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Cotton rirm Middling, 8 5-8f-Sales
Yestrrdaj, 3S00
The demard f r money is pre'ty ac
tive at 8 per cent. Finances are some
what tightened by the inability of
tracspcrtation lima to move cotton
away in sufficient qnan'itie. Local se
urities firm and iteady. The cotton
Market was firm; middling, 8Jc
Bales, 3800 bales. At New York, spots
Steady; middling, 9 316c Futnres
barely s'eady and 3 to 5 points
higher; November, 9.039.05c.
A leading New Yoik cotton circular
iaya of the speculative market: "The
market started in with an upward
turn, the eain amounting to 89
points, bat at the close it settled off
to only about 4 poin's over Wednes
day's, with the tone slow."
At New CMeans spots were steady :
middling, 8Jn. Futures steady and
8 to 6 points lower; November, 8.63
At Liverpool spot? were unchanged ;
food business; middling, 6 3-16d.
utures steady ; November-December,
S 3-644, sailer' favor.
The general market presents a
steady ieelirg. .
Four hundred and eight brls ap-
Sles, 8 brig beats end pea', 4 r.kgj
ulter, 684 rls banging, 119 pkgs ba
oon, 37 pkgs boots ar-d eboes, 2025 bu
om,' 75 pkgs cheese, 753 tka cofLte,
28 cars cotton seed, 6 if) 7 sks cotton
seed, 320 eks cotton seed oil meal,
3 bd s cotton tis, 164 pkgs dry good-",
22 pkgs eggs, 1200 brie flour, 1087
bales bay, 13 pkgs bats, 189 bd hogs,
64 bd eat le, 49 hd horses and mules,
630 pkgs lard. 66000 ft lumber, 166
pkgs liquors, 125 bils meal, 1003 br 8
molasres, 10 kegs nails, 2 brls onions.
158 brls potatoes 1 car pork sides, 15 J
nnas sugar, iol3 Dris augur and 240
pkgs tobacco.
. The followirg snows tbo amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in
store by regular elevators, as reported
to the Mei chants' Exchange jester
day : W heat i n sto e, 1 045 bu. Corn
withdrawn 495 bo; in store, . 5704
ba. 0r recrived, 9154 bu; with'
drawn, 4765 bu ; in (tore 241,097 bu.
mr Dully ttuatatloae) er Cottoa
Oil Trnnii nnd Hew York Kx
Jiang- Ktoefcs are opea to (boa
Imtereated, at wnj oflBee.
Tonur Ja. nobtos
84 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money in prettv active demand at 8
percent The Clearing House report
is as loiiows:
Friday, Novembr 26th $391,843 44;
thus fcr this week, S1.7C6.9 -6 89 ; fame
time last week, S2,14007 82; cor
responding time in 1885, $1,426,686 20;
corresponding time In 1884, f 1,395,
073 64.
Friday, November 26:h, $140,229 93
. thus far this week, $370,607 52
same time last wek, $348,163 88
corresponding time in 1885, $145,
611 42 corresponding time in 1884
$234,938 51.
- New York eight on all points,
discount buying, oar selling ; New Eng
land demand, discount buying; New
jsngiami signt, 3 .discount; JNew Ur
leans, J discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Coinrrerce146 bid, 149 Efked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere.,150 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135bid,137jabked
Bluff City. 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... esked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphiu City ....102 bid, 105 aked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Fnumix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 35 bid. ... asked
Factors 30 bid
Shelby Co. warrante...97 bid, 98 aked
M. & V. K. K. shares. ..(JO Did, ... asked
M.4T.RE. sbares...45 bid, 50 asked
M. & C. consols, 7B-...119 bid, ... asked
M.4L.R 1st m. 8s.l05 bid, ... asked
Miss. &T.R.R.CS.A...111 bid, 113 asked
miss. i.it.K.cs.Biui bid. 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
xenn. wtB. ser. JS to J -83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co.6e 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6s 97 bid, 98 asked
Tax. Dist. 6s 104 bid,105J asuoii
Mem. Q s bonds -104 bid,... asked
Mem. Watef bonds. ....97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil 'Works bid 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil tru8t-...63 bid, 65J asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills... 25 bid, 30 esked
Mem.Stor.Oom. Oo....... bid, 1?0 asked
Mem. Oas stock 75 bid, 80 asked
New Yobs, November 26 Money
on call active at 57J per cent., clos
ing at w per cent, rume mercantile
paper 4(5)5. Sterling Exchange quia',
but steady at 481 for 60 day bills, and
484 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull, but strong. State bonds were
dull andfitm. 7 ' . .,-
Stocks The stock market was more
active and attended with considerably
' more excitement than on Wednesday,
- although the interest in the specula
tion was almost monopolised by some
i half doaen stocks, the remainder be
; ing quiet and in many1 cases even dull,
while the fluctuations, though some
what feverish, were noutually nanow.
Beading and the Vanderbilts were
the features of the day. Beading was
firm to strong throughout, especially
in the last hour. There is a great deal
of talk in regard to the Vanderbilts,
and many rumors touching coming
dividends were cirsulated. The entire
group were s'rong, and Lake Shore es
; peclally so; TheTranscont'nental stocks
also displayed considerable strength,
while the grangers were quiet and
steady. Denver and Bio Grande pre
ferred was traded in today lor the first
time. The opening was firm to strong,
first prices showing advances of to .
The trading was active, but prices in
clined to weakness in the early deal
ings, though they generally recovered
before ucoo, tbe marktlj beginning to
" show spots 6T dullness. The firmness
Continued until about 2 o'clock p.m.,
when there was soma yielding, but the
heaviness disappeared before the
clote, which we firm to'g rcng tt,
about the bvt figures reached. Tran
sactions 400, 46r) 1 h ires, of wliich Read
ing furmsaed 150,211, Lake Shore w s
second with 51,720 snd Ttxes P-c 6c
third with 35,i0J. Almost everything
in t.Ue active list is higher this even
ing, thongh New E ig'snd is do n 1J,
Ph lalelpt.i Coal acd Jeteey (Vnf ai
f. Ler-homisnp J. Reading 2i,
Colorado Coal If, and others franion
ally. J he bn-inoee. in tailroid bn 's
srr,oor.ted to $?,400 0C0, 1 f ich West
Shor is quiet We t Shore furnished
-7.rO0 an.1 Nickel P,ate trus'. r.c-ip a
$238,010. Thnrw.iB mime ac'.ivitv in
thaAtUDticacd Pcifl iues,tl E et
Tecnuis e 6a and tne Ttxas Pacific
itsuee. Prices wi r firm to stiong in
t'leforen' ou but jieided toward the
closi and flnul figures show irregular
ct anges.
