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lliemlli to
Is la receipt of a larger.
liens,) tkaa was evsr iboirn
tack campriiei tha choicest
u4 Most d arable goads in gentlemen's wear.
MT" Staples and Prices
who have left measures... .
JPa 1 Ha
' Hi .
Mi Stock Open
WE would resrentful'r announce to tha pnblie that we have opened an Auction Enure,
end will conduct the General Auction Business, at our olii stand. lo. 19 mhIh
titreet, iu the Wel.st-r B ook. Having aejurod to services of MaJ. J. R. MeDOfi ALD, the
well known Auction Sale man, who hna a Ions expert 01 in the auction Outlines, we are
prepared tomake se'e at KKSiDEN' KH or H'tORtUOUSEs, and will pay particular atten
' iion to the oh la of Real E-tute and solicit a liberal patronage, asour mutto in QUICK SALES
and PROMPT bET TUKM It NT J We will make special ralea with Attorueta, Adminis
trators, Assfgntes, rheriffs. Commissioners and Muirdians. hales at our bale-rooms daily
at 10 o'clock a. m and at 7 o'clock p m., and Trade be ea ono a week, the dty to be an
nounced hereafter. Consignment ot Merobandsn of every kind en'icited.
N. lt.TiiOF eft CO., Licenced Auctioneer.
J. H. MOP(INL. wla.mn.
,,,.,. -, ra i ' mnn 1-3 ORE-On th 23d mat. Owner can hare
MEMPHIS THEATER -Tl byprnv.rg prop.rty and paying
Ha. JaitAX JAJU iuA -J charge-. F. A. JON BH A CO.. HI Muni.
Evrrjr Nlaht Aij, Natwrdiir and . . , T T ,
lhanhelvlw .le. fl ULB - Owner ean have same by proving
zr iXL property and payingoear.es.
am n. sr . yoajk """'" aan" a w vl wPKi.i.MAW. " d Ma.tl.nr.
li rSlin I -I I MKAttD U 8 OLES.
eSl Oi Htlli H It :'' II I UtP-Nov. 18. one brown and while New-
A 1: 'j Jrfi P-aJ Jl Jl " X un ilnd pop , Return to A . M Mi ton
HUlairuv W l.aU' ,. aw -I., h. .tenet, a d Kg -cwsrHnd.
Abbott. Annandale, Frioirei ttiohelens,
Montegriffo, Proet e, Brodarlck, Allen.
. Emma Abbott blsawe Avery Perform
-FRI. NIQHT...4 rtapfno and The Fairy
SAT. MAT"AbboU'a Lut Rose.".Horlhs
SAT. Niiht-AbHott's Farewell Performance
Wait Week 8iLrjKT' TROCBapocas.
Open Daily rnn 1 uutil 10:30 p.m.; Satur
days and Holiday rora '0 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Alueoum will be ooeu rim 10 a.m. to 11
p.m. f r the a comm idatio" of the t oblic.
WEr.K ATl'KACTliiN, offering a grand
gala wck to tha pnblie
every Opnriment, both MUballM AND
JOe ....ADM 8 ION TO ILL lOe
rWrrvad S.aia. In Exir..
BEAUTIFUL nOME-Three miles from
City, on foplar st . our. Treievant ave.,
33H aorei.S aore gtoro, re I under plow.
inquire at 476 mi-a ppt avenno
FOR CI tY PROPERTY Farm of 236aerei,
in Tiptin oountv, 2 rntlaa from Atoka,
en C, 0. and el. W. h. R. ; 100 acres oi
fine timber) dwo'H' ghou-e ol 8 rooms, in
good coed. linn; $12 b rn, and neosrfary
outhoufai. Me'hoai t Diatrict Cnnierenoe
High Huh ol wi hio ra t ml e. Suitab e for
grating of cotton. For terma, e'o , apply to
H U OI'LLKM.4 Mdis n tl.
KATIB n DSFLl,-Heae write to yur
on FRNK M. H., fremphis, Tenn.
UO K A iQ RILL to wtther etrl
VJI yonreoora and w nduws There is (ol
comfort art d enom my in this
Corner 6eo-
ona ana maoion strreta
DR. J. D. WHITE-2 Main, enr. Jeffer
on t Oflloe telephone 831; residence 98.
CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor of ih Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
lavr. Talpboi-HW. HIPS CTIB"INS.
FOR KKST. i!ic,! ...
ROOMf A' 65 Madison
J street. B. M. ESIE3, SIS Hadiaoa
f)(-i CARR 'LL AV.-Zroomt, lurnlihed
JuJX or aoiurat.heii, suitable ar maaand
wife er ssgle lady 1 Dne l.eation and mode
rate terms
ROOM-Delrable frnt toobb, furnished,
at 124 Vancewi'rn-'.
TWO very niecly t'uruit-hed looms, sin.le
or en suit. ai '4V Madlon ttract. "
NBA! Cl TlAUE-hit ronms. Apply to
A. OrDKH, l7Tal otst.
On Old Rale fro ro.d. one new store
house, known as ChertnutTrot place, fitted
pnp for dr goods, arooariesand'teid; ttore
and feed-roenja both large; new Howe Seales
in the floor of foed-mom. Inquire of
R. . TKkhY. on the plaoe. ,
FURNIHbD room, with or without board,
foi table tor .eotleman aad wile, or two
gentlemen, a 1 438 njoo atrret.
avanue and Jackton street; two-ston
frame, about 24 aore 1-od, Iruiiaof all kind.
Ana frata and v iiatabla aaldan. -Will 1 ant
for a seriee of yaara. A Ijv another plaee,
me en acre, near uaavon'-ei ana vinai
a fruit, w tb r-HUenc .
i. n. wcjf AtttAWU.tg waaison n.
TJOtJSU-W.tb. tit rootas.
Apply at No.
.fA a. annmerry s r. et.
Noa. S. 0 and 10 Its Onttna Urnbann
Building, on second loor. Irontine on tfeoond
eireet, iormeriy eons pied y M. B, aud A.
