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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, November 25, 1886, Image 7

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nnm m commerce.
Cotton Firm MiddHsr, 8 5-8e
Hales eater-flay, 6300
The demand f r money is pre'ty &
five at 8 per cent. Finances are some
what tightened by the inability of
traEBpcrUtiim lint to move cotton
away insnfficitnt quantities. Lccalee-
ooritieg firm and tteadv. The cotton
market was firm; middling, 8,
Sales, 5300 bales. At New York, spots
tasv: middline. 9 316c. Fnturts
steady and 4 to 6 point lower; No
ember. 8.fi83 8.99c
A leading New Yoik cotton circular
aayaof the spt dilative market: "The
business was simply a continued ex
port to even up for the holiday. No
shotts remaining to cover, the longs
unloaded and pa: Ltd 7 point, with a
fractional recoyry, leaving the net
decline S pi infa and rather tame."
At New (Means spots were quiet
and steady; middling, 811 16a. Fut
ures steady and 5 to 6 points lower;
November, 8.e3a;8 64 3.
At Liverpool epot-i were quist, rather
easier; middling, 5 316J. Futures
steady; November-December, 5 1-641,
buy eis'f ivor.
The general marktt pieKnta a
aiet feelirg.
Six handrad and tLirty-nne br!s ap
e'es. 8i ekg bran, 16 kg3 ba ttr
770 rolls bdig't-g. 67 pkgs bacon, 8
pkgs boots ai d i-hoea, 600 bu earn, 2h2
pkgs cheese. 982 rks coffae, 6 cars cot
ton seed, 2t64 ekg cot on sed, t:6
nkss arv ea 93 picks etres, asto
fr)s flour. 912 bal-s bar. 16 pkes hats
70 bd h'-gs, 25 bd cat Je, 1 bd horses
and mute. 3t5 pkes laid. 38 000 ft
lumber, 131 pkvs liquois, 283 brls
meal, 2brs molisees, 600 kegs nails,
2000 sks oats, 23 br s onions, 183 brla
potatoes, 6 cara pork sides, 1 2 bris
ssgar, 180 pkgs tobacco, 18UJ Dawnear
The following erioas tbe amount of
grain ieceivd, withdrawn and. in
store by egnla' e'evtors, as reported
to the Me chart'' Exchange ye iter
day: Whe None received or with
drawn. Con Received, 3003 bu:
witbdraan, 2835 bu; in stoie, 6109
bn. Uif tec ived, E4z rtn; witn
drawn, esn: in t-r 2:iri,703 bu.
. tsr Onllj utailoa f Cotton
Oil Trun and New Tork Ei
tianite Ntoeba are open to llione
iutrtetl nr. my nftio.r.
John T. wortojs
34 Madifon St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money in prettv ac'ive demand at 8
per cent Ttie Clearing House repoit
ia as follows:
Wednwdy, Novrmbnr 24th f$76,-
705 83; tlius J.r tlm week, ZI.3I-V
11245; fame time last w.-ek, $1,270,
431 62; c rr spending time i a "J 885,
$ 1,1 15,0 28 P 2; co-responding time in
1884, $l,089,t8l 83
Weduf eiay, Noveu.b?r 24'h, $114,-
333 44; thus tar tins wee, jusii,
385 69; seme time -last wetk, $247,
21022; eorresannding lime in 1845,
$119 69 75 corjeepondiiig time in
1884, $192,09' 0B
New Yoik fight on all poinls, J
discount buy in?, uarssllirig; New Eng
land demand, i ditconnt bnyinz; New
England cigt, discount; New Or
leans, I dii-conni bnying, par selling.
Bank of Oomnierce..l46 bid, 149 aakorf
First Na'ior ai 160 bid, 165 asked
Oerman Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
P tate Naiioi al.......145 bid, 150 asktd
Union and Pianterp.150 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bunk 135 bid, 137J asked
Bluff City. ..100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... faked
Home ..... 75 b'd, 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 aked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Fnamix.-M.... 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington... 35 bid, ... asked
Factors. 30 bid
f helby On. warmats...97 bid, 08 a-ked
M. A O. E. R. shares...60 aid, ... aeked
M. & T. B. R. shares. ..45 bid, 50 asked
M. & O. consols, 7s-.119 bid, ... aeked
M. A L. B. 1st m. 8s105 bid, ... asked
Mies. &T.B.R.cs.A...lllbld, 113 asked
Miss. AT. R.K. rs.B10l I bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D. 90 bid,93aaked
Tenn. wts. itr. to J-83 bid, 85 asked
Hhelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 atked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6s 971 bid, 981 asked
.Tax. Dist. 6s 104J bid,105j asacJ
Mem. O s bonds -104 bid, ... arked
Mem. Water bands. ..97 bid, ... asked
Hannner Oil Works bid 65 asked
Am. Got. Oil trust...63f bid, 65 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 80 asked
Mem.ttor.Com.Co..131 bid, ... asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid. 80 aked
Nbw Yobk, November 24. Money
on call quiet at 3J(Vj7 per cent., closed
t 4 per cent, akecl. Pdme mercantile
paper 4(5)5. Sterling Excbaoge oulL
tint steady at 480 for 60 day bills, and
484 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull, but lira, State bonds were dull
and steady.
8tcck Tbe coming holiday re
stricted butiness and tended to de
press tbe prio. s of atx;ks. Ihere was
increased eell'ng of St. Paul, owing to
tbe unfavorable showing of earnings
last week. The other urargera were
dull. Reading was extremely active,
but the decision of the receivers not to
pay the interest on tbe consolidated
bonds by attracting attention to the
condition cf tbe road caused a mate
rial decline in the morning from
which tbe stock did not recover. The
other e?al stocks were heavy to weak
almost tbe entire day. Richmond
and West Point was sold down rapidly
In the early morning, losing 3 per
cent. Amor g the specia'ties 8. nth
Caroliaa was a notable lea' u re, and
afir a sain of 2) per cent declined
Colorado Cml was active and
s'rosg all Jay. Tbe opening wai com
paratively steady, first prices abowirg
ehemgea f rrm last evenir g's fi al fig
ures tf fnm ) t t only, New Elk
land, whit h sas op , being the only
prom ner.t exception. The maiket
whs weik In the early tradog
and mny moteril deina weje
t b she I in ihs fl st half h a-. A
piniHl tal'y wrs accompan ed by a
marked dtcrea ia ttie amnu t tf
bniinB4 d"n. Ih re was I.UIk move
ment In piis in the atiercooQ until
the latt La f hour, although the mar
ket eagd thTu.hmt the ent re
t'oie. A smirt r'ty in iho Im thir y
n.iiuei clo'fd th mark, fir ti hi
Brre hicg bet er thin 'be iowt
prices if te day. 8 !e, 4',6H
stars R'aiing lunched 1(8
St Paul, 18.1nl; L. ke 8 o-e, 27 ftbO,
aid Jcrev Cer.t'tl, 21,45.1. F ual
p'-ces fhow iirfku ar ciana'S, el
;IioiikIi ni'-.. t it oiks re luwt r. M m
pMi anil C a'li 8 "n ia r'ovn 2; Oni
Fol i!ad G .a, 11; Bi. h joii.I and
Wett Pont, li, a d Soutl Carina,
1. C lo ado Coal gamed 1 anil
PuiLidelph a Uaa 1. Ki r. ai bo' ds
wi.re g. nera. y a tiv. SM; $2 4')8,
0 0. There was unuaual fdieity nn I
htienth in iht Ws; Burea, th'r
sales be ng $b70,000. Prices mere
generally firm, but s 'me yielding ia
the latter par . of the day rendered the
fi al changes irregu'ar
The total s des of e'oks today were
420 649 shars.i ncluding Canada 8outh
en, 6J14; D-lawa-e, Laikwanna and
Wts e'n, 4310; Erie, 11 8 0; Kant
and Texa-,6210; Lake Shor, 275M);
LouibVille and Nasbvdle, 81' 0; Mtm
phia Chleaton, 44 0; N.irthwes'.
