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Trom aDisf ane' and Brutal Ilnsband
Who Beat Her and Inoculattd
Her 1th Hit Rottenness.
London, November 20. The a-'ion
lordivone hrnu ru oy ijaav w)i n
CamDbfll FBri Bt b-r ba band, ' ord
fioiin Catnt)b'). fiftT Bin of the D k
of Argjll, i. me for hearing today,
me c mmo mi wns bo cr wuna va
the offl Jala had to bariicad the cor
ridors to prevent the cramming iiorn
becoming dai'g-roog. Lady Ciuipbeli
her BitWr aijd their mother w-re tne
first pereone directly in tt rested inlhe
act to enter the room, irify sat to
gether benid-) the pliintifj's diiettor,
Sir Charlm Rossel1, Queen's dmnstl.
Lord Colin Uampbell entered Bonn
aftrrward and eat neir tbep'ant'ff
and at the Bioie tau.'e, there beii-g in
ter posed between the litigants nine
but their respective counsel. Mr. Kus
sell, in open'ng the ca e for Ldy
Campbell, said his clieut prtiiooed
for divorce from Lord Uolin Lamp-
bell on the eronnd oi cruelty and
adultery. The p aintiff, the lawyer
continued, was formerly mips uiood
and was a respectable and ttactive
person. She was sought in marriage
br the defendant, and became en
gaged to him in 1880. The marriage
was delaytd at his lordship's request
untilJuly, 1881, when the ceremony
had been performed. The couple
went away on a "melancbo'y honey
moon," the groom being attended all
the time by a hospital nuiae. Io fact,
Lord Colin Campbell was attended by
this nnne from the true of bis en
gagement to Mies Blood down to the
data of the termination of their mar
ried life in 1883. He was, declared
the lawyer, never during this entire
period independent of tLe nurse's rare.
This was because his lo dship was af
flicted with a disgraceful disease. Of
course the plaintiff could not have any
idea of what ailed her betrothed hus
band. Tne marriage wee not consum
mated until Ootobtr, 1881. The case
was so very b rrible, declared the law-
yer. that he would retrain as la. as
voasible from alludios to its details
(At this point' the venerable Duke of
Argyll, the defendant's lather, et trred
the courtroom and look a seat beside
Lord Colin Campbel1, near whom the
Maraais of Lome, the defendant's eld
est brother, had already taken a seat)
Continuing, Mr. Russell eaid that Dr.
Biid, who had a tended both Lord and
Lady Campbell, would testify to show
that the lady'a life was well nigh un
endurable, but that she bad tried to
do what the e'e mei du'y required of
her, and when sue became aware of
her husband's malady desired to re
main with him as a companion and
even to nurse him, in order to bide
his mieery frrm the world. Fit ally,
however, as it wou d be shown, the
wife fonnd herself absolutely nnab'e
to submit to entorced relationship wttn
him. and the told her huttbtnd so and
explained her r ason. He replied that
she was mierrjUen about him, and
added the statement that it was
difficult for him to suppose
that she believed anything like
aba saepro'ed to ba true of him. Thia
solemn disc'aimer by her bnabaud,
under the circumstances, influenced
her. In April, 1883, the plaintiff mis
carried. Then Lord Campbell Bug-
f;ested that she bad bad improper re
ations with their phydcian, Dr. Bird,
When the latter hea-d of thia iottaia
tion he insisted on severing all rela
tionship with the family. Upon this
the defendant withdrew bis nega
tion and requested Dr. Bird to at
tend Lady Campbell. Lady Campbell
thenceforth refused to permit inti
macy on the part of defendant and he
threatened her with expulsion from
his house it phe cera'sted in her re
fusal. She did persist and her bus-
band su'pendtd her money allow
ances. She then applied for a j udicial
annaratinn. To her anplicstion Lord
Campbell made reply, denying all her
charges. The lady s condition in Sep
tember, 1883, was so serious that a
surgical operation was performed upon
her for her relief, and yet, despite ihe
fact .that all thia physical mirery had
been commnnicated .to her by him,
her husband dur.rjg tbe period of her
acute suffering would cruelly account
for ber condition by makins charges
of infidelity against her. In Ma cb,
1884, tbe plaint II obtained a decree of
separation. She repaired to her fit It
er a house at Florence, at d returned
to England in June following. On
her way home she and her party
stopped in Paiia, staying at a hotel.
