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Oe-"mlttone for publieetlon most be
written ono tide of tbe pae only.and,
with ll other -Batten oooneated with the
editorial dapertueBt, thouid h iddwiM :
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Wecaneot. a rnle.Bnderteae to rotora
utlUa nt Aand flnilabla lor DUblioatiOB.
Oar mail booki ero kept by poetoffioee, end
sot by individual Bamoi.
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... . .. 11
The President of tbe Repub Ic, the
Governor ol tho 8 ate nd tbe head of
the eily government f Meropl.is have
is tied calls to the peop'e to effr
thanks, this honored "rhsnkgnlvlng
Day." Lt tbe bounties extended to us
the part year by the- Majesty that
rules aw d sustains the umveise. un
happily this rs a mat trial egi, and we
are mce ana more lorgeiiiog vuouauu
that feed ne. Bat such forgpfulnees
ahonld not bs found in Memphis,
Wbeo the pnttilence was abroa jand
death Mriitd sorrow into every house
heaven Wts appealed to w.th tear
laden eye and aiiguiahed heart. Now
we ate r J iiclug in continued health,
and iu a degree of prosperity snoh ai
few others of oar cities have enj iyed,
shall bo word cf gratitude, no utterance
from ovei flowing hearts, arcend to
the Fa'atir who has been all klodness
toneT The President calls upon tbe
people te pour out their thanks for
freedom, for fruitlal harveots, lor
our "progress in all that makes
a naton great." Oar Governor
tlalms thai our gratitude is due
lor deliverance from earthqnake, pestl-
lence and drouth, and from tocial die-
tnrbance and fears of war, ench as are
aWetirg other nations. We may look
over the map of tbe world and we
i shall ktl t) cut our fingers upon a
spot that ba the abundant reasons tol
., , tb,ank tWOiverof all good that we have,
. Bo) tbe thanks of tke lips are a poor
tribou lfhcutthteatlmany of deeds,
Give thanks, bat be" careful that
amoeg tbe widows, tbe father a, the
x poor and the destitute there shall b
hearts glowing with gratitnue lor your
bounty. "Freely have you ' received,
tmajj R'v." and from your puree,
yoor ptntry or your table, It t gener
aua tfferingi go that ehull proclaim to
neaven the gratitude of hearts that
appreciate h even's bleeslngs and with
. reverer.es a knowledse their source.
The recent shipping convi'ution's
procedlnRsat Pecsicola deserve more
alfention than, we far, tbey will te
eeive, for the loss of cur ehtpp'ng is
est only a misfortune but a discredit
to a?. Labor hrs teen iu distiess,
hfBest, industrious, stber men have
have bet n begging fjr ViOik with an
enrBtatbess meet pathetic. Yet, in
all the time of that deprcssim and
cut' ry, this country, Hind to iti In
tereals, WrS paj ing millions evtry year
and Is at 11 doifcg so, to other nat'ooe,
to carry over the teas the productions
we export, end bring to es those we
Import ; we, wbose merchant vessels
were once the first and most superior
upon tbe ocean. Even Eng'and had
to learn from us, and at that day were
n table to approach us. And all this
is gone I What enemy has inflicted
the loss upon usT Our own hands
that cast unBkillful ballots, our repre
sentatives whose laws deprived and
now deprive the American citizen of
the liberty enjoyed by the peo
ple of other na'lons, to con
struct ships wlthoat legal ob
struction, or to ' buy them v. hers
they choree. The consequence of this
deprivation is that we stand behind
all the leading nations of Europe In
respect to the very thing where we
were bead and front of fall. . 1 he laws
passed in 1799, ; passed when
such a thing as an ocean steam
ship bad never been dreamed! of,
old foeeils of antiquity still re
main unrepealed. The result of this
beeottt d clinging to the worn oat and
effete is such fac s as the following
stated in tbe Peneacola convention:
The Argentine Republic dees au an
cnl trade ol $23,t'00C0 witb Fiance;
England has 117,009,000; Belgium,
tlO.COO.COO.a. d the United Hta'es.Bitn
ated on tbe same conlinent.doee f 3 000,
0001 Here "is seen what oar an'iqmted
shipping legislation does for us, and
the other Central and South American
couctiiei tell precisely the same kind
of story. Another disgraceful result
of onr blind policy has just cccurred
The owners of the late Inman Una of
.ships and others are preparing to
tablish a new shipping line from
New York to the West Indies and
Central America.' Some cf the old
vessels baVe become .antiqotttd, and
to renew them they have been rent to
the ship yards o! E'derafo, of Olargow,
FoDtlsnd. As tbe aiiipi eun have no
Arcercan rgleter ouleea made cf
Amorcan nuterliV, steel raihid to
tone bhoI bora Pi tatorg tote used
on tbe vork, at a colt ol 45 pr cent,
bey cud wLat it coa'd h;v been
toiifht ff r i') Q agow. Thr Sicretary
of Wr, iu lani.ii g for rrw nips for
our navy, Ins f u.d it iieciemry to
eeud to K g bi tip ta to furniah
them. Til I as b en cin,plaim d tf
by tbe ui.r. flatting, bt the uatuial
fact if (hit ship building is at so low
an ebb win us that we bare no h'gbly
sMl'sd ihlp d s goers acd builder.
