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aMMMr tm mvnmjkt ridoelm
II fa receipt of a larrer, more varied and better aa.
lasted stock ofCASSlMEGES, WOU31 EIIS, SLIT15CS
aa UTEBCUATINGS, (all this seasoa's Imnerta.
tieis,) taaa was ever shown la tali market. Tka
faeK comprises tha choicest designs, flutst textures
ait arable roads la raatlemen'i wear.
tl Sample ana Prices oa application to thote
waa have left meamrea. ,
t ePq 1 Da i & )
New Stock Open for Inspection
WE would resr-ectfully announce to the pablle that we hare opened an Auction Hours,
aad will conduct the General A action Businaea, at oar old (tend, no. ia"v esala
Hirers., jn tbe Webster Block. Uavine seiured toe services ot Mjj. J. R. MoDON ALD, the
nil known Auction Sale-roan, who hs a long experie- ea in the unction business, we are
prepared to make sa'e at RKSiUKN' K8 or K'l ORKHoUSKS, and will par psr'icolir atten
tion to the tale of Kent Btate and eolioit a liberal patronage, uonr routto in QUICK SsiLEd
and PROMPT bO TLKMUMj We will make special rates with AtiorneNS, Adminis
trators, Assignees, Sheriffs. Commissioners and Guardians.- hales at our bale-rooms daily
at 10 o'clock a.m and at T o'olook p m., and Trade Sa ea one a aeek, the day to be an
nounced hereafter. Consignment ot Mereband so of every kind solicited.
n. JtttrvruoF ck CO., Licensed Auctioneer.
J. R. McDONALT). H.le.man.
m-mtm midge.
piob bly bj built
w 'tb n the next a.x
abbiyal or
And Surieji Preparatory to
Location-Iu C n-ti uctlon
Now a lei tuiuly.
Evsry Itiant Ai, Natnrday
IhBBkwlTlif Mail nee.
Abbott. Arnandale. Frloke, Michelena,
Montegriffo, Pruote, Broderiok, Allen.
Bin ma Abbott Maaa t.verjr Perform.
FRI. NIGHT rleplne and The Fairy
SAT. MAT."Abboti'i Lait Roie'-Harlha
SAT. Night-Abbott's Farewell Performance
oit Week BauanaT'g Tboob a dob as.
Open Daily rnn I outiJ 10:30 p.m.; Satur
days ana Holiday Tom 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Museum will be oneo rom 10 a.m. tn 11
p.m f r the a-commodatin of tho rublic.
.. WKBat ATTRACTION, offering a grand
Kla wei k to the pnblic.
every Hrptirtment, both MUtihUM AND
Reserved Seata, 10; Extra.
Royal Mimum of Anatomy
" "" Birrri, lor
a Itnort time.
The fine't and motromplee onl'ention of
ADBKim ou Moadi mat nuertr been placed
before the publio
Wat reir 'ituotiona of the moat noted his
torical oraracte-a ot me world.
A morel. Bntrtiiimiiff nnil inatni.ttnv
hibit'on, prore'ving the diatinctive charac
ter of a are' pahho 'nt uotor.
OPbW DA l LV Frum 8 a m. to 10 p.m. for
veuia. rriLni.troin i ion p.m.. ter la-
qteii. am .tn, & v nt.
LB - Owner ean hare aame by t.rovlnc
properly and pteylna caanea.
"OUP-Nor. 18, one brown and white New-
Minnoiana pup Aeiurn tn A. at. Mitou
ei. "fa trer. a- ci be -ewar'ted.
Mr. Geo. F. MorroD, of New Yotk
CitT. an eminent engi'cerrn titer;
in cnoge ou lUiDff, sir vt l ia the city
yetteruy, a tmia'iiid by a cnpabe
afriotant. Tfce t bjet t ol his irit is
to make trel'mn.ry aorveja and to
tikeeound neacl n,e liyer at aevtral
poipts, 'n oider to dtrajin where to
i Kate ins Dnfg Hid to ahht dptb
ii. win oo uivewary to ridk tbe piera.
air. ruurriaun ia tti ci)t-I eneiaeer
of the KaoBat Ci y Kailroad at d Mem-
pnia a iUte iompapy, nd will doultt
It (s r main here a numbtr of wet-ka in
oider to compitta the preliminary
work be is t ngaged In. Ihenewaof
he a rival w 11 doabiltss be welcomed
byonr rea1ng as etroi jrly inditative
if the pa.pos- of the Kn as O.ty
Riirad aid MenpLia Bridge Oooi-
imuj v man m u-ra to a ipeedy
naue. Tau d fli times that w rem-
countercia in vtasbinjtton l. g's-ision
a cariR ite logiBi. t . n tJeiiied have,
it is balitved. bem nail HicnrikaH ..f
.l.A . 1 ry . .r . 1
iuo a'auuu vuuariy caviig lai'td
to tenet m iti p e ge to bririo
tie aoK 01 CO i an lift ii o in.
bii'ge. I will bs r menjbertd ti.at
at tt e a t aesmon of Cut grts? ac i'm
on the bi 1 to Rfnt a f auciiiiw t, the
Kna City R I road and Mrrnh a
u -i i ... n ii . F .
uiiukb uuuiuaur was ae avi a la tjid r
to gie ihe Arkai eas c. ncer a rhai.ia
10 armfinnrate in I they meatit bust
nes, by (ommencti a ODTa-ions
UavioD I lied io do thip. tl, r f,n
uppomion win uuubtlaea net avail
lmm mucn.
Tke Mlaahalfipl hbi Tenneaaee Ban
ITk. - 1 ... ...
uj anuuti met-tiDs oi tne aiiaais-
uppi na iDnefee JRi!roid Com
pat y waa held in th a city yest rday,
run iiupuriaui. ruHi.g' g were made in
us cirecrrry. um A. M, Wett. K. P.
JNee'y, Ai mroe Winter and T. W.
While have resinned. The d ree'rry
will he'mfter be coniDoaHd of l.mr
xmbw xo'X capitalists and tbe
lallowiDa named g-nilemen of tha old
Doaro: . n. H edge of Cairo, R P.
