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Fbom letter frnm Mr. John H. le
mur, of New' York, published in
another column, it w 11 be seen tbst
the Harper pa".y w 11 speod two days
in this ci y, aod i 1 arrive here on cr
about the 21 of Decmbr next.
"Pio Ibos" Killit xpaie a speech
to the ptop'e of Chattanooga on
"Wedneid.y last, in which be told
them ttattley bad abundant facil!
tiee for manafacturlcg pig iron aod
what la most needed jmt p'ow in the
South la factores to consume the pig
iron. That ia the truth. There ia
great danger that the pig iron busi
ness may toon be overdone and bring
disaster to many enterprising men.
Tea story of the boodle Aldermen
of New York ought to greatly
strengthen the position of the Vicks
bnrg Commercial, which is earnestly
contending for a change in the muni
cipal government of that city that
will relieve it from the weight of "(be
bummers and strikers, the thieves
and thugs,1? and secure for it a system
similar to that of this city, which haa
proven in good bands the salvation of
the place. Toe Commercial most per
severe until ita obj 2t is attained.
Who Have Ben itlempting to Gall
EIcb Mei at Different
1 Thb Baltimore American says that
talk of a great combination of South
ern roads is assuming a more deflai'e
form, and now that tbe Richmond and
Danville and the West Point Ter
minal bivearrarg d for a practical
consolidation and the placidg of their
combined systems ' of nearly 2030
miles nnder one management, it is re
ported (and as f emi-t fflcial) that' the
East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia
and the Memphis and Charleston will
be inclnded alsa in the combination,
which may take in' other roads. Mr.
8ullyand Gen. Logan are among tbose
engaged in the negotiations for this
gigantic schema, tbe possible benefits
of which to Memphis no man can
Tm twenty-two bcodle Aldermen,
: of New York, together with their
bribers, Sharp and Richmond, are
learning bow bard the way of the
transgiessor ia. Jaebne ia in prison,
Rothman is in Gtrooany, Dd Lary,
Dempsy and Bay lea are in Canada,
Fulgrtff, Waite and Duffy have be
come informers to save themselves
from impriconmect, McCabe is in an
insane atrium, McLaughlin and Ken
ny are dead, O'Ntil, C eary and Reilly
are awaiting trial, MtQaade is again
on trial, and seven ethers are nnder
heavy bends for trial. As to Sharp
and Richmond, there can be no doubt
of their conv'ction upon the testimony
of the informer?, which Jaebne prom
isea to atrengtben by hla confession.
" Th close of the Converse trial at
Louisville relieves the Bit. Dr. Daniel
and the Rsv. Dr. Boggs, of this city,
from the painful task of prosecuting
two' brother ministers and diet in
guished religious Journalists, and puts
an end to one of tbe saddest episodes
in the history of tbe Pxesbyterian
Church. Meters. D.niel and Boggs
have parsed tbe ordeal successfully.
have fully vindicated their fllelity to
the church and tbilr honorable atti
tade as frier ds of Dr. Woodrow, have
proven themselves men of very great
ability beyond anything that hitherto
they bad credit for, and won for them
aelvea a greatly ttrergthencd respect
as for men who know their rights and
knowing dire maintain them. '
Chicago, III, November 21 A
special i inatih from Detroit. Mich
says: Cubm tbarpen, eident'y tne
anna sang who have been swindling
rich Pniladelpbians, are pl.)ing thfir
game in tnia region, a utter written
in Spanish was recently brought to
Herman Freund with arfqatsifrom
the receiver of the letter, a wealthy
citisen of Birmingham, for translation.
Tbe letter was postmarked Havana,
and the writer; said ibat be was for
merly a high official in the govern
ment service and bad absconded to
tbe United States several months pe
vious with f 36O.C00 in Spanish bonds.
He exchanged the bonds at New Or
leans for United States securities, and
with the securities on his person made
a trio through the Scales, going as far
north as Birmingham. Becoming bus-
Elciorjs that he was beiog shadowed,
e bnried his stolen wealth in
the vicinity of Birmingham. He
then re'urned to the South,
and at Key West was kidnapnitd,
taken to Havana, and thrown into tbe
government prison. The writer went
on to ssy that h wis still in prieoo.
