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wwm and iBiur.
Creates a L'ltle Mieol-Ct'le Tr-lni
CJIMe-A Tragedy in t
Kiw Tom, November 24. Joseph
Toion, trar.y inarcbit, ent rd
rwniPlnfl's jloon in A If n st'et,
t peon today. He cocked ri
ihpourln tie band. With the yell:
'The roc-l revolution has come.
m..n vu Ji'i h at.itr1 to clfiiin
ot tte pKce. Tf ,ff did not wait to
veleome the new renin. He dived
.ndsrtbe bar and dvged (he firtt
bnllet, wb'cb ehaiWid tue aliMwa-e.
Eight can'omeis t .llowed iut, hiding
-. . v. .Kaoiav nf hnllata that Inl-
iniut vim Biivww. ' , ,
lowed. ISebas iao Kun'scnan, a paint-
r, was rut. yj
rowed Ibe top of nls bead. Juitthen
. c....nknra nn In knncied
down tbe anarchU and grabbed tba
. . . mii 1 - - Avmna&n in
)U101. xnepiiajurr was ui
i pollcasUtioa, yelling "Blood 1" all
. tne way. nu Ticum w - -boapltal,
badly hart. Dauron is a
, tailor, belongieg to the Progressive
Tailors' UdIou; ia 24 years old, and
crasy. He proclaimed himself as an
anarchist A number of easajs were
found in his pockets, denouncing Jews
as natural criminal and praiaiug the
social revolution which was coming.
A Cattle Train Bleaaler.
Chicago, III., November 24. An
eveeideot occurred on the Northwestern
Toad, west ol Maywood. near tbis ciiy,
between 6 and 6 o'clock this morning.
A series of cuttle loaded trains, bound
for Chicago, held the tracks near the
point mentioned. The forward train
was broken In two, and before the
aectioes could be recoupled the rear
rortion was overtaken and ro into
y tbe second trai a. Tbe caboose and
two cirs were tmasbrd into splinters.
Two drovers, sulfep in the caboose
and unaware cf their approaching
fato, are reported to have been In
stantly killed. The engineer and fire
man escaped by Jumping from the
engine before tbe shock. Tbe wreck
ia bathed in tbe blond of a number of
ateera which wtra killed, and the
neighborhood rendered diiraal by tbe
bellowings of those injured and held
fast in tbe wrrck. Tue Northwestern
officials say that but one man was
killed. His mine is R. G. Paul. He
was a drover, and was sitting in tbe
caboose of tbe section of (he train that
was run into
Aaaloaa bat Hopeful.
Ditboit, Nicii., November 24. A
special diepatcb from Port Huron,
Mich., pubisbed here today, says:
There are many ieaons wby the rela
tives of the crew of the barge Mene
kaunee think that she will be all
right. They claim that if the boat
was wrecked by f jundt-ring that part
of ber wonld bare been picked op
since she wrs missing. They say that
they are eat, t nod that she ia all right
and is at auchor at some point where
the erew cannot get ashore, or they
have no jawltoiend word of their
LaUr.k Frankfort special says that
two bodies have washed ashore from
tbe wreck ut the Menekannee, so tbat
the Port Huron ,diarau.h about the
probability of the veesel still being
safe la without foundation.
raying ravorlto Orcdltora.
Chicago. Im,, Novfmt- t
learned thai " nM Kcrltr
mad- --meut with hia Naw York
"dilors at 45 cents on tbe dollar,
without the knowledge and outside
the jurisdiction of the court. Chief
among there cieditors is the firm of
Claflin. 4 0i., who were creditors to
tbe amount of f 10,300. Through the
firm of Kiaii, Mjer A B'ackett, Mr.