Lake of Grenada, C. F. Vance and F
M While of th a c ty. Au e'ect'on of
omcers will De neM in Kew Y, rk City
in a few fay. It is n open secret
that Mr. H-ini"ian, of the IllipoisCen
tral, who owns the cnn'rollii g interest
iitbe company, will be flecud preoi.
ueuij wuu iu omer omcera mil be ia
not known.
the llllael- t'niral Kaler Oe
laiala., aila.i
Coitjaao', Mias., Mxvf.rbcr 22
The boird of Tiai'e hild a I.' g" mtwt
irg tunitiht to fntQcr ti e hi ( if ng of
tl e exte a on ol t' e llln 'Ola fVntral
to tins pi. Cf. An i I a urnt deal f
mthni-iiism tie foll'm-n resoit't.ons
aer nna'ii'i eti ,v a 'op e i :
Retolvid, Th-.. he I'.i n ii ConMJH-
ei n ia an iif I i.ti : cnn y it jj
n)a'nten'rct s. d I ' ! i' t in ta r '
ant', and fat Wf h. by In aril?
place on a Km on : iff .) i h r-nii? j;
lav rtf .t.s) i:eitin i h eH.;oli' m.
Jietnhid, lb I :ti- M v -r nrt lH'v
Council u'i .i.J ll.i y . r. In itly rr-
qu Bttd t g 'Bt i Pc; t if a.
'hr iOkh thu a?-e'a : f t' e ' i y to the
II inoix Ci-atial Ka:.l owl Comt nv.
Tht fo low nir ccxuoi tUe a. an.
printed to draft and t'ircu'nte lelt r
aniTg the me'chaott. and to iuk
aach thtr meirs a' nao.g.my lo c
c mtlinhtheobi c' : I ,B. A.Vanehn.
Win. P. Ne-il, T. B. u nklia td J. T.
ILrritou. . ,
TIME VtRY Uli) m
A Eljfk Doctor Charged With Ma!,
practiedand TwoSmnk lltievfs
fir L'ib'oo j.
neaapbia aad Cbarl.aiaB Frrdrra.
Tte fina anivcyf'r the extenti m
of tbe jcmiih a and C.' ar.e ton mil
road from Stt-v-n on, AU ,to this c y,
was bcann toi'a?. An ston rs th-
putvoy is con.pleW, it a be'iev.il I'.n
wotk w 11 be cum'ueiircd. Th-- t-
ligoitti roil li n irn 'e iiio
giiat st iu)o tanco l t .m
TH p; B1CITM: '
HORSS-n aged ro.n home nbout IS
handa hiah, with en lamed hock on lett
hind leg, end left eye l jnred. Finder lll
be rewarded by returnina to J. L. Hall'i
mo e. oo union htc t.
DOU From Rayborn arenne, Tuesday
eTenioa, Not. 23d, one b'aoa and vhite
setter dot; had on collar, with chain drat
ainii ano, m aiiicnea to collar, witn Bam,
' Ed. Moon from R. P. MnOarsot alio, doa'a
name, " !-naa," on ti. Fire uollam reward
lor ms return to no. MUON,
8 a"d 10 Union afreet.
Tbe PtBiiBlt aula Coming Soatb.
PaiLADKLPHlA. Pa.. November 2
The frietda of ihe New York, Pbila-
ateipnia ana nriuik Hatiroaci Jnm
pany, who are larselv ititcreited in
the property gGnerilly, are arrang ng
iur tiro oaw-u-iuu oi ina comDxnv'H
ry-t rair.m norio a tnrongn lo Jttik
a, nviiie, iia. iha new move is
looatd npon as a pait of tbe Pennsyl
vania Railroad comnanv'a tactics, and
tne new line win I rm at omltt to
Hood Si on Exptetvd nl
Knee lodaji.
Tbia morning at 10 o'clock the
'Cycle Clob will lavu Its fir. tread
race. All the rn'rounihros stem to
Le in their favor, and tuch airanae
nun's as will ba neceesirv have ben
carefully tmde. Chcke'R nill be
s ationed at tbe crrters of Unirn and
McLean and McLeau and Central
avennes, and one at tl e tace track
entrance, ihis will guarantee ttip.t
every rider make the lull trip. 8ome
tl the cootettanta bave been pacing
over Ihe coon-e, and we indue ibat
tne seven miles wm e cvrreil in
thirty minutes probably a fraction
lees. At any rate, tne race will be
clote and uncertain to the last. The
wheelmen teem to be a csnrteous set
c I young men on the road, and it
would be do.' lair tor vuic'es to give
ihem right of way for the short f pace
oMioje ih;8 race will ocenpy, while a
refusal of tu'a email ice immolation
m'gbt cause an accident 10 the tideta.
Everybidy ia invited, and the club
promise tum a gnod time, and iieecf
charge. The cou s id visible for
nearly a mile fiom the stait, to we
would tugaest to tbe ladies that Ihey
lake pptra glasses.
TiiertU-.T.'ght l.a :'r. ,r. M b,-d
" Jl vfii:' of :h- K',ti P.e
Ci'y Jlaok N -tt t'mi.;,a. v, f f K-ira
Utv M-- 1. f ti.f inut'u nt .o k
l.'fr (I JUJIftS li 11.0 Hoc'. tt.Pt hs vn-
ltfa, coutaini tr -pis va.uibld tv
io tnuiself, wva tvk n ff tu a or i t
tictid to tlie re,m a- Kanca Off
t a n lich iat at o clock ..f toe
i a tie pvei i' g 'fat te compant wa
nmdi. Jir. BaniNj rtxtrtii to a
ArPKAt-reprrU'r U.a' after the r,'..
hid go' enwo littlfl di hv ca iroftj i-
oepot tno ergtnn gttoS tbe irack. ifn
wpui cue io ate a hat tr.e trrnbi' wag,
Huu wneu t e rctitrnea lotti u ljund
ii at nia value wca gone, liia bos.
picmna wtro on tno yon ;uu ia tbe
t:ar and he gav tri-ip itivciiplions to
lie police. Kc'.i.i.v My. Uuu n
in crr.- -v a u Offioer Jack
siii, v eoveral placoi in
ro'. .i .. in i,ii a. and at tt,A r.
" r t,i m m and U nv atn,a
tl ey tout d the men with the vtlise in
tueir vudwas on and rxaminiog tha
iuji uis. ine two meu were taktn
i' to costody and lodged in the Station
House. They gave their nama as U.
II. Allen and G. W. Arnnld, and a
charge of lurcuny was placed or poMte
uoumi mi me aocKflt, Allen had
--o jrjon i is person and Arnold 30 20.