He had heard, while in Birmingham,
of the blab s'anding of the man be
as addressing, snd he offered to give
him one third f the securities if he
would intemt himself in securing the
the .ritet's release. Before anything
could be done, however, it waa nec
essary to negotiate some of the securi
ties. A plan cf the locality where
they were baiied was among his bag
gage, which ' was detiined by tbe
Havana police, and $1500 was needed
to l lease it Ii the B.rmingham
busim ss man would sand the money
trie plan would db mailt a to him.
Three weeks sbo a simitar letter was
brought to Mr. Fieund from another
party, ana another Jester last week
from still another cilia n. The men
singled out by the sharpers are all
rich. It ia not knows whether any of
mem nave accepted tne oner or not.
Ii theMemph s and Nashville rail
road enterprise, of which Gen. Neely,
of Bolivar, ia the father, shall be at
once revived the work cf construc
tion, it may be expected, will be
begun early in tbe new year, when
also work on the Nashville and Knox
villa railroad, by way of Lebanon,
Gcrdonville, Cookeville, Rome and
Carthage will be commenced. Mejor
Nagley, chief engineer, and Col. A.
G. Crawford, of Terre Haute, Indiana,
are now making a preliminary survey
of that line, and find wherever they
go the greatest encouragement await
ing them from all classes of bur people.
Th6 construction of these two roads
would give Memphis a line directly
through the State.
London has had this week two sick
enlng sensations first, the proaecu
Hon by Mrs. Adams of her father, the
Lord Chief Justice Coleridge, for libel,
be- having charged in a letter to
Adams, her husband, that he had
contrived daring his acquaintance
with Miss Coleridge to meet her in a
' darkened room for the purpose of
compromising her, and thus compell
ing her to marry bim in order to pro
tect her reputation. In addition' to
this letter, certain documents have
been put in evidenca to substantiate
the allegation that the Lord Chief
Justice persistently aimed to shift the
burden of his daughter's maintenance
to tbe shoulders of others, before her
marriage, so that he might use the
money rightfully belonging to her in
supporting hla peerage. The second
case ia even worse than this. It
is that of Lady Colin Campbell,
who sues for. divorce from
her husband, to whom she was mar
ried less than three years (go, because
be beat and abused her and commu
nicated a loathsome disease that put
her life in Jeopardy. The story of her
' patience nnder these provocations ia
only the recital of what many women
have had to and still are suffering for
the sake, ss in her esse, of duty. But
she at la awakened to a sense of her
rights and to know that her duty did
.not lit in a very hell,
nirn m-t i
A Peculiar Cue.
Chicago, III , November 28. John
Mullen and Peter McHogb, police
men, are at present in toe county
Jail under tbe debtoi's acton a Judg.
ment secured againtt them two years
ago. in loss mese cmsers arrested
nne Cbarles Spangborn and clubbed
him severely btfore lodging him in
the station. He brought an action fr
trespass and falee imprisonment and
recovered a Judgment for 151,000
agaiBst each in the Superior Court.
On June 30, 1883, they were arreted
on a cssa and Spangborn paid one
week's board. By some arrangement
they were releaeed and the board
money repaid. They attempted to es
cape nnder tbe icsolvent debtor's set,
but were refuted, tbe Court holding
that malice bad been proven, so they
then appea'ed to the Saperior Appel
la'e and Supreme Courts and each
affirmed the decision of the lower
court In tome way they were never
committed on il November 24tb, when
an order was issued bv Judas Pren..
dergast, at the request of the attorney
for the it jured man, and they were
committed to jail today. The prisoners
have pttitiootd to be released on a
writ of habeas corpus.
Am Attrnaat to Man mm IitrmCu.
Galvestow. Tix, November 26.
A special to the New from San Anto
nio says: A report has reached here
of an at erupt to rob an express car on
tbe Missouri Pacific railroad Isstthbt
While the train was stsndirg at a
small station two men entered tbe car,
but were arrested by the. conductor
and messenger.
Three TnoutHnd Dniinra Worth af
lilnmiinda aiaisn.
St. Louis, Mo., Novunbar 28. The
Jewelry store of . H. Kortkamp, at
No. 507 Fianklin avenue, was entered
DyborgUrs list night, who git away
w tl about $3000 worth of diamonds,
watches and gold and silver orna
ments The burglars tave not bean
Cotanterleltcrs Caaarbt.
