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MEMnilS. TENN., F1UOAY, N0VEMI5E11 20, ISSii.
VOL. XLVI NO. 27 5
Memphis ought to be represented at
the nailoial drill to taka place at
Washing'on, commeDcirg on the 23. d
of May next. Tee CLicsassw Guards
would there fird mettle wor;hy cf
their steel and a vry rare opportunity
of proving themselves, as they are, one
of the beat drilled companies in the
Union, If net the bf bU '
Etbbx Trader of the Atpial knows
of Dr. Bonneschein, of 8t. Louis, the
most liberal of liberal Jews, a real!?
modern rabbi. Recently sparated of
bis own volition and will from the
congregation over which he had pre
sided for so many' yeirs, a new one,
composed of Jibera's like himself,
his engiged to build for him a hand
some puce of worship ia which
his commanding abilities may have
the freest play d be may continue
to lead men by the kindly and blessed
light of trp h. ,
Thak8Qitin(3 was very generally ob
served yesWday. Bminees ru for the
most part suspended, many of tbe
churches were open for special serv
ices and appropriate sermons were
preached, and good dinners and mer
riment were the programmes in mosi
of the homes of the pity, which, , as
President Hidden said in' his p roc la
matioo, has many special reasons in
greatly increased prosperity for being
thankful, contented and happy.
Ah incident at Arthur's funeral, 3n
which Blaine and Edmund3 figured as
tbe leading actors, is one of the moat
painful in our political history. W
publish it elsewhere. In the presence
of death cbaiity and forgiveness
should prevail. 80 think most men
everywhere. Mr. Blaine is one of the
exceptions to this rule. He rudely
declined tbe proffered hand of Bena
tor Edmunds, and refused to make
friends with the man who declined
speak for him during the campaign
1884. Edmunds ought to have known
better than to tempt his antagonist to
so groes an insnlr. r v
A MiRTiNQ of the farmers of the
Yazoo-Mississippi Delta is to be held
at Greenville, Miss , on the 6th of De
cember, and tbe Louisville, New Or
leans and Tdxas railroad has agreed to
carry those who desire to be present
on the occasion to and from any of
their stations at one fair. Persons pur
chasing tickets for the purpose Kill
necessarily have to pay full fare, but
they will be returned on a certificate
from the Secretary of the Convention,
JA is propofted.at this meeting to con
sider: a great many questions pertinent
to the interests of the planters, among
them that of cotton seed as a fertiliser,
which it is declared is worth three
tinaoa aha prion th great monopoly
is paying for it. It is earnestly
oopea tnat tbis meeting or convention
will be a representative one, and that
lbs results may be such as to encourage
the formation of a permanent organ
ization ior tne advancement 01 tbe
farming interests at annual meetings,
' Thi railroad long igo surveyed and
located from this city to Nashville, by
way of Bomerville and Bolivar, ought
to be built. Tbe time is propitious
for a revival of a scheme in which
Gen. Neely and Napoleon Hill took
the initiative seme years ago. , It has
everything to recommend it It is
shorter route to Nashville than any
others that have been surveyed : it is
independent of all existing systems
and it passes through a rich agr!
cultural and minora! region, the latter
abounding in iron and coal. Besides
this twenty-five miles have been
graded, and it will lake EomoniHe
Bolivar and other county towns oa
the' way, and make Memphis in
dependent of Birmingham in the ma1
terof coal end iron, connecting hi
oirecuy witn tue mines
Wayne and Lawrence' counties.
only 125 miles away. We ran
not too earcesiy urge this enterprise
pon me attention 01 local capitalists,
those especially who are interes:ed in
tne ooai and iron fields of tbe coun
ties mentioned. J. O. Neely, Na
poleon Hill, Dr. D. T. Porter. W. D,
Bathel, T. J. Milburn. John T. Fer
guson, H. M. Neely, W. J. Crawford
i. w. uiimra and others of onr citi
sens would do well, we suggest, to
consult about this important enter
pi lee with (ten. Neelv and Mr. Fan
tress, who will be at the Uayoio House
ior a a j or two.
