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Arrsrr4 1o Take IfsrKHlon t tbe
Le(li-Iaiar or That Mule and
Ilett V. S. ."entir.
Cimhshati, 0., Novf mb?r 24 Tl e
Ird't nauol a toinspi nilmt (f tie
Tu-'ar, i ltf rit fully looking over
tVe brld, nisei ts that uo man iaa loll
ml kt tiie LDtcome may te in Indian.
Tra Democrat dec-ari there ili be
bo K'tiot contest ftr ibe Bui a'l 7 bi.t
that tbe moat giaotlul ccDcrssions
mil) b mad by the R pohlicm
m noil'T to the e'ecton o!aDuio
tri. Tatbisihe R-pnbl.caai svsirt
lih T'gr and Tehemeuce that the
Don ocrat majority ol to caauot te
main'aied save oy con opt or revolu
tionary mecsnrra. It la ibe great faith
I the Dmoor.ti in pnsseaaiun. They
have the majority which they think
will iupure iia m'Dterance. To mucu
of th e boast the RennMicatis relT to
etie late epiecde In Ohio, where twenty-one
Dt-mocra'ic Bet a i rs waie iuno
aainfonaly bsaten by revenUeo
&epntilk:oa and a nervy Ke
pauliioi U.ivernor. But Speaker Jew
s'.!, ol the last D.raorntic H u t'r"i
rema'ked l.u-t night tl at me t tctrs
fonH rot wui in InJA-a; thiit the
I).ena-rat4 had a Govtrnor oi their
iii'e h could be deimded upon in
an em'(repy. and l k of hi m was
Ihp Ar'Jut'iiit General and Bute mili
tia. Oi torn bim 1 tli stal Is not meant
lorrevinion. Lnt mini, (or its ef
faot. "You Rejublicrs nl Oliln are
mi do ol rxo e nerve th-n ih ee of Ia
ta d Jewctt. - "Unr feiloassre
tfcawt. It ey are not al ck."
D. M. lUnfelt, Vice Unairman ol
Ire Rev.rjb.uan State Commt toe, Biys
IhrtevtB should tbe Di-mot'ista c n
trol be AB''mh!y, McDonald would
- he the Fcnat r. Just te'ore Rns
dell to d ma this, we had i-hakoa
hands wi'h tre ex-S!e:.at.r nd con
frtu!t d h m upon his riio eee in
th. te (phone suit. Mr. Ratisdfl.l
doe n t ronslder MrDorald the
IvaaVr in Iudiaia, hecRUfn he hat
dropped into fcuch a roneervaiive
(rcve. This is not B'ylh or ponn
lar with Indiana D. mccrats, and Mo
Dot aid in to te thrown over nv the
rivalry ( o her leaders. Gray, Voor
ee a id La nab proposo to e mtiol the
jVweyeratio machine, and th y v. ill
Jmi ahcat d iu McDonald is n t
n patfd rich but in very corrfi r able
arcumsttne's. Ilia law rartmr, B it
ler, is wealthy, and tray aislel the
Barms. McDonald himsfll rxpfO'a
to he I- eted. Hi will nrobahly flad
klsaetilf the I'hnrman ol Indiana.
l-'eeat-ir Harrison la at home, and
tor taw put wet-k has been bus? in le-
Ial prae iev, which had been neglected
r mtt the canvass He la very red
ttiil int the aittiation, an indinnlion
tbet he and Ms men geis are at work,
and know whxt tbey are doing. The
Senator certainly has reaiton to con-
frhi a e himself on the turn things
ava thken, for in this and other Chios
where I have btad the Indiana itu
Hen d acns'ed Harri ott as a Piesl
dtniial pa B.bili y bat been vory favjr
ahly mtntio ed. Ni it ier Bluine nor
itheraaan ecem t) be particular favor
ites hre, but tbe choice seems ti be
for llini-on or FjrBker aorae new
an alio has n it before figured In
a a tonal convention. Home of thn
kut and mo.t aklUed politlotat a with
whom Ihavetaikad recently incline
te btlieve Ro co Coi kliu a fimida
Ve man for thn rrcstileury. I hoar J
anrne ol this t ilk here, and it catnu up
affer the dentil of Arthur was an
Boanred. This event, it wus thinght,
would wipe imt; the old fueling of
megaamuery and the bittirneia til
Artnnr lo low. rs toward the m ire
toihten ni, n hu liis i : olf nicnt which
kas not ytt beeu in powr.
Wra. tl. EngiisU will lad a revolt
in that 8 ate gtnet tlie Pr sidoat a d
bin admiuiat ittioa and will he a can
dtdkte f ir thn Snnntcrsliii) upon that
iaae. Ilia pap r, the Iml auapjiis
beminel, lias a iedy bi guu ti iu d
aenltineot In opposition to the admin
la trail on. "It u true," c mtiiiued tbe
speaker, "that Mr. K g iuh is a can
didate for the benut-j aud will uive
Mr. McDonald a rp'ritnd race for the
konor. Since tbe eleclion bis paper
has Wn ailuut up in tbe tntje t ol
ike eiieres'or of Benainr Huriiion.