Holton, Kas . November 26 Two
men named Har geiford and Charles
Bit a were arretted fcera bv troverc merit
detectives yesterday, on the chaig r,f
making counterfeit coin. In their
house dies and other Implements and
163. counterfeit half rlol a-s were
found, xne metal was found in abed
where the wife cf one cf the men was
lytog ui. .
llwankae JtioK-rs Trial.
MiLWAUKia, Wis.. November 26.
The trial of tbe Milwaukee Garden
rioters is progressing before Jodie
Sloan today. Considerable testimony
has been taken on the rart cf the ds-
lense, mainiv in regard to the bo ad
character and thair whereabouts on
tbe day Of the riot Thia afurnnrn
Judge Sloan dlrcharged Henry Gastel,
one of the piisoneis,aiter hearing his
testimony. Gastel was one of the
workmen whom a mob forced to quit
work. He had worked steadily at his
trade for twelve years without loa nt
day, but wben forced out became
grossly intoxicated and in this condi
tion was induced to I in in the riotons
demonstration at Milwaukee Garden.
He explained that hia rendition was
such that he imagined himself back
in the old fatherland with the army.
and when be saw the police imagined
no was Sgbting tne French. Jodsa
SJoan commented on the evil conse
quences of workingmen counseling
others to go into idleness and allowed
the prisoner to go.
amruots given caniut be Herennined, I
but ti e fi et'lemer.t wss raadti at
the rate of $3000 a b. Tne law pr
via -a tna-i ne i-mos in tacri ca-e
eh li not xceet A emme cial
traveler for newiork house t a I
fiid a n aim f r t e lo snf a new trunk
and four qui r sol wh'.ky.
Nevraleea feof1rd Balva f Cotloa
Galvsstoh, Tix., Nvemb'r 26
The tiriiisn bar a Dramm.rloon, E6
iocs, Cf p TboTirsr n, for L ve'pool,
ivi g in meouwr roam awai'tng tne
oa anee or Derrargn was ducovtrxd
to be on fire this ninroing. In a few
momea's the vesrel wa wrapped in a
sbtet of names, Including 1700 bale
of cotton, lugs urappled ber and
towed ber to Bj.iva' beach, wberesbe
lies io niteen leet i f water. Xne ves
i el will prove a total loss. Part of her
cm o can be saved in a damaged con-
Lt la turn WmIi.
Niw Oblbas, La., November 26.
Tbe Ptcoyuni'i Natch' a special siys:
A report reached here today of the
lynching of three incend ariea in
Franklin count for burning Hirrifon
Cjlcats's cotton ginhnuse. There was
a lot of cotton stord in the gichouss
ana we negre s naa stolen several
bales of it and fir-d the bulldina to
conceal tbe theft. Tbey were arrested,
and while beiog taken to jail were lost
in tne woods.
A strata! a ardor.
LlTTLS Rrcx. Am.. Novemher 2fl.
Tbe new of a b utal murder comes
from Madtsm county. Toe crime wan
committed on the o'd s'aga rot d, be
tween Clarksville and Kingston. Tbe
victim, James Han is, was a well to do
farmer, and it develnned at the in
quest that he had been- nrurdered for
ti:a money. A aelnhbor named Ham
ilton owed him ti. wh'ch ha n ifi
when ca'led on, snd Harris started for
borne. Oa the Boston Mountain he
was aatastEated. the murderer nnlno
a rim. Alter rtacuing nis v ctim be
found him still alive, and picked on
the injured man's shcteun and fired
the contents of one of the barrels into
nts bead. A larire nartv are in nnr.
suit, and if the desperado is captured
ne win, no aouot, meet with a speedy
Mnrder and haleide.
Atlanta, Ga., Novemb.r 28. To
day Robert Hi.l shot and killed his
brother, Tony, and then placing tke
piBioi to nis own temple killed him
self. The trouble was caused by
Am Incendiary tire la Louisiana.
Naw Oblbams, La., November 26.
A special to ttie Picayune from Ar
cadia says: The destruction of tbe
Winn Parish Courthouse by a fire of
incendiary origin occnried today. The
oouaing naa DJen saturated with coal
oil, and burned so rapidly that no
time was given to save the records, all
oi wnicn were nest roved.
A Desperate final Between Twa
. vawaojrs.
Albuquirqub, N. M., November
26 A horrible tragedy occurred near
Hack berry, Aric., this afternoon.
