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Brother Booth the Financial as TTell
aslielglona Meud, anil Commands
Under Ironclad Bales.
EiHti City, Mo.. Novembf r 22
The Tmet te taut Gen.Wm.Bj3 h
of Lond' o. the head aad fouadrr of
the r-alv.tion Army, who tons ren
trvinii to f tir od enthneiaF m io the in-
tereet of hUo guiiaitlonaad nodoabt
to fatten h's exihtqu-r in tnia cry,
hut Mlforihs Fn t When Gen. BOtti
food b:fora the audience asmb!ed
at Mnaie Hall list Wednesday night
tn hoar hi l. tn- on "lhe U se and
Progrew of tue Salvaion Army," be
vas attired in bia natomary tea nan
nel jacket and we'l worn black aatin
cloak, and there were probab'y very
few thtr who knew Ihit he was worth
almost 5 COO.OOl) and bad an annml
income from the harveeta of the Sal
vation Army of about $1,000,000. The
history of Gen. Broth is one of the
most remarkable in the history of re-
lieiona movrments. tie nas Deen suc
cessful as a flnarcier, too, for he hai
combined buaineea with relie'on
Ten yean ago he was scarcely worth
a guinea; now bis wealth is esti
mated, inoludirg the property he
holds in trust, at almost 5.000,000.
and he controls half a million peo
ple as completely as tbe Czar of Rus
sia rales dis subjects. He Has been
called tbe Napoleon of the religious
world, and pejpie wbo know turn nay
mat be is entitled to ine name,
Twenty years ago he was a Methodiet
minister without means. He re
nounced tbat church and conceived a
new religious prelect, which has
given him a following of almost 600,'
COO people and netttd him an im
mense income antiually. It is an
eaty matter to account for the money
that ia annually poured into the
coffers of the army la London. Gen
Booth controls twtnty-two religious
papers, which have an aggregate cir
culation of eru.uuu ciplca. These are
ailed War Ovi, and are published in
seven different larguagee. Offices of
publication are lat"d in London,
Paris. Berlin. New York, Montreal
and South Africa. In India War
Crie are published in four different
languagts. Thwe publications bring
in annually $500,00 and give a profit
I almost S.OU.O0O.
In tbe lsre ounting rooms of his
palatal headquarters in London, Geo.
BooLh has as many men employed as
there are in tbe recorder a cilice oi
Jackson county. A ten tit man living
in this city, who was once chief clerk
under Gen. Booth and controlled the
entire business of tbe Salvation Army,
ays that, he enip oys over 100 men at
headquart rs. Uhtsa are distributed
as follows: In the general offices, 15;
cashier's tffl :e, 10; accoun'aat de
partment, 8; ed tir'al managers, 8;
outfit department, 25; managers r.f
printing, 10; book department, 12;
and about fifteen in the smaller offices.
The ex cltrk has a very intnreeting
story to ttH. lie was in London
without employment, and unable to
do physical work on account of a
broken leg. He was parsing, so he
aid, near No. 272 Whi e Obapel road,
when be-saw a card posted above tbe
doorwh'ch announced that a rapid
shorthand writer was needed upstairs.
He went up and applied for the situa
tion. He secured it and in a short
time became chief e'erk. He has eev-
erai secret donamenta in hi posses
sion which Booth iesned, and as he be
came disgusted w.th tbe methods at
headquarters he does not hesitate to
divulge thtm. Some of these papers
are very eigniflcaut and speak for
themselves. The source of informa
tion is au hent'C and the gentleman is
engaged in bus nets in this city. Ha
Bays that the Salvation Army ia tte
culmination of fanaticism in religion,
and he baa been in a pes tion where
he was able to learn i's methods. ,
The documents which he has in his
poeeession show that a member of the
salvation Army is nothiog more than
a snbject of a religious government of
wnicb. Bona is king. Toe candidate s
form, which ia rarely allowed out of
the commanding c fficer'd hands, an
which every effic r ia compelled to fl 1
runs something like thin:
"Do you Eolnrntil promire to enter
the service of Gen. William Booth and
promise to U ti it "0 on disobi-yin
any of his orders ? Are you courting
Will you aerie to qmt courting for
yeart Have jou ever been n jtil
Da yon belong to any church ?"
A cand d ti is never admitted wh
continues a meriib-r of the church
ice cammanftii g tinner li paid ab jut
$7 a week. The pubro cirrulats say
mat all ine sarpina 1J need to eft b
lish new stations. The secret collec
tion card', which none are allowed to
hold but cflkers, f ay that all money
Bed to snpooit a station mast be
raised in the town l'self. All money,
bequests and deeds to - property mast
no turned into trie bands cf Gen,
William Booth. Every piece of pron
erty which te Salvation Army owns
ia aeeaea to a jotn, and tne prescribed
lorm wnicn is issaed lor eucb pnr-
noses irom neaaqaaiters reads as fol-
"I give and bequeath unto tbe Rev.