While they were at this hotel the
Duke- of Marlborough cilled upon
them. This visit was made the occa
sion by her husband for a charge of
adultery. Lord Colin Campbell even
went bo far as to write to the Paris
authorities reqnes'iog them to arreet
his wife and lodge her in the prison
used for the incarceration of prosti
tutes. It was difficult to believe,
said Mr. Ruwell, that any man under
ordinary circumstances could act this
way toward a wif already so injured;
"but," added the lawyer, "Lord Colin
Campbell's pride had been -lowered
Into tbe duet."
Mr. Russell then detailed the
grounds of the charge of adultery,
which the plaintiff made against tbe
defendant. Turning then to a review
of the counter charges made by Lord
Colin Cumpbell against the p'aintiff.
that she bad been guilty of criminal
conduct with the Duke of Marlbor
ough, Chief Shaw and others, Mr.
Russell caid the lady was in a position
to successfully meet all these charges.
The Dnke of Marlborough and Mr.
8 haw were old family friends. Lady
Campbell and Mrs. Shaw had long
been intimate acquaintances. Qen.
Butler, one of those with whom the
defendant sought to connect the
Elaintiff, was old enough to be her
ither. and Mrs. Bntler was Ladv
Campbell's dearest friend. Dr. Bitd
had sought protection for his charac
ter by bringing a suit for damages
against Lord Colin Campbell for charg
ing the plaintiff with criminal inti
macy with him. In fact, Lady Camp
bell was able to refute every one of
the foul charges brought against her.
The first witness railed by the plain
tiff's counsel was Lady Miles. She
testified as follows: She told Lord
Campbell in 1882 that Lady Campbell
had resolved to refuse to live with
him as his wife, and her reason for
such decision, but would continue to
maintain tbe kindest friendly rela
tions toward him, ard refrain from all
mention of her separation in other re
spects from him. Lord Campbell was
shocked at the information. He pro
tested very hard against his wife's de
cision, and said if she would recall it
he would let Lady Campbell have her
own way for a period of two years and
would treat her with affection. Wit
ness subsequently visited Lord and
Lady Oarm jell in London. She found
Lady Oamphelt suffering intense pain, 1
and Lord (Win Campbell explained
by sayingt "There ba? been foul play
np stairs, and Lady Campbell has bad
a miscsrriag." Lidy Miles protested
that this could not be no, and the do-
f 'udai.t reaffirmed that it was. Wit
ntsi believing Lord Colin Campbell
t'lat h9 hfid k-pt his pronvse rel. tt
to the two years and l ad been de
ceived, Ft aiuhtway accused Dr. B rd o
hivinit taken advuntaeooi t if roaitioa
D-. Bird d-nied the atcnst'ioi and
ref8-d to longer attend LdyCmp-
bi-ll unless ire accusation w s witn
drawn. A family ciuncil e'-BU-'d. At
this Lotd Ci l n admi ted that hft had
n it meant all that he t a 1 s.id, at
asked Ld- Miles to ap 'lrgis j lor him
(0 Mr. 1)1 rd. At tha BHITH una c
cotnp'ained of the leritti of time
Gen Bui ltr remained when be cllod
npnn Lady Campbell. Witness con
truing, said that at Lord Coli
Campbell's reanest the lal cement
to ba his witness io far at to s'at
that he had n t been guilty of ill
usate to bis w fe, but said the urged
the dfendant not io ca 1 her, because
the knew of his relati ns witd the
tirl, Miry Watson, and felt sure they
would trauBpne nnutr cross examiDn
tion. After'LBdv Cam obeli had sepa
rted from defendant he compla ned
In witnmi of havine been badly
treated. She retorted that he ouaht
to think himself luckv because his
wife had obtained a mere separation
and not a divorce, which she would
have got if witness bad been called to
ttsify. uoncernirg Miry watson.
Lady Watson testified that the nirl
was a house maid: witness found
Marv Watson in Lord Colin Camp
bell's bedroom in Cadosan p'ace. At
the time the defendant was sitting on
the aide of tbe bed clad in a night
dress snd the sirl was ljirg on the
bed with her arms around his neck,
Witness continuing, raid that when
she saw Lord Colin Campbell and
Marv Watson toeether. he raid
"Mary is a good little thing ; she is
very fond of me. She has very nice
bair; I often take it down and p'ay
with it." Witness had seen letters
from Mary Watson ts tbe dafenJaut
signed: "Your affectionate Mary.