Charles Spencer aod Charlea Cohn,
partners in stock raising, were going
to town in a wagon when a dispute
began over a settlement of accounts
and tbey fought two hours. Spencer
torew a wnuay Dotue at (Jobn.
striking him in the face, knocking
bim down and cutting a frightful
gasn. xne tatter, ireniied at the
assault, msbed upon h s i artner with
a pocket knife and stabbed his body
in several places and also severed the
Jugular vein. Cohn took the dead
partner to town and gave himself up
to me oncers.
NIK II 1RPFRV PittTV I cmue.lme. t then-.
11IL 11.1111 LIlO 1 dill 1 After her suipos d kuehaml fled th
Arriving Here About (he 2d of De
cember, After a Four Djjb' Tour
Along tbe Ta ley Head.
Ibmoulto vaairrait.l
Niw Orleans, La., N wmber 26.
The Ha'pHis pirty airived here to
day and will reaoan over nntil Tues-
dv, when tbey will so up to Mem
phis, making the trip in four days,
wnun win do ep'ni in vuiung all
the sugar snd ether plantatiocs of
no'e. i bey state mat their tour has
in all rrspecla Deen a delisbtfal one.
and that tbeir portfolios are full to
ove flowing, a verfable embarrass
ment of riches. When they have
done tbeir work it will be in every
way tbe beet advert st ment the
South has ever had. New Or
leans will entertain them hand
somely and nothing will be left
undone that ought to be done.
all the cloba will be thrown nnen to
them, including tbe famous Picwick,
the theatera and Spanish Foit, and a
grand banquet will be given them,
j hey will arrive in Memphis about
the second.
Latter I ram Mr. laoiaa la Mr. Had-
The following letter has bfen sent
hy Mr. John Ionian tn President Had-
deo. It flies tbe time of arrival of
the Hariier paity in thia citv and their
stay here. "
NlW ToBK. Mornmhar ti. IMS.
To Hia Honor, Mr. V. P, liaddon, Mnyor,
Dbab Sib Bef Trips to tbe trin tit
tbe Ha pars' party tbrouuh t'ueSoutb.
They will spend nex Sunday, Novem
ber 28th, in New Orli ans, and will
reach Memphis the laitr part of the
coming 'week, about Deoember 2d.
I will re quest them to sdvse yon at
less' a day beiore tbeir anivnl. It ia
a working crowd, and while I know
the generous impo)a8of the Memphis
people will be to drive and entertain
them, it will, perhaps, b better for
yon to meet them on their ariivdl.
and give them perfect liberty of action
au'H g tntir stay;
A urge part oi tnetr force is almost
constantly at work, during tbe day
time, bo mat any entertainment you
may p an, would probably su t them
bett-r at nibt You will find both
Mr. Warner and Mr. Harner. and in
fact, their enure S ail. veiv sereeab
gentlemen, snd not at a 1 eitravsirant
io their ideas of what is due them in
the way of hospitality. The mosr ner-
feet freedom of understanding and
action between you and themselves,
will, I think, be mo ft thorontriW
agreeable to them, and probacy re
litive you of an undue amount of lima
and care In tbeir entertainment
i ours very truly,
. mmw vriaa.
The committee aonointed h
Merobanta' Kxchanae to visit Nw
Orleans and interview the Harner
vtiy conslsta cf M6rs. J. M. Keat
ing, x. a. Trftevant, KmrnettUWood
son ana secretary K. a. Keeling.
. Except Mr. Kea inz, these gentl
nvn left the citr lait nla-hi sr , N.w
Orleans, where tftny will arrive this
morning and arrange lor the visit of
tne party to Memphis.
IE3S3" 1885,
betrayed gin wss unrble to erdure
t'e ebauie and mortifii-ation of her
rns tio", and af er rema nmg at home I
r a f. w days she, o-, rn aa. X
uer sis er i-rned ttat she purchased
a ticket t Viikahur.vud foliowel her
here. Officers 8'evei a n and Fii-h-r
searched in vain all the boa d;ng and
lodging bou es in ibis 1 y, hut c uld
MA. H . .1 1 - B I
ehewas rill going bribe save of otai Jf e w Business Greater than the total new busine'w ot All
fngiTve to M "ni. e, Lf, where hs "mwio repregenteHiti XemphU Combined.
bad found erapiryment sherefueed Increase In Surplus more than twice the total Increa.se ot
that abe mwnt to )WeTn K BorPlus r WI olI,r )npanie8 now represented in MempbJs. ;
fuce ber former friends. Wednstay
night Mies Ida Davis's mission was
that the acouiidiel who deceived Mia I noom no, i. rot ton Kichange Knildine. Memphis. Tennei-
- .v.. v.e-u,,
na wss in p'lton in mat piace. The
Bister, Mrs. Dive, returned On the
same night to her home, and the po
lice heie have been unble to learn
anything further of tbe affair.
