btf rt Jtn;i:n W
liams f r Mondijr. It is undr food
that le h'S since left, the ount
leavirg btbiod mmey i n unh tops
on ibe itdib'eJLeas c.tattd by 1)
fr udueottcs.
Lat eveniig at the Preebyter!an
Oiuich a larg coneotm e of friends
witnessed the C" B'f maiioa ot the
d a-rHBe of one of Humboldt's mr
charming r'aruMes, Mi s Kuto Penn,
cianvhter of Ur J. w. Penp. to Mr
A. Fi O'eof Eastport, M''s. The groom
napro'pe oos nHrcnsutrf ourneish
boring State, and the bride a cultured
and winsome lady, and both together
are a model couple. Tbe at'endants
were Dr. George W. Pnn and Mies
Pattl Hntcbios of Mitsiwippl, and M
o. u. n nnams ana mi-is t iorencer'en
Tbe attendant ushers were: W.
Allison, T. W. Sanders. C. L. Gilles
pie, B. F. Jariell, 0. H. Peets and J. C.
Penn. Qu te a number of handsome
wedding presents were sent the bride.
Mr. and Mrs. Foote left for their Mis
sissippi home immediately after the
ceremony, ca-rjing with them the best
wishes of a host ot inandi.
A Hfrtrr BsetMB t'ltiera
Chararetf With
JBape &nc flel ai
a Mow aw,
sriOIAL TO TIB irrsAL.1
Tubcumbia. Ala.. November 24.
Mr. William Irvin, a heretof ore re
spected cit'un of Cherrkee, Colbert
county, is now on trial before Judge
John A. S:eeie charged With raps
upon me person oi jenn e uouuts.
nine year old daughter of Mr, John
Counts, a neighbor of Irvin's. Tbe
trial ia the greatest sensation that baa
occurred iu tbe county since the war.
Jf ubtic opinion is in favor of the de
Tuecumbia and Sheffield are on
boom fi laocially.
xne assassin wno attempted and
came near killing M. L. Green a week
or so ago is spotted and will be arrett
ed iu a few days.
Willi BI0.000.000 'apllal, for Da.
veloplB- Iron f Marin Ala
dm m a DrmAiu m veaiar.
ISFioiAi, to tei Arraii
Nashvilli. Tsnm.. November 24.
A very important meeting of capital
ists Interested in iion and coal we
held hers today. It was a joint meet
ioc of the director, cf tbe Alabama
and Tennessee Coal and Railroad
Company, the Sheffield Lind Com-
peny and tbe Alabama improvement
Company, collectively representing
capital of $10,000,000. The obi act of
the meeting was to dscuss
ths building of tbroe additional
furnaces at Sbt file Id. The erection
of three furnsces was agreed upon,
and tbe contrect ordered let at once.
Tbe furnaces will be completed within
eighteen months and Sbeffiald will
then be equipped equally with Birm
inshsm. The stock of tuesa compa
nies is nearly at pr now and with ths
boom that will follow today's action it
will so away up in a very short time.
This is one of the greatest improve
ments ever made in the development
oi the resources ot tbis section.
Am laanraare Compaar Orcanlaad
oj te IIonrjM aaea rTtala vtg.
Lima Rock. Abk.. November 24.
Col. Lngn H. Roots, President Mer-
chanta' JNtional Bank; Mai. Jno. D
Adams, steamboat owner, cotton
planter, etc.: Cine. F. Pause', of the
Penzsl Grocery Company; Adams &
Boyle, lnsuratice men, and some half
dczsn other moneyed men of this
city, have for tome time past
agitated the possibility of O'gan'z'ng s
fle insurance company heie and to
night a meetirg was held and an or
ganizatidii peifec'ed by tbe election of
a board of nine directors, ho will at
once prrceed to perfect the iatention
of the gentlemen named above. This
will be toe first institution of tbis
kind ever organized in the State, not
withstanding A i Kansas boasts
population of mote thou l.OOO.COl)
souls and has a wealth of
resources second to no State in the
Union. The new company is to be
known ss the Arkansw Insurance
C impiny, and wi 1 be cbnrtered by
tbe Secre'ary of State wi hln a few
days. Trie stockholders represent
several million doners in wealth, and
the tew enterprise will start under the
most lavorsb'e BU'ptres.
geoi;ge w. cable.