em, 3210; New JeiBPV Ct-mra', 21,450;
Readirg, 106;9ti; St. Paul, 28,150;
Texts aid Pa' ific, 16,076; U..iou Pa
pfic, 4025; Western Union. 900;
Njithern Pac fio preferre', 3417, O.e
too Tran'ooniineutal, 4580. Cloaicg
quota lots:
U. 8. 3. 100K. U, eonp. 128M.
41, oonp, m. Vaoibc 6e ot 105, 126.
La. atrnifi. . Mlmonrl 6, ' 3.
Cent Pao. lftK.nWi Uta aHU Us,lUH
D 4R.U.W lt,7 Kri 2.J. Wi.
M K aT.O n.as.UX'i North P.o.l u.llfi.
North. Pan. tiit ID'.'0.. N. V estem con. 139
N.Weat deb.5a.lua.
Bl.L..l UeO AI.,I1Z
T.P.R a.n eu,H.
Wont 8h.. re. ll 4'
'ieno.5s,.et'mt, 102.
bt Paul oun, lol.
T.P. land griin,6T.
C. P. If s. 1 6
TaDn.fo, ol'uii.l'
Adami FzpreM, ICS. MnrrisiB., ofTd.141
Allenbsriy Cent , .
Alton A T. 11,,
A. T.lI.,i'ld.,8S.
Amsrio .D Ex., 1U74.
B. C. R AN. 65
Canula Pao ,
Canada Hon.. 6a.
Central Pacific, Hi!.
Chfl-M) akeAO 4.
0. AO. 1 tpfd.19
C. A u. 2d uld.U.
Chicago A A. .143.
C.A A.nid.lHO
CB.iQ ,138.
C, bt L. tn.O.,
C. 6t.L A P.. 18.
O.Pt.LA P.i.fd, ito'A.
0,8 t C. 46.
Naativille AC , Si.
N. J. Central KM.
hor.A W.i.'d.SJ1.
Nortliern Pac .2VA.
Nurt 'ern l ac a.03
v. n. w ,ua
O AN.W pfd ,141.
N.Y.C.4 St I. .MY.
N.Y C.ASt t.pld,27S
unimntr.il, .
I'hio A W.,Zi.
0 A Mm plu. 90
Ontario A tVeai.. 21.
Oregon Mar , llfiVi.
OiMin Irani.. 36;.
Ongon Imp., 42.
Paoitto Mail, 64.
U. ft (J., 73.
C. A II Valley. 2i. Pmria DAB, 33J.
Del. A Uud , 106. Pitulinrg, 148.
Del., L. A W, 140 Pall man P.O., 143.
Den. A Rio Q 33!-. Rei.d n,4l.
Brie, Xl'i,. Kook i,aud, 127.
Erie ptd. bt U. A ry.V ,'M.
NewKnut T.nn.,lH.Bt.L 4H.K pfd, 7H.
New K. Tenn. pfi,77. bt. b. A S.F. 1-1 p, 116
Fort Wayne. 144 C. H. A M. P.. Vi.
Uunnibal A St. Jo.. M.A St.P,. p, Uv
ranMna, w.
II a, WU , I
Harlem. 22
u l Jo , ina, . bi. r., .n i i.,n.
et Paul A Omaha. 6
Houston i T., 3S.
Illinois Central. 131.
jnd ,B. A W.,17.
Kantaa A T.. 3fl'.
Lake B.lff,
Lake fchnre. 97U.
I.oo. Naah . r.
Lou. A N. A., 67V,.
M.A '. lftpl'i,-.
M. A 0. peconde. .
Men. A Cnar . tiO'-,.
Mioh. Cen.,9o?.
St Paul 4 0. pld. H4S
Torn. Coal ton 99.
Texaa Paoifl -.
Union Pacific, 615-4.
U. S. Kip eiH.HIV,
V .,8. L A P., 20.
W.,.L AP p., 37K.
W A F. Ex., 129.
W. U.Tel., 78V4.
Colorado Coal, 37H.
Home Stake. 17.
Iron bilver. 230.
Mm. A ht. L , mi
Ontario, U,
Min. A St. L. Did. 49 Ouiokiilrer. 6M
Miinoui' Pacino llf'S (ju'ckmlver plil, 23.
Mobile A Ohio, 2 "4. huuth Paoiflo, .
M.L. 8 4W.66. Butro, 19.
London, November 94. Contois,
102 1-10 for money and 102J frr tbe co
cunt; United States bou 's, 4 131 1;
4J , 113 At a t c and Gret Ws'iu
finds, E4. Tbe arrrunr, of bnllii n
withdrawn from Ue Bnki.f England
on ba anre today i 76 00').
Pabis Novf mber24 Three per cent.
rei tei, 831 15j U r ttie at count.
Havana, November 24. 8panisb
go d 20(a23(. Exchange q ll-t.
Ntw Oblbans, La., Nnvi'Mnbe' 24.
Cliariuga of iha b nks.il 616,305.
St. L'iuis, Mo., Nrv. rn'mr 24. Bank
c'eHins today, 2,553,925; balances,
Kbw York, November 24. Bank
dearnirs todiy, $137,534,830; basnets,
Boston, Mass., November 24. Back
c'einuB today, $15,723.911 ; balances,
Baltimore, Md., Nivember 24.
Bna i lenrinvs today, $2,133,274 ; bal
ances, $253,769.
Philadelphia, Pa., November 21
Ba k cieminys today, 10,b23,8t3;
balanois, $1,384 6( 2.
Chicago, III , November 24. Bnk
c'ea'iugs today, $8 922,000. with New
Yo'k txcbaLga quoted 2540c dis
Ths local cotton market opened fim,
and clneed firm ; middline, 8k. Sales.
6300 bales, including 3400 la t evening ;
1700 to exporters and 36G0 to win
Yesterday. Tuerder.
Ordinary Nom. Norn.