Tkrenia the nl Moatnwestrn
yileaa mt Kailraaas.
f iDAUA, Ma, November 26. It is
p-siiitely s ated that the Sedalia and
Ware aw narnw gauge railroad will be
made a standard gangs rai road and
extended to fiprlrgfiald, Ma Tbe road
is uoder the control of the Gould sys
tem, and the extension will be made
to coonfct with the MetnDhia and
Smthwest portions of the system,
shortening tbe route north and south
and counteracting the effect of the ri
val projects.
AT COST, FOR TIIIHTY DAYS, to mske room for -
Stock. One lot Open Uneaten. aulinhlA fnr .n..navv -T
OBIE OWW UfcANUFACTIIKE, nnd fully guaranteed
3Lilly Carriage Co.
I rws -n-a a Aaar . -
Fao Sassafras, Kent oounty.Md.: TA rJaTltftrS JllflrP.il H 11 tfi V intinra
una i sen as mucn oi in. Utlli's I .r-r-v w vuuvau
Couth Syrup as of all other cough
remeaiea omnineo.
J. B. -HARILKT, DruriUt.
rnaeral Srnlce. Over Clov. Phelna.
St Loci Mo.. November 28 The
funeral sei vices over tbe retains of
ex Gov. John 8 Poelps were held this
efiernoon at 4 o'clock at Christ
Church. The interment will take
place at Springfl Id, Mo., tomorrow.
if Nina ia apprvachlni whan Option baoomea Dnntr, Dama and Uearr. Jrr tha lu.of
Taaraaapla la lraroT4 uid Valut of Cotton Inorouod. .Mohlnmf for tali or
IQ to 17 1 A damn Nireoi. Mmlii. 7iih,
tabbed by Har Haabaaal. '
Chicago. Ill . Novemh.r 2ft Mrs.
Laura Jansen, rtsi Jina at No. 231 Oak
street, wss stabbed three times by her
nusnana, nenry Jansen, about 3
o'clock this mornlna. and r.nnot live
through the day. According to her
antemortem statement, which she gave
in an almost inaudible whisper, she
was awakened about 3 o'clock thia
morning by ber husband, who had not
retired, and who, when she rose up,
immediately s abbed her as related.
Ue was arrested sbortlv rrwanl. and
is evidently irsane. Mrs. Jaosn was
the widow of a man named Ernur,
and was manied to Janeen one year
Damages Paid In lb Hi Disaster.
Milwaukee. Wis . NmmW 2H.
The Chicago, Milwaukee and Sc. Paul
Railrcad Company has settled about
half Of the damflin claim, trrnslnirnnt
of the disss' er at Eut Rio on the 28 h
ultimo. The husbands of Mrs. Scherer
and Mrs. Johns, of Winona, Minn.,
have each received their money. The
Dnrat ta Heath.
Mbadvillb, Pa., November 26.
Mrs. May B.llesly, aged 87 yearsi wss
burned io death yesterday wnile alone
in ner room.
' Akbon, O., November 26. Alice
GridUy, (ged 4 year?, fell upon a stove
during tbe absence ot her mother and
was so severely injurtd that death en
sued shortly.
Chablottb, Mica , November 26
Mrs. cta-iee Hmtin met with a ter i
ble death this morning, while -votk
icg around the house her clothing
csugQtnre ana sne waa Durnta to a
Sot Hold or tbe Wroatr Dottle.
Ipswich, Dak, N.vember 26
Thrre Kutsi ns living nesr Rwcoe,
while going home last evening, found
a bottle by the rca ieide which they
eupp sea to contain aiconoi, ana
drank it. It iTOvd to bs aconite and
two of tbe Bu;sins died lust night
irom me enecis. ine tuird aiea to
day. Their names have not yet been
After Twenty Years a Mnrderer Is
Stronaht ta Jasilee.