Mr. McDonald's nitine has rcarcely
kea iu i's colnmne, whlob must carry
to the miods of ltareadirs that the
ea-Henator is not ila choice. Mr.
JCaKlteb te conducting his campaign
smletly, though at work creating an
ami-MvDouuld sentiment throughout
the Btats. While Mr. M. Uon
aid, next to tienator Voorhets,
tbe most ardent sup
perrer of the Provident and
hie policy, E ig'lsh hopei to secure
with tte nid of Gjv. Gray, the suppott
of tbe anti-Cleveland members of the
Leg'Blatn e. McDonald is laboring
ani'er difflcnhira in fa t he is not a
3od canva. Ber when he is a candi
dal". With Eaglieh it is different,
and, btaides, to oppess the President
cinre tbe election has become popular,
und upon this iseue the latter baa
placod his fate. I believe he will
name the fera'or i( be cannot be
elected hima.-lf."
The BepnbKena Nrheme aad How
14 mmr hpoilt.
Indianapolis c( rrepp indenfe LAulg
viile Cmirier-Juurnnl: The Republican
proKrmme in now pretty welt uuder
atood. Thi y will, i f course, rran as
ttie IIodb". appoint a part sin Com
Bittre on Kiectiona, and reler all con
teds to that committee. They exptct
Mr. Robeit'on to be (wi ra in as Litu
tMtu nt Governor, aid thus become
the rvevd tig otllcer of the Hena e,
"which baa a I. mocratc majority.
TTmlur tbe law, the ballolii g for a
Dnited Htatet Kennt ir mutt begin on
the Bfeui d Tuesday ader the oigaois
tion of the two hon es. The Demo
eiats Wil', of coulee, Lave their Cjm
sniiteeon Elertiouain the Hena te, to
which the corneals in thai bady will
be referred. As tr e Democratic plan
Ib to ai t on the di fena ve, the Repub
licans propose to let things drift along
jointly notii the da hi fore that
Sxtd for elec ing a Senator, when
they will have their Conmiltee
on Elections ti repoit in tbe
Houe, the fc-'R law will be put
la Oiirat!on, to or three Demo
criti Representatlvea will he oueted
and lb ir R nuihcn contertn'a wilt
be scaled, lhcs, jou eee, tl;e Damo
er.'.t.e aanetdancy v.111 be overcome,
aol tt the next dry's ha lotlng Mr.
llarrhon will b ehc ed h s own sur
0 e or. Of course t e Dun. ocratic (Senate
wil1 tieiriixnu dily nltt euusta'tng
al D ni' era's I.i tha lira e, an. i wil
aiu-ii p, by ey of k nnu 'h nita
even, to oiibt i b many Rei uh can
r!eUr.ti'S hi tl ert hae i e i Dt-ino
rr ' K-fro tri'a'ivtm k'rktd out cf
taall.us'-. The qnat'on t.f a cou
te t ! eiect i n hi g o e ol th ve y
li if'.tm piiv 1 ge, tue Committee on
Kect'orn is h mays .: tie I ti the
flxr. The committor w.ll r port, aud
the Drmocrtti mill a'tompt t rn h
be caeee through. Just here ia wlr
Liiutenant Goverror. BoiiTBonia
expected to make a die lay of b a
skill. Toe grand pirl .rnnope
L ectenaut Governor Bub K' E
reily (n O'nio is t be repeat d b--Mr.
Rbrsju in Ioriana on
a grander ec.le end 'with
f' more darz'i'g efftct. Mr. R
irtaoa will rn'fgnzs to D-'ocrjt
h nttsnjp's t'i move the jr vima
?'iestinr, but v.111 rea.lily rec' g it a
iepublicao v. ho wants to nj .ti'n. II i
wilt refasa c call f r thn yias acd nya
oa hat rooiior, and di-cUre tli Heruti
arj .urned. Il t&e Damocrut'c Hocrc
tary of tbe benate does not arrange
the j corral as Mr. Rober'Boa wanti it
done, then tbe latter gentleman will
keep the books btmseif. Tha Demo
crats may refrain from voting fcr Sjtia
tor the next day, but the record v. ill
rhnw 70 votes for Mr. Harrison, a ma
jority of the whole number of Sena
tor and Representatives, and thU will
snflire for a Repablican Senate to give
Mr. Harrison bis seat.