Tne total sUea of s'otks todav were
460 653sh8ns, including Unada South
ern, 7450; D lana'e, Lackwanna and
WVs ern, 6500; Eri, 9785; Kns8
and Ttxa?,6925; Lake Shore, 61.720;
Louisville and Nashville, 4900;
Michigan Central, 5120 ; New Jersey
Central, 19,750; New York Central,
3850; Ontario and Wetsrn, 6203;
Beading, 150,211; St. Paul, 14,600:
St. Paul and Omaha, 3100; Texai and
Pacific, 35,200; Western Union, 6115;
Oregon Tianconrineotal, 6050; Bch
mondand West P.dut, 11,610; Hock
ing Va'ley, 12,995. Closing quotations:
LoNDON.November 6. The amoutt
of bullion gne into the Bank of
England on balance today is 59,000.
PABis.November 26 Three per cent
rentes, om zdjc lor tne account.
Bbklin, November 26. The state
ment of the Imperial Bank of Ger
many shows an inctea;e in specie of
,oiv,uuu maraa.
CniCAQO, 111 , November 6. Bjnk
dealings today, 10,088,000.
Naw Orleans, La., November 26.
Ultanngsof the binke, $1,401,021.
St. Louis, Mo., November 20. Bank
cleminns today, $2,955,621; balances.
Nsw Yobk, November 20. Bank
clearings today, $153,528,418 ; balances.
Baltimore, Md., November 26.
Bunk clearings today, $2,257,814 ; bal
ances, vzov,tn.
Philadelphia, Pa., November 26
Bai-k clearings today, $11,149,338;
DaianciB, ji,i4,ui.
IT. 8. 3. 100. 4a. muh.
4He, ooup, 111?;. Paeifio til ot lMkS, 126.
La. Itumsj. 4. 52-,-i. Misaonrt A. If.1.
Cant. l'uo. lata, U5J-;.
D 4R.U.W lta,b
M K AT.a,n.6s,llvl
North.Pao.2ds, 102!.
N. West deb. 5a. 107K.
bt Paul con, 131.
T.P.land grnta,67.
U. P. lat,llti.
Tood.6, aot'mt.K.
ln. a K.U. lata, lit).
North. Pao.Uta.llT.
M. Weatern oon. mlA.
St.L.B.F Hen.M.,112i
oi.r.v.ni'.iei, itvyt
T.P.R tt.ax oou.76.
Wat Shure,U&
'Icnn.&a.aet'mi, 102.
Adami Kiprsae, 1SG. MorrisiE., o(Td,14T.
Allegheny Cont'l,. Naahvillo 4 0 , 8754.
Alton AT. 11,, S9. N.J. Central. 5li.
A.4T.U.,ptd.,85. Nor. A W.rtd,5aJ4.
Amorioan Ex.. 107. Northern Pt..K.
B. O. R.AN.55
norinern rao ina, Mfi
Canada Soa..W;-5.
1 ,141.
Central raoino
Chefapcaka k (
Central Paoifio, i&i.
n.i .central,
u. a v. 1 t pra, i.
N.Y C.A Bt L.pld,28H
C. A O. 2d pfd.12.
Chicago k A . ,143.
C. A A. Bid. 160
unio central,.
O.AHiaa.ptd, 'JUi
Ontario A West,. U2,
Oregon Nar ,106k.
0recn Trani.,35.
Orraon Imp., 47.
Panama, 98.
PnoriaD AB.,33.
C.B.Aa ,13T.
O., Bt L. k N.O.,
C..81.L AP..17.
C.St. LA P.pfd, 4aC.
0. S. A 0.. 45H
C. A C, 194.
O. A II. VaiUy. 43
Dal. A Had . 106Z
rutaDurg, 14,
Del.,Ii. A W., Pullman P.O., 113,
uan. ct nio u , oi't. neauina, ssy,.
Erie, 37. Rock Inland, 126.
Krie pfd, 77. Bt L. A 8.F. ,34.
New Kast Tenn., 14.8t.L A 8.K pfd, WA.
NewK.Tenn.pfd,764- 8t.L.AS.F.ftp,lli
Fort Wayne. 144 0. M. A M. P., 3yB
Hannibal A St. Jo.. C. M.A St.P n, lh4i
U A St. Jo , pfd, -. St. P., M A M., HkV,
Harlem. 220. 6t Paul A Omaha. f&V.
Houaton A T., 40. 6t Paul A O. pld, 114
Illinoie Central, 132.
Ind ,B. A W.,17.
Kanaaa A T., Wi.
Lakti E. A W , V,.
Lake Shore,
Lon. A Naah., t2.
Lou. A N. A., 67.
M. AO. lat pld.-.
M. A 0. aeoonda. .
Mem. A Char , b9.
Mich. Con. .WW.
iron my
lexaa raom, wa.
Vnion Paoifio, 61,
U.S. Exp eaa.6.1
W..S I, A P., 20.
V7..S.L. A P. p., 38-4,
W A F. Ex.. 128.
W. U.Tel., 7.
Colorado Coal, 39.
Home Stake. 17.
Iron Silver. 255.
Min. A St. L . 22'-S Ontnrin. 9JVi
Mm. A St. L. pld Quiokailver. 634.
Muaourl Paoifio 1154. Quiokailver pfd, 23.
Mobile A Ohio, 2'. South Paoifio, .
M. L. 8 AW,. IS Butro, 18.
The local cotton mnrkit opened fi m,
and clnfed firm; middling, 8c. Salts,
3 !00 bales, iLcludiog 1600 la-t evening ;
3100 to exporters and 700 to ppin
Yesieraav. Wednefdpv.
w. ujuci j .. XlUl. '
Good Ordinary.... 8 '
Low Middling 88 i
Middling 8f 1
Good Middling.... 8,
Middling Fair...., 9J
Fair - Nom.
",i:n. XT X
Miufhis, Novenber 26, 1886.
Stock 8ppt. 1, 1886.... 4,009
Received today 7,060
Received previously.. 321,458 332,527
Shipped today 6,343
Shipped previonsly179,239
Home consumption to
date 321 384,903
Vtock running; acconnt ; 147,624
lmvortt. '
Thus far this week 42,382
Ttus far hut week. 43,519
Shue .September 1st 328,618
M. and O. R. R ....
M. & T R. R
L.andN.R. R
M. & L. R. R. R
O., O.A8. VV.R.R
K. 0 , 8. 4 M. R. R
i" o s u. a. n.
Steamers ,
Wagons and other sources.,..
,. 7,060
. 29 885
. 23,922
.. 1,148
.. 1,363
.. 345
.. 2,487
Thus far this week
Thus far laet week.
Since September 1st
M. AC. R.R
L. A N R. R ,
Steamers north
i Total ..., 6,343
New York soots ODcnerl nnlnr. and
closed steady; middling. 9 3-lflo. Sales.
