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Tkliti Northern Capital May Be
UealtTTithM Southern Slaver j
Was, and bj Lair.
ft. Locis, Jtoven ber 25. Tbe Rt
ptiWicontathat Vrs Marx-Ave In?,
'Tbe 1 iunht t l Hociallro," is in 8t
Louis, at d ai latt night feted by tbe
adlioen'd ol tbat political creed at the
Apollo T'rater. on Sou h Fonttl
itreet Mrs Marx Avelioir Is the
cbild of Karl Marx, tbe late chitf ci the
JnUmalivnal, tnd tbe author of Dai
Capital. Bjo acd ber Lu-band, Dr.
AveliDp, bave Leon fr aome time
preaching the now light in America,
and St Lools baa now cnme in for it
tarn. Bo h husband aod wife loclured
on Thnraday evening at Mercantile
Library Hail, and an Eolith epeak
ins section ol the eocialintic party wai
formed. Th affir was wholly social.
It was alto wholly German. Toe pro
gramme was in ibat lanpane, as were
most of the exercises. Hborily after 9
o'clock Dr. Aveling and bis wife ar
rwA. Ha wis encased in a tre
mendous far overcoat, and be bad
cultivated ith oire a general reeem
blanci to Mr. Henry Irving, the actor.
Mrs. Marx Aveling ia a woman be
tween 20 and 30, a dark brunette, with
bright eyes, who would be pretty but
for the very remarkable costume she
wore. Thii we a black cloth drees,
with queer aleeves and an odd neck,
rather ategey, or, perhaps, rather fancy
balliBb, iaitaiffect.
Tbe ladies engaged in the socialistic
propaganda despise the advantitioui
fleets of d'eas, however, and as soon
as one had be n talking for few mo
ments to ths young lady one alto
gether f oi got her rather bisarre cos
tume. She plunged at once info a dlecu;
alon of the doctrines which she is
hern to teach.
"Tell me," sa'd the Rqmblican rep
resentative, 'jat what yunr goal is."
"Tbe abol t oo of all private prop
erty used for productive purpoaee,"
she replied.
"Then your a'tark Is to be delivered
wholly against capital T"
"That at first."
"How do you propose to go about It
bv confiscation T"
"How was the capital of tbe South
ern State, wbinh was lnveattd in
lave, deetroyed T That ia
a ooon (XAHTLS.
We do not hope to reach our ideal
state at once: we will bave to come to
it gradually.
Whatia tbe ideal state T"
"In tbe first place your definition of
tbe state and uiine would, probably,
be very different. A false conception
of tbe purposes and funotlons of the
state bas grown up, and Is now so gen
eral that it ia ntcejiary that weahruld
know J att what we are ta kiog abont
before we talk fui then Your ttate ia
a device for the c'aa-oa to ru'e tbe
many our Idtat atme is the rule of
the community. With you tbe gov
erning minority Is the e'ate, with us
it will be the social energy of tbe
whole people. I do not think that it
la profitable now to discuss what that
atate will be. We might aa well de
bate how we will cut our coats which
we will wear fifty years hence. Walt
till we got the cloth. Wait till the
time la ripe. I believe that the new
ordei ot -Mng should be left to de
velop ttrelf." ,
"You would first, as you Jt w
gtrovall capi alT"
"Yea. Our war now ia on capital.
We bold it to be the cause we be
lieve that tbe capitalistic system ia the
" cause of all tbe poverty and want in
;the world today. Laok at the fac's.
You go on, under the present method,
making the rich man richer and tbe
- poor man poorer With tbe certainty of
,. A logical pn eeee. Understand me,
' are woald not take from a man the ac
cumulations of his Industry and toon,
omy, bat we would prevent him from
ualng this sooumulation la the pay
ment of wages. We balleve that all
the proc si of p'olnoiion should be
long to the HUte."
"Oan't you make that idea a litt'e
more lntnl iglble f t met IIjw tra
yon going tj get to this new condition
of ttiiogi?"
"In the firat place, then, all the
machinery Bl oulil be pobilc, not pri
vate, property. Tbe Siataehou'd sup
ply all tbe things eaeential to pro
ductionraw material and mechanical
appliances. Eioh one should wo k a
ceitnln time, and there woul I thus b)
work for all, while none wouM be
compel ed to tiii too much. Under
your capitalistic eyetom tbe many
must woik more than tbrir share tnat
tbe few may be altogether idle. When
thla fa'sa eye em i as been cleared
away tbe people will come to the
better one."