The Ropub i 'an plan, as I have out
lined it, ia fattbfnlly coned', and it is
a pretty ptogramme, but will it wOikT
I think not. There Is good reason
why it will not work. n tbe fitt
place it naiy be stt down as a cer
tainty that Mr. Robertson will n',t he
Lieutenant G pernor ol InnUna this
winter. He may be Dent winter, but
not this, i Hence he will not be the
presiding officer of the 8-na e, and he
cannot perform thn Bo1) Kennedy act,
according to advert Be meat. It is He
opinion of nearly every eminent Uw-
yer in tuis o ate, no ma ter what, nts
ooliiirs. that tho election for Lieut-n-
ant Governor was nnauthoilEid, be
cause there watt no vacancy in the ol-
floe. Wleo it was vcatd by U.m.
Mansoo, Hma'cr rtmlth, by virtuo oi
his p eiitm ai the pro tea pore presi
dent of tbe Rena'e, became the ai tirg
Lieutenant Goven.or, and is nut i 'I'd
to hrt'd tbe plme till ibe end of Gov.
G ay's term. Ia tbe event of Gov.
Gray's death or res gna i n, he would
beojuie Uoveinor oi. tue mate, inere
has been pome doubt as to w hat Sen
ator Smith won'u do in the
matter, bei an-e, as wai said in
my dispatch of jes erday, the ques
tion ia ens purely pen-oml. Buttinre
is no longer any doubt as to the
coutss Mr. Smith will purtu. At a
meetirg of the Committee of 8faty
vestorddf he snnonnc d his Intention
of conte-tlna Mr. Roburiaon's claim
to tbeofliieof Lieutttnsnt Governor.
He will sie out an ir J unction to pre
vent a ceitllea'e ot election fiom
leaning to Mr. Ribertson, and the
matter will baaeith d by the Hnpreme
Court bef the L(iislature convenea.
It Ib dollars to cents that the dncieion
of the Supreme C( art will be in favor
of Grera Smith. The majority nf tbe
Supreme Oonrt Jntiges are D mo
crata. thoagh I do not know that tho
political complexion oi that triDunat
tns anything to do with tha caae.
Mr. Sni'h'd resulve ib entirrtly con
sistent with bis ptt onnduct relative
to the Lieutenant G vatno ship. He
a id lo me la-t fcuuihmr kt the Scott 3
bu g Convention which nominated
the Hon. Jamea Howard for Congreas
that the oninion ol the Ait irney Gen
eral that tboro was a vacancy in the
office of Lieutenant Gov irnnr was er
roneuui. "I am," said be. "tha acting
L'ealenant Govurmr nud entitled ti
the suce-'HsIon ahonid there te ava
canty in G jv. Qrav'a oflije bafare the
end nf bis term. I meau to lioli on to
the place no matter who is e'ectod.
I had forg tteu ibis canvera toa un
til remind, a ol it on veatenm. cten
ator Smith gave amp'e iotioe ot bis
claim so tbe oflVjo. At the Democrat
ic Siato Convention his nam wa
placed Iu nrmli at on fi r the tlllieol
Lientsnant G vernor Re wai a dk
irtte to tbe o nventlon and at orctt
sprang to Ida fe-t and dum ndod that
bit name us withdrawn. He dee tried
to become a candidate far an i fll te ( f
which ha was air a ly tbe incn.bei t
with twjiears vei ti srve. II n )ii
fled the conveution that he would no'
rurrr.nder the cm e unbst c impelled
to do no. The ci Da'titution ol the r ti.te
provides that a Lieu enant Governor
ball be elected fur a t"rm of nil'
years. Yet Mr. R baitsan cannot
cliiim toat bis term will ex
tend hoyond the nest regular
lection, now only two yearn distant.
There are several inetance wbete the
pro tempore presiding rfflcerof tbe
Hon ate. nae become uovrrnorni awta e.
You will remember one in Kentucky.
When Gov. Magntlia abdioated in
186. there was no Lieutenant Govern
or in oilise, and Gen. R ibertaon,
then pro tempore President 6f the
Senate, became Governor. The more
yon atady tbe case of Senator Smith,
the more certainly yon are convinced
that his position is correct. . And the
Republicans need not shriek "Uon
BPiracy I" because, forsooth, he pro
pose to hold on to his office. As I
have previously said in thia corre
spondence, the uemocracy raa noth
ing to do with thia matter. Mr. Smith
is responsible for his own actions, and
I ff el aafe in aaserting that he would
insirt on his rights if the Lieutenant
Governor-elect were a Democrat.
With Green Smith as the Pieeldent
of the Senate, the uotlom tunbles out
of the Republlcm conspiracy. Their
game will be one at which both aides
can piar with equal aeivaot ae. When
ever a Democrat's Representative is
fired Iron tbe tioiiae a Kennrjiiran
Senator will be promptly pitched after
him. The Democrats do not intend
to lose their majority of two on joint
ba'l it. They want no more than that,
and they mean to keep what they
have got. They are for peace, sweet
peace, but if the Republicans want
revo'a'ion tbe Democrats are toady
for brnloea". The Republicans are
grentty alarmed at the situation, now
that it is hliihly iinprobible tbey will
get the Lieutenant Governor. They
will have to lay out a new oonaplrccy.