928 bales. Quotations were as fol
Yesterday. Wednesdxy
Ordinary 61
6 7-10
7 1316
8 11-16
9 310
9 716
Good ordinary.... 7 13-18
Low middling ... 8 11-16
Middling... 9 3-16
Good middling . . 7-16
Middling fair. .....10 1-16
Fair..... 10 H-16
10 1-16
10 11-16
New York fntures oinml nniot Hd
firm and closed barely sVsady and 3 to
5 points hiiiher than W.rlndav.
Salws, 99,600 bales. The closing quo
tations were as follows : .
Yesterdav. Wblnesdav.
Ntnnenibr903 9.05 , .a 8.92 A 8.99
December. 9 Oil 9 07 fl.iHii 9.01
January... 9.16( 9.17 ' 9 12913
tebrnery... 9.27 H.28 9 2KA 924
Maioft 9.S8 9.39 34 9 35
April; 9.48,$ 9.49 9.45 9 4(1
May 9.59 n.SS'nl 9 56
June 9 69 -it 9 70 9 65 9 Mi
July 9.78 l 9.79 9 74 9 75
August 9 85 9.86 9.82 9.83
New York cotton statement for the
.. 473
.k 1,0,7
,.. 706
. 2,334
.. 34(1
. 116
.. 1.053
... ' 6)0
wrek ending Friday, November 26,
Nft receipts at all United Pales,
fta'es pf-rts forth week... t'8n 2.i7
T tal receipts to date 2 429,t45
Exports for the WM-k 18,5i3
Total exports to date l,8 0, H2 t
Stock at U. 8. ports 910,8 4
Stock at 10 interior towns... 20 i 8 2
Stock at Liverpool 4S6,000
Stock of American adat.t for
Great Britain 229.C00
The NewOrloanf) spot market opened
s'eady, and cived sa.iy; midJling,
t-fa. 8:e8, 67C0 ba.es. QaoUt.oiiS
were as f jiIowj:
Yesterday. Wednesday
Ordinary 6j 6 11-16
Good Ordinary.... ' 711-16
Low Middling 8 7-16
Middling 8 J 8 11-16
Good Middling.... 9 8 15-16
The New Orleans future market
opened steady, and closed st-ady
and 5 to 6 points b'gher. Sales, 37,
800 bales. Quotations were as
Yfsterday. Wednesday.
November. 8.70 8 63r 8 64
Pcember . 8 7V 8 61 8 64 8 65
January .... 8 79 8.80 8.74( 8 75
February... 8 91(-i) 8 92 8Klf4 8.87
March 0.03 9.04 8 98 8 99
April 9.12 9.16 9.10 9 11
Ma 9.2hYa 9.27 9 21 9.22
June 9 37(3 9 38 8.32M 9.83
July 9.48 9.49 9.43 9 44
August 9.53 9.54 9.17 9.18
DAILY poet ahd intkmob makksts.
2,656,8 9 16
Norfolk .
Bo ton ...
St. Lonir
A ugtifta.
8,'-68 81
a m.
1,710 811-16
1 232 8
2,i83 9,
f94 9
H9 9I
1 tn.
3,008 8f
1,416 8 9-16
60 844
15 so;
Ueceipts at porte, thia day, 1886..5i,283
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.47,084
1886. 1885. t 1884.
R'ts U. S
p'rts7daj 280,237 258,297 83,587
Ex.Gr. Ri Ii3.4ri0 75,712 73,39
Stck 910 864 8ri6,631 903.662
R'ts Sept. 1 2,428,254 3,418,62:12,499,967
For'ga Ex. 13 0,329 1,337,816 1,374.31)2
Increase in rei eipta this year. ... 9.631
At noon: Liverpool spots were un
cbargt d, good business. Sales, 12,0()0
bales, ot wnirn American vwo bales,
lit csiptH, Z5,uuu bales, of which Ameri
can 24,800.
Closing quotations were as follows
Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordinary, 4d
low middling, 6d ; good middling, 6 5-
16d; middling uplands, 5 3 16d; mid
diing urieanp, o o id.
Thepricet are given in pence and 64lhi
thut: 4 63 meant 4 63-64f ; and 6 01
nwaru 6 l-64(il
' At noon: Liverpool lumres wre
quiet and steady. November, 6 08
6 07d ; November-December, 5 02
6 03d; December-January, ; Jau
nary February, 5 Old; February'
March, 6 02d: March-April, 6 U4
6U3J; April-May, a i'6d; May-June,
; June-July, 5 lOd.
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futnres were
s'ear'y; November, 5 Old buyers: No-
veinber-Decembtr, 5 03d, selleis; De
cember-January, b Old, valuoi; Jan
uary-February, 5 Old, value; Fob
ruarv-Maroh, 5 02d, buyers : March
i-Diil. 6 04d. fellers: Aoril-Mav. 6 OOd
ee lerB; May-June, 5C8d, va.ue; June
July, 5 lOd, buyers.
At 5pm.: Liverpool futures wore
aUady ; November. 5 (7d, buyers , No
vember-December, 5 03d, Felles; .De-cember-Januarv,
5 Old, tune's. Ja ui-
ary-Ftbruary, 5 Old,, buyers; Fehru
ary-Marcb, 5 1)21, felit-rs; Mrch-
Anril, 5 04d. severs; April-May, 5 06d.
elles; MeyJuue, & 08J, eelUra;
june-juiy, o lo.i, sellers.
Liverpoil wenkly eia'-ement tor the
week ended .November 26, 188 J:
Weekly rales
01 which A merican
Including fur export
50 000
45,0 0
306 000
58b K0
Inil'g for Bpec' at on
toiw d i mehiosido
Total stock 4f'6 000
Of which Amtrican. 81,000
Week's receipts 17H.0O0
Of which American. 15 ,000
Tot'lrec.fioceS-p.l. 8(16,(100
Of which Ameiican. 634,800
Actual wet k'sexo't. 4.100
6 9i 0
Stock aUnat 245,000
255 000
Of which Amer ctn, 229,000
Week end
ing Ntiv. Since Sep
26, 1886. tember 1st.
ceivsd. This Last This Last
Year Year Year Year
MACRR.... 6777 5301 44925 28840
MATRR... 4545 37"9 33760 25578
LANRR... 32 1 1 3961 ."0417 20806
MALRRR 8463 4361 64684 41424
C.OASWRR 2807 21(0 23892 12453
L.NOATRR 2249 1630 17650 19093
KC.SAMRR 1966 1283 13973 8931
M.BAARR 12 8 1277 9099 7261
Miss, river ... 6559 5103 41124 48849
White river. 1321 2348 12010 12487
St.Fran river 882 1760 3463
Ark'sas river 327 322 4150 4251
Wagons, etc 395(1 4000 32074 28460
Total 42382 36365 328518 2618;6
MAORR... 6462 5147 34484 26914
MATRR... 1731- 1864 11366 7766
L A N R R... 8820 3276 53546 337il0
C.OASWRR 8873 3282 67117 82o74
L.N OATRR 501 2342 6106 23547
M.BAARR 713 17 9 6161
Steam's n'rth 350 16917 21167 24751
Steam's s'uth 4264 77 126(3
. Total 29885 2ft835 184582 166916
CoBioiSAL-Standard, $2 202 26;
pearl, $3 253 36; roller, 12 45.
