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1UPHI4 M AS! Ml n".
The New Ori.aus Pimyuiif, pro
nk.d bv one of thcsJ comparisons
that is geiH-n.ll.V nputal
to bo
.,! in akii.d.y n-ir:t some
traits of
the business aupiict atd prospects of
tliif city. It i H for t0 know
how oar position Bi:d pwprcts n
j,tM from the standpoint of a not un
friendly observer oula'cle of it, audihe
remaiksof Iho Picayune an therefore
deserving tf consideration. The pith of
tbosa remarks is prec sely wbat the A r
rAL, and many ol our moet ir-.tt)lligsnt
ciiiaens, have often pointed out.wLich
is, that to insure enduring prceperi'y
Memphis most establish, attract and
sneonraee manufactures within and
around itself. Our contemporary
points oot that the mere business of
receiving fand distributing merchan
dise is subject to the fluctuations that
pni'd up or desert a given rout nr e.ty,
and that it does net secure that propor
tion o! popu'ntion that comes with
manure' urei. To receive and handle
-ot.ton does not give the arautiLt
" o! " employmoa; th;t sp'nnirg
and wearing it do. "A few men
ran sol) and deliver a ton of inn, but
tna conversion of it into the various
itirleu of daily use rosy givo employ
ment to wauy hundreds. Wl en Mem
phis can point to the eky darkened by
the smoke of her numerous furnaies
' and fsctories, then let press, Jmlly
proud of iheir city, will laveiouiething
o.' which they can worthily beast."
There iscerlaiuly matter here meriting
consideration, and what progress
Memph's has made in manurajtims
certainly indicates how successful
they would prove if increased. With
Its extended and exterdirg communl
rttiopg, and the varied ua'.ural re
sonicea with in Its reach, Memphis ran
become a enecoetful manufacturing
Knssla's perGJious policy toward
Bulgaria id, si fr, an IgEomluloas
failure. Its main ell'ort has boen to
provoke the people of Bulgaria into
disorder. Well supplied with howl
tog mobs and window smashirg
rioters, Rnssia would have had the
pretense she panted for to occupy the
ronntry with bor foices. The Bul
garians were intelligent enrtugh to
understand the situation, were patriots
enough to bear the provocation and
to suppress the deaire to meet Insult
1 and wrong by violent rcsjstance. To
boar without outward attempU at re
venge the kidnapping of their well
ioved sovereign; to preserve the peace
when their country was sutjecled
to the arrogance, the insulting
threats, and the upeu bribing
of the creature, Kutbars, required
an ' effort of toll repression
few are capable ot. But the Bul
garians ere patriots. They listened
not to the voire of their own indigna
tion, bat complied with the needs of
the conntry and stcod dim, and
staunch, and true to thecauss of their
country's independence. There are
glimrsisof heps that their wine and
, patriotic- conduct mpy rot go nnre
wurdid. The. Russian p .licy is biillln',
and the Eurnpiart power', with the
diccrnditable exreption f France, aro
showing s'gDs that tbey, not Ruvid,
will take the main (hare in settling
PnlnAria's future.
TION. The Appeal's remark a few dajs
ago, fiat the income of the Plate of
Tennessee should be ample to meet
Its expenses, and tint overdrawing ac
counts and boirowing temporary
, loans ta enable the Executive of the
State to discharge occurring obliga
tions fa discreditable to the Slate,
- have excited commant from several
Tennssiee journa's, and the sentiment
they exnresi is heartily in favor of
those expressed by. the AreKAL. II
there is a quillly in the human dis
position more - despised and turned
from in disgust in the South than an
tMhen,: It, is "meanneis." lie is a
- mean man who does not adequately
provide for his own family, and be Is
, mean legislator who will not vote
lor in amplis provision for the needs
of his own Btats. What the Nashville
Banner calls "the Cheap John Idea ot
taxation," Is not cheapnrss, A tin
watch crsts lesstbsn one n ade of brass,
tmt it is not cheaper. , It ccsU , roes
money ti go wllhcut an overcoat In
the wintei 'scold than to buy one, but
1 Is not economical. Low ealarlts for
im-onipotebt , judges and doubtfully
honest P atocITicials is waste, not sav
ing mooey, iDSduquateprovls'onsfor
' pahlle schiolf, t t hotpitals and
I risen?, is a squacdeiing of the public
money, for tbe objects the money tbat
ffl s spent are appropiiatsd for are tot
attained. Cheap gavornment, cheap
improvements ard cheap substitutes
u for wbat is sound and lasting and effi
cient are tbe most expensive things
human folly can throw away its money
epos. Well aayi tbs fanner; "The
, Htte ihoald have euongh revenue to
make that revenue thoroughly effective
v for the purpor os requirod. When we
' fallehortcf that 'mi we are wasting
. money. Tco smtHatax may be and
willbjIn thelorgriBtjihe niost bur
densome ol taxes." "Every Intel Igwnt
man recogni.s this? farts iu conduct
ing bis own - bnsineea, and lrgls
. lalorj ought to act npen ,tfiim
. when voting the S.ato revenue. If
there is exirav.'ganie anywbeie.
co t il it, but whrucapnnres ersneo
essary, piovi lo errp1' for tiiem. It
' will not do, when our Bit Legisla
ture a SMii biis, "toatiike t in povrty
attl cdtj"iud dichre that the fcUto
ciKint tdrqur,!( -ij p?y f,,r wl at i' ri
qu rs. Vp'iTiiJm m gr. ion isi'eaired,
or a jnMicd si 1 y 0. il e toi d.ilon of
tbe .'Slat Is tab bi e wi he..r ot.ly 1 1
the 8tste's pro perity, the richness f
Its resources and lie growing weulth
of its people. A'tr this, mao legis
lation cacnot be defended by the cry 4
of "Tecrse-sf 0 car not a (3 ird i;." Ten
nessee leg's' atrs mattvte money
enough to sustain tie d'goily and
gool name at the Htite. It will never
do o 1 ave onr eis er 8 cthorn Slate
f peak of "ba'rg ' fi mean as Tctrnss.-c."