Witness being Questioned admitted
that (he bad heard Lady Campbell
say in tbe preteni e of her nnabaod
that there wetea doun men that she
liked better than him. Here a letter
was produced written by tbe wit'
nets to the d-fendant, advising him to
set d.vorced and then to ''take a nice
little woman to he a companion and a
comfort to him." Witness admit ed
that Bhd wro'.e the letter, and raid
in reply to it Lord Campbell asked
her whether Lady Campbell wou d
requiro alimony if he allowed her to
set divorced from him. To this wit
ness answered that the Blood family
would hot ask for alimony and would
pay Lady Campbell s costs, lhe caee
was adjottrnei a' this point.
Lad 7 Calls Cumitbrll'a Statement.
A cable dipatch from London to
tbe NewYoik Herald by its corre
spondent eays: Lady Coin Camp
bell s brousbam stood in Iront f I her
residence in the Victoria mansions,
Westminster, when I calltd there thia
morniug, by sppoialment. uooree
Lewis, her solicitor, at a the hand'
eomest if not tbe acuti at and hardest
worked of any man of his high rank
at the bar, had juut diiven away
toward the chsmhtrs of Attorney
General Webster, Laly Campbell's
leading traunsel. 1 fouud ber prepar
ing to leave. She is a Celtic bruni-tte,
and an admit'ed btary. About five
feet nine In he'ght, etittly, and with
a frank lace and lus'rcus eyes, she
much reeemb ea tbe Rose Eytings of
twenty years ago. She wee weanog a
nign, open itont Donnet, oi daik
Siraw, trimmed with dark vel
vet and jet aigrettes. A
dolman of superb sable, entirely
covered her dress. "I have not the
slightest objection to telling Ameri
cans througn the Eerald," she betas,
what is likely to occur during my dl-
..li j
vviuo rutv. nruiuu Kxmiiiuuj, iuu
that will, lam assured, last at least a
week. Iam Irish born in County
Clare, of which my father, Edmond
Maghlln lilood, was once Sher if. I
am his youngest daughter. Then I
am represented as defonding Lord
Colln'ssnit. I am the p aintiff. I
am already judicially eeparated from
bim, for his cruelty. I now sue for a
full divorce, on tbe ground of his in
fidelity. I have made a certain house
maid corespondent. The evidence.
my counsel agree, is on this head in
disputable; The details of my first
suit ) ave never been pub isbed, for
it we s heard in cimera. Enough to
sytbatmy father was the principal
witness to disclosures made to him by
Lord Colin. These were cirroborated
by tbe fullest medical evidence as to
his condi ion, that led to mv long
li nens. In tha pending proceed
ings he. answered by recrimtna-
on quite as bsselees as those about
hePiince. Mv frionds believe they
sre trade purely in revenge. To
thaw how strong is Lord Coliu's mo
tive in this respect, when I was at the
Hotel Windsor, In Paris, after the de
cree of separation which, by the
way, four tribunals upheld on his ap
peal from it he obtained a warrant
from the Paris authorises, which can
be obtained on a mere statement, to
commit me to St. Lanre, the home of
depraved women. I was in Paris
with my parents. It is this trip on
which originated the allegation that
the Duke of Marlborough is my co
respondent. Both he and I are to be
witnesses regprding the absurdity of
the charge. This warrant was in
tended to degrade ma I was ig
norant of it, however, until Mr. Lewis
recent'y discovered it. I left Paiis
the day after it wis obtained, and
before Lord Colin could make it
effectual. Dr. Bird is made another
corespondent against me. This charge
follows on an attempt by the doctor to
collect against Lord Colin a judgment
for medical fees. During the hearing
of my first case his advocate. Dr.
Deane, who again appears, distinctly
told the Judge that there was no sus
picion as to any infidelity on my part.
Please observe that all the cross
charges are now alleged upon dates
before that first trial and decree, is it
to be supposed that the tstute law-
yets oi Lord Colin had not then made
tbe most rigid inquiry into my past
i fe 7 1 wish, therefore, that it may
be distinctly understood that none of
the ridiculous charges hinge upon
dates subsequent to my decree. Lord
Colin might as well have made every
male acquaintance I ave corespond
ents as select Col. Butler and Capt.
Shaw. An order for documents has. of
course, been hsd, but there Is no let
ter or paper whatsoever to be brought
forward in al'eged corroboration
of Lord Colin's charges. These
rest upon the evidence oi discharged
servants, one of whom will arrive to
morrow from America. I bear a for
mer butler of Lord Colin's. who, I
understand, has sinra hn in the ser
vice of Mr. Jay Gould, on his yacht.