Bo the Earopsars not only carry away
oar exports acd b ing to us oor Ira-
p rt, bit we bave to can upon iunu
to p'an tad ren.ir our fhlppirg. Ihe
vexation of all this ia that wi cill this
exclusion il onr own prp!o from tie
ocan trade "pottction for Ameri an
labr,", and there are more, than
ei.oaeh dapse t? belitve (bat it
is. In the face of these things
wh it does the Pnfacoa shipping con
vention, held in the year 1886, recom
mend as remedy T The convention
Indoisrs what is known as the bounty
Lill, introduced in last Congress, which
provides that every Amtrican sailing
vessel or steamer, trading with foreign
port", shall be allowed 30 cents per
ton for each thousand miles sailed or
steamed, for a period of twenty years,
The cause of the decadence of oar
hipping is antiquated usage and high
tariff, which prevent our people from
building ships as cheap as other na
tions do, and even forbids them to boy
tw n
cheapest, S3 that tbey can compete
ith other natiooa. If they do so the
purcha ed veenels cannot eail under
Americau colore. Do the shippers la
convention no- mraend that the h'gh
tariff be reduced? No, that wou'd be
to straightforward and bnsiniss like.
They recommend more taxa'lon to
pay bounties to thorn for running
their ships. Let the reader notice
how we have here the revival of the
p'an pursued when, in going to
stoma were put at one
of tbe big to balance
tbe horse's back the corn
at the other end. Tbe high tarifl
at one end ol the ship building is to
be balanced by more tariff at the
other end under the name ofboua
tire." Acd this li where the great
Ameiican nation stands today as a
ship builder just where the green
countryman stood a century ago bal
ancing a weight at one end with an
other weight at tbe other end, the
horsa bavins to carry both. Tbe
reader sees now how we lost onr prece
dgnM M builders and sailers of ships,
in(1 lt Beeg now cptble, gt this period
0 llie WOrld'a advance, American
inip bulldn are of rectifying existing
errora jf this is bow "tbe emarteet
rjeope n au creation" can propose to
en(I one blander by making another,
heaven help the people who are not
A Live Fret'easlva Tow
lla IIds; .
-Some of
looaaaarosDBaoa or tbb arrsaL.i
HiLLeaoBO.La wbbnos Codbtt, Ala..
November 3. Oaecf tbe livtat towns
of Lawrence conn'T is Udlsboro. on
the Memphis and Charleston ra-lroad,
176 miles from vour cur. it is a nurg
of 4J0 Donulation, Cotton shipments
reicu annually irom S3W futv
bales. Being the point on tbe ral
oad where much of the mounts n
cauut'y south comee ti trauepct t u i-
' I. . i . . i
nees wum,ae.vi4ac w u, auu gwuir
11 tbe business of Houlton and
vicinity tap j a the road,- based.
vantrses suptilcr to' many ol tn
fowna near bv. oast aiid wout of it,
Capr, J. I Jamts, A. W. Bai'ey diCo.,
W. K. Himm ics, u j. raater x uo
T. ML Ward, 8. M. Plaut. a. F. St t
and W. W. G rnett are the principal
niercbau a. all of whom are jublio
spirited clt'smn. A very coinuicd oue
buMuecs block, but t of br ck by tbe
K ib sKtn b ottlers, bas I ist been com
pluted. Tbe ground noire will be
usttd as stores, while the upper por
tion is being fitted up with tumptnous
Suartera for hotel purposes, to b con
acted by Mr. Landbrs. Dr. F. M
Burkitt. M'. W. F. Simmons ard
Anderson Vaushn are building com.
fortahle residence. Toe Method as
and Baptidts bave good bouses of
wmship and large memberships. Mr,
J. P. Uibson ia tbe liver v man. and
can get up a nice turnout up in short
notice. OJiue Host Uap,uaiiey, wno
bas reoeuUy made additions to bis
house, is prepared to entertain bis
"drummer" friends comfoitably.
Iltlleboro is the llveet business point
on tbe road between Iluotsville and
Corinth. It wears an air of brisk busi
ness actlvty wnich is cheerful. A
large priatmill and cotton gin, run hy
Mr. Qrissum, is one of its institu
tions. Mr. A. J. Brown, tbs Mayor,
one of the best known clttaens of Law
rence county, is an old landmark. He
sal's machinery generally, and is the
boss dealer in lertilisjrs, supplying
tbe surrounding country as far down
as Winston county, which is forty
miles distant. Ex-Probate Judge E.
11. Foster, of Monlton, has recently
become cit sen of the towo. Prif.
Wood, of Jacks in county, has taken
charge of the school, and ia progress
ing woll. Mrs. Sallie Whitehead is
the poetmastir. Mr. W. A. Bell,
the urbane and geutlemanly rail
road agent, informs nse that the
receipts of cotton to date are larger
than any former season. Severalof
the mercantile firms have con'rac's
with tbe railroad company tu furnish
crosaUea. They bave on baud ready
delivery now about 4000. Seven
bales of cotton wore damaged seriously
by fire at the depot a few days ago, ig
niting from sparks from a passing en
gine. The accumala ion of cot'on
eume days is very large. The compa
ny bas managed to give transportation
pretty promptly for its removal. Sev
eral persona from Illinois bave recent
ly purchased land near the town, and
are deltvhted with the ell mate of
North Alabama. Mayor Brown, C'Ut.
James and others contemplate build
ing summer rsaidenoes out on the
mountains, lonr miles distant, where
several excellent springs furnish an
abundant supply of mineral water.
Hillshoro is not a dry town by any
means. Three saloocs aupply all de
mands for drinks, and the signs of the
"sap holee" (as Mr. B. Hughes once
called them,) s and out as prominent
as those of any other character of busi
ness. These handmaids of tiviliaation
will go sooner or later, and while they
are with us ltt us deal gently witb
them and not go tj them too ofien.
For a raroad tjwa rf modest preten
tions, thorough activity and subs an
tial business basis commend qs to the
vilage of which mention is here
made. i t.
HeoUs EaaaUloa.