William Booth, the General of the
Salvation Army, No. 101 Q ieen Vic
toria street, London, tha following,
Some time tgi the following mani
feeto was iseued by Gan. Booth, and
it was no wonder the members oi the
Salvation Army in Baltimore and other
parts of the United States rebelled
"In fnture no sanction will be given
to courting by either sex or to any en
gagemenl of any male lieutenant. Ha
must get promoied to the rank of cap.
tain before anything cf the kind can
be recognised. No captain ia to ex
pect headquarters' consent to his mar
riage, either af er two yeara' service or
more, unless be has proven himself
an emcient and bqccufbI ji officer, and
then he must be backed by his divis
ional officer who, in consenting to bis
marriage, must agree to give him
three etatior a. In future no marriage
win De agreed to by nradqnarte'S un
less we have coneen'ed to the engage
ment a) least twelve months before."
Booth has a deed enrolled in chan
eery which places all the Salvation
Army's property in bis hande, and ac
cording to wbicn tne property de
scends to his successor. As Gen.
Booth ha tha power to appoint his
successor be will doubtlesi appoint
his ton, and the property will thus
descend and be always kept in tha
family. Bramwnll Booth is chief of
International rtaff. Ballington Booth
was commander of the Austrian forces
and La Marecha'e Bioth commands
, the Swiss and French forces. The
7 name La MartcLa'e in an En
glish family shows howthrewd the
head of the 8avat!on Army is. No
jjomraandiug rflicer is allowed to stay
in one placw louper than two years,
lor one of Gan. Booth's old maxims
is: "Tbe-e shall ba no heroes in this
army but Bo tts."
The tone of the secret book of orders
and jeguM. odb ii the tame tbrongtv
nnr. Is kims are o arc mplieh Gen,
B kVv objects in va loua manners.
It teat he dtCtit and encourage sus
pitoa. la m tto is to b-leve n
man, and i s doc rire ii todtc ive if
bv doiog so an ei.d can bi gained. Ii
regard ti ministers and memb ra of
relw'O'ia darorninti jDd it sare:
'Minis ere will, for poitires and
decenc'a e. k, e.aure jou tbattbty
take tbe deepest; ii.tertst in y ur
blessed woik, which, perhaps, they
fo, p'ov'ded it keeps at a dtaice
f ( m th-m. But if, hrornoti yoar
gua-d by this, you i. form them of
y ur ilino. thev may either mis'ea i
yon by td'.aing airniuat tbe baildinira
wh-rj you woud beet fu ce-d, or
even may g so fir as to per uide pto
pla t i ri-fu e the use of the places you
moftreed. Keoif ever so well in
ten'ionnH, the r ct er ignorance cf the
likely way t ) reachthe people will be
aim oat certain tileidyou attray. A
tl ea er proprietor is far more likely
to dire t y into the best p!ac3 to catch
tbe peooie.
Toe order instructs how to deceive
and meet every one's views. It says
"To make ministers and others en-
g'g d in church work friendly, yon
muit dwell uoon toe lact tnat we at
tack thoee who are quite oulaide cf
their range, and that from the want of
education amongst us we cannot oe in
competi ion witn tnem."
The plea that the Salvation Army's
object is to save tbe lower class of peo
ple is accordingly urgea everyvnere.
Besides urging this plea to meet the
argument that tbe churches are enffl
cieLt for the people, the report goes
on to say :
"In order to make Triends it is neces
sary to think of the peculiarities of the
various people yon meet with, their
interests, habit, etc., and to place be
fore them tbat leature of the service
mo'tl.kely to attract."
lti inatiuctions to the Booth spies
are a loiiows:
"Ia rpeaking with commanding offl
cere, snbordioatee, etc., always com'
mence by expressing your aoproba-
tlon cf that which has suit tied and
pleased you. and then go on and at
creuy rote tbat which has appeared
In retard to establishing new sta
tions cf the Salvation Army, iteaya:
"Can we hope to raise on the Bpot
the funds needed to meet the charges
made for this building, gas, attend
anre, etc , in addition to tbe expanse
of an evangelist? If no, we cannot
use it. Traveling expenses are paid,
but mu't be returned to headquaiera.
Although these are the secret in-
struc ions to the confidential officer,
the circulars aeking aseiatance say t .at
tbe money will be ued for establish
in new stations, thongh it is apparent
tbat sucn cannot ce tue case.