Hat Choice, from store. 75c; car
load from ievee or depot, $14; prim6,
from store, 70c. car load from levee
or depot, $12 6013; prairie, from
store, 45c. ; car load from levee or
depot, $8 60.
Cobs From store, white, 51c:mixed,
49c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, is
bulk, 42c; in sacks, 44 Jc.
Oats From store, w hi te,39c ; mixed,
87c; from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 32 Jc: in sack, 35c; mixed, in
Silk, 81c; in sacks, 33c.
Bean From store, 70c; from levee
or depot, 113 60.
Flocb From store, No. 3, $33 25 ;
family, $3 603 75; cboi.e, J3 754;
fancy, 44 25; extra fancy, $4 26
4 50; patenm, J65 50.
Bbans Navy, $2-, medium, $1 60
175; cemmon, i 25; German millet,
U 2i1l 41. i
1ck Louisiarja, 444c; Caro'ina,
Oaimkaiv In balf-bf.rrels, $33 25
from sore.
, Cj-acikbo Soda, tstra, 4Jc; soda,
treb's extra, 5c : extra.7c: eiuaersnaoe.
extra, 66c; ass rU-i iurubli s, 9llc.
CRACKhD Whsat Ij half-barrels,
n zo irom 8:ore...
r-'.M.-NV una .i.i?r-From 'store,
J.i(.irO Vt.
Kansas Citt, Mo , Novomb ir 26
VVhuat quift; No. 2 e.l, cas'-, 63c
I)tcemh.r, 63j! bid;- My, 7ic bid
Corn etem y; No. 2, rai.r, Sijjlid
Dtcemte-, 31Jc b d; Mj;.,3tiJo
bT. Ijocia, Vn.. ivi'aiber J6.-6-
Flour dull ; XXX, f 1 35 2 45 ; family,
s ws ti ; ftiioie.l.i i'ii(i:i ift; fancy
jj outa'jou; ex r. ianry, tiKi3 8o
Pkt'lttt), 544 30. n heat dull and
easier; the inarket oinej ersv and
ruled weak, dt dining JO' .' reroveied
ilcand clo e.t fl-m at lJc lower
than wednestiaf tfo s mixed, cash,
7&Jc ; December, 7670Js, clo-ing at
7b!; January, 77fc; May. 841 oSllc
clcsing at 84(S)SlJ . Corn actire and
fi mer, cloeing tc higher than
Wednesday. No. 2 m'xed, caib, 34J
348c; December, 34S34jc, closing at
3icbid; January. 36ji(i35i closing
at 35 J s bid; May, 38 39Jc, closlrg at
39Jc. Oats firm but verv dnll, No. 2,
m xfii. cisu, zojyiiMc: iecember,
2.ob'd; Mav. 30ja bid. Rye firm
at 6152c bid. Batley no Jec ed.
Hay ac ive; prairie, I8U ; timothy,
$11 5013 30. Flaxseed nominaby
easier at 8-'C. Jiran (irorg at 5H(iii5Uu.
Oornrxeal firm at $1 95 Rece:pU)
Flour, 3000 brls; wheat, 29,000 bn;
corn, ea.uoo bu ; on's. i i.uoo nu; rye,
1000 bu; barley. 19.000 bo. Shin-
ments Flonr( 5000 brls; wheat, 2000
bu ; corn, oouu nu ; ou, :n u bu ; rj e,
3000 bu; bailey, 1000 bu.
Afternoon Board- v In at firm a"d
Jj fcigher. Corn et'ong and ic
nigber. cuts nrm and a 8'iadd tiigher,
Chicago, In., Novemior 26 There
wes only a lair amount ol trading la
wlnai Udav and nomw Matures were
duveloprd. The feelina was easier aud
prices averagi'd a tr fit) lover. The
receipts were fairly U'ge and ship
ments iigtu, eicp. wjiitn, wnico
piir.t reported 438,000 bnslie Is ehipped.
J'tie maikt t opened 1" lower, d. dined
I', additional, rallied and clored
dull at fc under Wvduestiay. The
corn market was fairy active and
firmer on light rtceip's at d a raher
strong demand from thor s. The mar
ket opened easy r.nd 1 .wer, rallied
f v", but eased cfl and doted Jo higher
than Wednesday. The tiding in ca'e
was light, bat the tone of th j market
was fiim and prices c s.d c higher,
Cash quntaiions were as f.,1
lms: No. 2 sp ing wlea', 7xj74c;
No. 3sprirg wi eat, 6T(a 6S-; Ni). 2 red
wheat, 74J74Jo No. 2 corn, 37c. N i
2 oata, 2Ui Oi2U i. No. 2 ryt, 63 . No. 2
hail-jy, 64c. No. 1 flmwed, 94c.
Hay Prime ; t mothy, 1 73. Tbe
leading futires ranged' as fjllows:
W heat November opened at
highest 74c, lowe.-t 7Hi:, c'os'ng 74c;
December opened at 74 f h gh'st 74c,
lowest 73ic, clceii g 74J ? ; January
opened at 75', h'guebt 7 c. low-at
74 jc, closing 74 Jc: May oientdatHlJo,
highest 81c, lowtsr. 81c. closing
81c. Cam November opened at
364o, h'gheBt 87 Jc, lowest 30jc, closing
Joic; December opened ntaiijo, h'gh
esi 37J lowest 30je, closing 3Jo ;
January opened at 37c, highest 37 jc,
lowest 36Jo, closing 37Jc; Muy opend
at 41ic. hig'et 424c. lowest 411:.
closing at 4 Jc Oats November
opened at 26Jc, highest 2(i3c, lowest
26 Jc, ( lo.-ing 2tijc; Dei ember opened
at 26jf, highest 26c, lowest 26 Jc,
closing 263c; Jauuar opened at 2j ,
h ghest Wc, lowet26o, cloeit g 26Jc;
Mav opened at 3'i higtiest 30i low
est 3( Jc, clcsing 3' Jo, Receip s Flour,
i4,ooo brls; whest, 7z.onubu; com,
94000 bu: oats, 44,000 bu; rye, 1000,
barley 24.000 bu. Sh'nments
Flour, 53,000 brls; wheat, 37,000 bu;
corn, 204,000 bu; oat-, 71,000 bu;
rye, 3000 bu j barley, 47.000 bu.
Bcttbb Butterlne, 13J14c;
creamery, SOCaSan; dairy, 1822c;
country Dutwr, lOfitwc.