All philanthropic persons and real
well wishers of tbe negro race will
read with pleasure this morning the
' interview had yesterday by one of the
'"A n.tw. iik TLr 1 r
'Cook, of the LoniaviUe, New
... Orleans and- Texas railroad, which
..is printed in another column.
it U the story of a great enterprise
worthily conceived and well and care
.. fully carried out, which uncovers the
i ...pkn of a sagacious and statesmanlike
,1 capitalist, ho in. seeking profit for
nirxsei! opens a way to the poor negro
.' to make a home for hime elf and prove
his title to freedom by labor, economy
and thrift. Nothing like it has ever
before been ventured upon in the
.. United States, and the Appsal takes
pleasure in stating that so far it is
. great success, ana promises to Da a
4iiU greater In tbe near injure. All
tbe men enlis'ed in ft r Hon hern--era,
Inc'uding Mr. K. T. Wlieoo, presi
dent of the road; Mr Edwards, general
manager; Mr. A..tl. Cook, as latant
general manager, and Mr. McGlnnis,
le land commissioner. It will be seen
that Mr. Cook gives the facts of this
great beneficenea in a plain, unvar
nished way, and tbat he lays bare to
the most sarebing eye the
methods of cirniog it Into execu
tion. A gentleman cf the highest
character, a business man of expe
rience aid thoroughly patriotic, he
takes prids in the results so far at
tending a eoheine that wi 1 largely
help to solve the question of the In
lure of the negro.
On tiieUronnd" of fn'anltj-HlnTic
tint Hub Folly Recovered,
bat Is bk-fUHred.
For the Prosecutors The Field
t Trials a Failure-Thanksgiving
at Various Points.
Nashvills, Tckn., November 25'.
The jury in the case of Patrick
Monahao, cbarged with shooting and
wounding his sweetheart, Laura
Carney, some months ago, failed to
agree, and this morning were die
charged. The plea of insanity was
set up for Monahan and three of tbe
jurors stuck to this view. Mmahan
shot Miss Carney in the face one Sun
day evening because she had broken
off her engagement with him on re
count of his dissipated habits. Tbe
yourg lady has f ally recovered, but
will bar tbe mark of the scoundrel's
bullet for life.
Col. E, S. Jones died here tonight at
11 o'clock, after an ill nee of tiiMe
weekn. He was known all over the
country. He distinguished himself in
several engagements during the war.
BOtably at "Gettysburg;. Heorgan'sed
tbe Grand Aimy of the Republic post
here, and has bean commander sev
eral times. He was Steamboat In
spector at Nashville from 1809 till the
tdveot of P ealdent Cleveland.
Honopollales; Homh la the Hoaae
and Beanie.
Nashville Banner: We learn that a
number of members elect to tbe next
General Assembly have already
ruthed to tbe capitol and selected
their seats. The best seats have in
this wey been pre-empted, as it were,
and the members ho did net take
time by the forelock and get in their
claims will have to make the most of
the back seats remaining unclaimed,
ibis is an altogether unseemly way of
doing things. In such a scramble for
s?ats the member a who liva near the
capitol have all the advantage. Yet
they are no more entitled to advant
ages than those members who live in
distant par s of tbe State. None of
these claims for eia's should be al
lowed. Xhe proper way to do is tt
give all members an equal chance. No
sea's ehould be permanently allowed
until all the membcis have arrived
and the seats have been drawn by lot.
By ths method none will have cause
for complaint and there will be much
It 88 exhibition of 89 flahness.
Clnlmed to Ht Brna in Reality
ob of t'oavlctlen, Kulwlibatanu
loa (be Vol.
larioiAL to thi ArriAL.I
Louisvillk, Sr., November 25.
Tbe Converse case is ended. Tbe
vote stood eight to sustain thecba'ge,
three to sus'ain in part and nineteen
not to rastain. Total, eleven to nine
teen. They are acquitted by eight
majority. The prosecutors are re
ported to have said that considering
the personal relations of three of the
eight towards the defendants, tbey re
gard the verdict as camirg very near
to conviction and wili take the case no
further, being satisfied that the vote of
eleven Presbyters to sustain si grave a
charge is sufficient Of tbe eleven
only two ara friends of Dr. Woodro.