Theeecret instructions to the dis
trict officers or spies, as they are
known at hendq'iarters in London, in
regard to finance, are as 1 iiiowa:
"x on must see tnat in every corps
tbere are regularly appointed a secre
tary and treasurer. If the income is
not equal t tbe expenditure, then
vou mutt report to madquartera,
Yoa muat tee whether all reasonable
measures are taken to obtain money
lor tne war cbett."
Tbe war cbeet teams to be a humor
ous term ued by tbe General to de
note tiU own private exchequer, for
he goes on to esy in the secret in
etroctions: ,
"If tbere is any money in the treas
urer a rands, etc., see tnat it is In
Vieted in P. U. a. bank in tbe name
cf the Salvation Army (the entire
body, not tbe local force), or other
wise according to instructions.
Accordlog to instructions all lands.
bequests and deeds of property mnet
be made out in the name of Gen. Wil
liam uootn, and ce now owns prop
erty in tbis way all over the world. If
the Salvation forces here purchase a
lot or build a house, as they propose
to do in tbe next three months, tbe
deed to trie property will be recorded
in the County Recorder's effi -e in the
name of tne Key. William Bootb, of
Among its secret instructions (o the
mn who are sent out to spy on the
actions of the Salvation Armv officers
are trie following:
' if the orhcers are unmarried, find
nut if ourting and, if so, whether
headquarters is aware of the fact. In
nearly all cases of immortality, proved
or coofeesed, it is wisest and produc
tive of thi least ir jury to tbe corpa to
prevail, it po sioie, ou tne command
Ing ollieer to resign or tn a k for a
charge of appointment. Ia all and
eve'y case, when you have occasion to
apeik or inqu:r into an offpns, let it
be. in pr vat, uet information from
oiher persons respecting the condi
tion of tbe corps. Ba surd in doing
po not to eay or rountenanca anythirg
b irg eaid culcuMed to lower the
rr st g) of tbeoffi.'.rr or lead to tho
idf a tnat you are a spy upon them.
A mind otrver cecret command s is
sued from headquarters are the fjl
' Specially encourage the likely peo
ple to give tbemsalvet to the work,
Always bear in mind that good women
are eby and backward compared with
men, and lees likely to offer them
selves. It. is not always Ihe best that
mo't readily come to the front.
The official orders and regulations
"It is to the interest of the service
that yon appear anything but well tu
ao, put look to your own personal an
pearance. Let everything about you
ehow that yon are peculiarly relig
ions, ana mac ins i irces vou renre-
sent will introduce an entire novelty.
ine lniormation teat we can rely on
is that which you get by the use of
your own eyes. An officer on this
duty has no business with bashiulness
or propriety."
in regard to securing people who
create sensationalism and attract
crowds, the circular says:
ine more drinking, swearinir and
fighting amongst the people the more
valuable they are likely to be."
When Uen. Jtwotn was eeen br a re
porter just before his departure be
was very willing ti speak. He said
that hia vat wealth was the gift of
friends, that they took care of hia es
tate and extended it The vast income
from the thousands of posts all over
tbe world, which are all reauired to
yield a profit, were given out to push
forward tbe work.
When tbe conversation turned to
the financial part of the management
Gen. Bxth bad nothing ti eay. : "I
am very tired." he said, "for I have
been traveling thousands of miles in
the past month, and I have nothina
larwer to say."
Thi Voltaic Bklt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bkltb and Electrio Appli-
anceg on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Loss ol
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Ulnst rated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with fall
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at once,
Miss OiBBrs M. KtiTiiio. ntaulst.
may be found at the Qayoeo Hotel.
Beur; Muult)'a Pn posed Expedi
tion Into Africa An ludlau Mas
sacre The Gieen Bouk.
Constantinople, N veniher 24.
Gn. KaniraM sill i struct W. N, lid-
off, 'he Kua-ian A ih-s dor hare, in
a i the d.tad of the Bulga im eiti
t on, and will guide h m in regard to
thrt t-lectt )i) ot h rnw rnncs rf eu'
garta. Ia. ieiiooD rias nt yet re
ceived tuthorit from b a gove nmeot
to ra sa the quae ii:n of an eventual
Ku-Biaa cccnm'on of Bi'giria.
The Italian rru tmok ou the Re-
eut Trouble.