Indianapolis, Ino., November 26.
Twenty years ago, tn Unerokre coun
won coin iu vuoiuiro ivuu-
ty, Ala , Ualvin Metres and Joseph B.
Hardwick quarreled over a tract of
laud, and the latter waa killed by the
former. McFee fled the country, and
until a few days ago nothing waa
known of his whereabouts. Immedi
ately after McFee'a dlnsppearance a
brother of the murdeied Hardwick
started in pursuit, and hss spent twen
ty yesrs in searching for tbe murder
er. He obtained traces of McFee at
various points, but was unable to
to locate him nntil recently, when he
found his man at Southwest City, Ma,
and proceeded to have him arrested;
Tbe arrest caused great excitement
among tbe cowboys of that region, and
tor a time it was feared that an at
tempt at rercus would be made, but it
was finally decided to send two of
their number with McFee to see that
Justice was done him. The prisoner,
bis revengefal pursuer, a denutv mar
shal and the two cowbova reached
thia rity ton'ght, and passed on for the
South. A tHardwiik's request, he has
been handcuffed to McFee. and the
two travel in convict style.
uoallj Baad.
Boston, Mass.. November 26. It
has been discovered that William
Reed, late treasurer of the South Boa
ton Horss Railrosd Company, who is
now under street for the embfsale
ment of over $100,000, also added
forgery to his crime, the signatures of
President Hersey to certain certificates
being pronounced lorgeries by that
gentlemaa Hitherto It had been be
lieved that most of the stock over is
sued by Rted was issued during the lata
rreaidenturoeDy's administration, and
that fraud was made possible by Mr.
Crosby's babit of signing certificates
in blank. I: is now stated, however,
that a large proportion of tbe certifi
cates ourstanding, and wbioh are
moftly held by brokers as collateral
for margins on stocks, baer Prtsident
Uerseya sgnature. Mr. Hersev
states that for all certificates signed by
Dim ne naa s an plicate cbeck, which,
will enab e bim to identify every cer
tificate he has Issued.
Probabta ardi-r-Nnank Thieves
-iaa laatva staoinesa. ,
IsraciAL To TBI ArriAL
Jackson. Tsnn.. November 26.
Charley Hollins and Ben Moore, two
negroes ol tbis c tr. encaired in afiirht
tbii evening. Charltw knocked Bn
down with a briik, breaking bis skuil
lcistnongnt lion a i,l die from the
tnvcteot n s wonutls.
During an entaitainment at Mm
L.ura McUlanahan's lut nisht.
er eak thief entered the hall and ttole
three nneoveicoata beloDningto joang
gnniieoien acienuitg trie party.
uarBtret.is araorowdid every day
wita cotton wagons and trade is good.
A Baaiit Plflrori aiuiler Three Tban
snud Dalinrn Bund.
Ibmoial to hi irrnL.l
Tcscdmbia. Ala.. N Vdmber 28.
Mr. Wi.l Irvio, iha'ged with rape,
tai placed under bind of 1000 for
nta appearance htf jre tbe Circuit
Uouit. j
A man named (Brown, an escaped
convict from Ged gis, was placed in
jxit here today. e was arrested at
Bell Green yesterday. He is well con
nected in Frankliq county.
Anatber Jury rails ta Agree la a
JBnratlarj Vase.
Jackson, Miss., November 26. In
the Federal Court today the case of
tbe United Slates against John Kitch
ens wss heard. Kitchens ia only 18
years old, and la charged with bur
glarii'ng the poetofScc at Harpersvllle.
Scott county, of about $14 in cash and
pottage stamps. . He was very ably de
fended by A. J. M( Lsurin, of Bran
don, while J. B. Harris represented
the United States., Tbe jury failed to
A Det raved LniNlia Mrl Slaska
Iternae Aasau g at raars.
larsoiAL to vaa xrriAL.l
VicKsbdbo. Mnts.. November 26
Officers Newt Htevenaon and Joe
Fisher were called on a few nights
ago by a mysterionslv vsiled ladv who
wanted their assistance in a search for
a runaway girl from Mioden, La. Tbe
veiled woman bad rooms at : tha
Pacific House, and several consulta
tions were had in ber apartments be
fore she finally consented to tell who
abe was and who the young woman
she was looking for was. As
this waa neceasaiy to tbe success
of her search, she stated that she
waa Mrs. Ida F. Smith, of Minden, La.