Tbe Awtbor of Creole Daja," Baa
Ills Hay At a Trmpcrance
NoBTRAMPTOir, Mxf s., November 24,
Mr. George W. Cable, tbe author of
ureoie vayi, at ended a tmperance
meetiog here on Sunday, lie was in
vited to spe.k, but the" tennr of his
remark) did not Buit tbe leader of tbe
meeting, who tried to make him wind
up before he bad said all be bad to
say. Tbe meeting was one of a series
tbat Mr. J. 1). Kobinson has been
holding to stir up public sentiment in
favor of voting "no license." Mr.
Cable, in the course of his remarks,
condemned the movement. "I am a
temperance man," said he. "Tem
perance means moderate use." He
made a stirring speech.
"Yon have talked more than the
time allowed." veiled Mr. Robinson.
jumping to his feet.
iJut Mr, uabie went on and spoke
half an hour, the audience applaud
ing him heartily.
Lchdbobo's perfume, Edenis
Lnndborg's perfume. Marchal Nils
Lnndborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnndborg's veriume. Lilv of tha
Tha Ex-Prealdeat's Will.
Naw York. November 24. Counsel
for the executors of the will of the
late Chester A. Arthur today procured
an order from Judge Bookstaver, of
the Court of Common Pleas, for the
issuance of citation for the probate of
the will, made returnable one week
from Saturday. The ex-President's
will was executed March 8, 1888. It
was witnessed by Rastos B. Ranaon.
James C. Reed and James 8. Briggs.
It states tbat the heirs and next of
kin are Chester Allan Arthnr and
leu Uerndon Arthur. Mrs. McElroy
is said to have bnen appointed guard
Inn of the daughter. The will has not
been filed.
Naw Yoar, November 24. Aintnta
have advanced Lowell five frame Wil
ton carpets 'of 2 15; Lowell fine frame
bmsstls to $1 25; super three ply to
87c, and extra snpnr to 70s.
Tbiri will be no sestiin of tha Chi.
capo Bond of Trade tomorrow.!
State Lodges-Tbe Skilled Workmen
O ganlxlng a Society of
Their Own.
Si. Louis, Mo, November 24. A
srweial from Sdalia, Mo,, says the
Knights of Labor of t' at c ty hsve
withdrawn from District Assembly No.
101, and the awetuoue m be at
tached t3 the Stats Atsembly. Ic is
predicted that all other lo.al lasem-
blies on the line of the Gould system
in Missouri will follow suit, and that
those in Kansas will also withdraw
and hereafter work under the ju-is-diction
of tbe State Assembly. Should
this follow, the charter of the famous
DistricCNo. 101 will bs suirendered.
District assemblies covering a large
territory are becoming very unpopular
in the Southwest, and thern is a wide
spread feeling among the Knights that
the affairs of tte order can be con
ducted to far better advantige by
abolishing district assemblies and or
ganising under elate charters.
Aaaembly mt Hauled Warkmvm.
Pi tsbcbo. Pa., November 24 The
KnUhts of Labor have b gan an im-
por ant movement among tbe skilled
iron wotkers oy organikiog au arem-
bly of the skilled woikmen at ths Elba
Iron and Bolt works, The assembly is
composed of beaters and rollers, but it
is the intention to admit tbe puddleta
in a few days. All tbe members en
rolled srs members of Ihe Amalga
mated Association, ana intend to re
main so. in is is tne Degnning of a
general movement for the enrollment
of skilled iron and steel woikmen as
Knights of Labor, all still retaining
their membership in the Amalgamated
Association. Toe o ject is to have a
dual orgnlza'ion.andthTjan increase
their power by being backed sot onlv
by the Amalgamated Association, but
also by the who'e order oi the Knights
of Labor. The Knights of Labor of
the district, it is slid, will claim a di
rect representation in the scale of con
ferences in future, and win not allow
any rca'e to take effect nn ess in
dorsed by them, Tbe movement is
rapidly spreading, and several mills in
the Hjuth will Bhoitly be organised.
A Strike Imaalaent.