Uood Urdinary.... a 8
Low Middling 8 81
Middling 8 81
Good Middling.... 8 8
Middling Fair...., 0 9
Fair Nom. Nom.
Maursia, November 24, 1886.
Stock Bept 1, 1886 . 4,009
Received today 6,259
Received previously.. 310, 824 321,092
Shipped today 4 975
Shipped previousiy.169.6i5
uome consumption to
data 321
. 30 947
. 3i,'i00
tock runnlne account
i impart.
Thus far tbis week.
Tbus far la-t week n
Sine September lst....n
- r
V. and O. R. E -
M. & T. R. R
L. and N. R. R..
C..O.A8. W.R.R
K. U, o. x M. K. a.
Steamers -
Wagons and other sources.
Total 6,259
Thus far this week. 19 903
Thus far laet week 23,297
Since September 1st 174,600
M.40.B. R ' 629
M.,4 T. R.R. 697
L. A N. R. R 1.330
C., 0. AS. W. R. R... i 1,805
SUainets north 6.4
'Total 4,975
New York anots owned kt. and
tilosed eesy; middlina, 9 3-16u. Kalw,
6. 0 bales. Quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterday. Tne dv
Ordinary 6 7 16 6 7- 6
Good ordinary.,.. 7 13-18 71316
L iw m ddling... 8 1116 811-16
viidUlinK.. 9 - 6 9 3 16
Good middling 9 7 16 9 7 16
Middling fair 10 1-16 10 1- 0
Fair 10 11-16 10 11-16
Nef'Yrrk fu urea onernd etev
and clcsed steady and 4 to 5 points
... 1,127
... 42
. 47S
.... 2,242
At a
...... 620
lownr tbn y- se'dav. Save, 9i,8i 0
blia Toe cl.ieing qaotatious wre
as follows:
Mvnb-r. 8M u 8 99
Dec-mb-r. 9.' 1(S 9.02
J4iriary.... 9 U r) 9 IS
FeMnry. - 2lio 24
Ma C ' 9 34 i' 9 35
Aoril 9 45'5i 9 -Ki
Mav 9 55 5(j
June 9r,(.fi 9 1 6
July 9'4ii 9 75
August 9.8J0 9.83
9 03
9 Ot(a M 07
9.l7 i 9.18
9.2Sr 9 lit
9.. 9. 4i I
9.40f,J) 9.50
9.W 9.60
9 ' it 9 70
9.fc6 9 87
Tbe Nt-wOrUanssr o' marki t opntd
1'ii-", and cloi'd quiet ai'd s'laly;
1. idJIing, 8 Il-I6i cs, 40C0 ba is.
Quota toi.8 wrre b f lowc:
6 11-18
7 H-16
8 716
8 11-16
8 15-16
Ordinary 6 U-16
Good Ordinary.... 71I08
Low Middhna 8 7 16
Middling 811-16
Good Middling 8 16-16
The New Orleans future
oreied bre'y ateadv. and
at ady and 5 to 6 points h'gber. Sales,
d,4uu baits, Vjuotations were as
tollo ws:
Novembnr 8 63G 8 64
I.cember- 8 6l 8 65
January .... 8.74iru 8 75
Februnry ... 8 r6fo) 8 87
M.rch 8 9s h 99
April.. 910(.rt 9 11
Ma ;.. 9 21 9.22
Juno P.3.'drt 9 33
July 9 4K3 9 44
Annual 917 9.18
8 69ra 8 70
8.811(a) 8 81
8 9it4 8 93
9.04(a) 9 05
9.16 9.17
9.27 iu 9 V8
9 SS'a) 9 31
9.49 9 60
9.64 9.55
Tone I kttc. iPiicrel Stock.
7.784 R
26,h- 6
88 V88
V5 7 2
60 914
"l9,'l 91
q 1 et.
qu et.
7,700 8 1 1 16
650 8 9 16
4,1' 0 811 16
Norfolk ..
et -ady
1 7178
'qu e .
I tor dv
6,306 Hi
812 9
47 9
N tt York, a By.
Bntx)n ... q i.et.
Phild. 1 m.
St. Loui Utead
Aueiixta.. quiet
1 8H 0
2 834 8
1, 01 i-
fiueaitit... at. nAriu thiu ilov lfttfi
Receipts at pmta, tbis day, 18S5.
R't TJ. 8
p'rta 6 day
Ex. Gr. B
St ck
R'tstSrpt I
ForVn Ex.
84 13'
897 612
2 34 ,9 9
l,.5',0t 3
I,3u7,3j5l,310 2l3
DcCieaue in rtneipta ibiB ytar. ... 7 402
At noon: Liverpool spott erfqiiit
and r itber esier. Sa' s. 10,Ot 0 bales,
of hicb Ameii.au 7400 tiale3. Bo-c-iipts,
19,000 ba ia, of wiiioh American
uioeing quotations were as tollo wa:
Ordiofry, 41d ; nocid ordiimrv, 4jd;
Inw middling, 6d. good middling, b fr
ied ; nnddliiiK nplauds, 6 3 16.1 ; ruid
Cling Ornanc, 5d.
The price are given in pence and Gilhi,
thw: 4 63 maim 4 63-64W; and 6 01
meant 5 164d.l
At noon: Liverpool fu'ures wsre
dull, bu etta'y. Novembpr,
November-D. ceuiber, 6 03(5;5 02d ; De-Curulier-Janoa'y.
6 Old; January Ffb
ruaiy, 6 Old ; Frbrna-y-Miuch, 5 02d ;
Mrfh-Ai"ril, 6 14CW6 03); April-Mny,
5 I6d; May-Juce, 6 OSd; June-July,
At 2 p.m. : L:vovpool futures were
qant and b evly ; November,6('6d sell
ers; November-Oecembtr, 6 I2d, buy
e'Bi D.-cetiber-Jaiinnrv,6 01d,felr8;
Ja"niry-Ft-bruftrT,6 Old, tellers; Frh-roary-Merh,
6 0?d, fellera; March
i.P'ii. 5i 3d, bnytrs: April-Msy,5 06d,
'ae lera; Maj-Juue, 6C8J, value; Juce-
JU'v, 5 lid, Belle s.
AtSpra. : Liverpool futurrs were
sti ady ; Novimlier, h 05d, buyeis". So
vem'iar Ddceiuber, 5 Old, bu eis; Du
cuu bar-Jni arv, 5d, vhi: Janu
arj'.Kibmnry, 6.1, Value; February
Ma'Ch, 5 Old, va'u?; Mxrch-Apiil,
5 (3d, Be! era; April-May, 5 05d, fell
oe; MfyJate, 6 07d, value; June-
Juiy,609'. rinvr.
CoRNMBAL-Stacdprd, $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
Hat Choxe, from atorx, 75c; car
;oad Irora ievee or depot, $14; priru6,
fiom store, 70.-. car load from levee
or d-if ot, $12 6013; prairie, from
store, 45c: car load from levee or
d: pot, $3 60.
CoBfi From etore,whlte,61c :mixed,
49r, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c; in sacks, 44 Jc.