Hoo xmOdocts -M 6ps pora, 110;
Buuiir cuied bams, 10J10Jo; breakfast
baron, 8M4c; clear rib suins bacon.
74o; bacon shonidors, 7(47ic; bulk
pork clear sides, Cjoj cloar rib su'e".
10; 'M days mea', uc; sbouiuers, bj
'4c; long clear, btc
Lard Tiprcfp, 6i6lc; half-barrels
and kegH, CJ6Jc; cuoue kettle, 7J
7!1- ....
r sehii meats -b'bi. iiirequartets.
45c; mntton, 46.'; bind quarters
of h-el. 46c; bo us, l7c.
Pocltby Uhickei'S dn'l; spring.
$12: old hens, $2 252 50. Tur-
kevs.S8CinlO. Geese. S34 Duck-,12 50
3; dreed cbiikrcs, $2ioi2 60 per
d z )tt ; dresaad turkeys, iuij per
pouud. I
Uams uutils. perdr.,Il 2b. Mquir-
rels, tll 25. Ducis, wild, $1 602.
Venison, whols,56c; sadoles, 810o.
Ubebsk frime Huts. 8j(4c; flew
York factory, 7J8c ; full cream, 12 Jc;
Young America, 13c.
Pios est. Barren. $8 26; hall bar-
barrels, $4 25; kegs, $1 26.
St. Louis, Mo.. Novembor 26. Pro
visions very dull. Po'k firm at 9 87J
10. Lard steady at 15 855 90. Bulk
meats eneier; loose lots-long clear.
$5 303 35; short ribs, $5 355 40;
short clear, 5 463 50; boxed lots
long clear, $5 37 T; short ribs, $5 40 :
short e'ear, $5 50. Bacon ohv ; long
clear, 10 624; short ribs. ti 624(o6 75;
short cletr, $6 00' $7. Hams firm
at 9J11J. Barter active and
r-teady ; creamery, 2t27c ; dairy, 15
23c. Eggs firm at 1hJ1!c.
Cuicaoo, Iu, November 28. A
strot ger feeling wai developed in pro
visione, and prices on all products
ranged higher, deepiie the fact that an
unusually larg number of hogs were
on sale at tbe stock yrde, snd at lower
prices. Mess pork sdvanced 2i32Jo
per barrel, and closed steady at neany
top figures. Lard was "ifoSs higher
per 100 pounds, and snort rib sides
were 7jc higuer. Cash quotations
were as follows: Mess pork, $9 70
9 72J; lard, $5 92 J; ehor trib sides.
loose. So 3oto 60: dry, salted
shoulders, boxed, $5 ir6 20; short
clear sides, boxed, $5 6u5 65. The
eading futures ranaoJ as loiiows:
Pork December opened at $9 60,
highest Z9 721. lowest t3 50. closing
at $9 72 J; January opened at $10 20,
highest $10 624, lowest $10 20, closing
t $10 474 ; F-brnary opened at $1U 30,
highest $10 65, lowest $10 30, closing
at $10 67. Lard December opend
at $5 90, highest $6 95. lowett $5 90.
Closing at $5 95 ; January opened
at J 6, ..highest $6 02J, lowest $6,
closing at $6 02 ; February opened at
U7i, hlnhest F6 10, lowest ViVli,
closing at $0 10, Short ribs-January
opened at $5 32J,. bigbest 16 32J, low
est $5 25, closmg at $S 32 J; Kebmary
ooened at $5 36, highest $& 37, lowest
$5 35, closing at $6 36; Maroh opened
at $5 40. highest $5 45. lowest 15 40,
clcsing $5 42J. Oa the Produce Ex
cbtinge butter ruledqu e and firm ; good
to extra creamery, ivwzic; goto to
xtra -i-dry, ".825c; tudinary to f.ir
airy, 14101. Ji-gs, Teen, nuaaac;
ice hou-.e stock, 1019Jc.
Sdoab Pure woite, ojCt; ofl
white. 56i: vellow clarified. 61('u
6; 0:tu ae tie, ni.ni; refined A,
6tiJ"; i.rniilkt. d, 0J(S-6n.
Cokpke (J niuiou. I2l2c; ordi
nary, 1313Jc; prime K10, 1414o;
choice to fancy, 14J15Jc; old govern-
Soap 3 per pound
UANDiKs SMcks, all sixes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7JS.9o.
iiot'l20 P" ""'J sacks,' fine,
i wvi lUj euarte, i JUQ.OJ lo; poCX-
ets, bleached, 2(i.1o; car-loads from
evee or oepot, oc cheaper,
i . . . . .
vaaji tkxi VJWU8, r.Tc. inces per
doa.n: Pineapples, fl 2W41 60;
peacces, 2-b, standard, $1 151 25 ; sec-
uuuh, iu; uimaioea, a-lb stand
ard, 90 $1; 3-lh,$l(,i)i 15; strawlier
ries, $1 10 1 25; rasoberries, $1 10
125; b'ackbrrie, $Udl 10; greeiw
a uiuuiB, e Dutoi u; asparagus,
$2 604; green corn, li 36; green
peas, $166165; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, 8696c; cove oysters,
full weight, 2-lb, $l 601 80; cove
oysters, light weight, l-lb,0c; cove
uyeujrn, iigni wetgnt, z-io, II; con
densed mux Urown, $5 60(a6 75;
Eagle, $7 607 75; Daisy, $4 75.
MoLAseas Lonisana. mmmnn in
fair, 1826c; prime to choice, new, 40
tioc; fyrap, .-vhjc; common to
fair, 2025c : prime to choice, 2830c ;
cruiruugHi, lancy, auyKwa,
New York. November 26 nnfl
lair K10 firm at 13Jc; options fairly
active; sales 47,500 rags; November,
11.31V; D.oeiuber, 11.3i'U 35o; Jan
uarv, ll.80ll.40c; Fehrna y, 11.30
n.-jiic; w.ron, ji K;in.40c; April,
1140,-; May, 11 351 1.45s; June,
11.45c. Sugar dill; refined steady;
luumu A. o JO-JO': hlatiflar.l A. h?.
cut luaf and crush. -d, 6Jc; powdered,
oididjc: grrtrn'ntcd, 6Jii; cubes,
o i-i-jotitjiio. atoiaseoa steady and
quiet. Kite tSr.i).
NW OhlV aNh. La.. Novnmhnr 2lt.
onuedenui d ,ig ,t. but holders firm:
iv o, hum , rice du . S(d.ln.
n ..y-.. V.- . .. . .