Rous, November 24. The Green
Bak on Bn'gariau ad.irs, which baa
just been iu d by the Ital an G v
ernment, covers tbe period from Au
gust to November 20th. Among its
contents is a dispatch sent by Count
Diroba ant, Foreign M.n ster to the
governmeut at bt. Petersburg, in which
he insists noon Ku-aia pre posing for
Prince of Bulgaria such a candidate as
would meat the approval of all the
powers. Id a letter to Count Kalooky,
tbe Austro-Hungary Foreign Minister,
Uount U.robalunt agrees with nim in
the conviction that if Rusaia main
tains a negative position the restora
tion of a Lorinal eta'eof thiufg In Bul
garia is impossible. Ha a si says tbat
the prompt election of a prince is an
absolute necessity. In a letter to tbe
Russian Government, under date of
November 15ih, Count Dirobalant
premises that if all tbe others accept
a Kussian candidate lur tne isu'garlan
mroce i aiy win a so give cer ap
proval: but she insists that the can
didate should bs pioclaimed by the
present oopraoie.
A Cbleaao Attoraar Convleted.
London, November 24. The trial of
Harris, alias Orson, Nmith, Skinner
and other names, who was arrested
on Oatober 19. h on a charge of de
frauding Messrs. Hnrrirs, Farqibar k
Co., baukers, of 200 by means of a
forged letter of cratiit from a Chicago
bank, bas rcsalted in tho prisoner's
conviction and sentence to five yeara
penal servitude. Tbe real name of
the man is Skinner. He is a lawyer
aad was, it is said, lorraeriy a promi
nent piac ltioner at the ciioiinal bar
ia Chicago.
Hear? Stanley's Liberal Prepnnl,
London, November 24 Previous
to his departure fjr America Mr.
Henry M. S'anlev expressed a will
ingness tn undertake the command of
non-military expedition Irom li st
Africa to Uganda and endeavor to in
duce tbe Ki g of that louutry to re-
linve H,aa'n JJiV, a tiirman, wbo, witn
3000 Egyptians was, at last a cjnn',
holding vvaeuip agunn a tioatile
chief. Mr. Stanley promited to pla -e
hia sarvices gratnitunaly at the dis-
prsdcf Ihe British Government and
witnout entailing upon tnem any
responsibility for tberafcty of bia per-
83D. The scbeme baa been submit ed
to Lord Iddealeigh, Fore'gn Secretary.
Tfce Aiaerlcitn Hall.
London, November 24 The Time$
pintaa semi cllicial article, juetity-
leg tbe action of the government in
making new arrangmat ts for carrying
the American mails. The article says
a final decision nas not arrived at
earlier, because the government wis
reluctant to break off its relations
ith the steamship companies, but
when it finally became apparent tbat
those companies would only be able
to provide virtually a biweekly ser
vice, while at the sume time demand
ing a monopoly, the government was
compelled to decline to accept their
RntlNbary and the Huclnliata.
London, November 24. Lord Salis
bury, replying to the memorial which
the Foclalists It-It at his residence on
Sunday, stys that the proposals con
tained tuerein, and wLicb would In
volve (xtensiva legislative changes,
would. With' ut doubt, be duly con-
B dared by rarliament if tbey were
laid before it. "I, mveeif. however."
be ad la, ''am unrble to adopt or sup
port mem, as i am convinced tbat the
proposals, if effected, would caaee ad-
dit onal dis're:-s RPd surTtrirg far ex
ceeding what preva'l-t at present."
An Indlnn Mansnere.
Ottawa, Ont , November 24. Cor-
respnrdecce between tho Canalian
and Uoitei S a'es authorilies confirm
the report of the rcc -nt Indian ma-si-
cre in the Northwest. It e.pieira tbat
a band of Gros Ventre Indians pa-fe 1
fort Asaicibota south rf the boundary
line, ana, on exnibiting s x sea pa,
were detained by American troops.
Upon beins; pressed they gave an ac
count of the fight which tiad taken
place. They tnen took the milit a to
Street Graa Hills, where tbe scalping
was done, ice scene bemg looted in
the Canadian territory, American
troopi could not cross the line, and
the Canadian mounted police were
ordered to make a search for the
bodies, and f mnd them, as repre
sented by tbe Grcs ventres, in Sweet
Bed action la lb Badge!.
Pabis. November 24. In the Cham
ber of Deputies today M. Bouvier
stated that tbe Budget Committee bad
accepted tbe proposed reductions in
the budget, but be strongly blamed
the government for rejecting them if
they were suggested. Prime Minister
de Freycinet said he regretted to bear
M. Bouvier use language which was
intended to excite tbe Cbambers
against the government. He relied
npon the adhesion of all true Republi
cans, lie did not Deneve tnat those
who would vote against tbe ere d ts
aimed at the overthrow of the Minis
try, but thought they simply desired
to retrench expenses. fApnlause.l
Tbe debate on the budget was then
Sadi-Carnot, Minister cf Finance.
remaed to agree to a reduction oi 6UO.-
000 francs on the credit for the Ficsncn
Ministry. A division was taien, and
tbe reduction was approved by a vote
oi 4ii againn w. in result was an
nounced amid the moat intense ex
fjader Martial Law.