Of pure Cod Liver Oil, with Fypo
phosphites, ts a mos', valuable remedy
for oonsumpt'oo, Bcrofulo, wanting dis
eases of ci'ildien, cjUIs a'id chronic
coughs, and in all rniulitioua where
there ie a hiss of oVali, a lack of nerve
power and a gene.al dttblllty of the
eyotjin.- "
U. S. ATTUPiMY S 1(M 2
Viht Writes a Sensible and Terr
Logical Letter Refu leg to Grant
Ills Uqa tt.
WsniKGToit, Novercbsr 24. Tbe
followitiB ie the ir teres'ing torret pon-
dem e bo, wi en Di-tr ct Attorney H one
ol VV'esern P. nmylvaiia and the
Piesldebtand Mr. Oar arid. Mr. Stone
wes aktd to naga oa account of
bavir g made campaign speichee on
the R puolican side.
me.btoik's Lanaa to thb aitobnev
PirrrBDao. Pa . Novomber IS, 1886.
Oob. A. II. G.rl.nd. Attornor Uanmal:
6ib:-I Lave rta ttie currerpin
dnce between tbe President and tbe
Hon. M. . Benton, United Btatea At
tornv. connected with his riBtoration
to tf&je, in which it apoears that he
was ruspended Iroti otnee lor Die ap
parent Df gleet of i flic at duty ii m ak
in ir carsDa'ffn eneecoes. iB omau j
my sucpenoion was ordered for the
rame reason. I deeire, there'ore, to
state the ftcts in my case. I made
but two rpeevhes prior to the re
ceipt of tee order of fuspension
one at Hotter, in an auioin
ing county on the night t f October la',
and one Kittam tng at tr neuritis
linri on tve eveninu of October 2d. I
did tot leave Pittobnror for Bnthr
until nearlv 4 o clock. October lrt
returned tue morning of the 2d of Oc
tober ahout o clock.. 1 it-it rittaDU'g
for Eittating Uaturday, Oc'ubtr 2d,
about 5 n.m.. and re'unitd tbe sme
i)lb. Upon both of tbe t-bove oitee
tbe United States Courts were not in
set sim, exept for a ebort time ia the
mon li ar of eaih day fjr crJiDary
baaioers. I was in aitndatco a', the
courts during their sitting', and did
not leave the city upon eutier occas'on
nntil loon after the cnu'ts raa ad
limine I. On October 18th the United
ettxt'S District Court begn its s saion
at Pittebu'g for the trial of Jury cans s
a petit and a grand jury being in at
t indance. From Oc;oher 2d until Oc
tol er 18ti I was engaged in tbe prep.
arationof Uoi'ed rtterans;elor trla
and from October 18 h tin October 27th
the date of the receipt of tbe order o
subnets on, I a as engaged in the trial
ol these caares. Neither dome tbi
period, from Ooto' er 2d to October
27 b, nor at any tther time, did I in
anv Daticulr negUct the cut'
my i dine. 'Jhese atatemen's maybe
vcr fl d by irqalry of any officer of
oar courts. I feel it my duty, alte
rad ng the corre'ponrtence between
the President and Mr. Ben oa, to
stitte'ihn f-cta in justice to mysel', ard
lerpectfully requeat toai tDia con mu
r l.adon be refe rd to the Presidai t
I may a' so add that I did cot thlik
thatmtkingan occasional campaign
eoeei h to my neighbors, while not
Leir'ectinz tbe duties of my office,
would be a violit'on of the President's
order of July 10, 1886. Very respect
futly, yonr obidieut servant,
EncuTita MaasioB, NoTmbr23, Vti.
Tka Uoa. A. B. Garland, Attoraor Odd oral
Dbab Sib I heve read tbe letter ol
the 18tb ii stint written to you by
William A. B one, lately suspended
Irom ( fllce as Db-tric' A t rney for the
Western District of Peunitylvaiiis, and
tbe subject matter to which it re
fere bas tece'ved my car fu1 onBidrk
tion. I shall cot Impute to the writer
aoy miecbievous mo.lve In bis plainly
erroneous aesnoiotion mat Msc soan
that nf M. n. Benton, recent'y bus
pend d and reinetated, res- upon the
seme siate of facte, but prt frr 10 rrg rJ
b s letti-r as conlainliig ttie best Mat-''
meet DOiHible upon ihe ou'Btiou of hi
reit s'atTnt nt. You remember, of
course, that soon after tbe present ed
mints ration was ineta lo.t, rnd,
thmk nt aily a year end a bit Ban.
coostdered with you ceitain charges
which bad been preitrred sg tint-
Mr. Sons es a Frderal
( flVclal. You remember, too, that tbe
ac too then contemplated was witt
held by re a on of trie excuses and ex
nlanattors of his f lends. Thsse ex
coses and explanatioNS induced me to
believe that Mr. Btme'a refection
would insure a fa'tbfal performance
if offl ial dutie.', and that whatever
offeiiivs partistnebip he had deemed
jaht flable ia other circunsstancis he
would during his continuance in of
fice, at his request, under an adminis
tration oppLsed to nim la pull
tfcal creed and policy, content himself
with a quiet and unobstrucive enjoy
ment 01 nis n)iiticai pnvueges. 1 cer
tainly sap potted that propriety would
ctuee htm to retrain irom pursutn
snoh a partisan courss as would want
only offend and iriitate the friends of
the administration who ini isted that
he should not bs retained in
office, either because of his
personal merit or in adherence
to the methods which frr a long
time had prevailed in the distribution
of Federal offices Oa the light of
better system and without considering
his political am nations Mr. atone
"when petmit'.ed to remain in tffice.