I'bey also had two valite in their m.
aetsion and upon ihe contents beiug
" men it snowed tbat ail beloi gal
to P. G. Atilt, who is evidently travel-
ing iur a tooacco noue. The men
were ciowiy qnea ioned by Capt,
j uaver, out gava evasive answers to
an quenions asked and at limot con
traduied tbetmelvoj. Capt. U'llaver,
wuu is au eaperi in tuoee matteis,
la confldeat ihal tlie men aie
crooka of the fitvt wa er and
that tbeir busincsi ia "valise sU aling."
ait" ueing locatu np me two men se
cured tbe services ol a lawyer and he
asked to have a hearing at once. The
wisn was complied with and the men
were taken before Jus ice Bury. Af
ter hearing the Ustimonv he bonnd
ineiu over to tne unminal Court ia
the sum of $2000 each. Mr. Bron-on,
aim piusecutor, was neia as a btato a
Witte-8, and he beiDir unalilrt to niva
the $J0U0 bond rt-auited bv lav aa
sunt to Jail.
V and Tmnnrtflp
' lt ITOt "J aew eeaiplete. Tke Lara-eat Cbalaaal aaJ
Meet Van..! hare a fr at.rat .. aap"a eo".in, TtM la.
iV jLATnar irOm- owKHiATia'aVnVair
latreaueea by laa Leaaia lmponere of Knrland. rruo. ana tier-
r7 ' - aaf mm- - - - .... to IB J euetOBBera aM
Cor. Sieond ind Jaffirtia Sl$.t
lata M SB
Mimphlt. Tina.
i 1 1'W'MreaaaajaaaBaaaaBam llliaaaii ll li awiMaa i i 1 1 i '1
Xanana AbboM
The popular prima donna was hut
night the recipient of a'n nnnsual
tenor. The Hon. Jt-flerera Dav s,
di tpite hie disinclination to-visit pub-
no piaces at nignj, accepted lht invi.
tatKn lo be pre'ent at the perlvrna,iiic
oi unwio; nunnantty, and OLfairad
m luuuri iub'k ci uaninctiort npon
' "j iciicoiiua; uer ity ring,
durino the rourreof thoevei ing,onie
iiuipia uauuj i-i oil) s gone by. Tlie
requpat waa eracofuliy complied with
as will hertaf er pnp.ar. The atnii-
er.ee warp nearly a t a.Beinb ed when
me ex rresiaent i f tho Cmtfedjiata
Htttes, acc imnatiictl by a porty t fla-
uies auu aeaiiemrl, was Beu rOiniD
uuwu mi caireuin it'll ain letKlmg 1 1
n prujcenium Dot. Mr. Uavin'a
panv waacompisiU ol Mr. and M'.
ii. ai. iNntiy, Mr. And Mm. T. If,
men, nir". u.'iciier. lit appearance
"B b kubi tor a ronud ot mm nnai
which coi.t nmd to avill i.i
as ne atiiTkncHd, ami cttlminttted in a
very etorm ol sppisue a ha entered
the box and seated bim-elf. Ti e ap-
inniiBt) imhu o lor luity tun miiintMt.
nnil lU'i OlS.lnuuiStlnd via tor
Was UV llontlv dnenlv lniii.,.l
Dy it and bowed his acknowledgn
nient witn that ttaUOygrjee for winch
ne 14 noiea. UUilnir tlm nrliumiinu
iie paia ciose attention to ihi
mimic astne and waa rvidumly
liiraanu uv wrinc nn iat. H.tlavnun
iim iwronu ana mini acts the an-
baneery t'oarl-lllrt, Cbaaewllor.
Additional calendar for November
19 lh : 4886, Prou iflt vs Harrell j 63.iT.
Po weravs McManoo; 6291, Cojsitt va
Fro t; 63H3, Freeman vs N inth ; 6400.
Don V'e't7 Harvey; 640?, Wlllifsj
vs IL inter; 64f6,Sonthni Lithograph
Comn ny vs t).io,er; 6108, Hampton
xs Wune; 2410, Cunningbara tb
LeHbott -r; 6412, Dickaoji vi Miller:
63S. H , "lr ta C.wgi 1; 6368, Brows
vs Lanei, t;6387, Tl.omas TiUi nf
f-392, Kol. T " W eir : 639. Mariana va
F ataer: tM02, Kmll vs Knell: Kin.
Chertion TS' Ch-ation; 640. Mnuk
C)chyie vr Wirner: fc4il, Wicaa
vs Central Tehone O innmy; 640t
vs MnHsly 0 aad R.; 6313, Baleh
va Ilayaat. '
S'ata va 'lm8-,tleL'iwr.nre: Rtita
rsRingwalii, niimou ove ru'e l; Beaa
mntit va i i ley,, rtf reuca varattal;
Frir k va Warm l. airdi r for hnnal
Ga'a a'di a Irie'i Awe inn Bui din.
and Loin A "a ciiton, itfeteiico re
newed t Rwc'va ci tin. n li-r.'Dce re
uewtd: Kchro fle d va Ward, motinn
ov. rruted ; W id va Eppois-a, motion
ftrrnlt Cot in-t'ataa, Jtrdfo.
Tl ecaieof Hi lln a i vh ICai,an;i
SpritiKtlild and Memphis Ra'lroatf
Company, for dai 'a cs on a shipment
f Oilatnee, wa, dm i led in faun. rr
d ren''anf. Cour; i djourned till Mon
diy, Nuvembtr 1!I1 h.
nnnncement was mada that Miu
Abbott wculd eina a ballad in ih "niinHl Conrt- DaHnr, Jndow.
third act, a reoueeted bv the Conh d. Calendar fnt t.imo "row : No.0 Jorrv
. ... , - - I T) . t n. i . j
eraie cniui am. ine anuontici mf nt I "iw; n, nirniui Murray; ion. av
.al- i . . TIU..1 : nt .. . ti - '.
w."b itiaaguai tor anoibor bnmt of Dl" w" ui, in u anr: wm.
appiause, wmcn was sent Un " ,I,u,,r " ,,,,Mn " W1H
Iaereaaed Atteadaae I'poa tbe
Mlaaloa Nervlee, Neraaana
and Litmrea,
MuLico-un tne ntunt or Oct. sd, s miles important points ooutn lortnat cor-1 there was not,
east ot Collierville, 2 black mare mnleei poiation. ti be found
one about four yeara old. in nod fix anrf 11 D .!ou.Da' .
trimmed up, with litHe white apot under at.n,nki. ... ., I was Which It
law: the other, ten or twal va ...ra iA. "!"" mua aaawzviiie afailroad. Tha ,v.rnA
roath, and nt ao well trimmed. Reward
tor information, or return of inulea to J. W
iuudk i'eiiprii, or
W. r. PRrcK. nollierTille, Tenn.
f 10 W On Tburrday, near neon, two oowai
J one a black, wub er. a .ad hole in on,
ear and alit and bole in the ntaer; th.
outer, rea anu wuiie apottea, w tl awallow
lora in ngni ear; teata nare black marks,
A auitable rea-ard for their return m ma.
near corner ol Lane avenue and Ayre e'reot.
in n i.ii i is KaKljKY
KATIB H A DSKLL Pleaae write to yur
on FRNK M. H., Memphla. Tenn.