"Thla o'earing away Idea
somewhat rf atarcby."
"There is absolutely nothing in
common between
THl ADA ncn isra and thi socialists.
Anarchism iaindiviilaalismgoae mad;
aocialisns ia the highest development
of society. We have had no more
bitter antagonists than tbe anarchists.
Uvea your capitalize press bas not
treated us aa unfairly as the fYtiheit
and other anaichistio papers. The
FrtiMi advired that we should
be shot before we were permit
ted to epread our hereey in this
country. It is a common, but a grave
mistake that there is some sympathy
between the two schools. They could
not be farther apart. And the an
archists view me with especial disfa
vor. Ooe of my father's earliest
works wasanalnet Piudhon; one of
his latest aguoat Baknnln. Ha stead
fastly opposed tbe old anarchism and
tbe new. It is to clear up tbia mis
conception that moch of our work bas
been directed. It is an ignorant error,
but a prevalent one."
"You 1 ope that capital once cleared
away the todalietlc organisation will
at ones replace it."
"Not at once, perhaps. Not in a day,
or a year, or ten yeata. But it will
come, Waase it Is tbe only economic
faith. Da you know that during the
abort exUtence of the Paris commune
the poetcfllee was thoroughly organ
ised aed conducted ? It, you must ad
mit, ia a highly com p lea ted bus ness,
yet it was maintained In a manner
which was conceded to be thoroughly
., "ibe poatofflee in every country is
nsnagfta by the Bute, and hence
there was a ready made model for the
ommanbts to copy. Your illustra
tion wou'd be moie effective if you
could tell me ab -nt the succeeaf al or-
Einwition sod conduct on common
tie principle, say 0f a shoe factory,
for Instance."
"One is certainly not more difficult
than tbe otber. There is no rearon
why the State ehoull not furnish the
leatbir and tbe maierala, while tbe
labor woul l be givm by tha w. rkli g
aoen. ' Jf that wtre done you may be
very sure Vi would not hear, as yi u
do bow, of anove production of eno.s,
wklle men and women are ehoelese."
"Have you found that you are mk-
ing much prrgreas among the Kugliah
apeakirg people of America T"
"We are miking the most gratifying
j rogre's. Yistnlay we organitid
at Kawas Oity. Tomorrow we will do
tbe eime here."
"Oa the whole, thouirh, I thonld
fancy that you wou'd find America
rath) r an onprofi able field."
"Not at ail. We tbongH tha there
was Utile to be guined here, but we
found rurselves aifree'ib y m'saken.
You see) on have in this country two
sharply outlintd claieai.trie employers
and the emplryed. Tne work ng'nen
ae y arly w.ming to a be'tar urder
atanning of tlicir condition of what
socinl;eiu really meaos. Yonr Jay
(Jjul 'a and Vandeibilts are finht nu
oar fight better than we could fibt it
onrseivea. They are living il.uatra
t ons of tbe trnth ol our theories. The
great capitalicta are giowing at the
expenre of tbe small ones, all of them
bave been enriched at the expense of
tbe laborer. You can ree In your
ciiies great t tares killing out tbe little
onee aud doing all tbe bnainess.
Great factories are replacing the small
ones. Tbe tendency is manifest. No
one can miatake it. No better argu
ment for aocialism could be made than
this movement preaches "
Enough baa, perhaps, been said to
show the line alone: which Mrs.
Aveling argues. She is a highly edu
cated woman, a good lirgaist and an
eareat talker. A socialist from tbe
cradle, she thinks and lives in ber
theories, certsinly making tbem more
attractive tban if they were presented
by an older woman, or by one whose
eyes were not to bright
atehaua Vwaaiurae rjr Oae Ia4ed
The Boja Brtler ajlwdr Here.
Ntw York, November 28. The
trains from Princeton last night
brought to this city hundreds ot Yale
and Princeton men, all in a more or
less excited condition. The Yale
men claimed tbe game by tbe i core of
four to nothlrg, but tbe Princeton
sympathisers ioaia ed that the game
bad been decided a draw by tbe re
feree. The matter has been referred
to the Intercollegiate Association,
which meets In tuis city Saturday.
Whatever the decision may be, it is
ceitain that Yale bad the best of tbe
game. It was an exceedingly rough
game, bard slogging being trie rule.