The Democrats have contrs'ed tbe
seats of Ave Republican Senators and
two Republican Representatives. Tbe
Republicans conteet two Democratic
Senators and tonr Representatives so
far as known-. There la soma Idle
claim that the Bats of at least ten
Demoorals in the Hones are contested,
but that claim is not believed. The
Democrats sy tbe care ot Meagher, ol
Vigo, is the only ona that furnishes
the Republicans wilh pretext tor
easting the contestant. Tbey effset
Meagher's (Has with their contest
against Markoy, of Knox, who Is
clearly ineligtpU.
A BarrlMi Prwa
Of liurlaldieJUdambaiu. ContUnt
drowiiaaas, alMplnUrrnpua fcr aeklll, aaa
eeedad br a oomuidIbc haat, and that fcr aa
ihaaatlns iwmI. A aaniatloa aa f nomb
dui (rata olj.bat aa, akaklni attandalt.
lloiUtUr'l 8tosaoh BUlorl Invariat )y rad
loUi it, thongh tt U tha moat obatlnata form
of n.iuma-bor dlte. To oonquar it with
Oolnlna it Impixilbla ai to battle dowa
UibralUr wi h a honittar. Ualarlal diiar
dara nf arirf klal ar attondtd with do
ranaeniont of tbo llror, a ft articad I T tha
aafiron tint which tho thin aaadnirs In aura
dlietict. For thli rupiam, aa wall aa for
III mil ', tl' ti t ' t rrta'n roiurdr
Cot tnitn, drmt'iiiis rhvumtm. and
InftdW ly of tho ki'.y aid 0 aider, ara
d a ad
a ao relieved br ia" one altera
Ibry Miod SI e for Afqullfal and
Tbrce for on victim & New
Irlal Granted.
Nkw York, November 54. few
rrinu es alter 11 o'cloik Recorder
Soyh mn'e h's aopearance ia ci nrt
and bt 11:40 o'clock the jury cme into
tho room. Foremen Lyon et. ted that
they had rrt eg-eed npon a verdict,
adding: "We have remained tbe s me
since 12 o'cli ck Monday u gl t" Re
corder Smyth said be did nut think it
wes worth while to keep the jury
longer and asked D strict Attorney
Mar ine for bis opinion. Mr. Martine
thought il the status of the jury re
trained unchanged since 12 o'clock
Monday eight they bad better be dis
charged. Recorder Smth thereupon
discharged the jury. Dietrict Attor
ney Martine then addressed tbe court.
Ht felt that he bad petfotmed bis
whole duty in this matter, and his as
air taots had worked manfully; they
had ptesen'.ed a fall case and
how the ju-y, or any jury, coit'd
fail to rnirte npon enma verdict. He
le t fiat tbe remit if this trial was a
Eablic calamity, and tt e case thonld
called for a eneedv mtrinl. II",
thor fore, moved for a now trial en
MondAynexr. Mr. Newcomhe th" ugtit
he needed more 'ima to prep iru for a
nt-w trial. The R ci'der tbcughtthat
thelawvem had bad ample piepira-
tlotiP, tnd he thetelore
to begin on Monday next at 11 o'clock
a.m. The jury was permitted lo ta s
out of tte c urtr ooiii e,t 11:45 o'clork
a.m. Their reappearance frcin the
place of their recent c n nuemei t wai
tbe signal for a g and imh of reporters
and cii'r.ens, an etger to aaoerram row
far tbe jury disagreed and who were
the olittinate ones. To the gnreral
surprioo of those who bad watched
tbe trial, tbey learned tnnt the nrn
ballot, taken at midn'ght Motd iy, had
and three for conviction. Toeie were
only three bdiots alter that, one on
Tnesdiy morning after breakfa-t,
anotl.er )3t niwht at 9 o'c'ock, after
which ome the report to tbe court,
and after that the tired and now ugly
jurors beetowed thenieelves la tue
... M l
most comiorianie manner p ieuoie ou
the chairs, etill backed benches, tables
andfljori t the room and eitayed to
s en' p. Tney were not good uaenred
this miming and oa taking anotuer
ballot they found that ttiey etood ex
actly aa they bad on all ether ballots.