GET HOOK A bAORILL to w.ather strip
your doors and windows There la solid
wuiiormnQ economy in tbia. uornar Bee-
ond and Madison streets
Jlft J- D. WHITB-243 Main, eer. Jeffer-
jl son ai. tune, teieobone mi t reaidenee 68.
PJISTKRNS-BulJt and repaired and war-
vaT rantfju. iDTRnurni I naa na nit a car u..ea-
Uod Cement Pump. Contractor and brlnk-
wyar. Telephone
TH08 0I1BHIN8.
NEAT 00TTA9E Bit rooms. Apply to
A. QOHPPH. IT Tal- ot st.
J I In lilA n.l.l.h ... .1 ,
home, knowa as Chestnut ire place, fitted
ap for drj goods, srooeriesand ted; itore
and feed-rooms both large; new llowe Scales
u ae noor oi leea-room. inquire or
R. A. TERHY, on the plaoe.
FURNISH KDroom, with or without board,
suiuble for senileman and wile, or two
gentlemen, st 239 Union street.
nue, direotly opposite my present resi
dence, on Uernaude and klmwood street ear
line, two miles seutheaai from Ckuart Mqoare,
oonUialog flfieen acrea, ten acres of whieh
ean be cultivated. Tho entire plaoe in per
fect repair. Nine rooms, with all neoessary
ouihoonea: three oiaterna, live aorea with
beaut tal foreat tree, in yard and gTass lots.
It is the most beautiful in the suburbs ol
Memphis. V) ill be leaacd for one, two or
tnree jean, roaaeasioa 1st ol Jenuarv or
mediately if deiired. Apply at 36 Union
immediately if deiired.
atreet or al pit residence,
, 1EN"W.
avenue and Jaekson atreeti two-story
fVavaa artriHt OA lunJ i...lt. sT .11 J
aw awaasmi, awat am sbvi - l"UU II U 1 la) Ul 1 1 BlDUs
6ne trnit and vegetable cardan, Willianl
for a series of years. Alio, another place,
aome six acre, near Oaaton'si line vines
aad fruit, w th residence.
L. B. McFARLAND. 22 Mad'son St.
Apply at No.
HOUSE-With six rooms,
mulberry s'reet.
i .j01-8, 'nndlO ia Cotton Eicbanse
Building, on second floor, fronting on Heoond
fjreet, lormarly occupied by M. B, and A.
Apply at 81 Madison stree U
COTTAGE Seven rooms, on Walker are
. I?! Blmwoo street oar line. AjJply
atMUblon st. joa LKN0W.
LARGE BTORK-rirst floor and eellar.
. ntraaoee, Nos. 801
and 30H Main street.
OFlICHB-No.M Second street. . - f
DWELLINGS hoe. Htl Mala atnet; 1H
Court street and 9 Quimby streot.
VACANT LOTd Apply to
8S Madison street.
"DOOMS Pleasant rooms, (urnlahed U
J- aeairea, wiin reierencea, at aw audieon.
FICE-Flrst floor ..
At 83 Madison Street.
4 ELEGANT ROOMB-At 69 Market street)
elnsle or en suite furnished er aniur
Biahedj sood water, and near bnainess.
OTORRHODbE Four story and basement
kJ storeboure. No. 264 Front atreet.
C10TT0N "FFICE-Apply to . M. Apper
Vaon A Co., No 364 Front itreet;
H0tJ8E-220 Washington 8'i ; 7 rooms and
B Mhrom . Apply at 133 Poplar St.
S TOR Eflol' 6 EM
No. W Main Street.
No. 2io Mio Sireet.
. . 21,7 Main Street.
Apply to i AMfcb LtK, Ja., 4 Madisonfit
ELKOAKT nowly furnlihed rooms, bath
room, ate. Inqufie at 118 Court street
in Tint n ooirnt., 2X miles 'mm AtoKa.
oo C, 0. and 8. W. h. R. , Joo ,es of
one umoer; aivei'irgnou'e 01 a rooms, ia
gooa ooba.non: iz"u b rn, and nece.sary
outbousen. Meihodi.t District Cnn'erence
Uigh t-h ol wi'hin bait ml e. Suiub e fur
grating or cotton. For terms, e'e . apply to
1 I, mti ..... ... ' 1
ii p i,ii.Lra,i wrtqis n .t
ALL PEOPLE to KNOW-Th.ttheL' nob.
Roim of tbe Women's Exoh.nte is th.
1 lace to go if you want to be served promptly
wiiDBSooa luncn.
QCRAP IRON-A quantity of itove a'd
kj tnicoin'M i crap iron and old car wheels.
Ol. LUU13 JUAliliAAUliU 1KU7N UU.,
bt. Louis, Mo,
A CTIVE rtOLICITOR-alale or female,
4.-k ior au aursriising sneei. Addres
A. P , Arpeal office.
EVERYBODY To call and see tha cele
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
sirret, near ropiar.
T" 0 LEND 610,000, from "one three years,
X on good collateral. Apply to
. J. W.C., this office.
BOUSEMAID-Sweds or Ger
Dman. Mra. llttKKl.R. I!h.l.a
nuuw, vneiaea.
VI man woman.
9fifiMBNTT0,?0 ,utlo "ork en the
, tT Memphis, Birmingham and Atlantic
R.R., near Abrd' en. MWs. Apoiyon work.
GARVEY A LKB, Contr ctors.
lie Jackson (Tenn.) Whia of No.
vtmberl'Oth b yj; Jackson iust now
stems to be the renttr of ia irjad r x
leuaion in Tennis-tee. Our live little
city, si'Uhted in the mice: of a fertile
igncultural section, at ihe c-nis'Dg cf
t e to main noitb and south lines in
West Tennessee, end nearly in the
renter of ihis portion of the Ntaie, our
favr rable po itton as a fi cus for future
rtilrsd balding through this section
ie beginning 1 1 beseen and ri:ron zt.