Palha Cbdz, November 24. The
department of Hanta Aon, in Salvador,
haa been placed nnder martial law.
tbe government having dircavared tbe
existence ci a conspiracy. Various
arrests have been made, and the arms
destined for tbe revolutionists have
been se aed. Tbe governmeDt baa
taken energetic means to maintain
Odkssa, Novembsr 21 The Eas
eiao crniaerBaliUkia hat ar.ived here,
w ith Cap'. Nabak' ffand ether leaders
cf the recent revolt at liourgs s.
LosptiN, November T4. KtLord
Chief Jmt'Cf May, who h-is beeu ill,
iaiap.oviig. -
London, November 21. Sir Hit.
laud B ei ii' rtisit Wil. prnl-nbiy be
nppointed Un ter 8 ce arv f r Ireland
in p ace oIKr R ibert lla.mlt n.
London, November 24. Tl:o fjet
tht l a ou d d St h 1, tha Kuneie-n A m-b-isaadi.r,
is about to have loud in
tor a pro'orged holiday ia regarded as
Montrial, November 24, R'chard
-'-ma di n, bo it ard elic e nmnufict
ure', I as niae an aenii-nii.c nt. Direct
lialiilii s. SS3.0C0; indirett, 9a,0CO;
London, November 24. Lird Lem-
plei-O'e l as raiused to giant tnn re
quest of h !e Don' gal tenants embodit d
ia a memorial, thai they be allowed to
purchase their holding1), under tho
Asl. bourne act.
Paais, November 24 Ihe Pant
states that M. de Fieycinet, before
discussing tbe Engll-h propcsals with
referenca to Egypt, will demand that
a data be fixed for the withdrawal of
the British troops from lgjpt.
London. November 24. B rth Baron
de S ael. tbe Russian Ambassador.
and Cunt von Hatehldr, tha German
Ambawador. bad long lntwrviews with
Lord Salisbury today. It is (aid tbat
the questions discussed were of high
London, November 24. Mr. Labou-
chera. in a speech at Manchester today,
complained that tne iiiDeraia Had not
adopted a aulhaiently radiaal pro
gramme. He eaid that Mr. Gladstone's
proposals regarding Ireland had not
been put fairly before tbe country,
Praiident of tha Grant LOUISVILLE COTJ-
tujsn-juiitu wu.. tain wnat
he knowi or
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Ornci or vaa Coraui-JociiuL,
Dr. WinUrtmilh .-1 wWe rnl I hT
obnrnd for many ymn, the ralue of roar
remedy prompting me to say. In reply to
yoar request, wnal 1 mow or yoar thill
Care. The priyale aiaranoi of IU erSoaoy
I had, and the good retulti of IU effeoti I
had observed on Air. It. n, nteredith, who,
for more than fifteen yeara, had been fore
man of m office. Indueed me to teit It in
my family. Tbe reenlta have been entirely
lauiiaciory. ine nri oaee waa oi two
yean' Handing, In whloh I beilere erery
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary relief the ec ilia retarntng periodically
od with seemingly Inereaied leverity.
Yoar cure broke them atonee, and tbere hat
been no reenrrenie of them fur more than
nil mintha. The other eaae wu ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies but tbe ohllla would return at in
terval! until yoar medicine wm used, lino
which time, now leveral monthi. they have
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity 1 have bad tojudge, I do not heaitateto
eiprena my belief that yoar Chill Cure in a
Taiuanie npeoino, and penoraia all yoa
promise lor it. jtietpecuuuy,
ARTUI'R PETER A CO., Anenta, Unit-
Tine, ivy.
For Horses, Cattle, Sheep,
" osa nogs, Poultry.
. is ed by v. a. aovjrr.
Ckmrt el I Jim, ud But mt rgM,
ctmrs Fnm, rongretlnne, Inflemaiatien.
A. A.-Hiloel MenlnallU, Milk Feer.
II. n-hirahie, l.amrnrw, llhrumatiaaa.
Ii. ii. Hull or Urilba, Worm..
.. K. Iouche. Ilraves, 1'neumnnla.
V. F.- ollrorWrlpr.. hellvarhe. '
li.HMI.rarriaee. Hi
ll.ll.-Vrlnnrr and Kl
I. I.-Kriiptlvelti.ra.
J. Ii.-Ui.euee of Uli
Kldnrv DUn
me of Ulie.llou
Price, Bottle (oier 60 doua),
rhartl 111 bottle. Nn.oiflix.butU.ul Witch
i Mintiu trm i it. -
Haul Od and liwlioator, 88.vO
neni rrea on HeeelDt or pries.