The whole of the charges will be, I
am told, heard toaether. Sir Richard
Webster will open for me. and my
case can be beard in a day; then the
defense of denial and recrimination
ill be opened and the witnesses
beard. Ther cr bi examination is
likely to be long. Finally, I and all
the coreepondeiits will be called."
wieet oa then von hsve no tears as
to the result? Answer. Not tbe slight
est s to the legal result, but, na' u rally,
eome as to the effect of this throwing
mud upon the minds of the credulous.
the mum CASK.
Analysis of the Yerdlcf, Which Thf?
Believe Cuts Both Wa)g and
W II Do Uostl.
To th Editors of the Appeal :
I i d miiis ion from our mindn tbe
niw fulebroed caw of " h Preebyt'
nan Cuuci a v. Omveie &Cunve s
it st-ems in eve y way p ouer that
shou d mak- io i he Christian pub ic
tht flual saiem-iit. when follows
F am tbe ince tnn of thia piiifn
eltatr it was i,ur t upe, not toiui
thd defendanui, but to nave them bv
awakening them to a knowledge of the
fact that they wr ve,y generally re
ga ded as tne au'hors of reckless, an
even slanderous, statemenis. This
leeson. so iuipoitant fur ibem to lern
has been brought home ti them, as
we lnly believe, by the verdict ol
their Presbytery, rendered at the closs
of tbe recent trial. That verdict was
obtained against the most powerful
effirtaofone of the shrewdett and
ablest lawyers io Kentucky, who from
first to list availed himself of every
technicality in civil practice to ex
elude evidence. At last it stood
nineteen for acquitial and eleven for
conviction, upon a charge involving
the very foundations of moral charac
ter. They are, therefore, acquitted
upon such an accusation by a mj irlty
of eight votei. Of these, one was the
paetorof the excellent family of the
eider ol the Brothers Converse, who,
as we are informed, pleaded most pa
tneticauy at toe lest moment (bat ver
diet for condemnation was likely to
reeu't in the dee traction ol a life of
priceless value. Another was related
by marriage to the junior brother. A
third, through his family, was bound
to uooverse & Uo. by tbe closest rela
tions oi Dneiness and friendship. A
fourth, as 1b universally remarked
aming those who know him, h-s fir
vests been tnbiect to a painful disor
der of the nervous system, which hs
greatly intecsined bis emotional sus
ceptibilities at the expense of his
judgment. To what extent these pe
caltar circumstances and relationships
may nave nntonecionsiy impressed
four out of this maj rity cf tight is a
question I emitted to tbe cousidera
lion ot Intelligent men, we being
content to make known tbe fac's.
The verdkt under all tbse conditions
we regard as about tbe bar pest
that could be reasonably exptcted
Fur wbiletit does ni t affix tha indeli
hie ttigona of convic inn upon tbe de
feodants, it has clearly revealed to
them their awful danger, and their
best friends have expressed the
eirnes. hope that they may profit by
the warning.
Trie eleven ministers of their own
Presbytery who eust lined the indict
ment confessedly represent a large
proportion of its talent and culture.
It cannot be claimed that they are
biased by sympathy with Dr. Wood
ow, inasmuch as only two were on
his side in th controversy abjut his
soundness in the faith.
In view of the above etUed facts.
the prosecution feel justified in in
dulging the hope that tbe chief pur
pose for which they undertook their
painful task has been accompli'bed,
and that the trial will eventuate in
good to the church and in a mnch
needed warning to tbe accused, while
at the same time sparing them from
tne Irretrievable injury of a final con
NoviMBia 2S, 1896.
a sj
C 00
K 3
tt ?
w Y w
I 5
i i f i ! M i
M 1 M I W - K
I I I i 1 ! I eg I !
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! 1,1 i
! S ! 8
se i
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1 !
S Eg g
1 I
In part.
The other nineteen members, con
sisting of thirteen ministers and three
elders, voted "not to sustain" all the
way through.
All tbs twenty-nine specifications
contain the one charge of falsehood,
and all of these were sustained by one
or more votes, save Nos. 10, 15, 23
and 25.
PliUkwrs; Coak
Pittsbcho, Pa., November 26.
O'Neill & Co., sent out sixteen more
coalboats today and will start eight
tomorrow. There is yet considerable
coal here awaiting shipment, whVph
will be off fir the lower markets ts
soon as tbe steamers get np from Otr
clnnati. It is estimated that 12,000,
000 bushels have been shipped. The
liver continues at a good stage.