The Oui.) Val ey ro id is to m ke us
a ir ito-ition. Ii.inlinvdon'a evatem
wants a b am h liom D.eisbnrir herp.
a u now tueia a ot a road I'Oni Knnx-
Mile to Mem ph s by Jacksi n hisbeen
revived. B. F. Lillard. o' Mutfiees-
boro, hrs a le trhy ar iule on the
Memplia tnd Ktoxyjlle line in lha
Muifreeso o FiU Prut frtm whiuh
we take tbe I dlowing eitrac s:
"Altnr ceverai years hve Deseed, in
a.'ain prtpoing ib's imponant iruok
line of rah ay t is to be I opediji-t no
Tennisitean will oppose it became be
may lie a etockbnld r in what Le mav
coi eider to be a goad line. If a new
line ot railway would deve od the
great resources ol tho country, etimu-
ats new looustries ana enilcn the
citizens, thire can be no livalrv. and
j nsi in proportion as the undeveloped
le'oorces ere brought fortb ulstinir
raihoads will he bentfid. It wrnid
be the grar.d trunk line of Ten
nessee, conneciing the B-a. and
tbe West. Ten re est ee is almost the
only State that has no trnnk linn of
railway, and it greatly retards the de.
velopment ol her natural resources
in which she is the richest State in
the Union. Tbe network of tailroads
that reach such a laigs number of tbe
great produ i"g fields of Missouri,
Arkana b and Texas that connect witn
the roads leading t) California and
The attendance at tlie mission
service at bt. Brigid a last night was
tbe largatt that yet sesem b ed. Not-
witbs'anding the reating capacity ol
tbe church was considerably increased,
wt'ni', a BDUing loom
Tbe sub 'ct riiscn jd
the Irut Church T"
her proved that from
the beninnins there waa a teaching
authority established by God, and that
man was bonnd to near it. tie quoted
many examples irotn tbe U,d Testa
ment, showirg that tha patriarchs
and propbi ts apoke to tbe people ia
the name of God. - For over an hour
the vaat audience listened with clo e
attention to tbe calta and eart est r.a-
BiLing of the very reverend father.
T nlubt tbe n is ion clo.ts with the
Papal benediction anl renewal of
baptismal ynwB C md' ni. ns are
bring heard all day, exc pt from 12 to
3 o'cio, k. At 8 o'ekek fliere is lo be
a special lecture for tlm Young Lidieb'
8 da ity ard all other nnmanitd ladies
i f the paiinb. At 7 o'clock tonight
Ihfre will be a proctpsion fiom tbe
chord hall, and a nomb-r if innocent
children will be admiited into the
sa ctuary to represent tbe conurt ga-
i m iu the ienewal cf bapuiuiHi vows.
Toe subject of tha final dirconren of
tre gcou miesionery will b ine im.
mauiate Uoncipt oa ol tbe Virgin
A Deadly Doctor.
Pome two weeks ago Kiesey Bauch.
a cOiOred woman residiPB in tha
sontbern portion of the city, died sud
denly Irom the effects, itwastaidat
me lime, oi meoicine adminifl ered to
ner ly a quack doctor. The no:icB
weie nut fled and a watch kent for tha
colored brother who had so effectively
row, Aiaaey 10 ner last rvstluu
. -! t 1. , 1 . "
v e. me inutviuuai was capt
nrtd yesterday in the Emhtnnnth
D. strict, and proved to he one John
Mnitb, alias Dr. Alexander Aston, lie
waa arrested lor swindling, having
fai ed to return $16 change cfafi-'O
Dill that bad been given him in pay
ment ol a tee of charaed tn one of
nis colored pat ents ia the con u try,
He was tent to Uil bv Just ce W. H.
llngh'y, pending an examination of
etiarges ol Baindling, catryliig con
cealed weapinn and canstog death
f'Om malptactice. In aduition to
Kitspy Bunch, it is alignd
UantiaU Chambers, another coU
oted woman, died suddenly
about one year ago, alter tekiua medi
cine which he had prepared f rber
ad which he acsuied her would cuie
the consumption. Jt is ea:d tbe prin
cipal lnitretiiauta were poke toot and
iye. lhepr soner indignantly dtnies
tt e chir.es that have been nnfiried.
and in proof of the barmlesi i fleet of
bis med cine toi k several pills and a
quanmy ol sulve, which he stated
waa tuu same tl at bo gave to all ol his
patiei.ti. Witues es in ell the cases
will bo examined tomorrow.
lor three or four inlnnten, and
Which Mr. DjvIh nuain umrnfnt
acknowledged. Tbe ptiformance waa
very eatisiac'ory. and Mibr Ah wit t
ireaneutiy tnc rari, eepeetally U.r the
Lullaby from Ei-minie. Hhn reanonditit
totheeuore wuh the "Laat 11. r of
Hammer." which was heart.lv an
plauded. Tonight i'auxt will bogiven.
Witll MlBi Abbott as "Maronnrile "
and at tha matinee Tht Mitado will be
repeated. The foUowina call ntmuka
ior iieon :
Miaa Emma Abbott
Hearing that yon have added Vordi'a
immortal opera ol It Trovatore to yonr
extensive repeuory, and that yon and
your company1 had met with universal
success with this popular work in
other large cities, we beg to ask if it
would De poasiDie for v. u to rwrfnim
1-.- - . - --a- -
iv timing jonr present engagenient iu
Memphis. Pjesiblv von canld anhati.
tote U rwafor for Aftancfo on Ba ur-
aayniiht. i here are many ol your
admirors who have exnreawd n eat
desire to hear yon aa 'Lotior." es
pecially so eftr yoiireu per t roidtilon
ui w'imivil vu.fjii., .lAKisy Jabs
Be. 11. Vanea,
Tbo rase of Jerry. B'o WD.' nhnrati
with iijtfH Ia ou fir;al aafVifil
continued totay.
aWaawaWawawsaapavajaaMM WMaWAwaw
8. ti. Wltfierliigt in t4 J. B. Wither-
ing-ot., lots 1, 2, 3. 4, 5 , 0, 7 and 24,
town of kerrvtlliTen.a. : ooiia !..
tio", t.r00.
H. A. B tea et nt to L. B. K iton. 19
acres in Hhelby coun'yj ctmsidoration,
A. h. Avdlott ct nrto'.W. A. ami..
nle, 43 4!J 100 acres, section iange 6,
E event!) Htirfevor' l)ia rlet? nnnaU.
eia ion, $300.
aMaMMMMaMaaaaaaa, I '
IfiaisionslK Ht 1H ii I for d'a.
FOR 8ILE OR I.EASg. " ',
BEAUTIFUL IIOMB-Three mllaa On. at
H If. n Pnnl.. . . T-A. ... -
SIS acres. 8 va a. a., re I andaa ulaar.
inquire a IM liaTa ppl avenue
ftKtL lTATE.
Wnlker Keanidy,
R II. Taller,
T. A. W.laht,
H. m. I e. ob,
E. R. Hart.
0 I) Uuiaell,
Knry L. bannener,
Hance Andtrson,
M. Kreuier,
D. (leuaie sjer,
Henry M rtia.