Ih a wi their report to tbe court,
The three who holdout f ir conviction
were Louosberiy, Dougherty and
Frje, ail of whom are comraeicial
men. Tbe scene about the brown
s ona counhoa e was one ot excite
ment. and the reception of the an
nouncement aas anything but flitter
ing to the nine who could not eee
COuVICtlon in tne eviuence. xuv
general impression bad been, sloes
the closing tii tbe evidence, that
was that thesjmpathlesof some of the
jury bad been woruedon by Mr. Ndw
combe's p'ea for his wlleaud children,
or that sums iuror. disumted and cU-
trustful of the inloimers (Kullgrau
and VaUf) bad entirely dUreifarded
iheir evidence, or that r-ome juror,
hopeful that his act wou'd produce a
recomp' nne, would disregard his oath
aid vote without regard tithe evi
dence. In ehrrt, everyone nutaide ol
thej ity box had coovicted the ac
cused. So great wai the le'ielt' at
tue ju y, favo able to coovictioa, had
been ''hung" br one otetmae man,
thUabuut instituted for that man
hid fix-id opon Nng-nt, and he had
been thif ut jectol exec a Ion ai the
"obetin le j iroi"- tar twenty tour
hours. Tte efore, when it was Stat d
that the white l aired, detent old gvn
tleratnbtd sight companions sharers
in bis
FBNDAMT, the report was at onre tkon to be a
good joke. When it was inolated upon
the inquirer invaritbly grew wratby,
and left his supposed mieinlormant 10
ask othets. But tbe reply was always
tbe sime, and tbe names of the three
were earned as above. Tbe people
marveled and went away to discuss
the mutabilities of the coarse of tbe
rass in tha hands ot an American
the inquiries of their fellow cltis ns,
but b speedily as they could get their
hate and overcoa s threaded their
way through the crowds in tbe corri
dors and took their several ways to
thel'l homes, their first visit to ihnir
families in a whole week. MiQuade
was remanded to the Tombs.
It is rumored that the jury was
tampered with, but the authorities do
not credit tbe rumnr.
Application fir Mi Quade's release
on bait was uen leu, and be was com.
m ttcd to the Tombs pending his re
Taa National Woman Suflrage As
sociation will hold its annnal meeting
in Washington January 25th, 26.h
ml 27th. .
Mrs IlAiturr Gbbin, who Is cred
ited with having s cured the control
of the Georitia Ceitial railroad, was
the daughter ot an ex-New Bedford
wbaler, fiom whom she Inherited
$9,000,000. She also inherited $4,000,
000 from an aunt, and her fortune is
now estimated at $30,010,000. .
Fatkbts have been Issued to women
dnrlcg the week ending November 2,
1886: Dora Mitchell. Ot nutea, Ia.,
picture banger; Lillian Wbitetleid,
Reading, Mass , compound (or trans
ferring designs to surfaces from per
forated rBtterns; Katie Williams, Provi
dence, R. I., hair curling device.
Tub rrinoess Louise has made sev
eral drawings for the Youth'i Com
onion to illustrate an article on "Sal
mon Fi.eb.ing on the Casrapediac," by
the Marquis of Lome. Tbey use the
money which they receive for tbsir
work in te ping poor English and
B.o'.ch tamlllos to emigrate to Canada
Ihb firtt girl bas entered Brown
University, and the venerable inetilu
tion b ill a ends. Tbe jonng lad" is
a graduate of the Providence Hiiih
School, and has pseeil enreeeafu ly
tha exainlrat'oue require! for admis
sion to the Irishman class. She lies
entered as a r-ptcial ttudent in ct.ein-
Mi'a Jakb Btkicslano, the only sur
vivor oi tne lainuy i i nt eri ct in t
name, bas written a memoir ol A.ntia
S ricklai.d, wh se bibloilcal biogra
pM-e s c ned her a 'itetrnry repnt.t on
year-" ag'-, and Btill keep all re u.terfst
in he r na'i e aid wrk. Ti ehiokw l
co' tain many of Aunea S rickland'a
Ittte b.
Miss Anna M. Ciiandleb, lady prn-
rlpit at Marqute, ic"., w sr cut
ly if!e ed t e pr.t. t on o1 Supt r e tend
eut ol the Ci'y Pch m s at U a, 1 1 ,
at a e'ary of $1(0 ) t er ;e'. M fi
Chendl-r wt-s a iMemberr f ihi fir t
rlaie that tirnduat. d ia iou from Mich
ian University.
Mb. Emily PFEifFSB''sao"ntTru-
lieh c - rreo'ed and tevieed ed 'ion of
ber Sonntt; w t'i .' e add. thin nf aone
not biihcito print' d. She wi l hive a
piper in the lieceiub-rnnmW of Hie
Contemporary J Uvea', on the relHl'ori lo
health und phvatc.i d ve'opment of
the hiuher educa ion a'ud tbe intel
lectual e (Tot of iiotnea.
Tub Na iona' L;beral CI ah. In L-m-
don, ha retolved to establish a Na
tional Liberal Lidieb' League to coun
teract the political work done in tbe
interest of the Try party by the
wrtri'S ot tbe fiurose teague. 15oth
parties are agreed ibat women m y
take part in pr-liti a. Now perfcaps
th-ywll fivor utwiheome reasons
why womea sboaid cot vote.