The papers suggest this morning that
the roilege autuoritities should Insist
that horeafttr the game be played
with soft gloves. Daring tbe evening
tbe res'surar ti and SHlonna of Prince
ton we filled wilh fighting stu
ft. nt- A inn nf Governor-elect
Gram, if New Jcrsav. lad lis
aim broken in two places iu
one scrimmage, and the list rf casual
tits is a long one. L. F. Robinson,
who umpired ths game at Hartford on
Siturday between Wesleyau and
Princeton, said : "On that occeelou I
i-alluil iht mma on account uf dark
ness before time was up. The scoie
there was in favor of Princeton, and
at tbelr reqaeat I gave them the
game. The case here is exactly simi
lar. If Princeton earned the game on
Saturday they loot it today. If to
riav'a ntflnt la to be called no same.
should tbe one on Saturday 1 Either
rioi'laiim will cirtnBil tint Yale ahead
for tbe season, although the purely
... i n .1
technical luuogs may innaence tue
Annrn nf tlm I ntarnnllpffifttn AflflO-
rktlnti on Huturdav when the matter
comes before tbem."
Etc Garrett Did Mot Eiakaaal riaai
, . . Mrs. ebarpeafler.
New Yobc. NothluW ta Lawyer
Henry De Garrett, who was arres ed
some days aso. was arrataaed tn t'o
lice Oourt tiday, charged by Mrs.
Rosaline Lharpnntierwlth the embes
s ement of $12,000, entrusted to him
bv ber. with which to make a settle
ment with the claimants against the
McUardle estate in California. Mr.
Ganeit came into prominence laet
spring through being engaged t
prosecute the claim of the wrecked
pasiengers of the Cunard steamer
Ongon, which sank off this pot one
day laet Spring. He is a member of
the bar of idgH atanding. He waa
married in July to the daughter of a
promluent politician, and went
nn a wedding trio to Jupau, via
San Fiaacltco. Bjfore he mar.
rtd, Mr. Garrett bearded with
Mrs. Obarpontier on West Twenty
fouith stront. The complainant al
leges that Mr. Garrett was engaged to
marry tier n'augnter r.unenia, and
tbroush that fact she was led to en
trust him with the care of her bual
ni'RS. lie is Hllpcod to have repre
kented to lUArdlo that the
claims of Uio he rs could . be
DurchnRsd for 15000 each, and
as be was to go to California
on business he cauliMettle the claims
while away? Mrs. Oharpentler alleges
tat ehe bas since been told bv a Mra,
Poarrall, one of tbe beire, that tbe
cl ill) a were purchased by Garrett for
75 each. To this complaint, Mr. Gar
rett repl es charging an attempt at
blackmail, and denving that be bad
ever received tha $12,0 0, or that be
was ever en eased to tbe dauabter.
The latter In court today swore that
she saw ber mother pay the f 12.000 to
Mr. Gar-ett, and tbt he told ber
mother the nionev was to pay the Mc
Ardle heirs with. Mrs. Oharpentler cor
roborated her daughter a testimony.
and added tbat she gave ths lawyer
$350 besidos for the expense of the
trip. Mis Pearsall testified that she
received 75 from Garrett and not
Oht poor Ckrlotta, Maxlxo'a mi ,
i'hiiuiiiiiiii on,, bidiu inr finot nil.
nboae bars Use bn hdiu ol thy
Pad roonuniant of that which one hu baea,
Ttar iC trlnc iim tn&rk aver lb imi aAitna
Of iloi mnikots and a eortxo which
TK 111,
Dabbled la blond, bnnsitb tha ollr walls.
IhoU'h twtntj years hara rollad Utlr Udaa
Not of thii world, thy rnnmnl Thar
Traitor and Tlollm. tA tb ibadow land.
Mot of thii world, thy Joyi bnl whan, at
Roaton ralorm la fcxavae, IU kind hand
Bhll loin lh kattxad link Of Ilia afaln.
Vat laava nnelaaptd thla aad maanwhiia f
ArtAai- WW in aW Wm, TarMfo,
Baalaawa rail arm of lha Week,
Nbw Yokx, November 20. The
business failures for the last seven
days throughout the country, as re
ported to R. G. Dun it Co . numbered,
for the United Matte 189, and for
Canada 27. or a total of 216. as com'
pared with 242 last week, and 231 the
week previous to the la it. Casualties
are more numerous in the Houth thi
week than in any other erction of ths
country, 0 being reponea.
They Are Mot Sorry.