became pari 01 tne Dusioers orgent
sation ol the present administration
bound by every obligation of honor to
assist, within his sphere, in its success
ful operation. This obligation in
volved not only the proper perform.
sure of official doty bat a certain good
faith and fidelity, which, while nit
exacting the least saoiiflcs of political
principle, forbade active participation
in purely partisan demonstrations of
pronounced type, undertaken for the
purpose ot advancing partisan end
intended and conducted upon
tbe avowed theory that tbe ad'
minlatra'ion of the government was
not enti tea to ttie confidence and re
spect of the people. There is no die
pate whatever concerning the fact
that Mr. Stone did join others who
wers campaigning the State of Penn
svlvaniain opposition to tbe admin
istratlon. It appears tx that he was
active and prominent with no sv en
thuslasm, in attendance upon at least
two large puone meetings: tbat th
speeches atsucb meetings wervlargely
devoted to aDuse and misrepresent
tion of the adaunlstration; that he
approved all this, and actually ad,
dressed tho people in somewhat the
same vein, and tbat he was advertised
as ons of the speakers at each ot said
meetings. I shall accept as true tbe
statement ol Mr. Stone, that
tbe time ' spent by him in
thus demonetratlng hia willinsneea
to bold a prt fi able office at tbe hands
of an admtntetiation which he en,
deavo ed to discredit with the peopl
and uhlch had kindly overlooked bi
previoos oflenets, did not result In
th neglect of ori nary cfflcwl duties.
Bat tils conduct nas Drouatit to litrli
snoh an unfriend loess tiward the ad
m nietra inn which he pretends to
strve, and if wliirb he is nominally
t'A't, and such a consequent luck of
loal interest h is en reus that
th safe-t ai d aureet gnaian ee nf hi
UitM'il sarvics ts, in my opinion
wanting. Hia coarse in itself, which
should bave ml been ei,tred upon
bile maintaining: ifflisl relrtoos
wi'h tbe dmin'cirati"n, also r nws
nd reverts with onuiatakab'- irt-r-
ret-tion of their character ard intent
tbeiharg sof off reive partstnah'p
eret'.Io- muflf. uLd uptotLia tim
held in abeyai c.
Mr. Htooti en t cfersrl like diapn
lien are not t eurpife tt.st party
lines are so far bl tia'td th4 the
lmitjistrot on l tbe giverm -it
to be trnstei in planets high rr
low to thojti ho agres'ivoly ard
conf.tat tly eni'eavor unlairly tod -
rov tne coi B te- ci ol ttie penpin in
the paity re pn aiole frr each admit
is ration. While vifinu partifn
mettioda ah'iu d cot be allowed for
parti-an parp -rei to eletral or injure
tbe public service, it is ay bt lif ihet
no'hing tend so ma h to d.sc-edit our
norts in the interest oi eccn s'vice
as to treH fairly and generously tbe
official incumb-ucytf puli ical oppo
nents or conduct such as is here dis
Tbe ceonla of this coun'rv certainly
do Dot require the best reeults of ad
ministrative O'd avor to reacn sucn
aencls as there.
Ution a fall ronslderatton oi all 1
have before me I em const a'ned to
dec ins tbe applica'ion of Mr. Stone
lor oia reinsta ttineni.
I inclitse h i lei'er wi'h thl", and
deeire jou 'o acqa l1 1 him with my
decision. Xonr- trniv,
Department of Jui'io.
Waihinatoo, Nurinbr IB, lt5.
Tad to mr stoat a.
Bob. Wb. A Etone, Pittabart. Pa. :
Sib-I am riir rted hv the Pieeident
to ear 1 1 you, tint af s' conside a i in
of yonr Irttttr ol the 18 h imtant, he
will not revoka or rna"ge u e oiu-r
heretcfire ma e ens, ton Ing 301 as
D s'rict Attorney lor the Western D s-
ttictol PenuLiy.vania. Very teaptct-
A. II UAitbnu,
A ttornej Qbm1 f lha U a ti cutei.
CblrfofS earn tBlaera Report.
WAsniKOTtN. November 24. In his
annual reoott to tbe Se r-try of tbe
Navv. Chief Eniieefr Vti s. U.L'T-
Ina. Chief of tne Korean of S'eam Eu
giueera, rays t at duri g the ye.tr tbe
hiirssn hea nr. n ,r d three deeiiru and
Boecifica'ione f r the nachirer of tbe
vessels p ovid-d fur by the set of
March 3 d, 188. There designs, now
bel re the buoders of tbe country, are
bxiieved to be fnily abreast of tne
development a 'a ned by the at of
marine erg neer ng, and coatain pos
sibilities 01 perlormat-ce tq ief to that
of any rra ioe machinery that has
yet been on trne'ed.
He Breelve as Ovatlaai ait (ho The
aterMi Iitermt la the Wei.
fare tf saeioablB.
The Hon. Jtffereon Davis was be.
sieged by vieitrrs yeterdy, but gave
no public recent on, and cot, fined
sailer to pets cal Mends and well
known arquain ences. Of these there
were nearly !00. and tbe dlitin
snished aentleman was kept bnsy
soakiog hands and entertaining
visitors all day. To an Apfbal re
porter be stated tbat be waa in fairly
KHd health at.d glad ol tne e ppor-
tnniiy to exchange greetirgs with old
friends. He uprtsed bimtef as
peculiarly lr,tns ed in tbe dtstiniee
ot insmpois. ' nis o a nome, aaa
r joleed t ' the incina'ions
ot her pr.iepeii y, eviderced by hr
lncretsing cot oa receipts, en tantty
extending railroad c naectiice, and
mu tiplic ty of new eutsrpr sen. Mr.