Miss Alicb R. Jordan, the tiu"b
ladv who t .ok the deire of L. L. B.
at Y-le College bs June, and who is
the fi-Ht and nly lid wtio e var g d
nated Nini ihu n.oinution, ia but 23
yea'sold. 1 wo y u 8 ao hhe was ad
mi't'd to practicn in tlie Cucuit Cour's
a' d last week w.-b admitted to pre
t ca ia the Sjpeii r C'mrt. Ali.btgn
is Ler native oUre aud it is prctid if
Fbanoes E. WimRD, at the a' ntiul
mue ing r.f tbe N'tionrl Woman's
ChrisMaa Tftmpem cs Ucion et Mln
rio'pil 8, raid: "I believe we ehoul I
in every bUte ConV'-n'ion of the W.
O. T. U. and the P ohibi ion party,
declere a'ligiimeto the pr1rici,.'u f t
eqnal IrincmsH, and etate our c nvic
ti n that it will prove one of tl e
euriBv, method.! of prohibitir g the
liqu ir traffic and ml o her site na nat
woman and the heme."
Mb. Maby B. Rkr b, of Ohio, is to
be sent as a ui"Biona y to AKtka by
the Nat'O'-al Wunien'a Ch ls ian Tern
p rance Union, wlio vot. d an appio
pi ia' ion for tbe pnrpoae at th-iir re
cent anLual meeting. Tbe condit on
of r.omen among t e A'aeka tribes is
drsciibed as t i iibli in the ex rame,
many exceptor ady barbatous ru
toms exieting tLere. Mre. Lucy A.
Sailsir, ol Cheney, Wash. T, will ac
company Mrs. R-ise.
Chables KihGK.tT so wiJe'y known
and I'ignly estettned in the literary
world, was an irdent. ad v cite of
wr man anflra e. I 18C9 h wrote ao
article ia ila nillan't ilagttine on
''Women aid Poii B,"to help the
question which wa j.mtthen brought
into d 8cii8"ioii. ll.tatteudod the first
woman euDTragA meetl' g in London
witn Mr. John Stint Mill. He gave
two lectures in a touree ler Indies, at
Winthener, ana'iged by Mrs. 0. A.
John?, th? wife ol his olu friend and
tutor. He made tpeecV es for it at in
dustrial end mechanics' associations in
his diocese.
Thb following is the resolution
psjd ry the NatlmiHl Women's
Christian Temperance Ui i m at its re
cent annual mee"ng in M:nrienoi-:
17. Gratefully aeorptin the tileed troth
tht in ChrUt Jo u-ihre ia noi'her male
nor female, and belie' in Oodnivea pnwer
ahoald be Bird for Hed' w rk, un I lejuiuing
OTr'heeu oe a a'teridinit the OHUneof Pro
hibi'ion In thoae trntnriea whore nnr
women hava the pnvileie of trunohise;
Xawiml, Thtt weurae the men of thene
Uuited etatea to rnt u the bit lot, that
unitedly we may woik lor Qoi and human
ity. V
Some nf these re o'tl'iout w?re
warmly diacuseel.but tbia was pastd
without opp Bttio '.
A Hwiui-riid eISiii( la Aalone
Lijicjln, Nbb., No eiub r 24. Mr.
Eao, ex-presd ut of tue Inab Na
tional LouU", wan setn today rigard
ing tiie rumored c tiBp'r cy to aB83
s t a e Michael Dv.itt. He ea d he be
lieved tliere were pond gre.un la tor tbe
tumor, a id that if evidencs were
wanted on tin t'dijut it would be
loi id by ruaiinit le een tie li.ies
of a d si"it::U f rotu Naw Yirk wtiit h
appear d in the papeis tif jestorday
mori.ing vlli'ying Mr. Davit's th r
aiter. Tht ui p-.t h, Mr. Egau said,
was made np nf a tisMie of un ruths
For example, it Ha es that Mr. Davit
was badly re eived tbroagbont the
West, inouding Nebraska. Evety
one here knows, said Mr. Ean, that
no publio man ever received a more
cordial welcome, or lelt behind him a
better impression in Nebraska than
Vic'-ail Davitt. Mr. Egan e a d tbat
while O'Djnovaa Kosjs may not be
personslly mrxed up in tbe plot the
conspirators are not far removed from
him. The d fference between Finnerty
and Davitt, Mr. Ean re-girds as pimp
ly an honeet divergence of otinion be
tween good men as lo policv and
methods; but the attaikof O'D mo
van Rosea he characterises as mean
and contemptible. Ho says that
Rossa's only exploi sfor a conaiderable
time have been to force off empty
threats and fire off blank cattridgea at
Englar.d and to pelt wind at' semible,
level headed Irish N'a'ionslists.
It'r -rrU
GasWorks for Sale
UNtKSS tnoner dl'poatd ef at pHtU
il". I will offer at tue i,onhooaa door,
in Holly fcprlit, asuelKipi-i. aa
On December 1, 1SS0.1
at pohllo ootcry. to tha hUhe' bidder
o"-h, rho nitire l'nt.t ot the "CM
M'K.N-i 111, U'OltUrf .nn.ktlrf 0
ere o iirnunit. tboui. five n ilea f. m
pli e ' d '-our tiolictu. bripk buildinga, hu
A v,uhle erurertv, whinh 'heowreraelia
only eeoaueen.a"d In othe bnaTe-a
AI'MSO- CRFr, Aaent.