Gage bee til c ed a settlement with
the largest of bis Ollcga creditors,
including the First Naiional Bank,
whose claims amountrd to 06,000,
and tome smaller creditors, cuch as
Weitteteln, Meynr A Do. Tbrse latter
firms have bexn tettlnd with at a
much higher llgnre than the New
York crHdittir, but iut how much it
cannot be ascertained. It ia believed,
however, tint the settlement efleited
may possibly txceed 60 cents ou tbo
Tbo Trial ol lh Mllwanaee Blotera.
Milwai'km, Wis., Navembur 23.
The trial of the elwven dnfandnn's
charged with rlot;ng at Milwaukee
Garden on the 5ih of May lest, in de
fiant of MtTor Wallhir's pruclnma
tlon prohibiten unlawful ai"mbltte',
is now fairly un.'ur way. Yeiterday
aftarnooa and thia inomlnit a Urge
number ol witves'ea, principally
police cfllcerj, were intioduu d by tbe
proeeoutlon. Tuey all gave testimony
of a damaging cturao er aitainet the
defendan s. Wore witnana were
about to be produoed by the District
Attorney, when Judge Bioan inter
posed and said tbat it would be only
wasting time to swtar any more men.
He said tbe prosecution had alrevdv
proven their case, and It remained
Dow iot the de'endants to present
their side. Counsel for the defense
objected to Judge 8loan's summary
manner of doing things, when the lat
ter told them tbe Siaie had made out
a good care and be would charge tbe
jury aooordirgly on ths evidence thus
far given. He said they bad the right
to appeal If they were diaeatitfied with
his ruling. Counsel for the defense
then said they wonld endeavor to
prove this afternoon that the defend
ants were pearoahle cit'sins, and had
merely assembled at Milwaukee Gar
den ou the turbulent May day out of
curloaity. Witneteea for the delenae
are being examined this alternoon.
Among tuoae wbo were placed on the
aland thia morning was Mayor Wall
ber. Ha tett fWd to tbe iisusnce of
' the law and oider proclamation and to
,: having visited Milwaukee Oudenon
! the day of the riot, locldenta'ly.the
Mayor aaid he had never turned ovir
the city to the 8, ate military authori
ties. Tbonibl la Bo ronad-rnd.
Naw Uavim, Oohh., November 24.
The schooner Annie B. lioflaer,
with a crew cf six men, left Mobile,
Ala., forty-teven daa ago, with lam
, bar, for tbia port She bss not been
. reported since, and is thought to have
Bo llonkilmw Halcldvd.
MrLWABiut, Wis. November 24
A dispa'cti Irum Ma-quef.e, Mich.,
says tha body of Jehu 8. Bmrougbs, a
prominent c tiseo cf tbat piece, wbo
bad been miesii g s'nre Monday even
ing, wan fjuod Ta-t n'gU off an iron
ore dock, in twenty leet of water.
Tba coroner's jury rendered a verdict
cf accidental tenth by drowchig,
although ti e the jy of suicide is
strongly soprtne e' bv fc'".
Hilled by l.l.ui-laa-.
Sr. Louis, Mi, Noember 24. A
epeial f oui E nn, Mo., says: T.yl r
McKley and lis three sirs were
backing rorn fom t1 S'alks ytster
4ay ia field on thuir faim, tome ten
miles from tbts p'ace, -yhon thev were
proetiatea oy a e of ngri'niDir.
nf lhlnfll. t,n' .V a m W m(tru IA
vera, was inetunt ty killed; aio herj
William n.. , o jn anoneiy mi ",
that bs bfe ii (a)ai red of, and the
third, Benjanii.o 8, is miasirg What
db uecouin i jg n ill is noi i.uw',
it is fupp'aUed that he was either
blinded o":- rrazed by the shock ard
wscdered away. Tbe fa her was only
siigbtlj li jmetf.
Whippet ia Dewlb by II la rbr.
SPkicorirLD, Majs , November 24
Tbfre is n ven excl'emert io Uolyoke
over the death ni Peter Carey, eifed S
yeare, presumably f'Om tbe e3Vcts of
a whipping adminietered by Ms Nther.