R.R. Apply at 81 Mad.son itreet. -
LAR4BST0BE-flnrtnor and eellar.
with side and fear aatraaoee, Hu4. SOI
and SOB Mala etieet. 1
. OFiICKtS-fifl. IDS Seoond street. -
DWe,LLlIi08-oe 891 liaia street. UC
Court itreet and V Quimby aueeU v- i- .
VACANT LoTti-Apply to
R. B. 6NOW1EN or J. U aOODLOB.
, 1 .'3S. Madlsoa itreet.
ROOMS Pleaaant -eweeas, furnished -II
desired, with rcforencefi at 819 Madison.
0rlCB-Firet:noor- , . ,
, At M Madison street .
4 ELKO A NT ROOM8-T-AtWMsrkejt'itreeti
inile or en stile, furniahed er nniur
nUhed, aood water, and rear business.
STOREBODsK Four story and basement
etorebeure No 264 Front street.
CtOTTOH ' FFICE-AppIt M- Appar
yioa A Co., Mo. 364 Front street. . 1
HOtPB-220 Washington 8 .1 T rooms an
bMbrp. m. Apply at 1S3 Poplar St.
STORE Hi 'I 8 h1
No. ltw Main 8treet.
ho Vl.io 8ireet.
No 2r7 Main Street.
Applyto lAMtSLtK,Ja., 4 Madison St
LTLBOANT newly furniibed rooms, bath
Jtrf m. '"tn'r. 1IM Vt nri nfr
Moiford, Jeweler. s!ll4 Main street,
solicits oidtTflromlhe ooontrfa
More varied tod be tier se
thla seasoa's Import.
la this Market. Ths
desires, finest textures
oa application to those
for Inspection
MARES Ihurrday. one black and one
none' in le; both youne; 14 hands
high: branded M on left hip. Any informa
tion properl rewarded.
E. K. M A RTI f , Lock-bo-t 210.
HORSb. n ag.d ro.n bone i-bout 15
bands bith, with enlarged hock on left
hind leg. and left eye li jnred. Finder ill
be rewarded by returning to J. L. Hall's
stab e. 65 Union s're't.
MULEb On the night ol Oct. Sd, 8 uiiiel
enst of Cellierville, 2 black mare mules 1
one about four years old, In good fii ana
trimmed up, with lit'le white spot under
law; the other, ten or twelve years old.
rough, and nt so well trimmed. Reward
for information, or return of mules to J. W.
Young, Memptis, or
W. T VH fCK. f!r,lHrvlll, Tenn.
XV WD I.UMPKIV.9 MaHl.on at "
GOOD BOARD By the day or wet k-
At m Th rd street.
r00MS Two unfurnlshad roems.
it 133 ADAH3 ST.
bo.rd. at No. 60 Adnms erect.
TABLB BOARD The best the market a.
fo-rla. At 87 CPU H f STREET.
NELY tnrniahed Iront room, with ele
gant biard, lor single gentlemen 1 87
Cmrl st'eet
(JT. JAiKS lluUSf fH Adams street.
O Rmmt, with or wlthon t board
I EalKABLE RoOVtS-Wttk board, at
IJOOMrt floaaam luraiah u rooma. with
Lv board, for ladies or eentltn en. Terms
Tory reasonable. S!t2 Court Eitended.
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, ainvle or en
suite, furnlfhed or nnturnlahed, with or
w'bont t.n .rd : ofVerrotn.. I'4 torton't.t.
ALIVE and Enerretin Bu'n-s Man,
wiib a raoiUI of about t 0 0 0 caiala
01 baodiing five or ten aleu.ea, t e.tab
lifh a branch of our bu'ineM n tbi 0 t
Our good- are well a-d f,vo ally kn wa and
In general ue. FroB s large, and no ris nt
lom by Hr.terlora inn. Address P. O. Box
296, Cincinnati. Ohio ,
All AN To esnvanseod m.nni 'nv 't
sen, to control alls-lesnt thelocan
deeoett Liiht, equal to f 0 Caidl'S in Mem
rbls. Fir pa'Xcu'ars, terms ete. address
LADY or eentleman, w th a ma'l capital,
to travel this t-tte, introduoii'g avalua
ble invention. Address 1.. this efSoe.
OCRAP IRPN-A oiaatitv of
lovet a'd
O micbin'r icrapimn andold car wheels.
Pt. Lnuia Mo.
At Chamber Hou.
AtSlg-'h.lhy tet.
WHTTB Chambermaid; ood w.aea . muat
coma well room molded, lfr Secnu.
L3Al.EbME la evr Oimi iu to f ion
O torepreaent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
ireoiALTiie that are popular and easy sell
Bi. Can be handled alone or In connection
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
VkRYBODY To call and see ti-rele-brat.d
Oypy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
atrrat. near ropier.
tlAfkMEN lo do suttmn work on ih
iuu Memphis, bi mii.aham and Atlan.ie
R.R. , near Ab rd en, Mls Apn yon work.
L HAHVEY A LEE. 1 ontr e'ors.
ROOM r-Kuruisnaii trunt room., wuh use
of bath-room, Icr two gentleu en Ad
dreas A , 27i Second street. -
rPUKait MN-Te do 1 got Wor.. "
piy at 101) 1 niro street.
I l.v oun a 011.V art for oasn ores
s enanv m i' ,ri 1 k'i
Memihi Breach Iron Mountain
ages i 75 per d .y. Apply on
th aork. ,chL Eutle. mt of Ht.pl An
f - , Oe-MFNS KELLY.
I.- . r tl )l. Y k f flOTT.
Ill t 1 'on. oil irm, K.ffi and Bones,
L lJJ Fea bers and Hide-. -end for
prloe Ibt Adorers SAM OA BAY, Agent
and Con mlislon M rehent.Mami his.