IIIK StFBOKI Al Tilt: tue
ATlK. For some years tfter the war the
social Hiatus of the negio was a theme
of cotiHtant discuesion. It became
mixed up with politicr, at d the Irnng
inationeof both races were Inflamed
by partiwm dertagogues. Underlying
the question the philosophical truth
remained that social intercourse was
one thing aud equality before the law
quite a different thing, and that society
was and ever would be a iaw unto
itself. It was plain then tothestu
dent of social questions ss it is now to
every one, that laws attempting t en
force social equality could never be
executed, that they would do harm to
bath races and incalculable harm to the
peace ol tociety. It is now unlver
sally tdmltttd that fhe IrjtorminaliDg
ol the tTiO rstes is conttary to the in
sliucts of butii. Tlie educatfid and
bettr-r Informed port'on f f the negro
race at ibis duy are oj -pottd to ail at
tempta at euforce 1 axial inttrcourse.-
This urows out 01 the fact tbat tfce
social scsle amopg thrn has great
lv charged. Among our negro
population the distance from the low
est to the hkh s' round of the social
ladder is as great as it is with the
white ruce. It extent's from the de
praved and vliijas probtilu'e to col
ored men of education and moral
t ainiug, surrounded with all thacim.
furts of life. We have colortd citi
zens who have accumulated property,
who are educating their children in the
best schools accessible to them, and
whose families enjoy tbecomforts and
some of them the luxuries of life.
These people ask no social recognition
from their whlto neighbors, and least
of all do they deslie to be p'sced In
social contact with the vicicus ele
ments of the white rce. The atten
tion cf the Apmal has been called to
the fnct that the Memphis Theater,
which here ofire has been la this re
spect and In ail others exollenMy
managed, Is doing injustice to the
better clrss of our colored citizens
who dn'u to avail th inselvis of the
oppoitunity of attending theatrical
entertainment!). ' Let year there
waa a mace set apart in the
family ' circle for reepei table col
ored people, and this wna just
as much treasured by them es the
dress circle is Iressured by the whl'e
people. There they felt secure from
the vicious of both clsse es, and were
entirely content with their own so
cley. This privilege is now denied
them, and alt colored people are re
quired to go into the gallery ,"gocd, bad
and iud ffrrent " XL is necessarily ex
eludes tho respectable element. While
the Appbal on the one hand will, as
it always has done, oppose the inter
mingling cf ihtjiaces, it will on the
other do wbat It ran t advance or d
elevate tbe social in'tnctot the cl
oreil rtoonlo'. In Ht Louis. Liuinvil e
and Now Orleans respectable c ihrtd
poople an' provli'od in the theatms
lib unfile 1 at epaoe iu tbe
family ci'cie. 'lbs was the
cteo in Mmnphis until tbe preeei.t
serson, and we at thi.t in simple jin
lice tho d ivik-uo be reitued. Mr.
G ay shon d give it bis immediate at
' Man I murine Btaeea.
8ak Fbanooo, Cau, Nov. 25 The
extra dey's tacu g of th Blood Home
Asocitioo at Onular.d Prk bmngbt
r utaloir attemt nee. Weather fine;
trai k fast.
Mrt Race. Five-eighths of a mi'e.
Won bv Hurtle bv a length: Minnie
R second. Atchison tbiid. Time
&conf Race. Three-quartera ol a
mile. Robson led all toe way and
won easily; Leap Year second Gardner
third. Time 1:10.
Third iJaor. Haate, one m le and
one sixteenth. It was a eplendid race
and stubbornly oonteeied. Miss
Courtney won the Brat heat, Argo sec
ond beat, Kinuette third and f jurth
bests. Bt time-l:43f.
burfA Race rSeven-eigbtha of a
mile. Bortie R. won easily; Nelson
second, C eveland third. Time 1 :27.
. Jlaa CnMrnlaaia A gmtm.
Kansas City, Ma , November L'5.
Tbe Journal' $ Moherly, Mo, spe
cial says: The Headlight received
today a characteristic lettr from tbe
alleged Jim Cumraingp, the notorious
express robher. The persooal de
scription and tho handwriting corre
spond with tbat of a man who
swindled eeveial pars ins during the
fair hero list autumn. Ths letter la
dated Omaha and was mailed at Coun
cil Bluff. "Oumminge" says he is
having a good time and still bas the
most of too sio'en expre'a money.
Flno Jewelry at MnlfursTa.
Bwratd to Dta.lt! la ft Vr.
Chicago. Iil. November 25. A
soeoial to ths 7m rom MouDt Car
lo 1. III., says: When the 8: 15 o'clock
lreiiilit train from the east, on the
Chicago, Milwaukee and Bt. Paul rail
road, reached the d pot at this p'ace
last night smoks was seen iiaulng
from a freight car occupied by M. V.
Beavey, of Wtst Librrtyvllle, who
was tn route with bia stock and
household goods for Wright county,
la. The door of ths car waa opened
and the interior wis di-covered to be
on fire. Mr. 8eeey waa on hit knees
by tbo door and waa taken out as
quickly as possible, but died in a few
minutes, lie bad not been bnrned,
hnt waa a'ow v suffocating In bis mov
ing prison. ' Toe 6 re probably caught
from Ins lactam.
KrMlai Brok.a Dead.
Naw Yobx, November 25. Erastus
Brook died at 8 o'clock this moruing
at bis home on Kiatm is ana. me
funeral of Mr. B ooks will take place
Batunlar aft mom f om the frotest
aut Kp'M op il Cb"rcri ol the Ahci-d
sion Ll West Nw BiiubtoD, 8:aten 1 I
nd. T110 iuturnient W.ll bs at tbe
Moravian Cin.iery at New Djrp
1 here will be rot all bcare's and no
floVis. At tlien q ieU ot thov tsiau
li'or thero wil b.i no uuuccdotaiy
di play.
luitiu KiuK ul Mlilfoitrc.
rotoir.se Flat to Re Institntf d To
day (iiinpt roller Trea
holm's R'purt.