St. Lodib. Mo . November 24. A
special from Hou ton, Tex., says: For
Beverai aavs pan irouDie nns existed
between the trainmen ot the Southern
Pac tic Coaioanv, Atlantic system and
the railroad officials. List Saturday
night a committee of brakemen visited
New Orleans to stats their grievances
and aibitrate with ihsmanagtrs of tbe
company regarding wages. The rail
way authorities, lu order to dtfiuiiely
aewe trie Dig strike oi la it winter, en
tered into an agreement with the
brakemen, which the latter claim is
not now being enforced, and aweit
that unless the matter is sioa lectifled
that they will again e'rike. Ths
Brotherhood of Locomotive Eagineets
have appointed a commutes to visit
ths Creeoent V tv and arbitrate tha
differences existing between them and
tne company, it is claimed thai two
engineers were unjustly d'uebarged by
a master mecnanic UiUisiais ul the
company state tbat the action of tbe
master mechanic muat bs sustained.
The engineers state they are in the
right, and unless the difficulty is amolv
eeuieu a striae win ds intivitaoie.
They Hay Jola the Kalbla ofLatar.
PiTrsBDBO, Pa.. November 21. The
Ama'gamated Associatiou of Iron and
Steal Woikers are now ODsidering
me proposition to join trie noights of
L.SD r, mane DV uenerl Mas erVVork-
man rowderly, at the annnal conven
tion last summer. The various
lodges bave been ordered to vote upon
tha qu -stiit). If the propisition is
accepted the a'sociatlon would be
made a district assembly and wonld
still maintain its separate organisa
tion ana retain us present olnccrs.
Delegates far the Labor t'onyentlaa.
Datton. O.. November 21 At to
day's mettipg of tbe Onio Trades and
Labor Assembly rso utions were
edopted appointing dlefat"s to the
labor convention at Cincinnati, Feb
ruary 22, 1887, anu heartily favoring
toe wnnRiioti oi a new national laDjr
pohti'-ai rarty
FKHOTTI At her niUB.. 210 Front
i . . . . ,. : i
i.,vn.iBrijiriii)TTl, ea toonu leeri.
Foreral from Holit'i thia (TUURSDAT)
nifimln. t o'otnnV. pr(.i,a are tnrlt.rf.
i " mmiv. m aj in u Pa-v-a. or
GOODBAR A CO.. Main .t a hi. lot f
iDun una pr a t;aiie c a le ane mirea
ndMalei. Will lell two eer old UoliUI
Cowe at $)0O to drop ealrrl in h. eprln
and w II pay lor the ealr f 100 aeh. Aek
oia irienai to oau an tee tbe twrt-
J. L. 000DBAR.
FOIt tJALii:.
Rockaway or Buggy Mare, j
Terr sentie, atanda without hltchlDf, aato
for lady to drive Known aa the Camp mar.
MaLemore arena. ...r Kuta Female
oiiete. ibe property, which ia In ttr
wood, the molt attractive end erowina lab-
nrb of MemphU, eonaltte of Ive aoraf oi
round aninrpaeied for hoalthlelneie and
Beaaty ot location, eontalalnf a I erne varie
ty of fnreit and fruit tree, ornaaiental treea
and ihrubberyi a twotterr reeidenee ooaj
pru hi ten rooma oonreolentlr erraarad,
no ampte inppiy or oloieU; alio, aiieaen.
rrante room, itebla. riim hna.a. naf
and poultry hoaee and aereral other one-
bUtldinel! tWO AAft JU.n. .Bit & aU.
brlok-walled welfwith Ixturef aa a depoil
tory for milk, butter, ITeth mteu, eta. Con.
renient aeeei to the nlty br itreet eara and
turnpike, with exemption from ott teaee.
immeaieie poa-eeaion tiren te purebater.
Prioe, JHUOO, Vnr teron of payment apply
my omoe, No. S Hadieea il l.i telephone
. 669. "j. W. OhAVP.
Omoi or raa Boab or Invoinav.l
BIDS for Ueatina the Obtlita Soboolhouie,
now in oourae of creation on tbe corner
roor-n .ma a.ei ilreeta, will be reoeivea
tbia offiie un to 12 m k.,H,,l.. nt.
Piani and naolllcationi can he Men at the
Ace of M. U. Baldwin, Arohiteet, Ho. 110
B diwill be alao ran.l.. fnr T...ln. Sim.
walk! at Market btreet Bnildlnt to the eaaie
date. Plane and apeeill -atione ean be een
tbiiorSat. Ihe Board rcerree the riht
rei.ct any and a'l bid..'