Uelly b'pilnti, Mia , NoTembe 17, low-
The First Sign
Of falling health, whether In the form of
Ki'!it Sweats and KerTouiui its, or in a
senso of General Wearinesa and Loaa ot
AppctltcKbouia sugirtei iut ueoX Ayeif
Sursupurilla. This prerxra'.lon ta moht
effective for giving tons nnd atrengtc
to the enfeebled system, promoting the
digestion and assimilation of food, restor
ing tbo nervous forces to their norma.
condition, and for purifying, enriching,
and vltalizlui: the blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years atro mr henlth hcenn to faTL
I was troubled with a (lislreniiug tjourn.
Night Sweats, Weakness, mid Nervous,
neaa. I tried varioue rcmedlea nrcHcribed
by different pliysiciana, but became ao
weak tbat I could not fro up stairs with
out atopplnsr to rest, Jly friends recom
mended nio to try Ayer'a Siirnaparllla,
which I did, and 1 am now as Ueidihv and
strong na ever. Mra. . L. Willlauis,
Alexandria, Minn.
T tlflVA 1 F.r'. CnM In
w " - ' " m utii wipm ma. i u mj
family, for Scrofula, and know, If it ta
taken faithfully, that it will thoroughly
eradicate this terrible diaeaae. I bnve alao
preecrined it aa a tonic, aa well aa an alter
stive, and must aay that I honetitlv believe
It to be the beat blood medicine ever
compounded. W. F. Fowler, D. D. 8.,
M. V., Greenville, Tenn.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would be ImnoMfblo for me to do.
acribe what I 6 u tiered from Iudigestlon
and Headache up to tlia time I bepin
taking Ayer'a Snranpnrilla. 1 was under
tbe cure of various pliys'clam und tried
a great ninny jtmas or iucuicIuch, nut
never obtained more than to1 .orary re
lief. After taking Ayer'a Sarenpnrllla for
a short time, m.- !-erdaclie cisappenred,
and mr atomnch p' formed : duties mors
perfectly. To-day my bcalt . is foin
pkitcly reetcrea. aaury Iliu-ley, Spring
iield.Maus. I bavo been areas Iv benefited by the
prompt cae if Ayars SiiMttpurilla. It
tones and invtxratee ha-yit?m.reiriilntea
me action or ute uixosuve nun Hxxiiuiiaiivs
ormina, and vi illzea tbe blood. It ia,
without doubt, the most reliable blood
purifbr yet dUcovered. II. 1). .Johnson,
893 Atlantic ave., Brooklyn, K. Y.
Ayer s Sarsaparilla,
Pnvaad by Dr. J. C. Ayer fc Co., Lowell, Uaaa.
EVERY hnu'tkerp-r knowi anmetVina
about the truubka cm el by smoking
fi ep'acex, nhi h are ami ni h- areatest nui
anee t be met with, tire of the iupiriant
thms tii h attended to in al' h ueen ir ti see
tbattbo Kiatea are et properly, and th-t the
fireplace, a-e correcti bu It Sl. II.
1K1IN, 41 ilqN Sttreei iean eipert
at thia hutineae, and bun patsnted eoine Hr
ran(eaiania that enkblr him io corm-t auioSy
ehiuineya und to in the trrta'est h at trom
the tuel. Ail f.o went Brepls en or chitu
nea n mediod nhou'd apply ti Mr. LKVON',
who-e wotW wit ir've Bi.lnett".
Ti nntaiiouid. mult' or vomitr. Annliei
into noitrilsisquickly ahsorbed. Il Heanaei
thtliead. AUaysinjiammation. llealstu
tores. Itcttnreathe lenaet oftaMeand tmett.
wcenual lruQtjtau: ny mar. reiwtreat www
ill BROTHERS, Druggists, Owego. H. T.
II CAntCUTKR:4 full
And li on Roofin
Fire, Wind. Water and I Icbtnlna
ttroor. Suitable for all kinds of bulldince.
For Drtcea and atlsaates a faetory ratea
eall on or addreea
438 k 440 Main it., and H 23 Mulberry at.,
Heedqnartera for Iron Fenoea and Qreatlna,
tialraniaedlron Cornice.Tla Rcofa Ae-tove.
The Christian Drotbera have the pleaaara
of ennonrieinii the completion of KATUN.
RIVH ATinrTIONS to their Colleca. which
tbey have provided wilh all aeleot modern
improrementa and eonvenleaoea, and they
are now enabled to loootumodate an in
oreaaod number of Boarders, Half Boarders
and Day Students.