!. I .. -
ougar-u.-en let 19 active; strtctiy
prion 4 l-16c: C ntiifu.al aoliva ami
''ade hiithtr: rhnice whiln. B 3 1
woi .1 on wni e. O 1 lbfuWl t: chnlcn
y-now ciarmed, lie; prime yellow c ar
llled, 424 l'i-16c: leconds. 33ffl4H(..
nioisssea quiet, put steady; opeu ket-
hk, cuoire, n:c centtiinjal. str ctlv
priice, ii(n).-oc; syrup, )(n);uc,
Apples Apples. $2 26 3 25: dried
appies, ztioj.sjo per pound rrom store.
VEOBTABua Ouions. J3 from
Store. Cabbfige,$250;t)erhead.8r5ilOo:
$1 76 from levee or depot per crato.
rvr.iut, nrts, n 70(3)0 ; half brls, $2 75.
Garlic, 4060o per 100. Turnips, 60o
per uuHiitii.
Fbuit Oranges, per box, $3 504 ;
Lemi ns, $44 60 per box. Banana.
$1 602 60 per bnncb.
1NCT8 Uocoanuts $6 per 100. Pea
n's Virginia. 67c: Tennessee.
farm-ers stock 34c; roasted,2Jn high
er; ehelled, 10c. Almonds, 1820n.
Walnuts Englieh, 18o. Filberts, 11
ic. recane rexas. Wojioo i0r small
to medium, 1014c for large; Arkau-
as, 3(rt)0c
Rap-ins London layers. $3: lav-
em, $2 75; California. $2 : Imperial. .
Pickles In iars. pints. 95c: Quarts.
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 75; gallon8,$3 75;
loose, barrels. $6 60(3)7 : half-barrala.
$3 76(a 4 25; mixed, barrels, $10 50;
mixed, naii-oarreia, $0.
Finn Munkarol hal.K,io1. K7 1
$5 265 75; No. 2,$4766; No.'s,$4a2fj
tawo; io-io xit, no. i,oc: wo. 2, 75c
15-lb, No. 3, 66c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 00 per dox.
uame name tinh, 56u.
Eoos Firm. 022c.
Potatoes Northern stack. $1 90O
2 15.
Cideb New York. $8 507 per bar.
..J AO -Tr. 1 ti i t
Vinegar 10 15c per gallon.
In car load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oil, new, 2728c; off crude cotton
seed oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 8334c; off summer
yellow cotton seed oil,; min
ers- summer yellow cotton seed oil,
8233n; prime summer while cotton
seed oil, 336c; choice cooking yel
low cotton sei'd on, aoo: prime cotton
seed meal, $14 60: off cotton seed
meal, none. Ot tt in seed delivered at
dep-1 or levee, 9 per ton j from wagon
at mills, y per ton.
Nw Orleans, La., November 20
Cotton seed products qilet, bat
s edy; prime crude oil, 2728c; sum
mer youow, 34auc; cake aDd meal,
ift- . no.wi . l!. . I
iw; i ciear ase wool, ojajjoc; onrry
wanueu, oiojouu j iuu wuaueu, ootyoic. i
Bk Tymi Mn Oil OTstnl I
dull; medium, 21 J20o; combing, 25
((i)26c; low and coatee, 14&22c; floe
bght, 1024c; heavy, 1020c; black,
Boston, Mass., November 28. Wool
quint but fiim; Ohio and Pennsyl
vania X fleece, 363Bc; XX, 3(J
37c: XX and above, 373Hc; No. 1
Michigan, 3738c; Michigan X, 32
Phii.adki.pbia, Pa., November 26.
Woo) quiet, prlcesnominal ( Wew York
Michigan, Indiana and Western medi
um, 38()39c; tubwaebed, choice, 43(i)
44c; medmm unwashed, combing and
delaine, 3132c.
Hidts-Dry flint, No 1, 16c; No. 2,
12t! ; dry saltt-u, lujQamo; greun
selted, No. 1, 84c; No. 2, 71c. 8heep
skins, 16cfef 1. lieeswas, 2Uc. Tallow,
NH1MS JkBI nun. '
Deer ikins, 18c bear, $17; mink,
1540o; coon, bunUr handled, 1 5(t
00c: country bantlierl, lmaOOc; other.
$lta)G; braver, 60c$7; wild cat, 15
2&c; fox, 1676c; musk rat. 10c;
opossum, 10c: wolf, 60c(S$2; skunk,
1&(o)7dc; psHtners, ouctni.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, VtCglUc per gallon.
PiTTsnnBO. Pa., November 26. Pe
troleum fairly active and firmer. Na
tional Transit certificates opened at
771c, snd closed at 77o; highest, 781c;
lowest, 77 o. ,
Whisct Stralaht Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 606; redistilled goods from
86c to $1 60, according to proof ; rys,
OmcAoo, III., November 26. Whis
ky, $1 18. . r i
fr. LoCis, Mo.,Noverober 26. Whis
ky steady, $1 13.
Cincinnati, 0., November 26.
Whisky steady: sales of 1338 barrels
of finished goods on s basis cf $1 13.
Drugs Quinine, P. & W., os 70c;
can, 66c; New York qoiniue, cr , 6fc:
can UOc; 11.4 8. quinine, rs.. 66n:
cans,6llc; morphine, p. & W..Jt s.,$2 35
ex.; 1 oz. via1, tZ 10; Ne York mor
phine, J ot. $2 16 per cs. ; 1 ot. via's,
$1 26 ; cinchonid a, 1 os. vials, 18c ox , 6
ox. can,13ecs ; gumopinm,ptrpotini,
i'A 20; iodide potash, 2 60 p r ponnd,
incliiiivu; Rubnitrato bismuth, $J 20
per pouud, inclug ve; chloroform, 46c
pt-r p unci ; blue mars, 43 j perpou"d ;
calomel, 76o per p tnnd; men ury, 70c
per poll d; chloral hydrate, $1 60 per
pound; camphor, 27c per pound; al-
eohnl, binels, pet glloD, $2 22; cae-
iur uu, K. irrin, pt-r tiai On, SI A'J.
Paints and On. Whit.. l..i rt.
lier'a, 7J per poundj 600 pour d' lots,
7cpe-p un l, jc off. 15 data: Smth.
em wlnt- IkhiI. 7J- per pound; 600
iHiunu ioip, v., - jc en. 10 (ia s; b i'ed
bn eed Oil, 43 ; p r gal'on bvh,mh
rw, 40it; turpcu ino, 38Ja per gallon,
Dy naireii.
Skups Clover. YA5 25 m r tmitl
orchard grns, 1 50rl 60; herd's
graee, 60 j 60c , 6670c pr r bn.
BA4J4J1NM and IIH, tTt'.
Baooino Carles I lota: Jnln : 11
8Jc; 1J lbs, 7c; 1 lbs, 7c. Flax, 8
b. 9,.
Tiks $1 051 10.
1.1 niocK.
GbassOattls Choice.3(a3c
3.; lair to medium. 2o24t: umlla.
Wags, 1J1C.