Thrre is one thing nobody ever re
gret that ia, the day they brut adopt
ed rarker s i on to as tneir regular lam
lly medicine. Its range is so wide
and its good effects bo sure, that noth
ins else, except good naming, ar
needed in a great majority of case
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise from us.
The Work of One Ambitious nan.
W ho Sicrlflcd Their Liveli
hood lor 2000 Votes.
I.IIICAOO. Llc November 28. The
intide biat ry of the ncent airike at
the pacirg houses at the tock yardc,
when 20 C00 men were thiowa oat of
employment, is priuted here this
morniig. Whin the packire decided
to rmrn to the ten hour working day
on October 14th, the workmen, sup
pling that they would be backed t y
the Knights of Lab r, rebelled and all
went out except tne Di DoicnerB.
who bad a contract with the firms of
Armnnr. Bwifc and Morris requiring
four days' notice before opening hos
tilities. Despite this arrangement the
betf butcberaof Armoar 4,Co., were
ordered out on the following Thurs
day by District Master Workman
Butler, who deliberately broke the
existing contract Thoa. P. Barry also
arrived npon the scene. He stated to
a newspaper reporter mat ne cu
been instructed by Powderly to settle
ths difficulty, and to members of tbe
Knlshta of Labor he raid that be bad
simply been sent to lnveef gate. At
tbe same time cuuer naa maaa ma
debut in tbe town of Lake politics as
s Labor candidate for Hheriff of Cook
Ciiunty. Butler had been notified by
Master Workman Gaunt, of tbe
Butchers' Aesembly, of tbe existing
contract, but, as bas been said, he
ignored it. The butchers at Armour
ec Go's, were loatu to ooey
Butler's order, but the presence of
Birry, who was a member if the Gen
eral Executive Committee of tbe
order, reassured tbem to a certain de
gree. Tbe Executive Board of the lo
cal assembly, however, concluded to
get Mr. Powderly's views, and it sent
the folio wirg telegram:
T. Y. Powderly, Richmond, Va. :
Has Executive Bjard of District 57
cower to repudiate agreement made
bv the Executive Baard ot local As-
aemblv 7802. and in a clause which
reads: One day enau ne consid
ered sufficient time for calling a meet-
ins of both narties of first and second
parte, and no definite action shall be
taken inside of three days after such
a meeting. Have they power to can
cnt men Governed by this schedule
without complying witn mis ciausn,
tbat are working eight hours a day 7"
To this question Mr. rowderiy
voncbstfad no direct reply, but he
did send an answer to Mr. Barry, who
asked the Executive Biard of local
assembly the following day regarding
tbe existence of the agreement with
the packers. Brry investigated the
matter and found tbat Master Work
man Butler had made a mistake.
Barry wanted the butchers to return
to work, but the damage had been
done. Butler made evasive replies.
NoboJv was in reality looking after
tbe Interests of the 18,503 men who
had bien allured into a strike. Iu
the meantime the Deckers were mak
ing extensive preparations for a long
fUtit. Rev. P. M. Flannagan, pastor
nf8r. Ann's Church, telegraphed a
Ions statement of all the facts to
Powderly. declaring that unless the
men were ordered to return to work
incalculable injury and misery would
reau't. Barry was immediately tele
graphed to order the men to return to
work, but did not do so until ths
following Sunday. Among the vio
lent opponents to this order was But
ler, woo told carry mat me oraer
would cause bim (Butler) to loas two
thousand votes at tbe approaching
election. Before leaving tfarry m
vested Bailer and tbe Execu
ive; Brd of tbe district of
all cower to create anitber strike, in
s itutluga committee to have charge
of all matters affecting these work
men. Bat'er, who, it is claimed, saw
he was making a losing political fight,
succeeded in having the committee of
five overthrown and a committee of
lwenty-4ve, with himself as chairman,
appointed, contrary to the constitu
tion of the Knights of Labor. The
cattle butchers ia returning to work
had euc eroded in having their wages
increased fiom $24 to $27 a week,
agreeing to work ten hours. On tbe
dav before election several drunken
mnn imhcd among tbe workmen at
8wl( 's biute, order ng tbem to quit
work, a d they did Bi. This panio
bad been caraiully planned. Ua tbe
follnwii g day all those on strike vo'ed
for U itUr. The latter called out Ar
mnur's men on the 1 hursday rucceed-
ipg the election. Master Woikunan
Gaant protested, and be and two f il
lowers were expelled f om tbe order.