LiWRRY NB to know thi Woodruff k
III O iver have removed th-,lr re 001 tory
to Nos 878 ami SW Front street, adjoining
thetiayo'oH tl.
bLAI Or part ol a reaidenna librae or
'Broms), in good nel.hbor-ood. for
light bona keeping, Ou reasonable ter-ral "f
. e'veha-eo. Ad. C. H T..t-H . fllce
ki 1 I'KAWB Aiftperday; 1.0 lr vers
LKJyi a. (IO ier dav. Pv ev.rv fia.r.
daynlrht 200 4 at'on Men; wili-pay fmw.
12 to 17 cent per yard. Bert work oe th
levee: 0oroet; no grabbing; all new work
la fields. )4n d "am P. I qilre of
F, A. JON BP A CO., 61 Monroe street.
or an works . f Forrpat k On . Aestln. MI'S.
J OOD Colored Cbamberioaid,
J At 72 Madisna street.
CtOOK-Onod trat-olass cook at 29V-4 Bee-
ond street tp-stairs.
KOuMl Two or three onfurnlabed rooms
by two per.oos. At p y t Schilling's
Boardir gboose, adti'S street.
A OEN is
In evrrv mwn t sell Pianos
XI and Ortant
HOUCK A CO., Vempb a.
DAY BOARDEllS Or wl bout rooms.
At H Kan CoUrl ureet.
oruor in bet sty leu at
MAN An iotellUent.enrreat man to rep
reeent. n hie own looslitr, a la-ge re-
ronsible bouae. A renutrB.tiv sir to
bt party. Steady poaitinn References
exebanaed. a mertoan Manutaotaring lluse,
16 Barclay St., N. V. .
11 JIUiLy W
f HdiL
Tbe S'qncl ff Krcrnt nirorce Pro
ceediup' A Full Illwtorj
of I he I atie.
Mrs. Catrie Aibes. nee Wacon br.
defendant in a dirxree rae decided
8airBt her ebout tea dsyeaxo, left the
cny tDU'roav ;n'(itit in toe company
of Frrd 8. llisbop, the cotespOLdant
in the cue-, and a well known mn
boot town. It was rumored that the
departiDs couple had been nni vd in
marriage before thtir departure, but
as no license Dad been taken oat in
their names in the County C ork's
offlre, there is probably no fouoda.ion
lor tne ri poit.
were Inst tuted in May, 1886, by O. M.
8. Aiken, tbe dtfe&dani's husband,
who is employed ts bookkepr by
Jones B os A Co , a thriving firm of
cwon Duyers, wnose cUiceieat Ko,
3i Mtdieon ttreet. The peti'iou on
n e in tee case r negee tnat O. JB. e.
Aien ana larrte aiaoomotr were
pair ed at New Bedfoid, Ma s, April
22,1877, and that thfv removtd to
Memphis on the VOth of October. 1883.
In Beptemotr, 18S5, the liu bd dig
c veied that hie w fo'e afft-c io"s hd
become Bliecated from him bv Fred 8,
Bis op, viho tecretly visited his house
while he was at work, end dishonored
hie ho Hie That eid B shop also
fr. quBi.tly met cojrp'alnai.t's wife by
appuimraeiit et a house on Mot roe
ttreet." a hcu-e rhsmed in the neti
tion as beirg of bad repute ana an
aaeignitlon hi u e at the time of the
fl ing of the p tit on. Oa tbe (ith of
April complainant heaidthat his wife
was at tbe housn iniiioatrd, and acting
npon tne Information, he went
there and foond her, and took
her away, coWying her that he would
apply fori divorce. She replird, fays
itie petition, tr.at cecold fcaveaol
vorce, provided be did not allege
atiuiteiy, but would charge abaodon
ihhi.L I: ie aleocriariftd that sliO vis
led a bcu'e on J'tfeisin ttreet, and
th- re oommitied adultery. Theie are
alto charge j in the petition that she
was iiit mdte with other men besides
Bisbrp, whose names (omDlainatt
could liot g've. Uq the Z3d ot fcep
tembe r, lSbC,
denyu g all tbe charges, pre totting
that the bouse on Mocrre s'reet whb
above euptctoD, tbatsh" bad visited
it frequently in tie company other
busbsnd, and that B thop whs a via t
t r at her house with her hut band's
contort That he did not take her
away from the house in qui s ion, end
that he nevtr notiSed tier that be
would apply for a divorce, but on pro
teose that he wai ordered to Helena
and thence to NVw Ei gland, not ber
to leave for lhA Eist ia advance, paid
her fare, kisred ber goodbye, and then
took advantage of htr absence to apply
for divorce.
developed t'Stimony that satisfied the
court of Mrs. Aiken's guilt, notwith
standing tbe fait that defendant was
present ia perron and by counsel, and
given every opLorturity to refute tbe
dempginc testimony produced sgaintt
her. The com t granted Mr. A u en a
detrte of absolute divorce. A few
days ago Mrs. Aiken eppealed from
the decree
Among tie ttjinga that first raused
Mr. Aiken to su'pect bis wi'e was the
intrrceo ioo of a )t er addiecsed lo
h.s wile, and which reads as fillows:
' Hsuratg, April 21,1885.
Drag Midim-I trost you will pard. n tha
I bert I have taken in addreSflng you this
note. 1 have been told you it uni apply
married, tine myself. Judiiin Irom your
bnaht and cb-er ul face ana manner, I tuve
oonclnded 10 wrte you asking an intervl. w,
in lie hope ih .t we rati tolve the proi lem
and both ne 1 ai.p. I have no io d you and
y ur little lady fri-nd nianr, man times,
and ihat his noa gone lo tiuoiunatii, and
w ndred if you wae really as h ippy as you
teemed. Awai ing jour reply 1 m, truiy
yours, K. C RAY ..OND.
Kajmord is evidently a fi'titk.us
nnnif, assumed for th" occasion, no
suet person bvinu noted In the diiec
t ry. Th writing is at 0 clearly dis
guised. Ms Aiken ia a b'unefte, of
medium bight and shapely flxu e, and
t-etrs a s iong lesemblaoie to Fay
Te upleton.
MANcnssTeB cloths wsre qilrt, fair
inqu ry. Yarns quiet, rather e-sier.