Bumphrayi' Bled. Co., 109 Fulton St., R. T.
IU iUM 3H tKirl. Th nnlv anauaifnl Mtna. a
nfjivuus ueuiiny, vuai weaKness.
v(i "' vt 9 ' nu inra) viai piwaer( ir
ynt-'t-" aapetr7- amem iuw fyilwi HU, J.
Kerrville Hotel at Public Sale
HITfRDlT, NOV. 27, 1HH6, AT
ji i in., atKKh.VlLI.K,OD the N.N.
nd M. V. lt.K , twenty niilni 'rom Mem-
Chi., bbelby oounty, Teon., I will tell to the
iul'Oit bidder, the Hotel and urpini.en. ooo-
ol 7ro-llK)aoreabeliiniiin(tothe Kerr-
utei LnmimnT. hairi llntnl l. a l.n.
ttory frame building! hna H no in! beiidei
Kitcnen, pantry, .erranta rnora pmoke-
hnu.t, stahie, and other out-buildtnga, a
lame pe'ed arnrdon and a gond well at tho
duor. and ia a fine bnsine.i .u.nd hainff tha
oniy niiiei in ine wwn,
TKRMd One holf clih: the balance In
twelve months, with toterrat: b ud with ap
proved nonnriry will De requ red, end a Hen
re'ainei until tne nurt-naee money la para.
iy Older o- ine Hoard.
J. II. MrD'iNAT.TI. Pe-retarT.
Ui-hacMfa-tA '.
If ur all oumulaUnU of tbli kin.l aucb aa TofU.ujty ol
bv k d .floraer-tHl minditioit ol t&e l I V E It .
Um Livnr, liiliirnHnraa, Nnrvouti lyap . ludtiraeV
wuaa, iiik(ujiv ua edjvi WUWBM. WW iwhwh. er "
lanur, Kruciati'iua and burulof of lua momacb
latm-tiuiM callod IbMrtburul, atiuma, alularia,
uiooiijr run. unma ana JierM-, tsrwuiHHie rever,
Kxli&n.tiun bttfure or ifti. I'.nu. Ulirunlc lUr.
rluFa, Low oi Appetite, lieulaclie, Vuul Btratn,
lmMrulu-iLliMl InuldanUI to iTeroM. Barlij'
down Vunt, Bukaoha, ca. to. .TADIOKR'H
AURANTlf I. lnwl,,aKfll b not IDtnlou
for ail dim.ee, hut win CUnK n (f I
ttie live r Stomach .ud bowCLd. It
ehange. the oumplexloa from a eaX. vwluw Unge.
to a ruddy, health solar. It rntimr nmovee low,
gliximy .piriu. It la one oi tbe b" Alttratttu
ami t urnt-ri nj cm jMoed, ewe . wanwm ...
Vorulm baU Orocglete; PrioeSI.00 perbottle.
C. F. STAOIOER, Proprietor,
I40 SO. FRONT BT Philadelphia, Pa.
Ilow-The 1 line To Npeculate
ACTIVE Floolaallona in Ihe Market offer
onnortnnitie. tn .n.inlatora to make
money it Grain, StocVi Bonda and Petro
leao. Prom-it tieraon! .rtention given to
ordera reoeived by wire or mail. Corree
pondence aolioited. Full information aboat
the marketa in oar Book, whloh will be tor
warded tree on anplination.
II. I). KYI.R. H.nk.. .nil Broker.
8HBrnad k New ritrei-U.Wew rorkOlty.
BlKbeet Award, af gfrtlalgfa tntopm
mma Auerua.
Tba nee'art. antnk..t. lafea an mea
powerful remedy knoen 'or nbeamatiatn,
Plenriry, Neuralgia, Lumbago, liackaohe,
Weakneaa, Co da in the nr-et and all aohel
and paina, Indoraed by WOO Puysiriana and
liruggi'U of tbe bighe.t repote. Ben.on'a
Plulera rromutl, rlie and euro where
otoer plaatert and greasy aaivea, linimenta
andlntiiinuro abaolotelv uaele.a. Beware
ot imitatinna under aimilariound ngnamea,
ruoh aa " Capeleum," " ainoin,"'Capg.
eine." thev are nttrlv wor-hleaa and in.
tended to deoeive. Aai roa Oiaang'a ado
Tti aoo-rijues. All drutr au. BKBUK1(
k JOHNSON, Froprietora, Haw Xork.
If out of the difKwuM which afiiict muiltiud are nriaTin-
H o 11 falW?xJ 111
Cotton Paotora,
No. SOO Front Strict. I M3Mphiti. rfei
WOW. H and 10 FlVIOrc WTHKBT. ... 1 WFHIPniW, TEWN.