Partnership Notice.
' ' MlnrBia, November 22, 1888.
rpUE OBdnl.ned hare ihlt day formed a
Ar,SP.,.t,n?.r,",h.lP the firm name of
JOSEPH H. PULLEN k CO., for the par
roie of emrrrlnf on MonorM Wlnn
rtae) laewreuiM fiediiw. Mr. Joi,
B. Pallea will bTe Immediate oontrol and
manacement of the bnalneu.
Joa. H. itJllkn.
7K". thlr" d aold nd trn.f,rred to
VV Charlei L. and Joeeph 11. Fallen onr
entire Jniurinoe Aienor BqIc.m, end we
beipeek lor them a eontinuanoe ol tbe buii
neu heretofore siren to ni.
WM. H.PtnaKr? 4 CO.
" at yonr own bon
It eauif i, and a new
and iao..ai'ul CI) KB
tw.ntT-.laht r.'. K". " 1""
I OniSa. tl rMia . . J. -S
the oud peoialliu without "b7,t(. " can
i""t?A.iuJ'"." moaib'i and wnoe then
hundred! of otoeri. Fnlf partlmlara tent
on application. T. s pii.B
So. il Wett Slat itmt.liew lik dlty.
w "S
11 fMml with utrtc rrarc1 tnPiirltT.RtmiHh ana
tleaulifiiliii-v-. lr. 1'rttvV Hakinir Pnwjvr Mjiiiulna
nn Atninonln.Mmetnnn r rnnpnati-A. IT. f rirt' (
KilrocU, Vanilla, louion, vuj., Uarur dclloluualjr.
mcf BAK1MO POWtXH CO. Chkaqa and SI Im!
Kerrville Hotel at Publie Sale
II m atKKKhVlLLB, on the N.N"
and H. V. H.K . twenty niilsa tram Mam
rht. hhelbr ooantr, Tenn., I will mil to the
niffheit bidder, irte iiotoi and premitoe. eon
Utincol 7 86-l00aorebel(iniilni to tbe Kerr
ville Hotel Cnmnanv. dald HoUl la a in.
torjr frame bolldlna! hat 11 roomi beiidet
aucnen, pantry, terraTiti' room smoke
noute, icanie, ana oinnr ont-buildlnse,
lane Dated aarden and a an.id wall mi th
duur, and la a One bmineai lund being the
od'7 noiei in ine town,
TKHaS-One half c.ih: the balane la
twelve monthi, with lnterrt: bond with an-
vrorea leeontf win oe reauirea. end a nan
reiainei nntu tne rnropniie money li paid.
i7uracroi ine poara.
J. H. KicDr,y.U), fte-retarf .
For Horses, Cattle, Sheep,
;. iuga, nogi, rouitry.
Ckart ea SaDrn, aae tk ant Vna,
ronM-Ferere, Contwrtlnna, Inflammation.
U .. I I U. ul.. ..III. . -
ii t
r. r. one or i.ripea. iii-llvaf-he.
V,it, Mlararrlaae. llnnmrrniiPH.
11.11. I'rin.rv ,M kl,l
I. I. krupllve lllarnara, Mauao,
J. K. Illat-aaea ut Dltfc.llou.
t'rlre, UotUetorarWdowi). . . s
HtaMn l ata, with J'anoal, (too pamawiih
Y J , ni'uim a, UVHlettl w itc
nuui jh ana aiauioaior,
Sent Free on Rerrlnt of Prlre.
Humphreys' Med. Ce., 109 Fulton St.,
N. Y.
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
and Proatratlnn. (rum nvttr.wn.lp n ..I,.. . '
por vial, or 6 Vlula and Urya rial powder, lor 5.
MHJriT I)llIKKllsT. r aont poattiaul on nH-ript of
pries. UaaiDkraji-a.ii.aaia., Iuu i alia. HI., t.
OrKioa or tae Boaud or Kdocatiok,
Melntihit. Nnramnnr IKMA.
BfRfor Hiatiea theChrlaeu boboolhonse,
now In rourae i-t ereotion on the corner
0' Fourth and Keel trrata. will ha rnnnivail
at thia oflice up to VI m. Saturday next.
P an- and aiv.oinVutiom ean be cen at the
office nf M. (I. UaUwin, Architeot, No. 310
beonnd itreet.