. New Orleans c t on quotation ad
vanotd 116c yesterday, middliag,
8Jc. N
Mehpbis Cot'on Stogie and Com
press ttock was qucted ytsteiday at
0 tton rereints at TJ it' d States
po'ts on fhurta-y, Tbank'givngday,
36 042 bales, as against 37,012 same
day last ytar.
Chicago cash corn, 36,0 ; December,
36J May, 4: 0ti wheat, 74c;
Dec mhe', 7)H-; May, 8ijc. Ca h oats,
26cj December, 2f.;;M.y, 30,0.
Br. Lnuis cash pork steady at
10 87JQ10. Cash lard firm at $5 85
ft 90 Cash clear ribs unchanged at
$5 3"(S)5 40. Cash hogs steady at
$3 704 10.
Kansas City cah No. 2 white corn,
32c; N'. ,2 mixed. 31 Jc bid. Cash
wheat, Nn. 2 soft, 69 j ssknd ; No. 2
railway, 63c. Cash oats, 25o bid; No
vember, 25 J
" Visitor on 'Change yeateHey t R.
II. D mri, Chicago, 111. ; W. D Btrat
too, Fort Worth, Tec ; E. E. Tucker,
B Wville, Miss, aad Walter L. Clark
of Mi elteippi.
Mmrais cotton sales yesterday,
3800 bales receipts, 7060 bales; stock
on band, 147 624 tales. Sales for the
week, 1800 bales: to exporters, 10.
600; to sp nnty, 7900.
St. Loots cash corn, 34)?; Decem
ber, 34 Jo: My, 391 0 aed. Cash
wheat, 76c ; December, 76Jc bid ; May,
84 '. Cash oa s, 26J'z7J; .Decem
ber 261 b d; May, 30o bid.
Cacoocsh aod Decmver me's
pork. $9 72); January, $10 47 bid.
Cash la d, $0 95 bid; December $5 95;
January, $6 02 bid. Cash and De
0 mbtr clesr nbs nominal; January,
$6 35 bid. Hog rece pts yeataid.y,
37,500 bead.
. A LEADtfto Liverpool grain c'rau
larsayn: Tbe wheat .market is very
s eady ai d nrices are dearer for some
poitObS. B if-ioeas, however, is less
tctive. Wi h light deliveiies of En
glish, redactd shipments fiom India
and A nrr e ', and exoected small sap
pts Lt the near future, there are
niroiig elements i i favor if a furthtr
modeoatr-'advaDce. At today's nur-k-'
tier was a fair atiendDC.
What was Roller, wi h a sir a 1 bus'
t e s it pt vi ut iti-a. Fiour wa
firm b it n t ctive. Oun, ia tue ab
teuce of av'if ty, wa 1 lower.
Geo'ue J Beur r to Wi l'am J.
Lem , truetee, 1 1 secure W. J. Leap's
MfmpiiH brnch in ths ram of $235.
alt e saloo'i fixtures, consbtirg
rouniers, soeiviog, ice box mnrot
clot k, stove, s'tow cases, tabls,chr,
b-t les ai d glassware, in saloon N.
04 rif.l- s r'tt
araJ F. t'ovitg'on to Q-o ira M
Querrout, power of 'attjriey tj S'ku
tifr name to cutcis, nitio.te no'et,
who Say a the liae la Now Bele
Heirveyed Frwta Vaw Hsirea,
Ark., lo VMetflelil, Has,
Isrtettl TO TBI arrsaul
Littlb Bock, Ark., November 26.
As railroad building is norv the para
mount utue in Ataarsa, and one in
which the average citir,n takes gnat
Interest, yoar correspondent today in
terviewed Osneral Manager Henry
Wood, of the Valley route.wbich road
is at present running a survey from
VanBuren, Ark., to Winfixlii, Ka.,
concernirg the progress of the survey,
add from him learned that the
engineers have traversed about two-
thirds of the route, and Ihat the work
wou:d be completed by ths middle of
December. No scive steps will be
taken iu the nutter of lavine track
until the tale cf tbe Fine BiuU branch
of this road. The Indians alonor Dor.
t ons of the tine look with suspicion
ou the apiooa h ot the iioo horte, but
to far bsve offered no opposition to
tha surveying party.- ibs Boston bond
holders ot toe vauey rou'e are
shoitiy expected here, when a full
snrvey will be ' made of the
road, and all preparations necessary
takon ts cbutplele the line esrly iu
the epilog. It is alio Intimated that
meatturs are oft foot looking to the
removal of the general shops of this
syrtem lrom Arkantaa u ty, Ark., to
th s city, w tiers it fB pioitosed to erect
ehops costing in tba neignborhood of
$5110,000. Th s wl.l be t one ptovided
enukietit ecccurasetufnt is teceived
from the basnets men of
Little Rock to warrant tiie move. It
is proper to state that thi absve clause
was obtained lrom otner sources tnan
Col Wood, There is Utile d ubt,
however, tbat substantial aid will be
easily oblaked from our butinees
men, because suoh change ss abt-vti
indicated would insure Ue dis ribu
ti ;n of some $40 000 mobiLly ia this
Miss Cab bib M. Kbatinq, pianist.
may be found est the Gayoxo Hotel.
P. M. Btanlky, funeral director and
embaimer, 65 Madison atteet.
Lovbly orangn bloesonn for brides'
dresses at the Women's Exchange.
Jd?t arrived, the "Improved Call-
graph." Key A Ca, 44 Ntrth Court.
Q. W. MlLLkBdcCe . P-eLt Asbe tos
Fire Proof Hoofers. For durability.
equaled by none. UVed on word, tin,
iron, felt and gravtl roo's. No. 55
Madison ttreet.
Tab Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonloand antt-pexiodlg kno"tn. A certain
and sure our for eiiills Pritl per bot
tle. Send stamps for elreo'ri. Any re.'-
trense gixen. Address John C. Rucker,
ynchbert. Va. . ,
The most efflosoloos stimulants to
excite (he appeti'e are Anno tura Bit
tnrs, prepared by Ds. J. Q. B. Siegcrt
dc Sons. Beware of connterfuits. Ask
your srocer or tlrnggist lit the genu
ine article.