Davs will leave the city t is morning
at 9:15 o Vlnck for Beauvoir, Mite.,
hut may r, turn a: en ea'lyday, a&
c mpan;ed bv h 1 wift and d'Ujhter,
His vinitto tbe Theater iaet night aid
the ovation be teceivei there is d
rcr b d in another column. Toe (ol'
lowing corrceponJdnce wi:l be read
with inter s( :
NifHTilua, Tmi)., Norember 72, 18c6.
To 'ha Hon. JctVaoB Daria, ear M. II.
Clark, clarkari ie, I too.;
I moat co dial y invite yon to visit
Nashville and b c tmtt mv euat. This
city ia full of yonr fiimd', wbo wi l
be g'ad to ree and welcome you. If
you can come, ple&sa Inritra'e when.
The following reply waa rece1 ved :
CiiBKkTi; t.a, November 23, 1886.
Gov. t illlam B. Bto:
My Dsak Ginxral I aincerely
tbaok you for yonr cordial invitation,
and regret that the effects of recent
expoauie warns me to get home with
the leatt delay, and compels me to
postpone yet further my vsit. tvoa,
BoBth f at Prominent Cltlaea,
Drrsorr, Mich., November 24.
Francis Palms, one of tbe oldeet and
wealthieet cliiaais of this city, died
this morning. He leaves an estate
..ik i.im tK rwt rnn in tic run rwi
Mr. Palms died at 7:15 o'clock this
morning at bis residence on Jefferson
avenue, resulting from general debili
ty caused by old age. He was born at
Antwerp. B tlgiom, December 10. 1810,
His family being high in business cir
cles, but losing all in the fall of tbe
Empire, they.emieratid to America
settling in Datro l Us leaves one snn
and daughter. He made his money in
nine laud investments in Nichiyan
In Wisconsin biaes'a'eiaea'imattd to
bs woitb from $1,500,000 to $2,000,000,
luitialBlBg at Mnlford'a.
Tb Ctalease Base Ball Clab,
Chicas, iLt., November 21 The
Chicago Bjs Ball Club next season
will not have the rervices of George
F. Gore, the well known center field
er. He was released this evening by
President Spalding at his own reqaest
snd will go ti New York to play with
that club. Tbe reasons for tbe change
have not been made public. Mr.
Spalding expresses himself confident
that K.eiiy win piav wita tne unicagos.
jastlaviUe (toaaeaat.
rasp abb roa ixooos.
Foundations, cellar walls and build'
inns subiect to overflow should be eon
structed with Louisvills Cement It is
the standard.
A Caataaarlaa Dead.
Nabhvillb., Tbnn., November 24.
A special from uaoatnut Mound.Tenn
sava: Sauire Wm. Shoemaker, a vete
ran of tbe war of 1812 and the oldeet
oit'asn of tbe State, died atbisresi
dence at GbeetnuL His age was not
pool ivelv known, but from reliable
data in the posssjeion of the family
be was believed to be about 102 years
'Oar Baby's Ural Tear,"
bv Marion Harland, with other valu'
bio information; fi rty-eight page book,
Setnt free on receipt of 2centetamp,
Adilnst R fA A Carnrick, Merrantile
bxebange Hmlilim:. Kew iork tjtty.
Mntf.ird, Jewelt r, )1)4 Mala street,
solicits oraerpirntntuo country.
NOVEMBER 25, 1880.
A $300,000 DLFlLClllOi
TON. tMflr ZZ L.EB,
Urowi Wora aid Wrse fhe More
Closely It la Itneetlb-ated by
fhe Exp rts.
Boston, Ma s .November 24. Niih-
nj near ws di vrit u d toi'av in toe
R-ed etnbt'tslamenr ras'. The 'Xpert
accnunttm is 'ill at w "k f n tt e books
a ,d be ill n t be ibla to presents
report for a veral tltys. At the J it.
lie (1 ia r"po'ted as being in a bad
ate mentally, his mind bavins:
been greatly ebaVen an4 bis memoiy
mpai ed. it ts practically tett lad tnat
tbe compan is liable for tbe over
isae of stock, on the ground that
it is recpontible for the acta ot tbe
ners and agents. This ba been de-
cid d by the roarrs ol otberS ates and
by tne United States Courts. TEe
etock of the rnilrotd waseo'd today at
auction at vof f r the reason tnat a
rumber of brokers bad so'd short and
did so to cove' their deals. Tbe own-
rs of tee stcck do not kcow what it
s worth.
Ic is s 'ed that expert extmlnatlons
f Rtted's ecinnuu hve ahead
bronKtit to Tght proof of more ex eos-
tve crookednues ban was at fl at be-
ieved. The feet t' at he has been
uung the enrplus i,f ihe road for pri
vate epei'iiittion seems to tave been
e s abliahed, and it las been discov
ered tbat he had g ven n Us
upon ihe com' any for a
naiderahle snm (Joe lorlJUUtia-
tnr, ed up, a d the totnpauy lias ad
vertised fir at notes rgatnat tntrn.
A; tne pre'ont ttm the omc rs or tne
road all retard the full ix ent. ol
Kenti'a dtf.lcuion at from 1250,000 to
Feara oi Ljr .eltlor.
Pah Aktohio. Tx , Novembar 24.
Ioforma to 1 ia received fiom Dalno
thai Jams Hewitt, a pn rrineut young
man, was snot a:' ft ki led wniie e'anu
iiginas rre. Before dyirg Hewitt
named Oscar Osrm'chael, an ar'st
cratio young V rinian, as an eLemy
of bis. Carmicbael war air.Bt-d at
bis r'nrbe in bed, and a recently die
pbart d gin was f mud in bis house.
It is feared he will be lynched.