AJflaUW BTEWART, Hew Orlavna,
33G Second Street, Slemnhis.
Waterlale. Pampe. DrWe Well., Iron, Mad an.l -tnne Pipe. H. flttnre.. Hlnh... Kto
aw am rijLJiijia-aaiJL, ATTTaJKj
nrsf Sash. Blinds, Molding, Lunt
uiui ua Hiiuigiea, jriooring. vewng ud VedKrFteiX
Coti Fawn Grocer
gl Front Wlreet. OppoMltrnwforri Hon.
t. o. rir.
Wholesale Grocers
S8i Front S!rt, BXempMa. Tenti.
Mea aeailgaed ta aa will kave au earefal atuntlea. Wa earry t4 all Hgaaa a jet
teleewd Iteek ol
Stissls k Fancy Groceries, Winss, Llquart.Tobicci & Clgar
af will JI nm
AndComialaalon Merchant Hay, Cora, Oata, B ran, Chop Frad, Oil-Heal,
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Building and Fire lirlck, Etc.
Cor Front and Union, 1
Cigars and Tobacco
878 Main HtrU Opia. ronrt
Ccllon Fcctors, VJIiolesalo GrccoiTS,
IT. 11 UU Otreet.
K. 0. PIARC1.
Cotton Factors & Commission Herch'ts,
OoMaaa WaMltyau - ao:a
AMD SB W D. ttWTimi MaarfM
T, G1IJE k CO.,
9. I. WITT.
ft. A. t AlXlft.
& Coiion Factonr
lw t Im.hi
Howard's How, Memphis.
HKnirv. WirnMuTvnn.
x i Hem ph 1 Term
- iaa)1 ralai:aireMrt.
DIt. D. 8.
No. 17 JefTeraoa Ntreet,
(Between Main and Front.) KEMraid.
DIK.hllihed Io Ihrai.i
R.JOIINfON iranknowledred byaDeaji.
tie. intvreated ae by far the mot aae
rea.tal phyaioian in the tre.imentol private
or .e.-rot ili.em-ei. Quick, permanent oarea
guaraiiteod in every eaee, male or remale.
Kecnt caaea of Uonorrhe and Syphllla
ourei in a f w daya without the uw ef mer
cury, change of diet or hindranoe froa
haxneia. eccn-lary Syi hilia, thelaat ve
tue eradicated witbnMthe uie ol mercury.
Involan.ary lo.t ol .emen atnped in ahert a
time. buDerera troni Impotency or Ioh of
aeiual powera roatore to free vigor In a few
wecka. Victiina ol lelf-aboae and eioeaaiva
Venerv. .uArmv f...n . . , J
loaaof phyaioal and mental nnwer, aaeedlle
and permanently cored. Particular a Uen
lion paid to the lliaeaaei cf Wm.. ..a
ourea guaranteed. Pile and old aorea cared
without the uie of cauatio or the knife. All
Oinaultat-one gtriotly confidential. Medi
oinea aent hy aiureia to ell iu ol tk
erW orKlagmao enred at half theara
rate.. Ofilce hnnr. Ir.n a k.
oolock p.m. b. a. JOHNHuN.'m'.D.
KainrrAOTnucna Of
Queitlon Ii engaging oar agrlcultarai nw
mnnity. Maaara. R. Q. CHAIU A CO., Mot.
7 and 89 Union itreet, Memphis, Tnnav
art dally In rooelet of
eporta on growth in divenlfled ereppins
corn, oata, wheat, rye, barley, cereala, and
orchard, herda, clover, tall meadow )t
in and timothy araag
All our worooot ied a Irnda :oa- be r
slaimed by lowing rye and olover on th.mla
fall or iprlng, or lowing oow-pea n May,
June or July, than tun under. ad 'Jfj
Improve tbe land. i
K. G. AIU at (JO.,
Agricultural Implement and Heed DomI i.
M BMP ilia. TESM.
aak yon anuiier for Orltrlaol 93 Hfces
lli-w-nronf liiiliutiniia, .
UadelaUutUia,Uonrrnnarii1 Laoe.. B;lui
fun. uneioeiteaui Dent.
on-. A iMwtaloarit
o.wlll I rlug jou lufunca-
ii'aiiiiwiuiiiiniii; .noe III
Butiearaemiury. tsl
V. .Will. " wvm
ci iJri'-yin va.
fioetuii, Maaa,'
wt lhl. juKfa filirher tn thaeatawation af
Wearer, tli.n en otln-r In the world. Thou
Band, who woaiU will leU you lae ruuua u yua
rroclamation by tbe Governor.