Oats From store,white,39c; mixed,
87c: from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 82 Jc; In sacks, 35c; mixed, in
raik, sic; in sacks, two.
Bran From store, 70c; from levee
or depot, $13 60.
Flotjb Krom store, iNo. 3, 3(o)3 :
family. $3 60a3 76; choice. $3 76(a)4;
fancy, $44 25; extra fancy, $4 26
4 60 ; patents, $55 60.
liKANS Plavy, E2; medium, 11 01x01
1 75; common, $4 26; German millet,
$1 201 40.
kiob .Louisiana, aHc; uarouns,
UATMKAi-fin oau-D&rreis, J(3 zo
from store.
Cdacksbs Sods, extra, 44c; soda,
treble extrs, 5c ; extra,7c; ginger snaps,
extra, 66cji assorted jumbles, 9llc
Ubackko whs at in nau-Darreis,
$4 25 from store.
cr.ii;?. tun jitmr J)rom store,
$3(a3 VO.
Kansas Citt, Mo., November 24.
Wheat ouiet: No. 2 red. cash, 62o
bid; December, 63Jo bid; May, 72Jc.
Corn Bteady; Nr. 2, cash, 3Ucbid;
Dccemre". 31 Jo bid ; May, 36ic Oats
nominal, 25 Jo bid for csb,
Ft. Locis, Mo., NoTember 24.
Fl or quiet and Bteady ; XXX, $2 35
(ri.2 45: family, $2 45W2 70; choice,
$3 06(a316; fancy, $3 603 60; ex'ra
fancy, $3 t0(2.3 85; patents, $44 35.
Wheat dull and heavy: the market
opened easy aod )c lower, and ruled
quiet at the decline, closing ic
lower tuan yrsteroay; iNo.zrtd, caan,
TAln. lUA.,OM,l.a 1U.I. A. ra.amK.
76ic; January, 78(o)78lc. cloeine at
78c; May, 84'a84jc, closing at 84f3
Biji. Cora da I, but better: tbe mar
ket opened dull and easy, but recov
ered and became firm, cloeiog rc
higher than yesterday. Pa. 2 mind,
caab. 341c; November. 344c bid: De
cember, 3434c, c'oairg at 3ia;
January, 36Jo ; May, 38 J a 39 Jo, oloair g
at 39c. Oats dull bat firm, and Jo
higher; No. 2, m'xed. cash, 27c; De-ci-mbr,'
2(IJo b'd; May, 30a bid.
Rye firmer at 51 4c. Barley nearly nex-
lec ed. Hay quiet and nncbange l.
Fmxseed, 93c. Bran firm at 57
58c. Oomoeal etecdy at $1 95.
LUceipta-lTiour, 4uuu brls; nheat,
8,(HHi ba; orm. 23.000 ba; oms,
20.000 hu ; rye, 10C0 bu ; baiey, 13 000
bu. Shipmen s-Flour. 30CO brls;
wheat. 6(100 bu: corn, 9.10O bu: oats.
non; rve, 4(M)0 bu ; ba ley, roue.
Afitmnon fioa'd. Win at du'l ad
ra i lOHtr. Corn abaur ttatbauKtd.
U .ia 10m a lly undun.it d.
Chicago, III., November 24 The
day on Viiaie was oue cf naked
dullnets. In wLeat tbe t.ading was
uiiiis ially I glit, and fi ic nai) ine were
cot fi.ied to a very Darniir ta.igo. F r
e;go advice qnot"t itent'y markets
bat, lesa di m ni.. Th- reciijisweia
1 ti t here Mtd eomewritt aiual er nt
ot er point. 1 o Lfsb t si in the
Northiww-t. Tlr fc, tom'ber with a
Hn n;ei f rlii g i ' co-n, liadfnme tJ
f c upon t e 11 urU't n, ag tiV-al way.
lite qui.n' ty of wrea on ' i, n pane
ret i s re or t d t l ti0,0i 0" huVie's
1 s tha i hat week, i'rv mukei fl,:al
ly rl S'd J 1 loa-er ti.an yet t'rd y. I,b
c. ru n a'ket ml' ri.Nfl y f ir u tinie,
then aiv-t rod J(n Jc, w-Mkered, ai d
el sid (yt.: utt-r ti a yenenfav.
Tbo iec Hits c iitiwi't amal and with
a fir shipping ii quirv, , horts por
cn sin' ir.ore ireny ua ti ne wai
strooer in rate, ard in c a ruled Jc
h'gher, bntclofed tfab.u' yesterday's
tlures. Uoab q tota iooB.vere as fcl
l.s: No. 2 sp ing wiosl,7lJCa74lc;
Na. 3 spring wteatt. 67(a68-; No. 2
red when', 74Jo No, il corn, 301c N
2o-ts, 26j i. No. 2 ry, 53v-No. 2
ba ley, 533.3. No. 1 tlaxieef;-93Jc,
Hay Prime t mothy, $1 72. Flnnr
was quiet and nucliaoged. Tbe
leading futu es ratged'as follows:
Wheat November opuned at 741 ,
hiiibest 74jc, lowe?t74s, c'os;ng74jc;
December opened at 74j, h gh-st 74 o,
loett 74$', cli al' g 1J';; January
oiined at 'i5j', h ghest 7. c. lowst
74Jr!,closin 7 i?; May oiemdatfcljc,
h'vtio. t 81 Jo, lowtst 81 Jc, dosing
81 Jc Coin Novemher opened at
Stij , h'ghi'et. 37c, lowtst o(te, closing
3(ic: Deuen.b. r opened ktotijc, h;gh-
st 37', lowest 3lJ( c'osiiii Stijn;
Janua'V opened at 30ic, lufcrest 37Jfl,
lowei-t 36J'', c'o ing 37jc; Mty oi ened
at 41 1 J, hig'e't 41', low st 41 j,
cloa 11 g at 41Jo. Oat November
opened at 2CJc, bipbest 2(IJ", lowert
2di , 1I0 in itljc; Peieiuber opened
a 26 , higheut 26.t, lowist 26ji-,
clO"in,; 26Jc; January opened at 2ti ,
hubost lUJc, lowet-t 26Jo,cUHrg 2tiJ;;
May opene I at 3'' ', big test 30o low
est 81 Jc, ulcs ng3i Jo. Recfip s Flour,
17.0(X brls; wutat, 82.0.iUbu; corn,
106.0CO bn : rati, 70,000 bu; rye, 2000;
barhy 41000 bu. SliipmentH
Fiour, 7000 br's; wr.eat, a.K'O bu;
corn, 29,000 bu : oa- , 59,000 bu ;
rye, 400J bu ; barley, 41, (XK) bu.
Bottkb Butterire, 13J14cj
creamery, S0(a35"; dairy, I822c;
cnniitry bntt"r, 1525c.
Hoo PnonocTs Mees pork, $10;
buii.j' cured hHins, lOJI'iilOJc; breakfast
ba on, 8j(aj9Jc ; cloi'.i rib s da bacon,
7jc; bacon shnn'ders, 77lc; bulk
poik clear Bides, (ij"; clear rib side'.