Washington. Novembtr 2". The
Atforni v (i. nerfl tomorro will ii
et'to'e a suit in thf Snpremn ("onrt of
itiH JJijirict ot UtiiiimtiM tset'ie tne
ti le to the I'otomao Halt, end eepo-
cially that po't'ou of them m Inch has
been kr own for years sttieK aweii
meadows. The lists -of d fendauts is
very lonir, nnmbtring fortv-ninw, iis-
tiibuted over a wide area of territory.
The bill to be filed deals 01 ly ith the
Kldweil cla m, and it is cbarjed that
tbs patent la null and void for several
reasons, the mrst imp-Tram Doirg
tbat it waa obtained through frau J
at d collusion betneeo John Wison,
Kidwelt's attorney, and his brother,
Joseph 8 Wilson, who was Com mis
ti mer of tbe tan J Office in 18 9 when
tbe patent wai issued. T"e 0 her de
fendants are heirs of Chief Justice
Marshall. wh-. a', tbe time of his
dea h, claimed to have vested in him
the title to the fotomac river, us
island, water, fl h and every h'M elae
prrtiinlng to it as grantee 01 jjnny
Mar in Fairfax, dev see of Lord Fair
fax, who r-ecame iht owner cf bat Is
called "The grant from the B itmh
rrnvro of 170O ti tie northern neck
of Virginia, eompcsitg all the land
between tbe K DPatiauriorK ana ius
Fi.toaiac livers." Ibe government
will throw tbe burden cf prool upoo
tin ss a id otist r claimant', c impelling
ttifiii to. co mi into comt and
show on what gronnds they
base their claims. The amount of
land Involved is forty-Feven acies.
Reported Attempt to bill Ibe Fieil-
WAsniNOTOM. N.,vember 25 A re
port reached Washing on from the
West tiulght that an atttmpttad
boen made to kill the res dent t )
day, but np 1 1 11 o'clock all was qa et
at the While Hou.e ana inenrntia-
toirgrice of ths attempt npon the
ITiBiaeut s me was conveyed t tie re in
the report fiom the we-t.
Tbe t'mplrollr of I nrreuej'a An-
anna Hrperi.
WasHiNOTON, NovemHfer 25. The
annual renoit of lion. Wm. L Tren
holm. iJooontroller 01 the uurronov,
contains suggestions f r the amen i-
rjuent o! tbe national bauK laws in
about a d zen instRncs, inclndiog
the contingent liability 01 tnareno.a
ir, requlremer.ta as to reserve the
limit oa loaos to individualn, more
thoronzh examination of banks and
their protection against uneqoal State
t xation. 1 he e p c nc cliarac er 01 mess
suygettions is withheld for the pres
ent. Three thousand five hundred
aud eighty national banks have or
ganlzed, in all, of which, 2858 are now
in operation; of these, 171 have been
organised during the paat year, with a
ramtai l iji.uuuuim; circuia ion,
f2,U0t,OT0. Teuiy f ur banks went
ii to voluntary liquidation during tr.e
vear. one ceased" to ex st by expira
tion of charter, and eight failid. ttince
the beginning of the system in lt).i,
oniviij national baoks nave uiieu
Of thess. thirty-fix have paid the'r
creditors in full, and twenty-eight
have paid in'erest beside", fifteen in
fall and five io part. Uver 00 per
rent of all national bauks stock is held
hvie idei.ta of tbe Htatein which th
hank is located: more than 91 per
c-nt. is held by natural peraons,' and
over 06 per ce.ut.of the.numberol share
holders are natural persons, ine miai
nnmbar of shareauklora is 223 0: 0,
the to'al cnaibur of ehaiea is over
7,000 000. Toe tff.ct of the r.duclioo
ol tne oublic debt and the high 1 re
mi urn on bonda upon tbo vo umn of
nation I hai k clrpulation la v-ry luny
illustiatiu in tbe reporr. mecin
tractiou in national bank c'ri'iiixtinn
during tbe J ear xceda $")H,000.00n
Biu-ids tho usual tables showing this
condition of national backs at va i ins
datea, iherivort this par cor tarns an
abstract wnioli special tach item cf
their resources and liibili ies. The
bankB in the Bjveral St tes, reservs
cities aud tTiitorits, have their con
diiionttated sipsrately. A arcfld'a.
gram exhibtiig 'he main features of
the natoi,al bauklng s sti-m and ibeir
Vtiria' ions during the pas, twentv-oae
vears accomoaDit s the r port. From
ibis it appeara that the sggn-gsted de
posits in tr.e banks have increased
from $522,000,COO in January, 18(36, to
$1,173,000,000 in Ooiober, 18S6,
while loans and dieoounta lave
risen f om 500,000,000 to $1,443,000,-
000. The specie held by the national
buiks in 18t6 was $10X00.100; in
Ootobsr, 1875, It was only tH.OOrt 000,
while in Ja y, KHHd, it woe i7,uciu uuu
and is now jibo.uuu.uuu. Mr. iren
holm declloes to say whutber his re
noit contains any scec ile recommend
ations in regard to the modification
of ths law making United States
bonds tbe basis of ths national bauk
cum nry, but it Is nndeistood at tbe
department that he bas presented a
strong array of facta and figures show
Inn how valnablo tbe svstem has be
come to the entire conntry snd how
mnortant It is that it should be made
adaptable to the needs 01 communi
ties in ths West and 8jutn, whore
va t natural resources await develop
ment by the aid ot outside capital.
Third Aaal'tant Paalmaater
rai-a nevan.