The girl she wai bunting for was Miss
Emma Smith, . of the same place,
and her sister. Several months ago a
young man, Mr, pvis, cams to Min
den, and alter a short acquaintance
with Mifa Smith engaged hlmeelf in
marriage o her. a quiet wedding
was followed in a short time by the
discovery that tbe young bride wai
net a wife, as her supposed hut band
bad a living wife, whom be bad
deserted whea be went to Minden.
Tbe discovery of the scoundrel's
character and tbe ucfortnnste situa
tion of Misi Smith greatly ahocked
and enrsged her friends, but tbe rascal
ercaced aod le't Minden for good. An
efloit to arrest bim was made, but the
bigamist escaped to Washington, and
.in,,.,, iHnmian
Bkwabb of counter!, its! Be ewe
you get the genu'ne Silva ion Oil.
Have no "just as good."
'' ' i i I. ...
Biol Caaaed by Mtrlklas Tanners.
Sals a, Ma's., November 26 There
was considerable rioting by the, strik
ing tanners in this city yesterday,
Ttey por uid snd bestuomerci'uily a
number of non-union men aod wrecked
a street car. Oae of their anmbtr
was severely hurt by a pis-ol shot tird
bv one of their victims. A large body
of police were required ta quell tbe
FLRM'NO-FrldAT. Nov. K, M
D.ti, Jr.,oldti ron oi Oaa U. sod Annta
u. rlomlDf, MwUroara sadOBiontu.
Fanoral froa rsaldonea of paroats, Ho.lSl j
Bholbr atmt, this (BATURDAT) afteraooa
ot n'r'mk. Vrloa aro 1iTttl attond.
To i'Contnitton.;
vji eaaatiu-a to aott oaiau, m r.o roint
Boaea. Wood anotoriol, ood prl oo, siwsist
appis 10 loor.m- ow. 1:0,, M4ia
4. o
5 Car-londa Nloel IVkIIm.
3 Car-loaeln Nnaft nnd in oil n.
1 rar-loKl Ir, IlMinn itiil KniiMnge.
8 C'arloHl AtiM'iionn Knrdluoa.
.' t ar'ad IMew HnlMliiN,
1 Car-load New Naliuoii,
1 ('ar-load fal Morula itniHd Fruit,
10 )arle)dn Touiatora. PetotteH, Ooru. Eto
1 daMoad Almoras'H Mlitr Meat, .
fiar-loadn ew York Itiickwlioat,
, fl 9 'ar.loalii liffrt, liraut anal Itarrcl Plcklm
S C'ar-load Nil t or Monti I'rouiu Ckeeste,
U 7ar-loadai Virginia IVauutH,
'arlondt Fire C'rarkcra and Firework,
si Car-loads Nat nd (inrrauta,
, 3 Car-loads Fine Ilnnanaw,
5 Car-loada lied lien lavi Apple,
' a Car-load Freah Fancy Candleta,
1 Car-load Oaiineal, Cracked Ifbeat, Ktc ,
And a complete aaortmeut of Maple and Fancy Jrooe-a
lor tbe Mpvxtiur nsio of Coiutfry frlcrckauU.
.. tsaTMend lor a Prlce-Llwl.-tjai
Olivera Finnie cfb O
t Or OA work.
. MoCl
n rrrirr-apasn.
I'hrsi I n nnAHA - x
I UK liM.TlMT.
Most Elegant flection
Dry GoodsrilionHosfcE
GEiiTLEiEirs FtminsnmG goqi
Warn. S31 and 318 Mala SU MiuapUaCTamm.
And American frod actios ot
t 1
Lru LI, W a
tunssBti aTaaaiactarlag Co.1 PUIds, Drills, Rbeetfif, Rktrtlar, 1
l&"Oiir aeleeilon cniprlRe
Elegant Style (of tbe LateHt)
and BEST Haberv, Foreign
and Domeatle. '
fi" Our Uooda are Imported
DIRECT, throagti OCR Cna
torn Iloiue-
CSot tO!3L IPOiO t03TE3
ah AdTAiKn lo If erchaul and Planter.
kill! fa GO.
Practical PiaTaQjrali$)xa
and Bcn'airars af Pianos, Ohrnao,
; Aad Haaloal Intxo,mata Generally. ,
led Commission . Mercluiits.