B da will be Mae received for Latin Blrla.
walki at Market btreet lluiliiins to tbe lame
date. Plana and apecifl'-ntiona can be lean
at thii otBot. lhe ikoard reserve! the right
o reject any and I I tuia.
tij order ol the Board.
- A. B. ntLL, Secretary.
UAa veV
I not a liquid, tt.uff ur ponder. A ppliei
into nottriliiiauicklv ubtvrbed. It ma net
theliead. Allay inflammation. JlutlitM
wren. HeitnrHthi units of tmte and nmell.
Manual PrugvItU; by ", rtgUUrti,alemu.
LY BROTHERS, Druggists, Dwsgo, W. I
A Valuable Patent.
Dnarj'a (llorae) Torn and Pa Plan-
HAVIKQ perf;ted my Intention, I wleh
:o plioe it bafore the public, especially
nuDOfactnreri. Ai a Oorn Planter, It la e
perleot aaoseet oieni the drill, diatribaud
the teed Moontely, nninlared, and eoyerd
the lame, therobj one man performing th
work of three. The? hare been med la
thii lection for oyer a doaen yean with per-
feot attifaotlon. tian (ive reipoonoie teau
moniaii. Addreif .
J0HK H. PANCY.Danoyrllle,
Hatwood coenie. i e"
tt Of eiralav, II 4 ereiii lie maraM '
art DlajMtlwe Organe mu4 lhe)
paver, Skia DUiiwa, Oatta, Bnrnt,
SaJIa . Bmleea. ACID I BOA
BARTH la at apwrlfle.
kwaamaUeeta, malauia.1 Sleear
etora, OlUwaiU Diarrha
MlaaM eeieee ef bi4 PalMatUaeT,
field wltkaeat fall te tea
Bail aaUwa mw.
Ataa Saw trw paa 'telitt. aw Ira aawB
4 all 4Milra watM, Biiiiailwa
trwaa tka A. I. K. Ce, MsjSiUi, AAaa
At Wholesal" b ? TAWT I-FET 4 CO.
nKMlii.rK,KI. W.-Boerdoa tee Hill,
Mri. H- 0, Howard, Waahinatoa
Park. Roomi laraei looatina d.lwbllul.
CooTeni.c1, to eara to ManhatUa lieanh,
Ooaey Iiland, Lon Baanh and Oentral Park I
alto ta Ntw Xork plaoet of aaateaMBt. .
u-iraina,.aint-ni-Na, i
. ('. IM.Icnipcr. Q.nl III
. yy. Hun or Uruba. w
Jjao4 Bart.
Qsnss aUac
noi (Wmn i Artifica
Trade HI eft J
?2 P. trsss :V
S3 S
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton JeEtotoro,
No. SOO Front Stret. : IfZemnhfa, Tet.B
laOW. H and 10 HTKEKT. ... TEWN.
AJlXUtBW nsWlXtt Saw Orison.
WholesaleGroceis, GotFactoia
KTRW Onr.E41sJB, f4FlIAJtBj
330 Nt'eond Street, Tfemnhln.
Materlala, Pumpa, lln'ra IV.lla. Iron, Iad and Htnne Virie. aa Plxhirai. llrlea. 10-
9 r
lajwaea lia! 1"
Ccrs, Sasli, Blinds, Molding, Lin
m Bniogies. JTloorlog, Veiling ud CUu fts$
niton MoisIdb Gracerf
201 Front Street, Oppowli7ntoni llonaw.
0. e. iitji.
UMcsalo Grocers
Stl From. Street, MemphlB, Tea. ft.
Oettsa teatlf ae4 ta ai will lays ear tarefkl attentl.a. We tarry at all abaee a atV
teleeted (teak el
ttipls . Fancy Grscerlet, Wines. Llquortjskucs & Cu
a aiw will e.ll aa
And CommlflsloB Merchants Hay, Cora, Oats, Bran, Chop Feed, Oil Heal,
Lime, Cement, Plaster, UaUtllus; and Fire Brick, Etc. 1
Dor. Front and Union, 1
Cigars and Tobacco
B7B Wsiln Wtrt. Opp. f)onrt
C:il:n Factors. UIioIc:2lo Grc::,
Jim. 11 TTnlttn t3trt.
It. 0. PIAKOB. 7
Cotton Factors & Commission Herch'ts,
2J0I .
-Baa .
akdbbw d. awTJin,
T, mm i go.,
tt. S. WITT.
k. A. f AEOB.
& Cotion Factors,
l,ae a h Lawawe.
Howard Row, Memphis.