Thai. Uaae.,
Wiu. Mewnrt,
Tuoa. Ilrnhdm,
E 0. l.allMCoe.
I 'N. Knoadea,
R. M. Mamford,
y. aieyam, .
Henry Lynn,
Peter Iraev,
Henry Laeurman,
W.J). Heard,
T. P. Tamer,
A. . Mitchell,
J.F. Iloet,
R, Meie'er,
Kil liver,
0 II. Taylor,
MuMuet L. Woodson.
Frank Wo.d all,
A. . Johnou,
Ed A. Thuaiaa,
D. If. Uad eo,
w. u. atuubee.
D I.IIVIPKI.N, 9 MaHI.ee ,t.
-KUUj"L5.1 BOA RD.
00D BOARD By the dayn
At i Th rd atteW-
00Md Two unfurniihed rooma.
Applleallon For a Chartair Hade
ralerday la He BvbaUr.
Cotton receipts in Memphis yester
day, 6259 bale.
FaotiT btbbbt contained an nn
ueunly large supply of Thanksgiving
turkeys and gme yettetday.
Bt. Lodib cash com, 341c; Decern.
34 c; May, 38(e. Cash wheat,
her. 34k: May. 381 c,
lalo- T)HCflmhnr.7flae! Mav. R4K(H84i,l
".- r - - , J . ' . I xj. A . luti'ai fM w . w, a. . a i ynni'ii , u ii .
St. Louis cash mess pork firm at Brooks, A. 0. Tread well, J. T. Lath-
$10; cash lard firm, 15 90; ctsn clear am, 1 is. Mnegrove, tr. ol. Nelson and
Memphis capitalists continue to
reach out for new and profitable fields
of investment. A few weeks mo we
chronicled the organ'sition of tbe
Tmneesee Valey Iron and Railroad
Company, rn resenting capital stock
of $l,20O,0C0, owned principally by
millionaires of Memphis and Nash
ville. Yesterday aooiher company
arp ied for a charter under the name
ot the Ellemsc Coal Company, with
the following named Incorporators:
L. O. Mctarlaud, J. T. fargason, a a.
4 10.
nnchanged ; cash bogs, $3 70
Kansas City cah No. 2 white corn,
Site bid : No. 2 mixed. 31k bid. Cash
wheat, 6? t bid ; November, 624c bid ;
A-, 272 rjeoond atreet.
THREE MEN To do light work.
Arplyat 150 Third street
MIDDLE egad white woman to cook : per
maect home, erod waa... Ai PnnttAa.
ROOM .-Furoiabed front rooms, with nse Mexico, or in otner woids, controlling December bijo Did ; January, MO Dia.
of bath-room. tr two mhii.mim Ad. I fha ornar. Iranennrtallnn nt IK. I flnician ean a n ft nanemhAr nnrn
- " a otu -".---V- . " -. r r ..r " " ". ."
n., .1. DHnnnn .Lrnei. I .va.F hnnlhv.ftl anH Ka JI -
coast, called tbe Gonld system.
will coon bave Memphis made
one ol its terminal points and tne
railways of tbe Middle and Sou h At
lantic coasts are centeiingat Knox
viile so the proposed line connectins
these two cities would be ths shortest
1 OOf ZonK 0ld Ir2- Rm and Bones, trunk line conntct'ng the East and
i v d.uoi nuu lima-, enu IfT I lh. '
'iJJ Memphis Branch Iron Mountain
Railroad. Waiea tl 75 liar rl.v Anr.lv nn
the work, eight milea wen of Marlon.
tirlca li.c. AiMp.b.ram niuiT . .
and Commhaion M rohant, Menu his.
EVKHYONB to know that Woodruff A
O Ivor have removed ik.l. a.tn.
toNoa 878 and 3W Fiont atreet, adioioiog
the Uayo'o H' tel.
and obambermald Reference renuired.
22 Third tre.
LPLAT-Or part of a .residence (three or
V four rooms), In good neishborhood, for
lilrht honaekeeninrf.on raaann.kl. .
ereec'aavcha"eo!. Ad. 0. H T..tMa ifflce
P08iriON-By a practiaal farmer of seve
ral years experience In farming and
management ot labor, aa Manager on cotton
plantation; satlafaotory references given.
Address M., ST Lin-ten street.
9,00 TB.AMnSAtJ4prJ?l ' Driven
lJJ ai ai.fO ear dav. P.I ..... a. in..
day nijrht. 200 8ation Meni will pay from
12 to 17 cent, per yaid, Beat work on the
levee! no root! i ao grubbing; all new work
Infields. GodeAmps. I'qnlreof
F. A. J0NK8 A CO.. 61 Monroe street,
or on works of Forrest A Co.. A rutin, Mias.
GOOD Colored Chambermaid,
At72 Madia
diann street.
C100K Good flrat-class cook at 299M Bee-
ond street ep-stairs.
ROOMS Two or three nnfurnlabed rooass
nv two Hnnni. Annl.-i u.kiil;..'.
Boardlnghoose. Adams street.
XX and Orsans.
In every town to sell Pianos
nuuun, a up.. Memphis.
DAY BOARDERS Or wl houtooms,
At P2 Kant Onnrt alreet.
w vruar iu ueii siyiea ai
tbe West, over which all lha most im-
por ant tnrongn I eight and travel
could pass: beside.it would crocs at
Jckton the Mobile and Ohio and
the I lionis Central, wbich con
nect Mobi'e and New Orleans on tbe
Golf of Mexico with the North-
west, sear Thompson's 8tat:on, tbe
Louisville and Nashville that connects
the NoitD west with tbe South, and at
Mnrfnesboro with tbe Naebvilip.
Chattanooga and St. Louis, connect rg
tna njrtuweet wiin tne Houtn. ai d it
would also c oes the Clncinrja-i South
ern, road that rues nearly due north
and 8 -nth, besides it would draw large
ly from Tennessee river shipments of
freight bound eastward and westwatd.
But this Is not a'l; the Memphis and
Knoxville road would be tbe shortest
trnnk line from Ihe Atlantic pirts in
Virginia ana norm UAronna now rap
idly building np to San Diego on tbe
Pacific, connected with tbe Gould svs
tem at El Paso, over wbich ooght io
pass and certainly would pars fie'ght
and travel for these and intermediate
I points, is well as that to Asiatic porta
in taeoia wor a, ana tbe Uould sys
tem would be interested in encourag
ing this route.
Aa Arkanaas Eaterprlae.