RttitKmtn n M ahm . Navemher 24
John Oesfjv, of Hulyoke, who beat his
eon on 8undy Kst so that tbe la ter
H ait nn Mr iwatr. wiu nneiRted tudav
charred with mat slaughter, the doc
tors nming ev aence ot six aieiinct
blowi on tbe head, which ucdoubtedly
caused dtatb.
ftlartSer aaul llnlolde.
Wichita. Kas.. November 24. An
sged man named J-ffaraon B omley,
who kept a railroad bjarding houaa on
Water street, this citv. about noon to
day, a9 a result of a quarrel, suet bis
wife and then killed himself. It is
thought the woman r ay live. Both
were erav hatred and eird persons,
and tbe neighbor sty the con pie quar
reled often and bitterly.
Son, Nerlana C'bargM.
Nbw Obi.(ahi. La . November 24
A petition, signed by eig''ty-elgnt cut
B'lis, haste n presen'ed to Attorney
G.-ncral Conniogbam, praying nim to
(alte proceed!, es before tbe Someme
C ;un for the removal from offlce.nf
J'iiiie Henry Lesarus, o' Dividon b,,
Civil Dietrict Court. Tie tetitioa
cba ges him with malfeasance, m i-
leBgiuett, ertss mitcondncr, lRCom-
pttency, abuse of judicial power, etc,
Of Kentoelt y Frobable Prodactlon
f-r l!et T 13,nOi,H37 UalluuB.
Lcu'eviixir. K?.. Noveo,ber 24
Tho Couiier-Juurnal will fiuiiish to
mnnnv mi nitu(ln I n thn Wiiiattv All!
I'Ut, etc., irom mc a t:oi eciou oy mo
ntiu ana i-nint wn. wiitt:i wi i t
of intense to disul e-s and b inkers in-
r e ed in lha Kn tacky w' Hky
t irlt. T.nttnrs id l.ps ed to 220 niria-
tered dietil eis of KvLtocky, rsking
what tbe aggrga'e out. us for toe
w.ar aiifiltia .Tut... ftfl 1ftR7 waiiIH ha
receivtd answers fiom lorty nine dis-
iiiieriis, wiosa comoineu oaitui
is 60 per rear, of the total crop of
188; -66. In these it ia ehown
tbat the average percentpga of
production fir all is 79 3-7 per cent;
aggregate prruocion inr jboo o, (ini
ti.r ranll 17 0011.000 oallnna: mohable
produo ion for lt86 7. (793 7 per cent)
13.5o2.857 gallons. It is also shown
there is in existence a surplus of Ken
, 1 . . A- DAA1
tncay prcuacte Bmounuug ,u o,wy
000 gallons. The figurets cover both
consumption and production, xney
show that the onsumption of Ken-
tnpkv whluk has fallnn riff since the
last report near y 2000,000 gal'ons.
rrevious caicutat ons nave been maue
npon tbe basis of that previous report
anil thnrsfnra hava nlseed the con-
Sumption 2,000,000 gs.lons a year too
nigLi, ana coDsqaeDiij o.vwuuu
Kailona excess for the next three
Thnirtinla savs; The inference
drawn from tbe figures is tbot the pro-
a i a a i 1 M fSr Vru
doction snouid se cut uown o,uuu,uuu
from tbat cow proposed. This would
7 fWI OTKl aa thanrnnnr n rnd net ion
for Kentucky for the year 1888-'87,
nearly tne same output as tnat ti iooo-
84. ine cause 01 voe wuing
nff of nrodnction is of Brest
imnortance in this connection. The
rh .1 fAatnrAi tn tnis fifn are ine im
provement in tht trade and tbe bigcer
minus rnlinir. It is minted out by the
Hmru as imnortant tbat the
nruacnt nriica and improved COO
dition witl be maintained if
the business is to continue to
fn mtnrn their profi's. In order to
maintrain puces and trade lmmeuiaie
steps must be taken to reduee im
nrnanAotivit antniit. for the vear 1886 7
within the limits named -7,00i),000
Tba Aaareblata' attorney Warklas
Mara iwr a mpmhiw.
rtmn.in Tir Nnramhsr 24. A
special fiom Bloomlogton, III., says:
CapU Black, one of tbe attorneys for
v.A nnViiai mvalarlnnslv disSU-
umauw. '
fciiO HMV'VUM.O, M-J.w 4
peartrd from Bloomington early tnis
morning ana ihjbhkiuuji
peared in tha city this afternoon. He
1 A nn Infni-matlnn BB to wherS
ha had been, but quietly rejoined his
associate lawyers in ineir waiuu wr
decision from Chief Justice Scott upon
i.. .nr.lltnn inr a annaraedeBB for
the condemned. Notwitbstanoirg
lug ,uu,ib.vu i , .
Capt. Black's reticence, tt is learnea
.l.i. k. .,l. mrA m rirriBCr. and
j.i.iniien h onnntiT boarded tne
train that left Bloomington at 2.16
s.m. for O.tawa. ineie ne vibiwju iu.
Clerk of the Illinois Supreme Court
I ......amanlil with that
c fflcial to be on band all day Thanks
oivirir. so tbat should a i upe'serens
u - ...ntd tnmnrrnw the Clerk
I Ko In rialiau tO take tflfi
further step3 necessary to stay the tx
Hue Walt ItoaBt MnllortTa.
Fine Hatch K- pairing, WulfordV
vsinia Pr.nii. Mnlfortrs
At lb nisbe Skbool far tba Beae-
t af tb Sobaol Library.