Nntr. Hfinphla,Tnn.
t t uempblB. Tenn.
M Uauloa elarvwa.
5 1 DIt.
1). 8. JOHNSON'S
No. 17 Jefferson Mreet,
(Between Wain and Front.) HEMPnid.
. IKaiahllahed In lHU.f
J JR.JOH N.-iiN ia art nowledaed ky al! paN
-- ' Intereated aa by tar Ibe aoet aoi
oe(ul i-hyaioian in Ibe treaimentof prlrata
oraecret dison. (Juii-k, iiernanent cares
Ruarnutoed in every mm, maJe or foiualej
ent oac of (ir,nurrhe and 6yrhill
cored In e f, w d.iya without the u.e of tner
oury, rhanjre ul diet or hindranoe frnoa'
otit-me.. ('OonllHrv Kvihih.. th
tu-e eradicated witho-itthe u.e ol meroory.1
lnvolunfrr li ol -.man atupped in abort t
tiuie. huflornra trom imiwtency or Ion ol
eual ,;wer reatur e to tree riaur la a few
wenlta. i -lima ol aell-aiiuae and .loe.iirw
tenery, aui0ri.-i Iro.u aiieriuatorrhea nd
loaa,,r hyniial and mental rmwer, iodlly
an I perinimently cured. Particular at ten I
tion rani to the lisae ol Women, and
oorca guaranteed. Piioa and old aorea oared
wtthnut the uae of oaudic or ibe knife. All
opneultat.oni itrloily cinfldentlal. Medi
olnet lent by eipre.i to all parta ol tha
?"w.orJ,n?ra,n enred at half the nan
0 dock p.m. D. t). JPHNbON, M.D.
Queitlon It eniaalni onr atricnltnral
manlty. Metan. R. Q. CRAIG A 00.. Hoe..
S7 and S9 Union street, Memphlt. Tenn-
are daily In receipt of
noru on (Towtb In dlreraUed arewrtu-
oorn, oatt, wheat, rye, barley, eereaU. a&
orohard, herdt, olovar, Ull meadew a
raai and timothy iraai
All onr wornoqt ied(t 1-ndi :,ay ba ra
slalmed by towinirre asi clorer on tbeia la
fall or iprlns , or lowlrt oow-ptu to M iy.,
one cr July, thactur" onder, and
Improre th' land.
IH G. 'HAI aV CO.,
Airlooural TmpletneaU and Heed Dem i ,
jd rmt ntAitpy r.ir t in Criirlnal Bf fshoai
Ib-w.-voof iiu.i.itiitiia. -
(OneOmnlne anlt-aa bon ring tbleHtawiM
f ' t,t. I'nrtcoiieil la Vun
vtlt?t;,t.njort tuul JgifHStttni
rtwv. A in- t;iliarii wnt u
k, ;,f 1"A I' - l."WWM I'nn litiOHa
'( " J 'M uu' tun o or iNirrt.oc. 4
Thle Ui Kinri'n lil.rli.T In theenrtmaavm of
Vanr U.an ai' oiiur tu lh worlt I'honr
amulH wuo vi wilrilUiull iuu tlu roawia U yuel
aaa limm.
FroclamaiioD by the UoTertior,
The State of Tonaeafeo Wm. B. BaU, tloy-
rnor To all whe thall lee theie preaenta.
WUKI1KAH. It bat been made know t
methatDem llrnne (s), eh-tel k
harlna oommitted murder on the tx ol
Roach Oakl.y on the day of OotuU
in our county of Hh.lbr. S.d iro-ti ; - i.v
and 1 nulling at laraei
flow, thererore, 1, wm. H. isate,
aa afnreiaid, by rir ue of tbe pow-;
thority ln me reated, do hereby
ward of two hundred and ll'y dol
peraon or j eraona who may aui
aid Ham Bruce (c), and dellfer
lierlfl" or Jailor of. onr vouaty oi
In order that junice in that belinl
had and executed. Tbli reward la
half on deliyery to aherifl and hall
id aa
urtit i to any
, iad tha
to tha
aar ba
-i tea-
In Tertlmony Whereof, I bare hen , -o ear
Biy ha.d. and dauaad I ha (treat H.,.1 l.
oiaie io oe aimed, at Naibyuie, an
uii oi itbvemoer, isao.
r, .v n WM BA!
By the Ooyeraor.
John Alllion, BeretarT of Bute.
No. 6023, R. Chancery Coart ef h .
county Htae of Xeuntitea Tl. J
Wneeloret al.