Tley are all ministers and tbe most
prominent in the Preibjtery, namely,
utt. u. w ivatt, jn.m uempbtii, a,
H. Bedinger, W. L.' Bedinger, J. I,
Ciok, Rive. Wm. Irvine. 8. M. Ncel
W. McElroy, M. Hoke, C. Snith and
W. Y. Davis. The sympathies of tbe
court were warmly appealed to, and it
is generally remarked tbat tbe Dan
vertes have had to do their utmost to
escape downngttconviciioii.
YeaterdMy'e Field Trlnl n railnre
ou ArCuunI of Kill a.
High Point, N. C , November 25.
The trials tolay proved a failure. Xhe
rin fell coutinnous'y all day. An
early start was mads and tbe first
brace in the second ssrliswaa run
Fred W. beat Kidd. Tbe heat was
ve-y tame. Fred outwtrked him from
tbe s i't, showing no m-ric. After
the conclus;on of this all hands were
ordrrcd back and the running for the
Tbe Morrlns of nr. W. P. Wld
n-mer lu Bin Ors Haley Tbe
flew rwnmwmt vniiaiaaf.
Jack sox. Temn.. November 25.
The event of the seison took place at
tne first metnoaist unurcb, in mis
city, at 10:30 o clock this morning,
Mr. W. ". Waldberirer. former of
Memphis, now of Palestine. Tex . who
is connected witn tbe Han d svstem
of railroads, and Miss Ora Haley, one
of Jackson's sweetest and most accom
plifbed young ladies, were nnited in
the holy bands of wedlock, tbe Rev.
Gilford Jones officiating. Immediately
after the ceremony the happy couple
left for their Texas home by way of
ine new roetotlice and Federal
Court building of this city is com
pleted and randy forbnBiness. Tbe
United States flag floats proudly over
TbabkaaiTlas: D7 ObMirvod-ASf ar
BROWNbTlLLS.TsNN.. November 25
All business houses wera rlowd here
today, and the s'.rests bad the appear
ance of Sunday. Services were be'd
at tbe Presbyterian Church, a large
congregation being present. Imme
diately after tbe bbtvImw Mr. A. E.
6 nsserand Miss Lou Scott were mar
tied in the church by Rev. T. Riy
Beaolaiilaaa the Bnatb f Arthar
-((itlsi Appropriately
Jackson. Miss. November 25. At
the adjourned meeting of the bar held
in honor of ex President Artlinr Hon.
Charles G. Hooker, from the com
mit ee. renortad a nreamhln and re.'O-
lu ions highly enlogiftio of the pri-
va'e, political and official life and
character of tbe lamented ex Presi
dent. The resolutions were noanl-
mously sdopted,and Col. W. L KoReut
w s appo nt' d to predi-nt them to
the Judge of tre Die tirtComt of the
ILi id ti ktfS. wi h the rque t thtt
thry be ip-eod upon the minuti s of
th comt es a perpe'ud memr riil,
a d tl at a copy of tht samp, signed
bytheJudi(fnidcoii: ters gned by tJie
Citrk of ihi Court, pr pi-r y engroiaed,
t'e tracsm tted io Chts er A. Arthur,
Jr., the eon of tSe lute ex-Pri-S'deut.
Tbis be ng Tnankeiviug Diy, all
Fe Je al and fcUts i flicks we e dined.
Services weie hld in St. Pe'er'e
Church by the Rv. F.t;er Dutt;
fi-. Andrew's Cuurch hy the Rjv.
William ' Sharn, wh) read
the servics and B shop Uogb Miller
Thompson preecnirg the sermon at
the Presbyterian Church, where the
Baptist, Method st and Piesbterait
congregations nuittd, tbe Rev. Mr.
Sproule conducting the services. Tne
attar, obannel, pulpit and font at St.
AodreT's Church were all tastily oi
nameniedwith tbe fruits of a plen
tf ous harvest fmm the farm and veget
able garden. These decorations were
odd, but handtome and appropra e.
Bit hop Thomps:n's discussion on the
duties of the people, the growth and
present grandeur aod morl power of
the country showing this to be a
chosen oeople of God and the great
possibilities of the future, was attrac
tive and captivating
QrftJMd Coll of Bftyal ! Beletl
Slater Mnaeas.
Isricub to thi ArriiL.
Littli Rock. Aei . November i!5.