Washinqton, November 25. Third
Assistant PoatmaBter General Hat r,
In bis annutl report to the Postm a sr
General, refers t the encouraging
out'ook for the current year and says
that there is snarely a 'oubt ihUit
will real is astill srea'er improvement
in the postal revenue. The labor
troubles were ss tied ear y in tbe
year; fs'rdeg'ee of properity has at
tended the basinets of tbe country
daring tbe past few months and all
the indlcationa at ths pretent time
look to its continuance, if not to a still
further improvement. rseed 01 ins
sources ot the postal revenue have
been ic juriously affected by changes
hiring tbe present year. The reduc
tion in ths rata of post a is of second
claes matter and the increase ot tne
unit of weight of first class matter
hava been in effect since July 1. 1885.
and accordingly tbs leveiiue will not
anflVr from tiaess sonrcrS in ths com
parifonof tbs preseatwltu tbe past
flical year.
Tbs report says tbat additional rev
enues may be expected from tbe ex
tension of tbe special dlivory system.
the admission of liquid as mail mat
ter and tbe imporaot reduc-toa in
the price of atimoed envelopes under
rontrac s recently entered into. Fur
th neit fiscal vear.ending June 30 b
1888, the istiiuit s d fl lai cy of rav-
euue to be snopl en out of tbe gtn ral
treasnry as $4 7itt,66J, wbich is on'y
JS.'4.011 mora trail ths auiouut
cbaraed to the t ea'ry in the year
, drd June 30th. 18S4. and $J,lr,Hl'2
less thui the year ended June 30. h,
IH81. The eaiima ed ami unti charge
eblrt ti toe geuurnl Ire Biry for t' e
i-urrc r.t . nd tha iiex, fiscal yea 8 will
probably be treaty fductd, l.o'h by
an 11 crease ot v," estimated D,Mat
revenue aid by a lre48'f the s
tin at d expKiidi urci. Fom lhn
t' (1 ncies mowu it is evident tV a',
Hi a prosperous cJiii, n in tl e
huiiners o' tha r u t y to fi'nrsbly
ii.floercs the rcv nue. en.l with a
en' nupd exerc s ot care in r an a
il a t'io ixpajidi'ii.H", trie ro tr.l erv-
he w.ll egain, a' in diaUi t d , be
c.jdj'3 as if anopo'tii a IMS' i lit on.
Thft Prrklilrnt i i-med n Qnlrt lr.
Wabiiisoms. K member 25 Pas'-
dett Clevtla-iJ -pent th'i i'bj vrj
qu et y tt t'leV.'nite II use, enter-
tvnu gnooce. r-everalel tr.elarin t
ciliutrs cn'er'aliot a few personal
frioud', but there wasnnfo'mal din
ing. K io. enow aud slush chara
teiized the weitlit-'.
By DlrTaNloft a aril Ureiiter Tbaa
lhat toy urboalsalloa.
Fokt fcon. Kas , November S5.
Tbe experiment c inducted bere by
the Department of Agriculture on
Louisiana rane closed today with tbe
yield of aecoad sugars, the second
boiling g'ving t ine p unds t rugar tn
a ton ul cane. Tlia fiista were 134.4
pounds to a ton uf cane; ths secoud
addtd to the tint give 143.4 pounds
tier ton. E 'timutina sugar f om tt.ird
builing now iu progieas, ont-belf cf
seconds as per utual baia, ard the
total yield e f the timt mucf Louitiana
cblo waa 145.9 p undsper t ni f cane.
Ihefiriit run of Louisiana cane gave
01 Biderab y lee, 'ibis is a great dis
appointment tn t'ia a lvocatcB ot car
bon -a ion and Mia far b-'ow the es
timate of Cuie.f Ciiemut Wiley, beed
uncn his rnn 01 attw. lh's is ac
counted for by liie Lei tltl the Crd
boiiag waa n univ 10 urau). but 10
ttringproo', tbu' r dicallv giving tbe
whole tuar cr. p in tbe tl'ht Doiitog.
Thla exp'-rimem bu'. coi. firms tho re
mit tf the ex e Intent nvh scrghum
can:. name y, tiit uinjrioa extracts
r.dically al ths BUgar ar.d is a
euc.ts', while ra bonation as a method
of treatir a tbe uco u a isuura. Ana
th s again is 0 .iv a conurmstion 01
ike experimetits on tropcat cane
mads in d fii-reut parts of tbe world
extending over a period of teveral
yea's. Tnesnccissoi a mi-ion is a
r eat point ginel f or sorghum, as tbe
cruihing metroil givta a restively
argar yield irom the nimi r ttjlk 01
the troDical cane than f 10m the spongy
eorvhaai cans itlks. Experiments
that are being co ducted by the rrlc
inson 8ugar Company give tbe meat
encouraging rami s ia tbe matter of
eugar refining. By reboi ing ai d
graining the tu'ar in the vacuum pan
a beautiful fulgar is b.iog produced,
gieatlyto the eixoaragemeut of the
sorghum indutry, which tbe govern
nieut expeiiments were uea'gnea 10
promote, bu: wbich were conducted
as il to dc-monsfats apd promote the
beet sugar iuterests. Uarbouat.on as
sdi lied to both tropical and sorghum
caae gives no more sugar and that of
a poorer quality tban the old
process, while the molases, a
vaimble produ t frr m both, ia wholly
destroyed by the former. Kepresent
atives bere f cm tbe Southern cne
interests are anxious icqrirlng
whether the fiat policy of diffusion
iuice by carboDation will bo pursued
tiy rue Agrictu u'ai iparim-nii iu
the sugar experiments about to be un
dertaken by it in Louisiana. Chief
Chemist Wiley con-trues the law
makii g tbe appropriation as requiring
the pursuit ol thiB seemingly insane
policy, metier things are cxpecrea 01
(J. mau-Bionei ( 0 man. who. it is bS'
lieved, will require t'.e adoption of a
more rational Vrtem and ine aoan
douiierit of exploded theories and
expensive bot'b es.