LATB 0? BT. LOTJ18, HQ., km n.t Ittod
o an lint offlao OTtrtytlo Hhl.ldi'a
arooorv otoro, oprnsr ol Admi and Main,
ra no raj w m an iitkia anil mat
ion to order. Tha onblia m
' tbnt tho Dcotor baa no ! )or tat other
: riian thoa madoi br btnnir ana la oonlora
itr with tho jnoiuamont ot tha oro. Tho
poetorhaa madathai hla apodal atmlr and
naa an ins laia.c aoionrino hiau
sianta to iniuro ixrloot aad
ranArit woaaaa RamoToa Allvo.la tront
40 Bloat to t hoarp. with hoad ooaa
plots, or ao obarao. No rutins roqalrodi
BO Doll:nnni madlflinao. Oaa ba tab, a with
oato br child or adoH. Oatl or aoad lor air-
OBIan. VS. M. MHI BMJLTII, HaofllaJInt, .
Btrrlnsao'd. Mo. V
md lnttru-
7 aitbt.
Vimum Bwura iroai to l J anq i
ailed. Olloo hoars Iron 1 1
(Xall.l and Optlol
aontrwMwn eorsor
B. M. LI
mt m- mt n Aitt
laa. No. W Mala itroot.
Aaol and Main.
McLoniors avonuo, soar But Voaalo
Cleanlna, Dyorln at Brpalrias,
No. 17 W. OotriT Stbbbt. ,t ,
feorn m, Nloliol.
Colloto. Iho nropartr, which ia in Wrob.
wood, tb mott aitrwtiT, and trowing tutr-
nro 01
if Mainphia, oaaalit of Its aaro ol
d nnaarpatMd for hoajlhlulnaaa aad
Koch's Pat. Store
II ELTIlVCt li adlnrUblo to tooot any aood
prbaatnoaa. It ia ohoapor than old atria. Can
b put up or an j on. iinoqaaiMi tar
faairr and boa at Hbvlrea. Addrsas
KOCH A. R. CM Mfrsu.
81 asaisj NT.. PEORIA. Il.L..ar.
iaaniana Maidwara)o.A toBtiUdo.
1 n
tr of fnrt aad trait tra, ornamaotal trooa
and hranborri Iwoalorr roatdonoo oora
prti ns tea rooraa oono(enU arraaaod,
iia amplo tailof oIomUi aiao, bitoban,
Mr-ran U room, atablo, oarriac bona, eoal
and poaltrr boaao aod MroraJ othr out
baildlnfii two aood oiiUrns and a dap
brib-waild wall with aituroa as a dopoai
torr lor milk, baiUr, rroib maU, tie. (Jon.
vaalont aooaaa to tho ally b atroot oara and
tBrnpika, with oaonpUon from aiw Uiaa.
Immdlt pot'oatlon fln to parobaaor.
Prio,JJ. f.ir taraia of paruoat apply
ft 7 onos, Ho. 6 BlBdUos It t r Ulorhoat
80. Jf. 3. W. OLA PP.
aaaiafi Muunl ' P
Bartholdi Souvenir
Officially CopvrlRhted.
WB bar mannfanturod and now Offor for
aala tho onlrr.nd w?et aoaealr oi
tha RTaiVKOI LlttKltiT, ihowinir tho
Dronklya Briila , Bodloo'a Ialaad, tbo Bat
tery aad tho Nw York Harbor iathodia
taaosi alao, a eorroot aBnlalltaa portrait
and autograph of tbo oolebrated artiat. ft..
Hi.rlliiai. This boaaUfnl Non-aar
Honk mat k It worked on choice ooUrod
Nan la, ihowln all tho detnlla Tory oNiirly.
Thoraveraaaidehavinvan Orlslaal Fiia
aad a Calendar for 1N07, thou a.lnr a aaefitl
aa well aaornamantal eonvonir fur the year.
Will alio look banilaoBi aa a Baaaoratta
for tha oeoter tahl. A tM-aaornl and
txatlni prraeat. i'riooonly 11 Ct, Two
( ir 25 eenta. (To aranu, sl.00 par doaen),
free by mall. Poata ataiopa taikeB.
150 Natrnaa St., New fork.
r&icfan, Surf eon anl Aeroaooer
S13 MhIh Street, Kear Vnimw,
JT-aThono No.;,
Jplac of a..

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