Tbe Grand Cjuncil of Royal aod Se
lect master Masons met la regular an
nnal session, in this city tbis alternoon
with the largest attendance oi dele'
gates pr(snt yet recorded in the his
tory of Masonry in Arkansas. Bual
ness of interest to this branch of tbe
order was taken up, and the following
i Ulcers elected lor tbe coming year
ujmp. u. ii. JumDau, m. f. u m
Com p. D D Leach-, R. P. D. Q. M.
Comp. W. K. Ramsey, G. I M.
O .mp. W. H. H. CI ton. G. I
O. of W.; Comp. G. H. Meade. G. T,
Comp. J. A. Henry, G. R. ; Comp. Ed
S. Carelo. G. 0. of G.; Comp. J
Mitchell, G. C. : Comp J. A.Donnley,
U. l; uomp Kotert if. sale. U. M
Comp. J. M. Dacgetf, G. S.; Comp. Ed
Metcalf, G. 8. The meeting will proD
ao y adjourn tomorrow.
Farmera Hayiaa a Bd Time With
lorlr rupt-rnwnili,
looaiisroiDiaci or thi ArriAL.I
Toulon. Tinh.. November 24. Col.
A. 8. ULiham was buried yesterday at
tbe old Uldbam l-rm, three miles
from this place. His death was not
unexpected, as an eating cancer made
its appearance some time ago. UjJ
Oldham was well known in tbis sec
tion, where be lived a long time. At
one time he was one of the wealthier
men of this community. Of late year
he bad b en living with his nepbe
Edward R. Oldham, near Henning, in
Lauderdale county. He was noted for
his liberality and eympa hetic hear',
aod his death will tad den the hearts
of a wide circle of fiiends and ad'
mirers in Wett Tennessee.
Farmers are seeing a bad time in
getting out their co ton and gathering
tbe corn. .Not much work baa been
done in the past thiea weeks owing
to tbe rains. The ratn yesterday
was particularly hard, overflowing the
low lands an 1 beating out cotton in
tbe fields. The fall being extraordi
narilv floe there is not mncb cofon in
tbe fields. The yield of cotton has
been better than Io- several years in
this portion of Haywood ccuoty, and
more money has been in circulation
than for a long; si me. Consequent!
merchants have bad a boom, and
collected many o'd accounts and sold
more goods than lor several years.
D. M. Lanier, sr., who curries the
ma;l by this place, bas btea greatly
m seed fur two week'. He has the
job io pdnt Trinity Ccurch near here,
The colored people have painted their
cbnrcb (o .. Lute) near tbis pla-e, aud
will put brick pillars under it, and
rjlas'er a'so.
J. F. Covington, who formerly lived
at Dverafiurg, is now clerking in tbe
"tore i f D. V. Anne rar-n at tbis pUce,
He bas moved bis fain ly from th old
Packer p ace here, a d is occupying
Air. Anderson s residence.
D. ctiH. tax (oUctorr, etc . a-e rid
iog every day now coliuit'rg old bil a
and ba le tixes. it is Raid a gou
m ny poor p-opla bnve hal es cuujb
as $15 to py in brk taxes a one.
Conetiblu Sam Wilson end Jeff Bjr
are, colored, had a fight ia Woodviile
the oihtr day, IV o particuar harm
as done, outy a iw bruis s. It was
a question of vra''i'v.
The Hob. J. w. Putter Espresaes
Mia laaiii an Appeal,
To tb Editors of th Anrwal:
DTBbbBVBO, Iknh , November 24
Owing to my ixpec ation of beiogin
Memphis and seeing you in person, I
nave not written sooner. Fudm
will be pert aos disappointed In that
expectition, I now at tbis late hour
take tbis means of expreising my
gratitude ana tnsnis ior toe pes tion
taken by you upon tne subject oi our
late bolt in this district, and especially
in this, Dyer connty, f r this
was the botbed of it all. Yonr vi
per bas long been held in high esteem
ny toe reauiog portion oi our ciuzane,
and that opinion is even improved
npon by tbe bold stand taken in lbs
interest of Democracy in th s section
Althoogh the bolting candidates in
their speeches, and one of them in a
printed circn'ar, tried to alienate tbe
people from tbe appeal, such couosel
fell dead upon the ears of those who
were loyal and made but faint impres
sion upon the bolting faction. Our
people a e too firmly tied to the pre
cepts oi your sheet, and too accna
timed to look to it for advice, thus to
DS lea on. Again 1 tbaok von for
your interest in my behnlf espantlly.
arrlace af MIm Ada Overall to Mr.