Bt. Loots. Mo Nnvemb r 24. A
Bpec'al irotn Little R.ck, A'k., sajs:
I he Hot buunps, li ar Mountain and
Crystal Springs Railroad Company
fi ed aricles of mc.rporaiioa witb tha
Sn'ieta'y of State yetterdBV. The
R00M8-Well furnished rooms, No. 81
Linden strr.
V AN An intellig.nt..,rn.,t man to r.P- JL"'"!"10 ' U'6, c mP"y J 0,
XVX resent, in hi own locality, a larse re- " - 1 be corpira Ion ln:enda 1 1 COu-
rponsible house,
ri.ht party, bt
exehanaed. American ilanutectuniig Ujuae,
le Barclay St., N. Y.
A riDIDh..ti.. t r. I . I - ii .,1 a ..ilaiu.l I rt M I J . . i :
ri.ht party, bteady paailn.n llaterenoea ... i ... .1 .. r, ,"' !
A S1LVKH-V a .r.i
MIH.PIIHH. l.. v m..w
Gailand cioi.ty, to Cryftl S.nings, In
Mongimery county. The object of
tn r aJ i-i io open tbe mining da-
t'to wof M'fi'tois'vw ut ty, ai d wilt
onaA. aiAR nt. n.u 7.1 1 .
Mjajr, -sigu vuu auwk figu.
December, 74 1c: May. 8Mc. Cash and
December oats, 20Jc j May, 30c asked.
CH'caoocish and December mess
pork. $9 65: January, $10 22v. Cash
and December lard. $6 9L.'i : January,
$0. Cash and December clear ribs
nominal ; December, $6 26.
THAaxsoiviaa holiday the banks,
Cotton and Mei chants' Exchanges a-e
closed and no telegraphic reports will
bs received as to the aoarketa, it
beini a gnneral holiday throughout
the United States.
Th directors of the Chicago Bard
of Trade have decided Ibat the trad
ing in pu's and calls ill not be al
lowed in tbe Board tf Trade building,
and membera engaging in each trans
actions ara liable to aarponsion or ex
pulsion lor an infraction of tleruli
101 bidding these trana. ctior.s in tin
Thb Manchester Oaardtan ot the
24th in its commercial ait'rle says:
Tbe market is inactive. 1" sales
have been light Indian ind -nfois,
owing to rise in fxcharge, ara now
offered Marjcbeetor cootie i.t r-tth
lower tupee prices than forrur on
tracts rtqu re. Hence they rre enx
ions to get rid of previous purchases
before makirg frejb eutsgcmenlB.
China gained advantage by the tiae in
exchange because the bos nees for
thst country is mainly conducted up
on consignments, lherefore there
was an improved demand recently
bnt tbe firmness of price lessens the
irqairy. The ttrenuth of the matket
checks all foreign trade. Pro Incurs,
however, d cot press for fresh bust
ces', bat ar awai log ovetvts. Expert
yarns are quiet, Hoins conHnme'aara
we II suppled. Advanced pricfl deter
pnrchaa ng exemt f r immediate
emill ntuia, In the c'otli department
the dera nda Vrry. 0 dinar widths
of stili tinB ara airoDg with a roodcta'e
rlemin(. Di ootiee, I ctonmtes end
fiie Iodirn fai ics er extiemeiy
q iet. B si piintin)S are very flim.
Meliom r eils are q tiet bat flrai.
lie vy koo;1h are etio g.
H. M, Neely. Tbe purposes of the
company are s'a'edi to be "mining
coal and iron and other ores and min
erals, erecting rolling mills, blast
fnrnncH", coke ovens, and such other
manufactories as are Incident to
porpoees enumerated." From one of
the gentlemen named in the chatter
as an incorporator an Appsal reporter
learned tna tbe company owned ex
tensive lands in Walker coantv. Ala.,
on the lire of the Sheffield ami
B rminithani' railroad and contiunons
to the lioe 01 tne Memphis,
Birmingham and Atlantic rail
road, now in course of con-
t traction. Tbese lands have re
cently been examined by an expert,
and are reported by him to coniain
valuable deposits of cjal and iron.
Tbe ccmpanv will bs organ'sd as
soon aa tneir cnarier ia received,
wbich will probably be within ten
Gold Pen at Hnlfbrta'a.
is saatovaD bt tub una of coooAti,
And it stimulates and promote tha
growth of the hair.
ttitrnstt I Flavoring Kxtraeta ara tea
Solid Sllrer at Hnlford's.
WoodrnS a Oliver have removed
their carriage repository to Nos. 378
and 380 Fiont street, adjoining tbe
Gayoeo Hotel.
IimpeaH ln I ford atok.
Sua was a Maine girl, one ol those
sensible, reliable, trnstworthy-to-be-tied-to
down East yonng women. But
she rttasedto marry most devoted
lover uttil ha should have amassed a
fortune of $10000. After aome expos
tulation he accepted tha decree and
went ti woik. About three montos
at er this the avaricious young lady
. ia. invta. i 1 . 1-iv . f
I r, v I , . lw.. .... ...... .uii..-.Lnafl
"Ob very well, indeed." ropued
Ihtrlie. ' I've got $18 saved.'' The
vi unit laHy blnsutd, and tbanging I er
Ko-Ko Tula from ona side of her
1 re ty mouih to he otlie', said faint
ly : "I gness, Charlie, that'll about
uesr monith."
Ula f.rrt'K, 3D! Main.
li.rrv Thomnaon.
Meiuptin, novemoer , latss.
GaNTLkMiN: Ia reply to yonr flit
tering invit'tion to appenr iu the op
era t l Jrovaiort i would Slate mat,
though I have never flnng eiuht, heavy
onotae in one wiek, yet on Ihis ocoi-
B'on I most cheerfully comply with
your request and will appear Saturday
night iu 'be roie of "Leonora" in 7o-
vatore. Yours sincerely,
alobarjr'e Troesbadoora.
Tbe originators ol comedy known aa
farc'cal. who have never dropped be
low the standard they are famous for,
will nil a weeaa engagement at
the Tbea'er, commencing ' Monday
night. November with. Nellie Mc-
U. ... M. U.Lk.n .n,l k....
John Webs er are still np to their old
tricks ol merry making, and agiod
representation nl tho olways popn'ar
Brook is looked lor. ihnradsy and Fri
day nights, also Saturday' maiinee,
Ihey ptesnnt their new and original
farcical society comedy in three acts!
adapted by Messrs. Fred Williams
and u. L. atom, entitled iMUimmxnq
board, at No, 00 Adma airert. s
rfiABLK HOARD The beat the market al-
fonla, At 87 COUrtl' 8IR KKT.