Fine Watch K. pnlriiig, wnlford'a.
Matdrred n Aeeouat of Ellaa.
Jicsky iTV. N. J.. November 25
P.it'ick Ilyiiea. a wll known p li
liiinn and liqi ir dealer of this city,
was shut and billed this alternoon in
his saloon, c inor iiondereon ar.d
E ihih a'ruet, hv .fam -s Cavebaith.a i
oilpedd er. JJaydn was standing at
tho bit when (J-ven gh entered the
roim with a r. volv.r in bia baud
lfivd.n at orn wniit to him, waen
CavenBgh exel imei : "Now I ve got
vou and inter ii to kill jou.'at trie
taoie t me fi'irg. Attrnagle ensued,
ihi-u tins in t e disarming ot uav-
enagh by byaundeis He then left
tbe taloon and surrender, d himself to
iha nolice. Tne ball entered 11 ay-
deii's tide slU he died four bouia
later. Tne causs of the shoot n is oot
d. finitely ki.ow 1, but some say that ii
was dne lo Hayiien's alleged intimacy
with Caveuagb'a daughter, aged about
30 yeaia.
nolldsy rr'BnlJi, Mnlford's.
A Hla- Addllloa lo tha HalgbU or
Pittsbubo, Pa , November 25. At a
met ting of tha FttUburg braochof tbe
Miners' Aesociailoa at Baokville, fa.,
last night, President Oottello, Vice
President Gallngber, Treaeu'er Taylor
and Trustees Htrobie, Alison and
niinra. tendered their resignations in
order that they might join ths &.nignis
of Labor. This ac ion may result in
adding 3000 members to tbe latter or
n , , t
...i..fiii hut mm imnt mamhOTiof
R. It. '1 1 r .- . 71 VsV-Vi.
tha Miners' Association s ate that the
oldoigw-MtiOB wiUcontiout
ence. and that Mate Pretident Harrla
will be In tbo city in a few days to
reorganiss theatsreia'ion and elect
new officers, ins retiring omcers wii
ail as orgau..-. ur iu n.u.gu.. "
Monog;rani Hanajlea, Mulfortl.
MofTRsau N'jvember 25. The
Dominion Oil Company's works were
bnrned tonight. Lou u,uw; in
Miras. Ga.. November 25. Jacob
Mm. of Cocbran. bas assigned, with
liabilities between $40,000 and $50,
COO. and assets aboat the , same
1 Biavaivnf- . wuf.wimi
The championship football game, bs-
PaiacsTOKt- N. J November 25,
tween Yale and rrmceton, woicn
came off btre today, was played in a
dTivInarain storm. It resulted in a
draw, neithsr Bide being able to score,
wow namcu rinu,
. ..1 n.V..iH u illnn
four miles north of here, was arc
dently shot and killed inia ansrnooa
by her son, aged sxteen. Another
ease of "didn't know It was loaded."
Naw Obliaks, La., November 25
a ansial to thn Hcauune savt tbat tbe
failure of E L Hudson A Co., one of
tha larfffst commercial firms at Bran
don, Mas , is repot d Noa'atement
ni ihir assets or liabilities hs b.en
ma le public
DaraniT-Mit ii.. November 25. Tbe
xl,nnnr OW.S O. it iS 6T. d, b(S
.inicn r n Lake Erie with a craw
nf i,in ren-otia. Si e cleared last
Katn.Hiv f om Firttnrt. Ohio, wbh a
org icf 600 'ons tf coal for Datroit.
Insured fjr $4"tK).
Mii'funl, Jeweler, 20 Main street,
solicits order .-mmi tne couutrj
ilic Minister of t!ie Interior-
France Thii.Us Tli.it I:uksU
th )u!d f.'ulu Buk'uria.
Heblim, Noven.b?r25. Ttje Rshih-
etaj; was orem d tod y byHeirvnn
Btet ictier, Minister of !be b terior,
v,ho read (be anteub bona the throne.
ir. which the Emperor says: The ob
ject ot the police ol the Empire,
wbicti eiioyj pia.cfal rcli sioue wi h
a 1 S ates, is to xert in favor of tbe
maintenance of God among all tfce
poaeis, iiUiieuce wh'ch accrues to
Gaimany f.om ber Jove if peaC'',
Irom the univcrfal confidence renosed
in tbs Empire owing to tde fact that
Germany is not concerned in pending
qus iots, snd from the Emperor's
tlcsi frirndship witu two neighboring
cours. ine tmperor s rpeeun an
nounces tht a in-s ure will be intro
duce! to raise tbe tfiec ive strength of
Hie ueimaa arm v. winch te eaisis
jua ifl d by ihe locteasinjt cf ths
armies ot neixUboilng S ales. . 'the
nwafiiire, re tats, is indidpeubab'e to
Germtn society. Tne rcsouicea re-
qu;red will bs raised by itceaalng
matricolatory contribii'i rs aod ep-
plying tt era to the pub l'-crtdir. Tuo
Emperor a'eo mei.t ors a meaaura to
exiend wo.kmen'a a c d nt Usuiauce.
Tun governmer.t abandors Uxiion
teform until ibe people more clearly
rerogu ze itsriecesii'y.
The text cf that part rf tbe Eoi
perur's Sjje.ch roliitiuK titlia s:v'en
a'e bill is as follows: "Bv tho law of
May 6, 1881, the pace tffrtive was
fixed until March SI, 1888. U ir mili
tary svstem therefore requires re
bowing on a local baai;. The
army is a guarf htep of lasting protec-
tioo and ol tne b e'smgs f t peac.