. iwiavri A. uaraell.
looaaispoRDiiroi or TBI ArriiL. I
Nsab Covington. Tbhn.. November
23. At 7 o'clock on tbe evening of
tne 18:b, at the residenoe of tbs
bride's father. Mr. Robert A. Barnatt
aod Miss Ada Overall were nnited io
the bolv bonds of mat-imooy, tiis
RiV. N. H. McFsddan officiatina-. The
attendants were Mr. Smnl Mont
gomery and Mies Mollis Brlngle, Dr.
tl. Hannan and Mi(s Lillia Mc-
B ide, Mr J as. P. JBringle and Miss
Mo liemcande, Mr. W. A. Long aod
Mies Lncy Slaughter. Tbe bride is a
beautiful woman, and her beauty was
nevr greater than when she stood
leaning on the arm of him whrm she
loved with tbe depth of her sonl'e de
vo inn and r poke the vow tbat bound
her to Lim for life. The groom
is hlh tmed and gentle,
is one of our brightest and
most talented young busitesa men.
In Walnut, Mahogany and Antique Oak.
Oiiosite Court fiquare.
and we predict a bright future for
them and with tbem all tbe happi
ness their hearts have pictured. The
bride and her altsndaijU were dreesed
in pnre white and orange blossoms,
and everyone present Siid that they
never saw a more beautiful group of
young ladles. After tbe ceremony a
sumptuous supper i served to the
gues s. Miss Mollis Brlngle, first
bridesmaid, W'S tbe fartarats Aider
of the ling in the magnificent bride's
cake. The crowrl are nm-h indebtfd
to Mr. Samuei II. Montgomery, the
troem'e best man, for the way be en
tertained the crowd. A wedding in
No. 12 is not complete without his
preeence. The bride's presents were
too liUmerons to m'nt'on. Tbe pret
titst present was a lovely bonquet from
the bands of Mus Llllie McBride. A
fees, was given ihe bridal party next
day by the groom' mother.
A Forty Year Maabwlber af
. Aipcal Tla tnr Ulna.
To th Editoraoftha Appeal:
Pickwick, Tenm., November 24.
As I have b eo leadinz your piper
fir forty years, more or less, I think
I m entitled to a peneion. We have
no railroads in our couoty, bat the
old Tennessee river runs lengthwise
th'nuirh tbe county and we have eev
eral s e-mera on tbe river, ratrying
freight oheap both wys. There is no
discrimination onfieigit; such thing)
are never epoken ol .liera. Xhe nu
Louis boys are happy, is tbe whole
Tennesee river reg on are trading
with tdeir town. Ail are happy ex
cept a f?w dtfeaed cndidaies. I
overheard one singing the following
the other dy:
"The bit le aaeVa the hloiaom,
Xhe ll lle bee makea the beaej i
The nister nakee the co'ton,
And the Democr .U set the noiej."
sew 7oiu.
Tbama Hlrvane Tn rl Unlived bjr
- irakriacodjclat'lub.
. iBrSCIAt, TO TBI ArrlAL.1
Na Yobs:. November 25. The
Secretary of the tan Francisco B cycle
Clnb writes ii the editor of Outing
that bit club has appiinted a com
mittee to receive Tnomas Btevehe on
his arrival from Yokohama, which
o mmlttee ts metrnc a to see tnat nis
vit-it is madi geneial'y pleasant. (Jut-
ing Is cUenng a wnuieseroi oonna
Volumes as a prise to any one guess
ing the date of Etevens' arrival in
Xukahoma. tiers is a cnance io pica
up some books without mnch tronble.
At Newport New tu Take All C'ol.
ton That 4'omra
It having been reported on the Cot
ton hiehingn on yei-terdy that a
teleg am bad been received by an ex
porter that the Newport Newt and
Mississiopi Vl!ey milroad had large
a'moauta oi export cottm at Newport
News ix. used and in baa condition,
ant that they would not hnve a
eteamer sailing Wlrs the 10. h of
D c-iubor, Mr. W. B. Mil itoeh, sgont
i f the Kai aha Die; a chlesr- plied
U n. VV. J. Wicklt ia, vice president
of the company, th.it the rumors were
ifl'iif. la reply, the i.illowing tele
gram ws rece.V' d jesteiday:
RirHMdwn, Va.. NoTeinber 25, 1SS0.