An ixtended rorotikiTT Brown's
BrouchUl Trochts have been before
the public many years. For relieving
Couahsand Tin oat tronbUs they are
uuetiir to all otcer articles, ojld
only In boxes.
Why do you pay $25 or $30 for
reedy made sui's when you ran go to
L. Rosensteln fc Bros : 2n8 Mafn reel
and 18 Jtfloison ttreet, and have a
suit made t) oidcr. A fit guaran
teed. 1
Thb ancBtion of a proper food for
infauts inlerrsts all niottes; espet
cially those un .ble to nurs tneir oU-
pring. Mellin s food po rues en
he leq'iisi es as a eu st'tnto for
tnothpre? mils, and is highly com
mended by the tuediiai faculty of both
Europe and AmrVi
Eiuli-h 1I a.
A most a t scive sorimpnt of im
ported has from England has just
been received by Ltidy A Co., tbe
well known ha't rs, on Main street,
opposite Court Pqaare. Tne goods ate
of the latest fashion, and of the beet
atyle and make. They are belBg sold
rapidly, havirg .caught the public
taste. Leidy dt Co. bave alsi a la-ge
and elegant stock of the b-et Ameri
can hate, purchased In the leading
citits of the East. Tbeee include all
the novelties of ths Beacon, end are
off r-d at tbe lowest postib e figures.
Call and examine the new goods, and
make your selection'.
Inspect tisilford etook.
A maonipiceht eo lectiio of the
Holeteins to be sold on the 2d prox
imo are now on view at Faires's
s ables, ard are vltit.d dally by many
love s of fine cattle Tbe balance of
the herd is located at the Union Btock
Yards. '
Mulfard'g, 2V! Main.
Buy grates, fronts and fenders at
Gabay'd. '
Dyelirg asMl Cleaning.
Ladies and gents' clothes e'eaned
or dyed In any color, also kid ghvee,
ostrich feathers and laoo curtains by
Lou s Reiuel,58 Jefferson street, Mem
phia,Teon. Good received by express.
Gold Penst at MulfortTn.
And it stimulates and promote the
growth of tbe hair.
Burnett's Flavoring iTcranta era the
bss .
Dlamondeat Wulford's.
Mis. Wwslow's Soots 1 so Branr should
alweys be ased for children teething. It
sootees the ebild, softens tbe sums, allays
all P'la. ear wind colic, and is the beet
remedy fee dU-rhoeai Vi a bottle.
Tan big sals of Hls ein cows,
whico has been muih ta ked ahou',
will be held at Fairs' stables, Uoion
ttrte', st 11 o'clock a.m. rn Thursday,
December 2d.
Ft sb lit e of' heating and cooking
efovei at Uby's.
Hats, Bo ntts aad Hair Goods,
F Lav;gne, in OJd F Hows' Baild
inf, is tbe dea'rr wbo hind'es tbe
beet goois and rella a'- lowest figures.
3v or-pvcv Blood Elixir is tho
only Blood Remedy
cuarantcod. It Is a positive cure for
Ulcers, Kruptiona, or Syphtlitio Pols-,
oninp. It purifies the wliole system,
and banishes all lUicnmatic and Neu
ralgio p.tius. Wo guar an toe it.
jVOVEMIVEU 27, 188ft
m mm disiuht
lubj: for the hid cut debt
OF XE1PH1!.,
And ran Bti ATiindjmaseil to Lev; a
Special Tax ftrr lit Put merit, No
Sjjs Jadfj.f Jack-ioj.
Ths hesrirg of srgnmpnr in thprsra
ofJa'titsA. leiudoii axxinet the Tax
ing D.s rict was continued! on Thanks
giv ng Dy, Judce Randolph forplain
t fl and Jnrttie Walker aod Gen. Heis
kell for the District. Iinmeci tely
upon the conclusion of tbe aninment
the C nit deridtd iu ftivor ot tbe
plnintiffand Otdered a mandamus to
tcsue. ine case being of acme im
portance we r publish iis hietorv as
siven in the Appeal of Wednesday,
novemoer znn:
Loudon some time in 1872 or 1873
paved certain streets of the city under
a contract tbat provided for a special
tax 10 be paid by the owners of prop
erty aDuning on me streets paved
Alter the work wan done and tbe tax
levied the Supreme temt declared
tbe levy mid. Loudon biougtit auit
against itif city end recovered a tin1 if
meLt hi. a net the city rl $11,16 87,
and tbe tour's mandatumed the cny
to levy a sttial tax to eatlv the
judgment. A 'tor jm,ti34 bad been
paid further p yrtients wern inter
rupted by the h dealing the Tax
ing District. tn November 2Uth.
1884, L"Uiin recovered a inditement
iu tne Federal tiurt for $ 368 64, snd
April .'Hf. 1 mm. n,d tbe old jnilg
tuei.t (f Til 1)7 87 reversed againet
the 'l ay ui I) s ric The p'trei t pr
ceed'tg as to compel the Taxing
Dirt lie.' to lew a tax to satisfy ths
bel.ine due him, ob tut $r000. Toe
rei' s on Has crested no surprise and
wi'l have no eOVct nnou tbe citv
securities. Tbete is now ouietnndirg
and utst-tted cf tbe o.d titv
debt 125,Ol'0 in bonds, only $.!0,OCO
of which cave matured. It is
not at all likely that the boldtrat f
thtss bonds will fleet lo sue the tax
ing District as L udun did, and take
tbeir chances if the law's deley, riih-r
than to accent a compromise of 75
eenta on tbe dollar in 6 per cent, bonds,
tbe terms upon which the faxing I) s
trict is williug lo so 1 tie. As ihe Tax-
ng District will tarry the cute to the
Supreme Court of the United Sta'e.,
where it may bang fire for two cr
hree years, it is hard to discover what
he hf s gained by litigation. His law
yets' fees a ill doubllets be 10 per cent .
snd this, added t) the d.flerence be
tween tbe value of tbe use of tbe
bends and tbe legal Internet be will
ricoive, will ixceid the 15 per cent,
he Las gaiued by suing, to say noth
ing of trie epprecla ion of the bt nd,
which are now quoted at 104 to 105.