Uooa-Ooice, 4Jc; good, 4c; com
Sheep Chr.ice, 4o; medium, 3Jc;
common, , Choice lambs, per
pound, 4Jc.
ICavaaa C'f-rv Ma Vn..l,n. nn
Tbe tt 5 jcJc Indicator reports : Cattle
teceipif, sjoi nead; shipments.
none; market strong and fairly
active; gojd to choice, $4 4 60;
commja to medium, $3 303 90;
stockers, 2 252 76; feeding steers
$2 8 b 60; cows, $1 602 75; graes
range ste ets, $2 253 20. Hoira-ro-
cniiJ1, 10,045 head; shipments, nore;
market opi ned s'rong and a shade
higher, but cl sod weak: (mod tn
cloice, $3 753 8; common to me-(lit-m.
13 603 70. Slieen rnrelntB.
1401 hnui) : a)tii,mnnta nn.,A.
ket steady ; got d to choc 12 tiOWS 20 :
common to medium, $1 50i!2 30.
VHCkM. I.L.. .ovcnibor 2fl TIia
Drover)' Jvurmu repot ts: Catlie ro.
ceipta, 6000 head; shipments, 2(X)0
head; market ftroig, 6:ull0i: hiuli-
er; shipping steers, 950 to 11)00
lbs., $3 255 15; s ockors and feed
ers, $2 20W3 40; cows, bolls and
mixed, $1 503 15: bulk. $2 06(2 45:
through Texus staeis, $3-o,3 60;
Western rangers steadv; nativis anil
half breeds. $:( 3 85: wininrod
Texans, $3(o!3 70. Hoga receipt,
35,000 bead jehipmenls, 1 1 ,000 ; market
steady for heavy; light hogs reg
icted; rough and mixed, $3 45'W)
3 85; packing and ehinpine. J3 70i)
4; light, TJ 3O3 80; skips, $ 2(1
3 Sheep receipts, St 0.) brad:
shipments, 1000 head; market steady ;
common to good. $24 Teians, $2
3; lambs, $3 755.
New York, Noyewber 28. The
market was auiet In all department.
and new business very moderate. An
Irregular request for cottort g ods de
velop the tune of the mmtknt varv
Notice to Shippers.
laavei THIS AFTKRMO0N, NT. 27th, at 6
o'oloek, for St. lfranols rim, ai far at tb
Cni-OS. JAB. LHR Hup't
St. JLonla antl New Orltutn Anrrtar
I.ln-r.H. Mall-KOK VI0K8111IRU.
City of Vick8bura, .CPp.
Able matter. 4443&
Will lauva tha Klevntnr SUNDAY. N,,.
2Sth, at 10 a.m. Vat Iraiabtor runan ptlj
V. I,. HAM., HM. At. A l HTOHM. 8np't.
SI. lKnl and Nw Orlftann Anolioi
X,lne-It.M. Mall-0AIH08T. LOTJI8.
Arkansas City, ijwv
nrolajtki...inaiilr. tniKM.
Will loitva tha Rlnvator TIIIM IIAt. Nnw.
27th, at S p.m. Fur freight or tiaanaiie l't'l
0. L. Hai.i.. Pans. A?t. AllHTdHM. Han't.
For Cairo, Kvanvllle. Loalllle and Cln-
clnnnll-'ltie eleant lleamar
Ui.SO ftp. r -sip
J.S.Jones rnmterlH. C. Prune olerk
Will loii ve BUN DAT. Nor. 'Mih. at W m.
For Iraiuht or iianuza annli tn (1. 11. HUH.
bi'.LL, . r. ,t 1. A., U MaaUon it.
no. -en.
rr Hel-u and HI. a-ie alWew.
Str. Rene Macready sSt
u. K. Jiintlu tpKiUir.
Travail for Helena KVERY Tt'ESDA T and
Ttlll HHPA Y at o p.m. Lean lor Ileleni
aodbt. 1 rati oil river KVEHY. BA1UHUAY
At ft D.m.
Th MpMn tb, rihlt0Pajl all
landlnj neaeemi Bniale
IAS. I.KK. J..Bon't.
Offioe. No. 4 Mwdiwon tret.
For Oaeeola, Ilalea Point, Oarathenvllle,
tiaroeo and Tlotonvllle The new ilde-
wbeel tiMnenaer iteamnr '
W. P. IUU maeter. J. D. Fuller. ...ol.rk
Will leara an above, aad afl war
p.m. for fr'K"ior paaaaire apiiiyon
nniphla,rrlnrs Point nnrt nrarbif
and Oatimla Parhrt Otmpaii; .
For Helena, Ulendale, Vrlan Point and al
wait iianamft oieamer
JameH le-ee, p-aEr
Will leave ne above on KV ICHY MOM OAT,
WKDNtaDAK andjrtiLUAI atOo'OlooI.
For Randolph, Fnlton, Oaeeola an Wa
i.anain ttteamer
. W. OJLK,
J. n. OOOPKR .T.Mantor.
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The bnati ol thf
line reierve the rtahl to paaa all lanaintl
the etptaln mar deem annate. OBoe, No. t
Madlnnitt. JAV1IW l.KK, J, Hup't.
eiupbls and Vicksbsrg Packet Con
pany U.S. Mall Line.
For Helena, Dcnoordla, Terrene and Arkan-
Mt:itf-i no eieaant paneenaer itaamer
M. K. Ch(ek...maJtar I W. 0, Blaaker...olora
Leavei mempnie .
For Oonoordla and all war landlaii.
The Hleamer
A. L. Onmmlni, Mait'r J Lew .Price Uierk
LeaveiTUKt-DAYandflAIURDAY atSp.st
tor jteneral Information apply at
No. Mediton street, i
JOHN 0AWR.Pm'i A.ent. Telephone
Memphis& White River FkUU
for Vlareadon, Dewaila HlaM Ie
Are, Aamta. Bearer, Newport, Jaekloa
. pert, Bataaville and all Way LandiBUi
WUVleave KVKRV WJCDNiWlJAI a.t 5 p.m
Htr. XtBERTi. NO. 3,Q
i Albert B. Bmiih .....matiter. . , .
Will leave KVERT 8A1IJRDAY at S .m.
Throunh ratei tiven to all polnta. Frelahl
ooniianed to the Meuphii and White River
Picket Co., at Memphij or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For mineral Informa
tion apply at office, Ro. 3 Mailiaon it., ort
Civil Telrphnne H. O. I.OWK. Ar't.
Electric Belt Free
TOIntroduoettand obtain aaenti we wll
for the neat ilaty dayn irlve away, fr
of oharae, in earn ennnty in tne u. o. a lim
ited nmnherol oar 4ritiio Klewlro UhI.
fauld an.paiHry iiniui, rrtoe en t a
pneitiveend anfailinij ouro for Kervoui De
bility, Varicooeie, Kmiiioni, luitntenoy,
etn. iriUl.iiti ruw'.rj paid u every Ben wi
pinn rKu aoee not r,rai a, imumi
eotrls ctirreni, aiiroii at or.o t-L,r.';.
tKia BSi;t AaSKCY. P. O. Bos ,IT4.