By order of tbe Boar 4.
A. B niLli. Becreury.
MaTia ooviHrariAi. cot.
i.unr.. am Kiik u w..kin.t. n
rVoridea praotioallv uutfnl bn.ln.a. .dn".
oatlon. Koferoiinor Tarlona. r-todenta
inbratinrtin. TtrMii . i.mh
ter at any tint. .Teraiai Liieacholarahip,
Twelve week!' Oooru. Hoard, atx.. f?V
Dana lor circuaar.
Most Elegant St lection
And Amerlcaa Produetloa of
tor Our aeJertien eoiupriati
Elecant Stjlea (f I he L at eat)
and BEST Makers, Foreign
and Donaeatlc
19 Oar Goods are Imported
DIRECT, through OUR Cns
torn House.
Partnership Notice.
Miupaia. Nnvumhar 21. IRAS.
TUB nnditiMJ h hla dj formed a
ennartnerthip ander the Srm name of
je.SKFH II FULLRM k CO., for the pur-
R"M of erryinOB a wenerai nreaM
larlaa lunaraaae Bewlaieae. Mr. Joe,
II PulltD will haya immediate MBtral and
management of the hontnent.
JOB. 11. 1'ULLaN.
M IUPRIB. Teee. . Vanm1ir 29. ISM.
WX here thia da told end traxt'trred to
IherlaeL BdJ ,h H. Pnll.i. n
entire Iniurtnoe Arener Euaiceii, and wo
beipeak ler them a ennlinDanee el the hnat
nest heretolore ilrnn to
w w. . ruLiiBW a yv.
Magnificent Ganses,Talles, Dro
cades, Peates, Jew resigns
and Combinations in
Display Throughout the Day
and Evening.
G real SO Cent Sale ol Dreaa
Gooda Continued Today.
Great Bale of 50 Ct. Feath.
er and Fiir Trimnilngai and
PaHMUiiieiiterlva Do n 1 1 n
ned Today.
Great Male of SO Cent Hate
Continued Today.
Great SO Cent Flower Sale
Continued Today.
Mao j New Attractions Today at
TAflt OBe Hemorea Alter, la from
et miaetM to 1 boar, with bead torn-
pleta, or no ebaree. No Faetina reanlredi
ne poiionoua medioinea. Caa be laben with
eaee by eblld r adult. Call or aend lor elr
eslara. D&. M. NKY SMITH, rTaenlall.t,
Bprinaaeid, Ho.
CleetailBa, Dydaiadk aeafMUrlac,
No. IT W. Oovm STnaar.
Oeoraro n. Nlobol.
Dlt. R. L. LAKI.
Physlclnn, Nnrreon aatf Aecoacber.
813 Mavln Ntreet, Near I nlon.
T.lMnHonA No. M "
PpJLQlijial PiauLOUlftkfin
ama Bermalrora r Plawoa, Oraana,
And Mualoal Initrnmenta Generally.
sst siaia sr., Miarma,
riiyslcian and Fsjchologist.
DR. VANCK haa perfeoted hlaiMllln pay
on 0 lory, and ii prepared to treat die.
eaaei of nerroae erlrtn by eetliely new
method. Ulltherepeuiioe i addreeaea prln
eipelly to the hither brain eenUre ol Ipirit
nel aotirity, whoee Influence en lower fano
tiona, nerrnue and bodily, ia paramount. Aa
maaUrel the lewa eorernlea paroho-pbral-eal
phenomena, he la oonlofmt thatreaulte
will meet hia meat aantulne eapeowtlona.i
Offloe 87.1 Main Ntreet.
Mra. H. O. Howard, aal VJ..hl.i.
Park. Rooma lrei location d.llibliel.
Coarenler) to eara to Manhattan ileach,
Ooneylaland. Loni Beech and Central Perkl
alao 10 tiaw lark Piaoee ef amaeamaat.
Great Display
Mm Fabrics
lotal New BuninesH Oreator than the total new business of Ul
Jther Companifg tow representedi n Memphis Combined.
Increase in Surplus more than twice the total Increase of
surplus of all other Companies now represented n Memphis.