I: een,s tLat the b( y got hold c f some
whisky Sunday and went home drunk.
Hie father punished blin so severely
with a lath that some ol the neighbors
sought t inteif re. Tbe boy was put
to bed and died Monday. Tbe police
were not notified of the ra'e until yee
toiday. Toe Mtdical Ertmiiier will
bold a poetraortem examination today.
Traced la a Ballroom.
8t; Loom, Mo., November 24. A
special from Iron Mountain (Mo.)
says: A d fflcnl'y occurred at a dance
.act night ia thia place between Peter
Hbn and Samuel O'Neil, in which
O'Noil received four flesh woands.and
Habn was shot tbrongh tbe heart and
(natant)v killed. A dceen of more
shots were fired in a crowded roam.
and several were wounded -in tne
melee, among tbem Wash Freeman
and John Ddnnv. Freeman's life was
saved by hla waicb, which turned the
ball from a vital point. Danny was
shot tbroagh the leg. O'Neil lives at
Dea Arc, and same n'a eecape.
Old Wbeller Beleaaacl aa Ball.
CxaviLAMa, O., November 24.
Wbeller, tbe old miser, who was bound
over to the Common Pleas Conrt y es
ter Jay without bail for murdering his
wile, was released today on $20,000
bail by Judge McKenny.
Hllloa by a Trala.
fiTBACnsa, N. Y., November 24.
Jerry Callahan, bis wife, and son aged
12 jears, and Mia. Foley, of L'f.yeite,
N. Y., were struck by a train here on
the Oswego and Syracuse railroad this
afternoon. They were driving home
from this city. Mrs. Callahan and her
son were instantly killed and Mr. Cal
lahan and Mm. Fnlay fUally injured.
A Defeat- Candidate Haloldea.
8t. Louis, Mo., November 24 J.
Franklin Acord, of thia rity, cut his
throat last night at the Mono House,
where his dead body was found this
morning. He had resigned his posi
tion In a dry goods house hers o run
for Sheriff of Monroe county at tne
late e'ectlon, but was defeated and re
turned to this city to flad work sgilo.
He wrs unsuccessful, and becoming
despondent ended bis 'if. He was a
prominent Masan, Knight Templar
and Odd Fe low.
Iadlaas Broward,
BifMABCK, Dak., November 24. It
is reported here that sevon Indians,
Big Thunder, the Crow Chief, among
the number, were drowned while at
tempting to errors tbe Missouri river at
a point abont twenty miles north of
here. Big Thunder was one of the
most famous chiefs of the Ciow Na
tion, and bis son Eagle ia said to have
been with the party when the acci
dent occurred. The Indians were
crts-ino to I )in a band of their tribe
which started out to wreak vengeance
on tha Sou x who killed a number of
Oiows ssveral days ago.
loxmcrs made
Over a Teltpboaa Wire VaJ4d.
Chicago. III., November 24. A
special from St. Lonis says: The Court
ol Appeals hit rendered a decision
holding that contracts made over a
telephone wire are binding. The suit
was brought by the Glolie Printing
Company ageinet 8hl A Co. on a bill
fr adveitising. Tba defendants
C leaded that toe contract , was not
indlng because it was made over a
telephone wire. Judgment was ren
dered against the defendants in the
C rcuit Court and an appeal was taken.
Tbe Court of Appeals affirmed tbe
judgment of tbe lower court, in an
opinion by Judge Thompson, whoeaid
in patti "Tbe telephone, although a
very recent iaventinn, has come into
such common nee tbat we think the
courts may properly take Judicial no
tiee of tie general ruauner and extent
of whioh it ia msde me of by the
business oommuniiy. No doubt very
many iraportaLt communications and
tianetctiuis aie every day made by
telephone communication if precisely
the tame Chirac, er asthitof which
the witness was a lowed to testify in
this ca'e. A person ia railed np by
one dO'lring to rouiinunidtewitu him
by meat s of a CKiioeiiiicn iu their re
ppertive wiree through what is known
aa ih central othVe. A con vera niou
tusuei. It niay nUte to the moit im
poitanl maiters ol business. His use
of this instrument facilita ea business
to such anexientthat it would be very
pn Judicial to the interest of tbebnsi-De-s
commuuiry II tha courts were to
hold tbat busimss men are not en
titled to act upon tha faith of being
ab'eto give in evidence to juries re
plins which they receive to communi
cations by them to persons at their
ubuaI place ol business in this way."