6Ju; 20 1'a.iimea', 6c; ehonlderii, 6J
5J; long clear, 5J' 6c.
Labd Tiprcee, 6j6Jc; half-barrels
and kegs, 6(ft6Ja; chone kettle, 7
Frkhii T.'sats - B ief, f r- qnartnis,
4(ft5c; mntton, 4di; hind quarters
of bhel. 4(o6o: boe. 6fil7c.
PorjLTBY-(;bicke"S dul; fpntig,
$1(.2 2; old let;B,$l60(3'2 25 Tur
keys, $8CoM2. G-tee $3"i 4 Duck", 13;
d runted c'niktns, $2 50 per (hsn;
drrssed turkeys, 1012a rer pom d.
Game (imiis. perd ., $125. Squir
rela, $1. Dorks, w dd,$l t6"2. Veti
Bon, wbole, 6(a,6c; e&ddles. HilOc.
CHKB.ai Prime flats, 8J9.:; New
Ymk factory, 7J8c;lull crsam, 12Jc;
xnnng America, ijc. s
Pioa Feet. Barrels, $8 25; half bar
barrels, $4 25; kfg", $1 25.
St. Louis, Mo., Novtmbor 24 Pro
visions dull but generally firmer.
P.nk firm at $10. lard iiendy at
15 90. Bulk mea s flm; lno;e lots
Ingrlear, $5 3t'5 35; fliort rihs,
$5S55 40;shor. tbar, Jfi5l5 55;
tioxcd lots Irng claar, $5 35(a5 45;
snort ribs, J5 40(3)5 45; BUert e'ear,
$ 5i'(o5 55. Bacon e y ; Ions clear,
$6 62J 75; thtrt r b, $l 87 ; shoit
clear, $77 10. Uams uncla g d
Buior unchanged. Es steady at
Chicago, III, November 21. Pro
vis'oos (li-pUyml a li-tta raorn liff ;
P'icen fdvaured 20(!2 J , riniltdba'k
10ul2Jc, aid cloand staly. Lad
alVAic d 25a aud c'oa d tteidy.
Cann quota i' ns were as follow: M sa
po k.tOOl'JgOOS; 'a d $.r 9 J; llrort
rib eiden, loose, $530(0,5 50; dry,
ea't d eh uldrri", boxed, 35 1 5 20;
i-hort clear side, boxed. $" 0:i(5 65.
1 he leading fu'Urf s tanged aa follows;
Pork De' ember tipen'l at $9 65,
bige't tM 60, lowest $9 65, el sing
a $! 60: Ja- mry operifd at $10 12 J,
h'ghHN $ 0 35 lowest $10 12J, cl'sn.
at $10 2.J ; F brmry oiunu'1 at $10 25,
bighet$ 0 42, lowist $10 25, closinit
at $10 32J. Lard December opened
at $5 C5, tiighest $5 95 lowed $" 9-4,
cioping at $5 2i : Jannary opened
at 30, highest $6 t 2J, lowest $5 971,
closing at $6; February opened at
$8 10, bisher-t $6 10, lowest $6,
closing at $6 074. Short ribs Jannary
opened at $5 30, highest J5 30, low
est $5 26, closing at $5 25; February
ooened at $5 80, hisheet $5 30, lowett
$5 22J. closing at $5 26; March opend
at $5 35, highest $5 37, lowtst 15 35,
closing $5 36. Oa the Piodnce Ex
change butler rulod firm; pood to
farcy creamery, 2026a; ordinary,
1618o; good to floe diry, "420t;
packing stock, 89c. Egs, 2122o
tor strictly Irish.
Sooab Pure wnite, 6'j;; ofl
white, 6J6Jc; yellow clarified, 64
6t; open kettle, none; refined A,
661c; granulatt d, fijielc
CoFints Common, 1212Jc; ordi
nary, 1313ic; prime Rio, l4144o;
choice to fancy, 14 J 15 Jc; old govern
ment, 2425c.
Boap 3Kjc per pound.
Canoiks Hticks, all siios, in boxes,
pails aod barrels, 79c.
8alt-$1 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 351 46; coaree, $1 10(3)1 15; pock
eta, bleached, 2J7o; car-loads from
levee or depot, 5c cheaper.
Casssd Goods, Etc. Prices per
dozen: Pineapples. $1 25(oU 50;
peaches, 2-i b, standard, $1 1&1 26;seo
onda, $l(a)l 10; tomatoes, 2-lb stand
ard, 90 $1; 3-lb,$l 16; strawber
ries, $1 101 25; raspberries, fl 10
125; biackbirio, $l(i,l 10; g-en-gaces,
$1 WVU 75; ru
2 25; plums, $1 601 70; -per pus,
$2 604; green corn, ll S5j grevB
peas, $155166; cove oysters, fall
weight, 1-lb, 8596e; cove ojstsrs,
fnll weigbt, 2-lb, Si 61 80; cove
oysters, light weight, 1-lh, 60c cove
oyeters, light weight, 2-H, Jl : con
densed milk Crown, $5 '0(1 76;
Eagle, $7 50(3)7 76; Daiy, t4 . i.
Molab'ks Lonieana, coiuinon to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, new, 40
(245c; syrup, 2C40c; common to
fair, 2025c; prime to choioe, J830c;
centrifugal, fancy, 30353.
Tobacco Common. 11-incb, 27J
28c; other grades and stvles, 35(o,85c.
Snuff Barrett's, $10 85 per ease;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; E. R., $9 26
10; Gail&,Ax$8 75.
Ntw Oblbahs. La., November 24
Bugar O. n'ifa'Bt a phade easier;
plantation granulated, 6jc; ch ice
whue, 6J5 3 16j; ofl wht e, 6 1 16 1;
cl.oica y-llow clar.fiel, 6 l-ltn;
prime y How c'a.ified, 4 1310134'c;
bee nde, 3J4jc.
New Yoke, November 24 Coffee
fair Rio q iut at 13Jo; o' tiors b.ir y
ao ive and 1 'wer; aalee, 6900Jtaii;
Ni vember, 1 1.3S 1 1.40 ; D-'-eu bir,
11.3 (oMl 40c J'liuare. 11.3t:l 1 35 ;
Fenruary. 11 3: M r in, ll35!ak
11.40c; April, 11.40c ; May, 11 35(4
11.4th ; Jan-, 11 4Cli.45c; Ju yau d
Auguit. 114). r-ui-ar qniet; rtnneu'
n.m. MJlaaei tlnil. hice Arm.
xiornrHtM.! mtpi irs.
Apples A np es, J2 2V53 25; dred
anp'ot, ij:ijn per p'nnd irom store.
Drt"1 p"i he, 2J( from store.
Vegetables Onions, $3 'rom
s'ore. Cabli ge $2.ral:per l.eJlO.-;
$1 75 from lve or ui iot pi.r crut'.
Kr.int, hr. $4 755; half brl., $J 75.