Al h'.ugh the to'icv cf the Empire is
always pacific, Geimany, in view ol
ibe development ol iheml'iu.ry
tebishnenta of ctuhboring Sta'ts.
cannot longer defer mciea&ibg tier do-
fe.'iS ve force, especia'iy the peace ei
fective. A bill, therefore, will bo Bub
mit'ed providing for a i iccreiss, to
take effect from the beg nning ot tho
new fiaancial year. The Empaior, in
Record wi'h tbe federal gover.imei t,
feels contJdect tbat th;e demand,
wh ch is indieoensabla to tho in'errS's
of national security, will be recognized
wiih fuil determination by tbe whole
German people and their rsp.e
The racific tone of tbes eeca hss
itrengther ed the Hoarse. Tuere were
Inron buviccs t.dav of Aattnan,
Ku:Ban and tiungarian fecuriues. 11
is txoacted tbat tbe septeiia'e bil
ween orefenua to cue wiuubidg, win
ba immediately referred to a commis
sion cf twentv one membors, thus
pos poning the critical dabato on the
m a-ute cntil January.
Tbeecptennata bill nrtfl the peace
tfWtive of the army until 1894 ft
408,409 men, not including the sirgle
year volunteers. The lniautry win
consist of 534 battalions, tbe cavalry
rf 465 squad ors, the fiold artillery of
361 ba ter its, tbe fort arti lery of 131
bat eries, the piontersct iiyDinanous
aud the military train Of 118 bat-
tilions. There will bo two divisional
and four infantry brigade stalls,
five regiments end fif een ba'til'ous
c f infantry and one bttaiion of
era. To the field artillery will bs add-
ed two sectional siaus; 10 ma 0117
corps tbrre battalion staffs and nine
companies, snd to tbe uanspo 11 corps
fourteen coinpenics. The permanent
expenditure of the army ia p ac-)d at
non recuninc expenditures et 24,000,-
000 mirks. The preamble ot
the b 11 lays ftr-ss upon the
dancers bffet ing Germany in the
lartra increaso of tbe. French
mm EuBbian forces, and s-ys tfce post
ponement of the ttrcng hcniaii ol the
Ge maa army miht te attended with
fatnl ics the. for winch reason it la im
perative th.t the met sure be not de
terred Until laas. ine Biioriei-11 g 01
the to be! ol uctive service is oe
c ared to be abs ilately impoesib'e be
cause Gaimany is obliged to matte
corioe. sa ion lor nunienciii cuncidn-
cy iu high trainir g. .
franca, InmU and Bulgaria,
Pari. November 25. M. Lem' lane
wr.tes to the Afafio that all the powers
ixceDt Euglaud recognise Kass a s
riuht to txrc ise preponderating ibflu-
ence in DUigaria, rrnp-, u" sojd,
. T I ! I.- U nM
cm chosen lo oro'eet Rnstiaoa in Bul
garia because he is the most neutral
power, tne rrencn vrovemuiom uun
not desire to repafr tie sentimental
rmiade of 1854 for England's advant
age. Frrnce t as never dons anything
but promote n,ng ana s tameru iuibi-
es'B. The Crimean war was not a
French war but a dynastic struggle.
M. Lemoione questions whether Hus
sit, In purauing her ends in the Black
sea, menaces France. Gogland.he
Bays, makes a mistake to speculate
upon French irolatlon. In tne pres
ent ron fused state of European sill-
1 ances. r raoce win u wvio.wu.
""""i""" . . ...... i. i
- ll, . Inkn m a.il.lAl,
She bai acquired me ntui w mimm
hueb,nqd h 8trength. and one
Say it will bs for ber to choose her
""7 " " . p...... 0Mtinn for
ha KSh
,g l u Ko ,isu papBrs rlgard M
..,., h Droaoect Of Bolgarla'8
becoming dependent npon Russia, bat
they consider it nstnral tbat Egrpt
should become dependent npon bug-
land. They think It wrong mat kus-
slan officers sboald command tne
Bulgarian army, while they believe it
i-ioht that Knelish officers should com
mand ths forces of Egypt, The JiwraaJ
Bays tbat the protect on of Russians in
Bulgaria nas ueen anirgoi iu mn-
maoy and tnat oniy iu nuuiuoua,
where there are no German consuls,
ill the Russians en) jy renca pro
tection. '
Bedaetlnaa Adopted.
Tien Nnvmhir25. fbeChsmber
- -. .
of Deputies adopted without incident
various rraunram irm.ix-
npon by the Government Committee.
It is stated that the Government will
ask for a vote of confidence on Bur-
k. IjTIsmUIav nf M sir In A sUlfl fchfl
A', v. wll, H.. ii t.a n-v,i
I AUUflt JU UlOtVi w w
VUtVUtvof tt (Sj " r
Bioos are reduced. Rime minister
Ds Freycinet bas postponed tne usual
dinlnmatio receDtion owing to tbe
Ministerial ens a.
' Belllaa landa to Teaaata.
LoNnoN.N ivember 25. The London
Oity companiea bve resolved lo sell
thoir lai.ds in tne norii ui
easy terms to the tenaeta. Tha
Saltsrs Uompany will trarei.sr ou.caru
acres at the .purchase price, 20,000.
nid.-r the t rans cf the Aetiboume
acts. Tho Fiahmongrs' Company
wl 1 t ansfor 20,510 acres at a yeaily
Tent'l if 95 0J0. They off-r to s-ll
rotke tbiianis a tsienty jesra' pur
chase on the gnvemaient vau.tioo,
the tenants it.yibg aunutlly 30 per
rect. under tbe present renlal. The jj
Drapers' Uompany cn-ra .o,vji
acres at a yearly rental of 12,o: 0 at
eighteen years' purchtse. Tbe tenants
accept tbe offers. Tbe transfer covers
nearly all the cauniy 01 ionuuu-.
Tbe TrannatlBUlle Mail.