What is a C3ld in tha head? MeJj-
cal authoriiies say it la due ti atmos
pheric germs, uneven clothing of ths
body, rapid cooling when in perrpira
tlon. etc, The imp3itant point i, tbat
a cold in the bead Is a genuine rhinilii.
an inflimmaton of tbe lining mem
brane of tha no e, which, when un
checked, ia certain to produce a catar
rhal condition for catarrh is eeeen-
tlally a "cold" which nature is no
loniier able to "resolve" or tbrow off.
Ely's Cream Bdm baa proved its su
periority, and sufferers from cold in
the head should resort to it belore that
common ailment becomes seated and
ends io obstinate catarrh.
Aa a Teetlmealal to Heale,
Bt. Louis, Mo., November 24 -Gnn
eral Superintendent Kenlgau, ol ihi
Mirsouil Paoifb railway, has i-sued i
nntlna fa tha ,mnlivu la vKlnli hi
siys: "Asa testimonial cf reepatt on
the part of this c mpanv to the
memory of Mr. Hoxle and bis great
services, and aa a maik of esteem on
tha tiarr. nf hia aHannlatea ml imnlntu
the offices and ahopa of the company
win nn ciosta on the aay oi n
Prleee Kleholaa Taberbatav,
Flag , Lieutenant Imperial Russian
Nvy, speaking of the iff 'iency of the
M b g Uvb Uoca Beef Tontr, aiys:
"It Is a nrst etcollent tonic." Edwin
Booth raye: "Did me good." Gju.
r rati a egei ssys: - "lierenuHi me
very much. Invaluable io debility,
dyspepsia, bilioutnees, sick headache,
Said handsome Tom to smiling Nell,
"Wh re d d you find that myaticeiieli
Tl,.i k ...... ....... ... I
. tin. . loin luuutl Jiuul r,cij villi.
And wou d my ihioLbing heart be
Quo'h ianihing Nell, "You silly boy,
la bviAuvii i tbe cream oi j jy."
Examined Beperts of tbe Comrulst
sary General and Hear Ad
miral Harmony.
Washington, tfovemhei'24. Abmt
three dii n gent'emm issemhM in
the effice of tbe Secretary of the Navy
today io witne-a the opening of pn
po als for the conetmc'ion of th
three cruiaara, N-wark, B iltimore and
Charle tin, and tw gunboat'. Secre
tary Whitney rekd the b.ds, as fol
bws: CiaiserNo 1, 4000 tons, complete -Hurlan
& Holliog-worth Company,
Wilming'on, DA., l,224,00O; Uni- n
IrouworkP, of Ssn Franc Ihco, $1 132,
000; Cramp 4 Hons, of Pniladelphia
(nnder special bid, providing for the
nse of engines of hia own design), $1,
1K8.00Q. Cruiser No. 2. complete, according
to Department's deelgn Cramo &
Sons, $l,0oa,000; Union Ironwork,
$1,017,600. Special bide, providing fur
the construction oi tbe engines oi ine
ve eel after their own dtsittns, were
ut in by tbe Har'an k Hotlingswoith
ompany at $1,100,040, and by Cramp
4 8,msat Jl.UoU.UUU.
Cruiser No. I. comoiete accoraing. to
denartmeni's aoecifi -atlons Cramp
ASors, $1,325,000; Union Ironwoikssj
$1,348,000; Uarlan x Uollingswonn
Cj., nnder special bid using their own'
engine deeigur, $1,426,000.