Last evening a bcok donation partv
was given by the facu ty and etu tents
of the H ghee 8c boo', and nas at
tended by some 500 people. Between
600 and 700 valuable book, were do-
natid Tne programme i f exercises
wis as follows: upen'ic setenons
aid Valae tie Coarert by Wollpn-
bnpt, by Miss Eva Knnedy.
"Polish B y,'' hy Mi s F-nny Falls
"Courtship Under Diflitultiee." by
Miea U'tv uaidwui. L,eittr ereue
rom Mirb th. bv M ss Dnnlao. "Yon
Put No F oaers tn My P. pa's Grave,"
bv Viis Jennv Ov-rtm. C llines
Ode to the Passiins"ly Mies Etna
Onrixiian. C' m-dy, Leap Year in a
Country VtUaa; the pitr s b ing taken
by Mifes birtii- Carver, Ahce B riy,
D e Simm r,s. El a W h-atley, C-r la
Warmer and Minnie Alyeis. bach
guest was piesented wi h a souvenir
bv the Phi Siuma Society, in tbe share
of act d ineerioed with a sentiment
and edjrntd by a sp-ig of natural
flowers Mies Efli' Cmi tian gave an
xiibi ion ol thi D-igarte syeiem of
elocution, and Uisa H gtiea delivered
abort add'ess. Jne lot owing letter
was receividlrom Mr.Jeffeison Davis:
M aaeaia, Th.in., NoTambar 24, 1886.
Dear Miaa H gbte:
A'cept my cordial thanks for your
gratify. ng invitation to a tend this
evenu g at t ie ingoe inetitute ano
meet tue young ladies under you'
cba'ge. If anything had bean needed
to u ake the invitation a tractive it
wt u'd have been f und .in the tact
that it was communicated br my es
teemed frieid, Mre. M. C. McNabb
It is with sincere regret tbat I am
compelled by prv:oui engaiment to
decline ihe honor yt-u hve to accent-
any tendered to uie. 08.1 preset) t
my best wlehes end sincere ngird to
tbe young ladies, and believe me
f.itbfully ycur',
Trenbleaouie lodiaas.
Wabbinotom. November 24. The
Commiesioo, compes-d of Jamts R.
Howard, of tbe D etiict of Columbia,
and John G. Walker, of Virginia, ap
pointed by the Iudian Office to make
allotment i f lands in severalty t the
Urow Indians la Montana cas re
turned to tha city. Th commi-ieion
succeeded iu making 131 allotments
as ton emplawd. ' A large maj inly of
the tiibe, however, refused to abandon
tbfir tribal relations oaing princi
pally, it in said, to tbe pi re icious in
fluence cf Sitt ng Bu 1 and other In
dians from the Stand ng R ck agncy
wno, contrtry to tbe o dtrs of the
Iudinn Olfi.'eand acainst tbe protest
of tbe agent of the Croa 1 jft tieir
reservatons or tbe purpse of de
feating the object: i.f the comoiiseion.
Is- is -mid tbat an ex'dut with the
s-me otjet in viewv.il be made in
no spring, ine ee' re ary oi ine in
terior has receive l inf rmition tbat
the commission appt intv-d t S'tu e
tr im t e Jn.liais on tno Umti la
ieerratian in O egen, thoir consent
to the cr ivibiops of tbe act of Von-
grcfa pe88)d Maich 3 1, 1885, I rjvid
iai for anotmi-nt of Iain's in tevaralttr
to these tohais sraatiLg pa'i-nts
therakrand disiomiiiol ttiesirplas
lands nf the rest rta ion icr tbe boot fit
of the Indians, baa been tuccesslul in
every particnler. SteyB will now be
taken to carry out the provisions of
tbe act.
Imported Huts.
The bRt acd mostfa-h;onablestyles
of Engis!i hi ts, im potted diiect, can
be sem at l.eii y A io. 8 8toie. it is
the largest and moat elegant selec ion
of imported goods ever brought to
Memphis an' is meeting with neavy
sale. Leidy & Co. hive alro aJargi
line of Anoe:'cQ ht?, compri, ing the
latest fettles snd fiom tbe best makers.
Call and exiinlne thete goods; they
are veiy atirac ive and are tffered at
reasonable Dgnres. Jl ynu want a nt
to look well, to wtwr well ard to fi .
ell. you nint call on Leidy & Co.,
wheie yonr wants can be supplied. ,
Eatrlea Bade for Extra Kaees.
Fax Francisco Cal , November 24.
The Blocd Horse A-sociation will
give an extia dav's racing tomorrow
at tbe Oakland 'Driv.og Park. Tbe
following entries bave been made:
Fmt Kace, Three qnartersof a mile.
Ro'-son, Marcola. Raruar, Gardner,
Leap Year.
.Second Jiaee rMvr-eiiroLs ol a mile.
Lob' Bor, Bur y R., Tom Achison,
All' men
Third Rac4.- Heats, mile and one-
sixteenth. A -go, Binnette. Moon'
light, Leeds, Miss Conrmey.
Fourth ieooe. Seven-eighths nf a
mile, hanilicip. Nielson. Menn, Dyn
amite, Adflaine, Sir Thad, P.rty
Frover, Cleveland.
Oiainoud M atclicsi. M alford'sj
Absolutely Pure.
Tbla powd'r never varies. K mrrol oi
par ty. v'n' a ami wno'e oran.i. jio--
a.toootioal thna tbo ord-narr ktniift, and
ounnot bo old in eompo'iti'in ith tba mul
t tuda of low tent, thorl wttht alnm or
pho-,hta pnv,,rt. St'1.9 OKI.T IB 0KB.
araa'tvvlAM uihi,i runuti
;tu6 Wall itraci. New Ymk
.KSI-"""" BBaSBBBBTjji
' ' raj $
Hxle'a Botlr Conveyed
to Bas
Nbw Yobk, November 24. Tbe
body of Vice President Hoxie was
embalmed today, and in tbe evening
as p'acedina special car on the
New York Cent al railroad, which
lift for Ds Moims, It., where the
funeral cervices will take p'ace on
Friday. Mrs. Hox'e and Capt, R. 8.