Room No, 1. Cotton Kxrhanire
AT COST, FOR THIRTY DAYS, to wake room for ftprlnar
ana a sav .
hiok. uae aa vpeu tiUKKiea. anitabie for country-
OCR OIVII MANUFACTURE, aud fully s;naranteed.
Lilly Carriage Co.
325 Second S.ropt,. Mompliis. Tonn.
To Planters, Merchants & Ginners
The aeaiea la approaohlni when Cotton beeomet Duitr, Damp and Ileary. Br the we of .
Tour (ample la InproTod and Value of
inn lo 171 AUhihw
5 Cavr-loada Nteel J'all.
. 3 Car-load ftuulTaiid hod,
1 Car-load Larf, llama and Mnnnts;e.
a Car-load Anierlcau Nnrdluea,
1 t ar-l ad Mew KaUln,
1 Car-load JVe Naliiion,
1 Car-load liallfornla C itiuietl Frnlt,
IO Car-load Tomatoea. 1'eteiiea, Corn, Etc-
1 Car-load Atmora Iff 1 11 ce Meat,
Car-load lew York ItuekHlieat,
a Car-load Ilg;afci, liraiit and llarrel PleaJeaa,
a Car-load Nllvcr Moon IJreaui ClieetMH
a Car-load Virginia Peanut,
a Car-load Fire Cracker and Firowarka,
a Car l and Jnta and Currant,' '
S Cr-lonla Flue Ilananaav "
S Car-load Red Hen lvi A pnlea,
a Car-loada Freab fancy Candiea,
1 Car-load OataneaL Cracked Wheat. Kte..
And m eomplcle aaaortnient
lor tne apeeiai ua
saaTfteud lor
Dry Goods, Notions,
Wo. S3S and S28 Mala St. MtmphlaZTmam.
K"!f"! FJ7?lf" l9f wurraa cioom ra unn ava
a. iaIa!ILTJ! VK "' rri0 mUi ara wlU aeee ef ei
aa See aailed Btatea. We are Aeenta fa
laasaass Haaafaotaria; Co.1 Halds, DrRls, Sheatlaf, Salrtiaf, Kif
Caah Advancea to llerchanla and Planters.
men a el oavw,
fAMCa B. ROBliTuol
aarDepoalta reoelred la tana ol fl and upward, and Internal allowed oa aamo Baser
annually. "
ajar We buy and aaU local Inveatment Bon da and Becurltlea teneralty, pay tazat, atrlas
nruateaat ana. in general, aaaenta any Inaaoial buatneai requlriaa a tale and rMoonalble
aor Wa laeaa drafta. la eaaaa to anlt aufehaeere.
aaarWehareaeeaiaoditHae Venlt for the depoilt of Taluablaa. whieh ia at tha larvlee el
oar euttomert, rree of ejbaraa.
D. P. HADUEJI, Praaideat. E
I 111 KM
Ae3 Coininlssion Mercfeants,
Htwu 434 and SO UvdlMa Otwt, MempV
And Still They Come
MTjEvery Pair aVarrantedTl
oaLV aa-aa a paia.
410 street, nemphla.
Roildin?. Memphis, Tennamteo
Cotton Increaied. Maohlnei for ale br
wireet, lneui.-lil. Tenn.
. i
of Ntaple and Fancy GrMerlai
01 t'oniilrj iraercnianta. ;
a Irlce-Ltat."sa
n a..
11ARDWKJ PitiUa.
oa all narte of atarnna. ;
WU. GOLDSMITH, Vioe-Fragldeat.
AN. Canaler.
Koch's Pat.Storo
Nil T I.TIN 6 leadjnatable lo meet any I
or buaineat. It la obaeper then old atyla.
ran oil eiy a.
he put up by
any one. I nalHl raf
f naatry au,
HtMik Mbla. Addreea
KOf ll A
II. C4M Sirra
si mkts ar.. pkoki. ii.u.ar.
aiimnaiM unlrl .St. Loni. Xo
31. fSCUOIT,
GBADUATB of the Watchmakert' AoaeV
esy of Sifltaerland,
Praetleal r atchmakr nni Jewreksa.
er rine Work a BpeeielMv-aaS
. T Jiealv auraea, iiamifym, tmmm
...... -a. - "an aeatananBBJBa

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