Brooklyn, N-I.
Concordia Oirein, 5 p.m.
White River ALarara No. 3, I p.m.
St.Francie River. ..Kn MacaaaDT, ( p.m.
St. Louie ...... Aihakhs Citt, 6 p.m.
Vickuburir Ct or Vicmr.e, II a.m.
CincinuKti Dkhoto, 12 m. .
ylm'tyia James Lee, Frl-rs Point:
E. W. Cole. O co's; City of rt. Loois,
New OrUausjEi f'ost.-r, Ht. Faneis
river; City of Providence, St. Louis;
Gavrso, Concordia.
Departure Coahoma, O ceola; E.
W. Cole, St FrAncis river; James Le,
Fr ars Point; City of St. Louis, SU
Louts; City of Piovidence, Vicksbarg.
fioali tn Port. Alberla lfo. 3, Rem
Macready, EJ Foster and K. L Cobb.
BoaU Due t?p.-Arkansas Cilyn
V. K Powell.
Boat Due Down. City of Batoai
R)uge and Desoto.
Kewelpia ItmUtrAmj.
E. W. Cole 261 bales cotton, 1ST
bags soed cotton and 634 eks cottoa
Oayrso-43 bales cotton, 19 bags
seed cotton and 1430 sks cotton seed.
James Lee 320 bales cotton, (3 ban
seed cation, 070 eks colton seed and t
bd stock.
City of Providence 125 bales cotton
and 1075 pkgs sundries.
City ot S . Wis fifll brl
818 brls sugar, 222 bxs tin, 130 brls
cocoanuts, 30 ceks a.e and 4;) nko-a
The Citv of Vicksburais the Anrhnr
Lino packtt leaviue tomorrow tor
Tub Alberta No. 3. Cant. Alhert R.
Finilb, learrs tn's evet ins for Ja It.
smport ar.d all way landings on White
Tns Arkanrai Citv. Cant. H rrw
Brolsski, is the Anchor Line packet
eavinn ths eveDins for Caito and HL
Ths Gayoso, Capt A. L. Cnmmins,
leaves this evenini fr Ilelena, Ter
rene, Concordia and all way landings.
Lew Price is her clerk. ,
Tns Dt S ito, Capt. John 8. Janes, is
announced to leva here tomorrow at
noon for Cairo aud Cincinnati. . Mr.
Harry llruce is htr clerk.
Tub Kne Macroady is sdvertiaed
to leave this cvenin at 6 o'clcck for
Helma and the St. Francis river.
Cant. O. K. Joplin commands, witb
L. P. Cummins in the cilUe.
COI.D. ,
Business fair.
Rivsr rising.
Four boats leaving today.
Arkansas river is falling again.
Tkansunt boats areall behind time.
Tut James Lee had a goad trip for
Fiims Point.
Tin D. R. Powell was expected to
aes here lnbt night on her way to St.
The Gayoso brought a fair trip front
Concorlia and tetuina to that point
this evening.
Tub Ed Foster lays u, and ths
Rene Macready takes her place in ths
Bt. Francis river trade.
Tub Cumberland river is on a stead
at Nashville, whiletlteTenuiasee river
is rising slowly at Ghattanooiia,
TiiBOhio.for this port, and ths New
Maty Houston, for New Orleans, arc
to leave Cincinnati this evening.
Tbb Brutbern Transportation Lima
ct boU have arranged to do business
at the eleva'or during this seaton.
Tub Ing N. M. Jones will bo let ofl
tbe docks Monday, and she will at
once resume her duties in the harbor.
Tn ucrow of the R. L. Oobb went on
the U. W. Coin yesterday, while ths
(Tl'W of the latter boat went on ths
Coahoma. ,
Pe-ruTT Wu-tarvASTia Cabb has re
cover, a hum hid raoent illness, Aud
was on the leves ytule4y, attenUinx
to btulnt is as osual.
Ths R L. Cobb Is offered for .!
by tbe Memphis and Arkansas River -I'acket
Company. The Oobb Is
stern wheeler, and is iu good order.
P.Tin City of Biton Rouge, long over
du -, had not arrived a a late hour last
tiipht. Hhe Is no doubt taking corn
and cotton in the bends ab tve hers.
Thb Ohio river is rising slowly at
Pittslmrg, but is lalling a' (Huclnnatl
and Louisville. A ri-e of 2 f'et and 4
tenths was repotted yesterday from
Thb Coahoma, which hai been laaVJ
np for repairs, cams to the landing
yuoti rder uiorning, took on a pretty
fair lot of freight, and lelt Jest night
for Odceola.
Tub Desoto wis at Cairo yesterday
and ihould arrive here louie time to
night. Hue will discha.un her cariro
at Ihe elevator and leave tmourrow at
noon fur Cincinnati. Cyl. C. B. Uus
Bull Is her sgent. '
Tub City of Providence from St..
Louis pasted to Vicksburg last, night
at 11 o'clock. She put ofl hers 125
bales of cotton and 1175 packages of
miscellaneous fre'ght. che added
about 20 tons of sundries. .,i
Tub government barges are being
moved up to the foot ol Court street
snd piepnrations are being made for
the construction ni another willow
mattress, which will be sunk between
Court snd Monroe streets.
The big Helen, is expected to ar
rive here from New Orleans Tuesday
morning, and will return to tbe Cres
cent City on ths same day. Wheat
tbe Ilelena possed Natcbis she had
for this port 600 birre s and 110 hogs
beads of sugar and 282 barrels of mo
las tes. 1
' Tbb E. W. Cole arrived yesterday
morning from Ojc ola, and alter dis
charging ber cargo she was tnrnet
over to her owners. She left last night
for Arkansas river. Hereafter shs
will leave this port every Sa'nrday for
Arkansas river, and lbs Joe Paters
will leave hers evry Tuesday evening
for the si me stream. '
Thb City of St. Louis, from New Or
leans, passed to St. Lou'B yesterday
morning, towing two barges and hav
ing aboard about 600 tons of freight
She discharged here about 400 tons of
sugar snd molasses and aided 644
bales of cotton, the most of which she
rut on or e of her barges. The cotton
s for reshlptnent East at C.iio.
Tkhpobaby wayB are. being erected
juit above the Kansas City incline,
and wben they ar completed tba
t v boat Sentinel, lecfltitly raised by
the T. F. Eckert, will be hauied out
on th-m and she will rec-ive all neo
ettsary lepairs. Mesrs. Northrop and
Hester, the well known ship carpen
ters, are doing the work.
H I ft.
OO -Ml

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