Gunboat o. 1, complete, accoraing
to design Cna-lee Beeder A Sons, of
Baltimore, $495,000; Columbian Iron
works and Dry Dock Company, of
Baltimore, $190,720: Cramp 4 Son,
epaclal bid, using their own engine
designs, $455,0 0. Cbarlea Boeder A
Sjns submit a rpecial b'd for supply
loir machinery alone, $185,000.
Gunboat No. 2, complete. There
was only one bidder for this bos', tbat
of the Columbia Ironworks, at $27,000.
For supplying the engine and machin
ery of tbis boat Chams Reeder & Sons
bid $95,0.0, and A. J. Bamsey A Son.
of Baltimore $ ,000. Tbe awards will
not be made for some days.
Speaking of the reeulta of the bid
ding, Secretary Whitney caid : "I am
well rat'sffed except with reference to
cruiser No. 1. No bid bsa been re
ceived within the limit fixed by Con
cress for tbe outeide cost of the boat.
The only solicitude I have ever had
with reference to the bidding arose
from tbe fact tbat the conditions
which were imposed upon the bid
ders in tbe wsy of producing the
horss power upon which the speed of
the ships depend, is much more ex
act'ng than ever has been called for
before. I feared that the limit) fixed
by Congress f ir the cost of the ships
would be exceeded on the three larue
cruisers and the No. 1 gunbott. We
shall be able to let all but the 4000
ton ship to responsible patties within
the limits fixed."
Rear admiral Harmoaj'a Beport.
Wasuikotoh, November 24 The
gross amount ol estlmatts for the dif
ferent navy yards and ttations as
shown by the annual report c f Rear
Admiral Harmony is $7 680,201, made
np of tha following Items: Improve
ments, $498,930 ; general maintenance,
$474,905 ;l .repairs and preservat orj,
$1,240,073 ; naval asy'ums, $87,611;
civil establishments, $78,501. The re
port treats at lengtb of the rapid de
terioration of tbe buildings and dorks
from tbe lack of appropiiations suffi
cient to maintain thm. The advisa
bility of providing dry docks at com
pare ively remote places which are
frequented by merchant ships is eug
gee ed. and it is aaid tbat these docks
could be used by the navy In conjunc
tion with the merchant marine.
Vatll Iba Deeroo la promulgated.
Wasuinoton, November 24. Upon
Irqiiryst the Department of Justice
today it wis learned tbat no further
action will bet ikon by tbe govern
ment in regard to the suit) against the
De'.l Telephone Company . umil the
dicree of the Oirrnit Court at Colum
bus shall be officially promulgated,
which will not be done until the court
reassembles, December 7th.
Krporloflhe 4 oamilnsary deaeral.
Washington, November 24. In his
annual report ti the Secret try of War
Gcn. McFeely, Commleeary General of
Sabfistence, aas that his buretutx
pended $3,174,6iO duiing the last fis
cal tr, lesviog a balance on hand of
10 '9,281. The avenue com rait prlc
of fresh beef during tbe year was 8.38
ceiits ns sgiinst 9 16 cents the preced
ing fled year. Ujbditence rupplies,
amounting in vulne ti $40,621, were
trai slerred to l he I it hi lor Department
during the enr lor the ma nten ir.ee
of Indiana. Eitra duty py ol enlint
ed men in tbe departments auioui ti'
ti 121,241. Tbe value of el ore e loot
during the year for which no ptreori
was accountable was $1715. Suppli a
to the amount of $3158 were Inet by
tbelt or othrreite. Gnu. McFeoly
recommends Congress be urged to pro
vide for the enlistment of one cook to
each troop, battery, company and de
pot of recruits, and a cjok and baker
for each garr smed pcBt.
Keeerda of tbe Hebellloa.