Tinns. November 25. A move-
mnnt in oil foot tn bo d a nub ic meet-
iigof tbe mercan'ie commnni y in
Liverpool to dhccsithe tutject of tbe
tratsailaotio mails. In a letter touch
ing the resumption tf negotiations
with ths government by the White
H ar and Cunaid Lire', Mr. Burns, of
the Cn:iard hteamstup Company, ex
plaiBB thHt whiio his company de. ixed
to meet the wiatua cf the government
it. hBd a'80 to consider tho inturests of
the Bt. ckholdere. The 'lvaet conaidere
that tbe icrew was put upon Ibe t'n-
nard and V hi to btar Xnes by tbe
gove nuieat inveking the compeiition
cf foreign slip'. Theiefore, it eajB,
the parties to the contract were n. i
simply in coriiJlierji.il relations. ''The
Cbb net," seya tho Time, "would uo
w, II to look at the pattiotio as well as
ttie economii! tiiie of the qustion. I s
decltion on the subjuct will bave no
U-.le effect upon the prpuhvlry of the
governaienr, especially in these times
il deprewed trade and languishing en-
A Plot to Vaxt eo. Fn'ler.
Dnnr.rij. November 25. tVrtitfd ire
land in lis issue today Bays it hi s dis
covered a plot to oust Gen. 8ir K.'d-,
vets Buller similar to that which cul
minatKd in the removal of Sir Robe t
Hamilton from the Under becretay-
sbip for Ireland. A minor member of
tbo government is eaid to be implicat
ed in the plot. In a ppnrt of this as
sertion the paper publithes a pii-
va e letter from a member ol the Land
Coxmiesiou to an Eoglish member of
the House of Commons denouncing
Gen. Bullcr'a friendaLip for lha Na
tional L'Hgue, and saying tbat bia
sympathy with evicted tenants waa
shown by bis testimony before the
Ljnl Commii'sion.
The Earl of Mpeneer's Kpeecb.
London, November 25. Earl Spen
cer, late Lord Lieutsratii m ireiano,
aioresstd a meeting of 7000 P'raons
at Leicester this evenirg, In tbe
conrss t f his speech he declared tr.at
the uoerala tiad nor met w m irre
vncihle defeat, ond 'hat theirrpr nci-
ciples would ye triumph ss they bad
triumphed ia effecting reforms in the
tinst He regretted that Sir Richard
Ifamrtou bad r?r-igned the oflica of
Under Hec.etary Ur Ireland, ann ex
,resfs his fea-s that an. in preesion
wcuid D8 p,0ducBd in Ire'and that a
naw Under S cre!ary w uld be ap
pointed with every change cf gmrn
muni. nnblln i'liy Eleciloua.
rrrnitu. Nuvombor 2o. In tbe
Vlnncual flections held here toe ay
Me68is. Si xt n snd Gtl were coosen
n emhers of the Council. Mr. Clancy
was r'efed 'd by Mr. Doiau, the Na-tii.nali-t'.
Piiest's nemmee. In. the
Koval Excanre Ward a Nat onaUst
miHtid a Libial Uuionut. Ia the
nthn war:s there wss no cbcnije,
Iu Cork the Nationalists ga'.ned tmee
neat. 1 ho Conservative lts.ng one
and the Liuera's t.o. 6
The Prince of MirKirlin Wanted Oa
ttin uniaeA
RnviA. Novemb'r25.-The regents,
in au interview with Gadban Edendi,
tna Tarkieh envoy, stated in 't it wa
impossib e in recomn.ena tne B jpra' je
to elect the Prince of Min jreha 'o tha
vacant thDne. Toe cadets of tte
military school have benn diearmed
bv orders of the commandaat. The
motive in uniu".
"BaTtrarla'a atomy Tloati."
Lonp n, November 25. A German
named V.m Habn has wntiea i
volume basrd noon a personal con
versationwtb Prince Alexander en
titled. "Buliraria'a Stormy Time." be
ina an authentic acomntr.f the Soft
revo'U'ion. It gives ig aphic accanht
of toe act ons of Gea. Kulbars, and
explains that the latter went to Con-
B'antinopie Because ne wisneu vo
avoid entering Austria a'tor Count
Kalnoky's recent remains, it is re
Dorted that Kaulbars will not return
to bis formar post, that of military at-
taobe to tne KUisian x.moassy at
Tbe I'nloa of Balexarla aad itoa-
Pssth, November 25. The Hun-
ga'ian Foreign Committee today ap-
proved ine report preenieo dj xibh
Fa k. In it be advises Austria to
initiate a legal settlement of the nnion
of Bngria and Roumeua, aocepts
Count Kalnoky's statement concern
ing tne givsrnmeni s reiattcns wnu
Germany and declares that Hungary
desires pec, but is o spared to make
evary eacr.fice if diiven to extremities.
In the course of tne oeoate uouoi
Andia?sy declared offensive and ds
alliar.ro has been concluded
V tween Aua ria and England. A
Ppa'h dlsimtch bbvs the An-tii n
Un.lffet Committee baa agreed upon
the credits for now repeating titles for
the army.
Bkrun, November 25. Mme. Pau
lina Lucca is seriously Ul at Vienna.
Pais. November 25. La Prance
says the budget imbroglio has led to a
UaDinet cnaia.
Nnvember 25. Five ad
aitional Indian regiments have beea
ordered to Barm ah.
Tixnow. Vnsnmbar 25. A dispatch
frn.ro. Cons antinoole says tbe Buhan
will receive Gen. Kaulbars today.
Fabis, November 25. Ths Chamber
nf Dapntiea lo-daV bv a vote of 888 to
141 adopted a motion for a reduction
Of l.tioU.OOO IracCS in military pen
Losook, Novomber 25. Sir Gcrg
Otto Tievelj au has declined to contest
the Hr iriit n d.Birntlor lusaim
ihi HotiB of Commons vacated re
cently by S. Marriot.