Gurlic. 40HOd per 100. Turnips, 50.:
per tintbel.
Fbcit Oranpes, per box, S3 50(3)4 ;
per barrel, 7 60. lain ns, $4Ci:5 jer
oox. ltnaiine, $1 802 50 rr bunch.
Nuts C'coannts-5 60(3)8 per 100.
Peanuts Virginia, 03)7c; Tennesspe,
farm-rsftock34o; ro.isted,2Jn high
er; shelled, 10c Almonds, 182()c.
Walnuts Englirh, 18i. Filberts, 11
12c. Pecans Texas, 810o for small
to medium, 1014o for large; Arkan
i as, 35c.
Kai-ins London tavern, $3; iy.
eri. $2 75; California, $22 10; Impe
rial, .
Pickles In jars, pints, Ofio; quart,
$1 60 ; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 76 ;
loose, barrels, $6 60(3)7 ; half-barrels,
$3 75(3.4 25; tixed. barrels, $10 60;
mixed, half-barrels, $6.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 25 76 ; No. 2 $4 75(3)6 ; No. 3,f4 26
(3)475: 10-lb kit, No. 1,00c: No. 2, 75c
10 in, o. a, 000. ury rjernngs, lam
ily, 25c per box.
(Jamb (tame fih, 56e.
Eoos Firm. 10(3 21c
Potatoes Northern ttock, $1 90
z 1.-).
CiDKit Niw Yrrk, $6 r07 per bar
rel, and Jtf 7.i("4 ner lialf-barrel.
Vineoab 10(3)15 pergnllon. .
otto si nt.hu rHoni'tn'H.
In cir load lotnt Primo crude cotton
seed oil.new, 27 (3)28c ; off crude coiton
seed oil, old, ; prime anmmer yellow
cotton seoii oil, 33(o);hc; oil summer
yellow ctton seed oil,; nnn
er' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3'.'(3:33i!; prime rummer white cotton
si-ed oil, 3f36c; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed on. Sttc: or line cotton
set d meal. $14 60: off cotton seed
meal, none. 0 tt in sred delivered at
dep' t or levee, 19 per ton ; from wagon
at mills, $9 per ton.
Bnrry grease woo), unwashed, 13
18c; clear sreaae wool. 232oc; bnrry
washed, 2330c;ub washed, 3337o.
Bt. Lotjib, Mo., November 24 Wool
fsirly act ve hut easier; medium
21J26c; cimbinir,2r)(a25Jc; low and
coaree, 14(t Z2o 5 fine I'ght, 1924c;
heavy, 1620c; black, 23c.
Hides-Dry flint, No. 1, 16c; No. 3,
12Jo; dry nalttd, 10jK'Jc; green
alied, No. 1, 8jc; No. 2. 71c. Hbeen
ekins, 15c(3$l. BecswaT,20c. Tallow,
nkins amu tvmm.
Deer tk n, 18c; bear, $1(3.7; mink.
15(i)40c; coon, bunter bundled, 15
60n: Ojiint y band'od, l60n; other.
$1(316; btaver, 50!(5$7; wild cat, 15
25c; fox. 1575c; innsk rat, 10c;
o esnm, 10c; wolf, 60c('$2; skank,
157oc; panthers, 60c(n$l.
PF.THoa.Hlin SiaUHET.
Coal, Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, 9J10o per gallon.
"Cleveland, 0., November 24. Pe
troleum, s. w , 110, 7Jo.
Pittbbubo, Pa , November 24 Pe
troleum irregular; Na'ional Transit
cert'fleivt' s ouened at 76Jc, and rtli std
at 76J 5 ; higher t, 77c ; lowest, 76J!.
Whiskt Mtraight Kentucky Bour
b in, $ I 60(3)5; redistilled goods from
85ct i$160, according to proof; rye,
$1 756.
Chicago, III., November 24. Whis
ky, $1 18.
Bt. Louis, Mo.,N3vetnbor 24. Whis
ky firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, O., November 24.
Whisky nciive, firm; aalea of 1( 56 bar
r.'In of finitibbd goods cn a basis of
$1 13.
DllUOS-Qll Dine, P. A W., 01., 70(!J
can', 65c; K Yoik qnli.loe, 1 , 60:
can1, 00c; B. & 8. quinine, (a. 65i;
cns,6iic;morphtre, P. AW. J' i.,$2 35
cs. ; 1 01, via e, $2 10; New York mor
phin, J oa. $2 15 per s. ; 1 ri. via's,
$125;cinrhonidia, 1 cz. vials, 18c os , 6
oz. cana,13c ( a ; gum opium, pt r pound,
13 20; iodide potash, $2 60 per pound,
inclusive; subnitiate bismuth, i 20
per pound, inclusive; chloroform, 45c
per pound ; blue mars, 43a per pound ;
calomel, 75c per pound ; mercury, 70e
per pound ; chloral hydrate, $1 60 per
pound ; camphor, 27c per jiound; al
cohol, barrels, per gallon, ti 22; cas
tor oil, barrels, per gal on, $1 42.
Paints and Oil White lead. Col
lier's, 7 Jc per pound; 600 pound lots,
7o per pound, c ofl, 16 days; South
ern white lead, 7Jo per pound; 600
fionnd lots, 7c, 2jc off, 15 dava ; boiled
inieed oil, 43o per gallon, by barrel;
rtw, 40c: turpenllne, S8J0 per gallon,
by barrel.
Heeds Clover, $5(5 25 per bushel ;
orchard gras, $1 60(3)1 60; herd's
grass, 50. 60c; rye, 6670c per bu.
Baooino Carlcal lots: Jnle, 2 lbs,
8Jc: 1J lbs, 7c; 1J II s, 7c, Flax, 8
bs. 9o.
Ties $1 05(3)1 10.
GbassCattlb Cholce,83ic ; eood,
3c; fair to medium, 2g)24o; scalla
wags, lljs.
JJoos Choice, 4Jo; good, 4c; com
mon, Bheep Cli (ice, 4o; medium, 3Jc;
common, . Choice lambs, per
pound, 4 Jc.
Kansas City, Mo , November 24.
The In S jok Indicator re porta: Cattle
leceiptr, 1238 bead; ihipments,
none; stockers and feeders strong and
active; 'corn ftd slow, weak and a
shade lower; good to choice, $4(3)4 60;
comruoo to medium, $3 253 90;
stockers, r2 252 7ri; feeding steers
$2 8 'i 50; cows, $1 6r2 60; gran
range etees, $2 263 20. Ilogs re
cinij", 19,872 head; shipments, none;
market weak and 10c lower; good to
etoice, $3 75(3)3 90; common to me
dium, 13 503 70. Bheep receipts,
416 bead; shipments, 225h'ad; innr
ket Bteady ; good to cboic, 12 603 20;
common to medium, $1 502 30. '
C' ICA jo, Iu.., November 24. The
Droveri Journal repotts: Cattle re
ceipts, 10,000 head; shipments, 2000
bead; market slow; beat na'ivea
ateadv; ahirplng steers, 950 to 1600
lbs., $3 30(3)5 05 ; S'Ockers and feed
ers, $2 20(3)3 40; cows, bnlls ad
mixed, $1 76 3 20; bulk, $24 25;
through Texas steers, $2 7&3 60;
Western rangers weak; cativis and
half brea'1, $t 1(33 85; wintered
Txns, $2 80a'3 60. Uogj reie p,
60,(00 head; ahipmenls, 6K0; nmraet
eteiii'y; ronnh and mixed, $3 SO'-rt
3 81; p'cklrg and fbippin?, 3 70i)
4(5, light, 4 60(33 9; akiivR $ 2.i(-i!