Washikotow, November 21 Lien
tenant C ilonel Scott, in charge of the
publication of tbe official records of
ths wsr of tbe rebellion, in bis annual
report, ava that during the year vol
umes XIV, XV and XVI, in two parts
of scries 1, have been Issued, and tbe
Index on part 2, volume XVIII, is
completed and in type. Th a prt of
volume XVII and volume XVIII will
probably be issued by D.cember 1st.
The text ol the supplement to volume
Xllltbe reiord'ol the Fits John P.rter
ecu it martial) has been eterentypsd
and Indexed, and will prubibly be
issued be lire Congroe reassembles.
Up to October 10 h $ 13,864 bsd been
expended for competition aad stereo
typing. Tbo Smart follreatoa I ft.
Wasbisotom, November 2t. The
District Commirs ooerj this afternoon
aonounced their decision ia the mat
ter of the WaeMngton pol'ce I'Vrati
nation. M j. Walker, Chief of Police,
is allowed io resign; Lieut. Arnold is
dism'ssed; Lieut, Klly is reprimanded
and suspend, d 'or tines mi ntbs with
out pry ; Kort. D gginsis reprimanded
and reductd to the ranks for three
months, SLd Pilvate EJelln ia dia
missed. aalaa; Kxaaorated.
Washinotom, November 24 at the
Ktats iepr,ment nothirn is kooarn
beyond what his appeared in. the
newepspere with regard to tbe reports
Item tbe City of Mexico, charging
MinUter Msnninv with giave Indis
cretion. Not much importance ia at
tached io i!i rennits. which are he
lievi d to be Miihly exggeratsd. T e
dipartment author tea a deidd of the
etaKinent that Wiulttsr Mannlrg baa
sent a eah e dispa'ch in rtfeience to
Uie aJegtfl ra"i ,
Nobacrlbo for tUe "AppcmL"
r i i r t i .j i ii ar"vi e ii e vi
The most wonderful Pain-Curer the world has ever
known. Its effects are instantaneous.
Children Cry for
- Old Htanda No. fl Union St., Memphis.
s,ss s sssssss
Pof Fifty Years the
flood Poisons
'Pop"60' fC C$ y ft never
Intcn eting Treatise onBlood and Skin Diseases
misled free to all who apply.' It should be
t carefully read by everybody. Address
s s ss sssssss
8LEDSI BKOSn, of Com, Mlu, 1".
Koa. SIS and SS8 Front Street. .....Memphi- Ti
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Seiworthy Vessels cj
GInhouse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
Urlnkley, Ark
Dors, Bash, llllian, DrMd Floorlnar, Celllnir, Wcat-erBoar41,
Cyproaaj ShlnKles, lttha, Etc
Eu owrtlltlea we aninreused by any tawaiUI la tha Boat, for l!iBter4eraprem,
ls,Mlika.Bidli(, Step LaaiVer and Cypreei 8hiatHea apeiltyi aleo. tTaa.aaj
T af atlalaeiiioii. We make the Wholewle Baelaeaa a areeial feaUue. Oiaaal
olletted and rroiapilr (llei.
Z7.,134 Jefferson Street Memphis, Tennecsei
D. W. FLY.
Lateol Commeroe.MlM.
tat ot Coffeeville. MUa. Late of
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchant
324 TVrtnt Btrest 'MeTrmnii1 TftTiw.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocery
No. 8O0 Front af reet t Hemphl, Tez&n
v ik.1 Advancea
2 Front Wireet, t
NOVEMBER 25, 188.
Pitcher's Castoria.
great Remedy for
Skin. Diseases.
Chickasaw Lciivork
JOHN E. BAr,'LE & C0.,rB0PB'S,
B8 Seeond St Memphis, Tenv
v .nglues, Boilers, (sawmill,
Bradford Corn and Wheat KH3
Cotton PreMt, Cotton UIijl",
Shaning, Palleys
BPKCIAL. KOTICK We are prepared to Oil ordan
oil vtiur: notioe, for the celebrated Medarl Paten
Wron(bi.v Fnlley. We carry in atock Orel
Two Hundred Aasorted bieea.
aa-Hend for CaUlorae and Prloe-Ilit.