Lonpon, November 25 Mr. Glad
stone bas written a letter, in which be
t r.a estlia hooe thut Lord Haning-
ton'and Mr. Ooainber ain will abate,
tteir oppojiUon and expla n tbe'.r
course.rdistinc'ly refuse to co-opera's
withtne Liberals. ,
Sofia, November 25. Capt. Tepe
vaischroff, of . the mili'arv echcol bere,
baa been arr. Bted for inciting cadets to
tevolt againat tbe government. .
Paris, ' Novembea 25. Mme. Mar
guerite Bn'laDger, a niis'rvss. f Na
uoleon III." a famous member of
the demi-monde, died today at Vilen-
n ...
M aphid. Novemhorfa. All motions
in the C it.B teiidirg to the censure
of tbe g iverouie.it for its tction dur
ing tbe recent rebellion have been
London, November f5 A verdict
ba3 been renrteicd in fuvor cf Lord
Cj'eridge in tio libel su t brought
ecainst bim by his s n-ic-law, Mr.
Adams. 1
Pabis. November 25. Bishop Potter -
today consecrated the new American
Triciiy Church, which w-8 elected at
tho expense rf tbe pi incipat American
cit'z ns reeident iu l a is.
S: u. November 25. A telegram
bas beeu fouad in tbe home c f a con
spirator at Bcn'gas, 'directed to ths
Russian V ci Consul there, detailing
tbe scheme of the recant revolution.
London, Novsn bjr 25 A dispatch
from Aleppo, in Asiatic To key, says
tbat an Armeni n today fired a revol
ver at Djemil, tle Gi.virnor of. that
c tv, on the etreet, and tbe Governor
ditarmid ard (.netted bis atsailant.
London, November 25. A dispatch
from H)draned, Inda, rays tbat
tbe f ; rces of tbe Ameer are gradually
quellirg the revolt of tbe Gt.i aaia and
that tbe disturoed area is contracting.
Bebuk. November 25. The heirs of
tbe late Baron Rothschild, of Frank
fort, will cors'rac; a public museum.
iu which will bs exhibited the Riths-
cbild srt eollec ion, the richest in tbe
world, r ' -
Berlin. November 2S.- It is
affirmed in Russian circles tbat the
Czar Is willing to accept the arrange
ment tbat Emperor wnnam advise
for tbe settlement of the Bulgaria
DuBLiN.Novetnber 25 Tfce tsnants .
on tHe bbora eaU'es in Limerick re
cently asked for ar. ducii n of SO per
cant, in rents, wnun wasreiusso.
Tbey are, there for, dapoaitiog their
rents with a committee. .
Beklin, November 25, Two hun
dred Americans held a festive
gathering in the Imperial Hotel tLis
evenfDg. '1 he U 8 Consul proposed
the health ol freildent uieveiann anu
Prof. Gneistt toasted Emperor Will
iam. . '
London. November 25. The elec
tion for the rcctorahip of St. Andrew's
TJi ivmsiiy roeultel la t';e' choice ol
the Eij-Lt 11 norabla J. R. Balfour
SiCretaiy of fitata for Sj.,tUnd, who
received K 8 voics against 88 for Sir
John Lublock. '.
MsLBiutNU1, Novembir 25.-r-Tae '
government aanoui c.im"ut cf import
ant gold discoveries bas caused a ga
eral rev val in the ir.duatri.ia ol the
colony. Owing to r. ceui ia:i s in N. w
Snu'h Wa es tne lawtt crop in miny
years is ex p e ed.
Bbklin, November 25. Tae fjilure
rf Ttieod .re Kreiger, tfce t anker, of
Bres'au, bas Inv ved many srnsll
ahrp keepsrs ard wmkm-ui. His de
ficit amounts to 5 0,f00 macks and as
sets lo 000,0(0 marke. Kraiger has
been urreettd. Ha lost In apecula
tion, Som, November 25.-The Bulcar
ian government, replying to a letter
f-nin trie Pone on t suhjet of Prince
Nicholas of Minarefta'e eitct on to tbe
throne o' Bulgaria, rrfuwa to accept
Priucs Xichnlas as a candidate, and
says ilrtt Turkey's action io the mat
tr is incompatible With tne treaty of
Berlin. ,
Lon don, November 25. The Vienna
corree por dint of tbe Timet Bays that
all tbe European governments except
tbe English ba,va noiift d Ruse i a that
tbey are wi ling to accept tbe Prince
of MiDgrtlia as a c-nd date, for the
Rnioorian tlirnna. Proposals for me
diation between Russia and Bulgaria
are being sugge ated.
Tim Nnvamher 25. The new UaD-
iaet formed by Dr. Pedro a del Solar
is sb follows: President ol the Council
of Mlola'eiB, Pedro a del Solar; Mm-
I... i r. .:. Oin.ianA 1 y.ivarra-
luer Ul junuii'i vijui.i" w n-
Minister cf Foreign Affairs, Oesaro
Cbacsltara; Minis er ol the Excheq
uer Manual Jraigion ; Minister of
War. Rufano Torncoi
LoNDOH,November 25. JohnBright.
in a letter approving of the erection of
a statue of Cobden at Ptockport, de
nies that free trade ia dead. He con
tinue i "An Amerfcsn asked me ii
wou'd be possible to return to pro
tection In E. g'and. I replied it ia not
lmpo'sible, hut it will not corns until
tb Unl'erl Mtsrea rearori-w wi-tp- t.
Absolutely Pure.
Thl -wdeT nvr varlol. ' A ntrrcl l
purity uronnlh anil wh!ioieiiw. Mora
oonnoiioal ihuu tlio onl'nary kimli. and
Miemot bs soi l in conieiitiun itl h mul
ti'.uda ot low tot, f'jort orlaht alum or
'jhol'hnt rnwJorn. Hi ' D OULt IN OASS.
; Wft'l trftt. Vw Yntlr.
JJiimoiia iitucttt, MitllorU't.
1 v 'iff r. r

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