For information eoneerainf Terms, Board,
Tuition, etc.. see Catalogue, or apply by mail
or in perton to
waav. Naava aao Bri TaaATaaar,
a auaranteed neatflo for llyatorla, Dieil-
neM, tionvuieioijw, c ih, bh' .,ii.i.r
da. Headache, Nerrc-'i Prostration, cauaed
by the one of aloohol or tobaoooi wake
fulneaa, Mental Depreaaion, Seltenlns of the
Brain, reaultini in infinity and loa ins to
miiery, decay and death: Premature Md
Ate. Barrenneas, Loaa oi Power in either
Involuntary Loeaes and Spermator
rhea, oaox J by over-exertion of the brain,
eelf-abuie orovrinauiaenoe. dob owi ovn
a nna tnnnt b'e tremtment. SI a box. O
Iz boiee for to, aent by mait prepaid, OB
receipt of prloe. We juarnntcw Six Boxea
to cure any ewe. 'With each ordor received
by ai for aix torea Mcowpaiied with SI,
we will aend the purebaeer our written
fuawi'tje lo refund the money II the', leat
went doee 'Ot affect a rn. Rneranteei
tl.aml only B a. IfKaam iiu..imr
Of Interestlo Ladies
TT will be inoner to httf Hdy eon
.bV irDi",nl IIIB furrnssw in m
chin in lh Dxt nit ety dnyt to otti And to!
erim' i i uinni rtunn ntf
an.) tK,f la, saail i m nPn wa tli an I . he Alltn.
mtip Un hit) Winder. hicla idiwi th
WW HMK Revorn.1 yn ahead oi an
niacin n now in ma mir"i
INtW.Uome HewlnrMnchlnf Co
40. K on to Conrt MCrecU
r-Vf Lit m
Uuaaitvvii i
iilllsII .OHO
oots and biioes f
261 TklJTlSr ST.
eomple e than ever, oomurinina not only the beat tod fiaeat but alao lull lines of Br
diam. durable ana itylith sooua, which we offer at low CKurea.
To TII it TRtllt we orlrf apeeial indueementa. Crrylnr met of our soode ia
SOLID BIZKS, we are prepared to til ordera lor auerial aiaea at NO EXTRA CO&f. tha
enabling Merchanta to All io without being eompellea to buy gooda not needed.
AaeaU.ror tberCelebmted W. L. neaalM B3 Men's Calf ajboe and.ajl .
ttoya Bthtxta lai all mylm.!
eertT,T,FSTRATirr. rnTsi.nqnai
J. 11EAM A litULX wai Oianulvea on jxoTemoer y, 1S86.
Mempbie, Xenn., November 11, 1SW.
mm coffee mm Co.
Coffee Boasters, Spice Grinders,
Importers aend Wboleaiale Dealer In
TosEts, Coffees,Spioes
T,Ki.hD. 205 Main Street, Leo Block, Memphis.
Wan nein. John S Illy. as. OktIii. lamw H-t'y. W 11 Bwrn.
m. i, mm & go,
Doora, H&fih, Bliud8,Woldiairia,all kinds of Door aud Window
I'raiuess Bracket e eroli-Work, liougu aud I rested
Lumber, rVbliiglcA, Latin, Water Tanks.
All klutUot Wood Work .Executed at Short Notice.
Nns. li7 to 17ia Washington street, Hfpinplitg. f enn.
AVindow SLades, Picture Bail Mouldings and Mixed Paints.
ffO. 885 KECOl MKEKT. - - - Ml' MPIIIS. TEXlf
Ir ocers & Cotton Factors,
JSsx CS3 WsUb Rtraset, Gayoaa) Block.
peer's Cotton
lluling from Malberry
es Insurance and Sacks free.
lThe Largest and only Complete Gin In the city,
tar Best vield. Best Sample.
Quarter or a Century in
Nos. 322 and 324 MAI I?
1 V 1 -
Wholesale Grocers
a, . 1 r
Xelhsj .alllvaa.
ITbolesmle Oroeers, Cottoa Fftcton
Ani Cargraissifln Ksrchants,
2 and 234 Front
BBnrna A. bam abb jitrFKBtMBi
T . KaJOriT t.Sm his arhola Urns
Vae. JUH Front trsat. CTor. Trailon. Hfartithlai. Tana. '
ta. ilL IU. IR...4 Lee. ef Ueaehaaa A HerieB. Late sf Baltef A
- .,. BjaaerrtBa). j
' 860-881 Trtrat Btrt Msamini Tsmm.
ff oof lciowan fk Co.
Wholesale Grocers anil Cotton Factors
And Dealers) iu Levee au J Ilallroad Supplies,
No. 374 Front Stxeet -Memphis. Tennessee.
El .il H
I'k m Hb) M
awn pprr-w t.tst mtt.wt wbi
Wi4. DKAN.
- Prea't. I JOHN LILLT, Seo'y aad Tree.
to St. Martin Streets
the Hardware Business.
& Cotton Factors.
ISii. Claras. Bt. J. Olauk.
St., OempMs, rtizz
to the welt alat aad I aala lefrJl CoeUa sail

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