W. R. Vclutorh, agent Kanawha Dliiatch,
D snatch recflved. We l ave oday
8000 bales of cotton at Newport N ws,
all u ider cover and I illy protected.
We bave one s'eataer row lying at the
wharves, and txvel to clear tw mcra
bdtwenn this and . tbe 10th of Decem
ber. I bave mora apprehension of
M ore of Compress company to for
ward prompt'y enoagb, than by any
falnre of arrival of stfamers.
W. 0. WICKHAM, Second Viot Prealdent.
TQen. Wickbam need not be afraid.
The Mempbia Compresi Company will
meet al1 the demands ol tn steamship
line. Eos. Apr a ax.
Am Ena-laM CollUea Wltk a Stalloal
Jansir City. N. J.. November 26.
The rear car of paseenger train tbat left
the Erie Railroad depot at 2:15 o'c ock
this af ernoon for Patterson jumped
the track at the west end of the tun
nel, and before the engine could he
reversed ii collided with the signal sta
tion. There wera twenty-iix passen
gers in the car and tbey were thrown
violently forward from their seats,
many of them being seriously Injured
ny cuts received from me nrosen giaas.
Bartholdi Souvenir
Official! y 'copy lga lea.
, ,
WI have manufacture! tail lot offer for
ale th on If nd eorretaoTealr of
the T a VE or f.l HCHi I, thoalne the
Bronklra Bridn, 1idloe'a IilasS, the Bet
ter and the Naa York Harbor la the !!
teaaei alao, a eorraet MeMaulllaa portrait
ana auwrrapn or tbe eeienreiea I'lni. .
aaaritaxKII. Tail beautiful Haavcalr
Bimknaik la acrkad ob choice colored
Matla, ahowlnr all the deialli rerr elearlr.
Tbe reveraa aldehann' n aarlclaal form
and a fa eadar for l7, thea belns a aaefnl
aa wall at oraamentel aoavenir for lhajear.
Will alio look hauf.oceaJ Haahrrella
for tbe cooler uble. A batllal ana
laatini piewal Prina cnlr 14 tlaaia. Two.
for 'Hi ecBta. (To eaenta, 11.00 per doieo).
Iroe br mail. PoiUire aiampa taken.
LIBERi r JtlM C U CO.,
150 Raman M.t New York.
Physician, Surgeon and Acconcher,
313 Main HtrU Aieitr Union;
Xetepboaa HO..BB
Sells Some Great Bargains
Just One-Half! Their Value!
Tbet hrleeataad Lararaat Re lea
I la a ia tae I'll jr.
By Paraaaalaar YaarClaak, Wrap
r Jacket at ; ..
Claeuejaw, PelatT 4k atejial'rlas;, '
No. IT W. Ooeat Sram.
Oeora;r SSI. Nlohol.
Most Elegant Selection
And American Production of '
wOur aeiecllon,' eoiuprlseai
Elegant Stjlea (of I h Latent)
and BEST Haker, FrelgT
and Dme(le.
gtaTOur Uoods are'Iui ported
DIIiECT, through OCR Coax
toas House. ? '
rarvara weaaa Haaorad AhTt.ia rrea
mlaatea to 1 boar, with bee1 oea-
pletn. or, no ehara. No 7u tint raqairedi
DO liull.flni
ia medioiaae.
e b child ft adnlt, Call or lend lorelr-
ouiara. vtt. M, nat oaiij m, oi-iaii'i,
pprinfueu, pa, ,
Ke9IOUL eft MA HNS,,
PcftJ4f4 Plaiio.malaflri
r, r,-''I'aaara;,f, , -aatl
RBalrfra) af JPlaaaa, Orarana,
And Mnaleal InitromenU Generally. ,
S07 MA ISJ aT MUMP lit ft.