Ihe decision of iha Un ted biatts Cir
cuit Court will, therefore, in no wis
fleet the city finances, or intenuot
he tou ss of Us progress.
Anxious 10 learn w bat tbe President
of ihe Taxing District thounht of the
resU't of the suit, an Appeal reporter
called on him yesterday at his com
fortable and luxurious apsr'ments in
tbe Citv Hall. He found Judge Had-
en in the merritst of buuiors, and iu
the act of s gning a check (or tbe beau
tiful black mule he has recently pur-
The Interview.
"How about tbat decision, Judge,"
eskFd tbe teporter.
"Uh, that a a 1 right." was tbe reply.
"that diclei 'n won't hurt anybody."
"What are you going to dot"
"Going 1 1 appeal 7"
' G ring to eppeal, what fart" 1
"Can't sflord to be mandamused just
now. JN -ird our money lor other pur-
pises. It takes the Supreme Court of
tbe United States to get iu a mandamus
ou tiJs corporation," and (iis Honor
r.ve one ot th se pe ul ar laltet o
laughs for which he is noted.
ine rTO'ter l ie the ruler of toe
Taxire Distiict bumming an air from
the Mikado
in una Abbntt and I'omBnaiy la
" rlasituo
Oa of ihe Urget ard most ft'sh-
lonablo aiid erct'sif the engagement
pneared at the Tl et r last evniiing
and etjrjed the rendit'ntto' Rxci'a
mtc 00' r . vntmno ana we ratry, ny
Emma Atbotr, euppoittd Ly tbe f jI
lowing cast of chaiaitero:
Fairy. t ill Annandale
ounl- Agoeilno i" ontr gnu o
'ahricto Wm. P uette
Mirabolano. .Wi. Brodorick ,
AuruOHl Robert Ward
Crispii.0 n...-.....,walur Allen
The opera was well given, and,
while it was not a ptonout cad must-
eal 1 uocess, it neverthelt ss served its
purpose to amuse snd pieaBetbe aun
ence. The Lu lanr emg from r
mtn was no doubt the gem of tne
evening, the line chorus rendering
most effective seals ante 10 Mist Ab-
bjtt. Miss Annandale was attractive
as the "Fairy," and her 10'os were en
thusiartically applauded. Fruetteand
Brcderkk, as the doctors, did soms
excellent work, while Walter Allen
kept up the strong comedy part,
"Oner ino," excellently well.
At the matinee this afternoon Mariha
will be the a'traction, and t ntgi t, by
spec al nq rert, Verdi'a clsbra'td
opera, If Jrovaturc, will close the en
giliement. Ia this Utttr opera Miss
Abbott will wear btantiful cos umoa,
the exqnieite bridal drtsi worn in ths
third ant being a marvel tf ait
Mr. Divts, who a'tnded tbe owe
on Wetin sday nUbt when tie Chimt
of Nurmandy waa given, teut trie foi
lowiog note of compliment to Miss
Msvrms, Tskk., November II, 188A. :
Dbab Miis Abbott Pe se accept
my sincere thanks for tbe compliment
you bettowed npon me this evening.
As I am com pel ltd to leave in tne
morning, it wU not be permit ed to
me to make my ackt owii dgments In
person, aod toerehre this less sgree
sbls manner is adopied, Y. nr render
ing of tbe sw et ballad "TueList Rose
oi flommer" wss enraptuitug music,
and the power of amtained voitw was
surprising. Better Jodjts will do
d -ubt give to yon due praise f r your
performance, but I hope tbeatsursnce
el warm admiration from one wh can
iesl, though he cannot jar'ge o' mnslo,
msy be acceptable to you. Respect
folly yours, jarrse-soM da via.
Ibssrn Troabadora.
The sale of seats lor ths Iroubabors'
engagement st tbe theater next week
wi'louenat Mnltord's this morning.
Tht Brook will be preeented Monday
Tu-sdv ard Wednesday nights, snd
Tht Humming Bird Tburs ley and F'i
d.y n g t-, a d a' tbe r-atur. ay ma (
nee. Thi Brook h s bet n rvvised and
improved tois season.' The gen-rtl
nn'l.nn rf the piece, inclnd 1 g Ne'e
Sasburt's re'i'a'ions, has been pre
srrvsd, bit with th x ep loo of one
rfui t iu the Um act all the. sonts a-e
new. ine leaiiing people ere n-is-btuy,
Ne'li M Henry, M.rie Rocktl
a-d jCt f B B
fiolld Silver Hi niitlurrf'.
Tailor and Iniporfer,
Wf FAlala ITfTK 11 mmm
Tsatt nrrtT a rv . i.
. . a-, r. . - " " -
- - - ...... . m ei ,111 variaty. au
latrnduced by tbe Leading Importer
' w '-- mm-m in,
r. wi, w eaeae ws-wt int.
Cote Sieond and Jiffirton
Deatla of Sber Boy rietarwr, Wbo
Woo Mam ever Tbwrwelity.
Gus Davis Fleminir. airoil U! whn
was run over hte f'liure lay afternoon
by a train of tieCbespeake, Ohio and
noiunwenern rajimad, wbtcti ha was
attemptint; to board, dl"d yesterday
ntsmoon "tooci ci. Ujputy iwro
ner John J. Brry hl.l an tnotiest on
the remains, and the I l owing verdict
ws rendered : "Uieii from being run
ever by a car of the Chesapeike.Ofilo
and Southwestern railroad, drawn of
engine No. 45, while goio at a reck-
lef ra'e of speed through the tit v. on
November 2-, 18H8, about 6 o'clock
p m.
Two aS Ureenvllc, Mlxa,, nud One at
nnrinmuat. Ark.