3 40. Bncep receinta, 61 0) htaif:
al ipnienla, 1000 head; market e'o;
common gradis lower: ra'ives. $-'25
(A; WifcUin, $J 76(3) 40; Teaus,
$2v22 90; lambs, 13 &u4 60.
STEIN :r chau
711181 DAY.
ArkniuC?ty Kat Anias 5 p.i.
Tiptprtrille riiAArKAaa, t p.m.
Friara foint jAvica L, 6 p.m.
0(Ool -CUAROV.t, 5 p.m.
nOtEMLK'n AT Til K LBV Kit.
trrtWa. J.iniis L-, Fr.'ars P.iin1 ;
K W. CjIi', O.i h-.Ib; B. 'Ih .MempLia,
Ittparturef.J.w, I n, Fr:ara To nt
a . ixue, uaei o a ; ik'iio Mciupina
Boat in Port. Rene Macraady and
R. U C'bh.
JJooto Dn l. Kate Adanu and
fj.lt 01 ot. ixma.
oota Due Dmm. Chtsapcake and
vny ui rji.an ivouge.
Bvcelpta Tnlxrdiif,
Belle Memphis- 63 bales cf cotton,
160 ska of cott.m seed, 3J4 dty barrels
and 600 pkgs of anndiias.
James Lee-29J bales of cnt'on, 16
ugj 01 coitonse u.KSsksoIro ton
-en, -i na 01 cattle and 36 pkga of sua'
E. W. Cole 109 bales of totton, 1396
run ui cotion seen ana 6 pigs ot sun'
Alberta No. 3 loaves Saturday
for White rivtr,
Tub Oily of Baton Rouge will puss
uunuHuiijiu air way 10 flow Or
leans. '
Tua Chesapeake, Capt. W. P. Hall.
leaves this evening for Tipionville
an 1 way points,
Ths Drs.,ti), 'Capi. John 8. Jjnoa,
leaot here lomr.rrow evening for
Cntiorai ard way points. Ilany
Bruce is her clerk.
Tub E. W. Cole, Capt H I Nowland,
will leave tomorrow evtning for all
f lints on AikiHians liver through to
'ins Bluff. Capt. J. N. Thoaipaon is
her clt rk.
Tub Kate Adams, Capt Mark
Cheek, ia the Adams United Status
mail pin ket leaving this evening f r
fliilei a, Terrene, Arkansas City and
all way Isnilings. Mi. Wm. C. Blanker
is her clerk.
BoaiNBis moderate.
Tbansiknt boats behind time.
Two a) ATs annonuced te leave to
day. Tub Mitsissippl is (tutionary at Bt.
Tub Cumberland river continues to
ris9 at Nashville.
Tub A kansas rlvei is aisiug at Little
R ick and Fort Biuiih.
Duuino the 24 hours ending at noon
yo.tetday the rver here rose 9 inches
A la bob willow mattrisi was sunk
yesteid.iy at tbe foot of Monroe sttoot.
Tub Aikansas Oily will be here
Saturday. Blie is on her way tj H.
Ttia steamers L. Teal and Alliaatnr.
lashed togeiber, loll yisloiday lor Bi.
r iULvm river.
Two hdnobeo an rirrr ship car
penters are at work at Howard's ship
yards, Jeflttrsonville.
The Ohio river rone 6 feet and 1
teu.tu yesterday at PiUabnrg, and it ia
thing all the way down.
Till Dasoto will bn here today, and
leavea tomorrow for Cincinnati. Capt.
G. B. Russell is her agent.
Tna N. M. Jones Is ettll on Charley
Hunter's docks at the foot of Mirktt
atroit Bo soun an the is let off the
t-'ent nol widgn on.
T11 a Jamet Leo brought a f iir trip
from Fiiara Point, and want back yen
lerday eyrn ns with a uood saoalcit
of fruigbt atd peopln.
Tub City of B ton Reagp, due here
yeituday evenirg, had n t arrived a.
a la'e hour las' n ght. ft e aill prob
ably be d iwn s una time today.
Tnrt Pello Memphis a rived laat
r ijht a 8 n'.'li ck fiom 6t Ixiuh. (lis-
charfted 10C0 packages of n.ls'elU-
nnonM (eigiit, aod l ft at midnight for
VK'ktburir. Hhe a idod tera twenty-
five tuns of enndries. '
Tub E. W. Cole brosubt a flr trip
from thft npper OOaSl and left latt
evening li r O cto'a on her lait t ip in
tbat trade. Htie will Da Dick In the
morning, and leaves tomorrow even
ing lor Aikaoaaa liver. Ths crew of
the li. L. Cobb Will have charge of
Little Rock Democrat, 23d : A short
time agi the United Mtate snsgboat
Hanry Bheldon entered Hack river f r
tne purpose of improving the condi
tion of that stream. Skee tbat time
the crew has dote gajod werk, anda
great deal cf it. M. L, TnIIus, mate,
writes to B. C. HttfielB tht last week
the Bhe'don crew pol.cd 86 snags, cut
4002 tiees, deadened 1212 trets and
cot 8 cords of wood.
OrncB BieifAL Bbbtiob, TJ. B. A.,
MEurnis, November 24, 1 p.m. J
The following observations are taken
at all s'ations named at 76 meridian
t'me, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab'va in
I Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. tOtbs lOtht lOthi
10 - 4 - 27
29 72 a
2 6 2
3 , 4 3
1 3 1
0 3 n
2 3
,2 7 2
3 8 5
0 2 24
0 t 9 -
22 4 11 -
2 2 - 1
6 1
11 8 61
6 ' 7 (ass-
" v '"3 5 " r.v.'.'"
I 1 2 4 -
Chattanooga ....
Furt bmitb
Helena -
La Crocse -
Little Rock
Nashville -
New Orleans....
Bt Louis
3t. Paul
PiTmrrnart,PA.,NoymbBr 24. Noon
River 11 feet 9 inches on the gauge
and rising. Weatber slear and pleas
ant. ' Oimcishatj, 0.,Noyember 24 Noon
River 20 feet 8 Inches on tbe gangs
and li'ing. Weather alear ; thermom
eter 41.
EvANaviixs, Inn., November 24.
Noon River rising, wtli 12 feet 1
Inch on tbe gauRe. Weather clear
and cool.
Louiaviiis, Kt., November 24.