'--l-J UJ !B 1 J'JLf
PfaVHlrlftn and rHycholoRlst, ,
DR. V A NOB baa perfeetad blaaell in ri
oholoir, and It prepared to treat dii
eaeaa ol nerrnaa orlln bj entliely sew
Biethoda. Ilia therapemina la adilrod prln.
e pallr tn tbe blaher brain oenUra ot eptrlt
oalaotirltr, wboee inOuenoe on lower lane
tiona, nervnna and bodllr, la paramount. Aa
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will meet hli a.oit aaniaine eiptetatloni.
Ofllc873 1-9 JTIaln Mtreet.
Woolens, Silts
1 1
Latest Tapestry, Plus'i.and.Volours.Colorlnas.
lotal New Dusiuess tirealer than the total new buniuom ot Alt
Other Compiinles now represented in Memphis Combined.
Increase in Surplus more than twice the total Increase ot
surplus of ail other Companies now represented in Menipui.
Boom No, 1. Cotton Exchange UiiiMlng. TleinpfriXTTiMiriasTOe '
AT COST, FOR T1I1KTY DAYS, to make room Tar Nrlna;
Stock. One lut Open JKugRie. anllable for country aw.
OVU OWN Jl4XI!l'At1l Hi:, nud fully gtmritatee.
liilly Catrriag'e Co.
325 Second Street. Mcmplil Tein.
To Planters Merchants & (Jinuers
Tbs aemea la approacblns when Ootlon beoomee Duitf, Damp and HeT. Bribe ue ol
Your ian nla la luiivOTed and Value of Ootton Inerenaed. Maohinai for (ale br
10 lo 171 Adnma Nireet, BIeinalila, Tenn.
fl Cnr-loada Nteel NallH,
S Cnr-loadn NnnfTand Noda,
1 t'ur-loHrt Larif.ll'KuHi and sJauHnge.
a C?atloala American Nardlnea.
1 'alal Mew llalNlni,
1 ailoal IVew Nalinon,
1 fDuf-load 4'HlirornlA Canned Fruit,
10 Oar-load Tonaatoe" I'enelaeit, Corn, Utc,
1 Car-load Alinore'a illlnco Meat,
Car-load Jew York
'iuloaln Plgnreet, Kraut and Harrel lMekleja..
Car-londa NlUer Itloou Cream Cheeaae,
;aloada Virginia I'eanuta,
Car-load Fire Crackera and Fireworks,
Car-load Nut a mid Currant,
Cttr-loao) w tue llnnanaa.
Car-loada lied lien lavia Apnleat,
CnMoadft l'reli Fancy Oiindlra,
1 Car-load Oatmeal, Craeked tV lie rat, V.ttt..
And a eonitIele anoorlinent
lor tue apeeiai iimo oi s omiiry inercnania.
ivsTfeeud for a Fi-iee-l.liel.-yida
- ft n iwawawaal .
Oliver, Pinnie cfij
" .... 1 ... .
J I ;
'ry Goods, Notions, llos!:ry
. ''i 1 AMD
" Em. S3S tuad 328 Mala St. MemphlaTmm
i . . .i j
srraMfar or rai,i. aaa wihtsb om ra Laaaia asra Mrf i
h'"rttT1." A" a.BR '. ed ear prieea will teaapara wtU taeea af aay fcaj Je
aa BbakaHeaStataa, Wear afeata (er
Muifaotarlag Co.1 Plaids, Drills, ghset&J, (Olrtfaf;, CJ
CsMh Advaueea to Mercliauta and Planter.
.'And Commission JlerchaiitT,
gtw CA and SO SXadlcoxt l3treAtvJenc &tt
Maarrva ronHr.ariAi.- col
t.Baa.8ia 8lith Ht., Waahlnrton, D.
0. ProriiK praotieallr aneful baetnomeda
nation. No tariba nor raoaliona. Mudenta
enter at anftla.. for nil Lll eoholarahlp,
ltd. Twtlre weokf Ooaraa, Hoard, eto., 7d.
Sand lor alrtrnlaf;
A. D. AH5ISTIIOXQ, ?IaniiSer.
lluekwueat.' .
of Ntaple and Fancy lirotwarimt
ia' awa "n i
GRADVATB al the Watohmakera' Aoa.
urol Hitaeriand.
Practical t)aichmakr nuel Jeweler..
aar Fin Work a Bpcilt."a
Ha. im llxalo Hlrr-, N.nipMa, Tm
aaaaaaaneaaaaa. timtmrmmmmmmm

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