The a'r Is foil of fsl'nres ard ru
mors of failures, snd Memphis mer
chants who have sild lively on
rredit 10 conntry dew (era, are bog'n
ntrg to rhow a'gns rf niesiiiess
Yesterday Slaughter A Black, of Mari
anne, Ark., iua;l an aseignoent to
Adler, Go dqian A Co., of New Or
leans Asset, $ 0 00.); liabilities,
I.XIOOO. J. SkAlor and B. Len b, ol
Ctretnville, Miss,, also lay down on
their credi ors. Tbey owe about $30, 0
apiece; ssi-els non.ioal. Memphis
merchants are interested in all tbess
fatlurts, but not largely. . . ...
Two Ulnhouee Aewsroyed l.oe
Aboat I SO OO.
A ginhouse at Braitley's Lindintr.
fifteen milta abiva here on the J A
E. B adley place, was bnrm d on Wed
nesday morning laat. Insnracce on
building snd rrirchinerv. $750. end on
cotton belonging to T. O. Park, JUOt'O,
lorty bales be ng d ttrovei.
A fire at Norfolk Landing Thursi ay
n;ght destroyed ths ginhouse snd ten
bales of cotton bo'ongmg to J. 1'.
Tbnrman A Nnn on the Dancey place.
Insurance $1250 on gin and coitoa.
I'heiaeerw Coort Ilret, I'boaieellor
Gibeon vs Reakirt, final 'distribu
tion ; Schroeder vs Tenfel, float ; N ate
vs Ford, title to Nicholson; H'ate vs
Dixon, opening bid; r-tate vs Katney,
Hill, Judah and Godwin (4 cases), sale
cot firmed ; State vs Chambers (2
cases), title to Monaghan; Hta'e vs
Levy, title tl Bat ith; Btatn vs Oliver,
titln 10 Smith; State vs Chnrch, iltla
ti Eaton ; 8 ate vs Donuelton, itle tt
Burrows; St-te vs Alsnp, d S 120
acres; State va Buffer, dia. lot It, block
42: State vs Hstns, dis lot 6: N ate
vsBntlei, die. lot 8; State vs Butler,
lot 14, rvli c 16 ; H:ste Vs Armour, die.
237 at d 257 seres; Hi ate vs Butler, uis.
lota 3 snd 4, hick 19 8. ate vs An
thony, dis. 312 scies; Kill's vs Bocke,
sal'o. eto. ; Utt.inger vs Hunt lieubaaui,
final; Atby vs A thy, r, f .ret:;. 8t,te
YS Rice, tale s t h8..;: H'' vi ttun s,
sale; Ki-t ea un lir, amenalment ;
Btats vs buiith, la's, sic,
Crlmluniroart- InaMoar, Ji1ae.
The taso tig.in-t Jeiry Br wn for
rape and ineest was deo dtd tt-Ls morn
ing by ihe j ty rttutniug a veidiut f
no gui ty tif.ofa few mouieuis' ton
su tatiort.
N B. Bonis was fined $50 for
cuteuipt (i ooart, bur. ttie
flue was a'temard remitted. Tbe
contempt was ts follows: Ju te
DuB' so 'old Be'.tls that he bad bead
that he (Beit s) had tad that be as
itror bad returned avrdiotof not
' .. . . 1 1. u
guilty a lew u - yj' at oe. wun ut
lieved tbe piieunertr be guilty, be
cause he fe t km lly tcwards one of
the prisoner's counsel, and for th s
ha was dtscuatged Irom ) dry. service.
Bettia demtnded to bj Inuoiuitd ss to
who waa ths Court's autliorltv on the
subject, and the C inrt a Id tbat didn't
matter; re was oiscuargeu irom ner
vice as a juror. . , . ..
Thomas Murray was found KUllfy
of carrying concealed weapons and
United OaH-Jadse Jack
oa Mm navodY
The case of Holmes vs Orr, a re
plevin suit involvuiH Ihmber vamed
at $3000 is on trial befo e the Judges
withont a iity
Absolutely RiM0'
'Tbl nowder nerwer varie.i'A merrel ei
parity, atren(A and wboleomena. Mere
eannot be soli in eamMillioa ith the mul
ina W. Vr.'qMI .um. "
tie or nary
tituda ot ItiW tnat, snort w-iao
alara or
nba.t.hake aowdere. .l. osl J eaSS.
1.,.. .ru.L iun t. . iL itfa-u nil
l nil'l rrrrei. pr. i"ip,
Physlclaa AvLft Psychology,
T'A VANCE has per'esteil blrrtilt In pay-
1 J -k .,,. anu ia uraoareu ' ir. on-
ee.ses Ol
r . . I. 1.
parV'tua oriin o, eon .u.w
...11- 1.1 the hihr healn oouUra of aiilrit
.Ji. .ii.. wh.i-a leStiarcwon towar 'Uoo
n.... n.n. u an t hodiiir, 1, u..riunuiU. As
nl the laS aoveenlng .svi-h.i pWS'
oal iiltenotiienn. he i. coned nt that r-ults
will moot hi n.ot "anguiu exp. ot-tion. .
OUIc-S73 ! .Hum SfrCe
sMmwiau t .
""I " "
" ''"i." a re
all et tne LATEST UKeic-..,
-Ure of Rnrland, hue nd Ur-
nannen to my au.toa-r ul
Wc 2
Mimphlc, Tin.
C'JOW-Cii Thursday, near neon, two oowsi
... ii.1ok,.wLlhl r,' p bole tn one
ear and alit and hole In the other; the
other, red and white awotted, w.th a awallnw
fork ,11 tight ear; teat have blank marks.
A suitable reward for their return te me,
near comer of Lane avonueand Ayr street.
Very g-ntle, atanda without hitching.
... .v. imnl Ml l,,. ll'iwn , in I
t'lTY iH. WORIB.
wala i f C
LotVO fast front- 10 li-.t-
f Cjurt 8 care, on street ear llwet
very eentral errty flSHI,
W. I. h
BUYKHS-Wll 011 at 9 Madlaon street for
liaraalna tn cntiaaaa, Iik; atorea, la all
irs ol city, suLui ban homes and farr.ie.