11 ayes accompanied tbe rt mains.
Visit-ieb on 'Change veaterdav:
R. A. Himmona, Pine Bluff, Aik -, J. J.
Faqua.Tr savant, Tenn ; J. A.Adams,
Titzevant, Tenn ; G. D. Paters, Lon
don, f..Dg.; j)r. d. b not'e'S lennes-
W. A. Ba lew. N w York.
To niBtolve Capnrtaienbip,
One entlrs atock baa to be told br Jao
oarr 1, 1887, to Dim, Ira Copartnership
oar eompanr rotirtna.
Wo oter our imuient atook Keara
la at Ct.Bt.
Good F1t Hte.. 59
Fine Felt Hum, New Shape . worth 11.20, Too
OoduId Pfimer Hat, 76o
Job Lot ! Hata, w rth from tl to 12- 25o
Beaatiful Ko-er, all Colora ....J for 10
8str!ch Horn pon, 10
hlldren'a Trimmed HaU, worth 12, for 11 00
Bori'a Cloth, Valvet and flush Uaps,
worth tt .- .m-.. 80s
Ladioa' Trimmed Hata, worth M 12 00
l.Atn elnmaa from .50a BB
Ostrioh Tlpn, 3 in Bonoh, from.... 60s up
Hilda, winta, raooT rriuun, reamer
Bane oto.,atBlUlcioalj i-vw frlee
aSTDon't Lose Yonr Chase, "emember
Irom tola day to Januar; 1, lws7.
ta Bridal aod MoaralDB Oatflts.
avTh finest assortment of DOLLS in tho
SarHaia Henhapsd, Fetthera Claanod, Dyad
ana vwnea.
Holder, Hair Wash by th Small or Lars
OOTOBHH tae. 1886
Loanaand Piosounta 41,437,244 01
Banklashooso aod offioe flxtoroa 80,000 00
Overdraft! JH.667 26
Kiueneee and taxes 7.1W
Sight Kxehane....15S.Z 98
Cash on hand 368,717 73 526.943 0t
' S2,U29,94t 79
Capital Paid up 1 600,000 00
Undivided ProBta ........... 121.877 W
Eiohanaa and 1 ter eu t bl,54t VI
Due other Bankt on
UtllirediooiiDted,l WafiQ 85
Depoiita . ...l.o74.ia& ia t.aw.aar ot
' t $2,029,94 7
WM. A. WlLLlAMBUiSi.-Vloo-rr'iaen
8. P. READ - .Ceahier
A.Vaeearo. Wm. A. WilHamion.
joieph Bruce, IaKleou HUI.
n. Oodley rrayssr, i. r.ujiei,
P. Read. lieni. bid.
John B.. Pepper, Ju. U. MoDavitt,
LATE O? BT. LOUIS, MO., hat inut fitted
op an e'eant office over trUe i Shlt-ldi'a
groce y store, corner nt Adame ana main.
wuTe no ia reaar in m an etaa1 ui uikv
laae to order.
Tk nnhliA Infortneii
that tba D ctor has no i)oei lor ule other
inatinou mriiiin
. l. ... -.1 - t. li.m.a f .nH In nnnlnrm.
ity with tho ntenu'emeotot lhe eye. Tho
DOOtor DM miiao UU O'S utooiai muj ui
has all the Utest aoietitifie tesU and initra-
menu to injure peewn u "7 -"-
PbyMclant preaeriptione ft,r glaaien earetnlly
filled. Office hoora Irom 9u 12 aad tofi.aa.
Orullut sad Optician, No." 218 Main atr'eat,
.1 A A J.Mai aatl Main
308 Front St.
- - r . "
Wholesale and KetaiL
SMMnd Street.
Proclamation by the Oorernor.
The StaU of Teoneiiee Wm. B. Bat, 6ov-
rnor To all who ahall as tbeee present
W0r'bKrfEA8, It hat been made known to
. me tbat Bam Braco (0). ohanred with
havins oommtttod muider on the body ot
Boaoh Oakler on tbo day of Ootobor. IMS,
1b oar eoBD.tr of tohelby, fled Irom JaiUo
end now ruentni e Israel ' -
Now, therefore. I. Wm. B. Bate OoTorBor
at aforetaid, by via no of tb power and au
thority la mo Vtttoo, do hereby otTer a re
ward of two hundred and fit y dollare to any
penon or nerione who. ma apprehend th
aid 8am Bruoe (), aod dellror him to the
eheriff or Jtilor ot our etuaty of Shelby,
in order that jutiioe in that bohall may b
had and axeeuwd. Tblt reward la parable,
half on deltrery to ahariff and half oa eon-
Ib Twt'ieiony Whereof. I hav kereanto tat
mr band, aod eauaed (he Ureat Mtal of th
State to be affixed, et Neahville, oa th9Ui
a of November. 1886.
v triat OnvBrBor.
tm 0 OA AAV
oh- AHinon. tSreUrr o HUU.
I llBWilaB bofonnd la th "aCIKKC'K
or HKtLIH," igr th
speedy cure ol Kervout Demlil, Lout Enrr
tr, lleipondonor, etc. Acptotthii hook
will be eeni ree, e'ed Andr -t I StSIS'Bl
Of It .!. . IIIO SVraS NIBIU Btrcet,
fl rlnnt S, Ohio
9IoitrMiii Ititllglo. Mllllortl.

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