Birry reappeared ru the scene, and
the oidor from Powderly, which was
suppressed for four dajs, caused tbe
enmng ot tho s me,
Milk CruBt, Dandruff, Eciema and All
Scalp II amors Cared by Cutieara.
LAST NttVRMftKR ay little boy, ard
thraa raara. tail aaainat tha atova whila
ha waa runnlni. and onitan head, and, right
aflar that, ha broka ont all ovar bia hand.
laoe and lalt air. 1 Bad a good aoctor, or.
-, toaitand him, but hagotwnria. and
tha dootor oould not aura him. Uia whola
head, laoa, and lalt aar wan In a ftarful
Mate, and in Bared terribly. I eauaht lb
diaeaae from him, and It spread ailerermy
raneand naok. aoa eve cot into my area.
robody thoaant we would ever rat batter,
felt anre we were dlrninred lor lite. I
beard of tbe Oovrooa Han anise, and pro
cured a bottle ot Cortooa HgancvaNT, a box
or yoTicoat, and aoakaol loticus. oir
and aued the in eonaiantlr day and Bight,
Alter aaing two bottlaa of Kbiwlviat, four
boaea ol CJutiovia and four oakeaorBoar,
we are perleotly cored without a tear. My
boy a akin la bow like antln.
871 Grand atreat. Jaraar t'llr.N. J.
Hworn to before ma thia 27th dy of March,
INC. Ui.LCIt.Kl f. HUUlHHUn. . r.
thi wokbt aoaa liatD.
Have bean In the drug and medicine bual
ne a twrnty-five ycara. Have been aellina
your CDTiovaa Havaoiaa alnoe they came
Weat. They lead all othera In their line.
We oould not write nor could you print all
we have heard aald In (aver of tha t unoira
KiatKDiee. One year ago the CXiticori and
8or outed a little air, In our bouse of the
oorat aora heed we ever aaw. and the ha-
aoLVBKT and Cuticua are now curing a
young gentleman ot a aore lag, while the
rhyilclani are trying to bava It amputated.
It will aave bia leg, and perhapa hie life.
Too much oannol be laid In lavor ofrrrirraa
HiMiniU. 0. B. bMllUAUHO
Covington, Ky.
CoTiot'ii Rgvamnaare a noaltire cure for
very lorm ol bkiu ard lilyod Ulaeaaaa, from
Pie plat to berotula. bold enryvhere,
Pricei CnTinrai.Vci Soir,3nci RatmLvaxT,
Si.iv. rrcnared by rorraa nana d can
lOiL Co., limion, Blaae. 3
Send lor "How le Care Shin Plaeawre.'
ClflM Blamiahea.Plmplea, Blaeiiheadiand
"" Uaby Uumora, uae CPTiooaj poar
la oae nlnalK by the
Vara A ail t-Pa In Sliwtr. A
parlect an'idote to pain ani In-
n 'initiation At arug ii ioa'a.
I'oUrt Drug and bemloal Co.,
I.KWat. nn Blith Hi.. Waabinrtnn. D.
C. Provilne prMtloally uulul bnainaai aJu
oatlon. ho tcrtuj nor vauiona. tudanta
enter at any tim. Icrmat Liie acbolarahiu,
MO T.a.r. PMuee, Hoard, eio.. 176.
bond lor lrc!a.ril
BniC.i,, M
1 5 oi 5 to (g ill
The most wonderful Tain-Curer the -world has ever
known. " Its effects are instantaneous.
Children Cry for
71 V7 A tfl
Old Stand. Wo. ft Union St., Memphis.
For Fifty Tears the gTeat Remedy for
Blood Poison ana SMa, Diseases.
For 50 U ft never
Intcneting Treatise onBlood and Skin Diseases
milled free to all who apply.' It should be
carefully' read by everybody. Address
BSSS'S ssssssss
8LE98I BBOS,of Coat, Hue F.
tt.au. SIS and SSS Front Street Memnhla Ti
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Seaworthy Vessels 0
Ginlouse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
W A W oT . nnefW e( emaaeMa aI
DtrSt Swk, B1Ibs Dresmtd Flooring, Cclllnf, TTeatheilhUarlaXi
Cypress Shingles, JLatbs, Kits.
Smt flMllHleg are aaioraaitad by aiy lawejlll U the Soatk for lllwf tuimvrna.
tax. Ueiliag, Sldlag, BUpLamker aad Cyreaa Bataglea a gpeolalty t alo, fryataf
bTV alldlaMailong. We mate tea Wkoleaale bailneaa a (reaial Ceatare. Oretad
aolleited aad rreaytly llled.