Noon Kiver riaing.whb 8 foot 2 Inches
in the oanal anr" 0 feet on tbe falls.
Bn'ioetsdoil. Watter clear and do'.
Whekuko, W. Va , N lvmber 24 -No
m River l'a f'et 1 Inih on the
ta'igf and rinlnir. Weather ilea' rd
root Depart d lltny Brown and Tom
Rees and hae, 9 a.m.
Cairo, III, November 24. Noon
Riv.r 9 Im 4 inches on the gauge and
lining. Weather clear and cool. Ar-
rind: City of But in Roane, St. Loais,
9 p.m. No d p inu ea ut regulur pai-ets
P" E M Hi A
For llickmiin, Culm, tt. Louiinnl all Wu
tnuiliiK Xh e m.i atiiifir
W. W. tlttk.r m. tor. iVua:
"ill l.nvo ihs
Lltvitcr FhlDAk, Nor.
.'i, i n p.ui. rur unikut or i.HS.nrn i.l
1. 11.
t0! VlUKMili;:..
S. I...UU mill ,. o'rlrniii Anrktf
Ci ty of Providence,
aithl.H10.m. F.IV Ir.uht or
ii. I.- 1. 1.. r.. Art
t) STOHf.8iip't.
For Ualan, Tarrana, Plna ninff and all way
lnllnr n A'ka.i Rl.r-suar
K. W. VilK, r..fQi
Will laava FRIDAY, How. uk, at TIE
For freltht or pa.taa applr at No. 1 Mau.
on ttmiit, or lo II. U. LOW h. Acaat.
(Ml Trl-rh"n Nn M '
For Cairo, Kvan-rille, Loulivtlla an4 01.
oinnatl Tha alrvaat tcamer
li:so rB, r aii
J. 8. Jonei maiitar I H. O. Pmla...'.". jiC
will laava fRlUAi, Nor. a. at i ..a.
Kor Iroiffht or inuaiura nimlv in Ci R iTiiu.
8KI.L, i). F. 4 T. A.. 12 aiadlaon at. T.U.
Khnn. No m.
Fur lllenia iul HI. rrnurla Klvnr.
Str.Reie Macreadv rZj
i. h . Jm'Hn f-r
Iiaavrnfor llolena EVSil Y TOBSU V and
Till' IISDAV at A I'.m. l.... t,r ll.u.
and St. Kranoil river KVKltV SA1U ttlA(
at r p.m.
Tha captain rawrran tha rl(ht to saaa alt
landing hadaami un.ala
J ah. i.htc, Ja., hnp't.
OfRca. No 4 M,,ii.n mraat.
For Utoaola, Ilalaa Point, 'aratbortvll a.
Uayoio and Tiptim villa Tha naw ataa
whaal raBNanirnr ilaan t-r
(JHESAl'liAKE. r-rz
W. P. Uall mum. J. l. Kallar-olara
Will laava a aliora, and all wu point.
ii. ror i raiynr or 'i.wrw opply on boarit.
VKoniihla.Frtnr f'lol niH namphH
nul Oaonrln l..cl lmimni.
For li!rr., It'iT Krlart Point and si
Landi blaauar
InuieN laoe,
Will live aaab. vaon KVKKY MONDAY-
WKDNKauAY and rRlDAY at 6 o'clock.
For Randolph, I.tUon, t'toaola. aa Way
ItiniiiiMS Mtaamor
J. H.rOOPKH ..''vtHS?"
and VKIDAY at 6 p.m. Tha boat! ot thf
Una recorva tha rinlit to rm all landing)
the o. plain uiuy deom unnnfe. iiffloa. Ma. (
mnni.nn i. .iawkis i.kk, .ia , .iir-i.
KcruplitH aud Vit'bHiiurg I'tttket t'oi
pan j t.N. a alt Line.
For Helena, l.'onoordla, Terrona ami Arkaa-
Infi 'lv-lhe alerant eanaantcr lUnmay
M. K. 0hak..mMtar I W. O. Dlautar-olark
Lnavra Meniphla
For Concordia and all way landing.
The Stnamar
. I., '."nmmtna. Milt'r I haw Prioa.....Uiava
Leavat ll.'K-DAY and SATURDAY ait p.
For veneritl ln'orication apply at
Ho. Jnaditon lrea.
IOI1N C,w..'i ,.n ''I'hena at.
MemotiiHA: hite Uivtr 1'kt.Ui
for t larai.a.n, ItevmlN Hlnll,, Ir.
Am, Aunla, Oearo, aiWp.irt, Jaecaaa-
Sort, liiui-villo nnd all V uy UMillnaa.
K. 0. Poatal n.ntor.aMT -SBV
Will leave UVKHY WBDN KtiDAY at .aa.
Str. ALHKRTA NO. t,,.0
. Ik... I) Uu.l.l. ... . . I . MM
Will laava' KV all v" HA I U Kb AY at S p.rn.
Throunh ratea alven to all pointa. rrelfht
oonaiirned to the Ma pnia and Whlta Rival
Packet Co., at Mainphia or iarrano, will b
forwarded pronnitlv. For general lalarma
tion api'ly at olHoe, Nn 3 Madiaon at., orl
PhII TalephnnaMl. M. O. I.IIWK. A't. '
rr Dyapepaln.nll .loriiiiiaanl
f th Dtgeatlva Srja ! tk
ILIvar, Skin ItlHtiitaxa. t'uta, Surna,
Seal da and llralaea. acid IKON,
BAHTH Is av specific.
Bthwataatlara), nalarlal Dlaar
Clara, Chraale Itlarrhava aad
atlnaaa erwe of niaad PaUanladJa
yield wllhoul tall ( Ua wwadaa
tal aaraUT ravw.
t all dwalara aw ,
troni h A. I. K. Co., I
At WhnlaaalM hv T4" VI.VET4 OOa
A no Ja
tlarfrie AonlluKai are lent M SO Davr Trial.
TITTio are noorlnf rrem waavoea mtmm ,
IV Irtvr Vitlitv. L.oa o Scuva ra aa
Vluna.W4niwWa4locaiaa,anlall 1
of a I'uinxiL MATuaa rr.uluarf rrum Aaeaaaaa
OTa I'ii-aaa. KlMdj rHlef 'I "'"'lt"
rlluaot II aiiTB, Vlix a aad ""0,j;'"; i.'SS'
ftwJaeoiicoIurllloralll,il''l'r' aaiariai
V01TAI0 IHT 19; MAMIUll. MICH, j
'r A virtlia
youthfal inapra-
d''. e.iuln rremtra Peo;y, "7""!
li.liiliiy. l.o.t Vanned, et. navine
In m'.n every n. wo r .iu..d . h. '"
a aur.ple (nii-i'u'f, wli ei he wiilend a na
olkl.Wli.afir.. V'j'MAgoa,
Pi-.t 0Eo Boa HTv, 5i 'rk v itr, 1
icmmmm irva akarin. I
!&M MaB.
Trade ini rlt.

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