NEWLY furnished final rom, with ,le
ant blurd. lor ainala anntlaia.ni av
C'-urt atieet.
ST. JAMES HOUHK-M Adams street.
Rooms, with or without board
T300MS Deiiiab:e rooais. wiiTbewer; "
Ai At4?Marketatteit.
DESIRABLE RUOMS-With board, at
72 MAD I SO a BT.
ROOMH-Pleasant furnish d rooms, witk
board, for ladles or aeutlen en. Terroa
very reasonable.
392 Court Extended.
BBAUTIKUli front rooms, slnsle or ea
suite, furnlibed or uafurniiihed. with or
wlehont Ko.rrl: otSerrr-oma. 104 Inrt Oaaff t
BAR(1AtV-Lot0 feet frontt 10 mlautes'
wala of Court B ioare, en alreat ear llnai
very oentral only IIA'O.
w. i. LUWt'KlWiV Madlaea at.
nERTIFICATB of Membar.hla In Maaa..
J phis Merchants' Exchange. Dues paid ta -Jan..
'87. Add. 1. L. Prince, Ht. Louis, Mo.
BUYKRU-Wlll call at Madison street for
baraaina In aotiarea. luia. atorea. In all
parts of city, suburban bouira and farms.
w. v. maii-aifij i
GO TO Tenneeaee Pamp Works, No. Xa
Second atreet, for Elevator Chain aoeu
fluctioa Punipa. All work guaranteed..
Repairing dune on abort notice.
P. M. Btaklsy. funeral director and
embalmer, 66 Madison atreet. "
Lovblt orange blossoms for brldea'
dreasoa at tbe VVomen'a Exchange.
G. W.MiLLiB&Co.,PatentAabeto
Fire Proof Roofers. For durability.
1 - TV I I .
equaled uy u'Jiin, uieu on wonu, 1411
Iron, felt and gravel roo.'s.
Madison itreet. ,
Tm Herbal Chill Cure, tho beat
tonic and anti-perhxllo known. A eertuin
and auro cure lor oh tile. Price II per bot
tle. Mend stamp! for elroolars. Any ref-
trenee gixen. Address John 0. Ranker,
ynohbers. Va. , .
Why do yon pay $25 or $30 for
ready made sui'awhn yon can go to
L. Rneenstein At Bros., 2o8 Main a reet
and' 18 Jefieiaoai street, and. bave
salt made to oider. A fit guaran
teed. - 1, ,- . 1. V
Thb most efficacious stimulants to
excite ths appetite are Ango-tara Bit
ter s, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. Stegert
dt Sons. Beware of counterfeits. Ask
yonr grocer.or draggiaf ior the genu
ine article. -
A w BTTKMDan mpblakitv Brown'a
Bronchial Trochei bave been before
the public many yearn. For relieving
Con ha and Throat troubles they are
luporior to all other articles. Sold
only in boxes.
I wuj. bave at my stable, on Mon
roe street, today (for one day only) a
lot oi high grade and regierterid Joisey
heifers snd sows heavy with Calf.
Also, a lot of oombioeJ saddle and
harness stock just Lorn Middle Ten
now ee. . a. jonbs a co.
Tub question oi a proper food for
Infants interest1 all mothe sj espo
c ally those unable to uutso tneir ctS'
enniiB. McIIiu'b Food po't aws all
ihe teo'iiei'M as a sutsttma lor
ninthem mil". a"d ia highlit cum
mended by the medical frcuity of both
Europe snd am--riia
Subicrile) lor me Appenl."
A FULL LINK of Horr- Blaaketi and
Lap ft' Ilea al Wnodrul A 0 Iver'a new
store. Nos. 878 and 380 Front street, adjoin
ing me uayoso iiotei.
TiXECCTOR'B SALS -0a Priday, Noreoi
Sll bar 26 h. at the raauianoe of the lata
Mra. Bailie Davidain, near Hprlnrdale
Church, we will' tell, for cash, railoh ooea,
kei era, mulea, wagons, etc., an 1 about- So
buahela of sweet potatoes and other property.
wa. u. sMi tit.
K.,M Mlraiaaippl avenue.
y I aobool deaks, eolid cherry,
good condition, tall, or atid-eea
sixty doubla
wt uaraea.
A. J. b'TKELK, 281 Weans St.
AT A B A RG A 1N-A good paying Germaa
Boardlnghnuae ia Helena, Ark., owner
wlrhing to retire. For furtner partionlara.
Inquire at BHUNKR'H, in UaUna. Arkf
addreaa w.tiniaerana.
0T-Cholee Fart Pickering lot; no city
axea. IA. HlNbON, TTi Matn SU
T 0
Li i
BHAMKCottage.on cor. lUrburn av. aad
Georgia St. lot KxlVO, with a house of 4
rooms, In good order. This is a choice piece
of property, aad oaa be puchaaed on easy
monthly payment ky pnyiaa part cash. A l
ply Minier Pajaeror A. J. Martin, awMaln.
jANTATION-On tha Ark aiuea River.
Lincoln County 400 acrea ia blsh. state
allivatiaai lneOaoirsla tract; weJl Im-
oved: alenanain. t laiae barns. 21 good cab-
Ins and nanasome dwelling
, 7 rooms, wltkS
OS. 1
Bores lawn la front. L beral terroa. Apply t
371and 374 Frant street. MemphUi
cr J. (i G ABRKIT. bars it a. Ark.
TTiOR BALE CIIRAP-No, Washiagtea
JJ 11 aad Press, for nlne-eolussn pa pari
metre et Mo. W union it. .
yocd sa aew
tr ride perfectly aafe.
JonaaA Co.'s.. one nice gentle
bagxy m Aha that any lady can inn
-Nos. 88 and 88 Market tt. I
L in g. od repair t lot 67.SilH- Apply to
in goon ooDuitiun. Ap
ply at, Arl HAL rrtUH.
THK laara and 6x1 urea of the St. Elao
Ilatel, Me'ldiau,.Mas. Twenty-8vo
oonia.odioua rwrn'. wiinm inree miouia.
waik ol the t nion ibikii; laisa -
room on the alreet nest door ; now doing a
aooii buameaa ami popular, van ---
bartaln if pp' ed 'or wlihln tne next thirty
t,t. Apply to Ubariei Liuilre, proprietor,
Weri.l'lin. 'mmwmm
uir rd'av.
. ..--.--r-Mav
I ine JfWfl y at
i f :
iiianniiisnaaHBa iiB..smawxasaaaa,
rBaBlJWaaattvaawsaWtBaai m,hW

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