P.'114 Jefferion Street ...MeiiiPhli. Tenne
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEPT,160tol74 Adams SUMemphI'
BawJUlla, J
llonM 1
t aii
W ...a
lH..ln IM. Innartment to J OH If MAN08UI.)
aae-Wrlta n. for Informatinn on ANY TlUNft In eitharllne.
Mner,fliomtoH & Go
Cotton Factors, 7bolosalo Grocery
Ho, SOP Front uireeU I MemphU. Tcas
IJberal Advances
I - . .
2(TlU FrOllt Wtreel.
NOVEMBER 27, 188B.
Pitcher's Castorla.
EMi & Co.
Chickasaw Ironworb
B8 Second St Memphis, Ton-f
.ngineB, Boilers, Sawmills,
.Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill
Cotton Press, Cotton Uinfe,
Bhaftlng, l'alleyw,
SPFXIAL. NOTICE We are prepared to fill orden
on toon notloe, for the celebrated Hodart Paten,
Wrongbi-itti Pnllej. We carry In gtook oval
Two Unndred Aiaorted Man,
av-Bend for Catalogue and Price-Hit.'
H0BFLIET, Eldeit Partatr.
0 i .-
Bar IreNB
Bailer Ireta
C aael
DEP'T, 226 and 238 Second St
i . T u i vrntHTaT I
on ConMlKnnients.
: Homplils, Tenn,
i . , , 1 L .
jiiiiidll:;;: lie en;-, ware
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aWAxeaU for tbe celebrated fiEIMWOOB TIT Bin ED CHINA, peelally
eni.i.fel for Hatela. Reainraitite ntiel Ht..mhiiat.lf
fllPOLKOI HILL, Freildest, yT.X.WllKt&SQIS.JlorntiUuh
Ha I. LTOK.'.CMklftr. I
MempMs Citj Kr & U Is.
OI3tB10 Hadlson fitreet. Hessipkls, Tekiii
Woods & Swoope.
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Steam Engines, Machinery of All Descriptions,
TTo. 339 STflOWD ST
Cotton Factors and Vholesalo Grocero
Cotton Factors. Commission Llerchants,
Ho. HO Crontli Ualn Rt., Qt. Tnl.
34 and 3G Iff adison
L. D. MULLINS, of laU J. R. 9edwln Oo.
Cotton Factors & Com mission Derchanb
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Union, Memphis.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
le le etOWO, Pratt, J. H. GOODBAR, TlMPrean. C H.3UOT, CatUt
d or
. wiuruoi,
, Sepeaieary af
aiaeaa aaael ateaa Seteelal
Confections, Olaces, Nougat Caramels, French Fruit Glaces.
Cream Bon Bons, Fine French Handmade Creams and
lion Bons, Chocolates, Ices and Nougatines.
Ton eaa find theie goodi " AT REIAIL," la any quantities, at
The Peters & Sawrie Co.'s Retail Establishment,
No. 43 Jtflcrson Street, Opposite Their Factory
Theie are the fineit Confootloat that the Memphlg PnbUo har erer had the opportunity
to pnrohate.
iSTTry Onr "Kfew Creain lafM JDeUHona
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ULolosalo Grocers and Cotton Fccjfero
Ks. tt 1-2 nd 13 Unlaa Strtet. Ctaphls, Tesa.
. Wholesale Dealers and Publishers,
Sola Agenta for the following Firat-Claee InatrnmenUi
PIJLNOS Kranlch &
XltGANNClough fit Warren, and Smith American.
as-A NBW 7.00TAVB
Write for 0rlone. Nob. 221 and
:haitivfactvbbbs a;hid botttlebs or
Lager Beer, Cider, Champagne Cider,
Mlaernl Water of all narert. and XXX BeHaat filacer Ale,
M-FOBS IPPLK ClDKR, In Barrel! and Half Barrela, a apeotaltr.-V
Jin. aoa Front Street tfemphlw. Tewneaaary
Cotton Factors and
! O J an A 44- fAMiiAM
nO, 01 rrvufc ourri vviua
St., : Klemplif Tenn.
JAB. TONGK, IaU of J. W. Caldwell A 0
h. b. oorr.M.
lea, Traaaaeta a ttrmmi Baaaar?
leaMeea aa CMIaataaaaab-eaa
Elf 111.
and KISTlBE ;
Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
82.1 Heoowd WtreeUltfernri'''.
Commission Merchants,1
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