W . . LI.'MPI-JW
.ieo fjmo VVArlr.Vi.. oarv
"10 TO Tonn
v r
Kocond atroo:; for a:iavi.tra i!n.in --t
Pcliiin I'utnin. All work auaiantwd.
Kepairing dons on nhort notice.
A FULL LINK -f llora BUak.ti leaT
Lao It bo lit r nod ufTA Oner". nw
atoro, Non .H7S and JIS11 Kront atreat. adioin-
Ing the Uaynso Hotel.
K.,3(i. AtifBtrajpti; avenue.
1KjSKS A4mat aixle daiihT)
haul doika. folid oherrv. ei.a IriniM.
good condition. Call, nr .ilil eaa
A. J. bl'KELt), 211 1 Orjians St.
AT A 11AHO IN-A good paying Crermao
Boaniioaliouse in Helena, Art., owner
wlahlii to rot ro. .for fiirttier particulars.
Inquire at IIIU'N Kit's, in Helena, Ark.
A Adoraaa W ., thll 7Wce.
I OT-Cholce Port PlokeHng lot no eity
Ijtama. UK. IIINSON, i7 Main at.
LiRAMKCoiuge.on e r. hayburn av. and
V tieorgiast. 1 U t.jt70, with a h"f.a of S
rooms, In good ordor. This ia a ehoioo piano
of property, an i can be purithieeo on-y
monthly pyiunnt by pay n. part eaah . Ap
ply Mtnier 1'i.rlier or A. J. Maitin, Wi.Mnin.
)LA NTATION On the Ark anaas River,
Lincoln County SOU acrea in hiah Mat
of cultivation; ltilli ea In trit; welf Im-
lrovou; atestn em, a lut ae barns. 21 good-cab-
ns ami nandsom dwellina. 7 toon,. wlih'Al
aores lawn In front, LH onl terms. Apply to
MAt'LOH Y. i HAW rnRl k O.,
:t72anil 874 Front strett, Mmiihis,
or J. li UAHKKTl'. Karasra, Ark.
LP0H HALK CUKaP-No, 0 Washington
1? Ilanil l'rena. for nina-colitmn oaiMtrt
good as new. nqiilre at No. 37 Union at.
AT F. A. Jonas A Co.'., one nice gentlo
bavirv M A h U tbat any iadv nan driv
er ride prreotiy sat.
T KHIDENCK Nos. Hrl and HS Markat st-
v in g. ou ropair; tot nv;-,My,. eprtyto
M.O.'KKNNKIn.47)4, Mnaey St.
IllAMUKrt H FOLpiNu M AOIlIMhV bat
V7 little used, and in good eondlon. An.
ply at APPEAL Cr-FIOB.
and natures of tha Ht. Klaio
hla-ldian. Mita. Twantv-Sva
oommodions rooma, within three minutes
walk of th Union Denott larae samnlo
room 00 th street nest door; nowdoinga
Eood business and pooular. Can be bad at a
arialn If soplied for within the nert thtr
days. Apply to Charles kClmlre, proprietor.
Meridian, Ml.a.
1 -1
A Sneelfls for
r ell dlssaaae re- I
n, sach as Pala-I
ii, or I'rular .
enliar 'O women
fill, r uosrfMBi
MonairuaUoo, Leueorrhrea, er
n nnea.
Iftaaen durlns thel ll AaicrfJ
OK LIFE, g-eat auSeriug one I
danger will b avoided. . I
Bend for our book, "Me-sase te Weaoan,''
mailed f'ea.
308 Front St.
op mem riin,rrEivNM
OOTOBEin BO. 1888
UKHtel'Kt BN.
Loans and Discounts 41.W AM
bankinghous and offio Bjtturee !KaiiO W
VY.r.ri..... .......
1 1 r.m
SH.eA7 as
Kginnaes ana ia i.o "
Hignt biohang J1J).SS
Cash on hand JMJ11 71- fOI.Stl M
Kipaneea and 1
7.100 S
t'aptta raid np -e iu w
IJdiv(ed ProBU IH .3J7 8J
Hsehenge and lniafMt . 81,841 M
Dee othr Banks on .
Bill rediseountetU BB '
Deposits. .U.L lft,tn.aB W
mfiSM It
NAPOLEON HTML....,..,..,
8. P. READ
A.Vaeoaro, W s. A. Wlliumaoa.
Joseph Bruce, haaoleoa Mill.
K. Uudty srayaer, n. Maw,
I. V. Read, 4?U.,"'S0V. 1..
ehn R. Pepper. 3- U. MoDavitt,
leaftg V. Pnowrloa.
TnVRBT knai.lraenrr
kjvew somethlns
Dj about tbe troablee eae ed by smokinjt
S,Diaaa. whti-h areata nn k - greateat Bui-
ranees to be met wills. O, oof the Important,
things tub attended to in.al ho use Is tosye
that ih graws r t pr.. erly, and tht the
lr.nIoi a-a cerobtee holt. anr. a.
i,KSX,4l Umjuuut t'-S lean eaper
at this buelnesi, and baa paUnUd aem ar
ranaemenis tbat eablhim 10 oorre't may
. . .. a u. . ..I oral troal
ai"" -y - .li..
Ihe leet. Ait weo wool eraeia. v. .-.-j-......
madlAbiBld iu !t Mr. LBJ40U.
wnoe work nil iv auic'lri
Gas Vorks for Sale
UNLESS aoonor dlMeaei f' at prlrato
I ! oifr st t" " u-'house door,
In llot'y eprlMB-, SSi.ale.lpal.
Ou lr'inaMr I, id.
at nubile on'ory,
to th hlshr.ee bldJer. for
,l.,i ,1 th UOLLY
oieh. tb entire.
PKlNUi Un UORk COLfletiPg of
aor. o1 ground, ehout See tie et mala
.i,ar droi,nectl. na, h.ira t nUdings. holds
tank, t -la, porta ene'U' e.
A aiunble eroferiy, wh in heownereeiia
Holly fpilnji, Mis. , Jiouaiber 7.t"e-
J i ,
! i!

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