BY virtue of an Intarlneatory dec re
ale entered In the above laaeeo
1lhdnyollotoher, lWKi, M.O.M, paae
will Bell, at lubllo auction, to tha b'i
hdder, In front of tbe Clerk and Ms
offioe. at the Main alreet entraaoa of
oourtbouatul Bholuyoouuty, Meniphia, T ,n
necc, on
taaiiirttav. Urenibcr 4. IHN4I.
within Iniinl houra.tbe followinc deaorfbeo)
property, ait'ialed In Kh-lliy canty. Tea-
neuee, to-wlt: A tracr ut land aeont lour
milea ea.t n the ally ol Memuhli, e.tlaoini
atlbeioutu lidool tue Pliieonroeat road at
iti iuten.nlou with Otoy avenue; thenoa
with (aid Pixeonrooat road eaatwardly or
anuihouaiw:ird'y to a tUiko at the eorner of
Uelhel'a Hold to a lane known e Owen't
laiio; thence n uth with .aid lane aboot 2$
ohtina to iu interacction with Walker ave
nnei ihence with Walker areaue weat ta
Utcy aveoue; thouce noitb with Otey avenue
to the bmlnnina. ouutaiuina one nundreiL
and reveniy. two arret, more or leaa.
ierma or Bale tin a credit or 'IX nj.ntlil;
nolo with roourity. bvarinc intereit, re--quired:
lien retained : redemption barred.
Thin November II. I WHS.
H. I. MiUUWbol. Uerk and Mutw.
By 0. F. Coleman, Doiiutr 0. and M.
, H, A 0. W. lloiikeil, Hol. not
pert anil comp'ete the won winiia tea aaye.
1 bia la at lb rate ol only one fllih of a cent
a line, for 1UI0 Clioulntion I The adrortlae
nent will appear In but a tingle laaae ol any
paper, an I conaoquently will be plaoed be
fore One .Million different newspaper pur
chaser.; or Kiva Mili.iow lUAueaa, if it ia
true, aa la aometlraea staled, that every news
paper it looked at by live pertont ea an ar-
ro. Ten linea win accommoaate anoui
aevanty-flre worda. Addreaa, with copy of
auveriiaemcni Baa ounra. vr srnn wu
for book of -.6 pagea. HKO.P. HOWELL
CO.. 10 Hpruce atreet. New ork.
Proclamation by the Governor.
TlietUtite of Tenicayee Wm. B. Vjta, Jor-
e rnor 10 all who auun tee iuojo rro.nun,
Oroe'lng: . , ,
HKKKAS, It ban hcen made known to
r me that iiiiao uukauwn party or par-
tiea obitrired with having committed a tool
and atrooioua murder on the body of John
(irubam, on the illlli day of Ootoher, 1HHT.. In
our county ol Hhelby, tied (rum luatlot and
Dow runnlnif ut large:
Now, therefore, I, VVm. Bute, Governor
aa aforeaaid, by virtue of the power and au
thority in me voated, do hereby offar a re
ward of two hundred and ally duller., to
any pemon ot peraona wbo may appren.ua
u k.v.a-m ..Ur nart .a. and de
liver him or them to tbe Bhoriff oc Jailer of
eur oounty of Shelby, in ordr that ju.tloa
in ihni i. artuii y'. a list niu sua .tiv u toia
fh a reward It made payable, one half o
delivery to the Sheriff tad
no halt en ooa-
teei'imony whereof, I hove horeunlo aet
i ,i rt.,,.AJ the ureal heal of tha
State to be ailix.d at NiuhviUe, an the lStJ
ay of November. li. fl
y the Oovernor:
J'HjiAi.4!'y'' Heoretary ol State. .
Tait BKLT or He
(neritoritmadaea :- -ir.fiiy lor tne cure
lrViiof degeneration of
degeneration of'
r. . v !tha gonerative or
rCJgana. There it na
v v mikeaben thiain-
... .
nm.Bt LA . OCQ-
uoua ttream oi
tln through tha
a mo.: reatora
i Kii.il t i-ar-
them to healthv action, uo not oonioaun
ail lilt from head to toe, It li ifor the Oh 8
tPMlSa rurpo-. '"fe'' M
nlorcnatllon, anjrea. vuvr
Co.. VM Weahlngteo ttrael. t'hieagu
ftnurtft vu"' .I , ni
JjwJrTl ! lne adv.rtiement
f V- ,..-a luerlcan Newaua-

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