M. HORFLEET, BMldeat Faxbitr.
niannfactnrera of
8AMH0B80N. n
Brooka, Neely k Oo.
on Conwlenruenta.
: Mempliiw. Tenn.
a. lar -
Dinner, Toilat and Chamber Sets in Great Variety.
srAgenteror Ibeeelebraled SREEHWOOD TlfRIHED CHISA, aprelaaty
adat-iwl for Hwteja. Rawravnl and Hawib-t.-mj
IATO1I0I HILt,Preslde.t. rm-X' W1LIEKS4IS, TkwftaMMul.
aaa a BU rnu
OQ?elO IX1I01 Btreet, EIcsapMrn, Tcnj
Woods & Swoope,
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Steam Engines, Machinery of All Descriptions,
r Rvamvn RT mfmprts tkwii
Cotton Factors and Vholesalo Grocera
SSC-SOS Front Ot., Ueraphla, Teas-.
Cotton Factors. Commission erchants,
Ho. 11G Duth Ualn St.. Ota Irniilm.
34 and 3G Madison
L. D. MULLINS, of late J. &. Sodwln k Co.
hpk- dim wtm -mmb. nvsr srfvnM r". BrTfv tH 1
Cotton Factors &Commission Oerchante
No. 1 Howard's Bow, (V)r.
Capital, $200,000.
, 6DTO, Pratn. J. M. 600DB
Board off
, H IUWI, X. B. olHo.
. wilihuoh, . t. coups. n. a. w
A&MIKTlaa. O. R. RRTAM. A.W.Sl
, Rei..iU)rr al tha State ar Teaaesaea. Traaaaets a aiaa-ral
Haalaeaa mm alvaa Baeelal Allealtaa Vtltm Mum .-mm
Ckniections, Glaces, Nongat
Cream Bon Bona, Fine French Handmade Creams anu
L'ou Bons, Chocolates, Ices and Nougatines.
v ... j Am it BITTATT.." In inr aaantitloa, at
The Peters & Sawrie Co.'s Retail Eitablishment,
Sfo. 4a Jffleraon Street.
These ara the Inert Confections that the
mar-Try Onr "lJew Tream
I. H. SSTI8.
a. a.
Uiolesalo Grocers and Cotton Factoro
Kit, n -2 and 13 Unlen Street, Pemphlt. Tesa. n
B. WITSEO-If If s Go.
Wholesale Dealers and Publishers,
Bole Aienta for the followini Firat-CUea Instrumenta;
PIAHfOS Kranich & Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
ORGAWS Clough & Warren, and Smith American.
as-A NEW 7-OCTAVK PIANO FOR tI90.-?-Write
for Cologne. Joa.2ai and 82 Neseowd HtrfU THemtr.
H A W r A V T V U El- S4:ND-B O TIT I. K "HO
Lager Beer, Cider, Champagne Cider,
Wl.eral Water of sll fl.rera. and XXX "'"VJl'.".. -t.
ae-PCHK APPLK ClOLK, in Barrela and Hall Barrels, speolelty.-W
KJo. 2Q2 Front Street Wemnhls. Tewnewsatey
Cotton Factors and
KtT-U Frent Street, Corner olJUonroe, Memphis, Tenn.
ajtb luBin Bti-iJa-aV
Hi., : SJemifthlau Tenn.
JAB. Y0N8K, laU of J.W. OaldwaU k Q
Front and Union, BfiniphlH.
Surplus, $25,000,
AK, Vlee-Prest. C H. RAIKE, CmUMI
Caramels, French Fruit Glace,
Oonosite Their Factory.
MemphU Publio hare oyer had tha opportonltr
Commission Merchants,

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