The State of Tenneaaee Wm. B. Bate, Oov
ernor To all who ahall iee theie Preaanta,
W1IKKKA8, It haa been made known to
ine that anion unknown a.rtv ar n.r.
t'ea ol urged wilb having eiimmitted a tool
and atrooloua inunlor on the body of John
Uraham, on the .Kith day ol Ool.'-er, IN., In
our county ol Hholliy, Uod from Ju.Liea and
now runnirg at inrge;
Now, therefore, I, Wm. R. Bite, Q iv.raiir
ta nfi-re.ald, by virtue of Ihe p wer aad au
thority in me vtati-d. do hereby effnr a re
wurd of two huniliu.1 and fiity dellara, to
any peraon or ir,oua vhi may apprehend
the mid unknown party or ptrtina, and de
liver him or litem to the Sheriff or Jailer ol
our enuntyot blielby, in urd r that Juetice
in that behalf uav be hud and eiecated.
lb rowatd ia made payable, oao ballon
dt-livrry to the Sheriff and one hall on eon-
In ti-atltnony whe-enf, I have bereaolo aot
niy hnmt, ntnl ouuaeil tho ureatoo.l n tlie
Mute to be ulliirii at Nashville, a Ihe Idth
day of Noveuiucr, llWti.
By the (lovernor:
JmiM Al.l.mm, nonrotary or Mtate.
I havn pnaltt.tt ir-nifiljr lr tu eUMfdl(naH i ty ua
tautriouaaiKlA of raau i-f Hit wit ftiDd anii l Ion;
tainjlnr liva rD rind. IikImcI. i ttratir In f
(Willi In Hi sniC4WT7, IIiaI I will Mti'. TWO B'lTll.hM
VHKK, Uiftotlior wtttift VAMIAHIJI TURaTIBI OB thkt
uiir.aiirr, uiv pvmsmm r. w. ugi
Uli. T. A. HVUWH. Ill hart W-W Im.
Bearr'a (Htraa) Corn aad Pea flam.
H A VIN9 perfeoted mv Invention. I wink
to ill. ice it bolore the pablle, eapeo'ally
m.ionfaoturera. Aa a Corn Plaator. itiaa
ntirfe, auoee.. ooaoa the drill, diatributed
the peed aocuratoly, nniniured, and oovard
ike lame, thereby one man performing the
work of three. Thev have been uf.d li
Ihlaaeotlon (or over a dnien yeara wl'h per
leotaatiafaotlon. oangira reeponiiulo U.U
moalala, Addroai
juun ll. irAnur,iianeyTj(a.
Havwooil oonotv. Ve
Tma BHLT or Ha
genori tor ia made ex.
preaely tor tho ourt
ol defrenerattoQ ol
the generative or
gant. There ia Be
miatakeabo'i tbiiin-
1 : . C' tLWMVJ
jr .,uui
itrament th con-
. ir ,ltiun
ona stream ol
I moatis throaxh the
'., )- a . y I r J 1 uiura.auw ,ui vvaii en I
HLN U !LI nre mm: r-.tore
them to healthy aotion. De t oontoond
tbi. with Klootrlo Bolta advertiird to ourt
all Ilia Irom head to toe. It ia for tbe 0N
apecifio purpoae. For eiroulan living fall
nforniatllon, addreaa Chrover Kiectrio Beit
Co.. lilt Whlnrt.nn afr,. rhlr.y... IU
Bewapanera and eetlmatet oi the ooat of ad
vertiaing. Theadvertiaerwhowant-i to jpend
one dollar, tnda la It the information he re
quire., while lor him who will inveat one
hundred thonaand dollar, la edvertieing. a
lohome la Indicated whioh will moot hia
evet requirement, or ean b. made to do ao
by t light ehanroa .aaily arrived at , by oorre-apo-.denoe.
One hundred and, fllty-three
edil iona hay. beeniamod. (nt, pogtpaid.
to a iv addroaalor ten wj'JI'j'PWS Q?
P. '.0W I'LL k (!0.. NKWbPAPER AD
VKlltlSINt BUUitAl'.lo f-praoait. (Print-
B l?nn. Mnnnr . ow Y nr
a at our own hon
Ita Beuari. and a new
aod auo.eai'ul Cl'KK
me, by one wbo waa deal
....-.i.ht vera. Treated by moat ot
the noted apeoialiau without benefit. Ccaaa
Hiuaai.r in three montha. and ainoe tnea
hna Ireda of oter. nll partleu ara aaut
on application. T. 8. PA IE,
'X w?.'LitrJM',t-?lYr't 3ltT,-
krr kft aiu. A pnntaioanf wnl
l AT.
eta, a , , aaflT

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